Palace mulls total ban on firecrackers, guns



Amid the public outrage over the death from New Year celebratory gunfire of 7-year-old Stephanie Nicole Ella, Malacañang has received proposals for an absolute ban on firecrackers and a total gun ban, according to deputy spokesperson Abigail Valte.

Given the amount of commentary and reactions to Nicole’s tragic death, both proposals will have to be discussed with President Aquino, Valte said.

She said there was a proposal to have a total gun ban in place for the May 2013 elections, while others proposed that the ban should also be implemented during the Christmas holidays.

Valte dismissed suggestions that a proposal for a total gun ban would get nowhere because this would not be acceptable to Mr. Aquino, an avid gun enthusiast who shoots for sport.

“I think that is an unwarranted assumption,” she said.

“By way of analogy, the President is a smoker but he pushed very hard for the sin tax (reform bill), so that is the basis for why I am able to say that it is an unwarranted assumption,” she said.

Also on Friday, Sen. Panfilo Lacson said the government should consider suspending all permits to carry firearms outside residences after a man ran amuck with a .45-caliber pistol in Kawit, Cavite, killing eight people, including one child and the gunman himself.

Only uniformed police officers on actual duty status should be allowed to carry firearms, said Lacson, a former national police chief.

He said even intelligence officers need not bear arms “since their mission calls for covert operations, anyway.”

Misplaced perception

“The misplaced perception that the one seen with a firearm tucked in his waist could be a law enforcer instead of a criminal element out to commit a crime must be reversed. Anybody with a firearm concealed or otherwise must be reported to the authorities without doubt,” the senator said.

Lacson, who is from Cavite, said he was heading in this policy direction when he was national police chief in 1999, during which he limited the issuance of permits to carry firearms outside residences.

Sen. Loren Legarda said she has always advocated controlling gun possession among private individuals.

“I’m actually for a gunless society and I’ve always said that should be done,” Legarda said.

Only responsible and on-duty officers of the uniformed services should carry guns, she said.

Strict implementation

Sen. Francis Escudero, chair of the Senate committee on justice and human rights, said there are already enough gun control laws.

“We have tight controls under existing laws and regulations. What is wanting is strict implementation,” he said.

Still, Escudero said he was for a gun ban being imposed during the holiday season, “especially New Year’s Eve.”

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  • Darwin

    Sino ba ang mahilig sa baril? Clue..KKK

    • batangpaslit

      hindi dahil mahilig sa baril ay mamatay tao.

      • noyab


      • cantonese

        hehehe…May tama ka.

      • Darwin

        Then what’s the logic of a total gun ban if you are right? A total gun ban does not distinguish responsible or irresponsible owners, period.

  • Ommm

    What is the point of a seasonal gun ban or during election time?…ban them ALL the time.

    Allow guns in the home only, strictly locked in a secure gun locker. License holders should be open to random police inspection and issued special permits with time constraints to transport them to and fro the firing range…strict penalties should be enforced on anybody packing a gun on person or vehicle otherwise…with serious jail time involved.

    There is simply too many shootings going on, almost on a daily basis somewhere in this country and it really doesn’t need to happen. We don’t need poorly trained shotgun bearing guards outside our banks and drugstores…we need to remove the threat of criminals with guns and a ten year prison term for carrying a firearm would lower the murder and robbery rate in a big hurry.

    Let’s realize our police lack the resources to even respond promptly to crime scenes and seem totally inept at solving crimes unless the criminals are total stooges. We must avert crime before it happens. A total gun ban is the way to do that.

    • batangpaslit


    • Carlos_Iho

      Who are the main source of illegal firearms anyway?  Focus on this.

      • askal2u

         di mga pulis patola at mga corrupt na military generals at politiko, customs.

    • Bing

      there are existing laws and what you mentioned are current policies that are already in place. what is needed is implementation.

    • buttones

      “What is the point of a seasonal gun ban or during election time?.”.

      Well at election time politicians are very visible and people might want to shoot them, [I wonder why?] and the politicians don’t want to be shot so they insist on a gun ban. After the circus, they all retire back to their secure compounds and ghettos, and are usually not seen again for the next three years…and the streets return back to normal with daily murders of people who don’t matter.
      On the rest of your comments, 100% agree….

  • batangpaslit

    ban firecrackers, fireworks lang pag may celebration.

  • Pio Gante

    then who will protect us from criminals especially those who are in uniform?

    still, nothing beats effective policing

  • peninsulaboy

    perception from overseas is that the philippines has a very prevalent gun culture kaya medyo may takot ang mga potential tourists and investors. kahit jollibee or macdonalds may baril yung mga guard

    • akongednamzug

      Mas lalo namang masagwang tingnan, yung mga holdupper may baril, yung mga guwardiya wala. Ang Pilipinas ay di kamukha sa Estados Unidos na kung saan ang karamihan ng guwardiya ay OBSERVE and REPORT lang. 

  • noyab


  • Paul

    “I’m actually for a gunless society and I’ve always said that should be done,”
    – True, kung maimplement ito mas maganda sana. Possible naman e. Yung ibang bansa kaya naman yun e. 

    • JuliusContis

      If meron man, yung mga soldiers lang at yung mga high ranked na police. Parang sa Japan.

    • Carlos_Iho

      Walang mga rebelde sa mga bansa na yun at madaling bantayan ang borders nila.  Sa customs pa lang natin and dali ng palusutin ng mga baril (among other things).

    • californiaflip

      I’m for a gunless society and I don’t mind going unarmed in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Canada and just avoid some parts of the US. Unfortunately you’re not safe in many parts of the Philippines including Metro Manila. Lets see the government disarm the MILF, MNLF and NPA.

  • tonying2645

    For me, okay lang na iban lang talaga yung guns lalo na sa election and new year. At dapat siguraduhin nilana mabigat yung parusa kung mahuli sila. Kung simpleng piyansa lang , di matatakot mga tao dyan.

  • maypakialamtayo

    tumagal ako sa saudi arabia, madaming police patrol na wala namang baril pero takot ang mga masasamang loob kasi walang civilian na may baril kung meron man siguro nakatago lang.

  • JuliusContis

    Yung mga naka duty lang dapat ang may karapatan may baril talaga. Dapat surrender nila yun after ng duty.

    • Carlos_Iho

      Korek, tamang sistema ang kailangan.  Pero imposibly, wala tayo nun.

  • Arnel

    Alisin na nila yung license nung mga di naman police. Yung ang maganda…

    • Darwin

      Huwag daw. Paano na is a KKK?

    • Carlos_Iho

      Paano tayo ma protektahan sa mga kriminal na police?

    • californiaflip

      easier said than done, madaming crooked cops and soldiers. increase the penalty and don’t talk about prison, but money.

  • Carlos_Iho

    Having a gun-less society is easier said than done. Even with resolute efforts, how can you practically take away guns from criminals, bandits, private armies and rebels?  Take away guns first from these people and surely, taking away licensed firearms from private citizens would be easy.  Why direct your sights mainly on licensed gun owners?  Even martial law was only able to accomplish the easier part and this makes private citizens easier targets for criminals.

  • speedstream2

    Total firecracker ban is a no-brainer. The cost of lives, limbs and properties lost due to firecrackers far outweighs any other consideration.

  • Mabuhay

    total gun ban sa civilians……then six month martial law for the sole purpose of searching every house and enclosure in RP. Then order the local officials to ensure that their jurisdiction is a gun-free area; otherwise he will be answerable.

  • Bing

    a total gun ban would only favor criminal elements. they will not follow the law anyway. the reason you register your firearm is for you to be easily caught if you use it improperly. the government should fix a lot of things before we can implement a total gun ban.

    1. fix the police – a lot of policemen are criminals themselves. how can the ordinary citizen be safe.
    2. go after loose firearms – it is easy to go after registered firearms…. but what about the loose firearms which in reality is more than 600,000 reported in this article. go to mindanao and you will find a loose firearm or two in every household.
    3. strictly implement existing gun control laws – there are laws and policies in place. i agree with sen escudero that what we need is strict implementation.

    • californiaflip

      Show me where the crime was committed with a properly licensed firearm and properly issued PTCFOR. Its illegal guns which are the problem. They can’t trace the gun which killed Nicole, because it was most probably illegal. Make illegal discharge punishable with “Prison Mayor” and a fine of P500k of which P100k goes to the squealer, and if he can’t pay, one kidney, part of his liver and a cornea get extracted to pay.

    • $14745135

       Not all people in Mindanao possess firearms.  my guess is that you are referring to the people in  Marawi and other      Muslim areas.

  • Pedro




    • californiaflip

      Nice comments, pero hindi dapat ALL CAPS. Internet courtesy.

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      firecracker ba ang nakapatay sa bata???

      gun ban lang dapat!!!

  • poltergeist_fuhrer



  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    GUN BAN…




  • kilabot

    ban perversion and many things will be solved and corrected.

  • boi skater

    It is the same thing year after year, yet nothing is being done about it; nobody is doing anything about it. Filipinos like to talk and argue and talk some more until they are blue in the face but in the end, nothing. Year after year, it is the same deaths, the same injuries, the same anger, the same talks, the same arguments, the same headlines, the same editorials, the same blah-blah from our politicians and then, nothing.

  • bryant85

    Long before, production of Firecrackers should had been banned. Many limbs and live were sacrificed due to explosion of firecrackers and this effort of Aquino to ban it is a hearty welcome, a reprieve from the onus burden of every household whenever New Year day arrives.

    But when Aquino post a sign in the paper that he’s still mulling if to ban or not then clearly his action depicts him to own a double face, not trustworthy in a sense that he’s playing the old hat scenario of the waiting game, meaning if more people supports his idea then he pursues but if not then let it rest.

    A reluctant fighter not a determined one that’s why his matuwid na daan is not paved smoothly but full of potholes built by his indecisiveness  to  confront head on problems that mushroomed each day of his tenure. As a result his accomplishment is meager

  • tunderlulo

    Aquino ano pang inaantay mo? Kung talagang tunay kang nagmamalasakit sa kapwa ay pahinto mo na ang paggawa ng mga paputok. Gawa ang kailangan dito hindi salita Ginoong Presidente

  • wakats

    Palace mulls total ban on firecrackers and guns (during holidays) – HOLY COW!!! the palace can’t even strictly implement TOTAL LOG BAN – how much more on firecrackers and guns.

    Ping is right – limit issuance of permits to carry firearms outside of residence, especially on mission orders to people close to authorities like NBI, CIS, AFP, PNP, etc. These people are not legitimate agents of the government but extra “malakas” to powers that be.

    All unrenewed firearm licenses are considered loose firearms and should be confiscated soonest to force them to renew. The most problematic are the loose handguns/assault rifles in the hands of private armies, drug/jueteng lords, smugglers, and plain hoodlums.

    It will take the guts of Ping & Duterte to bring discipline and sanity to society. 

  • florence457

    As they say more talk more mistakes. Aquino if he keeps on yakking on the firecracker and gun ban will sooner be dissuade from implementing what ought to be right since this matter would surely be politicized thus placing him to a receiving end of vacillation. Hesitancy debilitates inflamed will to act, like a sniper that in a wink of an eye lost his quarry for hesitating to fire at the opportune time.

    • geisha86

      i lost your point due to your words..

    • jun

      pakitagalog na lang. flowery words doesn’t make sense…

    • barangayboso

      “will sooner be dissuade??”

  • NightmareJack

    Firecracker ban ba kamo? Hindi mangyayari yan. Kung ayaw nyo ng paputok, simple lang, huwag kayo magpaputok. Kung ayaw nyo ng paputok malapit sa inyo, magdilig kayo sa paligid nyo para basâ ang kalye. Gaya ng ginawa nung isang nabasa ko sa ibang site. Nag spray sya ng tubig sa paligid ng bahay nya kaya walang nakapag paputok malapit sa kanila. Menos usok, menos paputok sa malapit sa kanila.
    Kung tayong lahat, gumaya sa kanya, basain ang kalye para mabasâ ang mga paputok, e di nakatulong na tayo, hindi pa natin kelangan antayin umakto ang mga inutil na mambabatas natin.

  • SUMMER_OF_71

    The analogy given by the Deputy Spokesperson is totally misplaced.  The Sin Tax Law does not prevent or prohibit the President from smoking.  It only makes it more expensive – and the additional pesos per stick is a mere drop in the bucket for her boss (assuming even that he buys “local”).  On the other hand, the President is a known avid gun-enthusiast and loves pistol shooting.  A “total gun ban” could very well muffle his favorite sport.  Thus, it’s a fair comment for people to say he might not favor the proposal.

  • buttones

    I agree- ban all firearms with the exceptions of AFP, PNP and security- if people want to shoot at bits of paper for ‘sport’ then ok, include them with certain provisions. The PNP and other government agencies clearly are not in control of guns- so just close the whole thing down, add a few ruthless, draconian punishments for unlawful ownership. Will this happen? Absolutely not, not because Aquino likes guns, but because there will be an outcry from gun owners saying they have a right to protect themselves, the manufacturers, retailers, importers will all start moaning about job losses, on top of which the PNP cannot enforce such a law, as I said they cannot even control the situation as it stands- will a House member push this forward on the basis that PH is murdering by the gun, nearly three times what the USA does, and that is an appalling statistic and a terrible indictment on our society? And will this House member point out the irony of a loving, family oriented, Christian, praying, happy nation having such an appalling record? I doubt it.
    On fireworks, ban in private hands, towns and cities can organize these events for their people. Same terrifying, draconian penalties for breaking this law as well- let’s get some discipline in our society….it’s falling apart…..

    • DarkJustice

      Gun ban,No..Strict implementation of Gun laws,Yes! It is the people who kills people,not gun..Gun is only a medium. It so happen he carries a gun so he uses it..Based on reports he’s a drug user/dealer, so there is a high probability that he will kill even he just carries a knife or machetes. What the govt shld do is to be serious on tracking down and arresting people with unlicensed guns!

      • buttones

        Ok, I respect your point of view- I disagree with it. This aphorism of people killing people not the gun is a bit tired, it is true of course but the gun is designed primarily for killing things, a hand gun has only one purpose, if we exclude ’sport’. Your other examples of bolo or knife are not quite the same, neither was designed for killing in the general sense, they are not weapons as such, in the main part. I can kill somebody with a pencil, and I believe that happened in a US courtroom during the M&M murder trials- should we ban pencils no- they are nor designed for this, Guns are designed for this purpose. Killing.

        And, if you look at statistics, the US who have constitutional right to bear arms, murder people by the gun at the rate of 10.2 for every 100,000 population, PH who have no right at all manage 9.5- the UK with it’s control, and no right either is 0.25 people. Now clearly, given the UK example, they have things under control- we, PH have no control whatsoever, and it seems we can never achieve this, we never have, the authorities are impotent so we have to start afresh from ground zero where no civilian is allowed access to guns. Period, there is no need for it, apart from the exceptions I mentioned regarding this ’sport’ and the security forces.

        I have no faith in this government, or the last, or the next implementing gun control in PH, it cannot be done.


      The best Pop control is “Right to bear arms”. Arm the citizens so that they may become mighty dragons instead of gunless idiot monkeys. What is better, an armed ‘hoodlums in robe’ or armed law abiding citizen ? The armed Bad guy can only be Bad if the good guys are not armed. The good Filipinos had become poor idiot slaves because arms is only in the hands of greedy crocodiles. An armed good man is better than armed ‘Hoodlums in Robe’. Let there be gun for all in the name of population control. RH pills kills only the good poor Filipinos. The greedy ‘Hoodlums in robe’ will remain alive sucking the blood of good Filipinos.

  • Socorro

    We have laws on the use, possession of guns but there is only one person I know who was convicted for possession, Robin Padilla. Still his conviction is clouded by politicking, ang daming irresponsible gun owners and even proud of it, marami ring loose firearms pero alam ang identity, yet the police are not doing anything. We do not need a new law WE NEED  AN IMPLEMENTATION OF THE EXISTING LAWS.

  • Homer Guo

    agree with Sen. Lacson’s idea, makes sense and should be strictly implemented. 

  • dennis

    “Valte dismissed suggestions that a proposal for a total gun ban would get nowhere because this would not be acceptable to Mr. Aquino, an avid gun enthusiast who shoots for sport.”

    Common! The point of the majority of people is to make our country,Philippines a better place to live.You have to do something that people MUST understand.You have to implement something as what Sen Lacson is pointing about not for political reason but for the safety of every citizen in our country! Another thing Ms Valte as you´ve mentioned “By way of analogy, the President is a smoker but he pushed very hard for the sin tax (reform bill), so that is the basis for why I am able to say that it is an unwarranted assumption,”
    Smoking has a different story,YOU SMOKE or YOU DIDN`T SMOKE,you will die! It is a responsibility of oneself if he/she wants to continue smoking or not.But this is FIREARMS? And the possibility to INJURE OR EVEN KILL A 2ND PERSON is almost 99.9% and the remaining 0.1% is SUICIDE! Sa tingin nyo ba,kaya ang tao eh may baril eh para barilin ang sarili niya or proteksiyunan ang sarili niya?…Ikaw Ms Valte,Kung may baril ka,itututok mo ba yan sa sarili mo? Common sense very uncommon!
    Kung may baril man ang Government Official eh i will understand that! Not only for protection but for other legal purposes because someone is a political figure! Kung wala kayong gagawin eh i prupose na sana eh ang firearms eh mabibili na sa bawat “Sari-sari Store”…Hope you guys got my point!

  • dennis

    What´s the use of the law “Illegal possesion of Firearms”? Let me say you propose a Divorce Bill and all of the sudden a couple got misunderstanding about it and ended up into murder with firearms involved (killed by partner,in-laws or relatives) What case? Murder? Murder of what? Firearms?………..You must be kidding,How can be a murder in this case since “If there is NO LAW considering suspension to carry firearms.My point is let killings happening in our country be given attention para sa ikatatahimik ng mamamayan natin.If you didn´t allow total ban or suspension of firearms in every private hands eh parang sinabi nyo na din na legal silang makamatay ng tao.

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    10 years na ang firecracker ban dito sa Davao..and we do have periodic gun bans too..especially during festivals….the result -zero firecracker-related casualties, and near-zero crime rates too….

  • dennis

    “Valte dismissed suggestions that a proposal for a total gun ban would get nowhere because this would not be acceptable to Mr. Aquino, an avid gun enthusiast who shoots for sport.”

    I understand what you said that Mr Aquino is a gun enthusiast WHO SHOOTS FOR SPORT,BUT the problem is the PUBLIC,THEY SHOOT FOR PLEASURE! Gets mo?

  • Jose

    I’d support a gun ban, though I doubt it happens, as the gun lobby is very strong.

    Also, my main concern would be implementation.  Guns are widespread in the Philippines currently, and it’d take ages to get rid of all of them (if, in fact, it is doable). All it would really take is one case where armed thieves rob / kill a gun owner who turned in his weapon due to the ban and the media will be all over the law.

    Again though, if implemented properly I’d love it.

  • regie


  • opinyonlangpo

    Coming from a gun enthusiast, it is hard to swallow.

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