Cebu City taxes spent on ‘lechon,’ snacks



Mayor Michael Rama

CEBU CITY—A record of spending by the city mayor is offering a glimpse of how taxes are being used by some government officials on items that have little to do with governance or delivering basic services, like roasted pig.

In this city alone, Mayor Michael Rama spent P5.8 million of his so-called discretionary funds on groceries, roasted pig, flowers and snacks, according to records from the city’s Registry of Allotment and Obligations.

The same records also showed that Rama made a total of 270 “extraordinary charges” to his discretionary funds from January to Nov. 30 this year.

Meals, snacks

These included charges for meals and snacks worth P2.023 million; various expenses totaling P1.272 million; and other expenses that included prizes, rental, T-shirts, balloons, plaques, giveaways, publication and medical assistance, totaling P1.65 million.

Rama also spent P422,600 on roasted pig, P155,900 on flower stands, P121,700 on flowers, P119,176 on groceries, P29,014 on office supplies and P19,300 on financial assistance.

Membership fee

One voucher for reimbursement showed that P21,070 was spent on groceries for “walk-in clients and other official purposes,” which were not specified.

A voucher processed on May 21 was for the reimbursement of P15,000 that was paid for a “membership fee.” Another voucher was processed on July 12 to reimburse P18,500 spent on roasted pig.

Reimbursements for payment made for roasted pig, worth P111,200, were made on Oct. 3 through four different vouchers (P31,000, P24,500, P24,500 and P31,200).

A voucher dated May 29 was also attached to a reimbursement for meals amounting to P130,000 that were served during the distribution of cash incentives to village officials.

Another voucher, dated June 7, showed a payment of P25,300 for a flower stand.

Common practice

Mayor Rama said that the purchases of roasted pig are in order and itemized.

“Even the other mayors do the same,” he said.

Vice Mayor Joy Augustus Young said that the use of the mayor’s discretionary funds is “wide in latitude” but this should not be abused.

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  • Barangkuag

    No wonder most politicians look like pigs and act like dogs! Why on earth do we have ‘discretionary’ and ‘pork barrel’ funds in the first place? We all know too well that these funds are the ‘cookie jars’ for most politicians and yet we have allowed them to put there hands in there for too long…too long. We are really helpless bunch of idiots.

    • opinyonlangpo

      Its good to know that you are aware that there are bunch of you, and much much more.

  • Facilitator1

    Mayor Rama said that the purchases of roasted pig are in order and itemized. He said, “even the other mayors do the same”–you’re RIGHT it may be LEGAL to do so and a WIDE-SPREAD PRACTICE in the government but it’s so MORALLY REPULSIVE…

    The citizenry (MASANG PILIPINO) expects you and the rest of government officials (either elected or not) to be GOOD STEWARD of the people’s money…

    TAX dito…TAX roon…nakukuba na si Juan dela Cruz sa kakabayad…yun pala pambili lang ng lechon, groceries, snacks, atbp–SHAME ON YOU!!!


  • opinyonlangpo

    As long as it is within the budget, why not? At least the people can also eat. Better than pocketing the money and declaring it as pays for ghost employees or improvements of roads to nowhere.

    • mg_harrier

      paano pag over priced ok lang din ba iyon?as per the above article,may lechon na nagkakahalaga ng PHP31K at pinakamababa yung PHP24.5K,siguro naman hndi iyan natugma sa prevailing market price..

      • opinyonlangpo

        The point is he spent it on food for the people. Lets hear if those people complain after eating it.

      • doncleo

        OK BA YUN? Pinakain nya nga yung tao gumastos sya ng 3,000 yung 20,000 sa bulsa nya,Ok ba yun sayo?…Yang mga pulitiko gumagawa ng paraan para makapagnakaw ng pera ng taongbayan kaya kunwari nagmamagandang loob pero ang sadya nila nakawan ang kaban ng bayan.,Don’t be naive.

      • opinyonlangpo

        Like I said above, the Filipinos can see the lechon, but can’t see the buildings and mansions and billions of the politicians abroad. Its just like you saying, its fine to get away with billions, but lechon …. no way. Oh yeah, the mayor nearby just build a new exotic hotel but never shared even a lechon …. bad, bad mayor.

      • stilettoL2

         So it means the Corrupt Mayor who shared a Lechon is better than the Corrupt Mayor who doesn’t share anything? As per your reasoning you can tolerate Mayor Lechon’s  wrongdoing  so long as he will share some of His Lechon to the people.

      • opinyonlangpo

        Another lechon brained Filipino. Onward lechon-brained Filipinos.

      • mg_harrier

        are you sure he share it to the people,the lowly ones?what if the lechon was prepared for those on the higher echelon in a social gatherings and not for those needy people?lam mo yang line of reasoning mo ay malayo sa katotohanan kasi more often than not ang mga politiko ay naghahahanda ng masasarap na pagkain para sa mga tulad nilang mararangya.sad to say yung mga mahihirap na constituents nila ay di nila kayang pakainin ng masasarap na lechon.

      • opinyonlangpo

        Amazing how people can go to details of a lechon while they can’t see imaginary roads and bridges.

    • Facilitator1

      Erroneous LOGIC Kabayan. If you can’t spend/use it judiciously don’t spend/use it. We are not a RICH country that we have the luxury to buy/spend on non-essential items or superfluous projects/gimmicks.

      On “ghost employees/projects”–korek ka dyan. All government officials committing graft and corruptions must be identified/prosecuted/punished to the MAXIMUM extent of the law. NO one is above the law–even if they thought they are….

      • opinyonlangpo

        It is a corrupt country, this is the lighter side of it. Some got billions without sharing a lechon to their constituents and still people complain on it, why don’t they concentrate on the big ones? Ah its Philippines.

      • insulin_rush

        isa ka siguro sa nakakain ng lechon na yon.

      • opinyonlangpo

        I wish. That mayor is better than the rest.

      • Facilitator1

        Mali na naman ang LOGIC. Ang PISO hindi mabubuo kung kulang ng isang sentimo. If you combine all small time wrong-doers it will still equates to ‘humongous” MONEY-SAVED sa bayan.

        REMEMBER a crime no matter how small or minuscule it is–it’s still a crime. You can’t pick or choose who to prosecute. Just our luck, these small time grafters might squeal and name names if pushed to their uncomfortable zone–and this can happen only in the COURTS…

        Unfortunately, in our country the BIG FISH learned how to cover their tracks so meticulously/thoroughly that their chances of getting caught is slim to none.

      • opinyonlangpo

        Exactly, its because Filipinos can handle only lechon. 

      • Jose

        walang maliit na corruption. the name corruption is always as big as it is and a big impact to all. umpisahan na natin ang pagbabago sa ating mga sarili.

      • opinyonlangpo

        Thats right, start with yourself. Tell that to that PCGG, they are still looking for lechon underneath the billions of dollars. Too bad the lechon is all covered up by the billions so no need now for the PCGG.

    • Jose

      you are short of reasoning. if all filipinos are like you then what happen to this country. when will God get rid of filipinos same as you. sana kunin ka na ni Lord.

      • opinyonlangpo

        Generally speaking, you are all like that. Anyway, you go first, I will follow. Have a nice trip.

  • sakinlang

    Magkasakit sana kayo sa kakakain ng lechon at snacks mula sa pera ng taong bayan. Tuluyan na rin sana kayong maglaho sa mundo! Good riddance!

  • Ommm

    The saying is ” you are what you eat”…and this man has dined on a whole lot of pig….

    How does he even digest this gluttonous amount and drive past the many street begging children of Cebu?

    • Love God

      Feed them more lechon. Parlors are expecting brisk business right after the season. 

  • mg_harrier

    boung pamilya ata ng mayor na to ay kasama sa budget sa pagkain..hindi nyo kasi pinaghirapan ang perang iyan kaya ok lang na ipambili nyo ng kung anu-ano samantalang andaming naghihirap sa mga nasasakupan nyo.2M for meals and snack is a lot of money..marami ng napakaing maralita ang halagang iyan!

  • Eva Torres

    Kung sa boxing pa, wala gyud tay bout aning mga mambabatas or politician kay nag himo man sila ug balaod nga legal ang pampangawat

  • julieboy

    How a position can change the morals and character of a person.If all this expenses are true,peoples money used for yourself,friends and family.Talk about abuse of authority.Pangawat na ma ni…Grabe gayud, Mayor pa lang kawatan na man.

  • speedstream2

    Why is it so easy and pleasurable for government functionaries to spend hard-earned taxpayers’ money with nary a thought that there are pressing concerns that need proper asap funding because these redound to the common good? Why do we keep on tolerating this kind of behavior? Could it be that we never learn or we like self-flagellation?

  • dark matter

    Bakit nagagawa ng gobyerno na magkaroon ng ganitong mga provisions samantalang ang laki ng utang ng Pilipinas na hindi pa nababayaran? Tanggalin yang ganyang mga luho! (Para namang may mangyayari sa sinabi ko hahaha)

  • wawa2172

    I am not a government official,I am from a private sector. I guess what Vice Mayor Young is accusing Mayor Rama is out of sync considering its election period. As we know, the city mayor office have discretionary funds intended for use on purposes related to his function. As far as the lechon, foods and groceries coming from the funds, wala namang masama dito kung ito dumaan sa prosseso. Besides its the COA who will audit the office of the City Mayor of his so called expenses and not the vice mayor. Besides the executive including the vice-mayor will have to go through proper auditing by COA to determine if the expenses are allowed or not. I just hope Ms.  Young would do the same to all would be mayors and Councillors of Cebu, I mean published all expenses made by the council for their snacks, paper used, approved expenses for fiesta, charter days, medical and office supplies etc. I would also suggest that the Mayor, the vice mayor and counselors of Cebu City be given a 1 Php  budget for discretionary funds. One more thing snacks and lunch during meetings should be disallowed, not even coffee should be provided to visitors even dignitaries, no papers should be used for memo all should be in digital form forwarded in Facebook accounts,no flowers form City Government if mayroon VIP na mamatay kasama na ang mga city officials, erc. Mantakin mo Ms. Young ang tipid na gobyerno. How much  budget must be allowed to be spent? Miss Young you are the Chair of Sangunian di ba if I am not mistaken, so your council approved the discretionary budget of the office of the City Mayor of Cebu. I am from Mindanao, kaya lang yung banat mo sa Mayor nyo  Ms. Young ay may bahid politika dahil you are on the other side of the fence. I hope you will the Vice Mayor of Cebu and Tommy replaces Rama in case. I will wait for the time that you will also do to Tommy what you did to Rama. Will you accept the challenge Ms. Young? Else baka maging OLD na ako at di mo pa nagagawa kay Tommy yun. A 1 Php for discritionary funds and pork barrel for officials of Cebu..A resolution pleased. Klap..klap…klap..wa ha ha

    • dark matter

      Tanggalin ang discretionary funds at i-divert sa calamity fund. Hindi kailangang pasayahin ang tiyan ng ilang taong wala namang urgent need. Ang discretionary fund ay hindi practical at absurd kapag napag-isipan mo na mayroong mga kababayan na nakatira ngayon sa mga evacuation centers na may limitadong supply ng pagkain. Tanggalin yang discretionary fund para mawala yung pangangatuwiraran na “eh ginagawa rin yan ng ibang mayors, kaya gagawin ko na rin”

    • D_BystandeR

      You seem to be so enraged over what happened to the city mayor’s expenses in his discretionary fund being exposed and you addressed the Vice Mayor Joy Augustus Young as a “lady” when in fact he is a man like you or you are a gay, I don’t know. Your line of reasoning tells me you are an avid supporter of the City Mayor Mike Rama. Maybe it is beyond your knowledge that if not for the BOPK City Council who is deflecting the inhuman treatment of Rama to the different impoverished settlers in the city which bore the brunt of his “heartless” city administration in imposing more hardships to them, their situation now would become totally intolerable. From what you’re saying, I understand you are just blinded by your “too much high regard for a decrepit leadership.”

      • wawa2172

         I am not from Cebu and I don’t know Rama or Young. My apology if I address Young as a “lady” lalake pala siya, sorry sir. However, I am not enraged by the expose of VM Young  of Rama’s expenses of his discretionary funds. What I am saying is that your city’s BOPK City dominated city council gave and authorized Rama with discretionary funds to spend. I am not blinded of whatever decrepit leadership your mayor have but its something that VM Young  and the council authority to question your mayor expenses e hindi pa naman audited nang COA ang mga allegations.  What is happening in Cebu is pure politics because the reality is that the allegations will point to the rivalry betweenTommy and Rama for the 2013 mayoral election of Cebu. You mentioned BOPK and I guess its Tommy’s political party and VM Young too. Blaming Rama of the misery of improvised settlers in the city is again not the fault only of Rama but the entire political spectrum of Cebu. When you speak of improvised settlers, I hope not to be mistaken again that you are refereeing to “squatters” ?  Don’t accused me of being heartless kaya maraming improvised settlers or squatters sa Cebu or anywhere in the country ay dahil sa politics din. Mas maraming mahihirap mas maigi dahil napakaraming botante.Whoever control the vote of this people siya ang panalo and I am sure Tommy want it back dahil si Rama ang binoto nila last election. Tommy after so many years of being a mayor of Cebu will not resolved the problem of improvised settlers of the city. What is needed is to disallow them to settle in Cebu if they wont be able to afford owning property legally or even renting a place for temporary stay.


      Your line of reasoning is why we are so f u c k up as a society and allow this type of actions to flourish by those we elected and serve us well. Your true colors are being exposed as nothing more than a recipient of government corruption Shame on you for being insensitive

      • wawa2172

         You have not even made a sentence to proposed a  resolution to government officials abused on the so called discretionary funds and you have the gall to say shame on me? Thank you anyway but I would still be for the abolition of the so called fund. Some rename it to “other purpose funds” and a source of corruption. Presidents do have intelligence and discretionary funds so meaning its also being emulated down stream up to Barangay level. Mayroon talagang budget and perang pang modmod for whatever purposes it maybe. Where do you think the PNoy get the 1M Php goodwill money he gave to MILF? Where do you think the palace get funds to wine and dine foreign dignitaries? Where do you think the palace would charge snacks during meetings? Now here it is, since the LGU and the Palace have such funds to spend for whatever purposes it may served, then what the f u c k we are complaining? We voted for this people and what could Mr. Young (sorry I have mistaken him to be a lady in my earlier post) have done is to make a complain to the ombudsman with regard to his allegations and not on the council where he has an immunity from libel or whatever charges. Mr. Young and the BOPK council are just grandstanding because it election time. Rama may have excessively spent the funds but he was authorized by Vice Mayor Young and the council to have such funds. So again, let the COA audit such and if there are anomalies the BOPK could make a complain to the ombudsman for Rama could be charged at Sandigan if prima facie evidence warrants it. Batuhan nang putik na wala namang matuwid na paru roonan? Please give your bright on discretionary fund by the way? Kung ako 1 Php lang ang budget na proposed ko sa fund so kahit tubig kanya kanya nang dala. What The F..

    • Jose

      i observed cebuanos as wise voters but i realized it’s not. how can this country move forward if some are thinking same as yours. your opinion is as tolerating this corrupt politicians and will be imitatated by the next and the next and the next generation to come. look at us. we are still going to other countries for greener pastures that we can not find at home. because of our chosen government leaders who are only thinking of enriching their pockets, protect their self interests in the guise of pro-people campaign promises. change must come from within ourselves first.

      • wawa2172

        Tolerating? Not really, if you have read my other posting, I am for the abolition of the of the so called discretionary funds. What seems to be happening is that the LGU’s approved such fund for the executive in exchange for the pork barrel of the council. Its the source of funding of the executive para pakainin ang mga dignitaries, snacks sa meetings with barangay officials, visitors, solicitation for fiesta, libing, kasal, name it. Even PNoy have it and as a president of the country he needs it for his discretion on whatever purposes he wants to spend it including  giving a goodwill money of 1M to MILF. Cebuanos are intelligent voters mind you but they don’t have a choice but to choose the lesser evil (lesser?) because Cebu politics is dominated by dynasties. Vice Mayor Young  is politicizing as election is just around the corner. Mayron pa siyang advice na parang the mayor should moderate his greed and expenditure na pareho lang naman sila na ginagasto ang pera nang gobyerno. Much that we want to change the system, we can just be helpless bakit? Dynasties made a career of politics and ang mga pangalan na lang nila ang natatandaan nang mga tao. Sa cebu, ayaw pang mag retire ni Tommy dahil kailangan pa raw siya nang siyudad. Rama wants to run daw to continue his projects. Si VM Young wants to be at the top someday but has not done anything in the council to abolish such discretionary funds dahil ka kampi niya ang susunod na Mayor at sila na ang may ari nang funds. Change would come from us, how I wish. I am a good taxpayer but the politicians are just squandering it. Osmena? Rama? Young? wala na bang iba para sa Cebu City, alam ko mas marami pang matitino sa siyudad na ito.  Para bang Erap? Lim? wala na bang iba sa Manila.

  • Wackz

    nako po! not new sa mga gawain ng nasa gobyerno… 

  • wawa2172

    Question: Who approved the Discretionary Fund of the City Mayor? Di ba ang council headed by Ms. Young? So what really is discretionary funds? If it is unconstitutional then it must be abolish. The council must have already approved the 2013 Cebu City Budget. As the Boss of PNoy I move  na gawing Piso na lang ang discretionary funds of all Cebu officials and such amount should not be spent by the city council for whatever purpose they intend to use it. The Piso should be returned to the national treasury a day before each officials term ends. Ako na rin ang mag second the motion at ang aso kung askal  ang mag final say na…the motion is approved without thinking.

  • Klepto

    Ganyan ka bobo at tanga ang mga pulitiko natin. Walang silbi ang ganitong klase na mayor. Kung  sa hayop ang mga pulitiko natin ay kaparehas ng Ascaris or parasitiko. Sila ang nakikinabang sa pawis at dugo ng mga ordinaryong tao.

  • $8278216


  • Guest

    That’s distributing pork in truest sense.

  • vir_a

    I am sure the same is true in Malacanang and in other government offices who hold parties. It is not right for Rama to do it but it’s okay for other officials. Even in other LGUs, Christmas parties are charged 100% to government.

  • boybakal

    Cebu City taxes spent on ‘lechon,’ snacks….

    This is good, buti hindi ginastos sa sugal.
    Second, Lechon is good in a way that the Mayor will not serve long not by election but by cholosterol and alta presyon.
    Pagbigyan na si mayor. Lechon lang naman.

    • batangsulpok

      Tama ka Kabayan, bayaan na lang natin silang kumain ng kumain ng lechon para matigok kaagad pag inatake ng alta presyon, menos gastos pa, wala ng gamutan.

  • palakasantayo

    I look at this issue of satisfying and gratifying the taste buds and stomach of his followers as a form of continuing and subtle campaigning for the next re-election. He is not stupid, he is smart using the public fund and not his own. Ito naman mga tao.. and daling mauto, papaano, busog palagi.

  • OFW Reader

    Another breakthrough from Cebu. The religious capital city.

  • amapangarap

    why? what were people expecting? kaya nga pumasok sa pulitika eh, para gumawa ng kabalastugan. may pinoy ba na nasa matinong pag iisip na pumasok sa pulitika?

  • blainz

    As a mayor he’s not entitled to a pork barrel. Since he already got the pork, it’s only fair that he get encased in a barrel.

    With a live pig.

    On a more serious note though, itemizing P422,600 for roasted pigs is not an excuse for spending P422,600 for roasted pigs. Time for that discretionary fund to go on a diet.

    • wawa2172

      I agree with you but I guess all mayors of Cebu past and present gift about 100 roasted pigs to barangay and city fiesta of Santo Nino de Cebu. Saan kukuha si Rama and past mayors nang funding? Of course sa approved budget nang council, giving discretionary funds for the mayor. So I scratch my back I will scratch yours. The BOPK dominated council approves such funds for the Mayor and in return the mayor will not veto the pork barrel of the Councillors. Mag kano ba ang discretionary funds ni VM Young, wala bang roasted pigs doon baka roasted beef or chicken mayroon. Its election time nag babatuhan nang dumi.

    • Love God

      Have you noticed many loads of coffins are coming to cebu? Parlors are expecting brisk business after this pig eating season.

  • maypakialam

    kaluoy sad nimu rama naigo naman sad ka. pangamong ipagawas sad nang baboy sa uban arun makitagyud ang katarungan alang sa tanan.

  • Pork_Republik

    Hard for the COA to go and audit these things in the bottom of Cebu City official’s toilet.


    This is grave abuse of powers which is rampant in our society. Those in power do not have any respect to those they serve. They treat the government funds as their kitty bank. We should send a message and enact laws to make it a crime and punishable by ” death” those who spend people’s money when millions of people are starving.

    • Jose

      i admire your comments. we are same in our fight to have a better philippines. hope, many will join us and the more having a mindset like us, the nearer we are to our dream of a changed nation for good.

      • Mita

        Count me in please.

  • Jose

    this is disgusting and a shocking shame! this only shows that rama must be a one time cebu city mayor.  what economic developments did he contribute to the city? tell me! he’s a mediocre and can not make a difference in cebu city. now, i know the reason why he’s allied with Gwen.

  • divictes

    Wow! That’s a lot of swine…er…pigs.

  • salvador contreras

    The mayor thinks that money in the coffers of the city are his, to be spend on anything and everything to his wishes.  

  • Michelle

    mike, wa gyud ka ma-usab. bugoy ka lang gyud gihapon. ayaw pakaulawi ming imong klasmet sa velez. wa ka man mamahin. padad-e sa mi dinhi ug bisag duha lang ka lechon kada bulan.

    pamahin sab uy. bangunguton baya ka sa imong kahakog.

  • pedrongbata

    Kung ako ang pasoltihon TOMAS LANG GIHAPON!!! LOL!!!!

  • Jimmy

    Talagang may kababuyan ang maraming politiko sa Cebu..! Kuruin ninyo,  P422,600 pesos sa litson at finacial assistance ay P19,300.00 lang…! Dapat eh katayin na parang baboy yang mga politikong yan…!!!!!!

  • Dong Moya

    wala talagang maaasahan sa mga leaders natin sa Pinas….pare-pareho silang lahat…..

  • boi skater

    Just because it is common practice does not make it right. Corruption is common practice in this country. Does it make it right? Many politicians in this country are disgusting and shameless.

    • Love God

      People enter politics to make fortune. It is a total LIE they say they are after public service. They enjoy the taxes of the people like sucking the blood of the poor.

      Stop the pork barrel, no one will run for congress. If ever our politicians have little shame, they will do a Angelo Reyes act when they were accused of corruption.

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    Alibi 101: ‘Other mayors are doing the same.’                                                                       
    This public official should hire people who can produce a better alibi. Before his alibi could take off, it can easily be shot down by a simple ‘A wrong cannot be righted by another wrong’. What they’re doing is wrong, against the law, and punishable under the law.                                                                        Anyway, now that he is telling on the other mayors, the DILG should ask him who they are and, like the botoxed gecko in the capitol, book ‘em.

  • Cmac

    Errr…I thought pigs are only abundant in Congress…
    …even sa city hall infested!

    Tomas 2013!

    • Pio Gante

      mas hangol sa inasal si tommy

  • Hey_Dudes

    Napakasama talaga itong pagsasamantala sa gobierno na inuso ni GMA noon siya ang nakaluluk sa trono?  Aba’y pati laklakan e pinatos na rin nitong mga dambuhalang mapagsamantala?  Habang ang karamihan ay natutulog ng gutum, itong si mayor kasama ang kapwa timawa ay pa-lechon lechon pa?

    Marunong ba kayong mahiya hoy?

    • puza65

      di na bago yan kabayan lahat ng gastusin nila pati sa bahay nila yang mga mayor dyan kinukuha…basta marunong ka lang mandoktor…

  • Komen To

    Now the pigs are in city halls as well. Can the DILG do something about this? Can the Sandiganbayan, COA, stop these people? If not, where is the daang matuwid leading us? To the dogs?

  • Love God

    PIG eating Zombies…..

  • Komen To

    I wonder what the people of Cebu think of this? I hope they are not dumb to re-elect the same person back. But for some, they can sell their vote for one kilo of lechon. I pity the Philippines. This is no longer funny

    • batangsulpok

      Alam mo naman ang karamihang Pilipino, basta lechon, kahit sabihan mong masama sa kalusugan dahil pangpataas ng cholesterol, high blood, posibleng ma- heart attack, sige pa rin sa pagkain at sasabihin pang wala kang pakialam dahil masarap, lalo na at libre.

  • ed_nique

    i’m a bit confused following the thread, i did not see any mention in the report that this was an expose by VM Young or the BOPK dominated cebu city council. is there any previous article on this?

    in the matter of a mayor’s discretionary fund, i believe that it is a necessary reserve for expenditure as legally provided by law. there will arise certain contigencies that is not covered by the calamity fund wherein the city mayor, upon his discretion, will need to release certain amount to cover these contingencies.

    i do not totally agree with VM Young when he said that the mayor”s discretion has wide latitude. isn’t there any DBM guideline or DILG circular regarding the use of this discretionary fund? if there are none, then i believe it is time for the DBM or DILG to come up with guidelines or else this will surely be abused and the money wasted.

    whether the mayor’s assertion that the expenditures were in order and itemized, that is for the COA to determine as to these are legal and necessary expenses, so too the VM’s and councilors “pork barrel”.

  • ADD

    Mga cebuano wag nyo ng iboto yang ganyan, ginagatasan lng kayo ng Garcia/Rama family.
    Magising bago magsisi.

    • Pio Gante

      apil na ang mga osmeńa

  • ener lum

    kagrabe naman sad aning mayor rama uy…wa jud ni kalooy sa mga tawo nga magbubuhis..gigasto lang sa mga lami nga pagkaon ug ang nangaon mga tawo nga gigamit pa nang kwartaha paayo diha sa dalan..wa untay daghan libaong o kaha uban pang project nga mapahimuslan sa ordinaryong sugboanon…pls kaloy i sad tawon mi mayor..

  • breakingbad_ww

    this gives new meaning to the word “pork barrel”.

  • Italpino

    Talamak na talaga ang “social cancer” sa Pilipinas. Parang walang naging kabuluhan ang mga nobelang isinulat ng ating bayaning si Dr. Jose Rizal at ang kanyang pagmamartir para sa Inang Bayan. Kailangan ng bansa and isang bagong Jose Rizal para isulat ang Noli at Fili – Part 2. This time, hindi laban sa mga Kastila, subalit laban sa mga kapwa Pilipino na patuloy na nagsasamantala sa mahirap na kalagayan sa buhay ng mga taong bayan at sa mga tamad at mapagsamantalang mamamayan na umaasa lamang sa mga kabugukan ng mga tiwaling lingkod-bayan. Bayan ko, gumising ka, para hindi ka patuloy na masadlak sa pagdurusa!

  • -XO-

    He does it because he knows that you can’t pull his snout out of the trough.

  • Pio Gante

    ‘malatuba’ is the best word to describe this kind of people

  • gwenbalili

    what a shame .. kaya pala alyado ni gwen garcia.. parehong gangnam style

  • Jim De Garman

    perhaps mayor Rama is a distinguish businessman and own’s “the City Government of Cebu” whatever he can raise from tax he will take as his personal fund.. mga buwaya.

  • intsikbeho

    i would love to see QC mayor expenses bared please. please please please please

  • Lapu Lapu

    Rama made a total of 270 “extraordinary charges” to his discretionary funds from January to Nov. 30 this year.
    If our politicians have a little shame, they should not buy food and grocery using peoples tax money. If they want to donate lechon, use money from your own pocket.

    Our law makers are the biggest law breakers in our nation. They created these “discretionary funds” , “emergency fund”, “calamity fund”, “intelligence fund” etc etc for a way to fatten their pocket. In other words – a way to steal, an excuse for corruption.

    Let all government officials take an oath before God and start the New year 2013:

    “Lord, I promise I will not steal people’s money or abuse my authority. I will always SAY NO TO CORRUPTION”

    So help me God. Amen.

  • Rovingmoron

    What’s the Cebu-based COA auditor doing? Is the auditor sleeping on his/her job so that these shenanigans in city government of Cebu are not noticed? Without the auditor’s signature, I wonder if the vouchers would be processed. COA central office must recall or transfer that auitor somewhere else.

  • poroawan

    Justifiable corruption the new words…

  • mahershallalhazbaz

    parepareho silang lahat ng naka upo sa gobyerno! baka yong iba mas masahol pa kay Rama..

  • GaggerAlert

    Come on people. Why focus on Cebu only? It happens everywhere. 

    I smell somekind of media barrage coming in. All thanks to Pnoy and his gang. :)

    • Don Dee

      Sus. If this is true, then EXPOSE those anomalies that “happens everywhere”. You do not defend a wrong by saying that everyone is wrong. If everyone is wrong then everyone is wrong. It does make one right. Ang tanong, totoo ba o hindi ang lechon expose na ito? Yun lang.

      Ngayon kung may alam kang ibang anomalya, i-expose mo. Magsampa ng kaso sa ombudsman. Hindi “it happens everywhere”. Squid tactics tawag dyan. Logical fallacy.

      • GaggerAlert

        You’re kidding me right? Squid tactics? Are you effing bind?

        Ok. what about those so-called fiestas that barrios celebrate. Where funds being poured in? Isn’t that subject for auditing? There’s is no where you could find how much was spent.

        How about those so called projects in provinces that the cost isn’t displayed for the public to see?

        Come on! DOn’t be so blind to see that one? People see that, but they don’t take action. Those are 2 different things.

        Here’s a good one. How about the unaudited CCT of DInky? Isn’t that also worth the media attention?

        Need more example? Go find a newspaper or something and effing READ!!

      • Don Dee

        E di sampahan ng kaso! Meron kang ebidensya? Dalhin mo sa ombudsman. Kung totoong unaudited ang CCT, at kung mapapatunayan mo e di ikulong si Dinky. Hindi i-abswelto si mayor ng cebu. Hindi logical na kung ang paratang sayo ay corruption, ang sagot mo sa korte e, corrupt ang DSWD. SQUID TACTICS yan. Defense mechanism na “lahat naman ay may sala kaya abswelto ako.”

      • GaggerAlert

        Lol! Kidding me right. It was COA who did the investigation, not me.

        So, the question is, after that, there’s no new news. Was it because ni blackout na? Come on. It was an article here in the inquirer. Mag google kasi! Jusko!

      • GaggerAlert

        “E di sampahan ng kaso! Meron kang ebidensya? Dalhin mo sa ombudsman.” – o logical fallacy yan: to quoque. You criticize me for not filing a case, while not answering directly to my claims. Hypocricy lang?

      • GaggerAlert

        Also if I may ask, where in my comment do you pertain to a “Squid tactic”. Am I focusing to another problem? where in fact I was pointing out that the problem is far reaching in our country, and why are we focusing on one region alone?

        Isn’t it the government doing this said tactic because they tend to focus on one region only rather than pointing out the mere fact that in every single inch of country, this happens (please refer to the samples I’ve stated).

        Next time when you argue about a fallacy, ensure that you’re using it at the correct way. Ok?

      • Don Dee

        Ang sabi mo “it happens everywhere”. Ang tanong ko, where? BE SPECIFIC! O literal na “everywhere” ba talaga ibig mong sabhin? So kahit sa Sultan Kudarat na puro muslim, lechon pa rin ang ginagastusan ni mayor? BE SPECIFIC. Hindi SQUID TACTIC, na ang logic ay tutal LAHAT naman ay corrupt kaya wala nang tama o mali. Kung talaga lahat ng mayor ay corrupt (as you said, EVERYWHERE). E di ba dapat ang tama at logical conclusion ay ikulong ang LAHAT na mayor? At hindi abswelto ang isang mayor kahit pa mali ito. Kaya nga ang tanong lang e, TAMA BA O MALI na ganun kalaki ang budget para sa lechon? Yun lang. As to “everywhere” else, magsampa ng reklamo kung meron dapat isampa, and that complaint should be appreciated on itself. Hindi comparative sa mayor ng cebu or anywhere else.

        Look the opposition, and more specifically the camp of that fake ex president, is dying to throw something at PNoy. If there is anything less than legal in this admin, they would have thrown everything and the kitchen sink at it. Best projectile to date? Nag yoyosi si PNoy sa Malacanang. Yun ang “impeachable” offense na meron ang opposition. Trust me. Anything less than legal and GMA and her cohorts will jump at it.

      • GaggerAlert

        Logic ay tuta ka dyan. Come on. Use common sense namn! Also, I don’t care who the heck is in charge. Elections are coming, you know what happens sa mga politiko naten. Dyan na lalabas yung mga skandalo kaliwa’t kanan. So please, I’ve been living here in the country my whole life, this news doesn’t come as a shock.

        Remember yung issue ni Joey Marquez sa Paranaque, what happened? Diba wala? So, its not the people who is the problem its those who implement the law.

        Tell me something, even if they report something like this, does this mean an all-out cleanup will happen? Get back to me when this happens, if not, then this is a media barrage orchestrated by Pnoy.

        O, nasaan yung media barrage nung ni question ng COA yung CCT? Nawala nalng diba?

        Don’t assume you know everything that’s happening.

        So, anung kinalaman ng yosi nya again?

  • joboni96


    dyan sinasayang ng mga opisyal sa gobyerno
    ang kaban ng bayan

    payatot pag pasok
    gababoy pag tagal

    palakihan ng bilbil at pwet
    kaya naman kulang tayo ng depensa
    sa west philippine sea

    sibakin na mga ito

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