Gun ban? Tell that to shooting champ



Will the shooting champ support moves to impose a permanent gun ban in the country?

Amid calls for stricter gun controls following the death of two children in New Year celebrations and a shooting rampage in Kawit, Cavite, that killed eight people, President Aquino on Sunday took home the championship trophy in a shoot fest with senior police and military officials.

Mr. Aquino, a gun enthusiast, bested 102 generals and other senior officers in the executive category of the shooting competition dubbed “Games of the Generals 2013” at the shooting range of Camp Crame, the headquarters of the Philippine National Police, a senior official told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

“The President was the champion in the executive category after he got the best aggregate score,” a second official said.

The second official said Mr. Aquino had been regularly joining gun shooting competitions even after he was sworn in as the country’s most powerful man in 2010.

Bloody New Year

The two officials asked not to be identified, saying they had not been authorized to talk to the media and they did not want to be called down by their superiors.

The competition was held in the wake of a bloody celebration of the New Year in some parts of Metro Manila.

Stephanie Nicole Ella, 7, was fatally shot in the head while she and her relatives were watching fireworks outside their home in Caloocan City on New Year’s Eve. In Mandaluyong City, also on New Year’s Eve, 4-year-old Ranjilo Nemer died after he was shot by a drunken man with a homemade shotgun.

In Kawit, Cavite, eight people were shot and killed by a supposedly drug-crazed gunman on Friday. The gunman was killed by the police.

The shooting incidents sparked calls for a total gun ban among civilians.

Bonding with generals

Among those who competed in the shootout were Army, Navy and Air Force generals, vice admirals from the Coast Guard and chief superintendents and officers of higher rank in the Philippine National Police and the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology.

“This is a way for him to foster camaraderie among generals in the uniformed service. It’s also the President’s way of bonding with police and military generals. He wants to be with them not only during tension-filled events,” the first official said.

He said the President won the shoot fest’s “9mm pistol production division,” which means that Mr. Aquino used a 9mm handgun “straight out of the box” with no modifications.

The official said it was common for gun enthusiasts to modify their guns to improve the weapons’ performance.

One of the best

The second official who saw Mr. Aquino in action during the daylong competition said the win “showed how good the President is in using guns.”

“I think he’s one of the best shooters right now in the country,” said the second Inquirer source.

Among gun enthusiasts, those who win in the “production category” of  shooting competitions are considered “a cut above the rest,” a third senior official said.

“It’s because the guns used in this category are ’stock’ or in factory conditions. Since you all have the same quality of guns, it’s up to the skills of the shooter to beat the others,” the third official said.

“In the case of the President, he just showed how good he was in handling and using a pistol.”

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  • disqusted0fu

    It is quite unfitting that while majority is calling for a permanent gun ban in the country because of the violence and the danger that it brings, the president, the leader of the country, joins and even wins a shooting competition. How is that for a leader?!!

    • ricomambo

      sa lahat na lang yata eh kay PNoy nyo sinisisi ah. wow. such logic.

      • Mamang Pulis

        may nag suggest nga na baguhin ang hobby ni mang simeon—

        baka pede yun malemya–mag chess na lang sya o scrabble.

  • Istambaysakanto

    Gun ban? Tell that to shooting champ
    Eh bakit kailangang ipagbawal?

  • PhoenixPoliticalParty

    Congratulations sa ating Pangulo.  Isang mabuting kaalaman,  at bagay na maipagmamalaki ng mamayan ng Pilipinas na ang Pamahalaan ay pinamumunuan ng isang hindi mangingiming gumamit ng sandata,  sa pagtatanggol ng buhay at ng karangalan ng ating bayan.

    Ang mga sandata ay hindi banal,  at hindi rin makasalanan.  Sila ay ang nag-angat sa tao sa kalipunan ng mga hayup sa daigdig.  Sila ay kagamitan lamang.  

    Hanggat mayroong may mga mapupusok na damdamin,  hanggat mayroong nasisiraan ng bait dala ng paglalasing sa alak o sa droga, kakailanganin ang sandata upang sawatain sila.

    • kalikasanipagtanggol

       Sa palagay ko nagkaroon ng dala si pnoy simula nung ma-ambush siya ng mga bata ni gringgo nung mag-coup(isa sa maraming coup) sila laban kay cory…..nadala siya dahil kahit may mga bantay siya ay isa-isa nalalagas ang bantas niya at wala siya ginawa kundi magtago pero naabutan pa din siya…….mahirap mamatay ng walang laban pero kung may baril ka ay kahit papaano hindi magiging kumpiyansa ang kalaban mo!

  • ruben_bush

    Shooting for sports is different from shooting people !!!!

  • ruben_bush

     ban na rin ang pana –bawal na archery kasi pumapatay din??? eh kung hampasin ka sa ulo ng javelin, ibawal na rin kasi pumapatay din? ano ba ang logic niyo??

    • vinzerx

      May nag-amok ba na tao at pumatay kelan lang gamit ang pana at busog? Gamit ang javelin? Mas walang logic yang sinasabi mo kesa sa gun ban.

    • batangpaslit

      martilyo ng karpentero nakakamatay din

  • speaksoftlylove

    What would you expect?

    Kapag ang isang baril ay inutil na yong totoong baril na lang ang pagkakaabalahan.

    Defense mechanism ang tawag dyan.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Until there is a total gun ban, let the president enjoy his hobby. Hindi naman illegal yan so i dont understand the story if there is any story here.

  • Ommm

    Shooting darts would require more skill and be much quieter…  of course it doesn’t have the same  macho appeal guns  do. And the target is a bulls-eye,  not a human profile picture…so it’s much harder to fantasize you are Dirty Harry blowing away some bad guy.

    Anyway the “gun ban” is not meant to eradicate target shooters or make guns illegal. It’s purpose is to un-arm   criminals, nut cases, bullies and psychos. Licensed guns can still be transported to firing ranges with permits and should be stored in locked gun cases otherwise.

    Congrats on the good shooting Mr. Prez!!

    • taga_ilog

      the problem is, even if you ban those other guns out there, who would stop those other guns coming from the black market? believe me, legal guns used in crimes have such a low percentage, compared to illegal guns. what we need is strict gun control and not gun ban, it’s like burning a house because there are cockroaches in it.

  • Trollollolloll

    bibilib lang ako sa shooting skills ni pnoy kung kaya niya tamaan ang ulo niya.

    • PikonNaKami

      Bandwidth is wasted on you.

      • Trollollolloll

        Actually, it’s on people like you who dignify and reply to nonsensical posts that bandwidth is wasted. Not only that, you demonstrate to the world how poor your judgment and intelligence is. 

  • pedronimo

    We are a hapless society who wants to ban the gun because we can not ban the crime.

  • Night

    gun ban is stupid…. gun control correct…..

    dami hindi magawa ng PNP add pa kayo ng gun ban…. sa ka inutilan ng pulis instead of gun ban mag kakaroon pa lalo ng mas malaking black market for guns kung nagkataoon…. tapos me kotong ulet ang pulis diyan….

    stupidity…uto uto nation at its best the PHilippines

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Stricter gun control at crime control yan ang kailangan! current gun holders and would-be gun owners ay dumaan sa isang linggo gun training including storing and transporting……stricter training at dapat walang bilihan ng certificate of completion at i-monitor ang personnel ng PNP na mag-conduct ng training baka magkabentahan at maski hindi umattend ang applicant ay makapasa…..

  • jerome

    After gun control/ban whats next? Knife control?Bomb/ IED control? You may have stricter gun control pero hanggat madaming loose na baril na nagkalat balewala lahat  yan

    • taga_ilog

      we’ve got knife control already, but nobody bothers to enforce it hihihihi.

      • Jaz

        muscle control isama na rin….ha ha ha!

    • Andrei Mendoza

      You are a retard! of course bomb and IED need not be controlled, they are already banned! moron!

      • jerome

         Your a much bigger retard, how can you control IED tell me, this are stuff made by terrorist…stupid…understand the idea before you open your mouth or rather think first if you have a brain…if you have a strict gun policy chances are lawless elements would just find another way around the policy..kaya di umaangat ang pinoy di muna nag iisip bago magsalita.

      • Andrei Mendoza

        bopols mo! marunong ka bang umintindi ng henglish?

      • jerome

         Wow nasasaktan ka pala…I didn’t know tha a retard like you can even comprehend..of course IED’s are prohibited so are bombs are prohibited for public use only for military. Comment ka ng comment kasi di mo muna iniintindi…

      • Andrei Mendoza

        lols.. sarili mong statement hindi mo naintindihan.

        let me rephrase your moronic statement

        “After gun control/ban whats next? Knife control?Bomb/ IED control? ”

        so if IED and bombs are both prohibited, why the need to control them? its already prohibited isn’t it?  explain mo nga ang mala-bobo mong statement? do you even know the difference between *control* and *banning*?
        bopols ka talaga, tignan mo 2 likes ko at sa iyo ay wala kasi bobo ang statement mo… lols

  • regd

    Bunch of sissies! They allow themselves to be distracted by a shiny baldy object hence they misfire! 

  • Keith_P

    Sabi nga ni Chris Rock…

    You don’t need no gun control. You know what we need? We need some bullet control. We need to control the bullets, that’s right! I think all bullets should cost $5,000. Five thousand dollars for a bullet! You know why? ‘Cause if a bullet cost $5,000 there’d be no more innocent bystanders. Everytime somebody got shot we’d be like, “Dämn, he must’ve done something! Shït, they put $50,000 worth of bullets in his a$s!” And people would think before they kill somebody if a bullet cost $5,000, “Man, I’d blow your fűckin’ head off — if I could afford it. I’m gonna get me another job, I’m gonna start saving some money, and you’re a dead man!”

  • Noel

    Pnoy has two things he cannot be proud of:  Smoking and gun (shooting).

  • boinkie

    First population control, then a smoking ban, now a gun ban. All of these laws have one reason: They are being pushed by the Obama administration and it’s NGO’s, who are “astroturfing” the issue.
    None of these are major issues in the Philippines, where corruption and bribery are the biggest problems, but never mind.
    Must obey our American masters…who says colonialism is dead?

    • Andrei Mendoza

      shallow reasoning, you need more solid proof than just a conspiracy theories.

  • Jose

    Interesting. The President dont have a military background and yet beat them all senior officers  in a gun shooting contest? Di ko alam kung kasali mga favorite ko na Generals sa shooting competition na to like Benjie? Anyway Its a good to know he have some fun and hope to be more focus in administrative task this coming year. Goodluck

    • Homer Guo

       golf kasi past time ng mga generals eh

    • batangpaslit

      Bro, PNoy can afford to buy ammo ang practice

  • Homer Guo

    okay lang magpaputok sa firing range, walang kaso. pero wag ng magdala ng baril sa labas.

    • Albin

      Ipagbawal ang bala!

  • RockA

    A bad guy with a gun kills until a good guy with a gun stops him.

    • batangpaslit

      you have a point

  • XY ZEE

    Ok lang yan.
    Puro blanko lang naman ang lumalabas.
    Kaya nga walang babaeng tumatagal sa kanya. 

    • Albin

      panalo ka.

  • Trollollolloll

    Paano kaya nag champion ang duling?

    • akongednamzug

      Pag nagtarget shooting ulit si Noynoy, magprisinta kang target, para malaman mo kasagutan sa tanong mo.

      • Trollollolloll


      • batangpaslit

        brilliant repartee, Ed….hehehe

    • Albin

      Madali lang yan. Hindi naman kailangan tamaan ang target. Basta may resulta na si duling ang panalo, walang question mga generals.

  • Cola

    Kung nanalo ang General eh di, tanggal siya sa puwesto. he he he

    • batangpaslit

      marunong si General maki bagay ano, ha?

    • marionics

      di naman pero di na mapro-promote he he

  • boldyak

    sa total gun ban, ang mawawalan lang ng baril ay yung mga may legal na baril…yung mga illegal na may baril wala silang paki sa ban na yan….para saan o kanino ba ang ban na yan?…hahaha..

    • batangpaslit

      you can say it again

  • Albin

    Why not pass a law that all civilian guns will just use pingpong balls as ammunition?

  • Andrei Mendoza

    attack the issue of killing and not the person who legally owned a gun.

  • im_not_convinced

    obviously the generals know who appoints the heads of AFP and parang poverty report lang yan, dinadali sa bilangan and criteria :) that’s why it is based on “aggregate” score.

    • WeAry_Bat

       the boss is part of the competition…if it were bowling, darts and say, really (?) shooting, i wouldn’t do my best over my boss, would i?  just settle a little lower…miss a few pins, miss the triple green or a little to the side of the black dot.

  • phantomofhope

    pede ba naman matalo ang presidente…sus! lokohin nyo lelong nyo mga ungas

    • marionics

      i do have my doubts he he

  • RubenPacino

    I don’t know what is the connection of the killing with President Aquino winning the championship in a shooting competition… talking about irresponsible reporting.   Trying to have the readers think to ‘connect-the-dots’?  This is a waste of space for Inquirer.  There are better news out there worthy of reporting and printed in here.  This reporter can do better making showbiz reports.

    • muflavor jasper

       Tama ka dyan bro, ang mga to kasi wala ng magawa kondi pamolitika nalang. im not pro-aquino but i can sense the media now adays some, what we can say irresponsible reporting.

    • VooDoo

      ewan ko ba bakit pati hobby ng isang tao pakekealaman pa.. 

      not a pro p-noy, pero pro-gun..

      gun ban?.. go ahead.. then watch china’s invasion..

  • Mananandata69

    He can be a bounty hunter after 2016

  • 3_feathers

    Having practical shooting as a sport is not the issue here.People are so naive that they think guns are evil. The sad truth is irresponsible people specially drugged up addicts are the most evil. For example, do we also have a total BUS ban along EDSA since it claimed countless of innocent lives because drivers are reckless and some of them are druggies? Think about it..

    • marionics

      yup that’s also the same argument of the NRA sa US. they said that more people are killed by cars every year than any other cause but does that mean we should ban all cars?

  • boldyak

    di na kailangan ng presidente gumamit ng baril, dami nya hitman/hitwoman….e.g. Mar Roxas..kita mo sapul si Garcia ng Cebu…ang congress, sapul din si Corona…lolz

  • sigena

    pag nag amok si abnoy patay lahat ng general

  • carlbenedict

    Grossly unfair reporting…pregnant with innuendoes.

    Was this written to prop-up the writers career?

    Why not report that “The President won a shooting tournament”?

    Ah ok, pang attention grabbing, tulad ng ginagawa ng mga “KSP” (kulang sa pansin).

    • VooDoo

      anti P-NOY… 

      hear both sides.. di lang ratrat sa isang side lang.. 

  • Your_King

    And this is why any sort of gun ban will not happen in the Philippines during Aquino’s watch. No matter how much people want it and no matter how good it may be for the Philippines, if something goes against Aquino’s or his KKK’s desires then it will not happen. Just same if something goes along with Aquino’s or his KKK’s desires then it will most certainly happen.

  • Jose Rizal

    Doon lang niya nilalabas ang frequent psychological anxieties niya…pagbigyan niyo na lang na manalo…
    Hahahahahahahaha!  It’s a therapy…I hope CJ Sereno will do the same…as an outlet.

  • Ragdeleafar

    ‘Log ban’ di nga mahirap itago dahil malalaki at madaming logs hindi fully and strictly implemented nationwide, di kaya magawa,  ‘gun ban’ pa??? Mga hukluban ban ban!!!

  • wawa2172

    Oh my God, PNoy can shoot reason he won the executive championship shooting competition. Does that mean Noy will not support the total gun ban. Well, if the competition will be use to declare a total gun ban or not, then it is expected that those shooter will not agree. But wait let us do some simple analysis: The man who cold bloodied shoot to kill 13 person was a good shoot even if he is high on drugs and so drunk. Be it drug user or not, person with personal and psychological problem cannot be a responsible gun holder. It does not mean that Noy is the president of this country that he wont shoot a person when he holding a gun in rage. A person with a good shot is more dangerous than the person who cannot make his shot. Imagine a champion shooter lose his cool with a 9 mm in his hand. Oh my God, if he has 100 bullets he can fell 100 targets for sure…he will just smile and say…bulls eye. 

  • Badudels

    We should revoked licensed and confiscate all fire arms whose owners are drunkard drug addict and a known toughie in the places. Law enforcers must do all the resources to recover all loose fire arms.

  • Albert Einstien

    this ONLY shows INCOMPETENCE & FAILURE  of pnoy admin…with this criminality breaking charts…you want gun ban..CRIMINALS will thank the govt ..they will just break-in  HOUSES without hesitation…all the govt should be DOING is ERADICATE DRUGS & POVERTY…NOT give incentives to CRIMINALS…

  • akramgolteb

    Sana may mga baril din ako. Ang mga baril ay mga Obra Maestra bukod sa pagiging kahangahangang imbensyon. Kaya maraming tao ang may gun collection o nahihilig sa mga baril. Gun Ban???? Walang saysay yan. Tingnan ninyo ang firecracker ban, meron pa rin firecracker at taon taon mas maraming namatay sa firecracker kaysa baril tuwing bisperas ng bagong taon kahit meron ng firecracker ban.

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    simply shows how incompetent our generals are!

    mga bobo! tinalo pa kayo ng abnoy!


  • J

    The generals maybe telling the president indirectly they need a raise!

  • Peter L

    Gun is a destructive tool in the hands of a mentally-deranged person. Gun was man’s response to  kill, maim or stop a suspect in inflicting more damage to his fellow beings. What a pity to see an invention to maintain law and order has become a killing machine. A leader of the country must be a role model not to make it a hobby or a sports. Guns should only be harnessed for security of any organization or any country. God save our country.

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