Gov’t clerks ordered to refund bonuses



If a senator is free to do what he wishes with a P1.6-million bonus from the Senate’s savings, a clerk at the Department of Agriculture will be asked to refund any bonus from his agency’s savings.

In the National Housing Authority and other state corporations, employees are grumbling that they are being asked to return bonuses they had received in the past. They say those retiring are facing the prospects of deductions from their retirement pay if they do not reimburse the bonuses—in some cases up to P200,000 accumulated through the years.

That is the inequity created by the constitutional provision granting fiscal autonomy to certain bodies but not all of the bureaucracy, former National Treasurer Leonor Briones said Thursday.

“In government itself, you don’t have uniformity and equality,” she said by phone.

The Constitution authorizes the President, Senate President, House Speaker, Chief Justice or heads of constitutional commissions to augment any item in the general appropriations law for their office from savings.

Since this is clearly spelled out in the Constitution, the transfer of funds has been “legitimized” by many administrations, although the general principle is that savings would revert to general funds or the treasury, Briones explained.

Legit but not equitable


But what is legitimate may not necessarily be equitable from the point of view of public interest, she said.

While government agencies enjoying fiscal autonomy such as the Senate or House could give away fat bonuses to their employees, regular agencies like the departments are allowed by law to grant a maximum P10,000 bonus, Briones said.

“It’s not certainly equitable. If you’re a policeman, a clerk at DAR (Department of Agrarian Reform) or a bureau director at DA (Department of Agriculture) you’re entitled to P10,000,” she said. “From the point of view of legitimacy, it’s legitimate. But from the point of view of public interest, it may not necessarily be equitable.”

This practice has only bred envy among other government personnel, she added.

And unlike agencies enjoying fiscal autonomy, regular ones could not source bonuses from savings because they’re covered by the general rule that savings revert to the treasury, otherwise, the latter’s  personnel would be asked to refund bonuses taken from savings, Briones said.

“So you have a case of a president of SUC (state university and college) who has to refund, and a senator who doesn’t have to refund,” she said.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile has confirmed granting P1.6 million in additional maintenance, operations and other expenses (MOOE) to each of 18 senators last Christmas. Four other senators received P250,000 each.

Part of the funds came from the unspent funds allotted for the 24th seat vacated by President Aquino when he assumed power in June 2010 and was converted into MOOE.

Sought for comment, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said there was a need to clarify whether the MOOE was a bonus or part of the usual overhead expenses.

Otherwise, Enrile has full discretion “to realign funds from savings,” Abad said. In the end, the lawmakers are subject to a review of the Commission on Audit (COA), the secretary said.

“The matter of wisdom and prudence in the use of public funds should be addressed to the Senate in its exercise of its autonomy in the disbursement of funds,” he said. “Their autonomy is not absolute as COA in the end will have to audit their use of funds.”

‘It’s our money’

Speaker Feliciano Belmonte also admitted giving away P500,000 in MOOE to each of the 283 lawmakers during the holidays. Some of the recipients considered it a bonus.

“It’s our money. Is that practice acceptable? It’s generally known and accepted, but not necessarily considered as ethical,” Briones said.

“The issue of discretion on the part of officials can be used responsibly to perpetuate power, to take care of kingdoms or your part of bureaucracy, but it’s not necessarily fair to the rest of bureaucracy.”

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago told the Philippine Daily Inquirer by phone Thursday that she had asked in a letter to COA Chairperson Grace Pulido-Tan for a “study, report and recommendation” that would once and for all define the constitutional words “savings” and “public purposes.”

Tan said Thursday in an interview that Enrile’s action was legal and authorized under the general appropriations act. “They were the ones who crafted this. We can’t play God. We can’t pretend to do better than them. They did not specify the parameters, so whatever inequity or abuse, she (Santiago) will have to take this up with the competent authority, which is the Senate President,” the COA chief said.

Later in the day, Tan issued a statement assuring the public that the COA was looking into the reported realignment of the Senate’s savings into the additional budget for the MOOE.

“Every action we take should be from the standpoint of the law. In due course, we will come up with a report,” she added.

“COA can only be as effective for as long as the people will continue to be vigilant and involved. At the end of the day, the sense of proportion on whether funds were used excessively is something only the constituents of the respective legislators can determine,” Tan said.

Be consistent


“He or she who is questioning and calling what (Enrile) did unconscionable and unconstitutional should be consistent and should not have accepted the P600,000 given last November,” Sen. Panfilo Lacson said Thursday, referring to the first tranche of MOOE. “One cannot preach righteousness after committing the very same unconscionable act yesterday.”

Sen. Gregorio Honasan said, “When you make a comment like that and refuse to be identified, why not join the Witness Protection Program.” With reports from Cathy C. Yamsuan and Cynthia D. Balana

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  • Ronald

    Legal syempre – for law makers, by law makers. 

  • TonTon

    NO! its not your money! its the taxpayers money!
    sus naman ang daming pag gagamitan nyan tapos mapupunta lang sa bulsa nila.

    kaya minsan nsnghihinayang ako sa tax na kinakaltas sa akin…

    • ruel

      Kaya pala kung makasingil si Henares ng tax sa atin ay palaging tumataas…para pala sa mga WALANGHIYANG MGA SENADOR AT CONGRESSMEN na ito…haaaaaaaaays…Kakahiya kayo!

  • farmerpo

    Mas mataas, mas swapang. This a a clear and undisguised discrimination.  Equitable? Mag senador o congressman muna kayo ba! 

  • Guest

    I am a California State employee and we pay for our water, birthday parties, department parties, etc. because it specifically says in the constitution that State funds are taxpayers’ money and should not be spent on anything that does not benefit the State.  Tama ang sabi ng COA head na ang mga mambabatas at mga senador ang gumawa ng vague na batas tungkol sa pamamahagi ng “savings”, siyempre nilagyan nila ng loophole para sila makinabang.  Dapat i-amend ang batas para walang ganitong interpretasyon ang batas at para napupunta ang taxpayers money sa dapat kalagyan niya, at hindi sa mga lawmakers’ pocket.  Isang example na naman ito ng failure of the law.

    • vince_bugaboo

      And would they amend the law to remove the loophole–the loophole for legal thievery– that’s lucratively beneficial for them?

      • Jane Tan

        As long as the people who are benefiting are in the higher-ups, it won’t happen. 

      • Guest

        Do you believe that things happen for a reason?  Who would have thought na si Miriam pala ay may pakinabang?  For all her infamy and rudeness, siya pala ang mag-e-expose nitong kalakarang ito that we ordinary people didn’t know existed.  I have faith that there are still a “few good men” sa Senate and Congress who will act on this expose.  We all need to let our voice be heard thru the social media para mabago ang bansa natin.

      • vince_bugaboo

        Like I said in one of my posts, we constantly derogated and branded her as “Sira ulo.” Well, I prefer a sometimes seemingly raving lunatic –to prove and get what she believes for the benefit of the people with scandalous rantings–to be our next president than all those characters who acted and assumed holier than thou attitude while persecuting Corona. These same hypocrites, except Miriam and Loren, including the filthy rich like Marcos, did not have the decency to refuse the “dirty windfall,” perhaps hiding and finding justification in the flimsy mantle that everything is legal, the same “legal loophole” they created to get away with the rip off.

        I hope Santiago makes it her mission to continue to make noise about this until election day and beyond so that people will not forget whom  to vote…NOT!!

  • Rovingmoron

    Ms. Leonor Briones could be right. The public should believe her considering that she was formerly the National Treasurer of the Bureau of the Treasury when I covered that government office as a business reporter many years back. This is a discrepancy that needs to be rectified by Congress. However, there was no initiative from some lawmakers to amend the law because most lawmakers have anticipated the benefits that they could reap from it if it remains as it is. And it is not surprising at all why Congress officials and employees get much higher bonuses, in the form of Christmas gifts, than the rest of the government bureaucracy. Congress employees even get much higher bonuses than those working in Malacanang. And I don’t think it is fair and square for other public servants who work the same way as those working in the Senate and the Lower House. Otherwise, this could misinterpreted as abuse of authority on the part of the Senate President or the Speaker of the House to grant fat bonuses to its officials and employees using taxpayers’ money. Likewise, it could be misunderstood as another way of circumventing established laws, which the Commission on Audit (COA) is supposed to implement, but is adamant to do its job for fear of repercussions from the lawmakers.

    • Guest

      The problem is, the COA’s job is only to implement the law, they can’t change it to correct the loose interpretation of the law.  It is the lawmakers (Congress and the Senate) who is tasked to enact and amend the law.  The COA can only recommend, but every recommendation still has to pass sa mga “buwaya”.  Di bale, I’m sure the delegates from AnakBayan at mga honest na mambabatas will take notice of this at gumawa ng mga bills to correct this. 

      • ruel

        Tama ka BUWAYA talga tong nasa SENADO AT KONGRESO natin..Nakakahiya kayo!…KAPAL!

  • Simplify1

    bagong modus operandi na pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan…. FIRST, inflate senate budgets… NEXT, do not spend all the funds allocated for the projects….FINALLY, “reallign” savings to senators pockets in recognition of “COMPLETING SENATE PROJECTS WITH THE LEAST POSSIBLE COST”……ANG GALING NAMAN!

    • ruel

      Tama ka dyan.Galing nga eh.Kung makapag husga sa JUDICIARY ..akala mo sobrang malilinis ang mga nasa LEGISLATIVE..yon pla.sobrang GARAPAL din.SHAMELESS SENATORS!

  • vince_bugaboo

    “…. whatever inequity or abuse, she (Santiago) will have to take this up with the competent authority, which is the Senate President,” the COA chief said.”

    Whoa! It will be like Miriam going to the cacique and seeking his counsel about his own F#ck-ups!

  • Joe

    Sen. Lacson: “One cannot preach righteousness after committing the very same unconscionable act yesterday”.  Here is a classic example of a stupid reasoning some people will give to justify a shameless act.  By his reasoning, he ignores the fact that are many people who have changed their ways after realizing that they have been wrong in he past. But of course there are also many who have remained unremorseful  and in denial of past wrongdoings, with some still having unwashed blood in their hands.

    Sen. Honasan: “When you make a comment like that and refuse to be identified, why not join the Witness Protection Program”.  Here is another recipient of the people’s money justifying his greed by trying to be funny.

    The most honorable thing these Senators could do to regain some respect from the people is to surrender their undeserving bonuses/gifts to the National Treasury.  That is, if there is still some shame left in them.

    • ruel


    • Carlos_Iho

      kaya nga naging senador at tongressmen mga yan…makakapal kasi ang mukha…aasa ka pa?

  • southernsons

    Kung sino pa ang mga tinatawag na HONORABLE sa atin, sya pa yung unang kukuha ng pera ng bayan. Nakaka walang gana ng tumira ng Pinas. Niyayari lang nga mga politicians mga taxes natin. LORD HELP US!!!

    • Datingkailan

      padre pag umuwe na ako ng pinas enjoyin ko na lang ang mga beaches at masasarap na pag kain….nde ko na lang papansinin ang mga politics issues.

    • Guest

      Matagal ko nang tanong yan – kung bakit sila tinatawag na HONORABLE.  Akala nila above the law sila at untouchable.  Kasi ang kultura natin ay masyadong nilalagay sa pedestal ang mga politiko at mga artista.  We can consider this a preview of what kind of lawmakers we currently have and if we still want to vote for them.  This expose is pivotal and very apt ang timing, just before the election.   Let’s see how each one who received the bounty will come clean and explain how the “bonus” is going to be used.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Marami talagang masisiba and these can be found in public service where else?

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    abolish the senate and the house of representatives or at least declare a moratorium of about 12 years (2 presidential administrations).  we have enough laws already!

    • ang_dagat

      I actually believe The Philippines does not need a Senate at all. It is like a soap opera most of the time.

  • katindig

    We all know that ALL senators and congressmen are all millionaires and most of them are MULTI  millionaires.  There are only 2 or 3 Party List Representatives who are not millionaires. Enrile claims that the 1.6M he gave to his colleaglues are their savings and he can give it according to his discretion so with Belmonte giving 500,000 Pesos to each congressman also from their savings and according to his discretion.  If Enrile and Belmonte have CONSCIENCE it would have been better if the MANY MILLIONS Enrile and Belmonte gave to their colleagues who who will vote for them again for Speakership have been given to the THOUSANDS OF VICTIMS OF TYPHOON PABLO, these victims will not be living on tents to this very moment.  Sorry na lang kayong mga biktima ng bagyo kasi di kayo ang boboto kay Enrile at Belmonte para maging SPEAKER ng Senado at Congresso.  I cannot understand and will never understand how these SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN sleep at night receiving these millions while thousands of typhoon victims don’t even know when will they eat  their next meal, not to mention when will they have shelter to protect them from the rain or not to mention also what to wear since the only chlothing the victims have are the chlothes at their backs, etc. etc. etc.  Maybe there are Senators and Congressmen who gave few thousands with FANFARE to the victims but in local language we call it, “barya-barya lang”.  I admire those Children i saw on TV who broke their piggy banks just to give precious pesos to the typhoon victims or chidren who decided not to celebrate their birthdays so the money that could have been spent for their birthday would be given to the typhoon victims ….Buti pa ang mga batang mga iyon , bata pa pero meron ng mga consyensya.

    • Jane Tan

      And antiRH advocates wonder why many of us doubt Enrile’s stand against the RH Bill as being pro-life. This is the role-model.

      • ruel

        Sa totoo lng..sobrang GARAPAL ang ginagawa ng  SENADO at KONGRESO.

      • Jane Tan

        I’ve been to various branches of the government, and for them to have large savings with such crappy work-places (aside from the office of the head), says alot about what they are really concerning themselves with.

  • Jackson

    It’s more fun in the Philippines!

    • Datingkailan

      indeed more fun in the philippines…huwag mo na lang intindihin yang politics at religion kasi ma gugulo lang ang mundo mo. punta ka sa mga beaches, kumain ka ng mga exotic foods, mga fruits, festivities…etc. etc. isa pa..saan ka makaka laro ng golf na napaka mura? sa pinas lang noh…talgang mas masarap ma muhay sa pinas.

  • regie

    ang solution dyan ay yung Art. 6 section 1…Legislative power shall be vested in the congress ……. except
    to the extent reserved to the people by the provision on initiative
    and referendum. 

  • ed0408

    That is why relatives of the President, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors, Barangay Captains, etc. are running this coming election because they want to have a share of fat salaries, bonuses and corruption. It’s not true that they want to serve the people. It’s the money that they’re after and they’ll fight tooth and nail for it.

    • Jane Tan

      they’ll fight with drive-by killings lol



    • ruel

      Oo nga nagalit ang mga senador sa SUPREME COURT dahil may savings na gingawang bonus para sa mga empleyado ng Judiciary dapat ibalik daw sa KABAN NG BAYAN nong panahon ni Corona.Tapos si SEN. DRILON sabi din sa MWSS..Obscene daw ang kanilang mga bonuses.Yon pla..sila din MGA SENADOR>>>>Sobrang garapal sa kanilang mga savings. Grabe..di na kayo nahiya..may PORK BARREL na 200M na may pabonus pang katakot takot na milyon na dapat ay ibinaablik din sa KABAN NG BAYAN.


      • Guest

        Tama, kahit ano pang pagpapaliwanag ng mga senador, kahit saan tignan, mali ang kalakaran na yan.  These senators have to be consistent.  Kung hinatulan nila si Corona na dishonest and gravely abused his power, they have to be judged by the same standard.

  • freemystic

    The prudent thing to do is to be very careful in choosing our elected officials.  Sometimes, you cannot teach breeding.  Either they have it or they don’t.  The likes of Enrile who have been clinging on to power for God knows how long should be finally retired, so they do not perpetuate their own kind.  Is the son who’s implicated in the killing of a former actor running in next year’s elections? Intelligent Filipinos should better know what to do.  That is, better not complain if these people get elected to public office.

    • Jane Tan

      Agreed. Erap couldn’t have done what he did if he hadn’t been elected. Its enough to say that we cannot blame the government when we are the ones who filled it up with “these kinds of people”. We are all being hypocrites.

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    Mr. Speaker, if it’s your money, can you tell us how does congress generate its income?

    • speaksoftlylove

      Meron naman silang funding sources aside from the budget. For one, there are foreign lobbyists, dolyares pa ang kabig. Meron ding galing sa palasyo. Marami pang iba, mostly  unpardonable.

  • Alisto Juan

    Sisihin natin si Tabko dahil inumpisahan n’ya. Maganda sana intensyon kaya lang inabuso ng nasa puwesto. Nagsasaving talaga ang Agency para may pang bonus kaya lang sobra-sobra, yung kawawang mamamayan ni makain man lang ay wala. May sueldo naman sila, e bakit magbigay pa ng bobus na sobra pa sa sueldo, hindi na lang sueldohan, bigyan na lang ng bonus o di incentives na lang sila. . 

    Para parehas, wala ng bonus. . 

  • LegalJustice

    No wonder these Senators and Congressmen is getting richer and richer with the meager salary they have.

    Now is the right time to abolish that ” Pork Barrel” for it is a temptation for corruption .

    No wonder Mitos Magsaysay is going crazy about her Pork Barrel.

    Now  the cat is out of the bag – this is the racket what does the Senate do; it seems they are not spending the budget money alloted to them where its suppose to be.  

    Those surplus money can end up in there own personal pocket and they be able to do some bogus liquidation report. Hmmm, we need some changes here .

    People are paying there taxes with there hard earned money  and hoping the government will use there ” Budget:” prudently and wisely.

    How about this  if  those abiding filipino citizen stop paying there taxes – then the government will have no access to the funds and has no way to be able to do some bugos liquidation reports. I think that will be a good idea.

    If there are surpluss then the other option is to reduce there budget its seems there is a lot of surplus of funds  in  the Senate so therefore  that will be used as a part of there budget next year.

    Here’s the irony  Mr Senate President Enrile declare that he is giving a Christmas Bonuses as if its his personal money – not thinking this  its “People Hard Earned Money” that he is giving away. 

    What do you think his motive on giving it away ? It seems with all his denial he still wants to be The Senate President after all. 

     Is this a bribe at the expense of  Peoples Hard Earned Money ?

    I  have a gut feeling this Senate President  is ultra-rich !

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Ayan tulung-tulong na ang mga magnanakaw, si Tito Sotto nga nairita nung malaman ng mga Filipino na tinanggap nilang mga senador ang ipinag-santa-cIaus ni Enrile sa ngalan ng Kaban ng Bayan. Ano pa man sabihin nyong mga HlND0T kayo ninanakawan nyo pati ang mga mahihirap.

  • joseph

    Why do we even need this government? The people in it seem to see us all a walking peso signs. They do nothing for us. I think we need a new constitution and make them all reapply for their jobs.

  • pedronimo

    With this scandalous revelation of avarice on the part lawmakers, can you blame the people for their repugnance of each and every politician in this god-forsaken country?


    • Carlos_Iho

      hindi tinatablan ng hiya ang mga yan, kaya nga nasa gobyerno…sasayaw na naman mga yan sa harap ng mga tao para iboto sa Mayo…kaya nga nilang gawin to kahit pilipit ang mga paa…

      pare pareho lang mga wlanghiya!!!

  • leadyourself

    How about no bonuses for any PUBLIC servant? That will make it fair for all, and the saved money can pay down the deficit, or help those truly in need. A great benefit to all Filipinos.

  • Joseph St John

    I can’t believe politicians are wallowing in wealth belonging to the Pilipino people while the lowly employees are underpaid who could hardly afford decent food for their families.

  • ricky

    it’s the Filipinos’ fault because they allowed these corrupt leaders to pass laws that will make them safe from disbursing the hard-earned taxes of the masses. the masses should act immediately to bring to jail public servants who act like god and ignore their poverty. china shoot public officials guilty of malversation of funds. filipinos should do the same to survive

  • ricky

    filipinos should work hard to create industries and highly tax imported products to protect theirs. this will generate employment and higher income. filipinos should shun away from watching hollywood and pattern their lives like americans because they are not. filipinos should love their culture and stop buying imported goods.. its the attitude that will save the country from total collapse

  • ricky

    filipinos should learn how to work harder than praying harder.. faith without work is dead like the bible says.. prayer will not save them from corrupt officials and police crooks.. they should be better off vigilant than praying for miracles.. divorce should be passed and corrupt businessmen, politicos, policemen, media should be curtailed and imprisoned..

    • Jane Tan

      Well-said. Faith and prayer offer us hope and comfort, but without action, change will not happen.

  • ricky

     a bloody revolution can topple corrupt politicos and their cohorts (police, media, etc).. people power without blood is useless.. people learn when blood is shed.. a revolution is necessary to change an abusive order.. the rich learn when their wealth (and fame) are grabbed by the poor.. a corrupt politician learns  when he is deprived of cash.. a corrupt religious like Padre Damaso learns when he is dragged by his parishioners in the streets.. when the masses stay silent, the few abuse them and treat them like dirt

  • ricky

    taxes breed corruption..therefore people should cease paying taxes to choke corrupt officials of cash.. cash gives corrupt officials power therefore deprive them of cash.. when there is no cash the government and infrastructures collapse.. no salaries and protection to politicians, employees.. public disorder happens.. the corrupt rich families run away and corrupt officials too. millions suffer— but a new order will occur and people start to reorganize minus the corrupt..

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Walang pagbabago!!! Ang nagkukunwaring matuwid na Pangulo ay unti-unti nang lumalabas ang tutoo kulay…Kasing-itim din ng ulikba ang budhi nito!!! Hinahayaan niyang magtampisaw sa kabuktutan ang kanyang mga kapanalig at tanging mga kalaban lamang niya ang kanyang kinakalaboso…Istilong MARCOS nuong dekada ’70….

    • scorpio15

      Alam mo Bonifacio, dapat magbasa ka ng ma-igi kung ano ang ang papel ng Senado at Executive.
      Hindi sila pueding magpaki-alaman dahil separado. Ngayon kung maki-alam na naman ang Presidente sasabihin mo naman na Pakialamero.
      Meron bang maputi ang Budhi sa sanda-igdig? Siguro ikaw lang ang Merong Maputing Budhi.

      • Carlos_Iho

        Tama, hinahayaan lng ng pangulo ang kongreso at senado para hayaan din sya at walang kokontra sa kanya…lahat ng kokontra pahirapan kumuha ng sustento na pork barrel…ang mga sumasang-ayon, sustentado…ang galing ni Abnoy…separation of authority pinaiiral nya! 

  • el_latigo

    As usual, its always the marginalized and the powerless who are always at the bottom or pit  of the pecking order even in the present government it seems. Its mostly the shameless who gets to get the biggest share in the cake where the marginalized cannot have and eat it too. Kakapurit na nga lang ang mga suweldo ng mga pangkariniwang empleyado  sa gobyerno, naii-Indian-giver pa sila. Kuwarta na nagiging bato pa. Samantalang ang mga may raket na este, allowances na tulad ng CDF,   PDAF at lahat na ng klaseng badaf, may kalhating milyon pang mga bonus bukod sa mga raket este, CDFs etc. nila. Kapag nakikita nga naman ng mga maliliit ang mga suweldo sa gobyerno ang ganitong klaseng raket, ano pa di kumurap-kurap na lang din sila. Paano na kaya ang matuwid na daan, tuwid na ba so far? 

    Trulili tutuli… ders mor dan fun in da Pilipins,  Fulpy. Gross injustice maybe?

  • ricky

    filipinos should have thrown in jail families like marcoses, estradas, binays, arroyos, aquinos, including many senators, congressmen, mayors (like lim), governors, and hundreds of corrupt policemen and soldiers and generals.. these crocodiles have been punishing 90 million dirt poor filipinos for more than 50 years! and filipinos are still SMILING!

  • ricky

    filipinos love to be taken advantage of and still afford to smile.. perhaps they expect miracles to happen when elected public officials rob them of their money.. filipinos love hollywood and their cut-and-paste media.. they thought watching “How To BEcome A Millionaire” and those Korean tele-novelas will solve their problems everyday. Many filipinos were brave killing japanese in WWII.. but filipinos today are the opposite.. they can shoot japanese but never strong enough to shoot public servants and their cohort businessmen of robbing them..

  • ricky

    the filipino attitude today will continue to languish them into poverty and ahrdship —- unless some crazy and stooppiid Andres Bonifacio come out of the open and start chopping heads of these so-called filipino-clown leaders..

    • bucketZombie

      Hindi malayong mangyari na ang taong bayan na ang mag contribution ng pondo pambayad sa gagawa nyan..

    • Rooney


    • itsumo

      Kung sino yung may lakas na loob mag amok sa loob ng congress at senate I will consider you as a modern hero the more crocs you kill the more we proud of you.

  • Virgilio B. Zamora


  • WeAry_Bat

    There lies the robbery… Why most government employees can be corrupted, because they look up and see corruption.

  • juansanmateo

    tang nang yan! daming nagugutom ah, daming nagtatrabaho ng tuwid…rebolusyon at himagsikan!

    • m1600

      SIGE MAUNA kana panay ang SATSAT mo sana kasama kana dun sa ATIMONAN .

    • cute79

      agree!simulan na natin patayin ang mga pulitiko!!

  • wishfull thinking

    Eto ang hindi ko maunawaan sa mga legislators…gumagawa sila ng legislation para pala sa sarili nilang kaligayahan.Alam naman nila na maraming nangangailangan ng pondo, e bakit kailangang ang bonus nila sa Pasko ay mas malaki kesa sa ibang government offices? Hindi ba sila pwede maging “fair” at “maka-Diyos” (tulad ng stand nila sa RH bill) at i-realign ang savings sa mga nangangailangan ng tulong? Ang mga Senate at Congress employees ba ay naghihirap at kailangan ng malalaking bonus sa Pasko? Asan na ang “Christian” values nyo?

  • wakats

    Sought for comment, Sec. Abad said there was a need to clarify whether the MOOE was a bonus or part of the usual overhead expenses, otherwise enrile has full discretion to re-align funds from savings.

    Clearly, abad is clarifying that MOOE is for the usual overhead expenses while bonus belongs to another expense classification.  Pursuant to government budgetary rules, 13th-month pay, cash gifts and extra bonuses belong to Personal Services (PS) category and cannot just be re-aligned for MOOE.  Christmas packages in excess of P30k are subject to withholding tax as elucidated by Kim Henares during the impeachment trial.

    In yesterday’s issue of PDI, 1/10/13 12:07pm by Cathy C. Yamsuan. bannered the headline “ENRILE: GIFT, YES; BRIBE, NO.


    • Carlos_Iho

      WTF!  Bonus for WHAT? Nobody in government deserves any bonus until they put things in order. Do we have a reliable bureaucracy, legislative institution and justice system? That’s why we are in the state where we are in now, simply because of the ineptitude of the entire PH government. Then, why should they deserve any bonus?

  • Adrian Aguilar

    I agree to what  was said by Prof. Briones, it is not equitable in fact it is highly questionable.

  • where_I_stand

    If there’s something good that comes up in this controversial episode, it is allowing the people to take a hard look at the system beyond the personalities involved. However, what we witness so far is a general refusal to touch the system. You can read from the comments below name-calling and personal attacks to certain personalities. Others condemn corruption but loosely, if at all, identified and argue what constitutes corruption in this case. It is legal, Briones argued, but not ethical [i.e. equitable] from the point of view of public interest which may bred envy among government employees. This is more apparent last December where some government employees received more than Php 5,000 (taxable) supposedly savings from their respective departments.

  • tata_boy

    ang mga senatong at tongressmen ang dapat magsoli ng kanilang mga bonus dahil may pork barrel na sila at katakot-takot na salapi kaliwat-kanan ang kanilang nahuhuthot sa kaban ng bayan. Bayan masdan ninyo ang mga mambabatas na wala na yatang kahihiyan at kabusugan. Kung tutuusin sila ang dahilan kung bakit ganito ang kalagayan ng ating bansa.

    • Rooney


  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    We do not have government officials to serve the public. What we have are official plunderers to serve themselves.

  • Komen To

    “although the general principle is that savings would revert to general funds or the treasury, Briones explained.” but who has PRINCIPLES among them?

  • Yxon

    “They were the ones who crafted this. We can’t play God. We can’t pretend to do better than them. They did not specify the parameters, so whatever inequity or abuse, she (Santiago) will have to take this up with the competent authority, which is the Senate President,”
    ANG GAGALING TALAGA NG MGA LAWMAKERS NATIN KAPAG PERA NA ANG PAG UUSAPAN. kahit na hilo sa calamity mga kapatid natin sa Mindanao, hindi talaga matinag.

  • caloyski65

    mag pasasa na sila sa PERA, POWER & INFLUENCE, CORRUPTION or whatever is IMMORAL or ILLEGAL…..but in the end…….they will all BURN IN  HELL

    • Rooney


  • Carlos_Iho

    Parang mga patabaing baboy yang mga senador at tongressmen.  Ganun ba kalaki dapat gastusin ng bayan para sa talino at galing nila kung meron man?  Puro problema lang dala ng mga yan.  Malinaw na di sulit ang bayad natin sa kanila! 

    • bucketZombie

      They act like gods. Better line them up against the wall and shoot them gestapo style.

  • Manolo Villareal

    Several times, the pot (senate) have called the kettle (GOCC & GFI) black in their senate probes.  Come another probe, the kettle will then call the pot black.  How I wish I can work in the senate or any GOCC/GFI. It’s always black jack in there.

  • Jeff Clint

    Such an issue like this which has been masterminded
    by SP Enrile. Both Jinggoy’s and maitim na bansot na Malignos’s silence
    is deafening!! Ano?? ‘Silence is Golden’ na ba ang motto nyo?? Playing safe
    kayo ha mga bwiset, Pweeh!!

    • Rooney


  • mxsclxmxn

    Senate and Congress are now source of CORRUPTION. Actually this is not new. Ever since, lawmakers got a milking cow from here.

    • Observer_din

      this time agree ako sa iyo maski di tayo magkapareho sa RH BILL..
       they are all corrupt, tapos pagdating ng election sila-sila pa din ang kandidato, laging kawawa ang mamamayan kasi no choice lagi, it’s either you dont vote or you choose the lesser evil, which is EVIL pa din.. hirap talaga ng katayuan nating mga pinoy.

  • vince_bugaboo

    It’s raining money in the Philippines! More fun sana kundi lang sa senado and House bumabagsak ang lintik na maruming pera!! Ayun!  Nagtatampisaw pala ang mga BUWAYA at LINTA sa katakut-takot na pera ng bayan habang tayo naman ay lagi ring nagtatampisaw at nagkakamatayan sa BAHA!

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    they impeached corona for corruption, yet sila mga buwaya rin pala sa pera….


    makikita ba yan sa SALN???

    • indiots

      kaya nga umiiyak si corona bakit na-singled out s’ya… lahat naman corrupted.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer


    • Rooney


      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        pero nuong impeachment…akala mo kung sino malinis sa SALN nila…

  • zom

    heto lang masasabi ko sa mga buwaya sa kongreso at senado..


    • tony


  • cute79

    mga bwisit na mga senador!pera ng bayan yon pinamimigay ni enrile ,sana gamitin din ito para sa taong bayan.maraming nagugutom na kababayan natin sa mindanao nasalanta ng bagyo nagmalimos na para lang makakain ,yon pala umuulan pala ng pera sa senado at tig 1.6m pa ang bwat isa senador mliban nlng sa di kaalyado.di nalang kayo nahiya pera ng bayan pinaghahatian nyo smnatalang mrming flipino nagugutom.ang ibang bansa nagbigay ng donasyon para sa mga filipino binagyo yon pala ang yaman naman pala ng pulitiko sa pilipinas.MGA WALANG HIYA!!!!

  • cute79


  • kismaytami

    Bonuses for inept government officials and lazy government employees. This is where our taxes go.

  • indiots

    tsk tsk tsk headline pa lang nakakakilabot na…

    • JoyVi

      tsk tsk tsk.

      Alfredo Pujeda and Carmelita Pujeda of PUJEDA BUILDERS & CONSTRUCTION SUPPLY is trying to woo home buyers in bargain prices for their projects in Gloria 4 and Jem 2 Subdivision in Tandang SOra, QC.

      Unfortunately, home buyers know too well that these properties have illegal documents, faked tax certificates and unsafe structures.

      For those in the know, advise all to take care and be vigilant when dealing with this so-called BUILDER!

  • opinyonlangpo

    There you go people, our hard earned taxes, their luxury. I feel bad, not for myself but for the people out there who don’t even have money to prepare a decent Christmas dinner or even their daily food. And here they are feasting with the people’s money as they would want it. Not fair.

  • J

    Gringo H is really a gringo with a kinship with Lacson. 

    People’s money is people money and no question about that. Otherwise the money is considered a loot as in robbed from a bank. Although this one is really unique and different that the guard in charge of the bank gave the money away!

    Isuli niyo ang 30M at 141M from Senate at Congress para matulungan ang mga nasalanta ng bagyong Pablo!
    Ano ba ang nagawa niyo para magkabonos kayo ng ganyan?

  • Carlos_Iho

    Nilibang lang tayo sa RH at sin tax bills…pa simpli lang tumira ang mga walanghiya…kinukunsente din ni Abnoy para suportahan sya sa paghahabol nya sa mga kalaban sa pulitika…

    kaya halos lahat sa kongreso at senado sumuporta kay Abnoy, binubusog din nya ng pera mga sumasang-ayon sa kanya…dito patungo ang DAANG MATUWID!.. sa bulsa ng mga pulitiko…

  • Carlos_Iho

    Si Corona natanggal dahil sa pagtago ng yaman nya…etong mga senador at tongressmen nagpapayaman sa pera ng bayan…at ang lakas pa ng loob na magsabi na wala namang illegal sa ginagawa nila…at nandyan pa rin sa pwesto at ang kapal pa ng mga mukha…punyetang mga wlanghiya

    • cion

      Si CJ Corona ay hindi nagnakaw ng pera ng bayan , there is a mark difference of what those elected corrupt politicians  has done thru the years,like the KKK, Inc. Tupas, Ampatuans and many others who up to this day continue to pretend , it’s the people  who failed to research what have they accomplished and whether they are honest and lawful before casting their vote (but then again due to poor media reporting) otherwise there will be no change or progress for the welfare of the country.

      • Carlos_Iho

        Yan ang gustong palabasin ng mga fans ni Abnoy na nagnakaw si Corona.  Yan ang problema sa mga fans ni Abnoy, di nakakaintindi.

        Sa hinabahaba ng trial walang bahid ng konting ibedensya ang naipakita tungkol sa pagnanakaw.  Naging pagkakamali nya kung itulad mo sa school exam ay di nakumpleto ang “fill in the blanks.”  Lahat ng pagkakataon nasa prosecution para maipalabas nila ang ibedensya.  Gumawa na lng sila ng ibedensya, katawa-tawa pa.Ganito ang gobyerno ngayon, katawa-tawa.Mas immoral pa di hamak sa kaso ni Corona ang ginagawa ng nasa gobyerno ngayon.  Pinalalabas na katanggap-tanggap na lustayin ang kakarampot na pera ng bayan.  Parang pagnanakaw na rin yan, sa ibang pamamaraan.  Pinalalabas na legal lahat. Yung mga nag akusa at humatol kay Corona, mas malala di hamak ang ginawa dahil nagpapakasarap sa pera ng bayan.At di ako fans ni GMA.  Sana maipakulong sila sa tamang pamamaraan para maipakita na tunay na nagnakaw ang dating administration at di lang kung anu-anong kaso na maisipang ibato.  Ipakita sana ng gobyernong ito na kaya nilang gampanan sa tamang pamamaraan ang kanilang tungkulin na alinsunod sa batas na dapat sundin ng kasalukuyan at susunod pa na mga administration.And you want the people to do the research?  People who can hardly understand what “to research” is?  People who do not even know what the basic tasks of senators and tongressmen are all about?  And isn’t it not the government and the media, among other institutions, should endeavor to educate the voters on what or who they are voting for?  We will be seeing all singing and dancing again, that’s for sure, and media will be earning a windfall again this time around.  That’s all that really matters to them anyway.What a joke we are.

  • cion

    In this case, a Senate President Enrile, who presided over the impeachment of CJ Corona  has not measured up to the integrity  of  the public office he holds and from such Impeachment  Enrile should set a good example for all Filipino citizens,but he failed what he preaches  and 26 years past, this same corrupt people keep on blaming Marcos so they can shield and portray themselves as reformer (Daang Matuwid) but it is a remarkable CORRUPTION to the fullest.

  • tony

    This episode is just another of those never-ending zarzuelas that Pinoys like to play to divert the attention of the middle class taxpayers who work hard in order to pay their taxes so govt bureaucrats like the Coronas, Marcoses and Enriles can play god with public funds and spend it like it were their own. There is absolutely no accountability among senior officials in the Phils. You have COA people like Henares and Tan talking of investigating but we all already know the outcome of this so called investigation – A BIG FAT NOTHING. Nonetheless these zarzuelas serve a vital purpose for those in power – it prevents the general population from realizing just how screwed their lives are and deciding to mount a people’ movement to eliminate the entrenched corrupt officials. WHAT THE FILIPINOS NEED TO DO IS ORGANIZE AND ELIMINATE THE CORRUPT ONCE AND FOR ALL!

    • Rooney


  • Jufel S Sustituido

    dapat si Gringo at Lacson wag nang hingan ng Opinion kasi BULOK ang mga iyan..

  • mahuli

    “COA can only be as effective for as long as the people will continue to
    be vigilant and involved. At the end of the day, the sense of
    proportion on whether funds were used excessively is something only the
    constituents of the respective legislators can determine,”

    meaning kalimutan na pagkatapos ng mga ilang linggo… COA ano ba talaga, may audit ba o wala? anong klaseng audit? hay naku

    • Rooney


  • boybakal

    Gov’t clerks ordered TO REFUND BONUSES….

    Ano yan, Bbigay Bawi…ika nga sa vernacular lingo….naetae na ang bonus.
    The law is clear….What has been Given shall not be Withdrawn.
    Halungkatin yon inidoro baka may tira pa ng bonus.

    • Rooney


  • boybakal

    Why gov’t workers ordered to refund bonuses….Whereas senators and congressmen cannot even present their liquidation report on pork barrel.

  • Alec

    let’s start the revolt my fellow filipinos for this kind of corruptions of the senators and the congressman..the money they shared is our money not theirs…this so called LINTA is taking advatage of their positions to do all the strategy of corruptions…don’t vote for all this senators that are in their current  positions as senators and congressman…lets change all the trapos my fellow filipinos, we can do it. we can change the strategy of the corrupt for their unlawful games of corruption…magkaisa tayong lahat dapat sa atin magsimula ang pagbabago..lets’s vote for a new face…enough is enough…we can still change the games of corruption in the higher goverment post….

    • Charles Lynel F. Joven

       Lord, please let a flash flood or sinkhole swallow the homes and properties of our country’s legislators…..

  • rauloreto

    time to bring point of order to the lives of the filipinos, the calousness of these politicians knows no bound. Greed is inherent in their character and their families, familiarize yourself to their names and never ever vote any of them to office, not even one of the member of their families for their lives are already corrupted.   We havbe nothing to lose, a new one may or may ot be corrupt, yet, still we’d rather gamble than be permanently losing.

  • JoseMiguelCasuarino

    … yes… it is always a question of wisdom and prudence.  And many of our government officials, political leaders whom we have elected to public service are seriously not prudent and seriously lacking in wisdom… they are rather whimsical, capricious, greedy, self-centered…. so little in wisdom, prudence,  good judgement….

  • JoseMiguelCasuarino

    … it is our money. When we question this kind of practice, we are not gods and we are not pretending to know better.  We the people have to know this and judge them how they conduct themselves, how they serve us, how they spend OUR money, they are responsible to us, the people.  Senators, congressmen and women… sorry for this generalization… most of them are parasites, linta, …they have made us their milking cows. They spend OUR money just the way they wish…as if it were theirs…. and they have big big houses, they have expensive cars and more than what they need…. go abroad, send their children to school in other countries,etc.  Elected and even corruptly and dishonestly elected…. they enjoy hundreds and thousands of privileges…

  • Emma Custodio Villa

    Our honorable senators have again made themselves dishonorable to the people: their chief has to go now or soon. He does not need to explain why he did this shameful thing: to buy those who could be bought. It’s the same old ugly, dirty, politics that abuses its power. These senators think its their money. It’s not their money. It’s the people’s money. The only redeemable thing they could do now is to meekly return those bribes…including earlier bonuses. They should live and serve with what their budget. Kulang pa ba yon? 

  • hanep

     Baligtad  na yata  ang  mundo. Kung sino pa yung  isang  kahig  isang  tuka  e
    yun  pa  naa – argabyado.

    Samantalang yung mga  busog  na  busog na  e  yung pa   lalong masiba.

    Kawawa  naman  itong mga senador na ito  baka  magutom sila !!!

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    they impeached corona for the simple reason that his money was not in the SALN…




  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    shut the f*ck up you greedy legislators…!!!!!!!/…i hope you guys go to hell soon….!!!

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