PCGG failed to stop recurrence of ill-gotten wealth cases, says Sen. Arroyo




Apart from outliving its usefulness, the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) has not done its duty of preventing the recurrence of ill-gotten wealth cases in almost 27 years of its existence, according to Sen. Joker Arroyo.

Arroyo on Sunday noted, however, that the PCGG did not have it easy when it began its job of identifying irregularly acquired assets of the Marcoses and their cronies after its creation in 1986.

In a radio interview, Arroyo said the PCGG faced a blank wall since information about assets of the Marcoses and their cronies were few and hard to come by, given the circumstances in post-martial law Philippines.

“During martial law, nobody knew about ill-gotten cases because the press was controlled. I don’t think the PCGG had any idea in the beginning. [It was only] along the way that they (PCGG officials) discovered things,” said Arroyo, who was the first executive secretary of then President Corazon Aquino.

The PCGG was created through Executive Order No. 1, the first edict that Corazon Aquino signed shortly after entering Malacañang.

Arroyo said it was Jovito Salonga, a former senator, who drafted the EO creating the PCGG. He was also the commission’s first chairman before he again ran for senator and became Senate president in 1987.

“The way I saw it, and let me say I was not directly involved in the PCGG’s recovery efforts, the PCGG officials did not know the extent, depth and width of the properties it was supposed to recover,” Arroyo added.

It was PCGG Chairman Andres Bautista who recently recommended to President Aquino that the commission wind down its operations and transfer its work to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The family of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos was believed to have amassed $10 billion, of which some $4 billion has been recovered by the PCGG.

“If there are still leads and everything, the DOJ can follow that through already. But how sure is Bautista that $10 billion is all there is?” Arroyo said.

The senator said the PCGG had already outlived its usefulness, adding that time was not on the commission’s side in its recovery efforts.


Almost 27 years after the PCGG was created, any ill-gotten wealth that remains unrevealed to the commission may have already  changed hands or may have been further disguised, he said.

Arroyo said the DOJ must demand an inventory of the properties that the PCGG had been able to recover since 1986.

Asked why neither a Marcos kin nor crony had yet been imprisoned for ill-gotten wealth, Arroyo said that a case filed by the PCGG was considered a civil suit.

“The PCGG gathers evidence about a property and the Office of the Solicitor General would be the one to prosecute,” he explained.

Never again

“But whether the PCGG has actually recovered anything, I cannot answer that,” Arroyo added with a chuckle.

A provision of EO 1 says the commission is required to ensure that ill-gotten cases “never happen again,” something the PCGG has apparently failed to do, he said.

“To recover ill-gotten wealth and that [its acquisition] should never happen again but it has. Apart from EO No. 1, there is Executive Order No. 2 that also states [the acquisition of ill-gotten wealth] should never happen again. There should be lesson. But it is happening again, eh,” he observed.

Arroyo acknowledged that while the PCGG’s intentions were good, its mission of recovering ill-gotten wealth as mandated during the revolutionary government of the first Aquino administration was cramped by the ratification of the 1987 Constitution.

He said some sectors demanded that the PCGG be exempt from the due process clause under the Bill of Rights of the Constitution to allow it to continuously sequester properties from the Marcos family and its cronies.

“But the Constitutional Commission (that drafted the charter) did not agree. And so the cronies later invoked the Bill of Rights after the Constitution was ratified to evade recovery efforts,” he said.

Originally posted: 4:27 pm | Sunday, January 6th, 2013

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PEXOG4HKT5P6ER4BRK2SC4Y2VE Elizabeth

    go go go sen. joker go go ako maka LP pero baka may sabotage na yan kasi c marcos nasa lp na kunwari.cge pa imbestigahan mo yan sa senado go go go sen. joker.WE support you.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/X7JKW44YYJZPCZ56LNR5D36YQY Rooney

      manang beth, baket ngayon lang?? after 27 years, ngayon lang??? dapat noon pa !! sino kaya ang yumaman???

  • mekeni62

    A very nice move indeed. The people are still at a loss as to how much and where the recovered wealth went. Mabisto na rin kung may naibulsa pa.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/X7JKW44YYJZPCZ56LNR5D36YQY Rooney

      nasaan na kaya ang mga bus ng pantranco?? isa daw iyon sa na sequester. i remember noon, sa pantranco, i was selling juicy fruit sa mga pasahero. ang gaganda ng mga bus, parang eroplano. saan kaya napunta iyon?? tanong lang po.

  • el_latigo

    Aba! Tipong si Joker ay hindi na nagdyo-joke this time. Unlike before when he was always seen as a big joke especially during the unlamented former CJ’s impeachment trial! Tulad ni Tito Sen, he also has his lucid moments as shown by his suggestion to have PCGG’s acquired assets inventoried which makes a lot of sense. Baka nga naman  ang klasikong ehemplo ng nakaw na ninakaw pa ay mabisto rito sa suhestiyon niya, bow!  

  • AnastacioMamaril

    Meron na pala na-recover na ill-gotten wealth bakit wala pang nakukulong sa mga lintek na Marcoses na yan. Nasaan na ang pinaglaban nating EDSA 1986 bloodless revolution na hinangahan ng buong mundo. Hindi na nga nakulong nasa puwesto pa ng gobyerno. Dati hinangahan tayo ngayon pnagtatawanan tayo.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/CYUXU35XHVC6K7HGRCZNI7JOFA PAZ

      Walang narecover. Sinamsam yung ibang ari arian ng mga Marcos. Di napatunayan na nakaw sinamsam lang basta!

  • tarikan

    An inventory of the recovered Marcos assets? Naku nalintikan na ang dating mga “commissioners” ng PCGG (kasama na rin ang mga incumbents?). I think there’d be efforts to block this recommendation. It would be opening a can of worms, worms for the last 27 years who lived on the assets.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/X7JKW44YYJZPCZ56LNR5D36YQY Rooney

      sabi ko nga, why only now?? di be sila mr. joker ang kasama diyan sa gumawa ng PCGG, please correct me if im wrong. pasensiya na kasi hindi ako masyadong nagbabasa ng news.

      • tarikan

        You are very correct Mr. Rooney. Brainchild ni Joker Arroyo (bilang exec. sec. ni Cory) at ni Jovito Salonga yang PCGG. Ano bang alam ni Pres. Cory? Taga-pirma laang yun, lahat inaasa sa mga aides nya.

  • Paulstronghold

    nadale mo na naman pareng joker. You hit the nail! Long overdue to audit all those recovered stolen assets of the marcoses and cronies. Baka manginig sa takot yung mga nangulimbat na previous commissioners.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/X7JKW44YYJZPCZ56LNR5D36YQY Rooney

      mr. joker, why only now?? after 27 years, ngayon ka lang nagsalita???

  • catalansbarce

    Tama si Sen. Arroyo na ipa inventory ang na recover na ill gotten wealth from 1986 until now para malalaman ng sambayanang Filipino ang real score regarding the
     performance of the PCGG. Maaring malaki ang ginastos na pera mula pag create sa PCGG  from 1986 until now kay sa na recover nilang ill gotten wealth.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/X7JKW44YYJZPCZ56LNR5D36YQY Rooney

      kasi ang alam ko, kailangan ang malaking budget para sa PCGG. syempre punta sila sa ibang bansa. pagkailangan pumunta, pamasahe, pagkain, hotel and pocket money.

  • wakats

    4 days ago, all newspapers bannered the headline “PCGG chair Andres Bautista to wind down a near 30-year hunt for the embezzled wealth of the late dictator ferdinand marcos, with over half the supposed $10-billion fortune still missing.”

    The joker is right (not wild) to demand an inventory of the “over half the supposed $10-billion fortune” presumably recovered by said agency.

    PNoy is obligated to make public, through the PCGG, the inventory of such huge fortune supposedly recovered through the initiative of his great mother in early 1986. 

  • boybakal

    PCGG was first created under President Cory Aquino. After 27 years this PCGG will end under President Pnoy Aquino.
    The timeline for recovery ends where it started, Mother and Son.

    PCGG’s is one of good creation and intention.
    Purpose is not only recovery but prevention to deter future ill gotten wealth among politicians.
    Well, it really outlive its purpose, PCGG reclaimed from Marcos but there are also coming in to politicians pockets.
    In short, Nakawbawi, BawiNakaw, its a cycle.

    Joker is right, there should be inventory of what has been recovered.
    What we are seeing are only Imelda’s rotten shoes not brand shoes anymore that Mommy Dionisia would not bother to wear with her matching Pravda, Hermes, Coach bags.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/X7JKW44YYJZPCZ56LNR5D36YQY Rooney

      mr. boy bakal, paki check mo nga iyong mga taga PCGG, ang daming yumaman sa kanila.

  • adnormal


  • boybakal

    PCGG should really be dissolved.
    It not only outlived its usefulness but obsolete in this age of computer technology.
    What I mean to say is….nothing is secret anymore that even pentagon could be decoded by these hackers.
    So, if there is really Marcos hidden treasure either in bank, safety deposits or vault, it can be goggled, hacked and exposed and virus attack.

    Is Marcos loot really worth $10 billion…where in the world he got that.
    Khadaffi and Sadat, Libya and Egypt are oil rich. But only managed to have one billion dollars alleged wealth.
    And they were in power longer than Marcos.
    Just asking…

    Maybe PCGG should also inventory what Marcos has built for the country, that is why the other half of 10billion dollars are still unaccounted like:
    San Juanico Bridge, PICC, Folk Arts, LRT, North and South Luzon Expressway,
    Bliss project,
    Masagana 99, RP Japan Friendship Highway, Batasan Complex,
    Manila Bay Reclamation, Kennon Road, University of Life,
    Coconut Palace, Nayong Filipino, Rizal Park, High School buildings,
    and many more which I cannot recall that the administrations after Marcos are still enjoying and just maintaining.

    • boldyak

      may isang tao lang na dapat tanungin kung saan mga nakaw ng mga marcos…si UNCLE…the king maker..

      • frudo

        di na kailangan tanungin pa makikita nman kung anong buhay meron sila noon hangang ngayon, yung kayamanan na tinatamasa nila sa tingin mo saan galing yun?  kahit di na mabawi pa ang mga nakaw na yaman nila kung nasaan man yun or kung magkano ba yun di na mahalaga, ang mahalaga nakasulat na sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas na isa sila sa Pina corrupt na naging leader ng bansa!! ang nakaw ay nakaw no matter how much!

    • frudo

      mas marami pa sana magagawa, maipapatayo  jan kung hindi sila kurupt at gahaman sa kapanyarihan  at hindi nila binaon sa utang ang Pinas na tayo ang nagbabayad, sa mga  pagpapayaman ng buong angkan at mga cronies nila! mga nagpayaman sa kaban ng bayan! 

  • disqusted0fu

    This is where the FOI bill should come in handy. Even if the PCGG gives an inventory to the DOJ, we still dont know if the information that the PCGG will give to the DOJ and the DOJ will disclose to the nation is going to be accurate. Unfortunately, the FOI does not seem to be a priority of this administration.

  • tadasolo

    arroyo knows full well that we do not have the courage, perseverance and consistency to prosecute and punish well connected people due to our ingrained culture of forgiving and forgetting and could not careless. We are nice to our friends even though they committed wrongdoings and are afraid and are not confident enough to say so. In other words we do not have the guts and are not angry enough to protect our community as a whole.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Moral and Ethics don’t belongs to the Clergy teach and practiced Values, at least they failed to teach and practice them the last 450 Years.

      Old inquisition habits are so sticky and stinky with the Dynasties and Trapos success, 
      they can’t die smoothly at the moment !

      Look at the Cebu miss-educated Garcia family Christmas Circus !

      • boldyak

        sa galit mo sa mga katoliko kung saan saan ka na lang nag popost..hahaha…

  • Joseph St John

    I’m proud of Sen Joker Arroyo.He’s a great sen and fiscalizer. He’s an asset to our nation.

  • $20722540

    Binay should be the first on the line for ill-gotten wealth…started with nothing in 1986

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    10 Billion?

    Pati nga si Tatang Joker hindi kumbinsido sa overblown na amount na yan. Masyado kasing demonized si Makoy, masyadong pinalaki ang amount na nakulimbat daw, pero hanggang sa huling sandali ng buhay ni Cory wala naman syang napatunayan.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/CYUXU35XHVC6K7HGRCZNI7JOFA PAZ

      Yun ngang sapatos ni Imelda sabi ni Imelda na totoong marami syang sapatos pero di ganun karami na 3,ooo pairs. Dinagdagan ng mga black propagandist para lalong masuklam ang tao sa mga Marcos! hahaha may dagdag bawas sa sapatos. Kung gusto mong masuklam ang tao sa kalaban palabasing MANDARAMBONG, nadyan si whistle blower, crying lady little lady si,anonymous at Jose Pidal. At ayos na sila naman ang uupo sa pwesto. WISE!

  • AlexanderAmproz

    The wrong peoples at the wrong place belongs to the Philippines corruption and Justice culture,
    Erap was and is a caricature of that.
    A multinational Lawyers and audit company could have done the Job, but nobody want the Job to be done, that the problem. 
    The Corruption is well and strongly protected, with private armies in case of need, but Gold, Guns and Goons plus few triggerman’s for hire and it’s all OK, business as usual.
    Ask Ate Imelda or Glue,Uncle Danding, Consunji,
    Licio Tan and some other “friend’s”, they are expert in that.

  • joshua kings

    someone should ask joker about that human settlements prime property along amorsolo st in makati…

  • catalansbarce

    Wrong investment yata ang ating gobyerno dito for creating PCGG.., magkano ba
    ang ina allocate na budget yearly sa agency na to.., then multiply 27years…,
    baka malaki pa ang nagastos kay sa na recover na ill gotten wealth.., ang effort
    sa gobyerno na iuwing wala.., what a waste of time…, and precisely only the commissioners
    and the employees of PCGG ang naka benefit dito.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CRBW2RJR4WNWVIDZVSCLFQK4KQ Spike

    Ill gotten wealth was a trend started by Marcos then continued by Erap, Binay and other crooked politicians

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/CYUXU35XHVC6K7HGRCZNI7JOFA PAZ

      Ill gotten wealth was trend started by Aquino. Yan ang style pag may gustong mawsla sa landas. Bintangang Mandarambong ang mga kalaban para pag nagalit ang mamamayan di iboboto ang kalaban. Tapos hawan na ang landas , sila na ang uupo sa pwesto.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Begging your pardon Mr. Arroyo.  Do you remember the Sabio brothers who were planted by Gloria Mapanako Arroyo to steer PCGG for 9 years?  They made the agency like it was their personal bank?  Traveled first class and traveled all the time with wife all over the world in the guise of chasing Marcos loot?  I am afraid if you took the road to finding out the truth – ‘baka lugi pa ang gobierno sa nakurakot nito kumpara sa gastos while chasing suppose Marcos loot?

    It was not only the Sabio brothers who milked this agency the other commissioners did as well.  But in all that time this milking process was happening, where were you Mr. Arroyo and why didn’t the Filipino people hear you protesting the wholesale raiding of the loot including sequestered firms and assets?

  • Paulstronghold

    The creation of PCGG was good. The ones who previously ran it were not. Except for grandeur exit in the Senate, I don’t see any plausible reasons for Joker’s verbal tussle this time. What about his other kapanalig during the term of GMA? The issue he wants to ventilate is a principled idea but his personal motive is highly questionable and irregular. Doesn’t sound noble because he lacks consistency of character.

  • basilionisisa

    how can PCGG or any ‘good government’ commission be successful to stop recurrence of ill-gotten wealth sa dami ng red tape at liku-liko at butas-butas na batas natin? NAPAKAHIRAP magpatunay ng case kahit hantaran ng corruption, at hindi mo sila masuspend, take the instances of Corona, GMA and family, governors and mayors in Cebu, Davao, and everywhere else up to the smallest corner of the Philippines… Frustrating! Disgusting!

    If you are serious with your allegation, Sen Arroyo, do something about this… before you fade away quietly in your political life.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/CYUXU35XHVC6K7HGRCZNI7JOFA PAZ

      Exaggerated ang bintang kaya walang mabawi! Walang ebidensya kay Arroyo pero isang truck ang listahan ng bintang. 4 na ang kaso na dismissed. Hahaha! Lumang style kasi pag may gustong alisin sa landas bintangang Mandarambong! Noon binintangan nina Cory ng Pandarambong si Estrada so napatalsik nila . Ini house arrest si Erap, after few years nag sorry si Cory kay Erap nagkamali lang daw sila ng bintang. Nag amoy pawis ang mga anak pawis sa kasasama sa rally nina Cory para patalsikin si Estrada pero nagkamali lang pala!

  • http://twitter.com/Sizzle75Ian ian martinez

    When you get rid of a dictator you must also dispose of the apparatus surrounding him, otherwise nothing really changes.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MZOKC6X7Q52Z4E5VLYNB7GF72Y Kaloy

    How can PCGG succeed when many of the PCGG commissioners found that corruption was and still is a lucrative and tax free business.

    PCGG will continue to be a big joke unless truly honest and principled individuals are assigned to run it.

    The Marcos family and cronies will continue to mock efforts of some  few honest individuals   unless some of the big corrupt idiots are jailed.

    Jailing Erap for plunder followed by a presidential pardon the following day has been the biggest comedy hit ever shown in the political  theater by the corrupt leaders during that time.

    Hopeless RP.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BLHTAUIFFX2RVP2RMPGY57YNZA Acute

    nag-aagawan lang ng ginto ah, hayyyyy…
    sna mapunta nman sa kaban ni Juan yang mga pera,
    hindi sa bulsa niyo..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CYUXU35XHVC6K7HGRCZNI7JOFA PAZ

    Sobrang pinalaki ang nakaw na yaman daw ng mga Marcos, bloated ang halaga at gawa yan ng mga black propaganda para laong masuklam ang mga tao kina Marcos. Kathang isip lang ang 10billion kaya magkathang isip din sila na marami silang nabawi. Hhahahaha.E, yun ngang senador na mahirap lang ngayon may 2 bahay sa Las Vegas may mansion at mga business .Di ba at noong ang Pres. Ay si Cory ang balita lagi ay isa sa pinakamayaman sa buong mundo ang mga Marcos. O, ngayon sa list ng Forbes Magazine ng mga richest in the world wala pangalan ng mga Marcos.Pwede ba pag nagbintang tapusin nila kaso. Iniiwang nakabitin tapos ginagamit na pang blackmail ng nasa pwesto. O, pag di kayo sumunod sa gusto ko bubuhayin ko kaso nyo Marcos, Estrada, Corona, Lacson, Morato. O ngayon eleksyon gustong buwagin daw ang PCCG, nanunuyo kina Marcos para, O di na namin hahabulin ang kaso nyo basta tulungan nyo ang LP sa Ilocos Norte.hahaha!

  • http://twitter.com/r_eyesian ian reyes

    bakit kaya ang mga nagko-comment dito wala masabing hidden wealth si GMA…..dapat imbestigahan din kung mayroon sya HIDDEN WEALTH…..oh talagang WALA AS IN WALA

  • Magsasaka

    PCGG now is commission on graft and graft

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4QAIR53YIPJLMPSQJZTOJIGBVI Jaz

       Or Presidential Commission on Giving-up the Graft…ha ha ha!

      • Magsasaka

        correct mas maganda yang sinabi mo hehehe

  • rinom

    according to the bible,, man is by nature corrupt, unless a man is born again (of the spirit of God) he will continue to be so.

    • pubringjuandelacruz

      so what do you think of Manny Pacquiao then? is he an incorruptible man now? 

    • piskay

      ibig bang sabihin sasama sa mga pastor na iba ang grupong simbahan?at hihingian ka ng 10 percent sa iyong kita?

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    I honestly don’t believe Cory was corrupt. But Corry allowed the people around her to corrupt the government. Same is true for Pnoy’s administration. Kamag-anak Inc. or KKK, they’re all corrupt and thrive in amassing ill-gotten wealth. By turning a blind eye on the corruption around them, Cory and Pnoy are no less responsible for the sad state of our country. Kaya hindi na natigil ang corruption sa gobyerno. Sabay morally corrupt pa si Kris Aquino. Kaya mas lumala ang corruption sa Pinas.

  • Guest

    Kaya dapat, wag na patagalin…dapat magpasa na ng batas ang Kongreso para sa closure ng PCGG.

  • Guest

    Duda rin ako sa hakbang ni Bautista bakit ngayon lang? Hindi kaya nagkaroon siya ng deal sa mga Marcoses?

  • Your_King

    So they’ve recovered over 4 billion dollars of the 10 billion dollars? Some obvious questions, where does that 4 billion dollars recovered go? And also how much did they spend in order to even recoup that 4 billion dollars?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

    The Marcoses successfully hide their wealth thru dummies…I’ve known some of them…even the campaign contributor to Noynoy’s presidency hugely benefited from it….
    Hahahahahahaha!  Ask Noynoy about it.  He would just say, I’d rather fund the condoms & pills distribution than to fund the PCGG.
    Hahahahahahahahahaha!  Whatever that means….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HL4PLUGXUGRDTAUC34KEYC5FDA Jabba Wookie

    Joker should look into the mirror to see who supported the plunder by PGMA, Mike, Mikey, etc.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

      GMA na naman?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4XVVCOAZXYTPN2X3IPFCFDSKFM Melvin

    Twenty seven years na pinapaswelduhan ng gobyerno ang mga empleyado ng PCGG, baka abonado pa ang gobyerno kumpara sa naibalik nilang nakaw na yaman ng mga Marcos… Nakita naman ngayon ang itsura ng mga Marcos parang mga kagalang-galang. Wala silang kakurap-kurap sa pinaggagawa ni E Marcos sa bayan. Dahil sa pera nakabalik na naman sila sa pulitika… Hindi ko rin maintindihan ang mga kababayan natin parang bale wala sa kanila ang sinapit na bangkarote ng ekonomiya ng bansa sa mahigit na 20 taon panunugkulan ng diktador na si Marcos. Ibinoto pa nila si Bongbong bilang senador… Syempre kung anong puno siyang bunga…

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