Santiago suffers ‘mild stroke’


Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines–Senator Miriam  Defensor-Santiago has been advised by her doctors to “disengage from politics”  after she  allegedly  suffered from a “mild  stroke” Wednesday,  a   statement from  her office said on Thursday.

“Technically, Sen. Santiago suffered a mild stroke after her TV interview,” the statement said, quoting  the senator’s ophthalmologist from East Avenue Medical Center, Dr. Rodolfo Chuanico.

“Fortunately, the stroke went to her eye instead of her brain.  If she continues as usual, a second stroke will be imminent,” Chuanico said.

Santiago’s office, in a statement Wednesday, said  the senator suffered from hypertension after  a television interview which caused some of her blood vessels in her right eye to burst.

Her blood pressure allegedly shot up to 190/115.

The blood clot in the senator’s eye, Chuatuco said, was already a warning that another abrupt rise in blood pressure might cause a stroke.

He then advised Santiago “to avoid provocation that might incite her to anger, because she needs to be healthy, in case the International Criminal Court calls her for duty this March.”

Santiago’s cardiologist, Dr. Esperanza Cabral, also advised the senator  from going to the  Senate on Monday, the  resumption of sessions of Congress.

Cabral, former Health Secretary, said Santiago should be “insulated from political news” for the time being.

“If Sen. Santiago reports to the Senate on Monday, she might have a sudden rise in blood pressure and suffer either a stroke or a heart attack.  She already had a mild stroke some ten years ago,” Cabral said in the same statement issued Thursday.

Cabral recalled that Santiago’s two younger brothers died separately because of heart attacks in their sleep.

“With that kind of medical history, Sen. Santiago will be placing herself in harm’s way if she continues her battle against her fellow senators.  I have told her that her political enemies might be dancing on her grave if she continues to fight them singlehandedly,” she added.

Following the  doctors advice, Santiago will no longer be available for media interviews starting Wednesday and will continue indefinitely “until her blood pressure stabilizes,”  her spokesman,Tom Tolibas said.

Santiago herself said she would “consider seriously the advice” of her doctors.

“Dr. Cabral pulled me out of my first stroke.  I was temporarily paralyzed, but I got over it.  She is one of the most respected cardiologists in our country.  I have to follow her instructions,” said the senator.

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  • Alfred A

    What a very good reason to “silence” her… ngayon itong lahat ay matahimik na…

    • boldyak

      and let the corruption continue…happy days are here again..

  • virgoyap

    ….and Karen Davila will be to blame for inviting Santiago in her Headstart TV program. he he he..

  • Albino

    Trillanes should take over Miriam and carry the corageous fight against evil Enrile!

    • Jaz

      WWS (Word War sa Senado) Tag Team Competition

      Enrile/Lacson VS Santiago/Trillanes

      Gandang laban ‘to! O kanino kayo?

      • boldyak

        hindi na kailangan si trillanes…manahimik na lang siya dahil a ng gusto lang naman ni Trillanes ay mapaalis si enrile…etcha pwera na yan…

    • Mat

      nakatanggap din yan ng 600,000 nung november

      • totokalel

        lahat sila mat?????



  • unleadedzeppelin

    Is she dead?

  • Jaz

      I have told her that her political enemies might be dancing on her
    grave if she continues to fight them singlehandedly,” she added.
    – Baka ngayon pa lang nagsasayawan na yung dalawa (Enrile, Lacson) dahil wala munang puputak sa kalokohan nila he he he!

  • Karabkatab

    Maybe the lady senator can think of taking less stressful profession, say tending free range chicken, taking care of a fishpond, or engage in bonsai farm.

  • ramone

    Senators Allan and Pia Cayetano can continue to raise the questions about how the forced savings can be spent. We need to go to the bottom of this issue, with or without Miriam. 

    • Mat

      guilty din yan sila dahil tumanggap din sila ng 600,000 nun november

      • totokalel

        lahat sila mat ano??!!!!

  • mabyrik

    Lacson will be very happy if something bad happened to Miriam. Finally, after fighting with several women before, this time he will win, physically. Tama si Jaz, sumasayaw na si Lacson ngayon ng gangnam, partner si Dr Tayag. Wow, they make a very good partner.

  • Milesaway

    Thanks but NO thanks for your overwhelming support for the immediate approval of RH bill Madame… Now, Its about time to think!!! 

    • sk3tk

      Think what? i guess you should be the one doing all the thinking.. your comment is in no way connected to the TOPIC whatsoever… THINK!! hahaha

    • nicosan

      dahil she supported the RH BILL? if that’s what u are thinking, eh di dapat more than half of the Filipino people eh na stroke na…

  • basilionisisa

    Relax and get well, Sen Santiago! Good luck!

  • totokalel

    swerti talaga kayo lacson at enrile!!sana magpagaling si miriam kaagad.go girl go!!

    • Mat

      e bakit nung 600,000 na natanggap nya nung Nomvember at nung mga nakaraang taon, hindi sya umimik..  She is as guilty as they are

      • totokalel

        ok ka mat ah…galing mo talaga!ipaglaban natin si enrile yeheyy!!!

  • Hey_Dudes

    Mga kasama mo sa senado ay tulad ni 88 year old Enrile, 12 year olds Lapid, Revilla at Estrada, sino naman ang hindi magkaka-stroke?

    • maypakialamako

      anong 12 years old? utak 2 year old kaya sina sotto, lapid, revilla at estrada! dagdagan mo pa ng “parloristang” si pinky lacson at ulyaning enrile at asong sunodsunuran na si honasan!

  • Neneveh Blanquisco

    whatever they say – I STAND IN AWE AT MIRIAM’S VALOR & GUTS – WALANG TAKOT TALAGA – A GABRIELA SILANG ENCARNATE! dapat marami pang Pinay ang sumunod sa yapak nya

    • Mat

      e bakit nung 600,000 na natanggap nya nung Nomvember at nung mga nakaraang taon, hindi sya umimik..  She is as guilty as they are

      • David


  • $18209031

    ANg gamot dyan ay kakain ng pusit ng Kabankalan . Ang sarap mag lower nang blood pressure, Senator. Subukan mo madam.

  • mekeni62

    Enrile and Lacson must be singing a duet “Beh buti nga!” complete with a dance.he he. I think it is time for Miriam to stay away from politics.

  • $18209031

    Dios ko kung puputok yang ugat ni Miriam sa utak, nako ang labas dyan ay vegetable na. Madam, subukan ninyo ang pusit na presko pa galing Kabankalan, Negros Occidental. Thiis is a good treatment to lower blood pressure. 

  • Alleah

    Dont worry Madamme President, mararating parin natin ang 2016 with Victory!!

  • Paul

    ngayon lang ito nabalita? matagal na siya na-stroke ah. di ba obvious?

  • Garo Ungaro

    Sometimes you have to Think…This kind of negative Filipino traits is worth fighting for..Maybe this one reason why we are having a hard time getting out of this mud hole…it’s not the cause…its the attitude that bring us down more to the mud of corruptions and injustice…This what some of the TRAPOS want to hear…now business as usual..”.status quo”…What a Life?….

  • Paliwaweng

    Enrile must be stomping his feet with glee this time.., like a chimpanzee. lol!

  • Paliwaweng

    expect a “get-well-soon” card for Miriam, coming from Enrile and Lacson to be handed soon or via internet. Crocodile tears?

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Pagaling po kayo aling Brenda..

  • Paliwaweng

    ” I have told her that her political enemies might be dancing on her grave if she continues to fight them singlehandedly,” Dr. Esperanza Cabral

     Yes they are, I can hear them now; and they are having a party!!

  • Bewareiftheworldagreeswithyou

    May God bless and guide you Miriam and all our senators. You may have argued publicly but we believe in your sincerity in helping our nation. thanks senators!

  • Fulpol

    blame the media, Meriam…. no interview, no high blood…

  • Rex_Ranhilio

    The stroke went to her eye? Dapat sa dila niya.

  • magsasakasanayon

    I wish she’d go to the Senate this Monday.

  • Ugly Bunny

    Sana hindi na lang siya ang na mild stroke.

  • Emilio

    There’s going to be a big party in the senate on Monday, the guest oF honor being Miriam. Last Wednesday she suffered a mild stroke due to her frustration on the crooks In the senate. She divulged a lot of secrets on the manipulation on funds, thus the attack dogs are ganging up on her. If she will attend that party on Monday, she will meet the attack dogs, resulting on another stroke. So Miriam, don’t go, even if they will give u 1.6 million
    N, don’t go. We need u alive to restore honesty and integrity in the senate

    • Mat

      e bakit nung 600,000 na natanggap nya nung Nomvember at nung mga nakaraang taon, hindi sya umimik..  She is as guilty as they are

      • totokalel

        kanya nga mat guilty nga silang lahat.mabuti nga at mag kaalaman kung magkano ang hinurakot nila sa kaban ng bayan lalo na sa amin na mga OFW!!

  • dennis

    Just imagine a country or in Senate without Sen.Santiago? What remains in our country kapag nawala siya? Imagine,who´s who among the Senators we can trust in creating our Laws? Maybe Senator Santiago´s presence at the Senate is too much to ask for because she deserves to be in a group which is higher than Senate? Maybe Santiago is much better as a Chief Justice or in Department of Justice? Any position that she can really exercise her being a good government officials.It will be a great lost in our country if there will be no more Sen.Santiago alike na pwedeng lumaban ng sabayan sa mga katiwalian!

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      I can imagine a government without a Miriam before she was ever in politics.

      It worked then.

      I can also assume the government working long after she is out of it.

      “Sen.Santiago alike na pwedeng lumaban ng sabayan sa mga katiwalian!”

      Ano ba ang power nga as a Senator?
      She can make bills that have to be voted into a law.
      Can she order the arrest of a person thru a warrant?
      Can she lawfully decide on a legal question that would be binding, just as a justice would?

      • dennis

        Of course! Without Santiago,Government will work.She doesn´t have powers same as what others doesn´t have.But it is everyone´s right to examine the cause of uneven distribution of “Gift” na sinasabi.It all started with that money.Why there is unequal distribution well in fact they are all part working under one roof?Pero kailangan na mapatunayan sa korte na buwis yan ng bayan bago maging “gift”! Saan bang bulsa galing yan? Ngayon,yung sinasabi mo na “government will resume their work” eh mahirap naman atang lulunin ang isang bagay ng ganun na lang!

      • marionics

        me i can’t wait for a government without miriam he he

        and enrile…

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        hahaha, ano kaya pag wala nang politicians sa bansa?

      • marionics

        i wonder

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        Something tells me, when the world runs out of idiots, nature will pick one to step up to the plate.

        Ganun din mga politicians.


  • dennis

    Simple question,Alisin natin si Sen.Santiago in our imagination as a part of Senate.Sino sa tingin nyo ang pwede sa mga Senado ang lumaban sa 2016 election for President?

  • milespacker

    Health is very important. Magaling ka nga e parati ka namang absent. Wala ren.

  • Bunot-Supo

    Baka may agimat itong si Enrile at Lacson.  Ang swerte talaga nitong dalawa. We need Miriam now to force the issue and expect a ruling from COA.  S’yang nasa side ng government, sya pang inatake.

  • Gerry Salvador

    kawawa naman si brenda

  • indiosbravos2002

    Lacson should end his beef with Miriam. This is an honorable way to end a war that knows no end. Di ba statesmanly kung he stops and say di sya papatol sa may sakit. Otherwise, Santiago will just burn him and Enrile. Santiago does takes things personally. Santuago should just focus her attention n Enrile, afterall, Lacson is irrelevant in the scheme of thngs.

  • pinoypower

    Miriam should be gentle with her heart just as she is gentle with Heart Evangelista!

  • David

    sign for miriam to chill out and stop her “eruption-like” tirades

  • isidro c. valencia

    Salamat naman at matitigil din ang bunganga ni Miriam. Tatahimik na ang Senado. Kaya walang nagagawa ang Senado dahil sa walang humpay na atake ni Miriam na wala namang basehan.

    Natakot siya kay Lacson. Kasi si Lacson namamaril sa Luneta ng mga ibon.  Tama yan Ginoong Lacson, pasukahin mo ang mga kapwa mo Senador na mga nagmamalinis. 

  • $26606290

    Too much hate and anger in your heart will kill you……or at the very least damage your brain…oops too late.

  • Melvin

    Hinay-hinay ka na lang Mam Miriam, dangan kasi lagi kang napapatangay sa iyong emosyon, e baka maunsyami ang pangarap mong maging judge sa International Criminal Court…

  • Dag Erickson

    Criminals within the Philippine government !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    sayang.  di pa natuluyan…

    • Paulita Cariño

      my God anong klaseng tao ka  

      • Pulis Na Pogi


  • alberto santiago

    Kamg-anak na Miriam, huwag laging galit ng galit. Mag reduced ka rin to loose weight. Baka mamatay ka ng wala sa panahon dahil sa h.b.p mo. Are you ready to face the Lord? If you die right now are you sure you will go to heaven? Have you received already the free gift of God in Christ Jesus which is the eternal life? [Romans 6:23]. Mayaman ka nga, napakarunong, many good works,  but riches and wealth and knowledge and good works alone will not bring you to heaven. Without personally receiving and accepting Jesus in you heart.

  • imongredneck

    Eye hemorrhage now; brain hemorrhage next. Careful Madam Senator.

  • manangjuana

    You have said your piece, Madam Senator.  Now, go and rest.  Enough of Enrile muna.

  • Anastacio

    Hoy Miriam huwag masyadong magpadala ng init ng ulo, paano na kaming taong bayan kung may mangyari sa iyo, ikaw lang ang pagasa namin para mabawasan ang mga corrupt politican.

    • Mat

      kasama nga din sya sa mga tumanggap ng 600,000 nung november, at nung mga nakaraang taon, paano sya magiging pag-asa ng bayan

  • Taiko_Kauna

    she should continue her outburst with regularity, after all haven’t we seen her trying to use here finger as a gun poked on her head?  

  • wilfredo rivera

    hindi po si sen.miriam ang pagasa natin, ang Dios na makapangyarihan sa lahat ang ating natatanging pagasa…kaya sana madam senator pagsisihan mo yung sinabi mo na ” God is under achiever at there is no God ” habang buhay kapa at may lakas ihingi mo ng tawad sa Dios ang mga bagay na nasabi mo para magtamo ka ng awa sa Dios at pagalingin ka

  • GlenMJacob

    Hoping for your speedy recovery madam.

  • athena

    I notices she gained weight. She must reduce and breath…..

  • athena

    notice. tying error.

  • athena

    typing error

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