1.2M brave heat, watch Cebu’s Sinulog grand parade


SINULOG SPECTACLE. Members of the dancing contingent from Tanauan, Leyte, join the Sinulog Grand Parade, Cebu’s top tourist attraction in celebration of the Feast of the Sto. Niño. LITO TECSON/CEBU DAILY NEWS

CEBU CITY—Tens of thousands of revelers braved the heat to witness Cebu’s grandest and biggest celebration, the Sinulog Grand Parade.

The police placed the crowd in the city streets at 1.2 million, many of whom used umbrellas to provide shade and little relief from the sun.

A total of 142 contingents, from dancers and puppeteers to floats and higantes, paraded around the major streets in a six-kilometer carousel route that started and ended at the Cebu City Sports Center.

Unlike last year, the province did not send any contingent, apparently due to the suspension of Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, who had been the contingent’s main star.

Garcia has been holed up in her office at the capitol since Dec. 19 when she defied a six-month preventive suspension order Malacañang issued against her for grave abuse of authority.

But there were talks on Sunday morning that Garcia would leave her office and dance with the Rosquillos Festival of Liloan town, whose mayor, Duke Frasco, is husband of Garcia’s daughter, Cristina.

Liloan was scheduled to perform after Tribu Sinanduloy of Tangub City, Misamis Occidental, one of the last performers in the 10-hour presentation, according to sector assignments released by the Sinulog Foundation. This meant Liloan was expected to present between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

But many of the 12,000 people inside the Cebu City Sports Center, the final judging area of the performers, were waiting if Garcia would indeed dance.

“We were waiting for Liloan to come out to see how Gwen would look like and how people would react,” said Gregoria Pamintuan, 44 of Barangay Mabolo.

Pamintuan, whose family has been watching the Grand Parade every year since 2007, noted that Garcia and the contingent from the provincial government would perform after the group representing Cebu City did.

Gwen Garcia danced in office

But Garcia, clad in a black Sinulog shirt and jeans, danced the Sinulog, holding the Sto. Niño inside her office at about 10 a.m. on Sunday.

Her dance was not accompanied by drums but by the clapping of her friend, Mariquita Salimbangon-Yeung, and two female companions to the beat of the Sinulog.

Hours later, Garcia stepped out of her office at the capitol where she had holed up since Dec. 19 to defy the six-month suspension order.

Garcia, clad in a white gown made by renowned designer Cary Santiago and a silver crown, was the lead dancer of the Rosquillos Festival of Liloan town, whose mayor, Duke Frasco, is husband of Garcia’s daughter, Cristina.

When she emerged behind a group of dancers at 7:39 p.m., emcee Sam Costanilla identified her as Gov. Gwen Garcia. Costanilla is provincial consultant.

Garcia, who was smiling all throughout the presentation, was joined on stage by Cristina in a red orange gown and husband Frasco, who was in a Barong Tagalog.

Her seven-minute presentation was applauded seven times as the crowd shouted in delight.

Yesterday’s 33rd Sinulog Grand Parade started with an 8 a.m. Mass, officiated by Bishop Emilio Bataclan, at the grandstand.

Mayor Michael Rama declared the Sinulog open at 9:16 a.m., signaling the start of the parade. Forty dancing contingents (18 Sinulog-based and 22 free-interpretation), 46 floats, 28 higantes and 28 puppeteers took part in the parade.

Unlike in the previous years when the city government contingent would open the Grand Parade, Val Sandiego and his wife Ophelia, dressed as San Jose and the Our Lady of Guadalupe, opened this year’s Sinulog with their dance interpretation of the song “Balaang Sto. Niño.”

Their dance troupe, San Diego Dance Company, then performed the opening Sinulog dance on behalf of the city government. Their dance depicted the first baptism and the introduction of Christianity to Cebuano natives.

The opening dance also showed why and how the first Cebuano saint, San Pedro Calungsod, lived to preach religion and became a martyr.

Different puppets, which included Elvis Presley, Tinker Bell, Clown, Cookie Monster and NBA superstar Lebron James, followed San Diego in lieu of the Cebu provincial government contingent before the dance competition started at 10 a.m.

San Diego dancers were expected to return to the Sinulog stage at 7 p.m. to close this year’s competition and introduce the grand finale, which featured 2012 Ms Tourism International Rizzini Alexis Gomez.

Many of the performers included San Pedro Calungsod in the themes of their dances.  With a report from Charisse Ursal, Inquirer Visayas

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E5Q5PV6KNYNVSOCHXJVJPYUVFE cion

    More power to you, The legitimate governor of Cebu

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

      No one argue.. Only SUSPENDED.

  • noli_semi07

    theres no doubt that she is the legitimate suspended governor….

    • droccu

      ??? Was there ever a doubt that she is the the legitimate suspended governor? Wala naman di ba? Well at least there is no doubt now that she disgraced the office of the governor by using the religious affair for political propaganda. Shame on her.

      • noli_semi07

        peace pare, i was just reacting to cions comment regarding the “the legitimate governor of cebu.”  he should have considered the present status of gwendolyn,  the first lady suspended governor of cebu.  we are on the same side in this issue, ang kapal ng pamilya garcia na ito.

      • droccu

        Oops…my mistake pare. Peace din.. Your comment was posted (sorted) before Cion’s kasi and I thought the comment on her legitimacy was yours..Thanks for your comments and clarification.

  • basilionisisa

    disgraceful! tacky display of veneration for political purpose and paid for by the people…

    Gwen! Gwen! Gwen! Shame! Shame! Shame!

  • Fulpol

    Gwen is just authentic Cebuana…

    unlike her LP rival…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/36O4ZGE5JY24XE4XQOXBM6O4WE Klepto

    Here’s how to describe the Sinulog in Cebu:
    Stinks of sewage-garbage-human odour, Noisy, Hot, Dusty, Traffic, Congestions, Too many Drunks, pick pockets and prostitutes.
    There’s is nothing worth noting about this celebration.

    • bugoybanggers

      Wag ka ng makialam, wag kang mag komento! Ano ang paki mo. DOT ito, para makaakit ng torista. Gusto mo punta ka sa bundok at manirahan ka doon. SHUT d MFSB

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/LNUAHKQSXDNEE6MRIVCVMFZJA4 Ü►Ray Laurenz

      eh bakit binasa mo pa? bobo

  • arao_liwanag

    The height of cultism and colonial mentality.

    • bugoybanggers

      Ikaw anong paki mo! Umalis ka sa mataong lugar. Punta ka ng SPRATLY.

  • bugoybanggers

    Natural lang sa mga Pilipino ang pagiging EPAL. si GWEN? She is doing what the advice of his BOSSES.. Kuya Ernie and Kuya Jejomar. Ano pa.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U62PHGMKO4RK7BLMC4ACA4EG5A EREC

    understanding by reading the New Testament for catholics is necessary but the roman catholics church does not interested to educate the followers instead the insist the Vatican doctrine. Jesus Christ is in front but the teachings of Christ is behind, the teachings and doctrine of Vatican was on the front! It shows the name Christ used only for SHOW not for DEED! Hope its clear….. that reading many times the New Testament and understanding the same will put our lives in proper place not just following traditions and doctrines that most of the time put us in wrong direction in lives, life & faith.

    • ed_nique

      be glad that you are on the right path …

      now, please leave us alone to follow our “distorted” path

    • dongvee

       Nagmamagaling ka pa. Grammar pa lang halatang medyo hindi ka rin perpekto. Sarilihin mo na lang kung ano-ano yong “understandings” nakalap mo sa pagbabasa mo “many times the New Testament”. Hopefully, indeed, these understandings will put your life “in proper place and not just following traditions and doctrines…” And may “these understandings” include the wisdom to accommodate how other people decide what to do with their faith.

      • batangpaslit

        Dong, what Erec means, is:
        Between traditions and the Bible, the latter as far as doctrines are concerned is the correct teaching.

  • ed_nique

    her 7 minute presentation … was applauded 7 times

    i thought she was with a group? the crowd inside the stadium were balikbayans, tourists, guests of the city government and people who bought tickets. no telling how many tickets were sold and how many were issued to supporters. lets say there were 5,000 people there.

    why did she not join the street parade? she would have felt how the rest of the 1.2M people gathered really felt about her.

    BTW there is no way that the sinulog beat can be done correctly by clapping.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

      All our arrogance will crumble when divine justice will remind us that we are dusts..

      • motorcyclemama

         Lol. I have seen a man turned to dust. No one reminded me.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

        “For as the crackling of thorns burning under a pot, so is the laughter of a fool.” Ecclesiastes 7:6

      • batangpaslit

        Rene, you know your Bible, eh?
        Have you read the Book of Hebrews and Revelation Chapter 17?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

        Just read my answer on the comment thread above @motorcyclemania.

      • batangpaslit

        Rene, I am convinced that your heart is after GOD.
        But, I must be upfront with you that some of your belief and practices do not square with what the Scriptures say.
        Let us start with the Book of Hebrews and Revelation Chapter 17, and let the Sprit of Truth speak to your heart and open your mind.
        I was once a worshipper of idols. I used to kiss the feet of the graven image of Mary.
        But by the grace of GOD, the Truth encountered me and I have to renounce my idolatrous worship to false gods carved out from wood or from elephat tusks.
        For lack ot space I am posting a fuller reply to your reply.
        May the Holy Spirit be upon us, Kapatid, to lead us to the Truth.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

        When God issues commands don’t interpret it with your own, only the
        church has the authority to interpret the scriptures coz if you do, 33,000 christian denominations and sects worldwide is the product.. Your sect is one of those who interpret the scriptures without guidance of the true church built by Jesus Christ. Remember, if you study the history of the bible, the Holy Bible is the product of the church and not the church as the product of the bible. There is no bible if there is no Catholic Church. Before you answer, please try to study Bible history..

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BQ3ZZ7UKLRGHXAV7LMDSXWM5IQ Nong

        kung bibliya ang pinagdebatihan nyo.. walang manalo matalo dyan..
        lahat na gusto mo makita .. nandyan.. laht na ayaw mong makita.. nandyan din..

        ibat’iba ang pananaw… ibat iba ang conteksto..maraming interpretasyon..maring reliyon na lumabas..,, maraming kumita ng pera

        sino ang totoo.. kung lahat ay may question?

        maresolve mo ba? ilang taoon na lang ang ibubuhay mo?

        mag enjoy na lang…kes sakit lang sa ulo ang magdebate

        sa ulit
        ,, maraming partido kumita ng pera on the guise of religion..

        marmari ang nagsulat ng patungkol diyos.. hindi lang apat na author sa bibliya.. me dead sea scroll.. o ano pang may di nadiskubreng sulatin..may ginagawa pang bago. o tinatago para di malaman ng tao…

        so ano ang laban ng isang tao na nagmamarunong sa mga well funded “religious” institution?

        saan papunta ang bangayan.. e tagal tagal na iyan wala namang umamin ng tama sila at mali ang iba


      • batangpaslit

        ‘Nong, we have to seek the truth. In matters to faith, doctrine, and instructions true believers must uphold the supremacy of the Scriptures because it is the inspired Written Word of GOD.
        Let the Holy Spirit speak.
        Only the Word of GOD is true. Let the Living Word of GOD tell the truth.
        Why not read the Book of Hebrews and Revelation Chapter 17 if you are serious in searching the truth.
        Kasi, kung mali ang sinasamba natin, Impierno ang ating destinasyon.

      • motorcyclemama

        “kung bibliya ang pinagdebatihan nyo.. walang manalo matalo dyan..”

        Hindi ako naniniwalang walang matatalo, walang mananalo pag Biblia ang pinagdebatehan. Sa tinumbok mo pa lang, talo ka na. Hindi naman Biblia ang pinagdedebatehan, kundi yung sinasabi nito sa tao.

        May gumagamit ng mali ng Biblia, may gumagamit para pakinabangan sa salapi, at may gumagamit ng matapat. Tungkol sa gumagamit ng matapat, sa tingin ko, hindi ka karapat dapat maghusga sa lagay mong yan.

      • motorcyclemama

        Para sa yo, pareng Rene, related pa sa topic:

        Romans 1:18-23:

        the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and
        unrighteousness of men, who hinder the truth in unrighteousness;
        19because that which is known of God is manifest in them; for God manifested it unto them.
        20 For
        the invisible things of him since the creation of the world are clearly
        seen, being perceived through the things that are made, even his
        everlasting power and divinity; that they may be without excuse:
        that, knowing God, they glorified him not as God, neither gave thanks;
        but became vain in their reasonings, and their senseless heart was
        22Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
        changed the glory of the incorruptible God for the likeness of an image
        of corruptible man
        , and of birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping

        Wag mong sabihin hindi nyo sinasamba yan. Isinasayaw nyo pa nga eh.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

        Catholics do not worship statues, because only God is deserving of adoration. The Catechism of the Catholic Church is adamant in affirming this (CCC 2112–2114).

        When a Catholic bows to a statue, he is not worshiping it as the true God.

        In Exodus chapter 25: 17-19, God commands the Israelites to make two golden statues of angels as part of the lid of the ark of the Covenant. And upon this ark Joshua prayed kneeling face down;

        “Josue rent his garments, and fell flat on the ground, before the ark of the Lord, until the evening, both he and all the ancients of Israel: and they put dust upon their heads.” Joshua 7:6.

        Did Joshua worshiped the ark with the images of two Cherubim as the true God? The answer is NO. He is only venerating the ark and the images of Cherubim as representations of the holiness of God.

        About the Sinulog or dancing in the street to honor God, King David have performed this kind of worship to God through the Ark of the Covenant with the images of Cherubim;

        “And David was clothed with a robe of fine linen, and all the Levites that carried the ark, and the singing men, and Chonenias the ruler of the prophecy among the singers: and David also had on him an ephod of linen. And all Israel brought the ark of the covenant of the Lord with JOYFUL SHOUTING , and sounding with the sound of the CORNET, and with TRUMPETS, and CYMBALS, and PSALTERIES, and HARPS. And when the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord was come to the city of David, Michol the daughter of Saul looking out at a window, saw King David DANCING and PLAYING.
        1 Chronicles 15: 27-29

      • motorcyclemama

        Hi Rene,

        As I have said before, don’t say you don’t worship these idols because that is exactly you do. You hold it, you dance with it and you kneel in front of it.

        You cited the story of Israelites about God commanding them to make the two golden angels to put onto the ark. Isn’t it clear that it is God himself that commanded it? Would you do otherwise of you are the Israelites? You also mentioned David dancing and playing at the Ark of the Covenant, is because the presence of God dwells in Ark, as God himself told them.

        Now, did any of the Sto Nino idol makers received a direct command from God to make them? Or they just made a child like statue to “represent” the child Jesus? Does the even the bible commanded them to make it? The Bible warned about these things.

        For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and
        wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for
        teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear.
        ” – 2 Tim 4:3

        What did the Bible commanded them (the true Christians)?

        6Now these things happened as examples for us, so that we would not crave evil things as they also craved.7 Do not be idolaters, as some of them were; as it is written, “THE PEOPLE SAT DOWN TO EAT AND DRINK, AND STOOD UP TO PLAY.”8Nor let us act immorally, as some of them did, and twenty-three thousand fell in one day.9Nor let us try the Lord, as some of them did, and were destroyed by the serpents.10Nor grumble, as some of them did, and were destroyed by the destroyer.11Now
        these things happened to them as an example, and they were written for
        our instruction, upon whom the ends of the ages have come.12Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall.13No
        temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is
        faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able,
        but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that
        you will be able to endure it.
        14Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry. 1 Corinthian 10:6-14

        “Dear children, keep yourselves from idols.” – 1 John 5:21

        Hindi natiis ng mga Catholic ang ganitong teachings kaya gumawa sila ng teaching na ayon sa kanilang interpretasyon at ayon sa kanilang nakagawian, ayun ang sumamba sa rebulto, na sinasabi nilang image daw ng Dios.

        Kahit nga sa mga sinabi mong samples, wala akong nakitang nag utos ang Dios na gumawa ng “Kamukha” nya. Eh si Sto Nino ba, kanino dapat kamukha? Kamukha ba dapat ni Child Jesus? Kung hindi kamukha, eh sino yang isinasayaw sayaw nyo?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

        To quote, “You cited the story of Israelites about God commanding them to make the two golden angels to put onto the ark. Isn’t it clear that it is God himself that commanded it?”

        In Exodus Chapter 20:4  “You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. (This command also includes the angels as a form from heaven)

        Does God fickle?

        Or your understanding in the scriptures is out of context.

      • motorcyclemama

         Dude, read the quoted verse from above and read the last one you quoted.

        This is the same God that commanded creating the Ark of the Covenant and the one in Exo 20:4.

        Do you not understand that it is God who is issuing commands?

        Perhaps, a little enlightenment for you, (if ever your priest missed this):

        ““Take your son, your only
        son—yes, Isaac, whom you love so much—and go to the land of Moriah. Go
        and sacrifice him as a burnt offering on one of the mountains, which I
        will show you.
        ” – Gen 22:2

        It means as it read, but take a look at the next event:

        10 And Abraham picked up the knife to kill his son as a sacrifice. 11 At that moment the angel of the Lord called to him from heaven, “Abraham! Abraham!”
        “Yes,” Abraham replied. “Here I am!”
        12 “Don’t
        lay a hand on the boy!” the angel said.
        “Do not hurt him in any way,
        for now I know that you truly fear God. You have not withheld from me
        even your son, your only son.” Gen 22:10-12

        YOU asked, does God fickle?

        Or maybe you need to understand what God is doing?

        When God issues commands, don’t doubt because it is his will, and undoubtedly, he knows what he is saying. I know you are sticking to your faith as the RCC had taught you, but what is the best way to hear God’s commandments? Read the Bible.

        I did not start quoting the Bible in this comment section.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

         Catholics do not worship statues, because only God is deserving of
        adoration. The Catechism of the Catholic Church is adamant in affirming
        this (CCC 2112–2114).

      • motorcyclemama

         Following your argument about the Catholic cathechism. 2112  even supports my point. You should NOT venerate other divinities other than the only True God. Does OTHER divinity include Mary? Or the child Jesus (where he’s all grown up, for God’s sake!, therefore it does not represent Jesus anymore, following your ‘venerate’ argument) wearing triangular shaped dress.

        Adding to that, you also “venerate” the angels Gabriel and Michael, in whom you also kneel and made statues of them. HOW MANY TIMES DID THE ANGELS PREVENTED THE PROPHETS AND APOSTLES NOT TO KNEEL IN FRONT OF THEM?

        Read Col 2:18, Rev 19:10, 22:8-9

        When a servant of God kneels in front, it is an act of worship.

        We must worship God IN SPIRIT and IN TRUTH – John 4:24

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

        When God issues commands don’t interpret it with your own, only the church has the authority to interpret the scriptures coz if you do, 33,000 christian denominations and sects is the product.. Your sect is one of those who interpret the scriptures without guidance of the true church built by Jesus Christ. Remember, if you study the history of the bible, the Holy Bible is the product of the church and not the church as the product of the bible. There is no bible if there is no Catholic Church. Before you answer, please try to study Bible history..

      • motorcyclemama

        1. When God issues commands especially in the Bible, it is written. The apostles told us to learn but no go beyond what is written (1 Cor 4:6). The RCC is already beyond what is written, and therefore, they DO NOT DESERVE to be the STEWARD of the Word of God. Think about that.

        2. Without the Catholic Church, there would be no Bible? DO you know the meaning of the word “Bible”? The  RCC and OTHER orthodox churches just sorted the small books into ones they believe “divinely inspired” and compiled it into one book and thus named it the Bible. And NO, the word and commandments of God, before Christ formally established the Church. They are present before the RCC.

        You know, it’s weird that you ignore the ones written (which is by the way, the RCC called ‘divinely inspired’) and you follow what you call traditions and RCC consensus. That should make you think it over.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

        Try to ponder on this.. If all of you people attacking the faith of the Catholic Church were true then why you are so greatly divided, 33,000+ christian sects and denominations proclaiming they have the truth by reading the bible. Your belief is different from the other who also attacks the Catholic Church. And how can you be sure that you have the truth? However, the RCC have survived 2 millenia since it’s founding by Christ in 33 A.D. Matthew 16:18. The RCC remains as One true church. While all of you outside the true church are in chaos, confusion and division. That’s the wile of the Devil.

      • motorcyclemama

        Is that how you determine the true church? Never divided? Read Eastern Orthodox, Church of England, Protestant? Do you not see it as a division?

        Existed a millennia? Read Judaism. It is much older than the RCC.

        To find out the true Church, it doesnt have to be  within your two standards. The flock, or the true Church of God is identified by its teachings, if it is within what was written and what God has commanded.

        The RCC is clearly out of those teachings found in the Bible.

        Nothing in the RCC compiled books says that Christians must make an idol, imagine it as God, and hold, kiss, dance around with it and kneel before it.

        That is the thing you must be pondering on. God’s people are the ones who follow God’s commandments and not by what your standards.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

        If the teachings of your sect and the other 33,000 sects are within what is written as you claimed, then WHY you differ from each other in doctrines? Some believe that Jesus is God, some believes that Jesus is just human. Some believes in Trinity while others does not. What is the truth?  Truly, the Holy Spirit is not at work in the sects and denominations outside the RCC.

        But in attacking the faith of the one true church you are all united.. Truly, truly, the wile of the Devil is at work, division and discord..

      • po6is777

        It’s obvious you are a Bible-only believing Christian. May i ask you to define please to us from your own faith definition what is a bible-only or solo/sola scriptura doctrine means? so that we Catholics may not misunderstood your traditional doctrine. I called it “traditional” because the protestants’ hero Martin Luther who just came out some 1500 years after the foundation of Christian Church was the first one to use it. This is the very root of this debate so we may know your own definition of this doctrine. there are a lot of sects who hold different views of the substance of this solo/sola scriptura doctrine.

      • motorcyclemama

        Do you find the Bible wanting?

      • po6is777

        Is the bible the “SOLE” authority in all matters of Christian Faith and Morals? Is the bible sufficient enough?

      • motorcyclemama

         Dude, you’re funny and out of topic. See my reply before your reply.

      • po6is777

        I’m not out of topic. you are just out of your mind if you think this funny. I’m replying to your replies. its just that I cannot. I can’t because your following replies to mine has no “reply tab” it is disabled. this is why I have to reply anywhere in your replies where there is a button for reply

      • batangpaslit

        The LORD bless you, Kapatid for proclaiming the Truth

    • batangpaslit

      akala ko ang China ay communistic state and don’t believe in things of the spirit
      pero ngaon, manufacturer na sila ng mga dios eh, made of porcelain

  • motorcyclemama

    1.2M Pagans in guise of Christianity.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

      Define pagan.

      • motorcyclemama

         Look it up, man. Tamad mo naman. :-)

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

        Must be you so you will know..

      • motorcyclemama

         Dapat ikaw ang nag search nyan. Ikaw ang nagsabi ng “define pagan” eh. Eh di mo nga alam. :-)

    • batangpaslit

      kaya nga hirap na hirap ang Pilipinas at ang mga Filipino kasi ang dios na sinasamba natin ay dios na may mata pero hindi makakita, may paa pero hindi makapaglakad.

      lahat na bansa na hinawakan ng Hispanic colonizers at na introduce ang dios na may mata pero hindi naman makakita, lumpog sa hirap at sakit.

      look at Cuba, South America, and the Philippines.

      paano ang dios na sisamba ay gawa sa kahoy. ang kaputol na kahoy ay ginagawang pang gatong
      ang kaputol ay sinasambang dios

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

    dont say viva spanya viva viva santo nino tandaan ninyo ang china gumagawa narin ng santo nino santo nino made in china nihawwwww!!

    • mhertz

      what a great display of ignorance. KSP lang kc..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


    • batangpaslit

      Ed, ipalinawag mo rin ang katotohanan….hehehe

  • bogli_anakdami

    kung ang 1.2M flips eh namulot ng basura jan sa viva republic of shabu oooopsie cebu, siguradong sampakan ng linis ang paligid, di ba?

    lalo na jan squat towns…

  • mhertz

    Envy = bashers spawning..Kawawa naman lagi nalang galit sa mundo. Maging masaya ka naman sa tuwa at galak ng kapwa mo. Di lang umiikot ang mundo sa inyo.

  • batangpaslit

    alin ngaon ang tunay na DIOS?
    ang Sto Nino sa Cebu
    ang Black Nazarene sa Quiapo?

    dios na may mata pero hindi makakita? dios na may paa pero hindi maka lakad?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


      • batangpaslit

        chuckles…pati dios-dios gawa sa China ha?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

      Comparing your present picture to your picture as a child, do you find it difficult to analyze who is the person in the two pictures?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LNUAHKQSXDNEE6MRIVCVMFZJA4 Ü►Ray Laurenz

    Ang kitid ng utak ng mga hindi katoliko na nagkokomento dito. Kung tingin niyo mga pagano kami, eh hayaan nyo maging ganoon kami. Sa tingin niyo kayo ang tama. Sa tingin niyo kayo lang ang maliligtas. Sa tingin niyo sapat na ang mabuhay na walang pinaniniwalaang Dios? Ang ginagawa namin ay pagpupugay lamang at pag-aalaala sa Batang Hesus. Hindi kami mga pagano na nagsasamba lamang kung mayroong imahe sa aming harapan. Sa tingin niyo sinong relihiyon ang may pag-ibig sa kapwa? Mas nagpapakita kami nito, sa paggalang lamang ng ibang paniniwala ay ipinapakita namin na mahal namin ang ibang tao mapa muslim man o ibang relihiyon. Kung hindi naman laganap ang paniniwala namin ay siguradong ibang-iba ang mga Pilipino ngayon. Siguro maraming atheist at mawawala na ang Filipino Values na pinag-ugatan ang mga turo ng aming simbahan. Kung hindi kayo masaya sa aming ginagawa, TUMAHIMIK NA LAMANG KAYO. 

    • motorcyclemama

       Dude, I am convinced you are following a different and weird kind of pseudo-Christian religion. It is your right not to allow others to save you, but the truth us you have no right to tell others to shut up.

      Masaya ka sa ginagawa mo. Walang problema. Masaya kami sa ginagawa naming pambabatikos. Walang problema.

      What’s your dim-witted problem about that?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • batangpaslit

    Idolatrous worship is condemned in the Scriptures.
    Anyone who bows down before any graven image carved out by human hands are detestable before the sight of GOD.
    Those who practice this detestable acts that GOD condemns will have their comeuppance on Judgment Day.
    Even the so called Marian apparition is grossly false.
    It is demonic.
    For the apparition in Fatima misleds the believers to worship the true Living GOD.
    In Fatima, Mary spoke about her Immaculate heart that leads to God.
    But, the Scriptures clearly states that Jesus is the way to GOD, not Mary.
    Jesus said, “I am the way…”.
    Fatima apparitions—-the message of the Lady is deceitful.
    It is not Mary who appeared.
    The Mary that appeared in apparitions is an Impostor.
    The Devil can impersonate.
    The Devil have the power to demonstrate miraculous powers too.
    It does not follow, anyone who can show signs and wonders comes from the true Living GOD.
    The report of the miraculous event in Fatima as reported by many witnesses about the ball of fire, is a gross deception.
    I do not question that indeed there was a ball of fire that appeared.
    The Scriptures, however, laid out a warning that in the last days the false prophet will cause fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of man to deceive the people to worship the Antichrist.
    (read Revelation 13:13)
    Those who will not heed the solemn warning of the Holy One as written in the Scriptures shall spend their eternity in the Sulfur Lake of Fire—unquenchable fire that burns for eternity. The place of weeping and the gnashing of teeth.
    Hell, is the final destination for the Devil and the idol worshippers.

    • motorcyclemama

       Very well said. I find it weird for the RCC to claim that they are the sole interpreter of the Scripture, but does otherwise what is written. They must be the ones that the bible (in which they claim without them, there is no bible) prophesied about. I think. Weird.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

        Enough of your monologue.

      • motorcyclemama

        Truth hurts?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

         Hindi no na Gets.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

      Yes. The Devil can impersonate. Just like what you are proclaiming, the Devil is impersonating in the person of you.

      • motorcyclemama

         Or in yours.

  • arao_liwanag

    Lahat ng mga nagbubunyi ng sinulog ay bugok at bulag na  mga nagsasamba ng hindi nila naiintiendihan. MGA GONG GONG. AT MGA BULOK ANG UTAK KAYA HINDI UMAASENSO.

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