Cebu mayor wants cops, barricades out of capitol


CEBU CITY—City Mayor Michael Rama wants the policemen pulled out and the barricades removed from the Cebu provincial capitol.

The mayor said he did not want to give the impression, especially to the Sinulog festival visitors, that the city was having a peace and order problem.

Policemen have been deployed at the Cebu Provincial Capitol since Dec. 19, 2012, when the suspension order against Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia was implemented to discourage the gathering of Garcia supporters in the area.

Iron railings were also installed in front of the capitol to serve as barrier.

“I do not want them to be seeing the capitol like a garrison or to have the impression that the city is under siege,” Rama said.

He added that he, as the mayor, should be directing events in the city and not the Police Regional Office in Central Visayas (PRO-7).

Since the capitol was located within his territory, his order should be respected, he added.

Rama told a news conference on Thursday that he instructed Senior Supt. Mariano Natuel, Cebu City Police Office director, to coordinate with Chief Supt. Marcelo Garbo, PRO-7 director, to remove the barriers and pull out the police detail at the capitol.

Garbo said in an interview over station dyLA that he could not pull out all the policemen because their deployment was requested by acting Gov. Agnes Magpale.

“What we will have now in the Capitol is a minimum police force because that is the request of the acting Gov. Agnes Magpale. There are critical areas (at the provincial capitol) that still have assigned policemen,” he added.

He said the number of policemen deployed at the Cebu Provincial Capitol had been reduced to less than 50 from more than 200 when the suspension order was served on Dec. 19.

He added that the barricades have also been removed.

Rama, an ally of Garcia, said he did not see anything wrong with allowing Garcia supporters to assemble at the capitol grounds to express their support for the suspended governor.

The mayor had visited Garcia in her office thrice.

Rama said the Constitution guarantees the freedom of assembly so every Cebuano should be allowed to exercise it.

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  • Cmac

    Stupid mayor.
    Those are paid (hakot) supporters plus they will cause great traffic to the City…Cebu City.

    Did you even listen to the people who voted you to office if they are pro or anti Garcia?
    Cebu City has been a pro-Osmena ever since and you only won because of Tomas’ support who stuck out his back for you when you were still Vice Mayor who started the quarrel with Garcia when you insulted the Garcia’s during a speech. Now you stab your benefactor’s back fly over to the enemies/corrupt side.

    Good luck in the 2013 elections. You’ll loose by a landslide as like any other traitors!

  • Fred

    Malapit na kayong dalawa mawala sa political arena!
    Goodbye gob at meyor!

    • indiosbravos2002

      Never nang pabalikin please.

  • Pedro

    I  fully agree with you that  he is a stupid mayor. . Paid supporters  of  the  suspended  governor assembling at the  capitol  grounds will  show that there is anarchy . . . He prefers  to  show  ANARCHY  than  show  citizens respecting the law. . 

  • opinyonlangpo

    The mayor does not seem to know what is going on, or maybe pretending not to know. They are the problem, the suspended governor leave the capitol and the police and barricades will also leave.

  • maypakialam

    i am with the mayor on this point. at tsaka ba’t d nalang i focus ang police force sa pagprotekta sa mga dadalo ng sinulog maxadong maraming nawawalan at nadudukutan sa panahaong iyon. infact even the sinulog foundation itself was robbed last year.

  • markotres

    His order as the city mayor should be respected,,,,but of that from the President of the Republic through the DILG secretary should be neglected ….L O L.  Have more fun in the Philippines…..

  • PhilippineSalt

    The mayor is right. Police should be in the vicinity when there is a threat to life or disorder. This is just showing how backward the system is. Yes, Its the presidents department but aren’t we suppose to respect the one elected by the local people. for all we know this is just a political war that is just abusing the system. If I come home from the states and saw these at the capitol, I would not come back in Cebu and spend my dollars on anything. Political Sabotage? Maybe…. If Gov. Gwen Filed for Restraining Order then let it be. She is just using the law, so now involve the police for what? how many times the police Kalinaw will show after an incident? Come-on show  some Filipino dignity and class. In the first world countries, this will not happen…imagine police and military putting barricade because of a suspension order.

    • indiosbravos2002

      In a first world country like america and japan, the governor would have already resigned and/or committed hara kiri depending on the country..
      In China or Korea, she would have been sentenced already in a kangaroo trial and sent to hard labor.
      The president is too lenient n the governor, IMHO. My advice to Gwendoling, dont push her luck.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Mayor… HELLO! Ilang linggo na nakahole in si Gwendoling dyan. Akala mo ba di pa alam ng taong bayan yan! Nasa TV at newspaper yang barkada mo,
    Ambobo… Amp. Taga-Cebu City. Palitan nyo na yang mayor nyo. Ang tanga,

  • Jim De Garman

    mr. rama you’re only a mayor..magpale is acting Cebu governor who are you to be followed by PNP, perhaps your reasons are deeply taken out of tune.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Wow! A city mayor can actually contest orders from the acting governor, dilg sec and the president. Only in Cebu!

  • batangsulpok

    Gusto siguro ni Mayor na maalis ang barikada at mga Pulis para tuloy-tuloy ang supply ng lechon kay Gwen, dapat magsama sila sa kakakain para ma-high blood o tumaas ang cholesterol o atakehin sa puso, di walang problema ang mga cebuano.

  • Qwxyz

    ano pa bang impression ang kailangan di malaman ng tao dito, alam na ng buong bansa ang balita pati sa abroad, palagay ko maraming turista ang magpilit pumunta dito sa Cebu pero hindi sinulog ang dadayuin kundi ang kapiltolyo at sisilipin si suspended gov kung maayos pa ang kanyang botox.

  • gretenov

    Ang daming nagco-comment na todo supporta sa Hacienderong Presidente ng Imperial Tarlac at gustong gusto na sipain si Governor Garcia. Ang salita ay TAGALOG. Wa ha ha ha ha ha!

    • To_Be_Continued

      know your law and learn to respect it…

  • Kaloy

    Mayor who? Giving order to PNP officers assigned to maintain peace and order at the Capitol building in Cebu city TO IMPRESS UPON CEBU CITY VISITORS THAT THERE IS NO PROBLEM OF PEACE AND ORDER IN HIS AREA.

    Too late Mayor Rama, this peace and order problem in your city  has been the headlines on TV news and of all dailies and tabloids since shortly before Christmas participated by no less than your governor, Binay, Estrtada and Enrile.

    If you will not be more careful, you and your abusive Gov. may end up holing up in jail of the same capitol building for open insubordination of higher.authorities

    It is incumbent upon you to show good behavioral examples for the future younger leaders of our country to emulate.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Open your eyes you yellowhindiots!

    When the PNP follows the order of a Mayor rather than the DILG Sec. Martial Law Roxas, the following are the possible reasons:

    1. The PNP is aware that Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia is in fact the elected Governor by the people and not the overacting Nagpapale and therefore Gwen Garcia enjoys the support of the Cebuanos;

    2. The order of Martial Law Roxas is patently illegal and stinks of personal political ambition and trickery;

    3. The PNP is aware that this is an abusive administration but they have to follow orders that is why they are just showing a lukewarm response;

    4. They know that UNA is a formidable force and VP Binay has more chances of being a future president than the desperate Martial Law Roxas so they will surely suffer the consequences of their actions, kung matigas ang ulo nila;

    5. Cebuanos don’t believe in the Survey Court (Supreme Court of PNoy.) Mga taga Manila lang ang kayangkaya bilugin ang ulo ni Mahar Mangahas at Pulse Asia Survey na pagaari ng mga tiyuhin ni PNoy, kasama na ang SSB – Prevaricator in Chief Lacierda. Tingnan ninyo tahimik si PNoy. Alam niyang tagilid ang bangka pagdating sa Cebu. Sigurista din yang kumag na yan kaya nanahimik na lang.

    • 7_mgawalanghiyakayo

      wala mana nagpakanaog ug order ang naa sa taas kung walay valid nga rason, modelo man kaha na sila dapat mosunod pod unta na sila kung unsay order, kung dili sila guilty kadali raman na ma tubag nila ang pasangil ug makabalik sa pwesto kay daghan man kaau na silang mga garcia nga naa sa gobyerno..

      • rayingga

        How can i press like di ko naman naiintindihan ang comment mo

      • To_Be_Continued

        Hahaha…binisaya man na dung. Merkano man ka…LOL

      • reader2323

        ito ang translation sa comment ni7_mgawalanghiyakayo
         ” hindi nagbigay ng order ang nasa taas kung walang valid reason, modelo man kay na sila dapat susunod sila sa nagbigay ng order, kung hindi cla guilty madali lng nla masagot ang akusasyon at makabalik sa posesyon dahil marami masyado mga garcia sa gobyerno”

    • Ding

      Panay ang alulong mo…ano ka, dahil sa rabbies o nakakakitta ka ng maligno?

      1.  Have you seen anything thst says Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia is not the elected Governor?  Kaya nga siya ang suspendido,, di ba?  Hindi naman iba ang sinuspinde.  Ano ang mali diyan?
      2.  Mayroon na nga ba’ng Martial Law?  Kung mayro’n na, bakit nakaka-alulong ka pa ng ganyan…dapat nabenditahan na ‘yang bunganga mo, di ba?
      3.  Ayaw mo ba ng gentle o lukewarm execution?  Mas gusto mo gusto mo ba nang nangingisay ang elected governor habang inilalabas siya?
      4.  Di mo ba mahihintay ang 2016 bago mo ideklarang Presidente si Binay?  Ngayon pa lang na VP pa lang siya, hindi na niya matugunan ang cabinet duties niya, hindi naman siguro kulang ang taas ng sapatos niya, diba ?
      5.  Buti na lang hindi ka naniniwala sa mga sinasabi mo.  Kung ang mga taga-Cebu nga naman hindi naniniwala, ikaw pa?  Taga saanb ka nga ba?  sa City?  sa Capitol?  o, doon sa lugar ng mga asuwang? 

    • To_Be_Continued

      Martial Law? Please check the meaning on any dictionary and see of your understanding of the word jibes with the definition…

      P.S. Una is not a formidable force. With Binay as its presidential timber… he is only a twig. You can confirm that come 2016.

      • Pulis Na Pogi

         twig?  kaya pala natalo si roxas na 1 month into the elections e nasa 40% pa kuno ang points advantage kay binay…

      • To_Be_Continued

        2016 is a presidential race. Nog won a vice presidential contest. We just started 2013. Wait till the LP machinery gets oiled for 2016.

      • Pulis Na Pogi

          “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”- Albert Einstein

      • speaksoftlylove

         Walang Martial Law? Nagpapale closed tv and radio stations in Cebu sympathetic to Garcia at the behest of Martial Law Roxas.

        Twig? VP Binay would not have won as vice president without the support of the Aquino sisters, Escudero’s group, and Erap’s party. Tanga ka pa rin sa politika hanggang ngayon, Your PNoy is a puppet of Martial Law Roxas. They have agreed to share the presidency. In fact, PNoy announced during the campaign that he will let Roxas run the affairs of the president by giving 70 to 80 percent of the job. Nakalimutan mo na, barok? So who is really is the “twig” in the palace?

      • To_Be_Continued

        Does Webster dictionary (or any dictionary for that matter) define martial law as “closing of one tv and one radio station:” If that is so, please copy and paste your source here. LOL. Nagmamagaling lalong nagmukhang engot.

        To say that Noynoy is Roxas’ puppet shows you know nothing–nil–nada about the history of their forebears. Obvious na totoy ka pa sa politika. Binay is a strong veep personality. But as prexy runner, it is a totally different story.

        P.S. Huwag ka masyadong pahahalata na napipikon ka sa views ng ibang posters dito. Nagmumukha kang kawawa at katawa-tawa. Exchange of ideas lang ito pero naha-high blood ka. LOL.


      Ka dami mong sinasabi. Ang Mayor ang siyang may “direct responsibility” sa Peace and Order ng locality. Ano pang silbi ng Mayor kung Malacanang at mga kapanalig na LP ang may Say sa mga pulis. Dictatorial na yan as in ang Malacanang ay wala ng pag galang sa elected local leadership. Ang PH governance ay unti unting nagiging style Abnoy dictatorship.

  • Ding


    • indiosbravos2002

      Its the similar case with Rizal province and Pasig City. Pasig being the original capital of the province became part of the NCR in the 70s. However, the provincial Capitol was left situated in the City premises until a few yers ago.

  • Maitum

    Follow the legal orders of proper authorities then pursue your case in court para matapos na itong gulong ito. To give peaceful impression of Cebu, no one will believe it. This had been in the headlines for so long. Peaceful lang ang Cebu pag wala ng gulo sa kapitolyo.

  • Paul de Guzman

    Wish you well Mayor Rama, We hope that you know  that what you’re doing is right but if you are just doing this because of gratitude you’ll will pay for this at your own careers expense.

  • $14170612

    dahil sa maitim at maliit na maligno lalong gumulo bansa natin..

    • indiosbravos2002

      Malas ata yan si Binay. Imbes na ayusin gulo sa Cebu, ginatungan pa. Busssettt

  • Hunter421

    So Mayor Rama feels that his order should be respected because its his territory but nobody seems to care about the Philippine President’s order?

  • ed0408

    You’re out of line Mr. Rama. As public official you should be the first person to uphold and obey the law. Let me remind you that if you and the Garcias are public officials then you all are under the President of the Phil.. So, respect the law. When politicians are elected they’ll think that people are their slaves and they’re above the law. Stupid! I will not vote this kind of person.

  • band1do

    Another politician.  Seems that the prob;em doesn’t start from the top of the chain, but from all sectors.  Lets be wise with our votes these coming elections. 

  • 7_mgawalanghiyakayo

    Binata manang imo YOR, ang kapitolyo iya sa probinsya ang PNP iya sa DILG ang nagbantay karon sa kapitolyo under sa DILG nga sakop pod sa probinsya. Ang imo Yor cebu city, ang imo rule sa mga pulis sa kapitolyo suggestion lang tawon ayaw ug garagara diha ug buka sa imo baba kay maulawan lang ka gawas lang kung la kay ulaw. sayon raman jud unta na ang problema nato temporaryong manaug isa si gwen kung tinuod nga wla siyay sala pero kung sad ad aw dayon. ang mas maayo nimo buhaton tabang ug hangyo kang gwen nga mosunod sa order aron makita nato ang pagkamodelo ninyo mga polit tuko.

  • Faisal salman

    Si Annabel Rama ang supplier ng mga babae kay Pakyaw at Chavit……..

    Si Annabel Rama rin ang supplier ng mga lalake kay Gwen Garcia …….

    Magkaanu-ano si Annabel at ang Meyor….

    • indiosbravos2002

      Tingin ko magkalahi yan. Si Annabelle tatakbo rin daw Congressman sa Cebu. Kaalyado sigurado ni Gwendoling at under UNA siguro. Lahat ng masamang politiko sinalo ni Binay, ah.

  • lolo_Jose

    Political suicide yan mayor, dahil utos mismo ng presidente ang kinakalaban mo.
    Tingnan natin sino ang yuyuko..

  • reader2323

    Rama said the Constitution guarantees the freedom of assembly so every Cebuano should be allowed to exercise it. na unsa bya ni nga mayor ignorante sa balaod dli absolute ang freedom of expression mangayo paka ug permit kung gusto ninyo mag tapok sa public area. usa ka example ang Edsa 3 unsa ang gibuhat ni Arroyo gi disperse ang mga nag rally kay walay permit

  • Opel

    a politician’s double talk, his only purpose is to assist his suspended ally. the mayor obviously has no authority to order policemen nor any other public officials on the provincial capitol ground. hindi naman city hall ang may barikada. kapal !

    • indiosbravos2002

      Exactly, its not even city premises anymore even if the provincial Capitol is situated in the Cty proper. The province has a separate charter from the city. The area is owned by the provincial government which makes the acting governor in control of government security forces deployed in the capitol. All the mayor can do is look and wait for the vice governor’s decision.

  • ame

    Sira talaga ang ulo nit ng mga alaga ni Nognog at Botox. Rama how stupid can you be? Ang dapat umalis sa Capitol ay si Botox. She is suspended di ba? Yung studyante pag suspended Hindi puwedeng pumasok sa school.Kaya kong lahat lumalabas na you do not follow the law kaya dapat kayong lahat mapreso. Upon hearing this case CA should ask Botox why she as the chief executive officer of the province do not follow the law. Hindi yan umbra sa CA. Remember who is now the Chief Justice Hindi na yung protector ng mga corrupt


      Si Dictator Abnoy ay mas corrupt pa kay GMA. 39 BILLION CCT fund naglalaho taon taon. Sa 3 taon ni Abnoy ay nakaipon na siya ng 100 Billion sa kanyang secret bank account. The Vanishing CCT fund is the greatest corruption ever crafted in PH. Pag tinanong nasaan ang Development ng CCT fund. Malamang ang isasagot ng Abnoy > ayon natae na sa kubeta, kalkalin nyo doon kasi > Ang Baho !!!

      • indiosbravos2002

        Mukhang personal na galit mo kay PNOY, ah. Hindi ka ba nya nabati sa teevee aya galit na galit ka. Hehehe.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Nakaka sawa na ang kanyang Showbizz. Ang mahihirap ay nanganga ilangan ng trabaho. Ang ibinigay ni Abnoy ay lason ng RH pills. Ang mahihirap ay halos wala ng makain. Ang ibinigay ni Abnoy ay lalong pagka gutom. Kinuha ng Sin TAX ang sanay pambaon ng mga bata. Ang nakakasuka ay idinahilan pa ng Abnoy na lahat ng nabangit ay para sa kalusugan ng mahihirap. Lason ng RH pill at 200 % + Tax increase makakabuti daw sa gutom na bayan ? Isang Abnoy lang ang maka isip ng dahilan na ganyan. ‘Tuwid na daan’ daw pero nag suspende ng kalabang gobernador ng Vote rich Cebu, kasi nalalapit na ang eleksiyon. The Abnoy pervert brain can not be hidden anymore ……  

      • D_BystandeR

        Ang kapal ng mukha mo, kanina ko pa tinitingnan ang mga hirit mo. Ano ba, sira ulo ka? Bakit si President Noynoy ang lagi mong tinitira, wala naman siyang masamang ginawa. Ang suspension order is a lawful order based on a decision against Garcia
        guilty of “usurpation of powers of the Vice Governor Sanchez.” Kung wala ka nang ibang magawa mabuti pa’y matulog ka na. Hindi kailangan dito ang katulad mong “sira-ulo.

  • asdafaa qwesda

     Geez, just cut off the electricity and water to the capitol and keep food from entering the building. Let’s see how long she’ll last.

  • SolitaJ

    I think there are more suspension orders coming. What happened to that underwater Balili property allegedly purchased by the Gov out of government funds for housing project (technically malversation of gov’t funds) then leased out as dumping site for a private coal plant at a fraction of current dumping fee rates? That’s a bombshell of a case much worse than this one!

  • dikoy321

    Obviously dumb argument of Cebu’s Rama !

    He may be right to quote the Constitution but he forgot that the same Constitution gave the Executive, the President of the Republic, the power to SUSPEND in accordance with laws !

    P-Noy did NOT suspend Gwen from a whimsical viewpoint, but BASED on evidence that she USURPED Vice Gov Sanchez’ authority !

    For being an IGNORAMUS, Rama should be THROWN OUT of power by Cebu residents next election !

    Forward Philippines !!!

    • Allan

       Elected nga ng Cebu residents..


    Hindi kaya ng tropang Abnoy na kaladkarin ang buhok ni Garcia ! nya…..hahaha….. A crack in the wall is now visible. The wall of an Abnoy will fall ….. yeheyyyyyy……. Mabuhay si Mayor Rama the man of the hour to save Cebu from dictatorial Abnoy.

  • indiosbravos2002

    By any chance, kamaganak ng mayor si Annbelle Rama. Pareho kasi silang may topak at obvious media wh@re.

    • Allan

       Tell that to the cebuanos who elected the mayor..

  • cry_freedom

    Michael Rama seems to be devoid from reality.

    Of course, there is a peace and order problem in Cebu, courtesy of Gwendolyn Garcia, Rama’s ally. Even if we drop the “peace” aspect of it, there is an “order” problem.

    Garcia is “out of order” for defying a legitimate application of the rule of law.

    What does Rama think of the Filipino people – idiots and suckers? 


      What does the Cebuano’s think of Roxas – idiot and sucker of Noy AB ? Whei !

    • Allan

       The capitol is within the city.. the mayor directed so.. The mayor is duly elected.. make sense?

  • Diepor

    Only in Philippines . Banana Republic Nr 1.

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