Roxas puzzled over cop in clashes that left 40 dead



Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

The involvement of Supt. Hansel Marantan in four widely publicized gun battles over the past seven years, purportedly with criminal gangs, in which a total of 40 people had been killed, has puzzled Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas.

The latest of these fire fights occurred on Sunday in Atimonan, Quezon. There, 13 people, allegedly members of a crime gang, were killed—among them a senior police officer, Supt. Alfredo Consemino, and his two  aides and two soldiers.

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday, Roxas said he had asked the Philippine National Police  to review the career records of Marantan, who had been promoted despite the controversies that hounded him.

“We want to know his background and history. Is he just trigger-happy? Or is he just that brave?” Roxas said. “We want to know the reason why he was involved in many cases of bloody shootouts.”

But Roxas declined to comment on reports linking the 41-year-old Marantan to crime syndicates in the Calabarzon region, particularly on the officer’s alleged involvement in the illegal numbers racket “jueteng,” which, according to sources in the PNP, triggered Sunday’s gunfight in Atimonan.

“Whether it’s jueteng, illegal drugs, illegal logging, that we cannot tell yet. We must determine the facts, provable and ascertainable facts,” he said.

President Aquino on Tuesday directed the National Bureau of Investigation to look into the Atimonan gun battle. He also ordered the PNP to coordinate its investigations with the NBI.

A graduate of Philippine National Police Academy, Class 1998, Marantan was criminally charged in connection with a purported encounter between operatives of the Highway Patrol Group which he then led as a senior inspector and the so-called Valle Verde car theft syndicate in November 2005. Killed in the gunfight were Anton Cu-Unjieng, Francis Xavier Manzano and Brian Anthony Dulay—all scions of wealthy families.

In December 2008, he again took part in a daring police operation against the dreaded Alvin Flores robbery group in Paranaque City that left 16 people dead, among them seaman Alfonso de Vera and his 7-year-old daughter Lia Allyana who were caught in the cross fire.

‘Cop with balls’

In October 2010, Marantan and his men in the 415th Provincial Police Mobile Group traded shots with alleged kidnappers at a checkpoint in Candelaria, Quezon, killing eight of them just a few steps away from his headquarters.

Some PNP officials interviewed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer described Marantan as a “policeman with balls” and “a determined police officer.” They declined to be named in deference to the investigations ordered by the President.

One of the officials, who has known Marantan since he was a cadet in the academy, said Marantan’s training in the Army’s Special Forces and Navy intelligence honed him to become a “brave police officer who is not afraid to go after criminals.”

In fact, he said Marantan’s role in successful police and military operations in the past earned him accolades and awards.

“They can say many bad things about Hansel. But no one can refute his dedication to his work as a police officer. He’s a policeman with balls,” the official said.

Gambling links?

But another police official said Marantan had earned the ire of some senior PNP officers for his supposed links with illegal gambling personalities and other criminal syndicates in Calabarzon region.

A source close to this official claimed Marantan’s sister, Cenen “Tita” Dinglasan, is an operator of state-run Small Town Lottery (STL) bookies in Laguna.

“Tita was a rival of Vic Siman in the operations of jueteng and bookies in Calamba and some parts of Batangas,” the source said, referring to Victor Siman, one of the 13 fatalities in the Quezon clash, said to be a jueteng and STL operator.

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  • Mamang Pulis

    Roxas puzzled over cop in clashes that left 40 dead

    mag ingat ka dyan sa taong yan boy bawang–kayang kaya ka nyan dikdikin ng tingga.

  • californiaflip

    Roxas declares there’s no jueteng, but his own police officers are killing each other over it. Perhaps MAR is not the man for DILG and the headline should read “MAR puzzled”. (period)

    • Marshall

      kailan ideneklara ni Roxas na walang jueteng ..Sa Pampanga harapan nyang sinabi sa mga pulis na namamayagpag ang jueteng …

    • tagatabas

       mali yata ang observation mo, he never said that.

  • aldhins

    Tama yan  Sec.Roxas sinu pa may kaso na promote pa ? ganon ba  talaga ang batayan

  • AlexanderAmproz

    All over Europe it will be difficult to found a policemen who killed more than two suspects. 
    In most of the countries if one suspect is killed it’s already a big problem for the cop,
    killing is NOT ALLOWED, cops or not !

    AMAZING PHILIPPINES, welcome to the killing spree country, have fun !

  • john clark

    Lets say this person is on the up and up… He’s just a good officer… WHAT THE BLOODY HECK is he still doing as a check point officer in a far off region, he should be a General by now! Dead KFOR, Carnappers, Gambling king pins…

    In an earlier times, he would be called a hero… But Alas… He is tainted!… In our world with video youtube and in general people cynical world view he can be called a criminal… Mga ganyan noong araw mga buhay nyan ginagawang pelikula…

    Kaso nga his name is not exactly clean… Sister nya STL operator… And most of his encounters look like rubouts… Does anyone see a patern here?

  • RyanE

    Hmm.. quite difficult to judge at this point in time about the real character of Supt. Hansel Marantan. However, I’m inclined to believe that he’s indeed a cop with balls who’s not afraid to run after criminal elements, where sadly most of our policemen failed.

    • eirons1043

      I agree he has balls to pull the trigger.  Trouble is his style is always ambush style meaning the prey is/are sitting ducks and outnumbered 10 to 1 or more and almost no danger to him. In criminal law that is deliberate and therefore a crime of multiple murder. Re- promotion better investigate all those who were promoted from 2005 to 2010 in the PNP, AFP, Bangko Central and the entire judiciary as them were the transactional years of the little girl.

      • VeryDisgusted2

        100% agree. His style is a trait of a coward person.

        I believe he is a marked man now by the relatives of the victims. A good hired killer will not let Marantan live thru 2013.

      • jamesgeorge

        wag mong husgahan agad yung tao,hindi pa tapos ang imbestigasyon! Unang una, sa lahat ng operations nya, hindi sya lagi ang team leader! Matuto tayong maging propesyonal at patas na huwes! Kung baga, reserve your judgment until due process had been met! Pag ganyan ang attitude nating lahat, malamang magkamali tayo ng desisyon! Kung rubout yon, yung tama ng bala ke marantan, hindi ganuon kagrabe! Putol ang buto sa kaliwang braso at hita, pati tuhod,durog!

  • unc_sammy

    Perhaps Marantan is Dirty Harry that casts fears among the lawless and the rouges?

  • Peter L

    Mr Mar Roxas would be more puzzled when he is beaten at the polls by VP Jejomar Binay three years from now. Better start solving problems now as a DILG secretary or you find yourself solving jigsaw puzzles later.

    • millie55

      we will be more puzzled when the binay clan take charge. with the support of course of the estrada clan. then we will really be more fun here in the philippines.

  • joerizal

    Kelan naman naging puzzled si Mar? eh wala namang alam yan. Nalilito siya kasi pinaglalaruan lang siya ng mga pulis na dapat siya ang namumuno. Kung ako kay Mar, samahan mo si Marantan sa isa niyang operation. Humawak ka ng baril at makipaglaban ka para malaman mo kung trigger happy nga siya o matapang lang talaga. Kaso ‘wag kang titili pag binaril kayo at baka mabuking ang pagkaduwag mo.

    • tagatabas

       Para namang napakatapang mo kung masalita ka.

    • George

      dapat kay Joebunganga na’to i appoint na adviser ni Pnoy o kaya five strar general kaagad, mukhang maraming alam. dude, sabi ni Mar “Kupal, ako DILG sec, ikaw?

      • joerizal

        Hoy engot, patawa ka. Nagkapuwesto lang yang si Mar kasi namatay si Robredo. Talo na nga kay Binay yan. Samahan mo ang bossing mong walang alam at talunan, tamod.

    • dyords

       oo nga kala mo nama ikaw ay napakatalinong tao at superman, typical na isnag loser na pinoy hanggang salita lang tapos dito pa sa net lang,gawin mo sa totoong buhay, maging opisayal ka rin at tingnan natin anong magaw mo sa bayan natin. agin lalaing nga kunan ti ilokano. agawid ka ketdi ta apan ka agmula kamote. pwe

      • joerizal

        Oo talaga matalino ako sa yo. Wala ka kasing originality sa mga comments mo kaya nakikisakay ka lang sa iba. Magtanim ka ng kamote para umani ka ng balut. Bakla. Tutal puro ka ngakngak isubo mo na lang ang sandata ng bossing mo.

    • jerome

       Tutal pre matapang ka harapin mo kaya yung pamilya nung namatayan sa Paranaque shootout yung pamilya ni Alvin at Lia de Vera na nadamay dyan at sabihin mo na katapangan yung ginawa nya…

      • joerizal

        Ha? talaga? Bakit inasinta ba sila? Wrong place, wrong time. Kung ako sa yo, pumila kay Ampatuan para maging pang-59 kang biktima. Hanggang ngayon walang ginagawa yang bossing mong walang silbi.

      • jerome

         Bakit di ka ba nagbabasa ng balita hindi bat naging biktima ang mag ama sa pamamaril ng pulis at  militar ng oras na yun? Ang sinasakyan nilang sasakyan ay isa sa mga binaril na di man lang sinubukan  na idententify kung kasama sila sa grupo…At sino naman ang sinasabi mong bossing kong walang silbi? Baka ikaw ang walang silbi palibhasa siguro isa ka sa mga trigger happy…

  • pepito gwaps

    Maybe Supt. Marantan believes that every offense must be meted with corresponding punishment but that notion is not always true if you are not the proper channel to do that. In the first place, they killed people whose involvement of each person to the crime is not clear. Are you brave if you dont like to give your opponent a chance to get up and fight squarely. They should not sprayed many bullets to the victims as if the creatures inside the SUV are all monsters. It would be better for them to ask those people inside the SUV to surrender than to killed them all.

  • valentinlbonite

    Policeman with balls? How can that be when all his victims were either unarmed, or in a position where to fight back was almost impossible, or worst, that they were innocent civilians? What about a sortie in Basilan to see what his bravado can do against the Abu Sayyaf? 

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       Yeah, i still remember the video taken in Ortigas where the suspects were…how should I put it….’slumped on the driver seat, and front passenger seat’ then they came in slowly inside the car, then fired more shots on the incapacitated suspects.

      You sure have to have balls to do that, right?

      I bet it wasn’t in the report. And if the cam crew of UNTV didn’t get that, the world would never have known, right?

  • divictes

    He trained with the Army Special Forces? No wonder he’s a “ratrat” guy. Army doctrine is to pour  volume of fire to pin down their enemies, which is logical since they do most of their fighting in the jungles where a clear target mostly does not exist. Not surprising then that two of his victims were a father and a daughter.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      Scount Ranger? rat-rat (i assume full auto fire)… very highly unlikely.

      Only happens on an ambush…. (oh my, realization!) when concentration of fire and volume of fire on the kill zone is a must.

  • dave

    Dalhin n lng yan si Maratrat este Maratnan sa sobrang tapang at magaling at natrain sa special army warfare at navy intelligence aba IPAUBos nyo na s knya yun mga Abu Sayyaff mukhang may balls nmn sya at yakang yaka..

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       honga no.

      dalin sa jolo at basilan yan.

  • jerome

    Speaking of the shooting cases that Mr. Roxas has said. What happened to the case in the shooting in Paranaque which left father and daughter Alfonso and Lia de Vera dead. Papaanong na promote ang taong yan kung may kaso pa na nakabinbin?

  • buhi

    dapat ki MARANTAN sa Mindanao i destino kung talagang may BALLS siya, hulihin/dakpin/patayin nya mga ABUSAYAF. 

    • Na Mits

       maganda sa sulu at basilan maraming beach resort dun. sarap mag relax..

    • Pitbulldog

      Wag nyo ipadala sa Mindao mga tulad niyan, baka lumipat naman sa Manila mga Abu Sayyaf.

  • Dag Erickson

    What happened in Quezon is like what’s happening in Pasay City where policemen shoot each other for collecting on another group’s turf. The money is too irresistible. Don’t you see from Cory to GMA now to Pnoy, JUETENG won’t stop? They are conducting intelligence operations from Cory to Pnoy but until now jueteng was never phased out?   The only accurate intelligence is that of Bishop Cruz.

  • Markov Chain

    Hahaha! Funniest sentence I’ve read in a long time. Na beebwesit ang mga senior nya dahil kasali cya sa jueteng? Yung mga senior nya ang nagpapatakbo ng jueteng. Kaya ng PNP ubusin ang mga jueteng lords na yan, same logic na kayang ubusin ng militar ang NPA. Bakit d magawa? Dahil kung walang NPA, walang budget at walang pwedeng makurakot. Apply the same logic sa PNP at jueteng, kung walang jueteng walang lagay. Hahahahahaha!

    • Semplang

       haha…sooo true… its so good to know that there are lot  pinoys know who can read between the lines….

    • zom

      you got it right! absolutely!

    • zom

      living proof dito si trillanes na nag-mutiny sa oakwood nung 2003! sila sa mindanao binubuwis yung buhay sa mga terorista at rebelde samantalang yung mga amo nila, enjoy na enjoy magbenta ng armas sa enemies of the state!

    • boypalaban

       kung walang gyera, walang kita mga generals….

  • dikoy321

    How come when Marantan is involved on one side, NOBODY comes out ALIVE from the Other side ?  Come to think of it, 40 lives were erased in his “encounters”, and he is still ALIVE !? Look, even Alfonso de Vera and his 7-year-old daughter Lia Allyana who were caught in the cross fire, just passing by, at the wrong place at the wrong time, DID NOT escape with their lives !

    In this recent “shootout”, did Marantan have 2 handguns handy: one to shoot the elements of the other side, another he used to shoot his left hand and left foot, to make it appear, he was HIT during the “shootout”, and is therefore WOUNDED running after bad elements ?  What for ?  To have another PROMOTION, PAYRAISE, next HIGHER RANK ?

    Or did Marantan have an accomplice, or a trusted partner who will execute the “shooting” of his left arm and left foot ?

    Can it be SERIOUS Police work to always SHOOT TO KILL ?  The way it slowly appears now, even if there were shady characters among the 13 recently-killed, NOT ALL OF THEM seems to be that bad, as Marantan’s supporters would have it !

    Also, if Marantan is that GOOD, why shouldn’t one on the other side SURVIVE the “encounter” ?
    Does Marantan make sure he tells his men, TAKE NO PRISONERS, FINISH them all off !  If that is the teaching in PNPA, something is definitely WRONG with those PNP personnel who will graduate there !

    And since NO ONE Survives from the other side during “encounters”, INTENTIONALLY-done by Marantan, so NO ONE will TELL his own version of the STORY ?

    WHERE is the MISSING Red BAG, supposedly carrying MILLIONS in Cash, observed by one newsman/reporter to have been by the rear end of one SUV, but MISSING on the LIST of items/evidences the investigating SOCO prepared ???

    W H Y  Mr Hansel Marantan ???

  • wakats

    Lawman with balls – cannonballs, not topacio’s mono-ball.

    Hansel’s living life-style and background check on his properties must be checked thoroughly and this must be done by PDI reporters on the hunt for a “scoop” to give us netizens something to feast on based on facts and not on presscons and speculations. 


  • Albin

    Tagal naman…dalhin agad si Marantan sa Sulu, o Basilan. Ubusin nya abusayaf.

    • Mamang Pulis

      wala–hindi uubra yan style nya dito—idedemanda pa sila ng MILF kasi pinsan nila ang mga pu tang inang ABU SAYAF.

      di ba sir? nagbabasa ba kayo ng forum dyan sa aguinaldo ha sir?

    • jamesgeorge

      wag mong husgahan agad yung tao,hindi pa tapos ang imbestigasyon! Unang una, sa lahat ng operations nya, hindi sya lagi ang team leader! Matuto tayong maging propesyonal at patas na huwes! Kung baga, reserve your judgment until due process had been met! Pag ganyan ang attitude nating lahat, malamang magkamali tayo ng desisyon! Kung rubout yon, yung tama ng bala ke marantan, hindi ganuon kagrabe! Putol ang buto sa kaliwang braso at hita, pati tuhod,durog!Edit

  • dikoy321

    President Noy, your BOSS, the Filipino Nation & people, have only ONE request:  as soon as Marantan is able, send him to HUNT and FINISH with NO LET-UP, all the NPAs in the Southern Tagalog areas of Quezon province and then the Bicol Regions !

    Remind Marantan please to TAKE his “BALLS” along, NEVER to leave them at home or anywhere !

    The BOSS wants a QUICK and CLEAN job, perhaps no more than 12 months, with a SUCCESS rate of 105% !

    When done in Southern Luzon, send Marantan please to next CLEAN UP the mess with the ABU SAYAF in Basilan .

    Salamat po Mr President !

    Forward Philippines !!!

    • boypalaban

       bakit di na lang si JOVITO PALPARAN ipatawag mo?

      mas kilalang berdugo yon ng mga NPA….

    • jamesgeorge

      wag mong husgahan yung tao,hindi pa tapos ang imbestigasyon! Unang una, sa lahat ng operations nya, hindi sya lagi ang team leader! Matuto tayong maging propesyonal at patas na huwes! Kung baga, reserve your judgment until due process had been met! Pag ganyan ang attitude nating lahat, malamang magkamali tayo ng desisyon!

  • Allan

    how can running a checkpoint be meted with death penalty by firing squad? they say the guy has balls. if you and your murderer team outnumber and outgun your opponents, hindi ka ba tatapang? this should be the end of marantan as a lawman.  

  • legnasagra

    Why Ms Valte was so quick in defending the posse in Ampatuan este Antimonan massacre(??) was surprising. It was no different from what the former palace spokesperson during the previous administration pronounced to media then when she claimed that no matter what the Ampatuan’s did, they were still friends of the first family. OMG   

  • Noel

    He has balls because he’s in uniform with guns and connections.

  • uugodugod

    ‘Tita was a rival of VIC Siman in the operation of jueting and ….oh there goes  a connecting link,something smell freshy 

  • Colokoy

    mahirap tlaga umasenso sa pinas kinakampihan pa ang mga criminal gangs ksa isang matapang na pulis. hintayin ninyo ang resulta ng investigasyon ng NBI

  • limcat

    Marantan was a protector of a carnapping group years ago when he was still with the HPG.  The encounter with the Valle Verde carnapping group was not an encounter but a rubout to protect his group of carnappers.  Smoky Archangel the head of his carnapping group eventually was liquidated when he left the HPG, this is a fact.
    I see something very similar to the Quezon encounter.  He could have easily wiped out the group of Siman because they are rivals to his group’s gambling operation in that area.  Mar Roxas is correct, they should investigate deeper on the background of this guy.

    • boybakal

       Is Marantan a Muslim….just asking.

      • SG0609

         taga canayun, abulug, cagayan yang si hansel…ilokano/ybanag yan…baka nga balatuhin ni enrile yan…matapang talaga ang mga tao sa abulug cagayan…maraming tao dun ang trabaho ay bodyguard ng pulitiko…

      • Na Mits

        klangan natin ng matapang na pulis at army sa sulu at basilan bat d kaya mag recruit sa lugar na yan.. marami ba matabang dyan?

      • boypalaban

        maraming pulis at sundalo na na taga Sulu at Basilan…

      • Pitbulldog

        Boy Bakla, parang gusto mong palabasin, kesyo may katapangan, Muslim?  Di naman siguro, pagkaalam ko, traydor Muslim matapang lang pag marami pero tiklop din pag di kaya kalaban.  So si Marantan, traydor din?

    • jamesgeorge

      wag mong husgahan agad yung tao,hindi pa tapos ang imbestigasyon! Unang una, sa lahat ng operations nya, hindi sya lagi ang team leader! Matuto tayong maging propesyonal at patas na huwes! Kung baga, reserve your judgment until due process had been met! Pag ganyan ang attitude nating lahat, malamang magkamali tayo ng desisyon! Kung rubout yon, yung tama ng bala ke marantan, hindi ganuon kagrabe! Putol ang buto sa kaliwang braso at hita, pati tuhod,durog!

  • calixto909

    Sec. Roxas don’t make a castle out of a dune hill by using marantan’s skirmishes with alleged lawless groups because Marantan, least we know might be the hero against the villains in those episodes and you’ll become a butt of the joke if you persist. What you should do first and foremost before all these mouthings in the press to obtain political mileage–the probable reason foreseen, is to monitor strictly without let up the Atimonan encounter to ascertain the naked truth of the allegations. By doing so, the reading public and all concerned shall be elated to observe that you are performing your job ultimately, as expected of a leader who desires to become a president come 2016.

    • Maitum

      Binay will love you.

    • ed_nique

      you said it yourself, MIGHT be the hero.

      anyways, if sec. DILG investigates marantan and proves his heroism then his stature will be validated and clouds of doubt will disappear

  • paul

    mahilig siguro manoood kay rambo itong si hansen….

  • pinoypower

    Marantan is like a one man police executioner. He conducts the intelligence work and leads the operation himself. This is against procedures according to PNP Director Purisima. If you Google Marantan’s name you will find out that he was involved in many controversies as early as when he was still an inspector. Sec. Roxas is right. He must be investigated as to why all his operations left no one alive. Dead men tell no tales?

    • jamesgeorge

      wag mong husgahan agad yung tao,hindi pa tapos ang imbestigasyon! Unang una, sa lahat ng operations nya, hindi sya lagi ang team leader! Matuto tayong maging propesyonal at patas na huwes! Kung baga, reserve your judgment until due process had been met! Pag ganyan ang attitude nating lahat, malamang magkamali tayo ng desisyon! Kung rubout yon, yung tama ng bala ke marantan, hindi ganuon kagrabe! Putol ang buto sa kaliwang braso at hita, pati tuhod,durog!

  • thecop

    Someone like Marantan can do these killings only because some bigger politician is protecting him. Ganun lang naman yun eh….Sino kaya?

    • Mamang Pulis

      sanctioned ng higher echelons…pag sumabit–ideny sila.

  • intsikbeho

    Every single police operation where someone gets killed must immediately be investigated by the Bureau. 

  • eirons1043

    Ang dapat mag inbestiga dyan si Ping Lacson o si Fred Lim hindi NBI.  Habang nag i inbestiga ang NBI alam na nuong dalawa sagot. Nagtataka ako  bakit hindi alam ni Roxas o ni Noy ang mga taong meron expertise sa ganiyan Talaga yatang pagdating sa tunay na buhay eh donselya pa itong si Roxas at si Noy.

    • Mamang Pulis

      Si boy bawang ang donselya–rich boy eh. si pnoy surnivor ng ambush yan.

    • boldyak

      tama ang dapat mag imbistiga yung may alam sa mga rub-outs at paano ginagawa ang mga illegal…experensyado dapat…hahaha

    • batangpaslit

      mahina ang police advisor ni Sec Mar. dapat kumuha sia ng magaling na USEC si DILG Sec, ‘yong may linya sa mga ulopong na makabigay ng raw info

  • ricky

    few months from now me pelikula na itong si Hansel… ala-mayor Lim style at Clint Eastwood.. gagawin na namang hero ito ng mga baklang producers at matabil na mga direktor.. in the end, super hero itong si Marantan na parang si Mayor Lim na maraming pinatay.. kaso matanda na si Eddie Garcia bilang Marantan.. cguro si Piolo ok pa

    • ed_nique

      brod, marantan is described someone with balls, meaning macho … why piolo? hahaha

  • Mamang Pulis

    reply to eirons1043:

    ganoon talga ang turo sa SF—-, kung kinakilangan mong dikdikin ng 1000 beses gawin mo. there is no such thing as fairfight, fair means you are not ready.

  • Lito

    sa aking opinion si Marantan ay dirty man ng mga sindikato na kanyang pinoproteksyonan,inililigpit nya ang mga ka kompetensya ng kanyang handler,dapat talagang imbistigahan yang taong iyan malamang self inflicted ang kanyang tama para lang mabili ang kanyang alibi.

  • JosephNess

    again…jueteng…the cause of all evils…what else???? this only proves that involvement to this kind of business is very much alive in the higher echelon of our police force and who knows how high it had gone so far up, considering its existence since time we knew when…this has shaken even the very power of our country…is there someone honest enough to stop this??? this can’t be done by just one man but with our all concerted move if we wanted to eradicate this…

  • M C

    Assuming Ms. Cenen operates STL joints, those are legal ventures duly sanctioned by the government.  It is a different thing when one operates a jueteng bookie which is illegal.  For people to create a slant equating kinship to a legal enterprise as similar to running jueteng is a desperate attempt to cover participation in the illegal numbers game and twist the facts behind the incident. For how can one explain the presence of police or military personnel in the physical presence of known jueteng operators in a no man’s land?  If recent contemporary history is reviewed, Atimonan is where the actual physical skirmish between the forces the Gen. Fabian and Manong Johnny began when the convoy of about 200 trucks loaded with dutiable goods being escorted by men associated with Gen. Fabian were intercepted by men associated with Manong Johnny.  That incident built up until the animosity of their respective principals came to a head during the EDSA Aggrupation.  Surely, the gunbattle at Atimonan Coral last weekend is just the beginning of the war between the Dramatis Personnae of Philippine society. Is it also a coincidence that a former governor called Senyor Rafael who perished in a helicopter crash (similar to a more recent plane crash of a well-loved man) also hails from Quezon Province – where Atimonan is?  On a broadside, I am very sure that no one has yet perfected the art of the plane crash.

    • batangpaslit

      historical vignette
      am not familiar with the terrain in Atimonan—-the “ambush” site
      sharp curve ba ‘yan? and hilly?

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Dapat gawing crime ang sinumang tumaya sa jueteng. Kaya may jueteng, may tumataya kasi. At ang tumataya ay hangal dahil maski alam niya na niloloko lang siya umaasa pa rin na mananalo.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Marantan has manipulated the police chief that a group of armed men are heading towards Southern Tagalog region his home turf. 

    All the killings that he’s involved should be reinvestigated.

  • PAZ

    Maaring magisang nagtatrabaho si Marantan dahil alam nya na pag ipinaalam nya sa iba yung operation e baka walang mangyare dahil me mga pulis na kasabwat ng sindikato. Idinadaing na ng mga taga Southern Tagalog yang mgs hired killer, drugs at ang dami ng riding in tandem sa probinsya. ANG tawag sa mga hired killer sa probinsya ay BIRADOR! proud sila pag tinawag na birador feeling nila sila si Rudy Fernandez. Sa halagang 5 thou. Papatay sila para may pambili ng drugs. Galit na rin yung mga mamamayan sa probinsya kaya nagsusumbong talaga sila sa mga tao na pwedeng tumulong sa kanila. Lahat ng ilegal ang gawain ng mga sindikato.

    • batangpaslit

      i prefer an operator who is really daring, other than a team leader na parang lastiko—urong sulong ang decision

  • Garote

    ‘There should be a total gun ban of PNP and AFP personnel to avoid massacre of uniformed men and civilians killed in the cross-fire. Instead, they should be given “batutas” or “bastons.”

    • mucho_cheapo

      What about if the Bad Guys have guns?

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Policemen’s and soldier’s are the most dangerous “hazards” of the country and the main crime origins.

        AFP never did anything else than killing and robbing Pinoy’s.
        Today with the West Philippines Sea, they proved to be useless as any budget where systematically stollen at any levels.

        AFP is nothing else than an officials protected gang Ninoy used to know about to be himself victim.

        AFP involved not only in killings but in Shabu, smuggling, kidnappings, hold up, land grabbings, “Coup d’etat”, etc.

        AFP is the main country nuisance, it’s a country plague !

      • Garote

        I was just being sarcastic. See how the Anti-guns group’s proposal for total gun ban or gun control sounds? Silly. How do we, the citizens, protect ourselves when the bad guys have guns, when we know the police will not come to our aid on time? And we know most of the bad guys are the police and military men, active or retired, themselves. It’s our inherent right to protect our lives and nobody not even the president can deprive us of such right. Any law prohibiting us to own guns or to control our right to possess guns is void and unconstitutional.

    • batangpaslit

      ikaw na lang kaya ang mag sundalo at mag pulis.
      ewan lang kung ang bahay mo ay niraratrat mga mga ulupong, at kung may asawa ka man at babaeng anak ay ni rape sa harapan mo—ewan ko lang kung ano ang gawin mo kung wala kang pang patas na armas sa mga automatic na baril ng mga ungas

  • joel genese

    May protector si Marantan kaya may “balls”. Kung basta matapang lang ang pulis ngunit walang protector, hindi magawa ang mga ginagawa ni Marantan.

  • billy gunner

     “Roxas puzzled over cop in clashes that left 40 dead”

    he’s just puzzled. nothing comes next. what more do you expect?

    • Twister12

      That’s why it’s called democracy. Until proven guilty you can not do anything. What do you think he’s supposed to do?

  • PAZ

    Kung gusto mo Mar na malaman ang katotohanan sa buhay ng mga hired killers ,carnappers, riding in tandem magpadala kayo ng agent sa mga barangay sa Batangas at Laguna nariyan ang mga tinatawag na BIRADOR. lahat ng krimen pwedeng ipagawa sa kanila sa murang halaga.Ang biktima ng mga iyan karamihan ay mga kapitan ng barangay na lumalaban sa drugs at mga ilegal na gawain.

  • salomeahmad

    ” A policeman who has balls”. Assigned him to Basilan & Sulu. Lets see how long it remains attached.

    • Charles Lynel F. Joven

       yeah bring that Hansel guy to Jolo..and let him leave a sissy…

  • nyukradaregg

    40 of them all Dead no one can talk anymore? aside from clear platenumber PNPA does the PNP in the whole Region never Honor this Plate.or something wrong with the Administration of PNP for the Guidance of issued Platenumber..even if they are a protector of Jueteng at least aprehended them alive is good image for PNP. for clarification of truth..wala eh bulagta agad lahat yung niratrat na dalawang sasakyan at kung tatlo ito nasaan yun  isang Sasakyang sinasabi.Kagaguhan na di makita yun.. at di maalarma sa susunod na Bayan. iyon eh kung meron pang kasama yung 2 convoy na sasakyan?

    • ed_nique

      apparently, occupants in vehicle fire first … hehehe

  • Hunter421

    We need more cops like Supt. Hansel Marantan.

  • Twister12

    Most probably both sides are all corrupt. One good thing is kahit papaano nabawasan sila.

  • virgoyap

    Marantan an enigmatic police officer. Is he a hero or a villain policeman?

  • ztefertilizerscam9


  • nyukradaregg

    Now i Know why we live in DAMORECRAZY countries in the World its more fun as SENATOR Santiago said..Hohohoho 1.6 sa iyo 250k sa 13 bulagta kayo…REALLY more FUN!!!!

  • sugbu

    Just listen intently the TV interview of this Marantan on sick bed…..
    Ambush Scene:
    1.First checkpoint consist of uniform PNP… appear as a legitimate and thus alley some fears and lower their guards or sense of hazards.Note also that a high ranking PNP officer is among the passenger of 2 SUV,thus confident that they will not be stop by any authorized checkpoint…and the group were armed in case of an insurgent ambush,perhaps.
    2.Army Truck…25 uniformed special force in regular army, position or waiting for the first burst of gun fires…..Strategically behind the passing,slow moving 2 SUV which will now about to approach the second checkpoint.
    3.Second Checkpoint…manned by 24PNPmostly civilian clothes plus this Intelligent guy Marantan…..whose initiating the choke mate(operation Checkmate,maybe he knew some of the passenger/victims were his Mates).
    other source****… 1.leaves on surrounding plants displayed some traces of disturbances caused   by gunfires….some maybe in hiding behind those leaves…
                               2.allegedly,Marantan personally knew some of the passengers inside…based on different testimonies/reports.

    Now,let’s just hope that the motive/motives can be established soon and, truth and justice will come out.

  • keyboard torres

    This is correct, marantan have balls.. Kesa nman nagpapalaki lng tiyan sa presinto. Great job for the police officer.

  • batangpaslit

    Secretary Mar, bring in someone in your loop who knows the modus operandi of the criminal syndicates. i know some. you could interview them and determine if they would be an asset to your office. some can function in your own native tongue.

  • SG0609

    bakit kelangan ninyong ipadala sa sulu si Hansel marantan? ang daming muslim dun na matatapang din ah…baka nga mas matapang pa kay hansel…

  • Ragdeleafar

    Roxas ‘bedazzled’ most appropriate! sounds like ‘Bida’ either pro or con???

  • Pitbulldog

    To those who show empathy to the van occupants/crimininals, just imagine  if a criminal survives, even one. You will have to treat him,  arraign him, provide him a lawyer if he cannot afford one; feed him, house him, guard him.  Why not just cut him to pieces with an M16?  A magazine of M16 does not cost as much and is more practical rather than wasting a lot of money you can better use for the needy.  A society like ours today needs people who do not hesitate to employ unconventional means that maybe favorable to the majority in the long run.  They can help reimpose respect for law and order even if that would be too drastic to some. An eye for an eye.  A hair for a hair, para yong panot laging panalo – he he he, di pa rin pantay ang mundo kala nyo..

    • ed_nique

      sounds like you are 100% sure the van occupants were all criminals while all of those manning the check-point were the good guys.

      i’m far from that place, don’t have personal knowledge of the persons involved, i’m confused with all the news and comments coming out.

      so i’ll take my time, wait till thinks clear up (if it ever does), till then i reserve making judgement.

      if it comes out they were criminals, serves them right
      it innocent, someone has to answer
      if those manning the check-point were also criminals, God held us!

      • Pitbulldog

        As far as I see it, they are criminals.  On the lawmen side, they might be as well but at a lessser scale.  So who would you prefer to believe?  The press and leftist groups will do their best to twist the facts, and as I presume it, like many people do, these criminals will end up as heroes instead.  

      • Ariel A. Carandang


    • AlexanderAmproz

      The worst of all for some is to hear the true coming out from a survivor.

      An obvious rubout !

    • opinyonlangpo

      Its a bit too much but it saves budget for operating and maintaining prisons and also no work for judiciary, just kill all the suspects without due process. How about the one staying in the Veterans Hospital, would you like her killed too? Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

    • $20722540

      hindi nga daw sila criminal ni ratrat…kong ikaw kaya ratratin din hindi kaman criminal dahil suspects lang, ano kaya masasabi mo? yong eye for an eye, doon yan sa ancient world pa kaya!

      • Pitbulldog

        In a checkpoint, you must stop when you are being flagged down.  They won’t hesitate to cut you to pieces once you try to ignore them.  May SOP sila dyan. Ipagpilitan na lang ninyo na alisin lahat ng checkpoints sa Pinas para labas masok na mga kriminal sa lahat ng sulok.  They were shot because they did not stop or rather fought it out. They would have been apprehended anayway if they are really criminals. So kung wala naman dapat itago, magpakilala sila di ba. 

      • $20722540

        ang galing galing mo…checkpoint daw…eh ambush nga…ratratin na…

      • Pitbulldog

        Ang galing mo rin.  Hanga ako sa katalinuhan mo.  Nag-conclude ka agad.  Hintayin na lang kaya natin imbestigasyon dyan?  Dami naman ng riding in tandem iyan na di yata masawata ng mga pulis, bat di na lang pina-tigok si Siman, bat kailangan pa mag-abala sa pagtayo ng checkpoint para ambusin?  Ikaw talaga…

  • J

    Marantan got balls… so others have none!
    Big or small? …. the former perhaps…. favorite of some tv-movie personalities!
    … ({;o)

    • Magsasaka

       marantan is an operator of PAPUTOK preying on unsuspecting people that didn’t know they were about to be killed.

  • tarikan

    This tragedy is all about jueteng. Very sad thing about the Philippines. But how can this scourge be stopped? I, for one, don’t think it will stop, ever. Jueteng is here to stay till kingdom come. Why? Because of the people themselves…the mananaya. Kung patay na lahat ng mananaya, then jueteng will die a natural death. 

    • AlexanderAmproz

      What about Shabu ?

  • dikoy321

    How come when Marantan is involved on one side, NOBODY comes out ALIVE from the Other side ?  

    Come to think of it, 40 lives were erased in his “encounters” … !

    Is his INTENT to PREVENT Crime as a PNP Officer or to KILL ALL his targets, to pocket the MILLIONS collected Intelligence says the other side have in the car ?

    Leaving anyone ALIVE from the other side could SPILL the beans and EXPOSE Marantans MODUS OPERANDI, right?

    • noli

      Agree ako dikoy321, walang turn-over ng mga pera at valuables sa lahat ng mga encounters, kahit sa mga nayaring miyembro ng Kurateng Baleleng, ang mga police operatives kuno at kanilang mga superiors ay hindi mga Robin Hood kundi mga hoodlums mafia style, eliminated competitors and took the loots of the fallen, kasabihan na “magnanakaw galit sa kapuwa magnanakaw”

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Nobody trust Police
    Nobody trust Army
    Nobody trust Justice
    Nobody trust Politicians
    Nobody trust the Officials

    Gullible trust the Clergy
    Gullible trust the Medias

    Only the Plutocracy, Clergy, Trapos, elites and the dishonest Politicians feel comfortable and are enjoying the permanent robbery and the slavery Philippines system.

    • Olibo

      the ending should be …..goodbye cruel world. 

    • Komen To

      Puro ka trust, after RH Bill, nobody will buy trust kasi libre na sa health centers. Lol

  • walaKA

    Yeah he got balls..But considering the fatalities involved, he’s kinda reckless..Hindi naman lahat ng tao nya kayang sabayan yung tapang na meron sya..And once they try, they’re dead..Looking at the bright side, he’s really after those bad elements..

  • Pwe Jade

     WIth guns or No guns,

    General Nakar is lucky for not having elected Alfredo Pujeda.

    crook who owns an arsenal of illegal fire arms operate the PTS – towing
    service in STAR highway and the Pujeda Builders & Construction
    Supply in Culiat, QC.

    Maltreatment of laborers, falsified documents, no business permits. 
    Instead of paying taxes, he pays corrupt people in TRB and QC Hall.

    Watch out.  If you are buying any property, check out the builder – PUJEDA. Stay away.  RED ALERT

  • simonibarra27

    Puzzled ka pa? ang TANGA mo naman!

  • resortman

    Follow the paper they say…inquire into Manantan’s bank accounts, including his wife and nearest of kin…that would be a good step forward in the investigation..

  • wakeupbayan

    Hahahahahahah !!!!! Lovely comments below.  Sa akin okey lang, mapatayan silang lahat, cowboy style.  One way or the other lahat naman ng mga iyan, the trigger happy and the dead,,, I am sure meron mga bad connections din somewhere somehow ang mga iyan. Unahan na lang. Okey na rin rin at less expenses sa taxpayers funds. Less judicial problems pa.  Pasasaan ba at limot na din yan after few months lang.  Wait and see. Sige lang Maranan ! Basta may criminal record,,, tira !  Hard luck na lang sa collateral damage. Its fun in the Philippines talaga eh !

  • anu12345

    Hindi mahirap paniwalaan agad na kasangkot ang mga pulis sa criminal activities.

  • Jason Cruz

    Ako pusta ko si Ochoa at Puno at Bartolome ang nag recommend sa promotion nitong ni Marantam. PISO MANALONG LIMA.

    • jurbinsky77

      Kriminal ba si Supt Marantan?

      • doncleo

         Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw.

  • sigena

    walang kilay sa mara roxas. kaya pala nakasalamin si badding

  • beingwise13

     pnp officials said “a police with balls” kung may hawak na baril kung wala “no balls”
    lang yan si marantan kasi patraydor kung tumira yan. sa ambush laging
    lamang ang nang-aambush. lumaban kaya siya ng parehas baka tunog palang
    ng putok mag tago na sa imburnal yan…

  • doncleo

    Kung jueteng lord itong si Siman maaring maraming dalang pera ito  nung inambush kasi marami syang alalay..Marantaaaan ilabas mo ang peraaaaa!!!!

  • Gandalf

    Scary dude. Who will protect the people from this guy’s group?

    Nakakatakot tuloy ang mga checkpoint na yan.
    Marantan is hardly unique among our police. Baka nga gawan pa ng pelikula yan e.  

  • m1600

    massive intel ops sabi ng Quezon PNP ? kung totoo yan nag monitor na sila from the point of origin ng mga victims dapat alam na nila kung sino -sino yung mga sumakay sa SUV. Yung mga ARMY SF naman ginamit sila this can be only BE authorized by higher ups ocHOA?

  • m1600

    HUETENG LORD SI SIMAN?! remember what Pnoy said ” HINDI KO PRIORITY ANG JUETENG”  connect the lines mga Bro.

  • WoBushi

    I think Roxas and Aquino are now playing with fire in this country.

  • Mananandata69

    Watch your men, Mr. Secretary. U are intelligent pero marami ka pang dapat matutuhan sa kalakaran sa PNP lalo na how the officers on the ground conduct operations. Napalulusutan ka ng ibang officials ng PNP.

  • wishfull thinking

    Palagay ko tao lang ito, may ibang mas mataas na nagpapatakbo nito kung sinu ang titirahin at i-neutralize. Malaking sindikato ito sa loob ng PNP. Mafia to.

  • el capitan

    go marantan

  • $40586212

    bakit ang bansa natin, pag may mahuli ang mga pulis na criminal at mapatay…magrereklamo tayo…sasabihin natin “trigger happy” ang mga pulis at pagsisigawan pa natin…”justice for the criminals”….pag wala namang mahuli ang mga pulis….reklamo pa rin tayo, sasabihin natin hindi nila ginagawa ang trabaho nila dahil mga crooks ‘yan. Hey, people…ano ba talaga ang gusto niyong mangyari sa bansa natin…i think we need the United Nations to come and clean our back yard.

  • maypakialamtayo

    yan ang kailangan nating ipadala sa mindanao para maubos na ang abu sayaf group!

  • Markov Chain

    maingay ang mga politiko ngayon dahil d pa dumadating ang payout galing sa rubout…tingnan nyo, pagnabayaran na ang mga yan, wala na kayong balitang mababasa about sa “atimonan 13″ (LOL)…..kung sino ang pinaka maingay, yan ang pinakamalaki ang payout….pera pera lang yan….

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