China adds destroyers to marine surveillance



In this Wednesday Dec. 26, 2012, a man, center back, poses for a photo, while others visit Chinese navy’s missile destroyer Qingdao on the destroyer’s public open day in Qingdao, in eastern China’s Shandong province. AP/CHINA OUT

BEIJING–China has transferred two destroyers and nine other ex-navy vessels to its maritime surveillance fleet, reports said Monday, as it moves to beef up its position in bitter territorial rows with Japan and other neighbours.

Beijing renovated the ships and transferred them to surveillance operations to “alleviate the insufficiency of vessels used to protect maritime interests”, said a report on Tencent, one of China’s major news portals.

China is embroiled in a maritime dispute with Japan that has seen tensions between the two Asian giants, the world’s second- and third-largest economies, at times reach fever pitch.

It is also engaged in a simmering row with its southern neighbors over its claim to vast swathes of the South China Sea.

Beijing has been sending maritime patrol vessels into waters around the East China Sea islands — which it claims as the Diaoyu and which Japan controls and calls the Senkaku — since Tokyo nationalized the chain in September.

China is apparently seeking to prove it can come and go in the area at will and on Monday three of Beijing’s ships were spotted in the waters around the islands, according to Japan’s coastguard, in the latest perceived incursion.

Two of Beijing’s newly-refurbished vessels are destroyers, with one each to operate in the East and South China Seas, with the others including tugs, icebreakers and survey ships, according to the Tencent report.

The destroyers, the Nanjing and Nanning, numbered 131 and 162 respectively, each had a displacement of 3,250 tons and had a top speed of 32 knots, according to, an independent UK-based website.

It said that during their time in the navy they were equipped with 130mm guns with a range of 29 kilometers, anti-ship missiles and other weapons.

The Nanjing went into service in 1977 and the Nanning in 1979. Both retired this year from the Chinese navy, previous domestic media reports said.

It was not clear whether it was the first time the maritime surveillance fleet has acquired destroyers, or when the transfers took place.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs declined to comment when asked about the destroyers at its regular briefing on Monday.

Officials at the Ministry of Defence and headquarters of the China Marine Surveillance were not immediately available to comment when contacted by AFP.

The transfer report was first published in the International Herald Leader, a Chinese-language newspaper linked to Beijing’s official news agency Xinhua, and the author said the operation had been given significantly more capacity.

“The maritime surveillance team’s power has been greatly strengthened and its capacity to execute missions sharply improved, providing a fundamental guarantee for completing the currently arduous task to protect maritime interests,” wrote Yu Zhirong, of the government’s Research Centre for Chinese Marine Development.

Since 2000 the maritime surveillance fleet, which is tasked with “protecting China’s interests and executing law enforcement missions”, has also received a total of 13 new vessels, the report said.

Daily patrols have been stepped up from six vessels before the disputes heated up to “more than 10″ Yu said, adding authorities planned to build another 36 surveillance ships by 2015.

A Chinese plane overflew the islands in the East China Sea earlier this month, in what Japan said was the first time Beijing had breached its airspace since at least 1958. Tokyo scrambled fighter jets in response.

Yu added in the report: “I believe Chinese maritime surveillance authorities will build and buy many ships and planes in the future with strong capabilities and advanced equipment.”

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  • Rosauro

    While all Filipinos are celebrating new year, the Chinese are creeping in. We may wake up tomorrow and all the West Philippine Sea islets are theirs already.

    • rayingga

       Your guess is as good as mine,nevertheless we still can not grasp the whole picture. Eventually God may interfere again as in EDSA 1. May be ( not sure ) USA will engage itself into the situation, There are so many scenarios that may take into solid consideration,So the least we can do be ready to any eventuallity, Just hope for the best.

      • sakinlang

        Don’t worry! Those ships were “made in China”. All of them will either sink or conk out very soon!
        I agree with you, let us be ready with any eventuality. The best thing that could happen is that this will surely unite the Filipino people.

      • $18209031

         The dieheard kayumangmangs must defend the shores of Luzon . Do not  retreat to Bisayas and Mindanao, we have enough o fyour dirty shzt tagaleglegs and Ilocandios. You want war with China, do it at your own expense. Leave us in peace and prosperity down south.

    • abner

       asa ka pa kay kapon,…wala noynoying lang sagot nia dyan..

    • $18209031

      Creep back to your place of origin, that is Indonesya and Malesya , the land of your dirty lolos and lolas. The land of Moros, backstabbing society of se Asia.

  • cantonese

    Maybe China’s intention is to put the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan as one of their province. I hate to say this and sounds awful to my ears if sooner or later we will be under the country called UNITED STATES OF CHINA.

    • $18209031

       All peoples should eat pancit Canton by that time.

      • Dog

        while they are merrily eating pancit canton. im silently creeping at your back and slash your throat.

  • TOINKZ_06

    The big bully is coming………….

    We urge the new government of Japan to changed its pacifist constitution. Not just a self defense force but a striking force. Upgrade all your arsenals, order carrier, destroyer, frigates, corvettes, typhoon, F 35. etc. You are the only one capable and have all the means to deter China aside from Uncle Sam.

  • ofwme2807

    so Pnoy start sending PN ships now within the disputed waters in thw WPS and show some force to defend our teritory…the Chinese has started to militarize the so called maritime surveillance…go go go for it

  • kilabot

    looks like it’s going to be a bang bang new year.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Its time to refurbish the Pam-Boats

  • Pork_Republik

    DND should be checking those Indian Brahmos Ash missiles asap.

    • $18209031

      DND must be aware they are fueled by Hindi Dalit methane gas

      • Pork_Republik

        Buwa ng ina mo.

      • ofwme2807

         ilang kilong opium at shabu nasinghot mo??chinese rumor monger

  • wakats

    Japan has already foreseen the inevitable confrontation with the chinese bullies in the East China Sea and modernizing its navy is surely underway.

    Japan’s shipyards have the experience and capacity to build aircraft carriers if need be,  and the preferred missile-firing destroyers due to the proximity of the theater of war.

    What we have are 45-year old mothballed hamilton class cutters without armaments and a few vintage ships. What a way to fight the mighty chinese navy. 

    • Italpino

      wakats, it is not always the modern war equipments that can win wars, as the Vietnam war can teach us. As long as the country and its people have the guts and unity to repel foreign forces of aggression, it will be bound to win at the end. Aggressive foreign forces at most can conquer the lands but will take very very long or even forever to conquer the hearts of the Filipinos. History can tell that, since our heroes with their bolos and bamboo arrows and spears fought the colonialist equipped with better and modern arms ever since they set foot on the land. Revolts continued up to the point that this colonialists were cornered in Manila only to be saved by another colonialist force that our heroes had fought again.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Just read on wikipedia, what went after, during the Philippines/American wars and later on the “holocaustic Liberation” from the Japanese’s, by ! by ! Manila, the “Pearl of Asia”, Pilipino’s where short changed with uncountable sufferances and destructions.
        What happened once, happened twice, on the way to happen trice.

        “The only lesson Peoples remember from History is no lessons.”
        ( Nietzsche )

      • Italpino

        I agree partly with you, because I believe Filipinos are fighters in nature especially for freedom,  but I also think that many of the Filipinos have very short or no memories at all. Just look how many supporters have the famous dictator’s family members. AS CDQ always emphasized, those who do not remember the errors of the past are bound to repeat them. Happy New Year!

      • peron

         I believe Filipinos are peacemakers in nature.
        Happy New Year.

      • Harry

        Guts and unity are maybe what we do not have.

        Our history also showed how heroes were betrayed and the traitors became heroes.

      • Italpino

        I beg to disagree with you because the Filipino people have shown their guts and are united if there is a common enemy. Maybe, that is not visible as long as a common enemy is not properly identified. Happy New Year!

      • Jezzrel

        Back then, we have a common enemy but traitors murdered the Bonifacio brothers and Gen Antonio Luna…till this day, so many traitors, BTW, who is the last traitor who sold our sovereignty  to China?

      • Italpino

        Jezzrel, I agree that there had been, there are, and there will still be many traitors in the country with faces and attires like the Filipinos. That is why it is hard for the country to move on forward. For me, the last traitors who sold the country’s sovereignty to China were those involved in the ZTE deal. But there are many other traitors who sold the country to others through illegal loggings, indiscriminate minings and many others. Those who buy and use only imported products can also be among them if you’ll think about it.

  • $18209031

    Time for China to inject fear into the hearts of criminal nation of Japland. If Kayus want to support the Japos , then you are at your own risk.

    • sakinlang

      Nagyabang na naman ang mga Halimao-mao!

    • ofwme2807

       brainwashed fetus-eating cannibal trained by the red dogs on the loose…

    • Raul

      Pag tatawanan lang kayo ng Haponese. D nyo nga kaya taga Mindanao lang.Japan pa. Chinese na Carnapper shoot to kill Chinupa mo daw.

    • kulkat8

      kailan inip na ako ah.  ayaw umpisahan ng basa mo unahan mo na.  do it the jihadists way or the tibetan way ,your choice admiral dakuakongutinsupotmaykupal.

  • Lakan Dupil

    Babylon, the jewel of kingdoms, the glory of the Babylonians’ pride, will be overthrown like Sodom and Gomorrah–

    I Almighty planned it, to bring low the pride of all glory and to humble all who are renowned on the earth–

    I will punish the world for its evil, the wicked for their sins. I will
    put an end to the arrogance of the haughty and will humble the pride of the ruthless.–GOD (YAHWEH)

  • carlbenedict

    Hahahhahahah….yung bike ko made in china….ayun 3 months lang…putol ang batalya….haaay naku….sinong tinakot nila? …bigyan kami ng armas….lalaban kami….hindi na uso ang mga ginagawa nila…lumang gawain yan…land grabbing…

    • $18209031

      For the diehard kayumangggis, defend Luzon pero huwag kayong pupunta dito sa Bisayas at Mindanao when shzt hits the fan—–baka mag evacuate kayo ha ! Defend Luzon like defending Bataaan and Corregidor, and not follow the example of  Macarthur who bugged out in the last hour. Baka magsatsat naman kayo , I shall return. Dapat  , I shall return to Indonesya at Malesya.

      • ofwme2807

         dakuykuy magsama ka pa ng isang milyong singkit na patay gutom hindi makakarating at makakatawid ng dagat papuntang Luzon mga yan

      • Raul

        Wag na idamay ang ang Bisayas kag Mindanao sa ka Chupaan mo. Dapat uwi ka sa China at kumain ng Mercury at Lead. Wag mo na kami isali sa chupaan. O kaya sa Chinese Embassy ka nalang mag kalat ng Lagim.

      • ano ikaw

        Sta Romana o ayan ka nanaman.

    • Teven

      Lol ! kaya nga unahan n’yo nang upakan ang kanilang mga navy ! eh..tutal peke at mahihina naman kamo ang kanilang kargada ! O’ ano pa ba ang hinihintay n’yo ? p! #$$g
      ina n’yo puro kayo putak ! ‘ala naman kayong iba-batbat !

  • Lahi

    To you ignorant Daku.. Get out of this forum and keep that rubbish to yourself!

  • Harry

    We attempted to drag in the US, Japan, India and the Asean into the dispute and now the Chinese are starting to flex their muscles. It maybe too late to talk.

    In the back of their minds, the Americans would rather have one strong nation protecting the navigation routes in the South China Sea than 6 or more small nations dividing up the whole sea. It is always easier to talk to one boss than six different bosses.

    • peron

       never too late to talk.

    • Domingo

      Never did we drag any nation in this mess created by china. The US is bound by the Mutual Defense Treaty with the Philippines. The Philippines only welcomed the other nations’ decisions as to whatever they think is best to free up navigation lanes. 

  • peron

    how can you call a patrol ship a destroyer ?
    do you imply that Asians are secondary to the French, knowing nothing about transform and renovation ?

    they are not malitary vessels anymore, they are surveillance ship, for civil usage.

  • Raul

    kahit 10 pang Aircraft Carrier e Published nyo d pa rin kami takot. Paano ang nag mamanned puro Bakla at Hentai.

    • Teven

      Lol ! matagal na kasi kayong mga walang bayag ! Hinihintay lang ng China na kayo ay mapikon at maunang manganti ! Tignan lang natin kung saan kayo pupulutin kasama ng inyong chinuchupang mga Japones !

      • Raul

        hahahha bagong pangalan ah. Puro dada kasi ang mga kayumaomao. Kasama ka na dun. Gamay Uten. walang bayag. Ipadala nyo na AIR CRAFT cARRIER NA FAKE! LOL

  • Rontabs

    All these Chinese show of force will lead to one direction…. COLD WAR IN ASIA.

    China is like a “RAGS TO RICHES” story… showing off her new might… just like a stupid rich kid. Unaware of the results of her action…

    CHINA is all TALK… but in reality has no appetite to wage war… it can’t even touch a small island called TAIWAN…

    Lesson Learned:

    You have the GUNS + You don’t have the BALLS to shoot it = COWARDS

    • AlexanderAmproz

      About the “The stupid rich kid’s” look in the mirror to observed the Pilipino’s General’s kid’s

    • Noel

      We can’t totally blame China if she behaves this way today.  China suffered a lot from foreign invasions and abuses for centuries.  Some examples are the “Opium War” and “Rape of Nanking”.

  • freedom of navigation

    We are now in an era where greater number of world superpowers join hands to help maintain the stability of the different regions of the Globe. The era of teritorial grab, invasion, occupation of weaker nations by the mightier ones is not anymore the norm. World superpowers in the old eras are now allies and without a doubt are a force to be reckoned with. Painful lessons from the wars in the past have made them defenders of freedom, defender of the aggrieved nation, promoters of peace and stability. They have demonstrated their true intention to help in the past few decades. It doesn’t look to me anymore that these greater numbers of superpowers are going to support aggression, territorial grab or impediment of sea lanes.

  • Eagle from Davao

    In response to chinese buildup, we must purchase tomahawk -land based missiles and long range -anti-ship cruise missiles such as rbs-15 mark3,or longer range harpoon missiles to sink these ships.
    we dont need big naval ships to patrol,just missiles systems to send these ships into the bottom.
    It is cheaper to maintain and very difficult for china to counter. they can’t sink the island of luzon .
    They only way to stop us ,is to invade us here in luzon and palawan. they can claim but they can’t hold it nor occupy it. 
    If they want to  put a platform in scarbourough shoal,just fire two or three missiles to sink the ships and the platform to the bottom. They can defend it ,but they cannot sustain their hold. once they put up a platform again,just fire another salvo of missiles against their ships and platforms again. The same with the platform they build in mischief reef, we can destroy in with 5 GPS -guided 250 kg bomb or a rbs-15 mark 3 missiles,one or two will finish the job.

    After they retreat,we can clean up the area and send small patrol boats or maintain aerial survellance in the area. once they come back,all our small patrol boats retreat back to palawan or luzon,then fire these missiles again to sink their ships and platform.

     they can claim but they can’t hold it.

    • fully

      So your idea is get into a arms race with China? Who spends literal 100 times more money and hope to win when you have to buy weapons at an inflated price from the US and China can manufacture them at a fraction of the cost?

    • Domingo

      Ang talino mo dre. Mukang aral ka sa youtube. Apply kang adviser sa AFP pag tuntong mo ng 18yrs old.

  • Pers

    anong say ni pnoy bungaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanga aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangaaaaaaaaaaaaangaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangaaaaaaaaaaaaangaaaaaaaaaa tumalsik ang laway

  • Pers

    yang pera ipinamimigay sa tao yong cct ito ay ilagay yan sa afp modernization.

  • Pers

    baygon ang katapat patay ang mga salot WPS.

  • Ragdeleafar

    Wala yan destroyers, aircraft carriers, jet fighters, missiles, tanks, etc. etc, made in China? Mabisa lang yan sa unang sugod at putok,  pagkatapos wala ng ibubuga yan…tapos na rin yan dahil low quality ng kanilang system offense or defense? Isaang libo China Made isa lang katapat ng sa Japan Made, lalo na pag USA made 1: 1,000,000 ratio. In other words any thing made in China is scrap, leftover or garbage!!! Yun lang sa dami naman nila pag ‘kung fu’ ang laban lamang naman China, pero pag tigasan ng ulo laban sa Pinoy sisiw naman China.

    • Noel

      Pero aminin na natin na sa dami ng mga Tsekwa, hindi sila mauubos sa mundo.

      • fully

         Actually thats only the stuff they export because Americans like cheap stuff.

  • 1Fz20

    urgent hot transfer/purchase now, of those italian ships and attack aircraft. what to do if they post a destroyer and sub at mischief reef or at scarborough. cry to uncle?

    • AlexanderAmproz

      For technology transfer and training only, need 10 years,

      too late now, the General’s gone to America with the budgets for festival’s and circus,
      question of choices, no cares for the country who paid and trust them, 
      they left the country naked for their-selves fun.

      • sl1

        We don’t need that long Filipinos are smarter…one to two years is enough. Just given enough resources and support we can do it the right way!

      • AlexanderAmproz

        You don’t know what about you are speaking.
        Smart Pinoy’s with fake text books letting the Generals to loot the country and live it defenseless ?

        A smart Pinoy’s is Janitors or criminal’s do you already forget it.

  • Penta

    Here we go again, China’s plan of domination -_-. If they only strictly follow the law of the sea set by UNCLOS, everything will be in order. The problem is China’s greed is getting bigger and bigger just like its population.

  • Noel

    Contrary to earlier prediction that the next World War, the WW3, would come from Middle East, it appears it shall come from Asia Pacific.

    • Ragdeleafar

      The prediction maybe true WW3 , will start from the Middle East in Iran??? 

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Iran is only a problem for Theocratic Israeli’s colonization.
        China is a challenge to the world, for the very same reasons the US, Japan and Germany did WW II, as late comers they don’t have colonies with natural resources to support their economic developments and global power.
        The US was the smarter.
        Now China is in urgent need of natural resources and “colonies”,
        Philippines has with China sea, rare earth and metals reserves, a strategic location very convenient for them. Without to consider the Chinoy’s owning by spoliation, almost every things, from A to Z

      • fully

         Uninhabited islands as colonies huh? Whats that your smoking? Must be good. So in all your logic. Western Europe and East Asia is synonymous to a few squares miles of uninhabited islets eh?

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Apparently China sea is full of gas and oil, energy deposit, also a first class strategic location, its power.

        Who could be interested to challenge them with the same weight ?
        The US for their own interest, without to care who will got the bombs on the face and suffer massive destructions.

        Philippines has also important deposit of rare Earths and Minerals, essentials for Space technology and New Technologies. In the near future the control of these commodities will become essential, meaning the world control.

        Afghanistan invasion wasn’t to liberate the women from the burka or September 11 revenge, but important deposit of Coltan and Lithium among others.

        Some Pilipino’s still believing, America bought the Country to “Liberate” the Pilipino’s from the Spaniard’s. In fact they killed at once almost 40% of the population, putting an iron colonial grip on the country.

        Look around the world, every poor countries natural resources rich have wars, genocide(Rwanda, Congo Kinshasa, Mali, Nigeria, etc.)
        If not convince, tell me who are enjoying Philippines minings profits, the country, the peoples ? –  No way ! ! !

        China can’t become a super power without to crack the continent confinement. A super power need a free access to the seas. For them, if they can control Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia, its mean free access to the Pacific and Indian Ocean’s, not too bad, Africa, Middle-East, and The America’s natural resources and trade access, enough to run the world.

        Today China is already very strong in Australia and Africa with hugh investments. Places I have visited in Africa, truck’s, buses, vans and heavy machines are Chinese, not any more Westerners.

        The World is changing

  • valsore

    We don’t even own one of these.

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