Palace: Aquino still mulling stand on firearms


President Benigno Aquino III. AP FILE PHOTO

President Aquino may like to join shootfests but that’s no basis to conclude what his position is on the proposed stricter gun control, Malacañang said Monday.

“Let’s not preempt the President,” deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said, reacting to observations that Mr. Aquino’s participation in shooting competitions would diminish his support for a stricter gun control.

Mr. Aquino topped Sunday’s executive category of the “Games of the Generals” shooting competition at Camp Crame, beating 102 generals and senior police officers.

This prompted speculation that the President would not support calls for stricter gun control or a total gun ban, which were spurred by the fatal shooting of a 7-year-old girl in Caloocan City during the New Year revelry and the killing of eight people by a man in Kawit, Cavite, last week.

The 52-year-old bachelor President has admitted going on target shooting on weekends as part of his recreation.

Valte said Mr. Aquino had always proven his critics wrong by taking a stand on an issue contrary to his personal preferences. Recently, he signed into law a measure imposing taxes on tobacco and liquor even though he’s a smoker.

“The President has defied  perception so many times in the past,” Valte said. “What we’ve been saying on the sin tax is no secret, but he still supported the passage and the certification of the sin tax measure into law.”

But whether he would certify the enactment of bills seeking a stricter gun control or a total gun ban is a matter that has to be studied by the President, Valte said.

“There are many proposals —from stricter gun control to proposals for a total gun ban. So that has to be discussed with the President,” she said.

Cancel gun permits

“It depends on what the contents of that law will be. When you say comprehensive firearms law, that would involve everything from the importation, rules for importation, rules for procurement … so we will have to see what is in that proposal,” Valte said.

Valte said proposals to cancel all permits to carry guns outside residences were also being studied.

Gunless Society founder Nandy Pacheco has said the President should cancel all permits to carry guns outside homes  pending the approval of a law penalizing the carrying of firearms outside residences by unauthorized persons.

Gunless Society and other groups support the proposed Citizen’s Protection Act of 2010, which seeks to limit the carrying of firearms in public places to people directly and primarily engaged in police, military and security work.

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  • Sugbuanon86



    • aristeosj

      bakit di mo tanungin ang sarili mo
      kung bakit mo tinanong ang 
      tanong na yan?

    • bahaykubo1015

      ha! ha! ha! ha! lol

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       kung ang bulag nga na issuehan ng firearms license, yung sira ulo pa kaya na anak ni presidente Cory?

      Kung si dino tengco, sira ulo ang daming baril, yun pa kayang anak ng mas ma taas na opisyal ng gobyerno?

      • billy gunner

         kala ko mas mataas ang pagkasira ng ulo! lol

  • buttones

    I was not aware that Mr Aquino did enter ‘shoot fests’ -I’m not too sure what these things mean but I assume it’s gun owners shooting holes into bits of paper? How these long winter evenings must simply fly by….Has my President actually won any awards for this pursuit? It would be nice to know he had- that he was not entirely wasting his time…..

  • $18209031

    Dios ko sa pangalan lang ito ay Elitist na  laro.   The  Game of the Generals  conjures the time of Martial Law years when general s were the backbone of the dictatorship.  Talagang exclusive ito pang nasa militar lang  at high govt officials .

    • Sugbuanon86

      Hoy ‘DakuAkongUtin’.

      Huwag mong i-advertise ang laki ng ari mo dito.

      Baka mabasa ito ni PNOY.

      Ipapadukot ka nyan ng PSG.

      Alam mo namang mahilig sa malalaki ang baklang iyon.

      • $18209031

        Ang ganda ng baril ni Pnoy. Mukhang mahilig sya sa 1911. Itong sa akin ngayon ay Norinco Enhanced lang pero matibay ang ganda tumama . Sa Cebu kami nag shooting.

      • Sugbuanon86

        Saan kayo nag target shooting?

        Sa Centcom?

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        Used sw, colt series 80, ssaur. hk usp, etc.

        but i still use armscor 1911 A2 9mm. kinda my fave because of the weight and balance since i favor a heavier slide than most new guns. SSaur comes a far 2nd because of the smooth SA/DA trigger, hk usp another heavy slide.

        Of course that’s personal preference more than anything.

    • Rey Pasigna


  • buttones

    “The 52-year-old bachelor President has admitted going on target shooting on weekends as part of his recreation.”

    I’m sorry, but I was under the distinct impression [because I was told it was so] that the President works all hours that God sends, and I distinctly remember him saying on a recent trip to the Antipodes that he only got three days off a year- Xmas, Easter and another one I can’t remember…

    I have no problem with my President relaxing, ‘chilling out’ as they say, but to be told he actually has no time for this in his busy schedule and then find out that he has, leaves me with a distinct impression I am being lied to- I don’t like being lied to. Seems to me that Erap was more ‘honest’ pursuing his hedonistic life, it was not exactly right but it was at least ’honest’….


      If it seems to you that Erap was more ‘honest’ pursuing his hedonistic life. It also seems to me the president is more ‘honest’ pursuing gun shooting paper for a hole. Boy AB weapon can not shoot real slimmy hole….. weeeeeeee >>>>>>>> byeeeee >>>??? 

  • dennis

    Ang concern lang naman dito na hinihiling ng taong bayan eh ang pag-ban ng loose firearms,illegal and unregistered firearms in the hands of “PRIVATE CITIZEN” is the main concern.Probably amending laws at higpitan ng konti.Mahirap bang unawain yan? Yung mga Government officials,Military,Law enforcer eh ok lang dahil nasa posisyon sila.I don´t care kung gun enthusiast ang Presidente at allowed naman siya dahil nasa posisyon.The President shoot for SPORTS! Ang problema eh Taong-Bayan,they SHOOT FOR PLEASURE: Kung noong December 30 eh nag-order ang Pangulo na samsamin ang mga Illegal na firecrackers at ipinatupad KAAGAD-AGAD eh bakit ang hirap atang gawin sa firearms? Hindi ko maintindihan ang LOGIC doon.

    • Datingkailan

      matigas ang ulo ang mga filipino…kahit bawal gagawin pa den.

  • Garote

    Why don’t the bishops, Pimentel, Tanada, Magsaysay call for a total mining ban. Mining has destroyed more lives in hundreds of thousands than private-owned guns could possibly destroy. Or why not call for a total ban of private armies instead, that would be much better. We will be abolishing the feudal system of warlords like the Ampatuans. However, much of my fear is if there will be a motor-vehicle causing the death of 20 or more pedestrians, the bishops would then be calling for a total motor-vehicle ban. We would be without cars or public utilities to ferry us to work and to mass. Or if somebody would use a fork to kill 20 or more bystanders, Pimentel, Tanada, Magsaysay will call for “fork ban,” we will be eating without a fork, using only a spoon.

  • farmerpo

    It is not the people with gun permits that cause trouble. It is the people who have no permit nor license to own or carry guns that are causing all the trouble,except of course, those in uniform who are as much as problem as the civilians having unlicensed firearms. Curb the illegal firearms and be in control of the licensed ones (use of computers to track down legal owners), and the problem of indiscriminate firing may be abated. It is a known fact in the gun owning circles that uniformed men have the most unlicensed firearm which they sell or use for questionable activities. A closer supervision of such may result in fewer loose firearms. Chow..  

    • john clark

      Sorry to correct… Chow… Is slang for food… I thing you are aiming for the Italian… Ciao!

  • john clark

    Breaking news! 3 Police officers and 3 Soldiers found amongst 13 heavily armed criminals shot dead in Laguna Jueteng angle eyed, can we really trust these politicians and anti-gun civil society groups to protect us? What would happen if they disarmed the citizenry… If criminality ruled our streets the crime themselves done by corrupt police officers and soldiers who will protect us?, will the Anti-gun civil society be found liable for their miscalculation, who would penalize them… No one… These people are playing with our rights…

    • niceguy60

      I think there should be a reasonable balance. Not total ban. But not total display of arrogance either. In a tropical country where heat, humidity and lots of poor, blood boils easily for the brain to snap out of control.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        Best answer so far.

  • superpilipinas

    If you can’t trust the authorities in the Philippines to provide peace and security, you better have a gun to protect yourself. Buti na yung may laban ka.

    Even if they ban guns, criminals can still use bladed weapons. I’d rather we have a shootout than duel with knives!

    • marionics

      may tama ka he he

    • neil

      If you disagree with the total gun ban, then we might as well issue guns to every citizens. It would be unfair if only few can get access to a gun.

    • undisclosed

      Yeahhh….guns should be free to everyone and should be carried everywhere. A shootout every minute somewhere in the country is one way to reduce the population of this country. Hopefully with the reduced population, there will be less poverty, less criminality and enough work for the remaining population.

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS


    ANA: “Kung ang proposal na total gun ban eh magma-materialize, tiyak na ang susunod lamang sa batas na ito eh pawang mga law abiding citizen. Pa’no na kaming mga law abiding citizen, noh?”

    LISA: “Ano pa eh ‘di DEFENSELESS tayong pare-pareho. Ano ang magagawa ng total gun ban law kapag nakatutok sa ‘yo ang PALTIK ng holdaper, hale nga? Sigurado ako na utak teka-teka ang sinomang tongressman o senatong ang gagawa ng proposal na total gun ban.”

    CION: “Para mawala ang agam-agam sa isipan ng mga law abiding citizen sa Phl, kumpiskahin muna ng AFP-PNP ang mga arsenal ng NPA, MNLF, MILF, Abu Sayyaf, mga nasa active duty na sundalo/pulis na drug dealer, etc, bago magpatupad ng total gun ban sa bansa, o, ‘di ba?”

  • Hey_Dudes

    Assuming and I know heelllee will freeze a thousand times over before something like this happen, congress  finally enact a law banning all kinds of firearms in the country. What good will it do if it does not ban movies both foreign and local depicting violence with the use of guns?  It does follow if you don’t ban the source of violence equally between tools that makes it happen, of what use will it be to the citizens in the country?

  • Pedro

    To : President Noynoy

    I agree with the proposal for total gun ban. In my understanding, this will mean civilians can still own guns with license  BUT  NO  PERMIT TO CARRY  OUTSIDE  RESIDENCES  ( PTC ). That means all guns of civilians even with license will stay at the homes of gun owners. 

    ALL PERMITS  TO CARRY OUTSIDE  RESIDENCES  SHOULD BE CANCELLED  AND  THERE SHOULD BE  NO EXCEPTIONS !  Once  the govt allows again those  exceptions, all our efforts will go back to zero ! The PNP  should not be given discretionary  power  to  determine who will be issued  and who will not be issued  PTC. .  Exceptions will open wide the floodgates for CORRUPTION . . .as I have said before. .  MAGPI – FIESTA  LANG ANG  MGA FIXERS  SA  FIREARMS  AND EXPLOSIVES  DIVISION  sa  Camp Crame. . .  As of today the price of a PTC is no less than  P15,000. . no  documents  needed to be submitted . .  

    • john clark

      Dear Pedro:
             I dont agree with you because indirectly a Permit to carry firearm indirectly protects everyone with or without a gun, because criminals have to assume the possibility of being confronted with someone with a gun… If you deprive everyone the right to carry the criminals who do not OBEY the law will find their jobs much easier… Kay Lacson nga when he canceled it bumabaha ang pera… If you want to get rid of firearms in society disarm all armed groups and policemen in civilian clothes should not carry firearms if they do… Automatic dismissal…

      Now the caveat… Im philippine history tyrants always abhored a well armed citizenry, the Spanish Goverment and Friars did not want Indio or our forefathers to bear arms, knowing that a revolt could kick them out of our country, it is easy to praise Jose Rizal and say he inflamed our need for freedom, but what good is it without the force of arms? Rizal himself studied fencing and knew his way about firearms, but those that carried the load had names like, Luna, Aguinaldo, Bonifacio (with a bolo and single action revolver)  Sakay you see their guns where not REGISTERED they had NO PTC. You think the time of Tyrants and Dictators are over today and never will come back, with the advent of social media and awareness, but this is an illusion, In iran social media is shut off at the turn of the switch.What you dont understand is when you take away PTC the gun is a paper weight and the anti-gun activists will want another step… Next take away ALL GUNS the last person who did this was President Marcos, all guns where confiscated as tho it seems and all those that was legal became illegal, hence our problems with all thses illegal firearms multiplied to this level, nevermind the illegal manufacture of small arms in the 70s 80s and 90s.

      Corruption is the tip of the iceberg… The big problem is criminality itself. Gun or knife does it matter? As long as someone wants something the other person has its an endless cycle.

    • Guest

      Bugok ka ba? O baka naman Torpe ka, Pedro? Bawal ang shabu, pero nagkalat. Bawal ang granada, maski na sa bilibid ay mayroon. Halos buwan-buwan ay may natatagpuan o sumasabog. Saan ba makakakuha ng granada, kundi sa militar? Nakalimutan mo na ba ang martial law ni Marcos, na bawal lahat ang hindi nila gusto at sila lang ang pwedeng magdala ng armas? Itigil mo na ang inutil mung mungkahi.  

  • RockA

    Slaves could never own guns.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


    • Panzerjock

      “To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” – George Mason

      Do not allow your people to become slaves to anyone.

  • Edward Solilap

    There’s no such things as a total Gun Ban if the Authorities can’t guarantee the safety of civilians.

  • 100345roselia

    I am in favor of TOTAL GUN BAN throughout the Philippines starting Jan. 01, 2014 (w/in 2 years) provided the ff. requirements are met:

    – All unlicensed firearms shall be confiscated by the government without exception including    
      those of Bangsamoro soldiers/civilians,
    – All licensed firearms holders shall be allowed to use said firearms within their residence up to
      December 31, 2013. After 12.31.2013, all licensed firearms should be surrendered to the
      government without exemption
    – Any Filipino or foreigner with unlicensed firearm will be imprisoned for lifetime by the court
    – Only those officers / personnel in the active service of the AFP & PNP will be allowed to carry
      firearms provided they are in their authorized complete uniform.

    • Night

      taga planet earth ka ba?

      hahaha sa nirvana lang mangyayari yan!

    • Arnel

      Alam mo ba ang ibig sabihin ng total gun ban?  AFP at PNP walang baril. Pati ang Presidente walang baril Yon ang total gun ban.

      • john clark

        This will work… But I dare you to get the MILF and Bangsamoro, Abu Sayyaf and criminals to comply, if the root isnt there we dont need guns in the first place… Then control mans greed…

        Till then i’m keeping my gun!

    • Guest

      Panoorin mo sa youtube ang – “gun control worldwide”.

    • Rey Pasigna


      • antonioluna

        Putangina mo! ang kulit mo, gag0! e di wag mong isurrender baril mong paltik! ungas!

    • Panzerjock

      Just how naive are you? What you’re proposing affects only those who obey the law, and criminals, especially organized and career-types, NEVER obey the law; not to mention, they’ll get their hands on guns regardless of any laws. The military and police, especially in your country, CANNOT be everywhere to protect everyone at once either, and all you’d be doing is allowing criminals and other dangerous elements to prey on a newly-disarmed civilian population who have been denied the means to effectively defend themselves, along with their families and children.

      • Harry

        How naive can you be? If criminals can rob well-secured banks, they can handle you anytime.

      • Panzerjock

        So you’d just lay down and die. Pitiful. At least with one or more guns in your home and people who know how to use them, you’d have a fighting chance and most criminals will actually think twice about trying to rob an armed household. 

        You can remain unarmed if you like, but don’t go crying to me if criminals break into your home, brutalize you and your folks because you couldn’t defend yourselves, and the police don’t arrive until after the damage has been done and the ones who did it are long gone.

  • jerome

    You can control the licensed one paano yung mga unlicensed? Try natin tanggalan ng baril mga body guard ng mga ito tapos hayaan natin  yung mga unlicensed na may dala ano kaya gagawin nila? 

  • Night

    ganito nalang… kapag perpekto ka tulad ni Pwenoy Mongolyd Prince… pwede ka mag dala ng baril….

    kapag hindi ka perpekto bawal ang baril…. 

    kuha niyo? mga uto uto talaga tayo

  • zom

    Condom bill lang ang kaya nito gawin hahahaha!

  • sugbu

    Valte said Pnoy defied perception…..and I said…with unpredictible leader,Philippines will be a train wrecked rushing down the cliff.

  • Guest

    BAN all politicians who want to ban guns.

  • Rey Pasigna


  • Rey Pasigna


  • freeview

    yan ang Pangulo..vested interest…inuuna..porque hobby niya

  • joerizal

    Bigyan niyo lang ng ilang linggo at makakalimutan na itong isyu na ‘to. Kaya nga nananahimik si PNoy kasi ayaw niyang maipit. Kung walang korapt, walang kukurap-kurap.

  • billy gunner

    what do we expect when we have a trigger-happy president!

  • Fulpol

    in order to confiscate guns, BS Aquino III should declare martial law….

    CDQ like that…

    • Harry

      Set a reasonable deadline for compulsory surrender of all kinds of firearms. Those found in possession of firearms past the deadline will suffer the penalty of possessing illegal firearms. No need for a martial law but a well-publicized gun ban program.

  • Jose Rizal

    Slow thinker eversince…He just waited for the public pulse so that he could grab popularity over a decision that was digested already by Llamas (of AKBAYAD)— a communist political strategist.   This has been the practice since day one…
    Hahahahahaha!  Tingnan niyo kung gaano niloko ang mga matatalinong Pinoy sa isang abnoy…Hahahahahahahaha! 

  • disqusted0fu

    Pnoy does not care whether there is a gun ban or not. He and his KKKs are above the law. They are usually exempted in these types of rules.

  • kilabot

    noykapon should not be deprived of his source of recreation; 
    unless he becomes a threat to others and to himself. that’s why it’s important that he undergoes regular psycho/psychia tests and results made public. likewise to all govt officials.

  • Jose

    People are seriously complaining about a government official NOT wanting to make a knee jerk decision?  About a government official actually wanting to THINK about an issue before making an important decision?

    Yeah, good job, Philippines.

    • Harry

      What is there to think on a gun ban? The crime rate is not going to shoot up because of the sudden absence of guns.

      • Panzerjock

        Wrong. Crime rates shot up in Australia after they tried banning guns in 1997 with armed robberies going up by 69%, assaults involving guns going up by 28%, and home invasions, which were virtually non-existent prior to then going up by 21%. If such a thing could happen in Australia, then I’d imagine something worse happening in the PI if they tried banning guns there.

      • Jose

        Honestly?  Implementation.

        Guns have been proliferating in the Philippines for decades, and while a law WOULD get a lot of people to turn in their arms, many would not.  THAT would be a huge issue, especially once a criminal with a gun manages to rob / kill someone who used to have a gun that gave it back.

        I would support a gun ban, but also support politicians actually putting time into thinking about these things.  Careful, careful thought needs to go in to this.

  • undisclosed

    Yeahhh….guns should be free to everyone and should be carried everywhere. A shootout every minute somewhere in the country is one way to reduce the population of this country. Hopefully with the reduced population, there will be less poverty, less criminality and enough work for the remaining population. Everyone will be happy, well at least those who will survive the attrition.

  • AllinLawisFair

    Gumawa ng batas na mahigpit na nagbabawal sa pagkakaroon ng baril ng walang pahintulot.
    Ang dapat na gawin ay tulad ng ginawa noong mga unang araw ng martial law kung saan mahigpit na ipinag-utos na isuko ng mga mamamayan ang lahat ng mga baril na illegal. Halughugin ang mga pinagtataguan ng mga baril, samsamin ang makikita na walang pahintulot at patawan ng mabigat na parusa ang sinumang sumuway sa batas. Gumamit ng kamay na bakal kung kinakailangan.

  • arao_liwanag

    Noynoy alaws titi, sobra ngitpa. taksil pa sa soveranya.

  • joboni96

    mga problema
    1. maraming unregistered boga
    2. sobra sobra baril ng marami
    3. sobra sobra ammo ng marami
    4. kalat sa labas ng bahay na boga
    5. kulang sa monitoring

    mga solusyon
    1. stop gun smuggling   – mahirap
    2. limit to 1 rifle, 1 shotgun, 1 pistol, 1 revolver only – no automatic
    3. continuous operation bakal and amnesty
    4. padaliin registration
    5. public firing ranges
    6. limit caliber to .380 for handguns
    7. no military grade ammo for rifles

    ibigay confiscated firearms sa
    forestry, fisheries at anti-mining guards

  • Your_King

    So it appears that when you are President not only will people arrest and jail anyone for your pleasure but also will let you win gun shoot-out competitions. Very hard to believe that Aquino really won. Also very hard to believe that everyone that Aquino attacks deserves to be attacked.

  • disqusted0fu

    People who suffer from asperger’s syndrome are said to have a distinct talent. Maybe shooting is Pnoy’s talent. If that’s the case, expect more mulling from him because chances of him giving this up are thin.

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