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Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – Senate President  Juan Ponce-Enrile opened a can of worms on Wednesday  when he admitted  giving 18 senators a total of P2.2 million each last year while exposing  the hefty budget as much as P25 million that his known foes in the Senate have been allegedly getting for their committees.

Enrile, in a statement on Wednesday,  disclosed that Senator  Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s  committee on constitutional amendments  and  two oversight committees have annual budgets of P15 million and P10 million.

Senator Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV’s civil service and over sight committees, on the other hand,   have  been getting  P10 million every year, which was recently raised to P15 million, said the Senate leader.

Enrile said Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano as a member of the Commission on Appointments has a “bigger” budget than the other senators.

Aside from Cayetano’s  membership in the CA, Enrile said  the opposition leader also chairs the E-Commerce oversight committee with an annual budget of P6 million and of the new oversight committee  on BCDA with an annual budget of P10 million.

Cayetano’s  eldest sister, Senator Pia Cayetano, also chairs the committee on health, committee on youth, women and family relations and  the Clean Water Act oversight committee with an annual budget of P10 million,  he said.

“Sen. Joker Arroyo is the only member of the minority who really and actually acts as a member of the minority, doing his job at fiscalizing even more than the Minority Floor Leader,”  Enrile said.

“He (Arroyo) declined to chair any committee, regular or oversight, so unlike the Cayetano siblings,” he added.

But in a separate statement, Santiago alleged that each senator has been receiving P2.2 million every month supposedly for “staff salaries and office expenses.”

“The monthly office appropriation of P2.2 million is discretionary.  How it is spent depends on the discretion of the senator.  The senator can pocket the money if he wants to,” she said.

“The senator can play around with this P 2.2 million.  If he does not hire staff, or does not spend for office rental and supplies, he gets to keep the P 2.2 million or any residual amount for himself,” she further said.

“For a senator with an annual pork barrel of P200 million, the annual kickback is usually P20 million, or a total kickback in six years of P120 million.  For a representative with annual pork barrel of P70 million, the usual annual kickback is P7 million, or a total kickback every three years of P21 million,” Santiago said.

She was referring to the P200 million and P70 million annual allocation known as “pork barrel”  that each senator and congressmen has been getting, respectively.

To ensure transparency, Santiago then called on the Commission on Audit to examine and audit the so-called “savings” or “secret funds” available to the Senate President, to the Speaker, and other heads of offices.

“The so-called savings of each public office has turned into a national scandal, the grandmamma of all scandals.  The Constitution allows savings to be used by the office at the end of the year.  But in reality, the head of office manipulates the books and creates so-called savings, by refusing to fill up vacancies, or refusing to buy essential office supplies or services, or capital equipment.  These so-called ‘enforced savings’ are then distributed among the highest officials, in the guise of Christmas bonuses,” she said.

The exchange of accusations  came  after Enrile confirmed the Philippine Daily  Inquirer report that  he gave additional maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE) amounting to P1.6 million each to 18 senators in  December, 2012.

The amount, he said, was the balance of the P2.218 million additional MOOE, which  was sources  sourced from the savings of the Senate and was supposedly given  for each of the  23 senators.

He said the first tranche, which is P600,000, was given to the senators in November, 2012. The remaining P1.6 million was released last month in  two tranches – P1.3 million  and P318,000 but not all 23 senators have received them.

Enrile said he and four others—  Santiago,  Trillanes, and the two Cayetanos- did not  get the two tranches.

“I confirm that I gave the instructions to my Chief of Staff to exclude me and the four other senators in the succeeding releases of any further additional MOOE,” he said.

“I also confirm that, as requested by the Senate Budget office, I approved the use of the amounts that I waived and those that I did not authorize to be released to the 4 senators to be used by the Senate for its other expenditures. This is all on record,” he said.

But Enrile denied that the four did not get any additional MOOE.

“They each got P600,000. On top of that, I have approved all their requests for cash advances, realignment of various items in their respective senator’s, Committee and Oversight Committee budgets to their MOOE so that they could use the same and any savings therefrom,” he said.

Enrile explained that  any additional MOOE approved by the Senate President for each senator was not a “matter of entitlement neither should such be mistaken as taken from the Senate President’s discretionary funds.”

“The expenditures charged to the OSP’s discretionary funds are properly documented and I have made the same available even for the contingencies of the Secretariat and the needs of some Committees and Senators, as they would request from time to time,” he said.

“While it is said to be purely discretionary on the part of the Senate President what additional budget to grant out of savings, or to give any at all for that matter, I have exercised such discretion with prudence and equity, and I have given the maximum that we could grant to all the Senators concerned.”

“I stand by the exercise of my sole discretion not to authorize any further releases of additional  MOOE last December to the four senators. It is time to call a spade a spade,”  he  added.

Enrile pointed out that Trillanes and the Cayetano siblings belong to the  minority group while   Santiago’s membership in the  majority  was “questionable”  since he said the latter has publicly and repeatedly denounced and attacked him.

He said he has been giving additional MOOE to all senators since he became Senate President in 2008 but no one questioned it before.

For 2008, Enrile said he authorized the  release of P1 million additional MOOE for each senator,  another P1 million  in 2009; a total of P1.6 million in  2010; and  a total of P2.1 million in 2011.

“All the senators, including those now complaining or calling it “unconscionable” and “unconstitutional” received these amounts. Yet they never said anything nor questioned it before,” he said.

Enrile also confirmed giving all senators a P250,000 Christmas  bonus each, which he sourced from  the savings of his own  office.

“Regarding the P250,000 checks from my office which I gave to all the senators, that was a result of the “lambing”of some senators who I will no longer name, if I had some “pamasko” (Christmas gifts) for them,” he said.

“I decided to give to all, not only to those who were teasing me about “pamasko”, out of my own office’s savings and not from the  Senate President’s discretionary funds,”  he added.

But Enrile  said he was informed last Monday that Santiago returned the check that  he gave her.

“ I was told that Sen. Santiago sent me back a check for the same amount of P250,000 with a letter from her Chief of Staff explaining that the check I gave was inadvertently deposited. So Sen. Santiago gave back my gift, as I gave back hers. Fair enough.”

Enrile clarified that the additional  fund and  Christmas  gift that he gave to his colleagues was   not a bribe  just to keep his post.

“I was elected as Senate President twice and I can look at anyone straight in the eye in saying that I did not buy this position. Not one single centavo of the people’s money is spent just to enable me to cling to this office,” he said.

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  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Enrile’s only son Jackie Enrile was a notorious killer who killed several people including alfie anido.
     Let us also not forget about Tito Sotto’s involvement in the Pepsi Paloma and Guada Guarin 1982 rape scandal. 

  • BURADOR—Phil. Voice


  • Rey Pasigna

    WOOOOHHHHOOO!! aren’t we rich??? millions of Filipinos are starving. soldiers go  to battle without boots and and proper equipments and ammunitions. We are scavenging for used military equipments or assets  to defend our country and yet this is how they wastefully spend the taxpayers money?? Whatt is the COA doing abut this? They are getting away with daylight robbery of peoples taxes!! WHAT A SHAME!!! tsk tsk tsk !!! all we can do is shake our heads.. This country is not going anywhere!!!

    • Dutch

      This country will stay 3rd world, as this lovely president controlled by his uncle are spreading the monies between themselves.
      The poor will stay poor forever, no free health, education, help to the starving by hunger, no return of coco-levy, no return of land of the hycianda, no support to development.
      This country needs honest leaders, not money hungry sharks.

      • nakawan

        Dunno if you heard, but the Cojuangcos aren’t exactly the in group anymore. they don’t have San Miguel anymore (Ramon Ang and FG Arroyo’s group) and they certainly don’t have PLDT either (Manny Pangilinan’s group). Stop throwing it at the president. The real question is, why does the Senate shower itself with loads of money and what is it used for?

  • kilabot

    good job, jpe. 
    the people thank you for expertly distributing people’s money among yourselves; 
    keep it up, sir.

    • popeyee

      Jinggoy, ikaw na naman ba yan?

  • Ugly Bunny

    Go Santiago! Labasan na ng baho ito!

    Shame on you Enrile.

    Again, you failed us. (As if you care.)

  • Ghost

    Now i clearly understand why these people spends millions to run for senator position.
    Para maglingkod sa taumbayan daw. Nakakasuka kayo.

    Napakalayo ng standard natin sa mga senator at congressmen ng amerika na isinakripisyo ang ilang benefits para lamang maiiwas ang amerika sa “fiscal cliff” nitong pagpasok ng bagong taon.

    Kelan pa tayo aahon, kung ang mga lider mismo na ibinoto at dapat na iniidolo natin ang mga pasaway?

    • nakawan

      haha! binoto ko sila para nakawin ako! hence the name “nakawan” 4 life! jologs tara! iboto ulit natin sila lahat ng 2013 ok? para panalo! haha!

  • Bert

    NAGBUBUKINGAN na ang mga BUWAYA sa Senado……

    So while these senatongs were busy impeaching Corona because of ALLEGED WRONGDOINGS last year, these senatongs also busy themselves DEVOURING the spoils courtesy of every Juan de la Cruz’s hard earned money.


  • Edsel

    Kung ang iboboto nyo ay Kapamilya, Kapuso at Kapatid sa 2013, wag na lang. Mag-isip muna tayo ng mabuti. Let’s end political dynasty in the upcoming 2013 election. Don’t vote for them. :-) #notopoliticaldynasty #stoppoliticaldynasty

  • Kim

    kung ginamit sana para sa kapakanan ng mamamayan….mahiya naman kayo…pera ng taong bayan yan…

  • Lakan Dupil

    Ibig sabihin matagal ng nabubuhay sa kahihiyan ang mga senators na ito…Parusahan kayo ng Dios!!!

  • Weya S.

    Wow ha! ang lakas nyong maginvestigate ng mga GOCC bonuses tapos kayo dyan sa Senado sobra pa pala ginagawa… Anak ng tupa… 

    Last year dumaan ang Sendong tapos bonus pa rin kayo ng bonus dyan mga walang hiya

  • VeryDisgusted2

    Mga bastos at magnanakaw. They are giving out and receiving public money as if it is their own. All these thieves should be impeached.

  • sl1

    The realignment of funds by senate president was very disgusting specially if it were given to the senators for there own personal use. I could not see any wise wisdom from the senate president, why gave it to the senators when all of them are well-off …why not use it for the benefit of typhoon
    victims in Mindanao areas which urgently needed help to survive on there daily needs. What kind of senators do we really have in this country? They should be ashamed of yourself for being insensitive to the urgent need of our people!

  • Wadav

    ang kakapal ng mga mukha nyo mga SENATONG na to! ang yayaman nyo na kinupit nyo pa pera ng bayan!! kailan kaya tayo matuto?? we need exorcise the SENATE!! Dami demonyo nakatira dun!

  • BobetB

    Cost savings suggestion: lets remove congress!

  • dani77777

    Namputsa, pinagloloko pala tayo ng mga ito. Daming pera kaya nasilaw sila. Tuluyan nang nabulag.

    • nakawan

      ngayon mo lang nalaman na magnanakaw lang ang mga senador? what rock have you been hiding under? problema naman talaga ay tayo e, konsentidor tayo lahat at blinded sa cult of personality ng mga tumatakbo sa public office. para kasi silang celebrity na binibigyan natin ng puri at poder. i don’t blame them for being in power and stealing, WE PUT THEM THERE. WE GET WHAT WE DESERVE.

  • Darwin

    This explains how our senatongs and tongressmen can maintain lavish lifestyles for their official families and kerida families. May kickback sila!!! Tama lang talaga na tawagin silang SENATONGS at TONGRESSMEN!!!

  • ztefertilizerscam9

     Liezl (daughter of Amalia Fuentes) left showbiz kasi ni-rape ni Jackie Enrile (son of Juan ponce Enrile, same guy that supposedly killed Alfie Anido.

  • Darwin

    Ang masaklap nya, pati yung mga bobo at pahirap na Senatong na sina Tito Sotto, may kickback na 20 million, at the least, kada taon. 20 million for showcasing his bobo mentality!!!

    • Bert

      Intellect probably wasn’t made a criterion? hehe

      If you look at it, parang naghahatian lang ang mga BUWAYA sa senado….

      Indeed for these SENATONGS, It’s More Fun in the Philippines…..busog na busog

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Enrile smuggling in Cagayan;

  • ztefertilizerscam9


    • Bert

      senator o senators? magalit sa inyo sina drilon at pangilinan nyan…

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    This explains why these Senators can easily display their supposed charitableness in public.  They all put in practice the advice that it’s better to give than to receive.  Especially when it’s not yours. 

    • Darwin

      korak. ansakit kaya mamigay ng perang pinaghirapan, especially pag maliit lang. pero ang mga ito, kabi kabilaan kung manmudmod. hindi kasi pinaghirapan.

  • Fred

    Ayan, naglabasan na ng baho!!!

    • Bert

      let’s enjoy it while it lasts……hehe

  • jorge cruz

     Now anyone? Do you have an objection? These additional moe or whatever they call it are Legal, Because they wont do , and get their money if they cant defend it, The technical maneuverings are defensible they have a way, So ? ano magagawa natin? WALA PO. 

  • UPLB-2008-3****

    Re-align re-align, personal use, own discretion.

    Eh buti sana kung Singapore tayo na very negligible ang mga mahihirap. Isa pa, ultra-rich na kayong mga nandiyan, why the need for additional funds/bonus/sweldo/christmas bonus? Aba, public service din po ang senate. kapalmuks.

  • ushldcallme

    it seems this tells us who wanted senate president jpe out as head of the senate chamber.

  • sl1

    The people should keep exposing those people in the gov’t that doesn’t fit to be re-elected and those that should not be elected so that the people will not vote for them in coming election. Let the people know that they are corrupt and practicing political dynasty that causes the hindrance 
    for our progress & better Philippines .

    • Bert


      and let me add, not just the political dynasty but also the FOI BILL is hindering a progressive and better philippines…

  • catalansbarce

    Iyan pala ang secret ni Mang Johnny bakit nanatiling Senate President until now kahit konti lang ang kapartido niyang senador…, nag bribe ng MILLIONS pala.., in the guise of Xmas bonus.
    Kaya malakas ang loob…, hinahamon sina Santiago, Trillanes at etc.. kung may
    majority sila to OUST HIM as a Senate President. LOL..

  • Jam Dwade

    There goes my taxes.

  • Verlito Ablin

    This has been an on-going practice by Filipino politicians ever since the late President Marcos was deposed. Good that it is finally revealed and exposed by no other than the senate president himself. We need electoral reforms to revived the 2-party system. With the current multi-party political system, politicians tend to form coalition for their own vested interests. Thereby, eliminating the concept of check and balances that proved to be helpful in eliminating corrupt practices in government services. 

  • Trollollolloll


    • Observer_din

      eh ikaw dahil matalino ka, sino ba ibinoto mo?

      • nakawan

        mga matalino siyempre. bakit, sino binoto mo?

      • Observer_din

        binoto ko si pnoy, sa senador si trillanes dati, pero last election di ako bomoto ng senador, sa local elections di ako bomoto,pati party list kasi wala ako idea sa kanila.pati sa congress. i still have to wait and see kung nagkamali nga ako sa kanila..  ikaw bakit di mo sabihin kung sino yung matalning ibinoto mo?

  • James Canono

    Generous lang talaga kasi ang ating Senate President. Hindi lang sa taong bayan siya mapagbigay, pati rin sa mga kasamahan niya sa Senado. Dapat lang siyang tularan. 

    • sakinlang

      Dapat siyang ibilanggo! Pnaglalaruan niya ang pera ng bayan! Ang kapal!

      • Bert

        Payag ako basta kasama ang LAHAT na senatongs na NAKIHATI……

    • popeyee

      Jinggoy, ikaw ba yan?

  • johnlordphilip

    Wow! No wonder corruption abounds in this republic. The LAWMAKERS, (not only the JUSTICES, POLITICIANS, ARMY and POLICE), have all their ways of getting away with PEOPLE’S MONEY. They SAVE, then name it into something else (CHRISTMAS BONUS, RETIREMENT GIFT, MOOE, DISCRETIONARY FUND, ETC.) that can be POCKETED.

  • Alec

    wowow there is a lot of money involve in the jurisdiction of a senator!!!! that’s why when already in power it’s hard to give up….hindi ba dapat taong bayan ang priority sa mga dapat gastusan ng pera?? sa nakikita ko pansariling gastos ang mga binibitiwang salita ni mirriam at enrile…dapat sigurong alisin ang senado at congreso…abay 24 senators times 200 millions equals 4.8 billion pesos plus 360 millions kada isang senador at their own disposal, whether gastahin mo o hindi basta sa iyo ang pera…WOW NA WOW talaga>….money, money, money all around me is money yeah money, money, money, i’ll spend all your money…yeah yeah yeah

  • KpTUL

    Mahiya namn kayo mga senador ! Pinako nyo sa krus si Corona, mukha pa
    kayong maginoo sa suot nyong toga na tinalo nyo ang attire ni santo
    papa. Nagpatahi kaagad kayo sa nasabing for the impeachment trial na
    excited kayo masyado as if eto na yung trabaho ninyo na akala mo kung
    saan pasyon show kayo sasali. Kapal ng mga mukha ninyo !  Sana namn may
    matamaan ng kidlat !

    Pati yang mga congressman kakahiya kayo !

  • Guest

    Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile is on trouble on alleged bribery. LP and Sec. Mar Roxas are happy for this one.

    • Guest

      I doubt this report. Those behind this propanda could be from the LP


      • UPLB-2008-3****

        duh. nanggaling na nga sa bibig ni Enrile oh.

  • joseph b

    This where you TAXES GO!!!

  • pinoyyouth

    It is another reason why our politicians do not deserve to be respected…. dugo at pawis ang puhunan natin para kumita ng pera tapos babawasan ng malaking taxes, pero ang mga pulitiko, nagpapasarap sa milyon-milyong pera na galing sa pinagpaguran natin… swerte naman nila….

    • Darwin

      tax free pa. mapapamura ka talaga.

  • Alec


    • Bert

      Sinabe mo pa…..these yellow mainstream media has always been part of the yellow conspiracy.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Dapat pasabogin ang Senado mga walang silbi,pahirap sila sa bayan…

    • Bert

      are you okay with drilon, cayetano, pangilinan et al inside?

  • James Canono

    Manong Johnny has proven time and time again that he is not only a man of wisdom and integrity, but that he also is extremely generous and kind-hearted towards his fellow Filipino (he doesn’t discriminate between the masses and his brothers in the Senate). He has even helped millions of Filipinos with money out of his own pocket (not merely using government funds as many here seem to suggest out of spite). He is a modern day Good Samaritan who only has the best interests of the nation in mind. So please let us not question his intent and judgement because as I said, he only as the best interest of the Filipino people in mind (the bonuses would be used by the other senators to fund their respective projects).

    Mabuhay ka Manong Johnny! And also to our future senator, Jack Enrile. Maraming salamat po sa inyong paglilingkod sa bayan.

    • Leond Yobar

      Wow a paid PR man! Magkano kaya ang payroll mo kay enrille?

      • w4d

        Malaki-laki ‘yan…FB account ang gamit eh. Sa discretionary account na P2.2M malamang galing…LOL…

    • Simon Ward

      Wow, talk about a minority opinion :) Let’s see how many “Likes” you notch up.

    • Bert

      The bonuses would be used by the other senators to fund their respective projects?

    • Komentador

      campaign materials,,too obvious

  • w4d

    Now we all know why people want to be in politics even if they are not qualified. It is the best business in the Philippines, next to show business. You acquire wealth and power in a single breathe plus the bonus that you can expand these wealth and power by involving every single member of your family. What qualification do you need to do this? NONE!!!

    Are we hopeless?…LOL

    • Jane Tan

      Not necessarily walang qualification. You need to be famous :)

  • WeAry_Bat

    “The monthly office appropriation of P2.2 million is discretionary.  How
    it is spent depends on the discretion of the senator.  The senator can
    pocket the money if he wants to”

    She was referring to the P200 million and P70 million annual allocation
    known as “pork barrel”  that each senator and congressmen has been
    getting, respectively.

    Kaya pala napapa-iyak si Mitos Magsaysay ng walang matanggap na pork.  Pwede pala i-bulsa ito, straightforward, wala nang pa-kontrata pa.

    Solve na puzzle bakit maraming magpakamatay maging presidente o senator o congressman.  Hindi sa salary.  Sa pork na pwedeng ibulsa na walang audit.

  • Palparan

    kaya pala maraming gustong maging senador… tsk…tsk…tsk..

    wala nang pag-asa ang Pilipinas… di na talaga aasenso ang bayan… tsk…tsk..tsk…

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Enrile: Nothing wrong with giving away taxpayer’s money. Btw, Miriam is also just as guilty.

    Joker: This is what I’ve been saying. Drilon et al railroaded the budget with bloated staffing.

    Drilon: What’s wrong with railroading the budget? We did it in record time, 5 days max.

  • Cubano

    Kung di nagamit ang budget,dapat ibalik sa general fund.  This is plain and simple ROBBERY.

  • Palparan

    We jail petty theives and elect the big ones…WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cornelio

    As everyone knows, our senators and congressman are very rich and getting richer and richer in expense of filipino tax payers money. kaya kahit kanino sa kanila wala gusto pagusapan FOI bill kasi makikita lahat ng pera ng gobyerno kung saan at kanino bulsa napupunta. Filipinos are suffering from poverty pero our politicians are enjoying the money from the government. ngayon lumalabas lahat ng baho nila kasi ayon sa kasabihan kung may usok may apoy, kung mabaho nabubulok na. yan ang philippines politicians lahat parepareho walng pagkakaiba all are greedy for money.

  • venfil29

    angal tayo ng angal sa mga corrupt sa gobyerno heto kitang kita na wala naman tayong magawa.ang mga senador paupo upo lang daldalan ng daldalan ang laki ng kinikita.hopeless na talaga ang filipinas kahit anong gawin natin pag ganito ang ating sistema wala tayong pagbabago.

  • Guest

    First attack ng LP kay Gov. Espino, then Gov. kay SP Enrile
    naman…Who’s next?

    • Guest

      Kaya pala nananahimik si Sec. Mar Roxas this past few days. Yun pala may
      nilulutong banat kay Enrile.

    • sapul

       oh please, gov. garcia deserved that

    • Observer_din

      panong naging attack ke Enrile to? di ba si enrile mismo nagsabi hindi ang malacanang?

  • NoWorryBHappy

    P2.2 Million pamasko para sa mga mayayaman at marami nang pera ?
    Talagang mga gahaman !
    Bakit hindi sa mahihirap ibinigay ?

  • walaKA

    It’s more fun in the Philippines (..Senate) !!

  • sakinlang

    How in heaven’s name did we get a senate president like this? This is what we get from voting into power this type of personality. He blames everyone but not himself! Will someone remind him about command responsibility, please!
    Kaya mga talangka yung mga kasama mo senatong Enrile, kasi ikaw yung pinakamalaking talangka diyan sa senado. 22 senators lang yang nasasakupan mo, di mo kayang ayusin at disiplinahin. If you can not put order in your own house, how can we trust you to put order in our country?

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    Ako ay isang guro at nagpapakapuyat ako para makapagturo ng maayos sa mga estudyante sa kolehiyo. Nagtatrabaho ako kahit sabado para naman kahit papano ay madagdagan naman ang aking kinikita. HIndi lang sa pagtatapos ng klase natatapos ang trabaho ko dahil kailangan ko pang mag check ng mga gawa ng mga bata.

    Kumikita ako ng P 11,435 kada buwan at nagbabayad ako ng 25% na buwis.

    At Pútang ina! Puwede palang kamkamin ang perang pinagpútahan ko nang walang tanong tanong.

    Pútang inang bansa na to! Napakakurakot ng mga namumuno.

    I have never been so disgusted in my life than now.

    • Mark

      anong University? UP? University of Put%angina? he he he

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        No, it’s not UP. It’s not University of Pútang Ina.

      • Observer_din

        bagay lang sa iyo suweldo dahil BOBO KA!!!!

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        Kurakot ka! Magnanakaw ka! Putang ina mo ka!

      • Observer_din

        BOBO!!! hanggang jan ka na lang dahil BOBO KA!!! hahahahaha

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        Putang ina mo! Bobo ka! Magnanakaw ka! Kurakot ka! Linta ka ng lipunan hayup ka!

      • Observer_din

        BOBO!!!! pang minimum wage ka lang talaga,magtinda ka na lang ng TOCINO para madagdagan kita mo.. HAHAHAHAHA

    • malek_abdul

      Wag po ang bansa natin ang murahin mo…sa mga P. I. na namumuno ka dapat magmura.

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        The country is what the people make of it. Kapag minura mo yung bansa, hindi talaga yung bansa yung minumura mo kundi yung mga pútang inang namumuno.

      • Observer_din

        PUTANG INA MO!!!! nagmamarunong ka bobo ka naman!!!!

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        Putang ina mo! Kurakot ka na bobo ka pa. Putang ina mo talaga.

      • Observer_din

        BOBO KA!!! di ka na makakaalis sa trabaho dahil walang kukuha sa iyo, swerte mo at kinuha ka pang janitor ng kumpanya ninyo!!!! HAHAAAHAAA

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        Putang ina mong tanga ka! Ambobo mo. Me pa thirty thirty percent ka pang nalalaman. Marunong ka bang mag compute ng percentage? Putang ina niyong mga bobo kayo. Lalung lalo ka na. Wala ka na ngang silbe magnanakaw ka pa. Kurakot ka!

      • Observer_din

        BOBO me -25% ka pang nalalaman eh mukhang janitor ka lang naman,baka nga wala ka na tax kasi pang janitor lang suweldo mo.. ganyan talaga pag BOBO .. HAHAHAAHAH!!!!

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        Galit siya sa mga janitor. Bakit kaya? Kasi janitor siguro yung tatay niya o nanay niya. Meron nga tayong kasabihan: the best way to mask the truth is to hate the truth.

        I have never downplayed any work or any profession because I know that as long as you are honest with what you do, you are worth more than the highest paid but useless people. Certainly, which is what this person shows.

        This country will not prosper as long as there are people who think highly of themselves; telling people that they don’t have the right to complain because they are making less than them.

        He thinks that he owns the world because he believes he has the biggest income. This mentality is not only moronic it is also a stupid make believe. Nobody would believe, based on the Philippine taxation rates, that he is paying 30% of tax, given his very condescending remarks and arrogant disposition towards people of humble positions.

        He can live in the world that he wants to imagine, and he would like us to believe that we are also part of it.

      • Observer_din

        dami mo pa sinabi, ang gusto mo lang naman palabasin nangmamata ako ng janitor,, hingi ka pa ng simpatya sa iba.. magtinda ka na lang ng tocino sa mga estudyante mo para madadagan income.. BOBO!!!!

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        We have a saying in Filipino that is most striking if only expressed in Filipino: ang latang walang laman, maingay (an empty can is noisy)

        So does this adage best exemplifies this person. He is hollow, empty, unlearned, and lacking in necessary wits to survive the real world. What he does is pretend that he is somebody important by inflating details and look down upon humble people to project an image of success.

        But what he does not know is that everything he does or says reflects on who he really is. An underachiever, a laggard, a loser, ugly, malnourished, poor, and perhaps disabled. And what is more surprising is that I could think of all unattractive adjectives to call him and yet he still befits them all.

        But what I really like the most is that how a saying perfectly undoes him, and it is also best expressed in Filipino: ang isda nahuhuli sa bunganga.

        It’s really amusing how stupid people always fall for this age old saying.

      • Observer_din

        ano sabi mo? “The country is what the people make of it” .. BOBO ka talaga wag ka na lang mag-ingles.. trying hard ka eh baroque naman english mo… BOBO!!!! pang minimum wage ka lang talaga!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        Now somebody is telling me to stop talking in english because he could not understand what I’m saying even the simplest form of it.

        But I refuse to relent to the whims of those who think highly of themselves and believe that they are special and better than everyone else.

        Trying hard would be someone who uses the term for the classic european art or architectural style to call a statement that has nothing wrong in it. Baroque or barok, Whatever the case may be, it’s clear he is just pretending that he knows something.

        From the way he says things, albeit trite and scornful, we can describe him as a heterosexual male person, 22-26 years old, small build or short, plays online or LAN games, barely made it through high school, and a rather chaotic and disastrous attempt at college.

        Of course, we cannot really expect anything good or decent from this kind of people.

      • Observer_din

        dami mo sinabi, eh ano kung naglalaro ako ng online games? ikaw decent ba sinasabi mo? mas maganda magtinda ka na lang ng tocino para madagdagan kita mo ng hindi ka na nanghihingi pa sa nanay at tatay mo, matatanda na sila tapos na serbisyo nila sa iyo wag ka na umasa na habangbuhay ka nila palalamunin, mahiya ka.. BOBO!!!!!! hahahahahah

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        This person would have us believe that we have no right to complain about the taxes that we pay because he says he is paying more than what we do.

        He goes on into extremely disturbing rages of humbling lowly janitors as though they were the most insignificant citizens of the Philippines, repeatedly calling them with the most disparaging of connotations. And then he went on to as far as arguing that if all Filipinos thought like janitors, this country would become cheap (no pun intended).

        Clearly, he is unable to argue in an academic level to prove his point. What he does is drench his comments with bobo or magtinda ng tocino or janitor.

        Of course, people who claim they are superior over everyone but choose to hide behind being anonymous are remotely near of being close to what they pretend to be. This person, without having to analyze deeply what he really is, is underachiever, ugly, small, or malnourished. His rhetorics tell us that he steals in order to fuel his vice.

        A person must earn at least P42,000 per month or more of income derived within the Philippines before he may be deducted 32% of tax rate.

        With the way this person depicts his argument, it is highly improbable that any company, even those that are the most decrepit ones, to hire someone who could not even express himself in English and the only words he knows are bobo, tocino, janitor, among others.

        32% tax rate? Oh come on. In your dreams.

      • Observer_din

        kung ikaw ang people sa country talagang magmumra lahat ng tao.. kasi bobo ka!!! hahahaha

    • Observer_din

      suwerte mo pa nga kasi 25% lang ang tax mo, kami 30+%.. bigyan mo naman kami ng tip para maging 25% din tax namin? mas me karapatan yata kami magmura? hehehe

      • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

        You are free to say whatever you want. As long as I pay my tax, even if you pay 100% of your tax, I will never feel that I have less right than you. Ang kapal naman ng karakas mo para sabihin mas may karapatan ka sa akin. Ako 100% sigurado nagtatrabaho ako. Ikaw 30% nga binabayaran mo puro nakatunganga ka naman. Kung tutuusin nga mas malaki pa dapat ang ibayad mo kasi wala kang silbe. Palamunin ka! Pwe!

        Pútang ina mo!

      • Observer_din

        PUT@NG INA MO DIN!! di ko kasalanan kung mas malaki kita ko sa iyo, baka bobo ka lang kaya angbaba ng suweldo, dapat magpasalamat ka pa kasi me kumuha pa sa iyo.. baka ikaw pa ang palamunin ng magulang at asawa mo… BOBO!!!!

  • Guest

    I agree. Matagal ng gustong patalsikin ng LP si Enrile dahil gusto
    nilang kontrolin ang Senado. Yan ang talagang plano nila.

  • jerome

    This is why pork barrel and such other budgets of these people/offices should be smaller than those offices that really have projects for the nation. Imagine these are tax payers money that they are spending..

  • James Canono

    To everyone here badmouthing the good senator, I suggest that you visit the Senate one of these days. And I’m sure you’ll encounter multitudes of people seeking medical/financial aid from our great senator- and I dare say not one of them goes away empty handed. Manong Johnny has been a blessing to the Filipino people, yet in return for his kindness and generosity, they slander him with baseless rumors and accusations Ponder that for a moment.

    Keep in mind that Sen. Enrile is a billionaire (earned fair and square, and of course legally). He isn’t in the Senate for monetary gain. Rather it is because of his passion to serve and be a blessing to his fellow Filipino. He worked hard to become a very wealthy man so that he could serve his country. 

    • Darwin


    • repapips

      wake up. use your common sense. duh?!?

    • malek_abdul

      “Keep in mind that Sen. Enrile is a billionaire (earned fair and square, and of course legally).” – Its hard to believe. Can you prove your statement?

    • Alejandro Canda

      anong blessing to the filipinos? enrile is a curse to the filipinos. he is responsible to the thousands of victims of martial law being the hatchet man of marcos and yet you say he is blessing. f___ck you.

      yes he is a billonaire but i strongly disagree that he earned fair and square and legally. sinong bobolahin mo? ang pagputol ba nga mga kahoy sa atong kagubatan ay fair and square. gumamit sya ng poder at impluwensya para maka acquire ng logging concession at pagkatapus maubos ang mga kahoy  at nagresulta ng katakot tako na baha na puminsala ng libo libong buhay, sasabihin mo pa rin na fair and square? letse ka james canono malilibing ka sanang buhay. pwe.

      • chingnarciso

        Every one has the right of their opinion, like you and me  have the right to express our opinion too. Attack what he said ,but please don’t attack the person, para mas maganda ang mga  usapan..peace be w/ you my friend…

    • KenKhoy

      very funny

    • Observer_din

      ina naman, panong hindi dahil sa monetary gain? bakit di nila mabitiwan yung cagayan port??

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Are you on drugs? Have you found something that is more powerful than Shabu, Cocaine, Heroin and Shabu combined? Enrile gaining his billions fair and square must be the most extreme hallucination and drug tripping one could ever have. Congratulations!!!

  • Komentador

    No wonder dami gustong maging senador at kongresista. OFW ako, but I may consider going home and running for office, Laki pala ng kita eh..tsk tsk tsk, classic milking cow pala ang nangyayari. Nakakalungkot lang na malaman na yung mga teachers sa Manila last year ang Christmas bonus nila ay 5,000, from 10K in 2011. tpos sa senador P250K, galante talaga si Manong. P250K plus iba bang kita through the years, then we have a Senator who copies and pastes speeches, instead of hiring a competent staff..sabagay mas makakamura sa cut and paste, dami pa din kita…hay buhay.masakit na realidad..

  • Guest

    PDI and LP conspired for this proganda against SP Enrile. magkano kaya
    kinita ng PDI kay Mar Roxas.

    • Guest

      Part yan ng mga black propaganda ng LP against UNA. Iniisa isa nila ang
      mga banat sa UNA.

  • rock_steady

    Puro unggoy kasi ang nakaupo sa gobyerno natin. Puro naman talaga ogag ang tumatakbo.nasa kultura kasi natin ang pumili ng ogag basta may appeal sa masa. this coming election sasaywa na naman yang mga unggoy na yan sa entablado, siguro ang mga gungung na botante boboto ulit sa kanila. sadly the incompetents outnumber the intelligent ones kung electorate ang pag-uusapan. wala. talo pa rin ang pilipinas, kasi ang mga mamamayan natin puro teleserye ang gusto. pang enteng-kabisote lang kasi ang utak ng average na pinoy, di maka-appreciate ng thy womb. ang masaklap pa, yung south korea started from scratch like us after WW2, pero tingnan mo naman ang south korea ngayon.

  • Vic Sapio

    We can save this nation by merely abolishing the pork barrels of senators and congressmen !

  • Komentador

    u may be right, enrile may be giving financial aids, pero i am sure di yon lahat galing sa mismong bulsa niya..(kung galing sa kanya lahat yon, di na yan bilyonaryo).most of them are taxpayers money na ibinigay sa mga senators as pork barrel. how ironic na ang mga Pinoy humihingi ng pera/financial aid sa perang mostly ay galing din sa kanila and then our dignified lawmakers will claim all the credits a= sa tulong kuno na ipinamamahagi nila

  • Komentador

    u may be right James, enrile may be giving financial aids, pero i am sure di
    yon lahat galing sa mismong bulsa niya..(kung galing sa kanya lahat yon,
    di na yan bilyonaryo).most of them are taxpayers money na ibinigay sa
    mga senators as pork barrel. how ironic na ang mga Pinoy humihingi ng
    pera/financial aid sa perang mostly ay galing din sa kanila and then our
    dignified lawmakers will claim all the credits a= sa tulong kuno na
    ipinamamahagi nila

  • Darwin

    alam na natin kung san galing pinang-stem cell therapy ni Enrile to the tune of at least a couple of millions in Germany. San pa, e di sa MOOE. Inang yan o. Taxes natin napunta lang sa 10 injections ng stem cells ng tupa.  

  • Bert

    The negative comments here against our politicians, explain why MALACANANG, the Tongressman and the SENATONGS want the CYBERCRIME LAW PASSED ASAP, and put the FOI BILL at the BACK SEAT…ALAM NA.

  • Darwin

    Meanwhile, yung mga “masa” na bumoto sa likes nina Enrile, nasa prusisyon ng itim na nazareno sa Quiapo. Kung sa himala sila umaasa ng kaluwagan sa buhay, wag na silang pagbotohin sa eleksyon kasi parusa naman ang binibigay nila sa atin na umaasa sa sipag at tyaga.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Pano ang mga bumoto sa mga walanghiyang Senador na hindi man lang kumurap sa pagtanngap ng mga regalo ni Enrile?

  • dikoy321

    Enrile MUST lead all Senators, SHOW a good EXAMPLE and RETURN all those funds to the National Treasury !

    Enrile, time to BEHAVE Honestly and time to GIVE BACK to the Country !  Didn’t your logging company even WANTED to cut all trees from an Environmental/Ecology Area in Samar ???

    IBALIK ANG MGA PUNDONG Ipinamimigay na lang, dahil di naman talaga due sa mga Senadores na ito !

    Mga Kababayan, hayan, lumalabas na ang TUNAY na mga Magnanakaw ng Pera ng Bayan !

    Thank you P-Noy for SHOWING the right example by living from your small salary and NOT POCKETING nor DISTRIBUTING stolen funds, a la GMA !

    Your Anti-Corruption Campaign is paying off !  If we had Villar as President, GMA’s illegal Presidency of nine years would have been only a BIG JOKE !

    EXPOSE all the Corrupt and the THIEVES in Gov’t !!!

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • Dutch

    Enrile is growing senile and does not belong in the senate, because lambing is a clear form of bribing, specially when he admitted that less popular senators were only getting a fraction of the others. Please donot vote for any of them ever, as they are only sheep, as lambing is assisting a you sheep at birth.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Those who enable him to stay as Senate President are equally as guilty and do not belong to the Senate. The majority party the LP can easily can easily kick him out pronto, but since they continue to enjoy the illegal perks, they perpetuate his criminal actions.

  • Batz61

    talagang maiinsulto ang buwaya sa ugali ninyo… mas mabait pa ang buwaya kaysa sa mga kasakiman ninyo sa pera.

  • tilamsik

    KUNG WALANG CORRUPT, WALANG MAHIRAP! I did not believe Pnoy on this.  Now I do.

    Imagine gano kalaki ang kinakamkam ng mga buwayang na ito??? This could just be a part of an even larger wastage.   WAKE UP PILIPINOS!!!  Kung may NAMFREL pag elections, dapat meron ding PEOPLE’S FINANCIAL OVERSIGHT BOARD.  We cant rely on COA.  If we will have an independent auditing team, I am sure we will be able to have economic growth in faster pace. 

  • Pulokoy

    Earn millions os tax payers money, go apply for a senator, more fun in the philippines!!!

  • Rosauro

    Hahaha! Kawawang Corona. Wala pa lang kuwenta ang yaman niya. Yong mga humusga sa kanya sila pala ang dapat patalsikin. Mababa nga ang estimate ni Miriam at 10% lang mkickback sa pork barrel nila. Sabi ng dating Congresswoman sa South 15 to 20% na ngayon. If these government officials are into this kind of broad day light robbery of our funds, how many more in government are doing this? Akala ko sa AFP, PNP, DPWH, BoC, etc lang ang mga magnanakaw! Go to he_ _ all of you!

  • EREC

    sI MADAM MERIAM GUSTO NANG PAIMBESTIGAHAN SA COA ANG NANGYAYARI…..ITO ang gusto ko kay Sen. Meriam……walang sini sino. Sa mga pangyayari po kasi parang walang kahiyaan na ang nangyayari, isipin po nating maraming nagugutom, walang bahay na masisilungan, walang katre na mahihigaan yong biktima ng bagyong Pablo, ang ibang agency ng pamahalaan nag sacrificio ng kanilang Xmas party, ibang stasyon ng TV at radio pati na civic organization nakipagtulungan para lang maibsan ang hirap at hinagpis ng mga biktima subalit itong Senators karamihan nagpapasasa sa pera ng taong bayan. Kahit ang Aljazera TV may tao diyan para mag report ng development sa mga biktima para mas makakuha ng atensiyon internationally para may tumulong, sana makita itong millions of  Xmas bunos ng senador para mailagay sa kahihiyan si Senador Enrile sa international media.

  • tilamsik

    Time for us people to unite ourselves again and rid ourselves of corrupt people!!!!  Bat ngayon tahimik ang CBCP?  Meron din ba silang envelope from the senate?

    • Guest

      Ang rumors nga, sa return ng session ng Senado on Jan. 21 gagawin ang coup against Enrile. Malamit na yaan.

    • $38346712


    • Dominic

      relax lang chong..time will come 

  • AlexanderAmproz

    A Gimmick Corrupt Democracy owned by Plutocrat’s. 

    What about the Clergy, they need gas for the Pajero’s and snacks for the passengers

    Business as usual since Magellan…

  • speedstream2

    Can of worms or Pandora’s box? Is it any wonder why the FOI bill continues to languish somewhere in the recesses of the legislature?

  • Guest

    Controlled na ng LP ang Lower House and now they want the Senate. Kung
    makontrol nila both Congress, ayos na buto-buto.

    • yahoo-AMG5EDI2JBQRL4Z5H2L7ED4OQA

       kabayan,cencya na po..di ko makuha…anong kinalaman nito sa pag-waldas ng buwis ng bayan ni enrile..!!

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        Laking bagay pre, kayang kayang ilaglag ng LP si Enrile, kaso enjoy sila sa mga perks na bigay ni Enrile kaya status quo lang. Dapat manguna ang mga LP stalwarts na sina Drillon and Guingona sa pagsauli ng illegal na pondo at pag kundena nito. May narinig ka na ba?

  • dequis

    bat nyo ba kasi gustong alis ni enrile bilang senate president, kaya ayan, 2.2m, ayos na ba iyan, hah mga senador.

  • wishfull thinking

    Grabe talaga sa Pinas! Nakakalimutan na ng mga Senators na maraming nangangailangan ng tulong sa kanilang contituents at pati na ang mga taong walang bahay, walang makain at walang trabaho. Na kawawa ang mga nagta-trabaho dahil sa kanila kinukuha ang mga perang pinamimigay nila sa bawat isa bilang “gift” na dapat ay para sa kapakanan ng mga Pilipino. Ito ba ang gusto natin sa ating mga opisyal? Niluluto lang tayo ng mga ito sa sarili natin mantika! Pwe!

  • sephgabriel

    I am so disappointed with these senators who can pocket peoples money without being audited. as long as it is classified savings, then it is already considered their own. These are the same judges who convicted Corona! Go to hell all of you Senators and congressmen!

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      The Senators-judges and the Congressmen Prosecutors: The Pot calling the Kettle Black.

  • fk

    Filipinos are one of the filthiest, most corrupt, and unprincipled people on this planet, almost everyone can be bought for a price (except for the 10% few)… I just don’t understand why they keep on wearing those t-shirts with their national flag on it and with the print on “Proud to be Pinoy” (By the way, the Philippines archipelago looks like a dog standing on its hind legs, another design on their proud shirt hahaha…) and they keep on assuring everyone that someday their God forsaken country will rise and be a Great Nation once again… Excuse me, but if my memory serves me right, I don’t recall the Philippine ever becoming a great nation all through out history even just for once. Or maybe, I’ve just missed so many of my history classes that I overlooked on this one… But for those 10% exceptionally good few, which is around 10 million Filipinos, We salute you… : )

    • Cano Manuel

      Make that 5%, including may parents who lost more of their wealth providing their constituents, almost to the detriment of their own family’s health. ;-) 

  • fk

    Filipinos are one of the filthiest,
    most corrupt, and unprincipled people on this planet, almost everyone can be
    bought for a price (except for the 10% few)… I just don’t understand why they
    keep on wearing those t-shirts with their national flag on it and with the
    print on “Proud to be Pinoy” (By the way, the Philippines archipelago looks
    like a dog standing on its hind legs, another design on their proud shirt hahaha…)
    and they keep on assuring everyone that someday their God forsaken country will
    rise and be a Great Nation once again…  Excuse
    me, but if my memory serves me right, I don’t recall the Philippine ever
    becoming a great nation all through out history even just for once.  Or maybe, I’ve just missed so many of my
    history classes that I overlooked on this one… But for those 10% exceptionally
    good few, which is around 10 million Filipinos, We salute you…  : )

  • fk

    Filipinos are one of the filthiest,
    most corrupt, and unprincipled people on this planet, almost everyone can be
    bought for a price (except for the 10% few)… I just don’t understand why they
    keep on wearing those t-shirts with their national flag on it and with the
    print on “Proud to be Pinoy” (By the way, the Philippines archipelago looks
    like a dog standing on its hind legs, another design on their proud shirt hahaha…)
    and they keep on assuring everyone that someday their God forsaken country will
    rise and be a Great Nation once again…  Excuse
    me, but if my memory serves me right, I don’t recall the Philippine ever
    becoming a great nation all through out history even just for once.  Or maybe, I’ve just missed so many of my
    history classes that I overlooked on this one… But for those 10% exceptionally
    good few, which is around 10 million Filipinos, We salute you…  : )

    • Observer_din

      so what’s your point? only to prove that you are one of the 90%?

  • fk

    Filipinos are one of the filthiest, most corrupt, and unprincipled
    people on this planet, almost everyone can be bought for a price (except
    for the 10% few)… I just don’t understand why they keep on wearing
    those t-shirts with their national flag on it and with the print on
    “Proud to be Pinoy” (By the way, the Philippines archipelago looks like a
    dog standing on its hind legs, another design on their proud shirt
    hahaha…) and they keep on assuring everyone that someday their God
    forsaken country will rise and be a Great Nation once again… Excuse me,
    but if my memory serves me right, I don’t recall the Philippine ever
    becoming a great nation all through out history even just for once. Or
    maybe, I’ve just missed so many of my history classes that I overlooked
    on this one… But for those 10% exceptionally good few, which is around
    10 million Filipinos, We salute you… : )

  • parefrank

     No wonder the senators followed the order to oust Corona. No one would risk to lose such juicy posts for deciding against the order of Noy.  Consciousness?

  • Jose Rizal

    “Tuwad Na Daan” nga…
    Sabi ko na sa inyo…nagpapaloko kasi sa abnoy ang matatalinong Pinoy…

    • Observer_din

      eh kung ikaw lang naman ang ikukumpara ke PNOY, malayong-malayo ang katalinuhan niya sa iyo.. baka lutang na lutang na mas abnoy ka kesa sa sinasabi mo… hehehehe

    • Luigi

      Nakakahiya ka…ginagamit mo pa pangalan ng pambansang bayani natin tapos naloloko lang ng kampo ng UNA..tsk tsk.

  • Wackz


  • KenKhoy

    nako po mahabaging anghel, dahan dahan lang kayo sa paglunok baka matila-ukan…………. kapal muks talaga

  • mangtom

    This new MOOE really means MORE. I WANT MORE. GIVE ME MORE. FEED ME MORE.
    For tongressman and senatongs, it is DEFINITELY  more fun in the Philippines.

    I guess I am in the wrong racket. I should have tried running for senate or tongress. 

    MOOE power to you, tongressman and senatongs.

    God Save The Philippines.

  • mangtom

    Congress-Lower and Upper Houses-den of thieves.

    • Jose Rizal

      Because Noynoy give sufficient fund to them…to begin with…just to finance his vindictiveness and the passing of RH Bill…

      Hahahahaha!  Sa mga KKK, ba, tiba-tiba din…

      • Observer_din

        ayus lang yun, ganun talaga laro, effective naman pumasa RH BILL, at si Gloria nakakulong, mukhang malapit na rin yung mayabang na baboy na asawa niya.. para sa taong bayan ang ginawa niya.. panalo nakararami dito..

      • Crysis_III

        Ok lang basta mapasok si CROC FG at si Pandak sa bartolina… Let us rejoice…

  • Jose Rizal

    Si Noynoy ang nagpamudmod ng PORK at other Fund para lang maipasa ang RH Bills, mapataob si Corona mapaupo si Sereno, etc., etc.  Si Miriam gusto na namang magmalinis…
    Anong bago?  Sinong malinis?

    • Marshall

      kinantot ng lolo mo ang nanay mo ikaw ang lumabas kaya ganyan ang ugali mo..isang  DIMONYO !!!!!

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        It hurts you know!

      • Marshall

        YAN LANG NARARAPAT SA KANYA..MAGHAPON  SYANG NAG-REACT SA MGA COMMENTS HALATANG SWELDOHAN LANG SYA..baka ngayon tumomoma na yan at pinagtatawanan ang pinagkakitahan nya….

      • Marshall

        Jose Rizal is just a paid hack….a very rotten and stinky animal garbage…

      • Crysis_III


    • mave

      Jose Rizal naligaw ikaw nasa ibang planeta ka…

    • Marshall

      Tangna mu pagkatapos mong banatan ang nanay mu kinantut mu naman ang LOLO mu kahit nagmamakaawa na tinira mo pa rin ..pamilya kayo ng DIMONYO !!!!!!!!

    • Conrado de QUIYOT


  • ed0408

    This is ridiculous. While we are wallowing in debt and being squeezed dry by the BIR here we have Senators sucking our blood. What the hell is this? These senators even treat us as slaves. All of them should be hanged or chopped into ground meat and feed to worms.  

  • mangtom

    All of a sudden, the cone heads are mum. Are you all busy counting your loot? I dare you make a comment, positive or negative about the MOOE.

    Your silence is DEAFENING. 

  • Klepto

    Dito yumayaman ang mga magnanakaw na pulitiko sa atin.

  • blainz

    The committee budgets are excessive and some of them aren’t even necessary. For example, the committee on constitutional amendments should be defunded if there is no scheduled session on constitutional amendments.

    And why should an e-commerce committee even exist? The Senate can’t even get the “e” part right with the cyberlibel law, now they dip their fingers on e-commerce?

    The CoA ought to look at all this waste, yes, but the existence for all these committees should also be put to question. Their performance hardly warrants their funding. Given the senators’ pork barrel, placing all these more monies upon their discretion is highly insulting.

    Lest I forget, now is a good time for the CBCP to withdraw their solicitations for public prayers to retain Enrile as Senate President. Another instance where the Church finds itself on the wrong side of the moral divide.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      The legislative is the keeper of the purse. Dali nilang duruin ang COA, no confirmation and reduction of budget, titiklop na ang COA. hopelesss…

  • mangtom

    Hail (he!!) to the CBCP:

    The guardian of MOOErality!!!


     “I was elected as Senate President twice and I can look at anyone
    straight in the eye in saying that I did not buy this position. Not one
    single centavo of the people’s money is spent just to enable me to cling
    to this office,” ENRILE SAID…hahaha..grabe talaga..he could really lie straight..just like his book..all lies..PLEASE MGA KABABAYAN KO…NO MORE BINAY,NO MORE ENRILE AND NO MORE ERAP IN THE NEXT ELECTION..PLEASE PO!!

    • Pert Cabatana


    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Not only UNA,  no more Congressmen and Senators who wilfully receive and even make “lambing” to illegaly  get more money and bonuses disguised as MOOE! Mahiya naman kayo! LP Senators and Congressmen, toe the line and walk the talk…An ong silbi ng Tuwid na  Daan?

  • Chris P Pnono

    kong ganyan mga madurugas ang mga pinuno.mga mambabatas ng pinas..paano natin..proud  being pinoy-pwe.busit kayong mga walang hiyang mga senatong….

  • Addictus Benedictus

    Maghiya naman kayo! Mga ordinaryong empleyado ng gobyerno, pahirapan pang makuha yong limit na 25T CNA nila.. Even the Productivity Based Bonus ranging from 5T-35T, which, whether we admit it or not, will breed favoritism in getting a good rating for one’s agency.. Samantalang mga taga Senado, milyones ang usapan.. Sige, wash your dirty linens in public! Kaya yong mga taga LP at UNA, they’re same banana.. Nothing else!

  • mangtom

    It’s MOOE fun in the Philippines (este-congress and senate) he-he-he!!!

  • Dominic

    grabe parang umuulan ng pera sa senado as if sa kanila.

  • Taiko_Kauna

    wow, help yourself senators with the people’s money, KAPAL, NAPAKAKAPAL!

  • Dominic

    2013  election guys don’t forget

    • speaksoftlylove

       Anong election? Akala ko ba iabolish na ang Congress? Sabi nga ng lolo ko may nakakita daw siyang matandang nakahandusay sa daan na pinuputakte ng lamok pero pinapabayaan lang ng matanda yong mga lamok na sipsipin yong dugo niya. Nang tanungin ng lolo ko yong matanda kung bakit ayaw niya bugawin yong mga lamok ang sagot ay, “Kung hampasin ko ang mga yan ay papalit yong mga lamok na gutom at lalo akong mapadaling mamatay.” Moral of the story is “No Choice.” Only the passage of the FOI bill will solve the problem. Pero ayaw ni PNoy dahil pati siya malilintikan ng mga tao at mabibisto rin ang kanyang sariling “Kickback” correct ba Sen. Santiago? Kaya doon sa umaasa ng FOI bill, I posted before that the administration already change its meaning to Foolish Obsession of the Imbeciles.

  • Leond Yobar

    Sen Enrille is now hunted by his past, the credit he got from the Corona’s impeachment will double the negative publicity he got now, he is really in trouble that will jeopartize the candidacy of his son… You bet Jack Enrille will loss this coming election. Itaya ko ang bayag ni Sotto dito!

    • johnmiel1319

      baka “haunted” p’re.

      • Leond Yobar

        Thanks pre

      • johnmiel1319

        No problem pre.

    • yahoo-AMG5EDI2JBQRL4Z5H2L7ED4OQA


  • barada69

    ..and we look up to them as our national leaders, this is the reason why the country will never move in all fronts of development. our system itself is corrupt, perpetuated by corrupt politicians, corrupt law enforcement and judicial system. 

  • pepito gwaps

    Sino kaya magreresign sa mga yan dahil sa totoo lang malaking kahihiyan yan.

  • joerizal

    Wala na ngang silbi ang Senado, hinihigop pa nila ang kaban ng bayan. I-abolish na ang senadong inutil, ipa-execute na yang mga senador na walang alam at nagpapa-init lang ng upuan sa senado. Puro korap ang mga lider ng Pinas kaya walang mangyari. Imbes na kapakanan ng bansa ang inaasikaso, puro intriga at nakawan ng pera ang nire-report sa news. PNoy, kaya maraming mahirap kasi wala kang ginagawa sa mga korap.

  • Marshall


  • Fayha

    “Enrile clarified that the additional  fund and  Christmas  gift that he gave to his colleagues was   not a bribe  just to keep his post”.Guys, naniniwala ba kayo sa sinabi ni Enrile?mga kababayan maawa kayo sa bansa natin. wag nyong iboto ang isa pang Enrile sa senado.

    • johnmiel1319

      i-abolish na lang ang senado! biru mo pwedeng ipamudmud ang pera na akala mo kanila! pwe!

  • Luigi

    ENRILE!! Alisin na yan sa pwesto! Ang UNA talaga ang isa sa pinakamalaking corrupt na partido sa pinas!! Nakakahiyang binoto p yan ng ating mga kabababayan…

  • Miko Suria

    …and so it begins.

  • George Bull

    After all, this is where our taxes go. Our hard earned money is being given away.

  • Marshall

    Si Jose Rizal maghapon walang ginawa kundi mag-post at comment dito..overtime doble sweldo..hahahahahahahaha…gunggong !!!

    • speaksoftlylove

       Hindi kaya si Trilla yan na hanggang ngayon humihirit pa? Paano namang di magagalit yan kung noong bilanggo pa siya ay nangunguna sa travel expenses tapos ngayong laya na (thanks to Enrile) kakaltasan yong kickback niya? Trilla ok ka… ibigti.

  • George Bull

    si Enrile, he will never change. Kung kaya niyang taksilan si Marcos, ordinaryong tao pa kaya?

    • Faisal salman

      NO way you can teach an old dog a new trick..And JPE is a very clever and nasty stinking OLD DOG…..


    can of worms better still pandoras box

  • basilionisisa

    O-M-G! kaya pala lahat gustong maging senador! but WHERE are the PROOFS or evidences or RESULTS of these BIG Budgets? isn’t there any accounting or auditing of these?

    P2.2M every month???!!! aside from the Senator’s salary? Wow!


  • Phenoy

    What is happening here has been SOP for the last how many years? 50 years? Nobody has questioned it before. What they need to change is how they run this budget thing. If a committee has, say, a 5 million peso limit per year, it doesn’t mean that they just give the 5 million. At the end of the year, that committee has to submit documentation that they have used the amount, otherwise they have to return the remaining amount. Or they could submit requests for funds every time they have a need on a monthly basis, capped at their maximum of course.

  • mahuli

    Not one single centavo of the people’s money is spent????? bwaka#()*&@#$ na bit#%@ talaga o!!!  Get rid of the pork barrel! Sign in to Law the FOI Bill!!!

  • Crysis_III

    Ano ba ang ginawa ni SOTTO at LAPID??? tanggap nalang ba ng regalo?????

    • Melissa de quintot

      nag-69 si Kupyador Sotto at si Pitsa pie  Lapid…ah..ahh.ahhh.aaaahhhhh…

  • agustin

    JPE : ito ang regalo ko sa inyo mga senador 1.6 million pesos, basta wag kayong mag coup.
    SONNY : sir bakit halos wala akong regalo ?
    JPE : wala kang utang na loob,pinakawalan kita sa rehas, pero ano ang ginawa mo ?… hindi ako happy sa iyo.

  • superpilipinas

    Huwag na ninyon intindihin yang milyon-milyon. Pera natin yan pero wala na yan.

    Inuna kasi ni PNoy yang katarantaduhang RH law at Sin Tax law kaysa sa FOI.

    Syempre gustong unahin ang Sin Tax law para makakubra ng malaking pera.

    Tapos sunod ang RH law para may magastusan na hindi mababantayan.

    Corrupt. Di ba?
    Walang makakaalam kung saan gagamitin o kaninong bulsa ang mapupuno niyan.

    Nauto naman ang mga bobo na yang Sin Tax at RH ang una nating kailangan. 

    Yan ang paulit-ulit na istorya ng Pilipinas.

  • Crysis_III

    Mabuti pa walang senado para mabawasan ang corrupt dito. Yung UNA ni BINAY abangan nalang ninyo maghasik ng lagim…

    • Marshall

      kaya nga ganito na ang nangyayari…naghahasik na ng lagim ang MAITIM..MALIIT MAEPAL AT NAGLALAWAY NA MALIGNO..SUGO NI SATANAS SA LUPA  …

    • fielosofo

      pag maraming nanalo na UNA ni Binay sa senatorial election, tepok na tayong lahat. And God forbid manalong Presidente si Binay……………. Hesus ko patawarin!

  • Edsel Agcaoili

    Tangnang yan!’matic na kinakaltas tax sa sweldo ko.bawat kilos ko meron ding tax.tapos pinamimigay lang pala ng mga opisyales!habang ang lahat ng tao nagtitipid sila naman “lambingan” lang P250k agad?anong masasabi ng cbcp dito?

    • Benjamin

      cbcp ? ang sasabihin magparami kayooooooo….

  • Daang_tuwid3

    gunawin ang senado

  • basilionisisa

    bakit ganito KALALAKI ang budget sa Congress? no wonder wala ng natitira para sa mga government departments, especially the Dept of Education, DPWH, and also vital the Law Enforcement agencies (PNP, Military, AirForce, Navy).

    Why do they have to have PORK BARRELS? Isn’t ‘Pork Barrel’ given only after JUSTICATION of its use? and then RETURN it or part of it if UNUSED?

    I don’t wonder now why Commission on Audit is a busy agency, in fact overworked.

    Can the Chief Executive fix this? or ANYONE (even a Senator), jump in and look into this?

  • superpilipinas

    Kung may FOI sana, kahit na ano pang gawin ni Enrile, walang problema dahil mababantayan ng taumbayan yang mga milyon-nilyon. Kahit na kanino mapunta, lahat tayo pa rin ang makikinabang.

    Kung ibalita ng NGO o media yang mga opsiyal na nagwawaldas ng pera at kaunit lang ang nagawa, eh hindi sila mananalo sa eleksyon.

    Eh ngayon ang problema walang FOI.

    Kung hindi sana corrupt si PNoy, FOI ang inuna niya. Alam naman ng lahat na mananakaw lang ang mga pera kung wala yan.

    Pinarami nila collection ng BIR. Tapos pinasa ang Sin Tax Bill muna. Bakit? Para masmaraming mananakaw?

    Ngayon ang iniisip nila gawin ay yung mga batas na may gastos tulad ng RH dahil walang FOI na magbabantay niyan.

    FOI lang sana ang kailangan dahil taumbayan ang makakapagbantay. Ang CoA at BIR ay punong-puno sa utos na tirahin ang mga nakinabang sa corrupt na administrasyon ni Arroyo kaya walang panahon para sa mga bagong kaso.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Kaya nabwusit ako kahapon when a blogger who use the username EOJ pestered me. I was raising a fact that all of them are equally corrupt, no exemptions. Now, it comes straight from the horse’s mouth none other than Sen. Santiago. She revealed facts which of course do not exclude her. In fact, this is her basis when she opposed the removal of CJ Corona because all of them are more corrupt than the person whom they sought to impeach.

    • Ilihanboy

      Marami kang sinasabi na puro kasinungalingan. Sabi mo corrupt si Pinoy…sgi nga magsabi ka nang bagay o anoman na kinurakot ni Pinoy ? Puro ka dada’ ikaw pala ay sira’.

      • superpilipinas

        He-he-he. Alam mo ba ibig sabihin ng corruption?

    • Crysis_III

      Puro ka dakdak kay PNoy, eh hindi mo dinakdakan yung pinaka corrupt na PANDAC at ang asawa niyang FG CROC the LACOSTE…

      • superpilipinas

        he-he-he. matangkad kang corrupt or pandak kang corrupt, he-he-he “walang same difference”

        die hard idol mo si PNoy hanggang ngayon?

        naka-uto nung una…ngayon lumalabas na pareho din pala! may kaunting kaibahan…

        hindi crocodile…..anaconda!

      • Crysis_III

        Gustohin ko man si PANDAC.. Pero hindi ko masikmura si FG CROC the LACOSTE..LOL…

  • Conrado de QUIYOT

    Daming pang-gimik ni Chiz at ni Heart ..HAPI TALA GA…..

  • Daang_tuwid3

    mga UNA corrupt!!

  • wawa2172

    I just do not know if the senate made the Filipino people happy with the hefty bonuses they got from the senate president office.Its government funds, though it the money was from savings, the question is, may legal basis ang pamimigay nito. The 2.2M Php additional funding for the senators is worst because Miriam mentioned that its a discretionary na pweding ibulsa nang mga senador kung di magagastos. Wow sarap talagang mgaing senador at congressman. Enrile is more open in his dealing but Belmonte is keeping it quiet at the lower house. So we know how this government run the floor show of power in the country, the congress allocate so much funds for the senator and congressman then declare the unspent budget during the year end and give the the big bucks to the lawmakers. Well di ba parang may graft and corruption na nangyayari sa kongresso lalo na kaya sa excutive. Mag kano kaya ang bonuses ng mga nasa palasyo at di pa ito na declare ni Abad.

  • Crysis_III

    Ang dali lang gastohin yung binayad natin na tax sa gobyerno. Grabe tong mga taong ito… puro naman pahirap ginawa sa bayan, gagastohin lang ng madali. 1.6M pa.. shiiitttsssss… Tayo naghihirap para makatipid. Sana pinatayo nalang ng school yang pera na yan or binigay sa Pablo victim sa Mindanao… Bakit ganun si ENRILE?? Kung manalo yang tropa ni ENRILE tiyak balik tayo sa panahon ni PANDAK at FG CROC the LACOSTE…

  • Marshall

    Hello..Jose Rizal wer r u malamang nag-tithreesome kayo ng Lolo mo at Nanay mo…Gusto ko Happy  Kayo…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!

    • Crysis_III


    • Faisal salman

      malamang si Jose Rizal boundary na……he he he he he

  • Handiong

    The money came from “savings”? Ah, the time-tested scam:

    1.  A government agency budgets for items it doesn’t really need.
    2.  The money for those items is not spent because there is no need for them.
    3.  At the end of the year, the money is declared as “savings” and goes into the pockets of the agency officials as “bonuses”.

    Solution:  Sequester all “savings”and return them to the national treasury. Budgets must be spent for their specific purposes I don’t care if the government ends up with no savings. Government spending is good for the economy. Any unspent money must revert to the general fund.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Bakit selective ang pagbubulgar ni enrile at hindi sinama ang mga kaalyado niya? Commission on Audit Heidi Mendoza eto na ang pagkakataon mo gumanti sa mga miyembro ng commission on appointments. I-audit mo na ang mga ito at baka matulin pa sa alas kuwatro ang pag-confirm sayo!

  • Handiong

    What Enrile did is a preview to what will happen if, God forbid, Binay and UNA would win the 2016 elections. Nobody should say he was not forewarned!

  • speaksoftlylove

    This is why we should all welcome the arrival of those two asteroids namely Apophis and D14 as a Godsend and blessing in disguise. It’s the only hope to end this madness once and for all.

  • esther


  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Iyan ang tunay na impeachment. Impeached lahat lahat ng mga pulitiko!

    • agustin

       Vote for the independent candidates. Isuka ang UNA at LP.


    ”KAYONG mga puna-ng-puna at maraming reklamo, hindi ninyo alam at nararamdaman ang HIRAP at PASAKIT ng pagkain ng CAKE at CAVIAR araw-araw, taon-taon. Wala kayong puso’t pakikisama sa mga kabayan ninyong yon-na-lang-ng-yon ang nadi-dildil sa tuwina…..kahit na sang-katutak na salapi, pera’t kwarta pa ang aming binabalasa! Maawa naman kayo sa amin.” :-)

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    you guys at the senate are so disgusting….while people in the typhoon-stricken areas go without food for days, you give each other fat bonuses….you Senators should rot in hell….

  • mangTASYO


  • speaksoftlylove

    Now it’s clear beyond reasonable doubt that it is only Sen. Joker Arroyo who can be considered as an exemption. Yet, those yellowmongrels ridiculed and maligned him to the max.

    • Ilihanboy

      Joker Arroyo – the exception ? He and Lacson refused their pork barrel allocation. In short, they are the least greedy among the honorables in the senate. However, please note that Joker is also the most stingy among them all. He has no staff to speak of and doesnt spend the money budgetted for his office as a senator,like, legal research, office and equipment supplies, entertainment, local and foreign travel, meetings and conferences, security, office personnel salaries and wages,etc. As Mirriam says what a senator saves goes to his pocket personally. Thats a lot of millions, sir. And sir, that would also explain a lot why he has not achieved anything of significance as a senator of the republic. Ask Enrile, he loves him very much – walang problema eh !

  • Danilo Mariano

    Matagal na palang nangyayari ito, ngayon lang nagkabistuhan?!!!

  • Recon SGT

    The Phillipines government will always be corrupt especilly to mention the Sinators or Tongressman taken 10% of Pork and Barrel Money….All this corruptions are from 1987 Constitution which was made by Cory Aquino cronies which are enjoying themselves at the helm of this government…As slong as this people are there holding the positions in government the corruptions are there….even Filipino generations to come it will always be thesame  corrupt government…. The only way to do this change is a Military take over and dissolve the senate, congress and the aquino government and change the aquino constitution to the real constitution…otherwise Philippines will always be sick and corrupt…in Asia

    • bongarroyo

      nasanay kasi si manong johnny noong kapanahunan ni marcos na siyang nagpauso ng dayaan at suhulan sa gobyerno ng pinas…

      kaya walang ibang dapat sisihin sa mga katiwaliang nangyayari ngayon kundi si makoy…LOL

  • Marshall

    Tahimik si Jose Rizal malamang nagdododo sa Nanay niya na kapatid din nya…pamilya talaga ng DIMONYO….

  • Heartrob ng Pugad Baboy

    And that ladies and gentlemen, why they will do whatever it takes to stay in power.  

  • $37644997

    Our philippine constitution are based solely from the US constitution.Why is it that we have such a thing as Senate President?Is it necessary?

  • EdsonArantesDoNascimiento

    Pareparehong mga magnanakaw silang lahat,no exception.We are an undone nation,for having so many corrupt SOB politicians and gov’t. people!!!!!I hope and pray that they all just die a despicable death they all desrve!!!!Mga PI kayong lahat,mga magnanakaw,parepareho lang!!!!

  • Benjamin


  • Crysis_III

    MR PRESIDENT.. Please PRIORITIZE the FOI… before election sans maipasa na yan para maiwasan natin ang paging CROC ng mga politico..Kagaya ni ENRILE, ERAP, BINAY, ABALOS, PANDAK at si FG CROC the LACOSTE…

    • superpilipinas

      Sorry to say that your Mr. President intentionally delayed FOI. He prioritized money generating (Sin Tax Law) and money spending (RH) laws which cause this transparency (FOI) law to be delayed and not passed. He even invited congressmen to his palace for RH but not for FOI.

      More generating and spending without transparency = more stealing!

      Corruption. Plain and Simple.

      He-he-he. Sorry na lang sa mga hinuli ng BIR at nakulong . Eh yung ibinabayad sa tax eh ninananakaw o winawaldas rin lang naman.

      • Crysis_III

        Ok lang yun, I can sleep well with RH bill being passed and the SIN TAX law para matigilan na yung kapatid ko na smoker… Pero susunod niyan FOI na, yung divorce debatehan pa yan. Sana si PANDAC at FG CROC the LACOSTE ikulong na yan kasama yung mga MALIGNO nila…

  • Rio Legaspi

    Napanood ko ang pelikula na ang pamagat ay “The Debt” na pnagbibidahan ni Helen MIrren. Ang eksena ay ito. Mga miyembro ng Mossad isang secret intelligence ng Israel ay nagplano na kidnapin ang isang duktor na sanhi ng pagpatay, pagpapahirap sa mga Jews during WWII. At habang nasa kostodiya nila ay panay ang salita ng aleman na duktor. ” Alam mo ba kung bakit sila pinatay, dahil sa dami nila wala man lang ni isa sa kanila ang nangahas na lumaban. Apat na tao ang nagdesisyon sa pagpatay laban sa milyong Jews! Samakatuwid wala kayo karapatang mabuhay dahil naduwag kayo, ganong alam ninyo na papatayin din kayo, pero wala naglakas loob na umalma!

    Ganon din dito sa Pinas, itong PORK Barrel na ito ang nagdudulot ng problema sa issue ng kurapsyon, subalit walang matapang at malakas ang loob sa mga pulitiko at sa mamamayan na kalabanin ito. At habang hinahayaan natin ito ay patuloy sila sa paglimas sa kaban ng bayan. Wala tayong aasahan na manggagaling sa pulitiko ang rekomendasyon dahil halos lahat sila ay nakikinabang. Angproblema sa mamamayan, ay bingi sa katotohanan, naduduwag, at hinahayaan lang sila, so magtiis kayo sa kakapanood, kakabasa ng mga balitang nakawan,patayan,droga at iba pa. kailan kayo magigising sa matinding pagkakatulog, pero hindi naman talaga tulog-bagkus ay nagtutulog-tulugan at mahirap gisingin ang nagtutulog-tulugan!

    Kung sabagay, bago kayo umalma eh talagang sagad na sa pahirap. In short, we tolerate the wrong moves so what do we expect in return? Nothing but bad service are FILIPINOS liking the word CORRUPTION? I think so…

    • Marshall

      tagay pa…hik…tangna nahihilo na talaga ako…ano ba to … by gulay…tao ba ito o bagay ..hayup ba ito o pangkain.o tao…o  lugar…o  panglakas ng tama kagaya ng tinitira ng Tito, Vic, and Joey na TRICODINE..favorite din ni Ate Vi…..SA UNA KUNG HINDE KA CORAP ..OUT KA !!!

  • wvillaro822

    Pinoy just keep on paying your taxes, you know now where it goes, and what sh… your govt. do.

  • JK1000

    Enrile is so mad at Santiago,Cayetano siblings,Trillanes because they can’t be bribe or easily be part of his puppet circus show. NO SHAME AT ALL ! The way they spend people’s money. It’s easier for them to steal and waste taxpayers money because it’s not their money after all.

    • superpilipinas

      They can’t be bribed?! He-he-he. Who told you? How could you even know without any transparency law (FOI)?

  • superpilipinas

    Diyan pumupunta ang binabayad ninyong taxes.
    Iboboto ninyo yang mga yan?

    Mga corrupt.

  • JEO

    These incompetent leaders of ours keep on sucking our money but don’t have a dream to bring our country to the elite level where other nations will respect us. Now these corrupt senators, politicians are the true disease on our country.

  • superpilipinas

    This is why we need FOI. To know how our taxpayer money are spent and prevent stealing, misuse, and overspending.

    But government leaders are blocking FOI by distracting stupid pinoys and diverting their attention with controversial and intriguing bills. First RH, now Divorce. I’m sure next will either be Abortion or Same Sex marriage. 

    Many stupid bills will be passed into law before FOI will be introduced. He-he-he. That evidently proves there really are plenty of stupid corrupted pinoys believing their corrupt leaders.

  • Nerraw

    That’s why this pork barrel should stop now!!! I would say Lacson is less evil among them who’s not accepting any pork barrel, less evil than the hypocrite sibling Cayetano’s (now we see what color they have). I just can’t imagine how many millions Pia Cayetano got when she push hard that RH bill.

  • Sumintao

    remind me of thieves dividing loots among themselves…

  • Ratzkey

    Napakaraming taong nasalanta ng Pablo makakatulong na lang sana yung pera sa mga naapektuhan langya binulsa pa!! Nakakahiya talaga tong senate pres na to pati pera ng taong bayan hindi pinalampas!! Bilib pa naman ako nun sa impeachment trial laking pagkakamali ko. Yes to FOI Bill ngayun na!!

    Wala talagang choice ang mga Pinoy pag di nagbayad ng tax kinakasuhan at ikinukulong. Sa totoo lang hindi sa ayaw magbayad kundi takot sa mga pulitikong gumagastos ng mga ito. Di ba kaawa awa. FOI na talaga this time ang dapat unahin para mahinto na ang lahat ng kurapsyon.

  • Abaddon

    FOI BILL AT BIG BROTHER, Politikos edition ;-)~

    ETO NA, nag-kakagulo na ang mga daga sa lungga. MEDIA, eto po pag-usapan natin, ang pwedeng MAKAPAG-PABAGO SA BUHAY NG MGA MAHIHIRAP NA TAO. I-angat nyo po kamalayan namin nang hindi kami NALOLOKO AT PINAGLALARUAN ng mga pulitiko kada eleksyon.

    NEXT PICTURE dapat: 
    FOI BILL LABAN SA CORRUPTION. Showing on January 21, 2013. 

    Dapat may magarbong press release ito sa lahat ng malalaking estasyon ng TV at radyo. Mag-ingay naman po kayo MEDIA hindi puro showbiz, kahalayan, kabaklaan na lang ang pinag-uusapan. Gumawa kayo ng malalalim na “documentaries” tungkol dito tulad ng dati. Nabo-bobo na po kasi kami.

    Nakita nyo ba yung kalendaryo ng sesyon ng kongreso? Meron silang 4 NA BUWAN NA ADJOURNMENT pagkatapos ng February 8, 2013 !!! Para saan ito? Hindi para pagsilbihan ang taumbayan, kundi para na naman sa PANSARILI NILANG KAPAKANAN. 

    Paano na yung FOI BILL. Talagang iniipit nyo para sa walang kwentang 3 buwang pangangampanya na puro pangako na naman. Tapos nanakawin na naman pera ng taumbayan.

    Eleksyon na naman kasi para mabalik sa pwesto tapos tuloy na naman sa malaking business nila na WALANG KAHIRAP-HIRAP… 4 NA BUWANG BAKASYON tapos milyun-milyon ang suweldo?! Tapos ok lang mag-absent kapag may kelangan pirmahan na mahahalagang mga batas tulad ng FOI BILL; walang totoong evaluation sa performance at “audit” sa ginagastos na PORK BARREL.

    Ang ginhawa naman ng buhay nyo dyan ah samantalang karamihan sa Pilipino naghihikahos. Kahit bilyones pa kitain ng Pilipinas dahil sa paglago ng ekonomiya, marami pa rin ang maghihikahos dahil nasa mga bulsa at bank accounts ninyo. Ergo, hindi umiikot sa mamamayan. Hostage ng bank accounts nyo dito. At yung mas malala pa ay kung nasa ibang bansa. Kung magkaroon man ng proyekto puro kickback at KAMAG-ANAK, INCORPORATED. Hndi talaga mararamdaman ng ordinaryong Pilipino ang pag-unlad. MGA TUSO TALAGA. Tsk tsk.

    PARA SA MAHAL NATING MEDIA, isang magandang suggestion lang po para naman may kabuluhan ang mga palabas sa TV. Makakatulong pa po kayo sa taumbayan.

    GAWA PO KAYO NG BIG BROTHER, Politikos edition. ;-)~

    Bantayan at panuorin po natin LAHAT NG PULITIKONG TATAKBO SA SUSUNOD NA ELEKSYON. Dapat naka-CCTV silang lahat at iligay natin sa isang hawla. Tapos ANG TAUMBAYAN po ang magiging Big Brother na magbabantay sa bawat kilos nilang lahat. Naka-televise at available yun feed sa internet 24/7. 

    May mga test po tayong ipapagawa sa kanila para masubok natin kung karapat-dapat po ba silang maglingkod sa taumbayan. Magte-text voting at twitter po tayong mga manunood kung sino ang dapat matira sa bahay ni kuya at magiging mga tunay na public servant natin pagkatapos ng eleksyon. 

    Araw-araw dapat may LIVE UPDATE po tayo sa nangyayari sa loob ng Big Brother house kung saan naka-monitor ang mga pulitiko. 

    Tapos may “sequel” pa po yan. Para sa lahat ng sangay ng gobyerno kapag naka-upo na po sila, Tuloy ang CCTV natin sa lahat ng galaw at sinasabi nila sa pamamagitan ng internet feed available araw-araw maski sa bahay nila. Nang sagayon lahat po ng mamamayang Pilipino alam ang pinag-gagagawa at pinag-sasasabi ng ating mga mahal at iginagalang na mga pulitiko sa bawat rehiyon ng Pilipinas. 

    Tapos i-post nyo po sa social media.

    Ewan ko lang po kung marami pa ang maglalakas-loob na pumasok sa pulitika kung BANTAY-SARADO LAHAT NG PILIPINO SA TRANSAKSYON NILA. Ang pag-tsismisan nyo po yung buhay ng mga pulitiko natin para naman magdalawang-isip sila sa pagiging kawatan. Wag gawing palabigasan ang posisyon sa gobyerno.

    Tapos ang corruption. ;-)~

  • WAJ

    Yan na ang sinasabi ko noon pa, may mga vacation resorts sa Batangas naglalakihan bahay sa tabing dagat. Pera ng mamamayan ang ginagamit ng mga ito. Mga Senador, Congressman, corrupt kaya pati na mga pulis at sundalo ultimong clerks ng mga departamento. Kaya huwag na idamay ang mamamayan, gumagaya lang sila sa inyo. Bakit pa, kong ang mga leader ng bansa ay magnanakaw e magnanakaw na rin sila. 

    Ulyanin na si Senador Enrile, magsasalita na yan. Ibubunyag na niya ang lahat. Wala kayong magagawa  matanda na kasi…Go ahead Philippines vote for corrupt politicians. Corrupt ang lahat “Gobyerno, Relihiyon, Pulis, Sundalo, at lahat lahat na…Wala ng pagbabago. Umagang-umaga kumokulo ang dugo sa katawan ko.    

  • David Suarez


    The 1 to 2.2 million given to the senators for the last 5 years as MOOE funds is defensible if the recipients can convince COA that all those funds were indeed spent for office maintenance & operation.
    But Enrile says he gifted each senator P250,000 (for the recipients’ personal use, not his office) from his office’s savings.
    Any savings from Mr Enrile’s office is gov’t money and should be returned to the people, not given to anyone who makes lambing to him.

    But the real scandal here are Ms. Santiago’s accusations, even if only parts of it are proven true.

    PDI investigative journalists, please get to the bottom of this and explain details to us in plain English. Can COA audit the senators?

    By the way, I can also look anyone in the eye and tell him the biggest lie there is if I’m a good enough liar

  • FernandoBusi

    Tanong lang if this has been going on for so long … 

    Magkano ang nakubra ni ‘Daang Matuwid’ Pnoy from this during his stay in congress and the senate?

    Yun lang po show me the moral suasion of the president in this issue. Kaya ayaw ng FOI bill eh makikita ang katotohanan.

  • FernandoBusi

    Cojuangcos are still a significant block of San Miguel they just opted to let Ramon Ang’s group to become bigger and manage the company. 

  • disqusted0fu

    The contents of this news article are just a few of the many reasons why the FOI bill should immediately be passed into a law! What the PH needs is true transparency, not the one that is just self proclaimed. But instead, Pnoy and his administration prioritized bills that will create more opportunities for corruption!

    • zom

      ano pa ba mapapala mo sa isang taong naging presidente dahil namatay lang ang nanay niya? :))

      • disqusted0fu

        From the looks of it, there are none! Even tracing back to Pnoy’s days as a congressman and a senator, I still can not cite any significant accomplishment he has done

  • Your_King

    Philippine poverty has not improved or more specifically has not been lowered, plus there are still so much problems in the Philippines with not much improvement and still the Senators get that much money? Really? When the Administration came out with the slogan ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’ i guess that especially goes for Senators.

    • herminegildo

       yeah… fund fund in the d phils.

  • loocahswit


  • Haruno Sakura

    no wonder, ang lakas ng loob ang asawa ng isang senator na gobernadora din ng Batangas na gumawa ng Indie film dahil sigurado na ang pang-shopping ng awards….

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