Foes vow to undo RH Law, campaign against backers


BACOLOD CITY—A group that includes members of the clergy led by Bacolod Bishop Vicente Navarra will launch a campaign against the Reproductive Health (RH) Law that will include a call to vote against legislators who backed the controversial legislation.

The province-wide campaign initiated by the Citizens’ Alliance for Protection of Human Life (CAPH-Life) will kick off with a Mass at 10 a.m. Sunday at San Sebastian Cathedral as the Diocese of Bacolod marks the Feast of St. Sebastian.

In a press conference held at the Bishop’s House on Friday, Diocese of Bacolod Vicar General Louie Galbines read the CAPH-Life’s anti-RH law manifesto being circulated throughout the province for signatures.

In the manifesto, the CAPH-Life members said they believed it was their moral duty  to oppose, or undo the RH law, by lawful and peaceful means under the Biblical maxim, “We must obey God, rather than men.”

They said they would also oppose several bills in the pipeline that were of the same spirit and orientation as the RH bill, citing the divorce, same sex-marriage, legalization of prostitution and death with dignity or “mercy killing” bills.

“We shall fight to protect and preserve human life, especially of the unborn at conception, as well as the family, marriage, faith and morals of the people against all malicious and sneak attacks such as this RH law,” the manifesto said.

The manifesto was signed by Navarra, CAPH-Life chair Lyndon Caña, vice chair Modesto Sa-onoy, members of the clergy, lay leaders and private individuals.

Caña, a Protestant, said that aside from a massive signature and education drive against the RH law, those in power would also be made to feel the opposition of the people through their votes in the May elections.

Sa-onoy said they would ask people not to vote for senatorial candidates, Negros legislators and party list groups that voted to pass the RH bill.

Call to reject Negros solons

He said they would call on voters to reject the Negros representatives who voted for the RH bill—Julio Ledesma IV (1st district) Alfredo Abelardo Benitez (3rd district), Alejandro Mirasol (5th district) and Mercedes Alvarez (6th district).

Sa-onoy said 67 parishes and chaplaincies were supporting their campaign. “We hope to secure 1,000 votes per parish and chaplaincy for a total of 67,000 against those who supported the RH law,” he added.

Msgr. Felix Pasquin, rector of the San Sebastian Cathedral, said that on Sunday, a big billboard in front of the cathedral would bear the message, “Ibasura ang  (Junk the) RH Law,” with the Biblical passage, “We must obey God rather than men.”

After the 10 a.m. Mass, a red flag, symbolizing the struggle against insidious attacks on the morals of the people, will be brought to cathedral altar for a final blessing, Pasquin said.

This would kick off a massive drive in the towns and cities of Negros Occidental against the RH law, he added.

Expected at the launch are former Sen. Francisco Tatad, Pro-Life Philippines president Eric Manalang, Lito David of Ang Prolife party-list, JC de los Reyes and Jo Imbong, executive secretary of the legal division of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, Pasquin said.

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  • Jose

    And I, personally, am not going to vote for anyone who opposed the RH Bill, on the grounds that they’re either idiots or people who have put the interests of the Church (and their own interests) over those of the people.

  • Hey_Dudes

    This is truly mind numbing.  Just what exactly do catholic laymen and critics see in the law they find so revolting?  How many thousands of women have died since the RH law became law?  Can the catholic church point with certainty what dangers RH law will do to women, young girls and babies that are yet to be born?  Is the catholic church fixated in wanting to reverse this law mainly to assuage their bruised egos in their defeat during the campaign efforts?

    If the catholic church leaders will continue living in misery on account of their defeat, there will be no unity in the country unless they come to grip that RH law is now a law.  They can continue bellyaching until they are all black and blue in their faces – the law cannot be undone unless they elect Gloria Arrovo back in Malacanan.  That too will not happen and should never happen again.

    • bgcorg

      To question a law before the highest tribunal of the land is perfectly well within the rights of anyone living in a democracy which is primarily subscribed to the rule of law.  The so-called rh law is not directly the answer to maternal deaths or neo-natal deaths.  The answer is the provision of basic maternity and other health care measures that should be provided constituents of this country.  The fact is that in many parts, especially in remote areas, of the country, malnutrition and lack of proper medical care,  are responsible for many maternal deaths.  We are suffering from a multiplicity of laws, some of which can not even be sufficiently funded or forgotten over time.  Any of those regarding maternal and neo-natal care could just have been amended and health care, especially for women and old citizens could just have been more universally adopted for the entire country.  While it is good to note that this appears to be the direction of this administration, it is applying an “overkill” approach which is not needed and is certainly taking this country to an uncertain future of a contraceptive culture of  death, materialism and eugenics.  

      • vendetta07

        you sit on a throne of lies

      • bgcorg

        What is your truth if not half truths and lies?

      • vendetta07

        This is according to the bible:

        “When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

        John 8:44

        Bgcorg, you are a spawn of the devil himself, the father of lies.

      • bgcorg

        The devil can quote the Bible.  What is your truth?

      • vendetta07

        My truth is that I believe you are influenced by Satan himself.

  • Goyong

    What is noble in bringing life into this world to become miserable only?

    • bgcorg

      Bringing life into this world to become miserable is not the idea of pro-life advocates.  Selfishness, “freedom” without moral responsibility and the non-recognition that virtue is necessary to live a full human life, non-appreciation of the gift of life by the practice of artificlal contraception, justifying the same under the “conscience” rule without reference to moral, objective, pertinent positive divine laws and the Natural Law itself, is not the moderate type of secularism that avoids excesses.

  • tamumd if they’re the only one who can make the same move. I too in my little own way would convince my extended family members to NOT vote those who voted against the RH law.

  • Concerned Citizen

    The RH Law already took a lot of time from the government’s legislative work and left no time for anti-corruption laws.  I hope these “foes” will get over with the issue since family planning has been a program of government regardless of the RH Law.  For the sake of the Filipino people, they should just let the country move on to solve the bigger problems that affect Philippine society.

    • bgcorg

      It is well within the rights of citizens or groups of citizens in a democracy where the rule of law is enshrined to question a controversial law before the highest court of the land.  Without the arm twisting tactics of the administration, the rh bill would not have passed. 

  • divictes

    Oh, come on… Move on, Pedo…

    • Hein S

      Hahaha  Move on, Dama….

  • quirinomayer

    These religious fundamentalists could not read the signs. They do not notice that there is no groundswell backing them up in their fight against the RH Law. They ignore the fact that their million red ribbon campaign fell on its face. And they do not remember how they had eggs all over their face when they campaigned against Senator Juan Flavier in 2001 and he landed in No. 2!

    Padre Damaso, bring it on and let’s see what happens during the elections!

    Mga Padre Damaso, for your own good, tumigil na kayo. Kaunti na lang ang mga Indios na nau-uto nyo. Mulat na ang mga Pilipino sa mga kasinungalingan at paghahahariharian nyo. 

  • Ben

    The government should also spend more money for information dissmination on the value of RH to a larger people than giving in to this few religious sensibilities of some Catholics and most priests in helping the poor to get out of their poverty and giving birth wantonly causing kids and their monthers serious malnutrition and chronic diseases. In fact, the government should include it in the vote so people will decide rather than allowing the Catholic Church and or congress dictate what we really wanted to do…it is not them who will be giving birth, rearing the children and feeding them until they are able enough to fend for themselves like dogs and birds…

  • superpilipinas

    This is good.

    This is how people will show which side is the majority.

    If indeed more people wanted RH, then the pro-RH candidates will win.

    If not, they they will lose.

    If they win then RH stays. If not, then RH will be repealed.

  • Emilio

    If the church insist in making war against the govt of the filipinos, then the govt has no other recourse but to treat the church as any other civilian organization. This means they will be taxed, and the clergy will pay income taxes. Is that what the church want???
    This would mean more taxes to support development.

  • Frederick Oliveros Constantino

    Go on! Be very sure that it will be effective… Gone are the eras where the Bishops can influence and dictate the faithful as to whom they are going to vote.. People nowadays especially the youth are independent-minded… The Church should not interfere in a purely State affair… Why won’t you focus your attention and perhaps come up with your own remedy as to how will you address the lessening number of churchgoers? Know your limitations…

  • brunogiordano

    “We must obey God, rather than men.”

    Alin iyong IMAGINARY god na NILIKHA ninyo??????

    Ang mga tao ang tunay na nakakatulong sa kapwa.

  • brunogiordano

    “Foes vow to undo RH Law, campaign against backers”

    PREMATURE at ILLEGAL political campaign iyan!!!!

    COMELEC ipatigil iyan.

  • mabyrik

    OK, Tit for Tat- We will also campaign for people not to vote for those against RH.
    Bishops, wag na kayong manakot, baka kayo sumabit na naman. Wala kayong kadala-dala. Mas maraming botante ang pro-RH. Ang dami na ninyong gimik against RH, kumita ba? Tatawan lang kayo ng mga tao. Wala na kayong credibility kaya tumoigil na kayo mga bset.

  • bgcorg

    RH supporters should have realized that artificial contraception does not guarantee nor is the only way to achieve “freedom” for women. Informed choices can be also achieved without resorting to artificial contraception which is the harbinger of worse “crimes” against life and the more basic and universal human appreciation for the value of life. Existing pieces of legislation had just to be harmonized, i.e., amended, in order to be more in tune with the times, without changing the meaning of “freedom” to negate responsibility for actions (freedom without moral responsibility) or refusal to admit that some discipline is necessary in the exercise of the power of sex between male and female couples and hence abstinence and temperance, like in food intake, is necessary to remain human, moral and act in accordance with God’s design for nature, the practice of the virtues, and natural reason. There is no necessity to kowtow to consumerism, as bandered by the pharmaceutical lobbies and international funding organizations, to the detriment of Filipino culture and moral, human and spiritual values of the Filipino race, under the pseudo-threat of “overpopulation” when weighed against fundamental rights as the right to life, freedom of speech, freedom from want and freedom of religion. The natural instincts of man are race and self preservation and the dynamics of demography, urbanization, labor and employment besides migration and other factors affecting population have to be considered besides the “strong lobby of the Church” or the mere “languishing of the rh bill for over 13 years in Congress” as determinants for the passage of this bill into law without a deeper inquiry into the reasons why. Population phenomena is more dynamic in the global setting than a mere simplistic view of the poor versus the rich and God’s action in the world, the need of nations for each other’s outputs should be considered, rather than unconditional business profit-making that is proven today to be one of the causes of global failure to fight poverty in the absence of justice, social order and peace.

  • dickenhead

    Tax the bastards!

  • legislex

    Until now our bishops still have not realized it that their campaign against the RH Law are slowly eroding their credibility. During the time of GMA, immorality and corruption are rampant but they never lift a finger against her.  Now, we have the RH Law that is supported by a clear majority of the people because it is intended to save lives, and our bishops are moving heaven and hell to stop it.  

    As a Catholic, I am now pondering.  Am I going to support our bishops or the government in this issue?  On the one hand, is the Congress whose members I had a hand in choosing, while on the other hand are the bishops anointed supposedly by God.  On the one hand, I have our bishops who supported a person who plundered our country, while on the other hand a have a leader who is striving to promote a matuwid na daan.  On the one hand, I have a government who continues to give social services through its various agencies, while on the other hand I have our bishops who continues to ask me for donations and weekly mass collections for the upkeep of the church and the Vatican that is thousands of miles away on the basis only of their alleged divine mandate.  Sino ang pipiliin ko?

  • wawangpenoy

    Calling all lawmakers. The catholic church has already gone over board in their intrusion into secular matters. Please introduce a bill to tax the church. If it boils down to amending the constitution, so be it. There’s already a clamor for cha-cha anyway.

    What the church is doing is a blatant disrespect for the law. They can express their opinion or opposition as much as the want but they should not resort to coercion and threat. It’s really pathetic that this hypocrites have to continue on with their divisive attitudes, as if the last 14 years wasn’t enough already.

  • 12JEM

    These priests of the RCC are showing  themselves to be TOXIC elements of our society that should be neutralized….Vote against the candidates that they will endorse !

    More than 75% of us RCC members are for the RH Law.

    • Hein S

      The catholic vote is PRO-RH.

    • Ed Esmi

      Pro-RH people do not have the right to call themselves Catholic! What little you share with the RCC, like the fact that you probably were baptised in the RCC, is not enough to keep you within the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Re-invent yourselves, if you wish, by creating a church according to your own image and likeness!

      • 12JEM

         Lupit Mo….Daig mo pa sina Tagle, Villegas at Navarra.  At saka minority na lang kayo na sarado ang pag-iisip at alipin pa ng kung ano na lang ang sabihin ng kaparian.

        Baka may mga kamag-anak kang gumagamit ng condom at saka tuloy tuloy pa ang pagsaSALSAL hanggang ngayon ay isumbong mo sila kay PapaRatzi at ipatalsik mo sila.  Iyan na lang ang gawin mo habang buhay para masagip mo on your the RCC.

        Also sabihan mo na rin na umalis na ang Palace Chaplain na he si tainting himself by dealing with RCC members like Pres Aquino, his sisters and millions of other Filipinos….Wala kaming karapatang tawaging members.

  • wawangpenoy

    With all the premises you’ve presented and much more not mentioned, it’s a no-brainer, legislex.

    DISQUS screwed me up again. This is suppose to be a reply to legislex. Hope it’s not CBCP sabotaging this section.

  • wawangpenoy

    Although you’re correct in a way, ‘cuz some of them are bastards, but isn’t more apt to call them bastardizers?

    I think I’m done today. All these replies are coming out as a stand alone comment. ufcking DISQUS

  • mangtom

    Flop no. 1—red ribbons. 

    Coming up: 

    Flop no.2—Catholic church campaign not to vote for legislators who voted in favor of the RH Law.

    Reason: Catholic priests are ignoring the fact that they are losing their stranglehold of the masses. Juan and Juana dela Cruz of today are  better informed and educated than their counterparts during Fernando Magellan’s time. Education has set the Filipinos free-hallelujah.

    It’s a rude awakening. 

    Bad news: there is a growing clamor for divorce law in the Philippines. This will surely make these mitsubishops go into a fit–ha-ha-ha.

    • just_anotherperson

      Wishful thinking

  • Consumers Power

    The church has no right in meddling with politics, it must instead concentrate on the strengthening and upholding the good moral of the people !

    • just_anotherperson

      “The Church remains something “outside” the state, for only thus can both Church and state be what they are meant to be. Like the state, the Church too must remain in its own proper place and within its boundaries. It must respect its own being and its own freedom, precisely in order to be able to perform for the state the serve that the latter requires. The Church must exert itself with all its vigor so that in it there may shine forth the moral truth that it offers to the state and that ought to become evident to the citizens of the state. This truth must be vigorous within the Church, and it must form men, for only then it will have the power to convince others and to be a force working like a leaven for all of society.” – Cardinal Ratzinger now Pope Benedict XVI

    • bgcorg

      Part of the mission of the Church is to guide the consciences of voters towards moral and proper votation for the correct leaders of this nation.  The involvement of the Church for clean, honest, free and peaceful elections should be recognized, not tainted by unjust propaganda under the guise of freedom of religion or the separation of Church and State.  Misunderstanding the principles behind the time-honored laws of the land could be fatal to an objective and reasonable position on these matters.

  • just_anotherperson

    Tuloy tuloy ang kampanya laban sa mga Pro-RH Bill politicians. 

  • joshmale2004

    They can do anything they like in a democratics country. I suggest its about time also for them to pay their taxes as they are also profit oriented group disguised as religion. Imagine the additional budget for our economy if the Catholic pays its Income Tax, Gross Receipt Tax and Real Property Tax.

    • bgcorg

      You appear to have singled out the Catholic Church in the Philippines to be taxed simply because of her opposition to the rh law.  Please bear in mind that the four basic freedoms of man as universally accepted are: life, speech, from want and religion. This should help you think more objectively.

  • joshmale2004


    Anti Women
    Anti Poverty Alleviation
    Anti Progress
    Anti Poor sector of society
    Anti Democratic
    Anti Health


  • garcia677

    Very appreciable and blessed undertaking. I, and my family though we aren’t Catholics but believers would also campaign in our own locality and surely not vote for any reelecting senator who supported the RH bill. Today is the opportune time that we must all continue to defend God’s words irrespective of denomination or religion we have because the RH law, the divorce bill, same sex marriage are invention of legislators with evil minds and if the Filipino People shall accommodate them then like America and the rest of the first world countries that have rotten moral institutions spawned from enacting laws to degrade their moral values are now suffering from escalating crimes of passion, then Philippines is a most likely candidate to follow.

    • brunogiordano

      “…continue to defend God’s words irrespective of denomination or religion we have because the RH law, the divorce bill, same sex marriage…”

      ‘Yan ang isang malaking dahilan kung bakit maraming tao lalo na ang mga kabataan na dating kasapi sa mga religion na nagpapahayag na sila ay RELIGIOUSLY UNAFFILIATED(NONES) na ngayon.

      Ang paniwalang binanggit sa itaas ay 200 years behind na.

      • bgcorg

        Your views appear to be so many years behind and are not reflective of current developments in the United Nations and other international forums dealing with demography, population, labor and employment.  There is a 360 degree turning among Western countries, particularly in Europe, from contraception, abortion, divorce into a more wholesome attitude, including the protection of the life of the unborn.  So, if you think that you have won, you are not really that progressive and could be part of this country going to the dogs, regressive!  With these developments, don’t you think that we don’t have to review the rh law quickly?  Our basic human freedoms are life, speech, from want and religion. 

    • Daniel Nielsen

      since im from one the counties you are insulting you dont have a clue. i have seen and had more things happen to me in the 7 years ive been here than i have had and seen in the rest of my life. you cant hardly pickup a paper where fathers and other relatives are raping daughters nieces and grandchildern. the philippines leads the world in teen age pregeancies according to your papers. everywhere you go men are showing it all peeing in front of children. at least in other countries people obey drivings laws and other laws.recently a 9 year old girl was raped by six boys. the boys were patted on the head and sent home because they were under age, so they can do it again why other the catholics in other counties risking everything to get into america if it is so corrupt

  • mangtom

    just_anotherpersonCollapseTuloy tuloy ang kampanya laban sa mga Pro-RH Bill politicians. Sagut: Irrational move and you know it.Like

  • Facilitator1

    I never seen/heard such a concerted effort/determination by RCC against what they deemed “EVIL” and “against the Will of GOD and Humanity ” LAW. Contraceptive Usage (i.e. condoms, etc.) is a MUCH WORST crime than GRAFT and CORRUPTIONs. I do respect their opinions, even contrary to mine…with that said…

    RCC will BOYCOTT all politicians (candidates) who voted for this controversial law. Using this BATTLE CRY (logic), a CORRUPT politician has a HIGHER chance of getting voted into office because he/she voted against the RH law THAN a HONEST and MORALLY-UPRIGHT political candidate because he/she contradicted RCC and voted for the RH Law.

    If this is the case, the RCC is definitely a POLITICAL ENTITY and possibly, their action/demeanor will have a very DIRE consequences NOT only to our country but also to its populace.

    Men of the cloth, for the love of country and God–pay heed to what former US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Voltaire, and even Uncle Ben of Spiderman Movie (even its just a fantasy and make-believe), “with great power comes great responsibility”. Use the PULPIT for the GOOD of the MANY not just for the FEW (self-serving agendas)…PEACE.

  • kilabot

    undone or not, it remains. 
    the world agenda is to make the abnormal the new normal; 
    1) dangerous drugs; 
    2) same-sex marriage; 
    3) man-beast union; 
    4) prostitution; 
    5) pedophilia; 
    6) abortion; 

    the agenda is being pushed around the world; 
    some countries have already legalized one or more of the agenda items; 
    the push is intensifying; targeting world leaders and people of influence; 
    uk, france, netherlands, spain, sweden, southafrica, argentina and canada have fallen; 
    obama, clinton and carter have fallen; the whole usa may fall soon; 
    noykapon has fallen; so do many ph politicians and academics; ph on the verge of falling; 

    everything will be redefined; 
    freedom means free condom; 
    $sodomy becomes love; bestialisex is affection; a toilet bowl becomes a sex object; 
    a junkie is chic; a prostitute is enterprising; 
    adopting the agenda is equated to progress, prosperity and advancement; 

    the idea is to make the world one big orgy; all people thinking, behaving and acting alike; 
    one world order; the reign of the great pervert; 
    there will be no more right nor wrong; there is only normal perversion; 

    time to choose which side you are on; fence-sitting not recommended. 
    do something against perversion. help rehabilitate a pervert; 

    No to perversion! 
    No to rhlaw.

    • MULEN

      New normal na sa mga kaparian ang pedophilia.

    • Gerry los banos

       Slippery slope fallacy.  Actually, pretty much every argument the conservatives have launched vs. the RH Bill has been fallacious.

    • AntonioPeYangIII


      What? Afraid of competition against the church’s monopoly?

  • virgoyap

    So it’s still not finished. Are the bishops always following the will of God? There’s something wrong if they insist that they are the only ones who are on the side of God and those who doesn’t go with them are God’s enemies. This is a sign of arrogance and hypocrisy. I believe in a humble Church, a Church that is not an absolutist. A Church that knows how to listen to the sign of the times more especially to the will of the poor and the marginalized. I’m a simple Catholic layman but I’m pro RH because I sincerely believe that this newly approved law will help our country to move forward. That’s why I promised that I will never, never vote for a candidate who is anti RH. And I know that I’m not the only one having  this kind of mentality.

    • Hein S

      Yes, vote for the Pro-RH lawmakers.

  • brunogiordano

    Ang PILIPINAS ay isang SECULAR na bansa.

    Ang mga batas niya ay para as kabutihan ng kanyang mga mamamayan irrespective ng religion kanyang kinasasapian.

    Ang ano man paniwala ng ano man religion na hindi pinaniniwalaan ng ibang religion ay hindi sinusunod ng isang SECULAR na bansa.

  • ajca82

    They should just tell their flock to use family planning and let everyone else live their lives.

    Abstinence is 100% effective if used 100% of the time. For those who don’t want or can’t follow it 100% should be allowed to know and use alternative methods or tools to deal with sexual urges.

    • bgcorg

      God does not allow us to be tempted beyond our strength.  St. Paul prayed for faith, for it is in weakness that we are made strong.  “Lord, help my unbelief,” he prayed.  There is nothing that can ever separate us from the love of God and neighbor if we just listen to the Spirit of God who moves about us.  Christ invited us to be holy as the heavenly Father is holy.  The sacraments are there, particularly penance and the Holy Eucharist.  There is always a danger that we will not see things the same way as Christ and the Church.  But many are called but few are chosen.  We should try harder.  God is great, merciful and holy.  We should be holy, too, even if it means to walk in virtue, love and sacrifice.  Listening so that we could have an informed, certain conscience, means listening also to the Church, not to its “sins.” We should not shoot down the message despite the sinful humanness of the messenger. 

  • TheHappyAgnostic

    “We shall fight to protect and preserve human life”… hypocrites… kaya pala ginawa ninyo ang inquisition, mga pogroms, mga witch at heretic burning, at mga crusades… pwede ba tumigil na kayo… bago kayo mangaral sa iba pangaralan ninyo muna ang sarili ninyo.


  • Blue_Crimson

    The folks over there are far much worse than mentally retarded children.

    • philip hernaez

      bunganga mo! ang tindi!

  • Hein S

    When the RH Bill was approved in ITALY, the pope was QUIET.

    Why are you lowly bishops so NOISY?

  • joshmale2004

    Now the Catholic flock is in dilemma who to follow. Bishop Palma for Conscience vote or Bishop Navarra for No votes to RH supporters. Seems no clear direction and leader for the catholic church right now.

  • joshmale2004

    How sure are they that all PRO RH Bill are evil when they themselves made an error by branding and putting Galileo in heredic death when he said the earth is round and moves around the sun which  refuted the belief of the Catholic church that the Earth is flat.Pope John Paul in 1979 accepted this Church error and declared Galileo correct. Had the church really been reading the Bible and allowed the Holy Spirit to guide them, they would have known this ahead of Galileo.

  • Balian

    “we must obey God rather than men” Ermmm arent the bishops who are leading these people against the RH bill also MEN? They can claim their path is inspired by the Lords teachings but at the end of the day they are still human, flawed because no man is perfect. I believe in God and his teachings but im also aware that leaders of the church make mistakes a long the way. History has shown us they have made mistakes and they always will from time to time. There is a difference between religion and faith and doing what you believe is right based on your principles in life. Jesus doesnt say submit in his teachings, he tells us what is good and bad and that its our choice which path we want to take. Ohhh and one more thing the bishops ARE NOT GOD just in case some of you didnt know.


  • kismaytami

    I won’t be surprised to see citizens’ alliance for protection of human life (caph-life) in the ballot on coming elections. Its all about money, tons of pork barrel.

  • lapasan

    To these Catholic religious leaders and groups: How many Catholics are in favor of the RH bills, and how many Catholic lawmakers voted in favor of it? Are you not ashamed that you are engaging in partisan politics because you failed to ram down the throat of the Catholic faithful the thing you wish for- the rejection of RH law? This move of campaigning against the solons who voted in favor of the RH law is even worse than what the INC is doing that is endorsing politicians during election. The presence of Francisco Tatad in the launching of your campaign leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Did you not forget that this person was the one who declared over the radio the imposition of martial law in the Philippines? Isn’t this person who is associated with some political personalities has been rejected by the voters in the past elections? Shame on you who drag the Catholic church to partisan politics.

    • bgcorg

      Who is the Church? Priests and people bound together by one faith, one Lord, one  baptism, in charity and in the hope of things to come.  Our religious faith demands obedience, docility and the willingness to embrace the cross for without suffering and death, we will not come to the resurrection of the body  —  and life everlasting.  It is here where the fidelity of the Church is gauged: in the degree of commitment to the Christian faith without but’s and if’s, practicing only what is convenient or what is in accordance with the lifestyle we have chosen or what’s convenient.  In humility and during this year of faith, our prayer should be: “Lord, that I may see.”

  • Danyel

    dapat sa mga taong ito e sa ibang planeta tumira. I recommend Mars

  • Kiam

    Bishop Navarra wants to put the Catholic Church in shame again. Pag-nanalo na naman yung mga politician na kinamumuhian niya sa next election, it would only prove na wala na talagang maniniwala sa mga Damaso. Bishop, ba’t di mo na lang asikasuhin ang mga pambabae ng mga pari mo?

    • bgcorg

      Who is Damaso?  You’re living in the past, so get over it! The Church in the Philippines never singled out by name any political candidate; so where is the “in shame again”? And, if you have strong proofs that priests are womanizing, why not bring out your proof.  Generalities will lead you nowhere except to suspicions, innuendos and speculations.  Get an audience with Bishop Navarra and tell him what you know to get concrete results.

  • disqusted0fu

    Hopefully the ones involved in the passing of this law will suffer the consequences in choosing their pork barrel than what they think is right. People have to realize that the right path is the right way, not the self proclaimed straight path.

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