No TRO for Garcia, says De Lima



Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima on Wednesday night said she had been informed that no temporary restraining order (TRO) has been issued by the Court of Appeals on the suspension order meted out to Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia.

Instead, the appellate court’s 12th Division set oral arguments on Jan. 10 on Garcia’s petition for a TRO against the six-month suspension ordered by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

“That’s the information I got,” said De Lima in a text message.

Garcia last month filed a petition for review with prayer for a temporary restraining order against the DILG directive suspending her.

Garcia’s case was raffled off to the Court of Appeal’s 12th Division which is headed by Associate Justice Vicente Veloso.

The governor was ordered suspended based on a complaint filed by the late Cebu Vice Gov. Greg Sanchez in 2010 accusing her of usurpation of authority.

Garcia has vowed to defy her ouster and said she would only leave her capitol office in Cebu City if the police forcibly take her out.

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  • Jose

    She is guilty as charged//She should face what she was charged..What she did now shows she really did it. She is now looking for peoples pity. “GET OUT OF THE CAPITOL” and face the music.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Tapos na si Garcia.

    Nanggaling na yan kay Sec de Lima.

    Mula yan sa inside info ni Sec de Lima.

    Si DOJ Sec de Lima na ngayon ang tagapag-salita ng Court of Appeals.

    At kung gusto ni Sec de Lima i-preempt ang Court of Appeals, kaya niya.

    Ganun ka astig si Sec de Lima.

    Next move ni Binay, Estrada at Enrile?

    (To Sec. de Lima, kamusta nga pala si CA Associate Justice Marie Christine Azcarraga-Jacob? Balita ko na shock daw sya matapos ilantad ang pornographic film ng anak niyang si Jihan Jacob na mas kilalang DOJ sex video scandal. Pero sa tulong mo, tiyak na mapagtatakpan niyo ang kahayupan na ginawa ng anak ni CA Associate Justice. Kababayan mo pa naman sa Bicol yun, syempre kampi-kampihan. Appointee pa man din sina Jacob ng administrasyon.)

    • Dan

      “balita mo lang” ? do you think that type of report can get away from the prying eyes of the opposition?

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Hindi po, balita ng inquirer.

    • Tristanism


      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Hoy Bakla! Lumantad ka na! Beking beki ang dating mo.

      • Tristanism

        Gaga! Nagkasunburn na ako sa kakalantad. Ikaw ang lumadlad. Okay na ang comment mo e, hinaluan mo pa ng kabaklaan. Mahaderang echosera!

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Napaamin ka din. Haha.

      • Tristanism

        Ikaw lang naman ang nahihirapan. Malapit na din ang kasal namin. Abangan mo yan.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        congrats. pacheck muna kayo, baka pareho kayong may AIDS.

      • Tristanism

        Wala no. Me condom.

        Masikip ba jan sa closet mo?

    • abner

       anong site yan.hahaha me link? me link?? naku…lagot ka kay de anim na panget.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        search google “youporn,com and the holy war”

        pumutok ito sa article ng inquirer “QC sex video case falls on DOJ’s lap”. nagsilabasan din ang panig ng sulutera na si Jihan Jacob, taksil na ama na si Philip R. Dela Rosa at ng biktima sa forum dun.

  • JunPyo123

    Typical Filipino politician – defies the rule of law and imposes rule of one’s authority over it; lacks grace of one’s self and daintiness or delicadeza. Being a politician is being a public servant. Serving is not imposing. 

    Whether guilty or not, since an order from the higher ups came, she should accept if faithfully. That’s the best and modest thing to do. 


       Was she found guilty as charge ? Does the order of higher up political opponent greater than the electorate mandate ? Is it right to suspend an opposition governor 5 months before election to install the higher up party mate ? The suspension order is sign of emerging dictator who does not respect due process of law or the natural law of honorable humans. Perverts do as they please for the simple reason that its brain is made of an Abnoy in power…… Go…..go…..Penoy …..yeheyyyyyyy ….. reveal it all …..

      • Ding

        Ang batas ang dapat mangibabaw, hindi ang tao…kaya nga, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW…sa justfiable imposition of the law, hindi dapat umiral ang bias and favoritism.  The suspended governor knows that, too.  She should not have usurped the authority which was not hers.

      • ARIKUTIK

         My reply is suppose to be in here. How did it goes up there. Anyway, an Abnoy thinks he is intelligent with out realising that his brain is lower than that of a monkey. Garcia was suspended 5 months before election. Go…..go….. Penoy, reveal it all ….. yeheyyyyy ……

      • tagalinis

        Your question regarding why your reply went up said it all! Now who is the real abnoy? hehehe…

      • ARIKUTIK

        Just sleepy but too lazy to jump in bed. Can not even think clearly …. waaaaahhhhhh ……. i’m going out of my mind >>>>>>>> De Lima, dictator part II ewwwww…… All under Penoy had become perverts now. It’s contagious desease of mind. How will it be with Sereno. PH is sinking into lawlesness….

      • maria

        You write bad English! Tagalog na lang OK na OK para sa amin.

        Don’t make comments in poor English so we can understand you better!

      • ARIKUTIK

        I can only write comments in English because my Tagalog is worst than knowledge in Spanish. Taglish puwede, will it appear better ? Tell me….tell me…tell me …..pleaseeeeeee …………

      • ARIKUTIK

         Oww.. come on, Cebu is vote rich and Garcia is opposition governor suspended 5 months before election. An Abnoy thinks he is the most intelligent among monkeys…… with out knowing that his brain is lower than monkey brain. Go….go…Penoy, reveal it all ….. yeheyyyyyy…..

      • rayingga

         Ikaw gaano ba kataas ang IQ mo?… kung meron ka man. Big yes Pnoy will reveal it all

      • thomashook

        Yes, yes & yes. These are answers to your 3 questions above.

  • Dan


  • catalansbarce

    Another one week to wait ug kon mapildi si Manang Gwen sa oral argument… what”s next?

  • filipinaskoh


    wala ka naman palang TRO eh, anong gagawin mo ngayon?
    “Over my dead body” ka pa rin ba?
    Dumami na ba supporters mo dyan?
    kung hindi, kawawa ka naman!


  • Boy Dalius

    Yan ata ang side effect ng botox treatment – nakakasira ng utak.
    Tingnan mo nangyari kay Madam Auring.
    Mga dating respetado – naging katatawanan.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Such disgusting leaders, only da Philippines !

  • Ding

    the UNA Party leaders should have reminded her on what she should expect if she maintains her defiance of the law, instead of siding with her.  At this juncture, they are equally and partly to blame,, unless the suspension order is recalled or lifted.

    • Komen To

      Agree with you Ding. Now the people knows the principles of UNA. Shall the people still still vote UNA? Ewan ko lang, me magic tuwing election

  • kulittwit

    Garcia Trapo!

    Pati yong catering nong 2010 at 2011 hindi pa nabayaran ng provincial govt. anong klaseng pamamahala nyan? Kahit kinain nyo tagal tagal nyong bayaran! malulugi ang catering nyan!

    Saan napunta ang budget????

  • Jose

    Gov. Garcia should get out of the Capitol..Its very bad to the party..Looks like the Party is part of the things she did. Get out and face it head-on. Honesty always prevail and Gov. Garcia should prove it not holding up the office she not recognized.  

  • kilawon(the return)

    defy that order GOV., or else pignas will become the entire hacienda luisita run by yellow clan! as for the three kings they have no business in CEBU, so they can GTFO and stay in CAPITAL and run amok there!  Forget about the Yellow mobs  they are like the BULAGA and WOWOWEE people suckers for celebrities and the illusory cory magic ,that’s why we have a retarded pres. .Our country could ‘ve DICK GORDON or GIBO as our president if not only for the yellow tards.tsk

    • Bayang_magiliw

      Are you referring to GIBO the GMA puppet? Possibly Dick but so far Pnoy is doing fine so lets just support him.

      • kilawon(the return)

        Lito lapid is more qualified to run for president than BS aquino!…..We need intellectuals to run our country not underacheivers or celebrities!!

      • Alejandro Canda

        huwag na natin ipagmalaki ang capacity ng mga kunwari intellectuals. meron na tayong very sad experience about them, marcos and arroyo. at ano ang ginawa nila? kung hindi ka man believe sa mental capacity ni Pnoy, at least may moral ascendancy and integrity sya kaya suportado nga majority sa mga pilipinos.

      • kilawon(the return)

        sige iboto natin si PACQUIAO pagka presidente! tsk…..pano mo  malalaman kung ang politiko ay may integridad  kung ang basehan mo lang ay ang nakakkita mo sa telebisyon? bakit, hindi sa gawa, track record o educational attainement  man lang! We filipinos should set our standards high if we ever want to make our country become developed ……tanong ko sa iyo ..kumusta naman ang hacienda luisita?

      • D_BystandeR

        Tama ka sa sinabi mo para madispatsa ‘yung mga sinabi niya na puro walang kwenta. He is talking about “the intellectuals” and what 
        happen to our country under Marcos who was considered “brilliant” by many people. After his misrule of two decades our country was totally devastated with all his money-making scheme, not to mention the countless lives of innocent civilians which were “horribly” murdered and abused by his “military dogs.”

      • D_BystandeR

        You spoil our intellectual conversation with your “nonsence comments.” Matulog ka muna para pagbalik mo baka may maganda ka nang “topic” hindi tulad ng puro katarantaduhan na ang tinitira mo ay walang iba kung di
        si P-Noy.

      • kilawon(the return)

         lol …..napaka sensitive mo ….manang mana mo ang ugali ng ating pangulong autistic ayaw magpa criticized!

    • marienkind

       Or Erap. Gibo and Gordon were at the bottom. You’re living a pipe dream. Wake up.

      • kilawon(the return)

         id rather live in a pipe dream than being a yellow sheep!….now sheep! just jump into bandwagon and rush into the cliff bec  the cycle will never end! ….lastly, who the f***k is ERAP? i didnt even mention him in my previous comment!

      • marienkind

         Exactly. Even if Noynoy did not win, it would have been a long shot to see Gordon win with Estrada and Villar next in the rankings.  Sheep? You’re all talk. What exactly did you do to campaign for either of your wetdream candidates? I voted and campaigned for Gordon. You don’t see me ranting about him not winning.

      • kilawon(the return)

        this is a public forum , everyone is free to whine, comment or rant.. you asked me what did I do to my candidate? ..of course I voted for him(GIBO),that’s the least i can support my candidate… isnt that a stupid question,?…plus youre bragging about campaigning your candidate, I’m not impressed at all!

      • marienkind

        It’s not about impressing people. It’s about walking the talk. Sheep vote. Shepherds influence them. Good day, sir.

    • D_BystandeR

      Nand’yan ka na naman at sumali ka sa usapan ng mga matino. Walang mangyari sa sinabi mo dahil ang nasa utak mo ay puro “yellow” at “hacienda Luisita.” Magpahinga ka muna o ano gusto mo nang tubig may “ice water dito” para makaisip ka ng matino.

      • kilawon(the return)

         bakit matino kaba ? tanong na matino kumusta na ba ang HLI? wag mo akong sagotin na pa ogag ha!

  • Anak Mahirap

    Dapat dagdagan ang suspension days pag nilabanan ang order ng gobyerno: doble!

    • Alejandro Canda

      dapat dagdagan yan for another six months dahil pag matapos ang six months by the early days of june 2013, ay makakabalik pa yan for a matter of l5 to 20 days at segurado maraming milagro ang mangyayari sa mga sensitive records sa kapitolyo. may tupak ang babaeng ito at alam na natin ang mangyayari pag nakakaupo ito ng pabalik sa panandalian man lang.

  • truth_1210

    bakit nauna na naman ito sa media..hindi pa nga nakapag decision ang CA…talaga itong si….gustong mauna sa balita..

  • Jim De Garman

    general Garbo alisin si gwen sa capitolyo at itapon sa basurahan.

  • $8278216

    MAM PATIENT DIN PO BA KAYO NI MME. BELO????he,he,he,curiosidad lang po.

  • Tonypogi

    Haaaayyyy politics!!!!  This is the classic example of “Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.” Iyong iba nagre-resign. Ito, talagang kapit sa patalim.

  • Tonypogi

    Governor Garcia seems to be fighting an uphill battle. Why hasn’t the Court of Appeals issued a TRO yet?

    • ern

      moot and academic….. you cannot restrain something that has already taken effect. The petition aims to open arguments on the matter, but reversal is very remote.

  • LegalJustice

    Per her statement its loud and clear: Garcia has vowed to defy her ouster and said she would only leave her capitol office in Cebu City if the police forcibly take her out.

    Plain and Simple:
    She is already telling the police what to do – forcibly take her out. 

    I don’t think The Court of Appeal will grant her a TRO with her attitude on defying the rule of law.

    Then she will say: Court of Appeal is under President Aquino influenc, duh.

  • celso

    Alam ko na ang susunod na mangyayari, magiging relihiyosa yang si Gwen Epoxy. Tulad ni Corona may patulo-tulo pa ng luha sa balkonahe ng SC pero komo guilty, e di nasibak din… Siguradong guilty siya kasi ayaw lumaban ng parehas. Sige simulan mo ng magdasal…



  • AlexanderAmproz

    Should print toilet paper with Trapos faces on it

  • Fred

    Business as usual in Cebu.
    Gwen habang self-exiled ka sa kapitolyo, nababawasan ang respeto sayo ng masa,kung may natitira pa! Binabaon mo ang buong UNA at mahihirapang manalo sa eleksyon.
    No to political dynasty!

  • EOJ

    2 weeks ka nang free board and lodging, tubig, kuryente. Sa dami nyo dyan malaking bill na yan sa capitol. Kapal mo gwen! TRAPO!

  • mabyrik

    Binay wants to test the resolve of Pnoy by urging and egging Gracia to stay put and defy the authority by clinging on to her post at all cost, even if she will have to chain herself in the column of the building.

    Binay is slowly showing his true color that because he is in power, he can abuse it and wants to rub it on to his partymates. 

    Binay is relying on his friendships with Cory that pnoy will tolerate him all the time, not knowing that pnoy is totally different from his mother. Cory was a woman who can be swayed but pnoy apparently has different set of mind, willing to take risks like what he did for the RH bill, corona’s impeachment, his hard stance over Philippine claims on territorial disputes with China.

    Binay’s actions today are part of his grand pscheme to enter malacanang in 2016. 

    Unfortunately for him, these premeditated acts, including getting the ire of Pnoy on his belligerence for not toeing the line drawn by Pnoy, especially in fighting corruption, will boomerang on him and will add up to his woes as 2016 nears. 

    One of his woes, and the most important one is a convincing explanation on how he acquired immeasurable vast wealth not in consonance with his income as mayor. This question on his wealth has dragged on years but definitely  will be the biggest issue in 2016, an issue that hounded Villar in 2010, the issue about liko-likong C5.

    Garcia is going to be the monkey on Binay’s head and Binay is not realizing it. Let him stay unaware that the more he condones corruption, the more his image as corr//upt will also grow. 

    Then, it will be easy for the one who will be endorsed by Pnoy as his successor.

    • Alejandro Canda

      This is God’s way of enhancing the chances of Mar Roxas as our next president come 2013. with Binay’s action of self destruction, Roxas will definitely have the edge over Binay whose ascendancy,God forbids, as the next president will bring this country once more to  full  scale corruption and abuse of power with Erap and Enrile at his side.   

      • D_BystandeR

        I could see slowly the road going to Malacanang is becoming clearer now for Mar Roxas to become the next in line after P-Noy’s term ends in 2016. I used to consider Binay before over Mar because of his “closeness” to Cory who installed him as OIC Mayor of Makati right after Cory’s assumption to power after the EDSA I. But what he did in Cebu to condone the wrong doings of the ill-tempered Gwen Garcia and at the same time questioning the “soundness” of the suspension order of P-Noy, totally I lost whatever respect and admiration I had for for him to become the “next caretaker” of Malacanang. I was an ardent supporter of Mar’s father before, the late Sen. Gerry Roxas and perhaps it is now easier for me to change “allegiance” to his son, Mar, because I found Binay is not worthy of my trust to lead this country with what he is showing now.

      • 12JEM

         But why limit the choices to Binay and Roxas?

  • rnoldrmada

    Am I missing something here? The Court of Appeals already said no TRO and yet they are going to conduct oral arguments on the issue. I think it’s a waste of everyone’s time to do this. Cebu needs a functioning government now and for the COA to give that glimmer of false hope to Garcia is just cruel and idiotic.
    Serve her the suspension papers and swear in the vice gov. Stalling decisions cost more money than making the wrong decisions.

    • ern

      There is already  a sitting acting governor with full authority.

      Why waste of time? The oral arguments is for the purpose of giving due course to the petition, but expect no miracle…. otherwise, garcia will insist that her petition is still pending, and that the suspension cannot be implemented.

      Garcia is resorting to technicalities to suppress due process.

  • nes911

    The uncivilized behavior of garcia as a public official should be condemned. Kapal ng mukha.

  • vince_bugaboo

    “Garcia has vowed to defy her ouster and said she would only leave her capitol office in Cebu City if the police forcibly take her out.”

    E di kaladkarin s’yang palabas hanggang magka-bilak-bilak at magkanda-subasob at maubos ang ilong at bunganga sa kakasubsob sa semento! Problema ba ‘yon?

  • doncleo

    Government official sya pero ayaw sumunod sa pinag-uutos ng batas.. ANG KAPAL !!!!

  • yoyl_u

    The No TRO news was already in a cebu local daily yesterday.

  • ern

    When people suspect that you have a “disease”, go take time out for the check up and show the people your clean “bill of health”. You do not fight back using technicalities…. an iota of evidence will further sink you into more trouble. Arguing that the government’s acts are politically motivated do not make you clean. In fact it is really a political decision. It is the prerogative of higher authorities to get rid of “undesirables”. 

  • blainz

    Gross insubordination is an offense in the Local Government Code that also merits suspension. Let’s see if Gwen is willing to drag Cebu into double the shame, double the trapo visits, double the intimidation of the police.

    This is what happens when you have the likes of Binay condoning, and even encouraging, the culture of impunity. Yung makapal na mukha, lalo pang kumakapal.

    It may be time for Cebuanos to do their police a  favor and launch their own People Power to be rid of this shameless kapit tuko.

  • Komen To

    Ok, prepare the wheelchair and the suite room at the famous prison hospital. The best thing to do now that TRO is not issued, is to maintain your dignity and step down. Then argue your case in courts and if you win, return to your seat. It is that simple

  • ManongOsang

    PNOY- Alam ko matino kang tao. You have been doing a phenomenal job as President.

    But its time PNOY.  Time na para…

    BANATAN mo si Jojo Binay, Erap Estrada & Johnny Enrile.

    Alam ko na you are trying Very Hard to keep the peace flowing BUT Wala eh…

    Si Tarandong Binay, Erap & Enrile have really CROSSED the Line this time.

    Lalo na si Binay, he should RESIGN as a Cabinet member of the Aquino Administration.

    This is the FIRST TIME in history that a High ranking Cabinet member has PUBLICLY Challenged, Defied, and DISRESPECTED the Office of the President which he serves & is a part of.

    A Member of the President’s cabinet & a sitting Vice President ASKING a Governor to BREAK THE LAW & IGNORE the LAW!!!

    The Highest Ranking Person in Congress, Senate President Enrile, the Most Powerful LAWMAKER of the Philippines is ASKING a Governor to BREAK the LAW, IGNORE the LAW, and DISOBEY a DIRECT Order from the Office of the President.

    A Former President of the Philippines, a convicted Plunderer ADVISING a Governor to BREAK the LAW, DEFY the Office of the President.

    ONLY in the Philippines!!!

    Its Time for PNOY to PUBLICLY Lambast & Strong Criticize Binay, Enrile & Erap!!

    Its Time for Mar to order the Police to step in and Arrest  Garcia !!!

    • AlexanderAmproz

      All of them should be arrested, silenced, assets sequestered, thrown in the deepest humid basements, 
      a good place for criminals like them.
      In China they will be sold piece by piece as spare parts.

    • Bastonero

      Di gagawin ni Mar yan, kay Corina nga takot yan sa mga botante pa….

  • yoyl_u

    The No TRO news was already reported by a local daily (sunstar) yesterday afternoon. Insinuations about Justice de Lima is totally unfair.

    • D_BystandeR

      If you are referring to insinuations made in its editorial by Cheking Seares, the Sunstar editor,
      forget about him. I have already noticed how partisan is the editor in some of his articles involving Gwen and I lost my high regard in him to perform his job in dissecting the “burning issues” of the day independently and without bias. If you still remember maybe few days ago, he wrote an editorial proclaiming P-Noy as the “Man of the Year.” But what follow, if you read his “write-up,” are all “innuendos” that blatantly disrespect the Office of the President. And it came out as his “counter-attack” to P-Noy because he considered Gwen as his “demigod” and that “daring and discourteous” attack to P-Noy is his “offering” to appease Gwen as a result of that suspension order to show his “canine devotion or dog mentality” to his master. The Sunstar network is owned by the Garcia clan hence, his parochial mentality to defend their name in whatever way he can.

  • miiron


  • ManongOsang

    The Video footage of Governor Garcia’s brother & her son both  slapping & cursing a Cebu police officer is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of how Politicians & their families abuse power.

    If this was in ANY other country like the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea or any nation in Europe… Garcia’s Abusive Son & Abusive brother would have been ARRESTED & JAILED on the spot.

    But ang nakawawa pa ay yung dalawang  Cebu police officers who are just doing their jobs.

    Para Sampalin at Batukan mo ang isang pulis sa harap ng TV at maraming tao is the ultimate Abuse of power!!!

    Garcia should resign! Binay should resign as a Cabinet member of Aquino !!!!

    Mga HAYOP itong si Binay, Erap & Enrile !!! 

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Sad to say, you are obviously right.
      This is P-Noy major problem, to turned a wild primitive religious place with fake text books, run by the worst criminals, into a decent and respectable country,
      a lot to do, considering the educated one are usually the worst abusers

      • maria

        I’m against Gwen but I don’t understand your comments!

    • Alejandro Canda


    • jgl41456

      Binay should be impeached for obstruction of justice in Gwen Garcia’s case and for plundering the coffers of Makati together with his family who became mayors of Makati also!

      Masyado ng makapal mukha nitong si Binay pati na si Erap at Enrile!

    • D_BystandeR

      With what Gwen Garcia has done, I read somebody posting his prediction (not in this forum), that it will boomerang to the political chances of the Garcia clan in Cebu in the coming May elections such that, according to him, nobody will win in whatever position they are “running.”
      And judging from the comments I read in whatever fora, the people’s outrage and disgust to her callous disrespect to the “suspension order” is surprisingly overwhelming!

  • wanglee


  • wanglee


  • ManongOsang

    To See Jojo Binay, our Vice President  Pointing his finger while yelling at the PNP field commander who was just doing his job of Blocking Garcia supporters from ALL jumping over the PNP barricades is VERY DISTURBING.

    Si Binay is Acting like a Ambitious Politicians who is going DIRECTLY against the President’s order which he is a part of as a cabinet member.

    Kung talagang gusto niyang banatan si Pnoy & Mar, then he should RESIGN IMMEDIATELY as a Cabinet member of the Aquino Administration.

    But he won’t kasi LOVE na LOVE ni Binay yung mga Photo moments na kasama si Pnoy dahil FREE advertising para sa kanya!!!

    Pag si Jojo Binay ang ating naging Presidente sa 2016 – PATAY nanaman ang Bayan!!!

    It will be a WASTED 6 years of Corruption & Abuse !!!

    • joel genese

      Playing safe si Binay. Ayaw nyang matawag na opposition dahil takot sya sa popularidad ni PNOY. At the same time, sumasalungat naman sya kay Pnoy.

  • ManongOsang

    When Binay visited the University of the Philippines during their oblation run last December 14- maraming young brods ng Alpha Phi Omega sa UP ang NABANAS kay Jojo Binay because of how ARROGANT he treated several of the young neophytes!

    Sinindak at dinuro ni Binay yung dalawang young neophytes who failed to Bow to him immediately upon seeing him. Nabigla daw yung mga APO brods na iba dahil they did not expect an alumni who is now VP of the Philippines na PATULAN ang isang college student na neophyte.
    The brods felt its their job to do that & Binay was there just to observe.

    Si Binay mahilig magpakita ng IMAGE niya na kunwari MABAIT at TAHIMIK pero in REAL LIFE a VERY SLICK, TOUGH, VERY AGGRESSSIVE & CORRUPT politician

    • Alejandro Canda


    • D_BystandeR

      I begin to feel what you are saying. I thought Binay deserves to become the next in power after P-Noy’s term ends in 2016. With what he did in Cebu, binangga niya ang suspension order ni P-Noy laban kay Garcia at sinabi pang, “Stay put in your office.” It is a clear case of condoning the intransigence and belligerence of Gwen Garcia. What he was doing to Garcia in Cebu is a glaring proof of his being highly partisan and he preferred that somebody shamelessly disrespects the “rule of law” just because he is “blinded” by his ambition to get Malacanang in 2016 “by hook or by crook.” With his careless move, he can kiss his “presidential ambition” goodbye!

    • Jerry_SeinfeId

      VP Binay loves POWER — willing to go all out just to hang on to it. Good job Chiz Escudero for putting the Philippines at risk with your VP endorsement. Nasaan ka ngayon? Nahihiya ka sa iniluklok mong si VP ‘Power-Struck’ Binay… may kilala ba kayong maitim na maligno? or maitim na mukhang maligno ba yun? hmmm…

    • joel genese

      I cant recall exactly when it did happened but it was election time of late 90’s, I saw Binay in TV cursing and hitting a supporter of his rival. But when Binay noticed a camera of a news crew, he ran towards his group supporters and mixed with them but still got by the camera when he is pointing his finger and cursing “PU$%^$^$ INA MO” at the poor supporter. I did not really noticed it was him at first because he looks like an ordinary person like me and why would I think It was him, a mayor cursing and hitting a poor fella in public?

  • Bastonero

    This means walang Presidente-Presidente kay Gwen, basta sya ang batas sa Cebu back-up by Erap, Binay at Enrile wake-up Pnoy, harp-harap ka na nilang binabastos pa kang-kaang ka pa dyan….


    Walang epekto ang pag eepal ni erap, binay at enrile. pati na yong cardinal ng cebu.

    No TRO!!

  • est

    Garcia step down now gayahin mo na ang mga western world leader na may konting kaso mag bitiw kaagad and i will look you up as good leader yan ang katangian ng filipino politician na wala tayo umpisahan mo na baka ma save pa ang dignidad mo

    • efren


    • Yobhtron

      Sorry na lang. Wala naman dignidad si Botox Queen Gwen.

  • jgl41456

    Akala ng mga Garcia ng Cebu may franchise sila sa mga public positions of power dito kasi lumaki ulo nila dahil sila daw nagpanalo sa kawatan na GMA kaya nga itong UNA ni Binay sumipsip agad akala kasi nila makukuha din nila ang million votes ng mga Cebuanos sa pagtulong nila sa tiwaling Gwen Garcia!

    Alam na natin kung ano talaga itong si Binay, Erap at Enrile. Sila ay mga mabahong trapo na dapat na itapon sa basurahan at ilibing sa dumpsite para di na umalingasaw ang baho.

    • carlos_premacio

      They are no different from the President himself who helped Governor Grace Padaca evade arrest when the Sandiganbayan issued a warrant of arrest against her for graft and corruption on the millions of pesos implemented without any public bidding. The President even paid for her bail bond and appointed her as commissioner of the COMELEC. Now, this adminstration even agree that Governor Padaca can’t be arrested because she’s hiding under the cloak of protection by this administration and that she can only be removed by way of impeachment. If the law or any order can’t be applied to Governor Padaca then it can’t be applied to anyone else including Governor Garcia. Stay put Governor and test the credibility of this political animals. 

      • llll0000

        oh please, don’t treat garcia as an injured and woeful person. she’s the animal here.

      • Arvin


  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Ang batas ay nasa kamay ni Gwen Garcia. Siya ang masusunod. PUTANG-lNANG YAN!

    • carlos_premacio

      If the law can’t be applied to former Governor Grace Padaca who evaded arrest and later on her bail is paid by the President himself then it can’t be applied to anyone including Gov. Gwen. Law should not be implemented with an uneven hands.

      • llll0000

        really? didn’t grace padaca stayed in jail? 

      • carlos_premacio

        She have not been to jail but she’s sitting now as a commissioner of the COMELEC appointed by the President who paid is bail. Like GMA, PNoy loves to appoint people with warrant of arrest or with criminal cases for thievery.

      • leonkilat121212

        Ser, suspension po ang pinag uusapan dahil napatunayan po na may kasalanan.

      • carlos_premacio

        Why? Is the DILG that suspended Governor Garcia a court of law? who heads the DILG now? An alter ego of the President himself. How about Governor Padaca? Padaca was investigated by the Ombudsman and ordered to be arrested by the Sandiganbayan which is a constitutional court? The case of Governor Gwen is not because she has done something wrong it is politically motivated. The law says the President MUST DECIDE within 90 days but look the President decided almost 500 days after the filing of the complaint. Can you expect someone to follow the law when the President himself is not following it or at least violating the law?

  • Albin

    Alam kasi ng LP, hindi nila makukuha ang Cebu province sa May elections, hanggaat di nila kontrolado ang kapitolyo stating january. walang kwenta mga charges.

    • llll0000

      ngano wla may kwenta ang mga charges? ngano dili man pud makuha sa lp ang cebu? cebuano ko, mo boto ko ug lp. dili tanan taga cebu sunod-sunod sa mga parehas nila binay, garcia ug ubang mga bagag nawong na politiko. 

  • motorcyclemama

    Malakas talaga ang Klingon na ito!

  • Macario

    E yun naman pala…aalis naman pala sya basta sundin lang yung gusto niya, – “Garcia would only leave her capitol office in Cebu City if the police forcibly take her out.” – Ihatag lang ang gi pangita nya dayun muhawa na sya…

    • llll0000

      glue si gwen. dili dali matangal. kana pud iyang mga anak, baga pud kaayo ug nawong. 

  • cry_freedom

    Now it’s time for you to vacate the Capitol. And please don’t mislead the people to go to your rescue about SWATs when there are none!

    Just go, just scram!

  • pogi








    • Timothy Te-Co

      Gwen? nagpanggap ka pang “pogi”…winalangya ka ba nila? Government property yang tinitirhan mo ngayon wag mong i-appropriate para sayo….para namang pera mo ang pinang pagawa dyan…

    • llll0000

      yes. walanghiayaan na ang politika sa pilipinas! Nakita mo si gwen? Parang glue, grabe ang kapit sa pwesto. 

    • leonkilat121212

      Pogi, napakalaki naman ata nga atraso nila sa yo at parang mapuputol na ugat sa leeg mo.jejeje.relax lang.

    • rock7222


      Si PNOY nanalo ng LANDSLIDE for President. Kahit si ERAP nilampaso !!!!

      Anong akala mo, si Carandang at Lacierda lang ang bumoto kay Pnoy???
      Ang STUPID mo na man Pogi !!!
      Dapat palitan mo ang pangalan mo ! Hindi bagay ang Pogi.

      Estupido ang mas bagay!!

      Potak ka ng Potak, hindi mo naman na iintindihan!!!

    • ian reyes

      pogi….tanong ko lang baka me idea ka kung ilan binili ni CARANDANG na LAPTOP ang dami kc nila dito…….sayang yong TAX ko kc part yon ng pinambili

  • The Truth

    gwen’s elephant head comes from her elephant nose

  • Albert Einstien

    “The suspension order was based on charges that Garcia abused her authority for slashing and withholding the budget for the salary of contractual employees of the late Vice Governor Gregorio Sanchez.” ….di ba yung DBM ganyan din yung sigaw ng mga tonggressman pag wala pa PORK nila……e dapat pala mayat maya sinususpndi din yun mga dbm…lol…. when a political opponent charges a political opponent of usurpation of authority …it is ONLY for political maneuverings….walang namnam o sustansya yung basis ng case..maniniwala pa ko don sa JUETENG kasi tauhan nya mismo ang nagtuturo ng involvement…o kaya don sa corruption issues …kung gusto nila tanggalin si garcia..DAPAT sa corruption charges tulad ng sa makati at pasay officials dati me basis criminal dapat o mas mabigat na kaso pa…ginagawa lang nilang martyr si gwen at pina-pasikat lang nila ang UNA……hindi cya bababa jan malamang pag-tapos na eleksyon kung di sya mananalo….wrong move !

    • rock7222

      Albert Einstog,

      Witholding or Delaying of Pork Barrel has ALWAYS been used as political tool.

      Ex. Congressional Allies of Presidents Cory Aquino, Fidel Ramos, Erap Estrada & Gloria Arroyo ( the #1 most frequent user) have ALL used this political strategy.!!!

      This is NOT Illegal ! Kahit sa United States, Republicans & Democrats have BOTH used witholding of budget during intense negotiations.

      All these Congressional allies of past PH Presidents have used it to get their legislation thru, WHY SHOULD PNOY be any different ????

      Kuha mo ??? Nothing Illegal ! It’s a LEGAL Political ploy used by the party in the majority !!

      The Liberal party was at the receiving end of this during GMA.

      Mitra & the PDP Laban were at the receiving end of this during RAMOS.

      The Partido ng Masa experienced this during GMA.

      Kuha mo ??

      STOP comparing it to Gwen Garcia  because VERY DIFFERENT issue!!!

      Ignorance & Stupidity is NOT an excuse !!!!

      • Albert Einstien

        correct ka my friend –GARCIA is right…it is not illegal it is ONLY political…. ”  Ignorance & Stupidity is NOT an excuse !!!!  “………lol

      • Arvin

        To albert Einstien, ang ganda ng alyas mo intelligent kaya lang ikaw ay tanga…… bayaran ka ano? mag research ka nga…

      • Yobhtron

        Matagal na kilalang bayaran yan. Huwag mo na lang pansinin.  Wala pa sa quota niya. 

      • Jan Sison

        i think we have to focus on the issue at hand…. a suspension order was issued by a pertinent government authority….. defying such order despite no TRO is indeed already an illegal act tantamount to a conduct unbecoming of a public servant whom expected to obey and observe the law… gwen will always have a day in the appropriate court but holding on to her barracks in the capitol will only look herself liken to her patroness in Malacanang occupant before when she tried to leave the country under the pretext of acquiring medical treatment abroad… now lets leave with that…     

      • Albert Einstien

        je je je ..wala naman po kayo alam sabihin  pagTAMA at  magaling ang ka-argumento nyo kundi bayaran agad…lol

      • ManongOsang


        Again, kung hindi mo naiintindihan yung pinag-uusapan HUWAG na HUWAG kang sasabat.

        If this topic is WAY ABOVE YOUR HEAD, then, huwag ka ng humirit!!!

        Kung hindi mo naiintindihan, TUMAHIMIK KA !!

        Kung naghahanap ka ng bayaran, wala dito noon.

        Sa inyo lang yon !!! Sa mga die hard Binay Garcia supporters! LOL!

      • Albert Einstien

        kung ikaw po si HITLER …hindi na ko sasabat… je je je

        p.s. lahat binabatikos ko po pag alam kong wala sa LUGAR…khit si obama, simbahan, congreso, pnoy o vp binay man..pag tingin ko mali ang policy nila…sinasabi ko ang saloobin ko …lol

      • ManongOsang

        Anak ng Enggot itong si Albert !

        Hoy Alberting..

        The DILG is the Government body that has the Legal Authority & is Assigned by the Office of the President to Investigate and if needed, RECOMMEND & PUNISH Elected Public Officials who they find Guilty of both Legal and/or Ethical Lapses.

        Naiintindihan mo ba iyon Alberting? The DILG has ALWAYS BEEN the Gov’t body assigned for such task.

        ( If we Follow Your Very Erroneous & Confused Logic, then, Every Single DILG order that goes against a Politician who happens to be from the Opposite Party of a Sitting Philippine President is AUTOMATICALLY Political & should be Ignored & Defied ?????? )

        Kung mayroon MORON dito, eh ikaw na yon Mr. Alberting!

        Banat ka ng banat but you have NO IDEA what you are talking about.

        In Garcia’s  case, the Late DILG Secretarty Jesse Robredo Investigated the Garcia case & FOUND ample evidence to STRONGLY RECOMMEND a 6 Month Suspension for GRAVE Abuse of Authority.

        Mar Roxas then Reviewed the Recommendation & Agreed with the findings of Robredo & therefore Ordered the Implementation of the Suspension!

        Mar Roxas is the DILG Secretary.

        If we follow YOUR MORONIC Logic, Mar Roxas can NEVER Suspend or Find any politician who is Not a Liberal Party or Not a supporter of the President Guilty of anything ???

        Do you SEE & HEAR how STUPID your logic is ???Now Again, Let me jump in and SLOWLY Explain to you.

        Holding OR Delaying Pork Barrel has been a PRACTICE that has been used for the past 50 years !!!! IT is 100 Percent LEGAL !!!!

        Marcos KBL allies use to HOLD Pork Barrell for Opposition Assemblymen !!

        Cory Aquino allies led by Speaker Monching Mitra use to HOLD or DELAY Pork against minority house members.

        Speaker Joe De Venecia USED that same method HUNDREDS of times to keep LAKAS NUCD members from ever breaking ranks !!!

        it is a LEGAL POLITICAL MOVE that is practiced in the HALLS OF Congress!

        How in the world can you COMPARE that to Garcia being found Guilty by a Lega body of the Government of Abuse of Authority ???
        Huwag kang Humirit Alberting IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND or COMPREHEND something that is TOO COMPLICATED for you !

        Answering back makes you look even more Dumb !

        Bakit naka pasok ang mga masang pilipino na supporter ni Erap dito???

      • Albert Einstien

        “The suspension order was based on charges that Garcia abused her authority for slashing and withholding the budget for the salary of contractual employees of the late Vice Governor Gregorio Sanchez.” ….di ba yung DBM ganyan din yung sigaw ng mga tonggressman pag wala pa PORK nila……e dapat pala mayat maya sinususpndi din yun mga dbm…lol…. when a political opponent charges a political opponent of usurpation of authority …it is ONLY for political maneuverings….walang namnam o sustansya yung basis ng case..maniniwala pa ko don sa JUETENG kasi tauhan nya mismo ang nagtuturo ng involvement…o kaya don sa corruption issues …kung gusto nila tanggalin si garcia..DAPAT sa corruption charges tulad ng sa makati at pasay officials dati me basis criminal dapat o mas mabigat na kaso pa…ginagawa lang nilang martyr si gwen at pina-pasikat lang nila ang UNA……hindi cya bababa jan malamang pag-tapos na eleksyon kung di sya mananalo….wrong move !

        GARCIA is right…it is not illegal it is ONLY political…. ” Ignorance & Stupidity is NOT an excuse !!!! “………lol

      • ManongOsang

        By the way Alberting Eins…

        Let me give you some advice.

        Huwag mo naman SIRAIN ang pangalan ni Albert Einstein.

        He is the ULTIMATE OPPOSITE of you !!!

        You should name yourself Richie the Horsie or Tito Sotto of Wan Ball University of Iskul bukol !!!

        There’s a number of misguided postings here.

        But YOUR POSTING WINS hands down the # 1 Post for Moronic Poster !!!

        Your problem is Not Ignorance. Its you are Kulang-Kulang sa Utak!
        LOL! LOL ! 

      • Albert Einstien

        coming from a genius  die hard critic like you…that is already an honor…you made me happier…

      • boldyak

        stop comparing daw…di pede na ang gawain ng KASAMAHAN ikompara mo sa gawain ng kalaban…hahaha 

    • Arvin

      isa pa itong tanga…..nagyon lang nagbasa agad mag comment…mag research ka nga at substantiate your comments….hirap sayo akala mo ikaw ang may alam..huwag ka nga mag blog kung kulang ka sa substances…pahiya klang

  • carlos_premacio

    But they can’t implement the warrant of arrest issued against Governor Grace Padaca for graft and corruption for disbursing millions of pesos without the benefit of a public bidding. AND THE PRESIDENT himself is paying for her bail bond. IS THAT RULE OF LAW? THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF PAYING THE BOND? Now KAKA BAG-AO disbursing P140 Million of Pork Barrel in the Dinagat Island of which she is not their representative? And she’s running with the brother of the ECLEO under the Liberal Party? Daang Matuwid!

    • llll0000

      The president paid the bond. PAID THE BOND. So meaning hindi ginawa ni padaca ang ginawa ni gwen. hindi siya kapit tuko sa kanyang kinauupuan. correct me if i’m wrong but didn’t padaca stayed in jail? didn’t she stay in jail because she believes she’s innocent? now you see gwen garcia who is forcing her ugly self to stay in the capitol as she still insist that the one who filed the case is dead and the case is dead. can’t you see how annoyingly and blatantly gwen and her followers and defenders are ignoring the law? 

      • carlos_premacio

        and the President paying the BAIL BOND of a Governor who was found by the Ombudsman and by the Sandiganbayan to have committed thievery while she was in office. It’s like a Mayor paying the bail bond of a person who was found by the fiscal to have committed robbery. Whether innocent or not, we have a President going against the decisions of the constitutional bodies and destroying the integrity of our institutions. Of all the people, the President himself pay. Sino kayang mga prosecutor sa bansa natin will pursue the case of Padaca when the President, their Chief who provides them the payroll, is paying the bond.

      • llll0000

        isn’t her case still ongoing? the problem here is you compare padaca to garcia. padaca followed the Sandiganbayan. Garcia barricaded herself in the capitol. there’s no comparison really. Garcia sees herself above the law.

      • carlos_premacio

        who has the guts now in the government that will pursue the case when their Boss himself paid the bail bond of Padaca? Padaca never followed the order of Sandiganbayan by evading arrest through the President and is now hiding under the cloak of appointment as commissioner of the COMELEC. Padaca also sees herself as above the law with the President in her back, all reasons available for Garcia to do the same. Why make an exemption?

      • PAZ

        Hahaha! only in thePhilippines. Yung iba di pwedeng magpiyansa pero si Padaca mismong Presidente ang nagpiyansa. VIP talaga si Padaca. Itinalaga pa sa Comelec! Daang Matuwid! kawawang Pilipinas!

      • carlos_premacio

        This is what they called Daang Matuwid! They’re as corrupt and power hungry like the Arroyos.

    • rock7222

      ramon imperial,

      Can you explain to us how & when did this happen???

      What do you mean they could NOT implement a warrant?

      Grace Padaca not only was home waiting to be arrested & was 100% willing to come with the Police officers WITHOUT any bodyguard, WITHOUT any supporter, WITHOUT any relatives- BUT she actually WENT to the Police. She VOLUNTARILY surrendered!!!

      How in the world can you compare that to Gwen Garcia???

      Gwen is DEFYING the Law while Padaca complied & posted bail.

      Ramon, Huwag ka naman mag post kung TATANGA- TANGA ka naman!

      Ignorance & Stupidity is NOT an Excuse !!!

      • boldyak

        saan na ang kaso ni Garcia ngayon? nasa sandigan bayan ba?…Padaca was accused and the case is now in sandiganbayan….nakasuhan, ang kay Garcia saan na ang kaso?…sa DILG?

      • carlos_premacio

        It’s only a media hype that Governor Padaca is waiting to be arrested. She knows well that her patron, the President himself, his knight in shining armor and his political ally will rescue her. The President did rescue her by paying her bail. Have you not read the answer of Governor Padaca against the arrest issued? She said that the courts can’t arrest her now because she’s a member of the COMELEC, a constitutional body whose members can only be removed by impeachment. Two birds at a time: rescued by the PRESIDENT HIMSELF PAYING THE BAIL BOND OF GOVERNOR PADACA and hiding in the cloak of the COMELEC after being appointed by the PRESIDENT. I will take away my position against Governor Padaca if she will return the bail paid by the President and answer the merits of the graft case filed against her without venturing on technicalities. A glaring corruption she committed while governor releasing P25 Million without the benefit of a public bidding? Compare it to the case of Governor Gwen who reduced the budget of the Office of the Vice Governor? Comparing the thievery of Gov. Padaca and the arrogance of Governor Garcia? You may say I am Ignorant and Stupid but but your sick mind is inherited probably from your patron in the palace.

      • ManongOsang

        Ramoning Imperial & your sidekick Boldjack !!!!

        Why for Heaven’s sake do you keep comparing Padaca to Garcia???

        First of all, DO YOU UNDERSTAND the Difference between the TWO CASES Ramoning & Mr. Kojak ???

        Padaca is a CRIMINAL CASE !!! She just like YOU & ME are considered INNOCENT Until a Trial Takes Place, facts are heard, then, She is either found Guilty or Innocent in a court of law!!!!

        Do you understand that? She has posted Bail & will have HER DAY in courty where she can DEFEND herself in a criminal legal proceeding!!!

        For now, she just like any citizen is INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty by the Judge in a CRIMINAL CASE !!!

        All the Other things you are saying about the P25 million etc is IRRELEVANT because Ms. Padaca will have HER DAY IN COURT !
        THe Judge will decide her Guilt or Innocence! HINDI IKAW or Ako!!!!

        You are not a judge Ramoning. You are an internet forum poster !
        Nothing More , Nothing Less !!!

        Now on the Case of YOUR IDOL Gwen Garcia.

        Garcia’s case is an ADMINISTRATIVE CASE !!!!! Do you Understand the difference between an Administrative Charge vs. a Criminal Charge Ramoning & Kojak ????

        In the case of your IDOL, Garcia was ALREADY FOUND GUILTY by the DILG, who Investigates, Decides, & Makes any Recommendation of Penalty if Applicable !!!

        Anong sinasabi mo Boljak na Sandigan ???? Huwag kang Ta-tangatanga!!

        Hindi ito aabot sa Sandigan dahil Administrative Case ito, Ergo, this is under the jurisdiction of the DILG !!!!

        The late Jesse Robredo has Strongly recommended Punishment for Guilty Violation after investigating Garcia Case !!!!

        Mar Roxas just Reviewed & AGREED with the Recommendation which is his job, his right as DILG Sec!!! Do you understand???

        If we are to follow your VERY MISGUIDED Logic Ramoning, then, NO DILG would ever be able to prosecute & File Administrative charges against any Corrupt or Abusive Politician who happens to be in the opposition of any sitting President ????
        Now do you understand the difference between Padaca’s case & Garcia’s???

        Padaca will have her day in court!!!

        Garcia was found GUILTY & sentenced to 6 month suspension !!!!

        Kuha mo !!!

        Now for PNOY- his paying for Bail is his choice & right!!

        He broke NO LAW! In fact, it is a BREATH of FRESH AIR to SEE & HEAR a Philippine President who is VERY TRANSPARENT!!!Walang Tago Tago, walang UNDER the table !!!

        Do you honestly think if GMA or Erap had to give bail, they would be transparent ??

        PNOY could Very easily have given the bond money to ANYBODY in his circle & they could have Very easily Gave Padaca the money SECRETLY ??
        But Pnoy always wants transparency !!!

        parang Amerikano at my European- WALANG TAGO TAGO!!!
        Everything is legal & up front!!!

        Si Padaca WALANG Pera !!!

        Pnoy wanted to help her as a friend & a co party member!! Absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!


        STOP DEFENDING GARCIA dahil masyadon na kayong Nagmumukang Enggot !!!!

      • carlos_premacio

        I am not here to compare criminal law or administrative law. The fact is that the President himself paid the bail bond of person who was found by the government prosecutors to have her province the amount of P 25 Million. Where’s due process here? Can you expect Gov. Gwen to follow the order of the President when the President himself is the one not following and making everything comical? It is a lousy reasoning common among Pontius Pilate by saying that oligarkikong Roxas only inherited the case investigated by Jess Robredo. But immediately prior to the death of Robredo, he awarded Governor Garcia with the Seal of Good Housekeeping for good governance in her province in 2012. You can’t say that PADACA has no money but she has the hacienderong Patron in the palace.

      • Gpjtsora Branchtwo

        What the hell, why Manang Gwen will not vacate the Capitol if he is no longer a Governor.She said, that she will never and never leave her office by all means because she has the mandate of the Cebuano People.Manang Gwen, Cebuano People don’t have any trust in you anymore.Do you want to gain sympathy from us?Never and it will never happen happens because we all know thick your botox face is…

      • carlos_premacio

        An immoral, illegal and politically motivated order by anyone who is in power is not worthy to be followed. It does not erode the mandate of Governor Gwen as duly elected Governor of Cebu by almost 3 Million votes. Trust is there when she will finish her third term. Whatever botox she has will survive the baldness of the unruly occupant in the palace and the hardness of the big “V” of the sister Kristeta.

      • carlos_premacio

        I am not here to compare criminal law or administrative law. The fact is that the President himself paid the bail bond of person who was found by the government prosecutors to have robbed her province the amount of P 25 Million. Where’s due process here? Can you expect Gov. Gwen to follow the order of the President when the President himself is the one not following and making all of this very comical? It is a lousy reasoning common among Pontius Pilate by saying that oligarkikong Roxas only inherited the case investigated by Jess Robredo. But immediately prior to the death of Robredo, he awarded Governor Garcia with the Seal of Good Housekeeping for good governance in her province in 2012. You can’t say that PADACA has no money but she has the hacienderong Patron in the palace.

      • miiron

        ay sus IMPERIAL tumahimik ka na nga!  mamatay ka sa inggit!  number 1 supporter ka ni Gov. Witch!  kahit anong legality ang sasabihin mo mayroon pa bang MORAL AUTHORITY  c Gov. Witch to be the Governor of Cebu?  dito lang sa pinas na ang mga politicians are superKAPAL ANG MUKHA!  

      • carlos_premacio

        I am not a supporter of Gwen Garcia. I am an avid supporter of justice and fairness. Maybe the witch in the capitol is crying it’s because your beast in the palace is unruly. That’s correct its only in the Philippines that politicians faces are as hard as Kris V. Where can you see a President paying the bail bond of a corrupt Governor? Governor Padaca was ordered to be arrested by the Government prosecutor for stealing P 25 Million and the President paid the bond. Oh I see, faces as hard as Kris’ V.

      • miiron

        BRAVO!  mas naintindihan ko na!!!
        thanks, bro!

      • PAZ

        O, e bakit si Padaca ay pwedeng magpiyansa pero si Arroyo ay hindi? Bakit arestado na si Arroyo pero di pa nalilitis. Parehong pandarambong ang kaso bakit di pagpiyansahin si Arroyo pero si Padaca hindi lang pinagpiyansa si Presidente Noynoy pa ang nagpiyansa! Gusto bang insultuhin ni Noynoy si Arroyo? O, eto Arroyo tingnan mo katulad mong may kaso ng plunder pero pipiyansahan ko at itatalaga ko pa sa Comelec tingnan mo walang aangal na Filipino!Kung ano ang gawin ko walang aangal na Filipino dahil kami ang saviour ng Pilipinas! Only in the Philippines!

      • PAZ

        Bakit di aminin na personal ang away nina Arroyo at Noynoy. Away na lalong tumindi noong magdesisyon si Arroyo na ipamahagi sa mga magsasaka ang Hacienda Luisita. Sabi ni Noynoy kinasuhan nila ng plunder si Arroyo alang alang sa bayan! Para sa bayan o para sa sarili niyang kaligayahan! kaligayahang makaganti kay Arroyo.

    • Noel

      ramon, iba yung kay garcia research ka muna

      • boldyak

        ang kaso ba ni Garcia ay nasa sandigan bayan na ba?…ang kay Padaca may arraignment na ah, saan ang mas mabigat?…hahaha…

      • carlos_premacio

        hindi ba totoo? the Ombudsman decided against Governor Padaca. Is it not true that the President paid himself the bail bond of Governor Padaca? With the acts of the President, can you say that our executive departments exercising quasi-judicial powers are impartial? Maybe impartial to his allies but bias against his political enemies. Can you call that democracy and justice? Where’s ‘tuwid na daan’ now?

      • Loggnat

         Aquino acted as a citizen of the Philippines and is helping a friend (Padaca) when he paid for his bail. And he, as citizen Aquino has the right to do so when he uses his own money and not funds from the government to put up Padaca’s bond. He sincerely believes that his friend is not guilty of the charges and probably wants the case to be determined in the court. He could have delegated it to somebody else and had it done in secret but he decided to do it openly and legally. A friend in need is a friend indeed, and Aquino shows character in helping a friend and disregarding the opposition’s criticism of his action. 

      • carlos_premacio

        The cloth he wears as a Citizen to his friends and allies was undressed when he took office as President of the Republic. He is the Chief implementer and enforcer of the rule of law, give justice to everyone without fear or favor and most of all the Chief Executive of all the employees in his department. There are many men and women in the country languishing in jails who cannot pay their bail bond why can’t the President pay them? When he believed on the sincerity of Governor Padaca, does it mean that he will go against the findings of his employees, his prosecutors who investigated the corruption? Why not let Padaca answer the charges in respect to the institution to which he is duty bound to protect. The payment symbolizes not only of his friendship to Padaca but it also symbolizes a warning to all those in the government who pursue the case against Padaca to stop. He used his political power and influence instead of valuing due process and letting the public be entitled to listen to this case. But the President stop it. The President upon paying gave a strong message to us prosecutors to stop prosecuting because the President’s friend and ally, according to the President is innocent. A crooked way and I hope that the President has some delicadeza. He’s not playing knight in the shining armor rescuing a lady but she’s a heedless dictator killing due process and civility in good governance.

      • Loggnat

         Padaca is still to face the court and Aquino is still a private citizen even though he is elected as president. Aquino is not going against any finding of the prosecutors, he is practicing his right as a citizen and helping a friend put up bail so she does not have to go to jail. That is legal and is the right of every citizen of the country, president or pauper. Symbolism of what Aquino did will be just plain assumption and one’s personal opinion and so far pro outweighs the con to his action. Everything the president has done are all legal and as far as ‘delicadeza’….. All depends on personal assumption and opinion, too.

      • carlos_premacio

        funny reply.

      • Maitum

        And you a funny man…hehehe…

      • Pers

        ganyan lang yan impokritong palot yan

      • carlos_premacio

        hindi lang ipokrito, anong tawag mo sa isang 50 year old na walang asawa na palaging nang-aaway nang babae?

    • Arvin

      ang tanga mo talaga…ramon_imperial…..hindi ka taga Cebu ako taga cebu alam ko ang totoo sa amin….wlay ayo ni si Garcia..abuse of authority ni iya gibuhat

      • boldyak

        it’s not a question kung taga cebu ka o hindi,ang sinasabi nya na dapat at pantay pantay ang laban, hindi yung kung kasamahan okay lang kahit may kaso kung kalaban alisin…

      • carlos_premacio

        wala nimo masabtan akong punto. pananglitan kun nakasala si Governor Garcia, ang pangutana kun nganong si Governor Padaca nga adunay warrant of arrest gikan sa usa ka korte dili man ipadakop sa Presidente? Siya man mismo ang nag-piyansa. Si Governor Garcia, order lang kana sa DILG dili pa gayud korte. Kun ang balaod ipahamtang nila sa ila ka-kontra sa politika ug dili sa mga ka-alyado, patas diay kana? Huna hunaa ug tarong kay dili biya hina ug utok kitang mga sugbuhanon.

      • llll0000

        mao gani gi piyansa kay nadakpan. wla man gani gihasul hasul ni padaca ang mga polis. niadto jud to siya sa police station. karon si gwen, unsa man iyang gihimo? nisunod ba sa gi mando sa dilg? wala. iyang gihasul tanang tawo. pura syag epoxy didto sa capitol. mas nindot unta to na munaog siya ug tumanon niya ang mando. naa bitaw ang korte na makadesisyon kung moapela siya. pero wala mana niya gibuhat. nanawag pa siya ug supporter. nangaway pa ang iyang mga hawod na mga anak sa mga pulis na nagbuhat ra sa ilang trabaho. mao na ang governor na ganahan nimo ikompara kang padaca?

      • carlos_premacio

        Ug nganong ang President man gayud ang mo-piyansa kang Padaca sa pagpangawat ug P25 Milliones? Ug kini napamatud-an sa Ombudsman ug sa Sandiganbayan. Kinsa pa mang nga prosecutor ang mo-sukol kang Padaca nga ang President mismo nga nagsweldo nila mao man ang nagpagawas sa tawo nga ilang napamatud-an nga usa ka kawatan. Layo ra kaayo kun ikumpara nimo sa Gov. Garcia kang Padaca, Si Padaca sa pagpangawat ug P25 Million ug ang kaso ni Gov. Garcia ang pagpakunhod sa budget sa iya Vice-Governor ug dili sa pagpangawkaw. Dili ba ang Governor, susama sa President ug Mayor, mao man ang may dakong kagahuman kun unsaon ang pondo sa probinsya ug dili ang Vice President o Vice Mayor? Kun nangaway ang mga yanong supporter ni Governor Garcia mas labing law-ay nga ang President mismo mao ang nagbayad sa piyansa sa kang Padaca aron mahilom ug mahadlok ang mga yanong prosecutors or korte. Mas labaw kanang pagyatak sa matarong ug hustisya.

      • llll0000

        ngano man nagpapriso si padaca pero si garcia gi suspendo lang di kakanaog sa capitol? gipyensahan lagi sya sa presidente pero kwarta mana sa presidente. na priso si padaca, walay piyansa (makitan lang na nato na dili kwarta ang iyang giapas para paggobernador).  naa’y piyansa ang iyang kaso, gihatagan sa presidente sa iyang kaugalingong kwarta. unsay pagyatak ana sa hustisya? nagsunod man sila sa balaod. si gwen nagsunod ba? sunod ba na, na iyang gi epoxy iyang lubot diha sa capitol? na iyang mga anak gi-away ang pulis na nagbuhat sa iyang trabaho? na wala na gani tro dha ra gihapon nag squat sa capitol? sa akong tanaw mas labaw kanang pagyatak sa matarong ug hustisya. 

      • carlos_premacio

        nagpapriso si Padaca? Kanus-a? Gatago man siya sa saya sa Presidente. Klaro pa sa adlaw nga wala gayod mahadlok si Padaca dili tungod kay inosente siya apan ang tinood kay ka-alyado siya sa Presidente. Kwarta sa Presidente o inpluwensyang politika iyang gigamit para pagpahibalo sa tibuuk kalibutan nga walay manghilabot sa iyang kaalyado sa politika. Karon pa ko kadungog ug Presidente nga pyansahan ang mga tawong gihinganlan ug kawatan mismo sa iyang mga sakop ug mga trabahante. Aha ba siya ga laban sa iyang ka-alyado o sa gobyerno diin siya ang pangulo? Kana maoy seguradong pagyatak sa hustisya. Kun si Marcos kanhi sa kaso ni Pacificador gi-ignan sa korte suprema nga diktador ug madinaugdaugon sa dihang iyang gi-imbitar ang mga huwes sa usa ka meting sa Malacanang unsa na lang kaha kining President nato karon nga siya mismo ang nagbayad sa piyansa sa usa ka kriminal? Dili ba kana pagtu-is sa Hustisya kun may hustisya pa bang gi-ila ang mga haciendero sa luisita? Kun epoxy ang gipilit sa lobot ni Padaca, labaw pang glue ang gipilit ni Padaca sa ilalom sa saya ni PNoy ug miuban siya sa ngitngit pang alkitrang itlog niini. Labawn’ng pangyatak sa hustisya kun gigamit ang kagahuman para sa pangdaug-daug o kaha para sa pagprotektar sa mga kriminal. Sama kang GMA nga nahitabo, ang gaba dili magsaba sa mga kawatan ug mga mandinaugdaugon. Kasayang sa akong boto sa 2010 apan segurado akong walay Liberal makatilaw niini sa 2013.

      • llll0000

        illegal ba gibuhat ni pnoy? giforce ba ni pnoy ang huwes na palayaon si padaca? kriminal ba si padaca? na prove ba na kriminal sya? ongoing pa iyang kaso. si gwen suspended. nihawa ba siya sa capitol?

      • carlos_premacio

        dili illegal apan immoral. usa ka rason nga magtukmod sa mga yanong tawo kun nganong mosunod man kita sa balaod nga ang balaod para lamang sa mga ka-alyado sa Presidente. Dili ko ganahan ni Gwen apan ang batasan sa Presidente nga iya lamang kontra ang gi-daug-daug, dili kana haom sa usa ka hiyas nga demokrasya. Ang “people of the philippines” pinaagi sa atong constitutionally established prosecutors and the sandigabayan itself nag-ingon nga may dakong hinungdan kun nganong dakpon si Padaca tungod kay na-agrabyado ang katawhang Pilipinho sa gikaw-kaw niyang milyones ka pesos sa kaban sa nasud. Apan sakit palandongon nga ang Presidente mismo nagpbayad sa piyansa ug gihimo pang commissioner si Padaca bisan sa kasong pagpangawat. Karon kun mabasa nimo ang tubag ni Padaca, matod niya nga dili na siya madakpan tungod kay dili lang sa piyansa kun dili tungod kay commissioner na siya. Ug sakto siya sa pag-ingon nga ang ang COMELEC commissioner ma-tang-tang lamang pina-agi sa usa ka impeachment. Unsaon pag impeach nga ang Congresso gidomina naman sa Liberal infested pork? Maayo kaayo ang istratehiya ni PNoy. Unya mo-ingon kita nga patas ang balaod? May rason nga dili mo-naug si Gwen ug iampo ko nga dili gayud sa monaug aron hatagan ug leksyon ang administrasyon nga sa pagpahamtang sa balaod kinahanglan tumanon ang girespetohang pulong gi-ingong ‘patas.’ May patas ba kang Padaca karon? Wala kay nakasandig siya sa piyansa sa Presidente ug sa appointment niini. May patas ba kang Garcia, wala kay dili siya ka-alyado sa Pangulo. Padyon Governor Garcia. Saludo ko nimo kun makahimo ikaw ug Cebu People Power!

      • mave


    • Albert Einstien

      si pnoy nga BINIGYAN nya ng PERA ang mga rebelde na kaaway ng estado na pumapatay sa mga sundalo at sibilyan …pero OK lang sa kanila ….yun ay HIGH TREASON..nasa PENAL CODE at IMPEACHABLE offense ayaw lang mawalan ng pork ang mga congressmen…..kaya ang batas ngayon para lang sa MAHIHIRAP at KAAWAY sa politika……….lol

    • mave


      Gwen Garcia                              Grace Padaca

          TRAPO                                       ???????
        Corrupt & Mayaman                     wala nga pang pyansa sa sarili

      • Bert

        Wrong. Padaca’s charges is on corruption……But I still think Grace is a better politician compared to Gwen, the former still being a political neophyte….

      • carlos_premacio

        So young or neophyte and yet so corrupt. 

      • carlos_premacio

        Governor Gwen Garcia Grace Padaca

        Cases Garcia: Abuse of Authority for reducing the budget of the
        Vice Governor
        Padaca: Corruption for stealing P25 Million in her province

        Suspended/ Ordered to be Arrested by:

        Garcia: DILG an alter ego of the President
        Padaca: Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan, which are
        constitutional bodies


        Garcia: Cebuanos who voted her in 2010 for almost 3 Million
        Padaca: The President who paid his bail bond

        Hiding Place
        Garcia: Provincial Capitol
        Padaca: Malacanang Palace Under the cloak of the COMELEC
        and of the President

        Garcia: TRO by the Court of Appeals
        Padaca: That she can’t be arrested because she’s now a

        Party Alliance

        Garcia: Opposition
        Padaca: Administration Liberal Party

        Source of Wealth:

        Garcia: Family wealth for years in power
        Padaca: Wealth of her Patron, PNoy

        Way to Redeem Self:

        Garcia: Step down/ Cebu People Power/ Defeat the Liberals in
        Cebu/ Supreme Court
        Padaca: Step down/ Return the Money Paid by the President/
        Face the Order and answer the merits of the case

      • mave

        TRAPO pa din lol

      • AlexanderAmproz

        My respect to Grace Padaca is intact, I will have pay for her in case I had the opportunity, 
        blind folded, she is honest and didn’t ever steal one Pesos.She is an exemplary women disturbing the Trapos by her honesty, many enemies in perspective.

    • PAZ

      140 million sisiw lang yan , marami yatang pera ang kaban ng bayan. Yang pera ginagastos yan di iniimbak! Ang pera ng bayan nasa kamay na ni Bag ao! okey lang yan , kung kulangin yan , meron pa magsabi lang si Bag ao, nasa bag na ni bag ao ang pera ng bayan. Ba bye sa pera namin!!! Hindi ka na namin makikita.

    • ed_nique

      a separate report said that Geraldine Ecleo, the LP candidate for governor picked Bag-ao to run for congress against another Ecleo son.

      let’s face it Dinagat is Ecleo country. and it seems that it will take an Ecleo to bring down an Ecleo. let’s just hope that Geraldine will be able to deliver her promise for change in Dinagat.

      and i take issue with that someone who called people from Dinagat names for voting Ecleo. obviously you are not from that place or even know anything about it. why don’t you look at your own province, district or city/towns? don’t you have families that have been in politics for so long? why don’t you start doing something about it there. clean up your own backyards before you notice your neighbor’s!

      • carlos_premacio

        an Ecleo, whether Geraldine or not, in Dinagat is an Ecleo who terrorized this small province for decades through false and fraudulent religion. The Liberals are making another Ampatuans in Dinagat. whether I am from Dinagat or not the fact is that the Liberals and AKBAYAN are doing what GMA did in their heydays. Patronage and corruption and destroying democracy in that pro vince. In my own province? Well the still the most corrupt dynasty is running under the Liberal Party.

  • El_Gran_Capitan

    Bastos ka. Hoy moderator wag kang patulog tulog

  • kilabot

    manatili na si gwen sa kapitolyo hanggang matapos ang eleksyon. 
    hayaan na nyang pumutok ang butse ng mga naglalaway sa pwesto nya; 
    mga abusado at bullies ang mga yan; 
    sa mga taxpayers, okay lang sagutin ng gobyerno board&lodging ni gwen; 
    maliit lang yan na halaga kumpara sa 144M pork binigay libre kay kakabagao; 
    at sa 17B na pambili ng condom.

  • nayve

    if no money involve why there political dynasty it more fun in wow philippines

  • efren


  • Benjamin

    wala palang tro ano pa ang hinihintay ng PNP..kaladkarin na ng palabas  at ihagis sa dagat ang Kulubot na yan para matauhan..

  • Yobhtron

    Botox Queen Gwen!  Dami na sigurong Cebuano ang galit sa kurap na yan. Kailangan ng i FLUSH yan sa kapitolyo.

    • Albert Einstien

      mabuhay si gwen garcia…at mga cebuano…

  • AJ Giorgio

    ayaw mong umalis? sige.. wag kang aalis dyan ha.. kahit kailan.

    tapos, magtayo na lang kayo ng bagong opisina para sa susunod na gobernador.

  • Mamang Pulis

    tough luck—

    kaluoy si madam…bye bye time.

    made mar roxas your #1 nemesis…now am i right?

  • Ellen

    Just wait for three years, my fellow Filipinos, and soon the political curse will vanish from the face of the Philippines. Just three more years! 

  • LegalJustice

    Its obviously a cheek bone implant not botox.

  • pedronimo

    Gwen says she would leave her office only “If the police forcibly take her out”. So what is the police waiting for? Take out this overstaying  informal settler in the provincial capitol of Cebu.

  • Faisal salman

    Dong,,ano ibig sabihin Lubot ni Gwen…

    • vince_bugaboo

      kulubot na lubot ni Gwen.

      • rezli

        grabe naman kayuu..!! kaylangan pa bang pag isipan ya..? pag tinignan nyo ang ilalim, makita nyo na parang ” Atay ” ng isdang malasugi ang nasa loob..

  • Ric

    Why wait for the police to forcibly take you out of the office? for dramatic effect? to gain sympathy? to show strength and defiance? If you will leave peacefully, graciously, humbly and without fanfare you will be more dignified in the eyes of the public. You’re not gaining supporters with that kind of attitude, instead you will loss them and I am not an exception. 

    • ed_nique

      i would agree with you that she would be so ecstatic if she is forcibly taken from the governor’s office. what political mileage that would be for her and her political allies!

      unfortunately for her the government is not about to accomodate her, just yet. in cebu, there are calls for her to leave, others show support but otherwise the people are contented with the fact that the provincial government is functioning which is all that matters to them.

  • Ugly Bunny

    Napanuod ko to kaninang umaga sa isa sa mga GMA news channel, walang sense mga sinasabi nya at malabo pa ang explanation. Parang pinakita lang nya sa Pilipinas na wala talaga syang pinaglalaban kundi gusto lang tlga nyang magtagal pa sa kinauupuan nya.

  • Allan

    parang mansanas ang pisngi nya, no? belo o calayan? maybe abroad dahil sa laki ng nakurakot? biro mo nandyan si pablo, at si winston who ran gsis into the ground?

  • Faisal salman

    naku…paano kung may Almoranas si Gwen..eeewwwww…

    • Klepto

      Maganda nga kung sisigaw siya sa sakit parang virgin pa rin.

  • vince_bugaboo

    Gwendolyn Garcia has similarities with Mitos Magsaysay; they both look like termagants whose botox treatment couldn’t erase their natural termagant looks.yaiks!

    • Bert

      And De Leila’s similarity is with whom? JUANA CHANGE? hehe joke laang

      • carlos_premacio

        or with the brains of the President and the big V of the Presidential sister Kristeta. 

      • vince_bugaboo

        de lima looks like Miss Piggy of sesame street. pero wala s’yang botox treatment; ok na sa kanya ang pink ribbon.

  • virgoyap

    Statesmanship is what Gwen Garcia lacks. She is just a power hungry woman. What a pity!

  • Pio Gante

    walang iba kundi politika ang dahilan sa mga kasalukuyang kaganapan sa cebu. ang masaklap dyan bukod siempre sa panghihimasok ng mga taga maynila ay walang mapag-pilian sa mga nagkukunwaring matuwid.

    ang pandikit habang tumatagal, lalong tumitibay ang kapit

  • ADD

    Ipaliwanag na lng kasi kung bakit nabaon sa utang ang Cebu. Hindi puro politika na lng ang dahilan.


    • Dmx Fjc

      that was not the issue.  and besides Cebu Province is the richest province in the country with zero debt.  im not pro or anti garcia… just straightening the facts about cebu.

  • wakats

    It appears that gwen will continue to hole up in her capitol office with or without any action on her petition for TRO with the appellate court, thus picturing herself as a victim of political vendetta/cleansing. 

    Acting governor Agnes Magpale should hold office in the sangguniang panlalawigan and continue serving the people as mandated by law.

    Let gwen rot in her office together with the UNA leadership bannered by alleged billionaire jajemon binay, ex-convict/plunderer erap and martial law architect enrile.

  • jumpah

    If you want to be a Millionaire, be a Politician in the Philippines…Once you succeed as a Politician, the Treasury is yours!…natikman kasi niya kaya yaw nang umalis

    • miiron

      kaya nang nalaos c AGA MULACH gusto na maging congressman kahit walang alam!  onli in da pilipins!   :(

      • Magsasaka

         mananalo yon kasi iboboto sya ng mga bobotanteng mangmang hehehe

  • prodigalson60

    GWEN should be AIR LIFTED to the OVP where she can be TAKEN CARED OF MUCH BETTER, where all kinds of satisfaction that she wants will be served including the much debated clause in the RH BILL!

    • Marshall and satisfying sex? with whom…

      • prodigalson60

        nice question…

      • miiron


      • Magsasaka

         with her imported vibrator hehehe

  • serapious

    To all who commented good or bad , and who ever the next president, nothing is wasted…it is only a lesson to learned again and again.. to reverse kamangmangan at kamaangmaangan,until perfected sabi ni Rizal, at sabi ni pres corazon “ipa sa Diyos natin ang “Bayang Pilipinas perlas ng silanganan… (bayang magiliw is no longer appropriate)…Act E* Know by this present…for sex education… that apply to all ages to reverse that wrong in RHbill …SEX is mortal sin, ayon kay Rizal, masama/masarap na kailangan, kailangan ngunit masama parin na dapat ituwid, bawal sa bata at matatanda, they must do to abstain.. to obtain by couples, sex-sin neutralize by law of marriage, but neutrality still a sin for old men to abstain to have spiritual empowerment a guide that can see and for the purity of children..  ignorance of the law excuses no one… if so hard to understand… Act E* Know this formula to have wisdom and freedom every filipino must able to read and write, to eat and pray@5xaday, sing the glorious national anthem..isreal freedom from God, but he also give us freewill kung indi tayo marunong kumain at tamad tayo manalangin is a mortal sin…a freewill even to kill our ownself like saint judas, but a crime mortal sin…saint judas reflection had shaken the world…like NASA to reveal about mars Pres Pnoy, and Gov.Gwen.. had shaken our nation… our prayer we must all be brave , not a slave of our own corruption..the thesis and the anti thesis for the synthesis “God is Love” for glorious republic of the philippines…*toto* serapio camposano for governor of iloilo panay – philippines america nations all yunity- capital of global peace…..

    • sakinlang

      Ang galing mo, bro! Tinapos mo ang lahat ng argumento! Ha,ha! ha! Pero paki explain ulit, nagulo mo kasi takbo ng utak ko eh!

  • Albert Einstien

    “The suspension order was based on charges that Garcia abused her authority for slashing and withholding the budget for the salary of contractual employees of the late Vice Governor Gregorio Sanchez.” ….di ba yung DBM ganyan din yung sigaw ng mga tonggressman pag wala pa PORK nila……e dapat pala mayat maya sinususpndi din yun mga dbm…lol…. when a political opponent charges a political opponent of usurpation of authority …it is ONLY for political maneuverings….walang namnam o sustansya yung basis ng case..maniniwala pa ko don sa JUETENG kasi tauhan nya mismo ang nagtuturo ng involvement…o kaya don sa corruption issues …kung gusto nila tanggalin si garcia..DAPAT sa corruption charges tulad ng sa makati at pasay officials dati me basis criminal dapat o mas mabigat na kaso pa…ginagawa lang nilang martyr si gwen at pina-pasikat lang nila ang UNA……hindi cya bababa jan malamang pag-tapos na eleksyon kung di sya mananalo….wrong move !

    • sakinlang

      Kahit manalo pa siya kailangan niyang umalis sa kapitolyo. 3 termer na siya kaya she will be running for a seat in congress. Dapat baguhin ang batas to suit to her liking! Yan siguro ang gusto niya!

  • Don Dee

    Nag file ng petition for TRO, hindi binigay. Ayaw pa rin umalis sa kapitolyo. Do you really expect this fool to respect the court’s decision after oral arguments if it does not go her way? Lol! This literally thick-faced politician only believes in laws that suit her particular needs at that particular time. Good luck Cebu.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Kapal talaga ni ex Gov BOTOX Garcia.Tear gas o rubber bullet o pakawalan niyo si lolong sa kapitolyo…

  • Ugly Bunny

    Good luck Philippines. I’ll do my share by not voting the likes of this TRAPO.

  • vince_bugaboo

    Paging Mitos Magsaysay!!! Nasasapawan ni Gwendolyn Garcia ang kapal ng mukha at kawalanghiyaan mo! It’s time for you to re-assert and re-establish your own mind-boggling kakapalan ng apog! Election day is fast approaching!!

  • kevin

    binay,erap,enrile isama pa c bishop to the rescue..

  • santamaria_63

    May ” Martial Law ”  sa capitolyo sabi sa bar topnotchers. Sir Pabling and all the members of the family you don’t know that there is a memo signed by your corrupt daughter to all employees in the capitol not to hear any commentaries regarding CICC controversies before? You don’t know about Byron as ” berdugo ” during his stint as consultant? He sit as Committee on Discipline member and signed some suspension order to capitol employees who are suspects of giving documents to some media outlets. Puede ba yon? There is memo circular of the Civil Service Law that prohibits on this ok? Where is transparency as provided for in our constitution. Inyo ba na kuarta sa Capitolyo nga inyo lang usik-usikan? Kahilas ba ninyo mo siyaget ug Martial Law karon? All we can say about Gwen’s suspension is a ” karma ” sobra ang pangabuso sa imong mga anak nga nakakupot ug gahum. So, kami mga biktima nagpasalamat sa Ginoo nga gipanilngan namo kay ang Ginoo nagtan-aw ug  nagpakabana sa mga empleyado innocente nga gilutos sa imong mga anak sa walay igo kamatuoran ug mga pamasangil. Salamat Ginoo! nga may justisya kami nga niabot gikan kanimo ug magpasalamat kami nga kamaturan milutaw na!

    • rezli

      bitaw..hilas jud sila…

  • Jojo

    ako nagtataka may suspension order na nga galing sa malacanan nagmamatigas pa rin mano bang bumaba na lang at sundin ang batas di ba …haaay naku only in the philippines talaga….ang kakapal tlaga…

    • justjarred

      sakim sa kapangyarihan kaya kapit sa patalim

    • cion

      Di ka ba nakakaintindi, illegal nga eh, it’s  base on the personal vengeance of this President .

  • serapious

    Insight and literal study will not be complicated, if we uphold wisdom and freedom, as for pres Aquino- Act E* Know the knowledge of what is wrong and the knowledge of what is right…. man first enemy is his ownself to evil’lution, man first friend is his ownself to live’ng saint…
    Thou shall have strange god before Me, for all of You is Me… That matter  i am who i am is a particles to all of You and Me are ONE…  peter higgs proved… We mankind are all sinners and saints, the night and day as our nature.. as an EVIL to LIVE , but live to evil is nothing, GOD IS LOVE…INRI CIA ALLAH master of everything… E=mc^2 –everyhing has an =equal magnitude as central core of..everything… for glorious republic of the philippines…*toto*serapio camposano for governor of iloilo panay- philippines america nations all yunity- capital of global peace….. 

  • ed0408

    Then kick her out of the Cebu Province building.

  • palakasantayo

    An invitation by Garcia “she will only leave the capitol if the police force her out of the office or place”  Well… there you are, people of law and power, get her out … what else are you waiting for….

  • jElly_aCe

    yan ang ngagawa ng fame n power sa isang tao, nwawala ang self respect.. tong lola na to ska c GMA parehong pareho, dbale na mag mukhang katawa tawa sa public bsta lng mkalusot sa mga kaso nila. lola gwen, abay nkakahiya na, inaangkin nyo ang nde sanyo, ung opis nyo sa cebu yan, pna hiram lng sanyo at pnahon na pra lumayas kau jan. pasabugan ng granada pra tapos na agd boksing

    • cion

      Ano ba ang ginawa ni Cory Aquino,  she grabbed the President position for then vice Pres Arturo M. Tolentino , yan ang talamak na nakakahiya, kaya yang EDSA is a joke. Kaya lang at least we did not fall under the Communist ( China) party led By Jose Maria Sison per Influenced by Benigno Aquino, Sr. Whenever a President is seriously ill and incapable of governing the Phl, they should have installed Arturo Tolentino(scholar author of International law of the seas) as President that is in the Constitution, kaya pinalitan ni Cory Aquino ang Constitution of the PHL immediately after.,  to save Hacienda Luisita. from change of legal ownership.

      • im_earth

         so many baseless opinion u got.

  • wawa2172

    If this Cebu Capitol drama happened with Nognog the president of Ph then Gwendolyn will leave the capitol to vacate her post. She will however be rewarded as UNA member with Nognog appointing her to Comelec so she would be immune to charges. If Grace Padaca would still be a commissioner during that time, the two will surely exchange notes that in politics the theory of Erap is correct and he should be given a Nobel Prized for conceptualizing that politics is a perfect science of weather-weather lang”.  Though we criticize Gwen and Nognog Party, the UNA for not respectimg the lawful order from Malacanang is because there is a double standard here with the Palace and LP conniving with other to pin and embarrass Gwen Gracia. LP should be upright and set an example. The Padaca case shown the intervention na walang makikialam skay Padaca dahil K siya.

    • Taiko_Kauna

      there’s a wide disparity between padaca and garcia; the former served with honesty, the latter is in cohort with the corrupt. Mga bisaya ta ug nahibawo ta unsa’y kalibre ni garcia.

      • wawa2172

        Mali bay pareho ra ang kalibri ni Padaca ug Gwen way kalainan. The Sandigan found prima facie evidence to charge Padaca of corruption. I guess no politician in this country is clean they are keeping lots of worms in their cans. Reason why I have compared Padaca to Gwen is because politics is so dirty. Secondly, LP and Una need not be brother or sister keeper especially if party members are charged of corruption. Both Gwen and Padaca are accused of corruption so their political parties should not protect them because they are party mates. Bisaya ta bay mao na nga daghan ta hibawan kang Gwen, pero ganon naman si Padaca marami ring alam ang mga taga probinsiya.

  • Your_King

     Aquino’s power hungry rampage continues. He goes after opposition like an obsessed stalker and obsessively covers-up for his KKK. Clearly, Garcia is not part of his KKK therefore even if it means causing the people of Cebu uneasiness and uncertainty Aquino will still want his way done one way or another. Or in other words, with or without the law what Aquino wants will happen. To think, this issue is occurring during elections time in which Aquino wants control over Cebu.

  • Melvin

    May kasabihan tayo na, “Sabihin mo sa akin ang iyong mga kaibigan at sasabihin ko kung sino ka.” Alam naman natin na kaibigan ni Gwen Epoxy si Ailing Gloria na kaibigan naman ni Corona at kumare ng mga Pineda kilalang mga jueteng lords sa Pampanga…  Kaya simple lang kilala na rin natin kung matino nga itong si Gwen Epoxy. Kung totoong siya ay matino dapat sinusunod niya ang batas. At kung sa tingin niya ay wala siyang kasalanan ay ipaglaban niya at harapin ang korte. Kaso may mga ebidensiya laban sa kanya. Ang problema hindi niya matanggap na maaagaw sa kanya ang pagkagobernadora ng Cebu… Sana bago siya tuluyan bitbitin at kaladkarin ng mga pulis palabas ng kapitolyo ay tanggapin na lang niya ang kanyang kapalaran ayon sa sinasabi ng ating batas… Ang maipapayo ko lang sa amiga ni Ailing Gloria ay UNA, nasa modernong panahon na tayo ngayon hindi na uso ang mga engkanto lalo na sa mga city.  Hindi siya dapat maniwala sa mga payo ng maiitim na maligno at mapapahamak lamang siya, dahil panglalamang sa kapwa ang laging hakbang ng alagad ng kadiliman. Subukan mong pansinin  ang mga yaman ng maligno, matutuklasan mong parang may bumabalot ng hiwaga kung paano ito napa sa kanya. Pangalawa sa UNA,  huwag rin siyang maniniwala sa payo ng ulyanin matanda, dahil kahit sarili niya ay hindi matiyak  kung yung fake na ambush sa kanya ay fake nga o totoong ambush na nangyari… Pangatlo sa UNA, kahit masakit tanggapin ang katotohanan ay tanggapin mong hindi ka rin matinong gobernadora, period…

    • Marcela

      hahaha! you always make me laugh! take a good look on binay’s face, may hawig kay macoy.

    • cion

      At Bakit matino ba ang mga LP at mga korup na politiko (Tupas), halos lahat na nagpapayaman sa kaban ng bayan. Si Corona hindi nagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan

      • im_earth

         baseless opinion

  • im_earth

    kaladkarin na yan. shameful cebuana.
    basta she is already suspended. ayaw lang umalis.
    kahit hindi cya umalis sa capitolyo e wla pa rin cyang authorization sa mga transaction.

    nagpa attendance ba para may sweldo haha

    • cion

      ikaw kaya ang kaladkarin mga nakakahiya kayo , ang gumagawa ng ganyan ay mga duwag katulad mi Agnes Magpale, opportunistang mga LP, gahaman sa power, Is This “Daang matuwid” Puro corruption

      • im_earth

         baseless opinion

  • JoseMiguelCasuarino

    … Suspended gov…. … if speaking of ‘shoulds’…. she should obey the suspension order.  What is in being governor that makes defy the order?  Is it humiliation? prestige, honor?… power? it the privileges, the first class treatment she receives, ?????……..she has the right to defend herself.. but first she must get out of office… and honorably allow the case to run its course…. and then she could file a counter suit… honorable and exemplary government officials even decide to take leave of absence or even resign from office once a complaint or questions of confidence arise.

    With what Garcia is doing now,… is even calling more attention to herself,.. more humiliation, more damaging on her, … if she does not leave the office using the possible [civilized, legal] ways then she herself is calling for the drastic ways… to carry her out physically out  of the prov capitol of Cebu.

  • MiguelLorenzo

    paging Bishop Pabillo, Gov. Garcia needs your support

  • tukmoldinako

    naghahamon pa for the police to forcibly take her out, gumagawa ng dahilan para magkaroon ng rason at magdemanda. lol. Siguro , maganda dyan, i isolate ang lugar, gawing kulungan na lang ni gwen ang kapitolyo, putulang ng tubig, at kuryente at mamaho hahahaha. swapang bumaba kana.

  • Taiko_Kauna

    making a hero of herself by challenging the police to remove her bodily?

  • disqusted0fu

    Is De Lima the CA’s spokesperson now? She may just want to get in the limelight again! What happened to her disbarment case? And to the Aman scam?

  • 100345roselia

     To Gov. Gwen Garcia:  Being the highest elected official in Cebu Province, please lead by example by following the law.  On the other hand, use the wisdom of the law to address your
    concerns.  The law is there to protect both the accused & the accuser.  Make sure your rational
    mind is always on top of your emotional mind.

    • cion

      Anong Law ang sinasabi mo , Kung etong Presidente acts like He is above the Law, he impose  the law he knows that he can practice to revenge vs his political opponents.

      • im_earth

        baseless opinion.


        so sinu ang tama? majoirty wins diba!?

        may documento ang gobyerno bakit cya kasohan.
        gusto mo ba ipakain ung mga documento sayo.

        ur pouring out of baseless opinion.

  • MaySenseBa

    paano na siya mag papabotox kung naka kulong sya sa municipio. Grabe, where is the justice?

  • Ronald

    May hunk actor sa loob ng office nya kaya ayaw iwanan ito. Di sa ano pa man ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw nyang sundin ang suspension order. Ahi hi hi hi hi

  • cion

    Oh yes, De lima got the meassge from the dictator Preeeeez

    • im_earth

       watever… baseless opinion

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