Gold miner says he didn’t betray Siman

Habitan bares partnership, calls Marantan ‘enemy’


JOSE PANGANIBAN, Camarines Norte—Gold miner Ronnie Basar Habitan on Saturday denied that he called Supt. Hansel Marantan to inform him about the visit of Victor Siman and his group hours before they were killed by a joint police-military team at a checkpoint in Atimonan, Quezon province, on Jan. 6.

Habitan also said Siman was not carrying P5 million that reportedly came from him when Siman and his companions were killed at the checkpoint.

He said there were only 12 men in the group, including Siman. So who was the 13th man who was slain in Atimonan?

Habitan, 37, told the Inquirer in an interview in his home here that he could not have called Marantan, the ground commander of the Atimonan operation, because he could never be friends with someone whom he claimed had extorted P1.5 million from him, and because he did not know the phone number of the police officer.

In an interview with the Inquirer in his room at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig City on Jan. 15, Marantan said he did not know that Siman was in the group of armed men whose movement police were monitoring until the last few hours before the clash in Atimonan.

Marantan said an informant tipped him off to the movement of the group, but “there was no mention of Vic Siman.”

He said it was only three hours before the clash that Habitan gave him the information that Siman was traveling with the group.

Business partners

But Habitan said he had no reason to “betray” Siman because they, together with Supt. Alfredo Consemino, were putting up a new security agency that was supposed to start operating this month.

Siman and 12 others were killed by police and Army soldiers at a checkpoint along Maharlika Highway in Barangay Lumutan in Atimonan in a supposed fire fight that lasted about 20 minutes.

Police reported the clash as a shootout, but families of the slain men claimed the victims were summarily executed.

President Aquino ordered the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to investigate and find out what really happened.

Habitan admitted that he knew Siman ran an illegal gambling operation, and said that Siman had offered him a stake in his illegal business.

Habitan said he refused and told Siman that he was not interested in any illegal business, as he wanted to stay clean and work hard to make a fortune.

He said he had nothing until he hit the jackpot in small-scale gold mining two years ago.

Wearing a large gold necklace around his neck and tucking a pistol with a golden grip, which he stressed was licensed, Habitan said he worked as bagger in a bakery and household helper before becoming a “high-grade” miner.

‘He’s my enemy’

As for Marantan, Habitan said in Filipino: “I met him only once, when he held us up. He is my enemy.”

He said the incident happened in Candelaria, Quezon, on Oct. 4, 2011. Policemen flagged down his car and he said he and his companions were detained after the cops found his licensed gun, a Jericho 9mm pistol.

Habitan said they were taken to the office of Marantan where he saw on a blackboard a sketch of his route, with the places where he might pass marked. Somebody hastily erased the blackboard when they came in.

He said Marantan asked for money and he did not hesitate to come across because he feared for his life. He said two of Marantan’s men accompanied him to withdraw P1.5 million from his Banco de Oro account.

Habitan said he was angered because Marantan, after taking his money, brought illegal firearm charges against him in the provincial prosecutor’s office in Lucena City.


Case dismissed

The case was dismissed for lack of probable cause, he said, citing a resolution dated Dec. 13, 2011, written by Assistant Provincial Prosecutor Ma. Nalyn C. Jabat-Mesa and approved by Provincial Prosecutor Dione V. Bustonera.

Habitan said he was planning to bring charges against Marantan for what the policeman did to him in Candelaria.

Habitan said he met Siman, whom he called “Boss Vic,” three months ago through common acquaintances in the military. They became friends and decided to become business partners in a security agency, named New Marc Security Agency, which he (Habitan) bought in November from a Capt. Mario S. Braza for P3.3 million.

Friends and partners

Habitan said he got to know Siman’s family over the last three months. He said he had visited Siman in his home in Laguna.

When Siman came to see him here on Jan. 6, he said, he gave him a gift, a gold lighter that he himself crafted. It was worth P500,000.

To prove his partnership with Siman, Habitan showed to the Inquirer the organizational chart of New Marc Security Agency.  The chart showed Habitan as the company’s president, with Siman as vice president. Consemino was general manager; Maximo M. Pelayo, finance manager; Melanie Boral, corporate secretary; and lawyer Michael Pajarillo, legal consultant.

In the new profile and proposal for the security agency that would be named Golden Nor Security Agency Inc., Habitan was president and Siman, vice president.

Consultants for operations directly under Siman were Mario S. Braza and Consemino. Paul A. Quiohilag was the general manager directly under Habitan and Siman.

Of those listed on the two charts, Siman, Consemino, Pelayo and Quiohilag were among those killed in Atimonan.

Habitan said that during their meeting on Jan. 6, Siman submitted a budget proposal of P4.6 million for the operation of the new security agency from January to March this year.

No P5 million

He said he told Siman that he would have his lawyer go over the proposal and he would bring the money to Laguna when the budget was approved.

“I did not give them money,” Habitan said, belying reports that Siman was carrying P5 million when his group was halted at the security checkpoint in Atimonan.

Habitan said he left the running of the security agency to Siman because “that was his expertise, while mine is mining.”

He said that before Jan. 6, Siman visited him twice in his house in Barangay Plaridel here and that Siman bought from him a kilo of gold worth P2.5 million.

Except for a security guard at the gate, Habitan’s two-story house does not stand out among the houses along a narrow street near the town center.

Habitan, who operates a gold processing plant and finances small-scale mining operations, brushed off speculation that the shooting of Siman had something to do with a double cross involving gold trading.

“That’s not true. Boss Vic was very good to me and his family, too,” he said.

Habitan said Siman and his companions arrived at his place in two vehicles, both of which were later raked with gunfire in Atimonan.

Only 12

According to Habitan, only 12 people were in the group, including Siman.

He said he shook hands with all the 12 before they left at about 12 noon on Jan. 6 so he was puzzled at reports that 13 were killed in the Atimonan incident.

Habitan said he did not know where Siman and his companions had been before they came to see him. But Siman called him the day before to say that he would arrive at 8 in the morning the next day.

But Siman’s group arrived early, at around 6:30 a.m., Habitan said.

His guests left after lunch.

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  • Borogol

    halata naman na nagsisinungaln tong si Marantan.. pucha, sarap sapakin sa mukha…

    ..dami na pala na patay to without due process, time to do the same to him.

    pupusta pa ako, nag aambisyon din yan ng katulad kay “self-proclaimed-hero” trillanes.

    baka mag file yan ng candidacy habang nasa kulungan…

    syempre, ndi yan makakaexperience ng vaseline.. takot lang ng inmates…

    unfair talaga… sana palabasin na lng, tapos i blindfold sa Quirino Grandstand tapos mag sipag pila lahat ng tao, tag iisang todo kutos na lang, para kwits.

  • Trisikad Driver

    saan na ang 1.5M??? sino nag escort sa iyo? hehehee..sayang….

  • kontra_boohaya

    Kung talagang sincere ang NBI to get to the bottom of this crap e dapat imbetahan si mr. high-grade .  Suriin ang mga mutual friends nila ni Siman ng mga militar na nabanngit niyari at i lifestyle check kaagad. Ang malungkot jan e baka mismo mga nag iimbestiga ay naka “payroll”.  Kaya sorry na lang sa mga maliliit na ididiin para lang ma “case closed” na ang nangyari.

  • $16638896

    lalong mayayari si marantan, lumalabas na ung baho nya.

  • F alonso

    While the 2 (Vic Siman and Habitan) are both business partners,it’s very likely for Habitan to engage business with Siman because he knew the guy is also operating illegal business.The supposed Security Agency they were about to put up should have been the legal armed canopy of their illegal operation.Remember that he had asked somebody to scout for an apartment with kitchen so that he will bring in fish to Manila.Why so particular with the kitchen while all apartments normally have them and why bring in fish to Manila when it’s available 24/7?

    • kontra_boohaya

      Hehehe…that’s a special “stuffed” fish.

      • Paz Maunahan

        Sa America ginagamit din ng mga smugglers ang isda ilalagay sa loob ang drugs. May nahuli noon na gold fish from China . Sa loob ng tiyan ng gold fish ay drugs.

  • F alonso

    On a separate column,Habitan said that it was a Gov.who sold the
    huge amount of Gold and other precious metals.Does he own the
    business or he is just used as a front man?He was the last man met by Vic Siman,for sure he has a lot to
    explain if not his operation must be tightly monitored.The thing that surprised me is why did Col Consemino associated
    himself to these kind of illegal elements whereas he’s a senior
    Law enforcer.What a joke for a police Col to escort a man
    involved with organized crime and illegal gambling.

  • NoWorryBHappy

    “He said Marantan asked for money and he did not
    hesitate to come across because he feared for his life. He said two of
    Marantan’s men accompanied him to withdraw P1.5 million from his Banco
    de Oro account. Habitan said he was angered because
    Marantan, after taking his money, brought illegal firearm charges
    against him in the provincial prosecutor’s office in Lucena City.”

    Marantan is ROTTEN cop, a gun for hire, who is also employed by the military.
    He is a double crosser. A traitor to the people. Gangland style.
    He is probably the MASTERMIND of the massacre.
    “Habitan said he met Siman, whom he called “Boss Vic,” three months ago
    through common acquaintances in the military. They became friends and
    decided to become business partners in a security agency, named New Marc
    Security Agency, which he (Habitan) bought in November from a Capt.
    Mario S. Braza for P3.3 million.”

    The police, I mean the REAL police and the NBI, must investigate security agencies in the country and their possible links to the military and ORGANIZED crime. These security agencies
    who moonlight with criminals are really traitors to the country.

    • VincentR

      It is time to clean up these devils, they are now what will do PNoy in. Until the US mowed down the Cosa Nostra and sent Eliott Ness to haul these uniformed crooks to jail, there was no confidence that the government could protect innocent people. De Lima and PNoy ought to do the same, seize and put all these crooks to jail and make their punishment certain. Until this is done, you can bet that this ‘economic turnaround’ will be just a ningas kugon, here today, gone tomorrow.

  • boybakal

    Siman, Basar Habitan, Marantan….

    These names are not common in Tagalog region as well as in Bicol.
    For sure, they are Dayo from other places.
    More like Muslim names.

    • doncleo

       ano pa ba aasahan mo sa mga Muslim e di double cross.

      • Julio7 will lead to stereo-typing.

        Caution lang.

  • boybakal

    Gold miner says he didn’t betray Siman….

    I agree.
    Even Jesus was betrayed Judas of Sliver, Tanso.
    In case of Gold miner Habitan, Natanso niya si Siman…dahil ayaw niyang magbigay ng Ginto.

    Just  like what Muslim did on fake ginto….Aki, Suka puro, Ginto, Tanso,

  • Mamang Pulis

    He said Marantan asked for money and he did not hesitate to come across because he feared for his life. He said two of Marantan’s men accompanied him to withdraw P1.5 million from his Banco de Oro account.

    trabaho ng algad ng batas yan—kapag alam na magagatasan ka–gagawaan ka ng paraan–

    kung halimbawa, pinara ka–babasagin yun tail light mo at sasabihing driving with damaged tail light ka at dadalhin ka sa kampo—sa HPG

    doon na hahalug hugin ang kotse at kapag may dala kang baril–kahit lisensyado at may PTC–yari kapa rin at nasa poder ka na nila….sumagot ka ng pabalang–ah pucha–wag na wag ka sasagot ng pabalang saloob at madalas yun ang tinutuluyan—-

    madalas nangyayari yan….yun kumpare ko ang gara ng big bike…. isang gabi, pinara sa j.p. rizal ng pulis makati—-binuksan ang upuan natural–eh palibasa maangas si pare—ayun–nilaglagan sya ng shabu—kutakot takot na tawagan yan sa mga kilalang mamang pulis at pati na rin sa piskalya sa makati…

    • batangsulpok

      Kaya ang warning sa akin ng utol ko na kung uuwi sa Pilipinas ay iwasan may maka-engkwentrong Pulis dahil pag alam na may makukuha saiyo ay gagawan ka nila ng kaso para may pagperahan.

      • 12JEM

         Nasa Saskatchewan, Canada ka ba?

    • kalikasanipagtanggol

       Totoo yan may biktima ang mga yan na malapit sa akin at ginatasan ng ginatasan at sa crame pa naka-base!

  • duviz7533

    gold miner pala…he sing the song at the end of highway there’s a pot of gold (end of a checkpoint pala)

  • mr

    Pag lumabas ng buhay si Maratrat sa St Lukes, lagot yan kasi sigurado may magsasalvage na dyan dahil sa mga ginawang pagkaramiraming krimen, tapos mga producer ng pelikula gagawan na naman ng pelikula yan para maging bida at tularan din ng mga ibang katulisan este kapulpulisan pala. Dapat buwagin na lang ang PNP at palitan ng ibang mas di kurakot na organisyon.

    • Kairosphil

      ingat manratrat sa mga dr at mga nurses diyan.. baka lasunin ka!

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      ang yaman ni marantan ha…st. lukes taguig pa naka confine..ordinaryong pulis or sundalo yan sa v.luna lang yan…

  • mr

    Kaya naman pala afford ni Maratrat magpagamot sa St Luke dahil sa self-inflected wounds or companion-inflected wounds nya dahil nakakutong ng P1.5 million nung araw na yon. Alam na kasi na magpapabaril sya para kunwari shoot out. Kawawang mga sundalo naging mga uto uto pero ni kusing walang natanggap sa 1.5 million, magkano naman kaya natanggap ng Coronel nila at bat di rin nabaril kagaya ni Maratrat at bat si Maratrat lang tinamaan sa check point?

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Marami pa sigurado nakotongan si Marantan.  Kailangan lumabas na ang mga biktama ng Quezon police force.

      Bakit ang tagal ni Purisima gumalaw o mag-imbistiga sa mga pulis na ‘to?  Baka mga batch/classmates sila

  • basyong

    kasalanan ng re organization ng AFP ang nangyari.bakit? wala ng makotong ang mga AFP at PNP? dati dahil sa corruption kahit paano meron pabagsak ang nasa itaas.ngayon, gutom at walang delihensiya kaya sila sila na lang nagyayarian.

  • Htee

    Ang pinakakahintay pa rin ay ang main event kung saan maririnig natin ang concert ni maratrat at kung ano ang kakantahin nito. Tiyak magaganda ang boses din ng back up singers nito. Madami ring mga dancers sa likod at paligid na sasayawsayaw sa tugtog.
    Itong mga paunang kanta ay guest singers lang at pang warm up lang….
    ABANGan ang MELADy ni MARATRAT….

    • Kairosphil

      Galing mo HTEE! qoute ko comment mo ha!

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Tama sinabi ko na sindikato ang PNP.

    Baka si Habitan din target ni Marantan, kaso hindi pala kasama.   Takot pala si Marantan na makasuhan sa pang holdap ng P1.5m. 

  • doncleo

    Ang insidente sa Atimonan ay nagpapakita lang kung gaano kabulok ang sistema sa atin lalo na sa PNP, AFP at mga pulitiko…Mga pulis at sundalo na ginagawang protector ng mga sindikato sa droga, sugal at ibang pang illegal na aktibidad.. mga pulis na pumapatay ng kapwa pulis at mga sibilyan mapangalagaan lang ang kanilang teritoryo at interes sa illegal na gawain..mga pulitiko na nagpoprotekta sa mga sindikato at mga  tiwaling pulis at sundalo..Nsaan ngayon ang mga gobernador sa CALABARZON at hindi kayo makakibo? Napahiya kayo ano?…talamak pala ang jueteng dyan sa lugar nyo.magkano ba tinatanggap mo governor ng Laguna, Batangas(Ate Vi), Rizal at Quezon? MGa Congressman sa nasabing lugar na ito magkano din ang sa inyo…PURO KAYO BULOK at BUGOK!!!!! 


      Huwag mo naman sabihing “BULOK at BUGOK” ang mga kapulisan at militar. Hindi mo ba alam na napakahusay nilang magprotekta sa kaligtasan naming mga politiko. Meron na ba kayong nabalitaan na mataas na politikong napatay ng pulis o militar? WALA!!!Huwag ninyong binibigyan ng mga ideya ang mga pulis at militar. Eh kung MABUGOK nga ang mga iyan at kaming mga politiko ang pagpapatayin? Hayaan ninyong sila- sila magpatayan. Basta ang importante eh ligtas kaming mga politiko.

    • batangsulpok

      Anong mahihita ninyo sa mga Governor lalo na sa Batangas na ang inaatupag ay pag-aartista o showbiz kaya hanggang ngayon ay talamak ang jueteng at droga, dapat sisihiln ay ang mga BOBOTANTE.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    BIR should investigate the miner Habitan.  

  • patukar

    Mukhang malas talaga un numero trece dahil dose lang bakit kaya naging trece

  • JV Velarde

    A riveting double-cross tale & dead men tell no tales film material.

  • jeray


  • pasaway008ako

    Parang lumalabas na extortion o roberry/hold-up ang kasong ito. Abangan, hindi pa tapos ang laban. Ang nagre-reklamong pamilya ng Siman ay maraming pera.

  • Fred

    Marantan , nandyan ka pa ba sa St Luke’s?

  • farmerpo

    13 is a bakers’ dozen. So 12 talaga? 13th is Judas. Ask mo man si Marantan. 

  • tra6Gpeche

    Being betrayed or not is irrelevant to this issue. The focus
    should be on the killers of the Atimonan 13. These PNP killers have agenda of
    their own and do not conform to the laws of the land. There is a law to obey
    and follow in any civilized society. Unless of course, we, Filipinos, are beginning to become

  • Rovingmoron

    File an extortion case against Marantan before the Ombudsman’s Office. Mr. Habitan, did you also give a gold lighter to the reporter who wrote this story?

  • Rovingmoron

    There is a popular saying that when the fruit is ripe, many pests are attracted to it. Habitan is like a ripe fruit in Camarines Norte. I just hope that he will not be pushed to the wall or harassed by politicians and police officials, and the NPA, in that province for the sake of money and more money.

  • stoneridge

    bakit nyo pa pinagtrabaho ang Maratrat na ito ay madami palang pending kaso sa pagpatay.Dapat ay ikinulong nato noon pa ng habambuhay. Kapag pinakawalan pa ito ay marami pang papatayin na ang tingin nya ay para lang manok na binabaril na walang awa. Dapat managot ang may kagagawan nito.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Malakas maglagay itong si Marantan sa mga mafia bosses nya sa PNP.

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS


    ANA: “Sinabi ni Habitan na 12 lang ang bilang ng bisita niyang kasama sa grupo ni Siman. Sino kung gano’n ang ika-13 natigok sa Atimonan massacre, si Hudas?”

    LISA: “Parang nabasa ko na ang episode na ito sa nobela ni Sidney Sheldon, sumpa man. Kasi, ang papel na Hudas eh akmang-akma sa ginagampanang papel ni Habitan, napansin mo ba?”

    CION: “Medyo hawig nga. Nagsisising tunay si Hudas at isinauli ang 30-pirasong pilak bago ito kusang nagbigti at natigok. Pero si Habitan eh merong premonition na mabubura na rin siya sa mundo. Hindi niya ikinailang illegal gold miner umano siya kaya kumakanta siya ngayong ginawa raw siyang GATASAN ni Marantan, ng piskal at ng huwes. Natitiyak ko na magiging madrama at madugo ang wakas ng istoryang ito, kaya, huwag bibitiw!” 

  • BIGButo

    To much greed!

  • doublecross

    where’s the money….!!!

  • Albert Einstien

    POLICE OFFICIALs na ngayon ang HOLDAPER…dati yun mga criminal lang…ngayon naka-uniform pa….me LIVING VICTIM/ WITNESS pa …grabe na to pnoy….mag-ORDER kn ng HOUSE CLEANING …tama na noynoying……papano pa magsusumbong ang mga victima sa police nyan…..  : > )

    • ever green

      labu-labo na lang…………..

  • Marcela

    I have a different opinion on habitan. marantan made a statement in a news article that habitan tipped him off the convoy of siman after they left habitan’s house. if somebody is an “asset” to you, will you divulge his/her identity? marantan has a mole within habitan’s group. think about that incident that happened in candelaria, quezon, on oct. 4, 2011, where habitan said they were taken to the office of marantan where he saw on a blackboard a sketch of his route, with the places where he might pass marked. 

    • Lorelei

      oo nga !

  • Ike

    Coplan Armado was put in place to get Siman. So Marantan coordinated with the Local PNP in the area and asked Army SAF for augmentation force. But he only found out that Siman was with the group 3 hrs before the Checkpoint encounter. If Marantan did not know initially that Siman was with the group, then why does he have to implement Coplan Armado which sole purpose is to get Siman? Why do the coordination and set-up a checkpoint if he had no idea that Siman is there in the first place? And if they are just after an armed group, and if Marantan &  the police was monitoring the movement of this armed group, then they could have identified that it was their senior officer LtCol Consimino, some police and military personel who were in the group whom they only identified after the encounter. It simply dont add up!!!

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Whatever the version everybody wants it portrayed, it’s still a massacre.

      • PAUL

        bulls eye again.

  • Vertumnus

    Marantan probably assumed Siman’s group was carrying at least 5 million pisos and ambushed them without giving them a chance to surrender.  It seems that Marantan is an extremely dirty cop and it’s astonishing how many times he should have been on desk duty and yet he is out there killing people.

    Come on NBI, do your job and find out what really happened.  It’s seems the NBI is the only agency not yet riddled with corruption.

    Mr. President, insure that justice is done.  We are counting on you to reform the government by any means necessary!  Within the law of course.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Marantan’s bosses got a big cut.  That’s the reason he got promoted because of the crime money he give to the PNP mafia bosses.  

      Listen to what he’s saying and he sounds untouchable even against De Lima.  

      • PAUL

        Nasapol mo igan.

      • Mamang Pulis

        kapag si DOJ na ang tinapalan—mag taka ka na.  malalking tao ang nasa likod.  naghahabol ng pondo para sa election.

      • Mamang Pulis

      • Mamang Pulis

        granted na ‘operator ng jueteng ang mga ito at kasabwat si col—-
        tama ba na hatulan sila ng bala?di ba mas maganda an arestuhin pati si col—at paiyakin at pakantahin sa harap ng korte?police operation gagamitan mo ng special forces? aba!–kasbwat din si ltcol abang dito—high risk terrorista ba ang mga yan?sa madaling sabi–nagka onsehan at ginawaan na sila ng kwento ni maratrat.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        judicial process not massacre.

      • ever green

        that would be ideal in an ideal world…kaya lang ang justice system natin masyadong mabagal at corrupt din…..

  • wilms1963

    mga kriminal..nagtraidoran at nagpapatayan….is it a bad or good news…….

    • Mamang Pulis

      bad news sa mga collateral damage.

      yun lang–

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    PNP and AFP are legalized crime organizations.  Can’t get rid of simple jueteng because they controlled it from the aircon offices provided by the poor Filipino people.  Their salary is simply a snack.  They can afford big SUVs, just wondering how can they afford it.

    They will never protect and serve the Filipinos.  They will even sell their services to communist Chinese and switch sides in case of war.

    • batangsulpok

      Noong 1960-70’s na nasa serbisyo ako, ang PC na PNP ngayon ay kilala na sa pangongotong lalo na ang mga Provincial Commander na pinag-aagawan ang puwesto dahil siguradong yayaman sila sa jueteng at ang mga Heneral sa AFP ay nag-umpisang magpayaman nang martial law kasi binusog ni Marcos ang military, ang Defense Secretary ay si Enrile kaya kahit 88 yrs. old na ay nasa puwesto pa para di mahalungkat ang kayamanan.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Prior to martial law police are trusted in the community.  

      • batangsulpok

        Agree ako sa sinabi mo dahil noon, ang mga Pulis ay kotong sa mga driver ang pinagkikitaan at libre kain/inom sa mga restaurant/carinderia, di pa uso ang mga hulidap, robbery/extortion, murder at iba pang krimen na mga sibilyan lang ang gumagawa.

      • Ike

        You must be very old. Ang tatay ko po ay retiradong PC nung 1989. I was even in C1(Crame HQ) during edsa rebolusyon. If you were that old at least you have been to the time when police was respected by the community. The time wherein silbato at batuta lang ang dala ng pulis yet they were respected because of their uniform. Some carried 6 shot Squires Bingham cal38 as opposed to 17shot Glock & other wonder nines, Yet it is their pressence that uphold peace and order. Gone are those days and this Atimonan debacle is just a gauge on how far it had deteriorated from PC-INP to PNP.
          Was PNP solely to blame for this? NO!!! PNP is just a by product of our deteriorating soceity. As long as there is Corruption from Malacanang to Baranggay level at ang mga politiko natin ay garapalang nangungurakot, you cannot disciple the police force. A low salary, a badge and a gun is a recepie for corruption. How would the policeman behave when Rico Puno and our govt officials are misbehaving themselves, But who put this govt officials in their seat in the 1st place? It is us. So if you voted Revilla, Sotto, Lapid, Gloria, your corrupt Gov. or corrupt mayor, then you are part of the problem as well.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        “But who put this govt officials in their seat in the 1st place?”


        but then the truth hurts.

  • DinngMae

    Who is the paid hack among the reporters of the Philippine Daily Inquirer? Juan Escandor, Jr. who wrote this story or Marlon Ramos and Nancy C. Carvajal who both wrote the special report – “13 men converged in time to rendezvous with death”?

    The aforementioned question popped in after their reports gave a conflicting detail. In journalism, it is a mortal sin to commit lapses in information. Anything that was omitted or changed to suit a person or entity is highly unethical. Consider the following quotes from these two stories here.

    1. Gold miner says he didn’t betray Siman by Juan Escandor, Jr.

    “Except for a security guard at the gate, Habitan’s two-story (sic) house does not stand out among the houses along a narrow street near the town center.”

    2. 13 men converged in time to rendezvous with death by Marlon Ramos and Nancy C. Carvajal

    “The house of Habatan was described as a mansion and was heavily guarded (parang mansion at maraming gwardya).”

    Some people may find this small thing as irrelevant but it is the correct detail that makes the truthfulness of a story. The way a story was written could also provide clues as who could be benefiting from it.

    In the course of things, a small detail like a single bullet in the scene of a crime could help solve a murder. Thus, a twisted fact written in a story is similar to a gun placed beside a dead man to cover a crime.

    • joel genese

      Those details you’ve mentioned were irrelevant to the story and it’s not really worth mentioning. I am not at the level of a journalist so I thought to myself, I am better than them.

      • DinngMae

        That’s understandable Joel Genese. Some consumers simply don’t read the label before buying something.

    • Juan Escandor Jr.

      DinngMae, I am the author and I assure you that my description of the house of Habitan is accurate. If you doubt the veracity of my description, check it out by yourself and drive to Jose Panganiban.

      Juan Escandor Jr. 

      • DinngMae

        I never said it was you. I asked: who?

        I asked who because nobody will admit for sure.

      • Darwin

        It would be better if you post a picture of the house. Am too was surprised to read your description of the house.

    • Joker

      The difference in the details are pretty obvious given the popularity of the issue at hand. Distortion of details is easier to manipulate by a single person than for for 2 souls. The hierarchy of this paper should be able to discipline the paid hack.

      And no matter how these characters would try to disconnect their linkages; the more they open their mouth the more it appears that the issue is nothing less but a typical infighting among hoodlums.

      • DinngMae

        You are right Joker.

      • Jake Lopez

        When people tell the truth, information is consistent and they jibe. When several people tell lies, the whole story become convoluted and loses its credibility.

    • Mamang Pulis

      ang galing ng mata mo sa detalye—puedeng puede kang imbestigador.

    • Lorelei

      Siyempre one gives credence to the first person account – the description of the reporter who actually went to Habitan’s house. After all, Carvajal et al admit they didn’t actually see the house, it was “described” to them. Kailangan ng 2 or more sources to verify details that one didn’t observe first hand. May pagka-subjective din  – baka sa ibang tao mukhang mansion nga ang bahay niya. Maaaring sa pakiwari ng iba may mas magarbo pang bahay sa bayan kaysa sa tirahan ni Habitan. Walang binanggit si Escandor na isa lang ang guwardiya. Ang sinabi niya ay may isang guwardiya sa gate … may iba pang bahagi ang bahay after all. “Jumping to conclusions” naman ang tawag dito.

      • DinngMae

        Agree. A first person account could be credible but, as you raised it, could be subjective too.

    • ever green

      an eye for details….nice one.

      Just to mess things up………baka naman malaki at mala-mansion ang bahay ni Mr. Escandor kaya ang tinging niya sa bahay ni Habitan ay pipitsugin lang. At bahay kubo naman ang kanila Ramos at Carvajal kaya impression nila ay mansion ang bahay ni Habitan.  :)))

    • Handiong

      I don’t know why you suspect the Inquirer reporters of twisting facts.

      On the description of Habitan’s house, Escandor described it as he personally saw it. On the other hand, Marlon Ramos and Nancy Carvajal quoted a third party in describing the house, instead of going to Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte to see for themselves. It’s now only a matter of who described the house accurately: the source of Ramos and Carvajal (not Ramos and Carvajal themselves who have not personally seen the house) or Escandor.

      • DinngMae

        “I don’t know why you suspect the Inquirer reporters of twisting facts.”

        Because there is no consistency in their story. It is the duty of every reporter to be accurate and consistent in telling the story. If their stories give conflicting information, where lies the problem? It is not in the story but in the persons who wrote it.

        Conflicting versions coming from two or more media outlets is acceptable but from within a single media entity is already a problem of credibility.

      • Handiong

        You don’t get it.

        The Inquirer reporters were reporting from TWO DIFFERENT SOURCES (just for emphasis). They were merely REPORTING (just for emphasis) from their respective sources, not TESTIFYING (just for emphasis)  from personal or first-hand knowledge (except for Escandor’s description of Habitan’s house).

        Ramos and Carvajal were reporting the version of the Vic Siman group, while Escandor was reporting the version of Ronnie Habitan. If there are conflicts, the sources should be the ones to be scrutinized, not the reporters or the messengers.

        It would have been different if Ramos and Carvajal, on one hand, and Escandor, on the other hand, were reporting on the same version of the Vic Siman group and they came out with conflicting stories. Or they were reporting on the same version of Habitan and they told different stories.

        This is just a matter of the Inquirer reporting two conflicting versions from two separate sources. Why shoot the messenger? The ones to be judged for credibility are the sources, not the reporters.

      • jeronimo


      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


        This is what they called balanced. Taking info from either side without passing judgement or too much opinion on either stand

      • DinngMae

        You don’t understand where I am coming from. The issue is the accuracy of the story and it doesn’t have to do about their sources. Yes, they are reporting and that’s the crux of the matter — the accuracy of it.

        What I was pointing out is about the house and its description and not from what sources contrary to what you said. A house will always be a house whether they asked it from what group. The size of the house will not change overnight no matter whom you ask.

        Why shoot the messengers? Because they are the one telling the story. It is their responsibility to verify the details and provide an accurate report. Whether you like it or not, the third estate is no holy cow. Remember, some reporters’ name were once listed in a blue book.

        They are not infallible. They are not incorruptible.

      • Handiong

        You still don’t get it.

        Ramos and Carvajal reported out of Metro Manila using a source connected with the Vic Siman group who described Habitan’s house as a “mansion”. Inquirer wanted to get the side of Habitan, so they asked their Southern Luzon correspondent, Juan Escandor, Jr., to interview him.

        Look at the chronology:

        1.  Ramos and Carvajal reported first and quoted their source as saying that Habitan’s house was a “mansion”.

        2.  Then, Escandor, who personally went to the house, said it “does not stand out among the houses along a narrow street”.

        The source said it was a “mansion”. Escandor said it “does not stand out among the houses”. If there is a conflict, it’s the source vs. Escandor.

        If you expected Ramos and Carvajal to go to Jose Panganiban to check out the source’s assertion that it was a “mansion”, Escandor did it for them. It was his job as Inquirer’s Southern Luzon correspondent and Inquirer rightly assigned him the task.

        Now, are you faulting Ramos and Carvajal for quoting the source without going to Jose Panganiban to check it out? They didn’t have to, because there was Escandor.

        So, where’s the distortion? Where is the deliberate twisting of fact?

      • DinngMae

        You may justify their incompetence but the fact is there is inconsistency in their details up to a point they contradict each other.

        As I’ve said it is part of a reporter’s duties and responsibilities to authenticate the claims of their sources and leave no stone undisturbed.

        So don’t skirt the issue and don’t say that Inquirer wanted to get the side of Habitan because three of them already covered the subject and they contradicted each other.

        If you still can’t understand the issue I raised that will be your problem.

      • Handiong

        Until now, you still don’t get it.

        No, a reporter doesn’t have to authenticate every single thing that a source says. A reporter can report whatever a source wants to say, as is, and let other people challenge it. If the source turns out to be wrong, the reporter is not guilty of anything.

        How can Escandor, for instance, authenticate Habitan’s claim that he did not give Siman P5 million? He cannot. So, does it mean that Escandor cannot report Habitan’s claim? 

        Sure, three PDI reporters covered the same subject, but they covered different aspects of it. It just so happened that their sources, not the reporters, contradicted each other.

        You insist on what you want to say because you have a singular objective, for whatever reason: to put the Inquirer in a bad light.

      • DinngMae

        Thank you for teaching those reporters the value of laziness.  The sacred duty of any journalist is to ferret out the truth.

        The issue I raised is very simple and as I’ve said, it may be irrelevant to others but you made it a big deal for failure to put up with a cohesive argument against an established fact.

      • Handiong

        Again, as I’ve said, there are instances when a journalist, any journalist, will never, and I mean never, be able to establish with absolute certainty the truthfulness or falsity of a statement.

        Take for instance the claim of Habitan that he did give Siman P5 million. How on earth could Escandor “ferret out” its truthfulness or falsity? When he reported Habitan’s statement as is, without taking the effort to “ferret out the truth”, was he being lazy? No. It’s just that there was nothing else he could do about it.

        There are times when reporters just have to be the public voice of the “dramatis personae” in an event. There are times when reporters just have to let those involved speak for themselves. In a controversial happening, like the Atimonan incident, there will necessarily have conflicting claims from those involved. Your original beef was that two PDI journalists reported conflicting statements. Nothing wrong there, because the Atimonan incident is one instance when those involved have conflicting claims whose truthfulness or falsity no journalist would be able to establish with absolute certainty, not because of laziness, but because of its impossibility.

        My position is just simple:  Journalists cannot be faulted for conflicting statements from their sources when the nature of the event demands that they just have to act as “public voices” of these sources. While the dictum that “the sacred duty of any journalist is to ferret out the truth” GENERALLY applies, there are exceptional times when journalists have no choice but to be just the “public voices” of their sources.

        A world where all journalists put out reports with absolute unanimity and certainty, every time, all the time, does not exist.

      • DinngMae

        Do not divert from the main issue. It was just a simple description of a house that I raised. I just can’t even imagine that a reporter would describe it as a “two-story house.”

        Sorry but your justification doesn’t hold any water.

      • Handiong

        Ramos and Carvajal allowed their source to speak for himself/herself in describing the house as a “mansion”. Escandor went to the place and described it as an ordinary one. The conflict was between the source and Escandor. What’s the big deal? You faulted the PDI reporters for the inconsistency. Could Ramos and Carvajal have gone to Jose Panganiban to look for themselves? They could have but didn’t perhaps because they were not given the resources by PDI since they have a correspondent in the area in Escandor. Laziness?

      • DinngMae

        Laziness is not about being in the place or not. Your myopic view of being lazy is clouding your judgment. But hey, you are being redundant with nothing new to offer here.

        Again, no amount of your defense could negate the fact that there is no such thing as a “two-story house.”

        I hope you got the message loud and clear.

      • Handiong

        Yes, there is such a thing as a “two-story” (American) house, or “two-storey” (British) house.  Educate yourself first.

        Why are you so fixated with the house. What great significance does it have to the Atimonan incident?

        If I have been redundant in my explanation, it’s because you consistently don’t get it.

      • DinngMae

        I use British and for us there is no such thing as two-story.

        Fixated? That’s the issue I raised. Inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Yep, I don’t get your muddled and worthless explanation.

        Anyway, journalists here are NO sacred cows. Some are on the take. Yeah, you can bury your head deep in the sand but the fact remains that they are as corrupt as your government officials. Police officials know that.

        The white envelope please.

      • Handiong

        In America, there is no such thing as two-storey.

        You are just a narrow-mind mouthing cliches.

      • DinngMae

        Sour loser you are.

      • Handiong

        How could I lose when you couldn’t even come up with an intelligent argument.

      • DinngMae

        I raised a point and you argued against it. Whose argument has no intelligence? 

        Common sense please.

      • Handiong

        Your point has no sense under the circumstances.

      • DinngMae

        It’s simply because your aptitude cannot make sense of it all. This usually happen when you face a dilemma and your limited mental capability cannot make anything from it.

        Thus, I truly understand your predicament and it’s the same reason that there is no need for me to raise the ante despite your pathetic attempts to blow a simple issue out of proportion.

    • milespacker

       They were probably not twisting the facts. Most likely they are just lazy and incompetent, as usual, not wanting to go to Camarines Norte and view the house – and personally do interviews there.

      At the same time, they also want to come up with a titillating story. Stories full of bu||sh|t.

    • pikpakbom

      Correct  ka dude, this reporters are really the ones who are twisting the facts eto kasi ang bread and butter nila they can portray anyside the good ones as long as they pay bigger bucks than the other.

  • agustin

    Contradicting statement by Habitan : 1 he did not give 5million to his bossing vic siman, contradicting the early news. 2. bossing vic offered him stakes in jueteng but declined it but agreed on security agency which is not big money compared to jueteng. 3. total of 12 people including Siman not 13.  4. Marantan was informed by Habitan that Vic Siman was in the montero 3 hours before the shooting incident. he denied this. 4.bossing vic is his vice president, while he is the president. who is the true bossing ?  this is only an analysis of the story with no conclusive facts of who is telling the truth.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      I’d side on Habitan.

    • boldyak

      2. bossing vic offered him stakes in jueteng but declined it but agreed on security agency which is not big money compared to jueteng.= no conflict if you want clean business. as if to you selecting a clean business is immediately a conflict????…conflict with  what?…ohhh..conflict with greed…lol

    • boldyak

      4.bossing vic is his vice president, while he is the president. who is the true bossing ?….”Bossing Vic”..yon ang naging tawag kay siman as if naging palayaw…

      • F alonso

        out of respect sa gaya niyang illegal.

  • Guest

    You are right there. Details are important and it is what make a story.

  • billy gunner

    Of course the goldminer  did not betray Siman. He only told marantan where the convoy would pass–and it aint betrayal.

  • batangpaslit

    Johnny, could you follow up your article by asking Mr Habitan why he did not file charges against Col Maratrat?
    If not, report to higher authorities na mandurugas pala si Col Mararat

    • F alonso

      Habitan will not do that,he won’t stake his head and his Mining, and future “fishy” business in Manila.

      • batangpaslit

        iba talaga ang magawa pag naging ganid sa pera ano

  • bryant85

    Just like the spider, Marantan was caught on the web of lies he peddled when he implicated Habitan as his witness who tipped him about the route of Siman. As the worms in the can squeezes off one at a time, the jigsaw puzzle it fills is near its completion to fully reveal and illustrate the true happenings in the crime scene drama–what one person did and said.  

    Habitan came out with guns ablaze to fire at Marantan with words of denial to his imputation that he’s the gold miner tipster. He utterly negated it and flame the fire by implicating Marantan as an extortionist  while he cemented to be factual the earlier reported stories that Siman, Consemino and others were his partners to a security agency by showing some documents as proofs.

    Now the burning issue nagging my head, concerns the real motive of Marantan to kill these 13 or 12 people whom he alleged to be illegal gamblers and gun runners. If it’s turf war then it’s assumed that Marantan, melad, dumlao etc are protectors of the Illegal gambling operations of the rival group. The crime drama is still fuzzy and hazy to comprehend, some more worms should come out from the can to make the the issue clear as the morning sky

  • Allan

    the more the people involved in this fiasco talk, the deeper they dig their holes.for example, marantan claims he did not know that siman was with the group? what then was the coplan armado for that it needed PH900,000.00 budget? the other murdered personalities were ordinary citizens except for the policemen and the paf men.

    habitan is like judas. he should come to manila, go to an mrt or lrt station, wait for the train to arrive and then jump to the tracks. that’s how low his worth is – parang ipis. 

    • F alonso

      bitter ka kasi napatay yung mga idol mong Siman loloko?dapat pang 14th man ka dun.

      • batangpaslit


    • batangpaslit

      kilala mo si Jueteng Lord kaya galit ka kay Habitan dahil sia ang nagsumbong? 

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    12 / 13. we cannot discount the possibility of a rational explanation.

    i.e sometimes when we travel, individuals within our group (or part of it) sometimes meet us en route, and sometimes we drop them on the way back.

    unlucky 13th man.

  • ever green

    the enemy of my enemy is my friend…..triple cross…….

  • Rodel

    Grabe talagang ka demonyohan na nang mga kapolice san natin, anywhere it is the same story in the Philippines. Lahat ultimo simple akyat bahay kasagwat ang mga police. As a former agent, sobrang garapal na ngayon kasi hawak din nang grupo ang mga military, fiscal, prosecutor at judge.  Kaya nakakatakot makipag deal pag uniformado ang kausap puro pera pera at patayan ang nasaisip. Ang safe umiwas na lang sa mga demonyong nilalang na yan para iwas gulo. 

  • regd

    Crop! Now I’m more confused than ever! I don’t even know if 1 + 1 equals 2 anymore? I’m going nuts!

    • pangilenio

      yeah ….crop your nuts!

      • Hurtlocker1


  • RyanE

    Seems that both mining operation and security agency are just fronts of a much bigger operations such as jueteng, etc.

    Authorities should dig deeper as possibility of more high-profile personalities could be involved.

    • batangpaslit

      i concur to your observation….front business, kunwari, legit

  • Albert Einstien

    if they have been casing criminal syndicates ALL  criminals phones are TAPped…who NEEDS information ( coming from habitan ) when they know how to read TEXT messages & HEAR ALL  conversations.there are DIVERT modes & shadowing modes…..remember they are INTEL  officers…they can always make a copy of  criminals  cp  NUMBERS or just get connected to telecoms  ………senate should look into this wiretapping again in case there’s any……everybody is expected to deny it..but a good investigation will give light……lol…

  • Handiong

    I don’t know why some people here suspect the Inquirer reporters of manipulating their stories. Marlon Ramos and Nancy Carvajal based their report on information provided by a source associated with the Vic Siman group. Juan Escandor, Jr. based his report on a personal interview with Ronnie Habitan. If there are contradictions between the two reports, it’s not the fault of the reporters because they reported on two different sides of the story, with plenty of quotes. Since there are inconsistencies on certain details as related by the Siman source and Habitan, the only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn is that one of them is lying, period. The only relevant question to ask is who has the motive to lie. Accusing the reporters of manipulating their stories to favor one side or the other is baseless and unfair. 
    If you tell me a lie and I quote you to someone else, I cannot be accused of lying.

    • Lorelei

      As a journalist it’s your job to validate and fact check if you were lied to else kuryente. You can’t be accused of lying, but you will be guilty of laziness or worse, earn a reputation as a dupe.

      • batangpaslit

        are you a writer yourself?

      • Handiong

        Not in all cases. There are certain things that can be easily validated, through documents or physical objects or subject matter experts.

        But, in the case of the Atimonan incident, a journalist, using his or her own resources, will have great difficulty establishing all the facts of the case. It will take the investigation agencies of the government to try to do it. That’s why the PDI reporters, in order to put out a story, have to rely on sources who are either involved in the incident or have first-hand knowledge of the events that transpired. All the reporters could do was report to the public what the sources have to say. Otherwise, the only option left is to report on what the government investigators are doing. That’s why we see Ramos and Carvajal simply reporting what their source had to say. That’s why we see Escandor simply reporting what Habitan had to say, without offering evidence to validate Habitan’s statements. In other words, the reporters have no choice but to let those involved say what they have to say. If the reporters have to fact-check everything that the sources have to say, they will never be able to report anything. 

        Will there be contradictions and inconsistencies in the reports. Of course there will be. Those involved have their own interests to protect. It is for the government investigators to cut through those contradictions and come up with the truth or something close to the truth. It is too huge a job for reporters to do.

    • batangpaslit

      your statement is correct kung ;yon nga ang nangayari lang, nag interview lang. but, if one is a news reporter, he or she has to “investigate” too the view of the other side

      if one reporter is assigned to each characters involved I could agree with your positiion.
      but what if the reporter under quesstion is their own paid story writer?

  • joshua kings

    1. smells like squid tactic?’
    2. siman and co. arrived 630am and left lunch; that’s more than 6 hours; what could they have possibly taken up; kinda not normal to spend 6 hrs r so for just a chat…
    3. he sounds so defensive? why?
    confusing the investigators?

    • haybuhay69

      ikaw nman, pinuntahan sa bicol, almost 8hrs ang byahe, gusto mo 1hr lang mag stay? d ba pwede magpahinga muna

    • F alonso

      Habitan to bring fish to Manila. Fish=shabu.

  • parefrank

    Who is telling lies?
    Marantan says he did not know that Siman was with the group But the PDI report reads “Marantan said an informant tipped him off to the movement of the group, but “there was no mention of Vic Siman. But he also said “it was only three hours before the clash that Habitan gave him the information that Siman was traveling with the group”. While Habitan says he did not call Marantan who is his enemy for extorting him.
    It really looks like anyone is now trying to point to another one but lost already control of the own statements.

    The main matter is simple: There ia a trap checkpoint where passengers of a car did not go out (police in civil cloths) and still Marantan ordered firing. And later the second car opened and two people came out hands up. They were just killed and then the rest of the passengers.
    In any country with laws and orders, all participating police and military members would immediately be arrested and charged with mass murder and gang killing and conspiracy to kill. No soldier is in duty to shoot at a car which is not doing anything and without to know who is inside. That nobody leaves his car if civilians try to stop it is very understandable.
    And if Marantan was informed about the “armed group”, he knew well that it was a high ranking PNP officer with other police and some soldiers. Why then they are all summarily killed with hundreds of shoots at the still closed car?
    It is like in the old movies of Chicago gangsters in the 30ies. But here, who acted gangsters?.

  • releiver

    Malalim ang imbestigahan dapat dyan… Marantrat nakadale na ng 1.5M kay Habitan. Dapat busisiin din kung dating nasa payroll din siya ni Vic Siman……Since nakilala na ni Vic Siman si Supt Consimino ay iniwan na ni Vic Siman ang grupo ni Marantan as protector ng illegal gambling…..ngayon baka nagalit sina marantrat kasi wala na silang natatanggap mula kay Vic Siman….

    Busisiin mabuti ang ganitong analysis base sa binulgar ni Habitan na nakadale ng 1.5M si Marantrat mula sa kanya…

  • tiriring

    Guns & Gold.
    Guns by Security Agency kuno… pero PROTECTION of ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES.
    Gold by gold mine kuno… pero PERA galing JUETING.

    Ay naku ang buhay sa Pinas!!!

    • Korean_woman

      at GOONs

      • batangpaslit

        yes…security agency and goons.
        may alam ka.
        are you based in Seoul, kabayan?

      • Korean_woman

        Busan 부산

      • batangpaslit

        been to Seoul three times; but never to Busan
        gaano kalayo Kabayan ang Busan sa Seoul?

    • batangpaslit

      good cover story, eh?
      these operators of illegal activities—the economic saboteurs, they can think
      ‘yon nga lang, hindi para sa kapakanan ng lahat ang gawa nila. sila lang ang nakinabang at the expense of the poor

  • wakats

    BOMBSHELL from habitan!!!

    Ronnie Habitan said last Saturday that “he could never be friend with marantan who EXTORTED P1.5M from him” – much more tipped him off about about his good friend Siman.

    Col. maratrat said on January 15 that habitan gave him the information about Siman’s group 3 hours before the slaying.

    It won’t be long the gold miner will start packing his bags and evaporate into thin air…   

  • ThePattern

    “He said it was only three hours before the clash that Habitan gave him the information that Siman was traveling with the group.”
    Clash? nag assume na naman kayo.

  • Danny Bravo

    may  pakinabang  man dito  ang  gobyerno,,,walang  halaga ang buhay  ng  mga  yan  dahil  hindi  sila  human  ang  tipo  nila  ay  termite  or  hybrid,,,,lahat  aalisin  yan  kahit  pa  sabihing  legal  ang  ginagawa  mo  o  may  diyos  ka  pa,,,  insidente  calamidad  sakit,,,  kahit  sa  anong  paraan  walang  makakalusot  kahit  na  sino,,,  we  are  in  the  year  of  dooms  day  o  ang  huling  paghatol,,,,,,,sino bang pilipino  ang  nakakaalam  na  ang  alikabok  ay  pwedeng  gawing  buhay,,,,,  kung  merong  may  alam,,,,ito  lang  ang  makaka-unawa  sa  sinasabi  ko,,,,,huwag  na  kayong  magbalita,,, that  is  an  hybrid !!!!!!  ask  to  your  president  who  is  this  name

    • F alonso

      Don’t forget to take your medication on time.

      • RomyLitz

        Agree !

    • Vladymir

      nakainom ka na ba ng gamot?hindi na kasi capital letters ang sulat mo ngayon at medyo huminahon ng konti ang pananalita mo,pero di ko pa rin maintindihan,walang sense kasi eh.

  • cleoan

    Habitan has more to lose than gain on Siman’s death.

    • batangpaslit

      bakit naman? wala na siang buyer ng gold?

  • Danny Bravo


    • robertcarino

      someone please hand this poor soul his medication.  please lang.

      • Htee

        HA? Ano daw yun????

      • batangpaslit

        basahin mo lang ulit

      • batangpaslit


    • RomyLitz

      Attention Mandaluyong Hospital,

      Wala ba kayong patiente named Danny Bravo?

      • batangpaslit


    • F alonso

      Bangag ka nanaman.Take your medication man!!

      • batangpaslit


    • magiting78

      Cno nag palaya sau…hnd p kita clear ah…balik s selda mo…Nurse yung gamottttt paki turukan nga ulit to…lolz

      • batangpaslit

        akala ko…ako lang ang naka pansin

    • batangpaslit

      ito ang magandang science-fiction film

  • Danny Bravo


  • Opel

    this miner stinks, giving a gold engraved lighter worth 500t as a sign of friendship my a$$. It was either a bribe or hot air. Calling the BIR you got an idiot to tax.

  • Ragdeleafar

    There maybe plans to cover-up & conceal  their business transactions: Gold mine to conceal Jueteng operations then Security Agency to conceal  Gun-for -Hire/Gun Runners activities???

    On the other hand,  the PNP/Military’s Intel may got the wrong idea about proliferation/supply of guns because of the fact that the there is ‘Security Agency’ that the group of Siman are planning to organize & manage???

    What happen could have been a case of double cross between the PNP protectors/business partners???

  • alfonso hiponia


  • Komen To

    Maratrat is creating a twist that it was Habitan who tipped off the group to him. Be that as it may, for the sake of discussion, still it does not make the ambush legal

  • RomyLitz

    Both Mantan and Habitat are corrupt anyway. They will kill each other soon.

    • magiting78

      Habitan..not Habitat…lolz

    • Kairosphil

      Marantan not Mantan!

  • RomyLitz

    Both Marantan  and Habitat’s story are conflicting then aggravated by the three reporters of Inquirer inaccuracy will make the readers conclude that both protagonists are telling lies. PDI’s inaccurate reporters likewise should be dismissed !!

  • PH2011

    Marantan was caught by his own web.

    He even dragged the host of the Simans group as the one who
    tipped off of the group itinerary.

    But the pinpointed “Judas” balked and turned on him. We can
    analyzed, based on Habitan story, that there’s a “Judas “on Habitan or Siman
    group. Most probably, in Habitan group, since he was already held up in the
    same Maharlika Highway by Marantan group previously (granting that his story is

    Is  Habitan willing to
    sign affidavit of complaint against Marantan? It’s  another story? I doubt, since his mining
    business will be in peril.

     Marantan is a
    professional police officer, a PNPA graduate, while Habitan,  a former bagger/household helper who (at 37) turned
    out big in mining, is not a professional. However, between the two, in this
    particular incident only…I consider the later more credible. Habitan unknowingly,
    in his statement already dragged down Supt Cons0mino, when he included him as
    business partner wherein it’s illegal for the Police Superintendent to engage
    into such kind of business while still in active duty. He also confirmed the
    illegal gambling business of Vic Siman.

    What puzzled me, is the necessity of the Siman group to travel
    to Camarines Norte (midnight to dawn since they arrived 630 AM) in convoy, with
    a Police ( Superintendent) escorts, and stayed there for only about 6 hours. As
    matter of curiosity, Habitan can travel to Manila by plane ( via Naga City
    Airport), bypassing the TREACHEROUS QUEZON 
    PROVINCE Maharlika Highway.

    Habitan is already aware of the risk along the Quezon Maharlika
    Highway based on his previous experience. Hence, Siman tapped his friend,
    Superintendent Consomino ( we hardly read anything about his background as a
    Police officer) as part of the convoy to pass any checkpoints unhampered. However,
    determined Marantan will flag them down, no matter what are the consequences.
    Not even with the presence of his Senior in PNPA, not even with a car bearing
    the commemorative plate of his Alma Mater, PNPA, not even a car with Malacanang
    sticker on its windshield. 

    Marantan as an intelligence officer, can tapped the group
    celphones ( wire tapping is a PAOCC expertise), hence, if that’s the case,  a “Judas” cannot be blamed.  What surprise me is why Marantan “Atat-na-Atat”
    on this OPLAN Armado despite of the refusal of PAOCC to release fund for its
    intel operation.

    Clearly, Marantan  has a
    personal motives, and the operation will shield his personal motives and
    interest. His superior probably aware or not aware of his real intent.  Is he a good professional PNPA graduate police?  or a Gambling protector,  holdupper in uniform, all  cropped up in the news that should be
    thoroughly investigated and answered by DOJ-NBI. 

    STILL, a good riddance, and (un)fortunately Marantan was also caught
    by his own web.

    • Kairosphil

      I agree… Nice analysis! Ang isda nahuhuli sa bibig! Magsalita ka pa Marantan…

    • Marcela

      i said in my first comment here that marantan has a mole within habitan’s group. marantan came to know of siman’s group only after they left habitan’s place thru a tip from habitan (allegedly but i don’t believe it). marantan doesn’t know the convoy of siman on their way to camarines norte and had he known this, it would be more easy to ambush them on their first trip which was night time.

      marantan is probably mad at habitan, maybe because he is on siman’s group and maybe because the case he filed against habitan in 2011, after extorting him for 1.5m was thrown out by the court. this explains why he immediately spilled the name of habitan as the one who tipped him off.

  • emjay2000

    calling BIR… i have heard too much money i hope they pay the right taxes.

    • F alonso

      pano ma tax ng BIR,ang sabi pag aari daw ng isang Gov. yung mga precious metals at yung Gov ang nagbenta.Pero siya ang may ari ng minahan.Magaling mag paikot itong Habitan.Tik tikan ang laboratoryo nito,baka dilang Gold ang linuluto nito.Imagine mag dala daw siya ng fish to Manila?mag labas ng search warrant at i inspect agad Laboratoryo nito.

  • kilabot

    won’t be surprised if this habitan will be the next target for elimination by the nameless masterminds who up to now are able to remain unsuspected and anonymous; 
    marantan is just a hitman doing the dirty job for the godfather.

  • AllinLawisFair

    The organizational charts of New Marc Security Agency and Golden Nor Security Agency, Inc. both showed that Ronnie Basar Habitan was president and Victor Siman as vice president.

    But why does Habitan addressed  Siman as “Boss Vic?”

    • danielmondejar

      si Vic Sotto tinatawag ng BOSS VIC ng buong madlangbayan. di pa ba masasagot ang ‘yong katanungan?

    • mutalag69

      tama si daniel di porke’t boss ang tawag sa iyo ikaw na overall..maybe just some sort of respect  especially you are the most senor of the group.In my place my colleagues and higher ups address me sir but i’m not the man in charge!

      • AllinLawisFair

        Iba ang tingin ko kung bakit “Boss Vic” ang tawag.

        Sa tingin ko, sobrang condescending to the point of being too patronising on the part of Habitan.

        Sa tingin ko, ay dummy ni Siman si Habitan dahil napakalawak na ng sakop ng una, boung Southern Tagalog. Si Siman talaga ang may-ari ng security agency at ang ahensiyang ito ay ginagamit na “front” or cover but in fact is a “legalized” private army. Bakit magbibigay ng gold lighter worth PP500,000 si Habitan kay Siman? 

        Sa tingin ko, Siman is the Boss at si Habitan ay galamay lang.

        attn: F Alonzo & danule mondejar. para sa inyo rin ang sagot kong ito.

      • F alonso

        you have the right to you own maybe right,who knows.

    • F alonso

      in reference to Bossing Vic of GMA.gets mo?

  • Pio Gante

    in the coming days malalaman din at di na makikita pang buhay ang tunay na naglaglag.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    I have one certitude, defenseless foreigner investments are welcome in the gangsters Paradise !

    What a pity for the Philippines population present and future !

  • RomyLitz

    Now we can call it a “Marantan Massacre”.

  • F alonso

    maimbistigahan nga itong Habitan na to,baka front niya lang ang Mining mining nito.Pa audit sa BIR ang transaction ng business nito bat sobrang yaman ang mansion nito at maraming Goons.
    PNP/NBI to inspect their Laboratory baka iba ang niluluto ng mga ito.Imagine nag papahanap si Habitan ng Apartment na may kitchen para magdala ito ng fish to Manila.
    Etong Habitan ay front ba  or he is just another BadLord of organized crime and illegal jueteng.Dapat busisihin ang taong yan.

  • Dag Erickson

    OK, so why don’t we check the phone records of both Marantan and Habitan? Nobody suggested that?  If Marantan said Habitan called him, we can see it in Marantan’s Phone records.

    • magiting78

      Hnd nma checheck yun wala n yung sim card…lol yan ang dapat baguhin s pinas dapat hnd k basta basta pwd palit o bili sim cards.

      • Kairosphil

        kung naka postpaid plan pwede po ma monitor pati text messages thru NTC, telcos.. pero pag prepaid…wala na…
        Yun phone ng mga victims makakatulong yun kung intact pa mga sim cards.

      • magiting78

        it easy to make alibi.. n snatch cp ko..tpos ang boxing..

  • Dag Erickson

    Habitan also need to show proof of that P1.5-million withdrawal.

    • Kairosphil

      pero mahinang evidece yun dahil wala naman proof na ni recieved marantan o diniposit sa account niya..

  • tukmoldinako

    Dont you find it confusing the statement of Habitan? See his words,”  
    Habitan said he met Siman, whom he called “Boss Vic,” three months ago through common acquaintances in the military. They became friends and decided to become business partners in a security agency, named New Marc Security Agency, which he (Habitan) bought in November from a Capt. Mario S. Braza for P3.3 million. 
    Habitan said he left the running of the security agency to Siman because “that was his expertise, while mine is mining.”
    then in the bottom”
    Habitan said that during their meeting on Jan. 6, Siman submitted a budget proposal of P4.6 million for the operation of the new security agency from January to March this year.
    Looks like nandito ang rub out, extortion,  kinokotongan lang eh wala pang share na inilalabas si Vic Siman. 
    IF you have 5M and Siman ask you to bring to Laguna for the  agency , will you do it?
    Walang ROI,if you did buy the security agency, completo na yan, after a month may return of investment kana, lumalabas budget lang ng budget si Habitan?

     At first Marantan took from him 1.5M , kaya may dala si Vic siman  na Police Superintendent para kotongan sya muli, Hindi sinama si Marantan sa pangongotong kaya patay silang lahat. Akala lang me dalang 5M wala naman pala, lol , haka haka lang po.  

    • F alonso

      Illegal din yang Habitan na yan.Ang illegal deals only with illegal person or entity.Kaya dapat mabusisi rin ng NBI at BIR ang transaction nitong Habitan.Pakita niya finances niya at kung ano niluluto sa Laboratoryo niyan.You may have a point,but you failed to mention Lontok’s association with the lefties where he acted as Tax mailman and that might have caught the ire of Police and Military people.

      • tukmoldinako

        Yes you may be right, I even wonder in earlier write up where a woman said there was a rub out because according to her the group of Siman is carrying 5M. Meaning this woman knew also the purpose of the travel of Vic Siman, however Habitan said there is no 5M being carried by them. The woman who mentioned the rubout must also be investigated of her knowledge of a 5M.

    • magiting78

      Pre mukhang may mali s analysis mo…yung P3.3M yun yung amount ng pagkakabili nya ng Agency Capt. Mario yung P4.6M ay budget proposal sa operation ng agency..

      • tukmoldinako

        The way i understand is like this, if you buy a security agency of 3.3 m  definitely it has already its men. and this security guards are already assigned in different businesses. the businesess will pay you the salaries of the security guards from transacted amount with them. from that payment you get 15% what so ever percentage u decide and give the rest to your security guards. and that is the form the company earned. the security agency was bought last november, therefore it is already earning if it is manage correctly.  You are not going to buy a business which you think it is not earning and the fact that you dont know anything of that business how it runs. You buy a business because you know you will gain from it and not only that you want to be a President of a company. 

        Now, assuming you do it from the start, set up your business then maybe 4.6 m will be the budget to buy guns and have them lisence and provide your security personnel with ammos to guard and depend the businesses of your client. Not unless you want to build and owned a building and that budget will not be enough.

        anyway this is just a sort of an idle mind, but our guess could be close to what it is. thanks for your reply.   

  • Ric

    justice for the death of illegal gambler??….

  • boybakal

    Now, every body is talking.
    Here is the picture of the scenario on the killing of Atimonan 13:

    HaBitag :  Set up the bait and the trap.
    Abang   :  Set up a Checkpoint and Waited for Siman.
    Maratrat:  Signal the Rapid Fire…ratratin nyo na.
    Melad   :   Keep his mouth shut…ayaw maglahad
    SIMAn  :  Like a fish hooked…he did not see what is coming.
    Purisima:  No more moonlight cops but sun lighting cops…dapat bilad sa araw.
    DALIma :  Quick on judgement as alleged by Buela Mano.
    Pnoy    :  Off to Digos,Swiss to talk about corruption.

  • Melvin

    ” Habitan admitted that he knew Siman ran an illegal gambling operation, and said that Siman had offered him a stake in his illegal business.
    Habitan said he refused and told Siman that he was not interested in any illegal business, as he wanted to stay clean and work hard to make a fortune.  ”

    Kilala ni Habitan si Siman. Natatakot siya sa ginawa ni Siman sa dati nitong kasosyo sa illegal gambling na si Aquino, na niyaya din noon ni Siman na sumosyo sa kanya sa pa-illegal gambling sa Calamba pero tumanggi si Aquino kaya pinapatay ng grupo ni Siman. Yan ang kinatatakutan ni Habitan, maaaring yan ang nagudyok  sa kanya para lihim siyang nakikipagugnayan kay Marantan…

  • Gerry Randel

    Gen. Purisima said that Marantan will be the first one to be dismissed if found guilty on this atimonan incident. The good general should be reminded that in administrative proceedings, a mere preponderance of evidence is enough to dismiss an erring policeman. In this particular case, no less than his subordinates who conducted an initial investigation, announced that it is not a shoot out but an ambush, likewise, Sec. de LIma and the NBI made the same findings that this is not a shootout. What other evidence does Gen. Purisima is looking for  to kick out from the service Supt. Marantan?

    • F alonso

      Shootout or not,the victims are people engaged in illegal activities.Lord of Organized crime and illegal gambling,Col.protecting a Badlord,environmentalist acting as tax courier to the lefties.
      Not even the wives of the victims knew exactly their husband’s activities and where they’re leading to.They are all indeed people with mysterious profiles.

  • boybakal

    GOLD MINER says he didn’t betray Siman….
    This is reminder that we better deal with GOLD DIGGER than GOLD MINER.
    At least yon Gold Digger na Syota, ang gusto lang yon ginto sa mga daliri, para maisanla.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    If I’m a script writer for a movie, I have a plot that’s more thrilling like this.  
     Habitan will pay Marantan the P5million extortion money but he has to fight it with Siman’s group.  I need to think of good reason why Habitan want’s to rub out Siman.  I think Habitan has a double edged dagger plan.  Either one or both killed, Siman and Marantan, it will be Habitan who will come out a winner. He will solely own the security agency if Siman is eliminated.  If Marantan is gone, he will have a sigh of relief with nobody poking his side for extortion money.
    Along this line, there was actually a P5million in one of the SUV.  After the checkpoint massacre,  Marantan’s group secured the money and the tokens switched to useless rocks.  Marantan knew that the scene doesn’t look like a shoot out, he deliberately used one of the dead man’s gun and shot himself to justify a shoot out.  The rest of checkpoint personnel will receive a bonus of P10k each and of course depending on your rank.  In the movie, the cover up went well.Marantan has its own agenda, the elimination of  Siman and Habitan.  Another jueteng lord from Northern Luzon wants to cool off in the South because of hot issues about him.  The generals met and decided to use the reliable dog Marantan to secure the turf from non military jueteng lord.  Marantan wants Habitan gone because he knew that Habitan filed a case against him.The rest of the money and gold will go to the top PNP mafia bosses courtesy of Marantan.  Marantan then secured his next promotions and can go after big businesses to extort money and legal hold up in the region.

  • batangpaslit

    if this news info is true, why is there a clamor against the death of the economic saboteurs?
    ako, repeating myself, i do not give a hoot kung paano namatay ang mga illegal operators.
    sila ang salot ng bansa eh
    they make thousands of millions of money for themselves at the expense of poor Filipinos

  • Guest


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