Kin of ‘Atimonan 13’: Signs show rubout



The 47-year-old widow of Supt. Alfredo Consemino pointed at signs indicating that a shootout did not take place and that her husband and his group were marked for the kill.

“If they did fight back, there should have been an exchange of fire. How come none of those from the other side died? If it was an encounter, we expect casualties on both sides,” said the widow, who refused to give her name for security reasons.

According to the family, Consemino suffered bullet wounds in the head, neck and hip. “His jaw was smashed (by the bullets),” his widow said, although the family was still waiting for police autopsy results.

“Just look at the vehicles’ windshield! Also, how come the only one shot from the other side was hit in the leg, while those who died were hit in the head?” said Consemino’s third son, who also asked not to be named.

The widow denied her husband’s involvement in illegal activities. They rarely talked about his work, she said, “because every time he’s home, his attention was focused on his family. All he did at home was to cook and feed us.”

A high-ranking but low-key police officer, a green warrior, a veteran soldier, a single father-policeman and a young colleague who were bound together by the Atimonan shooting had another thing in common: They had no criminal past.

So said the families and friends of seven of the 13 people killed in the Quezon town, who denied that the dead were members of a gun-for-hire gang who shot it out with the police and the military on Sunday.

On Tuesday, they, aside from Consemino’s live-in partner, demanded an impartial investigation, believing that their loved ones were summarily killed.


The widow also said she knew Victorino “Vic Siman” Atienza Jr., another fatality, as her husband’s business partner in a security agency. She said she never met Atienza who, according to police sources, was known as an operator of illegal bookies.

“If he (Consemino) was into illegal (gambling), we should have been rich now. But we are not. We couldn’t afford throwing extravagant parties like other officials. We were celebrating my husband’s birthdays with pansit (noodles) and cake, sometimes none so we just go to church,” the widow said.

The Conseminos are only renting an apartment here and once even borrowed money to pay for a month’s stay, one of their friends said.

Consemino was careful about how people would think of him, his widow said. “He would never flash his badge for a free ride on the bus or ask for discounts when we were at the market.”

“I knew my husband. He would not do anything that would tarnish his name and image before his children,” she said.



Environmentalists in Quezon also refuse to believe that another fatality, Tirso Lontok Jr., was a member of a big-time gun-for-hire syndicate and operator of illegal gambling.

“He is a great loss to the cause of environment protection in Quezon. He will risk his life to protect Mother Earth. That’s how dedicated he was as nature lover and protector,” said Jay Lim, spokesperson of Kapatiran at Alyansang Alay para sa Kaunlaran ng Bayan–Quezon (Kaakbay-Quezon).

Kaakbay-Quezon is the biggest coalition of militant nongovernment groups composed of farmers, workers, religious, students and environmentalists. It has also been at the forefront of the struggle of coconut farmers for the return of the coconut levy fund and has demanded a stop to illegal quarry operations in Sariaya town and the protection of civilians caught in the conflict between communist rebels and government forces.

Lim said Lontok, along with activist priest Raul “Father Puti” Enriquez, organized Kaakbay in the early 1990s to lead the opposition against the construction of the South Luzon toll way extension project on the slope of Mt. Banahaw.

On Monday night, environmentalists led by Father Enriquez conducted a vigil at the Lontoks’ residence in Barangay Sta. Lucia in Dolores to pay tribute to their fallen comrade. Lontok is survived by his wife, Marife, and three children.


The family of SSgt. Armando Lescano was also angry that the 40-year-old soldier was linked to a crime syndicate. His wife, Felicitas, 43, was crying when the Philippine Daily Inquirer met her.

“We demand justice for my father. He was innocent,” said his daughter, Eloisa. “If my father was a member of a gun-for-hire group, we would have been living luxuriously.”

Eloisa, 22, said the family did not own any vehicle, not even a bike. Her father and the rest of the family commute by tricycle, she said.

They live in a government housing facility for soldiers inside  Fernando Air Base in Lipa City in Batangas and they do not even know where to go after her father is buried on Friday, she said.

She said she did not know much about her father’s work except that she was told that he was with the group in Atimonan to provide “security.”

Eloisa decried how her father was killed, revealing that his face was hardly recognizable as he was peppered with bullets from head to foot.

Lescano had been in the military service for 25 years and had received various merit awards, she said. He was assigned to La Union and Cavite before he was transferred to the 554th Air Police Squadron, Fernando Air Base, in 2012.

His remains were brought to his parents’ house in Barangay (village) Santol, Mataas na Kahoy town in Batangas and will be buried in the public cemetery on Friday.


In Calapan City, the family of SPO1 Gruet Alinea Mantuano was still in shock over his death. He was to celebrate his 33rd birthday on Jan. 19.

Ailyn Cueto, a sister, said her grief-stricken parents—Vivian, 60, and Virgilio, 58—were inconsolable.

The family refused to believe that her brother was involved in illegal activities and would want authorities to make the perpetrators accountable for his death, she said.

Mantuano was a single parent who took care of his three children, aged 10, 6 and 3, after his marriage was annulled. Cueto said her brother would rather spend the time with his children at home whenever he was not on duty.

Mantuano finished a degree in Computer Science at Divine Word College of Calapan before he pursued his interest in police work. “As a policeman, he had been working hard to be promoted for his children to complete their education,” Cueto said.

The family, their relatives and friends set up a tent in front of their house in Barangay Ilaya where the policeman’s remains, which arrived in the city shortly before noon Tuesday, was laid.


In San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, the sister of another slain policeman, PO1 Jeffrey Tarinay Valdez, said in a phone interview that her brother had not been linked to any criminal activity. Valdez’s remains arrived in his hometown on Tuesday.

Erna Joy Valdez declined to talk more about her brother, except to say that he had a 5-month-old child.


In Pampanga, the mother and wife of Maximo Manalastas Pelayo, another fatality, demanded justice as they decried reports by authorities that he was involved in criminal activities, including the illegal numbers game “jueteng.”

“My son was good. He didn’t cause me pain. They have no right to call him a gun-for-hire, criminal or a jueteng worker,” Pelayo’s mother, Agrifina, told the Inquirer in the family home in Candaba town.

Pelayo, 36, was eighth in a brood of 12. “He was the first of my children to die. Why did they have to kill him?” Agrifina said.

For two days, the woman had been waiting for her son’s remains in Barangay Mangumbali, a farming village. Her son, she said, had been living in Camarines Sur and went home on important occasions.

Agrifina said she knew that her son was involved in “buy and sell” deals.

Pelayo’s wife, Rosaly, said she last saw her husband on Dec. 29, 2012 when he left Camarines Sur for Metro Manila. She said he worked as a driver for somebody she did not know.

“I was surprised that he was with that group,” she said, adding one of their friends went to see her to tell her about the supposed encounter in Quezon.

Rosaly cried for fear of not being able to raise their four children and three others by his first wife. “I need help to bring them up and give them an education. I don’t have any job,” she said.

Agrifina planned to bury her son in a cemetery in Barangay Salapungan, also in Candaba.  Reports from Delfin T. Mallari Jr., Maricar Cinco, Madonna Virola and Marrah Lesaba, Inquirer Southern Luzon; and Tonette Orejas, Inquirer Central Luzon

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  • batangpaslit

    the supposedly “innocent” soldiers accepted the job to be bodyguards of a Jueteng Lord.
    dying from bullets or whatever comes with the territory as bodyguard of a party who is a target for assasination
    if they are bodyguards, they must be quick in firing back against those who “ambushed” them
    i do not think, the dead police officers and the dead soldiers were really trained as bodyguards.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      “the supposedly “innocent” soldiers accepted the job to be bodyguards of a Jueteng Lord.”

      That may be true.

      News reports also say that they were about to carry money for a business venture that they were about to start up to their location.

      So thats two conflicting reports.

      “if they are bodyguards, they must be quick in firing back against those who “ambushed” them. i do not think, the dead police officers and the dead soldiers were really trained as bodyguards.”

      Perhaps it was not true that they shot first, as the living cops reported. Perhaps they were waiting to pass the Check Point, confident these were valid police officers manning the stop. Friendlies if you will.

      Imagine all of a sudden when a rain of bullets peppered their vehicles, and before they knew it……(they were already dead)

      • batangpaslit

        Bro, reur last commentary, the theory advanced by one of my contacts from MIMAROPA was: the checkpoints were already in place for a while. In all likelihood, there was already some form of “coordination” that their group (the dead soldiers and police) is passing through, hence, their nonchalant atttitude.
        As you said “friendlies” force.
        Unfortunately, the regular force stationed in that check point were relieved. If indeed the convoy is carrying half a billion pesos, cash, ehehehe…mitsa nga ‘yan sa buhay nila. Compounded by the info, per news report, it is a turf war.
        May na double cross.

        BTW, may alam ka, Bro.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        “…the checkpoints were already in place for a while.”

        Ummmmmm. lots of info floating out there sir, medyo mahirap mag rely sa isang source lang at the moment.

        As per new article:Quezon police chief, 15 cops relieved over shootout.

        “There was also no marked police vehicle on the site and that the checkpoint was “hurriedly set up”. “

  • Tristanism

    Aba’y puro naman pala kapita-pitagan ang mga nabaril.

    Antayin ko na lang report ng NBI.

  • PBA

    kahit grade 1 ang natapos alam na imposibleng nagkaroon ng shootout

    • Pitbulldog

      Paano mo naman masasabi yan na walang shootout e puro high powered firearms and dala-dala nila.  Pwede sigurong wala kung baril-barilang plastic ang mga yon na binabalahan ng tubig kanal..

  • Darwin

    Lahat pala in both sides mababait na tao. E bakit nagpatayan? Ah, baka kasi gusto na sila kunin ni Lord.

  • GustoKoHappyKa

    ok sige na mababait sila..pero ang tanong bat sila nandon lahat sa 2 or suppose to be 3 sasakyan…

  • justjarred

    ipapaalam ba ni Sir kay misis kung ang trabaho nya ay BG ng jueteng lord? hindi kasi tinitingala sya ng mga anak nya

  • dukaponte

    Ang tanong ko sa mga relatives ng victims ay anong common interest ng 13 na iyon bakit sila magkakasama? Ang tanong ko naman sa mga police na nag checkpoint ay kung ang mga victims ang nanguna sa barilan, ibig sabihin handa sila, at paano sila namatay lahat? Parang impossible na mamatay silang lahat dahil mga sundalo din sila at sanay sa barilan.

    • John_Cruz

      They were silenced based on inaccurate intelligence report (if there is really one, not a phony one). The relatives will file a lawsuit and demand a de-classified intelligence report made available if it really exist. Two big mysteries remain. First, according to newsmen they saw a red bad containing P30M on the ground behind the SUV is now missing. Second, there is no followup news on the third SUV that got away. Is it possible the people inside the third SUV betrayed the victims or lucky to escape.

      • batangpaslit

        good question…good theory
        abangan nga ang susunod na balita, kung ibalita

    • batangpaslit

      siempre nasa advantage ang nagbabantay sa checkpoint. naka puesto sila eh.

      • Ragdeleafar

        At ang nasa SUV siksikan elbow to elbow walang chance man lang bumunot ng baril dapat sana binuksan ang pinto sa kanilang kaliwa at nakalabas nakipag barilan ng nasa checkpoint.

        Analysis: Malamang sa checkpoint, nakatigil ang SUV, binuksan half ang window to identify themselves at upang kilalanin ang nasa loob ng SUV, tapos nag signal ang checkpoint ok na go, pag sara ng window fully sabay signal ang leader by accidental firing his own gun hayan tinamaan sa paa at kamay dahil sa pagmadali lakad paatras kasi, akala ng iba manning ng checkpoint pinaputukan sila yan nag simula na magpaulan ng bala kaliwat kanan total 184, tadtad ang nasa SUV….

  • ceejay2420

    We can never know exactly whether this killing was a shootout, rub out, ambush or mass execution even though Pinoy ordered a thorough investigation. The reason being that the “compadre system” existing among some members of the military, the police and gambling lords was so deep and strong that close relatives of the victims and the perpetrators would rather prefer not to  pursue the matter in court and settle differences “mafia style”- by taking revenge. 

    There are two main reasons why this is so. One is because they know the case against the killers, despite that relatives of victims know them, will not prosper. The perpetrators will use every connection they have including politicians and judges receiving bribes and donations from their illegal activities to suppress evidence and railroad the investigation. Second, all secrets of underworld characters are known more often than not to members of their circles. The secrets of the victims will all be laid out open in court to further destroy their reputation and put them together into an image fitting criminals or why they were killed for. The sad truth is that they have no chance anymore to disprove them. They had all been silenced.

  • ever green

    shoot out, rub-out,sold-out, o take-out…who cares. If the world was rid of 13 criminals, then were better off!!!
    Hayaan na lang ung mga criminal magpatayan…..

    karamihan naman ng mga kamag-anak ng mga criminal na napatay, sasabihin innocente ung napatay, mabait, etc. etc. etc….

    kasawa na ang mga news ngayon…..:((((

    • pogi

      ulol…sana mapatay ka mamaya bukas at anytime…walanghiya ka..isa ka sa isang kriminal.

      • ever green


    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo



      pag na ‘imbitahan’ kita sa loob ng isafp, at on the way, pinapatay kita at sinabi ko na nanlaban ka, at ikaw ay isang kriminal, would the things I say necessarily be true?

      Would your kin who will surely try to defend your honor be branded liars, because they are recipient of the benefits of your criminal activities?

  • Joe_in_Bikol

    I suggest a “setup” instead of a “rubout.” Try this – someone is out to get someone in the convoy. He tips off the police about the convoy, and also tells the convoy that he hears that some criminal elements will try to stop them on the way. Perfect setup – the two sides shoot it out thinking the other is the bad guy! The “someone” walks away laughing.

    • batangpaslit

      hahaha….ang galing naman ng mama na nang intriga kung tama theory mo

  • dave

    HMMM karamihan ng napatay puro BABAERO at HIWALAY sa ASAWA..

    • pogi

      putang ina mo..walanghiya ka ..namatayan na sila ganyan ka pa magsalita.
      wait ka lang…patutumba kita…i now u

    • ruel

      eh ano kung babaero sila dapat na bang patayin ang mga babaero sa mundo..kung ganon din lng eh di baka wlang maiwang lalaki..puro…na bakla..hahahah

  • marienkind

    If we are to believe every kin in their testimonies, you’d think the vehicles flagged contained the most saintly people on earth. Hahaha

    • batangpaslit

      hahaha….ayos ang observation mo ah

  • pogi

    nag banka rin ako sa jueteng sa quezon…nakawan ng teritoryo at palakasan sa governor…provincial director lalong lalo na sa malacanang.

    pag walang basbas ng malacanang…di payag mga local


    kaya si abnoy…kunwari inosente pati mar roxas.

    mga ulol…tell it to the marines.

  • Janch

    Kanino nakarehistro yung dalawang sasakyan — yung dalawang SUV?

    • batangpaslit

      abangan kung ano ang sunod na news report

      • indiots

        wala na. senador na si maratnan…

    • k

      kay SIMAN.

  • xrisp

    Nawa maging makatotohanan ang ilalabas na report dito ng NBI. Ang ating pakikiramay sa mga nawalan ng mahal sa buhay sa pangyayaring ito.

  • paul

    nakakapagtaka…nagsama -sama mga ibat-ibang klaseng tao sa 2 sasakyan….parang basketball team….iisa layunin…ayun deadbol lahat…kawawa mga naiwan..wala silang kamalay-malay anung pinasukang linya ng kanilang mahal sa buhay….

    • batangpaslit

      so, what do you think is the commond denominator for coming together?

      • paul

        kung anu layunin ng isa din ang iba………if their goal is to win a trophy, everyone is on the same page. They may differ in terms of is a defender while another is the main scorer. But their goal is the same rgardless of their background …obvious ba na may kaduda-duda silang raket.  Ika nga, if you run with the devil, youll be accused of  being one too. 

      • indiots

        sabi nga birds of the same feather…

  • rarq23

    dumaan ako diyan sa highway ng atimonan apat na beses nung Christmas-New Year season wala naman akong nadaanang checkpoint. 

    • batangpaslit

      meron…hindi lang na flag down ang sasakyan mo

  • August Daskeo


  • Pio Gante

     out on an escort run, moonlighters, that’s what they are, the rest were just paid goons.

  • joboni96

    high probability of rubout

    13 guns for hire daw
    di man lang naka isa

    kaya siguro may heneral na kasama
    natunugan yong plano
    baka maka outrank

    parang capone na mga ito
    sa laki ng pera sa sugal

    legalize na kasi jueteng
    para more transparent ang payouts at
    fairer ang bola

    huwag lang casino ng mayaman

  • juan_tanga

    ang babait pala ng 13 na ‘to!

  • Vertumnus

    Rubout!  Most of the people at the checkpoint were in civilian clothing not in police uniform as required by PNP regulations concerning inspection and interdiction.  The leader of the group was indicted for a similar rubout a few years back.  No Police sirens was heard prior to the shootout .

    Conclusion, salvage made to look like police action!  Filipinos are still uncivilized barbarians!

  • dikoy321

    Views from Germany:

    If NOT TRUE that the dead PNP/Army personnel were criminals, UNFAIR to call them criminals or Jueteng protectors because such would quickly ERASE government PENSION payments to the families/children they left behind !

    Living HONEST lives as PNP officers/Army soldiers, being poor and having no RESERVE funds, those families/kids left BEHIND could quickly end up really MISERABLE, unable to get good Education, even the basic Food, Clothing, Shelter !

    A truly in-depth and NO HOLDS BARRED Investigation must take place.

    It seems that Marantan has a lot of EXPLAINING to do, being involved in several past QUESTIONABLE Killings of purported criminals at point-blank range, while not shooting back, in lying position, not moving, per CCTV cameras!

    Did Marantan shoot himself, or asked another to shoot his hand/feet, to make it appear he was a victim too, not only AFTER Revenge on Vic Siman, his former “friend” or “business partner”?

    Let the TRUTH come out !

    Forward Philippines !!!

    • AZKID13

      The 13 were on there way to Church all good men. RIGHT

      • AZKID13

        And the shooters were asking for a ride. OK

  • Barak_O

    marantan for pdea chief

  • Jaime

    Whatever happed to the third SUV?  Is anybody looking for it?

  • Jaime

    Paano magiging rubout ang engkwentro?  Kitang kita naman ganda ng pagka-park ng SUV’s at saka naka roll up pa ang windows.  Ganoon talga makpag barilan park ka ng ma-ayos para kitang kita para barilin tapos roll-up  mo ang windows para maka baril ka din, tingnan mo may nadaplisan kang isang pulis sa paa.

    Hinde rubout eto,  kc kung rubout eto di sana hinde na nila nakalimutan yung third SUV. KC baka may testigo na buhay ba.  hinde rubout, hinde rubout…murder lang!

  • ryan andres

    Itong Marantan na ito parang kulangot, ang lagkit sa kontrobersiya…

    By the way, yung pinatay ng grupo mo nung 2005 eh naghahanap pa rin ng katarungan… ‘namo ka, dapat sayo kapunin, tignan natin kung agresibo’t trigger happy ka pa ring hinayupak ka.

  • Dag Erickson

    We need to start our investigation on who started this gun for hire story. And what happened to that red bag where the picture was taken by reporter Johnny Glorioso and was not in the inventory of the recovered items by the SOCO? YES… A LOT OF INCONSISTENCIES.   Here, that officer who was shot in the leg and arm. He was too close to the SUV. How could he get hit in the leg? There’s no encounter there. It is an example of a hurriedly orgnized checkpoint for the sole purpose of ambushing them.  Take note they said – gun for hire? Policemen killed and civilians killed were all carrying weapons registered to them.  

  • $40586212

    i wonder kung sino pa ang mga tao na implicated so coplan…umm…curious lang ako. Sabi ni Marantan in one of his interviews na ang business ni Vic Siman ay mga legit but behind those businesses are gone-for-hires.  Posible di ba? Di talaga natin alam hanggang di matapos ang imbestigasyon at sumampa sa korte.  Ang hindi ko pa maintindihan sa mga NBI, bakit sinasabi na nila ang mga findings nila sa media? Di ba dapat na presented lang ang mga ‘evidences na yan sa korte? Sa ibang bansa pag may mga crimininal cases na ganyan kahit family hindi privy sa mga found evidences na ganyan…dahil siempre pag sumampa na sa korte, kukuha ng crown ng mga jury from the public, meaning mga citizen ng bansa. Ayaw nila na bago masampa sa korte ang kaso ay narinig na ng mga prospective jurors ang mga evidences na yan..kasi pwedeng hindi sila makabuo ng proper judgement pagdating sa decision ng trial dahil marami na sila narinig na evidences sa labas…magiging bias ang decision nila.  Kaya nga sa ibang bansa ang mga high profile cases na ganyan, minsan ang mga juror ay hindi pwedeng umuwi hanggat di matapos ang trial…ilalagay sila sa secluded areas where they can’t hear any news from outside para hindi ma influence ang decision nila. Kadalasan, any evidences na lumalabas sa media ay indadmissible na sa korte…tatapon ‘yan ng crown, sasabihin tampered evidence na ‘yan.  Kaya ang mga police at mga imbestigador ay maingat sa pagbibigay ng information sa labas…zip ang mga bunganga nila. HIndi pati pinapapasok ang mga media sa loob ng imbestigasyon…kahit sino hindi pwedeng lumpapit sa crime scence other than ang mga police lang at mga imbestigador. Hindi dapat nagpapapasok ang NBI ng mga media or kahit sino sa loob ng inbestigasyon laso na sa crime scene. Sa tingin ko marami ng tampered evidences.    

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