Suspended Cebu gov gets to argue in court


Suspended Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia reiterates that her suspension is illegal before a crowd of 1,000 supporters who staged a “Freedom March” from Fuente Osmena to the Cebu provincial capitol on Sunday. Photo by Carmel Loise Matus

Suspended Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia did not get the temporary restraining order (TRO) she had been praying for but the Court of Appeals on Wednesday ordered oral arguments on her petition next week.

The appellate court’s 12th Division on Wednesday decided to hold in abeyance Garcia’s petition for a TRO on the six-month suspension meted out on her by the Department of the Interior and Local Government.

In a two-page resolution written by Associate Justice Vicente Veloso of the 12th Division, the respondents in the case were ordered to file their comments to Garcia’s petition within 10 days from receipt of the notice.

The oral arguments will be heard on Jan. 10 at 10 a.m. in the Court of Appeal’s session hall.

The respondents in the case include the late Cebu Vice Gov. Gregorio Sanchez Jr., who filed the suspension case against Garcia, the Office of the President, Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr., Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and the Department of the Interior and Local Government.

In coming out with its ruling, the appellate court acted on the petition for review with application for TRO/status quo order and writ of preliminary injunction that Garcia filed on Dec. 20.

Since her suspension last month based on Sanchez’s complaint, Garcia has continued to defy the order and has barricaded herself in the Cebu provincial capitol even through the Christmas and New Year holidays.

She said she would only leave the premises if the authorities bodily removed her.

In its resolution, the appellate court noted the respondents’ urgent motions for leave and opposition to the TRO which they filed on Dec. 28, as well as their opposition to the issuance of a TRO and/or status quo ante order.

The resolution was concurred in by Associate Justices Jane Aurora C. Lantion and Eduardo Peralta Jr.

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  • bilango71

    Hindi raw aalis si garcia kahit na hinde ibigay ng court of appeal favoarable tro.

  • Fred

    May nilabag ka bang batas Gwen o wala?
    Yan ang issue.

    • ApoLapullapu

      That is the point that the Court of Appeals must now find out.

  • Chito

    Kahit kailan kapit tuko talaga mga Pinoy politicians…

  • catalansbarce

    Naunsa na ba ni si Gwen oy…, maghinayhinay na unta sya ug pamutos ngayon na parang
    mukhang “graceful exit” pa. What if at the end of the oral argument.., the resolution of CA
    supports the suspension order of the President.., anong next move nya?  Aalis sya or manatili pa rin sya sa Kapitolyo?

    • rezli

      reyna gud sa kapitolyo, lami ikatulog sa iyang kwarto..hehehe…

    • Malthie Militar

       Pag nangyari yun, takbo si Gwen sa Korte Suprema, hingi ulit ng TRO. Pag hindi magbigay ng TRO ang SC, accuse niya ito ng bias dahil si P-noy ang nag-appoint kay CJ Sereno na Chief kaya beholden ito sa presidente.  A losing litigant’s favorite argument.

      • Vic Cabrera

        bakit pa tatakbo si garcia kay cj sereno kung alam niyang mas mataas ang kanyang IQ ?

  • Hey_Dudes

    This has once again  illustrated politicians low regard for taxpayers by relegating their interest at the bottom while their personal ambition and ego takes priority.

    Nothing gets done in the capital while Garcia and her family are holed up inside.  They even had the nerve to board up windows and padlocking every doors to prevent authorities entry to the building.  The court should have arrive to their decision early on whether or not to issue a TRO in her favor and not allow the situation to flounder.

    • batangpaslit

      ‘di, huag mag bayad ng tax para wala silang sueldo…hehehe

    • ApoLapullapu

      The OIC governor is already functioning. Gwen’s presence in the capitol is only symbolic since she is no longer performing official functions.  Since she believes that she is politically persecuted, she obviously wants to make political capital her physical removal by the authorities.  Her argument is she is only suspended not dismissed.

      • rezli

        ginaya nya si erap noon sa malakanyang, si enrile sa camp aguinaldo at si binay sa makati..

      • ApoLapullapu

        At umubra naman sila nuon.  The suspension of Gwen Garcia may be right. But the timing is very lousy.

  • Mamang Pulis

    pag labas ng kapitolyo–saka dadamputin si GG….

    agoy agoy kaluoy ang GG

    • batangpaslit

      akala ko, Bro, ikaw ang bodyguard ni GG. bakit, hayaan mo ba siang mahuli?

      • Mamang Pulis

        hinde bro–ako yun dating kabit.


      • rezli

        ahh..nakita na kita, pogi mo…

  • ApoLapullapu

    At least the wheels of justice are rolling.

  • ed0408

    The next step of Gwen if ever her TRO request is not granted by CA will be asking the AFP next CPP/NPA, MILF next Abu Sayaf. The CA shouldn’t have given her that opportunity to be heard for defying the order of the President to vacate her post. How can CA hear her petition when she is still holding on to her post? We have a double standard in implementing justice. For the rich and powerful they’re given so much by law for the ordinary citizens  they’re jailed outright and heard after.

    • Don Dee

      Minor point; she is NOT holding on to her post — she can not. She is merely making a spectacle of herself by illegally squatting in the office of the governor. Whether she likes it or not, she is NOT the governor of Cebu at the moment. Otherwise, I agree with your post. 

  • $15469930

    Parang bata ito si Gwen na kapag ipinahiram mo ng isang bagay ayaw na niyang isoli.
    Kapiltolyo ang kanyang nagustuhan maging permanent address .

    • Mamang Pulis

      maraming ganyan–kapag nasa puesto na mahirap bumitaw…parang addict sa nicotine, mahirap iwanan basta basta.

      • rezli

        yung tatlong hari, ang nasa likod nya ba naman, kaya matapang..hehehe.. ENRILE, ERAP, BINAY puro trapo..

      • Malthie Militar

        Wala ba kayong narinig na sumigaw ng “Aray”! sa Malacañang?

      • itsumo

        Yung mga kawatan lang at mga salot sa pag unlad ng ating bansa.

  • zahraff

    Let us wait for the decision of the Court of Appeals. If it will be decided that Gwen must abide with the suspension, and still Gwen insists on being stubborn, the best way to do is send 4 policemen inside the capitol. They must bring a big bed sheet to wrap around the body of Gwen, just like those in the mental hospital. This way it will prevent physical injuries and bingo, it is very easy to bring this Gwen out of the capitol premises. Sa liit nitong Gwen na ito, isang bitbit lang yan at tapos ang boksing.The authorities must not resort to cutting the electric power or water because Gwen might end up saying that she has been deprived of basic amenities and might unnecessarily sue the government for her being stubborn. But, the authorities must be sure to bring a video camera and media people to document what will be happening. There is no need to employ force, because as the saying goes with kids playing or fighting – ISANG PITIK LANG YAN GWE NA YAN at todas na yan!

  • jgl41456

    Gwen Garcia should be physically removed from the Capitol and jailed for gross insubordination and usurpation of power. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!

    • James Wise

      When that happens I guaranty you that she will excercise the training she had acquired from GMA University which is to start acting sick and ask to be allowed to travel abroad. If that doesnt work, she then will proceed to pay her doctors to release a press statement about her illness and the last one is going to be the most popular technique among her buddies in the politics which is to sit on a wheelchair.

      Philippines is not the wheelchair capital of the world.

  • tyopaeng

    is she a goddess for cebu politics?

  • kulittwit

    No TRO despite the 3 musketeers and the cebu cardinal.

    This trapo deserve the suspension and all punishment in the future. The capitol was not even able to pay for catering bills way back in 2010 and 2011!! Where did the budget go???? Lugi na ang catering hindi mo pa nabayaran ang kinain mo gwen!

    • KarmaGMA

      napaka walang hiya pala nito….alam mo ang pinaka head nila ay si GMA, ang dami na nila, dapat lang mawala na cla sa power…


    kung walang TRO bakit nariyan pa si GGG? di ba ang ibig sabihin nyan ay SUSPENDED? SUSPENDED BILANG GOVERNOR. at hindi naka SUSPENDERS!!!

    • carlorocci

      Sabi nya “Suspension Order” nga raw at hindi “Removal from the Office”, kaya na sa kapitolyo pa siya……hahahahaha..

      • Sanz Mercado

         itong si gwen kapareho niyang makapal ang mukha, corrupt at matakaw sa poder,ang kapatid niyang si winston garcia…
        nagsama mga trapo at corrupt – binay, estradas, enrile

  • ethicsingov

        Only in the PHL. No one seem to know the “obey now grieve later” employment principle.

  • Albin

    Yung gustong ipalit naman kasi ng DILG, mas madaming kaso.

    • Tristanism

      Madaming kaso yung vice governor?

      • Albin

        yes. ewan ko baky Wala sa PDI stories.

      • Tristanism

        Tulad ng ano? 

  • sl1

    The president should impose his authority otherwise this will become reference to similar situation that will defy the lawful order of the president. This must not be tolerated by the state, the suspended governor must be removed physically if she does not heed to order.The state must give ultimatum then after time lapsed do what ever is necessary to impose the gov’t authority.

  • Don Dee

    Itaga nyo sa bato, if the CA decides against the wishes of Gwen, she will NOT respect that decision. She will cry Malacanang influencing the courts. The only CA decision that Gwen will accept is the one granting her wishes.

  • marionics

    1,000 supporters lang…bwahahaha

    • Don Dee

      Wag mong ismolin yan. 500 per day x 1,000 = 500,000 Php per day (plus meals). Pag may placard dagdag 100 per day.

      • marionics

        above minimum wage…di na masama he he

  • Jhonny

    Gwen is cloaked w/ intense vanity to power and beauty that she often asked an object, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, when will I leave Capitol?”

  • Marshall

    dapat putulan ng tubig at kuryente pati communications ang opisinang inoukupa ni Kulubot..Tingnan ko lang kung saan tatae yan…

    • akongednamzug

      Palagay ko, sa puwet pa rin. Joke lang ! ! ! Magkakampi tayo.

      • Marshall

        ha ha ha ..oo nga no..Pero in fairness may hitsura yung anak ni Kulubot yung lady lawyer ..Mukhang hot….

  • dikoy321

    For Gwen’s refusal to leave the Capitol despite her suspension order, Gwen is risking PUBLIC EMBARASSMENT/HUMILIATION if bodily carried out of the building !

    If during her physical removal, she moves a lot, the policeWOMEN (or men?) might touch some of her private parts, which could ONLY cause her more HUMILIATION than is indeed necessary !

    Listen Gwen, the SUSPENSION Order also covers DISTANCE from the workplace, stay at home, so the Cebu constituents could have a 100% FULL USE of their Capitol, you being NOT AUTHORIZED to be inside its premises !  Kaya nga po SUSPENSION, which means DO NOT SHOW up at your former workplace !

    DO NOT BLAME the Authorities, should they DECIDE to physically MOVE YOU OUT, which seems to be your WISH ?

    KAHIYA-HIYA ka Gwen, pati na rin sina Binay, Enrile at Erap, TRAPOs all !

    Such INSUBORDINATION of TRAPOs deserve NO RESPECT from taxpayers !

    Time to get out Gwen !

    DO NOT VOTE for TRAPOs Gwen Garcia, Binay, Enrile and Erap !

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • Albert Einstien

    “The suspension order was based on charges that Garcia abused her authority for slashing and withholding the budget for the salary of contractual employees of the late Vice Governor Gregorio Sanchez.” ….di ba yung DBM ganyan din yung sigaw ng mga tonggressman pag wala pa PORK nila……e dapat pala mayat maya sinususpndi din yun mga dbm…lol…. when a political opponent charges a political opponent of usurpation of authority …it is ONLY for political maneuverings….walang namnam o sustansya yung basis ng case..maniniwala pa ko don sa JUETENG kasi tauhan nya mismo ang nagtuturo ng involvement…o kaya don sa corruption issues …kung gusto nila tanggalin si garcia..DAPAT sa corruption charges tulad ng sa makati at pasay officials dati me basis criminal dapat o mas mabigat na kaso pa…ginagawa lang nilang martyr si gwen at pina-pasikat lang nila ang UNA……hindi cya bababa jan malamang pag-tapos na eleksyon kung di sya mananalo….wrong move !

    GARCIA is right…it is not illegal it is ONLY political…. …lol

    • AIbert_Einstein

      Gwen Garcia just like you are both STUPlD, kapal muks gamit mo pa Albert Eintein… Atenista ka bang kagaya ko ha? Tigas mo teng!

      • Albert Einstien

        pitiful..ateneo law school kb….BUTI kp .teng…

      • Ding


      • Albert Einstien

        galit si sir dong….lol

    • Alejandro Canda

      ALBERT EINSTEIN, nag aaral ka ba ng abugasya? kung hindi, maintidihan kita. the issue  here is not criminal in nature, but administrative one. so kung may suspension order na coming from the office of the president wala nang makakapigil dyan. she can go to the court for relief from judgment but in the meantime the suspension order must be in effect as there is no TRO issued from the court of appeals.

    • Ding

      O…nariyan ka pa pala, eh, di hindi ikaw ‘yung may ganyan ding pangalan…ang kaibhan sa ‘yo, siya alam niya ang tamang spelling ng pangalan…ikaw pati pangalan mo hindi mo kayang i-spell ng tama.  Sana ‘yung kaso ni Gwen ang diniliberate mo…you should have deliberated on her case, if you want to defend her…not on accusing others….paano mo mapapalaya ang kliyente mo niyan…sisipot ka sa husgado, dapat ipagtanggol mo ang kliyente mo…pero, hindi iyon ang ginagawa mo, binabanatan mo ang iba…eh, di tuloy ang sibak sa kliyente mo…ano ‘yon, magdusa siya dahil kumuha siya ng defender na ni hindi marunong ng spelling?

      • Albert Einstien

        ·       sir dong  my lonely friend…before you JUDGE a person..sir..please try to EDUCATE yourself first…
        RULES: Usernames or pseudonyms based on another person’s identity, publicly known or otherwise, living or dead..are PROHIBITED!
        SOLUTION: IDEM SONANS….sound like or mis-spelling is ALLOWED…besides there is already a user account einstein…
        hope that i contributed a lot to your EDUCATION…. : > )…….lol

  • Manolo Villareal

    How can Gwen attend the oral arguments if she is not getting out of her office? Via skype?

    • Bong, Leigh, Mel


  • weeshfulThinker

    The government should file another case against her!

    1. Trespassing – The City Hall is NOT her personal property, it is the Government’s. Since she was suspended, her “right” to stay in the City Hall, I think, was also suspended.
    2. Graft and Corruption or Malversation of Public funds (not sure, correct me if I’m wrong)- Since she is living inside the City Hall, she is using the Hall’s amenities (or utilities). Meaning, since the City Hall will be paying for this, it is the People’s money.

    This way, hindi lang talaga suspension ang makukuha niya…

    hahaha #foreverTrapo :)

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Walang delicadeza itong si Gwen Garcia napaka-kapal ng mukha. Leave the Office of the Governor and then start your protest. Gi CEBUANO’s do not like you, your only supporters are people that VP Binay paid to act as human shields for you.

  • virgoyap

    Is her defiance against the order of DILG legal or illegal? Is it ethical or unethical? Then why is she allowed to act as she wish? Is Gwen Garcia more powerful than the law?

  • Peter L

    Due process dictates that the accuser and the accused should face other. Good ruling by the court. Mar Roxas must be brave enough to face Gwen rather than making press releases. I hope one UNA representative will go there to provide support to the beleagured Governor. The truth shall set us free!

    • bagombong

       I don’t know what truth you still want to know, she is suspended period..yan ang hirap sa mga politiko porke nakaupo na sila akala nila lagi silang hari…

    • akongednamzug

      Don’t worry my friend, the famous and former HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER will be there to provide support as a representative of the group called the ANIMAL RIGHTS ADVOCATE.

    • Alejandro Canda

      Peter L if you have no background in law, then it is understandable for you to munch words of an ignorant. Let me state clearly that the case against Gwen is not criminal in nature but administrative one which require only substantial evidence as quantum of proof to convict . Since the suspension order comes from the office of the president, the same is immediately executory and not subject to appeal. the petition for TRO is not a reason why she  should not be forcibly taken out from the capitol much more that up to now no TRO has been issued. Now even if the court will decide in her favor the petition for TRO, it is now moot and academic as the case is now being converted as petition for relief from judgment when the court schedule the same for hearing in which she must personally appear otherwise the case will be dismissed outright if she fails to appear. Granting that Gwen can secure relief from judgment from the Court of Appeals, the decision of the CA cannot gain outright finality since the same can still be appealed by the DILG to the Supreme court, so gwen cannot return to her position until after the Supreme Court rules. It is expected that when the Supreme Court rules, the term of Gwen Garcia already expires.       

      • carlos_premacio

        the suspension order of the President not appealable? How are we going then to interpret the powers of the court to determine whether or not the President or any branch or instrumentality of the Government committed grave abuse of discretion amounting to lack or excess of jurisdiction? If it is non-appealable and the aggrieved party has no remedy, does it mean that we have Hitler now in the Malacanang?

  • AIbert_Einstein

    People with mindset like yours @ Peter L —– are living leeches that need to be squashed. UNA representative VP Binay along with Jose Palma are making a mockery of the law and you are actually supporting the act. WTF!

    • Ding

      Mukhang maganda ang post mo ngayon…saka, correct yata ang spelling ng Einstein…siguro hindi ikaw ‘yung dating Albert-Einstien…no problem, kung ikaw man, ibig sabihin gising ka na !!!

  • efren

    shame on you gwen. step down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Manolo Villareal

    The Court of Appeals wanted to make sure it’s not prank.  The petition for TRO was filed on December 28, thus the setting of oral arguments.  This time Gwen must get out of the office to defend herself orally, or ask the CA for a participation via Skype, she being in her office during the hearing process

  • noypisiTED

    Now that Garcia wasn’t able to get a TRO from CA she should leave Cebu capitol and hand over the affairs of the city to VG Magpale. I didn’t know that this woman Garcia has a blood of a kapit-tuko. If she steps down it doesn’t mean she was being stripped of her mandate as the duly-elected Gov. of Cebu and the end of the road for her. The way she’s demonstrating her boorishness she’s no different from the other politocos who hang on the the position like a sore gecko. She should be the first one to follow not flaunt the law.

  • jonas c

    tk tk tk tk tukooo tukooo tukooo tukoooo… 

  • Bong, Leigh, Mel

    Tuko talaba barnacles…

    See how some politicians cling to power. Pag na lunod talaga sa kapangyarihan hirap umahon at kumawala.

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    Right she was then. 
    It was merely a suspension order. The order was not removal from office. Well, literal interpretation of the law is what Garci a wants, so let’s enforce her suspension literally. Suspend her from the ceiling feet up. Upside down she is now.

  • LegalJustice

    I have a gut feeling the main reason that she cannot afford to leave the Capitol no matter what happens even if the C of A won’t grant her a TRO –  there is so many skeleton in the closet – illegal transaction once the cat is out of the basket it will be uncontrable that she can’t do anything .

    Courtesy from Venus Raj: For sure there will be a  major, major shady transaction that she want to cover-up.

    Remember she’s been a Governor for 3 terms that is for sure a lot but you need to realize that is a succession of Garcia Dynaty. Before her I believe its her father if I am not wrong.

    Think about it politicians livelihood is via corruption and illegal transaction – thats where they enrich themselves. Whoever thought former CJ Corona will those money in the bank with his salary alone – I don’t think you will be able to amass that kind of wealth – its no brainer to figure that out.

  • LegalJustice

    Since corruption is very rampant in the Philippines to this day the gov’t  should create a new law that any Public Official and Government Employee with no exception to submit there Financial Statement  reviewed by the BIR and COA. I know there is SALN but that will be different.

    That is one of the ways you can minimize corruption and in the long-run it will illeminate corruption especially paying bail bond and have treaties with other countries.

    No big payment  transaction has to be done in cold cash in paper bags – it has to be in cashier check by the bank.

    Just think about it if your money is a clean money why will you pay it in cold-cash in the paper bag? Its just common sense – its no brainer – it mean to say its a dirty money – nothing else.

  • Gpjtsora Branchtwo

     Gwen will you please leave the office now if you don’t want to be removed by means of force because your already suspended therefore you don’t have any authority or whatsoever to be in that office as your now a private individual.Don’t expect a sympathy coming from the Cebuano people because it will never and never happen by all means.Please be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Rovingmoron

    Why can’t Gwen Garcia argue the suspension order outside of the capitol, rather than stay inside for an indefinite period of time? In truth, she is making a mockery of the established laws.

    • Bong, Leigh, Mel

       gusto nya kasi via Skype gawin ang arguement

  • Pers

    hoy kana ug diha pabaga pod ug nawong.

  • Alejandro Canda

    to teach her a lesson and all others who would be tempted to follow garcia, a case for rebellion must be filed against her so that she will be held in prison without bail.

  • wakats

    Gwen said “she would only leave the premises if the authorities bodily removed her.”

    To her, there’s no such thing as the rule of law and she obviously wants to be highlighted/pictured as a victim of political harassment.

    Why then would her wishes be granted? Let her decompose in the capitol as long as she wishes. Ignoring her antics is the best solution?

    The acting governor can always transact business elsewhere as long as all department heads do their assigned duties and public service is not compromised. 

  • reader2323

    naunsa naman tawon si gov. dli man gyud muhawa iing ani ang giingon nla nga mag serbisyo sa katawhan pero ang ilang kaugalingon lng ang gilantaw. mao dli na cya muhawa kay daghan pa ang makurakot sa capitolyo! PLEASE VOTE THE CORRUPT GARCIA CLAN para ma pobre samot ang mga tawo sa sugbu!

    • Pers

      moni gitawag ug pating.

  • zahraff

    The comment of MARSHALL to cut off power and water is the best way and not to hang her from the ceiling. She is a woman and deserves respect. As a matter of respect, we should not force her to get out of the capitol, if she does not want, but, please don’t allow anybody to visit her so that she can concentrate on her fasting and meditation in the dark. Nobody must bring any food because that is against fasting. When the time comes that she needs to urinate and defecate, somebody can bring her ARINOLA to use, but that should not be our problem.    

  • carlos_premacio

    Padayon Governor Gwen for it is the duty of every citizen of this republic not follow an immoral and a politically motivated even it is coming from the highest officer of the land. Malacanang even paid the bail bond of former Governor Padaca in order to evade arrest for stealing the amount of P25 Million implemented without public bidding based on the findings of the Ombudsman. To make the matter worst, the President appointed her to seat as Commissioner in the COMELEC in order to hide her from the cloak of immunity. Totally unfair! I will salute you Governor, if you say the millions of Sugbuhanon voted for you and with your family’s political influence, if you can stage your own CEBU PEOPLE POWER to stop this political meddling of Imperial Manila against Cebu. I am one of your constituents in one of your towns, organize, organize and organize. Do not step down!

  • kilabot

    never give up, gwen. 
    noykapon, marina and their cohorts cannot touch you; 
    they’re scared the battle of mactan will be repeated and they suffer the fate of magellan; 
    don’t worry, your capitol stay is willingly paid for by taxpayers; 
    if noykapon gives 144M of taxpayer money to kakabagao without question; 
    and spends 17B to buy condoms and other sextools for perverts; 
    so why not taxpayers shoulder your board&lodging in the capitol until after elections? 
    that’s a small amount to pay for defying a pervert tyrant; 
    relax and don’t lose sleep over this; 
    normal visayans, mindanaoans and luzonians have your back covered; 
    we know who to watch for: anus and ashole. 
    anus   – advocates for neurotic unnatural sex; 
    ashole – assn of homogeneous loathsome egos;

    • Ding

      Ang galing mo pala, sa mga puwit…i-correct o lang ang spelling mo ng asshole…take note, dalawa ang ‘s’..,’kala ko kung anong klaseng kilabot ka…’yon pala hindi ka nakararamdam ng kilabot sa mga alulong mo na kakila-kilabot…Awooooo .

  • Ugly Bunny

    Grabe what a face talaga. Above the law? Batas ka ba? Sana umabot sa punto pwersahin ka palabas ng office mo, I’ll enjoy watching that on tv.

  • Your_King

    Cebu is a hot spot election area with many votes. So do not be surprised if the Palace goes hard after Garcia to make sure they are able to control the region by election time.

    • Ding

      Ano ang ginagawa ng pagiging hari mo, You’re Mad Jester?

  • virgo57

    Tip of advice for Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia:
    1. Respect the court order. Be professional as there are normal process in elevating your grievances.
    2. Set aside partisanship and stand as true leader.
    3. Stop shopping forum for sympathy as it may lead to divisiveness and exploitation of other vested interests.
    4. Never dare the authority to evict you by force as you can not duplicate the unique aura of Myanmar charismatic leader.
    5. The longer you defy your suspension the more you become a power hungry politician where your family is known for. Don’t cling like a hungry alligator.
    6. Stop fantasizing because you are not in wonderland but at Cebu Provincial Capitol office to serve your constituent not to be served and feeling you owned the entire Cebu.
    7. ‘Wag pa sulsol ma politiko o sa simbahan o anong grupo para walang sisihan sa huli.

  • Komen To

    Go go go gov, fight fight fight. Pero, when your oral arguments start, leave leave leave it to the courts

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • Vic Cabrera

      hindi lang sa cebu..Sa buong pilipinas ay PAGPAG ang pagkain ng marami..Marami ang nagugutom dahil walang trabaho …Lawakan mo ang iyong paningin at pandinig at huwag agad maniwala sa mga kasinungalingan ng gobyernong ito.

      • Ding


      • Edgardo Mendoza

        bakit di siya sumunod sa batas di naman siya kagalit ng presidente bakit kami mahihirap sumusudod yung governor ng cebu hindi!! di namn nila pag aari ang cebu!

  • ano ikaw

     File a case of rebellion, treason or what have you against this arrogant lwoman.

  • ano ikaw

    Sana may firing squad

  • Opel

    the crocs in the CA are being careful, ayaw nila ng lantarang bangaan with malacanang, konti taas pa ng talent fee sasayaw din mga hinayupak. The suspended Gov is betting on it.

  • Julius_Caesar1

    From Gov. Gwen Garcia to Dic. Gwen Garcia. Cebu has became like the Vatican, it looks to me as if they have their own law’s.

    My oh my, what are we going to do?

    • $20722540

      i think you should say those words to roxas and pnoynoy

      • Julius_Caesar1

        Those words still echo Gwen and they also apply to Binay. Do you still remember how Binay disobeyed the suspension order of GMA? Now he is teaching Gwen lawbreaking 101, I hope he gets disbarred as a lawyer.

      • $20722540

        binay was a different case.  he is the no. one public official who can’t explain his riches started from nothing in 1986 as appointed mayor in makati.

      • Julius_Caesar1

        Dictator Gwen Garcia is no different, she couldn’t explain why the Capitol’s fund is down to 90Million, when they have payables of 200M. She also couldn’t explain the oversea’s trips of her son which were shouldered by the tax payers of Cebu. Most importantly she couldn’t even explain the graft case filed against her. What about her anomalous purchase of the P98.9 million peso land in Cebu?

        If she can explain all that properly then I will presume she is innocent. Since a TRO hasn’t been granted as of now then its quite fitting that she leaves the capitol and goes on a vacation (possibly Hawaii).

      • $20722540

        unbelievable!!!  kong ano-ano naman sinasabi mo eh…those allegations has nothing to do why she was being suspended.

      • Julius_Caesar1

        believable!!! kong ano-ano naman sinasabi mo eh…. those allegations have everything to do why she is suspended. Please naman magbasa ka ng diyaryo.

      • $20722540

        thanks lame brain

      • Julius_Caesar1

        How quaint a zombie with half a brain.

      • Ding

        Why not to you…you’ve accorded yourself with too much knowledge and expertise?

  • blainz

    The moment she steps out of the Capitol to attend court, lock her out. Problem solved.

    The Court of Appeals has given itself another problem though: If Gwen can’t respect an adverse decision from the President, why expect her to respect an adverse decision from the court? Expect her to turn the court into an impromptu campaign platform. Anything’s possible with this kapit tuko.

    • Julius_Caesar1

      A case can also be filed against her for not respecting the suspension order. Double whammy for Dictator Gwen Garcia.

  • zahraff

    The surest and fastest way to let Gwen get out the Cebu capitol room is to throw 2-3 pieces of TEAR GAS inside her said favorite room. The moment Gwen sees and smells the tear gas – siguradong kakaripas siyang palabas ng kwarto. The use of TEAR GAS has been used successfully by the military/police whenever RAIDS are conducted, instead of cutting power or water in the premises. It is very safe and very easy to implement. We urge the authorities to try this TEAR GAS idea to solve the problem ONCE AND FOR ALL! 

    • regd

      I like the idea. She would then run for the make-up!

  • regd

    I still don’t have a clue why the Cebuanos elected a horse?

  • Marshall

    Pwedeng manghiram si Gov. Magpale sa MMDA ng demolition unit para syang gamitin sa pagkaladkad sa ubod ng kapal ang mukhang si Gwen palabas ng capitolyo..Ito yung team na recruited buhat sa mga nakalaya sa kulungan..Mga ex-convicts na kinuha ng dating MMDA chair Fernando para taga giba ng mga idedemolish na mga bahay o structures..gamitan lang nila ng bareta de cabra kalawitin sa leeg si Kulubot at kaladkarin palabas..ganun lang kasimple….

  • Ding

    Para talagang magulo ang legal technicalities…kasama sa respondent ang LATE Cebu vice governor Gregorio Sanchez, Jr., who filed the suspension requesagainst Garcia xxx Respondent? Sasagot? Eh, kung sumagot ‘yon…ano’ng mangyayari?.

  • disqusted0fu

    If it is indeed a persecution by the powerful administration, nothing will go Gov. Garcia’s way. If she was a kkk, it is going to be a different story.

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