Quezon shooting an overkill–NBI

13 victims in their cars when cops fired



OVERKILL A member of the National Bureau of Investigation forensic team examines marks left by a hail of bullets that hit this SUV and another vehicle, and killed all 13 onboard, including police officers and soldiers. Most of the bullets were believed to have been fired by a police-military team stationed at a checkpoint in Atimonan, Quezon. RAFFY LERMA

It was an “overkill” and the killings were “unjustified.”

That’s how Virgilio Mendez, deputy director for regional services of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), described on Monday the killing of 13 people in a supposed shootout between government security forces and alleged criminals in Atimonan town, Quezon province, on Jan. 6.

Mendez was careful not to describe the killings as an “ambush” or “rubout,” as the NBI, which President Aquino has ordered to investigate the supposed shootout, would recommend what charges to bring against those responsible and not describe what really happened.

He declined to discuss details of the NBI investigation, as the bureau’s investigative team had yet to turn in its report, which would include forensic, autopsy, and ballistic findings.

But a source in the bureau said a partial report had been submitted to the President and it indicated that all the 13 victims were in their vehicles when the “more than 40 Army Special Forces and policemen opened fire.”

“The shooting lasted only for a few minutes and began not more than five minutes after the victims arrived at the second checkpoint,” the source said.

Early in the investigation, an NBI source said three checkpoints were set up along Maharlika Highway in Barangay Lumutan, Atimonan town, to intercept the traveling group of Victor “Vic” Siman, alleged operator of the numbers racket “jueteng” in provinces south of Manila.

The first checkpoint was manned by uniformed police, who waved Siman’s group of three sports utility vehicles through.

The second checkpoint was manned by a team of policemen in civvies led by Supt. Hansel Marantan, chief of intelligence of the Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) police, with Army special forces as backup.

The third checkpoint was intended to divert traffic away from  the area, with uniformed officers telling motorists to take a detour on the coast.

Checkpoint of death

It was at the second checkpoint that the supposed shootout happened.

The source said the security forces told Siman and his group to get off their vehicles.

“When they refused to get off, someone cried, ‘Fire.’ Then the security forces raked the vehicles with gunfire,” the source said.

“Then somebody cried, ‘Ceasefire.’ But somebody fired from one of the vehicles, and [Superintendent] Marantan was hit. So the security forces opened fire again. Then they stopped firing,” the source said.

“The fire that hit Marantan came from the victims, according to witnesses, but this has to be supported by the technical findings,” the source said.

The report from the Quezon police said Marantan was hit in the hands and foot. The report said the third SUV fired on the security forces then turned around and fled.

There’s been no mention of a third vehicle since Jan. 7.

The NBI source said a military truck was used to block the vehicles of Siman’s group after it passed the first checkpoint, 350 meters from the second checkpoint, where the killings happened.

Another source said the Army was informed of the “arrival of the armed group from Camarines Norte at around 11:10 in the morning by [a certain] Chief Inspector Balawag.”

The Army Special Forces, based in Candelaria town, Quezon, arrived at around 1:50 p.m., the source said.

“The victims arrived at around 3:15 and shooting began around 3:20,” the source said.

At least 42 soldiers and policemen were at the checkpoint when the shooting happened, the source said.

No report yet

Mendez said the NBI had not yet received the report of an investigative team from the Philippine National Police (PNP).

“It will be a good source and reference,” Mendez said, referring to the police report that the PNP had said would be submitted to the NBI.

PNP  Director General Alan Purisima was reticent about the report Monday.

In a news conference at PNP headquarters, Purisima neither confirmed nor denied reports that the Atimonan incident was an ambush by government security forces.

Purisima said it was up to the NBI to make the conclusions.

He said he returned the report to the investigative team because he was not satisfied with its form, but not necessarily the substance.

“It wasn’t organized well… I gave them until the end of the day to be clear in their report. The report should be written in a way that could be understood by everyone, not just policemen,” Purisima said.

Reporters persisted in getting Purisima to say whether the Atimonan incident was an ambush but he parried the questions.

“The results of the task force report said there were 13 people dead, there were two SUVs. These are just the general facts,” he said.

Purisima also said that the task force investigated the incident without any affidavits from the policemen who manned the Atimonan checkpoint.

“We had no time anymore to wait for their affidavits. What we used for the investigation were the initial interviews with the policemen there,” Purisima said.

Administrative charges

But Purisima reiterated that the policemen who figured in the supposed clash were likely to face administrative charges because of the obvious lapses, especially in the conduct of the checkpoint.

Asked if the incident, reportedly the offshoot of a war for turf between two jueteng syndicates in southern Luzon, has placed fighting the numbers racket on the priority list of President Aquino, Purisima said the PNP had always “fully supported” Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas in his fight against jueteng.

“But to eradicate jueteng, we have to remove the shield. The shield is the STL (Small Town Lottery). If we remove the shield, then and there you will know what the PNP can do [against jueteng],” Purisima said.

The bad blood between the main characters in the Atimonan incident could be traced to the deaths of six alleged jueteng bet collectors in Calamba City two months ago, a Philippine Daily Inquirer source said Monday.

Marantan’s target

The source said Siman had long suspected that Marantan wanted him dead.

The source, who is close to the Siman family, said Siman’s friends in the PNP had warned him that Marantan and his men were “casing and trailing Siman” after the police official reportedly received information that Siman had hired somebody to kill him.

“Marantan apparently believed the rumors that Siman paid a hired assassin to kill him after Marantan’s group killed six employees of Siman’s gambling operations in Calamba,” the source said, referring to the Nov. 12, 2012, incident in Barangay Lecheria.

The police said the six men were members of a gun-for-hire group that was behind the murder of Insp. Romeo Criste, operations officer at the Cabuyao City police. He was shot dead in Sta. Cruz town, also in Laguna, on Oct. 19 last year.

Not killer

“Although Siman was engaged in illegal gambling, he was not known to be a killer or a leader of a gun-for-hire group as the Calabarzon police portrayed him to be,” the source said.

Several police sources identified Siman and his group as the syndicate behind the jueteng operations in some parts of Laguna and Batangas.

The group supposedly used the results of the STL in Laguna for its bookies operations.

Fearing for his safety, Siman invited Supt. Alfredo Consemino, deputy director of the Headquarters Support Group of the Mimaropa (Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon, Palawan) police, to come with him to Camarines Norte on Jan. 5 when Siman was supposed to meet a local gold trader regarding a mining venture that Siman planned to put up in the province.

He said Siman and Consemino, who was also killed in the supposed shootout in Atimonan, were “close friends” who had known each other for years.

“Vic Siman thought traveling to Camarines Norte would be safer if Consemino were with him. He knew Consemino had many friends in the PNP, being a police officer himself,” the source said.

Not really stopped

“If their group was really stopped at the checkpoint, Consemino would have just stepped out of the vehicle and identify himself as a police officer. That’s why we cannot buy Marantan’s claim that it was the group of Siman and Consemino who started the alleged fire fight,” the source said.

The source said Siman had also invited the police official to invest in the small-scale mining business that the former wanted to operate in Camarines Norte.

He said he tried to discourage Siman from putting money in the mining operations, warning him about the investment scams that had victimized a number of businessmen in the past.

“But Siman was enticed to invest in the mining operations when his contact gifted him with a small gold bullion worth about P1 million,” the source said.

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  • $18209031

    Dios ko , how about isang granada na lang. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

    “Over-Kill”; “Rub-Out”; “Ambush”…!
    Are these the people who are supposed to protect us…?
    Are these the people who will defend us…, when we are without our “weapons”…?

    • 12JEM

       Supt. Glenn Dumlao, head of the Regional Public Safety Battalion, of the Calabarzon police……Kailan pa at sinong nagbalik dito kay Dumalao?


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002207384387 Andrei Mendoza

    ok lang yang, kung shoot-out, rub-out or ambush, ano ba ang problema? di ba gusto nating mawala ang mga gung-gong ng pinas? oh eh anong pinag-mamaktol nyo kung rub-out or shoot-out yan? basta’t sila-sila lang ang mag-patayan, ok yan para sa taong bayan! mababawasan ang goons, guns and gung-gongs.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

      Tangna.  Kamag-anak mo yata ang nag-awala sa Luneta na pumatay ng maraming turista.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002207384387 Andrei Mendoza

        tungek, mas malapit mong kamag-anak yon dahil puro kayo barbaro dyan. hahahaha

    • manuelcdiaz

      eh kong ikaw yong tinama-an then they planted all the evidence okay lang yon?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002207384387 Andrei Mendoza

        ok lang yon, basta’t drug pusher or gambling lord ako na walang armas. hahaha

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    Now which is which?  Overkill or Ambush?  The two are different.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002207384387 Andrei Mendoza

      who cares??? basta’t may mamamatay na kriminal, drug pusher, gambling lord, gun-for-hire. ok na yon!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

        What a stupid reply.  Even if they’re criminals they’re entitled to justice.  The question was if it was overkill or ambush.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002207384387 Andrei Mendoza

        oh. I wish and very hopeful that one of these days those criminals kills one of your beloved ones, then come back here and do your “justice rhetoric”


      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

        I’ll make sure you will be killed first together with your family.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002207384387 Andrei Mendoza

        no moron, I am in a safe country while you and your family is in a nomadic s**t hole where people kill people for a few centavos!


    Killing ONE innocent person is way too many of an overkill. But killing a battalion of criminals is not over till all are eliminated from a society of peace-loving individuals.

    • juan_tanga


    • manuelcdiaz

      How did you know that they were criminals? Were they charge in court and convicted?

      • 12JEM

         Supt. Glenn Dumlao, head of the Regional Public Safety Battalion, of the Calabarzon police…KAILAN PA….AT SINONG NAGBALIK SA TAONG ITO SA PNP?


  • $18209031

    Basta mga kriminals mga yan,,  okey ang labas. Kung hindi, then its a different story. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AX7A65HBPOATKIEDV77LOLRVUM Colokoy

    yan ang dapat sa mga criminal at sa mga taong sumosuporta sa illegal gambling at crriminal

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4XVVCOAZXYTPN2X3IPFCFDSKFM Melvin

    “Fearing for his safety, Siman invited Supt. Alfredo Consemino, deputy director of the Headquarters Support Group of the Mimaropa (Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon, Palawan) police, to come with him to Camarines Norte on Jan. 5…”

    Kung pinabababa ng mga nagaabang sa checkpoint ang mga pasahero ng suv ibig sabihin ay wala pa munang putukan. Kung gayon, bakit naman hindi nagpakilala agad si Supt. Alfredo Consemino, deputy director of the Headquarters Support Group.  of the Mimaropa police, na kasama ni Siman sa sasakyan at kaya nga siya isinama ay para sa seguridad ng grupo sa mga pulis… BAKIT???

    • mrgracia

      Nagpakilala nga kaya pinutukan!

  • aldhins

    Wala ng  pinag-kaiba ang pinas sa mexico talamak ang patayan dahil sa  sugal at mga illegal na gawain ang masakit ultimo alagad ng batas ay kasama na nila saan na maniniwala ang mga mamayan?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4XVVCOAZXYTPN2X3IPFCFDSKFM Melvin

    “He said Siman and Consemino, who was also killed in the supposed shootout in Atimonan, were “close friends” who had known each other for years. ”

    Itong si Siman ay bistado na nating mga iligal ang raket tapos kasama, kakilala at kaibigan ng maraming taon si Consemino, masasabi kayang hindi nababahaginan ng raket si Consemino? Dapat tandaan sabi ng matatanda “Sabihin mo sa akin kung sino ang iyong mga kaibigan at sasabihin ko kung sino ka.”

    • catalansbarce

      Si Supt Consemino ay consultant sa security agency ni Siman. Package deal na yan
      ang na received ni Supt dahil sya ang consultant at the same time ” protector ” siya sa
      jueteng business ni Siman.., kaya hindi sya makatanggi kay Siman sa mga lakad

  • salomeahmad

    Its both. A hastily set up check point & a reinforcement of a full complement platoon(28 personnel) of Army soldiers, who by standard are armed w/assault rifles plus a total of 4 machine guns, one each for every squad(7 personnel) of the 4 squads in a platoon.

  • tagahuron

    This one really reminds me of that brutal Ping Lacson-ordered Kuratong Baleleng in the mid 1990’s. Even if the murdered were criminals, their families never got any justice.  It was a barbaric execution and it was done to hide the real mastermind of that gang – Ping Lacson and his criminal police syndicate. The mastermind is a SENATOR now. Philippine justice system is corrupt to the core.

    • batangsulpok

      Noong panahon ni Lacson ay maraming kidnapping ng mga milyonaryong Intsik at may balitang dalawang duffle bag na puno ng DOLLARS ang nakuha sa Kuratong Baleleng nang mapatay sila pero kanino napunta ang pera, para din dito sa Atimonan na ang balita ay may dalang 100 milyon pesos si Siman, kanino napunta rin ang pera?

  • tagahuron

    When it comes to murder, there is no such thing as overkill. Murder is murder PERIOD! Law enforcers are supposed to implement laws, they’re not executioners. The country is worst than the communists.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Hogwash pa rin yang balita. Sabi ng news item ay yong mga nagbantay sa first checkpoint ay sinenyasan yong convoy ni Siman na tumuloy kaya sa second check point tinambangan. Pero ang sabi dito ay yong mga nasa third vehicle ay binaril muna sila Maratrat bago umikot at sumibad pabalik. Ang dali namang itawag doon sa mga nasa first checkpoint para harangin yong pangatlong sasakyan na bumalik. Pambata lang itong news item, parang “Ang Alamat ni Manratrat.” Ayan si Melvin sa baba di na yata natutulog yan sa kakabrainwash sa mga mambabasa na hero si Manratrat. Tingnan nyo naman, yong ibang patay, sa pagitan ng mata ang tama at close range ang pagbaril. Yong isa namang nakahandusay sa ibaba ng black SUV ay may dalawang picture na nakuha ang philstar. Yong unang picture ay walang baril yong taong nakahandusay. Pero yong pangalawang picture ng pareho taong nakahandusay ay may baril na. Ito yong sinasabi ni Maratrat na legitimate shootout hehehe. At ang higad ayaw magpaphysical check up o magpatangin sa tama “daw” niya hanggang nabuwisit na lang yong investigating team ng PNP at tinapos na lang yong fact finding investigation nila.

    Melvin atinatin lang, si Dumlao ka ba o si Pinky?

    • Htee

      Pards, checkpoint 1 is 350 meters away from checkpt. 2. Kung deretso ang daan, abot tanaw ito at ang mga putok ay abot dinig. Kung may ibang klaseng putok, baka abot amoy pa nga. Kung liko ang daan, makakarinig pa rin ng putukan ang checkpt.1.
      You carry it from here to expound the rest….hehehe

      • batangpaslit

        reinforcement yong sa Checkpoint #1

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JLZJHQHV7WVOJ4XZW4QKRDYSUA Gerry Randel

    This is a clear case of ambush/rubout. If any of the 13 victims was able to fire his gun, certainly, the policemen and soldiers manning the check point will also be wounded of perhaps a few will die. 

    • batangpaslit

      eh…naunahan sa pagkalabit ng gatilyo eh. sabihin mo, ang mga bodyguard na nahirang ay hindi trained as close-in bodyguard

  • Commentator

    If they are only after Victor Siman, why do they have to bring a ” battalion” to apprehend him.  It is like burning a house to kill a rat. And there is collateral damage, which is a military term, of 12 people. In North America if you do this, the government has to pay lots of money to the affected people.

    • batangpaslit

      armado din si Siman. naunahan lang sa draw

  • http://pedestrianobserver.blogspot.com/ Political Jaywalker

    Overkill? Are these people really serious? When 13 people are ambushed and killed without any survivor that is called a massacre, nothing more nothing less!

    “He said he returned the report to the investigative team because he was not satisfied with its form, but not necessarily the substance.

    “It wasn’t organized well… I gave them until the end of the day to be clear in their report. The report should be written in a way that could be understood by everyone, not just policemen,” Purisima said.”

    Huh? It was obvious that the PNP report has a problem and it was definitely not about form but substance when the NBI found more evidence in the crime scene, LOL.

    A report that could be understood by anyone not just policemen says Purisima, hehehe. Do they have their own language or a doctor with chicken scratch penmanship that they alone can read? LOL.

    • wawa2172

       I just thought that the word rubout would just be ok, because the earlier stories are not believable that their was a gun battle. The passengers stayed in the vehicles as standard procedure in a check point.  They were peppered with bullets at di lumaban ang mga biktima. Tma ka dre, massacre ang tawag sa kaso at di rubout or shootout.

      • D_BystandeR

        This is the second time I heard the right term, like the Maguindanao massacre.
        This is the most fitting term to use for that carnage – MASSACRE!!!

    • D_BystandeR

      Alan Purisima is funny with those kind of comments. Does he think he appear smart saying those things? Even kids in grade school can easily decipher what he meant, and he wants the report doctored more because it does not seem credible. Maybe he added some of his “expertise” to make that report “credible” when it goes back to him. He is still new to his position and this early he is showing some “doubtful tendencies.” Tsk, tsk, tsk, not good…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MZOKC6X7Q52Z4E5VLYNB7GF72Y Kaloy

    Again, PDI reporters based their information from a “source” sympathizing with alleged criminals killed in this encounter.

    Wonder why some members of the media can’t wait til final announcement  is released by the authorities.

    Any way, who cares if gambling lords with their protectors and followers get killed?

    • D_BystandeR

      Tama ‘yung sinabi mo sa unahan, at dapat lang dahil buhay ng tao ‘yan. Pero sa last line ng sinabi mo ay d’yan ko makita kung anong klase kang pagkatao. Isang kang taong walang kaluluwa!

  • Datingkailan

    sarap naman sundan itong storyang ito…parang sine…..

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    01. Where is the third SUV and its passengers? If not all in the convoy are dead, then they can shed more light on this. Are they the so-called unidentified sources of this report and others? Injured or not, safehoused or not, the survivors are dead men walking. The powers that be and certain elements of this administration do not want them alive. Before they are silenced completely, they can tap social media and the internet to ensure there’s no whitewash.

    02. It is interesting to note how the PNP preliminary investigation was leaked to the media even before PNP Chief Purisima got hold of a copy. Was the leak intended to ensure that PNP Chief Purisima will not be able to sanitize the report according to his and his bosses’ liking?

    03. There are “before” and “after” pictures leaked to the media. The “before” pictures show the victims slumped every which way with no guns at hand. The “after” pictures show guns planted in their hands. Karen Davilla of ABS-CBN made reference to those pictures on Monday as she was shown some of them. The major dailies, whistleblowers, PNP and NBI should upload them on the internet for greater transparency.

    04. Who is the backer and protector of Hansel Marantan? It can’t be Angie Reyes, he’s dead. Is it you Tito Peping?

    05. The eerie silence of DILG Sec. Mar Roxas is quite out of character. The media-savvy Mar never fails to seize any opportunity to get in front of a TV camera. But not this time. Whatever the outcome of the investigations, Mar will need the PNP for his 2016 presidential ambition. He cannot afford to antagonize PNP too much. Mar will protect the PNP so that the PNP will help him win 2016.

    06. What is the result of Commission on Human Rights´s investigation?

    • speaksoftlylove

       As early as the first news of this Atimonan massacre was published by PDI, I already posted that the third SUV was the bantay salakay. It was the “tsu-tsu” so to speak, and it was the third vehicle were the red bag of Simanb containing millions was placed for “safekeeping” in favor of those vultures who will ultimately partake of the loot. But Maratrat weaved a childish story that he alone believes., He was forced to state that the third vehicle fired at them for fear that some might have witnessed the massacre so they will have a ready alibi. But you really cannot cover a lie. The more you concoct stories the more you expose yourself. Tatlo ang checkpoints, sa pangalawa nangyari ang krimen. Kung bumalik, may haharang na first checkpoint. Kung dideretso may haharang na third checkpoint, Bakit di hinarang samantalang ang dali lang naman i-radio yon? Maliwanag na ang pangatlong vehicle ay kasama sa operation. It’s the vehicle for the loot.

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Fishy . . . . lumalabas na ang lansa.

      • AllinLawisFair

        Ganyan din ang paniniwala ko. It was a well-organized trap. It was laid in a place where there could be no detours. “No way out,” ika nga. 

  • $20722540

    mga tanga lang ang maniniwala sa sinasabi ni marantan.  ang sabi niya meron death threat galing kay siman, ang tanong: bakit siya ang kumausap sa siman group at nagpababa kuno sa sasakyan?  alam niya ang hinarang ay siman group?  baka gusto niya mangyari sige barilin ninyo na ako…suicide yon, diba?  takot siya sa siman group kasi kumuha pa siya ng re-inforcement na militar – special forces.  tanong pa?  bakit galing pa sa Candelaria yong special forces, bakit hindi galing sa Lucena na masmalapit sa Atimonan?  
    diba pag meron investigation, firsy thing you is to interview lahat ng kasama sa operation isa-isa para makuha yong consistent statements na mga pulis at military…lalo na si maratrat – ayaw pa mag-submit sa physical exam, kong wala siyang tintago bakit ayaw niyang magpa-physical exam?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4XVVCOAZXYTPN2X3IPFCFDSKFM Melvin

    ” He said Siman and Consemino, who was also killed in the supposed shootout in Atimonan, were “close friends” who had known each other for years.
    “Vic Siman thought traveling to Camarines Norte would be safer if Consemino were with him. He knew Consemino had many friends in the PNP, being a police officer himself,” the source said. ”

    So, Bakit hindi bumaba si Consemino. Para magpakilala at para hindi nagkaputukan. Bakit? Siguro ay guilty rin siya. At saka kaibigan ka ng matagal ng jueteng lord ano pa ang ibig sabihin noon at hindi pa rin natin alam baka may dala silang mga epektos na iligal tulad ng pagbebenta ng mga baril. Nakatakas kasi iyong isang sasakyan… Pero sa imbestigasyon sana naman ay lumabas ang buong katotohanan. Kasi may mga inosenteng nadamay at para hindi magduda ang taumbayan…

    • speaksoftlylove

       Bulol ka talaga. Paano bababa wala ngang uniporme yong mga nasa checkpoint at full pack battle gear. Kung ikaw, di mo ba iisipin na baka mga NPA yon? Pero ang nangyari mas masahol pa pala sa NPA yong babant sa kanila. Konting isip naman dyan.

    • batangpaslit

      sa mga nadamay, dapat maging costly lesson:
      huwag maki pag transact ng anumang negosyo—insurance or real estate sa Jueteng Lord

    • D_BystandeR

      Kadaldalan na ‘yung ginawa mo. Puro ka batikos sa mga taong patay na at hindi na pwedeng makapanagot sa mga paratang mo. Sana mangyari ito sa mga mahal mo sa buhay at pagkatapus sa halip na gawing usapan para makakuha ng hustisya ang kanilang kamatayan ay ang kanila pang buhay na silay patay na at pinaratangan pa ng kahit ano-anong kabalbalan! Sobra na ang ginawa mo.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    The government should not only concentrate on jueteng in Quezon.  There’s Pampanga and Ilocos Sur.  The reason why we don’t hear so much of killings in Pampanga is because Bong Pineda is in full control for many years.  In Ilocos Sur, Singson’s enemies and competitors are silently eliminated.

  • juan_tanga

    what overkill?  each one only died once!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JJPX5VQBBTUNFT5FZNYQJXNZUQ francis

    So is it just Kill and not Overkill?

  • $40586212

    tumahimik na tayo mga kababayan…may senate inquiry daw coming up.  Dito na magkakaalaman.

    • superpilipinas

      The senate is even worse. Their judgments are influenced by their political affiliation. It has been a long time since cases like this, Paranaque shootout etc., but they have not change any law to prevent a repeat. Just read the news last week, they waste tax payers money bickering. I don’t believe them.

    • batangpaslit


  • speaksoftlylove

    Sabi ng bubuwit ko wag daw tayong magalala. Yong milyones ni Siman pambili raw ng give away na sardinas, bigas, at noodles sa senatorial election. Makikinabang din daw ang mahihirap kahit papaano. Pasaway talaga itong bubuwit ko.

    • superpilipinas

      Patakbuhin mo ang bubwit mo. Baka may mapala pa tayo kaysa sa mga ipis na nakaposisyon ngayon.

      • speaksoftlylove


  • ???????????

    Funny how things never change in the Philippines. It’s as if time stood still. More than 17 years ago, a similar incident happened. Kuratong Baleleng. The top two witnesses against Mr. Lacson’s group, delos Reyes and dela Cruz, are now in Canada laughing their heads off. They were right to leave the Philippines when they had the chance to.

  • superpilipinas

    So what’s new. Lagi naman OVERKILL!!! It is obvious they kill up to the last person making sure no one is still breathing.

    PNP is so disgustingly incompetent to bringing suspects to face due process.

    The ratio of captured supspects to killed suspects seems to be so low. Kung kasama ito sa scorecard ng PNP, eh kamote ang score!

    It’s always in the news. The whole world knows. But no one in the government seems to be doing any significant action about it. The government does not seem to care.

    The civilian authority over the police seems to be afraid to carry out their responsibility. They engage more in politics than ordering a no-nonsense reform.

    • batangpaslit

      due process?
      charge mo sa court of law ang bilyonaryong Jueteng Lord?
      eh, ang sueldo ng Judge wala pang $1,000.00 DOLLARS per month?
      But the JuetenG Lord can pay off $1,000.000.00 DOLLARS pag ang sentence ay dismissal.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OJWHBJLMWPTRUOZMN6JOMHLO2A Banana Na

    planted naman ito, kung totoo ang report ng PDI sastory nito, first checkpoint, sini-sigurado nila na ang laman ng sasakyan ay ang target nila kaya pina-pasok nila sa daan para maka-harap nila ang second checkpoint na ready na kung anuman ang balak nila…ang third checkpoint ay lahat ng cars ay detour para walang matamaan ng bala at walang witness…di lang natin alam kung it is between syndicates against syndicates with the back-up of police and military on each side…at kung sino naman ang master ni MARANTAN group…at walang uniform ang police sa checkpoint nito ibig sabihin lang na para di sila makilala ng ibang tao na malapit sa lugar nito na nakatira…sils-sila lang naman ang nakaka-alam kung bakit nag-papatayan sila at kung ano ang mga dahilan…..

  • charlie_oscar

    I think we have a case of killers killing killers – being investigated by killers.

    • speaksoftlylove

       This is the best post that I’ve read in this issue so far. What a one liner, fully agree.

    • batangpaslit

      great mind, great blog

  • indiots

    sayang kung maaalis si marantan. magwawagi ang mga kampon ng mga gamling lord…

    biruin mo pagkatapos ng bola sako sako ang binibilang na pera ng sindikato

    • bagombong

       ngek-ngek mo, idol mo si Marantan….

    • batangpaslit


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TCQMRK4HVOSF2IGML46TAGKMXU Benjamin

    I have no beliefs in the PNP and NBI investigation regarding this case. Wala na yatang pinaniniwalaan ang mga pinoy dahil puro mga corrupt ang mga agencies na ito. No wonder, Jackie Chan last month said that the Philippines is the most corrupt country in the world. There is no justice because if you are well connected, you can easily escape the law. Look at GMA, her alibi was being “sick” and she has been detained for so long at the hospital. Talagang walang asenso sa Pinas. No wonder, so many Pinoys are leaving for abroad.

    • batangpaslit

      sama talaga ng loob mo ano ha, Kabayan?

  • farmerpo

    Sounds like a case of first degree multiple murder. Ambush, massacre and carnage has become trite due to overuse.Buzz word now is overkill, so benign sounding, no shock value. It is a well orchestrated pre-meditated murder, if the accounts are anywhere near accurate. Wash hands, Pontius.  The five minute gap between arrival and firing is more than enough time to have legally transacted the business at hand. With 40+ guns pointed at the suspects, would they have fired?
    Why let them pass thru the first check point in the first place except for id confirmation? Marantan, Palparan… how many more are in the uniformed services? 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    I got a tip for the authorities.  The mastermind of the ambush is a certain Andrei Mendoza.

    • batangpaslit


  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Kung hindi ba naman overkill eh parang binagyo ng mga bala yung mga sasakyan……pero dapat nagkagantihan na lang at pareho naubos ang mga inambush at mga nang-ambush!

    • batangpaslit

      mabuti nga kung magka ubosan ang mga criminal—criminals that wears uniforms and criminals that do not wear uniform
      investigation usually do not result to solving the problem.
      partihan ng pera ang lutas na hinahanap sa mga inbestigasyon

  • filipinaskoh


    Which is which? 
    If it is a rub out, what could be the reason/s?
    If it is a shoot out, why there are so many loopholes?

    I hope there will be an answer to all these mind boggling puzzle! 

    • batangpaslit

      i don’t care how they perish, kung maubos ang mga salot sa bayan natin.

  • speaksoftlylove

    I beg to correct my previous post. Hindi lang pala isang bangkay ang may dalawang pictures na yong unang picture ay may walang baril at yong pangalawang picture ay meron ng baril. Tatlong bangkay na tigdadalawang pictures pala yong isinubmit ng PNP fact finding committee kay Gen. Purisima na pareparehong patunay na planted yong baril. Yang sinabi ni Melad na di daw planted dahil sa mga nasawi nakarehistro ang mga baril ay kabalbalbalan. Yon mga baril mismo ng mga namatay ang binunot sa mga holster nila at inilagay sa tabi ng mga biktima. Yong isang biktima na nakahandusay sa ibaba ng ban ay kitangkita na sa unang picture ay nakasukbit pa sa holster ang baril, patunay na hindi ito lumaban. Yong bangkay sa may kanal ay nabago ang pwesto kaysa unang picture. Yong nasa tabi ng SUV ay kitangkita sa unang picture na natikom ang dalawang kamay at walang baril. Sa pangalawang picture na may baril na ay nakatikom pa rin ang dalawang kamay. Ang hina gumawa ng kwento kutsero ni Dumlao. Melad, at Manratrat. Kasalanan ni Pinky ito, kulang sa training. Lahat ng pictures ay nakuha pagkatapos na dumating na ang SOCO or Scne of the Crime Operatives at nangangahulugan lang na ang SOCO na dapat magimberstiga ay kasama sa mismo cover up. Panoorin ninyo sa video ng abscbn kung gusto ninyong makita lahat.

    • D_BystandeR

      At sinabi pa ni Alan Purisima na isinuli daw niya ang “spot report” dahil hindi daw nai-saayon sa tamang porma, baka gusto pang ma-doktoran masyado sigurong garapal sa tingin niya at hindi kapani-paniwala. Hayaan mo’t pag nakabalik na ‘yung report na ‘yun ay tamang-tama na ang lahat pati comma at period. Hehehe! Ang problema lang kung ma-kumbinsi ba ang mga tao na talagang totoo ‘yung report na ginawa.

  • w33k3nd3r

    We already know that. You can call it whatever you want. What we want is to get to the bottom of this. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • bagombong

    How come that the 3rd car can get away from the scene if there is a 1st check point on 350 meters away  from the shootout. So it means they’re making another story to make it really a gun for hire. If the 3rd car turn-around, the 1st check point can intercept them, do not fool us with another story…how come that the 3rd car can get away from them….paki esplika nga…masyado kayong maraming istorya na ini-imbento….

    • D_BystandeR

      Your guess is as good as mine. I really have a misgiving about the 3rd car. If it was part of the convoy it seems strange that it was able to turn around and escaped unhurt and without any trace about somebody taking down its plate number. Maybe it is part of a plan to make their accounts of the alleged “encounter” credible. And it has now come
      to the surface what looks like a credible news account: That there were three checkpoints involved; That the first checkpoint was manned by uniformed authorities; the 2nd checkpoint which is 350 meters away from the first was manned by authorities led by Marantan and in civilian attire, and in a group of 16 and farther away is a group of army operatives in a group of 25; and the 3rd checkpoint was located a little farther away used to command the flow of motorists to detour towards the coastal side. And that there was no way the two SUVs can make a turn around because there was a military truck that immediately sealed their escape route to the back. From all angles, it was meant to be “end of the road” for the two SUVs and their occupants. And this is all
      probably a perfect “plan” envisioned by that guy – a cold-bloodied killer “in police uniform” – Hansel Marantan.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/J4WK4GQJ4HMNJTAOOBKOOYF7JM jeff

    Money is the root cause of this mess.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    Mining business or long time friendship of Vic Siman is irrelevant to the issue.Col. Consemino being a law enforcer should have dissuaded Vic Siman to stop his operation because it’s illegal in the first place.Because of their closed friendship,the criminal activity and morale of Siman is high and fears no one.To say that Vic Siman’s activity is just on bookies is tantamount to saying He’s a saint.Bookies to engage in Gold Mining activity is stranger than fiction.Bookies is a tag given to bigtime BadLord when they get entangeled with the Law.
    Bookies devote their time on books and they should not be associating with Police Col. unless one is a bigtime Gambling Lord.That’s why Consomino is also in the list of Bishop Cruz.
    Despite the shady activities of this Police Col.,he is praised by a columnist as a morally  upright person,and yet he was given a full Military honor for his bravery in escorting and providing support to a Lord of Organized syndicate,,,yuckies!!!.The Badlord is now perceived as Robin Hood,and Col. Hansen and Co. are now being scrutenized and maybe held liable for weeding out one of the BadLords of Calabarzon.All the Politicians who are under the Payroll of Siman should also be investigated and Jailed.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Humihirit ka pa dyan.

      Manood ka nalang ng video sa abscbn website para tumahimik ka.

      Di makakatulong ang kadedepensa mo kay Melad, Dumlao, at Manratrat dahil may kanyakanyang padrino ang mga yan. Maliban na lang kung naghihintay ka ng balato sa kanila galing sa milyones ni Siman. Bistado na ng buong bansa ang nangyari.

    • D_BystandeR

      It appears you are a complete stranger to the topic at hand. If you have a scanty idea about this subject you better keep your mouth shut. You’re discussing a different kind of interest delving into the personal aspects of a dead man, Vic Siman. You are just wasting your saliva because a dead man cannot refute your accusations. Instead of finding justice for the victims you are now casting aspersion into their lives. Maawa ka naman sa mga relatives who are still in the state of mourning and there you are with your pervasive views showing no concern for their feelings. Sana ang nangyari sa mga 
      biktima ay mangyari rin sa mga mahal mo sa buhay para malaman mong magrespeto sa kapwa tao.

  • frudo

    mag dalawang lingo pa di na mainit sa media yan at wala na tayo mababalitaan pa tungkol jan at again wala na nman mangyayari sa imbisigation kuno,,, sana nga lang mali ako

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    Tila tahimik nga si Mr. Palengke,baka paos lang ang boses due to the bad weather.Not a single letter was heard from him.Baka masama rin loob niya sa pagka sima ni Col Hansen kay Siman.
    Hindi pwede ang goodboy image sa DILG post.Hindi rin pwede yung kasing lamya ni Vice Ganda.
    Dapat yung kasing astig ni Duterte.

  • Bansot

    When armed syndicates fired at police officers, the rule of engagement is no longer “MAXIMUM TOLERANCE”, but ‘KILL OR BE KILLED”…and in armed confrontation there is no such thing as “OVERKILL”.  The NBI’s investigators are trying to equivocate by using the word “over kill”, that is to please their bosses,( who earlier stated that the shooting was suspicious even before the investigation has even started) but at the same time indicate that the firefight was legitimate.. Pinoy, Mar Roxas, and Purisima should have refrained from making statements, which could have undermined and influenced the result of the investigation. 

    • D_BystandeR

      Maari mong sabihing ganyan dahil kaalyado mo siguro ang mga taong nasangkot sa patayan o isa ka sa mga kapanig nila. Hayaan mong mangyari ‘yun sa mga mahal mo sa 
      buhay at sa tingin ko’y d’yan pa mag-iba ang ihip ng hangin sa pagsasalita mo.

      • Bansot

        I don’t think you understand the point of arguments. Read carefully, I said there is no such thing as overkill when it comes to armed confrontation. Can you explain your argument if your have  any?  As well I also  stated, that officials must never release pre mature statements before the investigation are completed since these mighjt undermine and influence the result of the investigation. Can you tell me if there is anything wrong with what I have said. I don’t think I’m siding with any party on this issue, have I?? Please sharpen up your comprehension skills and you may be able to blog intelligently.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Is it too much to expect investigating teams to finish up their full investigation and when it’s done 100% accurate and tight, then that’s the time to hit the media trail?  Making statements piecemeal everyday I don’t think is helping the public any.

    • D_BystandeR

      Sa tingin ko’y mas mabuti na ‘yung may konting nakuhang mga “excerpts” sa ginagawang report compared to hanging them in suspense, especially those relatives of the victims, and wait until the final report is finished. Para lang sa mga “usisiro” ay walang kwenta kung may mailabas mang “advanced snippits” of the work-in-progress dahil wala naman silang pakialam doon. At ‘yung iba na gustong ibahin ang “outcome” sa report from what actually transpired ang gusto nila ‘yung pinakamabagal na reporting para may malaki pang panahon to control the “outcome” of the report.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Dalawa lang ang ibig sabihin ng PNP sa massacre na ito:

    Pulis Na Pinatay o Pinatay Ng Pulis, mamili kayo.

    • speaksoftlylove

       Yong report ng PNP Fact Finding Investigation Team na may kalakip na mga mga pictures na ang mga baril sa larawan ng mga biktima ay planted, ay ibinalik ni Gen. Purisima sa mga imbestigador dahil ayun sa kanya ay “mali daw ang format’ – example ay kailangan daw may statement of facts, etc. Kaya pwede rin yong PNP ay Pakulo Ni Purisima.

      • D_BystandeR

        Ibig sabihin ay isinuli ni Alan Purisima ang “spot report” dahil bistado sigurong garapal ang pagkagawa na para sa kanya ay hindi kapanipaniwala. At tinanong siya, “is it the substance of the report kung bakit niya isinuli? Sabi niya, “hindi sa substance but it’s in the form of reporting.” Sa tingin ko’y bago pa lang sa pwesto itong si Purisima pero nagpakita na ibang “kilos na kaduda-duda.” When news broke out earlier and he was asked if it was an ambush or summary execution, ang sagot niya, “nakita nang may tama si Marantan, paano magiging ambush?” But succeeding reports showed that Marantan, with a string of “questionable killings” attributed to him with 40 lives snatched by his “trigger-happy” fingers, had his “supposed wounded foot” placed under a plastercast probably to hide from the investigators that would check the bullet’s trajectory in relation to his position allegedly taken during the “encounter.” And what the report says lately is that Marantan refused to be investigated, maybe as far as his “wound” is concerned.

      • speaksoftlylove

        The question is kailan pa naging heneral yang si Purisima? Bago ka maging heneral katakotkatakot na PNP report na ang binasa mo na ganun at ganun din ang format pero ngayon lang niya naisip na mali? Here is the suspicious coincidence. NBI also intimated before that the Atimonan masaccre “seems to be an ambush.” But NBI’s Mendez told the press lately that the encounter maybe “overkill but not an ambush.” A clear retraction from his original statement. and guess what, he made this statement right after Purisima returned the PNP Fact Finding Report to the police investigators. Question now is, can they whitewash or cover up those evidentiary documents or pictures when it has already been published by abs cbn news? Kung garapal sila at magkaroon nga ng whitewash then the people know already who is brains behind the massacre and that is the Palace itself. I am not saying that it maybe PNoy. After all Roxas can order the cover up because the PNP is under him. Ochoa can also order a whitewash because he is the “little president.” But as to Ochoa, it is farfetched because he was the one who revealed that Coplan Armado was not approved and without any Mission Order hence, illegal. What about PNoy? Your guess is as good as mine.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/7FDDNRT65UQX2MA463JWDZZRMA drifter

      PNP = Pulis Na Pinatay
      PNP = Pinatay Ng Pulis
      PNP = Pakulo Ni Purisima

      How about?

      PNP = Palpak Na Panot

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    To the best of my knowledge and recollection, the first news report that mentioned a third vehicle was a January 6 Associated Press (AP) report written by one Aaron Favila with an acknowledgment, “Associated Press writers Jim Gomez and Teresa Cerjano in Manila contributed to this report.”  In said AP report, one can read the following, among others:

    “Two gunmen jumped out of one of the cars and fired from a roadside canal, said Lt. Col. Monico Abang, who led an army platoon in the clash. The rest stayed in two vehicles, which troops raked with gunfire on a sparsely populated stretch of the highway.

    More gunmen fired from a third vehicle, which turned around and fled, Abang said.

    “They rolled down their windows and started firing, so we had to retaliate,” Abang said by cellphone from the scene of the clash. “They were clearly outnumbered and outgunned.”

    For the NBI to be thorough in its investigation, it should at least try to secure information from these AP people what their basis was for their news report.  And, of course, get Lt. Col. Monico Abang’s statement.  A Lt. Colonel in the Army but is only a Platoon Leader.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

      Mad, the more I read, the more it becomes muddled.

      “They rolled down their windows and started firing, so we had to retaliate,” Abang said by cellphone from the scene of the clash.” – The pictures says otherwise.  The dead cannot possibly raise the windows again much more if these are already shattered. One missing window glass turns out to have caved-in inside.

       “They were clearly outnumbered and outgunned.”  – The victims were also outflanked being inside vehicles so there’s no way they could fight.  Is the good Colonel contradicting his actions with his words?

      “Two gunmen jumped out of one of the cars and fired from a roadside canal, said Lt. Col. Monico Abang, who led an army platoon in the clash. The rest stayed in two vehicles, ” – The gunmen firing are in the canal and what they did was fire at the vehicles???? 

      “A Lt. Colonel in the Army but is only a Platoon Leader.” – Same with the police colonel in civvies.  Something big and personal is really at stake.

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        Yes, without doubt!  Happens always when one is caught with his pants down and tries to explain that his belt was stolen while he was asleep.

        By the way, I am not convinced, as of now, that there was a third car. It’s a red herring as well as convenient cover for the looting that followed. Anything missing in the 2 SUVs could be claimed as having been in the 3rd car.

        As to Supt. Marantan’s injuries, it is easy to visualize him firing his handgun to produce a graze wound on the side of his left arm (the gun pointed safely downwards) then the same bullet’s trajectory being deflected and hitting his leg. This can happen physically.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

        Now, I’m also mad if not crazy, ha ha ha ha.

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        Ha ha ha . . .comes with the scenario that this very highly trained and very intelligent and very professional law enforcers have foisted on us!

  • Guest

    Mga parekoy, nahihilo na ba kayo sa dami ng kwento at anggulo? Well, the media campaign to muddle the investigation and sow public confusion is working. Ganun talaga pag may pera ka. You can buy off this reporter, that reporter and that other commentator. Mas maraming ingay, mas bongga at mas nakakalito. Soon, people following this case will just ignore it in disgust. News cycles are short, too. Sino ba sa inyo ang nakakaalala pa sa 30M lobby fund ni Okada? Hehe. Money makes the world go round and round. Hanggang sa mahilo na tayong lahat.

    • D_BystandeR

      Kayo lang ang nahihilo dahil sa tingin ko’y meron kang “hidden agenda.” You want to muddle the situation because it will help your purpose to blur the “truth” that is now coming out clearer.

  • Winniejoy Lumayag

    The problem with our supposed to be “peace keepers” is that they have this proclivity to involve themselves in unscrupulous money making activities…. then they kill each other.  Only in the Philippines (or not).

  • tata_boy

    Paano na ang command responsibility sa kasong ito? Nagtatanong lang po ako.

  • batangpaslit

    Deputy NBI Director said that the shootings in Atimonan is “overkill” and “unjustified”.
    The same source of report, however, said that he is careful to describe the killing as “rubout”.
    My question, is:
    What is the difference between an overkill and unjustified killing from “rubout?

    Pakiramdam ko, nasuholan ang Deputy Regional NBI Director to say somethng that cast aspersion to the police officers that manned the checkpoint, when his boss, the NBI Director did not say anything until the complete report is turned in.

  • batangpaslit

    i am inclined to agree with your view, Bro

  • batangpaslit

    piercing question. polite question, but loaded, eh?

  • batangpaslit

    dapat nga magka ubosan na ang mga ungas na naka suot ng uniform

  • GaryFil

    As I would like to agree with one poster that nobody should make statements until the full investigation has been finished. 

    If you were one of the 13, and you are willing to shoot it out with the opponents, you will not stay inside of the vehicle unless its a bullet proof and heavily armored one.  Your first reaction will be, get out, and hold your stand.  But initial reports said, everybody were inside the vehicle.  As if rolling down the window will help them in a firefight.  Ano yun ulan? O baka iningatan nila yung window baka kasi mabasag sa tama ng baril? Mahal kasi ang pagawa e.

    • buttones

      I assume the ‘nobody’ you refer to are government department spokespersons, PNP, NBI and all the rest feeding the public bit by contradictory bit, so I agree with you entirely. The statements from these august bodies should simply state “We are currently investigating the incident and when our final report has been made, including forensic evidence, intelligence witness affidavit and etc this will be released to the public as final findings, along with possible recommendations for judicial proceedings to be issued.”
      There seems to be no common voice from ‘government’ it comes in bits and pieces and is often contradictory, defensive, and in some cases just ludicrous-
      Meanwhile us lot, banging away on our keyboards with speculation, some very interesting insights from many about the people involved, I find healthy and in some cases quite amusing. The sad thing about all this is that it was allowed to happen, it is not the first time, and reflects on ‘government’ ability to control violence in my country.
      If it was the case that this was a ‘wipe out’ was organized by government departments, this reflects very badly on PH. This is not the wild west, nor Chicago of the 1920’s.
      Maybe Quezon’s wish that we be ruled like ‘hell’ has actually come true…

  • batangpaslit

    Alan, you said it and you can say it again.
    Noong isang araw ang feedback ko ay: bayaran talaga ang karamihan sa media.
    Press release with thick envelops, naging news story na.

    Tungkol nga sa mga Ampatuan, napunta ako sa Mindanao after the massacre. Natanong ko sa mga naka alam bakit pati media ay pinaratrat.
    Sagot sa akin ay, “Kuyang, paano ba naman, lahat sila ay nasa payroll ni Ampatuan. Mangyari, mas malaki ang nabigay ng kabila kaya kumampi sila sa bago nilang paymaster that pays more. Sa pananaw ng mga Ampatuan, na traidor sila kaya niratrat na lang”.

    Bakit si Bobby Dacer, ano ba trabaho nia? Ganun din.
    Kung sino ang mas malaking bayad, gawa sia ng kuento na santo ang ungas.
    Saan ba nag office si Bobby Dacer? He rents two suites in Manila Hotel as his office.
    Mura ba mag rent ng opisina sa Manila Hotel.
    Kung sino ang highest bidder, doon si Bobby Dacer.

    To conclude, tama ka—-di lang nahihilo tayo sa mga ungas na news reports. Nakakasuka.

  • dani77777

    Again, PNP gangsters killing each other is the grandest of all  public service so let us not discourage them from doing it. Bad thing is the collateral damages because of poor marksmanship.

    PNP- salot ng bayan.

  • batangpaslit

    Alan, you said it and you can say it again.
    Noong isang araw ang feedback ko ay: bayaran talaga ang karamihan sa media.
    Press release with thick envelops, naging news story na.Tungkol nga sa mga Ampatuan, napunta ako sa Mindanao after the massacre. Natanong ko sa mga naka alam bakit pati media ay pinaratrat.
    Sagot sa akin ay, “Kuyang, paano ba naman, lahat sila ay nasa payroll ni Ampatuan. Mangyari, mas malaki ang nabigay ng kabila kaya kumampi sila sa bago nilang paymaster that pays more. Sa pananaw ng mga Ampatuan, na traidor sila kaya niratrat na lang”.Bakit si Bobby Dacer, ano ba trabaho nia? Ganun din.
    Kung sino ang mas malaking bayad, gawa sia ng kuento na santo ang ungas.
    Saan ba nag office si Bobby Dacer? He rents two suites in Manila Hotel as his office.
    Mura ba mag rent ng opisina sa Manila Hotel.
    Kung sino ang highest bidder, doon si Bobby Dacer.To conclude, tama ka—-di lang nahihilo tayo sa mga ungas na news reports. Nakakasuka.

  • batangpaslit

    tumpak….i agree with your evaluation

  • batangpaslit

    sino idlol mo? ang escort ng Jueting Lord?

  • doncleo

    papaano nakatakas yung 3rd SUV kung naka-block yung military vehicle sa kalsada?  E di sana nagkaputukan din.

    • GaryFil

      Tama doncleo, and they were inside two roadblocks, so no one can get in or out.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

      Malamang kasamahan yun nina Marantan sa moro-moro. Ang silbi nun, magpaputok pataas, kunyari nakikipag barilan at siya ding bumubuntot sa grupo at nagbibigay ng “situational report”.

      • Kairosphil

        hahaha…kumita na iyan… napanood na natin!

  • batangpaslit

    moral lesson:
    pag nakaw ang karga sa luxury vehicle, sa araw mag biyahe
    costly tuition fees sa mga illegal na operators

  • cogito728sum

    Very good observation my friend.  Indeed why would an Lt. Col. be leading a mere squad?  It just deepens the mystery which changes every time the script of the story is revised.  And what is the use of an affidavit, a sworn to piece of lies of no probative value?  Just as life is of no more value by the looks of killings such as this?  Which prompts me to reiterate the question:  “What has happened to us, to our country?”  See you mi amici.  Merci!

  • Rovingmoron

    I can sense that the criminal cases to be filed against the check point cops will not prosper in the court of law, if their rights are trampled upon.  As Purisima said the cops haven’t submitted their affidavits yet. Also, they have not been represented by lawyers. But reports said the PNP headquarters would file administrative charges against them, which will either determine if they’d only be suspended or dismissed from the service? I think those being investigated should also be given due process. I mean the suspects.  As I was saying, those involved in the alleged shootout are presumed innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. And that is if the complainants will pursue criminal cases against the check point cops. However, the filing of criminal cases against the suspects must be within the time frame allowed by law.  Otherwise,  a legal technicality might set in.

    • speaksoftlylove

       They will be given due process, of course. What the PNP Fact Finding Report contains is only for fact finding purposes, conclusions, and recommendations, not for filing proper charges in court. It is the NBI who is conducting the “formal investigation” and will be the Office to file appropriate charges with the DOJ should the evidence warrants. It is also in the DOJ where the accused are formally required to submit counter affidavits with the assistance of their counsels. So your “sense” is totally premature.

  • dickenhead

    magi-invest pala sa mining kaya pala kasama ang isang environmentalist daw

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/74DX67S5U6H557SPUXS5XZ6QJI Alisto Juan

    It’s really a set up and intent to eradicate their rival. Mahina  lang ang intel ni Colsemino dahil naisahan ni Marantan. Base sa report, may 3rd car na unang nagpaputok tapos nakapuslit, yung ang dapat hulihin para maliwanagan pero isang linggo na wala pang lead ang PNP. May sabwatan sa PNP. . It’s a big syndicate in the PNP, takot si PNoy na ipursige dahil baka s’ya ang isusunod. . 

    • Alejandro Canda

      Itong si Col. Consemino ay kwestionable ang pagkatao. He deserves his death. Why was he in company with a known jueting lord. it does follow that he is on take as protector of Vic Siman. if you are a decent police officer you should avoid to be in company with known criminals.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

        Paano yan, yung tumira mas questionable lumalabas…

    • Kairosphil

      sobrang tiwala lang si Consemino.. na di siya idadamay ni marantan! 
      …baka iyon mga kasama sa 3rd car kung meron man ay isa na sa mga nagco-coment dito… check their arguments!

  • kypros

    mukhang tama din pala yung unang inireport ng media na tungkol sa “gun for hire group” ang nangyari – kaya lang yung grupo pala ni marantan yung gun for hire.

    • Kairosphil

      nice comment!

  • divictes

    Rub out…Ambush…Overkill… It’s a f__king massacre sans the backhoe!

  • regd

    So the 3rd SUV entered the woods? They wouldn’t risk engaging the 1st checkpoint would they?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

      It’s a classic Alexander the Great move! They have no intention to let those people live.  Let the quarry enter the trap and seal both ends, then fire at will.  The first and the third checkpoints (in uniforms) could have been unsuspectingly used by Marantan’s group (in civvies) to legitimize the operations and at the same time serve as blocking force if things will not go as planned.

  • parengtony

    More than a week and  neither the police nor the NBI (as well as the Army Special Forces) can come up with anything clear. What gives? Even the media, including the INQ which first came out with the story, seems to be unwilling to investigate deeper into the rub out (more precisely, massacre) angle.

  • mykmiguel

    The media is describing one of the victims as environmentalist and one as philanthropist. I can be both while being a   jueteng lord.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/A5CN52KKTWUHFZJZCWGMAIGZJM Gandalf

      In any case, that would not justify their murders.

      What’s scary is that Marantan is hardly unique among our cops.
      PNP is teeming with Marantans. 

      • Dean Martin

        my problem is INQ is blocking my comments.

  • zeroko

    Presidential Spokeswoman Valte and PNP head, shut your mouth regarding the Quezon massacre. You have no right to give your personal view regarding the matter even before the termination of the investigation.

  • bisdakis

    Overkill or rub out I don’t care as long as the victims are confirmed gambling lords or drug lords! Those military or police personnel, who were with the alleged target, has a questionable motive just by their presence alone. Sure there will be no bla bla bla if the victim was just a plain snatcher!

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    “The report from the Quezon police said Marantan
    was hit in the hands and foot. The report said the third SUV fired on
    the security forces then turned around and fled.

    There’s been no mention of a third vehicle since Jan. 7.

    The NBI source said a military truck was
    used to block the vehicles of Siman’s group after it passed the first
    checkpoint, 350 meters from the second checkpoint, where the killings

    teka nalilito ako..yung pang 3rd n sasakyan bumalik pero d b hinarangan ng military truck nung pagkadaan nila so pano nakalusot pabalik yun? basahin ko nga uli


    • tarikan

      Ako rin naguguluhan, Pre. Bumalik nga raw yung 3rd SUV pero ano ginawa ng army truck sa 1st check point? Ano ba itong mga pulis na nagreport, tapos laang ng grade six? Ibinalik pa raw ni Dir. Gen. Allan Purisima ang report ng Investigative Team because “it was not organized well”. Baka hirap sa English, salasalabat ang construction ng sentences hindi maintindihan. Mahirap talaga magsinungaling hindi nagdudugtong maayos ang train of events.  

  • pablosantino

    moral of the story.,dapat armored SUV ang gamitin pag alam mo may kalaban ka..

  • pablosantino

    kung armoured SUV man lang sana at least kait papano bago pa maratrat ng sandamak-mak na bala ang loob ng kotse naka alis na sana at naka eskapo

  • pilipino

    I think all jueteng operators, their protectors from the police and military ranks, and those involved in gun-running and gun-for-hire activities will shape up and will seek legal ways to make money if they get meted with this kind of iron fisted approach.

    Coplan Armado is a big dragnet operation to account some influential and
    hostile personalities involving the police and the military as backup, ordered to have their fingers on the trigger and return fire once they are fired at. Which they exactly did.

    An overkill? NO! The intel said a convoy of 3 vehicles loaded with the hostile targets heavily armed and escorted by their protectors from the police, the military and the DENR is finally coming their way.

    When they were flagged down to a stop, those inside the SUV fired first and what they got is a volley of heavy gunfire from the composite govt security team with 40 automatic firearms. One short trigger press can spray at least 5 shots (40 x 5 makes makes 200).

    Was it a failed operation? NO! I could have failed if they undermanned and underpowered their checkpoints.

    On the issue that some of the police involved in the operation were not in their uniform – that’s a given when you are involved in an undercover operation!

    Kung nagkataon na na-overpower ng targets ang government forces, iimbestigahan din sila, lalo na pag maraming namatay from the government side. Their leaders will be accused of poor planning – putting their men unfairly in harm’s way.

    In summary, I think the government (DILG & DOJ) are just too pressured to shield the Palace because the PAOCC has full knowledge of this dragnet operation thru the operatives’ funding request. What was disapproved by the PAOCC is the request for funding, but not the operation because they have no power over that purely police operation.

    So basically it’s 13 bad guys down and some others are being tailed and will soon be accounted, either courteously (when they peacefully give up) or harshly (when they initiate a shooting encounter).

    But of course the aggrieved families of the 13 cry foul. That’s a given, and I would wonder if they don’t.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

      That’s not what the initial report said.  Lontok has been said to have talked to them before being mowed down. The picture also shows that the vehicles are parked one after the other.  

      They are also saying gun for hires for the operation, now it is turning out to be a jueteng turf war which by the looks of it, the meaner, more brutal group is winning handily with a score of 2-0 at the end of the game; that is to include the first “massacre” of jueteng collectors last year. Grim prospect ahead.

      • pilipino

        Sir, if I may, I have the background of the case, last year there were solid evidence already gathered that these personalities are into jueteng, gun-running and gun-for-hire activities. Their Security Agency business is just being used as a front and smokescreen.

        The Coplan Armado is basically to account, dead or alive, these hard targets that are in the list. Based on the parameters indicated in the Operation Plan, this basically is a success.

        This DENR employee used to be a good guy but later got himself into the web of jueteng while keeping his DENR job. And there are solid intel info establishing that conclusion. I know from where I speak.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

        You are Marantan? Anyway, you haven’t shed light on the questions but rather evaded them.

        1. That’s not what the initial report said.  Lontok has been said to have talked to them before being mowed down.  

        2. The picture also shows that the vehicles are parked one after the other. The windows are also up contrary to claims that those who were inside rolled the windows down and start firing.

        3. They are also saying gun for hires for the operation, now it is turning out to be a jueteng turf war which by the looks of it, the meaner, more brutal group is winning handily with a score of 2-0 at the end of the game; that is to include the first “massacre” of jueteng collectors last year. Grim prospect ahead.

        4.  Some statement say that 2 gunmen jumped out and start firing from the ditch.  Why the hell was wrong then when hails of fire were directed AT THE TWO (including the other where no gunman comes out) vehicles instead?

      • pilipino

        There’s no evading here. Yes Lontok talked to them, and the SUVs were neatly parked in one column (which is a good tactical position of Siman’s group), and the windows were not totally rolled down.

        But they don’t have to roll all the windows first to fire the first shot that invited the heavy return fire, neither would those neatly parked SUVs stop the return fire.

        Siman was actually relying on his wrong assumption that the govt forces won’t fire at them because he had the police, army and DENR employee escorting him inside the SUVs.

        That was his blunder. Siman could have opted a better tactic, he could have feigned an illness, sensing some threat after the first checkpoint and call for an ambulance, get the lights and sirens blaring, pay the driver heftily and speed to the safehouse of his choice somewhere, and offer dinner food to the driver laden with a lethal powder that can end the driver’s life on the road in a little over an hour.

        That would have tricked the police operators. But his time was really up!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

        Bwa haha ha! Ano ba talaga kuya?

        Lontok talk to them?  Then there is no intention to fight.  Don’t you remember that the first report says the people start firing when flagged down?

        Neatly parked in 1 column and the windows not totally rolled down – Supposedly to start a firefight? He he he come on, you’re better than that.  Why even bother to park neatly when your intention is to fight, why even talk, why not ram the people on the checkpoint and then fire at close range.

        “Siman was actually relying on his wrong assumption that the govt forces won’t fire at them because he had the police, army and DENR employee escorting him inside the SUVs.”  – Tooo shallow to use this. If that were so, why fire then?  Why not let Consemino and Lontok do the talking? Oh, Lontok did in fact talk contrary to the spontaneous firing claim, ha haha.

        That was the blunder of the script writer, they thought those who watch movies that makes sisterakas and Enteng top grossers against much better films in terms of thought cannot differentiate fantasy from real life. That could have tricked us ordinary Pinoys, but no.

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        Pardon this intrusion, but I cannot resist remarking that that statement, “The Coplan Armado is basically to account, dead or alive. . . .” would be very sweet music to the judge and prosecutor if ever Supt. Marantan and his bunch are brought before the bar of justice.

        I am not prepared to say that you are a fascist advocate but your posts do point to your support for extra-legal killings.  Since when has the police been authorized by law to kill suspects?  Even Convicts, for that matter?

        But on a factual matter, let me raise this.  Right after the shooting stopped, Supt. Marantan and his bunch had the full opportunity to take the pictures of the 13 as they lay dead where they fell after being hit.  Now, if the claim of Supt. Marantan was that they were first fired upon, wouldn’t it have been a simple matter to show to the public such photographs because the same would have shown the bodies as well as where their guns lay relative to their positions. That was never done. Why?  The most plausible reason is that such photos, had they been taken by Supt. Marantan and shown publicly, would belie his claim of  a shootout.  Besides, it could be contradicted by parrafin examinations if conducted honestly and with integrity.  Why, Supt. Marantan wouldn’t even know if a particular victim was left-handed or right-handed. A difficulty for one who is creating a scenario.

      • pilipino

        I am no fascist, that’s a million miles away from my personality. But I can shoot well at fixed or moving targets.

        And I am not sure since when Maranan ventured as a photographer.

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        So? Is that the reason why you consider and believe yourself to be a non-fascist? Because you can shoot well at fixed or moving targets? Fancy the deep logic there. Besides, Mussolini could also do that. And closer to home, Marcos could, too. And prove it too, even if the target was brushing his teeth.
        – – – – –

        This is a rejoinder to your supplemental reply: “And I am not sure since when Maranan ventured as a photographer.”

        Your argument in diagram form is:

        1. To take a photograph, one has to be a “photographer,” by which you probably mean a professional one.
        2. You are not sure that Marantan ever “ventured as a photographer.
        Therefore, Marantan could not have taken photographs of the 13 dead bodies.

        This time your reasoning do exceed yourself. Although, a grade-schooler with a cell phone / camera would object. Some say gunpowder does affect one’s decorum, as well as one’s reasoning powers. I don’t know really, do you?

      • Kairosphil

        Nice comment/reply! Nawala na si P?

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        Ha ha ha . ..thanks Kairosphil!  He must have changed citizenship.  But really I could almost sense he was losing his cool.  I think that sometimes happens when one is not really convinced of his own stand and when one is merely “propagandizing.”  But I wish him well. Nothing personal.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UYCOAGIL35OAIRH2T6QH3IZUMY Ike

        So since last yr, theres already a solid evidence about Simans illegal activities. Then why not invite him to police precint for questioning. Or why not issue a warrant of arrest and go pick him up at his residence or in his Security Business office-you got solid evidence dont you. He is not in hiding for crying out loud, he is running his businness openly. Why do you need to set-up a checkpoint  just to get him? He is not a fugitive on the run. You know exactly where he lives. Even he’s movement in Camarines is monitored by the police. Why not stake out his office and arrest him when he got minimal security? And if you dont know how and when to do it when there are minimal risk to civilian casualties then you are not fit to have your badge and your gun.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WT5ZX5O7ZBC6Z3LXFA4UIQZC3I emajega

      ang bobo ng analisa mo.. bulag. wag mo na kami isama sa pagbubulagbulagan mo ikaw nalang. pwe!

      • pilipino

        Did I include you? I don’t think I am that low.

    • Paitan

       pakipaliwanag nga din po sir ang ibang kinasangkutan ni Col Marantan na iba pang shooting incident lalo na yong di umano’y niratrat ng team niya na sasakyan kung saan isang seaman pala at anak nitong bata ang nakasakay??

      • pilipino

        I was only commenting on the Quezon shootout and the Coplan Armado dragnet because I have some knowledge of it. I also did not qualify anyone of those assigned in the Operation as a saint. Some of them may have been involved in controversy in some of their failed past police operation mainly because of wrong intel info from their other operators, but not necessarily because they wanted to kill an innocent.

      • ewankosayo

        “The first checkpoint was manned by uniformed police, who waved Siman’s group of three sports utility vehicles through.
        The second checkpoint was manned by a team of policemen in civvies led by Supt. Hansel Marantan, chief of intelligence of the Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) police, with Army special forces as backup.
        The third checkpoint was intended to divert traffic away from the area, with uniformed officers telling motorists to take a detour on the coast. ”

        bakit pa pinalampas dun sa unang checkpoint na naka uniform ang mga pulis? bakit sa 2nd checkpoint nde naka uniform ang mga pulis?

      • pilipino

        It was precisely the Operation Plan – police in uniform in the 1st checkpoint to double check the identities.

        It was in the second checkpoint that heavy gunfight is anticipated where those men involved in the covert operation backed up by the special forces are assigned to account these targets.

        Simon and his group really fell into the dragnet. What did them in was when they fired at the lawmen because the stern instruction was to return heavy fire once they are fired at, especially because it was established beforehand that the convoys were heavily armed. Siman himself had anticipated that, but he miscalculated the firepower and determination of the govt security forces.

        Akala niya sasantohin siya kasi may kasama siyang mga protector na pulis, army at DENR official.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

        It was precisely the Operation Plan – police in uniform in the 1st checkpoint to double check the identities.

        Pag segurado ng si Siman ang sakay, babanatan na sa second check point. Kaya yung third vehicle ay hinayaan na lang na makatakas kasi wala naman doon si Siman.That was precisely the Major Operation Plan.

      • pilipino

        A perfectly bad guess but it’s a nice try. keep them coming.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

        Believe me! That’s precisely the Major Operation Plan.

      • speaksoftlylove

         Bugok ka pala eh. Kung mga kriminal, gun for hire, at lahat ng kaekekan yong grupo ni Siman, doon pa lang sa first check point namaril na sila. Member ka rin sa Kupalan Armado ano?

      • pilipino

        What is important is these govt targets are now accounted for. Let the family members cry foul as expected. But the PNP should continue upping the pressure and hunt down those in the list.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

        Please stop now, you are embarassing yourself. Tama mga kamag-anak ko na magsipag resign kung ganyan na nga ka garapal at ka-bopol mga ksamahan nila.

      • sherlock101

         ay…bangag nga!  kung kapatid mo kaya, tatay mo o anak mo ang naging collateral damage, makakapagsalita ka pa rin ba na ang importatnte e maliquidate ang mga govt targets? gusto ko ang pamamalakad ni Pnoy pero kung tulad mo rin ang nakapaligid sa kanya, might as well na magpalit na tau ng pamunuan.

      • pilipino

        Don’t generalize please. This is just one controversial incident in his almost 3 years in Office.

        What I am saying is that police operation with military backup was legitimate, although they may have overestimated the firepower capacity of their hard targets.

        People have been condemning the police and military operatives, but no condemnation to Siman etc. who are known in the jueteng and gun-running trade.

        And this is not the standard approach, because had this been the Standard Operating Procedure, naku marami na dapat natumba ngayong involved sa jueteng and gun running.

      • Kairosphil

        Korek! Kahit anong paliwang gamit ang mga salitang pilit pinaliliwanag (semantics) duna pa rin ang tungo..AMBUSH. RUBOUT, OVERKILL, UNJUSTIFIED, etc…!

      • ewankosayo

         bakit hinde sila naka uniform? samantalang yung sa 1st and 3rd naka uniform? bakit walang marked police vehicle? bakit dun lang may army na nabangit? meron din ba sa 1st and 3rd? if the people in the suv fired, bakit si maranan lang ang may tama at bakit sa kamay at paa lang?

        “Simon and his group really fell into the dragnet.”  ambush nga…  :)

      • sherlock101

         pssst……bangag ka ba? ung mga hinahabi mong istorya e hindi na kapanipaniwala.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D3LDMMAKC6UDQLDVFP2DGSJBXY Jezzrel

        ikaw naman, para nga ratrati eh, 

      • ewankosayo

         alam ko na yun..kaya lang pinipilit ni “pilipino” na hindi overkill..hinde failed operation… pero ang daming mali/kulang sa incident..na nde masagot nd derecho..

      • tohellwithhypocrites

        pakipaliwanag din po yung,“If their group was really stopped at the checkpoint, Consemino would have just stepped out of the vehicle and identify himself as a police officer. That’s why we cannot buy Marantan’s claim that it was the group of Siman and Consemino who started the alleged fire fight,” the source said.

      • pilipino

        That claim Sir is merely a postulation, but not a fact. The PNP intel team had been gathering facts for most of 2012.

        Postulation means ‘something assumed without proof as being self-evident’.

        Case investigators usually come up with postulates and theories to cover all angles to find out the possible motive or order of events. But they will discard them whenever another more credible postulate comes into fore. An assumption is different from a fact, both in spelling and their meaning Sir.

      • Paitan

        bilang isang ordinaryong mamamayan sir at kahit hindi kasing talas ng mga pagiisip ng halos lahat ng nagbibigay ng komento dito ay nakabuo din ako ng sarili kong konklusyon ayon na rin sa mga naglabasang ulat sa mga nagdaang police operation na kinabilangan din ni Col Marantan sir. pero sa isang patas na pagiisip, sana lang ay lumabas ang tunay na katotohanan at tunay na dahilan ng pangyayaring ito..isama na rin siguro ung narinig kong balita kanina na pagkakapaslang sa isang alyas Mang Pandoy sa San Juan Batangas na mga pulis din daw umano ang may gawa.

    • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      I think your premises, and conclusions are totally wrong.

    • Magsasaka

       don’t think because you’re not capable of doing that, you are a shallow thinker

      • pilipino

        A shallow thinker? Thank you for a well-thought-of and a deeply-researched comment. I am saying that to my little cute golden brown puppy here!

      • Magsasaka

        your welcome

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

        He knows. He was there. He is Marantan. lol

      • Magsasaka

        i agree hehehe

    • basyong

      ano ka sinusuwerte.? akala mo lahat ng pilipino tanga? huwag mong gamitin  ang pangalang pilipino kundi pinoy na lang para kay abnoy.napaka tung ak mong tao na dapat kasama ka sa mga inambush at ni rumbout ng tarantadong marantan

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UYCOAGIL35OAIRH2T6QH3IZUMY Ike

      Latest news had reported that PNP’s fact finding commitee had ruled out that it was a shootout but an ambush. I can understand that you are trying to defend the instituition, But unless you realize that there is something wrong and you are sick, you wont see a doctor and you wont get cured. PNP’s image is in tatters and by defending a blattant mistake does not help at all. Yes, its a legit operation but how they end it is not legit at all. Even Gen Purisima pointed several lapses. Your defense just tarnished PNP’s image even more as it shows that men in uniform are insensitive and can could’nt care much less to put civilian lives in danger just to accomplish your mission. The end does not justify the means. What had happen to “Serve and Protect”. That’s not how the citizenry views this instituition and your comments just add insult to injury,

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

    Nag enjoy sila sa kanilang target shooting! Happy din si Marantan. Nawala ang karibal sa negosyo ng jueteng!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/55XNXOYBNF6BG3EWOM5V4YMWXM Pedro

    With this incident, matakot  na  kaya  ang  mga  JUETENG  LORDS  sa  buong  Pilipinas ? O kailangan pang  may  sumunod  sa  hukay ?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

      Paano matatakot eh nananalo nga yung kabilang panig? Turf war, ibig sabihin agawan ng base, ngayon na eliminated na yung kaagaw di lalo na yang mamamayagpag.

    • basyong

      ano ka bakit matatakot ang mga yan.panahon pa ng kastila hindi man lang natakot sa gwardiya civil ang mga ninuno natin tapos ganyan lang na 13 tinepok ng walang awa. lalong sisigla ang hweteng.panahon ng martial law hindi masugpo ni makoy kahit sa kanya ang lahat ng kita.kung bubuwagin ang hweteng hindi sektor lang o isang probinsiya kundi national level na halos lahat ng pulitika e nakikinabang.yang mga tauhan ni ping lacson na si maranan binanatan yung 13 tao para nakawin yung dalang pera ng mga biktima.parang kuratong part 2 yan at meron pang ginto na lalong naglaway si marantan kahit barilin pa niya yung paa niya at balikat ang kapalit namin ay limpak na limpak na pera at ginto.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z6NPU55BZPII5LOVO7HQCSVQXQ Conrado de QUIYOT

    Dapat isama sa investigation itong  Melad na to..walang maniniwalang hinde ito kasangkot sa  “ambush “…

  • bbavies

    investigation of the said quezon shootout is just a waste of government resources , they just playing around the bushes .. Pilipinos are not stupid , we know what’s happening around us… from illegal vises to corrupt official… government should prioritize how to improved our economy…. is there any policies in the making in regards to our country….. politician are just waiting for calamities for CALAMITY FUND…. still the victims are the Pilipinos ……

    Any news about maguindanao massacre …???? investigation then..????

  • Philcruz

    Mga nerbyoso at tarantado. Kulang sa pagka “cool”. Ganun talaga ang mga enforcers natin. Bakit?

    But I hope this incident teaches these jueteng lords that living a life of crime will get them into these kinds of situations sooner or later.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KAAEZZZL7OMMZ5K4KCFETADLSM jerome

    This is almost the same as the shooting that happened in Paranaque City which also claimed the life of Father and Daughter De Vera. Almost same type of operation. Also same leader Marantan

  • Vertumnus

    If it looks like a salvage, then it must be a salvage!  From the number of bullets fired at the convoy, I’d say, they were never given a chance to surrender.   If this is a turf war between rival jueting gangs, then Marantan’s group are guilty of murder under the guise of police action.  The people assigned to uphold the law are the once’s breaking it left and right.  Never trust the police!  Some of them are more crooked than the criminals they are suppose to arrest!  What great way for criminals to disguise themselves by wearing a badge of a policeman.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_33C3ZUU57CQVQD5FPDSZKYR4BQ excalibur

    at least shoot to kill na ang mga gambling lord.  at yun bumaril kuno kay marantan kahit malubha na ang kalagayan, ayaw magkasala at pumatay kaya sa kamay at paa na lang binaril si foolish marantan.

  • lostRunes

    Here’s my theory.

    Siman and his group went to this gold miner to purchase the gold needed for his operations. But he needed security so he asked Consemino and other military people to accompany them. He purchased the gold and was on their way back home.

    The gold miner alerted someone from Marantan’s group. So when Siman went through the first checkpoint, the other checkpoint made sure that no vehicles/witnesses will tail the Siman convoy. 50 armed men ambushed the convoy. Only two shots were fired from inside the vehicles (but this is also questionnable; the casings may have been planted). No one was able to roll down the windows.

    Marantan took the gold stash and divided it among the 50 men to ensure they will be silent about the rubout. Of course Marantan had to shoot himself to be free from any investigations of a rubout. Or so he thought.

    The difference between Kuratong Baleleng and this rubout are humongous. Kuratong Baleleng were murderers. Siman was only a gambling operator. Businessmen who put up casinos and lotto outlets are no different. The rest were innocent; painted by the stupid media as criminals.

    • pilipino

      Thank you that you qualified it as your theory. It was not about the gold. The valuables were in the 3rd vehicle which got away with 5 guys in it. Yung lima ngayon ang malamang naghati-hati.

      • speaksoftlylove

         It seems that based on your theory the third vehicle is a convertible UFO that is why it flew and did not pass by the first checkpoint again when it turned back and escape. Good theory, pwedeng gawing sci-fi movie tsong.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

        Marantan’s objective is to kill his kin’s rival in the operation of jueteng at all cost. The third vehicle is non bearing to him.

      • pilipino

        The police in the 1st checkpoint definitely failed to notice them, but my unverified info is that they were sighted and hunted down somewhere.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

        Another rubout to ensure that the first alibi flies?

      • Magsasaka

        the key word is logical thinking, there was a mention of first check point, communication equipment is given plus it was just a few meters away they surely heard the gunshots, if it was true that there was a third vehicle, don’t you think it would have been stopped by the first checkpoint when it turned back and try to get away?
        enough of belittling our intellectual capacity, you are an insult to most pinoys who thinks straight.

      • jolly_baby

         Kung ikaw yung mag transfer ng valuables sang sasakyan mo lalagay? sa huli? unahan?

  • mekeni62

    What an ominous start. Starting 2013 with a BANG BANG BANG!!. There will be more gun related crimes this election time for sure.

  • okabato

    Col. Marantan refused to be check by the NBI regarding his wounds sustained in the incident. Is there a chance to force this guy to show his wounds to the NBI investigators? I guess none, that will blow his cover away.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UYCOAGIL35OAIRH2T6QH3IZUMY Ike

    According to this report:“The shooting lasted only for a few minutes”
     M16 had a cyclic rate of 750 rounds/min in Automatic fire. You can empty a 30rds mag in less that 3 secs. Replacing a mag would take less than 10 secs. In a minute you can easily change magazine 5x. dishing out 150rds in the process. Multiply that by 42 personel and that would amount to 6300 rds. And they say it lasted a few minutes!!! A few seconds is more than enough to neutralize the target.
      Gambling lord or not this is a humongous overkill!!! THIS HAS TO STOP!! Not stop the operation againts criminal elements, but stop the very unprofessional way of doing it.This would always put inoccent lives in mortal danger.Fact is in one of Marantan’s led operation in SLEX some 2 yrs back, they accidentally shoot an Engineer, his 7 yrs old daughter and some construction worker in the process. To those who approved of the way Marantan do it, let me ask you: what if it was your wife, your daugther or your mom who was accidentally hit in the process, would you still jump for joy and say: yeyy!!! they got another one. Its yr 2013 and PNP should start doing their operations more professionally with regard to public safety, and respect to everyones constitutional right. That way they can regain peoples trust and confidence that they themselves have ruined in the 1st place.

    • pilipino

      The lesson here is people should not associate with the bad elements in exchange for an allowance or gift because by association they are making themselves vulnerable as collateral damage.

      Putting down a criminal on target with just one bullet or with 30 bullet is no issue, except that it is a waste of government resources – the bullets!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UYCOAGIL35OAIRH2T6QH3IZUMY Ike

        What about the Engineer, his 7 yr old daugther and the construction workers who became part of what you called colateral damage when Marantan & co shot at some criminal elements in SLEX/Villamor overpass some 2 yrs back. They had nothing to do with the criminal elements and just happen to be in the area when Marantans group pulled their trigger.
          And that’s the problem of putting down a criminal with 30 bullets instead of just one. Because 29 of those uncessary bullets can either pass through the criminals body and hit your wife in a car 200 meters away or it can completely miss its intended target and hit your mom who is just watching tv almost a kilometers away.

      • pilipino

        Have you been in the police or intel service? It is very easy to comment that way, but it is very different when you are in the heat of the scene. Any untoward move from those around can even be suspected as retaliatory and they can also be fired at.

        Example, in an ensuing gunfight with the police, an innocent civilian with a dark jacket with a beltbag tucked bulging in his jacket can be suspected as one of those armed bad guys, and when ordered to raise his arms he would instead run for cover out of innocent fear, he can also turn up dead with the police bullet.

        You can never really tell because in a very fluid police operation, every move will depend solely on the personal judgment of the police officer, and there is no perfect human being.

        Collateral damage means unintended civilian casualty caused by a legitimate police or military operation.

        Because once the bullet exits the muzzle you can’t call it back.

      • ewankosayo

         “Example, in an ensuing gunfight with the police, an innocent civilian
        with a dark jacket with a beltbag tucked bulging in his jacket can be
        suspected as one of those armed bad guys, and when ordered to raise his
        arms he would instead run for cover out of innocent fear, he can also
        turn up dead with the police bullet.”

        If he run, would the police shoot? or run after him? probably shoot…  :)

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

        And they called it intel as in intelligence… 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UYCOAGIL35OAIRH2T6QH3IZUMY Ike

        I think were at thesame end of the spectrum but we see things differently. It really saddens me that the very instituition that I love is stuck in a quagmire of public disrespect and ridicule. It gives me pain in the chest that I cannot tell with honor and dignity, like I used to, that this instituition runs down in my veins and my family. And until we demand professionalism and high standard to the way PNP is doing its bussiness, it will continue its downward spiral, be the butt of the jokes and see policeman as hoodlums in uniform. If the current way is effective, then jueteng, drug problems, gun for hires, and all organized crimes should now be eliminated. We know its not, fact is its getting worse and PNP’s image is getting tarnished even more. Is the Atimonan operation legit? YES! Did they get their target? YYES! Did it reflect high standard and profesionalism? NO!!! And if you feel good about it, then I feel sorry for you.

      • John_Cruz

        I agree what you said Ike. The PNP Academy is producing Monster clowns. Will you imagine Gen. Espino son became a victim extortion by rouge policeman. The Presidential convoy was one time was held up by erring policeman with pending criminal cases who acts like he is the King of the road. Those Monster clown policemen were fired. Some 10 years ago, a group of policemen were on drinking spree. They were sent to rescue a child from an hostage taker at a bus terminal.Both child and the hostage taker were peppered with bullets.Command and control failure and very unprofessional. These rouge policemen don’t get it.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

        You hit the nail in the head Ike!  I can imagine my brothers and relatives cursing again.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UYCOAGIL35OAIRH2T6QH3IZUMY Ike

        Thanks Jose! Just had a chat with my brother and cousin in Crame and both are very disappointed with the turn of events as well. Be rest assured, not all kapulisan are hoodlums in uniform! There are still those who value integrity and honor. Sadly, they often became an outcast in a sea of corruption and irregularity. But thats another story.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UYCOAGIL35OAIRH2T6QH3IZUMY Ike

        because once the bullet exits the muzzle you cant call it back.
        Thats a clear fact pilipino and thats the very reason why you should not shoot at intended target in excess. Once your bullet exits the muzzle it would only stop once it loose its momentum more than a km downrange or when it hits something like your wife, your sister, your kids or your mom.
          If target is close and visible, a double tap will do, then you should lower your muzzle, analyze the target and if it can still engage then give him another two.
          Did the Atimonan operatives fire in excess? YES! Is it necessary? NO!! Did they put inocent lives in danger? MORTALLY!! Did it help PNP’s bad image?? YES, IT HELPS TO MAKE IT WORSE!!

      • pilipino

        Yes, the special operation team may have overreacted or overestimated the firepower capacity and ability of the targets.

        But on the other hand I cannot also blame them because they were acting on the intel info that the targets were heavily armed on a convoy of 3 vehicles.

        That’s why they even requested for a military backup.

        But definitely the operatives could have done a lot better. They could have asked those in the vehicles, addressing them via megaphone so no miscalculation can ensue, to peacefully alight and leave their arms in the vehicle. Ask them to move 10 steps away to the opposite lane of the road while one team of 2 officers will ask them a few intel investigative questions and document their persons and personalities, while the other team (maybe a squad) investigate and document the contents on sight inside the vehicles.

        Then maybe ask someone to produce the firearm licenses and their license to carry and the background of their trip, etc.

        This, while the subjects were still lined up for questioning, with a strong and stern warning that any untoward move from them will be meted harshly.

        Then after documenting and accounting everything, the subjects could be hauled in a police car with heavy police escorts and be brought to the headquarters for further questioning, and inquest if warranted.

        But based on the accounts of the villagers in Atimonan, they heard 2 shots, then chaotic shouting followed, then the heavy gunfire occurred a little later.

        Medyo kulang lang siguro sa preparation on the side of the govt forces, what they only anticipated is the possibility of heavy fire resistance from the convoy.

        They did a command conference and briefing with the composite operatives prior to the operation, it was really a legit one. They may have overreacted leading to what others say an overkill.

        And when you are really in such clear and present danger, you also tend to forget being nice and kind to the source of the threat. And pumping 2 or 10 bullets to the threat source (target) you won’t mind when you’re in the heat of the scene.

        Although when the smoke clears, minsan doon mo na lang maisip na sana pala ganito na lang ang ginawa ko, parang napasobra yata.

        But I don’t condemn yet the PNP as an organization because I think they have improved, mas pakonte na ang abuses. It’s not a monthly thing. But definitely they should improve.

        That’s the purpose of a post-ops debriefing – to see how things went and find out what they could have done better.

      • Kairosphil

        Nice comment Ike!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UYCOAGIL35OAIRH2T6QH3IZUMY Ike

        Thx Kairosphil! Even PNP Fact Finding Board submitted to Gen Purisima declared that it was an ambush. I hope pilipino would realize that defending Marantan & Co would do more harm than good to the PNP image

  • sherlock101

    kung meron 3rd vehicle at may 1st checkpoint, san kaya napunta at dumaan ung 3rd vehicle? kung umatras sya, malamang inapprehend ng 1st checkpoint. its either: 1. the 3rd vehicle is with marantan who carried all the loot, 2. it was also riddled with bullet and hidden by marantan’s group, 3. it was only a decoy to muddled the investigation and lastly 4. all  the loot is in the 3rd vehicle and was driven away by marantans group while the orig people inside that vehicle was put inside the second or first vehicle. i think they should search for the 3rd vehicle.

    wag naman administrative case lang ipataw ng gobyerno, isa itong mass killing and should be treated like ampatuan’s case.

  • bbavies

    kailangan. ng mga politiko ang jueting lord para sa kanilang pondo sa kasalukuyang kampanyahan …. pag na halal tuloy ang jueting….hahahahahahaha …. ehhh baka nagkamali ng binigyan ng pondo kaya walang proteksyon….. buwahahahahaha

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

      Agawan ng base nga daw, sa larong bata kailangan ma “touch” mo yung base ng kabila. Dito kailangan malipol mo yung kabila.

  • eagleclaw101

    Isang ganap na tanga lang ang hindi maniniwala
    na ang gun violence sa Atimonan, Quezon ay isang maliwanag na military AMBUSH o
    rubout. Eh, sa dami lang ng tumamang bala sa dalawang sasakyan…eh nagmistulang
    Sprinkler yung SUV.  Pati naman itong mga
    NBI…eh, lalo lang pinagugulo ang imbestigasyon. 
    Huwag yung tinadtad na sasakyan ang inyong pagkaguluhan… kundi ang
    habulin eh, yung 40 miembro ng military na kasangkot sa putukan

  • dacuycoy

    It was an “overkill” and the killings were “unjustified.” 

     Of course it was, napakatamlay at mababaw naman ang NBI findings na ito.  A  CAFGU and  taho vendor can surmise that it is such faster.  Matter of deduction: it was an ambush, a one sided deadly carnage- with nil chance afforded the trapped victims to get out alive; everyone aboard the SUVs made sure to be cold and dead such that they wouln’t tell their tales and no witnesses except them.  so there will be no air-tight case against them…delay the hearings, people’s attention gets diverted, evidences could be lost and spoiled and the cases lapses or gets dismissed on technicality in their due time. 

    Recall the Kuratung Baleleng rub-out: it was investigated in the Senate, no perpetrators went to jail and the group’s loot diisappeared, case was dismissed on technicalities.

    If conflict in the jueteng sphere of influence be the cause of the killings, then the jueteng should be legalised.  No financiers and their police protectors would then have to ambush   one another to protect their turf; taxes goes to the government for people’s amelioration project:- not to the pockets of political and police protectors/silent partners  and operators and crimes to protect a gambling crime need not happen again and again. 

  • Mananandata69

    Marantan deceived his colleageues who participated in the shootout to justify his actions. He even deceived his superiors of this action

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

      Baka kamo hindi inambonan ni Siman ang mga superior ni Marantan kaya may basbas sila sa ginawa ni Marantan.

  • alex_diaz2014

    To simplify the description of “overkill” and “unjustified” – multiple murder!

  • jseesus

    haahhaha… lahi pinoy bulok… puro may killer instinct ang genes.. mga war freak.. kaya wala asenso.. panahon pa yan ni lapulapu puro gulok at itak ang bitbit at nakabahag… napaka “primitive” samantala sa japan, china at wild west america nang mga panahon na yun.. naka samurai, kuntodo armored ang suot at de baril naman sa wild west. hahaa.. latak yan ng lahi ninyo.. tribu tribu.. hanggang ngayon kultura nang pinoy lapulapu style pa rin. malamang mauso ulit ang G-string na bahag sa mga pinoy..bwahahahaahaa…. 

  • bbavies

    abnoy lang ang naniniwala sa gobyerno… biktima pa rin tayo ng mga Pilipino ….

    balik tanaw…. BAKIT ang kaso lang NI Nicole ang may pansin … lalo NASA media …ilan ba ang biktima ng ligaw na bala ….???

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/74DX67S5U6H557SPUXS5XZ6QJI Alisto Juan

      tama ka d’yan, marami sila at nangangailangan ng tulong, Bakit naka focus kay Nicole? ? ? ? ? 

      • bbavies

        @alisto juan ….yan ang tanong ko rin,,,, may reward pa….!!!!!!

    • D_BystandeR

      Mabuti sa ‘yo matulog ka na at puro abnoy lang ang nasa bibig mo. Sana bangungutin ka sa pagtulog mo dahil sa walang kwenta ang nasa kukuti mo.

      • bbavies

        bystander ka nga… abnoy ka rin ,,,,, buwahahahahaha …. sagutin mo ako sino na bang nabigyan ng HUSTISYA sa mga high profile case sa bansa , si ninoy Aquino , maguindanao, dacer…. at iba pa ,,,,? sigurado ang kina kian mo GALING sa mga kurakot na opisyales ng gobyerno at mga kawatan…. sa isip mo kawawa ang MANIGONG laki mo…… o kulang ka rin sa buwan….!!!! buwahahahahahaha


    Tuloy pa din ang jueteng sa CALABARZON even after the killing. So, people you conclude for yourself what happened.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

      Panalo na yung kabilang panig?

    • speaksoftlylove

       Eh di, hindi na drug lord ang tawag sa operator dyan na kapatid ni Maratrat? Drug Queen na ano, bongga.

    • speaksoftlylove

       Correction: Jueteng Queen pala, ano ba yan.

    • kismaytami

      Tumpak! Ala eh, may bagong hari na eh…

  • les21reago

    And No further details of the 3rd vehicle…Why it was not apprehended on the 1st Check point?

    • Magsasaka

       eh kasi wala naman talagang 3rd vehicle, yong sa third vehicle daw ang nagpaputok at tumama kay marantan=maratrat sa walang laban at bumalik daw at tumakas hehehe

  • bbavies

    @ jseesus…..bulok ang pinoy…??? puwes huwag mong gamitin ang salitang Pilipino…. gamitin mo ang wika ng bansang iyong sinasamba…..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KF2TCBJ2AUC7VIPR3TACWUGITE Rednaxela VD

    This overkill is a good message to send to the organized crime groups!

    The end of the SIMAN group justified the means of how it was done!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UYCOAGIL35OAIRH2T6QH3IZUMY Ike

       The overkill is acceptable if they only kill Siman in the process!! But what about the death of the un-armed Insurance agent who happen to be there because He is selling an insurance policy to Consemino. And this is not an isolated case. About 2 yrs back, Marantan  & co also shot and kiiled an Engineer, his 7 yr old daughter and several construction worker in one of their operation In SLEX/Villamor flyover. If one of this innocent casualties happen to be your father, brother, daughter or anyone close to you would you still say:The end justified the means of how it was done!
        Yes PNP should go and hunt this criminal elements like wild animals, But they should be more professional in doing so, implementing their operations with regard to public safety and respect to evryones constitutional right.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KF2TCBJ2AUC7VIPR3TACWUGITE Rednaxela VD

        The others, sad to say are collateral damage. But who knows if the insurance agent is just a front for an illegal sideline?

        Dont muddle the issue with the other case.  This operation is justified and too bad that instead of sending the right signal to criminals, it just emboldens them because this country has become a country of softies.

      • legnasagra

        it was not an operation, it was a gang war if not robbery. they were not after anyone but the precious cargo being transported in those two cars. otherwise, arrests would have been carried out instead of massacre.

      • John_Cruz

        Rednaxela VD you will be next collateral damage. Kawawa ang familia mo.

      • D_BystandeR

        You will never realize how wrong is it for you to condone this unpardonable criminal act of the highest degree unless you experience this to happen to some of your loved ones. Or maybe you try to justify it because some of these killers happen to be of the same job that you have. But nobody can tell if this happens to you or to some of your loved ones, maybe that’s the time you will admit you are wrong.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/G2UFL7BAIFFUU6TIW4FFAPTVV4 Ghost

      The police have sent a strong message to lawless elements: “We are as lawless as you are!”

      The only difference is that the police uses government budget (i.e. people’s money).

      We should be frightened when there are criminals around, but more so when the police themselves are.

      Wag na tayong maggobyerno kung mismong tauhan ng batas eh di rin pala susundin ang batas. Para saan pa ang sibilisasyon at mga patakaran?

      • Kairosphil

        criminals/syndicate in uniform!

      • D_BystandeR

        If you understand what you’re saying, “sending a strong message to lawless elements,” I doubt it. What kind of conscience you have that you equate the crime committed which by any name is plain and simple “massacre” that can make you proud to say you consider it as a “strong message.” There is no message whatsoever out of this carnage except that if we are not careful the next victim could be anyone among us, no one is exempted. Just imagine the front windshield of the SUV that bore “multiple bullet holes” as seen in the picture has the logo of the “Office of the President” and yet that was not enough deterrent to the “killers” in police uniforms. You have to think it over whatever posting you make because knowingly or unknowingly you are encouraging the criminals of this type to do more “monstrous crimes” in the future.

      • pikpakbom

        Kung mga women and innocent children siguro yang mga pinatay e maniwala ako sa massacre, pero kung mga demonyo din ang laman ng sasakyan then it was just an overkill of a legit police operation

    • boypalaban

      “KAMI LANG ANG HARI NG JUETENG!”— message of marantan’s group to anyone who dare challenge them in their turf

    • D_BystandeR

      If you are connected one way or the other to the group who committed this rubout, I can forgive you. Sana hindi ito mangyari sa mga mahal mo sa buhay.

  • efriend

    “The were 14 firearms in the vehicles that were fired upon. It didn’t look like the fatalities were going to church that day.

    Nobody wants to admit in Philippine society that his or her relative or friend is a criminal.

    We don’t always know what our relatives and friends are into. Look at the biggest plunderers of the government coffers. They ride in chauffeured limos, are elegantly attired and are even asked to speak in some gatherings as if they were epitomes of virtue that our kids should emulate.”

    Enough said.

    • D_BystandeR

      You are dragging the topic away from the central theme. This is no time for you to say something like you are making a sermon. This is a serious case that needs a serious response from ordinary people like you and me, unless you consider yourself as belonging to a different type of person with “nine lives.” If you think you have nothing to contribute to the serious discussion here, mabuti pa sa ‘yo ay matulog ka na lang, that’s my friendly advice. Your carefree assessment of this particular incident indicates what kind of a person you are. Ang klase ng pagkatao mo ay ‘yung tinatawag nila na “walang pakialam sa buhay gumuho man ang mundo.” 

      • efriend

        Look who is making a sermon?  Who do you think you are to dictate a central theme? Last time I checked this is a public comment section and not your personal blog.

        Obviously, you did not understand what quotation marks meant.  I am not in the mood to lecture the meaning that even elementary tots would capture.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OHOD5EA75DBBUH53UKLRXRK764 Mang Teban

    It really does not pay “to take the law into your hands”.
    Whatever “good intentions” this Marantan had to stop jueteng operations, his motives became suspect when he himself made an “overkill” of his “official missions.” The law will catch him to pay for his crime.

    I pity the victims and their families, regardless of whether they were indeed into illegal activities or not, for the victims were obviously outnumbered and only a naive person would accept the shootout theory. I shudder at the possibility of traveling along a deserted highway tailing a vehicle marked for an ambush (rubout/massacre/murder). Remember the Maguindanao massacre where some of the victims were not part of the convoy cased by the Ampatuans. They were moving on the same road at the precise moment. Tragic if this actually happened again in the Atimonan 13 massacre.

  • Paitan

    Marami ng kahalintulad na mga panyayari noong mga nagdaang panahon ang Atimonan shooting incident, mainit na pinagusapan, pinagtalunan, at palitan ng opinion ng bawat indibidwal ayon sa sariling pagaanalisa buhat sa ulat at testamento ng bawat panig..Sa palagay kaya natin ay nailabas ba o  naipaalam sa mamamayan ang totoo o pawang katotohanan?? sa sarili kong opinyon..DIYOS lang ang nakakaalam…

    dito naman sa Atimonan incident,,robout man o ambush ang nangyari ay tiyak na may mas malalim na DAHILAN…

  • Jesuit13

    Pleae stop candy-coating the incident .. call a spade a spade ..Call it the way it is ..  It is a massacre ..Ampuatuan style ..  plain and simple .. perpetuated by our  police and military murderers …  If justice cannot be had by the victims  through our justice system ..These murderers   will  burn in hell … and will forever carry the blood of their vicitms  in their hands  … Perhaps their family will have something to be proud of .. . their father or brother  massacred  and wasted  13 lives ..  But do they really care .. perhaps these people carry the genes similiar to those of a monster ..

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv



    • boypalaban

       magaling sa kotong…at magaling lalo kapag may gulo…kasi may mga kumikitang heneral….

  • speaksoftlylove

     They did not see the the third vehicle turned back when the Kupalan Armado is the very purpose of their temporary checkpoint? Sila pa ang kumaway para pumasok at tumuloy sa second checkpoint. Alam nila na walang lulusutan yong convoy dahil ang trabaho ng third checkpoint ay sarhan ang trapiko at walang papaasukin kahit na anong sasakyan. Tapos sasabihin mong “they didn’t notice?” nang bumalik yong third vehicle? And they also did not hear the Manratratatatat when they were only 350 yards away from the second checkpoint? Sinong linoloko mo? Ang superbobo mo namang gumawa ng kabalbalan. Di ka na nahiya dyan sa username na ginagamit mo.

    • speaksoftlylove

       This post is a rebuttal for the tsinoy who pathetically uses the username “pilipino.”

  • tra6Gpeche

    Whether it was an overkill or ambush or massacre, the killers of the Atimonan 13 should be all suspended and if found guilty should be imprisoned for life. If not, then there will be no deterrent and no assurance that the same thing will happen in the future. This is almost the same as the Dacer and kuratong baleleng case. On these two cases, no one was ever punished!

  • bbavies

    after MARANTAN DISCHARGE FROM THE HOSPITAL …. nothing to worry about china intrusion to West Philippine Sea…. MARANTAN group will be deployed there ….. hahahahahaha

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/X2U4X42BZTUHPWMP2UKFP5QWMU LucasPacascas

    If their group was really stopped at the checkpoint, Consemino would have just stepped out of the vehicle and identify himself as a police officer. That’s why we cannot buy Marantan’s claim that it was the group of Siman and Consemino who started the alleged fire fight,”
    Oo nga naman. Pwede pang sabihin ni Col. Consemino kay Col. Marantan na they came from the same police academy – the PNPA and they are both MASON, so is Jun Lontok.

    Talagang naka-condition na ang mind ni Col. Marantan na ratratin ang grupo ni Vic Siman, regardless of who he was with. Collateral damage na lang talaga yung 12 napatay.

    Col. Marantan should account for this incident. It was not a shoot out, it was a rub out. An overkill! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/jtpenton Musta Na Mo

       bat kesi magkasama ang mga tauhan ni Pnoy sa jueteng lord na si Siman…gamit pa ang Presidential Sealed vehicle…

  • speaksoftlylove

    Nahihirapan si Mendez na taga NBI kung anong tawag dito sa kaso kaya “overkill” na lang para safe. Wala kasi ito sa law books. Ang tawag dito siguro robbery with massacre or multiple murders. Sabagay absorbed na sa multiple murders yong robbery dahil heinous crime ito.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_44QGTQXFYHNVPNMX453LWBPMXM Opel

    when police diverts the flow of other motorist to isolate vehicles of suspected criminal in an area free from the eyes of potential witnesses, the police have a ready made story about a shootout to cover up a rubout.

  • AZKID13

    13 Bad guys dead, 40 police/military go to jail for life, forgot the rich ones get off.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P4PIU2AIGVXJNQ4UBH5X64MSFE mr

    Ambush yan kasi si Marantan baka karibal nya mga to sa jueteng baluarte. 

  • bogli_anakdami

    bwi hi hi hi hi pwi!… talaga itong mga flip magnanakaws eh tinatanga tayo ng husto… araw araw eh iba’t iba ang kwento tungkol dito sa patayan sa atimonan…

    hay naku, ito ba ang klaseng mga hustisya at sundalo ang ihaharap sa mga tsekwas kung tayo’y lulusubin?  ay sus ginoo…

    kaya tayong mga flips eh walang pag-asang umunlad… puro tunggak kasi ang nasa administrasyon…

    magaling lang tayong mga flips sa biyuti pajint, boksing at bilyar… at saka ‘merkan idol rejects…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G2UFL7BAIFFUU6TIW4FFAPTVV4 Ghost

    The real softies are those who are so trigger-happy; those who needed guns just to feel secure; those who cannot control their fear, their anger; those who have to show off their brute power in order to command “respect”. Those who cut corners because they cant efficiently and competently comply to the tasks they have pledged to undertake.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D3LDMMAKC6UDQLDVFP2DGSJBXY Jezzrel

    kasi sila lang ang maka kapag “spill the beans” … LOL…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D3LDMMAKC6UDQLDVFP2DGSJBXY Jezzrel

    he he he, kagaling ari, alam mong lima ang sakay ng 3rd vehicle…. ala eh, bat napunta dine reply ko ke pilipino….

  • jolly_baby

    Who wants to bet na di makukulong Maranatan? 

    • bogli_anakdami

      wala akong pang-bet… tanungin mo si phuckiao… daming dolyar noon… dalian mo lang, kasi ang mga pedopriest eh kasupsop sa kanyang kwan…

      • boypalaban

        nakabaon naman kargada niya sa wepaks mo

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H47CPJUE4QYKFUCKSUXK3LNBGI Allan

    jueteng or not, it is not a justification to kill hapless people. the police and the media should not mention jueteng anymore. this is murder because there is treachery and superior force.

    just one note, they say there was a 3rd vehicle that turned around and left. dapat dumaan yun sa unang checkpoint, di ba? dahil paglagpas ng grupo nina siman sa unang checkpoint, wala nang nakadaan sa kalye dahil sinarhan na ito ng checkpoint for vehicles going south at yung unang checkpoint, hindi na nagpapasok ng mga sasakyan going north. lumalabas sa account dito na talagang pinapasok para patayin lahat na walang testigo. so the third vehicle is just a concoction of the police. dun sa testigo na nagsabing may nagpaputok sa sasakyan, i don’t believe him/her. why? dahil i’m sure marantan’s group made sure walang audience. kung sinuman yung witness daw na yun, planted lang yun ng mga involved.

  • bogli_anakdami

    siguradong kakandidatong senador o gobernador si maranatan…

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv



    • John_Cruz

      Nakalimutan mo ang Supreme Court. LOL.

  • intsikbeho

    from what has been said in the media, this seems like a case of criminals killing criminals. implications are various depending on which side you are looking from. it would also appear that the operation was a trap set upon the victims as they were lead into a kill zone. 

    there did not seem to be an attempt to arrest anyone. 

    murder cannot be proven here, so no ones going to jail. 

  • SUMMER_OF_71

    If the NBI still has to complete its report and thereafter submit the same to the President (before the results are announced to the public), how come its Deputy Director already made such disclosure (obviously in strict confidence – to reporters who, as he should have been aware, do not know the meaning of “off-the-record” remarks)?  I can foresee the official disowning his supposed statements.  Incidentally, an “overkill” is different from “ambush” in terms of the nature of the charges to be filed and the corresponding penalty. 

  • legnasagra

    isa itong nobela in “real life”. namatay na si mang Pandoy, sino naman kaya ang kasunod? Lumitaw na rin si Jun sa NBI sa takot na siya ang isusunod ng mga tauhan ni Don Vito. abangan!!

    • John_Cruz

      Yung NBI outgunned sila sa Pulis and Special Ops kaya very careful sila sa sinsabi nila.

  • Kuya_Orot

    Marantan was involved in several killings and this. Purisima as NCRPO Chief was also remiss in his duties to stop criminality in the metropolis then as Chief PNP, this ambush happened. Both MUST be relieved from their posts, even charged criminally. Marantan for his active involvements in several killings and command responsibility for Purisima.

    • PerfectPoster

      Do you know what you’re talking about? Are you familiar with command responsibility and the chain-of-command for that matter? I reckon not, so shut up. Purisima has no command responsibility in this shenanigan. If Purisima is responsible for this incident, then he would have been responsible for every single men and women of PNP? Senseless… right? I know!!

    • PerfectPoster

      That is the very reason why you have field commanders and regional directors. They have command responsibility. The person responsible in this incident is still undetermined, but initial investigation could point out to the Police commander in Quezon and Southern Luzon for approving the proposal.

  • Anggoy

    “Vic Siman thought traveling to Camarines Norte would be safer if Consemino were with him. He knew Consemino had many friends in the PNP, being a police officer himself,” the source said.
    Wrong strategy he should have brought with him priests,nuns & bishops.

    • John_Cruz

      Yung killing machine ng Pulisya at Special Ops, ratatatat ding yung Pari, Bishop at mga Madre. Pagkatops pagbintangan pa yung supposed hired killers. Now they have the alibi to kill all the Vic Siman group. Bakit yung nag ambush na Pulis ayaw isubmit yung manga baril nila for ballistic tesing?

  • bryant85

    Hoping Mr(s). Reporters that the details you put in this news article are the gospel truth and not raw nor made up lies intended to deviate the reading public from the the true facts amid the issue with a hellish purpose of palliating the culpability of the gunmen in the court of public opinion. Sometimes one reader’s mind eludes from its direction to think of the least expected when reporters like the 3 who penned this article described the killing field in an impression of ambiguity when it was coated with many fragile insinuations deemed flimsy as proofs, thus making this news article less believable.

    Such is though a weird twitch of the mind with no malice intent truthfully but only an inkling sense to impart a theory for the benefit of everyone concern before the naked truth is disclosed to set us all free from the doubts that keep on haunting us whenever the Atimonan incident comes to view.

  • nanyo_nanyo

    haay naku(pal)…saka na lang ako mag-comment, sa february…tingnan natin kung hot issue pa rin etong atimonan 13, lapit na kasi election kaya tingin ko matatabunan na yan 

    tanong ko sa mga repapepaks dito sa disqus, nagkaroon na ba ng justifiable conclusion ang mga ganitong pang yayari, na involve ang mga lispo, limitar, persons in authority…WALA

    recall..kuratong baleleng, ampatuan, ortigas, paranaque slex, dacer corbito, calamba, antipolo etc etc etc 

  • Jeff Clint

    There are still a lot of Jueteng lords, drug syndicates, gun
    for hires and riding in tandems all over the Philippine archipelago. Before
    putting Marantan  into jail for the
    supposedly rubout in Atimonan town, Quezon
    province why not let him MARATATATAT first the likes of Pineda, Espino etc.. Oh
    by the way, Siman was catching up with the  popularity of Pineda and Espino already, luckily
    he was ratatatated already. 

    • banditpogi

      Brilliant idea.  Gamitin si Maratrat to the max tapos dispose.

  • ever green

    halatang ambush….3 checkpoints….ung una ang nag confirm, ung second checkpoint ang battle ground and ung 3rd checkpoint pang divert ng ibang sasakyan……nakahanda na rin ang military truck na maghaharang ng escape route…..2nd check poitn may more than 40 armed na pnp at military…. so obvious na planado lahat….

    kahit ano pa ang ilabas sa investigation….hmmmmpppp…..

    pero okay na rin ung mabawasan ng kaunting mga criminal….kaya lang, ang natitira kasing mga buhay ang mas mababangis……hanggang sa mundo ng criminals survival of the fittest pa rin…..

    • angtangamo

       Agree pre. Nabawasan ng kaonti. Ang sanang mangyari ngayun eh yung may pakana ng checkpoint ay dapat makulong para mabawasan na naman ng kaonti. hehehe.

      • ever green

        next step  would be sila naman ang ma rub-out para walang kakanta sa mga higher ups na involved….have a good day bro….

      • banditpogi

        Very gud idea.  Naguumpisa na nga kumanta mga handler nila iba-iba nga lang ang tono!!!

    • John_Cruz

      Dapat doon sa mababangis ipadala sa Basilan at sa Jolo. Doon nila pakikita ang bangis nila.

      • banditpogi

        Good idea.  Kaso hindi ata uso checkpoint doon at mga Tausug di gumagamit SUV :)

        Pang urban warfare lang ata training ni Hansel Maratrat. 


    overkill,murder plain and simple….did this guys tell those in the vehicles to alight and put down their weapons ?,it is stupid for those inside to fire 1st,they are outgunned and not in even in a defensive position .There was no running gun battle,the SUV’s stopped  and was peppered by a hailstorm on bullets, 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAB42FXZYNCU3ODZNRCDRDTGAY MORE HUMAN

    sana ganito nalang gawin sa mga corrupt sa pinas, pati na rin yung gambling Lord, drug Lord… at iba pa… ubusin na..

  • amapangarap

    i dont have to be an expert to tell that the shootings were overkill and unjustified.

    Way to go Deputy Director!

    • mfdo

       that a policeman was involved with crimials .. oh, well, even if he was not invovled, the fact that he was investing / partnering in non-official business justifies his death .. move on ..

      • amapangarap

        ano raw?

      • mfdo


  • boybakal

    Quezon shooting an Overkill–NBI..

    Talagang ginawang parang mga isda tong Atimonan 13.
    Pinapasok muna sa bitag, sa lambat. Nang makapasok, di na pwedeng makalabas dahil likod at harap may bantay….saka niratrat.
    Talagang parang isda Fish Kill, OverKill pa.

    • Kairosphil

      sinigurado talaga na walang mabubuhay..!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SRLWUTE6TYKA332DDUG5E2YGUQ Sandiego

     good!!! kill all the criminals!!! unleash justice!!! get them all. just be more quiet next time.

  • caloyski65

    its like shooting fish in a barrel……

  • beerhunters

    here is the message for you: ” Don’t mess with me and don’t step on my turf”. plain and simple to understand. do you read me????

  • wakats


    NBI Deputy Dir. Virgilio Mendez revealed partially that there were 3 checkpoints instead of 2 as previously reported.  Likewise, there were 3 SUVs instead of 2 who reached the 2nd checkpoint bravo (bloody).

    Copland Armado is an elaborate and well-planned operation against the Siman group hatched in October last year.  

    The 1st checkpoint was manned by uniformed policemen who waved through the 3 SUVs and likely informed supt hansel marantan of the arrival and positive identification of the target(s).

    The 2nd checkpoint was manned by 42 policemen and army special forces dressed in civilian clothes and led by marantan.  The shootout lasted only for a few minutes and began not more than 5 minutes after the SUVs arrived at checkpoint bravo.  The 3rd white vehicle was able to turn around and escaped the bloodbath.

    The 3rd checkpoint was manned by uniformed policemen  who diverted the incoming traffic to a detour road to avoid seeing the checkpoint of death.

    Let’s wait for PNP Chief Purisima’s report, if forthcoming.   

  • phantomofhope

    wow nagtatrabaho rin pala ang NBI :)

    • Observer_din

      high profile crime to, di sila pwede magwhite-wash, marami magagalit sa kanila..

  • sk2tk

    Naubos ang kalahati ng mga KAWATAN at GANID sa pera, pero un KALAHATI pa eh SUSPINDIDO lang at un isa nasa HOSPITAL, sana lahat sila PATAYIN NA DIN…

  • bbavies

    confirmed criminals and there cohorts should be shot to kill ,,,, keysa hulihin I kulang at pakainin sa kulungan samantalang tulad ko na naghahanap ng mapapakain sa araw araw….mga nabubuhay ng marangal ang dapat ipagtangol ng human rights…. at hindi yang mga kawatan na wala ring Habas na pumatay ng tao….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KINR3GZJHHKLROPT5DTBXZC4GM joseph c

    …just like MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE, innocent companions nadamay sa away ng dalawang magkaaway?…

  • mfdo

    what a tangled web they weave

    even if the cop was going to accompany  Siman, oh well, only in the Philippines .. was it legal for him to be involved in businesses while serving the country ? if he was going to partner, poetic justice – probably he deserved to be killed for freelancing while under Police Govt employment..

  • yonoh

    ibang klase si marantan…trigger happy na gusto na lang pumatay…….

  • malek_abdul

    This is murder Sir! As simple as that!!! – borrowed words from Raffy Tulfo


    A very important moral lesson of this incident to those who are not really doing bad things – do not EVER, and EVER JOYRIDE with criminals, because in an event of a gang war, good people will also be killed just like that.

    This looks like a “GANG WAR” if you would like me to summarize it in two words.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HBX5ADASRZU4SKUFDCRCFDMS44 el capitan

     wala sana ang ganitong patayan kung hindi tanga at lulong sa sugal ang mga tao(pinoy) wag na nga kayong mag taya sa mga ganyang sugal kung walang mananaya walang financiers/operator wala ring sugal walang tiwali….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CW375R72PNNPYQY3ZLDGZKTCU4 Anastacio

    This killing is almost a copy of Ampatuan Massacre but different ways.  Check point then killed all of the people belongs to other parties. No justice will prevail on this. 

    • Kairosphil

      I still pray and hopeful that our Lord will give justice to whom it should be given!

  • Atawid

    Hindi ba kaya nag taka – pag may sensational encounters Ito kadalasn ang sabi ng investigators, Overkill pero wala na ang improvement – palagi na lang overkill. Ito usually ang mga storyline ng mga police
    * nanlaban kaya pinaputukan – maniwala ba kayo na ganun kagago ung mga niraratrat, Marami ang mga police, bakit pa ako lalaban pero ratrat pa rin
    * inagaw ang baril – paano maka agaw Kung naka pusas ang mga kamay
    * case closed – ung mga police na reassigned lang at na promote
    * Kung mapatunayan na nagka sala ang police, dismissal lang, eh kung ung police ang nag tayo ng bag ng pera ok lang Kung ma dismiss kc punta na lang sa ibang Bansa at mag enjoy ng looted money

  • kawatancila

    3 checkpoints, una ,, pinalagpas sila… 2 dun sila tinira… 3rd checkpoint nag divert ng traffic ,,para maiwasan ang madamay kuno…. cguro para maiwasan ang uzi sero.. walang witness…
    bakit po tatlo ang ginawang checkpoints… cguro naka plan talaga na dun sila tirahin..
       tama ang analysis na.. isa sa mga kasama ni siman ang maaring bumaba para maki pag usap… maybe si Consemino.. kc police supt din siya… 
         kahit paano iplano ang isang bagay.. lalot me bahid ng kasamaan.. or evil deeds .. tiyak may mabubuking .. o d ma plantsa ng mahusay…
        naka taas ang salamin ng mga sasakyan.. meaning wala sila plano lumaban… 
        kc malamang tinted ang glass.. d cguro makiki pag draw ang grupo ni siman… sa mga grupo ni marantan, una madami sila, naka deploy at naka pwesto, ,  ang asa mga sasakyan ay isang sitting duck ang position, so der por ,,, malamang sila ay naki pag usap sa mga nag manned ng checkpoint… first recourse pag na daan ka sa checkpoint ay alamin kung bakit at kung sino ang hanap nila o ano ang hanap nila na bagay ..pero… bang bang bang. bang…   patay..

    • banditpogi

      Tumbok na tumbok mo brod!!!  Ganoon nga malamang nangyari.

  • AllinLawisFair


    So Marantan had been  receiving death threats he suspected came from Siman. He thought that Siman had hired killers to finish Marantan off to avenge the deaths of six of his men.

    Siman also thought that he would be next in what he thought was Marantan’s list of targets. The deaths of at least 40 persons earlier have been attributed to Marantan who has developed a reputation of taking no prisoners. He thought that being friends with Supt. Consemino might save  him. He was wrong.

    It then appeared that both are determined to kill each other. It was a case of who was going to get killed first. It was Siman.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZKME5EXCJMYKLDSCJNQ2SVKHV4 John

    This is what you get when you have a cops led by a third rate cop from a third rate police academy. Marantan doesnt even know how to conduct checkpoint operations, and Consemino doesnt even know how to organize and run a convoy, and how to behave at a checkpoint.  this is your police, poor people. and there goes your chief palapak policeman Purisima who was the first to announce it was a shootout even investigations were pending. mabuti nga ngayon na payuan na tong mama na to na tabasin nya dila nya kaya di na nag sasalita masyado ng ikakasama nya. ganyan ang mga namumuno sa inyo kawawanag penoy balut.

    • Pitbulldog

      He he, and the criminals doesn’t even know how to evade a checkpoint.  So pare-pareho na sila niyan…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/GTVNMZR22PGMS55WQPIJTYB4IY Jaime

      I feel sorry sa pinoy.  You are right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002398216749 Jason Ladd

    it’s fun to be in the Philippines……Kung sawa kana sa buhay mo – live ka pinas na puro nalang barilan at patayan.  even at broad daylight…at sa Alabang Town Center mall pa. Sows nandoon ako when my kid and myself are getting a haircut. Nagbabaskyon lang kami and from that incident,,,,matatagalan kaming bumisita uli. Ang mga utak ng mga sindikado ay mga VIP, Pulis at Militar,

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      Under Tuwid Na Daan, it’s not just BARILAN at PATAYAN in the Pilipins, it’s NAKAWAN din…..

      Kaya, It’s More Funds in the Philippines….


    dapat implement ng PNP na may video recording lahat ng operation nila para may record kung sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo.  kung walang recording, ibig sabihin, hindi lehitimo yung operation at may kababalaghang nangyari

  • AllaMo

    First, a shootout-cum-massacre. Next, comes stonewalling and arrangement of “facts”, followed by semantics of a whitewash. In the end, another fred lim and panfilo lacson wanna-be will be running for public office. Yes, martial law is alive and well. The game-of the-generals is still in play. And, civilian supremacy is only a veneer.

  • ריקי נאה


    • Kairosphil

      Kriminal ba ung mga napatay, may mga pulis din at militar? napatunayan na ba na sila ay kriminal? Ung grupo ni Col Manratrat ang maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na sila ang pumatay! Check mo din background ni Col Manratrat…kahit ung mag ama sa paranaque “shootout” idinamay… sino ang kriminal?  

  • JoyVi

    If these are criminals, why should we call it an “overkill”.  These people do not have a place on this planet.

    I am sure a lot of people are privy to see the day when Alfredo Pujeda of Tierra Pura pay for the crimes his family has committed.
    Why do we talk about human rights of criminals>  What about the human rights and dignity of thier victims?  SHould we not hear the cry of those who lost their money to Lita and Fred Pujeda for buying bogus properties>

    Crime does not pay!

  • AllaMo

    Overkill? Nope. Only kill. Yup.

    • Magsasaka

       more like it

      • John_Cruz

        Ikaw Antonio Luna you will become collateral damage of Gen. Aguinaldo.LOL.

  • Guest

    Di naman kailangang mag Wharton or maging haciendero para maintindihan ng lahat na EPAL si  Mar Roxas…lahat sinasawsawan

    • Pitbulldog

      He he.  May point ka dyan.  E kasi bibihira naman kasi yan makasawsaw sa dapat na talagang sinasawsawan niya, either too busy or too tired.  Saka slightly used kasi ang tunay na pang-sawsaw niya at di sanay….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • Pitbulldog

    Yan e overkill nga naman at siguro papabor ako diyan.  Sana naman ginawa na lang nilang 5 namatay sa lawmen side para di sabihin na overkill.  Pero ganon nga ba yon?  In an encounter, it is either you or them.  So what is the choice for the lawmen then?  Aba e kung ganyan ang magiging sistema sa mga encounter, mauubos pulis natin at sundalo nito. Next time na may na -wipe out ulit na criminal group ganon na naman siiguro ang ingay.  Bibihira kasi makadale nang ganong karaming lawless element ang pulis at militar.  About minasaker na maraming sundalo by NPA or Muslim rebels, e nasanay na tao makabalita nyan. 

    • Magsasaka

      sa sobrang babano kasi ng mga pulis at militar dito kaya para palabasin na may accomplishment sila gagawa sila ng fake encounters o kaya kahit sino babanatan nila at kapag patay sasabihin kriminal katulad na lang ng mag ama sa paranyake shootout nagkataon na lang 7 yrs old yong anak na babae eh kung nagkataon na 16yrs old na iyon palalabasin nilang kasama ng mga kriminal at yong botanist na niratrat naman ng mga militar at pinalalabas na crossfire at may encounter din daw laban sa NPA.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GYXVKQ7JIG2GJHZXU3L42FOA6M Pepsky


  • tenyearsafter

    Birds of the same feather flock together…
    or kill each other…..

  • Pitbulldog

    As I see it, the dragnet laid to trap the criminals worked well.  Actually, that is good planning, they ought to pin a medal of valor to Marantan and his group.  Very good intelligence work and a well planned operation executed so very well.  Next time, do that against the Abu Sayyaf naman, at wala na rin sana kayong ititira sa mga yan.

    • John_Cruz

      Ikaw Pitbulldog volunteer ka with Marantan Group and go to Basilan and Jolo. Doon ninyu pakita and galing at bagsik ninyu. The I will salute you. Ang problema sa Basilan at Jolo wala atang Jueteng doon? LOL.

      • Pitbulldog

        He he, ayaw pa ninyo, eradicating lawless elements by the bundle would be good for the people.  I feel sory only for those caught in the crossfire and none to the real criminals.  They deserve not a single more minute to exist on earth.  They should be terminated with extreme prejudice, he he, especially ang mga riding in tandem na yan, pati kaluluwa dapat i-terminate.

    • etomacq

      Kung si Palparan hitman ni GMA, SI Maratrat naman hitman ni Noynoy. Malamang sabitan muli ni Noytnoy ng medalya si Maratrat.

  • duviz7533

    over kill…kailangan ang mag mann ng check points mga pro life..ha,ha,ha

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VY25ZOHU3FJFFX6CYSH5W4AX3I sugbu

    What else could it be….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    The Army Special Forces are trained to kill and to overwhelm their enemies with a volley of gunfire, so the outcome is expected to be quite devastating.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UYCOAGIL35OAIRH2T6QH3IZUMY Ike

      Why do you need Army Special forces in the 1st place? According to Marantan himself, since last yr, there are already solid evidence about Simans illegal activities. Then why not invite him to police precint for questioning. Or why not issue a warrant of arrest and go pick him up at his residence or in his Security Business office-you got solid evidence dont you. Siman is not in hiding for crying out loud, he is running his businness openly. Why do you need to set-up a checkpoint  just to get him? He is not a fugitive on the run. They know exactly where he lives. Even he’s movement in Camarines is monitored by the police. Why not stake out his office and arrest him when he got minimal security? And if you dont know how and when to do it when there are minimal risk to civilian casualties then you are not fit to have your badge and your gun.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

        It’s quite a difficult question where NBI should have an answer. A possibility is that the Army Special Forces might have been informed that heavily armed men are on the move that’s why the police needs their assistance.

      • jashs

        yung koneksyon ni vic siman sa ‘itaas’ ang problema kaibigan … madalas ganyan ang kalakaran ng sistema sa atin … padrino … di ko sinasabing oks ang ginawa ni marantan, pero ang ganyang kalakaran ng palakasan system ang kadalasang nagpapahina ng moral ng mga nakakababang kapulisan … 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UYCOAGIL35OAIRH2T6QH3IZUMY Ike

        Kaibigan, alam ng buong bayan na ang padri-padrino system ang anay sa bulok nating kalakaran. But it doesnt make sense that Marantan had the balls to rain bullets on his objective car together with its convoy and 13 other occupants that includes his superior officer, but he dont have the guts to arrest thesame objective and go after his padrino’s in a legal, civilized and proffesional way. Or is it just that the only way he knows is through his trigger finger. So Marantan took the shortcut, sa palagay mo nakapagpataas ba ito ng moral ng nakakababang kapulisan. Subukan mong magsibilyan at magtanong ka sa mga tao kung ano ang masasabi nila sa kapulisan at kung may natitira ka pang dangal at kahihiyan ay siguradong manliliit ka sa matatanggap mong kasagutan.

      • etomacq

        How bout yung connection ni Maratrat sa itaas hindi mo ba tatanungin? Alam naman natin na grabe ang palakasan sa gobyerno ngayon. Pag kaalyado protektado, pag kalaban sa basurahan.

  • Your_King

    Aquino has done nothing with the STL and has done nothing concerning ‘jueteng’ therefore these issues still exist. He sits atop his Palace blaming others and pointing the fingers while trying to give orders after the fact. Had he acted promptly and not neglected these issues, this event may have been averted. As we stand crooked still rules the Philippines and Aquino’s fight against corruption is either failing or merely a propaganda machine. 

    • FreeBcz

      Hehe, yeah-He should have seen it coming. Ya dumazz

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

    “Tikboy” one of those involved in jueteng confirmed on TV5 that Selina “Tita” Marantan-Dinglasan who is involved in jueteng is Col Marantan’s sister.  

    And get this:  The dreaded Fajardo group is also said to be connected to him (Marantan).  If this is confirmed, the shady characterizations of those killed now pale in comparison to that of Marantan’s background.  Turf war, and the “mas halang ang loob” wins.

  • daniboy2012

    there’s no such thing as “over kill”…

    • Kairosphil

      “double dead”?

  • kwapong654

    If the killings were unjustified and an overkill then it’s plain and simple MURDER. . Director Mendez, I believe that you’re a lawyer so by your own pronouncement it’s expected that you file the Murder case against all the gunmen involved.

  • superlucky2

    Yes, the sister of Marantan, Tita dinglasan is an jueting operator. Kaya itong pulis na Marantan ay bibigyan ng protection yung kapatid niya.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G2UFL7BAIFFUU6TIW4FFAPTVV4 Ghost

    The first checkpoint was put up to identify who’s passing through (para sigurado) and relay this info to the next (2nd) checkpoint who will execute the “final solution”.

    Another incident happened kanina lang may pinatay na naman ang mga pulis na tao daw ni Siman para patahimikin. Naku mas mataas na kay Marantan ang mga involved dito. Kahit gaano katuwid ng prinsipyo ni PNoy di nya kakayanin ito.

    Masama na talaga ito, mismong pulis ay mas masahol pa sa sindikato kasi provided sila ng authority at armas galing sa kaban ng bayan.

    • legnasagra

      That’s what you call Mafia war. Underground Mafia from one side as opposed to the Official PNP Mafia. Napakalalim na nga. Ingat mga kabayan baka isa na sa atin ang kasunod.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    If it was an “overkill,” then Supt. Marantan will have to be charged with “overkilling,” and as the principal “overkiller.”

    The funny thing is that one strong evidence against him will probably be his “attempted suicide”.  

    A result of his overacting.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/36NJPIQO7EYFTMST6XUPNHF7TE VincentR

    Will somebody at the right place in the government get a grip on this ‘trigger happy innocent lives be damned’ attitude that pervades the police and military echelons of this country? A lax criminal justice system, a depraved indifference to life and lack of discipline on the part of those whom the law has vested with the right to carry (not use) guns, interact with a culture of fascination with force has given the Philippines such a bad reputation among decent peoples in the world. It is so revolting for a so-called Christian country to be associated with the lawless and violent cultures that pervade the Middle East or Africa. If Filipinos do not do something to control this dark side of their national character, it will put a stop to any hope of being taken seriously as an up coming tiger. They will again be looking for outside scapegoats to blame for another failed stab at development when in fact they have nobody else to blame but the animalistic impulses they have never learned to master. Poor character, poor institutions, poor culture, poor people.

  • Paliwaweng

    General Purisima, I will tell you if you are a bit ambivalent whether it was a rubout or ambush. Sorry.
    None of the above.
    It was a massacre.
    Call it the “Atimonan Massacre”.
    It is similar to the massacre in Maguindanao.
    This time, without a backhoe to comceal the dead bodies.

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

    its not an overkill…. its really a KILL. patay nga lahat sa kabilang kampo eh. ok… its not a kill… its a job from someone in malacanang. mala danding procedure.

  • ryan andres

    It was an “overkill” and the killings were “unjustified.” – Virgilio Mendez

    Wow, no shiiiit Captain Obvious… now tell us something we don’t know.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • disqusted0fu

    Pnoy is still living in the past as far as his presidency is concerned. Three years and counting, he is still finding reasons to keep GMA and some of her allies where they are now. That’s why crimes in the present are being overlooked and even the crime fighters are boldly committing the crimes themselves.

  • etomacq

    In the end, the NBI will rule out ambush and destroy Siman group’s credibility. 

    The NBI findings will declare it as a legitimate shootout just like what Malacanang (Valte and Lacierda) confirmed last week.

    De Cinco will protect the image of Roxas and the PNP.

    De Cinco was appointed by Noynoy. Roxas is a partymate of Noynoy.

    Whitewash to the max!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5STEU22AD7YRHQSB6RE56ZDSYA J

    Marantan and company words against all others words. With the latest NBI shooting each other at their office their words are not even trustworthy.
    Whether what Marantan did makes him right or wrong the fact is he represents the PNP world, a world that many died as liars and crooks. Those are uniformed men that swear to serve and protect the Pilipino people.

  • mksantos92

     The DILG and the PNP should teach its police officers and men to respect the Bill of Rights enshrined in the 1987 Constitution, and any police operation should not violate the Bill of Rights in our Constitution.  

  • kawatancila


        ALL I CAN SAY IS I AM AGAINST extrajudicial executions…. kung relatives mo ang mga napatay ano ang asa loob mo… let us show our hatred or open our eyes, what happen in atimonan can happen anywhere , kahit mapag kamalan ka lang ,, pag minalas ka ,,, your dead, meat, HOW CAN WE PROTECT OUR CITIZEN FROM OUR POLICE? IF THIS IS NOW THE QUESTIONS WE ARE NOW FACING,   THEN , WE LIVE IN A DANGEROUS WORLD,

  • kawatancila


  • Batz61

    This is Philippine Police EXECUTION — Berdugo Style ala White Wash. What else do you expect from our corrupt politics, police and government officials who cannot be honest among themselves as criminals…that’s why they rub dead one another….. mwahahahahaha

  • Markov Chain

    may auto aim ang mga baril nitong nasa militar…kahit “on the air” ang tinira, sa mga nasa SUV pa rin tumama! patay pa lahat…..magaling siguro ang mga ito sa counter strike!!! ibala sa mga insik yan….d na kailangan ng mga mamahaling eroplano at barko…auto aim!!!

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