Lacson admits P300,000 additional fund from Enrile but denies bribery


Senator Panfilo Lacson. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Panfilo Lacson admitted on Wednesday receiving P300,000 in additional funds from the office of Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile but denied that it was a bribe.

“I just checked with my chief of staff. He said our office did receive P300,000 additional MOOE from the office of the SP [Senate President],” Lacson said in a text message.

MOOE stands for maintenance and other operating expenses.

“It is what it is – MOOE. It was not a bribe,” he said.

“I do not receive bribe money, even lobby money from any interest groups or from anyone even if he is our senate president,” he further said.

Lacson, according to the report of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, was one of 18 senators, who allegedly received an additional P1.6M MOOE from Enrile’s office last month.

The report said only four senators – Alan and Pia Cayetano, Joker Arroyo and Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV – allegedly received P250,000 additional MOOE.

Asked if he had knowledge of any senator who received P1.6 million or higher than his additional budget, Lacson said: “I don’t know. I can only speak for myself because that’s as far as I know.”

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  • Faisal salman

    Sarap maging senador umuulan ng pera…

    • batangpaslit

      hehehe….file ka na nang candidacy, Kabayan

  • est

    Magnanakaw talaga ang image ng senado

  • mekeni62

    Umaalingasaw. Ang baho!!

  • Jerahmeel Libre

    mahal yata yung coat and tie mo sir ping.

  • akongednamzug

    Malaki ang hinala ko kaya hindi sini-certify ni Noynoy ang FOI bill as urgent sa kadahilanan na wala itong pag-asang makapasa dahil ang mga kasalukuyang senador at kongresista ay hindi papayag dito. Kaya siguro sa susunod na eleksyon magsugal na lang tayo sa mga bagong mukha.

    • PinasK0ngMahal

      FOI was already passed in the senate. The debate is on the house because of the ‘Right of Reply’ issue.

  • andy bonifacio

    Dear Mr. Lacson, thank you for immediately acknowledging receipt of the questionable and immoral disbursement of funds by Mr. Enrile. You probably also realize this is nothing but to secure his post as senate president to allow him to secure the chances of his son in winning a senate seat. All in order to perpetuate their family’s grip on power. Can you please take a further step in proving you are a more worthy public servant by donating the amount to the hungry children in the typhoon ravaged areas.  I’m sure very few would object if you tell them the money is from your office and NOT from the heartless man named Enrile. 

  • UPLB-2008-3****

    dali, i-return mo na yan or give to the typhoon victims. di ka rin naman kumukuha ng pork di ba?

  • mabyrik

    So, after receiving backlash from the people, they are now washing their hands. No way that bribery impression will disappear and that bribery impression will linger until the the eve of election. For that bribery, Jackie Enrile and his his gang of tives will suffer.
    Today these kapal muks can deny to high heaven there is no bribery, but who will believe them? People know that these kapal muks, who have no shame, as expected, will deny but who will believe them? They are all known amalayers. 

    What is more shameful is that the bribe is from taxpayers, not enrile’s money. This is totally unacceptable.

    Who are guilty here?-The briber and the takers-all of them!!!

  • GlenMJacob

    This is really disheartening. On previous PDI issue a governor is asking the international community for more aid due to calamities being blamed to global warming and here we have senators enjoying millions of money for themselves. Why not pass a bill to allocate funds to the victims of calamities rather than begging to the outside world ?

  • johnllander

    Mga magnanakaw ng pera ng bayan!

  • eirons1043

    If not given as a matter of course then it is a gift with strings attached brutally known as bribe.

  • 100345roselia

    What was the motive of JPE in giving additional funds (MOOE) to the senators?  Was it a subtle
    way of bribing or influencing the senators to continue supporting him as Senate President?  Is it moral?  Paging the commission of audit to rule whether JPE’s action is legal / constitutional.

    • Accountant Tax

      granting it is legal, can these politicians have a conscience? what is the average daily wage of a worker? yet they pay taxes. and these hardearned money are just freely given as gift? these politicians should return the money and shamed. 

  • marionics

    i can’t remember if lacson was one of those senators who do not spend their pork barrel like joker. if so, what difference does this make to him?

    • batangpaslit

      di naman daw Pork Barrel….maintenance and operating expenses.
      Joker Arroyo do not use Pork Barrel, but neither he hires office workers. But the curious thing, is: he collects the salary earmarked for the staff….hehehe

      • marionics

        aaaaahh soooooo

      • batangpaslit

        kaya Kabayan…halos pareho lang silang lahat pag dating sa pera.
        tingnan natin ang mga bagong halal sa darating na election kung may kaibahan sila sa mga oldies

      • tarikan

        A dozen ways to kill a cat hahaha! Si Manoy Joker talaga, tumatandang paurong. Kaya pala wala syang gaanong staff eh yung badget ng para sa staff eh kanya na. Uragon talaga itong matandang hukluban na ito. At nagmamalinis pa sa publico kesyu hindi kinukuha ang pork barrel, style mo manoy bulok.

  • Accountant Tax

    disgusting! that money is coming from the taxpayers! when not spent, it should be returned to treasury. enrile acted as if he owned the money and the politicians who accepted are no better.
    it is not like that our country is rich and awash with cash. there are a lot of people walking around with empty stomachs nowadays. don’t you politicians have conscience?

  • edm365f31

    the mere fact that they accepted shows the true colors of what the Senate is all about.  Corrupt practices what ever the term moo as in more money. 

    Enrile does not have the right to be disbursing money like its his own money and they owe him a debt of grattitude…this is bribery at its best….moooe my a$$

  • JosengSisiw1

    Its shameful for these senators to accept the tax payers money for their bonuses. How can the senate claim that it is excess money when the government is raising all kinds of taxes to cope up with the budget deficit? The callousness of this act trigerred by the senate president itself is unthinkable at the time when we are begging other countries to help us after Pablo. Justifying the legality of this act only shows how our officials will do anything to legalize & traditionalize their corrupt practices.

  • im_not_convinced

    It is called an MOOE meaning it is supposed to be used for the performance of their responsibilities as senators, not to line pockets or use in the upcoming elections!!!

    even if the PDI article calls it a Christmas gift, the Senate President is not Santa Clause, the money is for the use of your office to SERVE the tax payers!

    1.8M can buy a lot of text books or build a few classrooms!!!!!

    • tarikan

      The total sum given was P36 MILLION! That was several (not only few) class rooms. 

      • im_not_convinced

        i was referring to the per senator amount but yes, 36M can build a whole school.

  • basyong

    garapalan na ang mga senatongs na eto.pangunguna ng martial law arkitek na laway na laway na si lucifer hawakan ang kanyang kaluluwa walang iba kundi si senatong presidenton enrile.kadami dami mong pwedeng pagbigyan na mahihirap sa kapwa mo pang kawatan ipinamahagi ang pera ng bayan.

  • RyanE

    We really in dire need of an FOI law so that we can scrutinize whether these politicians are lying or not.

  • Joe Russo

    They not only except money but they try to rationalize it so that no one will call it a bribe.  Stop the corruption the Philippines.  People how much will you put up with.  Enough is enough.  People do something about all the people in office they are all corrupt.

  • Bert

    CORRUPTION IN GOVT is the main reason why our govt officials are not pushing hard to PASS THE FOI BILL…..They deliberately IGNORE this very important bill that will give more meaning to TRANSPARENCY and GOOD GOVERNANCE.

    The govt is simply AFRAID of this bill.

  • Horst Manure

    Getting money is ok but where are the receipts to show where the money was spent???

  • PuncanMind

    The article failed to mention that Lacson is not using his Pork Barrel unlike his peers.

  • boi skater

    They got foud out and now we will hear all kids of excuses from them. Shameless bunch!!!

  • glenn padilla

    philippine politicians baring their naked behinds. and its disgusting if not utterly obscene.

  • Lakan Dupil

    Weehh sino lukuhin mo Lacson..

    • Jason Cruz

      Daang milyon pesos  walang ginalaw na pera si Sen Lacson sa pork barrel.   Magbasa ka muna kung sino sino ang malakas humuthot ng pera ng bayan.

      • popeyee

        Not this time. Maliit man o malaki sa pagkakataong ito, tinanggap nya ang pera. Meaning, hindi siya consistent..

      • Lakan Dupil

         Akala mo lang yan Jason. Kung pagbabasa lang ng mga newspaper ang pinanggagalingan ng pagtatanggol mo kay Lacson…mukhang kulang Brod. Sama ka sa akin Brod…isasama kita kasama si Ping hanggang sa hapag ng kanilang sa mga opisyal na lakad (kono) ng senador na ito. Salamat sa mga payo ni Manong Mulong (ang nakatatandang kapatid ni Ping) kahit paano naibabalik sa landas si Ping.

  • Harry

    Bribes come in so many forms. Whether an act is a bribe is for the public to decide and not for the recipient to deny.

  • noypisiTED

    Why was the Senate President the one that hands how much money he prefers to give to senators like it was his own? Is it covered by disbursement receipts? Or just an “aguinaldo” from the senate prexy? If it was from his own pocket 1.6M is peanut. And why was Senator Trillanes’ small compared with the others? Is it because he’s “galit” to the Magdalo senator? So it’s still “personalan” in dispensing bounties even in the Upper Chamber, a supposedly august body peopled by the most erudite and virtuous in the land until this “balatuan” surfaced, then woe to this nation.

  • 100345roselia

    These obnoxious, immoral, unconscionable & illegal acts of these senators & other corrupt politicians are a REFLECTION of us (electorate).  As long as majority of the electorate are not
    educated (not well informed), lives in poverty, hungry & have a misplaced or twisted values, we will continue to have these kind of politicians.  Who is to be blamed? – the politicians or us (the electorate).  Your guess is as good as mine.

    • Bert

      count me OUT, i have NEVER voted any of these CORRUPT THUGS in the senate.

  • otoling

    Kahit anong tawag dyan sa ipinamigay na pera, hinde parin “legal” yan that’s all illegal!

    The Senate President cannot just increase or provide addiitonal MOOEs. 

    Papaano ang reimbursement processes nyan na in accodance with government procurement law regulations and accounting?

  • otoling

    Mey malaking pagka-Gago nga si Enrile nuong araw pa.  Tignan mo’t binababoy pa ang PH history sa isinawsaw niya sa book niya kuno.

    Akala mo matalino palagi kung magsalita – eh ganuon corporate law ang alam.  Ano ang corporate law? Corporate law is all about sari-sari store management.    

  • duviz7533

    enrile pro life daw..binigay mo sana sa mga nagugutom ang perang yan pambili ng gamot at makakain,bak may mailigtas ka pang life daw

  • Jason Cruz

    hahahahah 1.6 million pesos, kaya pala kulang na lang halikan and pwet ni Enrile nila Soto at Jingoy Estrada pwe.!!!!  Kakapal ng mukha.

    • Bert

      Si Drilon, Pangilinan, atbp ay nagka 1.6M din, pero bakit kaya hindi sila humalik sa wetpu ni manong? hehe

  • tra6Gpeche

    To Senator Panfilo Lacson, it might not be a bribe. But in
    the Philippines,
    when anyone  accepts cash or anything from
    anybody, there is “utang na loob.” Most of the times, “utang na
    loob” jeopardizes the interest and welfare of the country and the
    Filipinos. This is the reason why most qualified Filipinos are deprived of
    opportunities and advancement in their own country.

    • cion

      Good comment, more power to you and hopefully the rest will finally realize the system is rotten and deception will no longer be tolerated.

      • tra6Gpeche

        Thanks, kabayan!

  • AIbert_Einstein

    Kuratong tuleleng

  • John_Galt_II

    Si Enrile and nagsuhol sa pamamagitan ng bonus sa mga empleado ni Lacson. Si Lacson para magmukhang malinis tinanggap naman. Ganon din ang kinalabasan, kawawa ang taong bayan.

  • boldyak

    garapalan na sa panahon na ito…

  • Jose Rizal

    Galing talagang maglaro si Lacson…kaya nalusotan niya lahat…This statement would start the public clamour to change the senate presidency…and that’s the timing Noynoy, the LP and Llamas is waiting for.  Nice job!
    Hahahahahahaha!  Ang matatalinong Pinoy naloko lang ng isang abnoy!

    • Edwin Edwin

      ikaw lang ang nag-iisang bobong Pinoy….


      • Jose Rizal

        Di naman ako nagpaloko ng isang AbNoy…

    • bakitkailangan

       Boy! may muta ka pa nga, dahil napakabata ng iyong pag iisip, umuwi ka na sa bahay ninyo dahil tawag ka na ng nanay mo. itigil mo na raw yang paglulustay mo ng pera sa kakokomputer mo, dahil baon mo sa eskuwela ang pinang gagastos mo…psssst! uwi ka na!

  • gabbybal

    So what if not a bribe? It’s immoral considering so many suffering & displaced families who are victims of the last disasters. Now that it’s no longer a secret that each senator is bribed with public funds, no one came forward to explain where s/she uses the money. All about greed and & power-hungry senators who should not be called honorables…..

    • Jose Rizal

      Ayan na naman ang MORALITY, di ba, “PASSE” na yan…Itanong mo pa kay Noynoy…

  • Eunice Lapastora Cerbo

    eh donate nyu na po sa na affectuhan ng Bagyo..

  • popeyee

    Mr. Lacson, dito sa Pilipinas wala pang nagkasala ang umamin sa kanilang kasalanan kahit huling-huli na sa akto…whose idiot TRAPO do you think will say that he/she was bribed? 

    • Cano Manuel

      Shouldn’t you be referring to Enrile instead? 

      • Bert

        Nope, i think he’s referring to the senate as a WHOLE, which op cors includes lacson….

      • Cano Manuel

        He should refer to all the members of the Congress, both the Lower and the Upper House.

  • $20733759

    Isoli mo ng lahat , may panahon pa para iwasan ang namumuong galit ng mga mamamayan na kitang kita na sa mga komentaryo dito at sa iba pang pahayagan. Di mo kailangan ang halagang yan kundi ang natitirang dangal at paggalang naming naniniwala pa rin sa iyo dahil kung ang jueteng payola ay tinangihan mo, eh ano pa itong halagang pinaabot sa iyo?

  • pcosmachine


    The Senate of the Philippines is now hiring for UNQUALIFIED, INEXPERIENCED and CORRUPT politicians.

    Benefits include Christmas bonuses of up to 1.6 million pesos.

    If interested, please send your resume to Juan Onse Enrile.

    • Cano Manuel

      Is it Juan Onse Enrile or Juan Ponce Enrile?

      Anyhow, I’d like to send my application for the perks only, not for any job there.

  • tarikan

    Sen. Lacson, P300,000 lang ba ang natanggap mo? Eh sabi ng iba P1.6 MILLION ang pinamigay ni Manong Johnny. Kasama ka sa listahan na tumangap ng P1.6 MILLION ah. Baka magalit sa iyo si Manong nyan sa susunod makatulad ka ni Trillanes, barya laang ang ibinigay.

    • Homer Guo

       wag ka na magtanong at di ka naman sasagutin noh. send mo yang tanong mo sa office nya baka me sumagot sya ng–nooooh

    • Dionisio

      additional ung 300K bukod sa 1.6M hindi suhol PAPASKO sana kami rin kahit KATITING naman lang makatanggap din PWEH……………………………………….. 

  • airwire

    Mga corrupt

  • Fred

    Sana pag nag audit ang COA ay tignan kung talagang napunta sa MOOE.
    Kunsabagay sanay naman silang mag fabricate ng papeles o resibo.

  • tarikan

    The COA or whichever government office is authorized should draft a circular (to be approved by Malacanang?) that any and all surplus in the budget/budget for unfilled positions not used shall go back to the National Treasury, no exceptions. If it is in the constitution that these offices (Judiciary, Senate, House of Reps., Commission Offices, etc) are financially autonomous, perhaps it is time to amend it. The big bosses of the offices are like kings in an absolute monarchy, dispensing money like it is going out of style. 

  • Rolly257

    Kung hindi suhol ang tawag sa P1.6 M na iyan, kailangan, huwag iboto ni Lacson si Enrile para sa pagiging Senate President uli, 

  • Bert

    MGA SENATONGS, ISAULI NYO NA ANG PERA NG BAYAN!!! Hindi sa inyo yan, sa amin yang mga TAONG-BAYAN na naghihirap pa sa ibang bansa at nagsusumikap magbayad ng tamang BUHIS….

  • carlos_premacio

    MOOE and how are they going to disburse this money? Alam na natin on how easy it is to rob MOOE compared to the Capital Outlay. Transportation expenses, communication expenses, office supplies, other services lahat lahat pwedeng gawa-gawang mga resibo o kaya’y mga househelper nila mag sign sa payroll o mga ghost employee. 

  • virgo57

    Isa ka pa Lacson talagang paruparu ko.

  • kilabot

    pinkylacson does not use pork, only mooe; 
    anong meron ang mooe?

  • Allan

    That’s unique, additional operating expenses are requested in advance incase you anticipate that you fell short of your expenses, but in this case it was pro-active from the senate president’s office “BRAVOOOO!!!!!  The first among Enrile’s servant denied already,that is usually the reactions of guilty party,first among to tweak from a sinking boat
    . No matter what you do,actions done.

  • eric

    Teacher:    class, spell “bribe”? 
    Class:       M-O-O-E!!!

  • Albert Einstien

    hindi suhol yan …TIP lang yan…yun suhol walang PAPER TRAIL yun….walang wang wang TAHIMIK na TAHIMIK….lol

  • Dionisio

    sarap ng buhay ninyo diputado/DIPUTADA, senador at senadora kayo ang PINAKAMALAKING gumastos ng pera kung kaya’T KAYO LANG ANG HAPPY  kasi GUSTO ni JPE happy kayo KAYO KAYO LANG

  • agustin

    JPE: ito ang chrismas gift ko sa iyo,1.6M pesos ito PING !
    PING: salamat manong,pina happy mo ako.
    SONNY: bakit sa akin ay kapiranggot lang ?
    JPE:wala kang utang na loob,pinalaya kita sa rehas,pero tinaksilan mo ako, hindi ako happy sa iyo.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Hindi ka sinabihan ng chief of staff mo lacson na may pumasok na pera? aba eh sibakin mo na yan chief of staff mo dahil baka kinukupitan ka niyan…….talaga lang ha!

  • disqusted0fu

    Oh come on! These political veterans know better than that. They will not do bribery that the naked eyes can see. Unless they have the guts and the supremacy same as the President’s.

  • duviz7533

    Additional fund mo galing sa kuratong baleleng rubout…gift pa din ba?

  • Jef

    Tapos na ang christmas not even one of the 18 senator who received 1.6 million as gift or bonus from senate president from senate MOOE saving. returned thinking that this money ay di napat mapunta sa kanilang bulsa…ang tanong ito ba ay karapat dapat 

  • Pepe Alas

    Lintíc na yan. Noóng isáng taón, SALN. Ñgayón, MOOE namán.

  • Julian Lennon

    MOOE, PDAF, PB (Pork Barrel) they can use all the ALPHABETS they want to camouflage the fact that the peoples money only goes all the way to the senators BPI, PSB, PNB accounts. 

  • X44

    Bribe or not, that is people’s money. Its inappropriate to accept that for personal use even for official and public purpose, it remains very improper for you to accept. If you fail to heed this ethical requirement, you are poise to suffer people’s wrath

  • X44

    Action speaks louder than words! 
    Philippines, see what your leaders are doing. Follow the leader? 
    Kawawang Pilipinas, litong lito na.

  • Jojo

    kababayan e2 na ang salamin nio  para pumili nang iyo iboboto ngaun 2013…

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