Puno reportedly eyeing DA job



Rico Puno, who resigned from his post as undersecretary at the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) about three months ago, is reportedly looking for a job at the Department of Agriculture (DA).

But presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said Thursday that Puno’s job-hunting in the DA had no official sanction from Malacañang.

“That’s not accurate,” Lacierda said, when asked by phone if President Aquino was poised to return his erstwhile shooting range buddy to the government fold.

Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala told the Inquirer by phone that Puno met with him twice earlier this month about a vacancy for an undersecretary in the DA.

Puno did not say that Aquino wanted him in the DA.

But Alcala said: “No problem, I can work with anyone. But it’s the President who appoints.”

Another Cabinet member told the Inquirer by phone that Puno had indeed approached Alcala.

“I heard [he is interested in the] DA,” said the Cabinet member, who was not authorized to talk about the issue.

Asked if Aquino had asked Alcala to find Puno a job, the Cabinet member said: “I don’t even know if P-Noy knows [about it].”

At the Palace briefing earlier Thursday, Lacierda was asked if it was true that Puno was looking for a job in the DA.

“There has been no discussion on that point, so we cannot make any comment on that,” Lacierda said.

“What we are waiting for is actually the next appointee to the position of chief presidential legal counsel. But with respect to Rico Puno, we have no official word on that, so I cannot confirm if he is going to be part of the DA. That’s as far as our information is [concerned],” Lacierda said.

Puno appeared to have voluntarily stepped down from his post in September, giving newly appointed Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas III a free hand to form his own team.

But the Inquirer later reported that an irregular rifle deal had triggered Puno’s fall from grace with Malacañang.

The Inquirer quoted an administration insider as saying that the President had personally asked Puno in July to resign because of the allegedly overpriced M4 rifles, a deal that the Philippine National Police insisted was above board.

According to the administration source, Puno’s resignation had nothing to do with his purported “raids” on the offices or the condominium unit of Jesse Robredo less than 24 hours after the plane carrying the secretary of the interior disappeared on August 18 off Masbate and an intense search for the aircraft was in progress.

The source stressed it was all about the gun deal that Aquino found overpriced when he searched Google on the Internet.

On the impending appointment of a new chief presidential legal counsel by January 2013, there is no official word whether or not lawyer Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa will get the post.

Caguioa was a classmate of Aquino at Ateneo de Manila University from grade school to college.

The lawyer is a senior partner of the Caguioa and Gatmaytan law firm, which specializes in litigation and arbitration, and is the son of the late Court of Appeals Justice Eduardo Caguioa.

“He is under consideration” was all Lacierda told reporters.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZF4OTGY4BREFE42RXP7FZJKFY Ding

    Marami yatang ayaw sa kaniya…pero, kung talagang gusto niyang makapaglingkod sa bayan, puwede siguro siyang gobernador sa mga isla sa West Philippines Sea, para  mapangalagaan din ang mga interest ng bansa mga lugar na iyon.

    • Josemakabayan

      Tama ka dyan doon sya bagay at karapat Dapat !!!! I appoint agad sya doon, Baka maunahan pa tayo Ng mga Tsino !!!!!!!!

    • 12JEM

       Tama nang nagkaroon ng isang USEC JOKJOK dyan sa DA. Huwag nang magkaroon ng isang USEC PUNO.

  • 1GeorgeTolentino2

    Mayor ng Spratleys, pwedeng pwede!

  • kentjohn

    sa pag asa island sa spratly ok pnoy,sya din ang chief of police doon,khit mag firing cla doon magdamagan ok lng..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P4PIU2AIGVXJNQ4UBH5X64MSFE mr

    Punong puno na kami sa yo Rico, sabi mga ni Rico J- “Alaala ka na lang ng kayo ni Pnoy ay magsweetheart pa, namamasyal pa sa Luneta habang binabaril mga Intsik na turista.” Kung ano ang nipis ng buhok mo yun naman kapal ng mukha mo, ay lumapad na nga pala kasi noo mo hanggang batok mo na.

  • miiron

    KAPAL TALAGA APOG NI PUNO.  sa DA naman nya plano magkurakot!  tumahimik ka na nga baboy ka!!!!!@#$%^

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4R3GZTGML26TV2VGS6RVHP2THM Fred

    Ang kapal mo Puno!
    Yung iba dyan gusto nang bumalik sa private sector, tapos ikaw gusto mong sumiksik.
    May gagawin kang anomalya sa DA. Salot ka!

  • Usi Sero

    Lacierda said Malacañang had no official sanction…this has been the MO of this administration…they are just getting the pulse of the Filipino people. Puno will be appointed if the yellows and the PNoy friendly media can drown the voice of the people who oppose it.

    Taong bayan, gising na kayo. It’s obvious PNoy is not looking out for you…he’s only looking out for his KKKs.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZF4OTGY4BREFE42RXP7FZJKFY Ding



  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NWS5555HSDDFIVPBZEC2QPBOGM Nelson

    This guy Rico Puno should stay away from the administration of PNoy. He is corrupt and he only gives a bad name to the present cabinet. He will drag down the whole administration.
    Doesn’t he get the message that he is unwanted? He had his chance, he blew it! Let more deserving people fill in the empty slots!
    Go away, Rico Puno! Get lost!

    • Usi Sero

      Puno will not get the job without PNoy’s blessing…it will be PNoy who will drag down the whole administration – not Puno.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZF4OTGY4BREFE42RXP7FZJKFY Ding


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UQXLAHQCCIEO3WMCTNZSWIE3AI Lagotka

    This article is testing the water. They want to know if Rico Puno is acceptable to the public.

    In that case, this is my answer: Looks alone, he already looks like a hoodlum. And when he talks, it confirms that he is a hoodlum.

    Hindi naman siya taga Ateneo, ha? Why accept him? Sa Lourdes lang nag-aral yan, bata pa, porciento na ang na sa ulo!

  • batangsulpok

    Maraming pera sa DA kaya gusto ni Puno diyan, di ba si JocJoc ay dati Undersecretary ng DA?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XWH5SD6XPM3XKND6PJQQ32ZRAU Mabuhay


  • 444mangyan888

    hehehe….a man from a moneyed family trying really very hard to get a job as a usec..!!!
    That position can assure only around 40k php takehome a month..!!!!
    Nakita nya sigurado kung pano nagkamal si jocjoc sa DA.
    Grabe korap to the bones…!!!!

  • Bengatibo

    Puno should stay away from any government post. His name is already tainted. He told the press previously that he will go back to private practice. Pnoy will only get bad publicity if he will appoint Puno as Usec of DA.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

      For one thing, Puno does not have the respect of Sec. Alcala.  They can’t work together.

      • crewp

        And who told you this? Alacala?

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        Hahaha, Crew Puno on comment overdrive!

      • crewp

        Haha.Sorry ah. Mga anti-puno lang ba ang pwedeng mag-comment dito?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PM6JHCFR2KT2AURMWRDUXBNLQY Darwin

        Actually, I am hoping Puno does get appointed. It would really help public perception on the existing enemies of Pnoy. Right or wrong, Puno is KKK. Fairness is irrelevant. The only question is whether it is worth it for Pnoy to stand by his friend.

  • denzel_alfonso


  • doublecross

    abangan : baka majokus-pokus ang pera!

  • mekeni62

    this won’t be surprising if ever it is true.

  • Mattino2011

    Mr Pnoy, if you are wise enough, don’t give him any position in your govt or you might suffer decline in your trust ratings ,he has done much damage to your credibility. . Kami boss mo di ba?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      dream on, his kkk’s own sws and pals asia, so how can his rating decline? 

      • Mattino2011

        decline na nga..read the news lol…

  • arao_liwanag

    Kaillan, shooting buddy, classmate, recycled.

  • $14141131

    Walanghiya naman talaga! If Puno will be appointed, then the President, Nhoynhoy, is like a shameless undignified buffoon who can’t seem to find professional and honorable persons to do a job. Stop pulling the people’s legs, Nhoy!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DFW5PTIGTXNRUX44FLV6LI5USM Bantay

    KKK in action again…sigurado pasok na yan! pag hindi baka magkabistuhan pa!!! kasi may alam yan si Puno sa Buddy nya kaya takot!!! secret!

  • disqus_F7NxgCOapC

    Sa lahat nang Puno ito ang pangit ang bunga kaya dapat itapon sa apoy!!!

  • Philcruz

    Hay nako! Punong-puno na ang bayan sa schemes ng punong ‘to. What does a gunslinger have to do with agriculture? Maybe he wants to guard our marine resources in the West Philippine Sea? If so, I have no objections, your honor.

    • Philcruz

      On second thought, I still object, your honor. Mag ko-komisyon na naman ‘to sa mga intsik doon.

  • pugadlawin

    Puno is shameless!
    P-noy should surround himself with decent men, and Puno is not one of them.

  • denzel_alfonso

    Na tsugee na babalik pa? Bakeeeeeeet?

    • Philcruz

      Maybe he was born shameless?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/25UAHA74QQS5NENIA3EXO2A7PY Faisal salman

    sarap pasabugan ng “goodbye bading”ang pwet nito sa bagong taon….

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

      Mas malakas ang “Ampatuan” na pasabog.  Dapat nga meroon din paputok na “Putok Puno”.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W6H5DZKUQTUASP4S6CGTK7B3E4 kevin

      Dapat sa litsunan…

  • gusm

    Can’t this man do anything with his life outside of
    government? Is he afraid that nobody would want him in private enterprises or
    he is simply addicted to the ‘fringe benefits” that he was used to when he
    was in government? Just say no to Puno. No more free lunch for this man.

    • Philcruz

      Yes, no more free lunches for this guy. Just look at the bulk of the man. Anymore free lunches and he’ll explode.

  • RHumabon

    Rico Puno, you should by now have realized you’re a “5th wheel” in the Daang Matuwid thrust of the President. You’ll do a lot of favor to the President and the nation by concentrating your energies in your private business. Good Luck.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    Shameless !  After being implicated and accused of involvement in jueteng as DILG Usec., even a report that the late Sec. Robredo was investigating Puno, he has still the balls to be at DA.  This is another test for Pnoy.  If instead of suspending Puno he transfers him to DA, then his “Daan na Matuwid” is a big LIE.

    • crewp

      But don’t you find it ironic that this so called report was never released to the public by abscbn? When the very basis of their “expose” was that may hawak silang report.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MLD4OKCRPD4PLQOEWMYBRELWG4 Cola

    Better do what your name sake is doing.  KUMANTA KA NA LANG!  Mahiya ka naman!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZZK525UYR7QVVXNHVEKXLPUY34 Ed

    There’s a lot of loose change at the DA, DAR, QUEDANCOR, NFA and other gov’t agencies focused on the grassroots of our economy. Bawa’t contract signing, may mga libreng souvenirs – long ago, mga fountainpens, ngayon since 2000’s mga high-end laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. And of course, lots of opportunities to make money supplying bogus fertilizers, training programs, etc. to farmers. KKK buddy Ricardo Puno will be a perfect fit for this environment of corruption and wheeling-dealing. 

    • Philcruz

      This reminds me of Gloria’s man at the DA. The fertilizer scam character from Roxas City? What was his name? BOLANTE.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

        yeah right, and we thought pnoy represents change and that daang matuwid is for real……we are duped….

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PM6JHCFR2KT2AURMWRDUXBNLQY Darwin

        Hallelujah! Revelation at last!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MLD4OKCRPD4PLQOEWMYBRELWG4 Cola

    Eh, sabagay, what is new?  Si Virginia Torres sa LTO na na-recommend for suspension at nag leave ng 6 months eh ibinalik.  Si Puno pa kaya?  Hurray P-NOY, do it the second time, and this time for Puno, the first one was for Torres.

  • Gerald Abueva

    Si Rico Puno ay malakas. Sobrang lakas. He has the backing of Tito Babalu. He’s untouchable. The people in Dept of Agriculture leaked this to the media hoping to preempt this. Procy Alcala is diplomatic. Puno will most likely be in the livestock dept, which is easily 1/3 of our agricultural sector.

    Where is our Ombudsman?

    Why is she not running after the likes of Rico Puno?

    Why is she not running after ex-NFA Chief Lito Banayo? The senate inquiry says he’s dirty.

    Is Ombudsman Conchita Carpio blind? O nagbubulag-bulagan lang?

    • JohnDoeGB

      Wala kasing basbas ng Malacanang kaya wala lang he is still free as a bird… nagbabalak pang makapasok sa DA.

      • crewp

        Baka naman di basbas ang wala. Baka ebidensiya ang wala. Sarap talaga maging “arm chair reporter”. Banat lang ng banat pero di kailangan patunayan ang mga inaakusa. 

      • JohnDoeGB

        Baka nga. Baka may katiwalian din na baka ayaw lang bungkalin dahil nga KKK. Sarap talaga maging kapanalig ng mga dilawan… hindi na kayang maging neutral ng utak. At least ako, critical ako sa lahat kahit na anong partido.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UOZM4PWIDKO7G64HL3PPMXUTM Constantine

    Who the hell is approving this? Rico Puno should fade into the night! He is bringing down the reputation of the Pnoy administration!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L3NJ4IIZZMB2OMPIOR7X2B72ME k

    If he needs a job,give him a clerical position.

  • regd

    I smell diversionary tactic! It’s a show and politics in the making, the pig will get nothing! 
    Futile exercise.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ULJS34FQ24PGB7HI5OO4QOJ65A Spy to

    Walang ya naman talaga oo.. . Adobe na ba ang kapal ng mukha nitong tao ma to.. abay ay soy sauce sa utak din ito at di alam ang ssalitang delikadesa o kaya hiya!!! Pesteng buhay aam talaga oo

  • regd

    If PNoy does the unthinkable, I cannot defend him on this one.PERIOD!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYYFBINDMTZHM6TDHPB667452M agustin


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      then lagot ka kay carandang…hehe

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PN3VRDYP7ZZDTUHWG5R7RJSXWM raul n

    Puno is related to Noynoy on the Sumulong side kayo malakas talaga ang baboy na ito.

  • DGuardian

    Makabubuti kay Presidente Aquino ang dumistansya kay Puno at huwag itong bigyan ng anumang puwesto sa pamahalaan. Presidente Aquino, hindi ka nga magnanakaw, pero kung ang ilaslagay mo naman sa mga importanteng puwesto sa gobyerno ay puro corrupt at magnanakaw ay paano ka paniniwalaan ng sambayanang Pilipino at paano uunlad ang bayan natin? Bilyun-bilyung pera ng pamahalaan ang nalulustay dahil karaniwang mga halal at appointed na pinuno sa pamahalaan ay mga magnanakaw. Maging ang mga senador at mga kongresista ay hindi dapat binibigyan ng milyun-milyong pork barrel. Ang congressmen sa Pilipinas ay ubod ng dami ganoong maliit lamang ang bansa natin Mayroon pang mga party list na congressmen. Sa America na 50 ang states ay 435 lang ang mga congressmen samantalang ang Pilipinas na kasinlaki lang ng California ay ubod ng dami ang congressmen. At pag napunta na sa kanila ang pork barrel ay ayaw nang pakawalan ng mga kongresista natin ang pera. Pati mga senador. Dapat ay aalamin lamang nila ang mga pangangailangan na infrastructure, healthcare at iba pang pangngailangan ng kani-kanilang distrito at ire-report ito sa DPWH para siyang mangangasiwa sa pagpapagawa. Kailangan ding may special na sangay ang pamahalaan sa pag-iinspeksiyon, pag-a-assess, at pangangasiwa sa mga proyekto kaagapay ng isang special na sangay na mangangasiwa sa disbursement ng pondo ng bawat proyekto. Ang Commission on Audit naman ang siyang mag-momonitor at sisiguro na bawat piso na inilaan para sa proyekto ay tunay ngang nagasta para sa bawat materyales, labor, at iba pa. Hindi dapat ibinibigay sa mga senador, kongresista, governor, mayor, at barangay chairman ang pork barrel at iba pang pondo. Ilang dekada na na napatunayan natin na ninanakaw lamang ang mga ito at pulos mga minenos, pagkapapangitt,madaling masira ang mga pinagawang public structures at kadalasan nga ay walang naipagawa at nawawala ang mga  pondo para rito.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYYFBINDMTZHM6TDHPB667452M agustin

    this is a palakasan system where Aquino determined to. He did it to Lourdes Sereno, Grace Padaca, Gen Purisima., Virginia Torres etc and soon again to Puno (the corrupt). the merit/senoirity system is not Pnoy’s consideration. demoralization with in the ranks is not his concern.

    • muddygoose

      Seniority system = Merit system? Sereno has no merits? Padaca has no merits? So who has merits?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DYXSBRILSDYIRWUSCWGYADFH5I Bubbles

    kapal to the max!

  • Pia Pilar Francisco

    Mr. President, thanks for a great year 2012. Filipinos all over the world are happy for the Philippines. I support you all the way but not on the case of Puno. Please never let him return to your government. He is not good for your administration. He is not good for the Philippines. Please do not succumb to any pressure or your friendship with him.

    Have a happy new year.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      good luck to you…..

      i’m with you in your pleadings though, but i’m not overly confident that your wishes against a KKK will be granted…..

    • crewp

      But you are working on the assumption that walang magawa si Pnoy kundi ilagay yung mga kaibigan niya. This is totally not the case. We have a very strong and capable President. If Puno really did those things he was accused of, Pnoy would not tolerate this.

      It is clear that you don’t like Puno. But take a step back and consider this. Maybe the President knows something we don’t. Maybe there is an even bigger story behind all the news reports that we don’t see. Maybe Puno really was just a target of a demolition job by some sectors in media which we do know is a reality not just in our country but everywhere else. Media really can make or break a person. That’s why we turn to the rule of law. Di naman pwedeng puro trial by publicity lang.

  • Maria_Clara11

    Puno again? Please save the Philippines from his clutches, Mr. President. The agriculture sector of our country is badly in need of funding and professional attention. Placing Puno in DA will just aggravate the matter because of his irregular practices. 

    • beerhunters

       I’ve heard that his credentials fit the DA

      • Ogie

        His credentials but not his integrity…

    • crewp

      What are his irregular practices?

      • Ogie

        do your homework crewp.

      • crewp

        I did. I followed the news and all the investigations and came up with my own opinion that most of the allegations were just that, allegations. This is why I am asking because I may have missed something.Aside from general accusations, what exactly/specifically were his irregular practices?

  • nti_boohaya

    Uh-oh!   I smell something fishy here.  Kung naappoint si Puno sa DA, hula ko susunod yung taga Pangasinan o Pampanga sa PAGCOR.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

    wag po….wag po….maawa na po kayo….WAAAAGGGGGG POOOOOOOO

  • Fulpol

    his expertise is not suitable in DA…

    unless BS Aquino III can create new bureau in DA where he can appoint Puno as the head..

    the Bureau of Arming Farmers… wherein the plowshare turned into sword (M-16)..

  • Yxon

    mr. president, wala na bang ibang magaling na filipino para sa position na yan?  bakit naman ipinipilit nyo itong kaibigan nyo na nakakasira naman ng inyong objectives?  ang DA ay umuusad na ngayon sa ilalim ni ginoong alcala.  baka naman sa malaking pera dyan? magrerelease na naman yata ng mga loans assistance para sa mga magsasaka kaya gusto nya doon.  btw, accounted na ba nag mga released loans sa time ni gma?

  • adriel0104

    from ramos to estrada to arrovo to aquino but fired.ohh puno puno again.Mr president not again please!!!puno na kami sa kakurakutan nang mga puno!

  • kilabot

    give it to him. he is noykapon’s partner for goodness sake. and no grumblings please.

  • speedstream2

    Isn’t the DA doing just fine under the current team? Why tinker with the set-up that’s working well? Like they say, if it ain’t broke why fix it? 

  • wakats

    Somebody must have urged rico puno to scout for usec vacancy in the DA in preparation for next year’s elections, just like jocjoc bolante in 2007 elections and the alleged P728M fertilizer scam.

    It seems history is repeating itself sans “daang matuwid.”

  • disqusted0fu

    Puno in the Department of Agriculture?! they cant be serious! the power of the kkk will again be demonstrated if this materializes.

    but what happened with the allegations against Puno? is it gone with the wind since he is a shooting buddy of the president? but if he wasnt, i can almost guarantee that there will be a fast tracked case against him and he would most likely end up in jail. fortunately for him, he is a kkk.

  • Your_King

    That’s how Aquino’s shady government works. Tell people that you want to fight corruption but at the same time allow your buddies to do corruption behind closed doors. Then when they are found out, just sweep it under the rug, and move them into another government position to continue their shady activities. 

  • crewp

    When Puno resigned as usec of the Dilg, was there a single case filed against him? Wala. When he was accused of juteng by bishop cruz, was there a case filed against him? Wala. But Bishop Cruz and his group did file a case against Gov. Espina of Pangasinan. When he was accused of having anomalous transactions involving the puchase of glock pistols in the PNP, was there a case filed against him? Wala. In fact, natuloy nga yung puchase and hindi naman pinatigil ni Mar Roxas. When Abscbn came out with the story that iniimbestigahan siya ni late sec robredo, niliabas ba nila sa publiko yung report? Pinakita ba nila yung report na hawak nila sa tao? Hindi. Nung inakusahan siya na ni-raid niya yung condo ni Robredo, sino ba nagsabi nito? Hindi ba’t yung abscbn lang at di man lang yung pamilya ni Sec Robredo?

    Its one thing not to like a person for whatever reason. It is another thing to accuse him of certain allegations. And it is a totally different thing of proving these allegations. To accuse a person of something is the easiest thing in the world to do. Some would say that when there is smoke, there is fire. But this is not always the case.

    This article is so slanted and its clear as day that it is directed towards conditioning the minds of the people.

    The thing I find so dubious is that wala pa ngang appointment, binabanatan na agad si Puno. 

    You people must really hate him. Pero sana lang kung magagalit kayo sa tao, magalit kayo for the right reasons and not just because nagpapadala kayo sa mga simpleng alegasyon na hindi man lang mapanindigan

    • lostRunes

      ” When Puno resigned as usec of the Dilg, was there a single case filed against him? ”

      When Noynoy has whitewashed all the investigations against him?? When De Lima CHANGED her story to the media?? Kanino mo isusumbong? sa department of justice??

      Nung kinasuhan ni De Lima si Puno tungkol dun sa Luneta hostage taking, inabswelto ni Noynoy.

      Nung nasangkot si Puno diyan sa jueteng, may ginawa ba ang si De Lima?

      Kung alam ni Noynoy na may imbestigasyon si Robredo sa anomalya sa DILG, bakit hindi niya ilabas sa media ang PAPELES?

      Sabi ni Noynoy may investigation daw na nangyayari tungkol sa anomalya diyan sa baril. Puwes, san yung resulta?

      Hindi! kasi ang mga masasamang tao lang ay mga kaaway ni Noynoy sa politika. Mga KKK hindi puwedeng magkasala sila . MGA SANTO KASI

      You people must really love him. Pero sana lang kung inlove kayo sa
      tao, mainlove kayo for the right reasons at hindi dahil sa kanyang inefficiency and pagka korap!

      • crewp

        “When Noynoy has whitewashed all the investigations against him??” – Talaga? what exactly were these investigations that were whitewashed? What exactly was he accused of doing wrong? Anomaly sa bidding? How? Aside from this general allegation, what exactly did Puno do?

        “Kanino isusumbong?Sa Department of Justice?” Oo. Or pwede rin sa Ombudsman. Sa Senado. Pero nagimbestiga na ang Senado at wala rin nahanap. Sa Congress? Wala rin naman silang nahanap. 

        Di ba nga ang purpose ng isang investigation is to find out exactly kung may mali or wala? Hindi naman porke’t inimbestigahan ay guity na agad. Di bat’t innocent until proven guilty pa rin tay sa Pilipinas?

        Nabasa mo ba yung report ni de lima at yung desisyon ni Noynoy nung sa hostage taking? Hindi naman nun sinabi na kasalanan niya yun.

        Usec lang si Puno nun at yung nagpapatakbo nung operation nung hostage taking incident ay yung LOCAL CRISIS MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE. Nasa batas yun. Yun yung mga protocol na nakalagay. SO kahit nagutos si Puno dun, or kahit si Robredo, di rin sila ang masusunod dahil may LOCAL CRISIS MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE nung mga panahong iyon. Alam mo ba yun?  Yun yung dahilan kung bakit siya naabswelto.

        At ano ba yung iniibestigahan daw ni Robredo bago siya namatay? Yung anomalya sa bidding ng mga baril?Hindi ba’t yun din yun inimbestigahan ni Mirriam at pinaliwanag ng PNP dun sa Senado. Wala nga daw anomalya KAYA NGA NATULOY YUNG PAGBILI NG MGA BARIL AT HINDI PINATIGIL NI MAR NUNG MAUPO SIYANG DILG SEC. 

        Ano pa? yung pagpunta raw niya sa Israel at kinausap nung bidder na taga dun? Eh NATALO nga yung Israeli bidder. Kung nanalo siguro siya, kakampihan pa kita. Pero NATALO nga eh. So inayos ni Puno na matalo yung bidder kaya siya nagpunta dun? Ang labo naman ata nun

        Yun ang resultang hinahanap mo. Ang problema kasi, ang gusto niyong resulta ay guilty lang at wala nang iba. At anong basehan mo? Yung nababasa mo sa dyaryo at napapanood sa tv?

        Pag naabswelto, ang tanging dahilan lang ay dahil prinotektahan ni Pnoy at hindi yung iba pang possibilidad na baka wala naman talagang kasalan.

        Kung ganyan kayo magisip, di dapat lahat ng naaakusahan guilty na agad. Kahit sa korte. Basta may kaso ka, dapat guilty ka na agad. Kung naabswelto ka ng huwes, malamanng binayaran yun.

        Ewan ko sa iyo pero para sa akin, being under investigation is NOT tantamount to being guilty right away. And not everything you read or see in the news is always accurate.

        According to you, para kay Pnoy, lahat ng KKK ay Santo. Ituloy mo na rin. Para nman sayo, lahat ng KKK ay demonyo. Walang middle ground. Black or white lang.

      • 1GeorgeTolentino2

        Si Rico talaga, meron pang oras mag comment sa inquirer.

      • crewp

        So yun yung theory mo? Dahil iba yung opinyon ko sa inyo, ako si Puno na may oras pang magreply sa inquirer. Galing talaga. Ito yung mature thinking na kailangan ng Pinas para umasenso.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PM6JHCFR2KT2AURMWRDUXBNLQY Darwin

        Good point. Di talaga dapat ng inaakusahan guilty na agad…same thing with GMA, CJ Corona, Gov. Garcia, etc.

      • crewp

        I agree. Dapat talaga hindi trial by publicity. Even with those from the past administration. But if you think about it, GMA is incarcerated now because there was enough evidence to file a case in the Sandiganbayan. She hasn’t been found guilty yet. Corona was impeached but that was purely a political exercise. He wasn’t incarcerated or anything. I don’t know if there is enough evidence to actually file a case against him in court. As for Gov. Garcia and her suspension, I think she still has the option of filing a case in Court for a TRO. 

        This is why I tend to believe that Puno was a victim of a demolition job. He was accused by Bishop Cruz of involvement in juteng and yet the only proof he had were “reports from the ground”.Its so easy to make this because literally anything under the sun can be a “report from the ground”. But with Gov.Espina, they actually did file a case against him complete with witnesses and affidavits.

        As for irregularities in bidding, up to now, it is still unclear to me what exactly did Puno do that was irregular? He was allegedly being investigated by Robredo, but what was contained in this report. Abscbn has it daw. This was the basis of their expose. Eh di bakit di nila ilabas para buo yung kwento? And how convenient was it that it only came out after Robredo passed away. Robredo was doing a good job in the DILG when he was still alive and wala naman siyang sinasabi against Puno.

        He was investigated by Miriam in the Senate, but what concrete thing came out of that? I watched it closely and all I saw was the PNP personnel explaining why everything was above board and that there was no anomaly. I actually believed them and the thing that really convinced me was the fact that the purchase of guns was NOT cancelled, even AFTER Puno resigned. THis I read in the Philippine Star when an article came out that the guns were arriving this December.

        Trial by publicity is just plain WRONG and unfair. Whether it involves Pnoy’s people, GMA’s people  or whomever. This is why we have the rule of law where EVERYONE, including you and me, is considered innocent until proven guilty. Otherwise, akusahan lang kita ng kahit ano and following the logic of most people here, guilty ka na agad through mere accusations alone.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/MLD4OKCRPD4PLQOEWMYBRELWG4 Cola

         So, are we to wait for the next administration also?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin

    dapat sumali na lang si Puno sa politika ..magtayo sya ng partylist isama nya si Bong Naguiat..KAMI KUPAL partylist…

  • boybakal

    Puno reportedly eying DA job…..

    This is normal.
    Nothing wrong with what Puno is doing, looking for a job.
    Just like us, he was Fired, then Look for another job to support his family.

    One thing I like with Puno is…he is doing it on his own, no help, walang palakasan.
    He is applying like everyone of us do.
    He has no recommendation letter from his budyy President Pnoy.
    And he never asked Pnoy to appoint him which Pnoy can just say Puno you are now DA Head.
    Puno job hunt by himself. Went to DA, presented his resume and had interview, which most of us goes thru.
    And I heard Puno is a agri graduate from UP Los Banos, and with his name Puno, more fitting for the job at agriculture.

    Let’s give Puno a chance.
    Without any political color or backing, he should be accepted for any job at DA.
    As they say, from bottom to the top, until there is vacancy for his kind and until such time he rose from the ranks.
    As most everyone of us undergoes…Puno should be given Entry Level Position, Clerical or Maintenance job..

    • lostRunes

      “Rico [Puno] is only one of three men who can enter Noynoy’s room in Malacanang.
      (The two others are Romy Mercado, a businessman who lives in Guam, and
      ,b>Cristino “Bong” Naguiat, now the new PAGCOR chair.) Rico has worked for
      Noynoy for nine years, during his three terms as congressman, and first
      term as senator.

      So sa tatlong nakakapasok sa silid ni Noynoy, isa ay under international investigation ng FBI for accepting bribes and the other WAS under investigation by Robredo for corruption.

      Hindi naman siguro mapapatay ni Naguiat yung mga taga FBI

      • crewp

        Talaga? At paano mo alam to? Taga dun ka ba at nakikita mo to? Or let me guess, may “inside source” ka who cannot be named. How convenient. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PM6JHCFR2KT2AURMWRDUXBNLQY Darwin

        Ganun talaga ngayon. Conviction by publicity and not by evidence. Sauce for the goose..

      • lostRunes

        Freeh wrote in his report to Wynn that Okada’s associates took out a $20,000 cash advance for the visit of Naguiat who was reportedly with his wife, 3 children, nanny and other Pagcor officials.
        Okada’s associates then bought “a Chanel bag that Chairman Naguiat requested be purchased for his wife.” Naguiat denied to Bloomberg that he received a $20,000 cash for shopping and gaming during that Macau visit. Okada also reportedly hosted a $1,673 dinner for Naguiat and his companions that was charged to Okada’s room. The Filipino visitors numbered around 13. They flew back to Manila on September 26.“Naguiat’s luxury stays at Wynn Resorts facilities were fully known to Mr. Okada, who actively involved himself in some of the arrangements,” the Freeh report said. 
        International report yan na hindi mapapatahimik ni Noynoy. Hanapin mo nalang sa internet. Di ko alam dun sa Robredo report kasi namatay/pinatay siya at kung sinu-sinong tao pumupunta dun sa office at condo niya. At wala pang resulta yung imbestigasyon kung meron man talaga ginagawa.Why are you not having an open mind about all of this? Are you part of the KKK or are you AKKKBayan?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

      Walang palakasan si Puno?  Eh paano siya naging DILG Sec kung hindi siya malakas kay Pnoy?  Bakit hindi siya magalaw sa mga pagkasangkot niya sa jueteng na mismong si Arch. Cruz ang nagbunyag? 

      • nakatutok

        di mo nakuha ang sarcasm ng comment niya..dont take it literally…or else iisipin ko LOW IQ ka…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T42Q37DX5BRWJ5NRYTBC2DXUAU Jols – batman Robin

    gutom ang aabutin ng mga pilipino nyan……………..

    • Guest

      May bagong puwesto raw ibibigay kay dating Undersecretary Rico Puno sa
      DA. Inggit na naman ang LP.

  • Ogie


  • Guest

    Tama. Ganyan ang ugali ni Sec. Roxas, pag di niya gusto magla-lobby
    yan  kay PNoy para di i-appoint si Puno.


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/P4PIU2AIGVXJNQ4UBH5X64MSFE mr

      Bat gusto mong bumalik si corrupt na Puno?

  • miiron

    yan piggy basahin mo ‘to!

    kapal mo talaga!

    dapat sa u isumpa!

    at palayasin at gawing litson para my pakinabang ka naman!


  • doublecross

    bad trip, ba’t kasama na naman eto?

  • kismaytami

    Kaya yung tuwid na daan ay naging tuwad na daan, madalas kengkoy ang pinu-puwesto ni mr. aquino sa mga juicy positions sa gobyerno. Bilang lang sa daliri ang matitino, at yun pa yung maagang nawawala.

  • boybakal

    Puno reportedly eyeing DA job…

    Let’s give Puno a chance, second chance or one more chance.
    What I like in him is his persistent to serve our country and people.
    Let’ give him another opportunity.
    DA or Department of Agriculture is a very broad field. There are lots in agriculture.
    Agri is diversified department…I think Puno is best fitted in the Livestock or Piggery Department of the DA.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

      What ??? Give the crook a second chance, one more chance?

      • Philcruz

        Haha.. Noel, I think it’s a joke. Boybakal is using sarcasm to drive home his point. The point is in the last line.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/MLD4OKCRPD4PLQOEWMYBRELWG4 Cola

         Yes, agree ako diyan.  Piggery Department – ha ha ha.  Bagay sa katawan at looks niya.

  • Komen To

    Mas bagay sya sa DENR, para maraming puno ang itanim, dahil malamang, mas marami ang kukulimbatin na troso.

    Wala na bang ibang puno na makuha si boss? Kawawang Pinas, kakaunti ang magagaling kayat puro recycled

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MLD4OKCRPD4PLQOEWMYBRELWG4 Cola

    Binabatibatikos ninyo si Gloria dahil kay Bolante, eh tapos ngayon, ipapalit ninyo si Puno.  Ano ba talaga PNOY?

  • nakatutok


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