Reuter, 1986 Edsa ‘Bandido,’ legendary Jesuit, dies at 96




He is home.

Fr. James Reuter, SJ, the revered and and well-loved American priest and honorary Filipino, passed away Monday from lung and heart failure, the Ateneo de Manila University community has announced.

He was 96.

Reuter, academic, communicator, singer, athlete, artist and political activist, died at 12:51 p.m. Monday at the Our of Lady of Peace Hospital in Parañaque City, his home for the past three years, said Sister Eva Maamo, a nun who was closely involved in the priest’s mission work in the Philippines.

“He had been unconscious in the last four days. We gave him IV (intravenous fluid), oxygen, we gave him everything that can help but his heart and lungs gave,” she said in an interview.

Maamo is the president of the Foundation of the Our Lady of Peace Mission Inc. (Folpmi), an organization that supports urban poor and indigenous communities around the Philippines whose board Reuter chaired.

The nun said Reuter had been under the care of private nurses at the hospital. Already wheelchair-bound, he had moved from the Jesuit residence in Manila to the Parañaque hospital in 2009 because of his frail health.

“He was still able to speak until four days ago when he fell unconscious. Nurses were on duty every day to take care of him,” Maamo said.

Former Ateneo de Manila University president Jesuit Fr. Bienvenido Nebres said the wake for Reuter will be held at the Church of the Gesu at the Ateneo de Manila University’s main campus in Quezon City starting this morning.

Interment plans are expected to be finalized after the holidays but Nebres said Reuter will definitely be interred in the Jesuit cemetery at the Sacred Heart Novitiate in Novaliches, Quezon City, Nebres said.

Reuter’s relatives in the US have also been informed about the priest’s passing.

“The University mourns the passing of Fr. James B. Reuter, SJ, who joined our Creator at 12:51 p.m. Tuesday, at the age of 96,” the Ateneo de Manila University said on its Twitter account.

Decision at 7

Reuter was born in New Jersey on May 21, 1916, When he was just 7 years old, he made a decision that would set the course of his life.

“I was in second grade and heard the nuns talking about the missions. This struck me as attractive so I said I would be a missionary,” he said.

At 18, he entered the Society of Jesus, and just four years later, he was sent as a Jesuit scholastic to study philosophy in the Philippines.

Reuter arrived in the Philippines in 1938 and immediately fell in love with the Philippines and the Filipinos, a nation he credits for teaching him the true meaning of faith.

“When I first came here, I thought I was bringing God to the Philippines. But what I discovered was [the Filipinos] brought God to me,” an already frail Reuter said between sobs during an intimate gathering of friends and former students at the Our Lady of Peace Hospital to celebrate his 94th birthday in 2010.

Prominent communicator

Reuter played many roles, that of priest, teacher, counselor, friend, sports coach, dramatist, author, singing coach—and  enjoyed them all.

Chiefly known as a prominent communicator of the Church, he used the different media—radio, television and print—to spread the Gospel for almost 50 years.

He taught at the Ateneo de Manila University and pioneered Jesuit broadcast communication in the country through the Family Rosary Crusade.

As head of the Church’s National Office of Mass Media, he may well have been one of the few clergymen in the country who really understand media culture. He coordinated the conduct of all Catholic radio stations including TV programs.

His mark on PH history

Reuter’s most lasting contribution to Philippine history was the setting up of  “Radyo Bandido,” the underground radio station that bolstered people’s spirits and kept the country and the world informed about the 1986 People Power Revolution.

During the first Edsa People Power Revolution, when the transition facilities of the Church-owned Radio Veritas were destroyed by Marcos troops, Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Archbishop of Manila, called Reuter about finding a replacement.

DZRJ radio, then controlled by the anti-Marcos opposition forces, moved its frequency from 810 to 840, and thus was born “Radyo Bandido,” with June Keithley-Castro becoming the eyes and ears of the nation during the four-day uprising.

Awards and citations

In 1989, Reuter received the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts in 1989 for “employing his gifts as writer, theatrical director and broadcaster, and most of all as teacher, to make the performing arts and mass media a vital force for good in the Philippines.”

In 2009, the Catholic Church gave Reuter the Serviam Award for his hard work and passion as a priest and as head of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ media commission. He was cited for what he accomplished for the Church, communities, schools and young people in the Philippines and across Asia using broadcasting, theater and his writings.

In 1996, Congress unanimously voted to make Reuter an honorary Filipino. In 2005, the Senate passed Senate Resolution No. 17, which hailed the Amercian Jesuit for his “extraordinary and unparalleled life of service to the Filipino people.”

In 2011, President Aquino awarded Reuter the Philippine Legion of Honor with the rank of Chief Commander, the highest honor that the President of the Philippines may grant an individual without the concurrence of Congress. With Inquirer Research

First posted 2:16 pm | Monday, December 31st, 2012

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  • Akosi

    rest in peace, fr. reuters

  • Karabukov

    God reward you Father Reuter.

  • Edward

    Fr. James Reuter, SJ thank you for the selfless love and service to this country and to the Filipino people. We miss you, father!

    May the Almighty God accept and welcome you in HIS eternal Kingdom. May you rest in peace!

  • $23257130

    infer, na ka ka sad ha. rip

  • mabyrik

    Fr Reuters was one of early America Jesuit fathers who made Ateneo de Naga famous in the 50’s, in all areas, in academics, sports and dramatics. Although he was already in Ateneo de Manila when I entered ADN in the 60’s, my other siblings were fortunate to be under his tutelage.
    My siblings talked very fondly of Fr Reuters. He was adorable, well-loved and respected. 
    The Ateneo Community will miss Fr Reuters. He was the epitome of what a Man of Cloth should be. 

    • Noel

      Check out the history of Jesuits and you shall find their notoriety. 

      • Punyëtero»Ka

        Why not just google the Jesuits.  Wiki has a good entry regarding the group.  Are you born-against, sabadista, or member of any sect/religion, or just plain atheist?

      • Noel

        I don’t need to belong to any religious group to know that the Jesuits are the most notorious Catholic Order.

      • litobetita

        Good! Umamin ka din na nagsasalita ka about things na wala ka namang personal knowledge. That’s it!!!! Akala ko pa naman eh may pruweba at sapat na personal knowledge o first hand information sa sinasabi.

      • rizalista

        Noel, obvious na INC or ADD ka.

      • mabyrik

        Did you study in Ateneo de Naga, in Ateneo De Manila?  Do you know Fr. Reuter? If not, then keep quiet. The subject here is Fr. Reuter and his deed while still alive. I happened to be privy for what he was for he was very famous in our school where he first taught. Incidentally, it was the Jesuit fathers who gave me good education and for that I am very thankful.
        If you hate the Jesuits, that’s your call and I don’t care.
        But what I am not happy about is when people, like you who still idolize a president who brought corruption as a legacy, a president who made corruption a way of life in the Philippines that up to this time is still a curse, a president who was responsible for the loss of thousand lives, a president who made COMELEC under Perez as his own, a President who made CJ of SC as alalay by covering Imelda with umbrella from sun, a president who turned the Philippine Pesos from $1:P2 to $1:(+/-)P20 during his last days in the Philippines, a president who made Swiss banks very reliable banks for hidden wealth, and so on, etc, etc.


    From his last article: “God has been kinder to me than I deserve, giving me such a rich life, in such a beautiful country, among such gentle people. He has blessed me with so many kind, affectionate, generous, loving friends.As soon as I came to the Philippines I realized that the Filipinos were the loveliest people in the world. It was a gift of God, a special blessing, that He sent me here. I have been thanked for giving my life to the Philippines… But whenever you give, you always get back more than you have given. This is not goodbye. Wherever I am, whatever I do, you are always in my heart and in my prayers. All of you.
    God bless! The song is ended…but the melody lingers on…and on…and on.” -Fr. James Reuter
    Thank you Fr. Reuter, a hero of the historic 1986 People Power for having a Filipino heart. 

  • Antonio

    one of the most descent clergy that we have in our country… he doesn’t engage in politics, all he knew was to spread God’s words… we will miss u Fr. Reuter… may you rest in peace.

    • rizalista

      E nag-Radio Bandido nga, eh.

      You mean doesn’t engage in politics is doesn’t engage in (unpopular) politics like RH Bill.

  • Seph Mar

    i do not know him personally but his holiness is contagious and i just feel sad to know that he is gone.  After my confessor, Fr. Urrutia S.J. , it is Fr. Reuters S.J. whom i have in mind when i think of the IHS. To God be the glory! Thank you Jesuits!

  • Jonas Cabiles Soltes

    Fare you well Father

  • AntonioPeYangIII

    We’re going to miss you, Fr. Reuters. :(

  • sfgurl

    Rest in peace, Fr. Reuter. You are now with our loving Creator.

    • Noel

      What guarantee do you have that he’s now with the Creator?

      • Punyëtero»Ka

        Do you know otherwise?

      • Noel

        God would judge his deeds on earth.  But the fact that he’s a false prophet disqualifies him in heaven.

      • Punyëtero»Ka

        Sorry to say, but your statements qualify you to be a religious nut.  You judge somebody as a false prophet when you have no qualification to.  Soon you will be bearing a placard in the streets stating “Repent you sinners, the world is ending”.

  • Mananandata69

    Rest in peace father Reuter. Whisper to the Lord to bless the Philippines

  • sir_ed

    Can’t help noticing that Fr. Reuter died at a privately run charity hospital, the kind that you have to go through a rutted road and small flocks of goats to get to, and where you could hear the roar of traffic from coastal road, which runs right behind it. Ironic, but at the same time fitting, that while his students were the sons and daughters of the elite, who could get medical care at the most expensive hospitals in the land, or even abroad, this humble Jesuit, this servant of God, spent the last of his days amid the poor.

  • Mang Teban

    God gave him a life for 96 years to serve Filipinos longer than his own race. Like a true missionary in the mold of Saints Francis of Assisi and Ignatius of Loyola, Fr. James Reuter did not count the costs because, as a Jesuit priest, only God’s grace and love were enough.

    May our Divine Master take you into His House and lead you to one of the rooms He reserved for those who deserve to be there.

  • Homer Guo

    a servant of God worth emulating….embodies the priestly vows of  poverty and obedience.

  • Garo Ungaro

    He did his time here…and chose the Philippines as his home. did what he could to help the poor, educate, and was more than a filipino. What else can he do?. but was his destiny to serve and be with what he believed his final home and resting place..Saludo ! Father.

  • Mamang Pulis

    he is home alright—-ad majoriem dei glorei.–his calling which he truly served.

  • Ruel

    Thank you Fr. Reuter for your service to the Philippines and the Filipinos. You are more honorable than most politicians who enriched themselves capitalizing on the poverty of their own people. When you go to heaven and see God eye to eye can you please let Him know to do something with our corrupt politicians so the lives of many poor Filipinos will improve somehow. The legacy you’ve left in our country will be appreciated and will be remembered for many years to come. Once again, Thank You  and May your soul find rest in Heaven.

    • Noel

      What service?  Or interference? 

      • Punyëtero»Ka

         Sino ka bang gustong manira sa isang mabuting tao?  Why do you love Marcos so much that you would besmirch the memory of Fr. Reuter?  Hope you can clarify this matter as it seems you want to portray him as opposite to everything I know about him.

      • Noel

        Hindi ikaw o ako ang huhusga kay Reuter.  Ang Diyos lamang ang huhusga at nakakaalam kung talagang mabuting tao si Reuter.  Kaya hindi tama na basta na lang natin sasabihin na mabuting tao siya.  Anong malay natin na maraming madilim na lihim meroon siya.

      • Punyëtero»Ka

        Yun pahayag mo akala mo may direct & private line ka sa Diyos kaya naninira ka agad!  Ang hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit exempted si Makoy sa criteria mo ng panghuhusga!

      • litobetita

        Very contradictory ang sinabi mo sa inaasal mo Mr. Bulaan!!! Alam mo palang DIYOS lang ang huhusga eh bakit sa mga post mo inakusahan mo na silang “bulaang propeta”. Talaga nga naman, wag lang na walang masabi ano? At saka sa mga pahayag mo eh parang kilalang-kilala mo talaga personally si Ferdinand Marcos, Mga Romulades, Fatrher Reuter at Cardinal Sin. Kakaingit ka dahil kilalang-kilala mo talaga ang mga famous na taong ito ha na sa dyaryo at tv lang namin nakikita…..I’ll bet nakasama mo sila in person para malaman mo yang mga information na sinabi mo?   

  • Phenoy

    God bless him. He is probably a better Filipino that I am.

    • kalikasanipagtanggol

       Better than most of us!


    Last article
    by Fr. James B. Reuter

    I am in
    Our Lady of Peace Hospital, on the Coastal Road, and it is really 3:00 a.m. 
    The planes coming and going from the airport are roaring
    over my head.
    Everything is peaceful and quiet. Even the roaring planes
    add to the feeling of peace and quiet.
    I am ten days away from my 93rd birthday. God has been
    kinder to me than I deserve, giving me such a rich life, in such a beautiful
    country, among such gentle people. He has blessed me with so many kind,
    affectionate, generous, loving friends.
    I found that the best time for me to write was at 3:00 a.m.
    My mind is clearer, my heart is warmer, and I am overwhelmed with the goodness
    of the people God sends to me.
    In this column I have always tried to be positive –
    presenting the goodness of people, and the wisdom of God’s Providence as I saw
    it. I have tried to give… To give the only thing I have to give… Myself. I
    have tried to share my thoughts, my feelings, the wonderful holiness that I see
    in the simple, gentle people that God sends to me.
    As soon as I came to the Philippines I realized that the
    Filipinos were the loveliest people in the world. It was a gift of God, a
    special blessing, that He sent me here. I have been thanked for giving my life
    to the Philippines… But whenever you give, you always get back more than you
    have given.
    Thank you
    • for your gift of friendship through these many long years
    • for reading “At 3:00 A.M.” from the time I started
    writing my column
    • for your reactions through letters and phone calls when
    you liked or did not like what I wrote
    • for sharing your stories which inspired me to write them
    so that they could inspire others
    • for your love and concern
    • for your prayers which comfort me and which I need.
    I have tried to be a priest. 
    A priest is a bridge…a bridge between God and man… A
    channel of God’s love, peace and joy.
    What I have found in the Philippines is union…union of
    hearts and minds… It is marked by sharing… The simple, gentle Filipino is
    willing to share all he has, with everyone.
    That is holiness… That is sanctity…That is being like
    In heaven we will all be one -united in heart and soul…
    Loving each other.
    In this column written at 3:00 a.m. that was my only
    message.. give …give yourself…love.
    And when I presented this, I discovered what it meant,
    Being strong, sometimes, means being able to let go. I know
    that now is the time to “let go”. I have been up at 3:00 a.m. to write my
    column for many, many years. It is now time for me to stay in bed until the sun
    comes up and the birds start to sing.

    This is not goodbye. Wherever I am, whatever I do, you are
    always in my heart and in my prayers. All of you.

    God bless!

    The song is ended…but the melody lingers on…and
    on…and on.

    I love those who have read this column…And I hope that
    they love me.

    • dickperez

       This is just a “super beauty” narration of a person of God – describing his profound insight in almost everything he experienced – in a positive, warm and captivating words that simply would touch anyone’s heart and soul. God bless you father – you are and will truly be loved even as you go and meet the Almighty.

    • Noel

      That was written three years ago.  God would have appreciated if he repented for his sins and mistakes like conspiring with some groups to oust a duly elected President in 1986. 

      • RoachControl

        Duly elected?  Marcos 2nd term expired in 1972 & he declared martial law to make himself dictator-for-life.  If you consider the elections held after his martial law declaration as fair, then you are one of those still mesmerized by strongmen like Hitler!  And please don’t say you have a direct line to God to enable you to determine wheter He appreciated the rape of our country!

      • Noel

        Marcos won in 1986 by a million votes.  But even before the election, the church and the Yellow Brigade conditioned people’s minds that if Marcos won he cheated and if he lost Cory deserved it.  Declaration of Martial Law in 1972 was imperative given the threat from the Communists.  The Plaza Miranda bombing was blamed on Marcos and years later after his death, no less than former Sen. Salonga ang Gen. Corpus admitted it was not Marcos but the NPA.  The first few years of Martial Law was very successful.  I’ve witnessed the discipline and changes.  However, Marcos later gave in to his wife Imelda and other cronies that led to his downfall.  The church, Communists, anti-Marcos groups, ambitious police and military officials and US-CIA then conspired to oust Marcos.

      • RoachControl

        A true Marcos loyalist!  I thought you guys were extinct. Ponder on this-he declared martial law to perpetuate himself after his term expired..Do you think he will let an election dissuade him?
        As for martial law’s success for the 1st few months (not years), it was because he was taking inventory of what he will steal before commencing to & the economy started it’s downward spiral. Before martial law, we were second to Japan in Asia but when he was ousted, the were competing with Bangladesh & Sri Lanka for the bottom spot & our economy was so bankrupt we still are feeling the effects.  As to discipline, people did not expect it & were initially cowed, but afterwards the NPA had it’s most dramtic increase in membership.  Loyalists always gloss over the facts as they believe a lie often told will eventually become the truth.

      • Noel

        It’s easy to call me a Marcos loyalist.  The truth is, I’m no fan of his especially the people under him.  My uncle was killed by the driver of then MISG Chief Abadilla.  Nothing happened to the case.  Marcos was evil if you wanna call him that.  But you haven’t heard of corruption from the Marcos family.  His brother Dr. Pacifico Marcos was a professional.  Corruption and abuses were more from the Romualdez.  Marcos was held by the neck by Imelda because of his womanizing.  Marcos like Erap trusted so much his compadres and friends many of whom turned against him later.

      • RoachControl

        Discredited alibis are your answers.  They have been dissected & analyzed & were rejected by the people before.  He held everyone by the neck & came out with the same alibis to deodorize his reputation before he was ousted.  He threw everyone under the bus to save his hide.  C’mon, we weren’t born yesterday.

      • leubas


      • Don Dee

        Hindi pa nakalibing si Apo Ferdie! May pag asa pa sa 2016. Patakbuhin mong presidente ulet na ma-vindicate naman. lol. You are an idiot.

      • Noel

        Hindi na kailangan mabuhay si Marcos at tumakbo sa 2016 para ma-vindicate.  Ngayon pa lang ay maraming naniniwala na hindi siya ganoon kasama tulad ng gustong ipakita ng kanyang mga kaaway.  Sa pag-upo ni GMA na inagaw kay Erap, napatunayan na higit pang masama si Gloria kay Marcos.  Many said history would be kinder to Marcos; and now we’re witnessing it.

      • RoachControl

        Ayun, pwera propeta, historian ka na rin, at siyang magdedisisyon sa itatala!  Ikaw lang ang nagsasabing history will be kinder kay Makoy!  Pipe dreams–are you high on drugs?

      • Ai

        The brain of the Plaza Miranda bombing is Jose Maria Sison. And I agree, it was the Romualdez and Cojuangco Families that abused Marcos power,  

      • rizalista

        Hey Noel,
        How about your praises for Hitler, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, and the Ampatuans. We like to hear them too!

  • maypakialamako

    goodbye and thank you father james reuter, we will miss you.. :)

  • leob

    He has given so much to our country.
    He is more a “Filipino” than many of our politicians.
    He MUST be given a State Funeral – He is a HERO.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    RIP Fr. Reuter, a Filipino at heart and soul! May your kindness infect the minds of our politicians so that they too, will serve the country wholeheartedly and with honesty!

  • kw_inq

    fr. reuter broke the secrecy of confession when told that story of erap’s confession. according to him erap cannot remember any of the prayers, except the angelus.

    farewell father reuter …

  • Kaloy

    We know you are now with God, the father enjoying your eternal life with the angels and saints.

    You have done so much for the filipino people.

    Thank you, thank you very much Father James Reuter.

    • Noel

      How do you know he’s with God same way as how do you know Cardinal Sin is now in heaven?  Heaven is not a place for false prophets who deceived people.

      • rpcapinpin3

        How would you know that you will be in heaven also. No one knows until your death…Konting respeto.

      • Noel

        That’s it.  No one knows where he goes after he dies.  All these talks about this and that going to heaven is presumptuous. 

      • Punyëtero»Ka

         Noel, bago ka magsalita, manalamin ka muna!  Malala ka na at pati sarili mo pinatatamaan mo na!

      • Punyëtero»Ka

         And how do you know he’s not?  Do you have direct access to God?

      • Noel

        I pray directly to God not through Mama Mary and other invented Saints.

      • Punyëtero»Ka

         Kaya pala akala mo may private line ka sa Diyos!

      • Noel

        Kung ang tawag mo diyan ay private line, iyon na.  Ayon sa biblia, si Kristo lang ang Tagapamagitan ng Diyos at tao.  Hindi si Mama Mary o ano man Santo na gawa ng Simbahang Katolika.

      • Punyëtero»Ka

         O sige, di maglabas ka na ng karatulang ililibot mo tungkol sa iyong pagka-propeta at baka hagisan ka ng piso o may mahikayat kang tagasunod!

      • $5699914

         Brod, ganyan talaga kapag naging born-again na o kaya protestante: they feel they are the ONLY living souls entitled to be called ‘saved by Christ’….

      • Emma

        Noel, born again ka ba? Yung pangalan mo kaya papalitan mo rin. Wala ka sa ayos. Patay na nga yung tao binabastos mo pa rin. Kitang-kita kung anong klaseng ‘values’ meron ka… kahit na sinasabi mong ordinaryong tao ka, matuto ka rumespeto!

      • litobetita

        Puro ka false prophet…..Ikaw, paano mo nasiguro na false prophet sila? Sila walang sinabi against you, pero ikaw ang dami-dami mong nasasabi against sa kanila……ngayon, sino kaya sa inyo ang mas evil? Sabi nga “love your neighbor as I love you” pero ikaw na nag-a-akusa sa kanila bilang “‘false” prophet ang nagakakasala against GOD and against the memory and soul of those dead people. Maano bang manahimik ka na lang para di ka maka offend ng ibang tao na di kagaya mo ang paniniwala.    

  • ellatovara

    Rest in Peace!  Please continue to watch over the Philippines. 

    Thank you so much for all your selfless service to the Filipino people!

  • Ding

    Thank you very nmuch, Father James Reuter, for everything that you gave the Philippines and its people, at the time they are most needed.

    You have done your best for us, you are now with creator, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

  • Herbert David

    Lol, tamaan ka din ng KARMA , kapag mamamatay ka marami ding magsasabi sa iyo na “siraulo si Noel at bagay siya sa impiyerno.”

    • Noel

      Ako’y isang ordinaryong mamamayan na nagkakasala din.  Pero hindi ako isang bulaang propeta.

      • Mat

        Noel, isa po syang dayuhan, iniwan ang kanyang sariling bansa na mas mayaman kaysa sa atin para paglingkurad ang mga Pilipino.  Alam natin na marami syang naiutolong sa sambayang Pilipino. Konting respeto sana kasi patay na po ang tao.

      • Noel

        Hindi natin alam kung ano ang nagtulak sa kanya para tumira sa Pilipinas ng ganoon katagal.  Marami naman diyan na dayuhan na namamalagi na sa Pilipinas kahit hindi Pari.  May mga asawang Pinay o dili kaya’y pedophile.  Si Reuter na ang nakakaalam kung bakit nagpasiya siya na manirahan sa Pilipinas.  Sa Pilipinas kasi masarap ang buhay kesa sa kanilang bansa.  May sarili siyang driver, kasambahay at mga guwapong mga kaibigang lalaki.

      • Punyëtero»Ka

         Para atang isa kang bakla at mga kasamang lalaki ang napapansin mo, o kaya pedophile din at yun lang ang maisip mong dahilan kung bakit tumagal siya sa Pilipinas.

      • Noel

        Masakit ang katotohanan kabayan.  Pilit mo man ipikit ang iyong mata at maging bulag ay nananatiling ganyang ang mga maraming Kaparian.  Ang isang pinakadahilan niyan ay ang bawal sa pag-aasawa ng Pari na labag sa aral ng Diyos.  Kaya ayun…maraming bading at manyakis na Pari.

      • litobetita

        Ang galing mo mag explain…parang ikaw lang ang nakaka-alam nyan. Kaya lang eh Katoliko lang ang napapansin mo. Bakit, sa ibang relihiyon ba walang bakla at manyakis? Maling-mali naman ang pagakaka-paliwanag mo sa kadahilanan ng di pag-aasawa ng pari….”labag sa aral diyos”. Mag isip ka nga muna bago ibuka bibig mo…nakakatawa ka. Ignorante!!!    

      • Punyëtero»Ka

        At kelan pa naging bawal ang pag-aasawa? Ang di pag-aasawa ng pari ay dahil sa ginawang patakaran.  Akala ko ba, nagbabasa ka.  Ang naunang mga pari ay may asawa at walang sinabi ang Diyos na bawal!  Yan ang hirap sa konting alam, konklusyon agad sa iilang katagang  nabasa.  Linalahat pa mali naman!  Ang bading ay kasama pa rin ng katauhan.  Kaya nga walang humuhuli sa iyo!

      • BLITZKRIEG166

        sugo ka ni satanas. talipandas ka…tawagan mo ko at sasali ako sa kulto mo…waahahahaha

      • nrcarcht

        Kaya Noel sa simbahang Katoliko ay maraming magagaling na sarili nila ay inialay para sa simbahan, ang tinuturing ni Rizal na si Padre Damaso sa kanyang libro ay kumbaga isang patak lang ng langis sa isang balding tubig.

      • rpcapinpin3

        What have you done to ordinary people…Ano sa tingin mo sarili mo?

      • litobetita

        Hindi ka nga bulaang propeta. Bulaan ka lang!!!! Nakakahiya ka…bastos!!!  

      • innocentyears

        no you’re not. you’re an idiot. think before you click dude.

  • mypride

    Thank you Fr. James… You have fought a good fight, you have won the race, you have kept the faith… Now time for you to reap your reward in the presence of God and our ever loving Mother…

  • PoisedPondering

    We will miss you.  You are always in our hearts.  Farewell, Father Reuter.  

  • Juan1102

    Rest in Peace, Fr. Reuter. You have accomplished much more than the common man through your prayers and through your actions. I know God has blessed you, and will keep you. You will be missed.

  • Mario

     There’s not an iota of decency in you , you’re a total and absolute disgrace to humanity.

  • RoachControl

    Mali ka!  Walang nephew si Fr. Reuter na nag-asawa sa anak ni Pandak.  You must mean Fr. Joaquin Bernas.  Porke ba hindi Malayan, hindi Pilipino?  Di anong turing mo kay Jose Rizal na isang mestisong Tsino?

    • Noel

      Sorry.  Si Fr. Bernas pala.  Pero parehong bulaang propeta naman.

      • Don Dee

        Tanga! Ay hindi pala … bobo lang. Sorry. BOBO!

      • litobetita

        Ikaw ang Bulaan!!! Kung anu-ano pinagsasabi mong masama sa taong hindi mo naman personal na kilala. Patay na nga tao binabastos mo pa! Anong klaseng tao ka kaya?

  • rpcapinpin3

    Rest in peace Fr. Reuter

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Fr. Reuter, RIP, you are an inspiration! We will miss you so much!!!!

    • Noel

      Actually, it should be RIA not RIP.  He’s an American so should Rest in America not Rest in Philippines.

      • Punyëtero»Ka

         Di ikaw Noel, kailangang RIH (Rest in Hell) para ibagay sa budhi mo!

  • Punyëtero»Ka

     Notorious in what?  Jesus is notorious for his holiness, is that bad?  Or do you say he is not the Son?  Are you a Jew or Muslim as they say he isn’t?  C’mon say what you believe in!

    • Noel

      Of course not notorious in holiness.  I said check the history of the Jesuits.  I’ve nothing against Fr. Rooter personally.  But to me, he’s among the many false prophets, wolves in sheep’s clothing, who exist today.

      • Punyëtero»Ka

        Oh now you say you have the power to discern and declare who are the false prophets and who are the true ones?  How say you then on Marcos?

      • Noel

        Read the Bible. 

      • Punyëtero»Ka

        You haven’t answered about Marcos whom you idolize!  Are you a holder of a Doctorate in Theology that you consider yourself an expert on the Bible?  Whio gave you the power to interpret & judge?

      • innocentyears

        hayaan nyo na ito. these are one of the few people in the world who makes no sense AT ALL, and if pressed for an explanation, he’ll answer “just read the bible.” wala rin naman syang alam, so yun lang ang kaya nyang isagot. absolutely does not deserve any of our responses whatsoever :)

      • $5699914

        Anak ng pating na dinaing!

        Nakabasa ka lang ng ilang talata mula sa Bibliya, pakiramdam mo na ikaw ay isa na sa mga henyo ng henerasyon!

        Aba’y ano ang tingin mo sa sarili, isang biyaya sa aming mga taga-sanlibutan?

        Maligo ka nga at maghilod ng maigi! Natatabunan na ng libag ang utak mo!

      • $5699914

          Ako alam ko kung bakit ganyan ang galit mo sa mga pari:

        ka sa pari pero hanggang ngayon, makalipas ang maraming mga taon, hindi
        ka pa rin nakakatikim dahil hindi ka nila pinapansin.

      • Noel

        Ako hindi nakakatikim ng Pari?  O sila ang gustong makatikim sa akin gaya ng pagnanasa nila sa ibang mga lalaki?

      • $5699914

        Ang isda nahuhuli sa bibig….

      • cedric

        Hahahahahaha…..patas na patas talaga ang response mo.

  • Punyëtero»Ka

     See my reply above, don’t know why it jumped there.

  • Mario

    Mr. Noel your bloggings reveal much of your persona. I believe you need an immediate professional help. 

    • Noel

      I already did.  His advice to me was to avoid listening to false prophets like Fr. Rooter.

  • kuz_n_efek

    Fr James, you’re truly the messenger & the message itself of God. Your extraordinary life has imprinted a deep meaning into our minds as Filipinos, especially the poor. You’ve led us & given us hope to look for a brighter future as a Nation. Your Christ-like dedication for the welfare of the Filipino people is worth remembering & definitely a source of inspiration for us. You’re always be in our hearts. May you rest in peace with your Creator.  

    • Benito Juarez

       Very well written.  Amen.

  • Punyëtero»Ka

    Try the Inquisition! Suggestion..picket Ateneo schools lambasting the Jesuits to make some use of yourself.

    • Noel

      If people only realize how bad and notorious the Jesuits are from history, they would not accord this foreigner such admiration. 

      • Punyëtero»Ka

        Just because you think in your opinion Jesuits are bad does not give you license to condemn every one of them.  Porke ba masama si Marcos, isasama mo na lahat ang Ilocano?  No sense ang pananaw mo, no rhyme or reason, ika nga!  Buksan mo ang ulo mo at hugasan mo ang utak mo at siguradong nililibag na yan at manalamin ka para makita mong nababaliw ka na.

      • Noel

        Bakit, Pari ba si Marcos?

      • Punyëtero»Ka

         Nakupo, lalo kang lumilihis..simpleng analogy di mo makuha?  Paano ka magigiing dalubhasa kong di mo maintindihan?  Balik ka muna sa kinder!

      • Edward

        twisted facts and distorted history…

        noel, sa ibang post nyo …mali mali pa ang facts tulad ng sinabi nyong maling composer sa kantang Bayan Ko and you even justified your mistake…

        c’mon inc, add, etc. blogger…

  • Ace Sango

    May He rest in peace! God bless you

  • julieboy

    Father Reuter,may you rest in peace in the arms of the Lord.

  • Yobhtron

    RIP Fr. James Reuter!

  • litobetita

    REST IN PEACE FATHER JAMES B. REUTER!!!! Pray for us when you get there, like you always do. Thank you for the love that you gave to our country….we will never forget!



  • joboni96

    if only the u.s. is as decent
    as father reuter

    hindi rin padre damaso

    go with god father reuter

  • innocentyears

    even more filipino than some who are actually… RIP, father.

  • $5699914

     Puro kahangalan mga pinasasabi mo…puro sablay!
    Sabagay, ibinabagay lang sa kung anong utak meron ka: BASURA.

  • Jee

    wa kay batasan patay na ang imo pa tadyakan

  • kilabot

    we are all dying from the time of birth; 
    it’s just a matter of time; 
    what matters is how that time is spent; 
    it seems reuters lived to serve; 

  • Michael

    Bka pedeng isama n yang noel s rip para mabawasan ang mga malinaw na naninira, walang respeto at nag gagaling galingan.dapat tinamaan n yan kagabi ng ligaw n bala o kaya ginamitan ng magula ng condom

  • White24

    Rest in peace Fr. James!! 

  • Sarkasmos

    You are a living proof that ignorance and arrogance make a dangerous combination.

  • xrisp

    Thank you for being so good and for servng and loving the Filipino people. You are now in our true rest in the loving arms of our Creator!

  • Punyëtero»Ka

    In reply to Noel…Gagayahin kita at magsa-propeta..pupunta ka doon sa lugar na kailangang-kailangan mo ng aircon.  Presumptous pala, kung magpahayang ka, akala mo ikaw lang ang may alam.

  • Night

    God speed, may you watch out for Filipinos while in Heaven

    • Noel

      Are you sure he’s in heaven?

      • Night

        why do you care dumb a$$

      • JuanTamadachi

        well said..

  • ivanhenares

    We last saw Fr. James Reuter, SJ at Xavier House in Sta. Ana, Manila a few years ago as part of efforts to save the historic house he loved dearly. I hope Xavier House is preserved as a testament to its role during the EDSA Revolution & to honor Fr. Reuter’s contributions to Philippine history

    • Noel

      How can we consider his participation in Edsa Revolution as contributions to Philippine History.  At least, the late Cardinal Sin was a Filipino (?) even if he conspired to oust Marcos.  But this Rooter was a foreigner.  He could have been deported for meddling in politics.  Anyway, he’s now deported to hell.

      • aristeosj

        you are the devil from hell!!!

      • sowhatifimfilipino

        You’re angry. Why? Do you even know him?

      • Noel

        I came from the rival school, the green environment.  I picked green over blue knowing how bad the Jesuits are.

      • Edward

        Noel, ikaw ay isang huwad at napakalaking impostor…nagpapanggap pa na La Sallista…

        It is like a proverb that says Tell Me Who Your Friends (behavior) Are and I Will Tell You Who You Are…

        gagamitin pa ang la salle para sa pagiging anti-catholic at paid inc, add, etc. blogger…

        is that the behavior of a la salle grad? LAKING katanungan…

      • Punyëtero»Ka

         Baka galing sa isang madrasa sa Pakistan dahil green din ang kulay nila.  Talo mo si Osama Bin Laden sa kakulitan.

      • allandel

         exactly! he was not a filipino but he helped us get back our freedom from the clutches of the marcoses who some of them are now in power. filipinos have short memory maybe becasue of our small brain? i hope not.

      • Punyëtero»Ka

         Baka bumubula na ang laway mo, ikaw rin..Either rabies yan o kaya epilepsy, dahil palala ng palala ang postings mo.

  • Albin

    Fr. Reuters is now with his creator. We love him direct our high school musicsl plays in the late 70’s.

    “When I first came here, I thought I was bringing God to the Philippines. But what I discovered was the Filipinos brought God to me”.

    • Noel

      Who creator?  Creator of Darkness?

      • Punyëtero»Ka

         Mark your words. Inaabangan ka ni Tany pag natigok ka.  Correct your grammar, who creator?  Anong klaseng English yan na galing sa isang kunyaring bible expert?

  • AhPinay

    He’s endowed with the love and grace of Jesus and Mama Mary for
    his love and faith he spread while alive…obvious was his love for our country
    until his death he stayed and carried his faith around! Lots of Pinoys love Fr.
    Reuter and he is a man of virtue…eternal love of Jesus,Mama Mary and Holy
    Spirit remain with him. Faith overflows from Fr. Reuter. RIP.

    • Edgardo Mendoza

      love and grace how idiot namatay siya sa sobrang katandaan tanga!! suwerte siya umabot siya ng 96 bihira lang umaabot ng ganyan kung wala kang pampadoktor igawa mo narin siya ng rebulto at gawin santo katulad ni calungsod dekada ng patay!! tingnan mo nakatingin sayo si papa jesus at mama mery gumagawa ka na naman ng himala!!

  • Punyëtero»Ka

    Noel, Malay namin Abu Sayaff o Al Qaeda ka!

    • $5699914

       Hindi….atin-atin lang ito, bakla iyang si Noel….kapitbahay ko ang terentedong iyan eh!

      • Punyëtero»Ka

         Naku pare, buti’t pinaalam mo ako, baklang Makoy loyalist pala si Noel. Siya pala yong post ng post ng puro paninira sa yumaong Alex Esclamado!  Eto na naman kay Fr. Reuter..baka grave-robber pa ito at mahilig manira ng namatay! 

  • Noel

    Calling Fr. Rooter “Bandido” is very correct. 

    • Punyëtero»Ka

       The title “Bandido” is honorific.  Are you too dense to know this is the point of the article?

  • cedric

    Sure ka ba….na lalaki ka? Hahahahahahaha!

  • cedric

    Ganyan yan sila…read the Bible, but listen and read how they ridicule other people. They say Catholics are hypocrites…tingnan niyo nga naman kung sino nagsasalita.

  • suddenlyyou

    I think bitter lang si Noel dahil hindi siya nakapasok sa Ateneo. Masyadong masasama ang lumalabas sa bibig niya. Walang modo. Namatay na nga ang tao.

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