Hunt for Marcos loot goes on

Lawmakers, human rights victims split on PCGG move


PCGG chairman Andres Bautista:  “Our recommendation was to wind down work, to turn over cases to the DOJ and the sequestered assets to the Privatization Management Office.” AFP/TED ALJIBE 

Sen. Joker Arroyo, the executive secretary when President Corazon Aquino issued her first executive order that created the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) in 1986 to recover the ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses, and other lawmakers are supporting the PCGG recommendation to wind down its work as it has outlived its usefulness.

Other lawmakers and a group of victims of human rights violation during the 20-year regime of Ferdinand Marcos object to the abolition of  the PCGG. They said dissolving the commission would send the signal that those in power could commit crimes and get away with it.

Although Edwin Lacierda, spokesperson of Mr. Aquino, said that  the President was still studying the recommendation to abolish the PCGG, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said the “mindset” of the President was that the commission need not continue its work.

At a news conference at the PCGG headquarters on Wednesday, chairman Andres Bautista said his proposal to Malacañang was to transfer the prosecution of Marcos ill-gotten wealth cases to the DOJ and to transfer the sequestered assets to the Department of Finance.

The PCGG made the recommendation in January 2011 as part of its 100-day accomplishment report.

“Our recommendation was to wind down work, to turn over cases to the DOJ and the sequestered assets to the Privatization Management Office,” Bautista said.

“But in no way have I said we’re ending the hunt for the Marcos ill-gotten wealth. I didn’t say that. I believe that that should continue because a substantial portion (of the ill-gotten wealth) remains unrecovered,” he said.

Winnowed by time


Arroyo said the PCGG had outlived its purpose and it was about time the Department of Justice (DOJ) took over its cases.

“[Its] mandate has run its course. It is problematic whether the government can gather additional evidence after 26 years. The main task of the PCGG—to gather evidence and build up the cases—has been winnowed by time,” Arroyo said in a statement.

“The position of the PCGG makes practical sense,” Arroyo said.

Sen. Francis Escudero, the chairman of the Senate committee on justice and human rights, saw no reason for the PCGG to stop going after Marcos’ alleged ill-gotten wealth unless it could no longer prove a claim against the late dictator’s estate.

Escudero told the Philippine Daily Inquirer the PCGG’s difficulties were a lame excuse to wrap up its mandate after 26 years of going after the supposed multibillion-dollar loot of the Marcoses and their cronies.

Lame excuse


“That it is difficult should not be an excuse if there is indeed a cause of action. Nobody ever said that it was going to be easy,” Escudero said in a text message.

“That’s a lame excuse unless they are throwing in the towel and saying that they can’t prove the cases versus the Marcoses anymore,” Escudero added.

In a statement, angry victims of martial law said the proposal to wind down the hunt for the late dictator’s embezzled billions would give the signal that people in power could commit crimes with impunity.

“We cannot just forgive and forget what the Marcoses did to us, nor must the Aquino government stop pursuing justice for martial law victims and the rest of the Filipinos,” Selda, an anti-Marcos activist group, said in a statement.

DOJ ready


De Lima said that the PCGG “cannot exist forever” and that it had a “limited lifetime.”

She said the DOJ was ready to take on any remaining work of the commission.

“If there is still residual work that the PCGG has to do, it has to be taken over by a competent office or competent authority. So if it’s the DOJ, we can always do that if that will be the plan,” De Lima told reporters.

She said the DOJ would study if there was a need to create a unit for this.

There was also a need to study the PCGG’s performance, on why no favorable ruling was made on some big cases. “We need to review where were the shortcomings, what cases need to be pursued,” the justice secretary said.

Arroyo said that while the recovery of ill-gotten wealth, mandated by Cory Aquino’s EO Nos. 1, 2, 14 and 14-A, was a valid advocacy, the PCGG’s mandate was “time-limited by the very nature of the campaign.”

Good run


He noted that Congress had extended the life of the PCGG quite a number of times.

“It was one of the centerpieces of Cory’s crusade for good governance. And the campaign has had a good run,” Arroyo said.

“Now, the thrust of the work has become the humdrum of legal work, essentially dealing with litigation. It is about time  the work is devolved to the Department of Justice,” he added.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson agreed with Bautista’s recommendation to Mr. Aquino that the commission start winding down its operations since going after the Marcos wealth had ceased to be cost-effective.

Bautista also cited the return to power of former First Lady Imelda Marcos as Ilocos Norte representative, and Marcos’ children Ferdinand Marcos Jr., as senator, and Imee Marcos as Ilocos Norte governor which  doesn’t make the PCGG’s job any easier.

Bautista reiterated the government would not abandon the ill-gotten wealth cases against the heirs and cronies of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos even in the event of the PCGG’s abolition.

200 cases pending


About 200 ill-gotten wealth cases against the Marcoses and their cronies are pending in the antigraft court Sandiganbayan.

Bautista said the commission would likely not file new cases due to the difficulty of getting evidence and witnesses against the Marcoses and their cronies more than a quarter of a century after the dictatorship was overthrown in 1986.

Since its creation, the PCGG has recovered P164 billion (about $4 billion), less than half of the $10-billion fortune believed to have been amassed by the Marcoses.

The single biggest recovery was made last year—P70 billion worth of coco levy funds from the sale of the government’s 24-percent stake and other dividends in San Miguel Corp.

Bautista acknowledged that the PCGG had no idea how much remained unrecovered of the wealth illegally amassed by the Marcos family and their cronies.

“As in any ‘catch-me-if-you-can’ situation, the longer you take to get your target, the lesser the opportunity becomes as the quarry manages to dig deeper,” said Lacson.

Lacson said that with the alleged mismanagement of the PCGG through the years, the commission was bound to fail.

Should Mr. Aquino heed Bautista’s recommendation, he would need Congress to pass a law abolishing the agency.

Bill to abolish pending


In fact, efforts to abolish the PCGG are underway in the House of Representatives, following the filing of a bill seeking to transfer part of its responsibilities to the DOJ.

House Bill No. 4049 has been pending in the committee on government reorganization since January 2011.

Under HB 4049, “the powers and functions of investigations and prosecution of criminal (cases) exercised by the PCGG shall be transferred to the Department of Justice.”

Civil cases would be handled by the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel. These would include the “management, administration and the disposition of the assets, as well as the sequestration of the properties considered to be ill-gotten.”

“More than 20 years and four administrations have passed, and the PCGG has not produced significant accomplishments that would justify its continued existence,” said the explanatory note of the bill, which was jointly introduced by Representatives Sergio Apostol and Pedro Romualdo.

“Through these years, the work performed by the commission is not commensurate to the annual expenses needed to maintain the office. The time is ripe to abolish the PCGG in line with the cost-saving efforts of the government.”

To block abolition


Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares assailed Bautista, saying the PCGG should continue going after the ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses.

“They owe it to the victims of human rights violations during Marcos’ time and the Filipino people,” he said in a statement.

“The lesson to be learned if the search for the Marcos wealth stops is crime pays and if you steal big, you can get away with it,” he added.

Colmenares said his party-list group would block efforts to abolish the PCGG in the House.

“They should still go after the Marcoses whatever happens. The ill-gotten wealth should be returned to the people. PCGG officials and prosecutors who weakened the cases should be prosecuted,” he said.

Former Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo, one of the victims of martial law, said the President should veto a plan for the PCGG to wind down the chase for the Marcoses’ plundered wealth.

Principles of Edsa I


Ocampo said the PCGG should continue its task, but also said it must receive clear support from the administration.

“By abandoning the pursuit of ill-gotten wealth and the prosecution of the Marcoses, the government is abandoning the principles of Edsa people power,” he added.

Audit assets

In the event that Congress decides to abolish the PCGG, Escudero wants an audit of all the assets sequestered by the commission.

“There have been pending bills in Congress seeking its abolition but not without a proper accounting of all the assets that the PCGG sequestered since its creation,” Escudero said.

“What’s sad is that recovered assets were again stolen,” he added.

Bautista himself acknowledged the alleged mishandling of the commission through the years.

“These accusations (against the commission officials) are not without basis. They were in charge of guarding the chicken coop and some of them helped themselves to the eggs,”  Bautista was quoted as saying. With reports from Christian V. Esguerra, TJ Burgonio, Leila B. Salaverria and AFP

First posted 12:01 am | Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

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  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Hehe. Testing the waters. Unexpected public backlash. Binawi ulit.

    Ganun talaga pag hindi kayo transparent. Mumurahin kayo ng mga tao. Tulad ng anti-cybercrime law kuno, na anti-cyber libel pala ang tunay na pakay. Nabisto ng taong bayan, napilitang mag TRO ang Supreme Court. Wag padalos-dalos. Kung gusto ni Pnoy at ng LP ligawan ang mga Marcos para makuha ang boto ng mga Ilokano, wag naman sa pamamagitan ng panlilinlang ng taong bayan. Obvious naman na may backdoor deal yan eh.

  • pasaway008ako

    Ok tuloy ang laban, akala ko talo na, iyon pala nagbagong taon lang! Ok, sige at mag martsa na.

  • orchid

    It is no wonder than BongBong Marcos is planning to run  for Presidential seat ! By that time the Marcos Mafia would have been legalized or if not he will legalize it and then as a final insult to the nation, bury his daddy dearest in Libingan Ng Mga Bayani!  Yeah, the nation has been stabbed by the Marcoses and their cronies many times over but the people will not let it happen again. Never Again. No Mas. Huwag Na Naman, Macoy!

    • Weder-Weder Lang

      Parekoy, sabi ng mga lakay sa 2022 pa raw tatakbo yang si Bongito Marcos. Naknaman ng pucha.

      • Rexy

        Naknaman ng pucha, baket 2022 pa??? pwede naman 2016 !!!

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Bilang respeto daw kay Mar.

      • orchid

         Never trust a Marcos, pare!  A Marcos would always strike whenever there is an opportunity.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        never did and never will.

      • catalansbarce

        Sure.., iboto ko si Bongbong pagka Presidente sa 2022. Pangarap ko maging Singapore ang Philippines.

    • Rexy

      pasensiya lang po. im not a loyalist but mga taong bayan ang bumoto ulit kay bong bong.

      • orchid

         That is why the people should learn. These politicians would never strive to better the lives of the people which includes their education, health and welfare. The less educated the people are the more votes the Marcoses will get.

    • cion

      Maraming makitid ang isipan, ang matakot kayo ay yoong mga foreigners like China,and other neighboring communist countries who knows that they can easily manipulate the crooked politicians with their money for power and influence. Kung hindi kay Pres Marcos matagal ng Komunista ang Pilipinas, and Filipinos will only be paid $ 1.50 for their daily labor  and without freedom.

      • orchid

         Look at your narrow mind. The Philippines economy 2nd or next to Japan in Asia when Marcos came into power and then was a basket case by the time Marcos was being booted out of power. The Philippines was close to declaring bankruptcy during Marcos’ last days in power.

        Review Marcos’ legacy before elevating him from a corrupt public servant.

  • nakawan

    So I guess it’s alright for newspapers to flip-flop on headlines now? Does the PDI even realize how embarrassing it was to have two contradictory headlines on consecutive days?

  • AlexanderAmproz

    The Marcos loot show how corrupt, twisted, inefficiently and rotten to the bones
    is the Philippines administration.
    With such a historically stinky Clergy, 
    Philippines deserved to be a backward and failed country.

    To be stupid and gullible has a price, in any other decent country,
    Marcos family and cronies will have been in jail if still alive,
    the money back for social services overdue since too long.

    • boyfarmer

       Bakit pati Clergy isinasali mo sa Marcos loot? Stinky clergy? why? are so clean that you are without sin?

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Pilipino’s used to ignore History,
        the roots and origins of the  actual situation, this explaining that,stepping on the head for colonial purposes since too long.
        Philippines backwardness is paid by hell and useless sufferances for at least 80 millions hopeless innocents, victimized by 2 millions wealthy criminals (Clergy included) holding the guns, 
        an effective Plutocracy ironically called Democracy.

  • boybakal

    PCGG: Hunt for Marcos loot to END ….Hunt for Marcos loot GOES ON…

    Which is which…Flip flop, Bling Bling, Balimbing.
    Panindigan nyo ang unang sinabi, mas maniniwala pa ang mga tao.

    • EC

      Akala mo libre na ang mga bossing mo?

    • Weder-Weder Lang

      testing the waters lang. ngayong may public backlash, bawi.

  • Ed Angeles

    Let the PCGG live its name – Presidential Commission on Good Government.

    Instead of extinguishing its life, allow it to concentrate in purusing corrupt presidents! Aside from the Marcos wealth, let it pursue the wealth of Gloria, Mike, Mikey, and Dato Arroyo. Certainly by this time the PCGG has developed the skill to trace stolen wealth by presidents.

    Erap and Ramos should not be exempted to the scrutiny of the PCGG.

    Do not give the function of running after ex-presidents to the DoJ, it has equally important concerns that require fast resolutions.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      They’re the next in line to get pursued.

  • Albert Einstien

    26 years of RELENTLESS  witch hunt with ZERO conviction ONLY proves ..malicious persecution…….

    • Barak_O

      eto lang ang einstein na bobo

      sabagay pangalan palang wrong spelling na

      • Albert Einstien

        ·        my lonely friend…before you JUDGE a person..sir..please try to EDUCATE yourself first…
        RULES: Usernames or pseudonyms based on another person’s identity, publicly known or otherwise, living or dead..are PROHIBITED!
        SOLUTION: IDEM SONANS….sound like or mis-spelling is ALLOWED…besides there is already a user account einstein…
        hope that i contributed a lot to your EDUCATION…. : >

      • catmanjohn

        You are a No Brainer, trying to masquerade the good name of Einstien  which I am sure he would be insulted by, since you are not just a dope, but a corrupt one at that.

      • JuanTamadachi


      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Alter of ego the genius.  You’re simply a corrupted mind no brain of your own but paid to pretend a ‘genius’.  Shame on you carpet baggers.

    • ProudPinoyinLosAngeles

      Obviously your ignorant analysis based on your “crab” mentality is turning you into an ignorant and bitter imbecile. They’re not only after persecution but also taking back what belongs to the people. And, in case your hatred has blinded you, you missed the part where they have recovered $4 billion Dollars (P164 billion Pesos). Gutom lang yan, kumain ka muna. Huwag ka kasi puro puna. Basta may masabi ka lang. Kaya tuloy nagmumukha kang tanga! LOL

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Did you have already forgotten the Cojuangco coco Levy Fund scam shame

      • boyfarmer

         “coco levy”. . . . .  wrong spelling ka pards. di ba pantalon ang levi?

      • Albert Einstien

        maybe you are a yellow zombie sir….no brain to wash….brainwashed already…..i’m talking about the criminal aspect…there is no conviction yet those recovered for all we know are merely UNEXPLAINED WEALTH…there is NO PROOF yet that there is corruption committed by the marcoses otherwise they are already in jail………rich people of the world can not also explain in detail where did they get their money especially if they are NOT accountants… or their source of money is from treasure hunting or some other business  income which they did not report to the government..there are thousand of possibilities of source of money …but in marcos case it seems there is no conviction of corruption or findings that they got their money from govt budget

      • catmanjohn

        The Arroyos have fooled you turkeys again…. The criminals you are looking for are the ones making the laws to tailor their corruption, and sitting in the Senate and Congress. 

  • kayanatwo


    nobody asked me, but…..if bautista know or has a hunch to who are those  previous “guardian of the chicken coop” that “helped themselves to the eggs”, (h)e should call out their names in public.  

    from bautista,  for making an official loaded statement,  in re. to reasons on why PCGG  should be  close,  and to end the hunt for the marcos’ clan loot taken from our govt. treasury, this action surely would make a not-so-good impression on all of (h)is past efforts and past job performance in PCGG , and for juan dela cruz to buy into the motion (h)e just laid out in the open. 

    IHMO, as long as there are marcoses in the position of political power / authority, and with the rest of marcos’ protege are still on the govt. or elected position, the fight for justice must continue.  this is not the time to retreat,  it would be advisable for the p-noy’s administration to “reload” and bring the fight to them (marcos, et al). 

    IMO, the PCGG  should have the option to use some of the recovered “loot” to finance the “crusade” to put all the marcos behind bar together with (h)is technocrats cronies.

    it should be juan dela cruz who shall have the last words when to stop ” the hunt for marcos’ loot”,  and it should never come from bautista’s recommendation / desk.  if bautista can not do the job and (h)e is not up to it anymore, (h)e should put his official resignation on p-noy’s desk.

  • bilango71

    A case should have been built against Imelda Marcos.  Siya ang nagbibili ng mga alahas at painting at hindi si Ferdidnand Marcos. 

  • gisingpinoy12

    Si Steve Salonga pinakamalaking kinita dito mga kabayan ko,,

  • tagahuron

    Sequestered assets are again stolen? In other words, crooks are going after the crooks.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      This is the Clergy leading Moral value prevalent all around since Magellan !

      Honesty will be shocking for themselves.

      • boyfarmer

         You are out of topic, Marcos loot ang pinag-uusapan, hindi clergy. . .  Of course the clergy are leading in or concerned about moral values (christian morality) and what is shocking? Mukhang hirap kang umingles, tagalogin mo na pare. . . .

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Everybody knows Marcos and cronies where used to self service, but this was not enough and too short for the country cultural change, to injected everybody an up side down common sense, a corrupt nature killing and robbing anybody, except the more powerful with more and bigger guns, Ampatuan’s style. 
        Philippines is a fertile ground for thief’s and killers, since Magellan.

  • tagahuron

    After abuse of power under the Marcoses, the Filipino people hasn’t gotten any justice. Part in fault are the Filipinos themselves since they keep voting into office Imelda and Bongbong.

  • tagahuron

    Aren’t the Aquinos and the Marcoses related to each other???? Hellloooo! It’s only in Philippine style of democracy that the people keep voting the same politicians and their sons and daughters and children and grandchildren into office. It’s time to amend the COnstitution that will PROHIBIT these same politicians and their relatives from running. It’s sickening to hear the same family name of past politicians over and over again every election!

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Your amalgam with P-Noy is abusive, it’s discrediting yourselves.

      • boyfarmer

         Amalgam means “a combination or mixture, blend” another meaning of amalgam is “any alloy of mercury with another metal or other metals”. . . . naiintindihan mo ba ang iyong sinasabi?

  • tagahuron

    Congress should have audited the PCGG on a yearly basis since the beginning of its creation and the audit was made in full view of the public so we will know what they were doing.

    • boyfarmer

       of course government agencies are being audited regularly, puede ka humingi ng copy ng audit results, they are public records at hindi puede itago.

  • cion

    Run after the loot of the Ampatuans, and many   Congressmen , elected politicians and the Kamaganak, Inc. who amassed illegal wealth (keeping the PDAF ) for their personal benefit at the expense of the majority poor.Its unfortunate that the manipulators(corrupt politicians and along with influential businessmen) remained in power and are still blaming   the only Nationalistic Philippine  Pres Marcos, after 26 years .

    • jennifer ali

       if the government take one big step to get the ill gotten wealth then all those who got it will/should follow and if ever it happens, i guess our democracy is a bit restored! why! remove the money from them and they’ll have to restart from zero, at least the masses, poor will get back their confidence that there is a law for all though hopefully also the money should be checked where it should be and how it it can benifit the masses!

      • WoBushi

        what did you say? how come you have “3 likes”? hehehe no matter how i try, i can’t seem to understand your statements. hehehe i’m sure you’ve got some good ideas. let’s do it again, ok?

      • Albert Einstien

        je je je the ” 3 ” understood her…maybe her classmates….. :  > )

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Who are the most famous nationalistic ?

      Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, banana republic macho’s, 
      as they have nothing else to show.
      For international standards, Marcos was considered a trash, 
      that why the US remove him with EDSA I they have organized on that purpose.
      Trashes love Trashes, on a Nationalist way, shameful to mistake Nationalism with Patriotism, the country love and respect. 
      Gwen Garcia just showed it, on a disgusting and careless way.
      On a moral and ethic point of view she show how cheap she is, no doubt she is a thief to the bones, a family inherited distinction. 
      As dirty and polluted as tragically the country is a mirror for her and other Trapos

      • boyfarmer

         “remove him with Edsa”? mukhang wrong grammar pre, , , , ,  “the country is a mirror for her”? ano ba yan, tagalogin mo na lang.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        It didn’t change the facts.

  • ruben_bush

    Puros hangin yan si Bayan Muna Congressman Neri Colmenaras. Kung siya ay magaling, bakit di siya ang manguna sa paghahabol ng Marcos money???  Sige nga, dare ko siya bilang isang “magaling” na “people’s” abogado na gawin niya ang paghahanap ng ebidensya para tuluyang makulong at mabawi ang mga ninakaw ni Marcos.  Ang hirap dyan kay Colmenares ay puros dakdak.  Eh noong ngang trial ni Corona eh di nga siya naka-porma kay Miriam Santiago.  Binalasa lang siya….kahit yan si Teddy Casino walang nagawa. 

  • Nerraw

    $4 billion ang nabawi..Magkano naman kaya ang nagastos lahat2x ng pcgg simula ng nabuo ito??? bakit walang figure na lumalabas…magkano kaya???

    • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

      Magandang tanong na ayaw nilang sagutin.

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    After soooo many years they spend billions of pesos creating these institution and they are planning to have it for a lifetime career. They should divert and focus to politicians who’re corrupt obviously. 

  • Pedro


    • WoBushi

      totoo ba kaya? hehehe marahil tama ka rin, ano? hehehe

    • Leo Capurictan

      Can you sight one case won by chaves against imelda? kahit isa lang dun sa 917 cases na inihain niya.

  • doublecross

    naumpisahan na, tapusin mo!

  • marco antonio perez

    dapat makuha yan bago ang change in leadership for presidency for 2016, kung hindi, magiging milking cow yan nang kung sino mang walang habag na mamumuno.

  • frudo

    sibakin na walang silbi

  • JV Velarde

    Marcos lawyers had been riding on those multi billion dollar loot by the tune of billion pesos for the longest time… to counter this, it’s about time the government use same dose of medicine by hiring a team of high caliber private lawyers(international & local) & give them a 40 to 60% share on any recovered loot, on a set time frame of deliverables. 

    Don’t beg congress to support the PCGG anymore, have them abolish it instead & replace with a new law that will allow the president to provide support or logistics specifically in recovering the Marcos loot & jailing them for all the injustices they’ve done to the country. These law should allow the president to share as much as 40-60% of the billions recovered to any enterprising high caliber private legal team. The details of the law should specifically spell out that no settlement with the Marcose’s should be dealt with.

    I have high hopes PNoy can still salvage whatever is left of the Marcos loot. As president, he can invite former CJ’s like Davide, Puno & Panganiban, call on high caliber lawyers of the land, bring top international prosecutors to the country specially those from the US & Switzerland then engage them to help lay the framework for recovering those billion dollar loot. Call it spade with a spade, a 40-60% bounty will overturn events & return back to the government the favor of calling the shots in these decades old pursuit of the Marcos billions in addition to having the Marcose’s serve jail time.

    With still 3 years in his hand, PNoy can still utilize the resources of the government to provide support to any team that can do the job.

    • Cindy Gay

       …uy magising ka, u r just daydreaming….ni hnid nga matukoy kung sino pumatay kay Ninoy, mag inang presidente na yan ha….kahit kelan…hindi mapapatunayan na nakaw sa kaban ng bayan yang sinasabi na ill-gotten wealth yan, bagkus parte sa 217,000 metric tons na galing sa yamang sultanate of sulu and north borneo yan na nakaimbak jan sa central bank dati yan, pero malinaw na hindi nakaw sa kaban ng bayan yan…basahin mo ang “The Gold of the Sun” para maliwanagan ka…pero ang gold is part of the 617,000MT na pag aari ng Sultanate of Sulu na owner ay si Sultan Jamalul KIRAM na anak nya si Sultan Julaspi KIRAM na kung saan humingi ng permiso si marcos na pakialaman ang gold stocks na pag aari ng Sultan….gets mo…

  • boi skater

    Lame excuse indeed. How can the DOJ be effective in pursuing
    these cases when it is already inundated with too many other cases?

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Give us a break, Chizmoso. Kung magsalita ka akala mo yung Tatay mo eh santo-santito nung panahon ni Marcos. Stick to your bakya romancing menor de edads kuno.

  • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

    Continue giving the people what they want to hear. A false hope is better than no hope at all. hehehe
    Inside De Lima’s (DOJ) jurisdiction is almost a done deal. The next DOJ secretary will have a different drawer. Hehehe Ooops the loot then starts singing like a lute; it’s gone…magic! Hehehe
    Once a hacendero, always a hacendero. Mr. Aquino is no friend of the average person; the average person thinks otherwise, and they refuse to see their part of the charade coming from the top. But let our people continue believing in us otherwise we’ll all be out of day job. hehehe

    • niceguy60

      ……Done deal? A this point this is what it now appeared to be. Awayan ng mga elte idinamay ang buong sambayanan. The Cohuangcos are the real winner between the fights between the Aquino’s and the Marcoses. Sounds like Filipinos at that time didn’t noticed they were being taken for a ride. Ninoy’s brilliance in public speaking is no match for Marcos sinister moves. People believed Ninoy. Ousted Marcos. In my opinion the Cohuangcos reaped the fruits of the republic when Ninoy died in that MIA tarmac.

  • eirons1043

    I don’t remember anybody convicted  in this Marcos Loot thing although there were alleged recoveries. If indeed there were recoveries why no conviction? The ill gotten wealth recovered are hard evidence and still no conviction? Its conclusive that the Prosecution and the Courts are in tandem to protect the Looters. Imagine sangkatutak na daw ang nabawi sabi ni Bautista eh ne isang mandarambong eh walang nakulong. Diyos ko puro abogado na naman ang kumita pati mga huwes at justices.

  • $20722540

    just create a special court and try all those 200 cases para matapos na lintek na yan

  • dani77777

    All these troubles because the Marcos clan are very protective of their loot.

    Sa tagal na ng panahon, pakiramdam nila na sariling pera na ang kanilang ipinapagtanggol.

    Hindi oy! Pera ng mga Pilipino yan, kasama na ang mga Ilokano na niloloko pa rin ng mga Marcoses hanggang ngayon! 

  • Klepto

    Transfer to DOJ and transfer to DOF.
    What about transfer to your own pockets?

  • Bastonero

    Kung tutuusin pwede ng ihinto yung paghahanap sa mga nakuha kuno ng mga Marcoses, malaki na rin ang nagagastos ng gobyerno, maghahanap pa ng mga ebidensya, bakit di na lang nila habulin ang mga Ampatuan kung tutuusin siguro mas malaki ang nakulimbat nila kesa kay Marcos plus ang sa mga Tongressman, at ang ebidensya nakalantad…..

    • payutenyodagimas

      the marcoses were never in business and never a landed elite and yet they still live in affluence.

      that means they still have some wealth hidden..

      the scope of PCGGs mandate should include present government officials

  • Dan

    SHAME ON CHIZ ESCUDERO!!! his father was marcos crony, if i were him i just keep my motherf@cking mouth shut up

  • pangitbudhiko

    nakaw ni marcos, ninakaw parin ng PCGG, ano na ang nangyari sa bayan

  • Peter L

    We are always after the cure but never after the prevention. We just react to problems but never do any planning to avert such crisis. Where there is no strategic planning, the government will just be similar to a fire station that puts out fire every now and then. Total Quality Management is needed in every branch of the government. God save our country!

    • ApoLapullapu

      You are correct.  The Daang Matuwid has not institutionalized improvements in the Systems and Procedures of governance that would prevent the recurrence of graft and corruption in government.  For example, the Government Procurement Reform Act (R.A., 9184) that allows technical evaluation of bids after the financial proposals have been opened provides  a fertile ground for graft and corruption.

    • Facilitator1

      Parang narinig ko si Dr Deming and his Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy sa iyo. Maybe, ito ang kailangan ni Juan dela Cruz. 

      Pero dapat bawasan/alisin ang graft and corruption for TQM to succeed from the TOP  (powers-that-be)…DOWN to the rank and file. Sincere desire to serve is what PINAS needs to be cured and removed the stigma of the ‘SICK MAN of ASIA” epitaph. PEACE…

  • Beguine

    What’s this passing the buck all about from one government agency
    to another department or agency? Why can’t all these agencies/depts
    work together and help each other for maximum efficiency and
    best results?

    What happened to joint cooperation and mutual help and support
    and assistance to achieve a difficult major goal?

    If the system insists on breaking up responsibilities and tasks
    and not working together, no wonder very little or nothing has and
    could be achieved!

    Is the reason to split and/or separate due to separate nakawan
    and corruption deals into the work at hand?

    No wonder this country is going to the dogs (the Marcoses)!  

  • Taiko_Kauna

    Andyan si bongbong,aimee,irene at imelda bakit hindi ito ang pipigain ng gobyerno!

    • tra6Gpeche

      Paano sila mapipiga, kabayan? Mas malakas ang puersa nilang mag-anak kaysa gobyerno ng Pilipinas. Tayo ding mga Pilipino ang may kasalanan. Tinulungan nating makabangon at maging makapangyarihan silang muli. Masyado tayong mahabagin at makakalimutin o maaring masyado tayong tanga!

  • HSBC111


  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Ibitin na lang ng patiwarik sa bahay ng langgam sila Imelda, Bongbong, Imee at Irene hanggang hindi nila isinasauli yung mga nakaw na yaman nila.

  • tra6Gpeche

    I am impressed with the honesty and frankness of the
    Chairman of the PCGG, Mr. Andres Bautista. Spending so much money by the PCGG just
    to go for a fruitless and hopeless hunt of the Marcoses’ loot is ridiculous,
    wasteful and without merit. Chairman Andres Bautista knows that it is
    now futile to accomplish the goal of PCGG where the looters and their partners in
    crime are more powerful than the Philippine government. Mr Bongbong Marcos is
    now a Philippine Senator. Mrs Imelda Marcos is a Congresswoman and Ms Imee
    Marcos is the Governor of Ilocos Norte. And who is to blame for their
    resurgence? Who else but the Filipinos themselves! I wonder if it is because of
    our God fearing nature, our forgetful nature, our benevolent nature, our no
    care attitude nature or something else. By the way, because Senator Escudero does
    not agree with Chairman Andres Bautista, he should replace the current Chairman
    of the PCGG. He seems to have ideas how to retrieve all the wealth stolen by
    the shameless Marcos Family.

    • Kaloy

      It’s not even advisable to put Escudero to replace Bautista because Escudero’s father, the late Sonny was a loyal protigee of ex-President Marcos.

      I think Senator Escudero’s objection to abolish the PCGG is politically motivated because he is running for re-election in 2013. Papogi lang niya ito.

      • tra6Gpeche

        Why not give Mr. Escudero a chance to prove that he is different from his father? “kung ano ang puno ay siyang bunga” ay hindi laging totoo. Mayroon ding balimbing na nagbubunga ng santol. Mr Escudero seems to be an honorable person. And perhaps, he is smarter than Mr. Andres Bautista. If his objection is politically motivated, then Senator Escudero is not trustworthy and wicked individual.

    • Leo Capurictan

      Blame the people of ilocos norte, but look ilocos norte is one of the best province to live with.

      • tra6Gpeche

        I can’t dispute you, kabayan since I’ve never lived in that “best'” province of yours. However, can you tell me in what ways? If I agree with you, I might think of living in Ilocos Norte before I die. I might even bring my family and my sisters to live there.

  • batangsulpok

    Matutuwa ang mga corrupt officials dahil sa tagal ng kaso ay lusot na sila, isa pa, nailagay ng lahat sa pangalan ng pamilya ang kayamanan o properties na ninakaw kay Juan dela Cruz kaya tuloy lang ang ligaya, kawawang Pilipino, halos magnanakaw ang nasa gobyerno pero sila pa rin ang ibinoboto.

  • Ferdinand Poe

    Where does the money goes? COA must conduct an audit of this ill-gotten wealth, so we the people that were/are robbed will know how much have been recovered and where did it went! We have strong humor that only the people handling the recovery processes got a good, if not a lot, of share from what have been recovered! Sa sobrang tagal na itong kaso na ito hindi maaring kaming mga biktima ay mag-isip ng hindi tama??????????????

  • Bay Man

    “We cannot just forgive and forget what the Marcoses did to us,….”

  • boybakal

    Masyado naman kasing bloated ang amount…$10Billion dollars, exaggerated.
    Ang budget ng gobyerno noon panahon ni Marcos, P1billion pesos lang.
    Saan naman kinuha ni Marcos yon 10 billion dollars.
    Yon ngang narecover ay mostly from cronies of Marcos.

    Kaya kayong mga Baliw, tigilan nyo na ang kahahanap ng Marcos loot, dahil wala naman talaga.
    Kung meron man account sa ibang bansa, tiyak napasok na ng hackers.
    Baliw lang ang mga Pilipino, masyadong malalim ang guniguni, nasa daigdig na Pantasya.

    • Rommel Jason

      10 Billion Dollars were gotten from the loans which Imelda herself claims Marcos deposited so that ‘we can harness the interest from’. Stupid and crass.

    • Cindy Gay

       Tama ka ka, ni hindi nga kumasya and nga taxes ng buong panunungkulan ni Marcos para tustusan ang mga ginastos ng gobyerno nuon, kasama ang mga sahod de gobyerno at mga proyekto..kulang na kulang, tapos may $10Billion na ninakaw…impossible…may hawak nga si Imelda na certificate amounting to $987 billion…san nakuha yun…malamang hindi sa kaban ng bayan…dahil hindi umabot sa amount na yan ang taxes ng Pinas ng panahon ni Marcos….kaming mga Ilokano…nananahimik lang kami sa sobrang pangyurak ng marami sa lahi ni apo Marcos.

      • batangpaslit

        wala silang alam na ang mga Romualdez bago mag asawa sila ni PFM ay mayaman na rin
        sino ba ang first mayor ng manila city?
        tapos si PFM naman, bago pa mag congressman ay corporate lawyer na nang mga bangko kasi sia ang nag draw up ng charter nila
        before the war, he was already receiving retainers fee of $500,000.00 montly
        plus the negosyo
        plus the interest of the investment
        hindi sa kaban ng bayan nanggaling ang pera ni PFM
        sa negosyo

    • spider69

      kung may isip ka na during martial law at nakatira ka sa may Sampaloc, Manila. especially malapit ka sa may Gov. Forbes (UST) to Nagtahan. mapapansin mo every day may mga Armored truck ng banco na dumadaan diyan papauntang Malacanang. Almost every day. ano ang laman ng armored truck, wag mong sabihin na pandesal para sa mga guest ng Palacio.

      • spider69

        if I may add. sa Ramon Magsaysay ako nag high school. sa UST kumuha ng engineering cerrer. sa Dos Castillas 800 block ako nakatira. diyan ako lumaki, tinuli, nagbinata, lahat-lahat na kaya ko alam.

      • boybakal

        maniniwala na sana ako sa iyo, kung ikaw yon driver ng Armored van o kaya guardia, kaya alam mo ang laman.
        bat sabi ng kapitbahay mo, supot ka daw, alin ba ang totoo tuli o supot.

      • yxoiyiu

        baka kuwentong kutsero naman iyan.

      • boybakal

        Pati ako binigyan mo ng palaisipan kung ano ang laman ng Armored truck.
        Papaano mo nalaman na papunta ng Malacanang, sinundan mo ba.

        Kung bilyon, bilyon yon, noong people’s power dapat sana maraming nakuhang pera ng pasuking ang malacanang, ang nakuha sapatos ni Imelda.

    • frudo

      at dahil Pilipino ka rin  baliw ka rin 

      • boybakal

        ako ay pilipino pero di ako baliw, kasi di ako naniniwala na $10 billion ang ninakaw ni macoy.
        palagay ko di lang ikaw baliw, kundi sira ulo pa na tanga.

      • frudo

        sabi mo kasi baliw ang mga Pilipino kaya isa ka rin dun sa baliw dahil Pilipino ka rin, at dahil sa hindi ka naniniwala sa mga nakaw na yaman ni marcos baliw karin sira ulo at tanga, parehas quits,  

  • XY ZEE

    Syempre dahil malapit na ang eleksyon.
    Kailangan gumawa ng paraan upang ligawan ang mga lakay ng “solid north”.

  • M C

    In the first place, the word “ill-gotten” is a misnomer. One has to prove first that the asset was “ill-gotten” before there can be a conviction. Are the proceeds from the sale of gold dig up from the ground, say from Fort Santiago be called “ill gotten”?  Can you classify the proceeds of hypothecation of bank negotiable instruments from world rated banks which were given against such gold be classified as “ill gotten”?  Now, the second issue is the rationale of the “recovery” process. Is it just to recover literally the asset and use the proceeds therefrom “for the people” or recovery plus conviction of the dramatis personae? If the “safekeeper” of the asset perceives that the asset may just be plundered thereafter, there will never be an incentive to cooperate.  Note that the asset placed in Singapore was just purloined in the Fertilizer Scam.  Third is the method or manner of “recovery”. There must be a concrete technically and financially feasible program for the use of the asset once it is constructively identified.  There is no need for a physical transfer of the asset to a Philippine bank nor a need to transfer the same in the name of PCCG. So long as the proceeds from the management of the asset translates to direct benefits for the Filipino people, “recovery” is already achieved. The identified asset can just be placed in a Private Placement Program or any Structured Financial Opportunity and the proceeds therefrom can go directly to fund human enhancement endeavors like healthcare, education and livelihood programs approved by a joint PCGG-Asset Manager Committee.  Note that Private Banking can give easily 4% return per month which can easily fund a lot of endeavors – without impairing the principal amount.

    • batangpaslit

      galing ah…

  • Anton Bautista

    I believe that we should continue to pursue the illegal wealth.  Even more strongly now.  The criminals have to get it into their minds, they can’t get away with it…EVER.  If we stop now we will encourage future looters to think…”I’ll get away with it, eventually”

  • bilango71

    I always hear that the Marcoses are back in power. My question is who put them in power.
    As long as we tolerate the Marcoses. they will go as far as they wish. And who is to be blamed?

  • Peter

    Dapat etong pamilyang ito ang unahin na wag pamarisan ng mga unghang na politiko. At ngayon nasa pwesto na sila (marcoses) na parang walang nangyari!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Leo Capurictan

      nalibot ko na ang pinas, ang ilocos norte mas maganda pa sa davao kasi sa ilocos di yan binabaha, dahil maganda ang planning , well prepared.

      pansinin mo, kung may bagyo sa north , kadalasan walang casaulaties, pag sa south. libo libo ang patay.

  • 1Fz20

    very true.yung mga nauna sa pcgg dapat imbistigahan.marami nang naibulsa yung mga yan….atshaka, mukhang nagka-onsehan na ah – all those who want pcgg dismantled maybe know/discovered something nobody else knows so they can get all the assets by themselves- maybe also in connivance w/the marcoses or otherwise.the plot thickens…

  • Magsasaka

    nakabalik ang mga magnanakaw na marcos sa pwesto dahil sa kamangmangan ng mga bobotante, sisihin natin ang mga mukhang perang relihiyon dahil sila ang may gustong manatiling tayong mangmang dahil hanggat marami ang mangmang marami silang mauutong magbigay ng abuloy.
    habang maraming bobotanteng mangmang laging mananalo ang mga tiwaling pulitiko,laging mananalo ang isang nakakulong na rapist para maging congressman, laging mananalo ang isang highschool dropout para maging pangulo ng pinas, laging mananalo ang isang mamamatay tao na maging senador, laging mananalo ang isang komedyante at gaya gaya para maging senador, laging mananalo ang isang taong sumunog na ng isang bayan na maging congressman na katulad ni crisologo at madalas sa hindi laging mananalo ang mga artista

  • joerizal

    Hindi niyo makita yung mga ninakaw? Kamakailan lang kasama pa ni PNoy sa photo-op ng book launch ni JPE yung asawa ng magnanakaw e. Tingin ko may mga midnight deals na nangyayari sa Malakanyang. Kung nung panahon ni Erap e lasingan tuwing gabi sa palasyo, baka itong si PNoy e nagho-host ng pajama party para sa mga traydor ng bansa. Magsampa kayo ng kaso at magpakulong kayo ng importanteng tao na magnanakaw para maniwala ang mga tao na may pag-asa pang magbago ang patakbo ng bansa. Hindi puwedeng puro laway lang ang pinapatalsik niyo, dapat may kasamang gawa at resulta.

  • Albin

    Penoy & the marcoses, together again kasi. For the sake of elections.

    • Guest

      That’s not true. Maraming pang pwedeng mahabol sa mga nakaw na yaman ng mga Marcoses. Nakapangalan lang sa mga cronies nila.

  • David

    Alam nila yun. Gusto lang tumapat si Ginoong Bautista, kahit na alam niyang hindi lahat ng tao ay matutuwa.

  • David

    The PCGG Commissioner himself said this:

    “Our recommendation was to wind down work, to turn over cases to the DOJ and the sequestered assets to the Privatization Management Office,” Bautista said.

    “But in no way have I said we’re ending the hunt for the Marcos ill-gotten wealth. I didn’t say that. I believe that that should continue because a substantial portion (of the ill-gotten
    wealth) remains unrecovered,” he said.

    I don’t know why some people would nonetheless think or feel otherwise, other than
    limit themselves to their own beliefs maybe.

    (And weird…reply ito dapat sa iba, pero mukhang nagiging separate comment na…)

    • batangpaslit

      marami ang hindi marunong bumasa kaya ganun ang interpretation nila dahil mali ang observation nila sa pagbasa

  • dodong1

    paano naman yung ill gotten wealth ng mga ARROYO at mga CRONIES DIN NYA? dapat paimbestigahan din….dapat hindi itigil ang pagtugis o paghahanap ng mga ninakaw na kayamanan ng mga MAGNANAKAW NA MGA POLITIKO…

  • Guest

    Sabi nga former First Lady and now Ilocos Rep. Imelda Marcos, wala na silang kayamanan, kinuha na sa kanila. Pero yun pala nakapangalan sa iba. Bwahaha!

  • Fulpol

    the stole loot got stolen…

    while Etta Rosales still got to muscle further to get more money as compensation for being human rights victim…

    millions of Pilipinos suffered during Marcos including the coconut farmers… but only few get the compensation..

    ang saya ni Etta…

  • Guest

    Abot hanggang tenga ang ngiti ng mga Marcoses sa statement ni PCGG chair Andres Bautista. At last! Ika nga ng mga Marcoses.

    • Guest

      But I don’t think President Noy will accept that recommendation of PCGG chair Andres Bautista. Medyo malabo.

  • bugoybanggers

    Hay naku.. kaming mga BOBOTANTE, inaasahan namin na mauwi sa wala din ito. Kasi kami kapag sikat at may paperyahan ang pangongompanya IBOBOTO parin namin ang lahat ng MARCOS siblings at crony. Ano ngayon? Eh sabik kaming makita ng mga artista at may pamerienda pa. Larga na, mga BOBOTANTE! Abante, bahala na sila sa mga kaso na iyan basta TAYO masaya tuwing eleksyon.. DIYOS na lang ang bahala tutal iyan naman ang turo sa atin. hehehe..larga!

  • nayve

    from the time marcos gone somebody got millions of dollars are keep silent . no proper inventory and well documented  COA management

  • Booyang_Young

    Posible. It could be….support of the Marcoses to Sec. Roxas for his 2016 presidential elections
    kapalit ng paghahabol sa ill-gotten wealth nila.

  • boypalaban

    nakinabang na ang PCGG diyan sa mga nakaw na yaman…
    ok na…ang pupuntiryahin na lang yung mga tira tira…

  • usaf9

    As I have said, and say it again; the best person to be tapped to recover the evil stash of Marcos is no other than former SG Frank Chavez, whose bravery has been tested over and over again He even defied and fought head the dictator Marcos at the height of his power. Brilliance without courage is nothing. Chavez has both. I believe that Chavez is the fearless nemesis of Marcos and his cohorts. His name will send shivers to the deadened spine of the unscrupulous Marcoses.  

  • vir_a

    Some DOJ folks will soon get rich as they will now be the ones dipping their hands on the Marcos cookie jar.

  • fromuniversityofthephilippines

     was alarmed by your
    banner on the PCGG  & researched it.
    From the PCGG site, went over the 2012 PCGG report  which details how past PCGG officers looted
    the Marcos loot & how cases from 20 years ago have not even  reached pre-trial;  painstakingly excerpted it – it’s too long to
    post in your comments box so i pasted it at:

        hope it provides additional
    context. Good coverage by the Inquirer – thanks!

  • Ragdeleafar

    PCGG means… Procure (get hold of) Cronies Grind Gone with the wind all verified evidence of ill-gotten wealth…. Partake (join in) Collect & Get then Go into hiding. Erase all evidence as if nothing plundered ill-gotten  had happen!
    They are lawyers majority if not all, they know why, what, where, when and how to do it. Manipulative, scheming, devious, cunning, crafty, tricky professionals that can make wrong right or right wrong that depends on their objective, goal and vision!!! Wealthy people can hire the services of mentioned above Lawyers more than the numbers of all the fingers and toes put together. In other words the rich can hire a Department of Lawyers and form a Mafia!!!

  • TulisangDagat

    for 26 years 4 billion dollars recovered of Marcos loot ..more than 3 billion dollars spent and 5 billion still to be recovered ..keep going   justice delayed justice denied……

  • efffyoufools

    the commission acknowledged that it is hard to file new cases against the Marcoses because there is no solid evidence to prove their case. i wonder how the pcgg was able to sequester 164B worth of properties that were legally and rightfully owned by the Marcos family when also that time cory did not have evidences to prove the cases that we knew she just fabricated so that she can avenge the death of his subversive element and communist sympathizer husband that she blamed on President Marcos.

    • Leo Capurictan

      Sequesttration is different from recovered, sequestration is a hanging ownership. under contest. Kaya nga yong IBC tv station eh di mabenta benta kasi may kaso pa. walang gustong bibili sa isang lupa or properties na may kaso. sige subukan mo bumili ng lupa na may kaso, para kang pumulot ng bato na pinok pok sa ulo.


    IHALERA ang lahat ng suspetsa, may pruweba o wala….tapos, kutusan na lang ng isa-isa sa yagbadoodles. Tama na yon…buti sa wala!

    • frudo

      ang ebedensya naiitatago sa korte naipapalusot, pero ang totoong ebedensya kitang kita nman, ang tinatamasang kahirapan ng buhay sa Pinas, yung ang ebensya!

  • buttones

    It seems there is a divided opinion on this- one side say- well it’s impractical to keep pursuing this matter, the investment is not worth the return, nigh on 30 years of hot shot lawyers from one side of the planet to the other have found very little, and another thirty years of expense may result in the same. That’s a very objective view. No problem with that, but on the other hand there is a matter of principal here, we cannot just throw our hands in the air and say “Well we tried” Some sort of justice has to be handed down, some recompense for the alleged billions of dollars that were stolen. Now whether this government department continue this or that department, is a bit irrelevant- it should continue.
    The amazing thing is in all of this,- and it could only happen in PH- is that the Marcos clan is still intact, still owns it’s own Province [as many a clan does] and lives life high on the hog,….

  • jumpah

    What’s sad is that recovered assets were again stolen,…Kahit saang bansa USO na ngayon kasi ang RECYCLE! hehehe

  • ADD

    Blame the corrupt people in PCGG who enrich themselves while working for the government, especially the officials from the Estrada and GMA administrations.

    Blame the Ilocanos who voted for the corrupt Marcoses. Ilocanos practically kept the Marcoses alive by putting them in power.

    Blame the Filipinos for their regionalism attitude. Filipinos love to segregate themselves as kapampangan, ilocano, ilongo, and this led us to forget about nationalism. Corrupt officials would steal money from national coffers and give it to their regional constituencies. Corrupt officials would then depend on their constituencies to be in power for a long long time and make their families billionaires and plunge their provinces in debt.

    Marcos – Ilocos Norte
    Singson – Ilocos Sur
    Enrile – Cagayan
    Angara – Aurora
    Macapagal Arroyo  – Pampanga
    Estrada Ejercito – San Juan
    Binay – Makati
    Eusebio – Pasig
    Garcia – Cebu
    Dy – Isabela
    Ampatuan – Maguindanao
    Arroyo – Negros Occidental
    Cayetano – Taguig
    Cojuangco – Tarlac
    Escodero – Sorsogon
    Abalos – Mandaluyong
    Dimaporo – Lanao
    Durano – Danao
    Tan – Samar
    Ecleo – Dinagat
    Revilla – Cavite
    Villafuerte – Camarines

    Are they guilty?

    Our economy are controlled by few families. Our government are also controlled be few families.

    • batangpaslit

      the Lopez Group may not be active in politics…but, they and the Cojuangco Familia are the controlling families of them all

    • AlexanderAmproz

      There is two ways to get out of Feudalism.

      The Northern Europe and British way : 
      increase the taxes till the dynasties and churches are obliged to sell their Assets.

      The 1789 French Revolution, behead all of them, 
      government and others self services for an instant Justice.
      This is the solution on the way, as those dynasties have an Ampatuan’s style,
      bloody, rough and uneducated.

      The Karma is who live by the sword will die by the sword !

      A Gaddafi end will suit to them.

      The world will enjoy to sequester their accounts and assets as brutality and slavery are naturally despised by most, Philippines opposite, where butchers and looters are glorified.

  • droids

    Habol ng habol wala namang napalang talagang maganda ang mamamayan. Noong buhay si apo sabi niya sasagutin niya lahat ng paratang pabalikin siya sa pinas, ayaw ng cory government. Ano takot sila, kung talagang overwhelming sa dami ang mga taong gustong patalsikin si lakay eh bakit takot ang cory government para sagutin ni marcos ang mga paratang sa kanya sa sarili niyang bayan…mag research po tayo…kung traydor ang mga marcos sa bayan mas traydor ang dinodiyos ng mga pinoy na cojuanco aquino lopez angara binay ang lahat ng dilawan..bakit saan na ba tayo after 26 years…huwag ng mag alibi sa incompetence ng present administration at iba pang sumunod after marcos.

    • frudo

      at saan ba tayo nung panahon ni marcos diba naging kulelat tayo ? napagiwanan? kung hindi nya pinauso ang koruption baka sana yung mga sumunod na mga leader ng bansa baka hindi korrupt kasi wala silang paggagyahan ng pagnanakaw, eh pinausao nya pagnanakaw kaya ayun naggayahan nman ang mga pumalit! pana panahon lang nga daw yan sabi nila!

  • $23257130

    wala naman kasi talagang evidensya, puro pang gigipit lang ang ginagawa ng pcgg at abnoytard student govyerno. pppppwwweeeehhh kadiri. eeeewwwww

    mabuhay ang mga marcoses. ang tunay na pag asa ng bayan!

    • sakinlang

      Tunay na pag-asa ng bayan? Anong bayan – bayan ng Sarat?

    • frudo

      hanap ka pa ng ebendesya tumingin ka nalang sa kahirapan ng mga Pilipino ayun ang totoong ebedensya na bunga ng pagnanakaw ng mga marcoses, dahil nilubog nya bansang Pinas ayun hirap na makabangon! 

      • Guest

        So kasalanan ngayon ni Marcos kung bakit may namamalimos na bata diyan sa may Mendiola? Ano ngayon sa tingin mo ginawa ng mga presidenteng sumunod sa kanya pagkalipas ng 26 na taon?

        Kung ang mentalidad mo ay kagaya ng nakararaming Pilipino walang kapag asa pag asa. Nakikisawsaw ka bata ka, Lechugas!

      • frudo

        at kung kagaya mo rin ang mentalidad ng mga Pinoy mas lalong di aasenso ang Pinas, petsay ka nman, ilang taon ba namuno si marcos at ilang presidente ng Pinas ang naghahati sa 26 yrs. sa tingin mo rin ba madaling makabangon ang bansa sa pagkakalugmok na kagagawan ni marcos,  kaw ang nakikisawsaw nu, bangaw ka nga!

      • frudo

        at kung sa tingin mo kung kagaya parin ni marcos ang mamumuno now or kung si marcos parin ang leader now, makakapagsulat ka dito ng opinion mo pwede siguro kung pabor lang sa kanila pero pag hindi ewan ko lang syo kung may lakas ka ng loob na magsulat sa mga ganitong forum,

      • opinyonlangpo

        Its still a blame game, why not try to move on.

      • frudo

        napaguusapan lang matagal nako naka move on, wla nman siguro masama mapagusapan history ng bansa, bad or good na istorya, 

  • Entropia

    Ang dami kasing tanga dito sa bayan natin, the reason why the Marcoses have returned to power!

    • cowboys2

      AGREE 100%….sasabihin greedy ang Marcoses, mas GREEDY at TANGA mga voters – na-abutan lang ng konte at sumaya sila temporarily nakalimutan na ang nakaraan…

  • Kaloy

     Mag-organize na lang  ng small special unit sa DOJ to take over the left over tasks of the PCGG to impress upon the people that the Marcos family is not off the hook.

     Let the case actively continue until the last of the remaining Marcos family member is dead. Let them die as forever villains to the filipino people like their Dictator father..

    The PCGG has not achieved its objective as visioned by President Cory because many of the PCGG appointees have taken advantage to enrich themselves, unfortunately.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Nagkabentahan na! sila pa rin ang nasa itaas ang pahirap sa mahihirap!

  • mangTASYO

    As confessed, PCGG was on garage sale for the last 26 years, selling evidences.

    Souls were sold out and when there’s nothing more to sell, it’s recommended to seal off its identity — perhaps this could be another one — the last and  the ” mother of deal”.

    PCGG is an epitaph of greed and corruption.  Without PCGG, Marcoses can rest in peace.

  • boybakal

    US court has found Imelda not guilty on racketeering charge filed based on RICO law
    US high court dismissed the Hawaii Court’s ruling on Marcos claimed as this is Philippine jurisdiction,
    Swiss bank has opened the accounts of depositors but Marcos cannot be found.
    Philippine banks looked for Marcos deposits but there was none.
    So, where are the Marcos Loot or Wealth? Maybe no more.

    PCGG admitted that they recovered $ 4 billion dollars already, from Marcos and Marcos cronies.
    These amounts should be accounted. Where are they? And who holds that amount.
    Start looking for that $4billion, maybe it is already on someone’s pocket.
    Even Imeldas, jewelry collection were nowhere to be found. Where are they?
    As you see, Imelda is now wearing fake jewelries, tanso and even her shoes are rotting.

    The best thing to do is….Account for that US$4billion recovered first before looking for some more.

  • pepengkabayo

    Ilabas muna yon $ 4billion dollar na narecover ng PCGG.
    Yan ang dapat makita.
    Bago maghanap ulit, dahil yan kitang kita na. Pigang piga na rin ang mga Marcos kung may natitira pa.

    • aristeosj

      marcoses pa ang pigang-piga ngayon.
      anak ng kabayo naman,o.tatlo nga 
      silang nasa poder ngayon,eh.

  • batangpaslit

    ayaw pa kasing pumayag sa out of court settlement being offered eh.
    wala pang gastos at hirap
    kaya lang, siempre, pag out of court settlement—walang madugas ang government agents prosecuting the case
    tulad ba ng Jueteng, ayaw ipa legalize dahil wala nang mahuthutan pag legal na

  • kulkat8

    The hunt must now be shifted to the loots of former PCGG officials.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Give a blank check to the NPA,
    Pinoy’s will get their long time due money at once,
    no more Macho Marcos family and cronies, Trapos included.

    This is not a question of Communists, but Justice for 99% Pinoy’s population.

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