Aquino shoots down gun ban

Move is ‘knee jerk’ reaction that would leave criminals to prowl the streets



President Benigno Aquino III FILE PHOTO

A total gun ban will disarm only law-abiding citizens and leave the criminals to prowl the streets, President Aquino said Wednesday as he rejected calls for such a ban being imposed in the country.

In his first news conference in the new year, Mr. Aquino said the calls for a total ban was a “knee-jerk reaction” that would not solve gun-related crimes.

“I’m not the kind who flatters people. Let’s find a way to solve the issue and not try to be cute,” said the President, a gun enthusiast who shoots for sport.

If such a ban were enforced, the criminals would rule, he said.

Lawmakers, citizen’s groups and civil society organizations are spearheading calls for a total gun ban following the death from New Year’s Eve celebratory gunfire of 7-year-old Stephanie Nicole Ella in Caloocan City, and the killing of eight people and injuring of 12 others by a drunk and drug-addled former barangay official in Cavite on Jan. 4.

The President apparently has a kindred soul in Sen. Vicente Sotto who similarly dismissed calls for a total gun ban as a “knee jerk reaction” to the Cavite killings and would not prevent a repeat of the bloodbath.

Sotto’s call


“If we outlaw guns, then only the outlaws will have guns, as the saying goes. The citizenry will be at the mercy of the criminal elements with high-powered guns as their disposal,” Sotto said in a statement.

Instead of a total gun ban, the government should instead increase the budget of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency so it could upgrade its antidrug operations, he said.

But former senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr., a senatorial candidate in the May elections, agreed with those calling for a permanent gun ban.

“The government should immediately take a bold move and put an end to senseless killings. It is time to enforce a permanent ban on guns,” said Magsaysay who has been active in the campaign for a gunless society since 1997.

Antigun bills


He urged Congress to act on several pending bills aimed at imposing harsher punishment against individuals wielding firearms when they are not allowed to carry these.

“Only responsible and qualified citizens should be issued permits to carry firearms,” said Magsaysay.

Catholic bishops were among the first to revive calls for a total gun ban following gun-related crimes in recent weeks.

Several groups, including the Gunless Society, has asked Mr. Aquino to certify as urgent gun control measures in the House of Representatives, mainly the proposed Citizen’s Protection Act of 2010 filed by prolife groups and signed by 86 Catholic bishops.

The Citizen’s Protection Act of 2010, filed by citizens through an indirect initiative, seeks to limit the carrying of firearms in public places to personnel directly and primarily engaged in police, military and security matters. But no lawmaker has seen fit to sponsor it, and  the committee on public order has not moved to tackle it.

“A law that seeks to reform the outlaws will not work. You need a law that will sanction them further and to prove as a deterrent,” the President said.

US figures


He claimed that some states in the United States that liberalized the issuance of concealed handgun license/permits reported a drop in crime statistics, while states that did the opposite saw a rise in the number of crimes.

The President indicated, however, that he was agreeable to proposals seeking higher penalties for illegal possession and illegal discharge of firearms.

Asked if he would lead by example on gun use, Mr. Aquino said: “I think I lead by example by conforming to the law. I think you will acknowledge that I was a victim of violence in this aspect in 1987 and both by Church and the law recognizes my right to self-defense. Self-defense is a skill and it’s a skill that has to be practiced to have any value.”

He was referring to his ambush by rebel soldiers near Malacañang during the August 1987 coup against his mother, the late President Corazon Aquino.

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  • $37644997

    Gun ban is for the “nuts”

  • us_sixtycents

    With or without gun, bad people would hurt others.

    Why not disarm local cops.. crime rate will go down for sure.

    • Mamang Pulis

      why not disarm rogue cops.

  • prangka

    But Mr. President have you noticed most of these law abiding citizens don’t invest in guns? These people prefer to live life in peace away from so many controversies. I have known so many people in my area who are so bold to display their guns and fire them at will when drunk. I also have known one religious group who live at peace doing their business daily but react violently on slight provocation with guns hidden somewhere with their wares.This group is  almost everywhere in crowded places like Quiapo and other flea markets in our country. 

  • jorge cruz

    Yur’re so right Mr. President. It is not the Gun that kills it is the Lawless.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Aquino shoots down gun ban.

    Mar Roxas proclaims rising crime rate is not due to more crimes, but rather citizens becoming more wiling to report crimes because of higher public trust rating for PNP.

    PNP and city mayors now require citizens to have own CCTV and shift burden of crime prevention on citizenry.

    What’s left for the law enforcement to do?

  • Garo Ungaro

    “Its not the guns, its the mindset of the individual with guns…”

    • RockA

      Agreed.  Another way to put it; “it’s not what’s in your hands, but what’s in your heart that matters.”

  • Hey_Dudes

    Any politicians who are bravely advocating  total gun ban or even partial ban are either being disingenuous or scheming again to fool the Filipino people.  Everyone knows removing guns in our society whether legal or not is a job best left for superman never in the hands of politicians.

    It is a herculean job and probably not doable in our country of 7000 islands.  No matter how noble and seemingly forthright to the benefit of Filipino’s peace of mind and health, it is something easier said than done.  The more politicians advance the idea, the more they look like fools trying to do something they know very well cannot be done overnight.

    If they are truly sincere in the effort, why not start in disarming NPA’s, followed by MILF’s, rogue gangs, criminals at-large, private armies of politicians, clans and more importantly guns for hire gangs.  If government can effect this effort to disarm these factions totally, I am more than sure the rest of the citizenry will follow suit since it will be more peaceful now that the country had gotten rid of all guns.

    Until government succeeds, Filipinos with legal guns should keep their guns to protect themselves from those who’s arms are illegally purchased.

    • john clark

      Never Forget Ferdinand Marcos who’s Son now sits in the Senate, with one act opened the flood gates of illegaly held firearms in a stroke called martial law in 1972, DO NOT FORGET THIS!

  • john clark

    Thats the difference between this guy and previous presidents with the exception of FVR. He has seen violence used against him, Noynoy Aquino was two blocks from the palace when he came under fire. Three of Aquino’s four security escorts were killed, and the last was wounded protecting him. He himself was hit by five bullets, one of which is still embedded in his neck. And THAT bullet is still there. A constant reminder of being on the other end of someone elses gun and not being able to do anything and wishing you had a gun.
    The Ironic bit is the person who’s goons put the bullet in his neck is a senator and wants to ban guns for civilians… Head ng Senate Public Order comittee and tatakbo sa 2013, boboto pa ba ninyo to?

  • Mamang Pulis

    But former senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr., a senatorial candidate in the May elections, agreed with those calling for a permanent gun ban.

    Palibasa may escort kayo lagi.

    sige nga Mr Magsaysay, mag ‘tour’ ka mula Lamitan City paikot pababa ng Ungkaya Pukan-Sumisip-Matarling-Maluso at Isabela–buong isla ng Basilan o kaya ng Sulu mula Luuk hanggang Parang—walang security escort.

    ako kaya ko yun, may dala man o walang baril.

    yun lang yun

  • superpilipinas

    In other words, PNoy can’t assure you that PNP can provide peace and order.

    Therefore you are left to protect yourself!


    Hi statement that he will not make erradicating jueteng a priority has emboldened even the police to take advantage.

    • john clark

      Even if they could Protect you 100 percent… Is there such thing as TOO MUCH SECURITY?

      Vigilance and self protection is not the Duty of the Goverment… It is ours…

      To protect our lives and property from Future Tyrants.


    • $39764945

      I wholeheartedly support President Aquino and Senator Vicente Sotto’s position in their rejection of total gun ban. Of course the PNP can not provide the peace and security of our countrymen, they are undermanned and widely spread. I hope both House in the Congress would start immediately to pass a Bill as Urgent that would allow every law abiding Pilipino Citizen to own guns for the protection of their families and against foreign invaders.( Isipin nating mabuti ang KASALUKUYAN PROBLEMA NATIN SA MGA KARATIG na Bansa, at ang KINABUKASAN  NANG ATING MGA APO’T -APO. )

      Switzerland is a good model to follow. Nearly every household has a gun and their crime rate is near ZERO. Even Hitler bypassed Switzerland because he knew he would be met with a very strong resistance from the Swiss.

      General Yamomoto of The Japanese Imperial Navy and a West Point Graduate rejected outright the planned invasion of the U.S.A. He knew it would be suicidal, when he is supposed to have said, ‘In every blade of grass there is a gun behind’


      • XYZ_abc123

        I agree. In the US, the state of Texas has the highest number of household gun density but it has the lowest crime rate.

    • RockA

      Sorry to disturb your illusion.  A guy with a gun is much faster than a cop on the phone.
      Cops just show up to bury the dead and try to collect evidence.

  • T4Man

    Where we live, we never see the police. There are no patrol
    cars or any evidence of law enforcement. The only time we see the Municipal
    Police is when we go into town for supplies. This means, we’re on our own.

    We have not had occasion to use our weapons in any way other
    than some practice shooting and continue to hope we’ll never have to. There was,
    however, one incident that occurred shortly after we finished construction of
    our new house.

    We spotted two men unknown to us walking along our north
    fence line shortly before sundown. We noticed they were carrying rifles, were very
    interested in our house and seemed to be looking for a way through the fence. We
    each grabbed a weapon and went outside on the steps to see what they were up
    to. When they saw us they asked if they could come inside the property to “talk
    to us”.  This made us very suspicious. Why
    were they approaching from the brush rather than the road?

    Sometimes bullies in rural areas claim to be NPA in order to intimidate people into giving them money or other items.

    Erring on the side of caution we made sure our weapons were
    highly visible and encouraged our visitors to “keep going”. We have not been
    bothered by anyone since. Apparently “word got around”. 

    • Mamerto

      A “Prime Example on the Necessity of Having Guns for Protection”.

  • T4Man

    “If such a ban were enforced, the criminals would rule, he said.”
    You mean they don’t now? 

    • Mamerto

      With a “total gun ban” …, the situation could be ‘Worse’..!

  • kamots

    total ban is good for everyone. can’t understand why pnoy didn’t realize it.
    In US for example the recent shooting of in school, how many more innocent lives will die because of having a gun around. For gun shooters why can’t we have a place where gun shooting hobbyist will go and enjoy, without the need to own it and keep it in their premise. the problem here is not the gun but the system we have and even in US have the same problem. No exception to the rule all gun should be ban, police can have a truncheon, tazer to chase criminals and for sure criminals won’t have any gun if this law passed. Gun is for killing. the logic here is anything that can kill people shouldn’t be accessible.

    • Mamerto

      I also can’t understand why you don’t realize/discern what Pnoy is saying.

      In that recent school shooting…, there wouldn’t have been so many fatalities if the school had the security/persons with firearms for their protection.

      How do you propose to enforce the gun-ban on the criminal elements and on persons with evil-minds..?

    • XYZ_abc123

      That is an opinion most would share. This is the “knee-jerk reaction” we filipinos always have as a response. Maybe we could take our time to read the news and research into it? If we are going to use the US shootouts as examples, we may find that the shooters only took or stole, not bought, the guns from licensed firearm holders. The children in that school died because the shooter stole the firearms of his mother, a known responsible gun owner, and whom he also killed. Can we control that? I would say that it is impossible to control it DIRECTLY. Will we then ask citizens to return all the guns they bought? I don’t think this scenario would happen. The choice to shoot is always with the person holding the gun. We cannot put blame on a gun without a shooter.

    • blakcofe

      maybe bad for somebody’s business

  • Rovingmoron

    I think P-Noy could be right. If law-abiding citizens are stripped of their privilege to own a licensed firearm, it would render them helpless should lawless elements pounce on them like what the riding in tandem is doing to kill their targets. If Philippine society can guarantee that the police can respond in 15 minutes to the crime scene, it wouldn’t be a problem at all. But with so much traffic in Metro Manila, how could this be? In the US, if there is any crime the police is already at the scene in 5 minutes. That the US citizens can rely on their cellphones to call the police anytime, anywhere.

    • kamots

      a yun ibang law-abiding citizens sila pa nga yun mga nag bebenta ng baril…how will you filter the law-abiding citizen na sinasabi ni p-noy? paano kung si law abiding maagawan o manakawan ng armas ng criminal? so nasaan na yun gun?

      • Mamerto

        How often will a law abiding gun owner have his firearm taken away from him by a robber or thief…? Probably…, One in Five Hundred Cases.

        “Law-Abiding-Citizen sells fire-arms”.
        Which should be the case..!

        Would you rather prefer that a “Non-Law-Abiding Citizen” be 
        the persons selling firearms…?

  • galnxdoor

    Alam nyo ba na may koneksyon ang turismo at ang liberal na paggamit ng baril sa pilipinas? maraming turista na galing sa mga bansa na hinay hinay lang sa paggamit ng baril (kung saan pati pulis ay “taser” lang ang main weapon, ay nagugulat sa mga high powered firearms na blatantly displayed ng mga security guards sa banko at mga kainan. kala nyo walang epekto ito sa turismo natin? think again. thank you to our gun mentality. btw, di lahat ng pinoy may mentality na ganito, ung lang may kakayahan bumili ng baril at i-justify ang bisyo.

    • blakcofe


  • mousy

    sorry na lang tayo, noynoy aquino is no atticus finch.

  • jerome

    The president has a point if you would remove/ban gun on civilians the criminals would be the only one having guns beside the police and the military. And currently if you would look at the ratio of police to civilians it would be impossible for the police to protect the civilians. Just like what happened to the shooting in Connecticut and what the president said it is just a knee jerk reaction to totally ban guns. And coming May 2013 election those politicians who are riding the wave of callers for total gun ban are just there for mere publicity by using public emotion to get their support.

    • blakcofe

      ibig sabihin inadmit natin na di kaya ng gobyerno habulin at hulihin ang mga criminal

      • jerome

         Mas malapit ito sa katotohanan kung iisipin mo ang dami ng pulis at sibilyan sa ngayon ang ratio ng pulis at sibilyan ay 1:350 kung tama pa ito at sa loob ng 350 na sibilyan ay di natin alam kung gaano kadami ang may masasamang loob. Sa kaso naman na di kayang hulihin aminado naman diba di nila kayang habulin lahat kaya naman may mga kaso na inaabot na ng taon minsan ay nakakamatayan na…sad to say ganito ang sitwasyon natin

  • kamots

    dapat military lang kung may gera!

    at hindi para dalhin pang araw-araw.. kailangan may strict system on carrying guns.

    • blakcofe


  • Janes

    While some form of ‘total’ ban concept could be for a future debate years down the road, in the meanwhile, how about studying and contemplating a ‘total ban’ on realistic-looking automatic ‘TOY’ guns (eg, black plastic .45 automatics, M-16 and AK-47!)!??  Too many smiling kids running around with cheap P 50 toy pistols or auto rifles shooting at each other!! In the middle of a Cubao street recently, I watched as an 8 yr old feverishly ripped open a multi-gun pack and stuck his pistol in waist band, toy grenade in pocket and AK-47 in hand… all before a swarm of 5-6 other kids chased after him fighting to grab one of the guns for themselves! The kid took a swing with the butt of his AK to get them to back off. Ban realistic-looking Toy gun sales!!

  • RockA

    Yeah for President Aquino.  Reason has prevailed over emotion.

  • Kellysec

    The President is right in every aspect in saying that “Self-defense is a skill and it’s a skill that has to be practiced to have any value.” The right to Self-Defense means the right of every individual to protect life, not just for you but also for your love ones too….

  • billy gunner

    a trigger happy president loves to shoot down anything–and that includes gun ban. lol

  • Jose EJ Flores

    Knee jerk reaction to crimes is to focus on gun ownership. It is the person behind the gun that kills. This call to restrict gun ownership would only aggravate the problem because out there deranged members of AFP, PNP and Security Agencies are spared. Why not implement a very strict screening of applicants. Those who would not pass the psychiatric tests and those who have history of drug abuse are absolutely disqualified to posses firearms. Gunless Society is barking on the wrong tree.

    • blakcofe

      as in all dealings with the government there will always be exemptions, kung sa wang wang at number coding may exemption na eh di lalo na pag malakihang bagay na… pati nga smoke belching pasado mga lumang lumang jeep at fx at tricycle, what makes you think that anybody will fail the psych test.

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    Lets wait for more Bloodshed and the loss of Innocent Lives!…This is the job of the Police Force and not the Law Abiding Citizen to eliminate the Criminals.

    • jerome

       Put yourself in a position that your own and carry a gun then a situation happened where a holdup criminal just shot a victim which your are near to and no police is in sight what would you do?

      • blakcofe

        you can’t shoot at the criminal! it’s against the law, look it up. 

    • Mamang Pulis

      A unarmed law abiding citizen [civilian]  first instinct is to save him/herself.

      An armed law abiding citizen [civilian]  with proper training and mindset first instinct is to save others, HE/SHE MAY HESITATE TO ESCALATE the situation but it all depends on his mindset. 

      A person who bought a gun just for ‘yabang’ is as dangerous as the felon commiting a crime.

      bottomline : not everybody IS QUALIFIED AND HAS THE PROPER MINDSET to handle any type of firearm.

      If you wish to own and handle firearm, you need to be educated first and accept the responsibility.

      on the other hand, a police officer who refuses to go into the line of fire to help a vicitm–should be shot outright for cowardice.

      • jerome

         Agreed and True, a person’s mindset can affect his judgement of the situation specially if it would put him at risk it is always the protection of his own which would usually prevail. But on the part of shooting a police officer for cowardice on the line of duty lest not us civilians have to shoot him but his comrades

  • $15469930

    May be what they should do is tell the people to report any individual who carries gun suspected to be unlicensed . Give rewards to those individuals , it has to be done unanimously in order to protect the individuals security. If the rewards is good then a lot of individuals will do . The PNP should have a website where in the individuals can verify and checks suspected person firearm are licensed or unlicensed …. So people will get scared to people…. Normally it is your neighbour who have knowledge about who has a gun and who has not. Hope this suggestion will help.

  • ordo_malleus

    RIght, cause our society is mature and disciplined enough to carry and handle guns…

    • Mamang Pulis

      …and there will always be mentally deranged, evil people out there who have no compunction in doing harm to others.  

  • Mamang Pulis

    ganoon lang yan…ang baril kay lisensyado o paltik
    pag ginamit mo automatic may kaso ka kaagad…self defense man yan o lehitimong shootout –ipurba muna sa korte o nag imbestiga.

  • Jose

    During the Marcos Martial Law years when gun possession was restricted, there was hardly any crime involving firearms. Mere illegal possession will land you in jail without bail, right P-noy Bakla?

    • Jose

      Pareho tayo sign in name mag papalit ako I thought your words is too strong for the President of this Republic “P-noy Bakla” although di ko naman sya idol and It’s your opinion. You are correct about the observation on Martial law days sana nga balik na lang ulit ganun klase leadership kailangan na talaga ng Pinoy ang ganun disiplina.

    • Maitum

      Mas mabuti nga siguro balik na lang tayo sa Martial Law. 
      Do you think by calling our President names will earn the respect of foreigners? They will laugh at us Filipinos by disrespecting our president. Maybe you are a foreigner.

    • john clark

      Not unless you are one of his goons that use them to kill people the Marcoses and his cronies dont like… Name calling the President is the sign of being nothing but a name calling Troll… But name calling Arroyo who shook hands with a family of mass murders called the Ampatuans and stole Billions of pesos… That makes her an acceptable target!

      • blakcofe

        and now the Ampatuans are running under the political party of Aquino

      • john clark

        I hope you have evidence to this…

      • blakcofe

        Excerpt from Phil Daily Inquirer Nov 22, 2012
        The ruling Liberal Party sees itself as the party of reform. But what principle of reform politics allows the LP to field nine Ampatuans in six local races? According to the PCIJ, two clan members are running for mayor, one for vice mayor, and six for councilor—all under the LP flag.

      • john clark

        As far as I know… Magkakaintindihan when campaign starts, the ampatuans will campaign… If there is a LP logo next to their name yun na yun… pero till then we have to wait and see… As for the UNA I hardly trust them, Binays have been running makati since the 80s since cory appointed him as OIC di mabitawan ang makati, the Estradas are no better. The Ampatuans are a political dynasty as well, takes one to know one. 

      • blakcofe

         Vice President Jejomar Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance must be condemned. According to the same PCIJ report, UNA is fielding 34 Ampatuans for various offices in Maguindanao—including the wives of two of the principal suspects in the massacre: Zaldy, the former governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, and Andal Jr., the former mayor of Datu Unsay.

      • blakcofe

        UNA sees itself as the party of competence, because of Binay’s lengthy stint as mayor of Makati, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s lengthy resumé and deposed President Joseph Estrada’s lengthy, uh, acting career. In what possible universe can the Ampatuan family be considered avatars of competence?

      • blakcofe

        do you notice that these are the same people who want guns in everybody’s hands

      • blakcofe

        and Binay’s party too

    • jerome

       Let me quote you on this “During the Marcos Martial Law years when gun possession was restricted, there was hardly any crime involving firearms.” Now let me ask you a question on this. What was the weapon did the Philippine Constabulary used to suppressed those who oppose the Martial Law? Aren’t those also guns and during those times people are helpless enough that they cannot protect themselves

  • leadyourself

    so make it a level playing field… any taxpayer who can pass a safety and psychological test will be given a gun by the government. these guns will have had their ballistic “fingerprint” taken, and stored in a national database, so that if it is fired, the police know which gun/owner it came from.  all loose guns can be returned during a period of amnesty, all legal guns can be test-fired and re-registered. after this period, possession of an unregistered firearm is an automatic 5 year minimum sentence, and use of such a firearm during the commission of a crime carries the severest penalty permitted.

  • i_am_filipino

    Because of chinese world threat, we should not ban gun to counterattack china. Ban guns madein china as they are evil possess guns. Ban guns to those who failed the psycho, to those who does not have a regular job as it maybe used for alternatives , to those foreigners in the country, to those who did not finish high school, to minors, to alcoholic, to drug users, to bullish, to religious fanatic who are against other religion, to family with more than 2 children, it should include guns and tax declaration together,

  • dennis

    Mr.President,Before,we are asking you na ibalik ang DEATH PENALTY as a capital punishment against the criminals such as drugs,heinous crimes,massacres,barbaric act which happens at every corner of our country until now but you and your administration remain deaf and blind! No reactions at all.From NYE until now,ilan na bang tao,”innocent people” ang namamatay dahil sa firearms? Now,the people once again react loud and asking for TOTAL BAN AND SURRENDER OF FIREARMS.Eto naman eh sa ikabubuti at ikatatahimik ng bansa natin.But still,no concrete reaction and laws at all.
    Binigyan na nga kita ng idea about National ID para ma-control mo ang galaw ng mga tao na kapag may gumawa ng masama eh may alam ka na na magiging aksiyon.Tinutulungan ka na nga eh.Tapos sasabihin mo na “I’m not the kind who flatters people. Let’s find a WAY to solve the issue and not try to be cute,” Eh until now eh wala pang WAY? Akala ko ba eh “Kami (taong-bayan) ang boss mo? Sabi ng Comelec eh kasama ka din daw sa Gun Ban which makes you worried to create a law about Gun ban BUT bilang mamamayan na naniniwala saýo,we also find a way by giving ideas to you na ALLOWED kang magdala ng firearms because not only as a President,you are also a Commander in Chief of AFP. Is there SOMEONE or SOMETHING THAT PRESSURES YOU? Bilib ako sa handle mo ng Philippine economy but you have to consider that there is also other problems to solve and need to have attention.
    Sana this 2013 eh malinaw na ang mga kasagutan sa mamamayang pilipino.

  • daddybill2012

    “A total gun ban will disarm only law-abiding citizens and leave the criminals to prowl the streets”. Hindi ba tayo nagkakalituhan dito? Kasama bang didis-armahan ang mga law enforcers natin?
    Way back when the yakusa were so notorious in Japan, police patrol the streets with only a short “batuta”. no disruptions to life of the ordinary citizen. no nicole style death.
    But times of course have changed. Why don’t we improve police service in the Philippines? Give our law-enforcers decent compensation (yung talagang mamahalin nila ang kanilang trabaho). Upgrade their equipment – where they can overpower lawless criminals. But (and this is very important) impose strict disipline. Yung manghihinayang silang mawalan ng trabaho. Kasama sa improvement of course yung Psychological ……etc. test.
    With no civilians owning a gun, stray or whatever bullets fired will logically come from either lawless’ or  law-enforcers’ gun.
    It’s not as simple as that. but we need solutions di ba?

  • Your_King

    Ironic that Aquino is the one who does nothing to solve or resolve issues and problems and rather try to be cute with his long speeches.

  • disqusted0fu

    Mr. President can not seem to move on with events from the past. What the citizens care more about is the present.

    Had enough of this speeches that seem like excuses more than anything!

  • Jud Cargile

    Only a fool would want to take firearms out of the hands of law abiding citizens. Criminals do not respect the law and laws against the possession of firearms only limit those persons who use firearms for necessary self defense. The Marxian enemy has been infiltrating western civilization for over 50 years and bends minds to accept the principles of The Communist Manifesto which is if itself a perversion of Christ’s teachings. The biggest threat we face as a society is the destruction of the family. When you do not have both parents handing down tradition, the lies work themselves in. It ruined America and is eroding the Philippines at an alarming rate. It makes me proud to see politicians who are logical and resistant to making deals with the devil. I look forward with great hope that this republic stays courageous and holds fast to the ideals that embody the rights of a free society. Slaves can not own guns. It should be made a right to own a firearm and the duty of every able bodied man to defend his home and country! I do not have my citizenship (yet), but, I would vote for these brave souls! 

  • Jud Cargile

    We have jurisdictions in the US that require males of 18 and older to carry weapons that can be seen or they are fined. There is no violent crime in these places. Chicago and Washington DC have some of the strictest gun laws on the books and their murder BY GUNS are the highest in the nation. Violent crime in the UK and Australia have sky rocketed since they passed firearm bans in their countries. You face an enemy like China and some of you still want to see guns taken away from citizens because there are reckless act committed by a few?! Do they teach you to reason with your emotions like a teenage girl in your schools or what?!?! With liberties and rights such as gun ownership come responsibilities. It is better to teach someone and instill a sense of their responsibility of being a citizen than it is to strip the citizens of their rights like some tyrant!!! Most Filipinos that I have met since I have come to live here are very pleasant and very proud of their country; But, as with any country there seems to be many that have bought into this socialist mentality. My problem with that is that I am waiting on someone to show me a place in this world where socialism has actually worked!!! Men do not reason with their emotions, little girls do!

  • satoriseeker

    P-Noy, i am utterly disappointed, no, make that disgusted,  with your stand. you are quoting the line that gun lovers love: that a ban means only the criminals will have guns.

    bad logic!
    well, what can you expect from a president whose  sport is shooting?

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