Lawmen kill 13 in Quezon shootout

Fatalities were all criminals, say police


LUCENA CITY, Philippines —At least 13 alleged members of a big criminal group from Bicol were killed in a gun battle with policemen and soldiers on Maharlika Highway in Quezon province on Sunday afternoon, according to Army officers.

The officers said the fire fight erupted after two sports utility vehicles carrying the alleged gang members tried to smash through a police-military checkpoint near the boundary of Plaridel and Atimonan towns. The exchange of gunfire supposedly lasted for 18 minutes.

Lt. Col. Monico Abang, commander of the Army’s 1st Special Forces Battalion, said 11 of the alleged gang members died at the scene of the clash, while two others died on the way to the hospital.

A Quezon police official described the fatalities as members of a criminal gang.

Not much information about the gun battle was available Sunday night.

Bayan Muna Rep. Teodoro Casiño monitored the report of the fire fight and linked’s breaking story to his tweet. “This is one hell of a shootout,” he tweeted. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

Bayan Muna Rep. Teodoro Casiño monitored the report of the fire fight and linked’s breaking story to his tweet. “This is one hell of a shootout,” he tweeted.

In a phone interview, Col. Alex Capiña, commander of the Army’s 201st Infantry Brigade, said that at around 3:30 p.m., the security forces set up a checkpoint in Barangay (village) Tanauan, Atimonan, and tried to flag down two black Mitsubishi Montero Sport vehicles.

But instead of heeding the order, Capiña said, the occupants of the SUVs opened fire on the security forces, prompting the policemen and soldiers to return fire.

The security forces were soldiers from the Army’s First Special Forces Battalion and intelligence officers from the Quezon Provincial Police Office, said Maj. Angelo Guzman, a spokesperson for the 9th Infantry Division based in Pili, Camarines Sur.

Senior Supt. Valeriano de Leon, Quezon police chief, said that no policeman was killed but one of the policemen, Supt. Hanzel Marantan, an official of the Philippine National Police-Southern Tagalog’s Special Operations Group, was hit in the hands and a leg.

De Leon said Marantan was taken to a hospital in Lucena City.

“He is now out of danger,” De Leon said.

De Leon said the Quezon police received information that members of a big criminal syndicate from Bicol would pass by in the area on Sunday.

“It was a solid tip from a government informer,” De Leon said by phone.

Coordination with the military led to the joint police-military checkpoint.

Capiña said traffic on the Maharlika Highway was temporarily diverted to the Bondoc Peninsula Highway, exiting in Gumaca town, because of the incident.

Capiña said eight .45 cal. pistols, one M-16 rifle and one M-14 rifle were recovered from the alleged gang members.

De Leon said the 13 men slain in the fire fight were members of a big-time drug syndicate.

He said, however, that police had yet to determine if the 13 men killed on Sunday belonged to the same drug syndicate three of whose members were killed in Tagkawayan town in Quezon last month.

On Dec. 17, three motorists from Camarines Norte were slain in an ambush carried out by two motorcycle-riding gunmen along the Quirino highway in Tagkawayan, Quezon.

The three men’s car yielded 10 kilos of high-grade “shabu,” or methamphetamine hydrochloride, with an estimated street price of P90 million.

Capiña did not provide other details on the activities of the supposed syndicate, but De Leon said the police would release information after the investigation. With a report from Juan Escandor Jr., Inquirer Southern Luzon and AFP

Originally posted: 5:16 pm | Sunday, January 6th, 2013

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  • athenapallas

    Three thumbs up for this.

  • Ornbort Vortingeresdemesus


  • intsikbeho

    BOOM!@# sana may video. i’d love to see some criminal pwnage

  • Marlon

    two words: RUB OUT

    how naive does the police take the public to be???

    but it seems that there are suckers who buy the BS that 13 criminals would just fight to the death without taking down at least one cop. come on people. think.

    • legnasagra

      parang filipino movie, walang nalagas sa mga bida pero okay na rin na mabawasan ang mga masasama kahit saang panig man sila. Dead man tells no tales. Sana walang nadamay na mga inosente. 

  • rayingga

    Good for the lawless elements of the society, One thing is for sure maglalabasan ang mga kamag-anakan na nakinabang ng todo sa perang masama at maghahanap pa kuno ng hustisya. Yun namang CHR magkukumahog na magimbistiga at siempre lalabas sa final investigation ay over kill. Pag mga law enforcer ang nadale sasabibhin lang na kasama yan sa trabaho.

  • Albert Einstien

    if they are all dead ..they are NO LONGER suspects…lol

    the only issue is WHERE is the MONEY ?….they will stop &  wont be killed if they dont have something with them….lol

  • boi skater

    All these guns and violence in the Philippines remind me of the Western movies I’ve seen as a child. This country is like the old wild, wild west – scary.

    • john clark

      Wild West? The wild west was actually peacefull… Because all of them had guns and In his book, Frontier Violence: Another Look, author W. Eugene Hollon, provides us with these astonishing facts:

      In Abilene, Ellsworth, Wichita, Dodge City, and Caldwell, for the years from 1870 to 1885, there were only 45 total homicides. This equates to a rate of approximately 1 murder per 100,000 residents per year.In Abilene, supposedly one of the wildest of the cow towns, not a single person was killed in 1869 or 1870. I would belive your remark if you had factual information of life in the US from 1870 to 1885…  Basing it from movies when you where a kid is nonsense!

      • undisclosed

        Don’t get your panties in a knot. He is simply stating a
        common expression that most people can understand. Chill out.

      • john clark

        Well that expression is wrong… No sense in talking about historicial inaccuracies…

  • AllaMo

    It seems like the PDI by-liner submitted this article all on the basis of a say-so by the interested police and afp operatives. PDI is even more (idiotically) gutless and naive to print the report without benefit of an investigation.

  • DarkSideOfTheMoon2

    being flagged down….you start shooting at the lawmen…of course babarilin ka din nila..criminal or not…..

  • Pio Gante

    specifics please, the report is like a blank wall;

    criminals are cowards and unless they have the upper hand, they will not engage gov’t forces in a firefight. they would rather be alive, get arrested and released on bail because that way they can still continue with their criminal activities.

  • Eric

    ….authorities recovered a rusty .22 calibre revolver in one of the SUVs……

    • dominator1

      Oh please.. Don’t insinuate! Maybe your 1 of them. San ba dapat ang target nyo bago kayo naubos?

  • el capitan

    kung mga kriminal nga buti naman pinatay na…mabawasan na ng sakit uli mga pilipino…

  • Fulpol

    parang si Jason Statham ang tumira sa kanila…

  • Cmac

    Would prefer criminals to go directly 6ft under rather than the people’s taxes sheltering and feeding them in jail.

  • Darwin

    Nakow, walang casualty sa mga pulis? Rob out ang sasabihin ng CHR jan. Dapat nagbuwis buhay sila para lusot sa CHR. Tama ba CHR?

  • wakats

    Nice work – at least this time no innocent civilians perished.

    Solid intelligence from deep penetration agents have yielded positive results from years of developing association and confidence among the enemies of society.

    Kudos to the Army Command of the 201st Infantry Brigade.

  • $23257130

    grave na talaga ang kriminalidad sa panahon ni abnoytrad habang tulog ng tulog sa pansitan. ppppwwweeeehhhhh kadiri. eeeeeewwwww

    • Angel Divera

      Oo nga grabe patay sila… sa panahon ni Gloring kinakampon sila ng gobyerno gaya mo.

  • delpillar

    Ang Police at Militar ay solid ang intelligence unit para i-schedule ng tirahin ang mga masasamang target.

    Pero minsan ang di kanais-nais na nagyayarai ay ang ibang biktima ay inocente sa krimen ng kanilang kasama. Out of 7 or 8 na nasa van or SUV for example, minsan, ang totoong target ay mga apat or lima lang.

    Yung iba ay nakikisakay lang.

    Minsan, ang target ay isa lang at naki-hitch-hike sa isang kotse ng kaibigan. Minsan, tinatamad ang mga police at militar at kinu-consider na ang lahat ng nasa kotse ay isang grupo ng mga masasama.

    So dapat, iwasan na makisakay sa mga tao, pinsan, kamag-anak na hindi nyo talaga kilala kung ano ang trabaho nya.

    Sa part naman ng mga police at militar, it is a shame for they don’t have enough skills yet who are the valid target or not. Their possible mistake or probably a crime is not of mistakenly killed a pure-civilian companions of the valid targets but by ASSUMING and PRESUMING (right from the beginning of the encounter) that ALL inside the SUV were BAD GUYS.

    So let us wait kung sino-sino ang identities ng 13 na napatay.

    Minsan, ang isang SUV (or kahit isang sedan lang) na papunta ng Manila or other prime destinations na pag-aari ng isang middle-class or just above the poverty-linena tao a dumadaan ng mga bus terminals na siksikan ang mga pasahero at nagyayaya ng pasahero para man lang kahit sa gasolina ay may pambayad na. Kung ang ma-pick-up mong pasahero ay apat, meron ka kaagad na at least 2,000 pesos. So ang malas mo lang kung ang isa o some of the passengers that were picked-up ay nasa ORDER OF BATTLE na ng POLICE or MILITAR. Kapag ni-operate ng militar ang TARGET, in the Philippines, all of the people inside will be PRESUMED and ASSUMED as CO-TARGET din.

    • James

      Mukhang malabo ang mga nilapat mong posibilidad.

      Mahirap itago ang mga matataas na kalibre ng baril sa loob ng isang sasakyan na hindi alam ng ibang nakasakay.
      At kung nakikihitch lang ang mga sinasabi mong TARGET, kahit papaano ay may mapapansin kang kahina.hinala sa kanilang mga kilos.

      • delpillar

        Hwag mo munang paniwalaan ang mga nakuhang armas sa engwentro. Those can be planted easily. Let us wait kung mate-traced kung sino ang may mga may-ari ng mga baril.

        Let us wait also for the identities of the 13 dead alleged criminal gang members.

        Military and police, specially those from the SWAT and anti-NPA operations, ay maraming unlicensed firearms din.. specially pistols.

        Kapag may enkwentro, usually ang mga pistols na nakahua sa bangkay ng NPA members ay hindi nitu-turn-over sa commanding officers. Kinukuha nila at tinatago. Yung mahahaba lang usually ang tinu-turn-over.

        Mag-compile ka ng Enkwentro between NPA and Military/Police since 1980’s. Mostly sa balita, makikita mo na ang nakasulat na narecovered sa encounter sites ay mahahabang baril. Minsan, wala talagang pistolang nakukuha, about 90% of what I read.

  • F alonso

    Kung mga legitimate criminals yan,itapon na lang sa dagat para kainin na ng pating.

  • jajabeltran

    one word: RUBOUT!

  • Ommm

    Oh common…13 suspects open fire on police, on a remote lonely road with no witnesses….the police are such experts none are killed and won’t have a statement until they figure one out, which the public will eat up and congratulate the cops because they say these were criminals…

    How gullible are the public?

    • Loggnat

      Do you have an inkling how a checkpoint is properly set up? The main security and safety rule is to minimize the number of the personnel that are exposed to danger when operating a roadside checkpoint. One or two will be doing the stopping and checking while the rests will be monitoring the situation in safe positions and with proper cover in case of a firefight. Any fool who thinks they can shoot thru a properly manned checkpoint will be in for a surprise of their life. The only thing better is a properly set up ambush where no personnel will be exposed to danger. So it is not unheard of to have minimum casualty incurred in a properly set up checkpoint and maximum casualty to those who tried to force thru it and engages the law enforcers in a firefight.

      • Ommm

         “Do you have an inkling how a checkpoint is properly set up?”

        Not really as i haven’t studied life in Nazi Germany or other police states so much.

        The government informer tip is nice as it gives you reasonable grounds for an intrusive search yet cannot be verified. Although one would wonder why 13 high profile drug criminals were all traveling stuffed in 2 SUV’s… returning from a big cartel meeting and on a budget because of recession? 

      • Loggnat

        A properly set up checkpoint has got nothing to do with ideology or any kind of government. It’s main purpose is to provide maximum protection for your personnel and a common sense preparation for the worst situation during an operation of a checkpoint. They are taught, and practiced in all law enforcement and military in every nation in the world. Maybe they are guns for hire. A mercenary private army that can be employed by corrupt politicians for a price. Maybe they are on the way to do a job for some politician in Quezon or Aurora to convince some farmers and fisher folks to stop going against some plan for a corrupt politician’s pet project like a free seaport? Maybe? I do not know really….. maybe it is an ambush instead of a checkpoint either way it was executed remarkably well. :)

      • Ommm

        Actually a checkpoint has everything to do with ideology and basic freedoms of citizens. They operate under the condition of prior constraint, guilty until proven innocent, with warrant-less questioning and searches being commonplace without reasonable grounds for the stop.

        Different story if the police run the license plate and find outstanding tickets or warrants, or actually see something suspicious, like a gun, then by all means stop the car… but was this checkpoint a direct result of intel designed for stopping these particular subjects, or just a common fishing expedition?

        The not so great reporting doesn’t state that so what do we know :)

      • Edward Castro

        so many naive posters here bro.  let me add that the victims were not expecting a checkpoint.  you’re right that the checkpoint location will be in a strategic location where the police will have a vantage position and the victims will be sitting ducks.

  • ConstructiveMediaCritics







  • basilionisisa

    Good job! No mercy!

  • Asdad

    i do not like this..ginawa nyong target shooting ung public place..walang kwentang mga police.

    • dominator1

      So what do you like? When your inside the bank and 1 of these people are pointing a gun in your head while your begging for mercy?

    • botets

      mahirap talaga magkaron ng kamag anak ng kriminal ano po

    • Homer Guo

       ano ba gusto mo? pumunta sa lugar na walang tao at dun magbarilan? di ba sa kalye pinigil ng police at ayaw huminto at nagpaputok pa. tinamaan ka ng—- kung di ginawa ng pulis ang trabaho nila sure na una kang babanat. ngayong ginawa nila, banat ka pa rin. wag ka sanang mabiktima ng masasamang loob.

  • dominator1

    Good job! Pag nahuli nyo pa yong iba torturin nyo muna bago nyo execute. Kamay na bakal ang pairalin! A lot of innocent people will be victimize by these kind of people. Gusto nyo ng maraming turista sa pilipinas ayusin nyo ang peace and order satin!

  • rowelcasipong

    yan ang tama pinoy kill them all,pag huhulihin lang at ikinolong dagdag lang palamunin sa bilanggoan tapos may pyensa makalaya pa ,maganda patayin lahat para walang testigo,,at tipid sa gasto…..congrats,,sana sa susunod damihan nyo naman ang patay kunti lang..

  • ryq24

    i just hope they got the right guys.

  • 1voxPopuli

    im pretty much sure that what you will see in the scene of the crime are men with caliber .45 in their hands, finger on the trigger almost ready to shoot.

  • niceguy60

    We heard this kind of news before. The police should explain this thoroughly. We should congratulate them if it’s a job well done. But they should be punished if this turns out to be a rubout.

  • Homer Guo

    enter na agad CHR….. protektahan nyo ang human rights ng mga kriminal kesa sa rights ng mga biktima at mabibiktima pa.

  • opinyonlangpo

    Usually the authorities know them beforehand and just lure them to a trap. It happened twice in the north, they are untouchable in their stronghold and so they lure them out to places where they are vulnerable. Anyway, hope it lessens crime as it is bad for the economy.

  • User Guest

    ang trabaho ng CHR ay ppagtakpan ung mga polis at army … at pano mo nasabing kriminal nga ung mga napatay? sinabi lang ng army at polis naniwala ka na agad … nakalimutan mo na ba martial law, ung mga coups, bank robberies, kidnappings, etc? e puro polis at militar ang bos dyan

  • Night

    ayos buti naman… baka npa pa mga yan moonlighting as syndicato

  • User Guest

    kill first, ask questions later … utak pulbura … galing ng justice system

    • Dolphen Presbi

       It’s better to kill the criminals than keep them alive. Much more safer world for my family.

    • Loggnat

       They were s+up1d enough to fire at the police and military manning the checkpoint . Do they expect authorities to just let it go and not do anything specially when one of their buddy was wounded. You are obviously clueless and naive if you expect the police and military not to shoot back at you and maybe just warn you to drop your firearm after you already discharge it at them.The normal response to being shot at is to shoot back at the individual shooting at you to defend yourself so you don’t get killed. With that kind of thinking, I hope you do not own a gun because the police will not wait for you to get a shot at them first. Just by moving as if you are reaching for your firearm will get you showered with lead and it will be a justified reaction to the threat to their lives from you. Law enforcement officers are legally allowed to protect themselves from any threat from armed individuals.

  • joerizal

    Paano naging shootout yun? Isang putok galing sa mga suspects tapos sinalubong sila ng isang libong bala. Baka naman binaligtad ang istorya? Wala na kasing makakapag-kuwento sa mga suspect kasi doon na sila sa langit o impiyerno kumakanta ngayon.

    • Dolphen Presbi

       Criminal ka rin siguro ano? Kaya ipinagtatanggol mo pa?

      • joerizal

        Utu-uto ka kasi kaya ka naniniwala kaagad sa mga pulis at militar. Bayaan mo, isang araw ikaw ang magiging target ng mga yan at sasabihin nilang isa kang drug pusher kaya ka nila tinigbak.

  • Jerry

    Really big syndicate, they have to be killed all so no one can tell who is handling them. Not unless they are all stoned, the suspects can’t easily engaged the government elements. Six or seven in one SUV, how many can fire their guns there. My point is, if they really are a big syndicate they should have spared even one so the public will know what they really are into.

  • Dolphen Presbi

    Pag binaril ka, patayin mo na ang criminal. Dahil walang awa kang papatayin nila. Kaya huwag kang tanga Jerry.

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Ganoon naman ang ginawa, di ba? Ano ba ang problema mo?

  • $18209031

    Congrats sa mga BIcol PNP. Ang daming na tiklo ninyo, pre. Wala bang naiwan pa ? Basta mag nanakaw tapusin ninyo yan lahat para malinis na ang paligid. Kudos to PNP  Bicol.

  • Practicalandconcerned

    Sarap…ubosin niyo yan…lol

  • kevin

    Congrats PNP  kill them all!!!

  • Arston Vulaju

    mabuti at ng mabawasan mga kriminal..

  • m1600

    cRIMMINAL SYNDICATE NPA sigurado ang mga yan na nag sideline. 

  • im_earth

    clap clap clap!!!

  • rygybn

    another kuratomg baliling , happen again. 

    • Noel

      That’s right.  Was there really a shoot out?

  • Kabataang makabayan

    sila po ay ating manga kasama na binigyan ng special free- pass ng gobyerno for medical mission, hindi namin maintindihan kong bakit sila ay inambus ng manga taga gobyernong sandataan at binansagang KRIMINAL.  MABUHAY ANG BAGONG SANDATAAN NG PILIPINAS.

    • Crysis_III

      medical mission? pero ang injection ay baril at ang gamot ay pulbura? wtf


    13 malefactors. Where is Judas by the way? The informant? 

    If the report is correct, there were 13 men, no women and children in two black montero SUVs, then the mere fact that all killed were males and armed with eight 0.45 cal pistols, one M16 and one M14, all military grade weapons, then these are tell tale signs that these men are into some criminal activities.

  • nti_boohaya

    One hell of a shootout nga or rubout? Uy may bahid droga a…..Classic!

  • Jef

    It is clear nasunod ang rules of engagement once if they shoots you first you are obligated to shoot back or returned fire kung buhay ka pa…PNP and AFP keep up kill them all… 

  • Noel

    Good job.  As usual, where’s the mastermind or drug lord?

  • indiots

    what the hell is going on in our country nowadays? payagan na lang na mag armas ang lahat upang legal at may control ang mga baril. pag may naunang namaril kuyugin agad at pagbabarilin.

    kawawa kasi yong mga walang baril….

  • rickysgreyes

    If they are really criminals, then their cellphones should give a lot of info, like contacts of politicians, protectors, fellow criminals, etc. Hope the police check their mobiles.

    • Noel

      The Police could have those you mentioned including the so called Blue Book.  But possessing them is different from revealing them.

  • CyberPinoy

    Para sa mga rumesponde salamat po at tinodas nyo lahat ng criminal.

  • wawa2172

    I guess the news is a point for the lawmen. Hope it won’t be overturned baka bukas iba na ang story. 


    13 armed men died in 18 minute gunfire. That is Rubout not shoot out. Those men were massacred, Ampatuan style, flag down to shoot dead. There may be 100 kilos of shabu in there enough wealth to kill them all instantly.  

    • anu12345

      Parang movie. Ubusan ang labanan. Pero hindi asintado ang mga bad guys. Wala silang napuruhan. Tama ka. Sinong maniniwala sa version ng pulis/sundalo?

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        sa totoon buhay kung nasa kotse ka at tumatakbo…goodluck makatama sa mga babarilin mo..lalo na at mga sundalo na naka posisyon na.. tagusan ang bala ng M16 dyan sa SUV nila.. tama lang mamatay yan mga yan.

    • RHumabon

      At first glance one would think this was a rubout. But then a Police Superintendent was hit in his hands and legs. . .This is more of a firefight. . .The PNP got smarter and luckier this time. . .Keep up the Good Work as You Serve & Protect The People. Good Luck.

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      Nandon ka ba para mag speculate ng ganyan? Saka nag iimbento ka naman ng storya.. 100kilos of shabu…syet san mo pinag kukuha pwet mo???

      • Observer_din

        baka nalipasan na namang ng gutom si arikutik, matagal ko na kasi sinasabi sa kanya na kumain muna bago mag-type para di magulo utak eh.. hehehehe

  • Banana Na

    DRUGS na naman…baka next few days ay iba naman ang reports ng inq7 sa story nito…

  • Pork_Republik

    Drug dealers na rin ba pati mga komunista ngayun? Napaiyak yata si Sen. Teddy Casino ah.

    Good job PNP and AFP! 

    • arao_liwanag

      Kung hindi ka kasabwat ng operatives, ay propagandista ng mga mamamatay tao. Kung totoo ang sabi nila na sindikato, bakit di nila masabi kung sino? O baka naman hold-up operation ito ng militar na kilala sila kaya pinatay nilang lahat. Kunwari lumaban. Palagi na nila itong ginagawa.

      • Pork_Republik

        Kaya nga hintay muna sa full details galing sa mga otoridad. Problema kasi niyang idol mo na si Casino kala mo may bolang kristal, alam agad sa isang iglap ang mga detalye kung mag issue ng mga opinion niya.

        AFP nanholdap ba kamo, joint venture pa with PNP. Patawa ka sir…

      • arao_liwanag

        Noong panahon ni General Diaz Ist PC Zone Commander Hinold-Up ang Manila Bank sa San Fernando Pampanga. Sino ang gumawa? Ang buong RECAD Team ng Camp Olivas ,Pampanga, Pwera lang kay Captain Manahan na kanilang Commander na nagmukhang tanga dahil di alam ang ginawa ng kanyang team na arestado na noon ng Criminal Investagation Service (CIS) isang intellegence arm ng, noon, Philippines Constabulary. 

        Ang ginawa ng Militar at Gobierno, ay pinagsama sama na ang militar, kapulisan at intellegence agencies hindi upang maging magaling sa pagtuklas ng mga krimen, lalo na ang krimen ng pulis at miltar mismo, kundi masabuatan sa paggawa ng krimen: MULA SA GAMBING  HANGGANG SMUGGLING; SA DRUGA AT SA KOTONG; SA PADARAYA SA ELEKS’YON HANGGANG SA GRAFT AND CORRUPTION.

        Ngayon nakarinig ka ba ng pulis o secret agent na may inaresto na sundalo na nakagawa ng krimen. Wala. Pinoprotektahan pa nga nila, Tualad ni Kapunan, Palparan, ang mga Coup Plotters, ang mga kasangkot sa nandaya sa eleksyon ni Fernando Poe at marami pang iba (mahabang listahan. Tanungin mo na lang si Tulfo.

      • Pork_Republik

        Dekada 70 pa po yan sir. Hintay lang tayo muna sa full report ng otoridad.

        Ganyan na ba ka-hopeless talaga ang pananaw mo sa naka uniform, wala ng pag-asa pang magbago?

        Bago na po kami na henerasyon ngayun, we will help our men in the AFP believe it is still worthwhile to do their oath of duty.

        A nation’s armed forces is only as good as the civilian leaders that leads them. Kung corrupt ang mga halal ng mga botante malamang corrupt din ang mga kapulisan at kasundaluhan.

  • arao_liwanag

    Totoo kaya ito na mga sinasabi ng mga pulis at militar? Bistado na kasi sila magimbento ng ng mga dahilan at scnario.

  • Marc Avila

    walang pinag iba sa kulatong baleleng.mga militar magaling gumawa ng istorya at eksena.mga media kontralado ng militar at gobierno.

  • legnasagra

    wala man lang nakaligtas, meron sana dalawa pero di na raw pinaabot ah este umabot pa sa hospital. kawawa naman siguro ang informer, nakasakay rin sa isa sa dalawang montero

  • Rovingmoron

    That’s the problem with our law enforcement agencies, they only act to set up check points when there is a tip that a big syndicate would be passing by. Otherwise, they don’t care at all. If there was no tip from an informer, it is likely that the loose firearms carried by the slain suspects may have been used for illegal activities again. Therefore, setting up check points along the roads is important deterrent to proliferation of loose firearms.

  • Miguel

    Paigtingin pa lalo sana ang intelligence ng ating kapulisan ito ang susi sa pag lutas ng mga krimen at bago mag hasik ng kalokohan ang mga kriminal na yan ay mahuli na.

    • arao_liwanag

      Di nga natin sigurado kung yong pinasisweldo ang mga kriminal. Niloloko na lang tayo, dahil ang mainstream media(press) ay duwag kung hindi man instrumento ng Facistang Gobierno ni Noynoy Aquino.

      • 18C0501

        Tama ka bro, kahit si pinoy Love nya mga komunista, just look at her cabinet secretaries.

      • Observer_din

        ayan na naman yang mga dialog ninyong “facista:, luma na yan ibahin naman ninyo para me maengganyo kayong maniwala sa inyo.

  • aldhins

    Sana naman ibang Alibi  naman :) para mas convincing.

  • Jason Cruz

    Baka mis encounter na naman yan ah ang lalabas na istorya .   Walang idea kung anong grupo.
    Kung talagang bad guys, saludo ako sa inyo,  Kapag palpak ang operasyun, yari kayo.!!

  • j1u2a3n

    Ang dami na namang nagmamagaling. Di lang purihin ang mga pulis at sundalo natin. 

  • el_latigo

     Its still 5 months till elections, but is this the start of the Wild, Wild West Show or killing season once again in this country my dear @Fulpol (or Fulpy)?

  • Hey_Dudes

    Well, there’s 13 loose firearms right there?  It is good these skambbaggs were killed not a single one allowed to live to escape one day and continue their criminal ways.  Congratulations to security forces and it is hope more of these lowlifes are killed everyday until the country is once more safe for all.  Tama lang yan even if they are surrendering it is better snuffing out their miserable life to prevent these from taking innocent lives again.

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS

    ‘Yung 8 .45s, 1 M-16 at 1 M-14, hindi ba dapat suriin ng FEU kung lisensiyado ang mga ito? Puede rin bang isapubliko ang resulta kung kanino nakapangalan ang mga baril? Ito po ang katanungan ni Mob Rally kay chief PNP Alan Purisima.

    • Noel

      Mga Pulis at Sundalo lang ang may hawak ng ganoong armas.

      • PikonNaKami

        That’s a stupid remark that only soldiers and police have these kinds of weapon.

      • Pork_Republik

         Bakit sundalo ba si Llamas dahil may AK-47 siya?

  • indiosbravos2002

    Anak ng tipaklong… Ano gnagawa ni Casino sa istoryang ito. Abay may piktyur pa. Member ba sya ng gang? O sya yong government informer?

    • 18C0501

      Meyembro mismo ng masasamang loob. utak Komunista yan dapat Labanan. kaso Gobyerno natin infested ng mga komunista just look at House of representatives, prty list and even Pinoys Cabinet Secretaries.

    • Pork_Republik

       Baka protector yan ng mga kalaban ng otoridad at ng demokratikong lipunan natin.

  • kevin

    Baka magalit si Etta Rosalez….

  • w4d

    Kasama ba ito sa order of battle? LOL…Akala ba, inalis na?

  • Marshall

    Casinong comunista ..espiya ng China..

    • 18C0501

      Nakakaawa ang mga Biktima ng CPP NPA, eto at may Congressista pang kakampi. Labanan ang CPP NPA. 

  • Froi Vincenton

    And this Pinoy Pravda calls for a total gun ban? Good luck! Criminals will still get guns and use them…

    If the Inquirer editors could just pray guns away…

  • Froi Vincenton

    Just finished reading this article… What a crappy story. Pano nasama si Casino sa story? May picture pa? Nag-tweet lang pala siya hahaha.”Bayan
    Muna Rep. Teodoro Casiño monitored the report of the fire fight and
    linked’s breaking story to his tweet. “This is one hell of a
    shootout,” he tweeted. “

  • Pinky_Red

    hindi bilib si sir teddy sa mga shootout. type niya ay ambush. NPA lover kasi. hihihihihi

    • Night

      hahaha tama!

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      samahan mo pa ng IED!!! dyan lang sila magaling..mang ambush!!!

    • Pork_Republik

       Di ba ganyan din naman ang pinag gagawa niya sa kongreso, Ambush-gative investigation in aid of re-election. lolz

  • Night

    buti nga todas ang mga criminal…. sa husgado yan mag babayad pa nga hinayupak na yan sa judge

  • Mang_Ben

    13 men killed
    10 arms (8 pistols  2 rifles) recovered
      3 men unarmed?

    • PikonNaKami

      And your point being?

      • Mang_Ben

        Crossfire victims or some arms not recovered?

    • Jane Deasis Villena

      of course,  the drivers cannot hold arms, hehehe

    • ThinkTankTool

       meaning dapat ba tig iisang baril? unless kung susugod sila sa gyera, sa pag kakaalam ko d nila alam na magkashoot out, kung alam nla eh tig dadalawa sana.

  • 18C0501

    Lababan ang CPP NPA!!!

  • koaks2


    • beatmanny

      were you there, sh*thead?

      • koaks2

        yes, i was there, were you dummy?

      • beatmanny

        no i was not there, i was f*cking your sister

  • regd

    They really make sure the only way the people inside the 2 cars to get out is – FEET FIRST! 

  • 18C0501

    CPP NPA are plain Bandits, Criminals

  • 18C0501

    ur right!!


    “Illegal possession of firearms” is a crime in itself. Since, the criminals fired at the lawmen, then the lawmen are justified to fire back. But let us see what the real score is.

    • Magsasaka

       they will not reveal it unless an insider shout it out

  • Paolo Hernandez

    Bkit nasali sa usapan si Teddy Bear dito sa shoot out? Kasali ba sya sa operation ng mga pulis? PUBLICITY na naman para kay TEddy Bear! DONT VOTE Teddy! Huwag natin hayaan makaupo sa senado ang mga TRAPO gya Nya. Huwag natin iboto ang mga FRONT ng NPA Gaya ng BAyanMuna, Gabriela, Anakbayan, ACTteachers! Huwag natin hayaan makaupo sa pwesto ang mga NPA!

    Mahal namin ang Pilipinas! Ipagpatuloy natin ang magandang takbo ng ating pamahalaan! Huwag natin iboto ang mga TRAPO!

    • Jane Deasis Villena

      Thats right,  Philippines must be cleaned with any influence of leftist and communists politicians.  Their interest is not for the country whose ideology is worthless and can never be applied to the settings of the modern times.  Other Asean countries have done away with the communists long time ago so why not the Philippines.  Even the giant communists countries like China and Russia have shifted to capitalism because communists ideology never bring their countries to prosperity

    • Pork_Republik

       Oo nga eh, aus yun larawan ni Teddy o, kala mo malalim kung mag-isip hehe, para bagang intellectual yun dating niya ano…ano kaya nasa isip niyan, Karl Marx o Mao Tse Tung?

      Pro-China to’ng kumag na to tapos Anti-modernization pa, bunos komunista pa.

  • RyanE

    Hmm.. sounds to me more like a private army of some politicians rather than a drug syndicate? 

  • regd

    Does the photo of teddy makes it more weirder (don’t know if there’s such word)?

    • Jane Deasis Villena

      thats right,  the reporter who posted the photo of this communist should be reprimanded.  It looks like he is canvassing for teddy bear in the next election

      • Jaime

        Campaigning for ted casino si mallari

  • zom

    Baka tropa ni Teddy yan kaya umeepal :))

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Bakit pinara pa ng mga pulis eh may intel. report na nga kargado ang mga ito? ayun sa kabilang news network ay napatay din si supt. alfredo cunsemino at isang sundalo…all vehicles should be stopped at nasa firing position dapat sila…pag tumigil pababain lahat ang mga pasahero with raised arms at pag hindi tumigil upakan na! kapag ganyan ang operation hindi naman dapat over reacting dapat with caution to avoid civilian casualties…..

    “Pinara sila [per] talagang iniiwasan nila iyung checkpointt. Tapos
    pagdating nung actual checkpoint, ang nangyari lumapit yung isang tao
    namin para i-verify kung sino sila eh pinaputukan kaagad yung isang
    opisyal natin,” Melad said.

    Always expect na ang bad guys are always ready to shoot you kaya extreme care ang gamitin, huwag lapitan bagkus sila ang pababain……

  • titolim

    Problema na namn ito ng mga lispo kung paano nila ituwid ang paliwanag nila, hahanap nalang ng ibang gawain para ilihis ang pansin ng taong bayan sa bagong kahiyaan sayang ang slogan ” TO PROTECT, AND SERVE” daw niratrat ka agad palitan na lang ng “NO STOP, YOU DIE”

    • Mang_Ben

      “To Protect and Serve” is the fifteenth episode of the science fiction television series 2002 revival of The Twilight Zone. The episode was first broadcast on November 6, 2002, on UPN.

      It is the motto of the Los Angeles Police Academy since 1955.

      It became the official motto of the Los Angeles Police Department in 1963.

      The author of the motto is Officer Joseph S. Dorobek.

      Is it also the motto of the PNP?  Since when?

  • joel genese

    Medyo mahirap ngang paniwalaan ang kwento ng pulis. Naka SUV Mit. Montero ang mga gang suspect tapos makipagbarilan lang sa mga pulis. Mga leftist seguro o mga environmental advocates ang mga napatay pero hindi gang member. Baka ang pulis at ang municipal executive na napatay ay siyang naging escort para seguro safe na makarating sana sa manila ang mga iba pang napatay.

  • Mar

  • pdred

    Eight 45’s, an M16 and an M14. That’s ten guns for 13 killed. Hmmm. What did the other three use – tirador?

    • Jane Deasis Villena

      they must be the drivers of the vehicles


      The other three are Kung Fu experts and Karate Black-belter. 
      Hay naku, hindi naman math yan. Kailangan na bawat isang taong mapatay or alleged criminal ay may baril dapat. 
      Wait for the final investigation to come out. May kasama din na pulis supt na napatay.

    • Don Dee

      The one with the rifle fires. The one without follows. If the one with the rifle dies, the one without picks up the rifles and fires. –> paraphrased from Enemy at the Gates.

  • Kiam

    Magkano ang ibinayad ni Teddy Bear sa columnist na ito at mukha niya ang lumabas instead sa photo ng shootout. Ang layo ng photo mo Mr. Mallari sa title na column mo. The Inquirer should educate this reporter.

    • Paolo Hernandez

      Tama ka kiam, siguradong may bayad yan para Lang masingit ang mukha ng epal Teddy kahit wala syang koneksyon sa balita! Huwag natin iboto ang EPAL sa darating na eleksyon! Down NPA! Down Communism! Down Progressive groups!

      We support P-NOY! Sinusuportahan namin ang magandang takbo ng ating ekonomiya! I Am proud to be a Filipino!

    • etobsify


  • Jezzrel

    Patayin lahat ang mga kriminal, ..Pero sandali, totoo kayang mga kriminal ang mga napatay sa “engkuwentro”? me mga polis din pala…

  • Marlon

    two words: RUB OUT

    lumang istilo na yan. tanong nyo pa kay Sen. Lacson. reminds you of Kuratong Baleleng Gang Rub Out.  

    • Don Dee

      Congratulations, you were able to make a conclusive determination of the events based on the reading of newspaper accounts. Ang galing mo naman.

      • arao_liwanag

        Kayo ni juan san mateo ay mga sundalo na kasabat nitong mga criminal nagkukunwari lang kayo.

      • Don Dee

        Thank you for proving my point, that there are idiots who jump to conclusion on the flimsiest of evidence to support their claim.

      • Observer_din

        tama yun sir,ang galing ng mga pulis natin, dapat talaga di na pinapoporma yang mga kriminal na yan, para di na makapagkalat pa ng lagim.

    • juansanmateo

      andun ka ba?

    • kevin

      Rub-out or not ,they deserved it….

  • Ferdinand Poe

    good n bad news! good because as I believe those that were armed with not licensed firearms are lawless elements. those that are in uniforms who died on duty is bad news but as they protect the citizens from unlawful deeds. they should be considered as heroes!


    Sa pilipinas, pa-minsan minsan, ang pulis mismo ay nagsa-sideline na maging gun for hire, lalo na pag election period na. 

  • Hey_Dudes

    I think either these eskambags are so brave or were always absent in class whenever there was a lesson about – If you are asked to stop at a checkpoint obviously for a reason, if you are not someone hiding anything in your underwear – you stop?   The fact they did not stop in spite the phalanx of soldiers and police waiting at the checkpoint, they were determined to shoot it out?  As always, in any shootout specially when outnumbered, the bad always end up stiff!

    Congratulations again security forces and to those saying it is another salvage work  – why don’t you take a hike?

    • Don Dee

      If you set-up your check-point correctly, especially when given a heads-up that you are about to intercept a heavily armed and extremely dangerous group, you would set it up in such a way that it can be likened to an “ambush”. You don’t want to give these bad guys a chance. And because the check point was done by the military and not police, medyo iba tactics nyan, shoot to kill talaga. If you resist, talagang totodasin ka sa ganyang sitwasyon.

      Of course, we are just speculating here. I am all for an exhaustive investigation of the incident. SOP naman yan e, whether it is a good shoot or a bad shoot. Let the CHR do it’s job.

  • etobsify

    aysos PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER, what has the face of TEDDY CASINO get to do with this article???? Unless those criminals are members of the NEW PEOPLE’S ARMY, what is the relevance of CASINO to the article???

    O KANDIDATO NYO BA? kaya as early as now tinutulungan nyo sa exposure???

  • Estee Muri

    Kudos to the men in uniform.Sana  tinapos na lang iyong dalawa para matodas na. Salamat naman at  13  of them died. Nabawasan na rin ng 13 na mga halimaw and Pilipinas. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Marami pa ring  malalaking  tao  higher than those 13 are still  breathing .  Ang mga pamilya seguro  na kumakain sa mga  kahalimawan  na 13 na iyan, sana mabulonan din because they  eat  what those 13  bastards are  giving them

  • Paolo Hernandez

    Bkit nasali sa usapan si Teddy Bear dito sa shoot out? Kasali ba sya sa operation ng mga pulis? PUBLICITY na naman para kay TEddy Bear! DONT VOTE Teddy! Huwag natin hayaan makaupo sa senado ang mga TRAPO gya Nya. Huwag natin iboto ang mga FRONT ng NPA Gaya ng BAyanMuna, Gabriela, Anakbayan, ACTteachers! Huwag natin hayaan makaupo sa pwesto ang mga NPA!

    Mahal namin ang Pilipinas! Ipagpatuloy natin ang magandang takbo ng ating pamahalaan! Huwag natin iboto ang mga TRAPO!

    • arao_liwanag

      Kasali ka sa trapo: ok ni nam.

      • Observer_din

        ano tawag mo ke teddy? pinakamatinong pulitiko? saan ba napunta pdaf nyan?

  • Maitum

    Baka yong ibang armas na “savings”.

  • paul

    nabawasan ng masamang damo……gud

    • arao_liwanag

      Sino ang masamang damo? ang mamamatay tao basi sa lang sa tip na sila lang ang nakakaalam. At ikaw Paul, lahat ng bulag na nagtatanggol sa mga pinapasahod na mamatay tao.

  • jian20

    PDI, are you promoting teddy casino? A communist front? What does he have to do with the shoot out? 

    • 18C0501

      Or maybe they are promoting Communism in the Philippines.

  • kismaytami

    Hmm… Pinatay lahat para hindi maikanta ang mga sangkot na mga government officials at mga uniformed personnel. Kailangan pa itong imbestigahan nang mabuti.

  • niceguy60

    Inquirer please please stick to the news. Readers are interested to what happened. Casinyo is irrelevant in this article.

  • tra6Gpeche

    This time the good guys prevailed over the bad guys. Congratulation
    to Lt.Col. Monico Abang and his men!

    • legnasagra

      pinatay na lahat baka magturo pa

      • boypalaban

        ituturo si Lt.Col. Abang….

  • arao_liwanag

    Sundalo at pulis pumatay ng mga suspect kuno. Sino ang kriminal? Yong pumatay o y’ong pinatay? Y’ong pumatay at mga supporter nila dito sa column comment. Naka set up na agad itong mga hinayupak na ito at alam na ang sasabihin. May advance instruction.

    • Magsasaka

       tama may psywar na kaagad na ginagawa para ijustify ang pamumugo ng mga bopols

      • Jane Deasis Villena

        getting rid of criminal elements is good for peace and prosperity of the country,  good job generals

      • Magsasaka

        they should get rid of themselves they are the real perps

    • Don Dee

      Asus. Conspiracy theorist, lol. And you base your conclusions on what? Nothing. Thin air. But hey, I am all for a thorough investigation on the incident. SOP naman yan e. Basta merong shootout, merong “debriefing” at investigation yan. Heck, bring the CHR on it.

      Sino criminal, yung pumatay o yung pinatay? That is a legitimate question. Apparently,some of those killed are connected to the PNP or military. Check where they are assigned. Were their movements in accordance to an order? PNP or military are not allowed to move in force without an official ORDER. Kung merong order, a case could be made that this is a mis-encounter. Kahit walang witness, DEAD MEN DO TELL TALES.  Let an investigation be conducted. 

      But until then you do not get to conclude that this is a rubout.

    • paul

      hehe…affected ka ah…..kaliwete ka ba? angry bird mode ka masyado sa mga pules…hindi naman sa mga anghel din sila pero maga masasamang tao ang pinatay kaya nabawasan pa rin ng masamang tao sa mundo….mag sopdrinks ka muna kadre…

    • Observer_din

      oo nga dapat di na-rubout yun,dapat yung mga NPA ang unang inuubos, iyon talaga ang mga salot sa kanayunan, sila ang mga di na nahiyang nakikihati sa kabuhayan ng mga maralitang magsasaka.. biruin mo sa amin nag-alaga ng baboy ang kamag-anak ko ng lumaki na hiningi ng mga walang hiyang extortionists na NPA… 

  • BurgerBeacon

    CONGRATS! Keep up the good work!
    So what if Casino linked this Inquirer story to his tweeter account???

  • XY ZEE

    Shades of the Kuratong Baleleng rubout.
    No witnesses to corroborate the PNP’s story.
    But what do you expect…”Dead men tell no tales”.

    • Don Dee

      DEAD men do tell tales. It is called FORENSIC evidence. Did they fire their weapons? Or not all? Allow a thorough investigation on the matter. Let the CHR oversee the investigation! If the reports are correct that some of the casualties are connected to the PNP or military, they should have an official ORDER to move in force like that. Are they even in their right jurisdiction? (spotty pa ang reports as of this moment). I mean if a PNP officer from Bulacan is operating in Quezon, you have to ask the question why? Meron bang “AWOL among them? Again, alarm bells if this is the case. But if these people are operating on a proper order in their correct jurisdiction. etc. then yes, a case can be made that this is a mis-encounter (bad shoot).

  • JACK

    ano kinalaman ni casino dito?…sometimes, you really have to wonder the kind of journalism the inquirer is trying to bring to its readers…hmnnnn

    • Jane Deasis Villena

      yeah,  they are really promoting communism in the country through this article and the picture of teddy bear

    • Don Dee

      Tinweet daw kasi ni Teddy, lol! What an excuse Inquirer. You people are really slipping.

      • Observer_din

        Eh sir kung tayo kaya mag-twit, mailalagay kaya ang picture natin jan?
        halatang paepal lang tong trapong RED na ito.. ang nakakainis kinagat naman ng journalist ng respected na PDI.. tsk.. tsk.. tskk…hehehe

    • 18C0501

      parang pabor sa komunismo ang sumulat, mag-ingat ho tayo dahil masam talaga ang gusto nila sa bansang Pilipinas.

  • Cannabis

    Ang hirap sa inyo, pag ang mga sundalo o mga pulis ang nauunahan ng mga kriminal sinisisi nyo pa rin…yung mga sundalong na masaker sa Mindanao, yung iba pwede nang iwanan ang mga kasama nilang sugatan pero di nila iniwan, napatay sila ng rebelde, sinisi din…pag sila ang nakakapatay ng mga kriminal sinisisi pa rin…basta pusher patayin yan…kahit sa paanong paraan…nag-ingay ba si Teddy Casino Rubbing Alcohol nung na masaker ang mga sundalo sa mindanao?…

    • 18C0501


  • Mattino2011

    Speculations lahat. Ala pa naman investigation lalo from CHR

  • Pork_Republik

    Masinsinan siguro ang investigation dahil isa sa kasamahan ng mga suspects police officer ‘daw’.

    Nandiyan na sa PDI latest News Stories ang report na yan. May podcast na naka-attach sa news article sa baba just in case ma-overlooked ninyo.

    Rubout, salvage my azz…

    • Don Dee

      Just as I thought. One of the casualties is a police officer who is “operating” out of his jurisdiction. Pero yung iba dito, even before the proper identities of the casualties were established, meron ng conclusion na rub-out. Sige nga paki explain bakit yung police na yun ay bumibyahe out of his jurisdiction with this heavily armed entourage? Where are his official orders (black and white yan, hindi verbal).

      Pero sige pa rin, investigation pa rin. SOP is for a thorough investigation. Establishing the identities of the casualties  is just the first step.

  • MaySenseBa

    Congrats sa atin kapulisan at Militar!

  • batangpaslit

    sana may video para makapanood ng replay

    • Pork_Republik

      I’ll bet meron yan since its a joint operation and I’ll bet well planned ang stake out and I’ll bet the presence of the Army ensures everything will not end in a ‘maboteng’ usapan among the men with the same blue uniform.

      • batangpaslit

        Bro, pag lumabas sa You Tube, paki abiso naman ha? Hindi ako warmonger o sadist. Gusto ko lang makita kahit sa video replay ang pagka todas ng mga traidor na pulis at mga ungas na sundalo, kasama sa pagtodas ng mga salot sa bayan.

  • Ai

    Kahit ‘rubout’ OKS lang basta kriminal…sana madami pang ma rubout este ma shootout na masasamang tao.

    • batangpaslit

      sang ayon ako Bai sa panukala mo.
      kung confirmed na kriminal ang nadale, magastos pa kung idaan sa korte. pakainin pa kahit naka kulong. siguradong mapera ang mga ungas na ninong nila sa krimen. kayang-kaya mag piyansa at ipa eskapo pag merong temporary liberty ang mga kriminal.

  • Janch

    Nasaan na ang shabu?  Siguradong 10 kilos lang ang nakuha?  Baka nawawala na naman yan?

  • delpillar

    Pinalabas na ang mga pangalan ng mga nasawi.
    They are from different towns and cities ng region 4, region5 at region-3.

    This time, baka tama ang mga Police and Military na 100% of all of those killed were reallybad guys.

    Ang tanong na lang ay yung rule of engagement.
    Nauna ba talagang nagpaputok yung mga nasa SUV?

    YUng mga police na nagcheckpoint ba ay naka full uniform or naka civilian lang at mixed-civilian/military uniforms. Yung ginamit bang pangharang sa daan para sa check-point ay military police cars ba or stainless na owner-type jeep or civilian cars din?

    Yung bang ginamit na pangharang for check-point ba ay talagang wooden/steel bench with proper signage or bangko or puno ng saging or nyog lang.

    • zom

      okay lng yan kahit ano. basta mga salot sa lipunan dapat ng burahin sa mundong ibabaw nang di na pamarisan pa :))

    • ever green

      ok na un. kaysa buhay tapos katakot takot na kaso then makakawala pa…..

    • EREC

      mAY MGA baril ang sakay…..hindi huminto…..pauuna kapa ba? Unahan muna ….walang kinikilala ang bala pag nakawala na sa kapsula. HRC nanaman ang magpapel…..nabasa ko nga sa kabila dapat daw dakpin ng buhay….may baril…bakit bubuhayin ba ng baril and dadakip. Ugok talaga!

      • batangpaslit

        hahaha….galit na si Erect

  • Paolo Hernandez

    Bkit nasali sa usapan si Teddy Bear dito sa shoot out? Kasali ba sya sa operation ng mga pulis? PUBLICITY na naman para kay TEddy Bear! DONT VOTE Teddy! Huwag natin hayaan makaupo sa senado ang mga TRAPO gya Nya. Huwag natin iboto ang mga FRONT ng NPA Gaya ng BAyanMuna, Gabriela, Anakbayan, ACTteachers! Huwag natin hayaan makaupo sa pwesto ang mga NPA!

    Mahal namin ang Pilipinas! Ipagpatuloy natin ang magandang takbo ng ating pamahalaan! Huwag natin iboto ang mga TRAPO!

    • Observer_din

      oo nga boss.. BULLSHIT tong article na ito, nakakasuka ang mukha ng nasa litrato..

      • batangpaslit

        hahaha…bakit naman? sinong mukha ang gusto mong ipalabas?

      • Observer_din

        pwede sana kung si marian rivera na lang para naman mas magaan tingnan.. hehehe

      • batangpaslit

        chuckles….at anong suot gusto mo? in bikini or fitting gown? what?
        at any rate, thanks for the guffaw. at least you lightened up an otherwise grim incident.

    • 18C0501

      Maramin g ARTIKULO NA Pabor sa mga komunista, Labanan ang mga komunista!

    • batangpaslit


  • boypalaban

    noong una nasabi ko…”AYOS, GANYAN DAPAT…”

    pero ngayon meron na akong MALAKING PAGDUDUDA….

    sino nga ba sa dalawang grupo ang TUNAY NA KRIMINAL?

  • Taiko_Kauna

    13 armed men who fired first yet were all dead, isa lang ang tinamaang pulis at buhay na buhay pa, he he he, paano naging hard core criminals ang mga ito ni hindi man lang nakatabla sa barilan! Parang movie ni   Da King!

    • Don Dee

      The army unit manning the checkpoint was prepared and waiting to intercept this heavily armed group. They had all the time to prepare and set-up the “kill-zone” if ever the group resisted. That one of them was hit at all is a minus point for the commander. Baka ikaw kung mag-setup ka ng “intercept” gusto mo yung ta-tabla ang kalaban. Does that make more sense?

      • batangpaslit

        you can say it again, Don.
        mas bilib si Tai sa mga criminal elements kesa sa mga tututong pulis at sundalo

    • batangpaslit

      ibig sabihin Tsong, superior ang planning ng counter force.
      sa tono ng pag salita mo, wala kang karanasan sa pag tugis ng mga taong masasama ang budhi.
      kung pulis ikaw o sundalo at makasama ko sa planning and operation, i will ask the Commanding General or the Task Force Commander, to remove you from getting involved.
      wala kang alam eh.
      mamamatay ang mga kasamahan mo because of your incompetence.
      haven’t you heard when the Israelite forces raided Entebbe Airport, which is heavily guarded but only one officer died, the older brother of the incumbent Premiere of Israel?


      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Dont compare the elite Isralite commando with corrupt PNP.  If there’s planning Purisima should be on the top of it with all the details.  He said he will investigate. Meaning no planning from the top brass or intel.  You’re making us Filipino people look stupid with your brainless planning talks.

        Sounds like you’re a stupid member of PNP or AFP.  Too obvious it’s a massacre whoever this passengers on the vehicles. There’s no plan to apprehend but to massacre.

  • florence457

    For political mileage this communist rep casinio entered this shoot out scenario.I just hope voters nation wide would reject him for the real motive of his kind is to topple down the gov’t in lieu of their ideology communism

  • virgoyap

    If it was a shoot out how come that there were 3 cops that were included among the 13 casualties. So it’s very most unlikely.

    • Don Dee

      Oh yes, because active PNP personnel are NEVER involved in crime syndicates. (yes I am being sarcastic)

      • batangpaslit


  • Observer_din

    ano naman kaya ang pinapapel ng isang walang kuwentang “RED POLITICIAN” dito?? mukha pa lang makita mo nakakasuka na

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Looks like you’re not educated to read.

      • Observer_din

        and you are the only educated here? lol

  • EREC

    I dont understand in so many politicians why this Casino immediately put in story.
    What I knew in police or military must have clear coordination in every police/military detachment or precinct and have written order of mission. DOES THIS GROUP DO & HAVE?

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Looks like you’re not educated to read.

  • my_chatmate

    They dont have the intention to apprehend this group and let the court decide. They intent to liquidate them.  Those inside the cars stand no chance to fight. Sana may video ng shoot out na lalabas.  May mga camera naman sa mga cellphone ng mga police.  Dapat may video cam sa mga check point kagaya sa ibang country.

  • Asdad

    Mimaropa criminals tawag dyan hindi from bicol, dumaan lng. ayusin mo pag assume mo reporter. mali pa grammar mo. kita sa plaka at names kung taga saan sila.

  • kimo211

    About   time,,,,,Good  job   PNP,,,,,,,! long  overdue,,,,,agrresive   action…need   to  discipline ang  Pinas,,,,  puro  bunganga  lang  nang  mga  politician,,,walang   nangyayari,,,

  • Bayan Panona

    And they said PNP is useless. This is a great achievement. Sana lang ma recognize to ng masang pilipino. 

  • dudes

    Umeksena  na nman si casino anu kaya ang gustong mangyari pampapogi para marami ang bomuto malapit na ang eleksyon….

  • Markov Chain

    R U B O U T!!! Gang vs Gang…

  • Jaime

    Sa dami ng picture na pwedeng ilagay sa news na ito ay inuna pa ng writer ang campaign ad ng makakaliwang casino

  • bugoybanggers

    Hahaha.. dapat lang. papano na ang mga kabit ng mga ito? Wala ng suporta?

  • Jaime

    Most economical campaign strategy. Mag pa interview at mag comment sa lahat ng news. Libre na, nationwide pa! Ayos!alam ba ito ng mga news reporter or bayad na rin

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Lawmen kill 13 in Quezon shoot out — mali.

    Lawmen unlawfully kills 13 in Quezon rub-out — tama.

  • boybakal

    A New Year’s extended celebration.
    Kinulang ang paputok noong New Year to get rid of devil’s spirit.
    Ayan di naitaboy, barilan katakot takot…from Bae to this.

  • Joe_in_Bikol

    Nothing will come of it. The reporters will be paid off and the news will suddenly get quiet. Hear anything recently about Ram Revilla, or the Reyes, or Ampantuan or any other of the big profile cases?


    Lawmen killed 13 in a shootout kaso me 3 lispo at sundalo. What is happening to our country Hon. Teddy Casino? Ano ba ang papel nyo dito at ang picture nyo ang nakalagay? Ah baka campaign manager nyo pala ang sumulat ng news item na to

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    This is a massacre.  Whoever are the passengers very obvious it’s a massacre. 

    Cartel against cartel and who else are in control?  PNP and AFP all PMA graduates.

    • batangpaslit

      Tsong, kung may ebidensia ka, di mag file ka nang kaso kontra sa police at sundalo na kasama sa mga ang intercept sa nabaril.
      abogado ka pala ng mga taong masasama ang budhi eh.
      sugod….walang urongan, kampihan mo ang mga ungas na magnakaw at mamatay tao.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        I’m not stupid like you. How do you know they’re hitmen and robbers?  Do you have evidence?>

      • batangpaslit

        lahat sila robbers. i don’t give a hoot kung magka ubosan sila ng lahi.
        your stupid answer betrays that you cannot support your argument.
        what is good for you, stay from arguing if you cannot defend what you blog

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        there is no argument.  An obvious massacre, look at the latest pictures now. All bullet marks are concentrated on one side of a vehicle like a firing squad was setup.  If you run a checkpoint all the hits will be on rear. 

        I can’t argue with you crackhead.

      • arao_liwanag


      • batangpaslit

        hehehe…kawawa ka pala Tsong.
        dimo kaya maki pag debate pag nabali ang supot mong katuwiran
        you are just confirming that you are among them—you are in the company of the Jueteng Lords

  • Olibo

    Jueteng is evil.

  • Markov Chain

    Clearly a gang-vs-gang case….one gang had just collected money, the other gang immediately supposedly received an anonymous tip….robbed the other gang and butchered them…..made the scene look like it was a shootout by killing all the people in the vehicle……supt shoot himself in the foot and hand…….then people buy the story…..because Filipinos are very stupid…

  • Jaime

    I feel sorry to common Filipinos.

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