Ranjilo dead; Nicole fights for life


Hooked to a respirator and fighting for her life at the intensive care unit (ICU) of a Quezon City hospital, 7-year-old Stephanie Nicole Ella is a far cry from the lively “Gangnam”-dancing girl who welcomed the new year with her family.

Stephanie Nicole was sitting outside her Caloocan City home, watching the fireworks display with her brother, cousins and older family members, when a stray bullet hit her in the head just 15 minutes into the new year.

Mercedita Ella, the girl’s aunt, said the family had not even bought any firecrackers, confining its noisemaking to blowing on toy trumpets.

“We were all just watching and enjoying the fireworks. She just fell to the ground, blood coming from the top of her head,” Mercedita said.

“Why did it have to hit her and not one of us (adults)?” she said.

Four-year-old Ranjilo Nemer of Mandaluyong City left his house in Welfareville, Mandaluyong, at 9 p.m. on Monday to use the bathroom in a cousin’s house. He never made it home before midnight.

Shot 4 times

Before the old year was out, Ranjilo was dead from four gunshot wounds to his head and body.

“He was only supposed to go to the bathroom, but now he’s gone,” said Gemma Bañadera, Ranjilo’s mother.

Ryan Nemer, Ranjilo’s father, said he gave the boy permission to go out but warned him not to linger on the streets as it was dangerous.

A few minutes later, someone came running to their house, screaming that Ranjilo had been hit, he said.

Ryan said he didn’t think it was serious at first, thinking the boy had only been injured in a firecracker blast.

To his horror, doctors at Mandaluyong City Medical Center pronounced the boy dead a few minutes after being brought there.

A witness, Ramon Elbambuena, said that just before Ranjilo was hit, he saw a man walking on the street with a sumpak (homemade gun) in his hand.

“The man tapped his gun, I heard a boom, and then I saw the child rolling on the pavement,” Elbambuena said.

He said the gunman rushed toward the child, took him in his arms, then screamed “I didn’t mean it!” four times.

The man, whom authorities later identified as Emmanuel Janabon, then ran toward his house. He has not been seen again.

Chief Insp. Teddy Tomas of the Mandaluyong police said a manhunt operation has been launched against Janabon. He said homicide charges would be filed against Janabon on Wednesday, when government offices reopen after the long holiday.

While reports included Ranjilo among the victims of indiscriminate firing during the holiday revelry, Senior Supt. Armando Bolalin, Mandaluyong’s police chief, clarified that it was also possible that the child was a victim of a weapon that had been fired accidentally.

In deep coma

Stephanie Nicole remains in critical condition at East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC), with the bullet which had entered the top of her head still lodged behind her left eye.

EAMC emergency room head Dr. Emmanuel Bueno said surgery to remove the bullet was not the best option as Stephanie’s brain remains swollen.

The brain swelling has to subside first before surgeons can remove the bullet, he said.

“She (Stephanie Nicole) is in a deep coma and is hooked up to a respirator because she is having difficulty breathing on her own,” Bueno said.

The difficulties with breathing might be because the center of her brain or the brain stem has been affected by the bullet, he said.

Shooter remains free


The aunt recalled that Stephanie Nicole, a first-grade pupil at Tala Elementary School, was all excited about the new year and kept dancing “Gangnam Style” with the other children.

“Whoever you are who fired that gun, you know who you are. Take responsibility for what you did. Look at what you did to my niece. I am sure you have children of your own and you can imagine the pain we feel,” Mercedita said, addressing the still unidentified shooter who fired a gun to greet the new year.

“I hope your conscience bothers you. I do not know if you can still sleep after what you did. But come out and face what you have done to my daughter,” added Elaine, 29, the girl’s mother.


Useless staying indoors

“It is so painful. She is such a good child and a diligent student. Who would have thought something like this could happen to her?” Elaine said, adding that she believes God will save her daughter.

Bueno observed that most of the six victims of stray bullets, including Stephanie Nicole and a 2-year-old girl, who were treated at the EAMC were outside their houses when they were hit.

By far the most serious case was that of 7-year-old Stephanie Nicole’s, he said.

But Bueno would not advise parents to keep their children indoors during the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

“I would not give that advice. I would rather say I hope nobody fires a gun [to welcome the new year] so this does not happen anymore,” he said.

“It does not matter to a bullet if someone is inside or outside his home. Even someone sleeping inside his house could be hit by a stray bullet,” Bueno said.

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  • picker_blend

    GOD bless these little angels. So young, hasn’t seen much of what life has to offer! To the gun owners from where the stray bullets came from; have a sense of justice – give yourselves up and face the music.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CRBW2RJR4WNWVIDZVSCLFQK4KQ Spike

    The philippines is hopeless you hear the same story each year and nothing changes. kids get shot and no one is prosecuted.   incompetent police force, and incompetent government

  • mabyrik

    You who fired guns to celebrate new year, the bloods of Ranjilo and Stephanie  2 young kids, full of life (prior to this tragedy) and have yet to appreciate how beautiful life is, are in your hands. So too, the bloods of other victims of stray bullets fired during the new year celebration are in your hands. 

    If by firing a gun during such event makes you deliriously satisfied, then go to the nearest hospital and have your brain tested. Something is terribly wrong with it. 

    Year and year out, you have been warned not to fire your gun into the air for the bullet that you aimed into the sky will fall eventually and heaven helps the unlucky lives who will be hit as it goes down.  

    You heard the warnings but you don’t listen. Have you think about how many people you have already killed by your irrational behavior? Your next victim could be your own son or daughter or mother or father. The bullet that may kill your dear ones, if not coming from you, may come from your friends, who just like you are also trigger-happy. Did you think about that?

    It’s time to ask yourself-“Why am I doing this? Why am i trying to kill someone whom I don’t even know. Is the the bullet that hit Ranjilo, or Stephanie or other victims of stray bullet came from my gun?” If you have no answer to those questions, I advice you to get your gun again, aim it in your head and fire it.

    We have enough of lun//atics and one less lun//atic is surely a big help to make a new year celebration safe and glorious.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W6H5DZKUQTUASP4S6CGTK7B3E4 kevin

    The authorities: Isolated case,again and again…

  • catalansbarce

    It is a tragic and devastating New Year in behalf of the family of the victims. Dapat
    gayahin ang Davao City.., bawal ang paputok sa Christmas at New year.

    • wawa2172

      That I agree with you, zero casualty should be the benchmark of the government to welcome the new year. If it could be done in Duterte’s country why can’t it be done in all part of the country. Loose firearms is rampant around the country and many of this are on the hands of  irresponsible people. Sa balita halos mga bata ang biktima, innocent one and they do not know what hit them. Again this because many of us are irresponsible and do lack discipline. I have been to Davao City and I admire how the Duterte’s stamped their might to make the city a peaceful place to live. The government has been spending millions of pesos to make sure that its ready to respond to blasted hands, eyes and other parts of the body before and after the new year celebration. Pweding pigilan ito na di kailangan nang pambansang batas kundi gawain ito nang disiplinadong LGU tulad nang Davao Ciy. Galing nyo Duterte!!

  • julieboy

    Its so painful to hear things like this year end and year out. And innocent kids who have a full life ahead are the victims.The people who still insist on firing their guns on NEW YEAR should be meted the death penalty.Its so unforgivable to have them say we are sorry,there is no explanation why this people should be forgiven.I am so emotionally affected by why we still have people like this.May GOD not forgive them!!!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XWH5SD6XPM3XKND6PJQQ32ZRAU Mabuhay

    calling ALL lawmakers. Make it an offense to fire a gun just for the heck of it in the entire month of December to January 5 at least……reward a witness…..sounds silly yes but it might help….then totally prohibit the manufacture of firecrackers………..follow Duterte’s example…

  • pasaway008ako

    Ang saklap naman ng bagong taon sa pamilyang ito. Ang kapalaran nga naman, hindi mo alam ang mangyayari, ngayon, mamaya, at bukas. bakit hindi pa iyong hindi dapat mabuhay sa mundong ito ang tamaan ng kidlat??!!!

  • Jane Tan

    And there are people who actually argue with me about Filipinos not being stupid. There are a good number who aren’t but there are, I’m sorry to say, also a good number of jerks who run around being “pasaway”.

    • ohpuleeze

      Sad but true. I encounter idiots on a daily basis. The culture of safety is not encouraged in this country. Too many people are incapable to seeing the likely repercussions of their thoughtless actions. 

  • Engineer08

    Death penalty to those who will indiscriminately fire guns during new year celebrations

  • regie

    Gumawa ng special law na magbabawal ang pagdadala ng baril during christmas season (Gun Ban). Gawing reclusion perpetua ang parusa sa sinumang mahuhuli except those under duty. Gawin itong mala prohibita ng sa gayon ay matigil na itong senseless na pagkamatay ng mga taong nanahimik. at mabulok ang mga wlanghiyang mayayabang nagpapaputok ng baril ng wlang pakundangan. Tignan ko kung di mabawasan yan. gumawa ng special courts para lamang sa mga kasong ito para maging maging mabilis ang disposition ng kaso.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_C5RLWOY26ACBYCLHUEEJQ2ADVQ K Fun

    These things will always happen unless there is really strict and harsh punishments among lawbreakers. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

    kawalanghiyaan ng iba, inosente ang nadadamay…. balatan ng buhay ang mga mahuhuli at saka ibabad sa suka ang katawan.

  • AnastacioMamaril

    Sana mahuli and damuho na yon!!!

  • ever green

    i was watching the news this morning where taberna was interviewing an uncle of stephanie voice breaking describing what happened, I almost cried myself…..this things should not have happened but it still does. 
    The sad thing here is the one who fired the gun would probably never be caught…..pero kung sakali lang nahuli ung tang-1nang ung, dapat pagsilbihan niya muna ung bata sa hospital, then after which, ikulong or better yet, ibitay…..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LJVSZRQ7PBVINM5F6LL2HRURKA Rinaanir

    Eto ang ayoko pag new year eh. Napaka iresponsable talaga ng karamihan sa mga gun holders. Taon-taon nalang may ganito, this makes me paranoid in a time where everyone’s supposed to be happy! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G2UFL7BAIFFUU6TIW4FFAPTVV4 Ghost

    Akala kasi ng mga may hawak ng baril eh mukha silang matapang at nagkakaron ng pogi points pag nagpapaputok pag bagong taon. Pero ang totoo nagmumukha silang mga batang paslit at lalong nagmumukhang mga duwag na walang ibang pwedeng ipagmalaki kundi ang kanilang baril.

    At eto namang pamunuan ng PNP, alam naman nila na taun taon na lang yan na nangyayari eh hindi pa rin makagawa ng epektibong paraan para masawata ang mga pulis na gumagawa nito. Kayong mga OPISYAL ng kapulisan, parepareho kayong GUILTY sa sinapit ni Nicole. Isaisip nyo yan.

  • pedronimo

    Government and military should control the production of gun powder. Authorities did not heed the suggestion that financial reward be publicized to be given to whistle blowers who can show videos and ophotos of persons, especially from the police, firing their guns, registered or unregistered. AYAN ANG RESULTA, AS USUAL, PALPAK ANG ANG KAMPANYA.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    Dapat ipagbawal ang bala.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PZR7JI7G2WD2CTVMZ7LM667FD4 Ugly Bunny

    Total gun ban now!

  • Yobhtron

    Kawawa naman ang bata. Dapat kasi higpitan ang Gun Control. Ang dali pa naman kumuha ng lisensiya. Dapat imbestigahan eto at kung pede matrace kung kanino galing ang bala. Dapat ikulong habambuhay ang nagkasala.

  • ryan andres

    Nagkalat mga pictures mo sa internet, Mr. Emmanuel Janabon… pagdasal mo ngayon na walang gumanti sa yo sa kaduwagan na ginawa mo dun sa bata.

  • kunsabagay

    Kahit mag total gun ban pa, sa dami ng loose firearms sa Pinas useless din. Yung maling pag iisip na walang pakialam sa kapwa basta magawa ang gustong new year celebration tama man o mali ang dapat masupil

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/P4PIU2AIGVXJNQ4UBH5X64MSFE mr

      Tama, pag may nakitang nagpaputok ng baril at nahuli, firing squad na yan the same day para di na makita bagong taon. Wag na padaanin sa napakabagal na hustisya ng Pilipinas.

  • boi skater

    The Philippines in one of the very few countries in the world where people actually get killed celebrating the new year. This is simply too puzzling to many civilized countries in the world. 

    • AlexanderAmproz

      It’s simply because morals and ethics are taught by a deeply rotten religious group since 450 years. Today crime, dishonesty and lies are a cultural way of life.
      Accountability will never exist, as long no revolution clean up.

  • mfdo

    The man, whom authorities later identified as Emmanuel Janabon, then ran toward his house. He has not been seen again.

    Chief Insp. Teddy Tomas of the Mandaluyong police said a manhunt
    operation has been launched against Janabon. He said homicide charges
    would be filed against Janabon on Wednesday, when government offices
    reopen after the long holiday.

    well, that’s what Ails the Philippines Legal system. All criminals know you can get away with anything ..

    in any other country, the culprit or suspects would be under lock and key, pending investigations / case to be opened.

    Not in Philippines, NOT In the PHILIPPINES.

    You can kill somebody and know for sure that it will be days before charges are filed .. time for you to disappear to another planet .. 

    All those who say “ban guns” “ban firecrackers .. ” no .. you are fixing the symptoms. Fix the cause – i.e. fix the legal system by ensuring a deterrent law in plac e ..

    It is FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES .. oh .. sure .. it is ..

    • AlexanderAmproz

      The top officials and politicians classes are dominated by the world worst criminals,
      then the legal system is adapted for the worst criminals.
      In most EC countries, Jesus messages went turned into laws,
      In the Philippines enjoying and dominated by the world worst Clergy,
      laws are created and used by criminal monsters, Clergy included.

      Singapore, Hong-Kong and any neighboring countries could be happy to have escaped the Vatican most disgusting culture, a pitiless colonialism.

  • valsore

    Does anyone know that everything that goes up also goes down?
    When one fires a gun into the air, that bullet comes back on ground level at same velocity.

    • white scorpion

      alam nila yan. KAYABANGAN lang talaga ang nasa kokote ng mga yan….

      • Karen Sambuca

        Baka ikaw hindi mo alam.  

        Sige magpaputok ka ng baril sa buwan, sigurado ka bang mangyayari ito – “Does anyone know that everything that goes up also goes down?”Do not generalize.  Sasabit ka dyan.

    • Karen Sambuca

      Depends on where you are. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XY3GGHWDTCKXD3YI5WX2I4RRDY dodo

    bangag yang ogag na pulis na yan sigurado

    • Karen Sambuca

      How do you its a police who fired the gun which killed the child?  Are you an eye-witness?  If not, then shut up.  

  • raymond

    i grieved with the families of these kids…where do we go from here??? enough with these meaningless deaths…

    • Karen Sambuca

      You can start by making placards condemning the indiscriminate firing of guns and revising the law to bring back capital punishment.  Then you go to the Congress to make your stand.  Hala sige na!  

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/3IMTJL54PKIHH24ZHZGPVVYM2A john

        talk about sarcasm… sayo kaya mangyari eto.

      • Karen Sambuca

        Just being realistic. O its been 2 days, ano na ba nagawa mo bukod sa pagkomento dito? Meron na ba? Have you started making placards?

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Those is among the side effect of a failed country drown in carelessness.
    What Future for a country used to kill his own children’s by “tolerances”.

  • ebj

     Shame on that gun owner!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYYFBINDMTZHM6TDHPB667452M agustin


  • white scorpion

    sana… our legislator WILL PASS a law sentencing any proven irresponsible trigger happy gun owner’s fingers to be shot off his hand, or hammer them with a 40lbs ball hammer. hindi rin lang kayo masawata. HUWAG LANG KAYO PAHULI.

  • white scorpion

    gastadong gastado na ang salitang “AKSIDENTE”. napakababaw na ang ibig sabihin ng salitang yan. gagawa ng kalokohan, tapos magdadahilan ng aksidente pag may nadisgrasya. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P4PIU2AIGVXJNQ4UBH5X64MSFE mr

    Pamilya ko lang ang naaksidente ng mga yan, eh pasasalvage ko na mga trigger happy na gunmen na yan total wala naman mapapala sa gobyerno sa bagal ng pagbigay nila ng hustisya. Kaya maraming humihingi ng tulong sa makakaliwa o nagbabayad na lang ng vigilante dahil wala naman hustisya nakakamit mga biktima.

    • Karen Sambuca

      San mo naman sila hahanapin?  The initial conundrum here is looking for the suspects which is very difficult. 

  • Ferdinand Poe

    Firearms are made to kill, ergo; no firearms no killings!!!!!!! Sana huwag ng gumawa ng baril or armas na nakamamatay?

  • Ferdinand Poe

    As for me, there is no such thing as responsible and irresponsible holder of guns!

  • tukmoldinako

    I am so sorry for Nicole, lovely child.

    yung gagong nagpaputok, nasa 300 meters away or less lang yan. Tingnan kung saan nakauo ang bata at pano ang direction ng bala papasok, merong killer sa kapit bahay ninyo. Ang mga pulis kadalasan, hindi na sila nag iimbestiga, pero meron silang magagawa kung gugustuhin nila.  may record naman siguro lahat ng taong may licensya ang baril sa lugar na yan, tingnan nila i paraffin test ang buong kasambahay, para sa ganito mabulabog din ang mga gun holders, kung may sundalong kapit bahay, o kaya pulis, malamang na sila yan.  kung ang gumawa naman e walang licensya, at least alam ng tao na me killer sa paligid. Ang problema kung me gagawin bang imbestigasyon ang mga pulis sa  lugar na yan, kaya ang nangyayari paulit ulit nalang tayong ganito. Marami kasing tindahan ng baril na kung sino sino nalang ang pinagbebentahan. Pag mainit ang balita tsaka lang hinihigpitan, kasi me ari mga general  ang perwisyo sa tahimik na mamamayan.

    Ibigay nalang natin sa Diyos at bahala na sya sa buhay nya, isang araw bubulagta rin yan.

    • Karen Sambuca

      “kung may sundalong kapit bahay, o kaya pulis, malamang na sila yan.” – Ows?  Opinyon mo ba ito o may ebidensya ka para suportahan ang sinabi mo?

      • tukmoldinako

        nagbibigay lang ako ng opinion, baka naman mag bukas sa isip ng kung sino mang may gustong mag imbestiga at maka tulong ng konti, dahil kadalasan nauuwi ito sa statistic nalang, marami ng nangyaring ganito pero kadalasan ang sinasabi nila, malas mo at ikaw ang nandoon, ganuoon nalang. Pamilya mo kaya ang tamaan kung di ka masaktan.

        kung ako general ng PNP at pinaka mataas , magpapadala kagad ako ng imbestigador, trajectory of a gun is normally a straight line may clue kana, pero may ginawa ba ang kapulisan , wala. Kung ako ang may mataas na katungkulan, susuyurin ko ang lugar nayan, palalabasin ko ang mga baril kung me lisensya, magtatanong tanong baka sakaling me nakakita, baka sakaling me sumigaw.Siguradong mahirap , pero at least makikita ng tao na ang mga nasa katungkulan ay may ginagawa, hindi man ito ma solve pero sigurado ko mababawasan ang gumagawa ng ganito.

        Ngayon, gusto natin hanggang balita nalang, who cares anyway and nothing but statistic

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/3IMTJL54PKIHH24ZHZGPVVYM2A john

        tama naman din si tukmoldinako, puro nalang statistics. wala pa ako narinig na balita na ang mga pulis ay may ginagawa na klarong imbistigasyon. Kaya nga walang takot magpaputok ang iba kasi alam nila di naman mahuli ang may sala. Ewan ko lang kung sa inyo yan manggyari Karen Sambuca, baka sobra pa ang komento mo kaysa kay tukmoldinako.

      • Karen Sambuca

        “wala pa ako narinig na balita na ang mga pulis ay may ginagawa na klarong imbistigasyon.” – Manood ka ng GMA news live.  Pana’y telenovela siguro pinapanood mo.  O di kaya’y magpunta sa istasyon ng pulis para may basehan naman ang mga sinasabi mo.  

        Kung sa akin mangyayari ito, pano pa ako magkokomento e nabaril nga di ba?  Gamit naman ng kaunting utak.

  • http://twitter.com/paulangel_72 paul angel d. muyot

    alam namin na di matatawaran ang pagmamahal nyo sa inyong anak at sobrang hirap tanggapin ang sinapit nya. kami din ay isa ng magulang. ang dalangin natin sa poong maykapal ay gabayan tayo lagi, sa sandaling bagay ng  pang yayaring ito ibigay natin sa ating ama ang lahat ng bagay. nakikiramay po kami sa inyong pamilya.

  • Ronald Loquinario

    “As my body falls, my spirit rises up like the smoke of offerings, pleasing to the gods” The soul of innocent children like hers taken away by the putrid should be avenged. My message to the killer: “The sky despised the look of you. May you fall forever. And there are some things you weren’t meant to see. Such as tomorrow. You become feast for the flesh flies. 
    The stench of death is upon you.”

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