Call for total gun ban up

Bishops join growing clamor for permanent firearms control



The death of 7-year-old Stephanie Nicole Ella by celebratory gunfire in Caloocan City on New Year’s Eve and the shooting rampage three days later in Kawit town in Cavite province that left eight people dead and 12 others wounded on Friday have drawn attention to a number of gun-control measures that have been rotting in Congress.

Nicole’s death and Ronald Bae’s shooting rampage have also led to calls for stricter gun controls and a total gun ban.

On Saturday, Roman Catholic bishops added their voices to the calls for a total, permanent gun ban and not only during election periods.

Among the gun-control measures gathering dust in Congress is the proposed Citizen’s Protection Act of 2010, filed by prolife groups and signed by 86 Roman Catholic bishops.

The signatories to the proposal included former Senators Ramon Magsaysay Jr., Aquilino Pimentel Jr. and Wigberto Tañada.

Filed as an “indirect initiative,” the bill would limit carrying of firearms in public places to “those directly and primarily engaged in police, military and security matters.”

“Possession by civilians or private persons of such deadly weapons is not a matter of right,” it said.

“It assumes the predominance in our society of the law of the jungle tacitly encouraging a ‘war of all against all’ and ‘every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost’ rather than indicating trust in the government and our duly constituted authorities,” the bill said.

“Society can take no shorter route to anarchy than this road,” it said.

No action taken

Two years since the proposal was filed, Congress has yet to take action, said JC de los Reyes, president of Ang Kapatiran Party, one the petitioners.

“Culture always cascades from the top and when you have a gun collector for a president, can you expect a culture of roses?” De los Reyes told the Inquirer, referring to President Aquino, a gun enthusiast.

In a letter to the President the following year, the petitioners asked Mr. Aquino to certify the bill as urgent so it could be immediately approved by both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

“The bill will make the harmless act of carrying a gun in public places a criminal offense (mala prohibita) before such harmless act turns into a violent crime,” the petitioners told the President.

“Mr. President, we look to your leadership to help us realize our collective dream of genuine peace,” the signatories added.

Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), said the government should consider a total gun ban to ensure the safety of unarmed Filipinos.

“Maybe it’s for the government to study,” Palma said in an interview. “There may be some people who may be allowed in some circumstances [to carry firearms] but in general, the spirit [of the proposal] is good,” he said.

“We have to consider what the others say when they claim the right to protect themselves [but] as I said, in principle, the gun ban is in the spirit of peace and protection, especially of the innocent,” Palma said.

The Catholic bishops’ president said the government should be strict in issuing licenses to own guns and permits to carry and really crack down on unlicensed firearms.

Gospel of life

Antipolo Bishop Gabriel Reyes said the bishops were “saddened” by the tragedy in Cavite, where Bae, a former barangay captain, went on a drug-fueled shooting spree on Friday morning.

Bae had killed eight people, including two children, and wounded 12 others before police arrived and shot him dead in an exchange of gunfire.

“We are saddened because this happened,” Reyes said. “We thought these things happen only in the US. Now it’s starting to happen here.”

Reyes also called for stricter gun controls.

“I’m not an expert in safety, but at least there must be more control,” he said.

Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros said he supported a total gun ban because it ran in line with the Church’s “prolife position.”

“We support a total gun ban. We proclaim the gospel of life versus the culture of death,” Oliveros said.

Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Yñiguez also favors a total gun ban that is permanent, not just during elections.

“I’m in favor of the gun ban. Only the police and the military may carry guns but they should also be regulated,” Yñiguez said.

Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes and Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles said they, too, supported a total gun ban.

And Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, former CBCP president, said there should be a campaign for “responsible and moral use of guns.”

“That covers both legally and illegally acquired guns,” Lagdameo said.


No more time

But Sen. Gregorio Honasan said on Saturday that the current Congress did not have enough time to enact tighter gun controls.

Honasan said, however, that his committee on public order and dangerous drugs would review existing gun laws, consolidate related pending bills and conduct public hearings on gun controls when sessions resume on Jan. 21

“I’m not optimistic that we can pass a law before the recess,” Honasan said.

“The best effort is that we can review existing laws and consolidate these bills and come up with a report, which the next Congress can use as basis [for a new law or amendments to gun laws],” he said.

The 15th Congress has only three weeks and nine session days to work starting Jan. 21 to Feb. 8. Then it goes on recess to give way to the campaign for the midterm elections in May.

Suspend all permits

Sen. Panfilo Lacson proposed to the government the suspension of all permits to carry in the wake of Bae’s shooting spree.

Lacson, a former national police chief, said only uniformed police officers on actual duty should be allowed to carry firearms.

Intelligence officers need not carry firearms because their missions call for covert operations, Lacson said.

Related to the indirect initiative bill in the House is a proposal filed by Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her son, Camarines Sur Rep. Diosdado “Dato” Arroyo.

Their proposed “Child Safety Firearms Act” would “reduce if not eliminate injuries and deaths caused by accidental firearm shootings by children by making sure safety devices are in place in firearms a condition before they can be sold or imported.”

A firearm, for instance, should include a device or mechanism preventing a “child [under] 7 years of age from discharging the firearm by reason of the amount of strength, dexterity, cognitive skill or other ability required to cause a discharge.”

The device should also keep a “removable magazine from discharging when the magazine has been removed.”

Fewer potential suspects

Under pressure to find the man who fired the .45-caliber bullet that killed Nicole, the Caloocan police has narrowed down the number of potential suspects from 45 to 32 gun owners who live in Barangay Malaria in Caloocan City.

Supt. Jackie Candelario, Caloocan police spokesperson, said Saturday that the lower number represented the owners of .45-caliber pistols who lived within a 50-meter radius from the spot where Nicole fell after being hit on New Year’s Eve.

Police reconstructed on Thursday night the trajectory of the bullet.

According to Candelario, police learned from the reconstruction that the bullet that hit Nicole traveled a distance of 50 meters.

Candelario said the potential suspects include former soldier Juan Agus, who had admitted to firing a .45-caliber pistol on New Year’s Eve.

Ballistic tests showed the bullet that killed Nicole was not fired from Agus’ gun, Candelario said.

But Agus and three drinking buddies who also fired his gun face investigation by the City Prosecutor’s Office to determine whether the charges of alarm and scandal filed against them could be upgraded to reckless impudence resulting in homicide.


Bigger bounty

Valenzuela City Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian went to the wake for Nicole on Saturday and gave P200,000 to add to the bounty for the arrest of the person who fired the bullet that killed the little girl.

Gatchalian also opened a Facebook account, Justice for Nicole, for details on how to help find the gun owner.

“A bigger bounty might help in the swifter attainment of justice. We are opening an account for those who want to help, with the option for the funds you donate to be returned within six months if the culprit is not found,” Gatchalian said. With reports from Norman Bordadora and Kristine Felisse Mangunay


First posted 12:41 am | Sunday, January 6th, 2013

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  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Total gun ban maybe not the solution dahil kahit sa panahon ng election gun ban ay may krimen pa rin so hindi yan sagot sa problema…….stricter gun control pa siguro at huwag haluan ng korapsyon sa panig ng PNP at mga examiners kasama na ang mga medical practitioners…..madali bumili ng baril at magpa lisensiya kaya dapat ito ang umpisahan baguhin…..may training dapat sa paghawak at pag store ng baril at sa kampo ito dapat gawin…..again, huwag haluan ng korapsyon at kayo na ang makakapag sabi kung ito ay masusunod……karamihan sa mga may baril na legal o illegal ay mga walang training kung paano humawak at magpaputok…………hanggat marami ang nagkalat na illegal na baril ay walang saysay ang total gun ban at hindi mo mako-control ang illegal ng mga baril dahil kahit ang iba mga pulis at sundalo ay may mga baril na bukod sa mga issue sa kanila at hindi lisensiyado…

  • Jef

    For me dapat bigatan ng parusa sa mga taong illegally or indiscriminately discharge their firearms  15 to 20 yrs imprisonment, if his firearms cause injury or killed somebody dapat life imprisonment ….para matakot or mag ingat kung sino man ang may dala ng baril.  

    • batangpaslit

      pag pinatay sadya, death penalty

  • Marcos5

    Total Shabu Ban not Gun ban.   The Triads are making a lot of Money in the Philippines and destroying the whole nation and the government  check your local warehouses and luxury condominium/houses which are front for Shabu lab factories.

    A bad high -Shabu mixed with other drugs and alcohol can make a person go crazy he will be so paranoid that every humans that he sees in the Streets or Malls are Demons chasing him no matter how young and old to him your a threat.

    Now imagine If Bath Salt drugs starts proliferating in Manila streets.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • batangpaslit

      anon klaseng bendisyon?

  • Fred

    Meanwhile PNP should continue without let up
    apprehending people with loose firearms.
    They have a way of knowing these guys if only they will work doubly hard.

    • batangpaslit


  • Ommm

    A nation of 90% catholics and the bishops have to beg people to not shoot each other…what does that tell you?

    • batangpaslit

      kulang sa pagturo
      hindi naturan
      hindi effective ang kanilang turo

  • vince_bugaboo

    Mga TT n’yong may asin! Kelan mangyayari ‘yan? Pag marunong ng mag-karaoke ang mga baboy? Ningas kugon! Back to self-aggrandizement after a while!

  • $18209031

    Dapat Hand Grenade  Ban rin sa daming nakakalat na illegal handgrenades. Pati yang mga bala galing Tate sa pamagitan ng Balikbayan  Boxes.  Loophole yan mga koykoy sa Bureau of Customs.  Ang isa lang dyan ang kunsabo sa mga koykoy at private shippers. Dios Ko Porto Santa Maria.

  • AZKID13

    Take the guns from the POLICE and the murder rate will go down.

    • batangpaslit


  • Blaymombata

    Simpleng batas trapiko lang d ma ipatupad, banat p kayo ng Gun Ban?!!! Walang mangyayari dyan!

    • batangpaslit


  • Hey_Dudes

    These bishops cannot seem to find a better way of connecting the issue to where they will sound credible and even more crucial – issue being doable.  Malaysia and Singapore must be in their minds when they thought of joining this bandwagon.  However, both countries did not end up banning guns in society on account some individuals fell prey to the lethal power of these arsenals. They’d been at this situation long ago and it has made peace and order in their countries models where dying with the gun is so remote.

    Do you think if cardinal Tagle had a 357 tucked away safely in his waist, will it result in someone getting killed on account of it?  Definitely  not unless the cardinal’s life is threaten there is always that possibility he will use it.  In essence, the gun is not the culprit if I may say so but the person or persons wielding it for whatever reason.  Filipinos or a great majority of us will concede we cannot be trusted with guns that’s a given fact.  With limited brain power, ability to articulate nor communicate without the use of violence is one of our uglier nature.  Matira ang matibay is our daily bread and if it is not me – it better be you lying in a pool of blood.

    Those advocating  for gun ban have not given it great thought (s) and are using their emotions rather than their brains.  The gun is only the instruments with which the individual using it will define whether it is a tool to preserve oneself or to kill someone senselessly.  Do you agree if you give a car to someone who is crazy and drugged he or she will not use it the wrong way?  Same with the gun. 

    • tagasugod

      Guns kills or gun wielders kill. Reduce the wielders and reduce the death. WITHOUT THE GUN IN POSSESSION OF THAT INDISCRIMINATE MAN, DO YOU THINK THAT THE GIRL WILL BE DEAD TODAY? No she’s probably is still alive today. 

      • Jeremiah Nierras

        Because gun bans ensures that guns will no longer exist from reality? Reality check po: criminals do not follow the law.

        The girl will still get shot, no doubt about it.

      • Mamang Pulis

        magaling na argumento.

        kaya yun mga nan masaker sa ampatuan na kalahati ay PNP ARMM at LOCAL MILITIA—


  • aldhins

    Paano naman mga taong  matitino na gusto mag ka roon ng baril para sa kanilang proteksyon? dahil alam natin na daming masasamang loob nag kalat sa ating bansa  na  handang pumatay mas masahol pa sila sa hayop. Ang baril papatay yan pag ang may hawak ng baril lango sa droga at alak hanggat talamak ang  droga sa atin  bansa patoloy ang  kremin.

    • batangpaslit


  • joerizal

    Total gun ban? Keep dreaming. The only guns that will be banned are those that are registered. God knows how many homemade or smuggled firearms are floating out there in the black market and in the hands of insane people.  The first thing to do is to shut those people with armalite-like mouths calling for a total gun ban and get some level-headed folks to come up with real solutions.

  • wawa2172

    Total gun ban will never materialized, Nicole’s death is only one that happened in years of New Years ever celebration and the massacre in Kawit will be repeates somewhere else as drugs, wine and guns are just available around the corner. The president of our country will not certify any bills on gun ban unless his nephews will be hit.  He is a gun enthusiast thus loves gun. The lawmakers have hundreds of guns especially those from Mindanao. Gun ban will just be in our dreams, 

  • Mattino2011

    A few cases that were highlighted or bannered in major dailies, does not mean a significant number of crimes are committed because of guns whether licensed or not.Some of these cases even from previous years remain unreported. Total ban is not the answer, PnP is the agency who can implement measures to curb crime..Files of unsolved crimes remain,  PNP would focus on cases being  aggressively pursued   in media because some are controversial and hot issues..After a while , it becomes an ordinary crime joining the unsolved . Even if you ban guns, I can almost be certain the figures won’t changed significantly. There are lots of issues now  and drugs is also a prime reason why crime goes up, and of course the involvement of law enforcers in some cases.

  • Garo Ungaro

    The guns are made to kill…no question about that its a tool to kill…the problem is the individual who uses, carry, intimidate,fires and use it for any means that may result in death. Gun Ban is just part of the whole problem…The education of the individual about the consequences in the used of guns..Gun Kills…Its the individual…who use the gun?… is the problem, for what ever reasons.If you will NOT pick up, get, carry use the gun. then no one will die? Its like a match. We know the purpose of the match to make fire. but if nobody, will strike the match, the there no fire…same as the gun. Guns are made and a tool to kill…If nobody will use it, then no one will die?…Somebody dies of guns, because some CRAZY INDIVIDUALS used it.

    • tagasugod

      korek, guns are not for self defense, and were made to intimidate and kill. The lesser the gun carriers, the lesser are the intimidators and killers. Total gun ban will reduce the killings.

      • frudo

        ok lang total gunbun basta siguraduhin na hindi makakapag dala ng baril ang mga kriminal,  paano kung wala ka baril sa bahay mo at pasukin ka ng kriminal na may baril, ano gagamitin mo ice pick nalangba or itak

  • regie

    gawing special penal law malum phohibitum

  • batangpaslit

    good move of the mayor to increase the monetary reward in ferreting out the culprit

    gun ban? will the lawless elements obey the law? will the insurgents going to observe it?

    if gun ban is imposed that leaves many lives vulnerableto the hands of the enemy. what are you going to do with members of the police force or those that served in the Armed Forces if they forefeit to have guns for self-protection when the criminals and insurgents do not give a hoot to Philippine laws?

    my take, is: implement strictly the law regarding responsible ownership of the gun.

    • Mamang Pulis

      ‘dre, mawawalan ng income ang firearms & explosive unit ng PNP katulad noong nag higpit si bacalzo,

      tama ka—sa basilan – sulu – pikit – lanao

      tahasan na harap harapan ang pag bibitbit ng mahaba ang mga rebelde

      wala silang imik.

      inutil talga si boy bawang roxas

      • batangpaslit

        Bro, ‘yan nga ang mahirap kung lahat ng galaw sa gobyerno ay pera-pera lang ba.
        Para siguro mabawasan ang pangungurakot at ang lagay-lagay sa pag rehistro ng baril, bigyan siguro ng ang taga FEU for efficiency para walang iringan na si kuan at si kuan ay kumita sa ganito kay ganito.
        tubong lugaw talaga ang negosyo sa baril.
        isipin mo lang ang bala noon ng Cal .45 ay PhP3.00 per round, pero pag nabenta sa black market abot ng PhP25.00 bawa’t isang bala.
        akalain mo ang tubo? ilang tatlong peso sa loob ang dalwampu’t lima?
        eh, kung maka benta nang kahit 50,000 rounds lang sa isang linggo? aba, eh, hamak mong milyonaryo na ang taga benta.

      • Mamang Pulis

        3 pesos? per round? noon yun–ang reload nasa 10php/rd.

        ang factory load ng armscor 27php/rd

        ang imported–80php / rd

      • batangpaslit

        thanks, Bro, for the update
        ang data ko mga late 80s pa…wala pa ang EDSA ’86.
        kung sa ngaon ang reload ay PhP10 per round, magkano kaya ang capital cost nian?
        assuming ang bullet shell ay ‘yo, gunpowder lang ang binayaran. eh magkano ang gunpowder sa isang Cal .45?
        interesting info

  • BIGButo

    A gun ban will make it easer for the next dictator to take over the government and people of the Philippines. Remember Marcos! There are more just like him wanting to take over

    • Marcos5

      It was close to that Remember Gloria Arroyo planning to run again forever. There was alot of mediamen and judges getting liquidated because they were easy prey and defenseless.

      Lawless elements will have a feast.

    • batangpaslit

      brilliant argument

    • Mamang Pulis

      daang matuwid para kay boy bawang roxas…

  • Mamang Pulis

    I will support this cause….IF :

    – MILF/MNLF/NPA laydown their arms

    – Private armed groups by the politicians are disarmed

    -identify and neurtalized KFRG/Carjackers


    • batangpaslit

      Bok, sino ba ang bagay na Cabinet Secretary material sa DILG?

  • Mamang Pulis

    –edited by author

  • Mamang Pulis

    • lagotka

       Mamang Pulis, why r u so upset about a total gun ban?  The ban will still allow police, army, security, government forces to carry arms. They are the ones who fight the criminals.
      Are you a gun dealer, shooting range owner, fixer, government employee who receives cash to approve permits, gun manufacturer or someone involved in
      selling guns who will lose money in case of a gun ban?

      • Mamang Pulis

        all of the above–:)) you can take it whatever way you want it.

        nakatira at gumagala si mamang pulis sa lahat ng binanggit ko….

      • batangpaslit

        ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng “total gun ban”?

  • riza888

    When guns become illegal, there will be two types of people to own them:  military/police personnel, and the really, really bad guys.  Making guns illegal does not make guns impossible to obtain.  

    • batangpaslit

      besides the hooligans never obey the law

    • Tamarindwalk

       The manufacture and sale of guns also has to be brought under strict control, agreed.  That with a gun ban will help to start cutting this kind of incident out of our society.

  • Garo Ungaro

    No guns…No kill
    More guns…More kill
    More crazy with guns
    More innocent people die
    More guns… More Kill
    No guns…No kill…

    • Mamang Pulis

      maganda yan tula mo–

      ma appreciate kaya yan ng mga ungas??

    • batangpaslit

      criminals have guns
      criminals obey no law

      law abiding citizens have no guns
      law abiding citizens obey the law

      criminals with guns, attack law abiding citizens
      law abiding citizens have nothing to protect themselves from criminals
      law abiding citizens but weaponless, die

      criminals rape the wife, rape the daughter, rob money of dead law abiding citizen

      guns do not kill
      criminals kill with knives, guns, hands, blunt tools.
      criminals can make anything into weapons to kill, not just guns

      Garo Ungaro argument grossly false
      Garo Ungaro protects criminals
      Garo Ungaro want law abiding citizens defense less from his criminal minded friends

      • frudo


      • johny_begood75

        a very good point. protecting ourselves is a basic human right but how can we effectively protect ourselves if the criminals have guns and we law abiding citizens do not?
        all taxpayer’s should be allowed to easily have at least one firearm.

    • frudo

      kung hindi lang kurap ang mga nagiisue ng mga license ng baril hindi sana magkakaroon ng baril ang mga may sayad sa ulo kaso dahil sa koruption kahit sino nlang pde magkaroon ng baril basta may pera mapapalinsensyahan na ang baril nila,  hindi kasalanan ng baril  kasalanan yang ng nagmamayari ng baril, paano ang mga responsible owner ng guns,  kung magkakaroon ng total gunban, 

  • akongednamzug

    Kung magkakaroon ng gun ban, ang matitirang may baril ay ang mga kriminal na lang. Pagnaka-ganoon, siguro pag ang isang tao ay may baril na hindi naka-uniporme, barilin na kaagad. Wala ng tanong tanong. Kasi pag-lumaban pa ito ay baka may madamay pang mga inosente.

    • batangpaslit


  • Mabuhay

    total gun ban yes and automatic search of riding in tandem/trio  without search warrant, kasi kawawa din naman yung may mga death threat whose potential killers are usually riding in tandem…..agree kami sa bishops this time. 

  • Roman

    Tamad ang mga pulis kaya maraming kriminal.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Ban guns?  Sure if that you hope wiil stop the killing.  However, why not go for knives as well this too kills not just pigs but people too is that not a fact ?  Put that balisong industry in Batangas out of business.  It is easy to say ban guns but without the attending warning – carry a gun you die by hanging – it will not mean a whole lot specially to the hot headed Filipinos!

    • Tamarindwalk

       We start with guns.

  • frudo

    gun ban tapos yung mga kriminal nman di susunod sa gunban, papasukin ang bahay na may mga baril sila at mga inosenteng tao na sumusunod sa batas, walang baril, walang sandata para ipag tangol ang sarili nila sa mga kriminal!!

    • banditpogi

      Unfortunately, ganoon nga magiging outcome nung gun ban.  Kaya ako, may gun ban man o wala, hindi ko give up right ko to defend myself and my family with any tool that I need.  Baril man yon, patalim o batuta.   Walang batas na nakasulat sa kapirasong papel na makapag alis sa karapatan kong iyon.

    • johny_begood75

       tama frudo!

  • Marcos5

    Gun Ban saan sa Mindanao ?

  • Marcos5

    Ban Shabu and Death to Shabu  pushers and manufacturers.  Alam nyo  po kung bakit Tahimik po sa Davao – at madaming nagreretire dahil po si Gob may bitbit na at ang mga gun private owners ay responsable  Si Manong Duterte ang Policy po nila ay kapag may nagtutulak at nagshashabu sa territoryo nila –  hinde na po pinalalampas, kaya ang resulta wala o pinaka mababang krimen ang Davao.
    Katunayan po mas maraming pong  namamatay po  sa balisong at  Shabu kaysa sa baril yun po ang tunay na census.

  • sacrebleau

    The disturbing fact is that the firearm used in the Kawit massacre was unlicensed; while the status of the firearm that killed Nicole is still unknown.

    The most dangerous guns are the unlicensed firearms used by criminals. You cannot legislate against criminals. They don’t follow the law.

    • Tamarindwalk

       That’s okay.  But we have to start somewhere.  And a gun ban is appropriate.

      • sacrebleau

        I think the most logical approach is for the gov’t to declare an amnesty and buy back illegal/unlicensed guns with no questions asked. They should offer more for the surrender of popular guns like 45s and 9mms depending on make and model.

        This would be a good start.

        Like what most people here said, banning guns outright would only affect responsible gun owners. Serious efforts should be directed towards getting unlicensed firearms out of circulation.

      • Mamang Pulis

        puro papogi lang yan kasi


        sige daw–umpisahan nila sa pusod ng Liguasan Marsh, sa mga bundok ng Basilan at Sulu

  • divictes

    Before we totally go overboard with total gun ban, let’s not forget that one victim, a boy was killed by an idiot wielding a sumpak. It just proves that psychos can and will find ways to create contraptions that unleash lethal projectiles. Total gun ban will penalize responsible gun owners and reward and encourage criminals.

    • Tamarindwalk

       Stop making excuses.

      • banditpogi

        And stop making nonsensical proposition or arguments.

  • 100345roselia

    I am in favor of total permanent gun ban throughout the Philippines the whole year round. Only
    those in the active service of the AFP & PNP will be allowed to carry firearms provided they wear their authorized uniforms at all times.

    As a start, I am encouraging our President – a gun enthusiast and collector – TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE by shunning away from his habit of gun collection. 

    • Mamang Pulis

      second the motion—

      puede pati yun mga rebelde rin ha?

      at saka yun mga politician??

  • angelo castro

    Shooting as a sport desensitizes people to the lethal nature of all firearms, creating a gun culture that glamorizes and legitimizes unnecessary gun ownership. The PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES  who is using guns for leisure is an  example of this. If we want total gun ban, let the president do the initiative. He should be a role model to the gun owners!

    • Danilo


    • Tamarindwalk

      It’s time for the boys with the small thingies go give up their guns.
      Guns don’t make a big man out of anyone.

      • banditpogi

        Tell that to our grandparents who fought bravely in resisting the Japanese invaders with pistol and rifle in their hands.

      • Mamang Pulis

        and yes..small boys & girls do grow up to be responsible citizens——with weapons.
        you cannot eliminate these kind dysfunctionalism by your ‘sense of righteousness’ without some form of violence…. the kawit crazed man was put down by what with a water cannon?


    Let the CRIMINALS have all the guns = Total Gun Ban. 

  • Daang_tuwid3

    Gun ban? For ordinary citizen ,owning a gun equalize them from criminals who do not foloow rules, kawawa naman yung susunod sa batas tapos holdapin lang. Paano kung me nag amok at nanaksak ng kitchen knife? Kitchen knife ban?

  • http://WWW.MISES.ORG/ Mark Rodriguez

    GOOGLE THIS: “Philippine Daily Pravda’s Renewed Tabloid War Versus Gun Owners”

  • http://WWW.MISES.ORG/ Mark Rodriguez

    GOOGLE THIS: “Philippine Daily Pravda’s Renewed Tabloid War Versus Gun Owners”

    • Tamarindwalk

       It’s not just the newspaper: we’re all sick of gun violence!

  • Mamang Pulis

    kung walang baril si Bae


    iba gagamitin nya

    puedeng posporo at gasolina
    puedeng itak
    puedeng lubid
    puedeng sarao jeepney o FX

    kung hindi naka droga si Bae—

    malamang—buhay pa si ungas

    eh wala–maliit ang pag iisip.

  • Mamang Pulis

    wala inutil pa rin–

    di lang kasi nila kaya dis armahan ang MILF

    kaya nag hahanap ng mas madaling pogi points..

    tama rin naman—

    dis armahan nyo yun mga criminal at mga LGU na walang seminar man lang.

    kung pulis nga nag aamok–tignan nyo si pulis patola mendoza.

    big time raket nya sa luneta noon!

  • LabkoPinas

    You can pry my guns from my dead cold fingers, only.

    • Tamarindwalk

       When the law is passed, we will do just that if you don’t obey it!

      • LabkoPinas

        Try it and you and a lot of people will join me in hell!

  • Hey_Dudes

    Bakit ako me’y 12 na  iba’t ibang klase ng baril short and long na pagaari mula noon bata pa ako pero dahil hindi sira ang ulo ko at lalong hindi dinadaan sa init ng ulo ang mga argumento ko sa ibang tao, ni isa sa mga baril ko ay hindi nakapatay na ng tao?  Gamit ko ang mga ito sa firing ranges at dun nagpra-practice  sa pagkasintado?  Kung gusto kong makatikim ng mga machine guns at ibang malalakas na kalibre, I fly to Nevada or New Mexico where these are rented out to gun enthusiast?  Nasa tao yan hindi sa baril.  Kung gusto ninyo na walang mamamatay, ibawal na rin ang mga truck at buses na laging nasisiraan ng brakes na ikinamamatay ng maraming tao.

  • 19arafol25

    I’m a license gun owner..if the Cawit incident happen in our place .I could have take down Bae before the police arrive  and maybe he cannot reload and shoot more victims..

    • Tamarindwalk

       Oh, sure!  You and who else?

  • $26606290

    hahaha.  kapag masakit ang ulo,  pugutin ang leeg.  yun ba?

    sobrang dami na ng batas.  enforcement ang kulang.   law enforcers na hindi law breakers ang kailangan.

  • akramgolteb

    Gun ban???? Inutil yan Gun Ban na yan. May batas tayo bawal ang mangurakot ng pera ng bayan pero bakit ang dami pa rin opisyal ng gobyerno nangugurakot? Bawal magmaneho ng lasing pero bakit an dami pa rin nagmamaneho ng lasing? Bawal ang colorum na bus at jeep, ang dami pa rin ng colorum. Si Bae madami na palang reklamo sa kanya dahil sa mga baril niya, dahil maraming kaibigang pulis hindi kinulong.

  • J

    Masarap daw ang bawal kaya iabwal ng ibawal yung bawal wala namang mangyayari.
    Paano si PNoy, si Punu, si Herrera etc…. gun enthusiasts?

  • Rovingmoron

    Total gun ban is not good for the law-abiding citizens because only the criminals will have the guts to carry out their sinister activities at the expense of the unarmed civilians. I don’t think it is fair. What the PNP can do is to conduct thorough psycho tests on appplicants who wanted to license their guns. The PNP must craft a policy that will require each licensed gun owner to undergo periodic psycho tests because the public may never know if the gun owners may have suffered from mental problems later in life such as the incident in Cavite.

  • Rovingmoron

    Why I’m suggesting a periodic psycho tests on all licensed gun owners? Because there is a possibility that some of these gun owners may suffer from mental sickness later in life while they are in possession of a licensed gun. I hope and pray that the PNP Firearms and Explosives Division will read this suggestion. Aside from the periodic psycho tests, licensed gun owners must also be required to produce NBI clearance during the periodic psycho tests to be conducted by a reputable medical organization. If said gun owners have pending criminal cases, their gun license must be revoked at once. They can only re-apply after their cases had been cleared by the courts.

    • AlzheimersC

      Hindi lang revoke kundi confiscate na kaagad ang baril.

    • catmanjohn

      That process would make too much sense, it would confuse the corrupt and inept PNP.

  • kishbuff

    Sobra na sa dami ng batas, kulang sa implementasyon! Political will talaga ang kailangan. At itong mga Damasong CBCP, sumawsaw na naman. tsk tsk tsk…

    • Dennis

       so much hatred with the friars!

  • $18209031

    More fun and sadness in Pinas . Mahilig kumupya  at copycats ang mga kayumanggis sa Amerika. 

    Superstorm in NJ and Staten Island in Nov 2012
    Superstorm in Davao Oriental and Comval in Dec 2012

    Massacre  of kids at Sandy Hook, Newton, CT.  in Dec 14, 2012
    Massacre of kids and adults in Kawit , Cavite in Jan 4, 2013

    Call for AWB in America aftermath of Sandy Hook shooting
    Call for Gun Ban in Pinas aftermath of Kawit, Cavite shooting.

  • randyaltarejos

    If the government is really serious about the proposal for a total gun ban in public places, the PNP must be sincere and determined in stepping up its efforts to crack down on illegal firearms. The PNP must conduct random check points along the streets, especially those riding in tandem. Impostors must be immediately checked through a computer linked to the NBI and the PNP headquarters for background check. It would be useless for the PNP to tighten the implementation of a total gun ban without conducting check points along the roads. In this way, those who will carry illegal firearms can be immediately arrested, after checking their backgrounds.

  • $18209031

    Reistate the Death Penalty . Enact a law that says, death penalty to any gun owner who uses his licensed firearm to kill innocents instead of protecting self and the innocents.

  • Fulpol

    total gun ban?

    the precursor of martial law….

  • Fulpol

    in the US, owning guns were designed to protect themselves from foreign invaders.. but that is no longer the case..

    controlling gun possessions by Obama is precursor in establishing authoritarianism in the US…

  • Fulpol

    in Mindanao, if you have guns, you are safer..

    take away their guns… they will resist…

  • ever green

    “Culture always cascades from the top and when you have a gun collector for a president, can you expect a culture of roses?” De los Reyes told the Inquirer, referring to President Aquino, a gun enthusiast. —— hahahaha….mas mahirap naman kung ung president natin collector ng roses……..

    • AlzheimersC

      Kung drug addict at alcoholic ang presidente natin….

      Kung kinukumpiska lang ang mga pasong lisensyadong baril…

      Tuwing renewal mayroong drug tests at psychological tests…

  • Hey_Dudes

    Rather than applying yet another ‘band-aid’ solution to this problem, why not do the right thing for once?  During decade 50’s police were under the direct supervision of towns and city mayors.  The mayors hire and fire policemen and they were taking direct orders from these?

    When martial law was instituted by Apo Lakay Mackoy, a new PNP was born.  Instead of the police being led by sarhentos, it tasked graduates of Philippine Military Academy – now or soon to be generals to lead it.

    What happens when a murder is committed somewhere in Mindanao? Nothing get’s done until the fat cat general sitting in a plush office in Camp Crame Manila flies out to see the situation first hand.  In other words, nakawala na ang daga bago dumating ang pusa.

    I say – disband the PNP and let the mayors again take responsibility in overseeing peace and order in their respective bailiwicks.  Remember TRAFCOM in the 50’s?  When they were in charge of overseeing traffic on the highways, there were less road fatailities.  Today, with police in the pancitan, kotong traffic enforcers and MMDA managing it, the roads are in chaos?  Ano bang sistema yan?

    • Dennis

       well, seems like a good option. but, considering the likes of our local officials (mga bopols, jueteng lords, with links ro organized crime syndicate, etc,), they would be salivating with this idea — incumbent local officials can appoint anyone like their tamad and uneducated kamag-anak as a local pulis (under a temporary employment finance by the local gov’t coffers) and create a private army wearing a pulis uniform.

      no sir, i would rather retain the status quo and enforce a stricter gun control.

    • undisclosed

      It is good in theory but local politicians and local law enforcements
      in this country are notoriously corrupt and often controlled by only by a few
      family clans. I’m afraid for the people of the corruption, chaos and unobstructed
      power-tripping that will surely ensue. Why do think jueteng is a major problem
      in this country? Often, jueteng is protected by governors, mayors and police
      chiefs for a percentage of the profit.


  • randyaltarejos

    The government’s proposal to implement a total gun ban in all public places in the country is like shooting for the moon. I don’t think the people can immediately be swayed to believe that the government’s call will come to fore. Unless President P-Noy orders, through the DILG, the PNP to conduct random check points to flush out those who are carrying illegal firearms along the streets, total gun ban will be effective in a country such as ours. Even if the PNP will conduct random check points all over the country, this activity will not produce good results, knowing how the PNP’s computer systems are working at the moment. What will happen here is that after each check of an individual carrying a firearm, it needs to be re-checked with the PNP Firearms and Explosives Division if such firearm is licensed or not, or if the individual is allowed to carry the gun outside, is a complicated business for the PNP personnel. If the PNP can emulate what the Los Angeles Police Department does, whereby all its police cars are equipped with a computer system directly connected to the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Justice and the police headquarters to immediately check if the flagged individuals are clean or not. Right there and then, the police will know if the subjects have criminal records or not. What the PNP should before hand is to innovate its computer systems before plunging into this total gun ban. Besides, the PNP computer systems will be linked to the NBI (for criminal records), the Land Transportation Office (for serious traffic violations) and the PNP Firearms and Explosive Division. And all PNP mobile cars must be equipped with computers, too.

  • http://WWW.MISES.ORG/ Mark Rodriguez

    GOOGLE THIS: “Philippine Daily Pravda’s Renewed Tabloid War Versus Gun Owners”

  • wotsayu

    Criminals Prefer Unarmed Victims
    Dictators Prefer Unarmed Citizens

  • $18209031

    Sinong na- ngungulo sa PMA, AFP at PNP? Of course no other but from the Ilocandio and tagalegleg tribes of Luzon.   Dios ko por Santo Maria, hindi susunod ang gunowners sa Bisayas at Mindanao sa anong mga palabras ninyo dyan. This hurementado deado Mr Bae was from the tagaleg town of Kawit, Cavite.

    So dont even pass your gun laws down here in peaceful and sunny Visayas and Mindanao. Enough of top to bottom orders from Luzon…. We have enough very bad people in our midst that we need to protect ourselves from .

  • lex

    wait until a congressman and senator get shot, then they will look at the issue! baka mawalan ang mga kabarilan ni abnoy, di siya makapraaktis!

  • Albert Einstien

    remove the guns from home….WELCOME holduppers, akyat bahay, gapos gang, kidnappers at tulisan..ENGOT mga yan DI ba  nila ALAM na sobra TAAS ng KRIMINALIDAD at KAHIRAPAN ngayon..dahil PALPAK ang PNOY govt..kahit me CCTV na bahay mo PINAPASOK pa rin AALISAN mo pa ng pang SELF at FAMILY defense…mga ENG-ENG……wala nga magawa ang kapulisan..ang HANAPIN nyo mga UNLICENSE FireArms…yun iba me mga 50 caliber pa….sigurado yan mga MASASAMANG LOOB ang me mga hawak nyan…at PRIVATE ARMIES….. :   >)

  • bugoybanggers

    Hindi baril ang problema mga kapatid. Bakit TOTAL GUN BAN? Dapat TOTAL CRAZY MAN BAN! Hindi puputok ang baril kung walang hahawak at kakalabit kung may bala man. Isipin natin na nasa taong nag dadala ang kahinatnan kung bakit maraming natatamaan ng bala. Ang taong asintado hindi babaril ng pabulag. Iisipin niya muna bago poputok, hindi tulad ng mga iba diyan na nagmamarunong humawak ng baril. Dapat ma regulate ito.

    • diaybalay

      Don’t forget that nothing fires in the absence of gun.

  • Yobhtron

    Total gun ban is only good in theory.  Tighter gun control law is fine. Ante up the penalty of indiscriminate firing. 

  • Mamang Pulis

    Dis armahan nyo muna yun mga rebelde at criminal

    disarmahan ntyo muna ang MILF.

    sasaludo ako sa inyo

    cover up nyo lang lahat eto kasi

    election at…

    hindi nyo kayang dis armahan ang mga MILF

  • Mamang Pulis

    Ano suhol nyo sa MILF?

    absorb sa PNP?AFP?


    ayaw pumayag na ma dis armahan sila,

    yun mga tiwalaing pulis at militar…sino sino mga lider ng  KFRG?

  • Garote

    Why don’t the bishops call for a total mining ban. Mining has destroyed more lives in hundreds of thousands than private-owned guns could possibly destroy. Or why not call for a total ban of private armies instead, that would be much better. We will be abolishing the feudal system of warlords like the Ampatuans. However, much of my fear is if there will be a motor-vehicle causing the death of 20 or more pedestrians, the bishops would then be calling for a total motor-vehicle ban. We would be without cars or public utilities to ferry us to work and to mass.

    • Komen To

      Add to it total Shabu ban, total log ban, but all these bans are all for show on media. The reason that the government makes a pact with Mindanao rebels is because it cannot control and confiscate the rebels’ guns

  • Hey_Dudes

    In more stricter and no nonsense countries like Singapore and Malaysia having guns or even the ability to procure one is like getting caught with illegal drugs.  Governments in both countries reply to all these offenses? – Hanging!

    Now, if the noble, pure and kind well meaning members of this  so called CBCP (certified bunch of  crazy pedophiles) do not have the gumption, liver and heart seeing government do away with these miserable kind of specie in our country, their willingness signing petitions to ban guns means nothing more than the paper bearing their signatures.

  • Dennis

    had a blast bakasyon recently in davao sur (my beloved province)–spending new year with friends.

    met a long time friend, he’s carrying a gun — casually carrying it with no holster . first i thought he’s a police in plain clothes, but later i found out that he’s not. well, this scene is just normal for me (won’t frighten me) but scary for some (specially for those people in the north).

    while on my plane (back to ‘abroad’ and be a modern day hero again: OFW ), images above keep flashing back into my head and wondering how many kababayans are like my friend — can carry a hand gun so casually. God bless na lang sa akong beloved home province.    

    • $18209031

      Gapakarat mo bai? Amdam mo dihas Moros kai dili pud lalim na sila. 

      • Dennis

        suway lang sila…kaubo sila tung-una, kaubo na pud sila usab if mosulay sila….

        …dugay na unta na sila nahurot kung wala naki-alam ang goyerno….

  • Pangasugan

    I am a businessman and I have a farm located in an area somewhere in Davao where both armed bandits and so called NPA’s have been terrorizing the community from time to time. Because of this the local police (11km away) is not so keen on responding to alarms unless they have the local army detachment to assist them. This has happened several times in the past and I have resolved to protect the property in case of attack by investing on firearms (legally acquired and duly licensed). We are not talking here of handguns which you Manila people brings around (concealed carry) and brags to your friends. In Davao, qualified citizens can legally acquire assault rifles (like the AR-15 and big-game  type 0.30cal) if they can afford the prices which are many time more expensive than what what an  American pays in the US.  But what price security? How much value do you put for credible deterrence to convince a band of NPA and bandits that attacking you may not be worth it?
    If the government imposes a total gun ban, I will be made to surrender my firearms. Who will protect me?
    If this country has no moral courage to confiscate the armaments of MILF and NPA (some have even turned to banditry) who are a huge threat to the security of the country, why start disarming the law-abiding citizens like me?
    People tends to have this knee-jerk reactions to isolated events. You hear a girl killed by stray bullets and a drug-crazed person running amok and committing multiple homicides, you want to disarm the civilians.
    We are a civilized country not barbarians. Our guns are there for a reason – to deter the lawless elements intent on attacking us and committing crime.  For every irresponsible handgun owner in the country, there are thousands of us peaceful and responsible gun owners. For every idiot who buys gun just to impress other people there are thousands of us who treats our guns as just a tool – like a knife in the kitchen.

    • Mamang Pulis

      absolutely correct!!

      • Benjie Fixer

        tama kayo mr Luna kasi yang mga anti gun at gunless society ay nakatira sa tahimik matataas ang pader at kumukuha na lang ng tseke katulad ng mga writer at senador na ito hinde nila alam ang buhay dito sa mindanao ang maganda nyan papuntahin natin ang senador at congressman na ito na walang advance party para maramdaman nila ang takot na nararamdaman natin  sa paglalakad natin na baka makasalubong natin ang bandido at terorista itong

    • catmanjohn

      You are correct Mr. Luna. This plan is overly ambitious and unrealistic. There should be better controls on gun ownership and ways the PNP functions, which is the real problem.

    • Komen To

      I was about to defend us responsible gun owners but when I saw your comments, you covered the whole ground already. If all gun owners, including holduppers, kidnappers, carnappers, bandits, erring policemen soldiers and security guards will surrender their guns, then their concept will work. Otherwise, I will follow the concept that goes like this “good people with guns are the defenders of people against bad people with guns”

      • Pangasugan

         Thanks. But you need to speak up also, sir. The reason why there is so much social stigma attached to guns is probably because most gun owners just stay silent and just let the noise from naive gun ban advocates fill the air.
        Americans say gun ownership is about freedom but here in our country is not about freedom – it’s security for you and your family.

    • $18209031

      Pilay M 16 diha bai?

      • Pangasugan

         Wala may baliyang M16 sa tindahan bai. Naa Federal M4 nga (100K) pwede nimo i-upgrade using parts abroad.Ilisan lang nimo ug 20″ barrellike the M16.  Naa siguroy mapalit nga mga M16 sa taga bukid (for P30-50K) nga dili pwede mapa-license pero dili ka siurado kon laspag na ang barrel :)

      • $18209031

        Dungot na nang mga barrel kalagmitan , bai. Gikan pa sa panahon Kano sa Vietnam gihatag sa AFP. Akong gibulong bai ang M1 carbine, naa ta diha kanang original pa?

      • Mamang Pulis

        may mga bushmaster na gawa sa marawi—:))

    • Bayan Panona

      Tama.. Brad, palit kog bushmaster dihas imo beh..

    • buttones

      Your example of basically having to own firearms to protect your property against rouge elements is, as you suggest, an appalling indictment on the failure of the security forces in this country to provide a secure environment where the owning of firearms would almost become redundant other than for an interest in these arms, for sport or whatever.
      This is a sad state of affairs… In typical Pilipino form,- and I am a Filipina- this recent call for banning has come to the fore because of the emotive issues surrounding the death of a poor child- this is, yet again a reactive approach, it seems we do not do proactive. The fact of the matter is that homicide by guns in PH is one of the biggest in our region and is nearly three times what it is in a controlled country like the USA, who have a Constitutional right to bear arms. In contrast a country such as the UK, who have no rights, as we don’t either, have very few gun homicides, clearly they have very good controls. How to get from our situation, to the one in the UK is the question.
      If we can eliminate the necessity you illustrate then we might move forward. I am an advocate of firearms not being in private hands, in an orderly society there would be no reason anyway, other than the exceptions I mentioned.
      Your example just illustrates we are not anywhere close to this orderly society,….

  • nayve

    that is the result of democracy, no peace and order, proper education poderty and health care no result why not to gun down cause of drugs easy to get

  • opinyonlangpo

    Total gun ban will not be in line with people’s right to protect their homes and self defense as criminals will always find a way to get hold of guns. Responsible gun ownership should be better with accompanying laws requiring seminars prior to ownership for proper use of the guns. Without right to own a gun, people will also be at the mercy of crooked policemen and military and other armed services.

  • Bayan Panona

    Sen. Pinky naman… What about in a hold-up situation or armed robbery,are you suggesting na tatawag na lang ang off-duty pulis sa mga nakaduty dahil wala syang baril and hindi sya makareact? Para ka namang hindi naging pulis!

  • Bayan Panona

    Dapat kasi higpitan ang firearms licensing and giving out permit to carries… better yet, remove PNP from DILG. Ilagay ang PNP Org sa DND para kahit may kakilalang politiko ang mga gun buyers, di nila maiimpluwensyahan ang FEO/FED in giving PTCs or F/A Licenses.

  • Ilonggobyblood

    We all have been moved by what happened in Cavite, but the call for total gun ban in the Philippines is not applicable, especially here in North Cotabato. We have all the elements you can imagine. From Rebel groups, Terrorists, Vigilantes, Criminal groups and Rebel thugs, they are a reality here to us. The police and military can do so much. We need to keep our guns. But personally I wish the day when we wont need them anymore.

  • AlzheimersC

    Kung may baril din iyung buntis baka naunahan niya pa ang nag-amok!

    Constant monitoring lang ang kailangan sa mga gun-owners at confiscation kaagad kapag may violation or nakagawa ng medyo mabigat na kaso like public scandal.

    Iyong mga nawawalan ng baril lalo na kung sa bahay…suspension ang kailangan para maka-acquire uli ng panibagong baril or indefinitely kung mahuling nagsisinungaling.

  • rodben


  • Angel

    Problem is gun proliferation did not diminish when there was a total gun ban in the 70s and 80s. There were a lot of “paltiks” and unlicensed firearms which when used to commit a crime made it next to impossibe for the police to track the owner. Gun control is the answer not gun ban. 

    • spider69

      you are very correct. gun ban is not the solution.

  • Komen To

    Let’s review when does a gun become evil? When used by evil persons. When does a person become evil? When he takes evil drugs, family problems, poverty, victims of injustice, etc. now you know what to stop first. Stop illegal drugs, stop poverty, stop injustice specially among the poor or less influential people, and solve family problems at the start. Maybe we are looking at the wrong cause of this social problem

  • haaay

    Then not only the law enforcers would have guns but  those who are not afraid of the law 

  • marionics

    i know people who need protection because they have legitimate death threats against them. e paano sila? i don’t like gun totting a-holes as much as the next guy but what about the security of some people with real risks to themselves?

  • Pio Gante

    huwag niyo nang pangarapin yan kung di niyo lang kayang disarmahan ang mga tao at grupong di karapat-dapat na humawak ng mga armas de fuego.

  • Cris

    Why did this piece of anti-gun propaganda made it to the front page? This piece makes it look like there is an epidemic of gun violence in our country! Is this the real situation in our streets? People firing their guns, shooting each other everytime? Tell me authors is this the reality when you step out of your doors? I see more homeless hungry people than persons walking around carrying guns!
    These incidents were committed by a drug addict and persons who has no regard for the law who have unlicensed firearms which this story doesn’t even specify!
    Can the police protect us all 24/7? Well, my guess is as good as mine.
    These anti-gun people are riding and “gaya-gaya” to the gun control issue in the US.
    I’m a legal firearm owner and i obey the law.

  • ushldcallme

    the politicians will be the first ones to be anti-total gun ban law advocates; unlike the r.h. bill/law…..

  • john clark

    Here is whats weird… Now the Bishops want to ban guns?

    Teka Ampatuan massacre… Under GMA after this why didnt they want a gun ban?

    Was it because the RH BIll didnt move?

    Is the church turning political?

    Why didnt they show such disgust over the slaying of 58 People and call a gun ban…

    58 people… A mixture of catholics and muslims… They kept their mouths shut…

    58 dead vs 1 dead? The difference? Bata nila di na nakaupo…


    Bakit di na kayo nakakabura sa gobyerno?

    • Mamang Pulis

      —kaya hindi na pumiyok si bishop–nag deklara ng martial law sa ampatuan, 

      automatic na kumpiska.

      ang lahat na nakuha puro WW two  vintage

      saan na punta yun mga hindi nakuha?

      yun mga moderno?


      nag kalat hanggang dito sa zamboanga, basilan sulu tawi….

      ang tanong-


      May peace treaty?

      kumpiskahin nila muna yun mga sa rebelde, sa lost command, sa KFRG, sa mga nag-kotong sa mga tinda tindahan….

  • john clark

    If the church does not belive in firearms, maybe they should FIRE or Disarm all their armed security guards watching the large churches and  LARGE SCHOOLS and large buildings and Facilities that they own…  

  • Hey_Dudes

    Monsignors.  Why stop at guns?  How about banning ‘kuatro kantos” and others of the same lethal cabal? There is a saying, once someone starts feeling intoxicated, the swing of a gun consummate the real power?  So then if intoxicating drinks are banned, the pressure of using the gun to prove you are a man makes it less don’t you think so?

    The only problem is, you might have to stop your practice of sipping wine during your mass because the law says so?  How would you like that Bishops?

  • Cris

    Media induced panic and hysteria that causes people to become paranoid. Sensationalism. This article is a great example!!!

    • Mamang Pulis

      testing daw 

  • gerp

    unquote- “We are saddened because this happened,” Reyes said. “We thought these things happen only in the US. Now it’s starting to happen here.” … this person must be only born yesterday, imagine he just only learned that gun totting or killings just only happened now. In 1983, Ninoy was shot point blank together with Galman…1999 in UP Diliman, a student was shot dead by fraternity men…July 1991, Maureen Hultmann and Leino was shot by Tehankee Jr at point blank range…and a lot more killings… for some this is normal, bad things happen… but in reality, this bad thing should be avoided…if only the National Government will be supported by Local Government (vis-a-vis), and if both are seriously thinking about  health and safety of their constituents…pero hindi… lagi na lang ang kita ang iniisip ng lahat… involve din ang mga mamamayan… kaya dapat…self sacrifice… depende na lang kung anong klaseng self sacrifice gagawin ng nakakabasa nito hehe

    • chitoe68

      Gaya-gaya lang mga pulitiko sa Pilipinas dahil sa nangyari sa Amerika nung nakaraan linggo. Dahil noon pa naman na may tinatamaan ligaw na bala lalo na tuwing bagong taon at kadalsan pa nito ang mga nagpapaputok ay mga pulis.
      Ang gun control ay effective lang sa mga sumusunod sa batas hindi para sa mga masasamang loob. Parang na nilang sinabi sa tao na wala kang karapatan ipagtanggol ang sarili mo.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Remember when Imeldific Romuladez Marcos got attacked by a man while she was delivering a speech on stage?  Yeah even then security for what it was given martial law, a man gone berserk managed to go up the stage to take a stab at her.

    What stopped this berserk man from succeeding planting his bolo to the body of Imelda Marcos?  A volley of fire coming from the police and military generals!  Imagine had there been no gun at that precise moment, Imelda Marcos might have been gone forever.

    Food for thought Monsignors.

    • Bayan Panona

      That man was just stupid. He should’ve used a gun rather than bolo.

      • Marcos5

        Combat knife fighting ang deadliest sa Pilipinas. Mas marami pong namamatay sa saksakan kaysa sa barilan.


    hahaha.. galit ang gun owners … ako? walang baril..  the “guns don’t kill people; people kill people” argument is
    shortsighted. It ignores the fact that guns make killing much easier. gun control would be a great thing

    • chitoe68

      Kung tutuusin mas-strict ang gun control ng Pilipinas compare sa ibang bansa. Kailangan lang i-enforce yung existing law para mabawasan ang incidence na ito. Pumasok lang sa isipan ng pulitiko ang tungkol sa gun control kasi nakikigaya sila sa nangyari sa America na kung tutuusin marami na rin mga tao natatamaan ng ligaw na bala dyan sa Pilipinas. At kadalasan yung mga Pulis at sundalo pa ang nagpapaputok kapag nalalasing sila.

  • john clark

    Criminals Prefer Unarmed Civilians
    Dictators and Tyrants Prefer Undarmed Civilians!

    Marcos Prefered Unarmed Civilians
    The Imperial Japanese Army Prefered Unarmed Civilians
    The Spaniards and the Friars (Catholic Church) Prefers Unarmed Civilans…

    Think… Was Aguinaldo’s and Bonifacio’s Guns registered with the Spanish Authorities?

    Always remember…
    Rizal gave his life for our county
    But Bonfiacio and Aguinaldo Took Spanish Lives for our County…

  • bhoystaana

    Balik nalang ang martial law. buti pa nung time ni marcos takot lahat ng tao sa metrocom saka sa PC.

  • pinsky

    All detractors of the bishops claiming that all they knew is to oppose the RH law, now here for your very own eyes is an article which states that 86 of them signed the Pro life act–Citizens Protection act of 2010.

    These bishops are pro life and pro development as indicated by their strong opposition to the rape of the environment only take note that they shall be against any bill to be passed that opposes the teachings in the Holy Bible for they won’t be called servants of God if they just sit and do nothing when evil thrives.

    These bishops just like any servants of God or supreme being from any form of religion for this matter, aren’t perfect unlike Christ. Many of them as they themselves aver in public are sinners just like anybody else but be that as it may why can’t people refrain from censuring them when they simply preached God’s words if they oppose bills abnegating the teachings in the Bible? The sin of one bishop, priest nun  or clergy must not be used as a sweeping conviction against them for the fault of Pedro isn’t the fault of Juan as the erudite say.

  • Your_King

    This is not going to happen. Aquino loves his guns and and gun buddies too much to ban guns. If ever guns were to be banned Aquino and his KKK would not be included and would not have to follow the ban. That’s just the way the Philippines is being run today.

  • Eric

    A total gun ban will only deter law-abiding citizens from owning and carrying guns. Yung mga criminal at sira ulo, tuloy ang ligaya. Kung sakaling biglang matunaw ang lahat ng baril sa mundo, maghahanap Lang sila ng kapalit tulad ng itak at kutsilyo. Anong kasunod ng gun ban, itak ban?

    Ilan kaya ang nabaril last year? E yung nasaksak o nataga, ilan? At ilan ding tiwaling pulis ang nakulong?

    Sa kinauukulan, di nyo Lang magawa ang trabaho nyo, Kung ano ano na naiisip nyo.

  • Vertumnus

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people! I’m for gun control but having a complete ban on guns will not stop criminals from having them.  In fact, law abiding citizens who depend on their guns for personal protection are the one who will suffer.  Passing a law against gun ownership will never happen because Filipino’s  are gun crazy!

  • tarikan

    Stricter gun laws, stricter permits to carry for civilians will never happen if there is no total gun ban. Total gun ban except for military/police/security personnel on duty. If these people are off duty and in civilian clothes, no business carrying guns. Now, among those that don’t like total gun ban are the rebels/terrorists/communists. 

    • chitoe68

       I totally disagree, rebels/terrorists/communist do not follow rules. In fact they are more in favor in a total gun ban because they do not have to worry about getting shot by law abiding citizen.

      • tarikan

        Rebels/terrorists/communists being shot/killed by law abiding citizens? Where & when did this happen? Law abiding civilians are too scared to confront these people. For example these kaka of the nice people, how many were killed by law abiding civilians when they (kaka) come to collect the revolutionary taxes?

      • chitoe68

        I do not think these rebels/terrorists/communists would give up their weapons if the Philippine government order them to surrender if a total gun ban actually happen. I am against total gun ban, it is basically removing a persons right to protect themselves and their properties. If a majority of people possess a firearms in their homes,  a would be burglar would have a second thought of breaking into their house. Unfortunately, the numbers of civilian gun owners (registered firearms)  are in small scale only and most of them lives in higher society. Most in the lower class citizens were unable to afford to purchase one (legally). In the case of these “kaka,” the law abiding civilians are too scared to confront these rebels maybe because they were outnumbered and not many of them were armed. And yet, these should never happened if the Philippine government did their job enforcing the law instead of making new law as their scapegoat on what happened to that girl who was hit by a stray bullet.

  • Bonggebongge

    Mayor Gatchalian we salute you.

  • mave

    Mga holdaper, kidnaper or mga kriminal o di kya mga masasamang pulis mismo naintindihan kaya nila ung GUN BAN? if not wag nalang i need to protect my business and most of all my family.

    • AngLagay

      Kapag total gun ban, ang mangyayari ay mga criminal at halang ang kaluluwa lang ang siyang mayroong baril. Ang law abiding pinoy ay lalong magiging biktima ng mga criminal at scalawag na pulis at militar.

      In reality, kong ang mga pulis sa Cavite ay ginampanan nila ang kanilang responsibilidad, hindi mangyayari itong kawalanghiyaang ginawa ni Bae. Professional drug dealer at kriminal ang taong ito. Siya ay anak sa kabit ng tatay niyang dating pulis sa Imus, Cavite. Dating sa Calsadang Bago siya naninirahan. Labas masok ito sa kulungan at ginagawang “piggy bank or palabigasan” ng mga pulis. “Huhulin at bago pakakawalan,” after na maglagay! Kaya, sino ngayon ang dapat sisihin?
      Ang mga pulis na nagpapalagay at pabaya sa katungkulan!

      Kaya, bakit ang mga law abiding na may legal na permit to own or carry ang siyang madadamay sa mga katiwalian at kawalanghiyaan ng mga criminal, pulis at pulitiko? Ang dapat, iyon lang mga baril na walang lisensiya ang siyang ipagbawal. Mas dapat bigyan ng protection ang mga law abiding citizen. Bitayin ang mga drug pusher at criminal!

      • Bayan Panona

        Sige nga, pano mo nasabing nagkulang ang pulis sa Cavite? Just a curious question since you are actually saying that Cavite police are not doing their job.

      • doncleo

         Di ba pinaliwanag na nga ni Ang Lagay.. Naintindihan mo ba?

  • Georgie G


    • Bayan Panona

      Well, there’s no criminal who commits a crime in front of a policeman. Yun po ang logic kaya wala nang kriminal pagdating ng mga pulis. Besides, most of the “law-abiding citizens doesn’t care that much to help those who have been victims of a crime”.

  • Georgie G

    Oct 19, 2012

    The results of Australia’s Gun Ban:
    Armed Robberies UP 69%
    Assaults With Guns UP 28%
    Gun Murders UP 19%
    Home Invasions UP 21%


  • Georgie G


  • GKLer

    Paki report sa pulis ang lahat ng mga kapit bahay ninyong nag paputok ng baril.

  • Bayan Panona

    Haha! Criminals i-gun ban daw?! What the!

  • Bayan Panona

    People are saying that policemen, military, protective personnel, should only bring firearms while on duty. Are you even thinking? What about in an armed robbery scenario and you fell victims, will it be okay to you if “off-duty policemen” who are at the scene approach you after the incident and say, “pasensya na, wala kaming baril eh. di bale tumawag na kami ng mga kasama naming nakaduty para tulungan kayo.”  Hello! Mag-isip nga kayo mga kapwa kong pinoy!

  • henry

    Mr. Senator, what’s your take if we ban all the bail (Piyansa) in this country because someone took advantage of it while his case was still pending/hearing?  Puwede bang lahat ng sasampahan ng kaso eh pag bawalan ng mag piyansa kasi baka pumuga at mag tago hanggang di pa tapos ang kaso?  Puwede bang kasalanan mo ay damay ang ibang inosente?

    To bishops, dapat bang higpitan ang pag pili ng mga semenarista at patunayan nila ang kanilang pagka lalake para masigurong hindi sila bakla pag naging pari na?  These guys put shame on your institution and not to mention that some of them have pending cases for molesting children. So hihigpitan niyo na rin ang selection nyo at pag napatunayang bakla ang pari, regardless me ginawa siyang kasalanan or wala eh tanggalin na sa serbisyo?

    To everyone, if only there is a legitimate gun owner in the area, baka hindi ganun kadami napatay ng l*cheng Bae na yan.

    Bakit nilalahat niyo?  Bakit porke’t me lehitimong baril eh ban agad ang solusyon?

  • dennis

    How many lives have been killed by a loose firearms from New Year´s Eve until Jan.6? Then what is the required no# of death (recorded or not) until the voices of the people heard calling for “Total Gun Ban”? Should we base it according to quantity?(no# of common people) or quality (until a big fish gunned down)?

  • Bayan Panona

    Sana si V-mayor Duterte na lang ang nasa DILG or kahit president.

    • Don Dee

      I prefer the daughter.

  • frudo

    total gunbun sa mga kriminal   big yes  pero sa mga law abiding citezen NO!!!

  • disqusted0fu

    Too late the hero yet again!

    Does this include Pnoy and his kkks? Because they are usually exempted when it comes to obeying laws.

  • delpillar

    IPagbawal muna lahat ng sales and possesion ng Made in CHina (NORINCO) Cal. 45 pistols.

    Dahil napakamura (yet very reliable) ay marami ng nakaka-afford na bumili, both legal and illegal.

    Possesion of reload bullets should be criminalized too. Ang hirap i-trace kung saang galing na baril ang tingga ng reload na bullet kapag nade-deformed na.

    • $18209031

      Parekoy, dont inject your antiChinese shztdom on this matter. The guns involved were not made in China , so you are clearly racist f cker!  Dapat sabihin mong Sig Sauer 1911 pistol . Hindi mura yan kasi Sig Sauer (swiss made) so itong si Mr Bae was into high end firearms. He got the money from selling drugs and shzt so he has the capability to acquire expensive toys. AK47 rounds are not cheap so goes with .45 ACP.

      NOw i myself have a Norinco 1911 police model.Mura at reliable. In the right hands, it can  be a force for peace. So dont shzt on Norinco firearms, they are as good as what you heard around.

      • Mamang Pulis

        Norinco—yan ang made in china na sulit!

      • delpillar

        hindi ako anti-Chinese 100%.
        I love most of them and I am a friend to many Filipino-Chinese, Indonesian-Chinese and Malaysian-Chinese in several countries that I’ve been to.

        I hate Mainland Chinese specially Hans Chinese.

        Many Indonsian Chinese and Malaysian Chinese ay may ugali ng karamihang 4th generation or older genration Filipino Chinese. Maganda basically ang kanilang mga ugali at socially and emotionally matured sila.

        Ang masamang ugali ng Hans Chinese (which control the Mainland Chinese now) ay kasing sama ng mga ugali ng mga Filipino-Chinese na ka-ma-migrate lang ng Pilipinas (usually 1st, 2nd and 3rd genration Filipino Chinese). (of course hindi naman lahat but majority of whom I met are).

        Many of the 1st 2nd and 3rd generation Filipino Chinese are hermit-crab mentality. They are racist. racist even to the host country where they are presently living.

      • $18209031

        Bakit depende yan sa tao at lugar. Every person has good and bad experiences. Bakit, lahat bang tagaleglegs ay maganda  ang ugali, same with Pampangenos at Pangalatoks at Ilocanos?  Same with Visayas and Mindanaoans? Diffrent folks have different strokes. 
        Every groups of people have their pecularities and idiosyncracies. The Visayans generally dont like tagalegs bec they (tagalegs) look down  on them for their heavy accents and feeling elite daw. Mga tagalegs pride themselves as the bastion of Filipino civilization and cradle of development, thanks to corrupt officials that abounds in this part of Luzon.

        Now the Ilocandios are a different breed. We know they are very clannish and good people. Smart and frugal. But very sneaky too.

  • kunsabagay

    here’s a crazy idea that might work along with other proposed solutions: what if we, through gov’t regulation, make bullets prohibitively expensive for private gunowners (and that includes common criminals mind you)?

    • Don Dee

      Too much Chris Rock.

    • Panzerjock

      Then people (and criminals) will just get cheap ammunition from black market sources. Ammunition can be trafficked just as easily as drugs and other contraband.

  • Marcos5

    Ban Gun ? eh Shabu nga lang hinde pa nila ma Ban?   eyan si BAE fulltime SHABU user.  Eh tingnan nyo lang po yung mga Gobernador na nagshashabu at mga Politician – Mga Adik.

    ECLEO nahuli ka na ba?   Muka palang sabog na  sa SHABU.

  • scconcern

    Total Gun Ban, kasama ang militar at police, kasi total, di lahat. Bago mag gun ban linisin muna nila yung mga armas ng politico at kriminal. Lagi na lang tintamaan yung maliit at legal.
    Kailagan ay responsible gun control…posession, single shot gun and for semi-automatic with max 6 bullets in chamber.. Automatic arms not allowed, even with military/police off duty.  Penalty to holders of automatic arms is outright attempted murder, if resisting can be shot dead. No firearms should be loaded while on transit and permit to carry applies to hunting only on registered designated area only.

    License for good for home/farm protection ony. Renewal of license thru email.

  • pedronimo


  • jerome

    Why is it that those who are legally licensed are the ones being targeted and not those loose firearms?

    • Don Dee

      The gun fired by those idiots (suspects in the killing of that girl) in Caloocan was LICENSED. The amok in Cavite had licensed gun/s himself (though not all of it).

      • jerome

         So sorry and shameful to hear that, then why are such people with state of mind are even allowed to own a gun?

  • Pedro

    Let us be  specific here!  When we say gun ban, we are referring to the stoppage of issuance of  “Permit to Carry Firearms outside Residence ( PTC ) “.  But issuance  of gun licenses will continue. 

    I agree with the cancellation of Permits to carry firearms. . . BUT  THERE SHOULD BE NO EXCEPTION!  Once there is an exception, we will be  back to zero!   MAGPI- FIESTA NA  NAMAN  ANG  MGA  FIXERS  SA  ” FIREARMS AND EXPLOSIVES DIVISION (FED)  NG  CRAME. .  .  P15,000  LAGAYAN  SA  PTC. . NO DOCUMENTS  NEEDED.     BRIBE MONEY  WILL SURELY  GO UP. . .

  • Guest

    Imulat ang pananaw para sa kaligtasan ng kinabukasan ng malayang lipunan. Panoorin sa youtube ang – “Gun-control WorldWide”

  • Rolly257

    A gun control law should be enacted. I’m afraid though that Honasan is the right person to talk about gun control…he lives by the gun.

  • Garote

    Why don’t the bishops, Pimentel, Tanada, Magsaysay call for a total mining ban. Mining has destroyed more lives in hundreds of thousands than private-owned guns could possibly destroy. Or why not call for a total ban of private armies instead, that would be much better. We will be abolishing the feudal system of warlords like the Ampatuans. However, much of my fear is if there will be a motor-vehicle causing the death of 20 or more pedestrians, the bishops would then be calling for a total motor-vehicle ban. We would be without cars or public utilities to ferry us to work and to mass. Or if somebody would use a fork to kill 20 or more bystanders, Pimentel, Tanada, Magsaysay will call for “fork ban,” we will be eating without a fork, using only a spoon.

  • Don Dee

    We have, currently, strict gun laws in place. Legislation is not the problem. But proper implementation of the law. As evidenced by the fact even crazy drug addicts can pass the psycho-neuro and drug test required before one can get a license. There is a law against crazy drug addicts owning a gun, but it is not being correctly implemented.

  • $18209031

    Loose firearms sa Pinas is part of the gun culture. Noon pa yan  dios ko po.

  • Carlo Juancho P. Funtanilla


  • Carlo Juancho P. Funtanilla

    Total gun ban sa mga civilian para mga criminal alng ang may baril? 
    Hindi nmn nasunod sa batas ang mga criminal pag ba nag total gun ban pati sila hindi na gagmit ng baril kasi bawal na?
    ihunt down na lang mga unregistered firearms. thanks

  • Panzerjock

    A total gun ban would be both naive and incredibly foolish. Criminals and determined psychopaths will get their hands on firearms no matter how hard you try to stop them and forcibly taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens will only make them helpless against the predations of criminals and other dangerous elements. The police and military CANNOT be everywhere to protect everyone at once and the right to self-defense and preservation is an inherent one. To deny ordinary people the means to effectively defend themselves is both inhuman and wrong, and to back a total gun ban would be nearly-equivalent to having their blood on your hands.

  • John Simon Yap

    Can anyone help me find the true source of the statistics i see often on tv? 1Million LEGAL guns, vs only 600,000 loose firearms. is this a joke? Even I know from this video that ILLEGAL guns are so, so much cheaper than getting one legally, without the hassle of paperwork. I even saw one on a tricycle driver who told me he had to have one when he went around at night because he’d been robbed before. Now, this was a generally good guy, he was working a tough job to make ends meet but he had a gun he got from ILLEGAL source and then there are the Bad Guys who rob, steal, kidnap, etc. I don’t believe that there are only 600,000 loose firearms. There are definitely multiples more than legal guns simply because of the price. someone find the source.

  • Nano Otrepur

    Don’t you get it? Only law-abiding citizens follow gun bans. Criminals will carry guns, whether there is a ban or not! The only effect that a gun ban does is to disarm innocent law-abiding citizens and make them a better prey for criminals who will carry guns anyway.

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