Santiago: It’s more fun to be a senator



Ever wonder why many are dying to become senators?

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago posed this question during an interview with Radyo Inquirer Wednesday after Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile reportedly played Santa Claus last Christmas, giving gifts using so-called “savings” that she said had become the “grandmama of all scandals.”

She then proceeded to outline why nothing beats being a senator.

Imagine a yearly pork barrel of P200 million, P2.2 million monthly for staff salaries and office expenses, a P500,000 annual travel allowance and an honorarium that ranges between P30,000 to P60,000 a month as chair of a Senate committee.

And don’t forget the regular monthly salary of P75,000.

An unscrupulous senator can simply make it appear that he or she is using all these perks legitimately and then pocket these.  Here is where Santiago wants the Commission on Audit (COA) to come in.

Santiago asked COA Chairperson Ma. Gracia Pulido-Tan to instruct auditors assigned to the Senate and the House of Representatives to examine and audit so-called “savings” or “secret funds” available to the Senate President, House Speaker, and other heads of offices, to ensure transparency.

Santiago’s revelations followed Enrile’s supposedly selective release of a total of P1.618 million in two tranches as additional “maintenance and other operating expenditures” (MOOE) to each of her 18 colleagues from “savings” of the chamber in 2012. Four other senators Enrile wasn’t exactly fond of—Santiago included—got P250,000 each.

Nat’l scandal

“The so-called savings of each public office have turned into a national scandal, the grandmama of all scandals.  The Constitution allows savings to be used by the office at the end of the year.  But in reality, the head of office manipulates the books and creates so-called savings by refusing to fill up vacancies, or refusing to buy essential office supplies or services, or capital equipment.  These so-called ‘enforced savings’ are then distributed among the highest officials, in the guise of Christmas bonuses,” Santiago explained.

In many cases, the COA auditor usually accommodates the “enforced savings” ordered by the head of office, because COA auditors are often afraid of politicians, or the COA auditors themselves share in the “enforced savings,” she said.

“I challenge the COA to reveal to the public the total income annually of every senator and every representative.  This total income should include basic salary, Christmas and other bonuses, monthly honoraria for committee work, monthly appropriation to be spent at the senator’s discretion for staff salaries and for MOOE, appropriations for consultants, foreign travel funds, etc.,” she said.

Members of each Senate committee are  also given an allowance, but she did not give a specific amount.

“That’s why some of my colleagues become members of so many committees,” she noted.  “This amount is given whether or not you attend the hearings conducted by the committee.”

The same policy holds true for the P500,000 travel allowance. “We are given that every year, whether we use it or not.  It is for official trips such as those to international conferences. But even if you don’t leave, you still get that,” she said.


Biggest perk


The biggest perk, however, remains the P200 million pork barrel, or the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

Santiago recalled that when she was still a newbie senator in 1995, she was approached by a contractor who guaranteed her a “clean” 10-percent kickback from her pork-funded infrastructure projects.

She calculated that during a six-year term, a senator can earn P120 million from kickbacks, enough to jumpstart a reelection bid.

“One who wants big money should run for senator,” Santiago said.

As for Enrile’s “gift,” Santiago said she sent it back to the Senate President because he had returned her gift of biscuits to him.

“You don’t like my biscuit, I also don’t like your money,” was how she explained it. With a report from Fe Zamora

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  • zeroko

    Dito rin sa Q.C., may “force savings din.” City Councilors spend P 74 millions for food and drinks without the benefit of public bidding.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Meaning Filipinos are corrupt to the bones.  All Filipinos can be bought by money.  Look at the massacres, its all about money and corruptions.
      Casino bribes.  Top military men involved in jueteng are graduates of ‘prestigious’ PMA and PNPA, but look they’re the most corrupt people.

      Corruptions should be legalized in the Philippines and must be taxed.

  • chingnarciso

    Santiago said, you don’t like my biscuit, I don’t  like your money..Thats not Enrile’s money you are talking about Miss Santiago, thats the tax payers money..

  • sidewalkbenhur

    iyan na nga ang sabi nang nanay ko nang  lumalaki ako, sabi niya sa larangan nang politics pagbutihin ko dahil naandoon ang pera hahahahah…..

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • opinyonlangpo

    Lucky senators, lucky Filipinos. Much better than going to business. Its more fun in the Philippines.

  • tiburara74

    FOI for full transparency na talaga ang angkop na kailangan dito kasi kahit ang COA hindi nito nilalantad sa publiko itong mga ginagastos nitong mga “pakanin na ng taumbayan  at nag a asta pang kung sinong amo at hari ng taumbayan”  Tamaan sana kayong lahat ng kidlat mga walanghiya kayo..

  • Hey_Dudes

    It is scandalous enough what little we know but to hear it all straight from the horse mouth  makes your blood boil to near maximum point?  Is this rip off/assault of the treasury a result of smartassess neatly contrived money goals, or could we plainly put the blame squarely on the ignorant electorate who keep voting these crocodiles over and over again?  Who do you think bears the blame for all these scandalous effrontery but us Filipinos who keeps putting these same people who then return the favor by stealing from us?  Yes, it is no wonder why even the likes of Revilla, Lapid and Estrada would give up their movie roles since money is guaranteed being in congress as oppose to their films losing out?

    To think all these scandalous monies being enjoyed by these crocodiles at the same time the premier airport could not even accommodate well working toilets in my mind is enough for Filipinos to rise up and clean congress of these pest.

    • 12JEM


    • 12JEM

      Removing the Pork Barrel of 200 Million a year will improve the situation for the people.

      Also account more religiously the use of other perks.

  • Melvin

    Kaya pala naman si Bong ay bongga ang mga pelikula at sadyang ginagastusan ng husto, dahil wala siyang  problema sa pondo… Bakit nga kaya walang records ang COA sa mga gastos ng senado? 

  • Your_King

    At least she’s honest. So it is true that the Philippines is being run by rich people not doing enough to improve the country. You get into office to get rich and gain power and gain popularity not to be a public servant and better the nation.

  • nyukradaregg

    Hahaha Ayaw daw sa regalong biscuit ni Senadora kay Enrile..Kasi nga naman Senadora baka may halong DORA yung Biscuit mo…hahhaha..Dito siguro eh puwede nang ma impeched si Enrile..magagaya kaya sya kay Crown…SENADORA dapat nang simulan ang pag iimpeached dyan Hanggat mainit ang issue…

  • katindig

    if all senators will contribute 2m from their PORk and evey congressman 1M to the Typhoon Pablo Victims i’m sure the victims of the typhoon will have roofs on their heads bynow…what a shame…

  • katindig

    No wonder senators and congressmen spend millions to campaign for a monthly salary of 70k for representatives and 90k for senators….brains or no brains…hayyyy kawawang Juan de la Cruz…

  • boy_pogi

    Lady Mirriam this is what I expected from you when I first voted for you to the senate many years ago, to expose the corrupt system.  I was disappointed with your for many many years. Bakit ngayon mo lang sinasabi ito, I suppose nakinabang ka rin sa corrupt system.  I guess better late than never.  Sayang lang walang patutunguhan ito since its in the system from the president to the lowly baranggay tanod. 

    National Motto:  ANG LAGAY, EHH…

  • Jef

    More fun in the Philippines….grandmama of all gifts using so-called “savings” from taxpayers di ba dapat galing sa pocket mo pag nagbigay ka ng gift…ito ba ay karapat dapat….ang dami natin mahihirap halos walang makain….shame on you.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    MOOE or Moolah, it’s more fun to be a senator in the Philippines.

    Mabuhay po kayo Senator Santiago.


    According to DBM website, MOOE UP BY 49.7% (Jan – Nov 2012)

    “The strong showing of government spending on infrastructure and MOOE indicates that social and economic services are being delivered faster, better and with more impact to socioeconomic development. Just the same, we continue to work on strengthening public institutions and improving their capacity to deliver services,” —– Secretary Florencio B. Abad said. (12-Nov-2012)

    Source: www,dbm,gov,ph/?p=5266

    Kaya naman pala gumaganda ang economiya para sa mga nasa poder. More MOOE, more spending, more growth. Go figure.

    Pres. PNoy, anong say niyo?

    “Ang Daang Matuwid ay isang long and winding road na punung-puno ng kabaluktutan.” — Florencio Abad

  • $37644997

    In this case we need a new generation of Filipinos.Political dynasties not allowed for one thing,CBCP not allowed either.

  • Felipe Torres

    For all the negative talk we have heard about the infamous PORK BARREL, no one senator nor congressman has filed a bill abolishing the practice. Isa lang ang alam namin na hindi tumatanggap ng pork barrel simula noong umpisa – si Ginoong Panfilo Lacson. Pati yung dramatics na si Joking Arroyo, puro papapel lang ang ginawa. Kumuha muna siya ng pork barrel ng dalawang taon tapos nag-drama na ayaw na daw niya tumanggap. Plastic ang tawag namin doon

    • speaksoftlylove

      Si Pinky hindi plastic? Bakit dinedepensahan niya ngayon si Enrile? Akala ko ba Mr. Expose yang kumag na idolo mo? Naunahan pa siya ni Mirriam. Yon nga lang kaya nagexpose dahil kulang sa parte. At higit sa lahat, di ba tumanggap si Lacson ng 1.6 million?

  • $8278216


  • farmerpo

    ‘An unscrupulous senator can simply make it appear that he or she is
    using all these perks legitimately and then pocket these.  Here is where
    Santiago wants the Commission on Audit (COA) to come in.’

    Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) is to pocket these, unscrupulous or not. Di ba? kaya nga gumagastos ng milyones maging senador lang or barangay kagawad for that matter. A government position has become the most lucrative business ever. ROI is the best the moment one wins. No additional personal investment needed. Just harvest for the length of  the term. The best part? You don’t even have to be an elementary grad. Just know how to read and write. Saan ka pa? 

    • Garo Ungaro

      Money is just part of being a senator in the Philippines. They can get legally or illegal. What they want is they had the power to get it…Money, Power is just what it meant.Very few senators retire not rich?…If you retire poor then your the real senator that spent most of your time for the peoples interest…? That’s the true meaning of service to the people…your legacy is clean and well respected by the people…

  • doublecross

    baka gusto ninyo ng LECHON….para todas na kayo!

  • KurakotNaPinoy

    Paging Ms. Heidi, and Madam Ombudsman…

    Paki silip din po ang mga bank accounts ng ating mga senatongs at tongressman kasama na po yung financials ng ating mga “magigiting” na mambabatas.

    TO PNOY,

    Kami ang boss mo, we order you to pressure tongress to pass the FOI bill before the elections.

    • Ding

      KURAKOTNAPINOY ba ang boss ni PNoy?  Di ba ang taongbayan?

      Naka-wheelchair ka rin ba…o nasa ICU ngayon?

    • speaksoftlylove

       Sorry, the number you dialed cannot be reached.

      Dial harder.

  • Fred

    COA should send “new” auditors to audit MOOE Senate and Congress.
    It may turn futile if auditors assigned or based in Senate and Congress will do the auditing!

  • Fred

    Kung batas na sana ang FOI ay maari nating hingin ang detalye ng kanilang MOOE.
    Kaya pala hindi ito maipasa pasa.
    MOOE ……. BOOO.

  • Magkanoka?

    Senator Santiago, why only now? Matagal na po pala itong Grandmama of all scandal. Is it because you only got 250,000 this time compared to the rest who pocketed 1.618 M?

    • Jobar

      You obviously didn’t follow her. Miriam has been trumpeting this for years. Check the news archive or the internet.

      • Mat

        “You don’t like my biscuit, I also don’t like your money,” was how she explained it.
        So kung tinanggap po pala ni Senator Enrile yung biscuit, e di sana tatanggapin din pala ni Senator Santiago yung pera!!!

  • vince_bugaboo

    “Imagine a yearly pork barrel of P200 million, P2.2 million monthly for staff salaries and office expenses, a P500,000 annual travel allowance and an honorarium that ranges between P30,000 to P60,000 a month as chair of a Senate committee. ”

    e bakit ngayon ka lang naglalabas ng lahat ng bulok at takaw n’yong mga mandurugas kayo, Santiago?? Ang tagal n’yo ng kinakawawa, niloloko at dinudugas ang taong bayan, at kung hindi pa kayo nagkaroon ng personal na alit-alitan di pa n’yo aaminin na ang pagiging SENATOR is a very lucrative position that has to be WON for no reason other than because it offers unbelievable, obscene amounts of money available for you own “DISCRETION.” 

    At maski ngayong naglalabasan na kayo at aminado sa inyong BULOK–ang tinatawag naming OPEN-SECRET na BULOK–tapalan pa rin kayo ng tapalan ng katakut-takot na pera ng bayan, and openly–without an iota of regards sa feeling ng taong bayang naghihirap perennialy! If this is not one of  the most REPULSIVE, cruelest IRONIES and ASSAULTS ever inflicted to the sensibilities of the Filipino people, even Randy David & De Quiroz wouldn’t know what it is! Your selfish attitude and obvious disregard of our well-being give us the impression that we are being governed by people that are not our compatriots, haven’t you been realizing that? Or you do but you simply do not care??

    Anong kasalanan naming mga Pilipino, bakit sa kulang-kulang na dalawang milyon, kayo pang iilan-ilan —mga nasabihang mga leaders—ang nagpapahirap sa amin? What a curse are you to the nation and the people!

  • vir_a

    Some of these senators were cruel to CJ Corona but it seems they are doing the worst than what Corona had been accused of. This so-called Christmas gifts should have come from Enrile’s pocket, not from people’s pocket, if he wants to prove he is generous.

    • 12JEM

       Halos pumutok ang mga ugat sa leeg at sa ulo ni Santiago nang ipagsiwawan niya at minura ang lahat ng mga Senador na wala silang karapatang humusga kay Renato dahil wala sa kanilang lahat ang walang kasalanan.

      Lumalabas na mas swapang pa sila kay Renato.

      Pero di mai-impeach at matatalsik ang mga Senador dahil pwede lang sila alisin by elections.

      Pero alisin mo man silang lahat ang papalit sa kanila katulad rin nila.

      So what to do?

      Remember: Stress is not good.  SMILE!

  • agustin

    five or six years ago, Sen. Santiago had exposed this anomaly and even circulated on e-mails about  ANG SARAP MAGING SENADOR ” which exposes the 200M pork barrel and the other perks a senator can get. it was not considered seriously and was forgotten because Santiago was un popular senator. the archives can show or reprint this.

  • Alisto Juan

    I suggest to all concerned people that we should rally in any others means or ways to initiate that it’s time to abolished the Senate.  .  We can save a lot. . Time for a Charter Change

  • Peter L

    After three “successful years” by the present administration, the incumbent shooter in Malacanang has used the pork barrel to his advantage. He told us he would be a different guy who is clean, honest and not corrupt, yet he makes congressmen and senators corrupt by withholding the pork when the lawmaker does not agree with his desires. He is the same as his predecessors only in a different form, a smoker, a womanizer and a gunslinger. He abhors GMA, Corona, et all to the core but his practices are just same. So sad is the state of our country. God save our beloved country. How long will the people suffer?  

    • Summerspice

       I strongly agree with you.The people who voted for corrupt politicians should also be blamed.It’s about time that the voting Filipinos  be educated about those running for public office.


    DUGAY NA KAAYO nang kabulastugeysyon na yan………ngayong mga panahon na lang nito nabubulgar at nawawagaygay sa bisa at kapangyarihan ng internet……tulad ng pagbibisto ng mga “magic” na pinaggagawa ng mga nakasayang-puti sa maraming kabayan. Ang mistulang panghahayop, pangbababoy, panggogoyo, at tahasang pangloloko ng mga TNL na pulitekerong mga yan sa sarili nilang kababayan…. na sa halip na pangalagaan at ipagtanggol ang kanilang kapakanan ay sinasalakay at pinagsasamantalan ang kanilng kahinaan, pagtitiwala, at kabutihan ng kalooban.

    Para kang tumatama sa Lotto o sweepstakes buwan-buwan kapag ikaw ay pinalad na maging CON-greasemen o SIN-gator sa bayan ni Huwan.

  • T.

    Sen. Santiago should know that the Chairman of COA herself is also practicing what Senator Enrile is doing with the Senate “savings”; so what will probably happen is that COA will only legitimize the practice.  But such practice is clearly abhorrent and should be exposed to the public by conducting a Senate inquiry in aid of legislation, if Sen. Santiago can do that.

    • agustin

       sino ang mag COA sa COA ? kung toto o yong paratang mo.?

  • Rovingmoron

    No wonder why most people wanted to become senator. Now, Senator Santiago is challenging COA to reveal in its report the aggragate income of each senator and congressman, once for all. In this way, the public may know. Otherwise, COA connives or is afraid of Congress. I don’t want the public to guess that many of COA auditors are on the take?


    jpe atbp. hindi nabubusog! kaya naman malaki ang tiyan dahil sa bulati. it’s more fun talaga madam/


    SUMPA ng kastila sa ating lupa!

    Ugaling aso na namuli sa mga Damaso!

    Sistemang Merkano na sinlaubsub sa mga Pilipino.

    Resulta: Buaya, Buwitri, Pating, at mga Linta sa bawat sulok at kapaligiran ng bansa.

  • agustin

    we need to change the constitution,our constitution is a sissy on politcal dynasty, COA is silent in corruption or bribed or threatened, appointing power of the president should be limited. we need  directors and chairman like big company is. we need the( PRC )professionals to participate in a national issue.

  • pilosopo4

    These senators were judges in the SC Chief Justice impeachment last year…we the people should impeach these senators! These senators could have amended the law on how to disburse savings that should go back to the government treasury not to the pockets of the legislators as Holiday gifts!

  • pilosopo4

    To the senators who received these gifts for Christmas, GIVE THE MONEY BACK AND HELP THE TYPHOON VICTIMS IN MINDANAO..if you have the conscience!

  • Mat

    “You don’t like my biscuit, I also don’t like your money,” was how she explained it.
    So kung tinanggap po pala ni Senator Enrile yung biscuit, e di sana tatanggapin din pala ni Senator Santiago yung pera!!!

    • Pons Corpuz

       hmm… thats a hasty conclusion.

    • Frenchy

      yon na lang ang nasabi niyang reason pero kung iisipin mo mababaw yun. ipagpalit ba ang P250,000 just because he returned her biscuit?

  • manuelcdiaz

    Of course it is more fun to be a Senator; aside from screwing the people, counting  200million pesos pork per year,  will give you more fun.

  • janetu


  • JoseMiguelCasuarino

    Sen Santiago pursue it hard and assertively…. go ahead… have a bill for what you advocate….we are behind you, fully and wholeheartedly…

  • marivon

    Please tell us something we do not yet know. The question however; is there someone in the senate human enough to honestly say that he has earned an honest wage for the day. I guarantee that it is a fat zero parang itlog ni to pass you. 

  • Bong Macalalad

    Waah! Is that the same Enrile who almost  got rehabilitated of his martial law past when we showered him with much respect and adulation in the Corona impeachment trial? Must be showing off his true colors, again!

    • motorcyclemama

       Actually, it is his way of saying goodbye, and exposing the practice of Senators.

      Indirect whisleblowing.

  • virgoyap

    So what’s the use of giving them a flimsy salary if their pork barrel and allowances is enough to make them multimillionaire? If they are really sincere in serving the people just put their salary aside and give it to those who are in dire need.

  • Edward Solilap

    Kaya mga Artista gustong lumipat sa senado mas malaki ang talent fee may bunos ka na may travel allowance pa, hindi kagaya ng GMA hirap na ang talent walang natatanggap na paycheck huh?

  • JoseMiguelCasuarino

    … it is so easy for Enrile to give out large sums of
    money.. money that he has not toiled, not from the “sweat of his
    brows” It is our money… and to be spent honestly.. cleanly for the
    people and their urgent needs. I hate and I am fierce angry and I lament over
    his handling of the People’s money. I am terribly sad about the thousands and
    millions given out, while  for example….classrooms are urgently needed
    in different parts of the country, particularly in ‘seemingly’ neglected or
    unattended schools in the boondocks …and for example the ones hit by
     Many of our elected officials are parasites-and they have made us their
    milking cows… feeding themselves on us, the people they promised to serve
    wholeheartedly,.. we pay for their salaries….and yet they steal from us, they
    lie to us, they cheat us, they fool us, they deceive us and yet they are
    addressed as  honorable so and so……

  • tiriring

    Matindi ang epekto ng PORK BARREL projects sa Civil Engineering profession kasi ang mga kinukuha ng mga Politiko na mga contractor ay mga walang alam sa quality nang trabaho. Tingnan nyo mga infrastructure natin kung hindi mga BULOK.
    Ang ginagawa ng mga Civil Engineers na marurunong ay lumabas ng bansa as OFW. Mas nakakainspire ang trabaho sa labas kaysa Pinas. 

  • Janch

    Pass the FOI Bill now.

  • Joseph stahlin

    sana mas maganda kung ang ating presidente… ay bo-u hindi yong na tayo pupulitin …sa darating .. na oras ng.. tagtuyot….. most of our leaders.. that run   this government of ours…is  no good…at all… 

    • motorcyclemama

       herap basahen ang kumint mo, peace. no offense meant

  • Ernesto

    grabe, di sa kanilang pera pinamimigay lang,dapat ibigay nyo sa mahihirap daming di kumakain sa araw2x,bigay nyo sa nasalanta ng bagyo,galit si lord sa ginagawa nyo

  • Kenji

    Savings is a product of efficiency.  If you have a budget of say P10M and spent only P8M, then you have a savings of P2M but this should be realized to efficiency not like having to fill in 100 jobs but actually hiring 80.  Realized savings revert back to the Treasury as per General Appropriations Act. Unscrupulous heads of agencies tend to USE UP their budgets to claim for more next years’ budget under the guise of more funds needed for certain items or projects.  So the question is, how much funds have gone to its intended purpose?  Only the Commission on Audit can answer that!!

    Most people don’t realize that the budget comes first before money funds it, so it does not necessarily mean that just because there is a budget, there is money to back it up!  That is why the collection agencies (BIR, Customs, and other gov,t revenue agencies) have their targets to meet the national budget for a certain year.

    I just can’t fathom why the Senate Pres. has the discretion as to what to do with Senate funds’ savings.  Remember, this is peoples’ taxpayer money!!!!  We better have a law that would amend this provision – and that goes to all other agencies as well…

  • Mamerto

    It’s so EASY for Senators to Make & Pass Bills that Create New/Increase in Taxes and…,
    EASIER Still, to Spend for their own leisure & pleasure these Tax Monies.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Magpakatotoo ka Mirriam. Complaining that you are “discriminated” because you only received 250 thousand shows that you are interested in the money than the welfare of the people. Kung talagang totoong tao ka, i-donate mo lahat ng milyonmilyon mong cash gifts magmula pa noon at gawin mong “seed money” para maipatayo ng pabahay doon sa mga nasalanta sa bagyong Pablo. Paabonohan mo na lang kay Soliman kung kukulangin dahil mas inatupag pa ni Soliman yong pang epal campaign kaysa kapakanan ng mga nasalanta sa bagyo. Wala namang mandato para makialam ang DSWD sa election at higit na walang item sa budget nilka hinggil sa anti epal campaign. Maski Comelec walang mandato para gumawa ng anti epal campaign dahil di pa nga naging batas yang bill ni Mirriam.

    By the way, I posted before that when the issue of Soliman’s anti epal campaign bidding was published (not in this website, PDI only published it when Valte defended Soliman) I criticised dinky dork that her act consituted a criminal act of Technical Malversation. Sure enough, Rep. Fua and other congressman denounced Soliman for committing a criminal act of Malversation.

  • tra6Gpeche

    How could you not admire Mrs. Santiago on this one? Though every Filipino already know the corruption in the Senate and the Congress because of the pork barrel, it is still amazing to know it from Mrs. Santiago herself. If COA is responsible to account for all the pork barrel and legitimate expenses of the lawmakers, then why are these corrupt Senators and Congressmen getting away from this thievery? Perhaps, COA is also corrupt!

    • $2931613

       what is there to admire? she just returned 1.6M back to its rightful owner.. it is no difference to senator enrile returning her biscuits.. maybe if she donated the money to wowowee so it can be of help to other people.. then that to me is admirable!

      • scubarazzi

        First of all, she returned P250k, not P1.6M. Read the article fully before commenting next time.

        Second, being a gift, then technically speaking she was already the rightful owner of that money, not JPE.

        Third, if you truly think that giving out cash handouts on TV shows like Wowowee is a genuine form of helping the poor, then you seriously need to get a proper education.

        Once you have been thoroughly schooled, maybe then can you ascertain the meaning behind this proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

      • $2931613

         First of all.. kahit 250k or 1.6M it doesn’t matter.. your a no different from a grammar nazi.

        Second, i did not say she was not the rightful owner when JPE gave her the gift

        Third, i truly think that giving out cash handouts on TV shows like Wowowee is a genuine form of helping the poor but not the only way.  And yes, I have a proper education.. baka gusto mo mag battle of the brains para magkaalaman tayo who needs education

        Fourth, Hindi porke’t tinuru-an mo na mangisda ang tao he can feed himself for a lifetime!  He needs to have a boat and fishing net at the least.. saan kukuha ng puhunan ang mahihirap?  sa utang!  kung walang mautangan? sa pagtatrabaho or wowowee! ugok!

      • scubarazzi

        “First of all.. kahit 250k or 1.6M it doesn’t matter…” — yes it DOES matter, since 1.6M is many times the amount that 250k is, 6.4x to be exact. See, this also proves that you lack a decent education since you cannot even do simple arithmetic.

        “Second, i did not say she was not the rightful owner…” — um hello, you did: “she just returned 1.6M back to its rightful owner…” Andun lang sa itaas yung sinabi mo o. Pati ba naman sarili mong comment di mo na din binabasa??

        “Third, i truly think that giving out cash handouts on TV shows like Wowowee is a genuine form of helping the poor…” Oh really now?? Then explain to us, if Willie is truly such a philanthropist, why he has a need to own EIGHT yachts, all of which are currently parked at the Manila Yacht Club, where he must pay P160k every month in club fees??

        “Fourth, Hindi porke’t tinuru-an mo na mangisda ang tao he can feed himself for a lifetime!  He needs to have a boat and fishing net at the least.. saan kukuha ng puhunan ang mahihirap?  sa utang!  kung walang mautangan? sa pagtatrabaho or wowowee! ugok!” — Sinabi nang bumalik ka muna sa pagaaral mo bago mo ito subukang intindihin, because obviously you haven’t the slightest inkling as to what this proverb means.

        And that last word… priceless. You’ve just shown everyone here that not only do you have the intellectual capacity of a tantrum-throwing toddler, you have the maturity level of one as well. Bravo!!

      • Maria

        hoy bobo, hindi 1.6M yungbinigay sa kanya, 250K lang. Basahin mo mabuti yung article bago ka bumida

      • tra6Gpeche

        Apparently, you did not read the whole article. It is not
        about the returning of money back to Mr. Enrile, it is about what she is saying
        about why nothing beats being a Senator. Will you please read the whole thing! Perhaps, you are just in a hurry.

    • Ragdeleafar

      Di lang perhaps, sure yan!!!

  • Mang Teban

    With all the crap floating around with the present batch of senators, why should we even believe Miriam Santiago?
    Is she leaving the Senate or what? If that is a Yes, that is one minus greedy senator.
    If that is a No, oh no!
    Big question – Why is Miriam telling us about the perks after she enjoyed all of them for several years?
    Malayo pa ang Holy Week, naghuhusgas kamay na. 

    • butchred

       I definitely agree with you Mang Teban?

    • popeyee

      At least merong Miriam na sasalita at naibulgar ang matagal ng nagyayaring kabulastugan nila sa senado..

  • GlenMJacob

    Paging COA please accept the challenge of Madame senator and prove yourselves worthy to the Filipino people.

  • jaygibi

    good point sen. mirriam..

  • wakats

    Police Supt. Hansel Marantan has balls – loren doesn’t have one – but mirriam has aplenty.

    I salute the gutsy mirriam for returning her excessive, although smaller, cash gift of P250k from her ninong johnny but her reason should have been its propriety and not the returned biscuits.

    Whatever, she has demonstrated once again her courage to confront/discuss any issues she deems important to the nation without fear or favor.  

    • Cano Manuel

      It’s not about the biscuit. Read into it.

    • MaySenseBa

      Hahahahaha @wakats:disqus you really think Brenda would return the money if it had an additional zero at the end?  think about it…..

      Look at his husband, he is the epitome of a good public servant isn’t it?

      • popeyee

        Ano naman ang kinalaman ng asawa ni Miriam sa issue ng “pamasko”?

  • thecop

    pare-pareho lang naman ang lahat ng senador. lahat sila ay kapit tuko sa position nila.
    They are there not for the love of country as they always say but for the love of their ambitions
    and vested interest of their families and businesses!


    hurray to madam senator.!! i really dont like you,,but sometimes you are right..!!

  • PH2011

    In many cases, the COA auditor usually accommodates the “enforced
    savings” ordered by the head of office, because COA auditors are often
    afraid of politicians, or the COA auditors themselves share in the
    “enforced savings,” Senator Santiago said.

    I agree with Madam Senator ( though i’m also critics to some of her previous decisions/actions)

    IN CONGRESS/MALACANANG/LGU’s: COA auditors are afraid of politicians and shared with the enforced savings

    IN ALL OTHER GOV. AGENCIES: COA auditors shared with enforced savings

    In short, kung hindi kasali ang COA Auditors sa additional perks, bonuses and benefits etc. of the government agencies to which they where assigned, they will surely disallow the additional benefits.

     Hence, COA auditors should be PURELY independent constitutional body.

    • Jane Tan

      Even if that is so, any senator can offer any person of the COA a percentage of his “savings” in order to keep quiet.

  • $2931613

    that is why our country is in shambles! because of bobo senators like miriam!  binigyan na nga ng pera binalik pa! omg!  dahil lang tinanggihan ang kanyang biscuits?!  or di kaya sobra2x na ang kickback nitong si miriam that she can afford to return 1.6M?!?!  mas bobotohin ko pa sa senator enrile kaysa nitong si miriam… at least generous magbigay ng regalo si senator enrile!

    • Yertz Zaldivar

      Idiots will never understand sarcasm….

    • IceQueen1013

      Correction DIGOYBULOY, Sen. Santiago only received Php 250,000 from that so-called “savings.” Far less than the Php 1.6M received by the other senators.

    • popeyee

      Jinggoy, 250000 lang daw yong iniregalo kay Miriam, hindi 1.6M..

    • Maria


  • Cano Manuel

    All the Courts and public offices should make public their financial transactions. No exception!

    As for the biscuit, which brand of biscuit was it anyway? If it was Marie, then I am sure it meant something. Biscuits are for the oldies. That biscuit could have meant something like Enrile being too old for the senate and so he should retire.. LOL

  • Noel

    It’s okay for senators to receive those perks if they work hard in the Senate.  But the likes of Lito Lapid must be condemned.

    • popeyee

      Unfair ka naman kung si Lapid lang ang sa palagay mo ay di nagta-trabaho…karamihan dyan may ginagawa din yon ngalang walang kwenta ginagawa nila..

    • Maria

      bakit si Lito Lapid lang kinokondena mo? Dahil lang ba di sya marunong mag-ingles at walang alam sa batas? Eh yung marurunong mag-ingles at malalim ang alam sa batas mas magaling magnakaw yung mga yun! 

    • Albin

      Hoy, mas maganda ang mga naipasang batas ni Lito Lapid, kaysa Jinggoy.
      Mas pamilyar pa ang masa sa Lapid Law.

  • Cyren Rico

    sinong senador kakaya ang susunod na magbabalik ng christmas bonus nila?  sana i-release ng COA sa publiko breakdown ng perang natanggap nila at magkano at saan nila ginatos eto.

    • Jane Tan

      Now you know why they won’t pass the FOI XD

  • Nutting Moore

    Now im beginning to like Miriam again after showing her decency to return the “cash gift” back to Enrile.. i hope she really did that.. 

  • Cesar Cruz

    its better for senator JPE to step down and resign as Senate President ..please step down JPE 

  • jdelacruz13

    miriam returned the $$$ kasi nagsusumbong . so the real question is , magkano na ang mga nakuha nilang “GIFT” from the X-amount of years na hindi natin alam … tsk…tsk…tsk …
    there is NO honor among thieves …

  • rhan duke


  • AgapitoBagumbayan

    These so-called savings could have easily went into our national treasury, where no thief can dip their hands into. But no, instead, they selfishly kept it and divided into themselves like a hungry pack of wolves.

    Kawawa naman tayo.

  • Concerned Citizen

    ALL SENATORS should step DOWN!!! Puro problema binibigay ng mga eto sa taong bayan!

  • ellatovara

    Thanks madame senator for bringing all this out.

    However, the big question is … Senator Miriam you had been enjoying these perks for several years and we the voters never heard anything from you? So, why only now?  Is it because it is too small that is why you returned it? 

    Well, I am just asking!

    • Ragdeleafar

      Not interested anymore to be a senator, she had enough in her career as senatong,… she’s to be a ICC judge soon!

      That could be the main reason why these politicians doesn’t like to expose their ‘dollar accounts?

  • Langz

    Best revealations..Senator Mirriam Santiago you are the best and honest senator i know ever since.Filipino people loves you and your honest and straight forward principle.

  • Langz

    For informationof everybody this is not the first time Senator Mirriam revealed it.This is the second or third time she reveals these things in front of public.I’m always following every publications from senator Mirriam because all of which are very informative and reliable source.We learn a lot from senator Mirriam Santiago.

  • Maria

    kaya pala ang gagaling nilang gumawa ng mga batas para mas makakolekta ng mas maraming tax. Papunta pala sa bulsa nila.

  • jumpah

    Sila ang mga tinatawag na VERY SUCCESSFUL korap POLITICIAN !!!

  • Philcruz

    And these senators and congressmen still have the temerity to conduct their investigations and hearings on corruption !

    • Maria

      ang kakapal talaga ng mga mukha nila, mga baboy!

  • Albin

    Wala muna kaya tayong Congress at Senate for 24 years? Malaki ang savings. Yung National Budget ipa-review na lang muna sa SC, BSP. Ibalik na alng sila later.

  • iping2sison

    The 250K cash gift is taxable, and regrettably, this will not appear in the ITR of these recipients. It’s obvious that all the current senators are millionaires. 

  • gener ver

    si enrile nagmamalinis. mas masahol pa pala siya kay corona

  • Boycee Fernando

    I started NOT to like Sen Miriam Santiago during the Corona Impeachment Trial because of her unstates(wo)manlike deportment. But more and more now, with her recent actuations and revelations (of Senate secrets and Enrile own UNSTATESMANLIKE behavior), I wish Miriam would be our next PRESIDENT. A pity she was “cheated” last time she run for the highest post of the land. Had she won (or not been “cheated” asshe has repeatedly claimed), most prolly MATINO NA ANG GOBYERNO NATIN NGAUN. SAYANG!

  • Boycee Fernando

    I am now a CERTIFIED Senator Miriam Salonga fan/follower. I will help her campaign should she ran for President again. For P1 during the whole election process. PRAMIS.

    • regd

      Insert the last word “NOT!”

    • Antonio

      not too fast my friend… she just loves the stage, DRAMA QUEEN ika nga

  • beardedone

    While the current senators are a problem it wouldn’t make any difference if they all were to step down. A new set of faces would replace them and the circus would continue.

    The problem is in the system, which allows this ti happen. One senator shouldn’t have access to P200M fund no matter for what reason. Budgets for each region should be set prior to the beginning of the financial year and each region should be accountable that the allocated money was spent as it was supposed to.

    If there then is an unexpected calamity, or whatever, the cost would be funded from a national shared source.

    Is this ever going to be the case? You know the answer.

  • Hey_Dudes

    If it were places like Japan, South Korea, Guatemala or the dreaded Colombia, people like Enrile after having engineered martial law base on lawlessness after an alleged assassination on his life, I doubt if he could return as a senator or even someone whom the country will regard a hero.  In other words, Mr. Enrile should consider himself very lucky he lives in a country where people can easily be bought, fooled and influenced.  In these countries I mentioned he either will be spending the rest of his life in jail or swinging atop a high tree in jungles.



  • regd

    I’m now convinced that the dumbest politicians are the senators! Problem is,our country is being over run by these savages!

    • ApoNiLolo

      With perks at around 203 million annually. If what Merriam said about the 10% is an SOP, then, I don’t think that’s stupid. Unscrupulous, immoral and corrupt – yes! But dumb? I don’t think so. >: D

      • tarikan

        That was (10% cut for the Pork Barrel holder) 17 years ago. Ngayon ang kalakaran goes up to 30% to 40% kung talagang ganid si Cong. or Senator and it is up front. Sabi yan ng mga contractors at mismong district engineers. Once na-approved na ang budget kahit hindi pa nauumpisahan ang project merun na sila Cong. or Senador.  More fun in the Philippines. 

  • Bayawak

    Sana may mag amok diyan sa Senado para naman maturuan ng leksyon ‘tong mga ‘ulanghiyang mga Senador at maging babala sa mga ungas na politiko.

  • f.oliver

    Good job senator meriam!!

  • dennis

    I think we are all exhausted and reach the peak of democracy, and that is TOO MUCH DEMOCRACY! Sobrang luwag! Lahat ng nangyayari eh lampasan na lang! I think there is a need for a change of our Government system.

  • AllinLawisFair

    Senator Joker Arroyo has consistently been reported as the thriftiest representative of the people  when he served as congressman and now senator.

    Following Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s argument, it could have been possible that Arroyo did not hire personnel (he was reported to answer telephone calls himself) , nor procure materials for his office in order to save on staff salaries and other office expenses and pocketed the savings.

    He lives in the posh Dasmarinas Village in Makati.

    • Homer Guo

       noong conggressman sya wala rin syang naipasang bill. sa sobrang tipid nya. at lahat napupunta sa savings nya.

    • ramelatilano

      You see thats simple on how to be thrifty but  how it could be????? living in damarinas village cost u half a million per month if you owning a house inside thats good but how could buy it…. if you have no enough source of money…dammm man…I support that COA should conduct audit for senate and house….200m a year is a big money…meaning senator lacson have no enough money because he is not accepting his pdaf?

  • ApoNiLolo

    We saw Merriam’s political rise. She’s no different from the other politicians we have. We saw her do what we perceived as morally upright. But we also knew her inaction to what we think was ethically wrong.
    That’s why the question comes to mind – Why is she rocking the boat she’s on?
    Is it because she was furious of the pittance share she got?
    Is it because she no longer has any political ambition?
    Is it because she no longer cares since she’s transferring to ICC?
    Or is it because she’s just being herself… controversial and her fondness for attention?

    Take your pick; your guess is just as good as mine. >: D

    • KpTUL

       Yours is no good at all ! Just sht th Fck up . Ang bbo mo !

      • ApoNiLolo

        Hindi lang ayon sa gusto mo ang sinulat ko, bbo na ako? Bakit hindi mo ilantad ang nasa isip mo para magkaalaman kung sino sa atin ang maturingang bbo.
        >: D

        Sa palagay ko wala. Dahil sa pananalita mo pa lang, alam ng walang laman yang bao mo! >: D

  • Homer Guo

    synonyms ng magnanakaw, mandarambong: congressman, senators

  • KpTUL

    Maghain ulit ng impeachment at mag impeach na naman ng panibagong SC justice kasi korap ang SC. Ang mga judge natin ay yung nasa Senado kasi hindi Korap ang mga Senador . 

    • ApoNiLolo

      Ito ang laman ng kukute mo?  Wala ka na nga sa paksa, ang babaw na ng iyong opinyon kapos pa ang kaalaman mo sa ating gobyerno! >: D

      Bat ka pa nag hain ng puna? Para malamang marunong kang sumulat? >: D

  • vince_bugaboo

    Lagi nating sinasabi na sira-ulo si Miriam, lagi natin s’yang dine-derogate, pero kung s’ya naman ang “sira-ulong” makakatulong para hindi na makapag-nakaw ang mga “hyenas and leeches sa gobyerno who are dressed in sheeps’ clothing, bakit hindi? 
    At kung tutuusin, sino ba talaga ang SIRA ULO, s’ya ba na matapang at makulit ayon sa kanyang paniniwala o ang mga hayup na walang pakundangan at takot tayong ninanakawan since time immemorial? 
    S’ya ba o itong mga pusakal sa kawalang-hiyaan na parang mga batang nagha-hati-hati sa pera ng bayan ng HARAP-HARAPAN without care kung tulo-laway tayo sa inggit o tulo-luha tayo sa inis??

    Select the best answer, mabuti pa, and state your reason why.
    What defines a “Sira-Ulo?”

    a) a person who chases everyone in sight with a bolo with a clear intention to kill?

    b) a person who rants like a raving lunatic and is willing to engage in a shootout, ready to kill and      get killed, in order to drive a point and accomplish what she believes is right?

    c) a person whose sole tunnel-visioned purpose in life is to EAT AND NOTHING BUT TO EAT, and whose rapaciousness  makes him/her intentionally indifferent to the life and death needs of others; he/she, who’s not different from a dog that’s willing to kill and be killed to protect its accumulated GRASS its body couldn’t even take and absorb, but is coveting more of it nonetheless simply because of unadulterated avarice? 

    c) All of the above.

    Santiago for “Sira-ulong” president; anyone?

    • yahoo-AMG5EDI2JBQRL4Z5H2L7ED4OQA


    • Bert

      I always have HIGH REGARD for Miriam Santiago, especially during the impeachment trial…..she’s the fairest among the perceived CROCS in the senate…

    • agustin

      Santiago ay matapang ,walang sinasanto, may political will, matalino at makabayan, walang record sa katiwali an. loyal to the people and not to the party.honesty and hardworking senator.and anti dynasty proponent.

      • Bert

        Check on everything you have written, EXCEPT for the “walang katiwalian”. We still have to find out. Immaculately clean politicians now are rare species, you know. And I doubt it.

  • Raymond

    and to think you pay creatures like lapid, estrada, revilla and sotto that amount of  taxpayers’ money for not  being qualified to be a lawmaker, who makes laws for the entire filipino people ?
    bullshit!!!! what a waste of money and people you deserve the kind of government you have ..hahahahahaha…

  • Komen To

    “The Constitution allows savings to be used by the office at the end of the year.  But in reality, the head of office manipulates the books and creates so-called savings by refusing to fill up vacancies, or refusing to buy essential office supplies or services, or capital equipment.”

    Calling on COA, the good senator has already laid down the case. Is she the one crazy, or the people who are guilty are calling her crazy to cover up their anomalies. COA, can’t you file a case?

    This is too much. The Filipino people has long been suffering. I was surprised the so called pro- people party list representatives are quiet. Did they receive their own share in the lower house? I am just curious and asking

  • Epal Ka

    What will happen to our country…same old traditional politicians ( TRAPO ) Wag na iboto ang mga walang kwentang senador. corruptions are the real menace of the society.

  • Fred

    DOT slogan ….. It’s more fun in the Philippines.
    Enrile and Belmonte ….. More funds in the Philippines.

  • ADD

    According to AllinLawisFair
    Joker Arroyo has consistently been reported as the thriftiest
    representative of the people  when he served as congressman and now

    Following Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s argument, it could have
    been possible that Arroyo did not hire personnel (he was reported to
    answer telephone calls himself) , nor procure materials for his office
    in order to save on staff salaries and other office expenses and
    pocketed the savings.”

    Oo nga, anong ngyari sa savings?

    COA the Filipino people need you. Audit all the Senators and Congressmen, pronto.

    • Melvin_A

      Hindi lang ang COA, dapat isama na rin ang BIR para ma-investigate ang mga TraPo ns di nagbabayad ng tamang buwis. I suggest that the outcome or their findings bepublished for people to see. Tutal naman- ang taong bayan ang BOSS ng mga politicians.

    • tarikan

      Si Manoy Joker, one man job yan. Yung pa-suweldo sa staff, pangbili ng office supplies, pambili ng toiletries, lahat niyan ay sa kanya napupunta. Thrifty on the outside, kupal din pala in the inside. 

  • Concerned Citizen


  • Alleah

    MIRIAM Magic sa 2016!!

  • boi skater

    Our politicians swimming in money, imagine that.

  • Corrupt_Jerk

    Calling all the Leftist Makabayan daw,Anakpawis,Gabriella,etc. to do the rally at the Senate office  show your sympathy to our nation our TRAPO politicians like Enrile was chopping our money he distributed it to his fellow CROCS TRAPO. While the ordinary filipino was suffering for hunger and calamity.

    • tarikan

      Yung leftist partylist representatives merun ding Pork Barrel ang mga yan. Ang mga consituent nila iyang mga rallyista, diyan napupunta ang pork. 

  • iduniq

    I like the senator in this instance hehehe. Now I know.

    • Melvin_A

      In this instance and on her support of the RH bill, I fully agree with you. Now you know.

  • Jose Rizal

    1)  Sa Lower House, siyempre marami, kaya nasa baseline sila (sa PORK & PERKS). Ang distribution ay nakasalalay sa House Speaker;
    2)  Sa Senado, kasi mas mataas, kaysa Lower House, malaki ang budget at ang discretion ay nasa Senate President;
    3)  Sa Executive…HO HO HO HO ang pinakamala-KKK.

    Gets na ba?  Hahahahahaha!  Ang mga matatalinong Pinoy, naloko lang ng isang abnoy.

    • Melvin_A

      You must be joking.

    • OFW28

      maski ano pang sabihin mo 3 years ka pang sasakit ang loob, baka nga habambuhay pa eh pag PM na si Abnoy nyo!! gets mo

  • Ugly Bunny

    FOI now!

  • Bert

    YES!!! FOI BILL, NOW NA!!!!

  • Danilo Navarro

    kaya nga si brenda ehh hinde din tumitigil sa pag takbo as senator and presedent ehh dahil din sa lagi ng kita sas a senator gayahin niya si ted failon di masikmura ang pagiging congressman ayon di na uli tumakbo yan party list kaya kung ano ano ng pangalan ginagamit para mag represent daw ng mga tao kung wala bang pera diyan mag hahangad ba sila ehh pag file pa lang sa comelec laking pera na kailangan..yung pang pag kumpamya para makilala sila..;kuh putsa

    • Gerryeuroblue

       At least Miriam never simply agreed to malacanang and senate prez. Yun ang nagbibigay ng credibility sa kanya. Si Pnoy meron pa bang credibilidad? Kung di kaalyado iyan tinanggal na. Lets celebrate in our stupidity and self destruction as leaders are
      screwing us. Cheers to our bleak future. Hurray, Mr President for
      screwing us bigtime.

  • FRM103056

    mahiya naman kayo, alam ng lahat na mayaman na kayo, ibalato nyo nalang sa mga mahirap ang bonuses nyo.

  • Putakte Naman

    Epal! mesa ka met nga baket. urayen na kan ni satanas no dika agbalbaliw!

  • Ted Windsor

    Reality Check…..
    From the Presidency, Senate, Congress, Judiciary, BIR, DTI, PCGG…etc…  and yes COA too. they all have Savings and MOOE redistributed amongst themselves….   Now you know why Lowly Politicians in the Barangay level kill for the positions

    • Bert

      Yes, ALL of them are CORRUPT. Some are just good at HIDING its CORRUPTION.

      Under TUWID NA DAAN, each to his own corruption, kanya-kanya nalang PAKAPALAN ng mukha.

  • agustin

    Sen. Santiago has the political will, fearless ,loyal to the people,anti dynasty proponent,supportive of the RH and sin tax law deem good for the country’s progress.

  • katabay1106

    Kasalanan din ng mga tao kung bakit kurap ang ating gobyerno. Kahit ano pang pagnanakaw ang malathala sa dyaryo patuloy pa ring nananalo ang mga demonyong mga pulitiko na gahaman sa kapangyarihan at pagkakamal sa pera ng taong bayan. Dapat talagang ayusin ang sistema ng ating gobyerno. Palitan na natin ang ating kasalukuyang presidential ng parliamentaryo para pag may eskandalo pwede nating silang palitan agad.

  • Billy Reyes

    The System how the government operates is another problem, when you say I will give you 200 million you spend it according to your DISCRETION =The freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation = that how they spend their pork barrel. That where all the problem start.

    In a parliament system the Lawmakers are not allowed to the access of funds, even their staff are paid under the centralized budget.

  • Hil Pabz

    Senator Santiago revealation is credible thats hapenning in any government agency majority of the employees can received but only majority few how is that?

  • boybakal

    Santiago: It’s more fun to be a senator…

    I believe and agree that it is more fun to be a senator.
    Our senators are not funny with wit and humor but a Funny Looking People…sa mukha pa lang matatawa ka na, lalo pat nagsalita ng English.
    They look funny, pang comedy.

  • Leo Capurictan

    Kahit na sabihin na nilang Brenda si Santiago, siya lang ang nagsasabi ng totoo,

    • Bert

      So saan na ngayon ang NANGLALAIT kay Miriam and PRAISED Enrile to high heavens during the impeachment trial?

  • kapayapaan_1900

    “Taksil na pita sa YAMA’T mataas
    O hangad sa puring hanging lumilipas
    Ikaw ang dahilan ng kasamaang lahat
    At niyaring nasapit na kahabaghabag
    Sa mga PULITIKONG PULPOL at TRAPOS na nakadamit tupa’t siyang nagpapahirap sa bayan:
    “Nguni ay ang lilo’t masasamang loob
    Sa trono ng puri ay iniluluklok
    At sa balang sukab na may asal hayop
    Mabangong insenso ang isinusuob”
    ……from “Florante at Laura” ni Balagtas

  • tohellwithhypocrites

    akalain nyo, halos 30% ang kaltas ng tax sa sweldo ko at dito lang pala napupunta sa mga ganid na mga senador na ito…BWESIT!

  • raffy

    ang kakapal ng mga senador na yan. nakakaiyak at nakakagalit! sobrang hirap kumita ng pera samantalagang nagpapakasasa sila sa pinaghirapan ng sambayanan!!!

  • Bansot

    It doesn’t matter to me whatever name they call her, at least she has the conscience to admit and show the dirty laundry of her collegues (Crocodiles) in the senate. While these crocs are immerse in wealth and luxuries in life, more than 30% of the Filipinos live below poverty lines, and over a million of victim of calamities are still without proper shelters, medicines, school, and means of livelihood!!! How can officials like Mr Ponce Enrile sleep soundly at night???

    • Bert

      Exactly the reason why I like and admire Miriam. She was one of the fairest and level-headed senators specially during the impeachment trial.

  • Nerraw

    Kahit na umamin pa si Santiago, isa parin sya sa mga kurap…walang konsensyang kinukupit ang pera ng bayan…

    • Bert

      At least nagsalita at umamin. Bakit kaya tahimik si Drilon, Pangilinan, et al? Busog pa at hindi makapagsalita?

      Sana tuluyan nang MABULUNAN yang mga KAWATAN.

      • Gerryeuroblue

         Dont expect too much from Drilon and Kiki Pangilinan. These are just low caliber human beings. Insects are more amazing creatures than these. Si Drilon “BABOY NA ANG ITSURA, BABOY PA ANG PAGKATAO”. PWE

  • Magkanoka?


    See and watch for yourself the following magnificent show in the senate this year:
    1. A magical presentation on how to manipulate senate book of Accounts!
    2. The spectacular exhibition of the senate clowns on how to make millions of money without doing anything! (Pa pogi pogi lang ba, tapos kwarta na.)
    3. Watch how the flexible COA acrobats connives with politicians and devour their share in the “enforced savings,”
    4. Experience the breath taking and grandest show where the so-called savings of each public office transformed into a national scandal, the grandmama of all scandals this year! Yes!!!!
    5. And, ho! ho! ho! for the finale . . . watch how Santa distribute gifts for the naugthy and nice in the senate!

    This is a year round presentation with your host . . .(Tyararaaaannnnn!!!) . . . Senator Mirriam Defensor Santiago.

    “It’s really more fun to be a Senator”

    • Bert

      Agree on #3. COA has become Pnoy’s attack dog, only to those who are not politically allied.

    • Gerryeuroblue

       Well, lets celebrate in our stupidity and self destruction as leaders are
      screwing us. Cheers to our bleak future. Hurray, Mr President for
      screwing us bigtime.

  • simonibarra27

    Sana maalala ni Manong Jonny yun nasalanta ng Bagyo hindi yung mayayaman nang senators. Donate nyo na lang sa victims

  • $27317632

    Maraming kalamidad ang dumarating sa ating bayan sana naman ay kahit kaunti ay bahaginan ang mga Pilipino na naging biktima. Maawa sana sa mga tao na pinanggagalingan ng mga salapi ng pamahalaan. 

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    Yeah Sen. Santiago..this excessive, heartless  spending should end now….!!!..shame on you Enrile et al…

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    hoy COA kumilos na kayo!!!!?..mga walang bayag…

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Mayroon baka mababaho nga lang.

    • Gerryeuroblue

       Ha? Aasa pa ba tayo eh hawak din iyan ni Pnoy. Wala nang bago. Lets celebrate in our stupidity and self destruction as leaders are
      screwing us. Cheers to our bleak future. Hurray, Mr President for
      screwing us bigtime.

  • Dennis

    This two people are like my two kids boy n girl always disagree n something worst s this two old selfish human being r suppose to be there as lawmaker instead d r lawbreaker they r both serving 4 themselve interest n not d people interest,I SUGGEST THAT DS TWO IDIOT SHOULD STEP DOWN AND ENJOY THERE REMAINING LIFE ON EARTH IF D HAVE LIFE,BUWAYA ITS MORE FUN N D PH

    • Gerryeuroblue

       If they are on the opposite sides , then one is correct and the other is immoral. Sino ba ang nag-bribe?

  • disqusted0fu

    With all that said, adding the fact that you have a chance of becoming a president without accomplishing much… It is indeed fun to be a senator!

    • jeray

      .sa lahat .ng senator .si Miriam ang may pinakamarami g

  • doublecross

    wowwwwweeee……mga corrupt kayo!

  • bakitkailangan

    Magsasalita kaya si Miriam Defensure Santiago kung siya’y nabahagian din ni “Atong Johny Enrile”?

    Ito ang isa sa mga napaka walang kuwentang ugali na namana natin sa mga “insulares at Peninsulares noong panahon na tayo’y nasasakupan ng mga kupal na espanyol.


    • jeray


      • Marx Louis Wang

         Anong “Ha”??? sampaling ko kaya magkabilang betlogs mo.

      • Bert


    • Gerryeuroblue

       Miriam has balls. Kumalaban nga sya sa malacanang during the impeachment, ito pa kaya? Saka isinauli nga nya ang P250,000 na ibinigay sa kanya.

  • tiburara74

    Hanep!  Kung ganon pala, aabot sa 5.4 billion pesos ang pera ng taumbayan na ginagasta ng kada senador sa isang taon? Sa Senado pa lang ito, sa Kamara de Representante naman, aabot ng trilyon pesos kada taon ang ginagasta lahat nga mga ganid na pakanin/pasuweldo/parasitiko at mga walang kunsyensiyang mga hunghang ito. Kaya pala “onehundred six feet below the ground and counting” na baon sa utang ang kawawang Pinas at wala na talagang pag asang makabayad at makabangon pa sa ganitong sistema.  God save our poor country!

  • Dennis

    If i am invited to eat 4 lunch or dinner with ds people i rather eat with d poor selling pagpag than with This politicians.cause im sure my conscience s clean

    • Gerryeuroblue

       Yes. Yan din ang pagkakaiba ko sa kanila. Mayaman sila pero mas malinis ang konsyensya ko. Di tulad ng mga Aquino na puro HYPOCRITES. Pwe.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    If Enrile did not return Brenda’s biscuits, she would have kept quiet about the whole thing. Is that a patriotic reason o dahil nasaktan lang ang pride niya kaya ibinulgar niya? She is no holier than Enrile. They all deserve to go to hell!

    • Bert

      Indeed. But same question should also be thrown to the self-righteous HOLIER-THAN-THOU senatongs like Drilon and Pangilinan. Why were they soooo silent about this issue? 

      Whatever is the motivation, at least Miriam has the balls to come to the open. Meron ba nuon (betlog) ang ibang senatongs?

      • Gerryeuroblue

         They are silent simply because kakampi nila. Si Kiki Pangilinan naging spokesman pa nga ng supreme court. May aasahan pa ba tayo kay Kiki P.? Religious daw ang pamilya parehas namang mga UNSCRUPULOUS. Mga HYPOCRITES nga kasi. Si Drilon nman dapat pa bang i-enumerate ang kawalanghiyaan nya? Baboy na nga ang itsura nya, baboy pa ang pagkatao. Pwe! As i have said in above posting  “Lets celebrate in our stupidity and self destruction as leaders are
        screwing us. Cheers to our bleak future. Hurray, Mr President for
        screwing us bigtime.”

  • jElly_aCe

    sabe ng mga mtatandang nkikinoud ng tv smen, mas ok pa dw dati ung gnawa ni marcos noong araw, wlang senado at congress kc ang laki ng kurakot money, at kung kwatan man dw c marcos atleast xa lng at family, ngyn dw pti baranggay kapitan kurakot na din at noong arw din kht extravagant melda, dami nmn xa proyekto na until now pnakikinabang lyk heart center, folk arts lht dw ng may philippines. kumpara dw sa mga presidents after marcos till now, cnu ba ang nde naging kwatan? kya mga mtatanda samin isa lng sigaw.. marcos pa rin! phabol pa.. noon dw may nutriban sa lht public skuls ngyn dw kht biskwit wala na!

    • Bert

      I don’t like Macoy, pero tama ka, during his time, sya lang at ang kanyang pamilya ang nagnakaw. But under the current DAANG MATUWID administration, LABU-LABO nalang, kanya-kanya nalang GARAPALAN.

      • mingming2012

         Ako rin Bert, di rin ako fan ng mga Marcoses.Pero I remember I was in grade school yung nutri ban, trigo at klim libre. Pati bakuna namin libre! We all know that they were corrupt but they also did many good things for the country aminin man natin sa hindi. Yung mga projects naman nila hanggang ngayon yun pa rin naman ang nagagamit ng mga tao at sa ilang administrasyon ang nakaraan..ANO BA ANG NADAGDAG? ang malinaw lang na nakikita ko sa ating mga politiko MORE CORRUPTION, LESS WORK! natatapos ang termino yung isang kalsada hindi man matapos ipagawa. Last year, I was in Ilocos…The place was very beautiful para akong nasa Amerika. Meron pa silang windmill (energy source) doon na sa US at Europe mo lang makita. How come the corrupt Marcoses can do all these projects but others who don’t admit they are corrupt can’t?

  • Marx Louis Wang

    I blogged in another article where JPE mentioned “lunar minds” to be careful about the danger of saying it. Now, here is the danger: COA investigation, the “grandmama of all scandals”.  Bwhar har har har!

  • doncleo

    Ngayon, iboboto nyo pa ba si Jackie Enrile?..Tanga lang ang boboto dyan.

    • Rolly257

      si Jack nasa partido ng UNA,   UNA SAAN???

    • Bert

      Ang mga ibang BUWAYANG SENATONGS na nakihati, naki-kain, nag awayan at bigla nalang tahimik sa “gift” ni Manong Johny, ibuto mo pa rin?

    • Gerryeuroblue

       And Corona has to be removed although unproven having stolen anything. Will Pnoy exert effort to have Enrile removed? Of course not, kasi nga hindi yon ang matuwid na daan. Para kay Pnoy at Enrile KAPAG KAKAMPI HINDI KAKASUHAN, KAPAG KAAWAY TATANGGALIN AT KAKASUHAN. Kawawang mga Pilipino, lagi nalang niloloko at nagpapaloko. Lets celebrate in our stupidity and self destruction as leaders are screwing us. Cheers to our bleak future. Hurray, Mr President for screwing us bigtime.

  • Marx Louis Wang


  • concern_netizen

    The body of a a 9 year-old girl was dug up in Cavite yesterday.  The
    poor girl was abducted, raped, and killed by four criminals in Cavite
    last December.  Some of the criminals are relatives of the victim and
    even served as pall bearers during the funeral.  This is a crime far
    worse than the one in India where a teenage girl was abducted and raped
    and later died in a hospital in Singapore yet we barely know anything or
    read about it anywhere.  What is appalling is that the crime in India
    was widely condemned not only among Indians but all over the world…
    even from Filipinos but the gruesome crime in Cavite only gained a
    whimper, perhaps only appearing as footnote for more important news…
    like the debates on who among Kris, Aiai and Vice was responsible for
    the highest grossing film in history or the shootout among erring
    enforcers apparently due to jueteng turf wars.

    It is easy to
    dismiss “depressing” news because it may put the country in a bad
    light.  But what is more evident is how media contributes to the
    people’s apathy towards news that really matter.  Sure, celebrity news
    sells that is why much space is given to trivial issues that has no
    value in building our society.  But my hope is Media remind themselves
    of their mandate as tool for people to seek redress and to some extent
    help provide justice to those who yearned for it.  After all, media
    don’t need reminding because they know their responsibilities very
    well.  What they need is conviction.

  • kamots

    hindi na bagang news yan… ang trabaho lang naman ng senator sa pilipinas eh, laging pagusapan ang mga corrupt… si miriam nag mamalinis pa eh lahat naman kayo pare pareho lang… sana lang tumahimik na mga sanators at mga accusations, sa ginagawa nyo na yan eh wala naman nangyayari sa pinas, sana ba may pinatutunguhan ang usapan ninyo eh wala naman, hanggang ngayon nga si marcos may hidden wealth pa rin, si gma at mike arroyo may kaso din corrupt nasan na yun mga inubos ninyong usapan? saan na na uwi yan? moro-moro na lang yan kahit anong administrasyon pa….. sino naman kaya susunod na iimbistagahan???

    nakakatawa lang sa atin kasi walang pag babago… sobrang daming daldalan….

    • Bert

      sino naman kaya susunod na iimbistagahan??? syempre mga kalaban lang ni pnoy sa politika…..

      but i’m with you my friend in your frustration with our govt….

  • Gerryeuroblue

     Asa ka pa ba sa mga militant organisations na iyan?  Tingnan mo si Risa Hontiveros tahimik kasi nga kaalyado nya di ba. Pag kakampi ang kurakot ok lang kay Pnoy, Lacierda, Carandang, Quezon, Sereno, etc/. Wag na kayo umasa na MATUWID NGA ANG DAAN. Magpaloko nalang tao habang buhay. Lets celebrate in our stupidity and self destruction as leaders are
    screwing us. Cheers to our bleak future. Hurray, Mr President for
    screwing us bigtime.

  • Gerryeuroblue

    Miriam is tagged as SIRA-ULO and Pnoy as ABNOY. Bakit hindi kinakasuhan kapag kaalyado ang nangungurakot? Well, let’s celebrate in our stupidity and self destruction as leaders are
    screwing us. Cheers to our bleak future. Hurray, Mr President for
    screwing us bigtime.

  • Gerryeuroblue

     Asa ka pa? Kapag kaalyado ang kurakot, tahimik ang Abnoy. Kapag kaalyado, mag-aalburuto. Let’s celebrate in our stupidity and self destruction as leaders are
    screwing us. Cheers to our bleak future. Hurray, Mr President for
    screwing us bigtime.

  • patawad

    Magkano naman ang tinanggap ng auditor sa senado na cash gift na ipinamudmod kay Enrile, at sa mga commissioners at chairman ng COA, kung mayroon man? Sagutin muna nila yan bago sila mag audit, for practical reasons di bah?  Paano mo sasabihin na illegal at unconscionable kung benificiary ka rin.

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