NPA rebels raid Dole-Stanfilco banana plantation in Surigao del Sur


TAGUM CITY – Communist rebels on Friday raided a banana plantation owned by a multinational firm in Tago, Surigao del Sur, hacking down at least 15,000 full-grown trees and firing at several pieces of heavy equipment parked along a roadside, police on Sunday said.

Superintendent Martin Gamba, spokesperson of Caraga police regional office, said an undetermined number of New People’s Army guerrillas “left a large swath of destruction” at the plantation owned by Dole-Stanfilco in Barangay (village) Anahao Daan around 9 p.m.

The rebels chopped down some 15,000 fully-grown banana plants “with fruits ready for harvest”, according to Gamba.

Four backhoes and a bulldozer parked by the roadside owned by a certain Edilberto Garay of Davao City were burned as the fleeing insurgents, believed to be members of the NPA’s Guerrilla Front 19-B under a certain Susay, passed by Sitio Ibo also in the same village, said Gamba.

He said the attack may have caused millions of pesos of damage to crops and other properties.

The police official said police and the military were now conducting operations against the attackers. He said an investigation into the incident has been launched.

The incident in Surigao del Sur happened just a day after NPA rebels kidnapped a policeman and a soldier at a checkpoint the insurgents had set up along a village road in Laak town, Compostela Valley province, several hundred kilometers to the southeast.

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  • rinom

    nothing is new,,,NPA are bandidos.

  • dudes

    NPA salot sa lipunan dapat lipulin ……..

    • motorcyclemama

      Yan ang madalas nilang isigaw:

      [put a president’s name here], salot ng lipunan!

      Eh sila pala yun, hahaha.

  • dominator1

    What else is new? NPA SALOT TALAGA SA BAYAN! pag nakahuli ang AFP ng NPA torturin hangang magkanda ihi sa salawal! Itali sa puno na puro langgam bago ibitay! Mga walang hiya NPA! katayin na lahat ng mga yan!

  • Jhune

    What is next NPA’s, are you proud to your action? Wake up, don’t let our country down because of your unjustified act.. We are devastated by natural calamities but for man made is not acceptable. Let us work for the benefit of our beloved country.

  • $16638896

    sino ngayon ang mapang abuso? inosenteng mamamayan or mga kupal at salot na NPA?!?

  • wawa2172

    I condemned the action of the NPA in damaging the Dole-Stanfilco banana plantation in Surigao. The plantation is the source of income of workers of many people in Mindanao including Surigaonon. Dole is a multinational firm but it has maintained its social responsibility to the people of Mindanao. The company have hired hundreds of workers all over the island with its main plant in General Santos. Now what NPA, masaya kayo at mawawalan nang trabaho at pagkain ang mga kababayan nyo. Ang hirap sa inyo nan dadamay pa kayo nang iba. 

    • Garo Ungaro

      You can not condemned something that has no sense of justice…that goes to you
      their getting desperate…they needed attention…they’re next to the Pablo…typhoon NPA
      maybe the worst…

    • motorcyclemama

       As I have always maintained regarding communists, there is no other way than their way.

      Wala silang pakialam kung sino ang masasaktan basta kailangan nilang isulong ang kanilang ideolohiya.

      Sana bakbakan na nag husto ang mga ito ng gobyerno. Militarily and strategically. Walang peace peace agreement. Mga tuso ang mga ito.

  • Arnel

    Lalong lumakas ang loob ng mga NPA ngayon… bakit kaya??? dahil ba malapit na maging senador ang mga kakusa nila??? at may marami sa silang padrino ngayon???

    • motorcyclemama

       Kelangan nila ng pondo. Di sila pinagbgyan kaya pasensyahan na lang daw.

  • Ernesto

    wala na kasi silang pera dinala na ni sison sa netherland sila ya kawawa sa bundok

  • $37644997

    There is only one solution to this problem,an all out war is the only way to free- freedom loving people of the country.The NPA have shown their true colors and that is pitch black meaning terrorism back to back.

  • fair play

    what ideology are they fighting for? extortion money, ? pity the workers employed by dole  phil, Can NPA give this kind of employment. ? this is not for the common good but for the good of their pockets! bwisit. mga salot! ayaw nila paasensuhin ang bayan, kasi nang taong hirap madali kumbinsihin at takutin! Kill them all;!


    Sabi ang root cause ng insurgency ay unemployment at massive poverty. E nandito na nga ang mga investments para matugunan ang kawalang trabaho at kahirapan, sinabotahe ang operasyon ng mga walang silbi at tamad na mga NPA. Tsk tsk tsk. 

  • rolandtr

    How does an act like this fit into the big picture of the armed struggle waged by the NDF/NPA? Is this a localized tactic to extract revolutionary “Kutong” necessary for the survival of the local armed partisans?  Or this is part of the strategy to make their presence felt and challenge government authorities in the area? Certainly, each act like this only deepens the distrust and the animosity of the ordinary Filipino to the  NPA..salot..kupal..mga walang hiya…bandidos..adjectives which only adds to the growing iirelevance of the the NPA in the view of ordinary Filipinos. When will a visionary leader (or committee) of this group rise up and lead them to an open electoral struggle and not waste more properties lives in pursuit of an armed struggle which to many Filipinos is practically at the throes of strategic paralysis…cant win the war they wage for 5 decades but still continue to scream the shrill slogans they think is the absolute gospel for liberating our country from poverty…simply pathetic!

  • Ramil Abalon

    ha ha ha ang grupong ito ang dahilan kung bakit lalo pang naging mesirable ang buhay ng mga tao sa nayon…bakit?  o kita mo yan ang mga tao nananaghihirap na ay mawalan ng hanap buhay dahil sa ginagawa nila..ang negosyo ay isa sa mga nagbibigay ng trabaho at pag mawala ang negosyo wala na rin ang trabaho…at doti na papasok ang legal na grupo ng NPA gaya ng KMU, MAGBUBUKID, anakbayan at anak pawis at iba pa para sabihin na inutil daw ang gobyerno…pero ang totoo sila ang dahilan ng paghihirap ng mga tayo sa kanayunan ha ha ha

  • Rosauro

    Don’t expect satur ocampo, teddy castano, renato reyes, and other congressmen identified with the left, including ronald llamas, to condemn this act. the CHR chief will not also condemn this even if thousand mouths are deprived of food because their fathers have jut lost their jobs. CHR will not consider this a human right violation.

  • Bred Prete

    I think we should unite with one voice to call netherlands to stop supporting JoMa Sison and help the Filipino People, victims of this Non-mercy Peoples Army (NPA), attain peace. The Netherlands should realize that what they did for Sison implies support to the NPAs barbaric ways.

  • dennis

    What had happen between Peace talk between our Government and MILF with some Muslims from Malaysia? Haven´t you agreed how far you can maintain peace? I´m asking the people of Mindanao,Can you sleep with a peace of mind if you feel that there is still an enemy remaining at your land (Mindanao)?
    Government and MILF MUST combine their forces driving down both of their enemies! AFP fighting against Abu Sayaf,who are also enemy of MILF,while MILF fighting against NPA,enemy of Government.Exchange of captives must be discuss by both sides. Kapag walang nag-react sa inyo,”Mindanao will remain in it´s situation as of now with no peace at all!” It´s time to move and fight against lawless element!

  • dennis

    Hindi na ba kayo naaawa sa mga taong nagtatrabaho sa plantation na yan? Paano nyo bubuhayin ang pamilya nila dahil sa kawalan ng trabaho?

  • Bred Prete

    Let us appeal to the families of these communist leaders to help the Philippines attain lasting peace by convincing them to stop the NPAs of their barbaric ways –  recruitment of underage guerrilla to increase their numbers without realizing that they denied these kids of their rights to a better future. what a horrendous act.

  • yonoh

    tsk tsk tsk …………kawawang mga trabahor ng plantasyon mawawalan na naman sila ng trabaho…………..paano nang hihingi na naman siguro ng kutong parang mga pulis mahilig na rin manghingi…………….sayang na naman baket kaya ayaw magtrabaho ng maayos itong mga ito…….kaysa ginagamit nila ang kanilang adhikain sa di maganda..parang intsik din nangakamkam na lang mabuti may mga kano eh kung wala palagay ko…baka kalahati ng lahing pinoy pinatay nitong mga chikwa……………..

  • dennis

    I knew the meaning of “Hammer and Sickle” Sana nasa tamang paraan ang paggamit at hindi sa ikababagsak ng isang samahan dala ng maling pamamalakad.

  • dennis

    If you want CHANGES then you have to TALK,you have to VOICE IT OUT! We all don´t need to spread bloodshed in our country by USING FIREARMS.You have your leader to SPEAK what really want?If we don´t end up this things FILIPINOS WILL REMAIN LOSER AND NO ONE ELSE!

  • dennis

    If there is a need of REFORM then VOICE IT OUT! We cannot live in the midst of darkness until the last filipinos being killed and remain only those who are members of NPA in one place.Everybody has a right to exist!

  • sakinlang

    AFP, nasan na kayo? Bakit di pa ninyo durugin ang mga tulisang NPA na yan. Pahirap sa bayan! Para sa mga manggagawa at magsasakang naniniwala sa pambobola ng mga grupong ito, gumising na po kayo. Hindi po magtatagumpay ang mga simulain ng CPP-NPA sapagkat ang lahat ng ito ay laban sa mamamayan. Ang tangi nilang hangarin ay maagaw ang pamahalaan at sila ang maluklok na bagong naghaharing uri. Kapag nagkagayon, muli na namang tayong makikibaka sapagkat mayroon na namang api at mang-aapi!

  • Eric

    Let the locals feel the effects of these raids on their livelihood. Do not repair the bridges and the power lines they destroy. Let’s see…..

  • dennis

    “Hammer and Sickle” symbolizes unity between peasants and workers.Right ng mga laborers at ng mga mabababang tao!…At itong mga mabababang tao eh mga nagtatrabaho sa banana plantation,katumbas na din ng magsasaka na umaasa lang sa ganitong pamamaraan upang buhayin ang kanilang pamilya.Kung may galit kayo sa systema eh dapat hindi nyo sila tugisin?Mas tutugisin ko pa ang mga walang trabaho at ayaw magbanat ng buto na ang alam lang na trabaho eh manggulo sa mga taong nananahimik.Gaya ng mga masasamang tao na ang trabaho ay magnakaw,pumatay ng kapwa,droga at mga sindikato at salot sa lipunan! YAN ANG TAMANG hinaharap at tugisin.Pero yung kagaya ng mga trabahador lamang sa isang planta eh hindi ako sang-ayon diyan.

  • Komen To

    I wish the PNP and military support group in Atimonan be deployed in this place

  • entong238

    Gen. Bautista, these demonic rebels behind an ideology of communism are daring you head on to fight them. Why are you scared to death? If you are then resign and let others do the job. The AFP teaches bravery and heroism not cowardice nor treachery, so wake up.

  • RyanE

    Most probably the cause of this raid by the NPA is non-payment of revolutionary taxes by the banana plantation owners. However, the ones affected most by this incident are not the owners but the lowly workers whose livelihood depends on the plantation.

  • calixto909

    Your father had been killed by the rebels through an act of treachery and that should have been a dark reminder for you to be alert always. Now these NPA rebels are hideously performing atrocious acts against defenseless civilians and what are you doing? You are seen by the world to be sluggard, flatfooted to be a good racer.

    Don’t tolerate that you be tagged as a good for nothing AFP Chief of Staff, Gen. Bautista. Chase these terrorist rebels and defend our country for you’re paid to accomplish it and precisely that’s your main function.

  • dennis

    In Russia “Hammer and Sickle” means everybody must work or must have work! Bawal ang tambay at walang trabaho na kahit papano.Dito lang ako nakakita sa Pilipinas na ang simbolo ng “Hammer and Sickle” eh iba ang pamamaraan. Sa halip eh tinutugis ang NAGTATRABAHO! True communism encourage everybody to WORK!.

  • truthvslies

    Next na sunugin yung mga Chinese mining companies na sumisira sa ating kalikasan.

    • Rosauro

      Hindi nila gagawin yan! Kaalyado nila.

  • $14141131

    Fun in the Philippines – NPA – so what now? this is a routine NPA exercise.

  • walaKA

    Mukhang di na naman nakasingil mga ang demonyong komunistang yan..Ano masasabi nyo Renato Reyes, Teddy Casino at Satur Ocampo? Di ba kaya galit kayo sa mga Kano kapag pinapalakas nila militar ng Pinas kasi baka dumating ang araw na tuluyan na pulbusin mga lahi nyo sa kabundukan..Isaksak nyo sa baga nyo mga ipinaglalaban nyo!!

  • jikanhinia123

    These NPA’s are no longer rebels fighting for a communistic ideology but savage terrorists killing innocent civilians and robbing them of their livelihoods. Extortion which they euphemized to revolutionary tax is the main source of their sustenance. They can’t survive without their extortion activities.

    These terrorist don’t deserve to be living here in the Philippines. They must be crushed the soonest so that our country can advance. In their continued stay, they shackled the mobility of our nation by the constant terrorism that they carry out in their coverage area. Conduct an all out war against them General Bautista for they are barbarians killing their own kababayan

  • dani77777

    A very desperate group, the NPA is now resorting to pure terrorism because it can no longer win militarily and worst, politically.

    Extortion is the only plausible explanation.

    Communism, a lost cause.

  • kunsabagay

    NPA, No People’s Army. Puro perwisyo na lang dulot netong grupong ito sa mamayan. Irrelevant na kayo, kahit China niyakap na ang kapitalisom get’s nyo?

  • Ernesto

    dyan sila magaling.mga ugok

  • Rosauro

    Kamatayan niyo ang dasal ng bayan. Mga salot kayo! Saksakan ng katamnan kayong mga tulisan!

  • santosboi

    mga hayuf! walang silbi sa bayan!

  • LAD

      hacking down at least 15,000 full-grown trees,….. wala mga perwesyo talaga sa bayan, kulang na kasi sa pansin, sige lang tutal alam naman na ng taong bayan kung ano kayo kaya antayin nyo na pati pamilya nyo makatay , yung mga nauto dyan nitong mga cpp npa na ito  magisipisip kayo kung ano ang sentimyento ng taong bayan

  • Luka Munyita

    Pulbusin na ang mga terroristang NPA na yan. Mga salot sa bayan! Sa Mindanao nalang sila namumugad kasi kakaunti nalang sila sa Luzon at Visayas. Sigurado na darating ang panahon na mauubos din sila pero dapat mangyari ito sa lalong madaling panahon para wala na silang mabibiktima. Mga tulisan! Mga bandido!

  • dominator1

    Nasan ka na renato “babalu” Reyes? Teddy “amibisosyo” casino? Bakit hindi nyo ikondena ginawa ng hayop nyong mga kasama? Mga salot kayo sa bayan! Kaya lahat ng Pilipino matuto at wag iboto tong mga demonyo NPA nato! Mga unggoy na NPA dapat sunugin kayo ng buhay!

  • Fred

    Walanghiya kayo! Imbes na tumulong kayo makabangon ang mga biktima ni Pablo,heto at nanggulo pa kayo sa Surigao del Sur. Daig pa ninyo ang bagyong Pablo. NPA peste, salot!

  • Vince Carter

    This NPA terrorist should perish burn in hell

  • jonas c

    mga salot! 

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