Sacked Calabarzon police chief says Atimonan killings surprised him


A case operation plan (coplan) involves only intelligence activity to build up a case against a target. There is nothing criminal about a coplan, according to Chief Supt. James Melad, the sacked chief of the Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) police.

Setting up checkpoints is not part of a coplan. That is a job for law enforcement, Melad told the Inquirer on Thursday.

But he said he was surprised when he learned that a checkpoint had been set up in Barangay Lumutan in Atimonan, Quezon province, as part of the execution of “Coplan Armado,” the plan to dismantle the operations of Victor “Vic” Siman, alleged financier of the numbers racket “jueteng” in the Southern Tagalog region.

Melad said, however, that as a superior officer, he presumed the checkpoint was regular, as Supt. Hansel Marantan, leader of the police team that carried out Coplan Armado, was able to prove to him that the occupants of two sports utility vehicles headed for the checkpoint were armed.

But the identities of the vehicles’ occupants became known only after the supposed shootout between the group and the combined police and military forces at the checkpoint, Melad said.

Siman was killed in the supposed shootout, but so were 12 others who turned out to be “collateral damage” in the execution of Coplan Armado.

Police report

Quezon police reported that Siman’s group fired on the security forces at the checkpoint, hitting Marantan in the hands and foot. That prompted the security forces to fire back, killing the 13 men in the two SUVs. The report mentioned a third vehicle whose occupants also fired on the security forces then fled.

Relatives of the slain men refused to believe the police report and claimed that Siman and his group were summarily executed.

Inconsistencies in the police report prompted President Aquino to order the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to investigate and find out what really happened.

Knew nothing

Melad said his role in Coplan Armado was “ministerial” and that he knew nothing about the the police operation in Atimonan until he received a call from the Quezon police and was informed that officers from the intelligence unit under his command were involved in a shootout in Atimonan.

“I knew nothing about it. I was surprised when the Quezon provincial police director called me up and told me that Marantan’s unit figured in a shootout with an armed group in Atimonan,” Melad said in Filipino. “I said that was quite far. How did they get there? What was Marantan doing there?”

Melad said he was at the Philippine National Police (PNP) headquarters in Camp Crame in Quezon City on that day, participating in the Game of the Generals, a traditional shooting competition among military generals and high-ranking police officers. The PNP chief, Director General Alan Purisima, was there and so was President Aquino, who outscored more than 100 military and police officers and won the competition.

Melad said he was not sure what time Quezon Provincial Police Director Valeriano de Leon called him, but it must have been 3:30 p.m. or 3:45 p.m. but could not have been after 4 p.m.

De Leon was sacked on Jan. 9 and Melad on Tuesday but not over Coplan Armado but over the killing of Fernando “Pandoy” Morales, an alleged hit man with links to Siman, in another shootout with police in San Juan town in Batangas province on Monday.

Melad said the initial information he got was about the supposed shootout and that Marantan was wounded and taken to hospital in Lucena City.

The information from De Leon, Melad said, was that 11 people were killed, two severely wounded and taken to hospital but died along the way.

Ten firearms were recovered from the two vehicles used by Siman’s group. But after the arrival of crime scene investigators, Melad said, the report was revised and the number of recovered firearms rose to 13.

Melad said he left the shooting competition without saying goodbye to Purisima and told De Leon that he was on his way to Quezon to inspect the scene of the supposed shootout.

Talk with Marantan

“I was really surprised. Why Quezon? Marantan never went that far on intelligence and surveillance work,” Melad said in Filipino.

“But instinctively, of course, I had to talk to the team leader, Marantan. He was in a Lucena hospital when I talked to him that night,” he said.

Melad said the Atimonan operation was “legitimate.” Every commander, he said, presumes regularity when an incident is reported to him, he said. When De Leon called him to inform him about the supposed shootout in Atimonan he took it as just that.

In their conversation in the Lucena hospital, Melad said Marantan told him that he had received !A-1 information” that a group of guns for hire was on the road and that he immediately acted on it.


Coplan ‘legitimate’

“It was a judgment call on his part as an intelligence officer and I took his word for it,” Melad said. “I was concerned about his condition because [he] was wounded,” he added.

Melad said Marantan never cleared the checkpoint with him, but maintained the coplan that Marantan had submitted to him was “legitimate.”

Coplan Armado was signed by Melad, Marantan, and Supt. Glenn Dumlao, commander of the Regional Public Safety Battalion of the Calabarzon police.

The plan was submitted to the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC) for approval and funding, but was disapproved because it was a potentially bloody business, according to an Inquirer source.

Melad said Marantan submitted Coplan Armado to him and he signed it because the subject of the operation, groups used as guns for hire, could be used as private armies during elections.

The PAOCC, headed by Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa, had expressed the same concern, Melad said, explaining why he approved the coplan.

He said Marantan submitted the coplan to him in October last year. PAOCC officials said they received the coplan a month later.


Dedication to duty

Melad praised Marantan’s dedication to duty. “I know nothing about the information about him that’s surfacing only now,” he said, referring to information, much of it from the police, that Marantan was the protector of an illegal gambling group fighting Siman for turf in the Southern Tagalog region.

“What I know about him is what I have seen in him, a dedicated officer,” Melad said in Filipino.

But if Marantan did not clear the checkpoint with Melad, who approved it?

Melad said that if Marantan cleared the checkpoint with a superior officer, he was not that officer.

He added that having seen Marantan’s dedication to duty, it never occurred to him that Marantan could have had ulterior motives in carrying out the Atimonan operation.

Whether Marantan personally knew any of the victims, especially Siman, Melad said he had no idea. That’s up to Marantan to explain, he said.

His viewpoint

Melad said he was not saying all this to save himself but to give the facts from his point of view as a regional commander who learned about the supposed shootout in Quezon only after it had already happened.

But does he think Marantan kept him in the dark and used Coplan Armado as cover for an illegitimate operation?

“I will not add to the speculations,” Melad replied. “Let us all trust that even with seemingly conclusive statements at this point, the NBI will come up with a comprehensive and credible investigation.”

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  • Carlos_Iho

    Change of style of statements by Melad to correct his knee-jerk reaction earlier.  The police and soldiers have always been consistently inconsistent.

  • Zandro O

    laglagan time…

  • $23455908

    Maliwanag dito, maraming sumamang sundalo at pulis dahil akala nila legitimate ang operation , yun pala personalan lang pala. Kalaban sa negosyo ng sister ni Marantan ang pinag-papatay damay ang mga walang kamuwang-muwang na tao. I have been in the AFP before at karaniwan na itong nangyayari. Tulungan ba without any approval from the higher up. If I’m there, sasabihin ko talaga ang totoo. I don’t care kung magalit pa sa akin ang commander ko.

    • 33Sambuang

      korek ka pareng roji. protektado ni marantan ang kapatid nyang madre na ngayon e jueteng lord…………….. mamamatay tao sila………………….. madre ka por dios por santo/ mahiya ka naman. walang papatay kung hindi mo inutos hayup ka

      • VeryDisgusted2

         This madre was not included in the oplan list and why there is no plan of action against her until now.

        Is she a milking cow of Lacson, or Roxas, or maybe Noynoy?

      • Htee

        Pards, itong madre con jueteng nasa listahan ba ng xbishop cruz??
        Only asking, dahil baka kasister nya ito, covered up din.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Now is the time for Marantan to reveal who his backers are.

    Nilaglag na siya ni Melad.

    Nilaglag na rin siya ni Paquito Ochoa.

    BIR Kim Henares should be conducting a lifestyle check on Marantan and his family. With all his rub-outs through the years, Marantan should have accumulated a lot by now.

    • basyong

      kulang pa bossing yung AMLC para sa dollar account para naman merong katarungan ang pagkakaimpeached kay corona

  • bulkyboy

    He is right..We don’t have to make speculations or believe in the hear-says of media.

  • franksal

    Now step back a bit and watch what’s going on. You have different groups making their reports and investigations on the incident.  These people are supposed to be the best in this kind of business and being paid by the government. There are 13 dead victims. It looks like a very simple single incident. But they are making it so complicated, only because they are trying to save themselves or covering up something. At the same time they are making a fool out of themselves. They talk so much and so loud, but not accomplishing anything. The people who bragged about themselves being so good and the best are nowhere. What can be so complicated about this! This is not a work of a world class fugitive….Philippines is spending so much money on you…do your job!

  • ryan andres

    Supotintendent Meladramatic, master manlalaglag! Ang lupit mo teng, kinanta mo talaga lahat para mailusot mo lang sarili mo!

    Sabagay, ang mga pulpulis naman talaga eh napakagaling magsikantahan eh, basta ipit na sila…

  • 33Sambuang

    dapat ang last name mo na ang maging meladlad. nilaladlad at nilaglag mo sila to save your face and soul to the madlang pipol. bobo mo

  • farmerpo

    Hugas kamay. Ay, marumi pati tubig. Palitan muna. Yung planggana, me butas din. Yung ulo, me butas din. Alang twalya, basa kamay. Ano ba yan? 

  • Marcela

    how much was your take melad! singing the same tune that the identity of siman was known only during the shootout. hello! si marantan ganyan din sinabi noong una but there was a statement he made that habitan tipped him off a little past 12:00 about the convoy of armed group and that was the time siman and the group left habitan’s house after lunch.

  • edm365f31

    I agree with Melad; you need to support your men no matter what until veracity of information gets sanitized and clarified.
    Marantan has ulterior motive of his own here; the way he conducted this operation is very shady at the least; he left some gaps.  He used the guise of a Coplan armado to neutralize a personal enemy;  with coplan in hand he was able to utilize and manipulate his senior oficers to backup his personal agenda.
    he was out for blood on this one!!

    • VeryDisgusted2

      A good officer will not give support to his men committing shady acts. He will admonish and correct them. But a lousy or a corrupt officer will do otherwise in order to have a share of the loot.

      • Lorelei

        oo as a commander you must give a clear sign to your people that you will not tolerate irregularity

  • edm365f31

    Marantan execution are all shady all in the guise of armed group for hire.  He blundered on this one there are legitimate active police; airforce; govenment officers and employees on this convoy.

    This person is a cold bloodied killer.. this are the type of operations that can happen during the Martial Law days… were everything can get covered up.  I agree with delima we are not in the wild wild west were you can just neutralize anyone.  

    • boldyak

      PAOCC sounds like PAOCTF

    • F alonso

      hey,it doesn’t mean that your idol Siman is escorted by a foolish Col.,airforce and govt. employee will make his illegal operation valid.
      There is no legal reason for a military officer or military man to escort a Lord of organized crime and illegal gambling.De Lima is right,we are not in the wild wild west.In fact she didn’t even pushed the enforcers to apprehend these bloody Lords,not even DILG Sec Mar Roxas.
      Law of the wild west is the only solution to tame this Illegal Jueteng Operation.I don’t think it’s a right thing to do,but these Lords knew exactly what’s on their way,sadly they take the uncertain road to success.They have to accept their fate.

  • Darwin

    If he knows nothing, he should have just kept his mouth shut and tell everyone, I was kept on the dark on this coplan.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Melad said, however, that as a superior officer, he presumed the
    checkpoint was regular, as Supt. Hansel Marantan, leader of the police
    team that carried out Coplan Armado, was able to prove to him that the
    occupants of two sports utility vehicles headed for the checkpoint were

    Siyempre armed dahil may mga pulis at sundalo kasama! yung iba mga armas na wala naman sa una litrato ng media ay baka nakalimutan lang nung binaril at napatay na bunutin ano kaya inilagay na lang na malapit sa bangkay!

    • Manuel Pacquiao

       Melad “presumed”? As in “akala”? Di ba merong sinasabi na “MARAMING NAMAMATAY SA MALING AKALA”? And this is it.

  • kawatancila

    tama… wala sa usapan ang mag tayo ng checkpoint.. bakit kaya ,,, dalidali na sumama ang mga army sa request ni marantan… bakit sumama agad sila sa grupo ni marantan.. meron ba ditong unholy alliance,, dumaan pa sa tamang proceso ang pag request ng augmentation sa army, sino ang nag aprub ng pag responde nila… assuming me armed group, ganun  ba ang talagang approached.. harangin mo sila, natural .. mabibigla sila kc ang lugar na atimonan ay isang liblib na , i mean sa pinang yarihan. madami naman kasing mga peke na sundalo o mga police.. kung naka civilian lang sina marantan , ikaw ba ay  d mag duda kung tunay na police o bandido..dahil infested ng rebelde ang quezon… kung me dala kang malaking pera … d ka ba mag dala ng armas mo… lalot me license o o permit to carry outside your residence.. 
       natural .. armed group kc 13 sila,, at armed kc me kasama sila na police at military .. 
       dont tell if you are a police supt… dadaan ka sa quezon papunta ng bicol ang dala mo ay balisong .. o batuta.. pag police ka… naka duty ka o hindi dapat me dala ka.. kc sa nature ng work mo ,,anytime pwede kang patayin ng mga kaaway mo… 
       are the group of marantan after kay siman o sa dala nilang =milyones, asan na ang mga pera.
        pag pulis ang involved tapos kapwa nya police din mag imbestiga… d malayung ,,, ma doctor ang resulta.. kaya cguro nbi na ang mag co9nduct ng investigations…
        para maiwasan ang white washed… 
        sana .. isipin natin  lahat na pag patuloy ang ganitong estilo ng mga police.. d ba natin maisip na baka sa atin ito mangyari o sa mga kamaganakan natin… 

    • F alonso

      Police: to serve and protect,except Lord of Organized crime and Illegal Gambling.

  • Janch

    Hugas kamay.
    “Melad said, however, that as a superior officer, he presumed the checkpoint was regular, as Supt. Hansel Marantan, leader of the police team that carried out Coplan Armado, was able to prove to him that the occupants of two sports utility vehicles headed for the checkpoint were armed.”

    Akala ko ba wala kang alam na may checkpoint?

  • basyong

    kumanta kana wala kang magagawang palusot diyan!!! bumaligtad ka na lang at ilantad mo si maratnan hehehehehe ratatatatatatat

  • etomacq

    Kawawa ka ngayon Manratrat! Tinabla ka na ng mga superior mo at ng Malacanang. Magdusa ka sa kademonyohan na ginawa mo. 

    Katawa tawa naman ang mga mga superior nya at ng Malacanang. isipin nyo napaikot sila ni Manratrat? 

    Kung hindi naging sensationalized ang ambush na yan, malamang nasabitan na naman yan ni Noynoy ng medalya at na-promote na naman ang lintek na yan.

    • AllinLawisFair


      Taga Tuguegarao, Cagayan Province, Enrileland yang si Hansel Marantan. Huwag ka at tiyak na tauhan yan ni Enrile. Ganyan ang mga tipo nilang tao. Baka kaya matapang si Marantan ay may malakas na backer. Tingnan mo, sa damo ng pinatay ng unit ni Marantan ay na po promote pa sa halip na matanggal or at least ma demote.

      • etomacq

        NakapagTAtaka nga, may mga pending na kaso pero napromote pa rin? Parang si Padaca na may kaso pero na appoint pa rin sa COMOLECT.

  • speaksoftlylove

     What is revealing here is that Melad himself was surprised to find out
    that Marantan went as far as Atimonan, Quezon. Melad said that “Marantan never went that far before.”

    and more important revelation is that before Marantan proceeded to
    Atimonan, he was with Aquino and Gen. Purisima participating in the
    shooting competition in Quezon City. Why did Melad had to reveal this
    fact? Is Melad suggesting that Gen. Purisima or PNoy gave the go ahead for
    Marantan’s mission?

    • Lou333

      Please read article carefully it was Melad who was with Pnoy and Purisima and not Marantan!

    • Htee

      Hehehe spittie, you’re hatred is confusing you on who’s with who….hehehe
      Cool ka lang….

    • Manuel Pacquiao

       Melad is name dropping! period.

  • RyanE

    “Let us all trust that even with seemingly conclusive statements at
    this point, the NBI will come up with a comprehensive and credible

    I doubt it. Since DOJ Sec. De Lima herself has already declared that it’s not a shootout, then what could we expect her subordinates will report? Can they contradict the words of their very own superior?

    • Htee

      Pustahan tayo, pinadadama lang tayo ngayun oh, tapos lalansihin din sa bandang huli.
      They will cook up something more delicious for us in the end.

  • kilabot

    noykapon and melad played the game of the generals; 
    marantan and his group played predators hunting preys.

    • Htee

      GAMES OF THE GENERALS is becoming more and more deadlier now a days….
      Noong kapanahunan ko, board game lang ito.
      Napaglilipasan na talaga ako….
      Makapagsaing na lang nga….

  • kishbuff


    • Htee

      Akala ko ba PONSYO PILATO hindi HUDAS ang naghugas ng kamay????

      At alam ko si Hudas ay isang homo (jukling), dahil halik ng halik sa LALAKI (JESUS).

  • Ron

    Dumidistansya na si Melad kay Marantan. Papaano ka na Marantan?

  • Htee

    Jockey Hulog pala itong si Belat….hahahha


    kumanta ka na melad. parang may tinatakot ka na mga personalidad. kunin na ang mikropono at kumanta na. baka naman alipin ni arroyo ito. 

  • Htee

    “I will not add to the speculations,” Melad replied. “Let us all trust that even with seemingly conclusive statements at this point, the NBI will come up with a comprehensive and credible investigation.”
    But of course, sir, with due respect sir, your speculations is not needed anymore. Kung yung statement nga ni maratrat hindi na inaasahan ng DOJ, sa iyo pa kaya?
    And, are you telling us that you tucked this person(maratrat) under your wings without reviewing what kind of a person he was before this gruesome incident? Anong klase kang commander??? Ayan, nauna ka pang sinampay sa sampayan.
    Sana hindi ka nalang din bumunganga noong mga unang araw….wala ka sanang buburahing mali ngayon….hehehe
    Sir, gumamit ka ng steadler na pangbura, yung puti na malambot para malinis….

  • divictes

    An Intelligence Officer who is clueless? God help us!

    • Htee

      Wala naman talaga tayong intelligence office in the first place…it’s the TIP OFFICE.
      Our police and military rely only on TIPS, except oplan with a grudge.

      • divictes

        IF what you said is true, then we’re in deeper s_ _ttt.

  • boldyak

    how can it be legitimate when the operation was headed by an intelligence agent?…

  • Loggnat

    Chief Supt. James Melad just admitted how he was not in the loop with his subordinates action and is clueless in the actions, operations, and locations of his field officers. He is a paper pusher and the closest he got to any operation is the documents that he pens his signature to approve it. Melad as a superior officer does a heck of a lot of assuming, presuming, and unbelievable claim that he does not have any knowledge of Marantan’s records of being involved in numerous alleged shoot-out with multiple death of innocent civilians. He probably equates those alleged shootings as part of dedication to duty. Collateral damage is minimally acceptable in a war or military confrontation but never acceptable in a civilian law enforcement operation. The law enforcement’s main mission is to serve and protect the citizens and to never put innocent civilians in harm’s way. Those alleged criminals that died in that confrontation are supposed to be regarded as innocent until proven otherwise in the courts of the country.

    • F alonso

      @oggnat,all illegal Jueteng Operators have private armies,they operate under the canopy of politicians whom they supported during election.Their business is illegal,yet no one has the guts to sue them in Court,not even the Government.
      Robout or summary execution is illegal in any form of society.This Lord of organized crime and illegal gambling operates within the Law of the jungle and only a Law of the Jungle is fit to tame their activity.The Lord is even escorted by a Police Col.,do you think there’s any amount of justification to make their partnership valid?

      • boldyak

        at pinapapatay nila ang mga kalaban nila sa territoryo nila….

  • 100345roselia

    According to Chief Supt. Melad – superior officer of Supt. Marantan-  he was surprised & does not know what happened at the rub-out or shoot-out killings at Atimonan. In short, Chief Supt Melad is saying “HE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HIS LEFT HAND IS DOING,” so to speak.  Mga kasamang internet users, anong thoughts ninyo sa sinabi ni Chief Supt. Melad?

    • nakatutok

      siya ay ngoprk ngork zzzzzzz ngrkk sa pansitan….

    • doncleo

       sya ay isang Intelligence officer na walang intelligence hehehe!!!

  • Pio Gante

    ikaw naman james parang kang bago ng bago? ganyan talaga ang blind, kakapa-kapa sa dilim.

  • Bigboy I

    the doj secretary should keep her mouth shut pending an investigation lead by the national bureau of investigation. unfortunately the re-enactment scene in atimonan turned into a media frenzy. 

  • joel genese

    Iba iba na ang mga tono ng kanta nila. Noong nakaraan lang, sintonado ang kanta mo Melad. Ngayon naman ay barag.

  • MS. F3

    Pwede rin naman na si Siman nga ang unang nagpaputok kasi alam nya na sya ang target ng makita nya si Marantan sa checkpoint. Dahil meron namang alitan tong 2 to. Kaso wala ng nagawa ang mga kasama sa SUVs nung biglang bumanat si Siman. Wala na ding magawa ang mga sundalo ng sumigaw si Marantan ng “fire” dahil me unang nagpaputok. Overkill nga lang. Tingnan din yung ganitong anggulo para patas ang resulta ng imbestigasyon.

    • boldyak

      the main reason is, Marantan want Siman dead…marantan has no business leading the checkpoint, he is an intel agent…

    • VeryDisgusted2

       I think Siman was not that fool.

  • Lorelei

    there is a reason behind the big media show ng DOJ … potential witnesses are being killed all over CALABARZON habang mabagal na umiikot ang makinarya ng hustisya

  • tonto_ka

    melad is lying!!!

  • LucasPacascas

    Gen. Melad, malinaw na pinalundag ka ni Kernel Marantan. Bulag ka sa tunay niyang motibo against Vic Siman. Kernel Marantan knew from the very beginning that Vic Siman was only a jueteng operator and not a leader of a gun for hire. Gawa-gawa lang ni Marantan ang pagiging gun-for-hire ni Siman to make Coplan Armado, convincing. Masyado ka kasing tiwala sa bata mo, hayan, laglag kayong pare-pareho. Sa ganyang scenario, don’t be too trusting, trust only your instinct.

    • Jason Cruz

      Tama ko bro laglagan na yan.    Lahat sila ilalaglag ni Ochoa.     Unahan na sa pag alis sa nasusunog na impyerno.

      • LucasPacascas

        Korek ka dyan Sir!

  • Alisto Juan

    “Melad praised Marantan’s dedication to duty. “I know nothing about the information about him that’s surfacing only now,” he said, referring to information, much of it from the police, that Marantan was the protector of an illegal gambling group fighting Siman for turf in the Southern Tagalog region.”

    Sir Melad, magresign kana. Cheif Intelligence Officer sa Region IV-A tapos hindi alam ang background ng mga tauhan n’ya. Walang alam sa Jueting. .  Tell if to PNoy kay maniwala pa pero ang boung bayan, HINDI. . .

  • Alisto Juan

    Imposible na hindi na alam, palusot na lang

  • kimslick

    Ang babaw naman ng explanation ni Milad hindi nya alam kung sino c Marantan eh sa dami ng envolved nyan noon pa na mga shootout na marami ang patay including dun sa mag ama na nadamay sa operation ni Marantan. Wag na tayong maglokohan pa halos lahat kayo dyan sa Quezon province ma police man o AFP protector lahat ng jueteng…kaya nga nag operate kaagad ang mga police at pinatay si PANDOY dahil yun ang nakaka alamlahat ng police at AFP na kasama sa payroll ng mga jueteng lord

    • VeryDisgusted2

       On the same line, Abang, a coronel, was so eager to man the checkpoint rather than sending a sergeant for a checkpoint job.

      These murderers scent millions. They were determine to get it at all cost and to cover their track by taking no prisoner alive.

      There should be no mercy given to these psycho killers.

  • Jason Cruz

    General Milad,  mukhang ilalaglag mo na bata mo ah na si Marantan.     Paano yan kabarilan mo pa pala si Pinoy.      Obvious naman bata mo si Marantan,    Daang milyon kita sa jueteng sa Southern Luzon.    Wala na si Siman,   Ngayon siguro pakyawan ang kita ng nga bagong hari dyan.    

    • doncleo

       wala nang hari kundi reyna ng jueteng– kapatid ni Maratrat

  • AllinLawisFair

    Chief Supt. James Melad, former CALABARZON Police Chief.

    1. “I know nothing about it … What was Marantan doing there?” 
    2. “But the identities of the vehicles’ occupants became known only after the supposed shootout between the group and the combined police and military forces at the checkpoint.”

    3. “Marantan told him (Melad) that he had received A-1 information,” that a group of guns for hire was on the road and that he immediately acted on it.”


    1. Marantan seemed to be acting on his own when carrying out “shoot-to-kill” operations as he knew that no one would permit him to carry out such plans. He had done it before and he got away with it so he would do it again.

    2 & 3. A-1 information in intelligence parlance is the highest classification and the most reliable of its kind which should have been checked and counterchecked several times over. 
    It should have passed the most meticulous scrutiny which leaves no doubt as to the veracity of the information and the integrity of the sources. 

    As we have observed, based on the aftermath of the operation, Marantan did not have his facts carefully checked and counterchecked. Either his sources failed to know that police officers and military men were with Siman, including one or two civilians, or that he thought that those government agents are in cahoots with Siman and should also be eliminated. 

    • F alonso

      Vic Siman and Col. Consemino are both in the list of Bishop Cruz for a long time before their death.Their names won’t be there for nothing.Due to Siman’s power and illegal activity he can’t be easily charged in court because there will no witness who would stake their head.In the first place what’s the business of the bloody Police Col. supporting a bloody Lord using arms of the govt.?Police officers should be working for the benefit of the society except BadLords with illegal activities.Shootout or rubout,they mean the same when it comes to people engaged in illegal activity,period

      • boldyak

        have you asked Bishop Cruz if Consimino is on the List?..or you are just justifying “death squad”….

      • diamond_digger

         Boldyak, he might be even one of them or one whose mentality is a copycat of that of berdugo Marantan.

  • RaymondEXMEN

    alam niyo ba lahat na kung ano talaga ang nangyari doon…hehehehe…

  • nanyo_nanyo

    belat ka talaga melad…sabemo date sa interview ”  iwas with my family in greenhills….”
    alam mo ba ebeg sabehen ng command rensponsibility ha?

  • 100345roselia

    After the death of Vic Siman, who is now the NEW JUETENG LORD.?  He must be a “Big Fish.”  Jueting will not prosper without the “blessings” of the politicians, police & military.

    • F alonso

      Kaya nga,yang Vic Siman na Bad Lord may alalay pang foolish Col.At nung napaslang ay nabigyan pa ng full Military honor coddling a Lord of organized crime and illegal gambling.Maraming sinosuportahan na Politicians yan,malamang all Calabarzon Gov.
      Mag tanda kayo mga Bad Lords,you will suffer the same fate if you will not abandon your illegal activity.

      • boldyak

        and who is the one protected by Marantan?…do you know?…

  • sugbu

    Melad,mag juicy fruit ka muna..natutuyuan na iyong lalamunan mo…
    Atsaka, ILADLAD(ikula) mo na iyang si Maratrat…sayang iyong inabot mong ranggo ,,di bale iyong kay Maratrat kasi nag pile muna iyan ng mga bangkay para maabot niya iyon !!!!

  • F alonso

    Mismo si Sec. Robredo,hindi na kayang ipatigil ang Jueteng kasi malalaking Politico ang sinosuportahan ng mga BadLords na ito.At hindi niyo napansin na walang Politicong nag condena sa Jueteng operations sa Lugar nila,kasi lahat palamunin ng mga locong Lord na yan.Mag tanda kayo,sundan niyo ang yapak ni Siman para ma sima rin kayo ni Marantan.

  • LucianoChing

    Ang mga krimen sa calabarzon alam ng mga ordinary citizens,,,,pero mga law-enforcers d alam…kc ang alam lang nila pera…

  • nakatutok

    SURPRISED??? bakit sir?? TULOG ka???

    • diamond_digger

       What really surprised Mangingilad (swindler) ester Melad, was when he received his big share of the loot from that ambush. He never expected his share to be over P2.0M. Now, this son-of-the-b@#***) is gradually distancing from his “operator” Marantan. “Hugas-kamay” na si Poncio Pilato.

  • Lorelei

    it’s just too much of a coincidence that one of the victims filed a multiple murder case against marantan around the same time marantan filed the coplan – this is a clear motive

  • tata_boy

    Bago magkalimutan, nasaan na iyong pulang bag, clutch bag at iyong gold rolex watch na nawawala? Melad paki-sagot nga ito? Pnoy, ano say mo rito?

  • gerry2000

    Yon naman pala eh! Alam mo palang mali ginawa ng mga bata mo ba’t dinedepensahan mo pa sila? Natural sasabihin nun na inunahan sila ang masama naniwala ka naman.. hehe! Just do the math sir! O baka naman di ka marunong magbilang..

  • katabay1106

    Nagbabago ang statement ni Gen. Melad kasi bistado na talagang ambush ang nangyari at ang napatay ni Col. Marantan ay hindi mga gun-for-hire at ang totoo ay mga pulis at sundalo. Noong una panay ang kanyang depensa kay Col. Marantan at sinabit pa si Ochoa ng PAOCC. Laglagan na at kanya-kanya ng palusot at ang magiging kawawa ay ang mga sundalo at pulis na nabigyan lamang ng konting balato.

  • 100345roselia

    After the findings of the NBI that it was a shoot-out, the next step is to find out who is the upcoming  new jueting lord in calabarzon.  Experience shows that jueting operation will not prosper without the knowledge & protection of the politicians, military & police. 

  • Pedro_Gil

    prituhin na ang itlog para magising ang nagtutulogtulogang protektor at share holder ng jueteng. lokohin mo ang engot mo. tado!!

  • regie

    how can a checkpoint be use to neutralize gambling or criminal activities. neutralizing criminals involves due process. first you have to file a case against them, then their right to be heard by themselves or by their counsel then the court decides if they are indeed guilty or not. not on a checkpoint. you file a case then a subpoena will be issued against them. it is clear the neutralize here is to eliminate extra judicially. the more they reasoned out, the more they get stuck in their web of lies… 

    • etomacq

      Check point sa madilim at hindi matao na lugar ay isang strategy to neutralize your enemy para malinis ang trabaho.. Malas lang ni Maratrat may nakalusot na isang delivery truck. Kung hindi lang sya nataranta malamang binanatan na rin nya yun truck driver at pahinante nun, sabihin nya nabaril ng mga biktima sa Montero.

      • Ike

        The Checkpoint was done at 3:30 pm (in broad daylight). They even ask the people around not to go out of their house. The area is maliwanag at matao. Marantans action is simply so brazen, so cocky, so reckless and so stupid at thesame time.  Is he simply that stupid or is he just following orders from someone higher than him whom he expected would clean up his mess and cover his back.Marantan even declared to the media that he was sad because  his higher ups turned their back on him. Its now up to NBI to investigate why he did what he had done.

  • pikpakbom

    dami nyung satsat tangapin nyu na walang mangyayari sa kasong eto whats the use of killing all involved kung makakasuhan ka pa rin dba.

  • Olibo

    Ang ibig bang saBIHON sariling lakad o diskarte ni Marantan ang lahat? Ano ang motibo?

    • Ike

      Why was Marantan so cocky and so brazen? And why was Melad trying to cover up the mess Marantan had created. Was the Atimonan debacle a result of Marantan trying to eliminate Siman for what ever reason, or was he just following orders from someone higher than him. As a field grade officer of Marantans rank, you will not be so brazen, cocky, reckless and stupid at thesame time to throw your life and your career like that if there is no one higher than you to cover your back and clean up your mess. We all know that Provincial Commanders and Regional Directors benefits from jueteng. Gen Melad  should know what LtCol Marantan is up to. He cannot simply say “he knew nothing about it”. It would boils down to his command responsibility. He is either part of it, or he dont desrve the star on his shoulder and the position that he was in.

  • dikoy321

    Gen. Melad has to go, for approving this bad OPLAN ARMADO…, he has a BIG part of the blame called Command Responsibility !

    Even Dumlao ought to go as well, having approved the dirty operation !

    Forward Philippines !!!

    • etomacq

      How bout Ochoa???

  • botets

    Nahimasmasan na din si Melad, pero continously in a demented stage. cant remember the clothes Marantan is wearing, doesnt know that Marantan’s ulterior motives wherein thats basically why the intelligence unit is responsible for.. Bottomline naisahan ka ng bata mong si Marantan and with the principle of command responsibility so damay ka pa din. Kabarilan ka pa naman ni noyP hehe 

  • Divina Wind

    Marantan shot himself or he let someone shot him? It doesn’t make sense- but, it is possible. Kung walang connection si Marantan sa jueteng, why he ordered the killing of  Siman and his companions? Wala ba siyang tiwala sa judicial system (which is truly a basket case) natin?

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