You better watch out in 2013, Biazon warns customs men



Bureau of Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon: A warning. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines–The new year will bring a new clampdown at the Bureau of Customs where a number of BOC officials and employees have been making fortunes in connivance with smugglers.

The days of erring bureau personnel are definitely numbered, Customs Commissioner Rozzano Rufino Biazon told the Inquirer, two days before the start of 2013.

In the new year, “those who continue to engage in illegal activities in connivance with smugglers will be targeted and will face the full force of the law,” Biazon said.

“I intend to surpass our 2012 accomplishments under our Run After the Smugglers (RATS) campaign, just as we surpassed our accomplishments of the previous year,” he said.

In a text message, Biazon expressed confidence bureau personnel would “live up to my expectations that they would outperform themselves not only in the antismuggling drive but also in revenue collection and trade facilitation.”

He noted that under RATS, the bureau “has been consistently filing smuggling cases every other week (in the Department of Justice).”

“So far, we haven’t run out of cases to file,” he said, adding: “For the program, I’d like to see more convictions.”

In the last two years, the BOC has filed more than 100 smuggling cases against importers and traders who brought in over P60-billion worth of goods from various parts of the world.

But only one case so far has resulted in a conviction, Biazon admitted.

“A big problem is the large number of cases pending in the judicial system, which adversely affects the credibility of the RATS program,” he said.

Earlier, Biazon told a news conference the bureau’s job included filing smuggling cases promptly and it was up to the courts to decide them.

“Remember, [getting a] conviction is not the job of the Bureau of Customs but of the courts,” he said.

In the coming year, the BOC will also scrutinize the business records of bureau-accredited importers in order to ferret out not only the smugglers but the fly-by-night and fictitious firms.

In an earlier phone interview, Biazon said “it’s true smuggling is still one of the biggest problems facing the bureau.”

“However, it’s not true that we are not addressing the problem.”

Biazon put the blame mainly on “about 50 percent of customs operations still being manually done, as well as antiquated customs laws.”

He also pointed to the “connivance between corrupt government officials and corrupt businessmen” for the smuggling going on at the country’s major ports.

“This connivance occurs because the operating environment allows it to with human intervention and abuse of discretion being the principal tools,” he said.

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  • $18209031

    Hulihin na ninyo yang mga bala at armas ang  pumapasok sa pamagitan ng Balikbayan Boxes galing Tate. Yan ang illegal loophole .

  • joerizal

    “You better watch out in 2013, Biazon warns customs men” – famous last words.
    Hintayin niyo lang, in 30 days or less kasangkot na siya sa pagkurakot.
    2008 pa Presidente si PNoy hanggang ngayon puro salita lang kayo. Sangdamukal pa rin ang mga magnanakaw sa gubyerno!!!

    • rayingga

       joerizal si Pnoy ay noong 2010 lang naging presidente

      • joerizal

        Oo nga.Para kasing ang tagal na niya,hanggang ngayon sangkaterba pa rin ang kurakot at mamamatay-tao sa gubyerno.

    • Gerald Abueva

      sana habulin niya Pres. Pnoy si Rico Puno.

      • joerizal

        Tama, simulan niya sa mga nakapaligid sa kanya at siguradong malilinis ang bakuran niya. Hindi na kailangang hulihin ang maliliit na isda kasi magbabago yang mga yan pag nahuli ang mga bossing nila. Di kailangang ipakulong lahat ng Pilipino, yun lang mga masterminds.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Sa bagal ng usad ng judiciary, retired na ang accused, di pa rin resolved kaso. Ang kaso tinatry ng SC chief na pabilisin at decentralized ang proseso. Tnitira naman sya ng mga Asso. Justices. Hay naku, dikit dikit talaga korupsyon sa bureacracy. D mo siguro kung sino sino nasa lagay. Dapat may sariling korte ang kaso ng customs, kasi pagnanakaw ng duties mula sa natinal government eto, kung di tama taxes ng customs, saan kukuha ng panggastos gobyerno.

    • Gerald Abueva

      1 Chief Justice Pnoy Appointee
      3 Associate Justices Pnoy Appointee
      1 plagiarist  Associate Justice del Castillo
      1 Associate Justice Antonio Caprio

      Total of 6 justices out of 15 (close to a majority for Pnoy’s administration)

      Kaya naman ni Pnoy pasunurin si Carpio at si del Castillo. Kaya nga lang medyo sablay talaga sa soft skills and people skills si CJ Sereno. My wife’s nephew works in the SC and people there up and down just don’t like the way she bosses around just because she’s allied with the administration. She has her own bata-bata system. In 2010, the then Associate Justice Sereno appointed her daughter who had neither experience nor qualification to be the court staff supervisor. The daughter delegated most of her work and lasted less than a year. (I’ll let the press people to unearth the details if they’re resourceful).

      6 justices out of 15 is not far from a slim majority. Peralta and Bersamin have a history of dissenting with Corona. De Castro who filed the memo questioning the RCAO order of CJ Sereno was originally open to discussing administrative decentralization until the CJ went behind everyone’s back and issued the order.

      I am for SC reform but the problem seems to be with the CJ. If she doesn’t change her ways, the other Associate Justices do not have to put up with her as the RCAO incident demonstrated. Si CJ Sereno din ang mahihirapan if she doesn’t correct her ways.

  • Ommm

    When you “warn” your men you might as  well concede that corruption is so ingrained in the system it’s insurmountable and you are part of that….

    When you arrest them you mean business….

  • esther


  • Gerald Abueva

    Ruffy Biazon is such a totoy. The day Ruffy eliminates untouchables like Jose “Joey” Yuchongco inside the customs bureau, mapapahanga niya ang mga tao niya sa baba. For now, walang wenta ang mga babala ni totoy Ruffy.

  • ado4625

    alam naman kung sino ang mga supporters ng mga smugglers sa BOC. check their lifestyles. mga meron SUV na mababa lang ang payroll. wag mag bulagbulagan. puro lang satsat kasi.

  • scconcern

    “Remember, [getting a] conviction is not the job of the Bureau of Customs but of the courts” , what an alibi. If one wants his job done, it should be all the way to end. Biazon can increase conviction thru legislation by createing special court to handle smugglers or he can expose judges that are slow in their job, thru publication and media. Pinoy politicians never finish their job 100%, by blaming or excuses about others.

  • $18209031

    Pati yang balikbayan box nakuha namin sa NAIA, pinaghukay pa sa inspektor walang hiya ang mga chocolates para sa pamilya ko. Dios Ko Santisima tagalegleg mga to, ugaling
    kayumangmang talaga.

    Ang daming bala at armas pumapasok dyan sa mga Balikbayan Boxes via private containers. Huhulihan na ninyo yan mga kunsabo!

  • boybakal

    Better watch out says Biazon…or you Better not pout Raffy.
    Smuggling is an obsolete term.
    Smuggling connotes lantsa and kumpit that run fast that Coast guard or navy eating waves.
    And landing goods or contraband not in ports for customs tax.
    But those are gone, no more kumpits and no more secret landing.

    There are no more smuggling, no smugglers but tax evaders.
    That is what Raffy should do, go after custom tax evaders. Because the merchandise are right there in your eyes, Containers and containers of goods and merchandise.
    Enough of your Smuggling term, those are gone…..Just go after TAX Fraud, TAX Cheat and TAX EVADERS.

  • Horst Manure

    With out a proper  justice/legal system you are wasting your time makes as much sense as arranging a wedding then go looking for a Bride.

  • CoreD

    Biazon is just your common liar politician. pati naman sya kumikita sa mga goods na pumapasok sa bansa na walang binabayarang tax. hay naku! ikaw dapat ang tanggalin sa pwesto!!!

  • boybakal

    Kaya walang nahuhuling Smugglers dahil wala ng smuggler or smuggling.
    Container ship na at di kumpit.
    Por Dios por Santo…wala ng smuggling…strict implementation of customs duties and taxes…yan ang kailangan.

  • Corrupt_Jerk

    We don’t need you chitchat Mr. Biazon, we need solution to eradicate the illegal smuggling on our country that has been a long time a problem.

  • Eric

    You are clueless and need to be replaced by someone with brass balls. your “accomplishments” can easily be surpassed in a month. Press releases like this is getting too irritating. It’s not your fault really…it’s the dope who placed you there.

  • Fred

    Ibinalita mo Ruffy Biazon na the past 2yrs ay may nasampahang demanda against importers and traders. Pero hindi nabalita kung may nakasuhang BOC tauhan in connivance ng mga smugglers?
    Wag sanang maging praise release hetong plano para sa 2013.

  • $53950194

    Dapat pagibayuhin nila ang pagmonitor sa Cebu dahil maraming balita rampant dun ang korapsyon ng mga customs officials!

  • KapitanBagwis

    Talks are cheap sir, we need action.

  • superpilipinas

    So far so bad. 
    Biazon is succumbing to politics and afraid to go all-out against the entrenched bad apples of BoC. Bad for the Philippines.

    We need someone as tough and has the balls. The likes of General Lim or Capt. Faeldon.

    De Lima and Henares have proven themselves. But Biazon has failed miserably.

    Now that we have Sin Tax, lots of smuggling are expected again. We can’t afford a person as weak as Biazon there. 


    Again Mr. Noo…ky Baizon…press releases again?
    When would be straight your curly mind?
    How many times had you warn the smugglers?
    Why to have wait until 2013? How many years are you now squeezing your torso over your chair?
    Don’t you say that you didn’t got money from smugglers?
    That’s is why only one convicted for about two years time period in BOC.
    Are you have still feelings expressed on your face?

  • Al Calde


    This is what it’s all about!

    Still awaiting for the right time to run for a senate seat!

    Fire your men and pay them compensation of what they are due for rather than keep them and have them steal all day and night, with this the customs will easily and more than surpass the target!

    Please do not blame the system, blame your incompetence! You’re in a position to change the system and run it according to your will!

    For senator? NOTTTT

  • chingnarciso

    In other words Mr Biazon. to see is to believe.Kung gusto mong magawa ang mga sinasabi mo,only thing you have to do is check or investigate all the life style and finances of  Bureau of custom employees under you,and you will find out who is who.And you too have a open record of your finances before and after you have been appointed to your position.its like 1+1 to me easy as an abc. unless you are hiding something too.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Is this guy all talk? What and idiotic warning. How are you going to catch them if you gave them a heads up warning? They will update their modus operandi.
    Unless the FBI will give you an info then maybe you will get off your nice leather chair and shake that molasses arse.

    • Twister12

      and how would you like to do it?any suggestions?

  • $14334231

    talk is cheap…being tough is another thing…if you cut the roots, the leaves will fall and the tree will die….if we see the roots weeded out, then, nobody can fire you because you’re doing your job and the people will be behind you…unless, you are the main root…..

    • Twister12

      easy said than done

      • $14334231

        then don’t do interviews and press releases….common sense…

      • Twister12

        He said for the last 2 years, the BOC has filed more than 100 smuggling cases against importers and traders who brought in over P60-billion worth of goods from various parts of the world.“A big problem is the large number of cases pending in the judicial system, which adversely affects the credibility of the RATS program,” he said. They are doing something, it’s just people only saw the negative side.

      • $14334231

        but are there any employees in the higher ups who are involved on this scam been subjected to??… Jose “Joey” Yuchongco…you know this man??….. read gerald abueva’s comment below and i would like to read your response to him….

      • Twister12

        I don’t know who that is nor anybody in this forum I guess. It may be true or not who knows anybody can make stories but that is not entirely the point. I am not defending Biazon but in my opinion he is much better than the previous sitting Commissioners. My question is will it make you all feel better if we put back all the previous Commisioners who did not do anything than this guy who at least doing something? 

      • $14334231

        i never mentioned he’s not doing anything…all i said was to cut the roots and the tree will die…if this abueva knew something that mr. biazon is not aware of, maybe he should try to do some inside investogations himself to seek the truth…. 

      • Twister12

        Sometimes the head of the family is the last one to know what is going on with his own. Let’s give him his time.We can always crucify him when he fails.

      • $14334231

        okay, let’s have him start anew…he can have a fresh start with this man yuchongco, whoever is this…cutting the twigs won’t do no good as they grew again and again…..i’ll keep my fingers crossed and hopefully, we won’t wind up crucifying him, but rather, we will write accolades about him here….

      • batangpaslit

        agree, Bro

    • batangpaslit

      well said

  • Edward Solilap

    Resulta yan ng kumpakumpare, mga parekoy at kakusa e paano mo mapatino ang mga datihan ng nasanay sa kurakot? Hanggang andiyan pa ang mga datihan ganon pa rin yan hihintayin lang ang bagong administration na kasabwat e babalik pa rin sa dating gawi bat hindi nyo palitan lahat na senior officers ang mga matatanda pagwala na wala na rin gagaya sa kanila.

  • mynnyx

    dapat di sinasabi yan commissioner kung gusto mong linisin dapat gawin now na………………..maraming mandarambong dyan kaya naghihirap ang pilipino………………

    • batangpaslit


  • farmerpo

    Ngawa lang, gawa wala. Kahol ng kahol, wagwag naman buntot. Otherwise, if smugglers(from within the ranks) are ejected from the BOC, surely, smuggling will be dampened. But no…, only the fixers are affected. Parang paputok, hulihin ang bin laden at piccolo pero ang gumawa, andiyan parin at gumagawa. Ngawa lang ng ngawa. 

  • Melanio Calayeg

    We want results Mr. Commissioner…….

    • batangpaslit

      ako rin

  • Rovingmoron

    I don’t think that smuggling activities were rampant in P-Noy’s administration than what it was during GMA’s time. This was the claim made by Mr. Tiglao in his recent column. I think he’s suffering from amnesia. Okay, it’s true that the BOC doesn’t decide cases. The court does. With the integrity of some judges and justices in question, how can the government stamp out corruption in the BOC? All the BOC personnel and the smugglers do is to bribe judges so that the cases filed against them are quashed for good. Then , the corrupt judges and justices laugh themselves all the way to the banks.

    • superpilipinas

      To compare a rotten mango to rotten apple is no use. Their still rotten.

  • superpilipinas

    Palagay ko yan ang ayaw ni PNoy na galawin dahil kumikita sila diyan. Yan lang ang pwedeng explanation. Bakit hindi nila kayang suyurin para matanggal lahat ng kuto diyan? Palagay ko ayaw lang nila.

  • Pers

    kagaya ka ng amo mo dal dal ng dal dal kolang sa gawa.

  • batangpaslit

    Raffy….just do it and you will have a great following of grateful Filipino people

  • batangpaslit

    If I were the Commissioner, I would hire fresh idealistic graduates—the untainted ones to help run the Bureau; hire battery of new lawyers in the prosecution service; run a parallel intelligence office comprised of seasoned, fearless, but selected honest officers from the various intelligence agencies and train select Criminology graduates. Start anew with new, honest, and trained corp of manpower.
    Offer attractive compensation that bribe receiving is not worth accepting. Anyone who committed infraction of the law, penalty must be swift. Outright dismissal plus court case.
    Enlist the general populace to help run the Bureau by way of info collection.

  • XY ZEE

    Exempted kasi ang Customs sa “Pag Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap”.

  • vir_a

    It’s election season. Politicians and sons of politicians usually make impossible promises. What Mr. Biazon should work on is the big smuggling in the last two years which was more than $30b based on data in the difference between what China reported as export to the Philippines and Philippines report of how much it imported from China. Concentrate on big items not on loss change.

  • tata_boy

    kailangan natin ng special courts para sa mga smugglers at drug lords para tumino ang mga ito.

  • ben

    Pambihira naman ito si Biazon hinintay pa yong 2013 para sabihin sa mga empleyado ng customs na their days are numbered. Will you please explain.

  • Jason Cruz

    Kahit sino ilagay dyan hindi mauubos ang mag nanakaw, Itong si Biazon hinintay pa ang 2013 heheheheh.   Wala PINAG TATAWANAN KA LANG DYAN ng nga smuglers

  • wawangpenoy

    All the monies that will be saved from smuggling can more than pay for a new courthouse and salaries of new judges and prosecutors dedicated to prosecuting customs scalawags.

    Ruffy, sabihin mo sa amo mo ang sinabi ko and if you doubt what I said is true, then you all in the government really should go to HELL. That means, the figure I have in mind failed to account for yours and your bosses’ cuts.

  • RyanE

    Better conduct lifestyle checks on all BOC officials and see whether their properties commensurate with their incomes. Those who cannot explain should be immediately kicked out and appropriate cases filed in courts.

  • Pok2

    Ewan ko sa iyo.


     as the saying goes “the boy who cried wolf” or ‘when constant lying becomes truth” this demented Custom chief Biazon is really living in a vacuum world when all around him his underlings and the BOC personnel are the main issues and culprits why BOC is not surpassing its revenue goals!! the BOC personnel are the ones who are real corrupt, where can you see a private businessmen are in cahoots doing partnership with BOC personnel of recruiting and releasing container vans without proper identification of whats inside the container van!! the partnered BOC and private businessmen simply declare the lowest tax rate and item descriptions with the lowest duty and tariff rate the importer will pay while the BOC personnel and the private businessmen collect a fixed rate of around 100,000.00 to 140,000.00 pesos per container van!! so, how can the BOC reached its revenue goal when the BOC personnel are the ones smuggling, under declaring of dutiable goods, lowest tax rate payment by the importer, partnership business with private businessmen with BOC personnel!! Biazon is just blind!!! 

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      He is not blind, hee’s making too much money not from his salary.

      What he’s saying is wait until the end of 2013 until I amass wealth for him and his family.

      Hope your family will get diarrhea until the end of 2013.

  • Philcruz

    I would like to hear from the fearless BOC Deputy Danny Lim. He has been quiet lately. I guess he respects the BOC chain of command. But maybe he should be BOC Chief instead.

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    customs gobbledygook!

  • Pok2

    Bola yan.

  • batangsulpok

    Puro lang dakdak, wala rin magawa pati si Lim na mukhang nabayaran na rin kaya tahimik.

  • Yobhtron

    You better watch out, you better not cry. Santa Biazon is coming to town. Hope Biazon and Lim can minimize if not eradicate the rampant corruption in BOC.

  • thecop

    ang tanong bakit hinintay mo pa 2013 bago  mo isagawa itong sinasabi mo? tagal mo na rin nakaupo dyan. ibig sabihin nagpabaya ka muna sa masama nilang gawain at ngayon mo lang sila hahabulin. this is clearly a case of a trapo kasi malapit na senatorial election…

  • Jhune

    Huli nga ng huli Hukum parin ang disisyon, alam naman natin mas marami ang nasa hanay ng mga hukom ang tiwali, isangkot mo pa ang mas tiwaling empliyado ng custom. Mga gutom kailan kayo kaya mabusog?  

  • joboni96

    go comm biazon

    may i suggest creating a fast lane
    with the latest in infotech
    and monitoring equipment

    and manned by young idealist recruits
    guided by veteran good guys in customs
    ala ‘untouchables’

    also sell immediately confiscated materials to
    1. modernize customs
    2. reward the good guys and
    3. pay prosecutors for the bad guys

  • kilabot

    and we are watching you, ruffy. 
    please be reminded that not once have you met your monthly collection target; a perfect record; 
    in straight talk, you are an underperformer; short of your target collection by a wide margin; 
    wonder why you’re still in your seat; are you a noykapon sucke r? 

  • Jim

    Biazon, the weakling barking again!
    “Hahahahaha” said the smugglers!

  • ADD

    Umapisa ng taon press release agad ang ginawa ni Ruffy. Mas maganda kung aksyon muna bago dakdak.

  • Jim

    Smuggling is not stopped by press releases! This guy is so weak against smugglers.Tough talk leads nowhere. Raffy Boy is following the footsteps of his dad – – – be a darling of the press! In Tagalog – “mahusay sa drama!”

    Hasn’t Finance Sec. Purisima noticed that Biazon is a deadwood?

  • freedom of navigation

    Damihan siguro ang SURVEILLANCE CAMERA at regular na reshuffle sa personnel at mag hire ng maraming trabahador na maaasahan. At paano kaya kung ang mga ipinupuslit ay idinadaan lang sa hindi port of entry kung saan saang dalampasigan lang? 
    Good luck. Magtagumpay sana itong paghihigpit ng custom at gawing 24/7 ang pagbantay para sa ikabubuti ng ating bansa. Aba hindi biro-biro ang kurapsyon hindi tayo makabili ng armas sa pandepensa ng bansa.

  • catalansbarce

    Give chance Ruffy to manage BOC baka sincere sya sa tungkulin ginampanan nya. And
    mind you guys si Ruffy baguhan pa lang sya sa agency. At hindi magic ang paglilinis
    sa BOC dahil napaligiran sya sa mga kawatan, Mafia at sindikatong Custom Officials.

  • boybakal

    BOC Chief job is a very complicated job.
    It requires, law accounting, tax.
    Even a CPA Lawyer will take time to know the intricacies of this job.
    You have to familiarize every aspect of custom job which one should start from the bottom where most lagay happens.
    Biazon is too young, too raw, not too knowledgeable for the job. Much more his education background does not fit to the position.

    Better watch out is what he can only say….other than that none.

  • floydelyn

    if you want results, engage the services of the singapore’s port authority and pay their fees. i don’t think there’s some sort of of legal framework/precedent for this but it’s what we need; all it takes probably is for us to be open to the idea. on the side of the singapore port authority, it’s an extra revenue source or revenue stream. these people are super-efficient and they are all business, nothing else. they are not into politics. let us pay their fees and implement their recommendations without exception. if they recommend that we kick out everyone at BoC, then let’s do just that. give them a hand from start to end of the entire importation process, including  continuous improvement, training and computerization.
    and where does this start? admit muna natin that we need professional help in managing customs operations. noble intentions will not do the trick for us.

  • disqusted0fu

    the days of an erring BOC commissioner should also be numbered too! But as long as you are an ally of the administration, erring is fine. You are safe til 2016

  • John_Galt_II

    Ano mangyayari sa warning? Para ka lang nakikiusap sa mga magnanakaw. Tigilan ang dakdak at magpakulong ka ng isa o dalawa diyan at sibakin yung mga mukhang kawatan. Hayaan mo silang magdemanda at mas kikita pa ang gobyerno sa improved collection against their compensation if they win their cases. That is if they win their cases!

  • Pedro_Gil

    May maganda na bang pagbabago binigay ang kumag na ito sa BOC? Puro lang BS ito ah! akala yata puro tayo may topak hehehe. laos na yang puro salita at walang gawa. BS at BS lang yan!!! Mag artista ka na lang! LOL!

  • el_latigo

    From someone whose track record in the BOC, one of the most perennially corrupt gov’t agency if not the most corrupt  is questionable and lackluster at most that even if he  tells and yells  it to the marines, they would only raise their eyebrows. As one BOC insider himself admitted, if you want to clean this agency  of corruption, you have to commit genocide in there and make sure nobody survives. From the “lowly” messenger who drives a Porsche to the “always alert” Rolex-wearing customs policeman up to the top who have ambitions of running in the national elections.   

  • asantoni

    BOC is number one in earning taxes for the Govt. minus the corruption. WHY IN THE WORLD
    MANUAL THAT THIS BOC KEEP ON SAYING? Wala na ba talagang laman ang utak ng mga
    official na ito?

    • zeroko

      Natural, hindi nila gagawing efficient ang BOC dahil mawawalan sila ng side line. These corrupt government officials will do everything to prevent BOC from modernizing. Computerization is the last thing they will do.

      He he he. On the second thought, do you treat 70 billion pesos smuggling a sideline?


    Watch your mouth biazon! Puro ka dakdak, kulang sa gawa! Ilan boc official ang napakulong mo? Zero?!?

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Mr. Biazon, if you are not well-informed let me tell you now. The topnotch smugglers you talk about are the very staff working within the compounds of the Bureau of Customs. This is common knowledge, so common that even yosi vendors in every customs area know them. My goodness Mr. Commissioner, GISING.

  • sl1

    Just do it commissioner, don’t announce it otherwise they can do the necessary preparations to escape what you are planning.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    If your word is hollow, may your mouth get infected by syphillis.

  • themask celestial

    I just came back from trip overseas and shocked to to find out that the new trolleys, which I believe just bought recently ( 2-3 months back) in Naia -are now most defective. I replaced the first 2 trolley that I picked up and gave up on the third.  I also heard other passengers complaining of “gumegewang” na trolley. Mukhang may kumita na naman sa purchase of  these newly acquired trolleys.  The worst part is-most of the old trolley are in the top condition and just need some cleaning to looks new. There are obvious oversupply of these trolley and they are occupying a large part of already comgested arrival area.  I wonder, where to report this obvious anomaly?

  • allandel

    talk is cheap!

  • juno93

    2013?  ano ang ginawa mo bago nun?

    • Guest

      Makupad talaga yang si Custom chief Ruffy Biazon, kaya Pong Pagong ang nick name niya. Sa laki niya, sobrang kupad kumilos.

  • Guest

    Wala namang gumagawa ng piccolo dito sa Pilipinas, it came all the way from China. Nakakapasok lang ito dahil sa mga smuggling operation. Wala pala itong si Biazon e.

  • Guest

    Pikon na pikon na nga si PNoy dito kay Custom chief Ruffy Biazon. Malamang masabon na ito ni PNoy, napupuno na sa kanya  e.

  • mingming2012

     Another thing Mr. Biazon, yung mga sulat na galing ng ibang bansa super bagal. Nagtanong po kami sa post office kasi po 3 months na yung sulat di pa natatanggap ng pamilya e, express naman po yun nung pinadala. Sabi po ng post office hinaharang daw po sa customs….TOTOO PO BA IYON AT BAKIT PO? GAANO PO BA KATAGAL SCRUTINIZE NG CUSTOMS ANG MGA SULAT AT PAANO NILA PINOPROSESO AT UMAABOT NG GANUN KATAGAL?

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