Aquino backed suspension of cops involved in Quezon shooting – Palace


President Benigno Aquino III FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines — Malacañang confirmed on Tuesday that the preventive suspension of officials of the Police Regional Office 4A, as announced by Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, had the blessing of President Aquino.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte warned that those who would not cooperate with investigators of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) into the Antimonan, Quezon shooting, would be promptly relieved, too.

“(The) refusal to cooperate will not be tolerated. (Interior) Secretary Mar Roxas will be ready to relieve them,” said Valte, when asked about the reported refusal of some members of Police Regional Office 4A in Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) to talk with NBI case investigators tasked to come out with forensic, autopsy and ballistic findings of the Atimonan shooting that killed 13 men on Jan. 6.

Valte conducted the briefing in the Palace ahead of the press conference called by Roxas and PNP Director General Alan Purisima.

She, however, said that President Aquino had yet to be briefed on the Calabarzon operation that led to the death of Fernando Morales, after authorities came to his house in San Juan, Batangas, at 1:30 a.m. Monday to serve an arrest warrant for illegal possession of firearms.

Morales was believed to be an accomplice of alleged “jueteng” lord Victor Siman, who was earlier killed in the alleged shootout in Atimonan, Quezon that left 12 other alleged criminals dead.

“We’ll discuss that with the President. We have not been able to discuss that particular point with him, but I understand that Secretary Roxas has already ordered an investigation and has assured the public that the results of such investigation will be fair and transparent,” she said.

Superintendent Hansel Marantan, the team leader of the more than 40 Army Special Forces and policemen that opened fire at two SUVs carrying the 13 alleged criminals, has been uncooperative, refusing to talk with the investigators tasked with securing his testimony and inspecting reported wounds in his hands and foot.

She surmised that Roxas would not tolerate Marantan’s reported refusal to meet with NBI probers, saying that Roxas was “going to coordinate with Secretary Leila de Lima,” who, as head of the Department of Justice, had jurisdiction over the NBI.

“We’ll leave that to the NBI on how to go about that. But certainly, refusal to cooperate will not be tolerated,” she said, when asked if the NBI could force Marantan to have his wounds inspected.

“And Secretary Roxas has already said that he is ready to relieve these policemen if they really refuse to cooperate with the investigation,” she said.

Amid the recent string of killings attributed to men in uniform, Valte reiterated President Aquino’s admission—when he presided over the change of command in the Philippine National Police (PNP) last month—that the PNP had an image problem.

“The leadership of the PNP is cognizant of these challenges to them, and they are perfectly willing to accept the challenge and to take it on,” said Valte, who also welcomed the plan of the Senate to conduct a congressional inquiry.

“We have no problem with that. That is perfectly within the power and jurisdiction of the Senate to investigate the incident in aid of legislation,” said Valte.

She said the probe being led by the National Bureau of Investigation has not been completed, so she could not comment on reports that lapses were committed by police and military personnel involved in the Atimonan shootout.

“If we would need stronger laws against these (violations of police operational procedures), we will leave that to the wisdom and to the judgment of the senator, (including) what they will find, if and when they conduct the investigation,” said Valte.

She reiterated President Aquino’s order for a “full and exhaustive investigation” of the Atimonan, Quezon shooting, which, police said, was a gunfight between security forces and an armed group allegedly involved in the numbers racket, “jueteng.”

Aquino had tasked the NBI “to be the sole investigative agency on the Quezon incident,” while “the PNP will continue its fact finding with respect to the firearms and vehicles and submit its findings to the NBI,” said the Palace last week.

Valte, however, was non-committal when asked if the doctrine of command responsibility would go up higher than the Calabarzon police, amid reports that the proposal for “Coplan Armado” was submitted to the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission for its approval.

The commission claimed it had refused to provide funding for the coplan (case operational plan), but the operation still pushed through.

“Let’s see what the NBI will come out with. Remember, the task of the NBI is not just fact-finding but to recommend (charges on those who have) culpability. So, if there is culpability, the NBI will find it and they will put it in their report,” she said.

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  • sugbu

    Criminal charges should be brought upon those hoodlums in uniform….otherwise,the government will be giving a recruitment boost to the leftist.

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

    Aquino sponsored the atimonan massacre. the people there are under his command. its like GMA and ampatuan.

  • legnasagra

    Watch out. Officials involved could disappear or hide anytime before the NBI takes legal action. If that happens, hope the left of center will help provide justice for the innocent victims (only).

    • Mamang Pulis

      parang sila dumlao at aquino

  • jeronimo

    Ho – hum…..

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Ommm

    This event is only symbolic, by numbers, of trigger happy cops all over this country.

    Not a week goes by without some story of “bandits” opening fire on police and the bandits are always gunned down yet the police never suffer any injury’s.  The public normally sides with the police and says shoot more criminals.

     Yet who in their right mind would trust the police investigating the police?

  • Mamang Pulis

    maratrat–bilang na araw mo—yari ka kay boy bawang roxas.

  • Mamang Pulis

    kaya ayaw magsalita—

    iisa lang ang rason-

    rubout dahil sa onsehan

  • mekeni62

    dati press release niya duda siya na rubout. ngayon  he had his blessings daw of the preventive suspensions. ano iyan? bigla credit-grabbing. naman naman! Abangan naman natin ang reaction niya kapag napatunayan na may involvement ang PAOCC.

  • Mamang Pulis

    mang simeon–bakit suspension lang?

    tapos nyan tulad ni dumlao? ma reinstate? dahil backer si lacson? o may ikakanta na sasabit ang tropa mo?


    Too soft and sounds gay: Aquino backed suspension of cops involved in Quezon shooting – Palace

    What a president should do: Aquino ORDERED  suspension of cops involved in Quezon shooting – Palace

    • boybakal

      BACKED…. Too Soft and Too GAY.
      Kaya nga BACK ang ginamit to let you know….BACKLING .
      Alam mo naman patayan, massacre..mga Macho Men ang involve alangan naman magtitili.

  • barnny

    This issue will die down. The next time we will hear is these people will be  involved in another “shot out.”  After their suspension, they are back in their business again. Hope this will not happen.

  • bongarroyo

    dakdak kayo ng dakdak baka di niyo alam noong 2005 pa nagsimulang pumatay ng tao iyang si marantan …ngunit ano ginawa ni gloriang kawatan noon sa halip na ipasuspende at paimbestigahan ng mabuti itinaas pa ang ranggo ……di lang isang beses kundi dalawa…

  • boybakal

    Tuwid na Daan….Okay na sana tong Tuwid na Daan.
    Kaya lang may Check Point…Kahit Lumingon ka pa sa Pinanggalingan, di ka rin Makararating sa Paroroonan…Ratrat.
    Malamig na Bangkay…

  • milespacker

    Marantan’s lack of discipline and credibility cluster f__ked all the gains this administration has worked for in terms of defeating impunity, professionalizing law enforcement and making the justice system work. Marantan and other people in authority like him are a major setback. They are no better than the people they claim to go after.

    I am sure he thinks he is right, that alone already worries me.

  • RyanE

    I guess our law enforcers need to show some balls and grit if they intend to defeat criminality. It could even be “an eye for an eye” as it is the only language those lawless elements understand.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Hmn, I can see “laglagan blues” here. Totoo naman kaya itong inagsasabi ni Lady Gaga? How many times did we see this woman face the camera, swear to high heavens to tell the truth, the whole truth. and nothing but the truth, only to be rebutted by the admin within 24 hours? Chicken!

    By the way, where is the Prevaricator in Chief Lacierda, hybernating also?

  • wawa2172

    The Atimonan Massacre  and Batangas murder case shows how police authorities are use by jueteng lord to protect them and eliminate competitors. Its like the game of the generals.


    Which version of the Atimonan incident will prevail 
    – is it the version of ENVY EYE or PEE n PEE?

  • Atawid

    Watch out for Marantan, with his frame of mind and trigger happy fingers we will see in the future a remake of the Luneta Hostage drama

  • $23455908

    Atimonan shooting is a massacre. An overkill that led to 13 deaths that needs a thorough investigation and probable indictment of most of its participant. On the other hand, killing a jueteng lord is a welcome news to us. Now, I hope next will be Bong Pineda of Pampanga.

    • barako22

      good ipa patay mo naman kay marantan yun kapatid nyang may illegal jueting 

  • zidyay

    We are not fully aware of all of the details of this case, like whether it was a shootout a rub out or an ambush. The fact however is that there are 13 persons dead who had never been mentioned to have been convicted of any crime; or that they were fugitives for whom orders to be shot upon chance have been issued. 

    To my mind, the policemen more particularly this trigger happy Marantan, and his military cahoots are suspects to this heinous crimes who must not only be suspended but also relieved or put back to barracks while investigation is ongoing. There insistence not to cooperate with NBI, the lawful agency tasked to investigate, is not only a clear example of insubordination but also of obstruction of justice.This  one can be added to the long list of charges including murder which reports about the incident seem so far lead us to believe. 

    I am against all crime syndicates including gambling and gun running. However, fighting these crimes with actions committed not in accordance with law is plain and simple  illegal, wrong and immoral. The authorities involved in this mass killing did not only act as the investigators, the arresting officers, but also as judges and executioners rolled into one. This is not the way justice must be served in any civilized society.

  • Colokoy

    panoorin ninyo sa GMA ang interview ng surgeon ni marantan huwag muna kayong magpalabas ng kung anoanong conclusion sa nangyari.. normal lang na babarilin ng mga kasama ni marantan ang nagpaputok mula sa SUV dahil bumagsak si marantan sa tama ng bala. ipinakita din ni marantan ang slugs at ito ay napakahalagang ebidensya kung saan o kaninong baril nanggaling ang bala.. mr mendez parang napaka sip2 mo di pa tapos ang kaso may conclusion k na..


      may utak ka ba?

  • tata_boy

    On top of suspension, dapat i-confine ang mga ito lalo na ang mga nakatataas sa isang barrack para di maka-alpas tulad ng ginawa nina Lacson at Palparan. Pnoy huwag ka namang tutulog-tulog at matuto ka naman.

  • mksantos92

     The President, the DILG Secretary, and the PNP should teach its police officers and men to respect the Bill of Rights enshrined in the 1987 Constitution, and any police operation should not violate the Bill of Rights in our Constitution.  

  • speaksoftlylove

    Lumitaw bigla ang katotohanan. Si Mar Roxas talaga ang ad interim president.

    Si Mar Roxas ang best actor.

    Best supporting actor ka na lang baNoy?

    Ano ba yan, takot sa PNP kaya backer na lang ang papel natin?

  • Garo Ungaro

    The  indecisiveness  of a leader reflects the sub standards of any organization and The passive/aggressive mentally predominates in a sub standard mind sets..Too much politics in a decision making process send a wrong perceptions and signals. The resulted in a sub standard acceptance by the society.

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS


    ANA: “Sino sa palagay mo ang merong mas kapani-paniwalang resulta ng imbestigasyon re: Atimonan rubout/shootout, bersiyon ng NBI o ng PNP?”

    LISA: “Hangga’t merong inggitan at barilan sa loob mismo ng NBI Hq at malalaking tiyan at mga pa-ihing PNP, eh kapwa ko sila hindi paniniwalaan, nungka!!!”

    CION: “Panahon na siguro para bigyan ng power ang Human Rights Commission para magsagawa ng parallel investigations involving heinous crimes, o, ‘di ba?”

  • agustin


    • zom

      sangkot kasi si papa paquito ochoa ehh

  • regie

    kasi dapat yung sandiganbayan ay pinalawak na lang at ginawang sa lahat ng gov’t employees and official ang jurisdiction para masawata ang corruption at kawlanghiyaan sa gobyerno. kung sandiganbayan ang hahawak sa kaso ng mga ito ay magdadalawang isip muna ang mga ito na gumawa ng kawalanghiyaan. palawakin ang sandiganbayan na parang kasing lawak ng court of appeals para lahat ng government employees at officials ay sakop. kahit below salary grade 27 ay hawakan na nila. kaya sir pnoy kung gusto mong magtagumpay ang ” daang matuwid” iparepeal yung 
    R.A. NO. 7975* and R.A. NO. 8249 para lahat pasok sa jurisdiction ng sandiganbayan

  • Your_King

    Unfortunately Aquino did not back the stopping of ‘jueteng’ and STL therefore it lead to the ambush. He’s ignored many problems in the country so that he can focus on his personal ambitions to attack GMA and to be powerful and famous as well as giving gifts via government positions to his KKK. That’s why these problems all around the Philippines from ‘jueteng’ to BuCor to victims of typhoon ‘Pablo’ not getting any assistance are coming up.

    • agustin

      Santiago : Mr. Puno, did you received the jueteng money ?
      Puno: No your honor, i did not received it and I don’t know it.
      Santiago : if not who is in malacanang had received it ?

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