Army denies ‘overkill,’ it was ‘justified’



OVERKILL A member of the National Bureau of Investigation forensic team examines marks left by a hail of bullets that hit this SUV and another vehicle, and killed all 13 onboard, including police officers and soldiers. Most of the bullets were believed to have been fired by a police-military team stationed at a checkpoint in Atimonan, Quezon. RAFFY LERMA

Members of the Army’s Special Forces in Quezon province served as backup for policemen involved in the supposed encounter in Atimonan town after the Calabarzon regional police command sought the unit’s help in going after a group of guns-for-hire and drug lords, the military said Tuesday.

“The name of Vic Siman was not mentioned until after the encounter,” Col. Generoso Bolina, Armed Forces Southern Luzon Command (SolCom) spokesperson, told reporters in Camp Aguinaldo in a phone interview.

Bolina said the military conducted its own fact-finding investigation to determine the participation of Army soldiers led by Lt. Col. Monico Abang in the Jan. 6 incident that left Siman and 12 other people dead.

In a phone interview in Lucena City, Abang, commander of the 1st Special Forces Battalion, described the operation as a “calibrated use of force,” not an “overkill” as viewed by a National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) official. The NBI is conducting an investigation into the supposed encounter.

“It was justified because we were provoked by a group of armed aggressors who fired at us first,” Abang said.

Bolina said the police request for Army assistance was made through Supt. Ramon Balauag, head of the Quezon police intelligence unit. “He was the one who called up Colonel Abang to ask for augmentation. The 1st Battalion sent one platoon to conduct the joint operation.”

The policemen were to set up a checkpoint because the “group of drug lords … are armed with high-caliber guns,” Bolina said.


Abang and his 24 men are now restricted to quarters at their battalion headquarters in Candelaria town and have been directed to cooperate with the NBI probe. Bolina stressed, however, that they were not relieved.

Abang said reasonable use of firepower was made to subdue the threat from armed aggressors. He insisted that after the first exchange of gun shots that lasted two minutes, the government forces had stopped firing.

“But we were fired at again so some of us resumed firing. The firing only stopped after several shouts of ceasefire were heard,” he said. The exchange of shots lasted more than 10 minutes, he added.

Supt. Hansel Marantan, deputy intelligence chief of the regional police office based in Canlubang, Laguna, called up Balauag in the morning of Jan. 6 and “had asked for help and security for a still unspecified operation on the same day somewhere in the province,” according to a police source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The source said Balauag had informed Senior Supt. Valeriano de Leon, Quezon police chief, on the planned operation. But De Leon was still on vacation in Manila, he said.

Call for assistance

In a phone interview on Monday, Abang said Balauag called him at around 11:10 a.m. on the same day, requesting “Army assistance in the conduct of a checkpoint operation against a group of fully armed elements coming from Bicol.”

Abang said he immediately contacted Capt. Erwin Macalinao, head of the Army’s 3rd Special Forces Battalion based in Unisan town and ordered him and his men to meet him in Atimonan.

Abang said he and his 10 soldiers arrived in the town from Candelaria at around noontime aboard a military truck. Together with Macalinao and his men, they proceeded to Barangay Lumutan to join Marantan and the police force who were already setting up checkpoints in the area, he said.

The police source said Marantan conducted his briefing about the operation along the roadside. “He told us that what we’re after is the private armed group of a certain Vic Siman whom he said is also involved in gun-for-hire, illegal drugs and illegal gambling.”

Abang clarified that only 15 Army soldiers in full uniform and armed with rifles were at the encounter site. Ten others were left at the Atimonan police station at the town proper, nine kilometers away.

He said he only learned that three of those killed were policemen after the victims were identified by Scene of the Crime Operatives.

Purely police matter

“We knew nothing of the circumstances behind the police operation. It was purely a police matter. We only provided assistance and security. As a matter of fact, the Army soldiers were positioned some distance away from the checkpoint where the police were placed as frontliners,” Abang said.

He said the Army contingent left the site shortly before midnight after the police investigators finished their documentation.

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  • Jaime

    Not an over kill?  I guess you’re right, You did not use grenades, tanks and rocket launchers. Abolish PMA, graduates there are nothing but armed boy scouts!

    • est

      Agree ako dyan abolished pma


    nananalo lang naman kayo sa encounter pag ambush o overwhelming ang firepower nyo at sibilyan ang kalaban nyo. lagi nga kayong talo sa npa, milf, abu sayyaf. niratrat nyo walang kalaban laban sa loob ng sasakyan. hindi overkill? anong tawag doon? overmurder siguro.

    • batangpaslit

      so, you prefer that the police and soldiers get killed in firefight, eh?
      what a desecration of the name of the national hero

  • $16638896

    nag ceasfire kasi naubusan na sila ng bala, sayang ung montero. kawawa din ung mga nasa loob.

  • $16638896

    marami tlgang dapat ipaliwanag si marantan. sana gumaling na ung gasgas este sugat nya sa paa at kamay.

  • batangsulpok

    Mukhang maraming loopholes itong operation na ito dahil bakit si Lt. Col Abang na isang Battalion Commander ay siya pa ang mag-lead sa isang platoon na puwede namang si Capt. Macalinao lang ang maging commander ng support group?  Ano ba ang connection ni Abang kay Marantan na parehong Lt. Col. ang ranggo?  Isa pa, dapat ang intelligence report ni Marantan ay kompleto, di lang sasabihin na grupo ng gun for hire para malaman kung sino talaga ang target nila?

  • ryan andres

    ugaling jologs talaga… “justified”?

    wala na nga sa lugar, mangangatwiran pa, mamimrinsipyo pa.

    Kaya di tayo umaasenso eh.

  • $20722540

    if you see people in civilians clothes manning a supposed checkpoint what will you do?  as you know the area has many “nice people around”.  police asked assistance from the special forces, why them?  atimonan police chief was a former subordinate of marantan, does abang used to work or a friend of marantan?

  • Loggnat

    The military got played by the police to provide personnel as back-up. One of the main reason why the military should never be used for local law enforcement. The military is trained to defeat and/or destroy the opposing forces/enemies of the state and not to apprehend and bring common criminals to justice. They are trained to attacked, hold strategic areas and to destroy the forces that will prevent them from accomplishing their mission. They are not trained to be law enforcement personnel who are trained to proper application of aggression and force to prevent collateral damage to the innocent civilian. In the war’s battlefront and during firefights, the military is trained to use overwhelming force instead of calibrated used of force. The military should never be used to the task of law enforcement.

    • superpilipinas


      They can be called for back-up on standby at the sides and used only if and only if the PNP is overwhelmed. Were they overwhelmed….13 vs.30?

      How can you prove who shot first? It should not be used as alibi.

      With more than 20 of them, they should have captured at least 3 alive and immediately turned them over to NBI.

      Without at least one alive, it’s simply a rubout. for every case that there is nobody captured alive while the police has much more people, it is a rubout.

    • batangsulpok

      Agree because the army are trained always to surprise the enemy where ambush is their best option and on this incident, once the superior officer gives the order to fire, they will just continue firing their weapons until the enemy is subdued or dead.

    • batangpaslit

      yes, the military is trained to “search and destroy” and inflict total damage against the enemy.
      but law enforcement is not left alone to the police. every law abiding citizen including soldiers must be enjoined to help carry out peace and order in this tear filled land
      marunong si Col Maratrat how to engage in firefight precluding to graze his men.
      ‘yan ang tunay na field commander, marunong maki bakbakan
      hindi sinusobo tauhan nia sa kapahamakan. hindi sia undermanned, hindi rin sia underequipped.
      walang binatbat ang mga bodyguards moonlighting to protect the economic saboteur

  • Melvin

    “It was justified because we were provoked by a group of armed aggressors who fired at us first,” Abang said.
    Abang said reasonable use of firepower was made to subdue the threat from armed aggressors. He insisted that after the first exchange of gun shots that lasted two minutes, the government forces had stopped firing.
    “But we were fired at again so some of us resumed firing. The firing only stopped after several shouts of ceasefire were heard,” he said. The exchange of shots lasted more than 10 minutes, he added.

    Malinaw naman na hindi rub out. Malamang yung unang pagpapaputok ng nasa suv ang nakatama kay Marantan. Ang hindi ko maintindihan ay kung bakit mas marami ang kumakampi sa mga nakasagupa ng pinagsamang pulis-militar gayong napakaliwanag na puro gun for hire, iligal na pasugalan, illegal drugs at jueteng ang mga gawain ng mga napatay.

    • batangpaslit

      I am with you, Melvin.
      Kung marami ang kumakampi sa mga naratrat na Jueteng Lord and guns for hire, it is simply that there are personalities who just find relish in hurling false charges
      Also, some of the bloggers in this sites are related by affinity or consanguity to the elements who were eliminated.

    • superpilipinas

      Malinaw na rubout dahil walang tinirang buhay. We are in the year 2013 and not in the 1950s.  Kahit na criminal sila and not all of them are in a shoot to kill status, dapat police should bring them to face due process. Otherwise, ibalik na lang natin ang Martial Law para happy ang mga utak pulbura! Inosente kang nadamay, sorry ka na lang kasi suspended ang due process.

      13 dead by a much bigger and high powered force in vantage position is a rubout. 

      paano mapatunayan na lahat ay kriminal kung pinatay na lahat.

    • Carlos_Iho

      paano naging kriminal ang mga yun kung kahit isa sa kanila walang standing arrest warrant o kahit kaso man lang? suspect pa lang trato sa mga yun… malinaw na kriminal yung mga pumatay.  Saan ang daang matuwid dito?  Trabaho ng pulis na pangalagaan ang kapayapaan at kaayusan alinsunod sa batas.  Kung hindi sila susunod sa batas, para saan pa ang batas at bakit pa sila naging pulis?

      Walang karapatan ang pulis na humusga sa sino man.  Trabaho nila ipatupad ang batas.

    • tagatabas

       Pinoy mentality mahilig kumampi sa under dog, anyway be happy na lang at nababawasan ang masasama sa lipunan.

    • Rolando

      Para malaman natin baka may nangyaring unsihan….

    • Loggnat

      When an individual has been involved in multiple firefight in which resulted in innocent civilian casualties, there is something wrong with the operating procedure and the execution of enforcement of the law by that individual. Having the individual promoted when there is a case in court for the death of innocent citizens during his operations, is the same as condoning his deadly actions and total disregard for the safety and protection of innocent civilians during his planned operation.   

      • Loggnat

        These recent operation is to apprehend maybe questioned a suspected criminal in company of suspected guns for hire??!! All suspects and no search or arrest warrants to show nor approval for the operation?!! Where is the innocent until proven guilty rule of law in dispensing justice?!! Rule of Law must always prevail.  Being the the judge, jury, and executioner seems to be the normal operating procedure with officer Marantan and whole-heartedly condoned by his superiors and the justice system in the Philippines.

  • John

    gunggong. pagamit ka sa isang polis lang na marantan na produktong third rate police school sa laguna

    • Barak_O


      pnpa is in silang

  • superpilipinas

    with overwhelming firepower in vantage position against the 13 and the 13 were massacred, it is a rubout – ambush style.

  • batangpaslit

    i lend credence to the statment of the Army spokesperson.
    i have no sympathy to Jueteng Lords—-they are economic saboteurs

    i strongly detest when soldiers and members of the police command are collecting payment as close in bodygaurds for the economic saboteours

    they have their comeuppance when they perished in the encounter against the police reinforced by soldiers

  • koaks2


  • pepito gwaps

    It was a Deception. Its like using a gov’t car for a family use.

  • Ike

    Why do you need Army Special forces in the 1st place? According to Marantan himself, since last yr, there are already solid evidence about Simans illegal activities. Then why not invite him to police precint for questioning. Or why not issue a warrant of arrest and go pick him up at his residence or in his Security Business office-you got solid evidence dont you. Siman is not in hiding for crying out loud, he is running his businness openly. Why do you need to set-up a checkpoint  just to get him? He is not a fugitive on the run. They know exactly where he lives. Even he’s movement in Camarines is monitored by the police. Why not stake out his office and arrest him when he got minimal security? And if you dont know how and when to do it when there are minimal risk to civilian casualties then you are not fit to have your badge and your gun.

    • Rolando

      Your observation is actually applicable in all places where there is jueteng. Kaya pag wala pela bigay gobelnol, mayol at mga pulis, rat-tat-tat-tat-tat kaagad. 

  • noyab

    Marantan show your solid evidences, the public deserves to know what kind of evidences are you holding… is not just enough to say that it is a legitimate operations or killing….show your evidences…..

  • rpcapinpin3

    Magagaling naman sa bakbakan ….maganda ipadala sa Mindanao…iharap sa abussayaf.

    • gerginre

      …. dapat ipadala lahat sa spratly at makita natin ang talagang tapang nila

    • Rolando

      Bakit doon pa, di iharap sa mga chickqua sa Scarborrough…

  • Socorro

    Poor soldiers and policemen who were just following orders.dapat ang unang – unag natanggal ay center of investigation ay ang mga officers. Do  not give us terms, we do not care if that is ambush. shootout, rubout, what we want is WHO gave the go signal to  do it and WHY, sana yung totoo.   

  • gmaisthebestpresident

    ang tindi namang checkpoint nun. Lt.Col. pa ang back up ng mga pulis.

  • Ghost

    Sayang na naturingan kayong professional fighter, sayang na tinitraining kayo at pinapasahod ng taumbayan, kung pag npaputukan pala kayo eh bara bara na ang ganti nyo hanggang maubos sa kasuluksulukan ang biktima nyo.

    Wala pala kayong ikinaiba sa mga hoodlum na hindi marunong humawak ng baril at kapangyarihan.

    More training, please. Naaalala ko na naman yung nangyari sa quirino grandstand. Puro kapalpakan. Nakakahiya sa mundo.

    Dapat sa lahat ng checkpoint may cctv. Mura na lang ang cctv ah. Pati nga lugawan may cctv.

    • Rolando

      Sayang ang bala ano…

  • Eric

    E yung ginto at salapi? ….. Napartehan naman ng mahusay ang tropa?

  • Darwin

    Bulok na mga sundalo to. Dun sa Basilan nyo ipakita galing nyo mga gunggong.

  • regd

    Inunahan daw sila ng putok. E siyempre may sumigaw na “FIRE”.

  • zeroko

    Sirs, lumang tugtugin na yan! Pwede ba “just leave it to the NBI investigating body.” Baka mapahiya lang kayo. “An Officer and a Gentlemen” pa naman ang tawag ninyo sa sarili ninyo. Baka lang kayo mapahiya! Alam naman nating protector kayo ng maraming syndicato. Pati mga “katutubo” pinagbabaril ninyo para sa mga amo ninyon Chinese investors sa mina. Huag na tayon nagbobolahan you. I’m just helping you save face, Sir.

    That is why I’m running as Independent Mayor Candidate in Q.C. because there is so much lies in the government. Don’t mistake me as radical. I am just defending the rights of the people to the correct information. Ang siste, disinformation ang ginagawa sa Q.C.

    Galing ako sa Q.C. Hall kahapon, araw ng sweldo. Mantakin mo, “Police State” na pala ng Q.C. Hall. Bawal kumuha ng video o letrato ng walang pahintulot sa “Intelligence ni Bistek.” He he he. Bumabaha ang mga EPAL ni Bistek sa lahat ng tarpaulin at mga official documents sa Q.C. Hall. Pati mga kalendaryo na pinamimigay, isang tonilada yata ang nakita ko. Hindi bababa sa P1,000 ang bawat kalindariong pinagawa niya. He he he.

    Kala ko ba, noong nakalipas, may directive si Boss Bistek na tangalin ang mga EPAL sa buong Q.C. Yon pala, sa Q.C. Hall, naroon lahat ang napakaraming election violation. Pati mga Q.C. traffic Officers, mga tindera ng mga food cart and stalls, mga street sweepers, mga amuyong, lahat, may larawan o initial si Bistek. H he he. Law maker-;law breaker. Ba, pera ng tax payers sa Q.C. ang ginagastos niya. Di, ba? He he he. Got you! Better prepare a credible explanation why you spent millions of pesos to promote your candidacy. I am just itching for the debate once the election period commence on the local candidate. See you…………..

    Tuwing kilos kong kumukuha ng video, pinagbabawalan ako ng mga “Intelligence Agents” mo. Next time, I will bring instead of video camera, I will bring a cell phone. Boss, Bistek, modern age na ngayon. There are many ways to “kill a cat” sabi nga nila. Kung bawal ang video camera, Di, cellphone na lang ang gagamitin ko.

    My observation is local tax payers on Mayor’s Permit ay nanggigil sa taas ng buwis. He he he. One point for me, zero for you. Pumunta rin ako sa Office of the Ombudsman kahapon, January 15, 2013 para kumuha ng “Certified copy” on my complaint on the illegal collection of Mayor’s permit which may come out soon. Billions of pesos will be return because you people allowed a mere Chief City Treasurer to dictate the Gross Income on Businesses. Mantakin mo, Memorandum from City Treasurer ang basis on the increase on rate of Business tax instead of a City Ordinance from the City Councilors? He he he. Payback time in favor of Business Establishments. Sige, singilin mo ang mga tax payer, next year and so many years to come, there will be a tax holiday. Inaantay ko lang ang decision from the Office of the Ombudsman………. See you, bosing.

    Sa Omnibus Civil Service Code, sabi, “with prudence” daw ang dapat kilos ng all goverhment officials, national, or local, elected or appointed. Eh, bakit milyones ang inaaksaya mo sa mga political ads mo? Bawal yan, sir. Hanggang leeg na ang hirap naming tax payers pupang mkaka pag negosyo sito sa Q.C., ikaw naman, winawaldas mo lang. He he.

    Kahit na ako isang pangkaraniwang kandidato na walang perang panggastos, hindi ko na kailangan mangampanya, daming galit sa pamamalakad mo. You are operating the local government of Q.C. as though everyone is a millionaire, not withstanding the fact that we are in a economic crisis. Lahat na yata ng bilihin tumataas, ngunit, walang humpay parin ang pagwawaldas mo sa pondo dito sa Q.C.

    • Ray Anthony

      galing mo mag report….apply ka na pre!

    • Darwin

      Salamat kaibigan! Anti-business nga yang mandated sales increase. Na-ondoy ka na lahat lahat, dapat may income ka pa din na ideclare?

    • Loggnat

      Open a facebook page for your candidacy and post pictures of violations of COMELEC rules, regulations, and laws that you can document so the public and voters from QC will see and judge for themselves if they want change for the good or keep the ‘status quo’ with the incumbent trapo and political dynasty in the city. You’ll never know, maybe your cities voters might even assists you by passing on information of other illegal actions by your opponents for the seat of mayor in QC. It will also give us the opportunity to follow your quest to make your city a better place to live. We will be rooting for you all the way to the City hall. Fight a good fight and give it your best effort.

  • PerfectPoster

    There are two sides of the story, as always. But in this case I think their use of fire power was justified. I don’t whether that was a shoot out or rub out. Those killed are lawless elements, and those who were allegedly killed or collateral damage are hanging out with lawless elements, too, makes them the same, too!

    In our world today we need a law enforcement that will be feared by these criminal groups. No one is afraid of them anymore. Just watch the news, read the newspaper. You’ve got to ask. Do they still fear anyone? No. The good thing is — we eradicated those elements, one at a time.

    This just my opinion. :-)

    • Rolando

      You are correct. Dead man tells no tales! The reality is, in every place where jueteng is held, money comes around and goes around. Now if the flow of money is curtailed, you can expect that “dead man ( in this case MEN) tells no tales!!!

  • regie

    art. 11 , par 5 and 6 of the REVISED PENAL CODE not applicable here.

  • Ramoj

    Ok siguro makipag exchange gift sa mga pulis na to.

    • Markov Chain

      di ok pre dahil tingga ang ireregalo sa iyo…winner take all ang mga yan….hahahha

  • VeryDisgusted2

    A platoon led by a coronel? A platoon is supposed to be led by a sergeant or lieutenant. Abang is on money / highway robbery mission here with Bolina as a cohort. These two should be investigated and confined to barracks. If proven guilty should be dismissed and imprisoned for murder.

    • batangsulpok

      Yan na nga ang sinabi ko sa post na bakit si Abang na Lt. Colonel, Batallion Commander ay siya ang nag-lead ng platoon kung wala siyang pakinabang din?  Dapat talagang imbestigahan itong si LTC Abang dahil iba ang training ng army special forces kesa mga Pulis na ang number 1 nilang mission ay mang-ambush ng mga kalaban, kung baga, always surprise the enemy at all times.

  • zeroko

    Bakit ako pinagbabawalan kahapon ng mga Intelligence people ni Mayor Bistek of Q.C. when I took same pictures and EPALS flooding Q.C. Hall. Lumilihis na yata ng function ng Intelligence. Pati ba pag kuha ng video at pictures, pinagbabawal ng Intelligence n Bistek. Here in below the reason for the establishment of Intelligence among local government:

    “The general welfare clause under Section 16 of
    R.A. No. 7160 states, among others, that, LGUs shall “maintain peace and order, and preserve the
    comfort and convenience of their inhabitants.”


    are the activities covered by intelligence or confidential funds?

    Answer :  The use of intelligence
    funds shall not be limited to the following:

    1.Purchase of

    2.Payment of

    3.Rental and other
    incidental expenses relative to the maintenance of safe houses; and

    4.Purchase of
    supplies and ammunition provision of medical and food aid, as well as, payment
    of incentives or traveling expenses relative to the conduct of intelligence or
    confidential operation”

    I can not help it but to interpret the actions of Intelligence as part and parcel of a political machinery of the local government of Q.C. under the leadership of Bistek. There should be sanity in operating local governments. As the saying goes, “Loyal to the party ends when Loyalty to the country begins.”

    The Intelligence people should pound into their brain that prohibiting a citizen to take pictures and videos in the Q.C. Hall is outside of their jurisdictional because I am NOT A CRIMINAL. Instead, I am a concerned citizen and a tax payer. 

    Hndi yata alam ni Bistek that “No law should supersede any infringement of the rights of the people to move around of their choice” under the 1987 Constitution, Human Rights Article III, Section 4.

    Also, hindi yata alam ni Bistek ang UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS. Here in below is an excerpt of that subject matter.

    Freedom of Movement

    What is freedom of movement?
    According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) all people are entitled to the recognition of inherent dignity and certain inalienable rights, which are the “foundations of freedom and justice in the world.” Freedom of movement is part of the “liberty of man” (Jagerskiold) thus making it one of the most basic human rights. Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stipulate:
    Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and return to his country.The right to free movement, or the denial of it, within national and international borders can have profound effects upon other basic human rights also outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other treaties. Without the right to leave ones home, an individual may be politically repressed, prevented from observing his/her chosen religion, prevented from enjoying the basic right to marriage or family life, or blocked from a job or an education that ultimately could enhance his/her quality of life. Thus, while free movement may seem on the surface to be a fairly minor and obvious human right, it actually is one of the most basic rights that in many nations around the world, when violated, causes numerous problems and cases of suffering.Who does the freedom of movement affect?
    This inalienable right to liberty extends to all citizens of the world. While it may seem that this right is meant to apply mainly to immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, it also has major ramifications on internally displaced persons and additionally economic migrants or even students.He he he. Bosing, better orient your body guards alias Intelligence on their role. Huag silang magiging mga SSS katulad ni Hitler. He he he. Padaplis pa lang yan. 

  • Markov Chain

    dapat si hansel ang frontline sa scarborough….pagdating ng chinese vessel, paulanan agad ng bala…tapos barilin nya kabilang kamay at paa para masabi nya sa mga lintsik na sila ang unang nagpaputok…

  • jeronimo

     parang lumalabas na ginamit lang ang mga sundalo para barilin ang mga suspected drug lords at guns for hire.. at di  nila alam n si siman ang target. kawawa naman  ang mga sundalong ito ..haaaaay…..

  • sugbu

    Equally stupid CO of that particular Special Force..PMAer pa naman seguro.Hindi naman sila binabaril at bakit offensive ang stance..Nagulat seguro sa putukan ,coming from those scumbags PNPs.

  • speedstream2

    The annihilation of 13 persons is a “calibrated use of force”?

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    I think these policemen and military special forces are thick-headed.  They have no tactical ability to apprehend suspect(s).  Imagine 40 plus lead spitting lethal weapon pointing at you.

  • wehd1nga

    you call 273 bullet holes ng dalawang Montero “calibrated use of force”,,,  you calibrated idiot!!!

    • jeronimo

      hahahahahahaha – calibrated idiot – nice!!

  • dongvee

    Parang ito na yata ang bagong mukha ng Pinas. There is only one law that matters –  the law of the gun. Sonamagun!

    • John_Cruz

      Yun ang sabi ni Mao Tse Tung, “Power comes from the barrel of the gun.” The Philippines has not progress beyond the “Medieval State” in Europe. It is govern by regional warlords or alliances of warlords.

  • pedronimo

    If this is not an “overkill” where victims were shot close range without a fight is not an overkill, I don;t know what “Pinulbus” means in English.

    • at-large

       Pinulbus means johnson baby powder…baka gusto mo pumalit sa negusyo ni Seman dre? bakante

  • k

    laglagan na…

    pwede pala yung ganoo? yung army colonel,tawagin ng pulis tapos ipabaril ang suspek kahit di alam ang identity at kaso?

    tanga pala yung colonel abang na ito…or baka may pakinabang sa kabilang juweteng operator.

    • John_Cruz

      Malakas loob pumatay nang tao ang Pulis kasi the worst punishment they get is administrative discharge. Yung Militar naman untouchable hired killer ng mga pulis. Magkanao kaya ang cut ng Militar? 30 percent ng alleged P100M gold war booty? Ang parusa sa Militar confined to quarters lang. Noong panahon ni Tabaku, ang parusa sa mutiny, pushup lang!

  • rod69

    1st version: “The name of Vic Siman was not mentioned until after the encounter,” Col. Generoso Bolina, Armed Forces Southern Luzon Command (SolCom) spokesperson, told reporters in Camp Aguinaldo in a phone interview.

    2nd version: Abang said he and his 10 soldiers arrived in the town from Candelaria at around noontime aboard a military truck. Together with Macalinao and his men, they proceeded to Barangay Lumutan to join Marantan and the police force who were already setting up checkpoints in the area, he said.
    The police source said Marantan conducted his briefing about the operation along the roadside. “He told us that what we’re after is the private armed group of a certain Vic Siman whom he said is also involved in gun-for-hire, illegal drugs and illegal gambling.”

    Tanong: Sino kaya kay Bolina at Abang ang nagsasabi ng totoo? Sinabi sa inyo ang name ni Siman bago o matapos ang encounter (rub-out)? Baka naman yung reporter ng PDI ang sisihin ninyo sa magkaibang version ninyo?

  • done_druff

    Series of events: 

    – Jan 7, sabi ni Valte na legitimate police operation daw ito. 
    – Sabi ng PNP Crime lab na nag-autopsy sa 13 victims na “10 out of 13″ are positive of powder burns. In short, nagpaputok mga ito- After 3 days, yung amo nyang hindi masara ang bibig eh nagsabing may doubt daw sa sya operation kung legitimate nga. Talking about politics kasi maraming nagsasabing tao na hindi shootout kaya panig at bumaligtad agad itong bobong presidente nyo!
    – This week, sabi ng source ng NBI na:
    – 10 out of 13 are NEGATIVE of powder burns
    – atleast one victim was shot close range due to gun burn over the skin

    Onsehan ito sa tingin ko. Sige magpatayan kayong lahat pero sana gawin nyong malinis naman. Atsaka, yung Marantan na ito involved na sa ibang rubout pero napromote pa!

    Ano ba yan???!!!!!!!!

    • Komen To

      Na promote yan ng presidente mo

    • SG0609

      sino president ang nagpromote sa marantan mo?

    • rod69

      Etong si Valte kailangan na talagang papulahin sa sampal ang puwet. Baka mas may pakinabang pa ang bibig sa baba kaysa sa taas. Hays…

  • Dag Erickson

    Please stop this rediculous stories !   We know already that a faction consists of people from the ARMY, politicians, police civilians. For years,  they enjoy the cash flow together with the alleged PRESS MAFIA.  Count how many presidents and their administrations passed but JUETENG racket is untouchable. C’ommon… years of intelligence operations on various presidents didn’t stop it?   And a move not to LEGALIZE jueteng? Why?  Because there is no money on legalized jueteng !    Politicians know it !!!!!!!!! 

  • Rovingmoron

    This is the military’s code of conduct: “Obey first before you complain.”  That’s why when the SF immediate superiors told them to assist the check point cops to fire at the victims,they did so without asking why? Too bad!

  • jeronimo

     suspected, alleged, collateral damage, calibrated, sources, anonimity, according to, legitimate, overkill, shoot out, check points, operations, fact finding, inquiry ——- sa bandang huli si penoy pa lalabas na bida dito…..

  • at-large

    What goes up must coming down , ika nga…natapos din ang sarap buhay nila ( mga lords and protector)

  • kckyle

    mga tao tlga andaling manghusga..kung ako siguro putukan kahit isa lang at me baril din ako e tatadtarin ko yung nagpaputok sa akin..madaling magsalita pag wala mismo sa sitwasyon…sa malakanyang naman…mag-usap usap kayo bago magrelease ng mga salita kasi magkakasalungat mga sinasabi nyo..halatang walang ugnayan mga tao sa mlknyang..

  • Albin

    Justified? Kawawa naman tayo…suspect pa lang, tatadtarin ka n ng bala….hindi man lang running gun battle…13 people…only 1 fired shots.

  • Roose Bolton

    Justified use of force, calibrated to overkill !!!

  • m1600

    sabihin mo yan Abang sa bagong chief of staff AFP na si Gen Bautista anak siya ni late  genTeofilo Bautista BIKTIMA NG MASSACRE SA PATIKUL SULO abangan natin kung ano ang mangyari sa iny oABANG  dapat sa mga NPA na salot sa bondoc penisula nyo ginawa yan.

  • sherlock101

    May gulay, ganito ba ngaung ang mentality and intelligence ng militar? di ba nila alam ang rules of engagement? katakot naman. pero i think minor lang ang participation dito ng militar at again nagamit lang cla ni marantan. dito pa lang alam natin na may lisensya c marantan na imobilize any miltary branch of gov’t para masugpo ang jueteng kaya naniniwala ko na may basbas ito ni mar na ang priority program is to stop jueteng. again the intention is good but the result is bad. naisahan cla ni marantan :) malamang mawawalang parang bula c marantan tulad ni palparan. inaantay lang ang tamang pagkakataon.

  • Offshore10

    Liutenant Colonel, led an augmentation platoon. That seems to me was already an overkill.  The rank is a Battalion level rank.  Nasaan ang mga segunda at primera kamote ng 1st special forces batallion?  Your guess is as good as mine……

    And one thing LTC Abang. Haven’t you wonder why the hell on earth were those Police supposedly conducting the checkpoint not in their proper Uniform at that time….again Your guess is as good as mine

  • Komen To

    Very alarming inconsistencies, frightening rules of engagement, dangerous but fun? Only in the Philippines

  • sl1

    Usually when there is a police operation like this a police media comes along with the task force to record the actual events that may take place but in this case there was none! So it is very doubtful that this was really an encounter but an ambushed , probably the police and the army officers are in cohorts with one other in there vested interest in illegal acts. Why should the army be involved in purely police work when the police have enough fire power to stop the criminal elements if  they wish! It is a very big question mark???… the higher authorities must dig deeper to make sure no white wash will not happen and the officers and men involved punish.

  • cher_5574

    Wala sana lahat ng kaguluhang ito kung walang jueteng… at wala sanag jueteng kung wala kasing tumataya. Kaya bottomline is, may involvement din even ordinary citizens like us. It is everybody’s knowledge that this jueteng had been a source of income for sindicates, corrupt goverment officials, military men, police at sabi nga pati media. Yet, marami pa ring ordinaryong mamayan din kasi ang tumataya sa jueteng. Obviously, we can’t depend on our government to put an end  all this to this jueteng tragedies. ba’t di natin simulan sa mga sarili natin, kung walang political will, sana individual and personal will na lang. Wag na kasing tumaya sa jueteng na yan.

  • Darwin

    Kung ito ang mga ipapadala natin sa gyera, talo tayo. Napaka inefficient. Too many bullets wasted, when they did not even have to fire one. Pera ng taong bayan ang nasayang sa operasyon na to, kaya may karaatan kaming malaman ang buong katotohanan! Intyendes Maratnan? Kaya ipaimbestiga mo na yang sugat mo, at ang bala na tumagos jan. Magkweto ka na rin ng bersyon mo ng engkwuentro.

    • Rory Cruz

      Lam mo yung term na “Open Fire!” ? Nasayang ang pera ng bayan dahil sa mga balang ginamit upang patayin ang isang Jueteng Lord? O nga, wag na lang natin pondohan ang pulisya. Sayang lang namn e. Buwagin na lang rin natin ang pulisya. Wala naman silang tamang nagagawa e.

  • PCD_2012

    With the continuous Evil doings of our so called Protectors our Checkpoints should not only be manned by the Police and Military operatives.
    I suggest to mandatory include Commission on Human Rights or a new dedicated agency in every police operations.  There should be other independent party involved and the operations must be supported with a video.  An ambulance must also be present in order to provide first aid treatments especially if the helpless victims are innocents.

    With the recent botched operation of Police you can’t just leave the checkpoints on their hands and hope everything will be fine!

  • Rosauro

    Siman – Jueteng Lord, confirmed.
    Siman – Gun for hire, not confirmed
    Siman and Company – armed, confirmed
    Marantan – PNP officer, had previous bloody encounter with bad guys, confirmed
    Marantan – Has Jueteng Lord brother, not confirmed
    Question: What do you want, dead Siman or dead Marantan?
    Question: Do you want the police not to go after the likes of Siman?
    Question: Do you want more Simans in this country?

    • Allan

      tatlong checkpoint. pinapasok sa una tapos hinarang sa pangalawa. so nasa gitna na yung 2 suv. are we sure the people manning the other checkpoints did not prevent the other motorists to drive by the checkpoint area? kung sinelyuhan nila yun, isa lang ang ibig sabihin – rubout at ayaw nila ng testigo. plain and simple, don’t you think?

      • Rory Cruz

        Bobo! sinelyohan yun para walang ibang madamay. Mag isip ka nga. Kung isa kang motorista dun at pinadaan ka tapos nagbarilan na, anong gagawin mo? Sisihin mo ang pulisya dahil di ka man lang sinabihan na may operation na nagaganap sa lugar na dinadaanan mo. Bobo.

      • Billy Mosende

        Pwede yun theory ni Allan. Pwede rin yun theory mo.

        Pero mas paniwala ako kay Allan. 


      • diamond_digger

         Tama ka, Billy. It is unkind for Rory to call Allan ‘bobo’ just because he spoused a different view on the issue. In fact, using Rory’s line of thinking, one would be led to also call the initial report of the PNP investigation and the NBI’s reports as works of bobo, as well. Horrendous.

  • Pio Gante

    one shot, one kill, 

    you’re special operators,

    ain’t that what supposed to have happened.

  • johnlordphilip

    If killing all 13 (who were apparently not able to fight back) was not overkill, then the army must have wished more killed.

  • Tonypogi

    Iyong laman noong pangatlong sasakyan daw ay nakatakas kaya hindi overkill.

  • Fred

    Believe ako kay Col Abang. Pinalitan nya ang salitang “overkill” at pinaganda sa pandinig na “calibrated use of force”.

    • diamond_digger

       Correct ka dyan, Fred! Pero, palagay ko, Abang purposely used the term as a ‘double talk.’ Meaning, it can mean that the ‘ambushers’ calibrated (this time, meaning ‘made sure) that all their victims will meet instantaneous death and not be able to tell their side of the story. Such a ‘clever’ play of words by this Col. Abang.

  • mon key

    the operation as a “calibrated use of force,” not an “overkill” as viewed by a National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) official. . . HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ! and the “enemy” is silenced forever! that in essence is the conclusion of the NBI’s investigation?????  pu3s!

  • opinyonlangpo

    Dead men tell no tales. Forensics however says hundreds of gunshots from the killers against how many again from inside the vans? All these questionable officers should be dismissed from the force.

  • Jennifer

    Calibrated use of force ba yung 15 bullets na tumama kay Mr. Lontoc?

    • diamond_digger

       Yea, it’s calibrated. Marantan et al made sure that Mr. Lontoc will not suffer, unlike Marantan who is now “suffering from those self-inflicted superficial wounds”. Also, his family now is suffering too from the well-deserved criticisms and bitter curses from the kins of his numerous victims in particular and the  Filipino people in general.

    • doncleo

       Calibrated daw nga yung tadtad ng bala at may coup de grace pa sa ulo para sigurado.

  • kilabot

    there is no such thing as an overkill; 
    there is only botcha.

  • Jef

    Calibrated use of force meaning they just want to paralyze the vehicle all of sudden they were fired upon so the government force retaliated then stop firing just to give them time to surrender but they were fired upon again then what you do retaliate thinking that you might hit until someone shout cease fire…this is what have transpired….

    • doncleo

       Were you there to accurately detail what transpired? or are you just imagining things?

  • boybakal

    Army denies ‘overkill,’ it was justified’…

    In Army’s lingo, it is justified.
    But what is the Army men doing in police operation.
    They should be in the mountain fighting the NPA or in Mindanao’s war against MILF.

    • diamond_digger

      You raised good points and made sensible recommendation, Boy. In fact, these two colonels, Bolinao, este Bolina (looks like utak bolinao din) and Abang (nag-aabang or waiting for moneyed victims) may now have proven their capacity and qualifications to be assigned to Basilan and put an end to the Abu Sayyaf. It takes criminals to effectively go against criminals. Together with the likes of Melad and Marantan, the ASG could be counting off their days.

  • Jaime

    It is not an over kill they didn’t use tanks.  It is justified because…. oh well because there is money to be had.

    Philippines have a police/army equivalent to armed boy scouts.

  • Jozz

    Marantan et al must have known (with vast intelligence network at their disposal) that Vic Siman was in the convoy and that his companions were Police and Air Force officers and not gun-for-hire goons. So i think the gun-for-hire title was meant to mislead the Army Special Forces personnel into thinking that it was a legitimate police target. But why sacrifice some police and military officers too if Siman was his only target? Talk of some P100 million plus in the vehicles could be true and which was maybe the real target of Marantan and associates. 

  • boybakal

    Army denies ‘OVERKILL,’ it was ‘justified’…

    This is good for the Army.
    Imagine, they have been fighting in war and battle for so many years, ngayon lang sila nakaperfect.
    Enemies or Friends all dead, without any casualty from the Army.
    This is good ratio.

    Usually during encounter, more casualty and dead are soldiers and even the Officers are either killed or injured….that is if the MILF or NPA are the ones, they are fighting.
    This means the Army is good on Checkpoint.

    • Gandalf

      Yes, they must be very proud of themselves.

  • renea

    Maratrat show your wound not the fake x-ray.

  • LucianoChing

    If there was a real shootout,those policemen and armymen must have been giving interviews to the media left and right…But with a deafening silence on their part,it is sensibly concluded that an ambush happened…
    The PNP and Army officers must let their men narrate the incident….even if after they have been    coached or rehearsed….

  • walangutak

    In a military sense, there is no such thing as an overkill, it is either you get killed or you kill them all (para wala nang testigo kung sakaling rub out man). Ang katanungan ngayon, ” ano na ang nangyari sa kulay pulang “duffel” bag na nakita sa larawan ng isang reeporter na ang laman ay maaring dahilan ng nangyari ngunit hindi idinaklara ng mga nasangkot na pulis”. Baka nadawit na lang ng militar sa kalokuhan nila.Kung sabagay, gumanda ang rekords ng militar na 100% ang casualty ng kalaban at 0% casualty ang sa kanila.

  • Rod

    “It was justified because we were provoked by a group of armed aggressors who fired at us first,” Abang said. 

    Three policemen and three PAF personnel in the convoy started a fight in a legitimate and overwhelming police checkpoint? Those dead people must be suicidal maniacs.

  • Rod

    Problema ito ni Col Marantan because it is him who knew things. That everybody else there at the time were acting in good faith is not an impossibility. It looks more like it, actually.

    Covering up for honest mistakes is different. Maybe people should say “no comment” sometimes when they are not sure of what they are saying. It is better than to appear a liar or to appear distortionary.

  • julieboy

    So many versions on what happened,we will probably not know the truth.That is sad for all the Filipino people,we have short memories and it will be forgotten soon.Look at the maguindanao massacre its just dying a natural death,and everyone knows who did it,the masterminds are all detained.Since the Marcos regime until now we have had so many like this.People are just getting tired of it.

    • Jaime

      I feel sorry for being a Filipino.

  • Olibo

    There’s no kind of checkpoint set-up could stop premeditated murder.

  • kawatancila

    We knew nothing of the circumstances behind the police operation. It was purely a police matter. We only provided assistance and security.. ito ang sabi ni col abang, YOU KNEW NOTHING OF THE OPERATION.. SUMAMA LANG SA PAG FIRING NG BARIL .   ARMY SOLDIERS ARE FOR RUNNING AFTER INSURGENTS, NOT FOR JUETENG LORDS .
       SO NA MISLED BA KAYO COL … CGURO PAG SINABI NA MAY MGA NPA NA DADAAN PWEDE PA… mag kukumpare ata ang mga army at police… kung ako ang commander ng army,   d ako basta basta sasama pag d ko alam ang agenda at mission… 
        baka ang back up na army ay siya pa ang vida sa pag papaputok ng mga rifles . 
       is it true na unang putokan tumagal ng ilan minuto ,,tapos nag paputok uli ang grupo ni siman,, 
      wow 157 na tama ng unang sasakyan… divede mo ang 157 sa 13.. ilang ang bawat isa .. kung lahat tumama… mahigit sampo ang bawat isa… tapos puro ulo ang tama ng mga napatay..
        isang tama sa ulo ay sapat na para ma immobilized ang isang tao… 
       mas lalo kung dagdagan pa ng mga 2 or 3 pa na tama… kisay ka nyan… parang manok… na napugutan ng ulo… sudden death yan… 
          sino kaya ang tama .. ayon sa resulta ng imbestigasyun… walang shootout…

  • jerome

    This is just the same as to what happened in Paranaque City shootout which killed father and daughter De Vera….Military are not suited for Police operation lalo na pag Marine iba ang mentality nyan..

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