Kin cries ‘salvage,’ PNP refutes accusation


LUCENA CITY, Philippines – A relative of one of the victims on the shooting incident along the Maharlika Highway in Atimonan, Quezon Sunday afternoon cried salvage or summary execution.

But Quezon police chief, Senior Supt. Valeriano de Leon, immediately denied the allegation.

“It was not an encounter but salvage of innocent persons. They are not criminals. The police are lying,” the relative told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in an interview at the Funeraria Pagbilao here in Lucena City.

The kin who requested anonymity for security reasons called on the government to conduct an independent investigation.

De Leon vehemently refuted the “salvage” allegation.

“One of our police officer was wounded when the criminals opened fire. One of the bullets even pierced through his bone. Was that the kind of salvage operation?” De Leon told the Inquirer over the phone.

He said the relative’s reaction was natural for a person who lost a kin but was not present during the incident.

The rest of the victims’ families refused to talk to the media. They also requested the media not to take their photos and the bodies of the victims at the morgue of the funeral parlor.

The remains of the 13 victims were brought by members of Quezon scene of the crime operations (SOCO) investigators at the funeral parlor here for further examinations of the bodies.

Two of the victims were identified as a senior police official and a former municipal official of Sariaya, Quezon.

Chief Inspector Zaide Abrera, head of Quezon police-Scene of Crime Operations (SOCO), identified the slain police official as one Supt. Alfredo Consumino. His place of assignment is still unknown.

From the available record of Funeraria Pagbilao, the other victim was identified as Tirso Lontok Jr., former executive assistant to ex-Sariaya town Mayor Connie Doromal and also known as Mount Banahaw protection advocate.

The identities of the rest of the victims were still unavailable.

Zaide said it would take them three days to determine if the slain suspects fired guns before they were killed.

Aside from Consumino, De Leon said two of the other slain syndicate members were also policemen.

“We will disclose the identities of them all as soon as we’re finished with the investigation,” he said.

De Leon said the investigation was focusing on the intelligence report that the victims were members of a professional gun-for-hire syndicate.

“They were all heavily armed,” De Leon said.

He insisted that the operation was the result of a top level intelligence reports from police and military intelligence community.

Initial police report said investigators recovered eight .45 cal. pistols, one M-16 rifle and one M-14 rifle from the alleged criminals.

De Leon said the police investigators are looking into the angle that the victims have been tasked to carry out assassination job of target politicians.

“They may be targeting politicians,” he said.

The victims were killed in an alleged shootout with combined police and Army soldiers along the Maharlika Highway in the village of Tanauan in Atimonan town Sunday afternoon.

Police report said the government forces tried to flag down two black Montero sports utility vans (SUVs) carrying the suspects.

But instead of heeding the order, the suspects shot the lawmen which prompted the policemen and soldiers  to return fire and killed all passengers of the vehicles.

The lawmen suffered no casualties during the exchange of gunfire but one of the policemen – Supt. Hansel Marantan, an official of the Philippine National Police-Southern Tagalog’s Special Operations Group – was hit in the hands and a leg.

He was taken to a hospital in Lucena City and is now out of danger.

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  • Magsasaka

    rub out ito, sa dami ng napatay at may dalang mga baril kung nagkaroon ng barilan hindi maaring hindi malagasan ang hanay nila dahil sa kabobobo nila sa barilan, ubos lang talaga ang kalaban nila kapag rubout o salvage o kaya naman ay botanis ang raratratin nila, hanggang doon lang ang kakayahan ng mga bano at tangang AFP at PNP

    • zom

      try mo sumama sa mga ganyang raid. tingnan natin kung ganyan pa reaction mo

      • Magsasaka

        RAID? nagtatangatangahan ka ba?checkpoint iyon, huminto sila ayon biglang rinatrat, yong isang nasugatan kuno ay sila lang ang sumugat sa kamay at paa at base sa mga kaganapan magagaling lang kayo sa mga walang laban pero kapag legit ang encounter para lang kayong pinapatay dahil sa kabobopols nyo

      • zom

        o di baguhin natin, checkpoint! bat nandun ka ba? huminto tapos niratrat? galing mo naman! san mo naman narinig yang huminto tapos niratrat? baka naman tropa mo yan kaya nanggagalaiti ka

      • Magsasaka

        ayan ganyan, naniniwala kang binaril si rizal sa luneta pero nandoon ka rin ba?mga sagot mo pangkanto sige ipagtangol mo lang ang mga kapwa mo bano na magaling lang pumatay ng walang laban hehehe

      • zom

        pakialam ko kay rizal! ano ba ginawa nyan bukod sa mambabae!? :))

      • Magsasaka

        ang ginawa nya ayon nga nagpabaril sa luneta hehehe

      • Sander

         d natin majudge yung pangyayari kun wala tayo dun, pero sa tingin ko lang basi sa balita, may intelligence report na dumating basi sa grupo kaya nag checkpoint, sa report nakalagay highly armed yung grupo kaya yung nagcheckpoint may tension na, pagdating ng sasakyan at paghinto may pumutok, (baka gulong or bata na may kwitis or isa sa nakasakay or isa sa nag checkpoint),kung kaw ang nagcheckpoint syempre ano gagawin mo? tatalikod ka ba at tatakbo? bobo moves yan, syempre titira ka na rin, so lahat tirahan na…

    • c

       andun ka? tsaka di ba, patay ka na?

      • Magsasaka

        wala ako doon, may madaldal lang kayong kasamahan na nagkwentu sa akin hehehe

  • milespacker

    In Quezon/Batangas, being a gun for hire is a “decent” livelihood. Almost everyone has a licensed or unlicensed gun – or both. Young people talk about killing like a status symbol.

    Blurred na ang concept of right and wrong in most of these places.

  • titolim

    kung ang target nila ay may papataying politico sana pina bayaan na lang nilang maka lusot sa check point para ma bawasbawasan naman ang mga magnanakaw sa bayan.

  • Republika Pilipinas

    “The lawmen suffered no casualties during the exchange of gunfire but one of the policemen – Supt. Hansel Marantan, an official of the Philippine National Police-Southern Tagalog’s Special Operations Group – was hit in the hands and a leg.”
    Delfin, casualty means someone killed or injured in an incident. Sa University of the Philippines ka yata nag-aral.

  • Ray Anthony

    peste nga reporter…..unsa man gyud…victims o suspects!!!!!!! hoy inquirer proof-reader…READ!!!!!

    • Roberto

       oo man gid.

  • johnlordphilip

    CHR should be involved in the investigation. The fact that all in the other side were killed raises a lot of doubts!!!

  • Roberto

    To Abdul:  

    What the…??? You provoking trouble. You should be the one to remove your stinking symbol. It is offensive to the international community.

  • Roberto

    To Abdul:
    By the way, are you Sunni, Shiiet, or Copycat?

  • Roberto

    To Ernesto:

    Tumpak!!! Kung di lang pinagbigyan ang mga yan matagal nang matahimik ang Mindanao.

  • legnasagra

    Meron di naman pala mga pulis at sundalo sa mga namatay ayon sa ABS-CBN news. Aling panig kaya ang mga bida? 

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       di kaya yun yung mga suspects?

  • Ray Anthony

    both of you should shut up! abdul i have a lot of muslim friends, they dont talk like u..and askal u dont act like a christian.!!! pag tarong mo..ipa paak ta mo sa amigas ron..cge mo!

  • joerizal

     Tanong niyo kay Lacson. Siya ang expert sa Kuratong Baleleng rubout…nakalusot pa.

  • Rovingmoron

    Again, it’s going to be a tainted check point encounter with the lawmen because some of those killed were lawmen themselves. But why would the suspects fire on the cops and soldiers manning the check points? The only mistake here was that there was no mediamen around to document what happened. Bayan Patrollers, asan kayo!

  • paul

    dapat lang mabawasan ang masasamang damo sa mundong ito…..gud job gentlemen….

  • Dawn Dare

    How do we know these are not self-inflicted wounds?

    • Loggnat


  • Ommm

    Yesterday they were drug dealers but today professional hit men…. pretty simple to see if these men fired weapons with a paraffin test…and that doesn’t take 3 days, except when you have the police investigating the police…

  • Hey_Dudes

    Sound more like……pay us…pay us…… that these good sakristans are dead and stiff….we need mony…lotsa mony…….so we can continue living in wonderland.

  • joshmale2004

    Not all the 13 have to fire their guns and must be positive of paraffin. Just any one or two of the suspects if they fired their gun would compel the police officers to engage them in a shoot out.

  • Alfred A

    This is more effective than RH..hehehehe

  • Brilliant_Investor

    Please be observant on the use of the word “victim”, especially on this kind of delicate report. It’s confusing for the readers! Rather use the words “alleged or supposed suspects”. Otherwise, if the those men who were killed, alleged as criminals who were carrying heavy weapons, were described as “victims” then lawmen herein who carried out their duties well are viewed as “suspects”?  

    • joshmale2004

      Brilliant observation.

  • Marlon

    two words: RUB OUT

    lumang istilo na yan. tanong nyo kay Sen. Lacson. expert sya dyan.

  • niceguy60

    How will the public know the real truth? All suspects are killed. Can’t blame people from speculation. The police have responsibility to explain why it come to this. Too many of this salvage operation had happened in the past without clear closure. Can’t blame people from asking why? Too many lives had been lost.

  • tilamsik

    good job PNP!!!!  pag tayo naging biktima ng mga masasamang tao mas malalaman natin na dapat nililipol ang mga gaya nila

    • Edward

      hwag po agad nyong i congratulate ang pnp for the job well done kasi lumalabas sa initial findings na iba ang motibo hindi iyong sinabi ng pnp…isang respetadong environmentalist kasama sa napatay?at bakit iyong lng chokepoint na kung nangyari ang alleged encounter hindi RAW huminto ang sasakyan ng mga alleged suspect eh maraming chokepoints pag galing bicol to atimonan?

      Ano ito bka MALI pnp operation? kung totoo man ang encounter eh good job…pero history will tell na base sa record ng pnp operation…

  • $18209031

    Dios ko po, ano nang yari sa Pinas?

    • Pitbulldog

      Wag mo nang itanong yan…May pandemonium sa Pinas.  Una, may pan demonyo na abnoy  kasi diyan sa palasyo na dapat walisin at ihagis sa Ilog Pasig….

  • bornite

    heavily armed??? di ba pulis yung ibang nasa loob, kaya malamang bitbit nila service firearms nila…and i’ve heard in the news that the 13 were killed within 5 minutes only…kung lumaban sila, the thime shold have been longer…

    • zom

      tactically speaking, dehado talaga yung mga nasa sasakyan. Bakit? nakaposisyon ang mga nasa checkpoint. Inutil yung mga nasa sasakyan kung bakit sila nagpaputok. Wala sila cover dun kundi yung sasakyan na tatagos naman yung mga bala the fact na may sundalo na mahahaba ang bitbit.

  • Willy Tulabot

    pagitong mga masasamang loob n ito nakapatay sisihin pulis,dahil d ginawa trabaho nila.gnayun naman ginawa nila trabaho nila at napatay itong mga masasamang taong ito sinisisi natin ang pulis,san n lulugar ang mga pulis?

  • litobetita

    Kung talagang encounter ito eh job well done sa mga pulis at sundalo natin. May mga napatay na pulis sa kabilang partido…..bihira ito if not a “legitimate” encounter. Anyway, dahil madami ang casualties, I think a further investigation is needed para ma erase ang mga doubts. Marami na kasing ganitong cases wherein an encounter tunrned out to be a rub out pala kaya mahirap na mapaniwala ang mga mamamayan.   

  • nti_boohaya

    Pulis nanaman ba ang sangkot sa sindikato?!  Parang sa Mexico na eto a na nagpapatayan dahil sa negosyong droga. Ganun pa man, welcoming na balita yan dahil sila sila rin ang naguubusan. 

  • joshmale2004

    In connection with the loose firearm inventory instructed by the Government, it’s about time also the government instruct a public inventory of all drugs confiscated and under the custody of PDEA.This is to ensure that all drugs and drug production equipment are fully accounted and are existing in PDEA’s custody. Failure to account all these drugs should be enough to replace and prosecute every one in the PDEA. A law should also be passed that drug certification for consfiscated drugs to be used as evidence should be admissible in court so as all drugs after being certified should be destroyed properly to ensure that they don’t return to the market.

  • bagombong

    Well, ganon talaga, sasabihin ng mga kaanak salvage ang ginawa, mabait na tao at walang masamang ginagawa, yan ang sasabihin ng mga kaanak , alam ba naman nila ang pinaggagawa ng mga biktima, siyempre hinde, kaya nasasangkot ang mga pulis dahil sa maaaring mga barkada nya mga ito, alam nyo na pag barkada mo sa iyo sila kukuha ng protekyon dahil pulis ka, ito yun mga pulis na hindi kayang supilin ang kalokohan ng mga kakilala bagkus, pinagkakakitaan nila ang mga illegal na gawain nila…kaya itong mga media minsan bago kayo sumulat sa reakyon ng mga kaanak ng mga biktima, timbangin nyo muna kung alin ang totoo…para naman di na lang nalalagay sa kahihiyan ang mga pulis na tumutupad at nagpapakamatay para lang maituwid ng mga kalokuhan ng ibang pulis…basta ako, dapat talaga patayin ang mga taong salot sa bansa natin.

    • Homer Guo

       agree. most families of these criminals are in the dark as to what their kin really do for a “living.” walang criminal na umaming criminal sya lalo sa kamag anak.

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        Hayaan mo, malapit nang lumabas ang katotohanan at malilintikan ang mga pumatay. Siyempre ang bersyon lamang ng mga nakapatay ang lumabas, dead men tell no tales ika nga. Kakahiya dahil opisyal pa ang misyon ng mga nakapatay. Personal na alitan lang ang pinagmulan nito ang daming nadamay.

    • Edward

      isang respetadong environmentalist kasama sa napatay?at bakit iyong lng chokepoint na kung nangyari ang alleged encounter hindi RAW huminto ang sasakyan ng mga alleged suspect eh maraming chokepoints pag galing bicol to atimonan?

      nagtatanong lng po…i smell something fishy other media news sites like gmanewstv and interaksyon for initial findings and not make conclusion based on  the initial news reports..

    • Nel

      hindi mo alam ang sinasabi mo..kakilala ko ang isa sa namatay dun at maayos and pamilya nila. mag isip kayo ng mabuti bago kayo maniwala sa mga balitang napapanood o naririnig ninyo. Kung sindikato yang mga pinatay nila siguro naman trained sila makipagbarilan..pero bakit lahat sila patay? at isa lang ang sugatan sa pulis?

  • Joe Russo

    Philipines stop the corruption. Help the people rather than get rich. Start a hot line, so that people can text what is happening, only god knows Filipinos are great at texting. Protect those that “whistle blow” and pay them for their help.

  • jumpah

    Good job, theres no doubt mga Bad boy dapat lang.

  • haybuhay69

    wag nman kase dapat masyadong halata

    5 mins
    13 patay
    yung pulis na tinamaan sa tuhod lang?

    Pero good job pa rin. Next time sana galingan nila yung pag ayos ng kwento para wala na mag isip ng salvage.

  • Edward

  • Albert Einstien

    tsk tsk…..pnp mahirap yan alegasyon na yan…baka lumaki pa yan…mas maniniwala ang PUBLIKO sa sinasabi ng  relative na ” salvage or summary execution ” yan kasi 13 HEAVILY ARMED men….PATAY .isa lang sa pulis ang me flesh wound..?…para makabawi kayo IPAKITA nyo na mga MOST WANTED mga yan..naku pag HINDI sila mga WANTED at puro sibilyan yan…DELIKADO yan..or..baka mga police assets mga yan  na MARAMI na nalalaman kaya kelangan ng maka-encounter….dahil naglilinis na ata si GEN. PURISIMA…sa mga scalawags in uniform…..keep it up general… 

  • Cerise David

    I can understand putting the checkpoint on a deserted part of Maharlika Highway to minimize collateral damage, but where’s the video?  No dashcam?  No cellphone cam?  Not even a voice recording of the (pre-planned) arrest procedure?

    • zom

      ala tayo sa amerika :))

    • el capitan

       gyera ba pinuntahan nila? wala naman atang media na nangahas na sumama or pinasama, bakit habang nakikipag barilan ba ang mga police nag vi video ? wala naman atang issue ang police na head cam, wala tayo sa afgan at iraq

  • pinoypower

    Obvious na walang efforts na buhayin ang mga suspects. Kung nasa loob sila ng sasakyan hindi lahat mapupuruhan at kahit paano may sugatan na maisusugod sa hospital. 
    I am not siding with those slain pero mukhang may gusto ring pagtakpan ang mga police authorities kaya wala silang binuhay. Malaking katanungan din kung bakit isang senior police officer ay napatay sa engkwentro. Anong ginagawa niya kasama ang mga alleged criminals? Bakit parang alam agad ni Teddy Casino ang nangyayari? May intelligence operatives kaya siya sa area na alam naman ng marami na stronghold din ng NPA?
    Ang daming tanong na malamang hindi na masasagot kasi “Dead men tell no tales”.

    • Loggnat

      Maybe Teddy is the informer and he informed on the people in the Montero or maybe he just gave his buddy the reporter Mallari a tip on a breaking news that is why Casiño has his mug added to the article. Who knows but Mallari and Casiño, i guess. :)

    • zom

      may sundalo kaya! ano ba dala ng mga sundalo!

  • $16638896

    eto ang karaniwang reaksyon ng mga kamag anak ng mge demnyong sindikato. walang kaalam alam ang mga mahal nil sa buhay na gumagawa sila ng katarantaduhan, sasabihin ba naman nila un. kaya kapag natigok sila, rubout na agad.

  • koaks2

    kung hindi huminto sa checkpoint, ano yun, hinabol pa ng mga pulis at sundalo yung mga montero( SUV )? kung ganito ang nangyari, malamang malayo na sa checkpoint ang “shootout”. isang pulis lang ang tinamaan sa kabila ng reports na heavily armed daw ang mga kriminal. at kung una nagpaputok itong mg kriminal at malalakas ang kargada nila, malabo yata yung isa lang ang tinamaan sa autoridad.

    • el capitan

       bro naranasan mo na bang maka enkwentro ng ganito? eh yong sitahin ka nga lang ng police dahil sa traffic violation nanlalamig ka na yon pa kayang makipagbarilan ka, ok lang pag ikaw ang naka una pero pag ikaw ang naunahan baka ma ihi ka sa takot kahit pa may baril ka….

    • batangpaslit

      when the Israelite Special Forces raided Id Amin’s lair to free up the Jewish nationals held hostage by the terrorists, only on officer died, the elder brother of the current Prime Minister of Israel
      a well executed plan results to minimum of casualties

    • zom

      dami mong alam! subukan mong maging sundalo o pulis tingnan natin ang galing mo!

  • Pitbulldog

    Human rights BS.  There is still a lot to be done to propel the image of the APF and police to a status where people would be more sympathetic to them rather than the other side. When lawless elements lose members, especially on a scale like this, many sectors would be howling about summary executions even when lawmen had acted by the rules. They always end up as the bad guys in this case. There are witnesses perhaps who could shed more light on this incident.  People should not be so naive to readily believe these leftists propagandists and human rights BS, again. Poor soldiers and policemen, when they lose members that is a massacre and they are immediately criticized because of poor planning and stupidity. When they score against the rebeles or lawless elements, that is human rights violation.

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Leftists have no stake in  this case. One of the dead is the former Municipal Administrator of Sariaya and a known confidant of Sec. Proceso Alcala. 

      • Pitbulldog

        Asus nagsalita, di kasali leftists daw, e since time immemorial yan ang pinaka maingay umatungal lalo na’t militar at police and sangkot.  Harbinger of bad tidings ang mga yan always against AFP/police.  Siguro maka-kaliwa ka, kundi man, kaliwete ka marahil..kailangan siguro i-divorce ka ng esmi mo para wala nang problema about RH bill.  Ano ba yan, sa dami ng issue sa panahon ni P-noy nalilito na yata ang tao nito.  Pati kami. At dapat malaman mo Brod, pag ikaw pinahinto sa checkpoint, huminto ka na, dahil kapag tumakbo ka, sinong Herodes ka man dyan, babakbakan ka nila.  Yan ang S.O.P. nila diyan.  Ba’t ka umiwas? Ibig sabihin may kasalanan ka di ba?  Malayo pa sasakyan nyan, pinahihinto na nila…And now you know, or you do not really want too know….

      • 18C0501

        Yung mga tao na nasa loob mismo ng mga SUV alam na Checkpoint ang  Dinaraanan nila, kng wala silang masamang gawain bat hinde sila huminto at magpakilala sa mga awtoridad. May witness naman talaga na civilian dyan kita nya na pinara ng pulis at pinapahinto, kaso hinde huminto.

      • Pitbulldog

        That’s my point, dahil witness ako at brother to a similar checkpoint incident na nangyari sa may parteng Aurora around 2005 when we went there to visit some friends.  Nataranta yata o ano man ang trike driver na nag-overtake sa amin at nang dumaan sa checkpoint, kumaskas pa nang pahintuin.  Ayun, inispreyhan ng M16 ng sundalo.  Swerte nya, nakatalon siya mula sa tricycle nya.  Ligtas nga, warak naman likuran ng trike nya. Kaya pag pinahinto ka dyan, huminto ka na sino ka mang siga-siga.  Take the case of actor  Eddie Fernandez and a Malaysian Imam dyan sa Mindanao. Binuhay ba?  HIndi sa nasa side nila ako, nililinaw ko lang ang S.O.P nila dyan dahil sa tingin ko, wala namang mali dyan at wala dapat silang pananagutan diya. 

  • Hunter421

    This newspaper calls 13 criminals who engaged in a shootout with police ‘victims’?

    • muddygoose

      Yeah, that’s a bit strange.

      • Nutting Moore

        Delfin Mallari? He roams around Lucena na akala mo kung sino.. bobo naman pala.. 

    • Don Dee

      I think the word the writer was looking for was “casualties”.

    • Allan

      i think it is better to use “victims” because they were, in fact, victims until proved otherwise.

      • Hunter421

        So you’d like to ignore the fact that they were in possession of a dozen firearms including 2 high-powered firearms and that there’s a policeman in the hospital due to a gunshot wound?

  • Practicalandconcerned

    These government organizations is not like before…not the same cyclical poor morale and dishonored organizations… Mistakes will be made granted that but they have better consciousness and awareness of democracies…these are generations of officers who thinks twice of committing such actions unlike not at all before. As citizens we have the obligation to also follow the request of our law men for any inspections despite feeling rightfully intimidated but if you have done nothing wrong then there is nothing to fear…these unsubs had to be guilty for pulling the triggers; they be guilty of what was initially suspected, drunk or down right stupid. First shot already means the PNP and military was already being attached and therefore had the right to enforce hell…Kung may innocente doon malas kana…but in all honesty. Yong sinasabing innocente impossibling walang alam sila Kung anong klaseng mga Tao yun

  • isellnuts

    Good riddance

  • aldhins

    Kailangan talaga ng  independent investigation  para naman mag ka alaman na kung anu ang katotohanan police rin pala ang isa sa napatay nila.

  • Kaloy

    This kind of reaction from a relative of the suspected criminals should be expected. What else can they say?                                                                         

    The fact that one of the police officers was wounded, obviously, it was an encounter. Let those who think otherwise, prove that it wasn’t.                                                                                                                                                                                                              .

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Dead don’t speak 

  • Klepto

    Yan ang tama. Barilan kaagad. Hindi nasasayang ang pera sa bilangguan, huwes, at abogago.

  • Pio Gante

    @yahoo-MZOKC6X7Q52Z4E5VLYNB7GF72Y:disqus you’re right, that it’s  a normal response from a family member who’s always kept in the dark as to the illegal activities of a relative unless of course it’s a family business.

    regarding the wounded cop, in some fake encounters, self inflicted flesh wounds are done to make it appear as credible, again you’re right, those who doubt it like me, have to prove it.

  • Allan

    “They were all heavily armed,” De Leon said.

    Initial police report said investigators recovered eight .45 cal. pistols, one M-16 rifle and one M-14 rifle from the alleged criminals.
    – alin dito ang tutoo? do you call 13 people heavily armed if they have 8 pistols and 2 rifles? why was there no attempt to apprehend them alive?   

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Business as usual

  • Boying

    Salvage na naman ito sigurado. Notorious ang Hansel na ito. Siya din pumatay ng mga taga ateneo sa Ortigas na sinanabi shootout pero kitang kita sa video at kahit and CHR ay nagpatunay na rubout ang nangyari!! Paging CHR pakibusisi ito at sigurado may katarantaduhan na naman pulis na ito!!

    • zom

      bakit porket ba taga ateneo di na pwede maging kriminal? e si gloria nga graduate pa sa ibang bansa, kaklase pa ni BILL CLINTON ehh

      • Pitbulldog

        Oo nga naman. di ba si P-noy abnoy, nag-Ateneo din yan kahit timang?  Tingnan nyo siya, naging presidente pa.  di ba kamag-anak yan na mga taga-Tarlac na itinuturong may kinalaman sa massacre ng mga farmers doon sa HLI?

    • paul

      boying……mukhang southpaw ka ah…..bakit hindi ka pumiyok dun sa mga comrades mo sa bundok…pumapatay ng kapwa at mga hindi nagbabayad ng buwis…ehem…extortion pala….

  • Boying

     Na promote pa ang lintek imbes makasuhan!! Dait pipitsugin na Inspector nagun Superintendent na!! marami pa to papatayin ng walang kalaban laban. matapang kuno duwag naman., Pumapatay ng walang kalaban laban. Ito ang mga taong pumapatay ng mga katulad ni Jonas Burgos na higit sandaang dobleng marangal ang pagkatao kahit sa pulis patolang ito o kahit sino man sa inyo. may araw din kayo. May paghuhukom din ang langit!!

    • Bayan Panona

      Excuse lang po, hindi po pipitsugin ang Inspector. Yung PO1 nga po na 7 ranks lower than Inspector propesyonal nga Inspector pa kaya. PAki-analyze lang. Tapos yung promotions naman po, dapat lang mapromote kahit may kaso. Bakit? Ganito po yun, since hindi nyo po alam. Ang pagkakaroon po ng kaso ay hindi ibig-sabihin napatunayan na nagkasala ang kinasuhan. kung hindi nyo po alam, ang daling kasuhan ng mga pulis dito sa Pilipinas. Misconduct nga lang pwede na ifile against them kahit hindi totoo.

  • Boying

     Sa mga pumapabor sa salvaging sana kayo isunod ng mga pagpatay ng walang laban at walang due process. Tawa ko lang kung ngagnawa ngawa maga pamilya nyo!! From a victim of state repression in Germany: First Hitler came for the jews. I did not protest coz im not a jew. next they came for the Communists I kept my silent as I am not a communist. Then they came for me and there was nobody to protest. TANDAAN nyo sa alinmang uri ng lipunan walang tatalo sa hustisyang dumadaan sa due process!!

    • zom

      alam mo dude, di aaksyon ang pulis kung walang nagbigay ng tip. kahit pulis patola pa yan oh gunggong na mga pulis, trabaho nila kumpirmahin lahat ng mga natatanggap nilang intelligence. kung ikaw law abiding citizen ka, at wala kang ginagawang katarantaduhan, hindi ka mangangamba kahit gaano pa kapalpak ang pulisya dahil sigurado ka naman hindi ka nila gagalawin!

      • Gandalf

        Mali ang pagkakaintindi mo ng  demokrasya. Ang ganyang kalalakaran ay napakadaling maabuso. Kaya may mga batas para maiwasan ang ganyang sitwasyon dahil yang sinasabi mo ay open for abuse.
        I hope for your sake that you are speaking out of naivete, and not from ignorance.

  • Boying

    PAGING CHR. Obvious na obvious na nag pagiging mamamatay tao ng pulis na ito. Bakit ito na propromote pa imbes kasuhan at makulong!!

    • Bayan Panona

      May evidence kayo sir? When pa kayo naging forensics expert? Paturo naman.

  • agaylaya

    Yung mga namatay ay mga “victims” ng mga pulis? Paki linaw nga Mr. Mallari na reporter kung bakit sila ay naging victims?

    • Komen To

      Baka naman kasama nya ang mga yan kaya victims tawag nya instead of casualties

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    naku, mukhang rubout na naman ito….napaka-intelligent talaga ng mga law enforcers natin sa Pilipinas…!

  • Fred

    Nalaman na ba ang true identities ng mga namatay?
    Makkakaiba ang mga ilang pangalan, depende sa dyaryo.
    Nasa reporter ba ang pagkukulang?

    Sayang walang nabuhay para makunan ng statement!
    Talagang niratrat para walang makapag salita!
    Case closed?….?….? Hhmmmmnn?

    Your guess might be as good as mine. Secret.

  • opinyonlangpo

    The composition of the victims shows that it is a politically motivated rubout. Not unless the police and military are really the big criminal organization.

  • Lorelei

    One of those killed is Tirso (“Jun”) Lontok, Jr., a known environmentalist and well respected community leader known for the protection of Mt. Banahaw national park. He alse served as the municipal administrator of Sariaya town, and was instrumental in the closure of illegal quarries during his term. If you’ve heard of the closure and recovery of the Mt. Banahaw national park, you have the groups which Jun helped to sustain and painstakingly build, strengthen and organize for years to thank for. This is a big loss for the Philippine environment, and for Quezon. They didn’t even know who they killed. 

    • Bayan Panona

      An environmentalist in a vehicle with people carrying pistols and rifles. Baka forest rangers sila no? Sosyal lang dahil naka Montero. What the?!

    • AlexanderAmproz

      An other Leonardo Co case wouldn’t be surprising…

  • Rod Laver

    Kung talagang may intelligence report yan, dapat inilabas kaagad nung Team Leader ng Checkpoint yung black and white report. SOP yan. Hindi pwede yung “ayon sa ating source,” Hindi tinatanggap sa Korte yan. Malalim yan!

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Obviously a rubout.  The vehicles were stopped and once the passengers were identified, they start the massacre.   Criminals or not, it’s a MASSACRE. Wounds are self inflicted by the intelligent officer. 

  • superpilipinas

    Agree. Obviously salvaged. No one was allowed to live. In western countries, no one would believe those law enforcers. Absolutlely none!

  • vir_a

    If it was not salvage, how come all were killed? – to silence them. This is a black mark to the image of Pnoy administration. This incident is no different from the Kuratong Baleling rubout. The victims were not criminals.

  • Gandalf

    Nope, no sane pinoy would believe that this is a legitimate shootout. 

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    The police top brass has already  made a conclusion during a media interview.  Nobody on the involved subjects were interviewed a very obvious sign of cover up.  The police never think that it could be the other way around.  The group on the vehicle must be after the jueteng lords and they were ambushed on their way.

    Just look at the picture,  the two vehicles were stopped and once the passengers were identified they were massacred.  The checkpoint guards could never kill them all when the two vehicles are driving away and a passenger fired at them.The people on the vehicles could be good guys.  The wounds on the checkpoint commander is self inflicted to justify the massacre.
    Use your brain!

  • Olibo

    Jueteng is evil.

  • Markov Chain

    Clearly a gang-vs-gang case….one gang had just collected money, the other gang immediately supposedly received an anonymous tip….robbed the other gang and butchered them…..made the scene look like it was a shootout by killing all the people in the vehicle……supt shoot himself in the foot and hand…….then people buy the story…..because Filipinos are very stupid…

  • Rod Laver

    Walang encounter. Maayos ang pagkaka-park nung dalawang sasakayan. And besides, kung mga guns-for-hire yung mga nasa loob ng sasakayan, ang una sanang bumulagta si Col. Hanzel Marantan. He was the one who approached the vehicle. At hindi babaril ang killer sa paa or braso. Laging fatal ang target nyan. Ang mga gun-for-hire ay may killer’s instinct. Isa lang ang kanilang philiosphy. “Ikaw o ako.” Malalim ang ugat nyan. Ako naniniwala niratrat ang mga victims. Si Col. Marantan ay previously involved sa “shootout” na naman sa mga suspected carnappers in Paranaque several years ago. May mag-amang namatay sa “encounter.” At yung kapatid daw ni Col. Marantan ang jueteng lord sa Quezon na pinasok ni   Vic Sima Atienza Jr.  “Business” rivalry?

    • Jaime

      It is so obvious to us.  Nagtataka lang ako sa ‘pinas hinde obvious?

  • concern_pinoy_citizen

    Well, mayroon mang encounter o wala, at least nabawasan ang mga masasamang tao.

  • Dawn Dare

    More reason than ever to own guns. Who’s going to protect us from the bungling police who are supposed to do their jobs?

  • nti_boohaya

    Walang pupuntahan neto.  Sorry na lang pero parang mga manok lang na kinatay mga yan.  Kung mag iimbestiga at iniimbestigahan ay mista mista at inutus ni mista e talagang zilch as in butaw.  Sadly enough, somebody will laugh their way to the bank while others ay ihahatid sa huling hantungan. 

  • Jaime

    hmmm, teka! nasaan yung third SUV?  siguro makaktulong yun sa imbestigasyon?  at saka hinde rubout eto…kita ninyo ‘ganda ng pag ka park ng SUV,  ganito talga makipag barilan …park mo ng mganda at sak roll up mo ang window para makabaril ka galing sa loob.

  • zom

    go to hell

  • Hendot2012


  • Ernesto

    ugok duwag naman kayo talaga eh kung matapang kayo bro naagaw nyo na ang mindanaw,ayos ba di nyo nga kaya c duterte

  • Guest

    go f*ck your religion, you are the pig because in your religion you can f*ck your relatives, so f*ck off.

  • zom

    You and your fellow terrorist groups in mindanao should all rot in hell!

  • zom

    e di lumayas ka sa pilipinas tanga!

  • Magsasaka

    go f*ck your religion, you are the pig because in your religion you can f*ck your relatives, so f*ck off.

  • Magsasaka

    alam mo tungak ang mga panatikong katulad mo ay walang pinagiba sa mga mamamatay taong pulis, isaksak mo sa butas ng wetpaks mo ang religion mo, obobs

  • zom

    Morons like you should be dumped to the Mariana’s trench!

  • Guest

    go f*ck your religion, you are the pig because in your religion you can f*ck your relatives, so f*ck off.

  • Roberto

     Keep dreaming!!! Stupido! Credit grabber!

  • k

    say it…jesus christ was a muslim during his birth.the pope is a muslim,bishops and cardinals are all muslims….say it all…just to make you happy.lols

  • GaggerAlert

    Now I see… nah, this person is a jokster. I though he was serious. hahahaha!!! :)

    Nice humor.. :D I hope there is a Catholic counterpart for you so guys could go all out and we’ll prepare the popcorn. :D

  • motorcyclemama

     Dream on.

  • Roberto

     Fastest growing in your horrible dreams! You pig eater!

  • milespacker

     If I were a muslim, I would live a life of discipline and devotion to Allah. Not like you who sow hatred and divisiveness. You’re probably a retarded muslim.

  • GustoKoHappyKa

    I have respect for Islam but i dont have respect to people like you! F*CK YOU!

  • Roberto

    You don’t know Jesus? Then you are a FAKE Muslim like most of your cohorts. How would you feel if I say the same to your false prophet?

  • zom

    Allah is a piece of sh*t! Mohammad is a gay!

  • Magsasaka

    you speak of yourself, you are f*cking your relatives and your saying about respect, hypocrite

  • GustoKoHappyKa

    No please….baka bumaho don… just bury them with pigs!

  • keyboard torres

     do u have pirated dvd? can i have one?

  • zom

    May Allah f*ck your a$$

  • Rovingmoron

    Pag ganyan ang mentality nyo, talagang useless yang framework of agreement na yan with the MILF kasi utak biya karamihan sa inyo. Anong palagay nyo sa mga kristyano alang kamay at daliri na di pwedeng humawak ng armas.

  • Ray Anthony

    pagkahuman sa mindanao ug visayas unsa man luzon na pud ibalik? pagkahuman…ang japan, dayon, korean ang north ug south ha?! ang last ang china…

  • zom

    How I wish that the crusaders back then exterminated all the morons like you!

  • Rovingmoron

    What made you think the Philippines belongs to the Muslims. Like what the Palestinians are claiming that they own the lands occupied by Israel. Telling the world as if the Moros were the first inhabitants of the Philippines. Try to learn your history first.

  • zom

    May Allah f*ck your a$$

  • Ray Anthony

    and do u respect christians? abdul?

  • Ray Anthony

    they were called lumads….not muslims.

  • Edward


    lumad o subanen na ang ibig sabihin ay mga taong nakatira sa tabing ilog..tulad ng mga taong nakatira sa tabing ilog o malapit sa ilog (tagalog=tga ilog)

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