Why ‘Coplan Armado’ was not approved

PAOCC knew it was going to be ‘bloody’


The Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC) did not approve a proposed police operation against alleged “jueteng” operator Victor “Vic” Siman because it was a potentially bloody business, the Inquirer learned on Saturday.

But deciding it was its job to get Siman even without the PAOCC’s approval, the proponent—the intelligence unit of the Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) police—went ahead and got the alleged jueteng lord, but with a lot of collateral damage, prompting President Benigno Aquino III to order an investigation.

“Is it really within their mandate, or the regular assignment of that intelligence unit, to do that kind of mission?” Justice Secretary Leila de Lima asked on Saturday.

De Lima raised the question after one of the proponents, Supt. Glenn Dumlao, commander of the Calabarzon Public Safety Battalion, said on Friday that the regional police went ahead with the mission even without PAOCC approval on the presumption of regularity because it was their job to go after organized crime groups.

With the deaths of 13 men, including Siman, in an alleged shootout between government security forces and alleged guns for hire in Atimonan town in Quezon province a week ago, the decision of the PAOCC executive director, Chief Supt. Reginald Villasanta, to disapprove the proposal, “Coplan Armado,” appears to have been right.

A well-placed source told the Inquirer that the deaths in Calamba City on Nov. 12 of six alleged members of a gun-for-hire group tagged by the Calabarzon regional police as having links to Siman and the subsequent death threats received by Supt. Hansel Marantan, chief of intelligence of the Calabarzon police, allegedly from Siman’s group were the reasons why the PAOCC rejected the coplan (case operational plan).

“Given these incidents, if you were the PAOCC, directly under the Office of the President, would you approve a coplan like ‘Armado?’” the Inquirer source said.

Marantan was the only one injured among the 50 policemen and Army special forces troops who allegedly fought Siman’s group in a 20-minute gun battle at a checkpoint along a sparsely populated stretch of Maharlika Highway in Atimonan.

He was supposedly hit in the hands and foot, light injuries that failed to save him from suspicion and suspension.

But Sen. Panfilo Lacson, a former chief of the Philippine National Police, on Saturday cautioned against conclusions that Marantan’s injuries are self-inflicted.

Lacson called on the public to wait for the results of the investigation being carried out by the National Bureau of Investigation.

“At this point, everything is speculative. All these are conjecture,” Lacson said. “Let’s just wait for the investigation to be finished.”

“That should be the case,” said De Lima, who, like Lacson, attended the 20th anniversary celebration of the Movement for Restoration of Peace and Order in Intramuros, Manila. “We’re not judging anyone, because it’s still premature,” she added.

But with the information that it was the intelligence unit of the Calabarzon police that carried out the operation against Siman, De Lima asked whether intelligence units normally undertake such operations.

“Isn’t an intelligence unit supposed to gather information only, and there is a need to transfer—if it has already obtained validated facts through intelligence-gathering—to an appropriate unit that will conduct a field operation, such as that one?” De Lima said.

De Lima said Marantan and Dumlao should cooperate with the NBI in the investigation.

“I told the NBI to talk to all of them,” De Lima said. “The NBI has a list of those involved in the operation.”

The Inquirer source, an intelligence officer with knowledge of the case investigation, asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak to reporters about the alleged shootout.

The PAOCC is under the direct supervision of Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa.

The commission’s mandate includes providing funding for the intelligence, technical, logistical and legal needs of legitimate police operations against organized crime and terrorism.

The PAOCC secretariat recommended approval of “Armado,” which was signed by Marantan, as case officer; Dumlao, as case supervisor; and Chief Supt. James Melad, chief of the Calabarzon police, as case director.

But it was Villasanta who had the final say on funding. Even so, his decision needed to be vetted by the PAOCC board.

While “Coplan Armado” was dated Oct. 24, 2012, Villasanta said it reached his desk only in mid-November.

Puzzle pieces

The Inquirer source pointed out “pieces of the puzzle.”

“Look, Villasanta said he received the coplan in mid-November. By then, six men were already dead. A police officer (Marantan) was already receiving death threats from Siman’s group. Villasanta would not place the [executive secretary] and the President anywhere near this police operation,” the source said, referring to Ochoa and President Aquino.

“Coplan Armado,” in fact, traced a trail of blood that led to Siman and his alleged jueteng associates because of their alleged link to a gun-for-hire group.

It said that in April 2012, one Engelbert Aquino was killed allegedly by hit men hired by Siman and a jueteng partner after Aquino refused to join their numbers racket in Calamba City.

The same gun-for-hire group linked to Siman allegedly tried to kill Senior Insp. Nestor Sardina, chief of police of Sta. Maria town in Laguna in May 2012.

In October 2012, the gun-for-hire group ambushed and killed Insp. Romeo Criste, an operations officer at the Cabuyao City police, with the “disruption” of the jueteng operations of Siman and his partners as motive.

Then came the Nov. 12 incident. All six alleged members of Siman’s gun-for-hire group who shot it out with policemen in Barangay Licheria in Calamba City were killed.

The Inquirer source said that of the six men, only two were real hit men.

“The four others were mere bookies,” he said.

Target: Marantan

The deaths of the six men supposedly angered Siman, who pointed to Marantan as the one behind the police operation, the source said.

“Marantan was a target of Siman’s group after the Nov. 12 incident. He (Marantan) had begun receiving death threats via text messages,” the source said.

The source said the carnage in Atimonan could have been avoided had Marantan not shown himself to Siman at the checkpoint.

Among those killed with Siman were three policemen, including a senior police officer who was 12 years ahead of Marantan in the Philippine National Police Academy, Supt. Alfredo Consemino, and two Air Force soldiers.

The Inquirer learned that the Calabarzon police had a parallel coplan to “Armado” called “Coplan Bayani.”

“Bayani” zeroed in on police officers allegedly protecting Siman and his group.

The coplan also listed down 15 men who were allegedly the “civilian components” of Siman’s armed group. The list included environmentalist Tirso Lontok Jr., Siman’s bodyguards Leonardo Marasigan and Maximo Pelayo, and real-estate broker Paul Quiohilag, all of whom where killed in the alleged shootout in Atimonan.

Not license to kill

Inquirer sources from the intelligence community said that coplans are standard documents for building up cases against terrorists and notorious criminals.

“Coplans contain lists of targets to be arrested. It is under law enforcement, which means that the main objective is to arrest the targets and as such, the operations should follow the rules of engagement,” one source said.

The first Inquirer source added: “A coplan is not a James Bond movie. It does not have a license to kill. If the target was killed, it should be in a justifiable manner.”

First posted 12:01 am | Sunday, January 13th, 2013

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  • barako22

    kapag hindi nakasuhan ng murder si marantan wala na ako tiwala sa phil. govt. 

    • bagombong

       tama ka dyan, puro na lang pagtatakip sa mga uniform in kriminal ang gobyerno natin.buwisit na …

  • Engr. Chatto


  • wawa2172

    ” Marantan was the only one injured among the 50 policemen and Army
    special forces troops who allegedly fought Siman’s group in a 20-minute
    gun battle at a checkpoint along a sparsely populated stretch of
    Maharlika Highway in Atimonan.”

    20 minutesgun battle, di yata tama ang news, naka sara lahat ang bintana nang montero parang niratrat ng 20 minutes with no gun battle. The article seems going into cover up with Ping now in the picture with De Lima and Mar Roxas. Is this part of the cleansing strategy to cover up for the police and military men lead by Marantan and Dumlao. The last was Lacson henchman during the PAOCTF era now replaced by POCC.

    • diamond_digger

      Filipinos can only expect Ping Lacson to help in the cover-up of the Atimonan incident, not just because of him being the PNP’s top brass but because he is bound to reciprocate the favor Dumlao has given him by exonerating him in his affidavit clearing Ping of involvement of the Dacer-Corbito double murder. Now, expectedly, he is doing the damage control lest Dumlao may make a-180-degree-turn and spell the beans on him ehivh msy ruin hid political ambitions.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZLG6N3K2NDNGD3JN46EXOIOSEE pogi

    Hansel Marantan and Glenn Dumlao are “master killer”. Remember Kuratong Baleleng Gang”?

    How much money were involved and missing?

    Dumlao is a part of that operation.

    Somehow, he is  back in service, NAPAKALAKAS NAMAN NITONG KRIMINAL NA ITO.

    The chief executive MUST thorougly investigate Marantan in all his killing activities to justify if his operations are all legit.


    That’ all there is to it. MGA HAYOP KAYO KUNG ANO -ANO PA DAHILAN NYO.

    Walanghiya kayo, maski walang kasalanan ang mga tao papatayin nyo nang walang kalaban laban.

    God never sleep. You’ll pay all your criminal act in a very short time.

    Lintik lang ang walang ganti.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      Animal karin pogi,mas kinakampian mo mga kagaya mong tulisang dagat.Ano ang gamit ng 12 katao kasama ang mga police officers sa tabi ni Siman loloko.Armado silang sindikato,you mean nag padala na lang sana ang gobyerno ng Barangay Tanod para huliin mga gaya mong tulisan?You mean mag buwis ang mga arresting officers ng 10 buhay para legit ang operation?gantian mo sarili mo.Bakit hindi ikaw ang umaresto kay Siman loloko.Huliin mo nga lahat ng Jueteng Lord sa Pilipinas by just using your bare hands,tignan natin ang galing mo.may hoyop ka pang nalalaman.

  • rouelcalzita

    As what claim by PNP that 12 victims were merely collateral damage. So, what would be the sanction to the RUBOUT Team, since the violated the Rules of Engagement?
    Would you think that anyone had to punish from the team of Marantan?

  • ryan andres

    Wow! Ang gandang fairy tale!

    Tangna nyong mga pulpulis, sinungaling kayong lahat…

  • w4d

    Putting former suspected “killers” in-charge of military operations are dangerous. There will be suspicious activities because there is always the possibility that they will be tying loose-ends while performing their current jobs. Who knows, this might seemed like a simple over zealous effort to get Siman, but they actually just eliminated the elements that owe Dumlao some pay back and call them “collateral damages.”

    • diamond_digger

       hese blood-thirsty Dumalo and Marantan would probably be fully tutilized
      of their  usefulness by assigning them to go to Basilan and go after
      the Abu Sayyaf. They will not only be doing the country a great service
      but the whole world, since the ASG is considered as an international
      terrorist group. Doing this may also cover-up the stink these two have
      attached to their names.

  • eyepoor

    Bilib pa rin ako dito kila Marantan, iilan lang ang pulis na gaya nya ang kayang bumangga kila Vic Siman at sa iba pang sindikatong armado… Mas OK na nga ngayun ang style nila e. Sa hindi mataong lugar na tinitira. At least ngayun walang sebilyan na nadamay.. hehe

    • bagombong

       ang problema, ganti ang plano nya dito, sa ginawa nyang walang itinirang buhay ay isang pagkakamali, dahil kung ang target lang ang Siman group dapat inaresto lang talaga dahil hindi porke kasama mo sa grupo ang isang kriminal ay miyembro ka na rin…kaya dapat dito kay Marantan ay imbistigahan ng husto dahil sa plano nyang iligpit ito ay sya naman at mga kamag-anak nya ang magte-takeover sa iniwan ni Siman, sa ginawang walang itinirang buhay ay kadudaduda talaga…

      • eyepoor

        hahaha, patawa ka kaibigan… kahit aso na nakasama dun ay tutudasin pa rin, di lang tumahol. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IEGKEBTZZW2O4RFW5S3FBSBF3E Virgilio

    (ATIMONAN SHOOTOUT) lack of shootout witness hampers probe,,, well that is one of the most important elements to stablish a crime… first physical testimony of the witness, 2nd is the presence of the hard evedence or what we called physical evedence… matibay na ang kaso pag yung dalawang elemento na yun e meron ka… now in this case (this is only my opinion)…you dont need to be an FBI or Interpool expert neither Scotland Yard graduate to solve this kind of crime in our country. (although those kind of expertise and skils are important) puputulin ko ang isa kong daliri this sensational case will be goes to nothing it will be white wash only… hindi LILITAW dito ang TUNAY na kung sino ang SALARIN… dahil pag lumitaw yun ang buong KAPULISAN ay mabubulabog… JUSTICE SYSTEM IN OUR COUNTRY DESIGN only for the poor, for the helpless, for the people in our society without conection, for those doesnt have the means to hire the services of a brilliant legal luminaries… look what happened to the AMPATUAN MASACCRE CASE… now already mark the three (3) long years of SUFFERING of the relatives of the 56 VICTIMS of the said MASACCRE OF THE DECADE mayroon na bang nagyari wala (Bokya as in Zero). Mr. President i challenge you,,, put behind bars all the ENEMIES of the peace loving citizens of the state… PAG NAGAWA MO YAN… WALANG DAHILAN para pasubalian ng ilan na di tunay ang kampanya mo TUNGKOL sa TUWID NA DAAN.

    • $20722540

      you got it!!! agree absolutely

  • diamond_digger

    These blood-thirsty Dumalo and Marantan would probably be fully tutilized of their  usefulness by assigning them to go to Basilan and go after the Abu Sayyaf. They will not only be doing the country a great service but the whole world, since the ASG is considered as an international terrorist group. Doing this may also cover-up the stink these two have attached to their names.

    • $20722540

      the problem is, he has a padreno who obviously endorsed him to be part of paocc.  yan ang systema sa atin…bulok talaga!

  • parengtony

    “But deciding it was its job to get Siman even without the PAOCC’s approval, the proponent—the intelligence unit of the Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) police—went ahead and got the alleged jueteng lord, but with a lot of collateral damage, prompting President Benigno Aquino III to order an investigation.”
    Why is the INQ pushing the perspective of Marantan et al?

    Is it not the job of the police to build up a case  in order to put a prima facie violator in jail? Was a checkpoint style of arrest necessary?

    Why are we even talking about justifications for killings done outside the rules of engagement when it is obvious that Marantan et al purposely ignored many other less violent options (assuming Siman guilty).

    Our justice system is rotten in all levels – from the baranggay, the PNP, the prosecutor service, the DOJ, the courts, the appellate courts, and the SC. It is wrong to generalize. It is not fair at all to the many public servants out there who consistently provide excellent public service at great personal sacrifice. But it is very wrong to not recognize (and address) the glaring fact that there are many rotten apples in our justice system basket.

    Why are the INQ news articles on the Atimonan “shootout” so loosely written? May we hear from the INQ ombudsman?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AX7A65HBPOATKIEDV77LOLRVUM Colokoy

    maganda ang nangyari!! Dapat bala ang hahatol kay siman kasi may connection siya sa palasyo: Siman=Lontok (NPA)=alcala=Dinky=Pnoy

    • batangpaslit

      i share your view Koy

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      kung hinuli yan nag piyansa lang yan at nagtatawag ng padrino nya… most likely makakalaya at ipapatay din ang mga nanghuli sa kanya..ganon lang naman eh..

  • $20722540

    there is so much speculations and misinformation regarding this supposed shoot-out, ambush or rubout in atimonan.  if marantan is having death threats from the siman group and they know its the siman group in the checkpoint…then what the hell he was doing in the checkpoint, in-charge of flagging down the vehicles..that simply is stupid.  maybe he wanted to commit suicide.

  • boymanok

    collateral damage ang siguradong palusot dyan ng gobyerno….tapos kalimutan na/ change the topic as usual….yan ang gawain ni lacson at dumlao

  • $20722540

    this article is stupidly written.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ED6A2XHBBMQQYM4MFSZ7BMIB4M batang-gas

    Lusot na naman yung mga generals na handlers ng sinalvage na weteng lords.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GVANQHP6VJ2MSGAJB46GUUNISE Jozz

    Now we are hearing all this coplans or complans or whatever. Question is, what were the aims of these plans? Dapat ilatag na dito kc nasabi na naman. Was the plan aimed to capture them in flagrante delicto or to kill them all without survivors (like being a judge and executioner at the same time)? And now here’s another coplan called Bayani? When was this new coplan made? It’s beginning to look like a mystery puzzle.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V4KJ5FLKOBGE6JYBN6TSRXKSBQ a


    273++ shots from the checkpoint vs 10 from the vehicles.

    yeah right……

    • speaksoftlylove

       Baka pati yong mga surot sa loob ng sasakyan tinadtad ng bala, mahirap na baka makapagwitness pa.

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    “At this point, everything is speculative. All these are conjecture,” Lacson said and seconded by Leila de lima.

    That’s rather easy for Lacson and de Lima to say. That’s also exactly what Lacson said some 17 years ago when he got implicated in Kuratong Baleleng case. To this day, there’s still no closure to the case. Likewise, justice continues to elude the families of Dacer and Corbito. With such pronouncements from these two administration lackeys, there is no doubt that the Quezon Rub-Out will be covered up just like Kuratong Baleleng before it. The witnesses will be silenced if not intimidated to seek asylum in Canada or elsewhere. Surprisingly, even PDI seems h3llbent in promoting the perspective of Marantan. From PNP to DOJ to the fourth estate, the cover up and whitewash are just too obvious.

  • kayumanggui46

    paanong malulutas tito e ang masterm ind na si Lacson ay kasama sa mes ni De Lima at Mar Roxas..si Hudas kasama ni Kristo sa hapag…nakkkuuuuu Daang Matuwid…De Lima magresign ka na hang malinis kapa…gingawa ka namang intuil ni lacson at mga korte–CA etc…

  • kayumanggui46

    kung sino ang pumutak syang nanganak…hindi ba pumutak kaagad si Lacson sa Senado para sabhin na gun for hire ang nadale?…hindi ba pumutak din si Lacson ang bumagsak ang eroplano ni Robredo…lumalabas nuong mamatay si Robredo naglabasan na ang mga jeuetn lords para sakupin ang jueteng sa Bicol…PNoy kahit wala ka buhok sana may mata at utak ka…pinapaikutan ka ni Lacson…hindi ba si Lacson ang unang pumutak…kaya itong pagkamatay ni Robredo palagay ko ay muder…may nakalusot na naman na taga Senado!

  • batangpaslit

    excellent reporting
    pambihira naman ang mga decision makers ang anti-crime
    merong bang anti-crime operation na laway lang ang labanan. kung ayaw ng anti-crime body na hindi messy ang laban, ‘di, alisan ng baril ang mga pulis. bigyan lang sila ng pito. at least kung gamiting weapon ang pito, bukol lang ang magaw pag binato at natamaan ang mukha.
    so, masama si Col Maratrat kasi napatumba nia ang mastermind na nakapatay ng mga pulis.
    talaga naman oo….may padrino si Jueteng Lord sa Malacanang Palace
    kaungasan lang ang mga anti-crime campaign. palabas lang. salita lang. walang katotohanan.

    • kapalkupal

      bata tawag ka ng nanay mo, saing ka na daw

      • batangpaslit

        tamang tama kuyang, magtanghali na nga
        salamat for the reminder

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NXV3F6YUQWDOA4HPYOFN5F2N3U Danyel

    “akin ang jueteng sa yo ang droga”……Lajara to Chipeco

    • batangpaslit

      Dan, alin ang mas malaki ang kita? Drugs, or Jueteng?

  • japokjackpot

    hello men in uniform… what a lovely day for you to kill each other! a perfect way to cleanse your own mess. dear pnoy, as commander-in-chief, it is high time for you to call a special meeting of the state. most of these men-in-uniform are responsible for the high crimes of this country and somehow, i am bothered and alerted that they are the ones who will bring you down. i pray that they will not plot a coup d’etat against you. but don’t worry, behind you are the people, who believe in you, you’re just…so far, the best working president this nation has ever produced. remember, your family’s wrongdoing is not yours. you’re a different tomato within a basket of rotten politicians. you alone will make a legacy of your own. please… just don’t STEAL from the government. many who did and they failed miserably in life and will in the life after. i’m not your fan and did not even voted for you but as i hear and talk to a lot of people, especially the ordinary people… you’re a different breed of a filipino leader. i pray to lessen your critics and enemies… keep up the good work and god bless you always.

    • batangpaslit

      Jack….kung maging restless ang Armed Forces kontra sa kay CIC hindi sa barilan ng pulis at kung sino ang maghari-hari sa Jueteng money.
      ang nakabigay ng pagkabahala ay ang mga communist leaning Presidential Assistants, Advisers, and Party List officials

  • Barak_O

    rubout or not

    it’s one less jueting lord

    and one less corrupt police officer

    good job supt marantan

    • batangpaslit


  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    Loco naman,armado ang mga tropa ni Seaman Loloko,may escort pang officer na foolish man,alangan na magpa baril ang mga arresting officers mag buwis ng 3-10 officers para justified ang pag patay sa 13 na tulisang dagat.Hayaan niyo na mga yan para madala ang mga tulisan na buhay pa.Warningan ang leader ng Jueteng sa buong buong bansa,hey di naman patas,isali ang Region 1,Central luzon at buong Pilipinas para masaya.
    Kung masama loob niyo kay Col Hansel,malamang nabasan ang shares ang stock niyo.Get well soon Col. Hansel,palamig ka muna,dipa tapos misyon mo ng mga bata mo.

    • batangpaslit

      tumpak…magaling si Col Maratrat. naunahan sila….hehehe

    • $20722540

      misyon pumatay ng tao?  good luck!…40 katao na ang napatay sa mga checkpoints  congrats!!! sa maraming pang mamamatay sa checkpoints na yan sana hindi kasama don

    • VeryDisgusted2

      Baka ang next na innocent checkpoint victims ni Marantan ikaw at ang buong pamilya mo. Be very slow in giving praise to these blood thirsty killers – Marantan and Dumlao.

  • Carlos_Iho

    Pwedeng patayin ng pulis kahit sino kahit walang kaso or arrest warrant man lang?  Kung aprobado ba ng PAOCTF ang operation legal bang pumatay?

    Kasuhan nyo na ng murder lahat na nasa checkpoint na yun at sa korte na sila mag paliwanag!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NM4SNUMVIXK3ULEJBTUVCJFN4A cool

    License to kill or not…It was wrong what they did, you can not just kill someone even criminal.
    There is always a big motive there.

    The answer for all your question is scratch my back I will scratch your’s. Next time wait for a news, those involved will be in front again and be used again as legal Hitman.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      Basta mga organizeD crime syndicate,they have the right to remain silent,FOREVER.Bear that in your MIND.


    self inflicted? tagos ang bala sa buto? means durog ang buto sa tuhod at sa braso?  2 to 3 years mong hinde mailalakad ang kanang paa mo at hinde magagamit ang braso mo? .. try mo kaya sarili mo ang barilin mo ng ganun katindi… baka ang kaya mo lang daplis na tama ng bala..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AIPSCQM2TZQUMQ5GEIMWMWDFL4 Edward Solilap

    Ang unang dapat imbistigahan ay kung kasali sa Jueteng Operation ang namatay na mga Police at Sundalo. Maraming nagagalit sa mga Jueting Lords at mga protectors nito ngayon patay na cla nagagalit naman ang marami sa mga pumatay sa kanila, aba hayaan nyo nalang magpatuloy ang mga Jueteng Bookies kung ganon kc cguradong walang mangyayari kung kakasohan mong buhay pa ang mga iyon.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    Granting na self inflicted tama ni Col. Hansel,matuwa kaya si Pink pag nabaril si Col. sa ulo?
    Kung hindi armado tropa ni Seaman Loloko at armas lang ay tirador,malamang posasan lang ni Col Hansel.Walang sinumang pulis ang licensed to kill,yung mga officers na foolish men na escort ni Seaman kaya ay walang dalang bakal.Colectahin lahat ng baril ng arresting officers at iba pang pulis at bigyan ng batuta.Para next operation sila ang pagbabarilin ng sindikato.
    Ngayon pagdududahan si Col. Hansel at suspendihin,that’s good,bat di niyo sha i lay off nalang para sagaran,at ipag patayo niyo si Seaman Loloko ng Monumento ng mga dakilang Jueteng operator sa Luneta.Kung duda si Pink kay Col Hansel,duda rin ako sa pagkamatay ni Sec. Robredo,kasi hindi hinarap sa media yung sekyu para kusang magbigay ng sariling salaysay.

  • Pork_Republik

     Col. Marantan, Dirty Harry of Luzon…pagaling kau sir, dami niyo pa’ng itutumba mga walang silbi sa mundo.

    “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

  • Fulpol

    wow, they are telling stories now.  are these stories really true?

    the game is becoming dangerous…

    you need to protect the master at all cost???….

    the game is becoming dangerous..

  • Fulpol

    it was bloody.. indeed..

    but on the side of the victims.. of massacre?…

  • $40586212

    Naku, malaking organize crime ang nasagasahan ng grupo ni Marantan kaya ganyan na lang kagalit ang mga tao sa kanila. Ang di ko maintindihan, bakit ang mga tao ay parang panig pa sa mga criminal. Absurd!  Dapat nga ang tingnan ng mga NBI ay kung sino ba
    talaga itong mga napatay na grupo ng mga armado, Kasangkot ba talaga sila sa
    organize crime o ano.  Ayon kay marantan sa isang interview niya tutuong
    legit ang business ni Vic Siman but behind the business ay gun-for-hire.
    Posible di ba? Pilipinas kaya ito…walang imposible. Ang tanong kay Consemino,
    bakit security guard siya ni Siman…imposible naman na di niya alam ang dark
    business ni Siman. Dapat ang talagang imbestigahan ay ang mga taong ito. Ano ba talaga sila at ano ang mga connections nila sa isa’t isa?  Questionable talaga.  Sa side
    naman ng mga police, whether may irregularities ang operation the fact na may
    coplan…ibig sabihin meron silang legit na information or mission to go after
    this organize crime, otherwise hindi nakarating sa Palasyo ang coplan na ‘yan. At si Marantan, kung maraming death threat siya from Siman,e natural…meron kaya siyang clearance from his Superiors to execute the coplan….alangan naman na antayin na lang niya na  patayin siya ng grupo ni Siman.  Common sense diba?

    Sec. De Lima..sabihan mo ang mga NBI na huwag nagpapasok ng mga media so loob ng imbestigasyon o sa mga crime scenes….hindi tama. Dapat hindi lumalabas sa media ang mga findings nila…dapat sa korte lang.  That is very unprofessional. Sad. Marami ng tampered na evidences dapat tapon na mga ‘yan sa basura.

  • patriot2008

    Sa nabasa ko dito na mga blood crimes ni Vic Siman, mabuti na napatay siya at ang kanyang grupo sa operasyon. Eh, may grupo ng jueteng lord na may kasamang gun for hire, di nyo titirahin, kasi madugo? That is the most stupid thing I ever heard from law enforcement. Nag death threat ang kriminal sa pulis, kaya dapat iwasan na ma apprehend siya? Kung ako ang Pangulo, lalong hahabulin ko sya ng operation ng shoot to kill, kasi kriminal siya na gumagamit ng death threat at murder pa. I don’t know if Col Marantan is involved in jueteng or not, but itong ginawa nyang pagkapatay kay Vic Siman at grupo niya. Gud job, colonel! Saludo ako sa iyo. 

  • Tonypogi

    “Coplans contain lists of targets to be arrested. It is under law
    enforcement, which means that the main objective is to arrest the
    targets and as such, the operations should follow the rules of
    engagement,” one source said. 

    May dala ba silang “Warrant of Arrest”?  Bakit kailangan pang sa Quezon sila dapat tambangan? Maliwanag na ambush ang intention nila. Ang nakikita ko rito ay planned salvage operation with plenty of unplanned collateral damage tulad noong Ampatuan killings sa Mindanao.

    • $40586212

      may coplan nga e to go after this organize crime and it was approved by Marantan’s superiors…that is the clearance to arrest Siman or kill for that matter kung lumaban siya.

      • Dean Martin

        Ampatuan style or Palparan Style may nagbago b?

  • ben311

    busit !

  • ben311

    ginagago nyo nanaman ang mga pinoy.

  • kaloykoy

    Tama lang ang ginawa ng grupo ni Marantan dito sa sindikato nina Siman.Kung aarestuhins mo lang itong si Siman dahil sa illegal jueteng or guns for hire na  ikakaso sa kanya, makalulusot lang yan sa husgado, susuhulan lang nya ang  judge at tuloy pa rin ang mga illegal activities nya. Dapat na mangyari, bigyan ng supurta itong si Marantan dahil sya lang may tapang para banggain itong mga salot ng bayan na ito.

    • tarikan

      Sabi nga nila judge sayang nakalusot pa pera na naman sana. Ayaw nila judge ang “rubout” hindi nakakarating sa kanila ang kaso. No hearing, no smelling money.

    • $40586212

      dapat nga itulong ng gobierno ang coplan na ‘yan para malinisan ang bakuran ng Pilipinas.

  • ben311

    hindi approve kuno !

  • rickysgreyes

    If Siman was really into jueteng eh di the task force did well. I agree with the comment below that NBI and the PNP should focus also on whether the group that was killed were really into crime, and if so, give Marantan a medal.

  • el_latigo

    I’ve got no love lost for jueteng lords, but curiously in this particular case, why single out Vic “Siman” when there are a lot of jueteng lords in this country? And many think that he is not even the biggest gambling lord in these parts, when there is  Bong Pineda allegedly the jueteng lord of Pampanga, rapist-mayor  Antonio Sanchez of Laguna rumored to be still lording jueteng  over there  from his cell as well, etc.? 

    Hmmm, Fulpy este @Fulpol pala, this case is geting curiouser and curiouser, di ba dude?

    • Dean Martin

      oo nga, hindi kasi sincere ang dahilan kundi rivalry lang kaya walang logic. 
      dapat kasi may blindfold ang batas walang sacred cow pero sa pinas law of the jungle ang umiiral. S Jungle p naman ginawa yun. sabi ni Rudy ” walang personalan trabaho lang” pero sa ngaun ” walang personalan pera pera lang”.

  • Mamang Pulis

    He was supposedly hit in the hands and foot, light injuries that failed to save him from suspicion and suspension

    sa lapad ng katawan ni marantan–doon lang tumama ang bala?

    sa dami ng nasa checkpoint–ni isa wala mang lang nadaplisan?

    yun ulo ng bata na tinamaan ng ligaw na bala—sumakto—yun pa kaya umuulan ng bala alledgedly palabas ng montero?

    pinagloloko na naman ang taong bayan—at mag suspetsa ka pa lalo panay depensa ni lacson….o nga pala—andon ang datin bata nya–si dumlao.

    mahirap na, kelangan mag malinis.

    same old same mold

  • Mamang Pulis

    Among those killed with Siman were three policemen, including a senior police officer who was 12 years ahead of Marantan in the Philippine National Police Academy, Supt. Alfredo Consemino, and two Air Force soldiers

    lintik din ang escort ni siman—senior police officer at 2 air force na sundalo…malaki laking halaga rin ang binayad


    “…because it was a potentially bloody business”
    Is Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC), by its name alone, not realized that fighting  Anti-Organized Crime is expected to be bloody?

    So, what is PAOCC for? Papogi?

    • inquirercet

      exactly what i was thinking dude. so natakot sila kaya hayaan na lang natin? stupid!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M3LQ4MUAU3Z36MIQGIGSOKBCQE Rosauro

    With or without PAOCC, police operations must continue against any criminalities. Intelligence men are the best ones to operate on their own information gathered regarding their targets. Who else?

  • wehd1nga

    its no secret na magkalaban sa jueteng sa calabarzon ang kapatid ni maratrat at si vic siman, one plus one lang yan mga tol, hindi kailangan ang rocket science para maintindihan ang motibo ng rubout, hulidap, masacre, murder sa atimonan.

  • wehd1nga

    ang daming krimen at kriminal sa calabarzon, rape murder akyatbahay drug running at drug addict na dapat unahin arestohin at patayin sa calabarzon, bakit eto si vic siman ang pinag initan ni maratrat, isip-isip mga tol…

  • Komen To

    The Inquirer source pointed out “pieces of the puzzle.”
    “Look, Villasanta said he received the coplan in mid-November. By then, six men were already dead. A police officer (Marantan) was already receiving death threats from Siman’s group.”

    First they were guns for hire, then changed to jueteng lords, now there is death threats. Is the PDI source reliable? Baka later they become carnappers, kidnappers, akyat bahay, etc.

    So many questions to ask
    1 the intelligence group gets info and hands over info to operations group – why is Marantan on the ambush scene?
    2 surprise for the intel head to be the person approaching the suspects and if fired upon, what bullet hit Marantan, why was he the only one hit?
    3 if Marantan has pending cases, why is he still assigned as head of the ground troops?
    4 if there is enough evidence against the suspect, why not get warrant of arrest and take Siman alive? Is the justice system not working in this country?
    5 trails of blood and slippers on one victim apparently was found by NBI away from the scene. Was the victim able to run away? ( alive, of course)
    6 empty .45 cal shells were apparently found on the floor of one vehicle by NBI. Were they left by SOCO purposely? Was it placed, or left to insinuate .45 cal pistol was fired from the inside?

    This is a very interesting case, good for scriptwriters and reporters alike. Interestingly, PDI is presenting another scenario as presented by their source, his “pieces of the puzzle”. I am really wondering a lot about this case

    • Jose Umali

      7- The government’s side in the shootout must be very lucky because the group it confronted were all bad shooters and managed to hit only one.  And only in his hand and foot?  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/74DX67S5U6H557SPUXS5XZ6QJI Alisto Juan

      Answer no. 1 – Para masolo n’ya ang pera at walang ng paghahatian. Mapromote pa ang loko. . 

    • tarikan

      I can answer item # 4 even with my eyes closed. AFFIRMATIVE! The justice system in the Philippines stinks to high heavens. With over 41,000 lawyers, the country is still a wild, wild west. My unsolicited advice if you found yourself in the Philippines…don’t ever be a victim of anything. If you got a choice better be a perpetrator, you got more than an even chance to wiggle out of it by any means…but by George (Washington in that paper) you have to give.  

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      Use your head before you comment: i rerespeto ba ni Lord Seaman yang warrant of arrest mo?
      Walang kinikilalang batas mga yan kasi protected sila ng matataas na Opisyal ng Govt.Imagine may escort pang Police Col.? Dapat lang na iligpit mga yan para dina sila pamarisan.

  • freeview

    May kumampi agad kay Marantann…isa din dati involve sa Rubout sa Paranaque….Obvious naman kung sino? hmmmm

  • abbaj

    Valid or not, that coplan killed a jueteng lord. That’s good. Sorry na lang sa mga collateral damages. The fact na kasama nila si Siman, something is wrong. As to Dumlao and Marantan, dapat sila ang isunod na i salvage.

    • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      Sorry na lang sa mga collateral damages.

      Would you say that Alfonso de Vera and daughter deaths were OK since some bad elements were killed on the same operation?

      OK lang ba na maging collateral damages ang pamilya mo pag may legitimate raid na nangyari sa tabi ng kotse mo?

      • abbaj

        No problem i have a bullet proof car.

      • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        I hope it protects all your relatives.

  • Dean Martin

    Law of the jungle rules the philippines, more fun in the philippines.

  • http://www.facebook.com/felimon.o.rodriguez Felimon Rodriguez Jr.

    very “low” ang proficiency sa target shooting kung sino man ang bumaril kay Marantan, kasi paa at kamay lang ang tinamaan kahit very close range lang naman ang target…..at saka nakaupo dapat sa loob ng Montero yung shooter ni Marantan eh bakit sa paa tinamaan hindi man lang chest level, shoulder level or head level…..siguro dumungaw yung shooter at tinarget ang paa ni Marantan hehehe

  • VeryDisgusted2

    Another stupid article.

  • eirons1043

    This massacre should have been avoided kung ginawang legal ang jueteng na kahit na ano ang gawin eh talagang di masusugpo dahil ito ay isang pag-asa para sa mahihirap.  Kahit na alam ng tumataya na isa lamang sa sampung bola ang totoo eh sige parin kasi umaasa sila duon sa isang totoo eh mananalo sila. Sa english eh jueteng is the elephant in the room meaning eh isang malaking problema na simple lang ang solusyon eh di magawa dahil ayaw ng mga pareng damaso.

    • inquirercet

      kahit gawin nating legal ang jueteng it will still be a problem. how do we make sure that these jueteng lords pay their taxes? kaya nga pumalpak yung easy 2 lotto, kasi ayaw ng mga jueteng lords kahit binibigay sa kanila. bakit naman sila magbabayad ng tamang buwis edi ibibili na lang nila ng baril pang depensa sa kalaban. dapat sa jueteng buwagin at ilibing na.

    • tarikan

      Dapat laang isama sa massacre ang mananaya. Itong mga mananaya puro asa sa sugal baka sakali manalo. Magtrabaho kayo, siguradong panalo! Ano? Walang makitang trabaho? Sa bukid maraming trabaho, wala diyan sa squatter area. 

  • http://freemindonline.blogspot.com/ FreemindOnline


    Maybe it’s speculative that the PAOCC board itself is compromised with Siman’s own agents!. The board could be tainted with criminal hands that led to the PAOCC field personnel to act w/o approval.

    Maybe it’s speculative to say why not zero in on why was Marantan still assigned field work when he has a questionable track record!. Like the military Palparan, got promoted and continued with a bloody hand. But all will always have an end like this Palparan.

    Maybe it’s speculative to say that when to many possible reasons are released or so called gathered by media via undisclosed sources it’s a possible coverup!. The right questions are not being asked or damage control is creating a mindset for the readers.

    Maybe it’s speculative that the Philippine president is being protected from possible repercussion of this incident that Mr Ochoa want to be included in the protection or he’s going to spill the beans!. Somebody is intentionally being distanced to this incident to avoid the truth coming out. Their will be a fall guy but not the bad eggs that makes the decisions.

    Maybe it’s speculative that this happened because of an assured damage control and someone from the very top of the Philippine government is calling the shots!. I don’t think past rubout were really and completely solved that elements perpetuating this scenarios will stop.

    Maybe it’s speculative that all of this is happening because the government is in denial!. You can’t remove something that is already part of the system. Corruption in the Philippines can only be redirected because the people in it’s government does not think to develop but rather think to stay in government.

  • Pok2

     OVERKILL, Law enforcements use of deadly force are supposed to neutralize or maim but not to kill. Marantan gave a kill order because it is very obvious that they are in an L type ambushed position. I believe there was mole in Simans group riding on the third vehicle (if true) that got away because they could have been intercepted from the first checkpoint that they claim the victims have ignored. So many inconsistencies and hand washings. Obviously DIRTY.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      Dirty nga yung Operation,yung mga organized crime leader at mga bodyguard niya,clean ba sila,sarap mong isako.

      • Pok2

         Lol, parang madaling gawin ang sinabi mo. Ang tunay na birador, di nagsasalita ng ganyan. Tambay lang ang katapat mo.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AR3F3RNQX4U3PKBI526NJI6BYM Jose

    Bakit palaging patay lahat ang nakaka-engkwentro ni Marantan? 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2RVERYUPGBL4EHNMB2QNIQTFS4 Boying

    Investigate Marantan. He is the key to all of this mess.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/74DX67S5U6H557SPUXS5XZ6QJI Alisto Juan

    Yun gun for hire, Palusot lang yun ni Marantan, awayan talaga sa jueting yun at inunahan lang ang grupo ni Siman. Puro kasi gahaman sa pera, dito sa Mindanao, malakas yun swertres pero nagkaroon ng bigayan sa lugar para walang awayan tapos depende na yun sa Mayor. 

    Yan si Dumlao, di na dapat mabalik yun sa PNP, bulok na itlog na yan, kung malakas talaga si Sen. Lacson kay PNoy, doon na lang sila i assign sa Spratley para walang collateral damage. . Ang solution sa patayan at corruption dulot sa jueting ay gawin na lang itong LEGAL. . Ang problema ayaw ng mga politko ant PNP dahil wala na silang makokotongan. . 

    • tarikan

      Dapat isama sa massacre ang mga mananaya, aywan ko lang kung may tataya pa. Pero hindi mangyayari yun kasi walang pera sa actividades na yan. Biro mo aambusin mo eh sasampung piso laang ang dala, hehe. Doon na ako sa milyones ang dala.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PJTH3SHQU3B4TCUVRH2UXZCJDY Balahura

    so you will not approve if it is a bloody business, then what’s the use of the term anti organized crime? kung bloody hayaan na lang ang crime as long as life is preserved, then why not shutdown this office, it’s useless

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      Don’t u know na mas makapangyarihan ang Jueteng lord than the Law?
      Bakit di matigil ang Jueteng na yan kung may batas na ito ay dapat itigil.
      Malaking business yan abot mula munisipyo abot Malacanang.

  • Jason Cruz

    Daang milyon ang pinag aawayan dito, kaya hangang sa Malacanyang mukhang aabot ang kaso.
    Ochoa magbitiw ka na.  Ang jueteng lord galit sa kapwa jueteng lord.

    PNP SIGURADONG TWIST ang angle ng rub out hehehehe

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PJTH3SHQU3B4TCUVRH2UXZCJDY Balahura

    now sunod sunod ang article ng inquirer re coplan not approved, a few days ago i read the article that said malacanang approved coplan ano ba talaga?

    • tarikan

      Mga sipunin pa ang ibang reporters ng PDI. Walang editor na nag-co-control, kanya-kanyang banat. Cheapipay laang yata mga reporters sa PDI, low quality. Minsan mahina pa sa grammar, susmariasharapova.

  • joe__bloggs

    “Marantan was the only one injured …”

    Honasan, Trillianes, Lacson – all Senators. Marantan ay susunod na!

  • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    “Coplans contain lists of targets to be arrested. It is under law
    enforcement, which means that the main objective is to arrest the
    targets and as such, the operations should follow the rules of

    You mean like ”order of battle?”

    • marionics

      kawawa din naman ang mga namatayan kasi parang walang masyadong public indignation dahil tingin ng tao e pareparehong mga magjuejueteng yang mga yan at mabuti nang magubusan na yang mga yan

    • speaksoftlylove

       May padrama pa si Lacson noon na nagulat daw siya sa listahan ng targets sa Order of Battle ng PNP. Yon pala nandoon ang hitman niya. Ang sarap kutusan.

      • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        syempre, pano pag nahuli, at nag apply as state witness to give info against known personalities….e di nadamay sya.

  • Paulstronghold

    Too naive these investigators. I have only one question: why kill ALL the passengers and let no one is spare alive? Overkill. If this is gun-for hire and/or jueteng or drug related cases, an inquisitive and intelligent police officer who would want to know the sources of all these guns, names of the jueteng lord and other vital informations on the subject would definitely spare the lives of other passengers. Initial investigation revealed only ten shots were fired coming from the victims. At the outset, the police mind set is to wipe out everybody so as not leave any witnesses. Allegation of these victims carrying large amount of money is not a remote possibility. Papatay alang-alang sa salapi?

  • Concade

    Baka kasama naman yata ni Marantan ang bumaril sa kanya pagkatapos malaman nila na nauto lang pala sila ni Marantan, para magmukha na rin na lang tuloy na totoong shootout iwas pusoy.

    • Willy_REV

      Lumabas din ang tunay na agenda ni Sec. Roxas sa DILG, ang palawakin ang
      koneksiyon niya sa mga jueteng operators.

  • manong_edwin

    Sabi nga, “the dead tells no tales”…so every coplan must end counting not only casualties, but fatalities, especially if both the “hinuhuli at nanghuhuli” ay sabit sa kaso…at hindi ba yan ang ibig sabihin ng “intelligence work”, dapat “intelligent” hindi lang sa pag-gather ng information, kundi sa “execution” ng suspects, este, ng operation?

    • http://Yahoo.com/ Ragdeleafar

      All suspects shall be shot, survivors shall be shot again “dead tells no tales”!

  • tarikan

    Should have combined the two coplans into “Coplan Armado Bayani”. Ubos ang mga bad guys sana. 

  • Cerise David

    Hindi na ba uso ang warrant of arrest?  Oplan na lang agad?

  • tarikan

    Si Sen. Pink todo caution, caution, don’t conclude anything yet it’s premature. Papano speaking on experience. Kura-kurani, kura-kuratong, Hi!

  • dukaponte

    Mabusisi ang artikulong ito at maigi ang pagkakasulat. Ang dapat malaman na lang ay kung totoong shootout ito at hindi minasaker. Pwede naman siguro pinatamaan ang mga gulong at pinasuko sila. Kunsabagay, sa dami ng krimen na nangyayari sa bansa at kung totoong sindikato sila, pwede na rin ang nangyari sa kanila. Crime does not pay, wika nga. Minsan buhay ang kapalit.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Romy-Solina/1482411642 Romy Solina

      Twenty minutes daw na barilan?! Wala pang five minutes siguro ang nangyari. Sa isang damakmak na butas ng bala sa mga sasakyan, hindi yata nakababa sa mga sasakyan ang mga napatay. At wala man lang natamaan (except Marantan) sa mga namaril.

  • bisdakis

    Hhahaahahaahaa. The leader of Kuratong Baleleng Rubout is talking!

  • nice_boy

    Potentially bloody business?  If this is a valid reason not to go after guns-for-hire groups, then perhaps PAOCC should be abolished.  Going after organized crime is always bloody.  They are in the business of killing people.  They live by the sword, they die by the sword.

  • bryant85

    PAOCC is the main agency authorized to pursue organized crime syndicates. Dumlao, marantan, et al are merely officers of PAOCC, hence any operations that they shall undertake must be approved by the head of PAOCC or its designated signatory. Dumalo’s reasoning that the approval of Ochoa as head of PAOCC to their mission in Atimon is not necessary on a presumption of regularity since it’s their job to run after organized crime groups is definitely an utter display of insubordination, a wholesale disrespect and disobedience to the agency and its head. 

    The PAOCC is distinct and apart from the Military and the PNPA in its structure and operation that any officer at whim can perform an operation without clearance from the head. All operations to be conducted must be coordinated with all law enforcement agencies concerned for without a close knit coordination just like the gory Atimonan killings, a chaotic disorder is present to elicit suspicion of irregularity.

    Dumlao, Marantan and all men connected with the PAOCC involved in the Atimonan massacre must be suspended pending resolution of the case.

  • Chris P Pnono

    proud to be a pilipino ba kayo sa mga karumaldumal na gawain ng ating mga alagad ng batas tulad nito?more fun in the philippines daw more killings more rubout more akyat bahay more mandurukot…ako basta ayaw ko na.. 


    “DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES” kaya rat-rat kaagad. it’s simpler and economical kay sa mag file pa ng kaso. alam nyo naman na matatalo ang pulis dahil mawawalan ng gana, dahil matagaaaaal ang caso. ganyan ang orientation ng kagawad ng pnp.

  • dominator1

    Let this be a lesson to all those who are doing illegal activities! I don’t care if it’s a rubout as long as you’re doing illegal things you should be 6ft under the ground. Those who are crying overkill tell that to the people who was victimized by crimes. It’s better that these people are dead rather than continue there illegal activities.

    • efriend

      Absolutely. Kudos to Marantan and Co.

      • Jason Cruz

        wOW OK ka ah, murderer ang nga idols mo.   congrats.

      • dominator1

        Wow ok ka ah.. Jueteng lord at guns for hire idols mo. Congrats!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2DG3R2AAQZDON2KH45T3YC5DOA del pillar


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PJTH3SHQU3B4TCUVRH2UXZCJDY Balahura

    now hirap kayo ipaliwanag INQ na not approved sa itaas ang COPLAN hehehe…nauna na kasi sinabi mo INQ na approved eh now binabawi mo dahil sa dikta ng higher ups :)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QVR2HMWEPWZA4TV2Z2Q7BYF36A January

    Question ? bakit kasama nila Consemino si Siman sa sasakyan, ano ang ibig sabihin noon.? alamin muna natin ang dahilan bago tayo mag dada, kasi sa panahon ngayon dapat batas na bakal talaga ang kailangan bago mag tino ang mga taong gulo lang ang gusto.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RTHTG4OTWSQVU6JEGUDCIO5QFU GEORGE

    Why the PAOCC did not approve? Is there somebody siding the other side? Just asking.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Here’s one possible scenario:

    Papunta diretso yong grupo ni Vic Siman sa palasyo kaya may Office of the President na seal yong sasakyan nila. Posibleng kinuha siya ng mga escort na Air Force at kapulisan . Either aamin na jueteng lord siya at may balak na magsqueal ka Mar o PNoy. Natitiktikan ng grupo ni Marantan na ipapahamak ang grupo nila dahil ang kalaban sa jueteng ni Siman ay ang kapatid na babae ni Marantan. Kaya ang nangyari ambush talaga ang motibo at walang ititirang buhay dahil mapapahamak ang mga “utak” na maaring general o politikong mataas ang katungkulan. Four birds with one stone ika nga. Dedbol na si Siman at mamayagpag na sa jueteng yong kapatid na babae ni Marantan, kuha pa nila ang sandamakmak na pera ni Siman, di pa mabibisto ang monthly tongpats ng mga padrino ni Dumlao at Marantan, at hero pa ang dalawang bugok. Kaya kahit walang Mission Order at colorum yong “Kupalan Operation” ayun inupakan na kaagad dahil. yon lang ang kanilang pagkakataong mapigilan ang grupo ni Siman na ibisto sila.

    Unbelievable but this is the only plausible scenario.

  • Pangasugan

    Too bloody fo PAOCC that’s why it doesn’t want Malacanang to touch it? If these guys are squeamish by the prospect of seeing blood shed by criminals or law enforcement people, then they are in the wrong business. This is probably the reason why the government doesn;t wan’t to go after NPA and MILF camps. Too bloody!
    The problem is you cannot sign peace agreement with criminals.You have to arrest them and use lethal force if they resists.
    Lastly. what happened to the initial speculation that the shootout is simply a “war” between rival gambling operators and that Marantan is a protector of Siman’s rival? If Marantan is clean, then are we not suppose to support and motivate policemen like this?

  • XY ZEE

    Syempre tanggol to the max si Panfila.
    Damay nanaman ang alaga nyang berdugo na si Dumlao.
    Basta rubout, di mawawala ang mga galamay niya sa usapan.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5TENDBNOVQRJEKFPV76D2N4XUM Socorro

      That is why he is Lacson is very quick to comment, and now he is talking sweet things to De Lima and Roxas. Baka madulas ang dila ng dalawa.

  • Guest

    Bigo si Mar Roxas na idiin si Executive Secretary Ochoa sa Atimonan incident. Hindi kasi kapani-paniwala ang propaganda nila.

  • Olibo

    Wow! A well-organized Mafia style gambling syndicate. Thought it happened only in the movie. JUETENG IS EVIL. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XSHWGLY25MTOGUZUIBF5JT5BZI pdred

    Why is Glen Dumlao in authority again? I thought he was on the run because of Dacer-Corbito murders.

    • IbigMongSabihin

      lumabas sa lungga at muling nagkapangil si lacson sa pamamagitan ng malacanang. at lumabas sa lungga at muling nagkapangil si Dumlao thru his padrino Lacson.   

  • indiosbravos2002

    Siman is a jueteng operator who will do anything to protect his interests. This means hiring goons, hitmen, corrupt policemen and military, bribing politiicans, and killing anyone perceived to be a threat. The cop who died was a protector so were the military people who were on the SUV. I have no doubt about that and thats their fault. By associating themselves with a shady character, they put their integrity in question. However, Maratnan is also not in the clear. The fact that he had a history with Siman’s group put his motives and the whole operation in question. Who knows if this is all about personal revenge.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5TENDBNOVQRJEKFPV76D2N4XUM Socorro

      bakit nung una gun for hire daw ang pinatay, when questions arise, naging jueteng na kasi alam nila maraming galit sa jueteng, but tell it to the marines? They are only using jueteng to mislead us. Dead men tell no tales, makakapagdeny pa ba ang mga patay  nor can they defend themselves? Then why kill all of them, paanong masosolve ang jueteng walang maiimbestigahan kasi pinatay nila lahat. 

  • carlcid

    Whether this bloody operation had Malacañang’s approval, or whether the CALABARZON intelligence unit was cut loose, and left to act on its own, what this incident clearly points out is that jueteng and other illegal gambling rackets are alive and well. And the military and the police are involved up to their gills in this whole sordid affair.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5TENDBNOVQRJEKFPV76D2N4XUM Socorro

    OMG! So this is clear sign of direct insubordination to Ochoa?, It was not approved yet it had been executed. what are they doing now? There is no need for NBI probe, what is stopping them from sanctioning at once these people especially Marantan. Or there is really something fishy in that operation? Will these fan the conflict between Ochoa and Roxas?  Who will win the sipsipan race for the much coveted position and power in Malacañan?

  • Guest

    Kaya mahirap maging presidente si Mar Roxas, mas hihigitan pa niya ang
    nagawa ni Gloria Arroyo.

  • $40586212

    Delekado ngayon ang buhay ni Marantan, baka mamaya sacrificial lamb siya…di natin alam kung gaano kalalim ang alam niya at sino talaga ang nasagasahan niyang mataas sa politica. Parang may nararamdaman akong hindi tama sa gobierno…paano kaya kung si Siman ay collector siya ng mataas na opisyal ng gobierno, i’m not saying na Macanang, pero posible rin di ba?  Just a thought. 

    • Jason Cruz

      Sigurado yan, kasi sya ang hit man. heheheheheeh.   Kapag mainit na, ililigpit din yan at ma eexperience nya ang ginawa nya sa nga biktima nya.   SSPRAYAN NG BALA.

  • Ma Isadora Umali

    Iyan talaga ang plano ni Mar Roxas at Purisima, na si Siman ang
    mamamahala ng jueteng operations sa Laguna, Quezon at Bicol.

  • garcia677

    Dumlao and Marantan judging from from the facts presented by reporters had violated the cardinal rule  on respect and obedience to your superiors in the enforcement of law and order. Be it be known that both officers can’t just perform a very sensitive mission sans the approval of Ochoa as PAOCC head.

    Therefore, their mission thereat Atimonan, Quezon where 13 people were killed is deemed unlawful since according to Ochoa, he didn’t approve it and without approval Marantan and his group who killed the 13 people including a police colonel must be made accountable.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BWW4DQ56M5S47UEC4C34OTQWYM Redivico

      Oi… garcia677… ano ka?!? nagmamatalinong echuserang frog na pa THEREFORE THEREFORE ka png nalalaman…
      Oi boy, neng or bading ka man or whatever ka man… wag masyadong pa-epal… bwesetttttt!!!!

  • Guest

    Kaya nga lahat ng pondo ng LP, galing lahat yan sa iligal partikular sa
    jueteng. Huwag na silang magmalinis.

    • dominator1

      Taga UNA ka siguro.. The topic here is the encounter in atimonan Kung fan ka ng kurakot na si binay at erap isama mo na si maceda at Jinggoy.. Mag bigti ka na Lang.

  • henri_see

    Kung sino man ang magte-takeover sa jueteng ops ni Siman, sya ang may pakana sa lahat ng ito. Kung totoo namang legit police operation ang nangyari, my congrats and thanks to Manantan and his group.

  • Love God

    Siman group wouldn’t have grown strong without the support and protection of law enforcement agencies and politicians.

    All big time crime syndicates got the backing of military, police, politicians and judges.

    It is a shocking fact and it hurts. But that is the truth.

  • Guest

    Matagal nang napupundi si PNoy kay Mar Roxas dahil sa gulong kini-create
    niya sa kanyang administration. Bibinggo na itong si Mar.

    • Jason Cruz

      Si Ochoa ang bibingo.   Si Mar mukhang mahinang lider at boses pa lang mukhang malambot.

  • milespacker

    It is fair to say that everything was fine up until the massacre. It looks as if Marantan hi-jacked the COPLAN to serve his personal agenda.

    • $40586212

      maybe the right word is, “he hi-jacked the coplan to save his life from Siman”…paunahan lang diba?  I would do the same thing if I’m in his shoes.

      • milespacker

        Marantan’s record is questionable, he also has an ongoing case regarding the killing of “carnappers” captured on TV.

        If all oplans, the police force and, in this case the army, were all at the disposal of people like Maratnan to save his own skin, then we the public whose taxes are being used for these agencies, would all be massacred.

        So I hope you realize that it is wrong.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/X2U4X42BZTUHPWMP2UKFP5QWMU LucasPacascas

    All the more na dapat managot si Col. Hansel Marantan sa nangyari. Wala naman talaga itong Coplan Armado na ito. gawa gawa lang ito ni Col. Marantan to eliminate the jueteng rival of his sister sa Laguna, Batangas, Quezon area na papasukin ni Vic Siman. Marami siyang dapat ipaliwanag sa nilabag niyang Police Operational Procedure. Swak na siya dito, wala na kasi yung Patron niya, si former PNP COP Nic Bartolome.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2JVSEXTMANAEZGLOSZGWJYW67Q Jess

      Galing ng analysis mo LucasPacascas. Sana pakinggan ka ng investigating team. Kaya lang mga PNP rin sila, karancho ni Marantan.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/X2U4X42BZTUHPWMP2UKFP5QWMU LucasPacascas

        NBI na ang mag-iimbestiga. Sabi kasi ni PNOY he smells something fishy. Duda ang Pangulo sa kwento ni Col. Marantan. Kung sinasabi ni Col. Marantan na guns-for-hire ang grupo ni Vic Siman, siya sana ang unang bumulagta. Hindi bumabaril sa paa at kamay ang killer. Laging fatal ang target niya. One bullet, one kill dahil pumatay ng tao ang trabaho niya. At saka bakit gagamit ng rehistrado at lisensiyadong baril yung mga nakasakay sa Montero kung hired killers sila? At bakit sila sasakay sa reshistradong sasakyan? Walang logic, diba?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BWW4DQ56M5S47UEC4C34OTQWYM Redivico

        LucasPacascas… kaw ang walang logic… pa TOTOY BIBO effect ka pa… bewsetttttt!!!!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/X2U4X42BZTUHPWMP2UKFP5QWMU LucasPacascas

        Kung ikaw ay hired killer, gagamit ka ba ng lisensiyadong baril? Sasakay ka ba sa rehistradong sasakyan? Aba e napakabobo mo naman hired killer, at mas lalong bobo ang kukuha sa iyo.

        At kung hired killer ka, nasa harap mo na ang papatayin mo, sa paa at braso mo lang babarilin? Tolongges ka pala!

    • $40586212

      e paano kung gawagawa rin lang na may sister si Marantan to make a case against him…napatunayan na ba na talagang may sister si Marantan operating as bookies?  Wala pa naman di ba? Puro speculations lang mga ito…antayin natin ang investigation kung tutuo nga na may sister si Marantan na bookies.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/X2U4X42BZTUHPWMP2UKFP5QWMU LucasPacascas

        Inamin niyang may kapatid siya sa Laguna, but hindi niya sinabing engaged siya sa STL. For obvious reasons, of course.

      • $40586212

        saan mo nakuha ang information na ‘yan…saang report niya inamin?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/X2U4X42BZTUHPWMP2UKFP5QWMU LucasPacascas

        Naiiwan ka sa pansitan. Di ka siguro nanonood ng tv or hindi nagbabasa ng newspapers. Ang pangalan ng kanyang sistah ay Cenen “Tita” Marantan Dinglasan

      • $40586212

        wow ang nakita ko lang ay Cenen “Tita” Dinglasan…walang nakasabi na Marantan. Are you making this up? I think I’ve read every article about this case.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BWW4DQ56M5S47UEC4C34OTQWYM Redivico

      LucasPacascas… ang galing mo… taena… may conspiracy theory ek ek ka pang nalalamn…. hindot… kung ako sau… tigilan mo nang magbasa-basa ng komiks… bweset….

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/X2U4X42BZTUHPWMP2UKFP5QWMU LucasPacascas

        Nabasa mo naman siguro, hindi aprub ni Ochoa ang Coplan Armado, dahil this is too good to be true tulad ng ginawa ni Marantan sa Valle Verde, Laguna and Paranaque, Sa Valle Verde navideo si Marantan an planting evidence, [plate number ng sasakayan at baril] sa compartment ng kotse. Tinodas pa niya yung naghihingalong tao sa loob. Yun sa Laguna, pinalabas niyang gun-for-hire yung tinodas nila, bookie operator lang pala. Yung sa Paranaque, niratrat yung crosswind dahil daw getaway vehicle. Sino ang sakay nung Crosswind, seaman at yung 5-years old na batang babae. 

        Hindi aprub yung Coplan Armado itinuloy pa din ni Marantan. That’s a direct insubordination!  
        Lahat ng Operational Police Procedure tungkol sa checkpoint nilabag ni Marantan.

        Mag-isip kang mabuti Kamote!

  • Guest

    It appears na si Sec. Mar Roxas ang kontrabida sa Aquino administration.
    Ganyan talaga kapag masyadong masiba sa kapangyarihan.

  • gabbybal

    The point is: there was the jutting lord Siman, his alleged goons “gun-for-hire”, & his police protectors who died with him… They’re bunch of criminals the way it looks. Why malacanang is washing hands who created PAOCC? It’s very creation resulted in those killings…. What if Marantan & others are found on the wrong side? The PAOCC will be toothless as no brave police officers as did Marantan…. and likes if Siman will be laughing all the way to the banks & continue to feel untouchables. Get real PNoy, para kang baklang magdecide & taking full responsibility.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ACKTNXEQPYCGZ6JTCWAAT6GFZY Jobo

    Kaya nababawasan ang magagaling at matapang na pulis dahil after risking their lives doing their job– they are persecuted. Kaya yung iba sasali nalang sa masama, there they are given due credit. For the atimonan 13– impossible na hindi nila alam na jueteng lord ang sinasamahan nila. Pwedeng sinasama talaga sila kasi some of them being civilians and law enforcement authorities– alam nung jueteng lord na magdadalawang isip ang police forces ipursue sila. And kung lagi sila magkakasama the question is- ano legitimate business nila coming to Bicol. Heavy firearms were present and for sure nakikita nila yun– dapat dun palang umiwas na sila sa group ni siman kaya we cant say na wala sila alam or they are not involved. Alam ni Siman na sinusundan sya ng Pulis and thats why may sinasama sya civilians in his convoy. Q

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    PAOCC said it did not approve the mission because it would be bloody.  What kind of reasoning is that?  Any operation against criminals and armed confrontation of course is bloody.

    • $40586212

      ay naku…i’d say no balls ang mga nasa PAOCC…si Marantan na lang kaya ang ilagay na head ng PAOCC para malinisan ang backyard ng Pinas.

  • zeroko

    Puro deny, puro deny. He he he. Ang may kasalanan nito ay si Cabinet Secretary Ochoa. Sinungaling talaga. Pag-pumalpak, deny. He he he. Nakikisao-sao narin si Ochoa sa Jueteng, that’s what!

  • milespacker

    Is the measure of being “brave” the ability to kill people with overwhelming force? Brave ka ba if you kill someone who is outnumbered and outgunned? Parang hindi yata. More of a bully than brave.

    What about brave and at the same time intelligent? Wala bang mey ganong qualities sa PNP?

    • $40586212

      hindi naman bullying ‘yun dahil mga criminal naman ang mga napatay.  “Bravery” in the sense na may guts itong mga police to go after the criminals. And you’re right…bravery and intelligence go hand in hand…kaya nga nahuli ang mga ito.

      • milespacker

        Correction my friend, hindi sila nahuli. They were massacred. Before you call the people who died criminals, they should have been tried in the court of law and proven to be criminals through evidence. Hindi pwede yung papatayin mo and then call them criminals. Kung ganun-ganun lang yun, then everyone could be killed and called criminal.

        Fyi, most of those who died had no criminal records.

      • $40586212

        nakakatawa ka naman…sinasabi na nga nila na head ng organize crime si Siman…hellol!

      • milespacker

        Medyo pa-check ka, natatawa ka e wala naman nakakatawa sa sinabi ko. Sinasabi ng PDI na head siya ng organized crime? Sa nabasa ko e, maraming sinabi ang PDI example: Mey brother daw si Maratnan na involved sa STL, tapos naging sister.

        So learn to discern what you read.

        Lets wait for the official statement.

      • $40586212


      • Pork_Republik

         Ah, di ba si Al Capone wala din siyang record bilang ruthless gangster ng Chicago?

        Tax evasion lang nga ang dumali sa kanya.

        Also, alam natin lahat mga buwaya ang nandiyan sa senado at kongreso pero wala din silang corruption records di ba.

        That because of the Role of Law para sa mga may connection, pera at may kapangyarihan.

      • milespacker

        Ang kagandahan ng batas ay kailangan ng ebidensya para ma-convict ang isang tao. Kung ibabase lang sa tsismis ang batas, e baka lahat tayo e makulong.

      • $40586212

        e wala namang batas sa Pinas…corruption ang meron.

      • Pork_Republik

        That is true sir but sometimes good men must do evil for good to triumph. Even God commands man to do evil to achieve something good.

      • milespacker

        That is the problem. We do not know who the good men are. Maybe they are all bad, or worse maybe evil triumphed.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T42Q37DX5BRWJ5NRYTBC2DXUAU Jols – batman Robin

      pwes mas gusto mo pang mabuhay c SIMAN…..AT MAMATAY SI MARANTAN…

      • milespacker

        Wala akong sinabing ganun. Pero kung ako ang superior ni Maratnan, I would ask him kung ano ang ginagawa nya doon sa checkpoint na yun e mey personal na alitan pala siya dun sa mga biktima.

        Kumbaga sa huwes, dapat nag-inhibit si Maratnan dahil mey mga personal issues siya sa kaso, mey conflict of interest.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    How about if most of the casualties belongs the the police and military? Would the authorities be happy with it?

    I guess Supt. Hansel Marantan should be commended for bravely doing his job where most from the police force and even from the PAOCC are afraid to do.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T42Q37DX5BRWJ5NRYTBC2DXUAU Jols – batman Robin

      agree ako dyan

  • bugoybanggers

    Labo labo na. Iyan na nga naman ang AFP-PNP.. kitang kita na gambling lord pala itong mga napaslang eh ano pa? Proteksyon ng kung sino? Agawan ng kita? Ang pilipino kahit na kriminal pa o kurap pa ang isang minamaha, kokonsintehin iyan kasi mahal eh.. saan ka pa, Philippines the Land of KONSINTEDOR ng MUNDO.

  • tilney

    Risking their life eh binaril niya yon sarili para meron rason doon sa ginawa nila. rub out. Intelligence is supposed to gather evidence and pass this to operation team not what Marantan have done . Check point has operating procedure, one has to obatin a search warrant to search a vehicle.. All PNP men manning the check point should be in proper uniform with all the
    necessary signs that it is check point with PNP Mobile Car. 

  • manangjuana

    Marantan was involved in suspicious police operations in the past.  He was involved in the Paranaque shootout and in Ortigas Center.  Isn’t he suspended pending investigations?  Why was he then involved in the Siman case?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T42Q37DX5BRWJ5NRYTBC2DXUAU Jols – batman Robin

      ang totoong pulis ay talagang nakakasuhan………lalo ng pag ang nakakabanga nila ung mga ma eplowesya….ibig sabihin lang nito ay talagang ginagawa ni marantan ung kanyang trabaho bilang alagad ng batas….. 

  • dodong1

    Marantan was the only one injured among the 50 policemen and Army special forces troops who allegedly fought Siman’s group in a 20-minute gun battle at a checkpoint along a sparsely populated stretch of Maharlika Highway in Atimonan. KAHINALA HINALA TALAGA..ANG TAMA SA PAA?? LUMAPIT SI MARANTAN SA SUV AT TINANONG KUNG SINO ANG NAKASAKAY?/ BIGLANG BUMARIL?/ SINO TANGANG TAOONG BABARIL PAPABABA.SA PAA?? KUNG AKO YUN SIGURADUHIN KONG SA DIDIB, ULO O SA BANDANG TYAN..HINDI SA PAA. KAYA MALAKING ALIBI ITO…HINDI SHOOTOUT ANG NANGYARI KUNDI RUBOUT….ANO SA AKALA NINYO MGA KAPWA PILIPINO??

    • rayingga

       Tama na, be happy ka na lang dahil nababawasan na ang mga masasama sa Pinas. Patay na sila,yun namang pumatay ay under imbistigasyon ano pa. kilalana natin

      • dodong1

        kung kamag anak mo yung nakasakay sa mga SUV tingin mo ba maging masaya ka sa mga nangyari sa kanila?? ilagay mo yung sarili mo sa kalagayan nila ngayon ano kaya ang pakiramdam mo??? nagtatanong lang naman..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BWW4DQ56M5S47UEC4C34OTQWYM Redivico

      oi dodong 1…. magmatalino kaya?!? may nalalaman ka pang SIGURADUHIN KONG SA DIDIB, ULO O SA BANDANG TYAN… kupal manahimik ka… baka nga kahit tirador o sumpit di ka makatama…

      wag ma epal ha!!!! bwesettttttt!!!

      • dodong1

        gunggong ka pala ako ay isang trained na humawak ng baril kaya magingat ingat ka dyan..dahil hindi mo mapapatay ang isang tao kung sa paa mo lang sila babarilin..KUHA MO!!

      • dodong1

        dahil kung ikaw ang nasa harapan ko talagang sisiguraduhin ko ng ang tama ng bala ay sa ulo mo para sumabog ang bunggo mo!! KUHA MO ULI!!

    • Jamm3r

      just a quick reaction brod, there was no news that marantan approached the suv van with the supposedly criminals or victims. what’s in the news earlier was that the suv van never stopped at the checkpoint. those in the suv while nearing the checkpoint started firing the checkpoint thus prompting the policemen and military soldiers to fireback and considering the numbers of the officials in the checkpoint as you said they numbered in 50, talagang walang bubuhayin sa loob ng suv yun.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/A7MFC6GP2VI2GSPT3FOBEOTMYE Arthur Joaquin

        talagang walang ititirang buhay si marantan dahil malaking pera ang dala. ang tanong saan na yong dalang pera?

      • boldyak

        sinong sira ulo na magpapaputok sa checkpoint na kita mo nakahambalang ang isang malaking military truck?….at alam mong hindi ka makakalusot kahit paputok ka pa….sussss…ganda pa pagkapark ng dalawang SUV sa daan…hahaha..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T42Q37DX5BRWJ5NRYTBC2DXUAU Jols – batman Robin

      shootout ang nagyari…..galit si siman kay marantan kaya inuna nila ito….d nila alam na nakapwesto n pala ung mga kapulisan at SF…e d pinutokan din cla ng sabaysabay d n cla nakaporma nasalood cla ng sasakyan…..d naman magpapaputok ung mga pulis at SF… kung d nila binaril s MARANTAN……. 

  • Pork_Republik

     Tandaan natin ang mga sindikato, kriminal at corrupt ay siya may connection sa media hindi ang mga tulad ni Col. Marantan at Gen, Palparan.

    Kaya hindi nakakapagtataka labo-labo din ang mga ‘daw’, ‘kuno at ‘reportedly’ sa mga news articles.

  • eyepoor

    Col. Marantan, sana bumilis po ang pag galing nyo.. Marami pa po kayong trabaho.. Next time doon naman kayo sa Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan at Pampanga… Sana hindi kayo magbago sa pangyayaring ito… Tuloy lang po.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JGOS6OO2YQFL55A3K2GKSG2U3I Zyril

      Sino at ilan pa kayang matinong Police o Military officers na kaya gawin ang ginawa mo. Such what our country needs para mabuo ang tunay na pagbabago at transformation ng ating bansa. Go go Philippines, malapit na tayo. Let’s all rejoice!

  • Albert Einstien

    PAREHONG me koneksyon sa itaas ang mga grupo me sticker pa nga ng PALASYO..alangan magpapataya sila ng jueteng or magtinda ng drugs doon…ano  ky gingawa ng SUV pag pumupunta sa PALASYO..?…….para lang yan yun ” mission impossible ” the handlers will disavow when they get caught & they know it…


    • zeroko

      Galing mo pre! Puro double!

  • rayingga

    Why cry to much, if it is a rub out or shootout what is the big deal. Dapat nga maging masaya tayo dahil naglabasan ng lahat ang mga bulok. Patay na ang mga kontra bida at under imbestigasyon ang mga bida. Di ba win win situation tayo. At least nakilala na natin kung sino ang sino.

  • rayingga

    Di ba ang gusto natin ay matapos na ang mga kalokohang ito na nangyayari sa ating bansa, jueteng, hard killers, drug lords at iba pa. Ayan na nababawasan na ang mga masasama. Ngayon ang dami naman ninyong mga reklamo, pag dinaan mo yan sa husgado o legal na paraan mag pipiyansa lang ang mga iyan at balik uli sa masamang gawain. Be happy na lang at kahit paano ay nawawala na sila dahan dahan.

    • boldyak

      kung naging suspect ka sa jueteng, pede na ba kitang barilin?…at sabihin ko na jueteng lord ka?…okay lang sa iyo?…balewalain na lang ba natin ang due process, mahilg ka siguro manood ng western movies kaya ganyan pag-iisip mo…wrong is wrong and can not be considered as right. once you justify a wrong act, there’s no limit what a man can do against his fellow…get you mind straight…have some wisdom…

      • dodong1

        ha ha ha good point..barilin mo na yan…ha ha ha ha

      • dodong1

        ang hirap kasi dito sa mga iba dito nagmamarunong pero hindi pa yata nakahawak ng baril..ha ha ha ha ha

  • Fulpol

    Coplan Bayani, you killed your own brothers (policemen and soldiers)… if the other option is to arrest them and put them in trial..

    indeed a dangerous game..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T42Q37DX5BRWJ5NRYTBC2DXUAU Jols – batman Robin

      patayin ang salut sa lipunan…tulad ni siman at ang kanyang mga kasama….

      • Fulpol

        have they done that to Ampatuans?

      • boldyak

        sana hindi ka mapagkamalan ng salut…at baka bumalik sa iyo ang sinasabi mo…hahaha…

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Habang tumatagal gumagaling ang pagmasahe sa istorya. Ilang araw pa at lalabas na walang rubout or shootout. Yung mga namatay ay nag mass suicide.

    • boldyak

      ito na yata ang panahon na puputi na ang uwak….haha

  • Fulpol

    Coplan Bayani, why they killed their own brothers (policemen and soldiers) if the other option is to arrest them and put them in trial?

    just to sealed their lips from revealing treacherous activity of the influential people in the gov’t? was it to protect the master from getting into trouble if their brothers will speak out after their arrest and when they put in trial?

    indeed a dangerous game..

    • eyepoor

      Sila Vic Siman aarestohin at kakasohan mo,,papaano??.. patawa ka Fulpol… Sino ang matapang na mag ttestigo?.. Malas lang talaga nila pinagpuyatan at trinabaho sila ng husto ni Hansel… Aral ito sa mga bigtime kuno na sindikato.. Paminsan minsan may babangga talaga sa kanila na parak na desidido.

      • Fulpol

        they arrested a former PH President- Arroyo.. even jailed a former President- Erap..

        don’t be an idiot…

  • Fulpol

    Coplan Bayani, arrest the targets? is that the way to arrest? kill the the targets? killed your own brothers (policemen and soldiers)?

    rules of engagement? was there any engagement? 

    indeed a dangerous game…

    • $40586212

      Yes, indeed a dangerous game…pero bakit kasi sumama ang mga pulis at sundalo sa joy ride ni Vic Siman na head ng organize crime?  For sure kilala nila kung sino si Vic Siman…something is fishy.

      • boldyak

        parang mali yata ang tanong…ang dapat na tanong, bakit inambush?..bakit hindi hinuli at nang mahiwalay ang mga inosente?…

  • Fulpol

    the master should not put into trouble…. so his minions are working together to save him… who are his minions?

    i can smell the paper….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    If I’m a movie producer, I might even produce one titled “Marantan – Terror ng Jueteng Lords at Protectors” starring…

    • boldyak

      sundan mo ng may pamagat na…”Marantan – The New Lord and Protector”

  • doublecross

    speculative assessment….no motives at all.

  • doublecross

    no victim conquer the worlds, but the shadow chance upon them…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UR6AKMU2J2D4GOPDU4QMRZDB7Q felipe

    kay “RUBOUT OR SHOOTOUT” ok lang yan “WILD WILD WEST” nga ang labanan..  no problem for as long as  the “GOOD” prevails !!!!!!!!

    • boldyak

      are you sure Marantan has good intentions?…

  • Fockin

    i think it was a legit op. there must be a shootout as the subject group already ignored the
    1st checkpoint. perhaps it was a blessing in disguise to stop this big syndicate. 

    • boldyak

      huh!, nagdagdag ka pa ng isang checkpoint…hahaha..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VY25ZOHU3FJFFX6CYSH5W4AX3I sugbu

    Wala pa bang results ang investigation ???? Ang Bagal Naman !!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jtpenton Musta Na Mo

       di pa tapos ang pag patch sa mga lusot…the truth are not yet covered baka makita…

  • rjimenez1226

    Marantan is clearly a very suspicious character.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      May suspicious character kapang nalalaman, si Vic Seaman at Police Col. ano sila Santo?

  • Lapu Lapu

    I prefer instant justice than our current system of “Justice Delayed”

    Justice delayed means all culprits will bribe their way out. If ever convicted they find wheelchair or take refuge in a luxury hospital.

    If I am wrong, tell me how many of the corrupt leaders and operators of gun for hire, drug, jueting, murder, robbery are convicted and serving jail sentence?

    I salute Col. Marantan for his brave stand against criminals even though he didn’t get approval for his battle plan.. Some of his superiors were too scared for the operation. What a joke! Unfortunately Marantan became a victim of political survival of some people.

    We need more honest to goodness men and women in our law enforcement units and justice department.

    • boldyak

      sana hindi ka mapagkamalan sa lumabag sa batas, at ng hindi mo matikaman ang sinasabi mo…

    • patukar

      wag sana mag tagpo ang landas nyo ni Magellan para maintidihan mo ibig sabihin ng instant justice, kangaroo court justice.

  • rikkibb

    TO: Police Colonnel Hansel Marantan…you are the hero of all  peoples in Quezon……We need Police like you who have the guts to go after all this dreaded criminal groups….and to all those critical to the Atimonan incidents and symphatitic on how this crims met their end…..FUCK YOU ALL……You don,t know how dangerous criminals they are……If you cross their path, you will be killed….and they even killed law inforcement officers…..

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      Si Vic Siman daw ay leader ng organized criminals at on the way sila sa for Bible study kasama yung mga Police officers,may ganon?

    • milespacker

       Halos lahat naman ng mamamatay tao “hero” sa Quezon. Yung mga tricycle sa Sariaya hindi na tumatabi sa highway dahil mga NPA daw sila. Mga siga. Sa Dolores at Tiaong maraming guns for hire, status symbol na ang nakapatay. Young people talk about killing for money pag mey inuman. Pag-ji-jingle ka paharap, at isang kamay lang, yung isa ready to draw, pag tumalikod ka e. . . . .alam mo na.

      I am sure kung father mo, brother mo or someone in your family ang niratrat sa checkpoint hindi ganyan ang sasabihin mo. It is not right that 13 people died sa checkpoint, madaling sabihin na collateral ang iba because hindi mo sila kaanu-ano, pero someone’s father died a violent death there. Ni hindi alam kung sinu siya until well after the incident. Weak ang intel.

      Ang mahirap sa maraming parte ng pilipinas e hindi na alam kung ano ang tama at ano ang mali.

  • malek_abdul

    The uniformed men in the company of Vic Siman may be a case of “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”. Vic Siman was tagged as a jueteng and drug lord so perhaps those uniformed men who were with him (Siman) were either protectors or partners. I just want to tell Marantan, next time you do operations like this…do it more convincing to appear as a “shootout”.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JGOS6OO2YQFL55A3K2GKSG2U3I Zyril

      Tama ka alangan namang pipitsuging PO1 o PO3 lang ang protector siyempre mahaba ang payroll.

      • malek_abdul

        I’ve been in the company of a jueteng lord ( for 2 weeks) many years back. The most prominent protector I’ve seen was the PNP chief at that time and under him are colonels, majors, captains down to the traffic officer. Next protectors are mayors, barangay captains and tanods. Escorts during hauling of moneys are military and police who are in active service and AWOL. One governor (deceased) from south Luzon would even ask permission from this Jueteng lord to operate in his home province.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T42Q37DX5BRWJ5NRYTBC2DXUAU Jols – batman Robin

    notorious pala to si siman…..ang dami na plang tao pinatay nito……SIR, MARANTAN…saludo po ako sa inyo…. sana ganyan ung mga katangian ng mga pulis natin may LAKAS NA LOOB……patayin ung mga salut sa lipunan…..

    • boldyak

      sana hindi ka mapagkamalan na salut…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JGOS6OO2YQFL55A3K2GKSG2U3I Zyril

      Very few will dare to face a Goliath and against multitude of criticisms. I salute you for your actions and putting at stake your name, your career and your family. A true Filipino military and police officer in uniform. Sigurado naman akong may basbas ng mas nakakataas sayo yan. Tyak wala na namang mangyayari kung hinuli lang para kasuhan, gagastos lang ang gobyerno, marami pang itutumba at maraming oras na masasayang at ma-wa-whitewash lang sa kadahilanang hinidi sapat na ibedensiya pagkalipas ng maraming taon. 

  • Fulpol

    the FBI could easily killed Al Capone… but there is restriction… by knowledge of the law…

    but never on the principle of the master in the Philippines… they killed their own (policemen and soldiers)…

    like watching Hollywood crime suspense thriller action wild wild west film….

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    Pag makita ko yan Col. Hansel na yan,bugbogin ko.Bakit Calabarzon lang ang target mo,dapat buong bansa,one time.
    Nung panahon pa ng Hapon yan Jueteng,what takes you so long to eradicate it totally?
    Nung sineryoso ni Sec Robredo ang campaign against Jueteng,see what he got.
    Wala naman kasing batas na nagbabawal ng JUETENG kasi pinakikinabangan ito ng big time Politicians.
    Col. Hansel,i’ll change my mind,2 thumbs up.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JGOS6OO2YQFL55A3K2GKSG2U3I Zyril

      Still many thinks that Robredo’s death was just an accident, pilot’s error or coincidental mishap that must not be tied-up to his quest and ongoing investigation. Think deeper guys. There are many ways to make it appear as such and the crooks can be wiser and more steps ahead than their opponent.

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

        I don’t understand we never heard a single live statement from Sec Robredo’s sekyu.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HPGUIIJ44DMCSONOPI4JAEMUZM lex

    hugas kamay na namn ang palasyo, palibahasa palpak na naman!noy boying ang mga tao ni abnoy!

  • Fulpol

    the criminals killed their victims because they don’t care about the law and justice system…

    the “law” enforcers like police and military can’t just killed people because they are restricted by law…

    the killing is just saying, lawlessness is being exercise and being tolerated in the Philippines…

    what makes it dangerous is that the law enforcers killed their own brothers (policemen and soldiers)….. justified by rules of engagement during arrest… but it seemed, the victims didn’t engage…

    the FBI could easily killed Al Capone… but there is restriction… knowledge and abiding to the law…

    but not in the case of the Philippines, as the master himself don’t care about the law…

    it seemed there is impunity of lawlessness….

    • $40586212

      bakit ba kinakampihan mo ang mga police na kasabwat ni Siman. Alagad ‘yan ni Siman. They were on the wrong side of the law. Malaki siguro ang bayad ni Siman sa kanila.

  • glg_ph

    at this point ang opinion ay kung pabor kay siman o kay marantan, tama yung komentaryo na parehong dubious characters ang involved dito.  sa ganang akin, mabuti narin tong ginawa ni siman kasi pag dinaan mo sa prosesong tama walang mngyayari…

  • rikkibb

    Mr. President Noy Noy Aquino,, vis a vis..Atty Valle, and Ochoa…at the first stage of the Atimonan incident was brough out in publict, right immediatelly you were come out with conclusion, that the poor Col. Marantan was accused of rubust…..and you even tells to the public about previous shooting incidents seemingly at his faults…..(Marantan was involved in other previous shooting incident)…My Goodness me….what kind of President of the Philippine Banana Republic you are…parang sinabi na rin si Police Col. Marantal ay masama na tao…You know for a fact that the poor Police Colonel is only weeding out criminals…and these poor policemen and soldiers are all willing at any time to give their lives and shed their blood for you and the government…..pero ikaw pa ang bibitay sa kanila….I am very sorry to say,,,you are only listening to your one sided advicers ……..

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

       Ewan bat duda ang Malacanang sa operation ni Col. Hansel,pano if pag dudahan naman ang Malacanang na sila ang pasimuno ng bloody Jueteng na yan.Bat hindi mahuli huli lahat ng Jueteng gambling Lord ng Pilipinas?

    • $40586212

      exactly, e baka naman collector ng Macanang ang Siman na ito kaya nilalaglag nila ang mga police na ito. Something is fishy….if you think about it, itong grupo ni Siman ay ginagamit pa ang Presidential logo to do their dark businesses..thinking siguro that their are big shots or above the law.  Buti na lang hindi stupid ang grupo ni Marantan.

  • rodben

    Padre Damaso did it again, GOD IS NOT SLEEPING not same2 Police officers and anti-crime gov’t agency.

  • maximus_meridius

    Hindi pala na approve yang Coplan Armado na yan eh bakit natuloy ang pag execute ng plano na to?  Kami ba’y ginagawa nyong tanga at uto-uto?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6ODLDBBLVPVJCOODC6Y4CKJTVA lex

      Tumpak! Tama  ang sinabi mo pero ikaw lang, kasi  di mo iniintidi ang binabasa mo. Kapag inaprovan yan ng PAOCC, ibig sabihin magbibigay sila ng budget para dito. (para sa intelligence, surveillance, execution and all expenses) Now kahit di inaprovan, puede nilang ituloy ito kasi kasama yan sa tungkulin nila, ang i maintain ang peace and order at buwagin ang organised crime. Kasama ito sa tungkulin nila bilang militar, KAYA NANINIWALA akong legal ang operasyon  nila. Kung paano nila ginawa ang execution , YON ANG BIG QUESTION. At saka iisa lang ang pinakamadaling gawin ng OUTSIDERS, ang MAGSISIHAN !

  • boldyak

    and therefore PAOCC desides, who live and who dies…ay grabe..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XJ6M3EEK5LGN77YOMKJHBCXF7Q jeronimo

    halos araw araw na lang e may bagong paliwanag ang malacanang, baket? ang daming explenasyone, kung wala kayong alam ( lagi naman ) e di wala. sus! sino maniniwala sa inyo nyan??  toinks!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6ODLDBBLVPVJCOODC6Y4CKJTVA lex

      Sorry ka lang kasi NAPALAYAS ka na sa MALACANANG!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/XJ6M3EEK5LGN77YOMKJHBCXF7Q jeronimo

        Ako pinalayas as malacanang? Ha??? Pinang sasabi mo?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6ODLDBBLVPVJCOODC6Y4CKJTVA lex

        Sobrang galing mo! Isipin mo na lang nasasabi mong walang kaalam- alam ang malakanyang. Sino ka ba para magsabi nyan? Ang presidente ng Pilipinas ang nasa malakanyang, Ang presidente ang pinakamataas na pinuno ng sandatahang lakas ng Pilipinas. NOW, sinung walang alam? Mahiya ka naman sa sarili mo, naggagaling galingan ka, DI KA NAMAN MAGALING!

  • rodben

    wala kayang na agrabyado sa partihn tulad sa Senado at Congreso?

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      Malamang meron.

  • alfonso hiponia

    Don”t seem to remember the Maguindanao Massacre. With only a few targets, maybe one also, see what they call collateral damage? Better think of it as just another movie by that title.   

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JGOS6OO2YQFL55A3K2GKSG2U3I Zyril

    Sino kaya ang mga inosente? Pag bigatin ka kelangan mo diba ng magpoprotekta sayo hindi isang barangay tanod lang. Diba yan ang usual  norm? At pag bigatin ang protektor siyempre kilalang kilala niya ang bigating poprotektuhan niya? So, di para silang birds of same feathers that flocks together. 

  • AllinLawisFair

    It appears, as this item reported, that Supt. Hansel Marantan, whose unit has earlier killed six of Victor Siman’s followers and who was mad at the former for the loss of his men, wanted to get the latter first before the death threats against him are realised. 

    This is a jungle, where the survival of the fittest is law. But in this jungle, there is now law. How can one protect himself against unidentified killers and ambushers? No way. 

    From this time on, Marantan has to add more eyes around his head. Relatives and followers of Siman, Consemino and the others will surely not rest until they got him.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      And you think Col Hansel will just lay down his eggs and walk freely in the aisle,barehanded?

      • AllinLawisFair

        Of course not. He will have to surround himself with persons he trusts, arm himself to the teeth. He knows very well that biblical wisdom which say that “all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” Matthew 26:52.

    • Kairosphil

      including his “boss”..

  • Vertumnus

    What chances does 13 men with small arms against 50 men with assaults rifles?  Clearly this is a salvage job given the number of men under Maranatan.  How convenient that out of the 50 men, he was the only one injured in the hand and leg, wounds that are none life threatening.

    In the past 7 years, Marantan was involve in the death of 40 people. Allege criminal elements involve in gambling.  
    It’s gambling not kidnapping, not robbery not drug dealings.  You arrest them and try them in court.
    Seems to me, Mranatan and group are acting as judge, jury and executioner, bypassing the laws of the republic.  

    It’s GAMBLING!  Next thing you know, they will go after sabungeros!

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      The Vic Seaman is a notoriuos organized crime operator and engaged in other illegal activities.Any lawmaker that gets entangled with bloody Seaman Loloko will be eradicated and will evaporate like smoke.
      Have you ever seen a gambling Lord who stood trial in Court.Tell me.The Govt is impotent to get rid of these organized crime operators and they can always bail out with few pieces of dimes.Only a bullet can eradicate these bloody syndicates.

      • doncleo

         You are right…Time for the PNP to shoot at each other para maubos na sila.The motto “To serve and Protect” applies for the gambling lords and drug lords and not for the citizenry..Pakamatay na silang lahat.

      • Vertumnus

        So what are you saying? They don’t have rights and should be shot on sight? Gambling lord or not, even they deserve due process under the law. You want to get rid of syndicates, stop people from gambling. It’s a matter of supply and demand. People demand to gamble and this syndicates are more than happy to supply the demands.
        Didn’t Aquino sign into law against extrajudicial killings involving entities of the government? This is why people don’t trust the police or the military. You never know when they’ll decide to kill you.

    • doncleo

       Ganyan ang mga paborito ni Lacson kaya magkasama ngayon si Dumlao at Marantan.

  • superlucky2

    Marantan, was hit by himself. That’s very obvious. Kahit bata alam yan.

    • Kairosphil

      napanood na iyan at kumita na…panahon pa nag valle verde gang!

  • wakats

    Oplan Armado belies the earlier report that the shootout was incidental and not planned.

    Part of the official report of Quezon PNP signed by Prov. Director Senior Supt. Valeriano de Leon last January 8th,  states “Since it was day time and checkpoint was equipped with signage, the occupants of the first vehicle, instead of submitting themselves for inspection, opened fire at the uniformed personnel manning the checkpoint.”

    Since the PNP is already tainted with too many controversies and has lost the respect of the public, it’s high time it should be abolished and replaced by a new name.  All officials involved in suspected/proven anomalies will be automatically separated from the service without prejudice for the continuance of their pending cases.


    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      @wakater you mean the public are losing their respect to our policemen?You mean we have to praise the organized crime operators?I think you should be the 14th man in the convoy.

      • edmondP

         you’re putting words to his mouth.

    • $40586212

      maganda ang sinasabi mo…pero wala namang batas sa Pinas…puro kurakot. Pati judge binibili.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6ODLDBBLVPVJCOODC6Y4CKJTVA lex

    Kilala si SIMAN as notorious jueteng lord. Yong mga kasama nyang militar, anu ba sa palagay nyo bat kasama nila at escorted nila? Sa simpleng tagalog, protector ang mga militar na yon at malaki ang pakinabang nila sa jueteng lord. Sa mga nagko comment dito against kay MARANTAN, halimbawa kaya ikaw ang mapag-initan ni SIMAN saan ka pupulutin? baka buong angkan mo ubusin nya for fun lang. Kaya ang nangyaring Shootout/rubout, ok lang yan. At least nabawasan ang sakit ng lipunan. Walang pinag – iba yan sa kuratong baleleng. Sa palagay nyo kayang maipakulong si SIMAN sa dami nyang pera at connection? Hindi!

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      For the record wala pang nahuli at nakasuhang Waiting Lord.The public Waited too much for this Waiting fiasco to end but nothing happened.Si Pineda nga na nakitaan ng sakong pera sa bahay niya Pinilosopo niya lang mga pulis and he get away with it.Sa Region 1,Central Luzon,Region 2 anlalaking mga Waiting Lords diyan.
      Ang mga Loco wala man lang nag sasabi na itigil na ang Jueteng once and for all.

      • doncleo

         Tama ka dyan pero ang tanong: Mapapatigil ba ang jueteng sa pagpatay kay Siman at kasama nyang mga protektor na pulis? O ang dahilan ay may pinoprotektahan din ito sila Marantan na ibang jueteng operator sa jurisdiction nya? Mapapatigl lang ang jueteng kung may political will ang leadership at hindi sa pagpatay ng mga jueteng lord kasi palabigasan ito ng mga pulis at pulitiko.

  • Rod Laver

    September 2012 nag-assume as Secretary ng DILG si Mar Roxas. October 2012 ang Coplan Armado. Bakit kaya hindi ito ipinaalam kay Sec. Mar Roxas e operation ito ng mga pulis? Hmm….nakakapagtaka, diba?

    • Kairosphil

      Ask Ochoa!

  • Your_King

    So much information is coming out which is just taking this story to a bunch of twists and turns. The main point is that despite Aquino’s false efforts in terms of his fight against corruption, there is clearly so much crookedness and corruption still occurring under his Administration. Now, his department heads, lead by his KKK, are quick to deny and make excuses regarding the event. Everyone is pointing the finger at somebody else. However, it still doesn’t change the fact that this tragic events shows how corrupt the system really is under Aquino.

    • boldyak

      the thing is, Marantan is in the Inteligence and he has no right to be the leader of the enforcer who manned the cehck point, the question is…WHY IS HE THERE????…

      • Your_King

        No direct answer to that as of now other than, the Philippines is corrupt. Whatever Aquino is doing with his Anti-corruption campaign is not working.

    • doncleo

       They are not making excuses..they are stating facts..Coplan Armado was not approved by the PAOCC but Dumlao and Marantan went ahead with the execution….Question: Why would an intelligence officer lead the charge in a self made dimly lit checkpoint in their civvies?..The answer is obviously to wait in ambush and kill and not necessarily just to arrest their suspected prey.

      • Your_King

        Well if what you say is true then it opens up a bigger can of worms which is how messed up is the system under the Aquino administration? This is directly under the President’s office and 2 people disregarded it? That’s blatant acts of disrespect of the law and authority. I suppose it’s not surprise when the President himself and his DOJ also disregard the rules and do what they please.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XKJOFX5OP2765EGTA6CXLUSQZM Run High

    Kill or be killed.  If at the end, this event has indeed eliminated high profile criminals who think they are above the law, then it must be good for the country.

    • Dean Martin

      what if it was the good guys who got killed by the bad guys? how would you know which one is which? 

      • doncleo

         They are all bad guys…yang mga myembro ng PNP ay sindikato  din na walang alam kundi proteksyonan ang mga pulitiko, gambling lords at drug lords..pera pera lang pinag aawayan dito at poder kaya nga nakikialam na naman si Lacson kasi sangkot ang bata nyang si Dumlao.

  • zeroko

    Hay naku! DAANG MATUWID, he he he. Una, si Puno. Observer daw kuno sa PNP purchase of guns. Tapos, nagpatawag ng meeting. Pwede ba yan, sabi ni Senator Miriam Defensor? Ang observer is plain observer, no participation what so ever. SILENT OBSERVER kung baga. He he he. Tapos nagpatawag pa ng meeting. He he he.

    Tapos rin, pumunta sa Isreal para kausapin ang manufacturer…… he he he. Tuloy, nag-resign sa hiya. Hindi siya makalusot sa batikang Lady Senator.

    Ngayon, anak ng Jueteng naman O? Ochoa, hellow? He he he! May gun factory naman tayo sa Mactan, bakit hindi na lang mag-order doon? Kinahihiya ba ninyo ang local products natin? O, baka naman walang “kickback?”

  • zeroko

    The more you deny, the more the public perception is it was Murder! Bakit hindi nalang kayo kumuha ng “fall-guy.” Marami riyan.

  • tilney

    Ok ang mga rason ng mga nagcomment dito heh nakakatawa, hindi pa nahusgahan ang mga mga pinatay ng grupo ni Maratan,Wala kaso sa Korte, eh si Maratan ang dami kaso sa korte . Gun For Hire ang paratang sa mga namatay at nanews nman..Eh yon mga baril puro may licensed at may permit to carry! Yon ba ang ang mga killers.. Binaril ni MARATAN ang sarili para pagtakpan ang kanila karumal dumal na pagpatay sa 13 tao, eh ano kung si Vic Siman ay involve sa Jueteng hindi nman nagnakaw, bakit hindi siya hulihin dahil mahina ang PNP intelligence hindi nila makunan ng ebedensiya , ang alam lang ay magbintang at patayin ang mga tao .

    • edmondP

       di na makakapagsalita ang mga napatay.. kahti pagpatay kay jesus christ pwede ibintang sakanila.

    • eyepoor

      Ikaw ang patawa.. Kung ikaw ang babaril sa sarili mo, di mo patatamain sa buto, masakit yun, sa bilbil lang o sa hita dapat.. Wag mong sabihin mahina sila Marantan. Nakuha nilang matiempohan na sama sama ang grupo nila Siman.Yun ay dahil sa galing ng intelligence nila. Perfect ang lugar ng killing zone, walang taong nakakita. Isipin mo, madaling araw yun.. Ngayun, maghanap ka ng pulis na kayang pumara at sumita ng isang grupong armado. WALA!.. Karaniwan sa check point, pinapalampas lang ang mga ito para walng masaktan… ganun talaga kapatid, iba ang lagay ng bansa natin ngayun.

      • boldyak

        why is Marantan at the checkpoint?…nasa inteligence sya…hindi pa ba halata?….lol..

      • Dean Martin

        Ampatuan style.

      • doncleo

         Bakit hindi kakayahin e 13 lang yung nasa loob ng 2 van 50 armado yung alalay ni Marantan at nakaposisyon pa sila..syempre laging lamang yung mang-aambush . Wala naman sinabing tinamaan sa buto…ang sinabi tinamaan sa paa at kamay…maski sinong tanga hindi maniniwala na sya lang ang tinamaan sa kamay at paa pa..kung ikaw ay babaril itututok mo sa katawan …babaril ka ba sa itaas at sa ibaba? Tanga lang maniniwala dyan.

  • VooDoo


    • dteren

      i agree with you 100 percent…this best comment ever..ito yong taong harap harapan inaamin sa batas na syay illegal gambling lord…pero ni sinuman ayaw syang santuhin..ang lakas napakalakas who is behind him??? that even the most powerful man in philippines hindi kaya siyang ipadakip at ikulong….

    • boldyak

      hindi naman inaagaw ang teritoryo ni marantan eh…haha

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XALR35ENV2XKV327BZGZ7Q5Z5Q Ernesto

    kahit anong lord ka o,hired killer or untouchable ka tandaan nyo yan may babangga din sayo.time   will tell kung kailan ka kunin ni lord.

  • Ronald

     Ang Ina approve lang pala ng PAOCC yung mga Police Operation na walang masasaktan. 

  • Damaso

    Dami nyo sinasabi.., Pu**ngINA., tama lang mamatay ang mga hinayupak na yan!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

    Saan na ang CHR?

    Hahahahahaha!  Matatalinong Pinoy, naloko lang ng isang abnoy!

  • VooDoo

    BONG PINEDA of Pampanga…

    CHAVIT SINGSON of Ilocos….

    Ikaw Marantan, bakit di mo pagbabarilin ang mga to?.. Kaung mga polpol at inutil na mga politiko bakit di nio maipatupad ang lintek sa batas na yan sa mga taong to?

    Marami pa jan mga jueteng lord, uniformed personnel na protector ng gambling, gun running at drugs.. U F*CK SICK!!!

    • doncleo


  • legislex

    There is no question that Siman is indeed a gambling lord.  The police operation was just a rubout to end the illegal activities of Siman.  They did it at a time when Siman was carrying a sizable amount of money and a load of gold.  

    To some people, they believe that the end does not justify the means.  They claim that Siman should be presumed innocent, and should be subjected to a legal process before being condemned.  But to some people that have been troubled by Siman’s illegal activities for so long, if the legal system could not hold Siman’s group accountable then an “extralegal” means is justified under the circumstances.  Sa aling grupo kayo?

    • $40586212

      tama ka, execution style dahil hindi kaya ng gobierno na parusahan ang mga kagaya ni Siman. Kung nahuli man na buhay ‘yang si Siman…sa tingin ko di pa nakarating sa precinto ay may tatawag na galing sa taas at pakawalan, or the judge will say, not enough evidence to convict him.  Mabuti pa execution style na lang kasi binubuwis ang mga police ang buhay nila para madakip ang mga criminal na ito tapos wala rin silang support sa justice system. Saludo ako sa grupo ni Marantan.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OBTGTKV4SLI6HZCEV7AHTZA5XI Juanlatigo-olbulatego

    theres always a bigger fish.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

    They’re just saying that the “Kuratong-Baleleng rubout” was good…Maybe the current one are alleged “gambling lords” while the other were “bank robbers/kidnappers” used by some influencial personalities.

    Hahahahahahaha!  Ang mga matatalinong Pinoy, naloko lang ng isang abnoy!

  • boybakal

    “Why ‘Coplan Armado’ was not approved”

    In short, they hatched the plan, they conspired for the plan.
    There was Conspiracy.
    Even though, they did not approved the plan…as if saying Bahala na Kayo…yon ang signal.
    Alangan naman uto uto tong is Marantan na mangAmbush ng walang dahilan.

  • white scorpion

    i hope you include in your operation the carnapping syndicate; specially land grabbing syndicate; and drugs. in which some of the protector of each vices were in congress already. one or two are already aspiring for the highest position. and SHOOT them the way you shot these 13 undesirables.

  • kawatancila

    ilipat po ninyo si marantan sa pampanga at sa ilocos, habulin din nya ang jueteng lord dyan, kung talaga po na may balls siya.. then go ahead mr marantan … madaming anggulo ang kung bakit nag ooperate ang jueteng sa isang province… una bago ka ma assign sa isang province dapat me approval ang gobernador , si gob ang pipili ng director , si mayor ang pipili ng hepe ng police sa bayan o city… natural me utang na loob ka d po ba… now papaano mo ma sugpo ang jueteng ngaun e alam mong may basbas ang mayor o gob na nag pili sau.. kokontra ka paba o sumama na sa agos ng..pera…. wahahaha… 
     dapat po unang baguhin ay amg sistema na ito…dapat walang karapatan ang mayor o gobernador pumili ng hepe o director ng kanyang province.. para walang bias o utang na loob ang mga police officer na yan… kung dibdiban ang atin gobyerno na ipahinto ang jueteng ito po ang unang baguhin…alisin sa poder ng mga mayor o gobernador ang rights na pumili ng police director o chief of police … alisin po nila yan… natural ako ang pinili ni mayor , so der por me utang na loob ako… kailangan ni mayor ng pondo sa election so der por dapat me jueteng .. kc easy money po ito.. kung aasa lang sila sa porsiyento sa mga projects o commision sa mga supplies .. ito po ay medyo maliit na pera lang… nasa jueteng ang pera… 
     kawawa  naman ang mga nataya ng jueteng, sila ay na a aatract na tumaya kc bakasali ang pam bili ng isang kilo na bigas ay makabili ng isang kaban na bigas pag manalo..
        kaso mananalo ka ba ..pano pag d ka tumama.. kc ang resulta ng numero na lumalabas sa jueteng ay d naman po talagang binobola ..ito ay alam na nila ..sila ang pumipili kung ano lalabas na numero… alam din nila ang kung alin ang may mga taya na malaki.. minsan pag me tumama ng malaki sa jueteng, d agad ito ma ibigay ang patama.. utay utay ito binibigay mag antay pa ng isang bola .. bago maka likom ng pambayad .. 
       mga kakabayan ko… wag na po natin tangkilikin ang jueteng.. iponin na lang po ninyo ang kunting barya .. kc mas cgurorado pa ito… mas malaki po ang chances na tau ay tamaan ng kidlat kaysa po tayo ay tumama sa jueteng… d po ba … 

  • speedstream2

    The overriding concern now for the government is to determine what the death of 13 people was all about. Was the Atimonan incident a “shootout” or a “rubout”? Is an honest-to-goodness investigation being done by whom and who is on top of this? 13 dead persons, 13 grieving families. How long can the public expect to know the truth about the Atimonan incident, if ever?

  • disqusted0fu

    There is an obvious conspiracy in this entrapment. But from the looks of it, the conspiracy will also end up being murdered, especially with the possible involvement of a presidential group.

  • kawatancila

    wag po natin e judge ang mga tao… lalo sa mga victims na yan… lets us ask this… tanong po natin .. honest po ba ang mag bilang grupo… d po ba sila involve pareho sa illegal… sa mafia .. kapwa mga member ng mafia, nag papatayan… all we read are all hearsay or speculative.. no basis of truth … i respect life for any one.. whether saan side  ka… i think..police officer must be taught of .. the first subject in there school days sa academy.. ang ” RESPECT OF HUMAN LIFE”  meron po bang respect sa mga buhay ng mga na paslang… as i can see it.. it seems there is no plans to capture them all alive… all of the deads suffered numerous bullet wounds… a person who sustained so many wounds can be no longer a threat to the law enforcer… besides they are many meters apart… a wounded person can no longer aim his gun accurately , due to his injuries… especially you have bullet wound in your brain or arms or shoulders…one single bullet can stop you , two can immobilized you… lets not compare this to a movie.. where a fatally injured person can fire back and still kill or shoot you in your brain… i tried shooting in a firing range, or target practice.. i can not even hit the target.. at 10 meters,      how about if you have been shot and bleeding … can you shoot a person who is on cover or slightly protected by cover .. i think no…way…     did the team of marantan stopped firing once all of the occupants are no longer moving or firing back… i presumed after a couple of minutes all them are maimed or immobilized.. or can be considered as no longer capable of shooting you back…
           is there any plan to bring the wounded to hospital. or they are just left to die? maybe some of them can be saved … or there is no plan really to capture or bring them alive?…      every time a person or group of persons are subject to be arrested . in my observations… most of them are all dead or victim of summary executions… but not all… it is a common occurrence that a criminal or any person subject to arrest are shot to death… as always the case.. shootout or self defense .. in areas where there are witnesses . your lucky because you will not be shot at or get killed… every time that a crime scene or place of encounter are place where no lookouts or possible witness are present… tendency is to summary execute you…
          all i can say is … the team of marantan must respect human life .. get them alive as much as possible..the group of siman is not foolish enough to shoot it out where there is no chance to survive or get away.. first is the group of marantan is of superior in position , simans group is inside a vehicle. second, marantan s group has advantage in number with back up from the army . third marantan s group are well entrenched … with superior long rifles and lots of magazines and bullets… therefore … to surrender or show sign of giving up is a must.. or it will be suicidal… to engage them in a firefight… 
        on this basis i guess .. mr simans group have indeed planned to surrender .. amen

    • $40586212

      I agree with what you’re saying but in a third world country like the Philippines, there is no such thing as regard to human life because its government is corrupted. The justice system can be bought where criminals can get away easily. The system is sucks. At bakit ang grupo ba ni Siman ay matino? Masagupa mo kaya sila di papatayin ka din nila na walang patawad…may regard din kaya sila sa human life? Kaya di natin masisi ang mga police na execution style na lang ang ginagawa kasi nagbubuwis sila ng buhay nila to apprehend these criminals tapos di naman sila supported ng justice system.

  • Paliwaweng

    maaaring nagpabaril si marantan sa kanyang mga kasama para magmukhang may ‘encounter’. Ayon sa initial report ng NBI, walang putok na galing sa loob ng dalawang SUV.

    Ayon kay Marantan, nagbukas ng bintana ang mga nasa SUV pagkatapos, sinara ulit.
    Kung ikaw ang nasa loob, hindi mo na maisasara ang bintana ng SUV.
    Uunahin mo pa bang isara ang bintana o kukunin mo na ang baril mo, na alam mo namang kahit isara mo ay tatagos pa din ang bala. 
    And sinabing sinara uli ang bintana ay hindi tatanggapin sa cross examination.
    Hindi na sila nagkaroon ng pagkakataong makapagpaputok. 
    Pinaputukan sila agad.

    Don’t get me wrong.
    If the group of Siman are notorious jueteng lord and gun-for-hire are true as alleged, well, he deserves that ending.
    What makes some eyebrows to raise is that there are more questions than answers on that operation.

  • Rovingmoron

    From what I’m reading it appears that there is also too much politics in the organization. I can say that there are still police officials who are clean or trying to be clean. This is now a question of who is the lesser evils. PAOCC knew in advance that the plan would be dirty, yet it has not stopped the group from pursuing the plan? Why? The decision of Dumlao and Marantan is much greater than that of the Palace officials? Crazy…How come palace officials didn’t tell them to forget about it?

  • Paliwaweng

    napakahina namang shooter yung bumaril kay marantan. 
    High caliber at mga automatic weapons ang dala nila, sa paa lang tinamaan?Bakit pa nila ipapayuko ang baril nila e mas madaling patamaan pag sa gitna ng katawan.

    • $40586212

      e gunggung siguro ang bumaril :)

    • Jason Cruz

      Di mahina pala si Marantan.   

    • $40586212

      malalaman din sa imbestigasyon kung binaril nga ni Marantan ang sarili niya. We have to wait and see.

    • Guest

      “It is possible that there was no exchange of gunfire,” according to source. Who’s the source Sec. Mar Roxas?


    ok ngayon, masaya na sina bishop cruz et al dahil nabawasan ang mga jueteng operators. sa tingin ng mata kong doling hero si marantan. so tagumpay si bishop cruz.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BXPFY2NP3KNS6XLFTXA47GIKMQ Rodolfo

    DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES !!!! kuha mo ?!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    Expect the NBI report will implicate GMA, Corona and Gov. Gwen Garcia.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC6NG5LRTD3HOCQPAYFQ53NWIY Crisanto

    If I will check Marantan’s injury. I will look on the angle of the entry, the burns caused by powder on his skin and muscles(you cant have powder burns if the shooter is not as close as a foot or two). But even if I dont do those things mentioned…. Marantan’s inury is definitely self inflicted…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

      Marantan’s wounds were caused when he tried to put some guns inside the victims’ vehicles. Naipit lang sa mga bubog.

    • VooDoo

      while marantan saying ang pointing his finger “dito mo ako tamaan” , suddenly went off and “BANG” ….kaya may tama ang kamay/daliri nia.. :lol:

  • Markov Chain

    maingay ang mga politiko ngayon dahil d pa dumadating ang payout galing sa rubout…tingnan nyo, pagnabayaran na ang mga yan, wala na kayong balitang mababasa about sa “atimonan 13″ (LOL)…..kung sino ang pinaka maingay, yan ang pinakamalaki ang payout….pera pera lang yan….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NPV7TOHIJPG3UMTLQDTHLQJR7Y Jack

    report ni marantan: i look in the barrel and see no bullet. but when i squeezed the trigger,bong kunana and hit my hands and foot.

  • Guest

    Hintayin na lang natin ang imbestigasyo ng NBI, mas credible yun
    kesa sa imbesigasyon ng PNP.

  • Guest

    Sec. Roxas the possible source of this story to make it appear
    na victims of rubout ang 13 people including Siman, his friend/jueteng

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TULWWK3NWDBO3Y2ELXKYESRI4A Randy

     i my differ, rubout or shoot out? either way, but in reality its seems like it is OVERKILLED, no option of surrender for supposed or allegedly gun for hire group, how many bullets? 100…..200…300…400 on two vehicle, para silang sardinas na tinarget lahat nasa loob when shot. so it may be a shoot out for the first what ten bullets (one hit for marantan) that ended into a rubout, for the rest 20 bullets up to is it 400 b?. remember even criminals have the right for a due process which was taken to the alleged vic siman group. now we have to rest our case to the government investigator. god bless

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SYG36KOOLRY47VA3ICPJJ5CQTQ ADD

    Bloody business should not be a reason to stop a legit operations. Bloody or not, illegal activities and criminals should be wiped out.

    But the problem with  Marantan is that he has a personal grudge against Siman that’s why they didn’t follow the protocols and the Rules of Engagement.

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