Quezon police chief, 15 cops relieved over shootout


Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines–The Quezon Provincial director and 15 of his men were relieved from their posts for violating police operational procedures at the shootout in Atimonan, Quezon that killed 13 people  including 3 policemen and 3 soldiers last Sunday.

Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas and Philippine National Police Chief Director General Alan Purisima made the announcement at a press conference where they also disclosed the result of the fact finding investigation of the PNP.

Relieved were Senior Superintendent Valeriano de Leon and 15 of his men who wore civilian clothes at a checkpoint during the incident.

“We are still gathering information about the others,” Purisima said when asked how many others were involved.

Purisima added that there were lapses on the operational procedures committed by the police.

Some of the violations pointed by Purisima include:

* On the checkpoint proper, there was no marked vehicle;
* At the main checkpoint, there was no signage to indicate that it was a PNP that set up the checkpoint
*Except for the Atimonan police chief, the rest of the cops at the main checkpoint are wearing civilian clothes.

But 500 meters before and after the main checkpoint, Roxas said, there was a signage and the police officers are wearing their uniforms.

“Actually [in the] situation police operational procedures were not followed. [There should be police vehicles] with visible markings. The personnel should be in uniform… So, practically based on the facts stated there is a violation of police procedures in the conduct of checkpoint,” Purisima said at a press conference.

Other findings of the PNP fact finding team include;

* 8 out of 13 victims were tested positive in the paraffin test;
* the SUV has 186 bullet holes while the second vehicle has 50 bullet holes. The victims were aboard the said vehicles;
* About P265,000 were recovered from the victims;
* 14 firearms-12 short firearms, 1 M16, 1 M14 were recovered from the victims;
* Out of the 14, 13 have licenses both the long firearms and the 11 short firearms;
*Out of the 11 short firearms, 7 have permit to carry.

“So far these are facts as determined by the PNP fact finding body. They are still awaiting the submission of the lab reports, soco reports and they expect to finalize their reports for submission to Chief PNP by Friday this week, “Roxas said.

After that, he said they will transmit the findings to the Department of Justice and the National Bureau of Investigation.

“What the all this means, what will be the conclusion will be done by the NBI,” Roxas said.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FUXGOANEQ3CEIHMM6QEV5BHL7E Gideon

    Dapat lng! Halos naman hindi naka uniform mga pulis natin….bitbit pa nila mga baril nila….mukhang tulisan tuloy pag makita mo sa kalye gumagala…

  • Albert Einstien

    that’s a delayed reaction but a good start…but what about those galamays/tentacles  of police chief mimaropa..there are tentacles there who might be involved in protection of jueteng & stl or even drugs …RELIEVE & REMOVE ALL ( both sides )  connected to their activities  …..they are already INFECTED with corruption virus…..public is demanding SWIFT & TRUE reforms….HOUSE CLEANING should the be the TOP PRIORITY…otherwise all efforts in the future will die in vain…..

  • kontra_boohaya

    The checkpoint was “hurriedly set up” by men in civilian clothes.  Berbershop translation?  HASTY AMBUSH.  If they were not there for an ambush then what the hell are they doing conducti or shakedown in civilian clothes!  Pusirima’s allibi?  Intel operatives don’t wear uniforms in the conduct of their missions.  And their mission is gathering intel.  I guess one way to gather intel is through checkpoints- scary!  It just so happen na yung iniintel nila ay kapwa intel din.  Go figure who is the criminal and who is not.  As kabayan would say, PULIS NANAMAN?!! Sabagay bihira naman nakaunipormeng pulis pero mas marami sa kanila naka civilian pero armed to the teeth. I guess they all work in “intel”- intel sa mall, sabungan, beerhouse, restaurants, bolahan ng jueteng, debs at CHECKPOINTS. We are seeing the standard lip service from the brass: probe, sack, reassign o kasohan! Reassign Marantan in Pampanga, Pangasinan or Ilocos Sur at mag set up ng checkpoints na naka civilian para mabawas bawasan ang tulisan.

    • patrickinca

       Unfortunately ang mga police sa ilocos sur ay nag sa-sideline as hitman kaya baka mas aasenso ang mga lintik na ito dun

  • AllinLawisFair

    Bakit nga hindi naka uniform yung mga pulis na nakatalaga sa check point at bakit walang marked police prowl cars? 

    Ibig sabihin kaya nito ay ang mga pulis at sundalo na kasama sa magkabilang panig ay sangkot sa illegal numbers game operations?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L3NJ4IIZZMB2OMPIOR7X2B72ME k

    from the beginning,its very clear…it was an AMBUSH!

  • Lou333

    So sad this is still happening

  • virgoyap

    Why were they not in uniform? Why was the checkpoint “hurriedly” set up? These will add the confusion…

    • Albert Einstien

      dont get confused…it’s clearly a gang war….

    • Magsasaka

       illegal checkpoint

  • Legally_brown

    Early evidence gathered by the investigators and the surrounding circumstances raises more questions than answers and point to a seeming “rub out” or “ambush”.  Even assuming that the victims were indeed involved in illegal activities, they should not have  been killed but rather arrested and prosecuted.  The police are pointing to the fact that the group ignored the checkpoint and started firing, but it appears that the retaliation by the police was an overkill and disproportionate force was unleashed against the victims such that not even one survived the encounter (apparently, this was done on purpose so that no one will survive to tell the story).  The investigating panel should really get to the bottom of this and ensure that justice is served.

  • les21reago

    Walang Photo Opps doun si BINAY sa mga BIKTIMA?

    • droccu

      Ingat si Binay sa mga photo op na yan especially involving jueteng and other criminal activities. He might inadvertently be stepping on the powerful toes of his patrons, financiers and supporters present (Erap, JPE, etc.) and future (GMA, FG, etc.) in his upcoming presidential run….BEWARE!

      • les21reago

         natanong ko lang e kasi palagi si BINAY may pa PHOTO Ops…kay Nicole andoun siya, sa Pablo andoun siya, sa pag uwi ni Pacquiao galing talunan an doun siya.
        Kaya ko naitanong kung andou din siya ngayon sa mga BIKTIMA.

      • droccu

        Oo nga ano?! Palagay ko namimili lang yan kung saan sya may photo op-kung saan walang sabit na may media mileage….

  • droccu

    Good job Mar. I believe its easier to make such decisions during this administration since they have no other interests to protect nor fear of stepping on powerful toes in the conduct of an honest to goodness investigation. Imagine having this apparent Jueteng related crime investigated during GMA’s time. Law enforcement agents and the DILG would have second thoughts digging deeper as the investigation may go all the way up to their protectors like FG, the PNP chief, DILG chief etc. who may all be in cahoots to protect their milking cow and their henchmen.

  • $16638896

    Si Marantan ang usisain nyo ng husto, mkhang personal nyang lakad yan.

  • $20733759

    Good work Sec.Mar Roxas….just what the people expect and demand for… action agad at matatatag na desisyon! You went up one more notch in the peoples’ estimation, just like that time when you told the police in the presence of  Pampanga governess to deal with jueteng forcefully remember?

  • Rolly257

    Are we beginning to see the beginning of the end of abusive law enforcers????

  • Magsasaka

    halatang obyus na walang gun battle, checkpoint tapos hindi nakauniform at walang marked vehicle,pero noong una sinasabi nila mga nakauniform daw pero may lumabas na ritrato ni marantan na nakamaong habang ginagamot ang mga daplis nyang sugat, nasaan na ang nawawalang milyones?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

      dre, may lusot pa rin dahil sa time constraints at urgency of the matter di na sila naka pagdala ng signage at nakapag suot ng uniform pero ang di nakakapagtaka eh naka-pili pa sila isang kubling lugar kung saan gagawin ang ambush.

      • Magsasaka

        100M is in fact a kind of urgency hehehe

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    Bakit ba na sa pwesto pa si Marantan? Sa kanya din yung rubout sa Ortigas, na video ng UNTV.

  • Odnalor Larguia

    Mr Secretary…mukhang pera pera lang yan….si Colonel dami na atang natimbog nyan….bahala akna na dyan ka Colonel…matigas daw ang ulo nya…kawawa naman yung mag ama na taga paranaque, magpapasko pa naman nun…tingga ni Colonel ang natikman….mas maganda ipadala na lang po ninyu yan sa Kabul, Afghanistan…dun bagay na bagay….walang hampas na pagpapaputok ng armas…..

  • wakats

    All indications point to the possibility that some PNP officials have entered into the lucrative numbers game or jueteng and presumably not contented to receive crumbs only.

    Bloods have spilled and turf war, like the mafia gangs in the US, is likely to follow. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4R3GZTGML26TV2VGS6RVHP2THM Fred

    Unti unti ng lumilinaw papuntang rub out.
    Bottom line, consistently corrupt ang PNP!!!

  • mad_as_Hamlet


    Do not, repeat, do not reveal to anyone any information regarding right-handedness or left-handedness of your slain kin or friend. Any findings from the SOCO regarding paraffin testing of the victims are suspect.  The integrity of the physical evidence was compromised from the very beginning. Consult your lawyer.  He will know what to do, probably.

    You need to keep your wits to fight these criminal minds. Silence is golden as far as some facts are concerned. As of now.

  • PH2011

    OBVIOUSLY , something going wrong in
    our police enforcers.

    The Quezon incident raised a lot of
    questions, but the people conclusion is the same “away sa negosyo ng mga
    tulisan sa tulong ng mga uniformadong kapulisan at militar”.

    Since I was a kid  I travelled and later on drive along Maharlika
    Highway ( Manila to Bicol ) unrelentlessly, the location of the check point was
    INSTANT, and made in the afternoon. Commuters are aware of all the location of REGULAR
    military/police checkpoints  along
    Maharlika highway. The location of regular checkpoints more or less doesn’t change
    for decades.

    Immediately after the incident, I verify
    on the news on which checkpoint the incident happened? Well, not in one of the
    regular military/police check point, the checkpoint was instant ( hurriedly set
    up), and made specifically for that purpose. If 15 policemen not in police uniform,
    well they can be mistaken as communist/holdapers by military officers inside
    the vehicles.

    Giving the circumstances that you’re
    the one inside the two vehicles, even your armed you will not fight since your aware
    that your in a no win situation.

    Did police manning the checkpoints
    isolated the two vehicles? Ampatuan style? Maharlika Highway is a very busy highway,
    specially that it happened in the afternoon. In two-five minutes, it’s
    impossible that no other cars passed that road (bothways) . A sudden/unexpected
    checkpoint will slowdown vehicles and create a traffic.

    The two vehicles were riddled with
    more than 140 bullets is a sign of overkill. It’s quite difficult to shoot
    inside the car with all the windows are closed.

    Lastly, the two cars used a commemorative
    PNPA plate number and for registration vehicle plates. One of the car has a
    Malacanang sticker on its windshield and yet the two cars registered/owned by a
    person involved in illegal gambling activities raised another question.

    DILG Secretary Roxas and PNP Chief
    Purisima, should be on the upper hand and responsible for the peace-in-order in
    this country. I’m really frustrated on their performance lately.

    If Mar and Purisima can not even
    implement the simple “ No Plate No travel Policy” in this country their
    leadership is now in question. Drive around the Manila metropolis the
    proliferation of commemorative plates is now back, leading are PNPA, CIDG, NBI,
    Lawyer, Prosecutors vehicle plates, and for registration vehicles (though the
    later can be argued as a sign of economic takeoff and progress, but should be address
    by DOTC/LTO). The reason is obvious, to intimidate the law abiding citizens and
    traffic enforcers. This s worst than anti-WangWang policy of the President.

    Secretary Mar and Laila De Lima, PNP
    and NBI is under your area of responsibilities respectively. Add this situation
    in your investigation . For registration Vehicles, another type of vehicles
    usually used by criminal element should be address by DOTC/LTO. LTO should
    provide and anticipate the magnitude/release of newly acquired vehicles. This
    is already a decade problems, yet NO LTO head was able to release vehicle plate
    numbers of newly acquired vehicles in a week time.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U62PHGMKO4RK7BLMC4ACA4EG5A EREC

      The reason is obvious, to intimidate the law abiding citizens and
      traffic enforcers. …… Tumbok mo Tol….minsan talaga iyan ang nakakadismaya, yong mga pinapasahod ng mamayan siya pang nang iipit at naghahari harian.

    • Albert Einstien

      MALACANAN STICKERS…that should be the clue..who is the KKK protector…lol

  • doublecross

    it’s AMBUSHED SET-UP….galing ng theory nila, na mga gun-for-hire daw ang mga tinumba. sana kayo rin TUTUMBA ka nang ganyan.

  • aldhins

    Tama yan Sec.Roxas para naman malaman talaga kung sinung nag sasabi ng katotohanan kasi kung tingnan mo tama ng bala sa sasakyan parang  wala na silang plano na buhayin mga nakasakay.

  • Markov Chain

    ikulong si Marantan…pweeee!!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NRZR3QB4FIUC46DORT5ALT62IA Roger

    lumalabas na talaga ang katotohanan na set up yong ambushed. maliwanag na ang dahilan ay ang jueting.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NRZR3QB4FIUC46DORT5ALT62IA Roger

    wala na talagang pakialam kung kabaro nila ang kanilang kabarilan basta ang importante ay magkamal sila ng pera sa maling paraan. kaya hindi mo masisi na maalis ang tiwala ng mamamayan sa mga pulis. 

  • LeoSanMig

    Kudos to Secretary Mar Roxas. I think this is a step towards the right direction which is to relieve the responsible officers while an investigation is ongoing. No premature pronouncements from his camp regarding the nature of the shootout unlike Mr Lacson, CPNP Purisima and Malacanang who almost absolved Maratnan et al. Good move, Secretary!

    • Jason Cruz

      Obvious nga, napansin ko ang bilis ng depense ni Purisima ?  Nakakatakot itong taong ito,  gusto siguro kumita ng milyones.  tsk tsk tsk.   Pnoy magising ka.

  • ManongOsang

    Banatan mo ng Banatan Mar !!!

    Marami raw galit na Pulis kay Mar sa iba ibang parte ng Pilipinas dahil humina talaga ang Cut ng Jueteng at delehensya ng mga Pulis na madumi.

    Sige lang Mar- Go Go Go ! Basta inggat lang lagi dahil dilikado itong mga maduming pulis.

    Especially after what happened to your predecessor Sec. Robredo, kailangang lagi mag ingat si Mar .

    He is trying to Improve & Clean up the MOST CORRUPT Government Agency in the Philippines in the last 40 years !!! – the PNP

  • boymanok

    valte, ano say mo?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QA264KB7TICWJ5LQG5ZXN6CM2Y ruel

    Sabi ko na nga bang RUBOUT eh…ayan lumabas din ang katotohanan…kawawang mga Pulis, Militar at Civillian na napatay!..AMBUSH TALAGA..NAKAKABINGI na nga eh..

  • Htee


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W4NHDNZBK5PF44UQFZXZSCLFWU Prexy Simbol

    It’s a turf war between crooks in uniforms or the other group double-crossed the other or they want to proved who’s the “Rightful King”.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U62PHGMKO4RK7BLMC4ACA4EG5A EREC

    Before I went to office I watch Sec. Mar for his report in public but my own observation he needs more training in public speaking in this line of situation…..its not clear and has no cronological statement of facts. He looks a rokie not a Secretary of a certain department of goverment which is the one pillar of President force.  I understand that incedent has a deep miraclelous mission under wide connecting groups or just an extending arm of a wider groups that only uses the badge of government authority. There is a lot of point of concern to be under investigated and questions including car dealers and registrations, relations and connections of the passenger, the point of organization. I hope media will not especulate for this insident bacause people in authority are involve. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OJWHBJLMWPTRUOZMN6JOMHLO2A Banana Na

    baka natakot ang mga tao sakay ng sasakyan yan, baka akala ay mga NPA ang mga naka-civilian cothes na police na nag-che-check-point sa lugar na yan…ang tanong, sino sa kanila ang unang nagpa-putok ng barl, impossible naman yun naka-sakay ng sasakyan….

  • bryant85

    Roxas, PNP has an outstanding policy way before you took the baton of leadership as DILG sec. regarding illegal gambling in one’s jurisdiction, Even President Aquino has a directive to the PNP Director to make the country gambling free, but to everyone’s surprise, the old hat scenario that depicts the PNP and Military as coddlers and protectors of the illegal numbers game is now overtly seen by the naked eye to be the gospel truth no longer a rumor or report but a factual event beyond the cloud of doubt.

    Thus, using any Pr man specializing in this type of trade with objective to becloud the issue in order to palliate the culpability of the involved personnel of the PNP and the Military exonerating the PNP Chief and that of the Military from command responsibility  at the same time carves a black eye to the Aquino gov’t that can revert to political instability which is bad to the blossoming economy.

    Sec. Roxas, you’re eyeing the presidency come 2016, so without much argument, this is a golden opportunity for you to prove your worth as a true leader. If you play your cards right to the welfare and benefit of the country and the Filipino People then the hallowed seat of the presidency is open for you to sit on. Playing your cards right is to conduct an impartial and swift investigation on this polemic issue then afterwards render the appropriate action based on the law not on humanitarian considerations. By instituting the judicious action, the integrity of the PNP is likewise upheld.

  • kapayapaan_1900

    Nasa tamang direksiyon ka Mar!  Matuto ka sa kasaysayan.  Ang kailangan mo’y tapang at tibay ng paninindigan!  Sundan mo ang yapak at tularan si Magsaysay kung paano niya inilampaso ang HUKBALAHAP noong panahon ni Quirino.  Naibalik niyang muli ang tiwala ng taongbayan sa ating sandatahang lakas (hindi ng sandatahang kawatan) na halos abot kamay na ang pag agaw sa kapangyarihan ng ating demokratikong republika.  Tinanggal ang mga tiwaling opisyal, pulis/sundalong bantay salakay.  Ang mga hind naniwala sa kanyang paglilinis ay nangawalan ng trabaho’t dinampot sa kangkungan.  Dahil sa kanyang tagumpay, binuksan ni Juan dela Cruz ang pinto at siya’y buong pusong iniluklok sa Malakanyang.  Hindi mo na kailangan ang isang Col Lansdale dahil suportado ka ni Pinoy at natitiyak ko ring susuportahan ka ni Juan dela Cruz na halos gulapa na sa paniniwalang “hopeless case” na ang ating militar para linisin.  Natitiyak kong maraming lilitaw na “Manila Boy” na magiging kakampi mo.  Anong malay mo baka mapasaiyo ang 2016.            

  • Jason Cruz

    Ubusan ng bala at palakasan na lang sa nakaupo, yan ang pilipinas,   Milyones ang pinag aawayan dito.    Daang daang milyon.

  • delpillar

    Katulad ng nasabi ko two days ago nung pinalabas na ang mga pangalan ng mga nasawi parang kaduda-duda rin yung mga nasawing police and militar sa loob ng dalawang SUV in convoy at meron pang pangatlong SUV na nahuli lang ng dating.

    They (those killed) were from different towns and cities ng region 4, region5 at region-3.This time, baka tama ang mga Police and Military na 100% of all of those killed were reallybad guys. Kung valid ang operation ng mga nasawi, pwedeng lumabas sa lungga yung mga sakay ng 3rd SUV na nakatakas.Ang tanong na lang ay yung rule of engagement.

    Nauna ba talagang nagpaputok yung mga nasa SUV?YUng mga police na nagcheckpoint ba ay naka full uniform or naka civilian lang at mixed-civilian/military uniforms.

    Yung ginamit bang pangharang sa daan para sa check-point ay military police cars ba or stainless na owner-type jeep or civilian cars din?

    Yung bang ginamit na pangharang for check-point ba ay talagang wooden/steel bench with proper signage or bangko or puno ng saging or nyog lang.

    PERO, kung totoong GANG at BAD GUYS yung mga nasawi at yung mga nakatakas na members sa 3rd SUV, humanda kayong mga bumaril. Baka ang mangyari sa Pilipinas ay yung nangyayari ngayon sa MEXICO when hundreds of salvage victims every month or every two weeks ang natatagpuang patay na pugot ang ulo at tortured na tortured ang katawan.

    Kung ang grupo ng mga bumaril ay miembro din ng separate na Sindikato, it will just the beginning of the BATTLE BETWEEN SATAN and LUCIFER.

    • pinoypower

      Pansinin mo ang report ng factfinding team. Licensed lahat ang mga firearms ng alleged badguys. Kung kriminal ka or gun for hire gagamit ka ba ng licensed firearm sa iyong trabaho? Syempre hindi. Duda ko itong mga police at militar na kasama ay kaibigan ng alleged jueteng lord na si Atienza. May dala umanong 100M pesos para puhunan sa jueteng sa Bicol. Malaking pera ito kaya nagpa-escort si Atienza sa mga kaibigan niya and of course babayaran din sila. Since NPA infested ang daraanan, isinama din si Lontok na diumano ay may connections sa NPA. Di ko sinasabing walang kasalanan ang mga napatay pero at the time of the incident wala pang pwedeng patunayan na may nilalabag na silang batas. Which means unwarranted na patayin agad silang lahat lahat. Kung totoo na sila ay nagpaputok bakit nakasara at puro butas ang mga bentana ng sasakyan? Di ba dapat nakabukas ang bentana kung talagang nagpaputok sila? Marami pang loose ends sa kaso at since pumasok na rin ang NBI, CHR at iba pang investigating bodies malamang ay mabuking na kung rubout ba hindi ang incident.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4QAIR53YIPJLMPSQJZTOJIGBVI Jaz

    ok yan Sec. at PNP Chief sana ituloy-tuloy nyo hanggang sa lumabas ang katotohanan at may maparusahan.

  • dodong1

    na RELIEVED sila?? ma reassign yan mga yan sa ibang lugar at ganyan din ang gagawin nila..dapat tinatanggal na ng permanente lahat sila para magtanda at bilang isang warning sa mga ibang pulis para hindi sila maparis sa mga demonyong mga pulis na ito..

  • $14523613

    Sabihin na lang natin na unang bumaril yung sa isang sasakyan, kailan bang ratratin yung isang pang sasakyan na hindi naman nagpaputok? |

    |RUB OUT!!!!

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    the other day, nanindigan ang palasyo na shoot out…tapos ngaun masusing imbestigasyon…
    paano maging makatotohanan ito na mismo ang nag papaimbistiga na si penoy nagsalita ng shoot out ito….

    lutong macao na naman ito kagaya ng luneta hostage…basta KKKKKKK, the president will protect much…

    and then, nasaan na si MAR ROXAS???bakit tahimik niya…JUETENG ISSUE is an interior issue, not just a police matter….

    and, unfortunately, JUETENG is not the PRIORITY of this PRESIDENT…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ERCCN5ANNNF7BEBFMYXR6ALGRU Dan

      another tonto making blog, geee, is this a nation loaded with edyot citizen like you

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        it is u who is an idiot who cant see the contradicting statements…

        mga uto uto nga naman…mga yellow ribbons na hibang na hibang….

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/W74GUWRQ74EH7VZQN6D5WOE6XM Michael

        It is u? brother di ka naman nag tetext e, kumpletuhin mo na, na totonto ka tuloy ni brother Dan. 

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        oops…may natamaan na naman na yellow ribbon

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

      baka ang bore ni valte ang nag-‘bear fruit’

  • Albert Einstien

    GANG WARS ang USO sa pnoy chinoy  admin ngayon…masakit nito puro LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES pa ng estado…AFP at PNP intel units ang mga sangkot DELIKADO yan…NATIONAL SECURITY CONCERN na yan..bakit tahimik ang NSA…kung local gambling stl at jueteng napasok nila ang INTEL natin…papano pa kaya ang BIGTIME at INTL gambling at drug lords ..lalo na ang MAYAMAN at tusong china…tsk tsk …dapat mag convene na ang ledac, national defense  at nsa before its too late…

    yun sa KURATONG RUB-OUT sino sino ba mga UNITS at heads ang INVOLVED don me balita na-promote pa ata ? kasama ba yun mga tumira ngayon ? NSA,DILG & congress should review kuratong rub-out case… millions din ata dati ang involved ngayon me balitang 100 million din nawala na dala ng mga biktima na pera… ano ba yan pnoy..kaya pala ang TAAS ng KRIMINALIDAD sa TIME mo puro sindikato na at wala ng nag-babantay at nagTRATRABAHO sa PEACE & ORDER…..tuwid na tuwid ang HUWAD na DAAN ng walang wang-wang na kurapsyon a…very sad : > )

    • ramelatilano

      ganyan ang isip ng sobrang talino naging paranoid ha ha ha

      • Albert Einstien

        ok lang kung ordinaryong police kalawakan e …kaso INTEL ng AFP , AIR police at PNP….NATIONAL SECURITY RISK grabe yan…kung sa US at first world countries yan..PALIT LAHAT yan at grabeng witch hunt yan lahat ng kamag-anak at mga kaibigan at koneksyon nila ..iimbistigahan yan..isang coded word nga lang lumabas sa kanila…wash-out lahat boung agency…ini-iwasan nila ang pag-kalat ng infection…tayo malayo pa sa qualitygovernance &  leadership..kaya lagi nasasakop ng ibang bansa..walang long term VISION…lol

    • Geric Soreda

      Ibang klaseng Albert Einstein eto. Nasisiraan na yata ng bait!! Ay Sorry Iba naman pala ang spelling ng apelyedo mo ‘Einstien??’. Kaya naman pala ganon ang reasoning mo.

      • Albert Einstien

        je je ..naintindihan po kita hindi mo po abot yan level na yan….lol

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/W74GUWRQ74EH7VZQN6D5WOE6XM Michael

      IKAW na NAMAN? hilig mo sa CAPS brad, tapos lowercase tapos CAPS ulit pag may gusto kang i point out na walang saysay lol! Cheers! Einstein

      • Albert Einstien

        kala mo po ba CODED…lol

        gayahin mo na lang po ….wag kn lang MAINGGIT….je je

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/W74GUWRQ74EH7VZQN6D5WOE6XM Michael

        BAKA kasi MAY subliminal MESSAGE, oo NGA ano MASARAP pala PAGLARUAN ang KEYBOARD sa OPISINA ..je je je je

      • Albert Einstien

        int’l INTEL ka po ba….mga INTEL lang ang nagaglit sa ganyan KLASE ng pag-type …NAHIHILO sila..je je

        SEE sabi ko mag-eenjoy KA…lahat ng matatalino sa internet …DINEDECODE nila….kung MAY message..maganda yan para magtrabaho SILA…..lol

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U62PHGMKO4RK7BLMC4ACA4EG5A EREC

    NO COVER-UPS AND NO WHITE-WASH….. most of the people involve are persons in authority. Right military justice for both sides must prevail.

  • alex_diaz2014

    So it is not a legitimate check-point, apparently more of an ambush-point…

  • $26606290

    Book na kayo ng kwarto sa KTV….may kakanta dyan. May mga padrino yan.

    Go Mar! Time to shine pre. You have yet to catch a whale shark.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ON7OVYELIEWW7U25MAF7XD36WU Cubano

    Walang ng investigation.  Gantihan na lang kayo para magkaubusan na.

  • http://twitter.com/r_eyesian ian reyes

    the government singing different tunes…..watch out

  • brunogiordano




    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ERCCN5ANNNF7BEBFMYXR6ALGRU Dan

      Hoy tonto, kwanggol, ikaw ay wala ng karapatang mabuhay

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        na huhurt itong isang yellow ribbon

    • Pitbulldog

      May rason ka Brod para magtanong nang ganyan.  Malamang yan ang style ni P-noy.  Siya ang tipo na na-jijingle agad bago itutok sa toilet bowl si peter.  Nasosobrahan na kasi ng kanyang Sariling Sikap kaya laging binabalisawsaw….

  • bogger007

    Rubout yan walang duda.

  • phantomofhope

    sabi ng Palasyo nung isang araw LEGITIMATE daw ang operation…pano yan :)

  • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    Kung ganun, anong pinagkaiba ng Checkpoint na iyan sa Checkpoint na ginawa ng mga NPA dyan sa Atimonan?

    Buti pa mag checkpint ang MILF, naka uniporme pa, at well indicated na MILF controlled checkpoint ang mga ito.

  • gyvv

    .. basic checkpoint rule: dapat may naka uniporme… at may sign..

  • renatorivera

    Nasaan na ang 100 million na dala nila? Pinaghati-hatian na yan ng mga ulupong. Kunwari lang yang check point na yan. May nag-timbre dyan sa mga ogag na yan na malaking pera ang lulan ng SUV. Pare-parehong mga kriminal ang mga yan.

  • vanguard61

    Just follow the money trail and you’ll get the people/big fish involved in this fiasco. Expect more incidents like this to occur very soon as they are in the process of ridding potential turncoats as well as eliminating rival drug and gambling syndicates as the local government steps up the campaign to weed out the undesirables in the PNP , Military and other corrupt gov’t officials under the payroll of this evil entities. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

    can anybody tell me if they will pull over if ever they will be asked to stop by an unidentified armed group in a secluded portion of a highway? if you are also armed, what would be your reaction?

    nagpa-blind kasi si van de leon kaya yan ang napala niya, sakit tuloy ng ulo niya ngayon.

  • el_latigo

    Now this is really something! The gov’t acting swiftly on this suspected “rubout” case never done before in previous administrations, notably the last one. Then why are you so unhappy @brunogiordano & falter_peter este @poltergeist_fuhrer:disqus? Miss na miss nyo ba ang idol ninyong nakabakasyong indefinitely ngayon sa VMMC?

  • Joe_in_Bikol

     I suggest a “setup” instead of a “rubout.” Try this – someone is out to get someone in the convoy. He tips off the police about the convoy, and also tells the convoy that he hears that some criminal elements will try to stop them on the way. Perfect setup – the two sides shoot it out thinking the other is the bad guy! The “someone” walks away laughing.

  • done_druff

    kakatuwa din itong kwentong barbero ng mga pulis! Isipin nyong may na-account pa silang LIMANG PISONG coin?!!!! 265,000 ang pera daw!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FCQBZB2UISHIJ2TJBHURDU6BXQ suddenlyyou

       Kuya, what are you talking about? Marunong ka ba magbilang? Limang piso? Limang libo po ang butal. Walang limang piso. Kaloka!

  • rsalome66

    nangyari na yan minsan jan din sa atimonan, quezon, kng saan 10 pinatay ng mga pulis, puro sa likod at ulo ang tama, mga gun for hire daw, nakasakay din sa van, ganun din ang kwento, hindi tumigil sa checkpoints, mas totoo para sa akin na rub out ito, sinadya silang patayin at kinuha sa kanila ang malaking halaga ng pera

  • pinoypower

    Finally, a positive action by the DILG Secretary and the PNP Chief Director. The relief of the involved officers will at least give credence that the investigation will not be a whitewash.
    It is interesting to note from the factfinding team’s report that almost all of the firearms of the victims are licensed and with permit to carry. This means that these victims are not gun for hires and criminal elements. No professional criminal will use a licensed firearm in his activities. As for testing positive in the paraffin tests, that is easy to fake. Simply let a person hold a gun and fire it even if he is dead and he will test positive.
    It is good to note also that parallel investigations by NBI and CHR are being done. This will make it difficult for any party to carry out a white wash of the case. The media should also be vigilant to find out the real truth whether this incident is shootout or rubout.

  • freeview

    Ngunyari ang yan..pagmalamig na issue ibabalik din…Ung isa involve na dati sa Ortigas rubout, at ngaun d2 involve din..Di ba binalik nung lumamig un Ortigas incident

  • calixto909

    The integrity of the PNP and AFP had been tarnished anew despite the MO coming the President as the Commander-in-chief and DILG Sec Mar Roxas directing both agencies to cleanse their ranks abounding of scalawags and misfits. The gory scenario thereat Quezon involving law enforcement officers and men killing each other over a turf war anent illegal gambling operations is very much disheartening. Why is this happening to our nation Mr. President?

    Partly to be blame is Pres. Aquino for had he without let up punished these concerned scalawags and misfits that continued to violate or disobey his issued directives right from the start of his tenure of Office then they should have been disciplined. One particular ensample is the used pf wang wang and plate nos. . Today many vehicles of law enforcers had personal plates bearing their offices like PNP, NBI and the military. This overt display of disobedience to a President simply shows that they are arrogant and insubordinate. So with this sort of discipline, how can a civilian trust a law enforcer with his or her life or property? 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/74DX67S5U6H557SPUXS5XZ6QJI Alisto Juan

     Si Sr. Supt. De Leon, Supt. Marantan at mga tauhan nila ay dapat idestino yan sa Kalayaan island, pending sa investigation, doon sila mag checkpoint sa mga intsik na illegal na pumapasok. Doon magagamit nila ang galing nilang pumatay ng tao, at least matatakot pumasok yung nga intsik. .  

    • Albert Einstien

      wag naman bk mag-start ng WW3….lol

  • opinyonlangpo

    I smell a twist in the story so far. Now it is the crooks that are alive, and the good guys dead. Its always best to avoid the police. Its more fun in the Philippines.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GTVNMZR22PGMS55WQPIJTYB4IY Jaime

    Can someone try to find the third SUV please.

    • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

       andun yung malaking pera..d b ganyan wento ng mga pulis..laging +1, yan yung nakakatakas na dala yung pera hihihi

  • Your_King

    This corrupt activities from law enforcement including high-ranking officials has been going on for a while and it seems the Administration only acts after the fact. It would be better if they acted before so that terrible events such as the one that occurred don’t happen in the first place.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2DG3R2AAQZDON2KH45T3YC5DOA del pillar


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ME73SJ2KNVTMNU4JMRMRLRYPVQ zom

    eto yung lagi ko napapanood sa mga pelikulang pilipino. reality din pala :))

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GTVNMZR22PGMS55WQPIJTYB4IY Jaime

    nakakahiyang maging pinoy…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GTVNMZR22PGMS55WQPIJTYB4IY Jaime

    fire Lacson as well … if not impeach him.

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