Right time for reforms in the PNP



The Atimonan massacre will go down in history as the Army Special Forces’ “finest” hour.

They killed 13 “criminals” without incurring a single casualty in a one-way shoot-out.

In firefights with New People Army (NPA) and Moro rebels, the Special Forces had always lost.

Because of their feat in Atimonan, the rebels must be doubling up in laughter.

And the rebels have reason to rejoice: The citizenry has lost trust in the Special Forces.

* * *

Why did soldiers take part in a purely police operation?

The policemen who sought the help of the Special Forces in a mission to supposedly interdict armed criminals could not have claimed they lacked men.

The Police Regional Office (PRO) 4-A in Southern Tagalog has a public safety battalion headed by Senior Supt. Glenn Dumlao of the Dacer-Corbito murder fame.

The leader of the Special Forces, Lt. Col. Monico Abang, could have begged off when he was asked by the police for reinforcement.

He could have said that the Army is only for fighting insurgents and foreign aggressors, not ordinary criminals.

So, why didn’t Abang turn down the request for reinforcement?

* * *

Now is the right time for Director General Alan Purisima to introduce wide-ranging reforms in the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Whatever he asks his Commander-in-Chief, President Noy, and Congress in connection with reforming the PNP will surely be granted because the Atimonan massacre has become a hot topic.

For example, Purisima might ask Congress to amend the law accepting only college graduates into the PNP.

Insubordination by low-ranking cops stems from their supposedly “high education.”

The defunct Philippine Constabulary, forerunner of the PNP, was a more disciplined organization because high school graduates were accepted into its rank and file.

* * *

Another aspect of reforming the PNP is to give superiors the power to dismiss outright—and detain for criminal investigation—any member who has flagrantly committed a grave offense.

At present, cops who are charged with serious criminal offenses, like murder, remain in the service and even get promoted because of the long process of litigation.

Examples of such notorious cops are Supt. Hansel Marantan, charged with killing 40 persons, and Senior Supt. Glenn Dumlao, who was linked to the abduction-murder of publicist Bubby Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito.

Marantan and Dumlao are still in the service—and even got promoted—despite the grave offenses imputed to them because the wheels of justice grind so exceedingly slow.

Summary dismissal proceedings against cops should be just that: Summary or fast.

It should last not more than a month.

Most administrative cases against policemen take years to finish.

The result is that complainants eventually lose interest and so the cases are dropped.

* * *

The drug smuggling case against my friend, businessman Lepeng Wee of Zamboanga City has been dismissed by the Court of Appeals.

Wee, a billionaire, was never a smuggler, much more a drug trafficker.

I should know, otherwise I would never go near a drug trafficker whom I consider a form of lowlife.

The drug smuggling case against him was fabricated.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GTVNMZR22PGMS55WQPIJTYB4IY Jaime

    the whole government of the Philippines needs to be reformed.

  • OFW Franklin

    Reform one at the time otherwise it will be a recipe to revolution. My top 10 for reforms needed.
    1. PNP: away from politic, personal interest and to be champion of the people
    2. Senate: qualification, pork barrel
    3. Congress qualification, political dynasty and pork barrel
    4. Sumpeme Court: justice delay justice denied.
    5. Presidential Office. spear head the changes quickly and effectively.
    6  AFP: in defence of constitution against foreign and internal force no paticipation in local affair
    7. Custom: honest to goodnest transaction parehas lang.
    8. Local Government : start working for the common good of their constituent in health, dissaster, crime and drugs.
    9. Election Process how to select good candidate and not popularity/wealth/connection contest
    10. Pinoy Mentality in Patriotism rewarding with big sum of money for the filipino who do best in serving the country

    • don alto


      • OFW Franklin

        Dr Martin Luther King started his civil right movement for equal right for Afro- American in a dream….I have the dream that one day………… the rest is history.  M Gandhi dream of independent India.

      • tagatabas

         He is right and you are wrong.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    Mon,tell me how can one introduce a reform into a certain institution or organization if the culture of corruption happens anywhere,from high to low position of Govt service.
    You have lots of influential friends whom you praise in your column.One is the recent victim in Atimonan,a Police Col. escorting a lord of organized crime and illegal gambling.
    Jueteng breeds corruption.If this will be stopped and eradicated,corruption is atleast minimized.Sadly no Politicians are ever serious to eradicate this problem,not even the DILG Sec himself.

    • novaliches

       sampolan nila ang mga corrupt, hanggat walang napaparusahan, walang hinto ang korupsyon. mahirap gawin kasi ang mataas hanggagn sa ibabang pwesto may sayad. at kapag lahat ay nakikinabang walang magtso-tso.  tulad na lang ng mga director sa mwss. takot din ang tao na magsumbong baka sila pa ang resbakan. at saka karamihan ng mga whistle blower sila pa ang napapahamak.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Tanggalin ang buong PNP at palitan lahat! pero teka ang ipapalit pinoy din eh mas malamang ang kurap puwera na lang kung mga pilipino na galing ng ibang bansa na nadisiplina ng ibang bansa……Sa ibang bansa nadidisiplina ang mga pinoy kasi hindi puwede ang lagay lagay at isa pa walang nanghihingi ng lagay dahil pag sinubukan mo maglagay patay ka bata ka! siguro meron ibang bansa na parang pinas lalo na duon sa mga bansa paatras din tulad ng pinas!

  • stealth ice

    weh!!! are sure you will not go near a drug lord??? i doubt. knowing you wala kang palalagpasin.
    are you trying to tell us that you are clean?! it’s like you are telling us that the crow is white.

  • JV Velarde

    The logic of Tulfo that highschool graduates will be better policemen than college graduates doesn’t make sense. Comm’n Tulfo you can do better that. 

    • Loggnat

      Why not? High school graduates are younger, idealistic and can be guided still to be the ideal police persons that the country needs. The college graduates are already exposed and set on their ways as molded by their involvement on college fraternities and other dealings in their college years. Take a high school graduate as a recruit, mold them thru basic, proficiency, and ideological training. Take the the best and the brightest to PNP academy for accelerated and supervisory training while the rests joins the police force for more hands on experience as a police officers on the beat. Those that excel gets promoted to a higher rank sooner and be given an opportunity to go to college on degrees that they are interested and have aptitude in that will be beneficial to the police force ie. Forensics, Electronic Communication, Computer Science, etc. Those who more technically adept can be assisted financially to take technical courses ie. gun smith specialist, crime scene technicians, crime lab technicians, etc. That is how to change the current unacceptable state of law enforcement system in the country. The biggest hurdle will be to find enough incorruptible and clean law enforcement officers to train, lead and be the role model for the new recruits.

      • mngbianong13

         yan ang process dito sa sydney.laht mag start as general duties tapos after 3 years saka sila pwede mag specialise ng gusto nilang field.walang age limit and application kaya pwede from 18 y/o hangang  56 y/o ata basta kaya yung training.

      • JV Velarde

        The qualifications or standards you set for the high school graduates will much better equip the college graduates entering the PNPA. Pinpointing college graduates as the root cause of the failure of the PNP to produce better policemen really doesn’t make sense.

        I would like to believe more that it has something to do with what we are teaching our cadets, what culture we are encouraging them to adapt & what doctrine we force into their minds & souls.

        We are molding inferior & corrupt policemen because of this system. And it is this system that we need to change badly.

      • Loggnat

        Pinpointing the college graduates as the cause not in my posts at all. I was justifying the inclusion of high school graduates for police recruiting and solely for college graduates. Let me expand it more as ‘mngbianong13′ posted 18 yrs – 56 yrs if they can handle the basic training physically and mentally instead of restricting the recruitment to college graduates only. A bigger pool of candidates for police officers will make it more opportunity for others to be picked as the best and the deserving candidates for law enforcement. Anyway, it will all rely on the people that will decide who to accept and be a candidate for the law enforcement career. If the selection is honest and the valid requirements were the sole criteria for selection, the quality of those selected should be adequate with or without college degree. And to reiterate the last line in my previous post, ‘ The biggest hurdle will be to find enough incorruptible and clean law enforcement officers to train, lead and be the role model for the new recruits’.

      • JV Velarde

        it will be ideal if we have a bigger pool but not after the point I reiterated from my previous post ….

        it really has something more to do with what we are teaching our cadets, what culture we are encouraging them to adapt & what doctrine we force into their minds & souls.

        We are molding inferior & corrupt policemen because of this system. And it is this system that we need to change badly.

      • Loggnat

        The unacceptable culture and system is the root of all the country’s problem. The only suggestion I can think of to possible change them is to make it hip doing the ‘right’ thing and make sure those who are not doing the right thing ie. criminals, corrupt politicians, etc. be punished and not to let them get away with it. The next generations might catch on and be more upright citizens when it is their turn to run and lead the country. Maybe that will work. :))

      • rosaddiaq

         Let me explore further what you said, “unacceptable culture and system is the root of all the country’s problems”. It starts with Tulfo’s claim that his friend can not be a smuggler. Our relatives, friends, classmates, priests and bishops can do no wrong. If they did, we hide and coddle them, help them avoid prosecution. Worse, whistle-blowers are treated with contempt, even ostracize. Priests of course can forgive sinners ( criminals ) as long as they confess. This concept of repentance, forgiving instead of jailing the corrupt and criminal even if they are our relatives or friends, is the root cause of our problems. In contrast, the honest and better govern countries of western Europe ( Finland, Denmark, Norway ) and Asia ( Singapore, Hongkong ) have long thrown away this religious dogma.

    • mrgracia

      High school graduate lang kasi si Tulfo kaya ayaw niya sa mga college graduates.

    • kimo211

      JV Velarde,,,paki  check  lang kong  gaanong  karami  ang na promote  to  officers  rank,,,,na   high  school  graduates ang  naabot ….medyo  tama  yata  si  tulfo….tulfo  bros   keep  it  up….BRAVO  ZULU  Tulfo Bros.

  • anu12345

    Right time for reforms in the PNP – caption

    In your dreams

  • kontra_boohaya

    IMHO, systemic reforms can be a good start and every incoming chief has his own formof reforms.  Fact of the matter is that the same old dogs who came from that school up in the highlands are lording over the PNP and the end result is the same.  Those dudes are at it for decades yet, the image is the same, if not getting worse every year.  Monkey see, monkey do lang yan Mon. Eka nga ni Failon Ngayon “WALANG PAGBAGO!”

  • Garo Ungaro

    Every organizations government/private they institute reforms…the sustainability is not just there…To deviate from democratic principle in our society….CORRUPTION is the cancer…If we as the citizen  accepts that CORRUPTION should be dealt with differently, then maybe, there will be reforms and changes. Penalty for CORRUPTION should be death…Then, We will see some big changes in the government/political affairs of our country..We must accept and start from somewhere?…too much democracy makes our country too corrupt….death penalty to CORRUPTION…This maybe utopia because those who will oppose are those guilty of corruption one way or the other…”Does the Filipino People has the choice?”if not We as the citizen stop complaining about CORRUPTION as an issue????

  • Rovingmoron

    Who frabricated the case against Lee Peng Wee? As to the summary dismissal of cops involved in serious criminal cases like murder lies in the way the National Police Commission does its function. Those involved in serious crimes must be suspended at once, while criminal charges are being readied against them in the court of law in observance of the due process.


    Tulfo, you got balls ha. Lambasting marantan and dumlao in this article, hindi ka ba takot ma bugbog uli ni Claudine, Raymart, and Atilano? hihihi.

    Tulfo, wag makipag JOYRIDE sa mga grupo grupo dyan ha, baka mapasama ka sa checkpoint at si marantan ang ground commander. Alam mo na kung ano ang mangyayari. LOL.

    • $20722540

      ano gusto mo mo ipraise si maratrat & lmflao…sa pagambush ng 13 “criminals daw”

      • TEAM PNOY

        Hindi e praise si marantan huh. Kung hindi ipaalala sa isang ACDC na journalisT.

  • 123_pampanggo_farmer

    We are so corrupt that it seems like a sin to be honest! I remember my neighbours children when asked what they wanted to be when they grow up, one wanted to be a policeman so he can be rich, the other wanted to work for Customs, he wanted to get rich even more and one wanted to be a Congressman so he can be the richest of them all, alas the little girls said she wanted to be a JAPAYUKI so she can help her brothers become all those above! This is the true picture of our country now.

    • http://www.facebook.com/josebonifacio.aguinaldo Jose Bonifacio Aguinaldo

      do these want-to-be when they grow-up by our young generation are inspired by what they saw, heard and experienced in their surroundings? if so, how can corruption be eradicated in our society, government, country when the young are exposed so early to corrupt ways that their innocent minds are made up already?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FF5QGHISCKJH4TFM4US7JVWQAM Paul_Fivens

      It makes me sad and empty.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M3LQ4MUAU3Z36MIQGIGSOKBCQE Rosauro

    And you? You lost to a fistfight against a small Raymart Santiago.

    • $20722540

      takot nga si raymart ng one-on-one…kasi pelikula lang daw kaya niyang gawin

      • TEAM PNOY

        May I ask, sino ang bugbog sirado sa terminal 3?

      • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

        ..good point. pero ilan ang bumugbog kay tulfo? ang nabanggit ni goavan nama’y one-on-one. honestly, sa tingin mo, sino ang mananalo kung magkagayon nga? ako hindi ko alam e.

      • TEAM PNOY

        Correct, hIndi natin malalaman until mag one on one sila – mon tulfo versus raymart.

        Pero sa tingin ko si raymart pa din at bugbug sirado si mon. Tanda na ni mon kasi. Pwede ako magkamali. Kaya kailangan mag one on one sila.

        Suggest ko nga, i drop na lahat ng kaso, mano y mano, one on one, fight ng mga gentlemen, sino matalo at manalo, dapat tapos na ang issue after the one on one.

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

        out or respect sa age ni Mon,stop na yang one on one joke niyo.

      • duviz7533

        baka hindi pumayag si tulfo ng one on one…hindi pagakakaperahan ito,malamang hindi siya intresado

      • $20722540

        kinawawa yong matanda papinagtulungan ng tatlong tao pero mga takot naman sa one-on-one sa ring

      • TEAM PNOY

        Sobrang yabang kasi kaya nabugbog. Pero tulad mo, idol ko pa din si mon. hihihi.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      wrong,hindi si Raymart,against Claudine.

  • Alejandro Canda

    iba talaga ang AC-DC kung malaki ang binibigay ay hirit kaagad. ang itim gawing puti and vice versa. Mon Tulfo HOW MUCH ang binigay sa intsik sa ‘yo? galing galing mo talagang dumepensa at ginamit pa ang sarili na panghalimbawa akala mo kung sinong malinis.

  • kismaytami

    You can’t just reform something that is inborn.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      corruption culture is everywhere,even in journalism.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P4TNBLIIFBXIZP3YTMH472S4ZE baliad

    Need a Real Anti Crime Force for this with huge amount of Budget and No Fear, Loyal to the Country,Do any method that to clean the WHole Philippines Forces

  • Your_King

    It has always been the right time for reforms in the PNP it’s just Aquino didn’t feel like doing it then. It’s just now that something major happens and that it’s a hot topic that Aquino will only now step in and finally do something…actually who knows if he will even do something. Just like with the floods or gun control or the problems that the DILG. were facing…Aquino always seems to act after the fact. Instead of doing things for preventative measures he only acts on something when it is a hot topic and has national attention. But why wait until things get to that point…why not just fix the problem at the root.

  • nanyo_nanyo

    dismissed? on what grounds? baka naman kaya na-dismiss for lack of interest and plainly hinde na pursue ng opposing party…ikaw talaga tulfing, marunong ka na rin mag spin ng estorya, tsk tsk

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_X2Z6TIQFY7WV4YSQJ6MYM54BW4 DM

    Ramon Tulfo is full of himself.  Just because he keep his friendship with Lee Peng Wee, the guy cannot be a drug dealer of whatever.  Calling all criminals!  Be a friend with Ramon Tulfo and you will be always considered an outstanding individual(s) or citizen(s) on the basis of “you” in a friend of Ramon Tulfo.  No, need for investigations or charging you with the court.  No wonder Chavit Singson is still free and ex-convict Joseph Estrada was pardon because they were friends of Mon Tulfo.  Ang yabang ng martial art expert na nagulpi ng non-martial practitioner (Raymart Santiago).

    • bagombong

       I like the guts of Tulpo bros. Dapat ganyan ang tularan ng kapulisan.

    • $20722540

      not a fan of mr tulfo but don’t misinform the public, please

  • rjimenez1226

    Tulfo,  any laki ng ulo mong  tarataado ka! Kaibigan daw si Leepeng wee. siguradong binabayaran ka,bwisit

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      ewan,basta mayaman friend ni Mon.wala pa yatang friend ito na mahirap.A descent journalist should not mention that one is a millionaire or a billionaire if the guy’s networth is not the issue.
      Mon you projected the Police Col.Consemino as a straight policeman.How can you justify that if he’s prividing security to a Lord of organized crime and illegal Gambling in addition to providing Jueteng Tax to NPA.Because of Col. Consemino’s rank,he has no responsibility to engage business with a person involved in illegal activities.Justifying a friend with shady activity is beyond the trait of a descent journalist.

  • mrgracia

    Alam n’yo bang ito si Tulfo ay pinabili lang ng suka at toyo sa tindahan, pagbalik sa bahay nila ay journalist na. Halos lahat yata ng maimpluensang tao ay mga kaibigan niya pero kalaunan nagiging kaaway niya. Sobra kasi ang tapang ng taong ito. Pero si Claudine lang pala ang katapat niya.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/IASOHECZHIS3JK7YZP5V3LJP5E Ariston

      sa palagay ko  ang tapang ni tulfo ay hinihiram nya sa mga  corrupt na mga opisyal ng gobierno .takot sila na  kapag hindi nila   back upan  ay sila naman ang banatan ni tulping. siguro ang  mga politician na yan ayaw nila na mabuking ang mga tinatago kaya bina back apan nila yang si tulfing?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JLZJHQHV7WVOJ4XZW4QKRDYSUA Gerry Randel

    Hindi dapat high school graduate lamang ang gawing requirements para makapasok bilang non officer sa pulis ayon sa rekomendasyon ni Mr Tulfo.  Mababa ang antas ng pagtuturo ngayon sa high school, at walang mangyayari sa ating mga pulis kundi puro palpak na trabaho kapag high school graduate lamang ay pinayagan ng maging pulis.Kung sa ngayon nga , college graduate na ang mga pulis, pero mahina pa rin sila sa paggawa ng mga written police report eh di lalo na kapag high school graduate lamang sila!   Dapat ibalik yung dating requirements noong PC INP pa na two years college course o kaya tapos ng 72 units ang isang applikante bago matanggap sa pulis.

  • rickysgreyes

    Dapat naman college grad ang mga pulis natin

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MZXVI33AD7TTT42XRSPIWHU36Q Kupal

    In response to this article paragraph nr. 14. For example, Purisima might ask Congress to amend the law accepting only college graduates into the PNP.

    Requirements for PNP Applicants/Recruits

    You need CS Form 212 (Civil Service) – PDS (Personal Data Sheet), accomplish it and attach documents to prove the following, as per RA 8551

    Section 14. General Qualifications for Appointment  -  No person shall be appointed as uniformed member of the PNP unless he or she possesses the following minimum qualifications:
    a. A citizen of the Philippines;
    b. A person of good moral conduct;
    c. Must have passed the psychiatric or psychological, drug and physical tests to be administered by the PNP or by any government hospital accredited by the Commission for the purpose of determining physical and mental health;
    d. Must possess a formal baccalaureate degree from a recognized institution of learning;
    e. Must be eligible in accordance with the standards set by the Commission;
    f. Must not have been dishonorably discharged from military employment or dismissed for cause from any civilian position in the Government;
    g. Must not have been convicted by final judgment of an offense or crime involving moral turpitude;
    h. Must be at least one meter and sixty-two centimeters (1.62m) in height for male and one meter and fifty-seven centimeters (1.57m) for female;
    i. Must weight not more or less than five kilograms (5kgs) from the standard weight corresponding to his or her height, age, and sex; and
    j. For a new applicant, must not be less than twenty-one (21) not more than thirty (30) years of age.  Except for the last qualification, the above-enumerated qualifications shall be continuing in character and an absence of any of them at any given time shall be a ground for separation or retirement from the service:  Provided, that PNP members who are already in the service upon the effectivity of these Implementing Rules and Regulations shall be given five (5) years to obtain the minimum educational qualification and one (1) year to satisfy the weight requirement.

        For the purpose of determining compliance with the requirements on physical and mental health, as well as the non-use of prohibited or regulated drugs, the PNP by itself or through a government hospital accredited by the Commission shall conduct regular psychiatric, psychological, drug and physical tests randomly and without notice.

    all documents must be original or authenticated 

    submit it with in long white folder.

  • wakats

    The supreme court dismissed with finality the involvement of Ping & Co. from the Dacer-Corbito double murder case due to insufficiency of evidence.  Dumlao is a co-accused of Ping and therefore cleared of the same murder raps.

    The soldiers were ordered by their superiors, and the superiors likely granted the PNP request for augmentation force due to the “hot tip” received by the PNP and the imminent arrival of the targets in their area.  In other words – cooperation/coordination among them in pursuit of supposed criminals.

    Why do you have to highlight the dismissal of smuggling charges against your billionaire-friend from Zamboanga City – it’s not news-worthy, or possibly you want something from him, as you probably usually do??? 


      He is a media scalawag protecting smugglers. A hoodlum in the media.

  • parengtony

    This theory of college graduate or high school graduate should not gain precedence over the real issue of honesty and integrity in law enforcement service. Sure, all these are very complex and difficult challenges. But reform must start somewhere and must start now. And in heaven’s name I cannot see how Pnoy, DILG Sec Roxas, DOJ Sec de Lima, Ombudsman Morales, and PNP Director Purisima need to wait one day longer before commencing an honest to goodness weeding out campaign in all law enforcement agencies.

    Lifestyle checks can quickly and easily catch hundreds, if not thousands, of rotten apples. PNoy, like his mother, can effectively solicit support from the citizenry by way of anonymous reports (cell phone photos and videos and text messages will go a long way), complaints (formal or anonymous), and tips.

    Even if the budget requirement for the weeding out campaign will run to a few billion pesos or more, Juan de la Cruz will not object to such huge expense towards making right our justice system. As it is Juan de la Cruz has been spending for many many years now many many billions of pesos for law enforcement agencies that, by and large, fail in their mission to “serve and protect” Juan de la Cruz and his family.

    Predictably, once such a campaign begin to happen, the cry of witch hunt! will be heard repeatedly. In my opinion these will mostly come from the guilty. Those whose have been giving their best to be faithful to their duty as law enforcers will silently cheer the effort to bring back the dignity and honor they truly deserve.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ferdinandh.cabrera Ferdinandh Cabrera

    May na miss na angle sa story, and haven’t read or heard about, magkakaano ba yung mga magkakasamang namatay, are they in a one joint mission or mere friends lang? yes we heard about the jueteng control rivalry. Tanong lang.

  • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

    ‘…that the Army is only for fighting insurgents and foreign aggressors, not ordinary criminals…’
        – dehins ko ma-get itong linya na’to. pano kung may isang sundalo, armado, at patungo na sa kanyang duty, nang biglang hinoldap ang kanyang sinasakyang bus. e di hindi nya lalabanan ang mga ordinary criminals na yun kasi insurgents at foreign aggressors lang ang kinakalaban nya? sana may tumugon. salamat.

    • md500

      Kung hinoldup ang bus na nakasakay ka at armado ka pwede maske ikaw ay lumaban. Pero kung may police operation hindi dapat involve ang militar. gets mo? O hindi parin.

      • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

        …ah gets na, salamat.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000237340293 Man Kamee

         Tanga. meron ibang mission ang militar n law enforcement operation. tulad sa mindanao, kapag MILF lawless elements ang target tapos may warrant, joint operation with PNP yun

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/IASOHECZHIS3JK7YZP5V3LJP5E Ariston

         ang sundalo dahil empleyado din naman ng gobyerno yan ay pwede na gamitin ng gobierno para tumulong sa anong paraan gaya ng pag tulong sa mga pulis at iba pang ahensya ng gobierno.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/IASOHECZHIS3JK7YZP5V3LJP5E Ariston

      Basically ang trabaho ng mga sundalo ay para protektahan ang bansa natin kung may ibang nation na mang giyera sa atin. kaya ang training nila ay  pang bakbakan.

      ang mga pulis naman ay iba sapagkat ang training nila ay para  ipatupad ang mga batas at mag imbestiga ng mga kaso ,  kaya pati sundalo at sino man pwede nilang arrestuhin at imbestigahan kung may nilabag sila  na batas.

       hindi dahil may armas ang mga sundalo ay pwede na silang maging law enforcer. ang sundalo ay hindi law enforcer .di sya na train kung anong mga batas ang dapat  ipatupad at paano mang arresto at mag imbestiga.

       ganun lang kasimple ang deperensya ng pulis at sundalo kaibigan.  kung tutuusin hindi dapat nagdadala ang sundalo ng baril sa labas ng kanilang kampo maliban kung my mission silang puntahan.

  • Camilo_Cienfuegos

    integrity, honesty and dedication to his/her duty are the ingredients for a good cop.  tingnan mo naman ngayon ang kapulisan o kasundaluhan natin…umabot na sila sa ranggong colonel, walang alam gumawa nang maayos a incident report…ang nangyayari, papalitan lang ang pangalan, place of incident, people involve at ulitmately copy and paste lang.

  • Love God

    Mon, you said many times court decisions can be brought… Do we have a real change in our judiciary?

    Dacer-Corbito families are awaiting justice. I doubt if they ever get it in this world. Despite personal revelations by the officers involved that Dacer was abducted but they were again reinstated in service and they are again in the limelight of controversy. 

    Millions of victims of crime and corruption are still awaiting justice. Some are falsely charged and serving jail terms. 

    Either Atimonan incident was a shoot-out or rub-out or a turf war, police and military officers travelling with an operator of a big time criminal syndicate is highly questionable, worse shocking.This is the reason there is no end to criminality in our land. This is the reason we cannot stop the illegal number game.This is the reason there is no end to our drug problem. Police, Military and politicians are either involved or act as protectors of this syndicate. Drug caught are recycled, Military sell arms to rebels are just shocking truth we all know.
    There is a general perception that if ever we are caught in a crime /corruption, we can easily buy justice in our land. The election is near, our politicians receive campaign funds and other monetary support from crime syndicates and they became slave to the devil by that act. That support received was for future criminal acts. In short, there is no end to crime and corruption.

    Our President, Sec. Roxas, Sec. De Lima and Ombudsman Morales are incorruptible and honest leaders but they cannot be doing the ground operation personally every corner of the 7000+ islands. We need a moral revolution in which every citizen must be a participant. Then we can say we are free indeed from the clutches of crime and corruption.

    God bless!    

    • John_Cruz

      The FIL-AMs are behind you President, Sec. Roxas, Sec. De Lima and Ombudsman Morales.

      • etnarolfawa

        isa pa itong oportunista….bakit pa nag us citizen ka na eh nakikialam ka pa sa  pulitika sa philippines…….

  • dikoy321

    Paid writer Tulfo …!

    How much Tulfo?

    • duviz7533

      envelope columnist….mercenary,using pen instead of guns…pag friend niya ang may kaso fabricated daw,pag dehins chokaran gusto niya guilty agad,pwede din palang sabihin ng mga friends ng santiagos na fabricated ang pagkagulpi nila sa iyo..kenkoy ka tulfing

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    Mon Tulfo,dimo na binibitawan yan baseball bat mo mula nung mag away kayo ni Claudine.Ang matapang na Journalist ay walang armas.Sa lahat ng kasama mo ikaw lang meron niyan ,oh.

  • kimo211

    palaghing  reform,,,,PC  pa  lang  ang  PNP…reform,,,reform,,,reform…kailan  pa  kaya  mangyayari  to….ang nakita  ko  lang  pagbabago  ay  maraming  generals  ngayon…..yang  ang  REFORM  pinoy  style.  si  cabo…30 years  na  sa  servicio…hindi  pa  makabili  nang  hamburger,,,kahit  pasko.

  • Ibrahim Tg

    there should be double penalty for betraying public trust, because they should be the ones to protect the lives and properties of the people,and forbidden to do otherwise 

  • rjimenez1226

    walanghiya ka Tulfo ang tagal tagal mo nang nga-expose sa mga corrupt na generals pero hindi pa rin natigil  ang corruption.. Siguro dahil kakuchaba ka! bwisit ka!

  • salomeahmad

    Talk about double standards, weder 2 lang.The victims of the Ampatuan massacre requested escort from the Army but washed their hands as a police matter.

  • go88

    If you are a smuggler, drug lord, yueteng lord, rich addict rapist you know tulko is your man to do pr or a demolition job … this guy is for sale … for a bonus he’ll even give you his behind.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Reform? tangna gasgas na ang salitang yan sa mga ilang palit na hepe ng pulis o maski sundalo pero hanggang ngayon puro salita lang yan! Asa pa kayo na magbabago ang mga yan mga naive! gusto niyo ng pagbabago magbago kayo ng paningin sa kung paano dapat magbago pati kayo!

  • batangsulpok

    Dapat buwagin na yan PNP at ipareho dito sa U.S. na ang bawat city ay may Police Force na ang mga opisyal ay manggagaling sa ranks, kung baga, nag-Pulis muna at dahil sa performance ay napo-promote, di tulad sa Pilipinas na pagka-graduate sa PNPA ay opisyal kaagad tulad ng PMA na dapat sa AFP pero napunta rin sa PNP.

  • eirons1043

    Common sense will say that Maratnan and Abang are partners in money making that’s why they help each other without informing their superiors.

  • http://twitter.com/r_eyesian ian reyes

    Mr. Tulfo subukan mong imbestigahan isla sa Bolinaw, Pangasinan…..drum drum ang droga doon, kaya lang ewan ko kung mkalapit ka sa isla….CDF di kelangan ni Ping kc part owner sya ng Cong doon…….eto lang masasabi ko, KUNG TALAGA KAAWAY MO ANG DROGA, ALAMIN MO ITO…..THIS IS A-1 INFORMATION…..ASK MO SI MAYOR BRAGANZA NG ALAMINOS

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