Decorated police officer’s involvement in a string of shoot-outs raises questions


Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines — The involvement of Superintendent Hansel Marantan in at least four sensational gun battles purportedly with criminal gangs, in which a total of 40 people were killed, over the past seven years, has puzzled Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II.

The latest fire fight Marantan figured in was on Sunday in Atimonan, Quezon. There, 13 people allegedly belonging to a criminal gang were killed — among them Supt. Alfredo Consemino and his two police aides and two soldiers.

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday, Roxas said he had asked the Philippine National Police (PNP) to review the career records of Marantan, who had been promoted despite the controversies hounding him.

“We want to look at his records and files. We want to know his background and history. Is he just trigger-happy? Or is he just that brave?” Roxas said. “We want to know the reason why he was involved in many cases of bloody shoot-outs.”

But he refused to comment about reports linking Marantan to crime syndicates in Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) region, particularly on his alleged involvement in the operations of the illegal numbers racket “jueteng,” and what triggered the gun battle.

“Whether it’s jueteng, illegal drugs, illegal logging, that we cannot tell yet. We must determine the facts, provable and ascertainable facts,” he said.

Marantan, a graduate of the Philippine National Police Academy Class 1998, was charged for the supposed armed encounter between operatives of the PNP Highway Patrol Group and the suspected members of the Valle Verde car theft syndicate in Pasig City in November 2005.

Marantan, then a police senior inspector, was the team leader of the HPG operatives who killed alleged car thieves Anton Cu-Unjieng, Francis Xavier Manzano and Brian Anthony Dulay, who turned out to be members of wealthy families.

In December 2008, he again took part in a daring police operation against members of the dreaded Alvin Flores robbery group in Parañaque City.

Sixteen people, among them seaman Alfonso de Vera and his 7-year-old daughter Lia Allyana, were killed in the exchange of gunfire between the HPG operatives and the alleged robbers.

In October 2010, Marantan and his subordinates in the 415th Provincial Police Mobile Group traded shots with a group of supposed kidnappers at a checkpoint in Candelaria, Quezon.

Eight suspected kidnappers were killed in the gun battle, which happened just a few steps away from the headquarters of Marantan’s group.

Despite questions raised over these encounters, PNP officials who were interviewed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer described Marantan as a “policeman with balls” and “a determined police officer.”

The police officials declined to be named in deference to the investigation being conducted by the PNP and the National Bureau of Investigation.

One of the sources, who had known Marantan since their cadet days in the PNPA, said Marantan’s training in the Army’s Special Forces and Navy intelligence had honed him to become a “brave police officer who is not afraid to get after criminals.”

In fact, he said Marantan’s role in successful police and military operations in the past earned him accolades and awards.

“They can say many bad things about Hansel. But no one can refute his dedication to his work as a police officer. He’s a policeman with balls,” the PNP official said.

But another police official said Marantan had earned the ire of some senior PNP officers for his supposed links with illegal gambling personalities and other criminal syndicates in Calabarzon region.

The second source, who was also close to the police official, claimed Marantan’s sister, Cenen “Tita” Dinglasan, has been operating small town lottery bookies in Laguna.

“Tita was a rival of Vic Siman in the operations of jueteng and bookies in Calamba and some parts of Batangas,” the source said, referring to Victor Siman, one of the 13 fatalities in the Quezon clash.

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  • Socorro

    What a shame!!! nakakahiya si Pinoy, last Sunday Valte proudly said legitimate police operation, when even I an ordinary taxpayer does not believe at once. It is too obvious that there is something fishy in that event. Now the truth that the Malacañan is always lying  became really obvious. Grabe, yung hindi nakapag aral na Filipino, alam na may kalokohan, si Pinoy and his bright boys hindi.Nakakahiya buko na kayo.   

    • generalproblem

      ito naman kung ikaw ang presidente yun din ang sasabihin mo dahil wala pa naman imbistigasyon kaya nga pinalipat nya sa nbi ang pag imbistiga para di maluto ng pnp.

  • ryan andres

    Yan ang pulis natin – mga mamamatay tao. AT, ipinopromote pa!

  • boybakal

    That’s a good move by Mr. Roxas. Check the history of this officer.
    Marantan is a blood thirsty police officer. His mission is kill first before question.
    That’s why he has long list of person killed on alleged suspected criminals.
    No time to prove the allegation and suspicion….all alleged were dead.

  • Guest

    Pansinin mo kahit anong banat ng kampo ni Sec. Roxas kay Binay, di
    nagre-react si PNoy, kasi di nya gusto mga ginagawa ni Mar.

  • Homer Guo

    it should be more puzzling how come this cop gets promotions and gets awards…. kahit na since 2005 pala me case na sya at nadadagdagan pa.

    • $40586212

      Well, Marantan has not been proven guilty in a court of law…kaya siguro active pa siya. At saka ginagawa lang naman niya ang trabaho niya, di ba? He is a police officer and his job is to come after the criminals. I don’t think na fair kay Marantan na i-blame natin lahat sa kanya. Remember, meron din siyang Superiors to get his orders from. His Superiors described him as a “policeman with balls” and “a determined police officer.” He performs well. The above report says that Marantan’s training in the Army’s Special Forces and Navy intelligence had honed him to become a “brave police officer who is not afraid to get after criminals.” We should actually congratulate him for his dedication to serve this country.

  • Justin

    Take serious investigation on the family and close associates of Marantan then. Investigate all his assets and that of all his close associates, friends and relatives. If it comes out clean and clear, only then the investigation for the victims background may proceed. If the government is serious about these matters, the smoke tells of a great fire…..something is fishy about this guy called, Marantan………….

  • generalproblem

    dpat na ilipat si marantan sa sulu o sa basilan kailangan natin ng mga pulis na matatapang at walang binubuhay. mas marami syang papatayin dun na mga terorista at milf na lost command.

    • Colokoy

      kasama ka yta ng mga sindikatong tinutugis ni marantan sa luzon, di ka masaya na may pulis na hindi takot makipag barilan ng mga criminal, at magnanakaw etc..

      • generalproblem

        kaya nga dapat sya ilipat dun dahil hindi sya takot sa barilan. pero nakakapagtakla eh lagi syang sangkot sa mga ambush. ibig sabihin eh hindi sya takot pag naka pwesto na

  • kontra_boohaya

    Kawawa naman ang mga pulis.  Kung crimen ay mataas sa AO nila, kinakastiga sila na nagpapalaki lang ng tiyan at sangkot sa crimen.  At kung pumapatay naman sila ng criminal ay bloodthirsty o trigger happy at sangkot pa rin sa mga crimen.  I lifestyle check kasi mga yan para maalis alis din ang pagdududa na sila ay siyang pinakamalaking sindikato sa bansa. Make  “lifestyle check” a prerequisite for nomination for chief of police or group commander or any other command positions. Padded and flowery records by the PNP would not suffice to paint an accurate picture of the cops kasi sigurado yung napatay na mga pulis na kasama ng mga “persons with extra baggage” ay makukulay din.

  • generalproblem

    ang tanong ko lang bakit pag may pulis na tinamaan laging sa paa at kamay. ang laki ni marantan sa paa at kamay lang tinamaan. sa rubout o shoot out wala akong masabi pero sa tama ni marantan dun ako nagtataka malamang binaril nya sarili nya para ma promote na naman hehehe

    • tilney

      Pards tama ka ! Pagwala nasugatan sa kanila paano nila ipaliwanag kung bakit nila pinatay ang 13 tao.. Matapang si Marantan kaya inutusan ang isa pulis niya na barilin siya ng 9mm pistol hindi 45 caliber sa kamay at braso..para totoo na pinutukan sila kaya ginantihan nila.. Rub out ito, ito wala alinlangan.. Nasaan yon red na maleta ang at mga bags.. Milyon daw ang laman ..Para Kuratong Baleleng Part 2 ito..

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    walang hustisya yung mag-ama tinadtad ng bala sa paranaque bagkus na promote pa ito pulis na ito! 

    • ryan andres

      tama ka diyan brad. sad but true. Only in the Philippines.

  • $40586212


  • $40586212

    Ganito kasi ang justice dito sa Pinas, pag may nahuli daw
    ang pulis na criminal, di pa daw nakarating ang criminal sa precinto ay may
    tumatawag na na pakawalan.  Kaya di natin masisi ang mga good cops na shoot to kill na lang ang ginagawa lalo na sa mga syndikato kasi ang mga syndikato na mga yan ay may mga connection sa taas.  At kung ang criminal ay mayaman, naku kawawang pulis ka…magtago ka. Dapat ang gobierno ay protectahan ang mga pulis na kagaya ni Marantan na may balls…so long na ang hangarin ay para sa safety ng bayan.  And tungkulin ng mga pulis ay…”
    to serve and to protect”. So let’s not quickly judge Marantan…he could be one of a kind…maybe he is “really a good cop…determined to go after the bad guys.” And if so, we need someone like him in this country, a country that is so socorrupted. We should give our full support sa mga good cops against crimes…para mapayapa ang ating bansa…at mamuhay na masaya at matahimik dito sa Pinas.

  • Colokoy

    si marantan ay isang matapang na pulis di katulad sa ibang mga pulis na lalabas lng sa kanilang lungga kpag wala na ang mga criminal..

  • LeoSanMig

    I viewed Sec Roxas’ appointment to the DILG post as his vehicle for 2016. And with good reason. The DILG post is well beyond his competency. But it seems that I am wrong. I am one of the millions of Filipinos watching Secretary Roxas deal with this issue. So far, so good.

    • superpilipinas

      I also think that he is good but not his LP party.

      As for PNoy. I voted for him but now I think that was a mistake. 

      I thought he would eradicate Jueteng. But serious things like peace and order is not his priority. How can you have peace and order when law enforcement officials are corrupted by Jueteng?

    • tilamsik

      So far, NO GOOD! 

  • boybakal

    How many have been killed on that checkpoint, two incidents.
    I am planning to visit my relatives in Bicol, now I am having second thoughts, I am scared.
    Baka maratrat, sasabihin alleged criminal.

    • Jaime

      scary, hinde nakikita yan ng iba.  Ang alam lang nila patay na yung allged na masasamang loob ‘di nila alam buhay na buhay at may excuses na pang bata.

  • superpilipinas

    A good law enforcement officer captures criminals alive and make them face due process.

    Summary execution is definitely not a mark of a good officer. 


    • Jaime

      I agree with you 100%

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Decorated police officer’s involvement in a string of shoot-outs raises questions.

    DILG Sec. Mar Roxas’ incompetence and ineptitude also raises questions.

  • Your_King

    We are all puzzled as well. How about finally solving the puzzle which is why we pay you all the big bucks.

  • Markov Chain

    Hahaha! Funniest sentence I’ve read in a long time. Na beebwesit ang mga senior nya dahil kasali cya sa jueteng? Yung mga senior nya ang nagpapatakbo ng jueteng. Kaya ng PNP ubusin ang mga jueteng lords na yan, same logic na kayang ubusin ng militar ang NPA. Bakit d magawa? Dahil kung walang NPA, walang budget at walang pwedeng makurakot. Apply the same logic sa PNP at jueteng, kung walang jueteng walang lagay. Hahahahahaha!

  • tilamsik

    “puzzled”?  Mar you’re out of touch

  • disqusted0fu

    Okay… So what are we gonna do about it? Are we suppose to solve that puzzle for you Mr. Mar Roxas? It’s time for him to come up with solutions, and not what to say in front of the press.

    • Jaime

      that puzzle is so easy to solve it looks like fill in the blank with the answers at the bottom. 

  • beingwise13

    pnp officials said “a police with balls” kung may hawak na baril kung wala “no balls”
    matapang lang yan si marantan kasi patraydor kung tumira yan. sa ambush laging lamang ang nang-aambush. lumaban kaya siya ng parehas baka tunog palang ng putok mag tago na sa imburnal yan…

  • Rovingmoron

    Did the PDI proofreader check the typos in this article? Marantan graduated in 1988, not 1998. Correction please!

  • Rovingmoron

    Despite the many awards that he got, Marantan’s reputation as good and brave police officer has been put at stake because he failed to advice his sister not to engage in STL. Whatever you say, this could be misconstrued by the public as something under Marantan’s protection racket.

  • Rovingmoron

    It’s hard to understand what’s the motive behind the alleged shootout that killed the 13 people in Atimonan. As per report by ABS-CBN, prior to the alleged shootout the right hand man of Vic Siman was already killed in Calamba City.

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