DOJ chief under fire for ruling out shootout



MALACAÑANG on Friday defended Justice Secretary Leila de Lima against criticism that she had prejudged the investigation of the killing of 13 people in a supposed shootout between government security forces and a group of alleged criminals in Atimonan, Quezon province, on Jan. 6.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte also rejected insinuations that the Palace authorized De Lima to preempt the outcome of the investigation by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

De Lima herself swatted aside talk of prejudgment, saying the NBI is an agency under the Department of Justice (DOJ) and it is her prerogative to supervise the activities of the department’s subagencies.

De Lima on Thursday told reporters that going by the testimony of two witnesses on the spot, what happened at the joint police-military checkpoint in Atimonan was “definitely not a shootout.”

Preempting NBI report

The investigation is going on, but Chief Supt. James Melad, the sacked chief of the Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) police, said De Lima appeared to have preempted the results by declaring on Thursday, after a reenactment of the events of Jan. 6 in Atimonan, that what happened was “definitely not a shootout.”

“I subjected myself to the investigation of the NBI thinking and hoping that every angle, side and point of view on what really happened will be given weight,” Melad said. “I have high [regard for] the justice secretary and I am hoping [that] what she said is not an outright conclusion.”


Main issue

“That is not an issue anymore,” De Lima said. “I don’t think that should be an issue.”

She said her critics, Supt. Hansel Marantan, leader of the police team at the checkpoint who has been suspended, and the lawyer of the Army soldiers who had backed up the policemen, should just answer questions about the killings.

“If I were them, instead of raising various issues, they should just answer the main issue at hand, the one about the incident,” De Lima said.

“They should face it and answer it, not divert it by questioning the actuations of the secretary of justice. That style is an old tactic,” she said.

“I don’t think the secretary is preempting the investigation,” Valte said at a briefing for reporters in Malacañang. “The [reporters who] were there [wanted] details [for their reports],” she said.

Valte said the Palace saw nothing wrong about De Lima’s presence at the reenactment of the Jan. 6 shootings in Atimonan.

“[W]e trust that Secretary De Lima is also on hand to provide the proper guidance to the investigation,” Valte added.

De Lima said she was just answering questions from reporters who wanted to know after the reenactment what she thought happened at the checkpoint.

What do you call it?

“I was asked by the media what’s on my mind. I said if you observed closely, you’ll know what happened. It could be a rubout, ambush or massacre. We will look for a better term and we will put it in the NBI report,” she said.

She said Marantan’s side of the story was crucial because he was the team leader and was one of the three police officers who prepared the case operational plan (coplan). He was also the only one of the three who was at the checkpoint.

“Did he have any motive or is it just like that [as narrated]?” De Lima said.

She said the NBI had arrived at several theories and was just validating them.

De Lima said she had instructed the NBI to work double time and finish its report, as President Aquino expected it by the middle of next week at the latest.

To trace Siman’s moves

De Lima said the investigators were “backtracking” to trace the movements of Victor “Vic” Siman, the target of the police operation, on Jan. 6. Establishing his whereabouts and his contacts before getting to Atimonan in the afternoon of that day is important to determining the motive for the attack on him, De Lima said.

“Since our findings, based on eyewitness accounts, was that there was really no shootout, then what was that mission all about? Was that operation specifically conducted to liquidate those elements?” she said.

“If [the people who were killed] had [criminal] records, assuming that they are part of a syndicate whether engaged in illegal numbers game or guns for hire, there was a process for it,” she said.

“If there’s a basis for the accusations, they should get a warrant and arrest them. Now if the situation calls for it, they can effect warrantless arrest, but by all means conduct it not like that. We are a government governed by laws, a civilized society, not the Wild, Wild West where they can just neutralize anybody they want to,” she said.

De Lima said just because the other side was the first to open fire did not mean that the law enforcers could fire back indiscriminately. With a report from Arlyn dela Cruz

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    Me and my big MOUTH – DE LIMA.

    • bulkyboy

      You got It @THELITTLEGIRL:disqus …Sana check nila ang career history ni De lima…dilemma talaga…

      • diamond_digger

         Littlegirl and bulkyboy, lest we all get carried away, let us talk about the unfortunate incident. There’s that saying that says: If you don’t like the message do not shoot the messenger. Just a reminder although I respect your opinions.

      • zafirol

         That is right . Do not kill the messenger. People get carried away from the real issue.  Unfortunately it happens a lot.

  • gregoryserrano

    De Lima said just because the other side was the first to open fire did not mean that the law enforcers could fire back indiscriminately – eh ano gagawin mo kung pinutukan ka, alam mo na madaming kasama yong nagpaputok, magdasal ka na lang ba? Talaga etong si De Lima oh, palaging di naka connect ang bunganga sa utak!!!

  • Carlos_Iho

    The DOJ should recommend that the entire police force should go through regular refresher training on criminal justice, among others.  Nabobobo na talaga etong mga pulis natin.

  • Fred

    To Sec De Lima, you’ve got balls!

  • boybakal

    DOJ chief under fire for ruling out shootout….

    There was reenactment, the evidences, the dead, the no. of police and military, no casualty on police and military,the blockade etc etc.

    NBI, PNPconducted the investigation.
    And who has the authority to give conclusion on the findings except the Department of Justice…and who is the Secretary….De Lima.
    She has the authority to say so and it matters…She is the Secretary of Justice.

    • zafirol

       There are so many bright minds in here  and I like yours the most.

      • TEAM PNOY

        Sec. De Lima, is that you? LOL.

    • toyota4ever

      it does’nt work like that,she can influence the outcome thats why we have the court of law.

  • $23455908

    Totoo naman rub-out, ambush, extermination ang ginawa ng mga pulis na ito eh. Alam ko nadamay lang ang Army dito kasi humingi ng tulong ang PNP. Akala nila , heavily armed terrorist ang makakasagupa nila, jueteng lord lang pala na kalaban ng sister ni Marantan sa jueteng at video karera. Susmarya, kawawa yung mga nadamay. Mas maraming collateral damage sa 13 victims keysa sa PNP na si Marantan.

    • diamond_digger

       If this notorious killer named Marantantan felt that he is a collateral damage in the Atimonan incident, let us bear in mind that it was all because of his own making. First, he was the one who drew up the coplan Armado and personally led the team that implemented it. Secondly, he was the one who inflicted his own injury and or directed the ordered someone to inflict it on him to add colors and effects to his drama. Last but not the least, if the execution of the play turns out dismal and unimpressive, there’s no one else to blame but the stage director who, in this case is Marantan himself together with his executive producer James Melad. Both are unarguably ‘palpak’, thus it’s high time for these two to (if they still have the decency) step aside or better yet, for the government to put them to where criminals belong – Muntinglupa jail.

  • drew_casta

    My take. 

    One bullet slug from one of the cars indicates that one shot was fired from the convoy of Siman. And I suppose this was the one that hit Supt. Marantan. It’s quite a coincidence that of all the police officers manning the checkpoint, only he was shot, and at his left leg (which in all probability, would not cost him his life). Contrast this to the 174 entry bullet holes found on the first vehicle, 45 on the second vehicle and 11 (of the 13) persons killed suffering from head shot wounds as indicated by the PNP report on the matter. The report also said that what happened was not a shootout and that there was a deliberate effort to make the crime scene look like a site of a gun battle (see: PNP Report: No shootout, Jan 17, 2013, PDI).

    Opinions, though not decisions, must be based on something to back it up. The Secretary was asked of her opinion. She drew quite a sound one.

    • dave

      Its hard to believe at that, since who in his right mind to fire a gun from inside the car at that? If you draw the gun outside the window of the car, how can you then describe if they fire at the police and who shot who first? Only those in the checkpoint know. And reading from articles, the statement of PNP and ARMY are spontaneous and consistent. Unlike the statements from de lima who only hear a purported witness and not accepting any statement from the accused police officers.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    DOJ chief under fire for ruling out shootout.

    “I had to share the findings right away. Baka ako naman ang ma-rub out.” — De Lima.

  • bulkyboy

    Natatakot na tuloy ang mga pulis sa mga checkpoint na barilin ang mga criminally-minded na riding-in-tandem kasi baka kasuhan sila ng DOJ/NBI ng ambush o kaya rubout…tsk..tsk..tsk..

  • Hey_Dudes

    Our judicial troubles keep  piling up not because we are capable people.  It is caused by our penchant to talk even before the carriage had been buckled to a horse in a manner of speaking.  We refuse to learn from past incidents and the same is true – it being duplicated to this current incident in Quezon.

    If it were the ordinary Joe Blows or Indang Isyang down the street lubricating their mouths by casing all their James Bond Monday morning quarterbacking, it would have been understandable given our national penchant for tsismis.

    Surprisingly but not unexpected, what we have are government operators who are wetting their mouths delivering what they think happened at the checkpoint.  They even do re-enactment like the exercise will prove who shot who first.  Ideally, they should have worked it out quietly and diligently so as not to stain their investigations being mediocre, one way street or simply dismal sleuthing.  Since the findings will result in people’s future held in uncertainty, it is almost necessary if not paramount not to dish out daily report on something that is not yet established.  Already, personnel have been dismissed and of all people – DOJ is leading those who have this attitude the answer lies in their magic crystal bowl.

  • MarcyPulilan

    For the first time, kampi ako sa tabachoy na si De Lima.

    • zafirol

       It dont matter much what De Lima said anymore. My opinion about this event after reading the news is that the police are in it together to kill these people on the two vehicles. We should not get into much of what the DOJ Secretary said cause there will be a day in court for people involved. Although it is hard to ignore the fact that De Lima seems to preempt the NBI investigation results.

  • julymorning


  • Melvin

    Itong re-enactment kumbaga ay isang shooting sa pelikula, may mga gumaganap ng kanya-kanyang papel sa utos ng director, kaya ano man kalabasan ng shooting ay iyon ang gustong mangyari ng direktor… Ang pamagat ng shooting ” Walang Shootout” 

    • dave

      Pero aminado ang sec na merong nagpaputok from those inside the vehicles. So meron talagang shootout na nangyari.

  • Bansot

    To quote what de Lima had said “Just because the other side was the first one to open fire, it doesn’t mean that they can shoot indiscriminately”, which I considered so absurd. If you’re the enforcing officers how can you discriminately choose your target who are inside a vehicle. Is there a way to know who fired and who did not, considering the fact that the information at hand stated that the occupants of the vehicle are purported to be well armed members of a crime syndicate ?. Justice de Lima,do you want to see your men to die first, before they can shoot back?. ( Is it possible to shoot back if you’re mortally wounded.) Is this the “rule of engagement” which your officers has to follow? Please recall what had happened to your personal bodyguard..I don’t think he even had a chance to draw his firearm!!!

    • Carlos_Iho

      At kelan ka titigil, pag ubos na bala mo?  Kaya nga may training ang military at pulis, para malaman nila kung ano ang gagawin nila depende sa sitwasyon.

      Ang dapat nilang ginawa, ang tawag dito “suppressive fire.”  Alam nila dapat ito.

      I do not think it would have been difficult to handle the situation, if indeed there was an honest intention.  Those men inside the vehicles were simply sitting ducks with nowhere to go and hide.

      • dave

        I don’t think they are sitting duck inside. if they are the first to fire, for example, ang unang nagpaputok ay yung nasa passenger seat, shooting at a police on checkpoint, and if I’m a police, I would rather think that those also in the backseat have guns at anytime they will shoot me. Tatayo na lang ba ako doon? Plus the fact that I have comrades that was shot. Hearing some testimony from the Soldiers I now believe there is a shootout happened. The justice sec can’t rule it out that it is rubout. There is a clear established shootout.

        By the way, if somebody is firing at you and it has company with them, “suppressive fire” is not recommended i believe.

      • Carlos_Iho

        When you set up a checkpoint, you should prepare for all possible scenarios and not act as if you were surprised.  Can you imagine how easy it is to shoot from inside a crammed vehicle with your windows up? Would it take so much return fire from M16’s to suppress cal 45’s?

      • Bansot

        Have you ever experienced being fired at?? To say that it would have not been difficult to handle the situation is pure “BRAVADO”.

      • Carlos_Iho

        You wouldn’t need bravado if you are on vantage point.

        No, I’ve not been fired at but have been almost there a few times before.  When the situation presents itself, you just react and your reaction depends on your preparedness.

  • Colokoy

    wala ka talaga delimma bulok ka, parang gusto mong magpabango, gusto mo yata mag senador.. nagpapagamit ka na naman katulad ng ginawa mo sa davao nagpapagamit ka kay nograles laban kay duterte. Justice secretary ka, under investigation ang kaso tapos magpapalabas ka ng reenactment at iyong conclusion, napakagaling mo.. yong mga investigator ng NBI, Police at Military nag aaral yan bago sila naging investigator, hayaan mo sila iba ang papel mo.. sa ginagawa mo para kang hindi justice secretary dapat sayo manghuhula.

    • January

       yes dapat doon sya sa labas ng Quipo at baclaran mag opis at makasama nya mga manghuhula,,,,vote Delima for Senatong,,,,,

  • Bansot

    Madame de Lima , the only place where you yourself fired your gun was in the firing range, where you ‘ll have another chance to shoot if ever you missed your first shot, and nobody shoot back at you. In the real world where your men are involve their first shot may be the last one ( that is if they are lucky enought to draw faster and shoot more accurately than the criminals) Madame de Lima “NEVER ALLOW A WOUNDED ENEMY TO SHOOT BACK AT YOU”…. or you’ll be dead yourself!!

    • dave

      Taaammmmaaaahhhhh!!!! Well, what can you expect from a DOJ Sec. She wants the soldiers or police stand still while pulling over some certain groups and fired at them.

  • farmerpo

     The investigation is going on, but Chief Supt. James Melad, the sacked
    chief of the Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon)
    police, said De Lima appeared to have preempted the results by declaring
    on Thursday, after a reenactment of the events of Jan. 6 in Atimonan,
    that what happened was “definitely not a shootout.”

    And this is coming from the guy who ‘did not know anything about’ the checkpoints!!

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    guilty until proven innocent…

  • toyota4ever

    ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES! only the investigating party should be doing the press releases after their final report.kung sini sino tuloy ang naglalabas ng conclusion tulad ni DE LIMA. it doesn’t happen in any democratic country only here!

  • Danilo Navarro

    ang dapat tanungin ay yung mga nag sasabi may dalang ginto diamond at madaming milyones saan nila nalaman at pano nila mapapatunayan meron ngan dala karamihan ay meron daw wala akong kinakampihan ang sa akin lang yung totoo at talagang meron nga madaling sabihin rubout o incounter..kawawa naman both side yung testigo nang unang gagawin niyan mag tago oras na mag kaputukan alangan makikinig pa ng usapan yan at gaano sila kalapit sa mga nasa check point sana naman malaman ang tunay na nangyari hag basta basta maniwala sa salitang meron daw ganitong dala yun lang

  • dave

    De Lima said just because the other side was the first to open fire did not mean that the law enforcers could fire back indiscriminately.

    Huh???????????????? There seems to be wrong in that presumption or statement? Kung ako pulis at may bumabaril sa akin, anong gusto ng DOJ Sec, mamatay ako o papatayin ko yung aarestuhin kong bumabaril sa akin? again, duuuuuuhhhh!!!!!! Seems like you want more police to be killed rather than criminals?

    • Carlos_Iho

      Pulis ka ba?  Nakapag setup ka na ba ng checkpoint? Magugulat ka pa ba kung may babaril sa yo pag nasa checkpoint ka?  Kaya nga may rules of engagement para alam ng pulis at militar ang gawin nila at di lang basta mag react.  Nasa training yan.  Intensyon talaga kasi ng grupo ni Maratrat na patayin yung trece.

      • batangpaslit

        di nila alam eh. sinadya talaga

  • regie

    sec. de lima should investigate the pronouncement of marantan that habitan was the one who gave the tip…i think that is complication to the cases of murder that should be filed….

  • padrefaura

    de lima will go down in history as the DOJ secretary with most blunders. 
    losing high profile criminal cases like the case of the reyes bros., the case of GMA in Pasay RTC (bail granted), etc
    she cannot even apprehend high profile fugitives like delfin lee, reyes bros, palparan, ecleo, etc. 

    de lima is obviously one of the worst DOJ secretaries we ever had. the only thing she is good at is opening her mouth in news conferences. 

    antagal naman kasi ng disbarment case nya. 

  • January

    Delima,,asking to the media sino ba ang nag promote kay Marantan sa kanyang posistion,,bakit ba natanong nya ito,,kong sya naman ang tatanungin bakit kaba nandyan sa posistion mo,sino ba ang nagkuha sayo,dumaan kaba sa prosiso sa hanay ng gropo nyo,or tinuro kalang ng presidente at hindi hanay sa gropo ng mga abogado,,si marantan nag simula sa mababa at naging sya ngayon dahil nagustuhan sa mga kasama nya,Delima tsismoso ka din pala, ang hukom ay nakikinig at di nagbibigay ng conclusion agad,,,ano ba gusto mo magpapatay mo na ang mga pulis bago mamaril? hwag muna sana ito ibanggit sa interview mo kasi masaktan din ang mga pulis kong one sided ka, dapat makikinig ka sa lahat den you evaluate the case hindi paunahan mo ni wala pang final,,,ay nako,,mali kong mali basta ayusin mo pwisto mo.


    shooting from the hip. kahit kelan, OPENS THE MOUTH TOO SOON.

  • Carlos_Iho

    For people who have been in similar scenarios before, they would know there was intent to kill.  Would a return fire of three rounds from a cal. 45 against 20plus M16’s qualify as a shootout?  You would not need a vivid imagination if you have some awareness of military or police activities.

    • Bansot

      If  you’re a police officer and someone took a shot at you, you don’t have to wait for another shot before you shoot back. If someone draws a gun on you , you have the right to shoot him before  he can fire his gun. Accordingly, one adversary may not have the opportunity to fire his gun, and yet the incident will still be a shoot out. That makes the difference between a dead man and a living man.

      • batangpaslit


      • lintek

        I agree. In real life, there is no such thing as a Mexican standoff. Only happens in the movies where FPJ and Ramon Revilla trade insults  while pointing their colt 45s at each other.
        Anyone as much as lift the muzzle of his gun towards another gunfighter will have the same coming at him and will die if he pauses for a nano second before firing.
        Yes, a shoot out is possible with only one side discharging his weapon.

      • Carlos_Iho

        Well, seems no point discussing with those whose ideas are limited to what they have seen in movies and don’t have an ounce of understanding of police operations scenarios.

      • Bansot

        Sorry, I don’t intend to post my resume just to convince you.. we’ll leave it like that!!

  • regd

    If Marantan’s nose keeps getting longer, De Lima’s mouth does the same!

    • batangpaslit

      hehehe….parallel, eh?

  • RyanE

    DOJ Sec. De Lima readily accepted and believed in the testimonies of the two supposed witnesses and not in the police and army. Of course this is understandable given the fact that she was a former human rights lawyer. She might have developed a dislike to both PNP and AFP. I guess the secretary should just keep quite so that she will not influence the results of the investigations of the agency under her supervision.

  • holydonkeyballs

    I am not for the PNP or AFP in this but I seriously think Sec. De Lima should have waited for the official result of the ongoing investigation of the NBI before declaring such a sweeping statement.

    Canon 13.02 of the Code of Professional Responsibility for lawyers state “A lawyer shall not make public statements in the media regarding a pending case tending to arouse public opinion for or against a party.”

    • ero

      “I was asked by the media what’s on my mind. I said if you observed closely, you’ll know what happened. It could be a rubout, ambush or massacre. We will look for a better term and we will put it in the NBI report,” she said.

    • batangpaslit


    • drew_casta

      There is no pending case just as yet. There is an on going investigation and that will become the basis of the case to be filed, if any. The DOJ is the government agency tasked to prosecute criminal cases. Since no information yet has been filed with the court by the DOJ with respect to the incident, the Canon you cited is not applicable. 

  • Garo Ungaro

    Searching for the real truth is not always a straight line…remember “truth hurts”…”there’s always two side to a coin”…but one things very sure there’s always the TRUTH…time will tell.????

  • agustin

    Vic Siman is a powerful man, imagine as his escorts are police col.,environmentalist (communist ?), soldiers and police plus wicked bodyguards.Siman as jueteng lord,lord of the golds perhaps drug lord whose car has a SEAL of the PRESIDENT sticker. maybe a financial source for the politicians who are seeking an elective post.

    • batangpaslit

      tama…kaya lang hindi sia na protektahan ng presidential seal

  • Rovingmoron

    I agree with you, Sec. De Lima. And that makes you distinct from the other DOJ secretaries in the past because you stick to your gun. Maurag ka manay!

  • Horst Manure

    You have the best legal system money can buy.
     As good as any chocolate teapot.

  • boybakal

    Secretary De Lima has determined the probable cause.
    It does not matter whether she said the findings in public or not.
    Moot and academic as necessary charges will be filed in court.
    Good Job Madame Secretary…as they say, may masasagasan but that is how you quest for truth and justice.

  • Jess


  • kawatancila


  • milespacker

    “If there’s a basis for the accusations, they should get a warrant and
    arrest them. Now if the situation calls for it, they can effect
    warrantless arrest, but by all means conduct it not like that. We are a
    government governed by laws, a civilized society, not the Wild, Wild
    West where they can just neutralize anybody they want to,” De Lima said. 

    I agree with Sec De Lima.

    The NBI investigators already said that it wasn’t a shootout. The NBI is under DOJ. It is now up to Marantan’s lawyer to prove he was a hero instead of the cold-blooded killer that he really is. He should’ve been kicked out of the force after the killing of the father and daughter in Paranaque. That is just too big of an error to go unpunished.

  • tra6Gpeche

    It is difficult not to believe Secretary de Lima. I see more lies and deceit on the part of Marantan, James Melad and their men

  • kawatancila

    ang 13 na napatay ay pwedeng gumamit ng witness pag andoon siya sa scene of the crime or operation, pero d ako sangayun na ang mga police o mga army ay mag labas ng witness nila…
      madaming pwedeng itanong sa witness nila… bakit nandun siya? ano ginagawa nya doon… ano kaya ang isasagot mo pag ikaw ay witness… ang salaysay ng isang credible na police na kasama sa naganap na barilan ay sapat na… pag mag labas ka pa ng witness mo… medyo malabo … kaka hinala .. kung bakit me witness … sa palagay ko d siya nag voluntees na maging witness  para lang lumabas ang katotohanan bagkus siya ay binayran at turuan para maging witness kuno…kakatawa naman yungn atty ng mga army .. me witness daw.. 
       parang sa isang rape case… sila ang nan rape .. tapos me witness sila na na nanonood habang  nagaganap ang rape…  wahahhaha.. parang ganyan din yan… 
         atty buela… d ayus ang pag gamit ng witness … ano yan … witness kontra sa isang witness.. sa mga napatay natural… dapat me witness kc naubos sila… pinatay sila lahat… 
      so saan lopalop galing ang witness… sa latter day saints… ba… 

    • Htee

      Tama ka pards, kung may witness ang mga sundalo at sundalo rin, accomplish pa rin ang tawag doon, hindi witness. Kung civilian naman, endangering a civilian naman ang tawag….kahit paano, kaso pa rin. Bobo kasi, tira muna bago magtakip ng butas…hehehe
      Balbon ang trabaho, kung sino man yung nagutos, siguro na hayblad na sa kunsumisyon…hahaha

      • holydonkeyballs

        “accomplice” :)

      • Htee

        Stand corrected…
        Xkyus me…

        Nakunsumi dahil na bulgar ang balbon na trabaho at malaking possibility madadawit pa sya. SINO kaya yung malaking isda na yun??? Abangan….laglagan tym.

      • batangpaslit

        saan naman sia na kunsomisyon? kulang ang partida?


    sec. de lima, wala ka na sa commision of human rights. nasa doj ka na. kaya bago magpahayag sa media kunin mo muna ang pahayagng dalawang partido.

    o baka naman gusto mo lang linisin ang pangalan ng kaibigan mong si ochoa.

  • nice_boy

    Because of De Lima’s premature declaration of her conclusions, the PNP and Army men manning the checkpoint can no longer rely on the objectivity of the NBI investigation.  Since they will now definitely be charged with criminal offense, they will be advised by their lawyers to clam up as anything they say will be used against them.  The truth which we all want to show up is now more elusive.  Now we will hear only De Lima’s version of the truth.   What a big mouth she has.

  • Fulpol

    is it now the job of DOJ Sec to investigate crime?

    NBI, the authorized agency to investigate crime haven’t furnished De Lima a copy of their final and conclusive report.. but why De Lima initiated her own investigation, came out a conclusion and released it in media?

    NBI under DOJ… but what is the expertise of De Lima? Crime investigation??? she leads the NBI investigation???


    • holydonkeyballs

      Exactly the point of my comment below. It is the NBI’s job to investigate then, after such investigation, De Lima can now tell her opinion, conclusion or findings to the media.

  • Bacani Clemen

    DOJ should conduct a thorough investigation first before they talk to the media.  The media can do all their interview and both sides of the coin will definitely have their side broadcasted on the media.  Sometimes it will get the media attention too depending on how much one side can influence media reporting in a form of payola.  So who is telling the truth and what is the end of justice is elusive with this kind of conflicting reports we are reading.  The winners in this are the jueteng lords and criminals!!!

  • Bacani Clemen

    This is no longer a crime investigation.  This is telenovela.

    • Aj

      hilig kasi ng pinoy sa drama…ibigay ang hilig…..wala ding mang yayari diyan..

  • Alfredo

    what?de lima have the right to interfere with the nbi investigation bec its the doj sub agencies?when is that? the law said that nbi is a sole agency

  • batangpaslit

    childish ang demeanor ni Sec DeLima……kahit sa deparment leverl, talagang may leadership dilemma.

  • anak_ng_bayan

    H’wag na kayong magtaka k de lima. kng natatandaan ninyo ‘yong bombing sa bar exam (Sept 26, 2010) kng saan meron nahuling isang member ng fraternity? Pagkaraan ng ilang araw nag issue si de lima ng press statement na kilala na raw nila ang dalawang accomplice ng suspect at ipinasu.surrender n’ya sa pamunuan ng fraternity. Hinamon xa na pangalanan ‘yong dalawa para mai.surrender. Hanggang ngayon wala xang maibigay na pangalan. That was almost 3 years ago.

    • Aj

      wag lang kay de lima ka mag taka pare ko, sa buong justice system sa bansa, parang pagong and usad lalo na at may pera at mga backers ang mga salarin. when will it ever change…..

  • Markov Chain

    DOJ chief under fire from corrupt politicians for ruling out shootout. Yan sana ang title ng article.

  • zeroko

    He he he! This is what Democracy is all about. Transparency. At least, DOJ De Lima has turned around to say that it was not a shoot-out after the NBI investigated the incident. Besides, how can see over turn the primary witness who reenacted the scenario. 

    Para naman kayong iba. Alam naman nating mahilig mag pa appear sa press. Kalamo mga Authority. Bakit hindi ninyo banatan ang abugado ng mga kawal na sa interview sa Press sa DZMM T.V., he declared that it was a shoot out. That his client has a legitimate mission. Bakit hindi ninyo banatan ang Spokeperson ng PNP na sabi,legitimate din ang mission? Bakit hindi ninyo banatan ang leader ng PNP sa crime scene? Sabi niya sa DZMM, “Wala kayong karapatan na maghusga dahil wala naman kayo sa crime scene!” He he he. Tapang ano. Sabi niya, legitimate mission.

    O, ngayon, lumabas ang katutuhanan. The military and PNP are both bobo! This is the era of information technology, FAST LANE kumalat ang balita. Alam na agad ng audience kung ano ang nangyayari. Magsisinugnaling pa sila. He he he. Bobo. Walang alam ang PNP kundi mangotong. Tignan ninyo ang waist line ng mga PNP officers, puro bondat! Kung hindi lang sa girdle na suoot nila, puputok ang butsi nila pati botonis. He he he. Ay nako, it’s fan in the Philippines! .

    • D_BystandeR

      Ang daming mga comments dito na puro kalokohan. Isipin mo si Sec. De Lima ay kusang sumama doon sa lugar ng pinangyarihan sa krimen para lang makita sa dalawa niyang mata ang re-enactment na walang kadudaduda ay nagsabi ng totoo ang dalawang witness. If not for the prodding of the NBI officials to get the side of those two witnesses and assured them of their police protection and their families they would not have gone there to risk their lives and performed that reenactment. Isipin mong malaking perhuwesyo ito sa buhay nila lalo na ang mga taong nasangkot doon ay puro mga pulis at special forces ng Army. Mabuti na lang at hindi ‘yun nangyari sa Maguindanao sa lugar ng mga Ampatuan dahil alam mo na ay ayaw ng mga Ampatuan ng mga “live witnesses.” Talagang himala sa buhay nila na hindi na sila isinama sa pag-“spray ng mga bullets” sa kanilang mga high powered firearms at sobrang tuwa siguro nila ng sabihin ng sundalo na “paalisin na” sila kaagad. And Sec. De Lima should not be faulted for issuing her honest and sincere assessment of the result of that reenactment and right-thinking  people making comments should even be thankful to Sec. De Lima for “calling a spade a spade.” Hindi katulad ni NBI Mendez na earlier he was heard to have said it is an “ambush” but when he learned that Alan Purisima returned the “spot report” of the PNP dahil daw hindi tama ang “format” ay binago ni Mendez ang kanyang “assessment” at hindi na “ambush” ngunit, ano ba ‘yun? “overkill?” We are fortunate, again to stress my point, that we have a DOJ Secretary who is “matapang,” and who does not blink her eye when she sees something that deserved her “straight to the point” – it’s not a shootout!

  • junteddy m

    Sec De Lima for president!!!

  • whyinthisworld

    Sect. De Lima is right. I agree with her. All insinuations, criticism, non-sense questions would not help to solve problems but instead, keep them away from the issue. Suggest not to abuse their emotion by writing unrelevant issues but just feed the correct and appropriate information to resolve this mess once and for all. Let’s help them na lang.  

  • kilabot

    she is just doing a verbal rubout; 
    much like her incorrigible boss.


    ang naniniwalang shoot out, yung mga involved at siguro mga kamag anak nila. maliban doon, wala na. lahat naniniwala na ambush, rub out, masaker, o likidasyon ang nangyari. asan na mga vigilante? asan na mga npa? baka naman kotong na rin kayo sa jueteng.

  • Trollollolloll

    hindi rin ako naninwala na shootout ang pangyayari.

    subalit…ang opinion ko dito kay daldalima, ay malaki talaga ang bunganga (hindi bibig) nitong babae, lalake, o bakulaw (kung ano man siya) na ito.

  • pinoypower

    If Sec De Lima believes it’s not a shootout then what is she waiting for? Kasuhan na ang mga involved na personalidad at ilagay sa immigration watchlist o hold departure order. May mga witnesses na at evidences. Dapat pantay pantay sa batas. Bakit pag civilians, suspect pa lang guilty na at hinahatulan na ng baril ni Marantan? Dapat nating tanggapin na dito sa Pilipinas hindi lang mga civilians ang bad guys. Meron din sa police, militar at gobyerno kaya dapat they should not be above the law.

  • Abdul Majeed Mijares Laureano

    Oh no, it wasn’t a shootout. It was carnage. 

  • Benito Juarez

    From what I’ve learned, great decisions come from deliberate and careful considerations of all matters before actions. Madam Secretary, if you’re sincere never doubt your faith but doubt your tongue. We grasp your disdain over the misconduct of what supposed to be “lawmen.” The PNP created a monster – MARANTAN. Well-disciplned soldiers and policemen should never die at the hands of their comrades. It’s unfortunate, those alive are not disciplined.

  • milespacker

    Call a spade a spade. Magbobolahan pa ba tayo para makabwelo ang lawyer ng mga soldiers? Tell it how it is. This is the best we could do for those who did not deserve to die.

    It is ironic that the 13 weren’t given their day in court for allegedly being gun-for-hire, involved in illegal gambling – and yet the perpetrators are shouting ‘unfair” because the incident is not being labeled a shootout?

    It’s as if killing in cold blood is acceptable but not the expression of ones opinion based on findings.

    Isa lang ang dapat kondenahin dito, ang walang katuturang pagka-sawi ng mga nakasakay sa SUVs na kung saan ay walang nakuhang ebidensya na nanlaban.

    So huwag nyo nag ilihis ang issue.

  • Komen To

    De Lima on Thursday told reporters that going by the testimony of two witnesses on the spot, what happened at the joint police-military checkpoint in Atimonan was “definitely not a shootout.”

    Very clearly, the secretary based her comments in the testimony of the two witnesses. The military and police should have presented their witnesses to contradict NBI witnesses, or presented them much earlier to establish their theory. Now it’s up to the police and military to offer their witnesses and clearly, from their statements in the past, they were saying it was a shoot out.

    The court is the final arbiter and the supreme court, in case the ruling of the lower court is appealed, becomes the final verdict. But for me, based on the news articles, pictures taken, videos watch, I go with Sec de Lima’s statement that it is definitely not a shoot out.

  • kimkim1226

    If there’s a basis for the accusations, they should get a warrant and arrest them. Now if the situation calls for it, they can effect warrantless arrest, but by all means conduct it not like that. We are a government governed by laws, a civilized society, not the Wild, Wild West where they can just neutralize anybody they want to,” Correct ka dyan ‘ Madam De Lima. sino ba ang nagpa-sweldo sa mga ito, galing sa tax ng mga mamayan, Serve and Protect wala na sa vocabolaryo nila. kaya pag ganito ang mga pulis at sundalo natin lalong dadami ang mga NPA.

  • silvershade

    No matter what happened, shootout or rubout, we should rejoice because the policemen were able to do their duties and kill the criminals.  Hindi sila dapat bini-baby, dapat sa kanila pinapatay.  Kaya nga napahiya si De Lima dito sa Davao dahil wala siyang nagawa o na-prove when she was still the CHR chairman.

    • delia kelly

      I agree with you. Nakalimutan na masa samang tao ang mga napatay

      • boldyak

        kung ang pumatay mas masama?…paano tayo nyan…kailangan may papatay din sa kanila?…

    • X44

      The people of Davao are peace-loving people. We do not agree with the absolute punishment of a summary execution. Be it criminals or not. We are not savages here. We are reasonable citizens who believe in the rule of law and abhor all types of injustices too. Please refrain from branding us like your executioner’s sponsors, as if we approved of that.

    • butch p

      hindi dapat si delima angmapahiya ..dapat mga taga davao ang mahiya dahil sa kababa nang pangingisip hinayaan ang berdugo na mayor dyan mang yan sa mga lugar tulad sa africa na naiwanan pa sa ikot nang mundo…hahahaha

  • junteddy m

    kasalanan ni gloria at corona lahat to!!

  • RicDab

    Sa korte ang bagal magdesisyon ng judge. Sa Media ang bilis mag-judge ng mga opisyal. Dapat siguro tutukan ng camera ang mga huwes at gawin din silang elective officials para madali rin silang magdesisyon. PAPOGI, PA-EPAL, PUBLICITY EVERYWHERE!!!

  • RicDab

    Buti na lang di naging CJ sa SC si De Lima. Baka di pa naglalabas ng hatol ang lower court e me final verdict na sya.

  • Arnel

    Mayroong nangyari na hindi kanaisnais… malalaman din natin ito

  • MS. F3

    There was an old saying, 3 people can keep a secret if 2 are dead. In this case if 13 are dead. So only Marantan knows the secret to all of these.

  • Paliwaweng

    If you are apprehended on a checkpoint by a phalanx of fully-armed police and military, all their high powered guns pointed at you,would you draw and fire at them?

    The defense of Marantan et al are not just rediculous and stupid, a serious insult to common sense.

  • PeteJrfern

    Yong ibang napatay naghahanap buhay lang, ni walang baril.  Dapat ba silang patayin?  Both sides my pulis at militar so ang problema talaga sa ating society ay mga pulis at militar.

    • scorpio15

      Talagang Problema dahil imbes na magServe at magProtect sa publiko, Illegal na mga Sistema ang merong Serve and Protection.

  • mightycondor

    It is better for DOJ to investigate globelines LOUSY services…

  • D3marketers

    “If [the people who were killed] had [criminal] records, assuming that they are part of a syndicate whether engaged in illegal numbers game or guns for hire, there was a process for it,” she said.
    “If there’s a basis for the accusations, they should get a warrant and arrest them. Now if the situation calls for it, they can effect warrantless arrest, but by all means conduct it not like that. We are a government governed by laws, a civilized society, not the Wild, Wild West where they can just neutralize anybody they want to,” she said.

    I’m not a fan of the Justice Secretary but this time I could not disagree more. Yan ang pinakaponto talaga eh. Kung members nga ng gun for hire syndicate ang Siman group, yon ba ang tamang paraan ang patayin sila lahat? Ilang kaso na ba na involved ang grupo na to? Me nakasampang kaso na ba? IIndelhinsya este intelligence report lang naman ang binasehan.Kung mga convicted criminals at mga pugante ang mga to, malamang maski pinatay sila lahat, public opinion would have been on Marantan’s favor

    • wawa2172

      I could only agree with you. The killing was over done and the scheme made to terminate  the victims could not justify the accusation hurled by the Maratnan et al. The victims have no criminal records thus accusing them of being a hired killer is out of this world.

    • Tonypogi

       It is apparent from the reported way they set up the checkpoint, the failure to wear proper uniforms, the augmentation of the AFP, the number of shots fired at the vehicles and the resulting casualties, that the operation was simply meant to be an AMBUSH executed to the letter. All of the reports of the participating Police and AFP personnel were meant for damage control and to cover-up what actually happened.  Their continued comments are meant to throw a lot of mud into the air hoping some would stay there to muddle the issue and to convince the GULLIBLES that what really happened was a SHOOTOUT.

    • Lorelei

      walang nakasampang kaso nor standing arrest warrant, that’s why

  • wakats


    During the DOJ-NBI reenactment, a 10-wheeler truck was on the right side of the road when 2 black SUVs overtook them slowly.  Seconds later, soldiers were waving them to stop and at the same time 2 soldiers were placing checkpoint signage at the middle of the road. Almost at once, a military truck came blocking the road (youtube=NBI-DOJ reenactment)

    In yesterday’s PDI article titled: “Lontok, companion killed in cold blood – witnesses,” de Lima said “the 2 witnesses were aboard a 10-wheeler about 6 meters from the 2 vehicles when the shooting happened.  The truck of the witnesses was in the middle of the road, in front of the vehicles of Siman’s group.” They were so close that they even saw the “spent casing” fly out of the window from the driver’s seat as one shot was apparently fired from the inside of the 1st vehicle.

    Analyzing the two scenarios, the truck was at the rear of the 2nd vehicle and the witnesses could not have seen the “spent casing ” fly out from the window of the driver of the 1st vehicle as it was in the left side and far from the truck where the witnesses were seated.

    The detractors of de Lima could not be blamed for criticizing the DOJ’s pronouncement that it was “definitely not a shootout.”


    • Lorelei

      Bok ang assertion mo assumes that the witness was sitting inside the cargo truck during the incident … sure ka ? Kung oo you still have to allow na mataas di hamak ang cargo truck 

  • delia kelly

    So brang kapal naman ng mukha nitong si de Lima. Basta may ka mera kailangang bida siya.wala naming mangyari sa mga Kaesong hawak niya. It is time for pnoy to fire de Lima.

    • Leop233

       sus kaya laging nasa balita yan kasi JUSTICE SECRETARY po yan hindi sya PURO EPAL na inaakala mo

    • Arvin

      Magbasa ka nang mabuti and substantiate……..maganda nga ang ginawa ni Sec Delima dahil hands-on siya sa kaso…hindi lang siya setting secretary na nag hintay ng report sa kanya…imagine this is not ordinary case….malalim ito at pera ang pinagusapan….hindi 
      natin ma over ruled na baka pati agent sa NBI ay bayaran para maging iba ang labasan sa istorya….mga malalaking tao sabwat nito….

      wala kang punto na mag media mileage si delima kasi hindi siya tatakbo sa election   …
      dapat ganitong pag-iisip at magbigay kanang comment…

      from Cebu..

      • Leop233


  • doublecross

    yon check-point, di naman steady yon, kundi dala nila…hehehe…ano yon?

    • goodH2O


  • AllinLawisFair

    We are a government of laws, not of Marantan.”

    • F alonso

      When did the Govt. apprehend a Lord of Organized crime and illegal Gambling.Heard something bout it lately?

  • wawa2172

    I have criticize De Lima in many cases she had handled but this one at Atimonan I could be on her side. She have a clear analysis of the massacre and reason why Melad, Marantan and Dumlao are on the hot seat. The setting up of the check point at an instant is an indication that a mission  is to make sure that the target will be eliminated regardless who gets hurt. There were 13 passenger and only one target: Vic Siman. The 12 were collateral damage thus the policemen and soldiers could be accused of murder. De Lima need not supervised the reenactment else she could be accused of media mileage. She could let the NBI do it and the investigation seems to be credible. Again, isa lang naman ang target in Vic Simas. Ang dali makakuha ang warrant of arrest so madali lang madakip si Siman and killing him will be another story.

    • F alonso

      Collateral damage for a Police Col,airforce,police sgt. escorting a Lord of organized crime and illegal gambling.Are you sane?Anyone escorting a BadLord is considered bad regardless of their professional and social status.

      • wawa2172

        How many BadLord  are there is in this country. You mean to say that tomorrow or any day from now the Sanchez and Penida’s among others are to be targeted. If  the government is able to send Erap and GMA to jail then why not this violators, I mean the BadLord. Take note the Coplan Armado was a well planned ambush and it took three months to implement such. The targets are hired killers with Vic Siman as the leader. It turn out that the Siman is a jueteng operator and the Montero passenger are not killers but police officers and military men. The Montero stop at the check point and as an SOP at check point the passengers who knows the rules did not go out of the vehicle. Niratrat ba naman. Kung may arrest warrant si Maratnan di na sana mag lalagas nang buhay. Collateral damage? No its massacre, just pure murder.

  • Leop233


  • Leop233

    nakasanayan na yan ni Marantan.  Mas madali nga naman gumawa ng ganyan dahil hindi malalaman agad ang tutoo at sobrang bagal umusad ang batas…

  • boldyak

    Delima was the director of the reenactment…and she made the conclusion…hahaha…kakatawa..

    • milespacker

       There was no conclusion. The investigation is ongoing. De Lima’s opinion holds as much weight as Maratnan’s claim that it was a shootout. 

      • popeyee

        There was no conclusion. But her pronouncement could preempt the outcome of the investigation of her NBI..pag sinabi ng kanyang NBI na rubout ang nangyari, magkakaroon na ng pagdududa na naimpluwensyanhan nya ang conclusion ng NBI report…

      • milespacker

        The preliminary reports from both PNP and NBI have already stated that it wasn’t a shootout – way before De Lima gave her 2c.

      • popeyee

        It was the PNP report given to NBI which says it wasn’t a shootout. The NBI is the lead agency and haven’t came up yet with their report..

      • milespacker

        Why is Atty Buela not making an issue with the PNP report saying it wasn’t a shootout? Maybe he’s expecting some sort of a bs miracle where everyone thinks it wasn’t a shootout, the PNP thinks it wasn’t a shootout, De Lima thinks it wasn’t a shootout, Pnoy thinks it wasn’t a shootout – but NBI thinks it was. Well good luck Atty Buela! Lol!

      • doncleo

         Ano pa ba gusto nyo e maski mga ordinaryong tao nagsasabi na rub-out talaga kasi malinaw nman sa mga pangyayari at may mga eyewitness pa..Hindi naman sa kinakampihan ang mga ,
        kriminal pero sa pangyayaring ito malinaw na ang sadya ni Marantan ay patayin at hindi hulihin si Siman at bahala na kung sino madamay..makatwiran ba yan?

      • boldyak

        it is her conclusion based on what she directed…hahaha

      • milespacker

        I think it is more your conclusion that De Lima concluded. The courts have the final say.

  • Pitbulldog

    Why not just put her under fire?  FIRE HER!  This is the kind of talkative, careless and irresponsible government official who shows bias in her judgment that only reveals about her ignorance of the duties and responsiblities about a very delicatge position her retarded boss entrusted her. A DOJ secretary concluding of “not a shootout” that is almost agreeing to rubout alllegations that almost state categorically the lawmen are guilty of the crime the inHuman Rights groups have raised against them.  Justice Secretary ka pa naman..Secretary of inJustice who came from the inHuman Rights Commission.  Saliwa na pag-iisip ng bruha na ito…

    • East_Crusader

      if you were in the same situation stupid dog, you will find your comment how stupid you are!!

  • $14141131

    The loquacity of de Lima misfired not because she was wrong to call the rubout as “not a shootout.” It is because she was trying to maker herself appear as the thinking secretary contemplating on what to call the incident – an ambush or a rubout. It’s stupidity! It was an ambust done to carry a rubout, period. 

  • Rod Laver

    One of PDI’s stories that came out on January 10.
    “President Aquino on Wednesday voiced doubts that the clash between government security forces and an alleged criminal gang in Atimonan town, Quezon province, in which 13 people were killed on Sunday, was a shootout.
    Mr. Aquino said he found inconsistencies in the initial police report on the clash that happened at an alleged security checkpoint in a sparsely populated stretch of Maharlika Highway in Atimonan.”
    The President was voicing his opinion. Nobody criticized him. Nobody said he preempted the outcome of the case.
    “De Lima on Thursday told reporters that going by the testimony of two witnesses on the spot, what happened at the joint police-military checkpoint in Atimonan was “definitely not a shootout.”
    Sec. De Lima, too, was voicing her opinion. Why is she being criticized for allegedly “preempting” the outcome of the case?
    “If I were them, instead of raising various issues, they should just answer the main issue at hand, the one about the incident, They should face it and answer it, not divert it by questioning the actuations of the secretary of justice. That style is an old tactic,” she said. She has a point here.

    • wakats

      PNoy said he DOUBTS that it was a shootout.  de Lima said DEFINITELY it’s not a shootout.  

      • East_Crusader

        its based on the re-enactment, dont you get it!!!! and the re-enactment was the person raising both hands begging for mercy, but the police still shoot could you possibly say a shootout when in fact it was a dont really understand how stupid and crippled minded wakats is!!!

      • boldyak

        as you said it was a reenactment and the that reenactment was directed by Delima….can we just consider the witnesses she have are telling the truth? she the right person to judge if the witnesses are telling the truth?…i strongly believe that the incident was palnned to kill tyhe group of Siman but as a Justice secretary she should have given the evidences to the NBI and let the NBI invistigate further, kaso gusto sumikat…kaya hayan napuna tuloy…hahaha

  • Colokoy

    “De Lima said just because the other side was the first to open fire did not mean that the law enforcers could fire back indiscriminately,, kakatawa k delimma anong indiscriminately? kaya maraming tumama sa dalawang suv kasi nandoon yong mga armado

  • sugbu

    Don’t be rattled DoJ Sec.Delima…walang karapatan at walang saysay iyang pinagsasabi nilla…..Kasohan nyo kaagad iyan sila ng criminal case.Don’t feel defensive….psyche war ang labanan.

    • boldyak

      and you don’t have to manufacture evidences…maliwanag ang nangyari…unlike the previous cases you filed, kaya pumalpak…hahaha

  • kabayandinako

    Pag sinabi ni Pnoy puti, kahit itim yon sasabihin ni De Lima puti din syempre or else…

  • boybakal

    Just stay calm and poise…You’re Grace under Fire.

  • boybakal

    Alam naman ninyo ang police, once they fired, they will continue firing and exchange fire at all costs.
    Normal lang yan…under fire.

  • Rosauro

    Try to imagine a situation where a
    person, either a law breaker or a drug addict, coming over to you with his hands
    raised to mean he has no concealed weapon at all, will you kill him? Does it
    mean that he wants to challenge you for a fist fight? It does not take you to
    be a cop to know that the person who is raising his hands to mean that he is
    pleading for his life.  I do not believe,
    even for a minute that our police officers sent to implement the laws of the
    land are half cooked from the Police Academy, and if I what I am saying is
    true, then what’s the motive of killing a person who pleads for mercy?

    • F alonso

      hi rosauro,only 2 persons went out with their hands raised,how would you know what is tucked behind their back?If all the occupants went out with their hands raised then they might have been spared from being shot.
      These escorts are not merely Boy scouts or escort girls.The big fish is not an ordinary Lord.

      • boldyak

        the check point(kuno) was put up to kill no matter what the people inside the SUV’s are doing…that is a simple truth, still you didn’t get it…Marantan has no business in leading a checkpoint…he an intel agent, the police under marantan did notg wear uniforms…why?…haven’t you heard the exploits of Marantan, how many people were killed whenever his name appear in the news?…wag na tayong mag-maang maangan pa..susss..

  • East_Crusader

    i think the DOJ Secretary is doing good on her job, some NOOB just dont get it..

    • nakatutok

      Alex ikaw ba yan?? maligo ka daw before mo sunduin si DOJ Sec para mabango ka na..

  • pinoy_abno

    “De Lima said just because the other side was the first to open fire did not mean that the law enforcers could fire back indiscriminately.”

    Galing mo talaga de lima………..pwe!

  • pinoy_abno

    “De Lima said she was just answering questions from reporters who wanted to know after the reenactment what she thought happened at the checkpoint.”

    Galing mo talaga de lima…..hindi mo ba pwedeng sabihin na ongoing pa investigation at hindi ka muna magbigay nang komento hanggang hindi pa kumpleto ang lahat….wala eh basta makapagbukas lang nang bunganga eh….

  • 711sense

    De Lima is pre-impting the result of the investigation by giving her opinion of what really happened. She should remain neutral until she read and analyze the whole NBI report. But as usual, she wants to be ahead of everybody by making controversial statement by only looking and deciding from one side of the story. I hope and wish that educated and intelligent people would condemn her action and to demand that she shut up until all sides are heard.

  • Guest

    Dapat tumahimik lang si Mrs. De Lima. Abogado naman siya dapat alam niya ‘yan. Dapat ma cross examine ang mga witnesses na ito sa korte para tingnan kung tutuo nga ang mga sinasabi nila.

    • tagalinaw

      tama ka…

  • nakatutok

    sagad na sa buto ang KASIPSIPAN niyang si Dilemma….

    • Guest

      dapat tumahimik lang siya dahil hindi pa naman lahat tapos ang investigation.

      • tagalinaw


  • I Love This game

    Galit ang mga fans ni GMA…lol!

  • Melvin

    May mataas na police officer sa convoy si Consemino, ang nakapagtataka ay kung bakit hindi siya nagpakilala o di kaya ay siya ang humarap sa checkpoints para walang gulo… At saka nilampasan nila yung unang checkpoint doon nalamang mga armado sila bukod pa sa naunang tip. Kaya ginawa ang 2nd checkpoint… Malamang dahil sa galit ni Siman kay Marantan na siyang nakabukana sa checkpoint kaya pinaputukan kaagad nila ito. Gumanti na tuloy ang mga pulis-militar. Niratrat na sila… Ang problema sabi ng pelikula ng Sec De Lima dapat ang title ay “Walang Shootout”..

    • I Love This game

      Kaya nga si MARATRAT ang nag lead sa checkpoint na yon, para patahimikin ang ka rival nang sister nya sa jueteng….simpel! (simple) 

  • Jef

    De Lima said just bec the other side was the first to open fire did not mean that the law enforcers could fire back indiscriminately…sec. Delia you have no experience in any encounter operation…the alleged lawless element intend to kill their enemy, in short they are the one fire upon you what will you do, you have only one life…first hit the ground and find cover as fast as you can then response fire as much as your enemy fire bakit bibilangin mo ba ang dapat uputok mo para mabuhay ang kalaban mo…look the background or motive the other side…cguro kung patay si marantan gagawin nyo HERO malas nya dahil nabuhay…kakasuhan nyo SHAME ON YOU.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Those triggers happy are the country shame,
    remember Manila Mayor Lim in Luneta Park, HK peoples will not forget.
    Few rotten primitive apples are robbing the country reputation and terrorizing the population for disgusting purposes like greed and abuses.

    Good luck to P-Noy and Leila de Lima to put the country on the right trend, 
    a lot have to be done, they deserved a strong support to end up this rubbish Wild, Wild West attitude, one of the World worst uncivilized, so disgusting.
    The population is paying a hefty price for few criminals nested in the AFP and PNP

    What happen to this country to be the best for all what is bad ?

  • PHtaxpayer

    “Live by the gun, die by the gun!” – that is the law of the jungle.

    Why are we wasting time arguing if armed criminals should be protected?  Let them finish each other off!

  • eirons1043

    Like the Gloria wheelchair scenario were de lima says that it is escaping and where the SC say it is her right to travel,  de lima was right as gloria was not really sick pala. Like an impartial referee she calls it the way she see it walang kiyeme-kyeme. In the Atimonan “gunfight”, the physical evidence of one way shoot out is so overwhelming that only a legalistic dishonest coward would say that it is a shootout and not an ambush. Even how the placement of the checkpoint were stationed are eyebrow raising plus the picture of a sprawled man without a gun and the same man with a gun is so glaring. Ang laking pera ng involved dito at preventve vendetta otherwise known as “gusto mo kong itumba? uunahan na kita”.

  • Constantine

    Sec De Lima is too eager to get back at Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa. Madam Justice Secretary, this is not the right time to act according to your caprices. Please do it in a subtle way. Yung hindi ba halata! Ok?

  • Love God

    Let us hear both the sides before coming to any conclusion. Let the truth come out as TRUTH.
    Either it was a shoot-out or rub-out or a turf war, police and military officers travelling with an operator of a big time criminal syndicate is highly questionable, worse shocking.
    This is the reason there is no end to criminality in our land. This is the reason we cannot stop the illegal number game.
    This is the reason there is no end to our drug problem. 
    Police, Military and politicians are either involved or act as protectors of this syndicate. Drug caught are recycled, Military sell arms to rebels are just shocking truth we all know.
    Our President, Sec. Roxas and Sec. De Lima are incorruptible and honest leaders but they cannot be doing the ground operation personally every corner of the 7000+ islands.
    We need a moral revolution in which every citizen must be a participant. Then we can say we are free indeed from the clutches of crime and corruption.
    God bless!    

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