Survey shows drop in approval of Aquino


President Benigno Aquino III. AP FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—After a double-digit rebound in August, President Benigno Aquino III’s net satisfaction rating dropped in December, according to the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

The results of the SWS poll, conducted from Dec. 8 to 11, showed Mr. Aquino’s net satisfaction rating falling from plus 67 (77 percent satisfied minus 10 percent dissatisfied) in August to plus 55 (72 percent satisfied minus 17 percent dissatisfied).

The August rating of plus 67 was an improvement over the plus 42 that Mr. Aquino obtained in May (63 percent satisfied minus 21 percent dissatisfied).

The President’s declining net satisfaction rating cut across all regions, classes and genders.

Despite the dip, Mr. Aquino’s performance in the final quarter of 2012 was rated “very good.” His annual average net satisfaction rating was plus 53, still considered “very good.”

Malacañang deemed the President’s performance rating as “very good,” even with the dip of 12 points from August.

The decline was not worth crying over, said deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte.

“That’s something that we do look at, and we think that it still shows that the President enjoys a very wide margin of support among the people. Excellent to very good—that’s nothing to cry about,” Valte said.

As for the cause of the decline, Secretary Herminio Coloma, head of the Presidential Communications Operations Office, said the country still faced “a very massive poverty problem,” especially in the countryside, and the ratings would serve as “guideposts and alert signals” for the administration.

The survey, first published in Business World, asked 1,200 respondents nationwide “how satisfied or dissatisfied” they were with “the performance” of Mr. Aquino as President.

“Are you very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, undecided if satisfied or dissatisfied, somewhat dissatisfied, very dissatisfied?” the SWS survey asked.

The survey used face-to-face interviews and had an error margin of plus-or-minus 3 percentage points.

By geographical region, Mr. Aquino’s rating slipped from plus 70 to  plus 54 in Luzon outside Metro Manila, plus 59 to plus 43 in Metro Manila, plus 76 to plus 64 in the Visayas, and plus 61 to plus 57 in Mindanao.

The President’s score dropped by 14 points in classes ABC and class D to plus 64 and plus 54, respectively, while it was down by six points to plus 56 in class E.

In the rural areas, Mr. Aquino’s rating slid from plus 70 to plus 60. He scored plus 49 in urban areas, against the previous plus 65.

Among males, the President’s net satisfaction rating was down from plus 67 to plus 56. His rating also slipped among women, from plus 67 to plus 55.

SWS considers a net satisfaction rating of plus 70 and above as “excellent”; plus 50 to plus 69, “very good”; plus 30 to plus 49, “good”; plus 10 to plus 29, “moderate”; plus 9 to minus 9, “neutral”; minus 10 to minus 29, “poor”; minus 30 to minus 49, “bad”; minus 50 to minus 69, “very bad,” and minus 70 and below, “execrable.”

According to Coloma, demographically, only 10 percent of the population were in economic classes A, B and C; 67 percent were in class D, which are minimum wage earners; and 23 percent constituted the poorest of the poor which are recipients of the government’s conditional cash transfer program.

“We cannot underestimate the depth and breadth of the poverty being experienced by our people, especially in areas hit by calamities and typhoons and natural disasters. So we really need to work even harder in order that we may achieve inclusive growth,” he said.

The President’s aggressive support for the reproductive health bill “may have been a contributory factor,” too, said Coloma, although this was not to blame for the decline in his satisfaction rating. Michael Lim Ubac and Ana Roa, Inquirer Research

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  • josefe38

    Wala naman bago nyan, mas mababa pa nyan ang totoo resulta, dahil nga lang sagana sa hulong ng bakyya ang jokebox ng SWS at False Asia, Namamasko lang at nagparamdam ang SWS at FALSE Asia kaya binaba-an nila ng konti. Tandaan nyo sa sunod na survey pagka tapos mahulugan ng bakya unti-unti nila taasan ang survey result KUNO. LOKO-LOKO!!

  • ManongOsang

    PNoy just pushed, passed & signed the MOST CONTROVERSIAL, MOST DIVIDED Bill in Philippine History … the RH Bill.

    No one living today has EVER seen a MORE DIVIDED nation over a Congressional Bill than the RH Bill.

    As recent as 5 years ago, NO ONE EVER EXPECTED nor BELIEVED that a Philippine President would ever DARE Go against the VERY POWERFUL Catholic Church.

    In fact, NO Living Adult Filipino in his 20’s & older has EVER seen in his lifetime a Philippine President ever directly challenge the Catholic Church in a nation that has 8 out of 10 filipinos being Catholic.

    Despite Direct Outspoken daily threats from the Cardinal, the Bishops, to Priests across the country plus religious groups- PNOY Prevailed !!!!

    So if the cost of that is a Dip in Popularity???? WHO CARES !!!!

    Anong gusto mo sa Politiko… A Courageous Honest Leader who will do what he feels is RIGHT for the country & its people despite the consequences OR  a politician who is considered with “POGI” points & popularity???
    Go PNOY !!!!

    the First Filipino President I have EVER seen who has managed the country like Western Presidents successfully do as Opposed to the Traditional TRAPO 3rd World Nation type of politician like GMA, ERAP & Marcos !!!!


    • ManongOsang

      What is so fascinating is…

      in ALL Surveys & Polls done… Majority of Filipino Catholics OVERWHELMINGLY back the President on the RH Bill!!! Filipinos have LITERALLY DEFIED the Catholic Church!

      Pnoy has Lost some support from Religious Voters BUT frankly… WHO CARES !

      If thats the price he pays for the Long term benefit & well being of our nation- THEN SO BE IT !!!

      They can suppor Pro-RH Bill politicians like GMA & ERAP!

      Oo Religious daw sila… MGA MAGNANAKAW NAMAN at BABAERO pa!!!!

      So sino ang HYPOCRITE?????

      Pro Life ka, pero mas masahol pa ang ginagawa mo sa kapwa mo at sa bayan mo !!!!

      • Pers

        it is not for rh law the way he manages maraming satsat kulang sa gawa dito sa amin wala akong makitang project sa tooo lang.

      • ManongOsang

        Kung ang basehan mo ng magaling ay Project, then, NAPAKAGALING ni IMELDA Marcos noong first lady siya.

        If you’re measurement of GOOD is finding a Project in your neighborhood- THEN NAPAKAGALING ni GMA!!!!

        First of all, BAKIT MO iaasa ang local project sa community mo sa Presidente. WALANG PANAHON, Oras ang Presidente para i MICRO MANAGE ang town mo.

        Sa Mayor at Governor ka dumaing! Sa House member mo ikaw dumaing.

        Lastly, Its YOUR WAY of thinking, the “MASA” way of thinking that GETS our country in trouble!!!

        Napakaraming CORRUPT na Politiko who will SHOW off Projects para may ipakita. ( PERO ang laki pala ng kickback)

        Napakaramin CORRUPT na Politiko na mahilig pumunta sa Squatters area para ma-migay ng LIBRE can goods pag election.

        Erap & Binay are PERFECT examples of that.

        But matino ba sila ??? Pera ba nila yung ginagamit ???

        NAPAKADALING PAIKUTIN ng Masa dahil they JUDGE Good & Not Good based on Very Shallow terms !!!!

      • latino_boom

        I love the answer so true

      • angie1875

        Good answer.

      • outsidersnake

         could not say it any better, well said

    • latino_boom

      Very well said


      That only proves the president is an Abnoy. Can a nation progress if the citizens are immorals with out faith in God ? The corrupt politicians and hacienderos worships gold. They are the ones who made the Filipinos wallowing in poverty. Hacienderos used to drink the blood of poor farmers. Now that one had become president. He wants to corrupt the souls too. Since time immemorial hacienderos drinks the blood of the poor farmers. Are we to believe an Abnoy haciendero to care for the poor ? He now wants the poor to be sicked with RH pills.

      • Guest

         “Can a nation progress if the citizens are immorals with out faith in God ?”

        Sweden, Denmark, Estonia have proven that!

    • 12JEM

       Pass the FOI Bill,   NEXT.

    • Observer_din

      kaya dapat isunod na ang DIVORCE BILL!!!

  • jurbinsky77

    ..And Binay is consistently on top of these surveys?

    What has he done and is doing to deserve the adoration of the people?

  • josefe38

    Wala naman bago nyan, mas mababa pa nga nyan ang totoong resulta, dahil nga lang sagana sa hulog ng barya ang jokebox na SWS at False Asia, Namamasko lang at nagparamdam ang SWS at FALSE Asia kaya binaba-an nila ng konti. Tandaan nyo sa sunod na survey pagka tapos mahulugan ng barya unti-unti nila taasan ang survey result KUNO. LOKO-LOKO!!

  • F

    while president aquino is trying hard to alleviate the plight of filipinos, binay, on the other hand, is compaigning for political office. binay is worthless and a liability of our country. 

  • KapitanBagwis

    President Aquino have the political will to do what he believes is good for the majority of the citizenry. He is not in a popularity contest. Keep up the good work, Mr. President, majority of the Filipinos got your back. 

  • mynnyx

    paanong di baba eh mahilig sya sa condom……….wahehehehehehehe…………

    • latino_boom

      Huh? ano daw? anong koneksyon ng ng pag baba sa condom? Basurang pag iisip manhimik kung walang magandang sasabihin

    • Observer_din

      kain ka muna brad, baka umayos ng konti ang isip mo.

  • legislex

    With the way our economy is doing and with his stand on the RH Bill, I support PNoy.  Sana lang he declares his support for FOI Bill para maipasa na rin ito.  Go PNoy!!!!!

  • kingfisher1

    yes i voted for PNOY. i supported his daan matuwid… i put streamers all over my property to support HIM in the last election!  and yes i still believe in his daan matuwid and no to corruption that we are all familiar with. 

    but sadly now i see there is a new kind of corruption that PNOY has introduced to our society. 

    yes it is a new “breed” of corruption – A non-traditional type of corruption that is difficult to recognize and see with the naked eye.  THE CORRUPTION OF THE SOUL…  


    • johnnie r

      CORRUPTION thru PORK BARREL for the Legislative and BUDGETARY ALIGNMENT for the Executive!!! So what else is new???

    • boldyak

      and that is the worst kind…agree with you

    • Anatalia Mogato

      I admired P-Noy, for his stand in “tuwid na daan” thing. But he betrayed himself when he pushed and signed the infernal RH bill into law. ÿan ang mahirap sa kanya, anything that’s unpopular, he will do to make a difference from the past presidents. ‘Yan ba ang payo ng mga bulong brigade nya?!?…(“sige na, gawin mo ‘to at naiiba ‘to, pag ginawa mo ‘to, akalain mo, ikaw lang ang pres. na gumawa nito sa tagal ng panahon”). At saksakan pa ng PIKON! Presidente ka, at hindi kung ano lang, na dahil nainis at napikon ka sa mga Bishops at anti Rh proponents, you made the RH an urgent bill.

      Do past presidents  of this country were not thinking and were dead wrong in junking the bill, and pres P-Noy, was sooo right in signing it into law now? From his 5 points agenda on RH bill, it is apparent na hindi nya talaga napag aralan mabuti ang nilalaman ng RH bill. SO…pumayag sya mag pa-uto kay pia, at lagman? Isn’t that being weak on the part of the president, not to know, read and really understand what”s into the RH bill that has been there for many years, but not passed into law? Sabagay, spoonfeeding áta ang presidency nito, at di talaga nagbabasa.

      No law has ever been passed by congress and the senate that the Filipino people is well aware, passionately followed and participated of but the RH bill law. P-Noy, Pia, Mirriam, Lagman and all the rest in the senate and congress who moved hell and earth to pass this infernal bill, should start praying now that this bill will really improve the lives of women and children, and the filipino poor in general, because if not, your names will be doomed forever in the hearts and minds of your countrymen even after you’re gone!

      I ask my daughter that if ever she follows the footstep of his father and this bill will bring plague to our beloved country someday, I told her to remember the names of these people who brought forth this plague possible. 

  • ManongOsang

    WAIT for 2016 & President Binay & VP Jinggoy Ejercito.

    Ang Pilipinas & its people…..



    *****  IF itong 75% of Filipino voters who are MASA, POOR & UNEDUCATED once again VOTE for a Politician like Binay & Jinggoy because NAPAKADALI SILANG BOLAHIN at PAIKUTIN…

    KAA-WA AWANG Pilipinas. It will be another WASTED GENERATION, ANOTHER 6-12 years or more ( assuming Jinggoy runs for Prez after Binay)

    Milyun Milyong Nanay, Tatay, Kapatid, Babae, Lalaki ang NAG PAPAKAHIRAP at NA-AAPI
    as OFW’s around the World  .. Sa Saudi, Iraq, UAW, Bahrain, sa Morocco, Africa, Europe….

    And lalong hindi na makaka-uwi ang mga ito. In fact, lalong dadami ang OFW pag
    NASIRA NANAMAN ang ating Bansa.

    Kaya HINDI tayo MAKA-ABANTE !

    The VERY SAME PEOPLE who keep Voting for the likes of Marcos, GMA, Erap, Binay are the VERY SAME PEOPLE who are DIRECTLY affected financially- LALO SILANG HINDING HINDI na makaka-ahon sa Hirap !!!!

    When 75% of the Filipino Voters are Poor, Uneducated, Hungry & Illiterate…. IT IS A HOPELESS CASE!!!

    Kahit Lahat ng Edukadong Pilipino ay hindi bumoto kay Binay or Jinggoy- NAPAKARAMI ng MASA. It would still be a landslide!

    PNOY has 3 Short years left.  If we make a mistake as a nation in 2016- LAHAT ng Hirap ni Pnoy ay mawawala !!!!

    • Pers

      i dot vote coming from luzon

    • josefe38

      Marcos, Erap at GMA lang ang iyong nabanggit, paano naman ang panahon ni FVR at Cory? Banggitin mo naman si FVR baka magalit sa yo si Meriam nyan, at kay Cory mag tampo sa iyo si Honasan at Enrile nyan.

      May nabanggit ka pa na “LAHAT ng Hirap ni Pnoy”. Di ko makita,  banggittin mo nga anong hirap yon?

  • Platypus09

    I don’t think he cares it it dropped. He cares about what he thinks needs to be done.

    For a Catholic country like ours, this massive reaction from us is expected. RH Bill is technically a moral violation of what Catholicism is all about. There are no ifs and buts on that.

    The battle of the Catholic church with this bill will continue in next years to come.

    Congressmen and senators who voted for the bill are simply hypocrites if they continue to profess Catholic faith. They need to go to confession as soon as possible.

  • ManongOsang

    PNOY is FAR from Perfect. He has made mistakes & will continue to make mistakes just like any other politician.

    But MAKE NO MISTAKE about it…. PNOY is a RARE BREED among Filipino politicians.

    MATINO talaga. Ang Pagpapayaman or Pang-aabuso is NOT even in his realm of thinking.

    Ang come 2016, he will QUIETLY & HAPPILY Return to private life!!!!

    And Frankly, Many Pinoys will MISS his leadership & Honesty.

    Lalo na if we end up with President Binay & VP Jinggoy!!!



    • TagaKalos

      Paano mo natitiyak na mangyayari yang sinasabi mo, mas magaling ka pa ba kay Madame Auring HUNGHANG?  Kayo dito na mga kampon niya na bilib na bilib sa idolo ninyo na presidente sa malakanyang na inutil at bakla ay maghintay hintay kayo at marami pang mangayayari. At magsipagingat kayo dahil balang araw ay makikita na lang kayo na may mga bigti sa leeg gamit yung yellow ribbon ng inyong idolo na naging lubid OGAG at mga OGAG!

    • boldyak

      kailangan natin ang leader na GUMAGAWA ng tama at hindi lang matino, daming matino an naghihirap dahil hindi GUMAGAWA…the control of Legislative and Justice system hindi gawain ng matinong leader…

    • buttones

      Might I remind you that Aquino has actually been in government for many a year, and was barely heard from, authored no Bills, and basically was just a nonentity with a popular name. He will return to that relative obscurity from whence he came? I agree, and the sooner the better….and please stop the comparing, all of our Presidents have been dismal failures, with no exceptions, all of them, it will take more than a popular name, a so called skill in acting to fix the mess we are in….

  • $23257130

    grave ha. tu tulog tulog kasi sa pansitan. ppppwwweeehhh kadiri. eeewwwwww


    Hacienderos does not value the lives of the poor. Remeber Mendiola massacre during Cory’s time. Remember Hacienda luisita massacre that happened recently. Now RH bill is wider massacre for poor Filipinos. This is the way of hacienderos to remain rich and powerfull.

  • Julius_Caesar1

    It looks like Pnoy doesn’t give a sh*t about the SWS survey. Good! The presidency is not a beauty contest. 

    As for Binay the nations spare tire, he constantly check’s his pogi points. He is glued to the SWS survey more than his work. 
    If his ratings drop by a few notches its:
    1) Find a futile issue
    2) Solve the futile issue
    3) Bring in the media
    Most of all take CREDIT for solving the futile issue.

  • Albert Einstien

    NOBODY now believe in SURVEYS…..pnoy propagandist at ANY GIVEN TIME can always & consecutively concoct  &  buy…… paid surveys to get 99.99% approval rating or economic leap frogging delusions..they can ALWAYS substitute FICTION to REALITY….that is what they have been DOING since 2010..substitute fiction to reality…NOW the country is beset with MANY critical problems  & pnoy govt DOES NOT know what to do…as ALWAYS… NO NEED for surveys just OPEN your eyes to reality…compare PRICES of everything from 7/2010 up to now 12/2012…and LOOK at your wallets too & see for yourself HOW cruel & false their SURVEYS are…..UNTIL now pnoy has DONE NOTHING concreteor positive for the country …..just ALL propaganda & sweet nothing..!

    YELLOW ZOMBIES dont know what is REALITY….well that’s what they are brainless zombies…lol

    • Observer_din

      what?? you want pnoy to put money in your wallet? sabi mo tumaas ang price, bakit noong panahon ba ni Gloria sa halos 10 taon niya sa gobyerno me nagawa ba siya sa mga problemang nabanggit mo?

      • Albert Einstien

        ang gobyerno parang karinderya…si PNOY-chinoy TURO-TURO ang ALAM….si gma lagi SISI pati pagpatay siguro ke rizal si gma din…..pero  pag me $ na pinadala ang mga MIlyon MILYON na TUMATAKAS sa kahirapan sa pilipinas na mga OFW …aangkinin nya credit  kaya nga sila UMA-ALIS kasi PALPAK si PNOY …at gusto nya pa IPA-UTANG sa mga mayayaman na bansa ang pera ang $ fc reserves ng OFWs…pang PROPAGANDA na gumanda ekonomya…..pero sa KATUNAYAN PINA-LUBOG ni PNOY ang PILIPINAS sa UTANG…5 TRILLION na ang NATIONAL DEBT pinalobo nya ng HUSTO…… lol

    • basilionisisa

      just speak for yourself (SHAMELESS you, who keep desecrating a Great Scientist’s name) and don’t cover the majority, who still know and think and are appreciative of Truth and Good Performance when they see it.

      • Albert Einstien

        lol…majority…NEWS…2012 POVERTY WORSENING…. poverty is worse in Mindanao at 72 percent and in the Visayas at 61 percent.
        yan yung mga HINDI pa nahiya na MAGSABI na mahirap sila…mas malaki pa pag yun iba UMAMIN na mahirap sila…….

      • Guest

         speculation, speculation, speculation

  • Bantay

    sus!maniwala kayo sa survey na yan! kung tunay talag na survey at tatanongin ang damdamin ng taongbayan sa kalagayan ngayon,baka 30% na lang ang maniwala sa administrasyon na ito.. mula ng maupo si Noynoy pagka presidente,may nagbago ba sa buhay natin? nag mura ba ang mga bilihin? bumaba ba ang bayaran natin sa kuryente? tumaas ba ang sahod sa ating mangagawa? HINDI!!! ang nag bago lang ang bayaran natin sa buwis lalong tumaas! kaya pakiusap lang Lady Gaga at Mr.Lacierda,wag ninyong ipagmayabang na ang administrasyong ito may nagawa sa taongbayan!!!

    • Observer_din

      bakit, mula ba ng makaupo si Gloria me nabago ba sa buhay ng napakaraming pilipino? at least sa gobyernong ito nakikita natin na nababawasan ang corruption, at least hindi bilyon-bilyong pondo ng pamahalaan ang nawawala sa atin. Yung mga problema na binanggit mo anjan na yan pagdating ni PNOY,per kahit mahigit 2 taon pa lang siya nakita na natin na bumabalik na ang tiwala ng mga negosyante sa pilipinas. Eh si Gloria halos 10 taong naupo, wala ako nakitang nagawa niya para paunlarin ang ating bansa, puro sarili lang nila ang pinaunlad nila…

      • boldyak

        bakit si Gloria na naman, utak talangka parin ba? can you people stand on your feet without Gloria under it?…paurong palagi ang nasa isip…do what is necessary and don’t compare…if you want Gloria to suffer what she has done, do it…but to compare your accomplishments to the previous is an act of a person who makes excuses for his poor accomplishments…

  • watchdoglang

    The current administration is much better and improved as compared to the previous one but that is not enough for many Filipino because the poverty and unemployment issue did not change that much. Yes the top level government is no longer that corrupt but LGU corruptions did not change that much. The expectations of the people for a drastic change is so much that is why the SWS survey drops, we need to see more positive actions from our President.

    • ManongOsang

      It took the Philippines 20 Long Years of Marcos rule to Fall from the 2nd Wealthies Nation in Asia to the Sick man of Asia. It took another 10 long years of Corruption from Arroyo and Erap to further bring the Philippines down. That’s 30 Long Years right there to get where we are today !!!

      Ngayon, gusto mo AYUSIN ni PNOY ang buhay ng mga Pilipino in 3 years ? 6 years ?

      Gusto mong madaliin ang isang bagay na it took 3 decades of damage.

      Kung Amerika nga, the Wealthies & Most Powerful Nation in the World ay HINDI Maka-alis alis sa isang Deep Recession in 4 years dahil sa 8 years ni Bush ….. Pilipinas pa!!!

      This is the FILIPINO way of thinking that Damages the country.

       NOT Only are you Guilty of False Expectations but you are 100% Guilty of IRRATIONAL behavior.

      You are No Different than the MASA , Uneducated Poor person who you always see on TV being  interviewed by a GMA reporter or an ABS-CBN newsteam.

      Ang daing nila ay ” ang hirap pa rin ng buhay, mahirap pa rin kami under Pnoy”.


      Every single economist both locally & internationally have repeatedly said that it will take 12-to as much as 20 years of sustained, strong economic growth plus a massive decline in corruption for the Philippines to ever reached the next economic level & get out of a 3rd world status.

      That’s 12-20 years, it will take two to three PH Presidents to even have a chance to do well!!!!

      • boldyak

        hindi ba palagi minamadli ni pinoy?….lahat ng batas na gusto nya minamadali kaya hindi napagdebatehan ng husto, lahat ng kaso laban sa nakaraan administration minamadali, kaya palpak palagi…simple lang naman ang dapat nyang gawin…follow rules, walang short cuts…i deslike this adminsitration only because i see that he is always doing the short cuts, paano ko makita na tumitibay ang government institutions kung brasuhan ang ginagawa?…all i want to see is that every government institution is getting stronger, rules are followed, para kahit sino ang pumalit matatag ang mga institutions na ito, see what happened to the Justice System…nababoy…that is the worst thing this administration has done…senate and congress is getting worse…His popularity should have been used to strengthen these institutions and yet he make it worst…

      • Italpino

        May I beg your pardon to disagree with your opinion. Governments become strong when the leaders are strong to make unpopular decisions for the benefit of the majority of the people, even if it means short-cutting the procedure. That’s the reason why leaders are there. Try to imagine if the decisions would always be made through popular decisions as in plebiscites or during the “papogian points” debates at the Congress. The country would end up nowhere due to that long and expensive process. The country would be stable if the next president or presidents will have the guts to follow and eventually improve what the actual president has started, since it takes time to complete a change as what ManongOsang had written above. It also needs the collaboration not only of the main branches of the government, but also of all the Filipino people since there are still many things to fix. Fence-sitting and making criticism is very easy to do, but it would be more helpful if good proposals are made, as well as actions to erase the badge of crab mentality are done by every citizen. By the way, “nababoy ang justice system” not because of the actual president, but since the time of Martial Law, if only you would look back to the history of the country. My cent’s worth. God bless the Philippines!

      • PAZ

        Unpopular decisions. Yung mga galit nina Aquino kay Marcos dahil diktador daw. Ngayon yung mga ginawa ni Marcos ang tinutularan nya. RH bill, FAMILY PLANNING yan noong panahon ni Marcos. Arestuhin ang tao at ikulong ng di nalilitis ginawa ni Marcos noong Martial law. ginawa din ni Noynoy yan. Mga paggipit sa kalaban .

      • Italpino

        Paz, I did not say unpopular decisions only but rather unpopular decisions for the benefit of the majority of the people. I have seen and knew what many things Marcos and his cohorts did before and during the Martial Law years which was very much different for the very lenient treatments being done nowadays. I haven’t heard or seen yet any of the corrupt officials in jail. Yes, I agree that are similarities in some cases, but they are not the same and not all what Marcos had done were wrong. It was only that the wrondoings outweigh far more the right things he had done. That, you should know also.

      • PAZ

        O, di ba sya ang may sabi na KUNG WALANG CORRUPT WALANG MAHIRAP. Sa slogan pa lang nya kita na walang kabuluhan si Presidente. Wala syang SAYSAY! Kahit maka 40 years sya sa pwesto di mawawala yang mahihirap! Kung yung mayayamang bansa nga , may mahihirap ding mamamayan, eh. Sa slogan pa lang kita ng walang kabuluhan.

  • boy_pogi

    SWS survey is a SHAM. Who are they talking to?  A sample of 1200 people?  Is this representative of the sentiment of the general public?  Sino sa inyo ang nakausap na ng SWS?  Bakit wala pa akong kilalang nasu-survey. SWS is a PR firm, they make up the numbers in favor of their benefactors..

    • Palku Kha

      sus! ayaw mong maniwala sa survey kasi bumaba ang rating ng amo mo,kung pabor naman ok sa iyo ang survey at tuwang tuwa ka pa mag post! ang KAPAL mo! 

      • humberto45


      • boldyak

        baka to make it appear na right ang wrong…

      • Italpino

        humberto45, Gloria did a very good marketing job by doing business transactions with China. China probably made feasibility studies and noted how rich and beautiful country is the Philippines, especially the untapped oil reserves beneath the countries’ territories. Besides, the literacy rating of the population is good for exploitation. For that reason they are now very, very much interested in the country, especially Panatag Shoal as well as the Spratlys Islands which are within the territorial limits of the country as per International Laws.

  • The Truth

    Wow! even with his support in two of the most controversial bill in congress, he survived the political fallout.

    These bills, Sin Tax and RH bill, is in congress more than a decade, and no President has the courage to tag it as priority bills because of the fear from moralist (kuno?) and corrupt tobacco/liquor lobbyist w/c includes powerful, incumbent and in both congress (house/senate).

    Congratulation PNoy! Next in the agenda… Repeal the Joey Lina Law and the FOI bill

  • basilionisisa

    with the campaign against him by the CBCP, it’s expected, still ‘VG’ anyway… but who cares? PNoy should just ignore this survey or just consider them with a grain of salt, they are just distractions. He should just concentrate on the JOB, like this milestone in his era: the signing of the RH and Anti-Enforced Disappearance Laws and the good status of the Economy. Keep up the good work!

  • agustin

    What can you give for your boss this Christmas ? nothing at all but misery.

    • PAZ

      Oh my God! it’s so sad.

  • rodben

    Concentrate the RH BILL And DIVORCE LAW never mine the MASSES, Madam Soliman PLEASE WEAK-UP WHERE’S THE CCT BIG MONEY GO..

    • boldyak

      dagdagan pa ang budget ni soliman, baka hindi napamigay kaya bumaba ang rating….

  • AnastacioMamaril

    Why not simplify survey results. Bakit meron pang net net net satisfaction rating na kalokohan na yan. Why not 70% of those surveyed approves the performance of Pnoy while 30% disapproves ganoon lang kasimple..

  • rodben

    Bawi nalang Malacanang nxt survey dahil tiyak makakatikim ng SERMON ANG SWS MULA SA MALACANANG.

    • PAZ


  • akimaxx

    A president with strong POLITICAL WILL
    A nation’s population with strong TALANGKA MENTALITY 

    What can we expect?

    • boldyak

      if we are a population with talangka mentality that is because we have a talangka president…hahatakin ang iba para makilala, para masabi na nasa itaas sya, aapakan ang  iba para masabing nagtatrabaho siya…walang ginawa ang pamahalaan na ito kung hindi akusa ng akusa sa nakaraang administration na ang ebidensya ay kulang kulang, hatak dito hatak doon, yan ang utak talangka, kaya wag kang magtataka dahil ang presidente ay may utak talangka….

      • Yobhtron

        Ikaw ang pinaka talangka at tangang Pinoy dito.  Galit na galit ka dahil wala na sa kapangyarihan ang amo mong corrupt.  Hindi ka na ba naambunan ng pera. 

      • akimaxx

        Saan ka nakakita o sino ang presidente na ibig ibagsak and Filipino? Siguro si Gloria. Ipagdarasal ko pa rin na umunlad ang Pilipinas sa pamumuno ni PNoy.

  • rodben

    May nakaligtaan ka yata manongosang banggitin yong time ni Cory mga cabenete from rug to billionaire dyan din nag-umpisa ang masscorruption at dynasties sa gobyerno dahil sa Pork barrel at dyan din nag umpisa ang mass layout at strike ng mga maggagawa dahil sa CONTRAUALIZATION LAW AT MGA UNION, at dyan din nag-umpisa ang pagtaas ng bayad sa koryente at tubig dahil sa PRIVATIZATION LAW, pati ibang public Hospitals ay di nakaligtas, dyan din nag-umpisa ang mabilis na pagtaas ng mga bilihin dahil inalis ang price control ng gobyerno pina ubaya nalang sa mga ELITE people, dyan din nag-umpisa ang pag-alisan ng mga matatagal ng malalaking fabrica tulad ng LEVIS, PROCTOR & GAMBLE, PLANTERS PRODUCTS INC. TOYOTA MOTORS, ABOTT, WHITE WESHTINGHOUSE etc.  dahil sa mga strike at tuloy ito sa time ni Ramos at lahat ng naging administration hanggang sa ngayon.. kaya nga skip goat ng gobyerno para umunlad ay mga OFW’s.

  • excalibur


    • boldyak

      ayaw nyo na bigyan ng libre ang mamamayan tapos bigay naman kayo libreng condoms, pinataas nyo pa ang budget sa pamimigay ng pera through DSWD…sino sisihin nyo kung aasa na lang ang mamamayan sa bigay ng gobyerno?…pinalala nyo pa ang pag-uugali ng karamihan sa pagmudmod ng libre…

  • $20733759

    The survey is clearly contradicted by  the picture and news (i.e., 9 out of 10 Pinoys are optomistic ) in the paper’s front page which are cause for celebration (see picture). SWS did you get it right this time? The contributors here are wondering???

    • josefe38

      Ang ibig sabihin, wag kang maniwala sa survey ng SWS o Pulse (FALSE) Asia. Dahil sa sinabi ko na sa ibaba dapat mas mababa pa at lagpak na lagpak ang iyong ABNOY.

  • Albert Einstien

    HINDI na nakapagtataka yan pag bagsak na yan..LAHAT ng BILIHIN at BAYARIN TUMAAS hangang LEEG simula UMUPO si pnoy..ikumpara nyo na lang mga PRESYO 7/2010 at 12/2012 yan REALIDAD hindi survey at propaganda..KAHIT ilan BILYON-BILYON pang suhol pa sa MAHIHIRAP na IDADAAN sa CCT para hindi MAGREKLAMO at UMANGAL ….HINDI magagamot ang KUMAKALAM na SIKMURA ng mahihirap…..ang DAMING pang KALAMIDAD ..katulad ng time ni CORY …malas ata sila para sa pilipinas….KINUKUHA pa ng CHINA ang boung SCS..simula ng pinapasok ni cory nong 1987 ang CHINAsa spratly..ngayon panahon ni pnoy panatag naman..nang panahon ni NINOY…ibinulgar nya ang SEKRETONG PAGBAWI ni marcos sa SABAH… kai-bigan nya ang mga MALAYSIAN leaders….at don nagsimula ang patayan at rebelyon sa mindanao…hanggang ngayon HINDI na natin mabawi ang SABAH..

    ang gobyerno parang karinderya…si PNOY-chinoy TURO-TURO ang ALAM….si gma lagi SISI pati pagpatay siguro ke rizal si gma din 3 years na buti hindi mamaga daliri nya katuturo…….pero pag me $ na pinadala ang mga MIlyon MILYON na TUMATAKAS sa kahirapan sa pilipinas na mga OFW …aangkinin nya credit kaya nga sila UMA-ALIS kasi PALPAK si PNOY …at gusto nya pa IPA-UTANG sa mga mayayaman na bansa ang pera ang $ fc reserves ng OFWs…pang PROPAGANDA na gumanda ekonomya.HINDI na lang nya IBIGAY sa AFP pang defensa sa mga kadugo nyang china…….pero sa KATUNAYAN si PNOY ang me pinakaMAHINA na FDI sobrang BAGSAK at PINA-LUBOG ni PNOY ang PILIPINAS sa UTANG…5 TRILLION na ang NATIONAL DEBT pinalobo nya ng HUSTO at 2trillion na KELANGAN na BUWIS at PAWIS ng mamamayan para budgetan ang walang direksyon na gobyerno…. …… lol

    MASAKIT ang REALIDAD na PALPAK ang ang boss ng mga yellow zombies..HINDI nila kayang matanggap ang KATOTOHANAN…….lol

    YELLOW ZOMBIES this is for you…WAKE-UP..mcbook zombies no need to reply…lol

    • soul.assassin

      Kung lagi kang tama, o malinis ka, o mas matalino ka kesa sa lahat ng kawani ng pamahalaan, try mong sumali sa eleksyon bilang Presidente.

      • Marshall

        pwede…presidente ng mga ungas

    • PAZ

      May pagasa naman dahil sabi nga ni Presidente Kung Walang Corrupt Walang Mahirap! Kaya nga iilan na lang ang mahirap ngayon. Malapit na ring mawala ang mahihirap,ang galing yata ni Presidente Noynoy.

  • agustin

    Why pnoy’s approval rating drop ? 1. No action in FOI bill. 2 silent in the anti dynasty issue.3 rampant corruption within his gov’t.4.unemployment high. 5. prices of foods and commodities are high. 6.  Bus and LRT fares are high 7, Gov’t services charging went up. 8. only ten minutes show up at the disaster area in Mindanao. 9.Open seen in tv coughing and sneezing . 10 Noynoying.

    • llll0000

      1. like every president before him. at least now we can see some improvement. i bet foi will be pass next year. 2. politicians too. the people should not vote those people. 3. nothing change. corruption is so hard to wean out. after all everybody is doing it. 4. he’s not going to solve it in such a short amount of time. 5. every part of the world have their prices go up. it’s the market. 6. we need to pay for the maintenance and gasoline. 7. the government can’t get their money on trees and there are a lot of freeloading people to take care of. 8. what can the president do there? photo-op? he’s going to waste a lot of people’s time because they need to protect him. 9. he is stupid for smoking. but why is that the reason for his approval rating to go down? 10. Noynoying – rh bill, sin tax, gdp growth, record high stocks, did not kowtow to china, corona’s impeachment, gma arrested, put in place a good ombudsman, a good DOT secretary and others, high tax collection, modernisation of the military, investors confidence is up, tourism up and the government is budgeting our money well.

  • Romeo

    Nanggagalaiti na naman ang mga may Hapatitis.

  • Benito Juarez

    Time is restless; it never stops Mr. President. Please remain steadfast and stay on course. Survey is not a popularity contest; it’s only used to gauge your leadership. Beware, however, if you show weaknesses, your detractors will reveal their claws. 

  • PepingCo

    Correction Ms Vuelta, PNoy has something to cry about. This survey is used to gauge PNoy’s popularity and if this continues to slide, you have more work to do in order to get all your senatorial and LGU candidates to be elected in May 2013. That’s what this survey is all about.

    • Benito Juarez

      Mr Aping, if PNoy’s rating slides down that means he needs to work harder.  There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, “nothing stays permanent; everything’s subject to change.” And as the saying goes, numbers don’t lie; the people who put them do.

      • boldyak

        his popularity slide down because people realized that Pnoy is not working….hahaha

      • Benito Juarez

        You’re casting dark clouds over your gloomy horizon.

  • Practicalandconcerned

    Doing the right thing is a hard, difficult, lonely place to be…there are plenty of righteous and forward thinking being done right now…nagpapasalamat Lang po Mr. President and a peaceful and robust new year

    • Benito Juarez

      Agree.  The president has no choice but to remain on course.  He has to attend more to his bosses’ well being than himself out of loyalty and sincerity. He takes the blame when things go bad and share the accolades with his bosses when things go well. But loyalty will also lead him to err, that’s
      when he is blamed outright. I didn’t support him but now I could see his sincerity.


  • josefe38

    Na u-ulol ang mga kasapi ng kultong ABNOYmal sa resulta ng survey. Kaya daw lumagapak ang kanilang pinuno dahil daw ang mamamayang pinoy daw ay tamad, talangka, corrupt. Pag bumaba ang resulta ang mga pinoy ang may kasalanan, pag tataas bakit di ang mga mamamayan din ang pupurihin?


    A very good rating is far better compared to arroyo’s ratings. most of her ratings during 9 years of corrupt leadership was marked with NEGATIVE ratings, meaning below zero – very bad!LOL!

    PNoy is VERY GOOD!

    • Bert

      you have a very low and inferior standard in comparing pnoy with pandak…..

      • magcalasL

        Compare mo sa lahat ng naging presidents….are they at par with Pnoy????? ang pandak ang pinakamababa…Negative all the way

    • josefe38

      Ano naman ang kinalaman ni GMA sa nasabing survey na itoy iyong ino-ugnay??? Ang nasabing survey ginanap noong Dec. 8-11, 2012. Paliwanag mo nga saan sa nasabing survey nagkaroon ng paghahambing ni GMA at Abnoy? Gumawa ka na naman ng sariling resulta? 



        VERY GOOD rating of PNoy is way better compared to very bad negative below zero ratings during 9 years of arroyo.

      • josefe38

        Bakit kay GMA lang, paano sina Erap, FVR, Cory, Marcos,Macapagal, Garcia, MAGSAYSAY?

      • PAZ

        Pati sa pagbaba ng rating ni Presidente si Arroyo pa rin ang babanggitin.

      • magcalasL

        We compare your boss to our boss….Negative and Positive

  • kilabot

    survey is wrong. 
    noykapon is tops. ask the perverts.

  • Your_King

    These polls don’t mean much. The only thing that Filipinos need to see is Aquino’s list of accomplishments since taking over office. And unfortunately, that list is a very short one.

    • Guest

       That list doesn’t exist at all.

      • Your_King

        Yeah you’re probably right. Aquino doesn’t have a list of accomplishments but i just wanted to be nice since it was the holiday season.

      • magcalasL

        Baka bulag ka.

  • joshua kings

    start of his downfall…..
    he should learn from history, recent and long past…
    where is pakyaw now? lost twice in a row, and the last, stunning and thudding KO.
    where is gloria now? and corona?
    where is america now, once the lone superpower in the world?  it began to lose her prominence and dominance when her leaders began to shun God away from their lives by approving and allowing acts against His commands and will like divorce, same-sex marriage, abortion, etc., acts abominable to God, these same acts which pnoy and cohorts in belmonte, lagman and cayetano, etc..want to replicate?  
    mag-isip-isip kayo!

    • magcalasL

      In your dreams……hindi naman si GMA ito….

  • Guest

    And if PNoy does get a rating of +1000, the people have other worries.

  • Fred

    The net satisfaction rating will continue to drop if:
    a) Rico Puno will be rehired;
    b) Virginia Torres will remain in LTO;
    c) Gen Purisima of PNP will not be able to deliver;
    d) Ampatuan and company are not yet convicted;
    e) and many more!

    Mga Bro, baka may idadagdag kayo sa listahan?

    • magcalasL

      Dagdagan nyo pa, baka kulang pa…..magtanong kayo sa mga pari at marami pa silang maidadagdag….ha ha ha… mga loser

  • Beguine

    Maybe a lot of Catholic priests and bishops went incognito
    or used aliases and proxies to participate in this latest
    survey, and if that’s to be expected, the satisfaction rating
    should have plummeted down to negative territory! And was
    then doctored by the surveyors?

    Anyway, who still believes in SWS surveys? They go every
    which way and still the end-result is that PNoy remains
    a “very good” President?

    How’s that possible?   

  • $14334231

    The results of the SWS poll, conducted from Dec. 8 to 11, showed Mr. Aquino’s net satisfaction rating falling from plus 67 (77 percent satisfied minus 10 percent dissatisfied) in August to plus 55 (72 percent satisfied minus 17 percent dissatisfied).

    I thought surveys are based on a 100% total….if 72% are satisfied and 17% dissatisfied, then if 1,200 were surveyed, then 864 are satisfied with the president’s handling of his government, and 204 are dissatisfied with the remaining 1% probably non-committal…You do not substract the dissatisfied because this is based on a 100% survey…you do the math…if you deduct 17% from 72%, then the survey would wind with a total of only 72% when you add 17 + 55 (your total approval rating)…so, where did the 27% go (1% abstaining)???…i don’t like penoy or his administration, but your survey is very confusing…..just separate the pros and the cons and you’ll come up with a 100% total survey……. 

  • Herbert David

    Puro survey surveys na lang, nasaan na ang trabaho PNOY?

    • magcalasL

      Ikaw magtrabaho….baka tambay ka lang

  • bonjing1954

    Noynoy……As a Son of Former Benigno Aquino…..The Martir….And President Cory…..The True Reformer…..I think He is Doing Good as President……1100 Island and may be more…..Our Problem #1…is Communication….Geography wise…And Language…..And Regionalism……I was born in the Philippines…..I am not Criticizing…..Because as A Pinoy and a US Citizen…..My heart and soul will still in my Hometown………

  • Mabuhay

    di na tatakbo yan kaya wa epek sa kanya yang survey…………….3 yrs na lang cya jan……at inip na inip na ang mama…….brace urself for d next Pres in 2016….cno man cya sure na mas matino pa rin c Pnoy……mark my word….

    • magcalasL

      kung di babalik ang amo  mong si GMA at di ma elect si Binay

  • kulittwit

    PNoy’s average net satisfaction rating is 53 which is “very good”. PNoy haters mas maganda po ang very good kumpara sa negative ratings ng corrupt na si arroyo.

    • Albert Einstien

      HINDI na nakapagtataka yan pag bagsak na yan..LAHAT ng BILIHIN at BAYARIN TUMAAS hangang LEEG simula UMUPO si pnoy..ikumpara nyo na lang mga PRESYO 7/2010 at 12/2012 yan REALIDAD hindi survey at propaganda..KAHIT ilan BILYON-BILYON pang suhol pa sa MAHIHIRAP na IDADAAN sa CCT para hindi MAGREKLAMO at UMANGAL ….HINDI magagamot ang KUMAKALAM na SIKMURA ng mahihirap…..ang DAMING pang KALAMIDAD ..katulad ng time ni CORY …malas ata sila para sa pilipinas….KINUKUHA pa ng CHINA ang boung SCS..simula ng pinapasok ni cory nong 1987 ang CHINAsa spratly..ngayon panahon ni pnoy panatag naman..nang panahon ni NINOY…ibinulgar nya ang SEKRETONG PAGBAWI ni marcos sa SABAH… kai-bigan nya ang mga MALAYSIAN leaders….at don nagsimula ang patayan at rebelyon sa mindanao…hanggang ngayon HINDI na natin mabawi ang SABAH..ang gobyerno parang karinderya…si PNOY-chinoy TURO-TURO ang ALAM….si gma lagi SISI pati pagpatay siguro ke rizal si gma din 3 years na buti hindi mamaga daliri nya katuturo…….pero pag me $ na pinadala ang mga MIlyon MILYON na TUMATAKAS sa kahirapan sa pilipinas na mga OFW …aangkinin nya credit kaya nga sila UMA-ALIS kasi PALPAK si PNOY …at gusto nya pa IPA-UTANG sa mga mayayaman na bansa ang pera ang $ fc reserves ng OFWs…pang PROPAGANDA na gumanda ekonomya.HINDI na lang nya IBIGAY sa AFP pang defensa sa mga kadugo nyang china…….pero sa KATUNAYAN si PNOY ang me pinakaMAHINA na FDI sobrang BAGSAK at PINA-LUBOG ni PNOY ang PILIPINAS sa UTANG…5 TRILLION na ang NATIONAL DEBT pinalobo nya ng HUSTO at 2trillion na KELANGAN na BUWIS at PAWIS ng mamamayan para budgetan ang walang direksyon na gobyerno…. …… lol

      MASAKIT ang REALIDAD na PALPAK ang ang boss ng mga yellow zombies..HINDI nila kayang matanggap ang KATOTOHANAN…….

  • Maldi2

    This is good news.  Namulat din ang taong bayan na puro palabas lang lahat pinagagawa ng isang abnoy na pangulo!

    • Don Dee

      +53 means VERY GOOD. The Filipino believes PNoy is VERY GOOD. Tama ka, good news nga! :D

      • Archie Fosgate Denolo

        b obo lang? hindi mo ba naintindihan binasa mo? “SURVEY SHOWS DROP”

      • Don Dee

        Yes. Dropped from VERY VERY GOOD to VERY GOOD. Ano problema dun? POSITIVE RATING PA RIN. The PEOPLE continue to support the PRESIDENT! I would love to see a similar survey on the CBCP. Wouldn’t you?

        You must be one of those geniuses who celebrated when Gloria’s ratings “climbed” to negative 5 percent. Haha.

      • magcalasL

        Unlike your boss na si GMA from day one negative all the way to the end of her term……gets mo?

  • Pers


  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    His rating will dip further come next survey! He is failing as a leader and divides the nation instead of acting like a statesman by showing his machismo and bravado to Riza.

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    Nothing substantial HAS really changeD during noynoy’s term..CORRUPTION SAME what with his Liberal party welcoming all corrupts flocking to them RECYCLED so Noynoy is corrupt din, grabeng TRAFFIC SAME, BASURA SAME, BILIHIN LAHAT TUMATAAS, POLICE KOTONG PA RIN, GOVT BUREAUS LAGAYAN PA RIN, MAHIRAP DUMARAMI, EDUCATION GANUN PA RIN PALPAK, MAYAMAN YUMAYAMAN LALO,  patay sa kalamida same kadami, channel 4 propaganda tv pa rin, spokespersons sugarcoating pa din walang honest magsalita, kuryente, tubig tumataas ng tumataas, pahirap VAT nandiyan pa rin para mi makurakot sila, gasolina mahal at tumataas pa rin,  pork barrel nilalamas pa rin, corruption sa judiciary same sa bir, immigration, customs, denr, dpwh, underpass madilim pa rin, nagpapalimos sa da an dumarami, KASINUNGALINGA OPISYAL NA K NOYNOY, at ang pinakaMALALA WINASAK NI NOYNOY ANG NATITIRANG MORALIDAD NG FILIPINO na sariling atin at pinaPAG BABAWAL ANG MGA SANGGOL NA MABUO AT MAI SILANG! HIS WORST CRIME THAT MADE HIM THE WORST PRESIDENT THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER HAD!

    • Garote

      True, we still have corruptions, lies, foreign control over our economy, poverty, joblessness, extrajudicial killings, cronyism, etc. Also, we still have a woman as the head of our gov’t, the only difference is she is trapped in a man’s body.

      • magcalasL

        Baka ikaw yun, para kang babae magcomment…

      • Garote

        MagcalasL, baka ikaw ang partner ni wawa2172 na hindi gumagamit nang contraceptive pills.. . .bwahahahaha

  • Garote

    “PNoy’s rating also slipped among women, from plus 67 to plus 55.” Of course, PNoy rating drops among women because he will flood and kill these women with cancer-causing contraceptive pills, instead of spending the  billions of pesos for better purpose like education, jobs, medicine, food and shelters for them. The Filipino women are beginning to discover that the RH law is meant to kill them and their babies. That the pro RH bill advocates and supporters are either atheists, eugenics, or communists who don’t care about life and well beings of women and children.

    • Don Dee

      This is very interesting. You have actual insight into the mental process of the 12 percentage points drop among women. Very specific insight! That’s all very nice. 

      Care to share your opinion on why PLUS 55% percent (or MAJORITY!!!) still thinks positively of this president? Are you saying that 55% of Filipino women are “either atheists, eugenics, or communists who don’t care about life and well beings of women and children”?

      • Garote

         I don’t share your opinion, sorry. By the way, are you the Donald Dee, the much-publicized swindler of the ’80s, whose name was published in all the headlines of the national newspapers?

    • wawa2172

       I don’t agree with your opinion. The RH law have nothing to do with the drop of PNoy’s rating but rather it might pull him up next survey. We need the RH Law and it would empower women to be protected in terms of health and unwanted pregnancy.

      • Garote

        That is if all of you women, who are so-called empowered-women-by-RH-law, will live through your natural lives without dying of cancer caused by the contraceptives drugs. Of course, you will no longer have “unwanted pregnancy” as promised because dead people don’t get pregnant, they just rot six feet underground.

      • wawa2172

        Its pathetic of you to scare women with cancer. My mom is still living and she used contraceptive pills to plan her family. She only conceived only two kids: me and my sisters who are now professionals and married. My mom is so healthy and could even outlived us kasi halos wala na siyang stress related na gawain. She is retired and does her morning tai che exercise. Huwag kang masyadong matatakutin, if you don’t want your wife to use pills then you better use condom, it is still satisfying and pleasurable. Besides its not sex that is everything in relationship. Marami dapat gawin and not what the birds and the bees does always. If you are a cebuano then your can understand what “Kan Sir” means nabuntis kay sir..he he..

      • Garote

        Don’t tell me  contraceptives do not cause cancer and are safe just because you claimed your mother used contraceptives before. I can’t verify  your story whether is true or not. If you really care about your mother, sister and other women, you would be advocating for the repeal of RH law. LISTEN: CONTRACEPTIVES CAUSE CERVIC AND BREAST CANCER. You are not fooling me with your “mother story.”.

      • wawa2172

        Ha ha ha and puso mo. Ingat baka ala ka ngang cancer high blood ka naman. I am not forcing you to agree with me  or believe in me, ours is a democratic country. I will stand by the truthfulness of my mother story. Listen too: What things do we take into our body that wont cause cancer?  Read medical journals halos lahat na yata nang nilulunok natin may kaakabay na possible cancer threat. Pati nga pag inom nang gatas na galing sa baka nakakatakot din. If you live in fear even pag gamit nang condom na lang, well I am sorry kung ano pa ang kinatatakutan mo. You have a choice with RH law, its either you use contraceptives or not nasa iyo na yon. Wala pa ang RH law natin marami nang babae ang my cervic and breatst cancer at di ito related sa pag gamit nang contraceptives. My wife don’t use contraceptives but I use condom. Isa pa ang baby namin and a year old pa lang siya. We plan to have our next baby next two years pa. Sa hot kung ito and with a hot babe like my wife, you think I will do what the priest do? Nope I’ve been to Italy and stayed in Rome, mag lakad ka sa Olympic stadium nila at makakatapak ka nang napakaraming use condoms. I rest my case..peace..  

      • Garote

        Reading what you’ve written now in Tagalog, I believe you are a homo. You write like one. Of course you will use condom to prevent yourself from getting AIDS, not that your partner will get pregnant, because your partner is not a she but a he. You want RH bill approved hoping same-sex marriage will also be passed as a law by your president . . . bwahahahahaha

      • wawa2172

         You are simply a pathetic comedian siguro sa dami ang anak mo ay nagka migraine ka na. Ok sasakyan kita he he…agree ako dahil sa RH law naging homo ako, meaning naging homo sapien. In tagalog totoong tao ako. Same sex marriage, bakit alam mo, kasi gaya mo siguro. Ang asawa ko ay si babe, sa iyo si bibot the x-men? PNoy my president, hmm ok na rin. Bakit mo kilalang kilala si PNoy nag siping na ba kayo without condom, at least ako safe sex tanungin mo si Kris…ha ha ha. Have a nice day Garote and thank you for being an anti-RH law, at least I know how you were afflicted with Migraine while ako lagi lang accuse na “Kan Sir” yan nang mga babe. Adios Patria..RH is now a it or not.

      • Garote

        Bagay ka doon sa Showbiz tsismis blog, hindi dito. Adios fruitcake.

      • wawa2172

        Hey bakla ka ano, kasi kilala mo si fruitcake huh. Peace with you brother er  sister? Yan nalito na ako. Ito na talaga ang last…Adios Patria Ado Darna!!!! Sinimulan mo so tinapos ko na. Peace be with you always..

  • wawa2172

    Overall Noy’s performance still better but before his terms ends it will surely go down much lower. The SWS and Pulse are doing there jobs by simply making politician in the current government looks better. Our economy is much better today but poverty and corruption remains despite the media projection that Noy admin is doing better on the issue. Let us admit it poverty and corruption is so much around and it will be have its grand features comes election time. Noy will surely wont know what hits him.

  • blainz

    Dec. 8-11 is right in the aftermath of typhoon Pablo, a context that wasn’t mentioned in this report.

    Leave it to sore losers of the anti-RH and Arroyo camps to jump to doom-laden conclusions. If the numbers rebound expect these same people to argue the survey has been “bought”.

  • disqusted0fu

    no worries, its easy to manipulate these surveys and bring the ratings back up anyway. thats why these surveys barely mean anything.  like i always say, we care more about actual results than just these deceptive statistics.

  • mikerocky

    In the interest of the country PNOY has been battling powerful people with their respective vested interests. An example are the beer and cigarette magnates whose arsenal for black propaganda is p-ractically limitless. Therefore, for his approval rating to go down should be expected. Paddle through Mr. President. The nation is behind you. Even if you have an unpleasant vice-president who continues to enjoy high rating. God help us if he gets elected.

  • Raphael Hero

    instead of taking care the economy, busting corruption, is a Machiavellian rule eliminating his political opponents deceitfully (look at cebu), pag political ally exempted sa law, media should be keen on this. the economy is not growing but the cost of living is, P-noy should not after popularity and pleasing his advisers, now i know what to do in the next election. by the way those who supported the RH bill must be “models,” for the women, they should attach IUDs in their reproductive organs para hindi sila paimpregnate then die early because of its complications. drink pills to have cancer and autistic children, teach the youth (grade 5 im not sure) how to do sex (db instinctive yun?) properly to stimulate them “educatively” without any moral and values (respect for the human body) back up (purely physical), distribute condoms para hindi kumalat of aids virus na mas maliit sa butas ng condom, magpamigay ng one million condom para mas tumaas ang unwanted pregnancies dahil 10% of pagpalpak ng condom scientifically, edi may 100, 000 na agad na buntis wow! kelangan na natin ng abortion clinics! 13 bilyon national fund for contraceptives,  it is the end of povery in the philippines mabuhay ang kababaihan, ang kabataan, ang pamilya!      

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