Binay camp slams PNP official’s threat to remove Cebu governor from office



Suspended Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia reiterates that her suspension is illegal before a crowd of 1,000 supporters who staged a “Freedom March” from Fuente Osmena to the Cebu provincial capitol on Sunday. Photo by Carmel Loise Matus

MANILA, Philippines—The office of Vice President Jejomar Binay slammed Chief Supt. Marcelo Garbo, the Philippine National Police Central Visayas regional director, for saying he was prepared to physically remove suspended Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia from the provincial capitol where she has been holed up since being suspended from office last week.

A statement issued by Binay’s office quoted lawyer Ira Pozon, who heads the OVP Special Concern’s Office, as asking Garbo if his bid to physically remove Garcia from her office was his decision or that of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas or PNP Director General Allan Purisima.

Pozon reminded Garbo that Garcia has questioned her six-month suspension before the Court of Appeals, with a plea for a temporary restraining order on her suspension.

“Due process and the rule of law, not to mention judicial courtesy, require that you hold in abeyance your decision to remove the Governor from the provincial capitol,” Pozon said.

He also described the plan to remove Garcia from her office as un-Christian, “considering that we are still observing the most joyous season for Catholics.”

Pozon also warned Garbo that “such a provocative act could add to the political tension now prevailing in Cebu.”

“(P)hysically removing the Governor from her office while the process of appeal is not yet complete invites charges of abuse of authority and violation of due process,” he said. “Moreso, such an act invites counter-actions that could have political consequences beyond your control,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Philippine National Police (PNP) denied allegations of the Garcia camp, on Sunday, that it was allowing itself to be used in enforcing “martial law” in Cebu.

In a statement, Chief Supt. Generoso Cerbo Jr., the PNP spokesman, maintained that policemen manning the Cebu capitol have been merely doing their job to ensure peace and order in the area.

Despite the tension between the police and Garcia’s supporters, he said the PNP would observe maximum tolerance in dealing with the suspended governor and her supporters.

“The PNP is not taking sides on this issue… Any insinuation of martial law in Cebu only serves to undermine the professional and good image of the (PNP) organization,” he added.

He also stressed that the decision of the police to remove the tents of Garcia’s supporters from the capitol grounds was just part of the PNP’s “initiatives to maintain order in the area.”

A police officer, Inspector Avelino Enquito, had filed a case against Garcia’s son, Pablo “Paolo” Garcia III, after he and his two friends allegedly assaulted Enquito when the policeman tried to remove the tents.

Paolo Garcia had charged Enquito, other police officers and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas of robbery for removing the tents of his mother’s supporters.

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  • botets


  • tolelot

    kc wala ka ng nakawat ano….KAWATAN

  • reader2323

    gov. garcia should not be removed from the capitol by force because the case is still under appeal in the court. But as a mother of the cebu province she should be a model of a law abiding citizens. If she has trust to our judicial system she will leave the capitol but her actions shows that our judiciary and executive branch of government can not be trusted.

    • Juan Dela cruz

      Can’t be trusted? Are you insane? Mrs. Gov. Garcia still showing that TRAPO kind of politician just like Enrile, Binay, Estrada, and others… PNOY was doing his job and if you are one of Garcia’s supporters, sorry but she have to abide by the rule of Law. What she is doing now  is contrary to what she is saying that she is being remove. For God sake, take a leave for six months for the investigation, otherwise they will remove her according to our Law. Nobody is above the Law! Rich and poor should abide the law and please no more kumpare, kaibigan, at kapartido! Kapag nagkasala, dapat parusahan!!!

    • buttones

      Mother of Cebu Province? I beg your pardon? You can cut that out for a start, as a Cebuano she ‘aint my mother, she’s a public servant is all, a government employee, MY employee she is there to do MY bidding not project herself as some ’Queen’ of Cebu, prancing around on horses and holing here self up in government offices like some latter-day Butch Cassidy…and she should obey the Law. Whether she likes it or not, or how many tantrums she throws, and how many cell phones she is throwing about her office, she is illegally occupying government property, she may think it’s her property but it ’aint- it’s actually mine and yours… she is, in essence a ‘squatter’ at this point.

    • Dan

      hoy boang tontu

    • Yobhtron

      I reckon you are not from CEBU. 

  • batangsulpok

    Kaya siguro ayaw umalis ng mga supporters ni Garcia ay bundat sila sa pagkain, lalo na lechon at di pa nababayaran ang mga utang nila sa catering, ito na naman kaya mga CEBUANO, punta kayo sa capitol para makalibre ng kain.

  • Fulpol

    Cebu should immediately conduct “snap election”… to avoid fatal confrontations.. since there is no rule of law accdg to Garcia party and disobeying authority accdg to Roxas/BS Aquino III.

    let’s see if Binay/Garcia is more popular than Magpale/Roxas/BS Aquino III party..

    • Ding

      Nag-submit ka na naman ng kapulpulan mo…wala pa nga ‘yung TRO…ang ibig sabihin ng TRO, eh, Temporary Restraining Order, kaya habang wala pa ‘yan, nothing or no one can restrain the authorities to implement the rule of law.

      Bakit ka magho-hold ng elections, eh, maliwanag ang suspension niya…so, the suspension must be implemented, unless the court issue a TRO.

      Sinabi na rin ‘yan ni Constantine sa itaas…and, I believe what he is saying is more credible and in accordance with the rule of law than yours.

    • Htee

      Fulpy, ibig mong sabihin tuwing may masuspindi na gov. o mayor pag ayaw sumunod sa batas, election ang kasunod? Kung gastos mo ang election ok siguro pero hindi pa rin, gugulo lang lalo. Kaya isip ka pa ng ibang pang asar…hehe

    • Yobhtron

      Huwag na kayong makipagdebate sa gunggung na yan. Bayaran ni GMA yan. Tignan niyo ang lahat ng posts niya dito sa Inquirer.

  • Constantine

    What rule of law that is being talked about by the lawyer of Binay? The rule of law is simple, the suspension order is immediately enforceable thus unless a TRO is issued by the CA or SC, then Garcia is supposed to get out of the Provincial Capitol. Since no TRO is issued until now, under the law, Garcia is illegally staying in the Capitol. 

    • buttones

      Yes, the suspended Governor is now actually a ‘squatter’ on government owned property, and what would happen if you or I took over government offices as our own? I venture to say the SWAT team would be knocking on the door-Unless your name happens to be Garcia of course…..

  • Constantine

    Ano raw?

  • Constantine

    Ang baho ng bunganga mo! Para kang si Garcia, Enrile, Binay at Erap. Mababaho na magnanakaw pa! Mga kampon ng kadiliman!

  • Juan Dela cruz

     PACK YOU TOO! and pack your things and go away with Gwen Garcia!!!

  • AllinLawisFair

    I salute Chief Superintendent Marcelo Garbo. 

  • doctor_mengele

    This is about the 2016 elections. 
    I have always maintained that we deserve who ever we vote for in 2016….if we vote robbers, thieves, plunderers and murderers into office, we have no one but to blame but our selves.
    I still have to see the Filipino mature as a voter.If they vote Jackie Enrile into the Senate, then kasalan natin …….If they vote Binay as President, then kasalan natin lalo
    There is a lot of money to be made in the Philippines. The BIR has proven that it could reach the 1 Trillion collection mark and plans to increase it to 1.6T collection by 2016.
    Maraming mananakaw ng mga kawatan sa buong pilipinas. Grabe ang kayamanan natin….
    Bundok, kinakalbo ng mga politiko. Wala silang pakialam sa mga namamatay sa mga sakuna gawa ng baha and putol na troso.
    Our officials hide behind the reasoning of “Political oppression” when they are suspended with just cause.
    Marirap mag bago…Difficult to change. Sometimes, it is easier to “go along with the flow” and just turn your head away from the problem (and make some money on the side).
    This is what GMA and FG where good in doing. Pag may problema, tapalan ng pera. Favorite saying ni FG, “pera-pera lang yan”…lahat nga tayo, may katapat na presyo.
    This is how the likes of Doronilla and Tiglao make their money, making, seemingly logical commentaries.
    Gov. Garcia and Gov. Espino will be the litmus test of this Administration.
    PNoy is stubborn. He is headstrong. He will not waiver on corruption.
    Watch out. This Gov. Garcia and Gov. Espino situation may be even more critical than the Corona impeachment.
    GMA and FG are buying time for a sympathetic president come 2016. Binay is buyable and so is Enrile, who will move heaven and earth to protect their business interest.
    Never trust vain and small women with “Napoleonic Complexes”.  Why do you think Gwen Garcia and GMA love each other so much? Too much vanity… need breast augmentation and the other has the skin in her cheeks, streched all the way to her neck. Too much self love (Narcissism).

    Kapit Tuko sa Gwen Garcia. She cannot see the writing on the wall. She has to stay in power to protect Winston Garcia (her brother, who has his share of annomalities while running the GSIS) under the GMA’s administration.

    Garcia has allies in the Aboitizes (who are their partners in VECO). They are billionaires in Cebu. GMA is hoping to keep the Garcia family in power, for a win by a sympathetic president in 2016.

    To those saying that Pnoy is a power graber, look at the cases being filed and see if they have merit. GMA/FG and their cohorts, i.e. Gwen Garcia used the law to enrich themselves in office and escape prosecution by the law but use the same law to declare political harassment and persecution.

    Cebuanos are silently in approval of this move. Kapit tuko lang ang pamilyang Garcia. This will serve as a test for this administration’s resolve to go the straight path. Pnoy musn’t falter. He cannot fail. For the sake of our country, he cannot. 

    There are evil, self serving and self loving forces out there trying their best to make him fail.

    • mojo76

      so true……hope this administration will change everything

  • Enero Lamo

    suspended governor gwen garcia is illegally staying in the capitol because it is a public property and she’s not working anymore for being suspended…mahirap bang intindihin yon???  her stay in the capitol without job is like a person without proper education..matigas ang ulo…huh..!

  • Al Calde

    throw her out NOW!

  • buttones

    A thousand in the crowd of supporters? Had it been 20 thousand I would have been impressed- sorry Gwen, time to call it a day you have had a good run, traveled the world first class and attended many a banquet in your finery, and became a multi millionaire in the process. The game is played, it’s over…you were good once but you have been on too long….

    • chingnarciso

      and don’t forget the lechon,according to the news that every party they have  at the capitol ,a lechon is a must..paid the poor people of  Cebu.naku ang kapal ng mukha mo day…

  • tonyoks

    gamitin mo lahat ng resources mo madam governor, lahat ng legal means, but please you have to leave that government facility that youve been  holding on like a leech…

    if that means that the authorities will have to boot you out physically then so be it…

    you’re a nuisance so  let the normal organizational flow of your provincial govt run its due course….

  • Edward Solilap

    Now the office of Vice President clearly shown its’ original color it was seen yellowish before election 2010 now it’s dirty black!

    • Penta

      literally… i know there something fishy running on binay’s mind. let’s see that next year on the incoming election.

    • filipinaskoh

      Ang “yellowish” lang sa kanya ay ang kanyang ngipin.
      at ang true color nya ay “dark black” 

  • madlangpipol

    Madam Gov…please VACATE the’re creating trouble and tensions…Give Cebuanos PEACE.

  • Penta

    Madam, if you really a good leader, you should also be a good follower! Vacate your post and respect the orders of the government!

  • indiosbravos2002

    Tutuo nga yata na maligno to si Binay kasi lahat ng masamang politiko, knakampihan nya.

  • Betz Chui

    Ala Ampatuan na itong gawa ni Garcia at Binay sa Cebu ah…kanila at kanila lamang yata ang Kapitolyo? 

  • Pinoy1960

    What does the Special Concern Office of the OVP has to do with the suspension order of Garcia? It was the governor who defied the suspension order of the OP and has refused to this day from vacating her office. Assuming for the sake of argument that there is an instruction for PNP to physically remove her from her office, is it now the mandate of the SCO to lawyer for the governor?

    The SCO employees must remember that they are public servants and they get their salaries from the taxes paid from the hard earned money of ordinary employees. You have no business using your time lawyering for a governor that does not follow the rule of law!

    What a shame!

    • chingnarciso

      It’s more fun in the Philippines.even the vice president have more authority than the sitting President..

    • Yobhtron

      What can you expect from a very corrupt VP BINAY.

  • watot

    Now this is the best of best joke! A Vice President who doesnt respect the law! Appeal for TRO hasn’t been ruled, they should respect what was currently ruled not the other way round. I foresee what type of president Binay will be…turned off…1 vote off for you Binay and UNA!

  • joshmale2004

    Madam, pwede po bang paki disiplina din yung anak nyong nanampal ng pulis. Hindi ibig sabihin na porke kayo ang governador eh may karapatan na ding makialam ang anak nyong civilian sa gulo at pati mga pulis akala mo eh hawak niya.

    • vodot

      Ano po official statement ng OVP tungkol dito? Siguro okay lang manampal ng pulis. Anong klaseng Bise Presidente ito? Ang PNP ay nagpapatupad ng batas at legal orders, kung sakaling hindi rin ninyo alam, Bise!

  • pcosmachine

    When former US President Bill Clinton was in Manila in 2010 for a speech at the Manila Hotel, US Secret Service agents did not let Binay in at the hotel entance because according to them, the MAligNo CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

    • Dan

      right, :::)

    • filipinaskoh

      Siguro maliwanag kaya lumitaw ang kulay!

    • chingnarciso

      thats a good one,..

  • watot

    Respect the suspension order while waiting for your appeal! You think you’re a goddess? It’s just right to physically remove you if needed. Go ahead PNP. Binay, the public is watching you!

  • joshmale2004

    Ginoong Binay. Paalala lang po. Vice President po kayo at galing sa Gobyerno na kinabibilangan ninyo ang suspension order na dapat eh igalang ninyo bilang pangalawang pinakamataas na pinuno ng bansa. Kahit may apela ang ka partido nyo sa SC para sa TRO, dapat sundin pa rin ninyo ang isang legal na utos. Pag naibaba ang TRO saka ninyo iupo ulit ang governadora. Nakakaiya na po kasi ang ginagawa ninyo na pagkunsinti sa isang pag suway sa legal na kautusan.

  • Cmac

    Binay’s true color is now revealed.
    Clearly he is preventing the police from doing their job.
    If you livr or lived in Cebu then everyone knows Gwen deserves to be removed especially because issues have been cropping up since she was elected and she did nothing to clear hear side expect by giving excuses.

    Binay, it’s a shame you chose politics over the welfare of the Filipino people!

  • dikoy321

    Views from Germany:

    Binay, his office and Gwen Garcia are ALL WRONG !

    PNP Cebu, pls kick Gwen Garcia & followers out of the Capitol !

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • Hunter421

    How dare the PNP try to enforce the law!!! Welcome to the Philippines ;-)

  • The Truth

    binay’s color revealed! It seems the skin color goes through all the way inside.

    A typical Trapo, is this the kind of leader that could continue the gains of PNoy? Nahhh!! definitely Not!! We’ll be back in the dark ages, as dark as his color inside and out.

    • chingnarciso

      and be a dwarf on the eyes of the world, or be dark,maligno or evil spirit..hehehe,,or harharhar

  • Ronald Diaz

    Binay— isa kang tanga na nakaupo jan sa pwesto mo.. palibhasa pareho ang kulay ninyo ni Gwen..kaming nga taga Cebu sawang-sawa na sa mga anomalyang nangyayari sa Kapitolyo na kagagawan ng kapartido mo’ng maldita.
    Ang PNP sa pamumuno ni C/Insp. Garbo ay sumusunod lang sa batas – wala ka’ng karapatang makisawsaw dahil legal ang utos sa kanila hwag mo isali ang pamumulitika mo. Kung binabalak mo ma’ng tumakbo sa pagka Presidente ngayon pa lang talo kana ang taong bayan sawa na sa mga pulitikong kagaya mo “MGA TRAPO”.

  • nelscruz

    sa pagkampi ng UNA kay garcia ay sigurado na akong di ko iboboto mga BINAY, ESTRADA, ENRILE sa 2016 eleksyon.

  • Jim De Garman

    seems Binay is not a vice president of the Philippines his idiotic warnings to PNP director Garbo to physically remove Garcia from capitol is uncalled and against his mandate as VP..instead of advising Garcia to leave capitol peacefully, he is more fueling the tension between DILG and is purely a personal animosity between him and Roxas..

    President Aquino should remove Binay as one of his cabinet members by not supporting the executive not vote for Binay, Enrile, Estrada on 2013 & 2016 election.

  • wawa2172

    Gwen and Binay, take it from Erap that politics is weather-weather lang. Gwen has already made her point na umaboso ang DILG in proposing 6-month suspension for her and was approved by PNoy. Gwen will no longer be the Cebu governor after her term but her clout would be substantial for the next governor to win. So she better leave the Capitol for peaceful purposes.

    LP will not win in Cebu because  the late imposition of the suspension have politcal color. Mar bakit ngayon lang sana noon pa. Halata tulot na may harassment ang nangyari dahil sa pag kakaintindi ni Speaker Belmonte, the case between Gwen and Sanchez is a simple admin case lang naman. Kung isang linggo lang ang suspension ok lang sana but 6 months parang ayaw nyo nang makabalik si Gwen dahil election na yata yon. 

    Its actually Binay vs Mar. With 3 Kings of UNA and 3 Musketeers of LP, I just hope that independent candidates wins para ma dismantle ang dynasties sa political arena nang Pinas.

    • Dan

      blah blah blah, shut da f@ck up you murun

      • chingnarciso

        why not you do the shut the f@ck up you murun. this person just expressing his or her opinion. MORON,…

      • wawa2172

        Do you have anything more to say on the issue Dan? Thanks for calling me a murun but I guess I don’t know what it means. Wala kasi sa Webster, Thesaurus or even sa online dictionary ang word. Maybe you are referring to yourself, MORON who can only say blah blah blah, shut da f@ck up. My advice to you MORON write post focusing on the issue and respect the opinion of others.

  • Practicalandconcerned

    I guess this is how boxed in the masses are still in…martial law what a joke. She is being penalized for abuse of authority that’s it. Cebu is bigger than her. Even worst we criticize the PNP for enforcing the law…What?

  • J

    How can Binay be part of the team that leads this country. Sinabi niya na may political motive ang suspension at heto siya intervening into the case dahil kapartido niya si gwen. Hindi naman niya sakop ang kaso e nakikialam e di siya sumasakay na politically. 
    Palagay ko lalaki ang gulo pagkatapos ng new year. Dapat tama na yung spare-tire na lang siya at alisin siya sa lahat ang puwesto sa administration.

  • al gero

    yan si binay protect my people esp if the person will hug the limelight, according to binay’s action, we are above the law, nobody can touch my people, yan ang m,kukuha ng pilipinas kapg si enrille, binay at estrada ang nakupo,the previleged few,kaya mga pi;lpino mgisispisip sa taong ilallagay sa pwesto.BINAY ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pinoyobserver

    Ang kapal ng mukha mo Binay!  Ang mga katulad mo ang hadlang sa matuwid na daan para sa Pilipinas. Magsama kayo ni Estrada at Enrile.

  • stealth ice

    i am a Binay supporter until he supported congresswoman magsaysay and governor garcia. the supporters of GMA is now in Binay’s camp. it only shows that If Binay will become a president then GMA will definitly be back in power.

    Binay is just trying to granstanding the situations in cebu. very unfortunate.

  • NoWorryBHappy

    Ganyan talaga ang mga pakana ng mga TRAPO.
    Itong si Mrs Gwendolyn Garcia at Mr Jejomar Binay ay mga alinta’t suso na
    matinding kumapit sa kapangyarihan kahi’t lumalabag na sa batas.
    When Mr. Binay was asked to explain why the BINAY POLITICAL DYNASTY was still
    in power even though it was against the CONSTITUTION of the Philippines, he simply
    shrugged it off. He is showing a very BAD EXAMPLE. Hindi pa siya pangulo ay animo’y
    parang DIKTADOR na pinoprotektahan ang kanyang mga crony at galamay.

    • chingnarciso

      I agree with you 100%, .but  how about the other Pilipinos who sell their votes????

    • Yobhtron

      Remember the crimes committed by his fraternity.  Itinago niya sa mga pulis ang mga pumatay sa kanilang amoyong.

  • Car Michael Garcia

    kayong mga taga cebu mag decision na kayo, mag salita kayo, kung karapat dapat paba si gwen garcia sa balwarte niyo

  • filipinaskoh

    hay naku! BINAY hindi ka pa man PRESIDENTE astang DIKTADOR ka na!

    Wala ka ring ipinagkaiba kay Tita GLORING – pag dating sa kanyang mga KAMPON kahit ILLEGAL ISUSULONG.

    Vice president ka pa man din, ikaw pa ang mag-uutos na wag syang umalis sa pwesto! PWEH!

    Mga anak mo, asawa mo naka pwesto! ganun din si Gloria
    Si Gloria lahat ng illegal pati kurakot, basta’t ALIPORES nya approved- pati na rin ang Maguindanao massacre dahil kaalyado me balak pang pagtakpan.



  • filipinaskoh

    Hindi ka pa man NAKAPWESTO feeling mo nasa sa pinakatuktok kana, NAKAKASULASOK ka na, BINAY!

    ano ba iyan! Vice president condoning the illegal action of a suspended Governor!

    LUMITAW ang TUNAY na KULAY mo – MAITIM ( ay maitim ka naman pala talaga) – MAITIM ANG BUDHI, palagay ko maitim din ang GILAGID mo!

    Ang MAITIM na MALIGNONG ito, minamaligno na ang Pilipinas paano pa pag Presidente na ito?


    • chingnarciso

      hindi mo ba nahalata, na kapag pandak ay malaki ang  ego?just think the past  administration, ang pandak nga eh pero kung umasta parang matangkad,di lalong lalo na kapag si  Binay ang maging PRESEDENTE. kawawa ulit ang Pilipinas..

      • East_Crusader

        pandak nga pala si hitler at si napoleon, beware!!!

  • legislex

    Under the law, the order of suspension in an administrative case against Gov. Gwen Garcia is immediately executory.  All government offices, including the Cebu PNP, are required to observe and enforce it.  The only way to prevent its observance and enforcement is through a reversal by the Office of the President in a motion for reconsideration or by the Court of Appeals in a petition.  The Court of Appeals may also hold in abeyance its observance and enforcement by issuing a temporary restraining order (TRO).  Unless a TRO is issued by the Court of Appeals, the order of suspension should be enforced by the Police.  The mere filing of a petition with the Court of Appeals questioning the validity of the order of suspension does not bar the PNP from enforcing it.  It is thus MISLEADING for VP Binay to say that the pendency of Gov. Gwen Garcia’s petition with the Court of Appeals has the effect of preventing the Cebu PNP from enforcing the order of suspension.

  • $53950194

    ALL politicians naman basta papaalisin o suspendido, kahit na supreme court pa ang magsabi, ay babaliwala-in lang naman ang mga utos at gagamitin ang lahat ng legal strategies para ma delay o manatili sa pwesto.  Maling mali ang i padlock ang kapitolyo o ang city hall dahil ayaw ng mga suspendido umalis sa kinauupuan.  Dapat baguhin ang ganitong sistema ng pamamahalaan dahil ang lahat ng ito ay dahil lang sa KASAKIMAN sa kapangyarihan, pera atbp.

    • $53950194

      Sang-ayon din ako na dapat si Binay as UNA Leader, pinakita nya bilang lider, na dapat iwanan ni Garcia ang pwesto nya: 1) bilang pag galang sa desisyon ng ehekotibo, 2)bilang pagsunod sa proseso ng batas 3)bilang isang tatakbong presidente sa susunod na halalan, na dapat ipairal ang tama laban sa mali.  Dapat mag investigate din sya tungkol kay Garcia kung karapat-dapat nga ba itong miyembro ng UNA dahil ito si Gwen ay nasasangkot sa magkadami daming anomalya sa kapitolyo ng cebu.  Sana tumahimik nalang sya sa isyung ito dahil hindi naman ito patungkol sa UNA.  Dapat din syang dumistansya sa isyung ito dahil ito ay nakaaapekto sa kandidatura nya.  Hindi pa nga nga nanalo eh kahit sino nang umasta.

    • Yobhtron

      This event exposed the corrupt and skewered principle of Binay and his UNA trapo gangs.  More and more voters will see this and it will negatively affect their chances in the coming elections. 

  • Juan

    lumalabas na TRAPO kampo ni ERAP ngayon. come to think of it theres no argument about that.

  • speedstream2

    In a civilized society, no one is above the law.

    • boldyak

      correct, even the president is not above the law…

  • Pinoy1960

    Sa ngayon pa lang na VP si Binay, wala siyang pakundangan na gamitin ang kanyang opisina para sa pansariling interest ng kanyang partidong UNA.

    VP Binay, maaawa ka naman sa bayan, kaming nagpapakahirap na kumita ng marangal ang nagpapasweldo sa iyo at mga emplayado ng OVP ang dapat ninyong pagsilbihan, at hindi ang isang taong ganid sa kapangyarihan!

    Ang dapat sa OVP ay gawing piso and budget hanggang 2016 para hindi magamit sa kung saan saan na wala namang pakinabang ang bayan. ‘A dose of the governor’s medicine’ ika nga.

    You have lost 3 votes for any UNA candidate in  2013 elections. And definitely more in 2016. You don’t have the moral conviction necessary in leading the country and the political will in sustaining the growth that the country is experiencing now.

    Ano babalik na naman ang bayan sa kadiliman? No way Binay!


  • wawangpenoy

    Mga kabayan!!! VP pa lang tong si Binay, ganito ng umasta. As if he’s above the law. Pag naging presidente ito, walang pwedeng gumalaw sa kahit sinong kaalyado nya kahit anong kapalpakan ang gawin. Ganito ba ang gusto nyong maging presidente?


    You can do the nation a favor. Do not vote for any UNA senatorial candidates.

    • wawangpenoy

      At least, do not vote for anyone with the last names ESTRADA, ENRILE and BINAY. If any of these 3 candidates win. Goodbye Phlippines. Talagang kailangan ng tumawag sa China para pulbusin ang Pilinas para malinis ang lipunan natin at magsimula ng bagon henerasyon.

      Ibig sabihin kasi,, hindi lang gobyerno ang bulok, pati mga botante bulok

    • Yobhtron

      Time to campaign against these corrupt families.  NO TO UNA! Una sa corruption ang mga eto.

    • lolo_Jose

      Tama ka apo, ako mismo at mangangampanya para wag iboto ang UNA sa susunod
      na election..NO TO ENRILE, NO TO ESTRADA, NO TO BINAY at lalong NO TO
      GARCIA of Cebu…

  • ofwme2807

    mr nuno sa punso binay stop talking and challenging the PNP dahil wala ka namang magagawa the PNP is following a lawful and legal order to physically remove the suspended ex-Gov…Remember the matrona Gwen asked for it that she will be removed over her dead body then so be it..the PNP and DILG actually gave her time to think about her suspension and accept it but she is defying the order so what can we do???the 3 kings even wrongly advised the ex-Governor and st

  • ofwme2807

    the 3 kings wrongly advised the ex-Governor for their own show and benefit..they want press and political mileage in the stand off but see nothing happened..they just visit her for electioneering and photo ops…if she will be physically removed or dragged out of her office so be it…she asked for it and she will get it…no one is above the law…by the way just asking is this nuno vp binay   not committing a crime or violating his oath as VP and public official by advising the ex-Governor to defy the lawful and legal order of her suspension by DILG???maybe not but Im sure there’s some kind violation of code of ethics…

  • ofwme2807

    napahiya ang 3 loko lokong hari sa pagpunta sa provincial capitol ng Cebu para sabihan ang suspended governor na huwag bumaba sa pwesto at magmatigasan…bistado ang 3 UNA leaders na lahat sila at kanilang mga partido at kaalyado ay puro mga political dynasties mga trapos at mga balimbings lalo na ang spokesman na si mr toby dragon ball z angas ang star witness ni ex-CJ corona sa impeachment trial… UNA party hahaha

  • vodot

    The problem with Binay and his party is too much politics in their minds. He can’t discern the difference between pure governance and playing politics. There lies the big difference between you and PNoy, between you and Mar, between UNA and LP.

  • wawa2172

    What I admire sa mga Cebuano ay patuloy ang buhay nila sa pag unlad kahit gaano kagulo ang pulitika nito. Gwen vs Sanchez, Tommy vs Rama, etc. People from Mindanao especially the professionals seeks employment in Cebu. Its an industrial city in central visayas and so independent financially from imperial Manila. I guess this the reason why Gwen is being kick out of the capitol is for the LP to gain control of the province. Somehow, Garcia’s term would end soon thus the late imposition of suspension on her is no longer needed. Away bata ang nangyari kay Gwen at Sanchez, a simple admin case according to Belmonte. But PNoy had made a decision and it must be respected but Gwen could bring the issue in court for settlement. The Cebuano’s knows its well, political harassment or not, it is better for Gwen to live the capitol for peaceful purposes. My advise to Binay and Mar, face the nation on debate hindi para kayong mga bata na nag sisiraan. Mar naman you can do better than suspending Gwen for a long 6 months sa simpleng kaso. Hindi nga sinuspindi ni Robredo si Gwen dahil alam nyang away politika ito, ikaw naman masyado yatang nahalata. I don’t know if its part of LP strategy na pakagatin si Nognog Binay sa issue. I won’t vote for Nognog for sure in 2016. but I am doubting Mar too kasi pwedi pala siyang mang harass nang kalaban sa pultika kahit ibinoto nang bayan. We know you are a good man Mar, let cebuanos fight in political arena by themselves, they are politically matured than many Filipinos at ayaw nilang may nakikisawsaw. You should know better dahil bisaya  from Capiz ka rin Mar. 

    • Ernesto

      rule of law must prevail,dapat nga wag nyo na iboto c binay kasi para syang hari sa pinas,di nya ni respeto ang atin pangulo

  • bagombong

    that is why politics in Philippines are pure business…kaya walang nangyayari sa atin dahil hindi rin sinusunod ang utos ng sinuman uupo..nakita nyo kung paano makipagmatigasan ang mga nakaupo, wala silang pinapakinggan, ang takbuhan ay CA or SC…dapat sa atin ang mga nangay na ito ang mamuno..SC at CA…total sila lagi ang nagbibigay ng hatol…useless ang gobyerno na pinatatakbo ng Presidente dahil inutil ang mga inuutos at hindi nasusunod kung masunod man..sasalungatin din ng CA or SC ang kanyang kautusan…so bakit pa tayo bumuboto ng Presidente samantalang ang SC puwede ng mag-utos. at gumawa ng batas.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Kapit tuko si Garcia,wala ng raket pambili ng BOTOX…

  • Pedro


  • LegalJustice

    Don’t be afraid and be intimidated of Mr. VP Binay for he is not the law and above the law.

    Just let him know that you are just inforcing the rule of law as provided to you by The Philippine Constitution. And to remind him that he took an oath to uphold The Philippines Constitution which is the law of the land when he became a VP.

    Insinuating he is above the rule of law then he can be charged and he need to read with his lawyer that is including his UNA Ex-Gov Garcia: Republic Act No. 6713: Title. – This Act shall be known as the “Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.”

    Reply to his memorumdum indicating the following information – don’t be afraid of him he is just trying to do some scare tactics – he thought he is the VP he can do what we wants above the law.

    Let him know in a plain and simple language: Everyone is equal under the law and nobody is above the law. All Citizen of the Republic of the Philippines should abide by The Rule of Law regardless you are a President or a Vice-President.

    Send him a copy of The Philippine Constitution and Republic Act No. 6713 as a reminder you are not insulting him – it is just a reminder for a lot of Government Official they tend to forget that they took an oath of office to uphold The Philippine Constitution. Plus let him know first and foremost He is ” A Public Servant ! ” and Vice-President is just a title of his position.

    However if this is just a statement issued by Binay’s office quoted lawyer Ira Pozon, who heads the OVP Special Concern’s Office – You don’t need to answer the inquiry concerning the action to be implemented tell her you have no authority to divulge the information for its confidential.

    And if she insist inform her to write a letter and address it to the DILG and CC: The Office of President of the Philippines.

    Don’t be intimidated with there machination scare tactics believe me the office of the President and DILG will protect you.

    Let The Rule of Law – Rules !

  • J

    Mga hayop na simbolo ng politiko ngayon sa PH:
      Tuku – kung kumapit todo todo
      Buwaya – kung sumakmal sobra sobra
      Ahas – makamandag kahit kaibigan tutuklawin
      Chameleon – mabilis magpapalit kulay para hindi madetect
      Linta – kung sumipsip tiyak matutuyuan ka ng dugo
      Dracula at Satanas
    Favorite na Prutas:
    Insekto: Sipsip

    • Ding

      Na nagsama-sama sa isang partido…parang laban ng Maligno at Benigno.

  • Marshall

    Sino  ba itong Pozon na ito ? kabit ba ito ng MALIGNO ?

    • Faisal salman

      ano po ba ang inglis ng Maligno….

      • LegalJustice

        Maligno means Bad Spirit or Evil Spirit.

        In legal term: Person who violate or do not abide in the rule of law.

      • Ernesto

        consentidor yun ang meaning bro

      • Marshall


      • jseesus

        malignant binay… hoy negro … kahit itawis, mga ibanag at ilokano hindi ka iboboto… dahil magnanakaw ka.

      • ofwme2807

        hahaha ang laki at sobra ng tawa ko hahaha…

      • Ding

        Ang English niyan, Malign…opposite ng Benign…parang Maligno laban sa Benigno.  ‘Yung isa evil, ‘yung kabila, good.

  • lolo_Jose

    Sige Chief Supt. Marcelo Garbo, gawin mo ang katungkulan mo at wag kang matakot
    sa mga pambabanta ng mga alagad ni Binay. Isang lehitimong utos na dapat sundin
    dahil nasa likod mo ang batas. Wag patatakot kaninoman kahit mula pa sa OVP na si
    Binay, dapat nga sila pa ang magsabi na umalis muna ang gobernadora para alang
    gulo na pero sila pa ang nagkukunsitidor…

  • boypalabobo

    Binay invested heavily on Garcia so he can win the presidential elections in Cebu area
     – it’s the only explanation.

  • Fayha

    To Court of Appeals bakit ang tagal nyo mag decision sa kaso ni Garcia?bakit naghihintay ba kayo nang Suhol? sana naman bilisan nyo..pumuti na ang balat ni Binay sa kaputak nang Putak.

    • Ding

      Pumuti ba ‘yon?  Akala ko, kumalat lang ‘yung sipon sa mukha.

  • TOINKZ_06

    Not just he is the VP of the land, he is a lawyer by profession. So Atty. Binay you know the law and you must abide it. 
    Go go go Chief Garbo don’t be intimidated by these people the likes of BInay. Soon he will reap the demise of his political career.

  • Ernesto

    dont be intimidated by vp binay you only follows order from the higher follow dilg order and our president order.

  • wawa2172

    Though Binay is the VP of the country, it does not mean he would no longer opposed the president. That is why in every meeting  there is such a thing as to agree and disagree. Binay being the head of UNA party has members to lead and to take care. Same with PNoy who respect  his party, meaning that of LP decisions on many high profile issues and one of this is Gwen suspension for 6 month as recommended by the current DILG head Mar Roxas who chairs the LP so mayron conflict of interest. While Padaca was bailed courtesy of the president himself same could not be accorded to Gwen, meaning even a respite of the suspension which seems to be grave for a simple admin case. VP Binay at least have disagreed with PNoy for political reason. De Castro was a yes man of GMA then dahil mag kapartido. We may not like Binay because of dynasty and unexplained riches but it does not mean that we have to dislike him because he disagreed with PNoy. For all we know, it is not really a personal decision of Noy to axed Gwen but rather he just concurred with the party decision of unseating Garcia. It is all power play in politics, he or she who control the cebu capitol has the advantage in machinery during election. Sana may independent na lider na magaling na tatakbo against Binay and Mar para mag karoon tayo nang maayos na governance. We have already tasted the leadership of Mar and Binay, to me they are “trapo” not worth to lead our country.  

    • TOINKZ_06

      It was before the  late Sec. Robredo and the late Vice Gov. of Cebu the case was being investigated. This time the suspension order under Mar Roxas as DILG chief. Binay as a lawyer must comply and urge Gwen to follow the order. Not to threatened police officials who just execute the order.
      Its all politics really, I’m not for Mar nor  Binay they’re all TRAPOS. 

      • efffyoufools

        the process of appeal isn’t finished yet so until the court of appeal comes down with a decision on her appeal for a TRO, they cannot physically remove her. this is simple logic and while you detractors are foaming in your mouths demanding her to follow the rule of law, she too is doing what she thinks is according to the rule of law.

      • Ding

        Ang ibig yata’ng sabihin ng TRO, eh, Temporary Restraining Order, di ba?
        Kung gayon nga, di ba mas ‘simple logic” na until that restraining order comes down, nothing can restrain enforcement of the suspension order?
        Reminder uli, di kaya nalilimutan mo rin ang H sa unahan, at W sa dulo ng tawag mo sa sarili mo.

      • TOINKZ_06

        i like your nonsense response… Simple Logic b kmo, read more about what is TRO. Why why why til now alaGWENtang governor can’t secure.
        H Alim A w nga accdg. to Ding, magsama kayo ni Maligno.

  • Morskie52

    The three kings. The three idiots.

  • caloyski65

    walang pinagkaiba yan Gobernadora na yan sa kamaganak nya  na si Winston Garcia na dating namuno sa GSIS na nag lustay din at nagpayaman nun panahon ni GLO…..tapos un nagtatangol sa kanila na si BINAY eh isa rin maraming ANOMALYA….puro sila MAGNANAKAW

  • jga94

    Puhleease… pa sya….hintayin na lang yung TRO….tapos…OA….nakikisakay pa itong isa pang trapong si Binay….

    Binay is cunning I give him that….he knows PR…umiiwas sya sa controversial subjects like the RH Bill at nakikisakay sa popular issues like OFW issues to further his agenda….sa madaling salita oportunista….if he wanted to give us a glimpse of how he would be as president, why will he not make his views known on all pressing issues of govt—whether controversial or not…..

    This issue–for me–is not controversial at all….it is more a nuisance than anything…antagal-tagal pa ng elections…ano ba yung bumaba at mahinahon na hintayin ang TRO….kung meron eh di balik sa pwesto….

  • Your_King

    Don’t slam the PNP, they are just following orders from the President. Whom the Chinese refer to as “Won Dum Guy.” Blame him and not the police who are doing their jobs.

    • Ding


    • Don Dee

      Yes the “blame” goes to the president. BLAME goes to him for trying to ENFORCE the law of the land — within the framework and powers given him under our laws. So, ano? Angal? Mag file kayo ng TRO sa korte. Dun na kayo mag isplika.

      • Your_King

        He is not enforcing the law of the land, he is finding a technicality to oust a political figure in order to quench his thirst for more power.


    Imbes atupagin ung ibang issue na mahalaga eh…di nmn maghihirap yan sila kung mawala sa pwesto,,,kasi wala pa akong nabalitaan na isang pulitiko naghirap…ULITIN KO WALA PANG PULITIKO NA NAGHIRAP..PERO MARAMI NA SILANG NAGHIHIRAP SA KABILANG BUHAY…

  • efffyoufools

    binay is a lawyer who knew that the due process that garcia was entitled to wasn’t followed by aquino and roxas when they decided to suspend her. aquino is not a lawyer but acting like one and knew what’s best for his personal agenda. 

    • Snoop

       Sira pala ang tuktuk mo eh.. Pa “due process-proces” ka pa dyan _LOL! Alam naman ng lahat na napakabagal umusad ang korte sa atin.. O, di inibut na ng mahabang panahon wala pang nangyayari o baka tuluyan ng walang mangyari dahil patay na ang nagreklamo.   PWE!!

    • Ding

      ‘Yung H sa unahan ng ngalan mo, at ‘yung W sa dulo, nakalimutan mo na naman. para makumpleto ang H Alim A W…o HALIMAW.

  • nennen12345

    garcia is not following the rule of law and she wants the government to follow and respect the rule of law?  

  • Istambaysakanto

    Ang ‘di maunawaan ay ang pananatili sa opisina ng gobernador na wala namang power na magpatakbo as lalawigan ng Cebu. May saysay ba?

  • daniboy2012

    mga kapit tukong magnanakaw…

  • Don Dee

    Naglabas na ng tunay na kulay si Binay at ang kanyang mga kampon. This is good! Kung ang mga botante Pilipino, iboboto pa rin ang mga taong ito wala na tayong masisisi kung hindi tayo. This is UNA doing us all a favor. Kahit pa anong sabihin nila sa darating na kampanya, no words speak louder than their actions right at this moment. Ito sila. Ito ang kampo nila. Bagay nga ang mandarayang senador sa kanilang hanay. Convicted plunderer evicted from office. City mayor who’s wealth is at best “QUESTIONABLE”. Architect of martial law who faked his own ambush. Ito ang UNA. 

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