Senator using govt funds to pay maids’ salary, says Lacson


Senator Panfilo Lacson. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines — Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson accused on Thursday a senator for allegedly using Senate funds to pay her maids’ salary, grocery and even the rental of a satellite office at a property owned by this legislator.

Lacson made this revelation in an radio interview, a day after his verbal tussle with Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago over the P2.2 million budget given to 18 senators in 2012.

Lacson did not name the senator he was referring to during the interview but said in a  text message that this colleague, who has been making the Senate pay for the said expenses, was one and the same.

“All I can say is, isang senador lang yung mga maids sa bahay sa Senate naka payroll, yung asawa, may grocery allowance sa Senate at yung satellite office rental, sarili niyang property,” said Lacson on radi.

” Bahala na ang COA [Commission on Audit] to pursue their audit/investigation based on those leads or information,” Lacson added.

Asked how long this senator has been making the Senate pay for her personal needs, Lacson said: “Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…”

Lacson got into a “word war” with another senator,Miriam Defensor-Santiago, after he called her a “crusading crook”. Before that Santiago called him an attack dog of Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile.

It was Enrile, who gave the 18 senators P2.2 million each last year as additional maintenance and other operating expenses.

Santiago and three others– Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano, Pia Cayetano, and Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV got only P600,000 each in November, 2012 but not the P1.6 million balance given to other senators in December.

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  • GlenMJacob

    The senate toilet really stinks !.

  • tiriring

    Parang BADING ito si Lacson kung magsalita!
    Hoy, gusto lng namin alamin kung tama na magsave ang opisina ng gobyerno at sa huli ibubulsa lng pala!!

  • bundee

    KARMA           NG             RH LAW!

    Ang “tong” sa likod ng kanilang pagsisikap!

  • Summerspice

    Go Lacson!More revelations!It’s getting exciting in the Senate!

    • tiriring

      Magladlad na ba sya?

    • X

       Nakakaawa ang Pilipinas!

  • zeroko

    Sige, tapunan ng putik! It is good and precisely what the entire Filipino should know. Everyone is asking “Where does our money goes?” Grocery, salary of maid, rental of satellite office which is also owned by the Senator lady. He he he. Good, give us more information.

    Marami kasi ang mga gunggung na Class D and E na binayaran ng boto, akala nila, lamang sila. He he he. Nation of SLAVES! Mga uto-uto. Mga hero worshipers, mga takao sa “Idol” kaya puro kawatan ngayon ang nasa high government positions natin na puro Chinese!

  • Janch

    All this mudslinging is just proving to the public that the christmas “MOOE” is unnecesary, unethical, immoral, an abuse of government resources, a scheme to filch from public coffers, a milking cow for incumbent senators, etc.

  • LegalJustice

    Now the real expose of the Senate is coming out and the filipino people will be shocked to know the truth on what is going on with funds allocation of each Senators – how do they use it.

    There is so many thing going on inside the Senate and now the Senator is spilling the beans. I believe when Sen Lacson saying: Pay ” her ” then he is referring to a Woman Senator – Is this Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago he is referring to. It seems it very obvious.

    I hope this will come out soon so people can make a good judgement who will they vote this coming 2013.

    May God Save The Philippines from these crooks once and for all.

  • Kairosphil

    sino kaya iyon? binitin pa..

  • kilabot

    pinkylacson uses govt money to pay for his makeup, manicure, pedicure, dresses, and condoms. 
    he used govt-issued arms & bullets to murder innocents. and got away with it.

  • NegaStarr

    Get a tub of popcorn and a large soda. Sit back. Relax. Enjoy. NOW GO SENATORS!

  • prince_janus

    Sino ba yan, Ping? Si Miriam ba? Naku, ang kapal naman talaga ng pagmumukha kung sino man ang senador na ito. Kaming mga ordinaryong empleyado ay halos magkandakuba na sa pagtatrabaho at naghihinayang sa laki ng buwis na kinakaltas sa sahod namin ay sinusweldo lang pala sa maid ng senador at pang-grocery pa! Walang hiya talaga.

  • mabyrik

    I like what I am seeing. 

    Let them fight for a bone like mad dogs. In the end, it is the people who will emerge the winner when all the illegal expenses charged to the government funds, which came from the people’s blood, sweat and tears are finally exposed.

    Sometimes when senators with child-like attitude showed tantrums, like what Lacson is doing now, like Enrile’s revelations of state secrets after Trillanes attacked him for accommodating a congressman in the subdivision of CAMSUR, like Miriam’s revelations of immoral Christmas gifts to fellow senators by Enrile, the beneficiaries of all these are the people. They will know whom NOT to vote.

    This child-like attitude of these senators validates the impressions of the people that they are  all corrupt, without conscience, immoral, and stupid. 

    OK Lacson, make our day. But do not expect that you will be treated a hero like Miriam for her Christmas gifts attack on Enrile. When you defend a defenseless Enrile for im//moral gift, you too become im//moral like the Christmas gift. 

    Just keep on making enemies with women Lacson and you’ll be OK. Mas masaya kung pati si Jody Sta Maria aawayin mo dahil kay Jolo at sa anak mo. You thrive on that.

    • Felix

      “This child-like attitude of these senators validates the impressions of the people that they are all corrupt, without conscience, immoral, and stupid. ”

      I just thought that a child is innocent and pure in thoughts and heart and not corrupt, not immoral, not stupid.

      • mabyrik

        Remember, they are not children, they are adult with child-like IQ who are capable of doing nasty things. 

      • Felix

        Maybe you mean “childish” attitude.  Childish and child-like are different. Child-like means like a child who is pure in thoughts and heart even if sometimes have child tantrums and never corrupt, never immoral, never stupid. Childish attitude is one of an adult that easily gets piqued even on trivial matters. My point is for adults to respect and protect innocent children not capable of defending themselves.

  • Garo Ungaro

    Come’on guys…everything comes from government funds…salaries, gifts, bonuses appropriation budgets..any expenses incurred comes from the government. The issue is when will it stop, using government funds for personal needs… can you exist with 60T monthly salaries…even 100T with lifestyles you all are having?..where did those extras come from your personal/private run businesses..? maintaining an image/lifestyle is not easy…but somewhere, the extras comes from somewhere?….What your saying is, this been happening long time ago?… even the official cars by the government is being used a personal car..?The citizens know about those abuses of the privilege few.  The respect for the Peoples money on how, where, when, what to spent is just not there…As long as there’s still be taken is normal and it’s right…Thats the sad reality, of being in a position…as they say; as long as the kitchen there and it’s open then your free to raid it, no question asked…

  • Rodel

    maganda itong nangyayari labasan nang bulok sa mga politiko. hindi na bago yan. Hindi lang naman sa taas yan hanggang pababa yan sa level nang mayor bayad na ang mga groceries at all basic need nila at of course mga alipores sa municipio kasali

  • bugoybanggers

    Anak ng P_tsa naman, publicity na naman kesyo malapit na election, batuhan ng akusasyun para mag karoon ng hearing at mapaimbestigahan sa senado. Gagawin na namang issue na dapat sila mismo ang gagawa ng solution? Gagawing pang PUBLIC para makita na naman sa TV ang kung sino ang pinakamagaling dumaldal.. kwentong wala namang kwenta kasi sa bandang huli?? wala namang mapaparusan? Suporta lang naman pala sa JURISDICTION? Kawawang mga PINOY, mangmang na lalo pang boboboHIN…

  • VeryDisgusted2

    Ah don’t mind this expose’ of Lacson.

    Maid’s salary is miniscule compared to govt funds he used to kill uncounted number of people. His dogs Marantan and Dumlao are still on loose killing innocent people.

  • mekeni62

    nampucha ang babaho niyo. nakakasuka kayo!!

  • gilbongs

    yan unting-unti nang sumisingaw angmalansang amoy sa nyo. Wake up COA pinag initan nyo palagi ang lowly income gov’t employee calling comm. Tan na uutal ka na ata. mataray ka pa bolok yung sestima mo sa audit nyo. palagi kang nag dedepensa sa mga malaki sa governo . kailangan ang office nang COA naman ang linisin. alam namin moy porsiento kayo sa mga bidding at ibang transaction nang governo.

  • johnlordphilip

    First step to solve corruption in governement: LET THEM FIGHT!

  • pinoysadubai

    maganda yan sige batuhan pa kayo ng baho at isiwalat ang dapat isiwalat…tong si ateng pinky parang babaeng P _ T_….daldakina :)

  • Mario

    This whole zarzuela is repulsive , sickening and absolutely disgusting. God have mercy on the Filipino people !  

  • jinx

    As this word war is heating up, I think many people will side with Miriam. Miriam is fighting for that big menace in politics which is corruption.  In fact, she supports COA intervention on this issue.  Ping is defending the massive bonus the senate received from carpetbagger Enrile.  Ping is stonewalling and strenthening the defenses of traditional politicians. Miriam is tearing them down.

    • X

       @ Jinx……As the word war heats up, we will all realize that they are all crooks! These people should be held to the highest standard. They should lead by example. They are Senators of the Republic!

      • jinx

        Who doesn’t want to have a senate like that? Problem is, and this is I think the biggest issue, there’s a culture of corruption our senators have been practicing for so long.  Miriam comes into the picture and maybe for personal reasons, divulged it to all and sundry. Now, senators like Ping want her to be mum about it and just tolerate this culture. As a common tao, can you tolerate it?

      • Bert

        Indeed, a CULTURE OF CORRUPTION which our senatongs, tongressmen and most politicians under our TUWID NA DAAN administration, already perceived as NORMAL.

  • ThePattern

    Ping para kang poo tah poo tack ng poo tack.

    • butchred

       hunghang si miriam ang putak ng putak, eh kumukubra din naman ng pera galing ke enrile!

      • ThePattern

        hung hang kayo pare parehas

  • kilabot

    naloko na. 
    mukhang magkakaroon ng atimonan incident sa senado.

  • Pork_Republik

    Iba klase talaga…Role of Law of in the land.

    • Mario

      As things going on it’s the “Rule of Men and not of Law.”

  • popeyee

    Iwan ko lang kung sinong senador o congressmen o sino mang elected official ang di gumagamit ng kahit isang kusing na galing sa gov’t. fund..isama pa dyan yong pag gamit ng mga sasakyan na pahiram sa kanila ng gobyerno…

  • tiriring

    BUANG versus BADING!
    Hala Bira!

    • Bonggebongge

      Hahahaha….dobol B…

  • Gravador Gerald

    birds of the same feathers flock together. 

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    And, seeing they were all sinners, prostitutes, adulterers, rapists, thieves, murderers, liars, hypocrites, gluttons, and plagiarists, the Lord said, “Let every one of you cast stones, rocks, boulders, bricks, hollow blocks, mud, asphalt, acid, knives, spears, and arrows against each other, for the Comelec Gun Ban is still in force and effect.”

    And the multitude marvelled at the Lord’s wisdom and respect for the rule of law, and they said, “Surely, this man is not affiliated with UNA.”
    – – – – – –

    Mad, 3:16

  • X

    These are our Senators!!!  There’s NO honor between THIEVES!


  • popeyee

    The senators, and even the congressmen, portrayed themselves very clean during the impeachment trial of Corona and yet here they are…hypocrisy to the highest level..

    • Bert

      Very True. SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITES, indeed!!!!

  • X

    We should NOT re-elect these people!

  • Ed D Boy

    Bading ka nga yata…dapat sa The BUZZ mo nilabas yang blind item mo…wla n tlga sa ayos…pasaringan n pla ngayon ang senado..nawawala tuloy ang dignity….

  • kismaytami

    Naku naman, mr. lacson, hindi na kagulat-gulat ang balita mo. Natural na kasi na gawain ng mga government officials and employees ang pagwawaldas ng pera ng taumbayan.

    • butchred

       mokong wag mo isama ung employees!

      • kismaytami

        mokong, pare-pareho lang hilatsa ng bituka ng mga opisyales at empleyado.

  • calipso_2100

    I think the Revillas, Sotto, Lapid have done a good job bringing showbizness in the Senate.

  • bundee

    Now,  if they could be corrupted by the few thousand of Senate budget, what more of the billions budgeted for RH Law?

    Have you ever wondered why they fought for its passage?

    Who is complaining?  Who are the biggest spenders?

    My guess is good as yours,

  • Bonggebongge

    Kapal talaga ng mga kalyo sa pagmumukha ng mga to…sila sila nag aala canibal na dahil lang sa pera ng bayan na pwede nilang kulimbatin. Sana malimas ang mga nilalang na ito sa senado at mapalitan ng bagong tao…yung mga tunay na tao…hindi mga maligno na magnanakaw…

  • Rosauro

    Kawawang Corona. Biktima siya ng mga mababahong tao sa Senado.

    • Mendoza_Juniors

       Sino nagpatalsik kay Corona? Si P na nag sign ng RHLaw noy di ba?

  • brunogiordano

    Pag ang atin mga official ng bayan, ay nagaaway lalo na kung ito ay nagiging personalan, maaaring hindi tayo nakikinabang, subalit marami ang mga baho nila ang nabubulgar at lalo natin nakikilala ang kanilang mga tunay na pagkatao.

    Kaya, dapat ituloy ang mga away.

  • kevin

    Pandoras  box of lies and deception…..

  • Protacio Secoya

    e bakit walang ginagawa si lacson kung totoo ang kanyang sinasabi. kasohan nya ang senador na yan. hirap sa kanya, bunganga lang eh

  • Mendoza_Juniors

    Basta naniniwala ako sa Karma.  Ito na ang bunga ng masamang intensyon nila dahil lang sa pera.

  • vir_a

    I like this. Para kanya kanyang labasan nang dirty linens in public. And we will know better who the ignorant people are voting.

  • Julio7

    Wala na..palubog na Pilipinas

    Very sad.

  • Kabudlay

    Bakit ang ibang sendor hindi ba ginagawa yan?Baka nga masahol pa jan ang ginagawa ng iba.Nag mamalinis ka pa Mr Senator  pereparehas lang naman kayo! Pinaghahatian nyo ang mga TAX ng taong bayan! Please do not vote for the TRAPOS next election.Pati anak ng trapo wag rin iboto. We need to consider NEW, QUALIFIED people.

  • ManongOsang


    Miriam Santiago- Massive Unexplained Wealth, Built 60 million peso home in affluent La Vista QC

    Ping Lacson- Multiple Instances of being pinned as the Mastermind of Wealthy Chinese Kidnapping during the Erap administration & collected MILLIONS in Ransom. The ONLY Senator in the history of the Philippines who DEFIED his own Arrest Warrant & Went into HIDING ! A Lawmaker who literally DISOBEYED a LEGITIMATE Court Order & became a Fugitive of the Law !!! Only in the Philippines

    Bottom line… 90% of Filipino Senators, Congressmen, Governors & Mayors ARE CORRUPT & would be in Jail if this was the United States, Canada, Japan or Europe !!!!

    Sa Pilipinas, Senators are UNTOUCHABLES !!!!

    • jeray

      hindi pa senador si mirriam bahay na nila ng asawa un… hay osang

  • jimmya

    Name name, Mr. Lacson! Be man enough to name that person. Style ng tsismoso yung hindi nag name ng tinitsismis.  Give her chance to answer your accusation.

  • Adiktos

    “Her”? so who among the three? Is it Sen. Pia Cayetano, Sen. Loren Legarda or Sen. Miriam Santiago? 

    • ClaudineBeretta

      Malamang si Miriam.. eh sa kakadada ng bibig at kakabunganga sa mga katulong nya malamang kailangan nyang bayaran ng malaki ang mgayun.

      • antlagdamn

        hahahaha oo nga! wala pa namang tigil ang bibig ni miriam!! hahahaha

      • tanyaaaa

        ang daldal kasi ni miriam..mababasag tenga ng katulong sa kanya..kulang pa sa pampagamot ng tenga kung hindi nya lalakihan nag mga sahod nila hehe

  • Mendoza_Juniors

    Karma ng RH LAW!

    • marionics

      karma kamo sa corona he he

      • Mendoza_Juniors

        Utos ni Noynoy.  Ibig sabihin si Pnoy ang sunod dahil kay Corona?

      • marionics

        uuuh karma sa pag kontra sa impeachment ni corona. i thought i was clear. i guess not

  • ethicsingov

    Where I live in today’s high tech world, its becoming common that employees work from home and portion of mortgage and utilities are charged as office expense. It ends up cheaper than the employer maintaining a big building, furnishing it, cleaning it, heating it;  driving on company vehicle, etc. It’s common knowledge that Sen Miriam has a massive library and works from home and the aides based in her home office are unfairly called as “maids”. Nevertheless the Auditor’s office must conduct an audit of everyone who benefits from taxpayers/public funds.

    • Mendoza_Juniors

      Allowed kaya sa rules ng senado? O justification lang?


    this is good..!! tira lang ng tira para makita ng mga tao ang mga DI NILA DAPAT IBOTO SA SUSUNOD NA ELECTION.!!

  • Emilio

    Miriam, don’t turn tail. This tactic now confronting u is called “character assassination”. For people not in the know, it would seem u are now the person doing something wrong, they tend to forget that you opened up a pandoras box thus the dogs are now attacking u.
    People will support the truth, and u are the symbol of truth in the senate. Those who are trying to destroy u are destined to the fires of hell. Those who are keeping silent and who don’t want to interfere because they also have dirty linen, well, according to Dante, the hottest place in hell is reserved for them.

    • Mendoza_Juniors

       Idolo mo corrupt din pala?

    • Emilio

       eh ang tanong kambal may pinapanigan ka?

      At tanong pa Totoo ba ang bintang sa kanya?

      At tanong pa lalabas bayung issue nayon kung walang naka kita?

  • Mendoza_Juniors

    Karma.   Sana sa sunod si Lagman naman ang karmahin.

  • Rosauro

    People’s money paying maid’s salary? Kakahiya naman. Mas nakakahiya. 

  • Emilio

    madami d2 nag sasabi na parang wag na dapat malaman ng taong bayan ung baho ng ibang pulitiko. sa totoo lng hind ako sang ayon sa karamihan d2, mas ok nga kung madami ang gumagawa ng pag lalabas ng expo-say dahil hakbang to kung sino talaga dapat tanggalin at parusahan para malinis ang gov’t natin.

    merong nag sasabi d2 na “Luma na daw un at hindi naraw bago ang mga gawain ng politiko un”
    Ang tanong ano ang gagawin mo para maayos ung mga maling mga gawain ng ibang pulitiko?

    wag mong sabihin mag mumukmuk kalang sa isang tabi na Sina sabing “Bahala kayo sa buhay nyo” pag ang tao ganito ang pag iisip masasabing kong walang silbi at maka sarili hindi siya iba sa mga politikong gumagawa ng masama parang konsintedor

    mas pabor ako sa gaya ng ginagawa ni Mr. Lacson dahil suwerte parin dahil may ganitong mga politiko parin.

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    “Asked how long this senator has been making the Senate pay for her
    personal needs, Lacson said: “Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…”

    sa pagbabalik ng…the buuzZz!!

  • w4d

    LOL…Like it’s been said over and over, our politicians, mostly those occupying the highest offices, are the most hypocritical and back-stabbing human beings on earth. These traits that they mastered have been molded from generations of deceiving the public with a straight faces and smiling at their rivals to gain sympathy, before slamming them with an ax after they no longer see the other as a personal asset.

    What would be nice is a lifestyle check that has been promised so many times so the public may know once and for all who among “them” are famous for waste, fraud, and abuse although the nation already have a keen idea of who they are. Reality; however, suggests that as long as these “evil” and corrupt politicians are in office and able to manipulate the law, they will do whatever they can to remain in position, or put family members in office with the pretext of serving the public (aruy), so they can continue to rape the country of its rightful resources.

    In the meantime, let us entertain ourselves with information on accusations and counter attacks that will definitely go no where but will surely score “showbiz” points for the warring Senators, which is precisely their ultimate intention, anyway….more LOL…

    • Harry

      We should be shedding tears for this country instead of being entertained by the exposure of graft and corruption at the topmost level of our government.

      This is a country where publicly recognized criminals cannot and will not be prosecuted.

      • w4d

        I’m sure you are smart enough to read through the sarcasm…

  • KpTUL

    Hope that all these senators will just banish one day, including Ping. Lahat kayo dyan kurakot ! Mahiya kayo

  • Mendoza_Juniors

    Relax lang kayo. Basta masama ang ginagawa may KARMA talaga!

  • Jejomar_Binay

    Sige maglabo labo kayo sa senado. Kami naman papasyal pasyal lang muna para bumisita ng mga kaibigan sa probinsiya. Pagpasok ng UNA senators sa senado eh tabi kayo lahat. Ayon sa latest survey eh pasok na pasok ang anak kong si Nancy, si Jackie Enrile at JV Estrada. Ang saya saya po talaga. Rah rah rah…. UNA

  • mangtom

    bundeeCollapseKARMA           NG             RH LAW!Sagut: bundee, layo ng sinasabi mo sa topic. You sound like a mitsubishop. To quote txtman(woman), pitiful ka. Cry baby, ito yong milk bottle mo. Pagubos na ang gatas, ito ang pacifier.




  • Emilio

    ung kambal ko nman Emilio D2 epal hindi manlang binago kahit kaunti ung pangalan namin d2. sana manlang Ginawa niyang EmiLiO ung sa kanya bakit kc kopyang-kopya ung ID ko d2

  • prince_janus

    Haaay, Pilipinas kong mahal. Anong nangyari sa iyo. Bakit mga peste ang naglilingkod sa mamamayan? Inuubos na nila ang laman sa kaban ng bayan. Aming mga binayad na buwis ay nilustay na ng mga hinayupak na buwaya. Sana man lang sa eleksiyon, pangalan nila ay ating kalimutan.

  • Mendoza_Juniors

    RH Law = Karma Law!

  • virgoyap

    It seems that I know who this senator is…secret…

  • bundee

    You trusted your senators and politicians more than your God.

    Senators and politicians are corruptible. God is incorruptible.

  • jeray

    May bago etong kriminal… a. Sa uli mo muna ping ang regalo sayo para maging tama.

  • Meeney Miney

    “…the knives are out.”. Eto na ang senate circus malapit na kasi election.

  • bundee

    People trusted the intelligent.  But smart people could be corrupted. 

  • Albino

    Ping Lacson, why don’t you explain to the people how you were able to escape and then come back to the Philippines. What documents did you fake?

  • Lapu Lapu

    It will not be surprising in case we hear people’s tax money is being used to kill the tax payer. Another news awaiting to hear is: government funds are used for prostitution.

    Btw, these are not news but a tradition.

  • Jaz

    Labasan na ng baho ang kagalang-galang na mga senador. Mangangamoy ebak na ang senado nyan he he he!

  • Karabkatab

    Hwag na tayong magtaka, etong mga senatong at tongressmen, kahit anong gastusin ipapasagot kay Juan.  Kahit nga sasakyan, gas, driver ng kanilang mga anak papuntang eskwela ay c/o Juan. Kung ang otot ay maaring ipa reimburse sa bayan, tyak gagawin yan nintong mga hinayupak na inyong hinalal.

  • Mendoza_Juniors

    Basta mali sigurado may Karma.  Ang saya na!

  • brutsador

    Pork Barrel + Jueteng = Tongressmen & Senatongs, 30% to 40% ng Pork Barrel napupunta sa mga hinayupak na corrupt na politicians na ito, Yan ang SOP na binibigay ng mag contractors doon sa mga projects nila, Dyan nila kinukuha ung pang gastos sa election . Ang kakapal ng mga muka ng mga ito , ginawang hanap buhay . Mr President sabi mo kung walang corrupt walang mahirap bakit ayaw mong tangalin ang Pork Barrel ito ang number one source ng corruption. Ito ba ang matuwid na daan mo?

  • Harry

    Victims accused Marcos and Enrile of numberless killings during the Martial Law period but the truth is that they did not kill and who carried out the killings for them?

  • $37644997

    I maybe wrong on this one,although I intend to guess who was being refered  to as the senator spending gov’t funds for personal use;I strongly think it’s lady Mimi.

  • Albert

    I think it is about time, we had an election revolution and do not vote for any incumbent senator at the next election. Vote for a new name and face entirely.

    It is time to clean house once and for all and get a new circus in town

  • jeronimo

    tsk tsk tsk, papansin o diversion? alang hiya, di na nabago ang mga ito, pano na yung bata mo? srap bbuhay sa St. Lukes!

  • RyanIlagan

    Si lacson kaya saan nya ginagamit ang pera ng bayan?? hmmm.. 

    • corymoran

      Baka sa mga kinakatulong din nya..maraming inaalipin yan si Lacson.. Kamay na bakal daw sya eh..

    • David

       tanungin natin ang coa

  • surigao_miners

    ganyan na ba talaga kababa ang mga Senador natin na pati sahod ng katulong ay ginagawang issue? OMG! sana pasukin kayo ng mga Suicide Bomber!

  • Hey_Dudes

    We are spending tremendous amount of money each year to pay these goodfornothing leeching barnacles, perks, benefits in additional to what they systematically siphons from taxpayers money and what do we get?  If ever this kinds of exposes reachs the International Court, where do you think Brenda will end up to?

  • blunderact

    ito naman si baklang lacson  ay ayaw sumunod sa batas. May arrest warant pero tumakbo at nagtago. Bading na na walang balls harapin ang kaso.
    Ginugulo ang senate sa mga walang kuwentang witness na para bang pulis na may witness daw pero nakatago mukha. Isip pulis. Isip bubu.

  • LegalJustice

    Its now time to throw all the dirty laundry out in the open once and for all.

    I think filipino people already know the truth but it is nice that someone in the Senate  will expose what has been known all along they’ve been doing with there funds allocation – on each Senator, please.

  • wakats

    The more the merrier – more of it, Ping.

    Last November, “plague of graft wave of high profile corruption scandals strike Russia.” Is the plague now in the senate?

    According to Mark Twain, the new political gospel is: PUBLIC OFFICE IS PRIVATE GRAFT.

    How true!!! 

  • blunderact

    pati sweldo ng maid pinatulan. Tanungin mo nga paano niya pinapalamon pamilya niya sa kakarampot na suweldo niya? Marangyang kabuhayan na walang negosyo. hay naku.

    • David

       magaling pong negosyante at legal ang asawa ni lacson kaya me pera ang family nya.

      • wilFired

        Hoy David , wala naman nagngangalan na Mrs Lacson sa business association sa PH. Baka monkey business o kaya kasama sya sa Forbes business names.

  • teraytaray

    San ba galing ang kinakain at pambayad ng kasambahay ni Sen Lacson? sa sweldo nya di ba? san galing sweldo nya? e di sa gobyerno?

    • David

       ang sabi ni lacson, allocations for senate ang ginagamit. hindi sahod ni miriam. in short, yung dapat sa senado lang gamitin, pati sa personal ginagamit din…yun un

    • wilFired

      Ang sweldo ni senatong lacson hindi sa gobyerno kundi sa tax payer moneyyyyy.

  • LegalJustice

    “There is no person so severely punished, as those who subject themselves to the whip of their own remorse.” ~ Seneca

  • Harry


    How can one feel remorse when he has no conscience.

  • iskurokutoy

    Hindi ginagalaw ni Lacson ang 200M na pork barrel niya mula ng maging senador siya noong 2001. Sabi nga ni Miriam, 10% SOP (commission) lang may 20M na isang senador kada taon.
    Si Alfredo Lim at Franklin Drilon lang ang iba pang (naging) senador ang kagaya ni Lacson.

    • blunderact

      sa pork lang ba may nakawan? barya lang yan sa senador. Sponsoring a bill has more SOP. Ilang bill ang sponsored ni lacson?

      • David

         hindi po barya lang ang 200m…. kahit sinong senador ask mo pa kung barya yan. kaya nga karamihan sa kanila ayaw yan pakawalan.

    • blowcoldblowhot

      Mali ka, Si Joker Arroyo yon isa. hindi si Franklin Drilon. 

  • tanyaaaa

    Miriam and her big mouth… kung gusto yumaman, magaaply ng maid kay miriam..un nga lang asahang mababasag ang tenga hehe ! ! ! !

    • Jane Tan

      Bakit? Alam mo magkano sahod niya sa maid niya?

      • David

         10k po isang buwan, pinakamababa na yan sa lahat ng maids ni miriam

      • wilFired

        Sa bung na yan , kahit doublehing mo pa yung sahod ay sulit . Pero si Lacsona ang maid 50k kasi kasama ang masahe.

  • sakinlang

    A new kind of entertainment being offered by the senate – INDAY MIRIAM VS. INDAY PING! Sponsored by : LAKAY JOHNNY.
    Watch out for more!

  • blunderact

    Si enrile: matandang bully. Si Lacson: baklang puro may witness na sinugngaling. Si Miriam: dakilang mapagmura.
    Ano tingin ninyo sa Senado? Sa susunod na election, piliin ang karapatdapat. nakakahiya na maawa na kayo sa bayan. Ngayon may bagong pagasa, huwag iboto ang kagaya ni lacson, enrile at miriam..

  • Harry

    Aside from being Ping’s mentor, Enrile can deliver a lot of votes for Lacson when the proper time comes.

  • Arvin

    Bobo pala ito si Lacson, saan kaba kukuha pang bayad sa maid? diba sa sweldo mo sa senado kasi nasa senado ka nag trabaho…..kung sa sarili mong property ka nag office dapat may bayad dahil work related naman ang ginagawa mo….even businessman chinoy they also pay rent on their own property kung saan doon sila nag negosyo….walang punto si lacson dito

    Ang problema or tanong? si lacson matagal naging fugitive saan siya kumuha ng pera pang allownace niya sa hongkong o pagtatago niya? baka pinapadalhan siya ni enrile magaling si enrile sa ganyan kita ninyo diba?….a senator who is fugitive is a law violators…

    kung wlang moral ascendency si Meriam…lalo ni si ping…laki siguro bayad ni enrile kay ping?

    Sige vote ninyo anak ni enrile, binay, Ejercito (estrada), maceda, mitos magsaysay (cronies ni PGMA)..para lalong dadami corruption…

    • Yoyong Gonzales

       mas maniniwala na ako ki lacson kesa ke santiago na hindi naniniwala sa Dios…

  • JV Velarde

    “the pot calling the kettle black”

  • ohpuleeze

    They all have dirt on each because they are all really dirty. These are the filth we elect year in and year out.

  • carlorocci

    Yun dati ngan Senatong yun kabit niya binigyan nya ng Pangkabuhayan Package galing sa kanyang pork barrel…..

    Hindi na bago yan…Lahat kayo kurakot….

  • grace888

    attack dog ka nga ni JPE Pinky!!…sa Tuguegarao ka ba nagtago noong tinakasan mo ang kaso mo???

    • wilFired

      Hindi,sa cottage ni tanda.Ano ako magpapahirap , dami yata ako nang pera .At marami pa akong bodyguard dyan na free to kill .

  • LeoSanMig

    Pareho na rin ni Sen Lacson si Boogie Mendoza. lol

  • Fred

    Ayan, ganyan nga, maglabasan kayo ng baho!
    Ang pangheeeee!!!
    Ang lansaaaa!!

  • LeoSanMig

    Akala ko, ako lang ang madumi. Sila rin pala sa senado ay madumi rin. Ang taas pa naman ng tingin ko sa kanila at hindi ko sila ninanakawan. Ako pala ang ninanakawan nila. Argh!

  • Jhune

    Pangalanan agad para sa taong bayan Ping, dahil ang ginagastos ninyo diyan sa Senado tax iyan ni Juan Dela Cruz.

  • grace888

    sabi mo noon sa BF ka nakatira, nag deny ka pa na wala kang bahay sa Ayala Alabang… eh bakit noong tumakas ka sa Ayala Alabang ka inaabangan ng mga TV reporters???

  • clark

    you see,,,kung sino pa ang nagngangawa,pati sahod ng katulong nya galing sa senado,,,napakawalanghiyang senador,,,pera ng taong bayan ginagamit sa personal pati allowance ng kanyang asawa at groceries nila galing sa ponda ng senado,,,,

  • J

    Ang isang crook galit sa kapareho niyang crook.
    Dapat yata mag-resign na lahat ng senador para mapalitan sila sa darating na election. Kanya kanya ng lusot at palusot. Nangangamoy palengke na ng isda ang senado.

  • Albert Einstien

    biruin nyo me mga ASKAL, CRUSADING CROOKs, at mga BUWAYA tayong pinapasweldo…i-dissolve na lang ang congress…madami na tayo masyado batas..madami pa pera ma-save atmawawala ang malakihang kurapsyon… wala na dapat sila jan….me SC naman at executve dept…

  • basyong

    senatong lacson is rocking the boat.inilalabas na lahat ang mga asal bwayang senatong na katulad niya. e sino ba sa inyo ang hindi gumagawa ng mga ibinibintang mo pingky? sige ilabas mo ng ilabas ang kami ay tunay na liligaya sa mga trabaho ninyong walang kwenta.ipasara na lang yan at ibigay ang pondo sa mga biktima ng bagyo kaysa lamunin ng mga bwaya

  • Alvin Morales

    matagal ng gusto ng taumbayan na mawala alisin na ang pork barrel ng mga senador at congressmen dahil yan ang ugat ng malaking corruption sa ating bansa. bilyones ang pondo ng ating mga senador at congressmen pero hindi naman accounted kung saan napupunta hanggang sa kahulihulihang sentimo ng pondo nila na pera ng taumbayan kaya dapat ipasa na agad ang FOI Bill na less priority sa ating kasalukuyang gobyerno at hinaharang ng iba nating mga congressmen at senador na maipasa. sa kasalukuyang nagaganap sa senado ay makabubuting i-dissolve na ang ating mataas at mababang kapulungan ng kongreso. 

  • pasaway008ako

    Lacson kung totoo iyang sinasabi mo ay lumantad ka at ilantad mo siya. At tingnan natin, hindi iyong mayroon ka pang kabanata na binabanggit!!!

    • cute79

      ayaw nya sabihin kasi sarili nya tinutukoy nya!!

  • pedronimo

    PETTY, because it is common knowledge that Senators and even Congressmen use pork money for personal anf family use. So, nothing explosive or spectacular to Lacson’s attack against Santiago.

    • ohpuleeze

      Perfectly acceptable then.

  • Alvin Morales

    ang magagaling nating senator judges na mas masahol pa pala sa hinusgahan nilang si Chief Justice Renato Corona. sino ngayon ang huhusga sa mga senator judges nating mga walang kunsyensya, walang iba kungdi tayong mamamayan. kaya sa darating na elsyon huwag na huwag silang iboto pati mga angkan nila dahil ang santol ay hindi mamumunga ng bayabas. pag dissolve sa ating mataas at mabang kupulungan ng kongreso ang solusyon. kailangan na ang charter change hindi lang sa economic provisions kungdi pati ang sistema ng gobyerno.  

  • pedronimo

    Do politicians and/or their henchmen even read the Internet edition of print media, especially the feedback columns on the news? I doubt it, I think we the people who express their reactions and opinions here are just ignored altogether by Senators and Congressmen,

    • wilFired

      Makakapal nga ang mga mukha kahit ano pang sabihin natin . They don’t care as long as they got loads of moneyyyyyyyyy . Sa PH ko lang nakikita na kahit nag-plaplagiarism sya , pinagmamalaki pa . Nakakahiya, dapat mag-resign kana . Excuse me,wala pa lang loads of moneyyy if i will resign . he he he

  • JEO

    These bunch of senators in our country only shows how stupid and corrupt they in front of us! But the government is yet to punish them.

    Sorry Filipinos I don’t know where we going from here if our leaders are all like this!

    They themselves said they are corrupt but they are still there making a lot of money while just setting in there almost doing nothing to uplift our lives for how many decades had past!

  • Observer_din

    ilabas na ninyo lahat ng baho ninyo, mga magnanakaw na pulitiko, yung nag-aakusa at inaakusahan pare-pareho lang magnanakaw.. lahat ng kumakandidato ngayon parepareho lang gusto ang yumaman.. hirap talaga sa pilipinas,maski ano gawin mo no choice ka sa mga kandidato..  pag di ka bomoto talo ka kasi sila-sila din mananalo, kaya ang best na gawin eh piliin ang LESSER EVIL, pero ganun pa din, pare-pareho silang EVILS… hiraaappp .. syeeeeettt!!!

  • alberto santiago

    Kung tutuo ka Lacson, sasabihin mo ang pangalan. Hindi ka kasi sure kaya natatakot ka rin na magname names. Bakit si MIriam lang?  Halos marami sa inyo gumagawa ng akusasyon mo. Ikaw ba ay walang ginagawang kabulastugan din?

    • wilFired

      Mas grabe pa yan . Kaliwat kanan at may sidekick pa . Dapat magingat si Miriam baka ma-salvage sya . Tapos takbo lang ang gagawin , wala nanaman yung kaso . Free again…

  • WAJ

    Their pointing finger and accusing each other. Don’t they have anything to do for the benefit of the country?

  • Andrei Mendoza

    there’s no sign of intelligence in the senate..  let us all go to planet mars baka maka-tsamba tayo ng sign of intelligence duon.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Mr, Lacson you don’t have to tell us, we already knew a long time ago.  We also knew where else the senators are spending the Filipino people’s money.

    Please tell this to your fellow rhino skinned senators: ‘They’re donkey holes with no moral, ethical values, self serving, corrupt and brainless’.  Relay that to the congress too.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Approve Anti-Political Dynasties, Freedom of Information, Anti-Money Laudering and maybe you lazy donkeys can legislate to get rid of pork barrel.

  • wawa2172

    I guess Lacson is out to malign Santiago and defend his kind, Manong Enrile. This only shows that the senators are keeping a lot of worms in their can. Lacson himself was involved in many cases like the Dacer-Corbito murder case and the Kuratong Baleleng rubout. He also escape and hide from the law for months. Well, what do we expect from the senators? They can just throw garbage on each other and declare a ceasefire tapos end of the story. 

  • kakalungkot_123

    ang nakakalungkot dito si chief justice corona pnag husgahan nilang hindi sa pag declare sa SALN ng kanyang pinaghirapan…samantalang itong pinagpawisan ng taong bayan para sa taxes ay pinagpasapasahan lng para sa kanilang kapakanan…lalong nakakahiya sila sa mundo….biruin hindi nila naisip ang ordinary worker na nagpapawis instead na ipakain sa familia ay binabayad pa sa tax tapos sila lng pala ang makikinabang….

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      yung mga senatong at tongressmen hindi nagtatrabaho.  Bakit hindi pa na implement ang Anti-Political Dynasties, Mr Lacson, sir?

  • wilFired

    Please vote only to those politicians who promise to get rid of the pork barrel . Instead, the pork barrel will go to HABITAT .. FOR HOMELESS PEOPLE .

    • cute79


  • del pillar

    This revelation Senator PING LACSON only proves that our system should be changed! This is one reason why Jacky Chan named US as the most corrupt country in the world and we/our country is patterned  to this country!!! Sobrang dumi talaga ng ating institution?????????

    • ApoNiLolo

      And that’s your reason why “sobrang dumi ng ating institution”? Because a Chinese action movie star said the US is the most corrupt nation in the world at nadamay tayo dahil our form of government was patterned from them?

      Yours is the most brilliant socio-political analysis I’ve encountered so far today! >: D

    • George

      right, dodong!!! and the chinese are the most honest people in the world, di ba? oh btw, jacky chan went to school for this, that he became an authority about corruption?

  • Olibo

    Nagkabistuhan na. Calling Boy Abunda it’s your turn, a very good issue for your talk show.

  • antdr111

    stop pork barrel because it corrupts….. alam naman natin that the senators/congressmen are not angels or saints na hindi  matutukso sa limak na limpak na is human nature, so the system has to be changed… mga umaalma lang naman dito ang mga  apektado–na mawalan ng pork.

  • katabay1106

    Si CJ Corona na tinanggal sa pwesto ng mga senador na ito dahil sa hindi pagfile ng tamang SALN pero hindi napatunayang nagnakaw. Pero itong mga senador at mga kongresman na ito ay harap-harapan sa pagnanakaw sa pera ng bayan. MGA WALANGHIYANG MGA SENADOR AT KONGRESMAN MAG RESIGN NA KAYONG LAHAT!

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    pareha kayong lahat na mga kupal na senador at congressmen!!!

  • ApoNiLolo

    The difference between Lacson and Merriam is Merriam talks like John Wayne – a straight shooter, walang paligoy-ligoy pag mag salita. Si Lacson naman ginagaya si Boy Abunda – puro “blind item” ang sinasabi at puro pahaging mag salita.

    Now tell me, between the two, whose got balls and who’s the fairy… I mean telling fairytales? >: D

  • Saint Luci

    Senator Lacson, please name names. Else, you’re no different from rumor-spreading a-holes.

  • AllaMo

    Just a bunch of over-paid, under-performing, egotistic, malaswa-to-the bone, self-serving, lieyers, all on the people’s dime.

  • X44

    Isauli nyo na kasi, nalilihis pa yata ang issue eh… tapos mag resign na rin kayo lahat! You stinks! Kapal nyo

  • Your_King

    These rich people bickering and telling on each other. It’s like grade school allover again. These are supposed to be the leaders of the country who are supposed to be working to better the nation…instead they complain about each other and moan and use their government money for personal use. When Lacson said Senator…he should have been more specific and added an S at the of Senator when he accused.

    • mr

      Pano nga ba yumaman si lacso eh retiradong police general lang sya at maliit lang sweldo? Pano nya nakakayang di kunin pork barrel kung wala syang hocus focus na ginagawa. Siguro malakas ang bigay ng mga aso nyang sina Marantan at Dumlao.

  • tata_boy

    Tapos na ang maliligayang araw ng mga senatong, mula ngayon hihingan na sila ng resibo sa kanilang mga expenses. ayon sa COA. Magdadalawang isip na ang mga ito para kumandidato dahil mababawasan ng malaki ang kanilang mahuhuthot sa kaban ni Juan de la Cruz.

  • boybakal

    Senator using govt funds to pay maids’ salary, says Lacson…

    I don’t see anything wrong with that.
    As we all know, all salaries, wages, pork barrel, allowances of Senators are all government Funds…coming from Taxpayers money.
    At least, whoever pays the maids out of govt funds, it is used wisely and shared even to the lowest level of employee.

    If the govt funds were used in gambling, rackets, entertainment, fine dining or extravagant spending….then that is the time to howl protest.

    • okabato

       With guys like you and me thinking that way, now I know why this country is made up of corrupt and dishonest people.

      • boybakal

         ang layo mo bato, ang layo at ang sama ng pag iisip mo, corrupt agad.

      • okabato

         Si Sen. Miriam sinuswelduhan ng taong bayan bakit di nya gamitin ang suweldo nya pangbayad kasambahay nya at ipambili ng groceries nya. Wala naman silang allowance para sa maid at groceries.

      • mr

        Di pati mga ginastos ng mga nanood na mga politiko ng laban ni Pacquiao galing din sa bonus at pork barrel, kasi sweldo lang ng mga to kulang pa pambili ng plane ticket at hotel accommodation. 

  • Jaime

    Lacson, you need credibility.

  • Chihuahua

    The people have a chance to clean the slate once and for all and start fresh with new faces. Instead of putting the same faces, familiar names, ex-military, ex-athletes, ex-movie stars, ex-cop, ex-convicted politician, scion of ex-corrupt politicians, scion of elite oligarchs, and ex, ex, ex….this coming election is a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect the right people who will drive the destiny of the nation for the next generation. Each candidate must be vetted thoroughly, their wealth explained, tax information laid public, past records and agenda completely examined, their known association, etc. Go for the jugular and zap the tumor decisively or face the same music for another generation.              

  • George

    how about the murder of dacer and the escape /diappearance of the primary suspects, were the gov’t resources used also, ha ha hon. senator?

  • Joseph St John

    Sen. Lacson need to name the person he alluded to who paid the salary of the maid with gov’t funds. Otherwise his accusation is hogwash.

  • mynnyx

    hahahahahah……ayan ah si sen.lacson na mismo ang nagsabi sa maling gawain ng senator…………….di ba isang klasing pagnanakaw sa pera ng bayan yan……………o may gulay……….

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Mr. Lacson sir, please dont tell us what we already knew.  Please tell us what we dont know yet, like who killed Dacer & Corbito if you’re kind enough how about the Kuratong Baleleng?

    Saan ka nga pala nagtago noong nawala ka at hinahanap?

  • DaniloT

    para sa amin mga ofw dapat tanggalin na yan pork barrel ng mga senators at congressman.gamitin na lng ito sa modernization ng hukbong sandatahan natin para wala na tumatakot sa atin at para na rin yun west philippine sea ay matuloy na ang oil exploration dito para dito na kami magtatrabaho…

  • Pork_Republik

    Wow, who would have thought our dear senators are on CCT too? Man…

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