5 Marines beheaded by Abu Sayyaf; Aquino mad



PATIKUL CLASH One of the wounded Marines is wheeled to a waiting ambulance in Zamboanga City after being airlifted by a US aircraft from Jolo on Thursday. JULIE ALIPALA / INQUIRER MINDANAO

ZAMBOANGA CITY—It was the work of barbarians.

That was how a Navy officer described the beheading of five out of seven Marines killed in fierce fighting with the Abu Sayyaf bandits in a Sulu jungle Thursday.

President Benigno Aquino III condemned the beheadings.

“Mark my words: To those of you who perpetrated this atrocity, know that you are now No. 1 on my radar. It might take some time, but make no mistake about it: you will be brought to justice to answer for your crimes,” Mr. Aquino said in a statement in Manila.

Twenty-five other Marines were wounded in the clash while intelligence reports said about 20 of the bandits were slain in the battle that lasted four hours.

“One of the severed heads has yet to be recovered,” a Marine officer overseeing the embalming of the bodies at St. Peter’s Chapel here told the Inquirer Friday.

The officer, who asked not to be identified for lack of authority to speak to the media, said the sight of the slain soldiers reminded him of a similar outrage in Basilan province in 2007, where 10 Marines were also beheaded by the Abu Sayyaf.

To dehumanize troops

Those decapitated in Thursday’s clash included a 2nd lieutenant, a sergeant, and three privates first class.

The head of one of the privates first class remains missing, the officer said.

“This is a barbaric act,” said Commodore Armando Guzman, Naval Forces Western Mindanao commander.  “This is the saddest part. Explaining to their families how it happened. It’s not easy on our part.”

Colonel Daniel Lucero, commander of the Army’s 103rd Infantry Brigade based in Lanao who spent time in Basilan before, said it was not unusual for the Abu Sayyaf to mutilate fallen soldiers.

“They behead soldiers to dehumanize our troops,” Lucero said, citing at least two incidents during his Basilan stint.

‘Big loss’

Dr. Nilo Barandino, a physician based in Basilan who has conducted post-mortem examinations on many slain soldiers, said that based on his recollection, there were at least 70 soldiers mutilated or beheaded in the province since 1980.

While the latest beheading and mutilation had added to the pains of the military, Guzman said they found solace in that “the Philippine Navy and the Marines have achieved strategic victory in its fight against the Abu Sayyaf Group in Sulu.”

“Yes we got one big loss but still we see this as a strategic victory. We were able to drive them away. Now, they are scattered,” he said.

Soldiers under the Marine Battalion Landing Team 11 were operating in Panglahayan village in Patikul town when they stumbled on an Abu Sayyaf enclave manned by about 70 gunmen under commanders Isnilon Hapilon and Radulan Sahiron.

Marine Corps Commandant Lieutenant General Rustico Guerrero said there was victory in the debacle.

“We were able to overrun one of the major strongholds of the Abu Sayyaf Group,” he said in a speech before Marine soldiers here.

Manhunt continues

Colonel Eugenio Mislang, chief of the Camp Navarro Hospital where some of the wounded soldiers were brought, said “intelligence reports indicated that the Marines killed 20 Abu Sayyaf.”

“(We got) 13 names but no body count because the bandits carried their dead and wounded away,” he said.

Guzman said the manhunt against the bandits was continuing.

The Marine officer interviewed by the Inquirer said the embalmers assigned to fix the cadavers had a hard time doing their job because of the extent of the mutilation.

“Some of them were hacked beyond recognition,” he said.

At a disadvantage

From the outset, the Marines were in a “disadvantaged position” when they came upon the heavily defended Abu Sayyaf lair, officials said.

The enemy camp, located on high ground, was guarded by dozens of heavily armed men and littered with foxholes, or dugouts with enemies lurking underneath, according to First Leiutenant Cherryl Tindog, acting spokesperson of the Marine corps.

“It’s their camp. It’s automatic that the disadvantaged position was with the (Marines),” she said in an interview Friday.

Initial reports indicated further that the Marine platoon of about 30 Marines engaged “more or less 70” Abu bandits.

Tindog denied conjectures that the soldiers, who were members of a special operations platoon of the Marine Battalion Landing Team 11, were virtual “sitting ducks.”

“It wasn’t like that but, of course, when they entered the camp, the enemy could see you,” she told reporters.

She said the Marines had no other route to the camp but up. “They would be seen naturally since it was almost 5 a.m.,” she said.

Platoon leader killed

Unconfirmed reports reaching Manila said six of the slain Marines—not five—were beheaded and mutilated.

The military believes the Abu casualties were “a lot more” since pursuit operations were still going on, Philippine Navy spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Omar Tonsay said.

Among the seven Marines killed was the platoon leader. Their names were withheld upon the wishes of the family.

“I feel that one of the reasons we incurred such heavy losses is because the platoon leader was killed,” Tindog said.

“If you think about it, it was very difficult to penetrate but we did. That has always been the attitude of the Marine Corps: When all else fails, send in the Marines,” she said.

Tears for friends

Tindog knew the seven personally. At times she turned teary during the interview.

Defense Secretary Voltaire T. Gazmin extended his condolences to the families of the seven Marines.

“We salute the heroism of the MBLT 11 of the Philippine Marines,” he said in a statement.

The seven Marines, upon the recommendation of their superiors, are set to receive Gold Cross medals, the third highest recognition for a soldier, according to Tindog. They will also be posthumously promoted to the next highest rank.

Their bodies will be flown to the Marine headquarters at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, on Sunday, where they will be accorded full military honors, she said.

The 25 injured will receive Wounded Personnel medals, as well as other awards that may befit them, Tindog said.

In a statement, Vice Admiral Alexander Pama said: “It is indeed unfortunate that such an incident transpired. However, as what had turned out, their sacrifices were not fruitless as the Marines in Sulu have proven that they are coming closer to attaining their goals against terrorism.” With a report from Norman Bordadora

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  • Anonymous

    The AFP MUST respond immediately with what they have to the fullest.  Air attack is the foremost and should be the only way to attack those barbarians to avoid ambush.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FPPI62XBTAWLCKV5UEGZS275UQ Motes Eightyeight


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  • Anonymous

    Bombahin na lang nang bombahin yang lugar na yan, then saka i segregate , parang ginagawa na carpet bombing nung Vietnam war.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5EV2FNQUSNLESIPZKVIR43JSCI Juan Dela cruz

    paano nila attack ang 70 abu sayyaf bandit na ang gamit ay puro naman paltik at palpak. sinayang lang ang buhay ng mga magigiting na sundalong ito. bakit hindi na lang bombahin ng helicopter fighter at grenade launcher. kakayanin ba ng mga marines yan mga sanay na sa bundok??? kahit matapang ang mga sundalo kung kulang naman sila sa gamit, talagang matatalo sila dahil sanay sa kabundukan ang mga abu sayyaf na yan.  SA SUSUNOD, GAMITAN NYO NAMAN NG ADVANCE WEAPON PARA HINDI MASAYANG ANG BUHAY NG MGA SUNDALO. YAN KASI PURO CORRUPTION NANGYAYARI. PARA NYO NA RIN PINAHARAP SA FIRING SQUAD ANG MGA MARINES NA YAN.

  • franklyn flores

    Bumili or mag develop kaya tayo ng sarili nating mga UAV at ng ma linis ang mga pesteng yan. Kawawa naman mga sunadalo natin . Kapag naka uwi ako sa pinas , lahat ng maka salubong kong mga sundalo mag papa thank you ako sa kanilang mga serbisyo

    • http://google.com Silverfilter

      I agree. Time for the AFP to have UAVs. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O343AT2PRTOYL5SRGBVQA3MO7U james

    get the help of our american friends. dont mind these politicos who are so concern with sovereignty issues. 

  • Anonymous

    Baka naman may nakikinabang na officiales sa giyera natiin at ang ginawang pag pasok sa campo nang mga abu sayaf eh na e leak na kaagad kaya alam nang AS na darating sila….Have seen the footage in one fo the Hospital where one AS leader was given a medical support and yet was able to escape…that was a very insulting case for military that they have to back out because of an order from higher up….

    Some people make a lot of money operating that way including ransom of hostages.  Let’s not take that possibility out..Also,let the government give the family of our soldiers who perish while fighting at least a million peso each and deduct that from our congressman in that region.  If our congressman can not resolve the needs of their peers then their pork barrel should also be affected and the projects suppose to be given to the community should also be affected…People in that region should help our police and military.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Felimon-Soria/1550111151 Felimon Soria

    This barbaric act should not go unpunished. I hope they will be apprehended and brought to justice. Where are the Human Rights Activist when you needed them?   

  • Anonymous

    Dapat siguro bago akyatin yung bundok, pulbusin muna sa pagbomba gaya ng ginawa ni Erap sa Camp Abu Bakar. Pag malinis na at saka akyatin. Baka kasi wala naring pambili ng grenade launcher para sa Helicopter gunships dahil naipabaon na at ninakaw na ng mga Generals at yung iba naman ay pabaon at pang shopping ni Mrs. Verzosa at Mrs. Ligot. Kawawang mga Marines, THE FEW AND THE PROUD. SALUDO KO SA INYO MGA SIR!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4TUSV3KNSYW4OPZKD2OWKFLFSM R Valiente

    “intelligence reports indicated that the Marines killed 20 Abu Sayyaf.” “(We got) 13 names but no body count because the bandits carried their dead and wounded away,” – Really?  What a pathetic and sad attempt to mask or minimize the sad truth that this was a complete rout. 

    Time and time again, our “leaders” express indignation and vow to “never let this happen again”  Stop the needless talk!  Stop the BS! Give our valiant troops the means to fight.  Clean up the AFP procurement process so that soldiers get guns that work and bullets that fire.  Have the Huey choppers support them on ground operations instead of ferrying around useless politicians and incompetent generals.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brando-Pascual/100002132017262 Brando Pascual

    The marines had 3 shortcomings why they suffered casualties that much, said my soldier-friend:

         1.  Poor intelligence. They did not know exactly where the enemy group was. They did not have pinpoint intelligence. If they did, they should have an easy assault on their camp because they could have mapped out very well their plan; and that they could have attained element of surprise over the Abu Sayyaf – an important element in any battle, especially in unconventional warfare.

         2.  Poor tactics. Marines are not trained to maneuver by squad. Their spokeswoman said they – all the 30-man platoon – were down at the foot of the hill when they were spotted by the terrorists who were encamped on top of it. At least a squad of the platoon should have positioned themselves in a vantage portion to secure the other marines in closing into the enemy via the foot of the hill in order to provide support fire.

         3.  Unit leadership.  “I feel that one of the reasons we incurred such heavy losses is because
    the platoon leader was killed,” – Tindog.  Hahaha!  The platoon sergeant should have taken over the leadership after his boss fell. 

    Well, these shortcomings do not only occur in the Marines. In the Army, too!  Do not blame their equipment. They have better equipment than the terrorists.

  • Jon Trejo

    7 PHL marines down , including one junior officer… this is bad… really bad…the marines are supposedly the best fighters in the PHL military but a rag-tag group un-schooled in military science and tactics took control of the situation…and treated them like a bunch of JROTC’s…i think we really need now the help of the REAL PROS who has the guts for these kind and type of operations and conduct these operations with poise, precision and audacity… remember the ones who operated months ago at a small town in Afghanistan called Abbotabad? we need their help very badly to get rid of this problem once and for all…or transfer Gen. Sabban from WesCom back to this area… his operations back then neutralizing sabaya and his faction was very effective (with the help of the Agency)…i hope our PHL generals shining seats at Aguinaldo and Bonifacio can read this…

  • Anonymous

    Our first impulse is to conduct all-out retaliation. Not much results there because a hot head will cause just a lot of collateral damage. Take a deep breath, map out a plan of action and then launch a pinpoint offensive against the enemy. Now is as good a time as any to organize a unit dedicated to wipe out groups like the Abu Sayaff. This unit should be led by the best available combat officers, provided with the best logistics possible, and real intelligence support. That’s how they got the unlamented Bin Ladin.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Steffen/100001137426171 Bill Steffen


  • ringo guillen

    sabi ng mahal nating si pnoy mananagot daw ang mga barbarians na mga abu-sayaf na yan,galit na galit si pnoy..kaso may kasunod; ” it might  take some time”…ano ba yan? ” no.1 na nga sabi sa radar” eh!!!

  • http://www-blogjosemig200905com.blogspot.com/ Jose Miguel Garcia

    Identifying a certain general, a muslim, a christian, a person of whatever ideology, deficient logistics, or flaw in the details of the tactics, to be the factor in the development of this decades long chronic social problem with or without factual basis, only contribute to drawing away from the line of fire our real enemies.  Assuming they, whom we have identified, will have been eliminated, will not the society from which they were a product of, merely continue to reproduce this same decades long chronic social problem?  

    How many generations have we been acting without thinking why we are acting this way to solve what we think is the social problem causing this situation?  Has the problem been eliminated?  Or is someone else doing the thinking about ways for us not to think?

    What is the problem that has affected our nation?  It is a person, with no concern for the welfare of the other, forcing his will upon the other affecting the environment, the economy, the security, and the total development of society.  It is a social problem because if a person violates another person, the people around who do not know personally the person being violated and who are not adversely affected, do not stop the violator.  

    Does this prevail in societies with high in economic growth and are able to sustain and protect their own people, like that of the french, germans, israelis, japanese, or vietnamese?  Not in them.    

    Is the problem not in our society?  We have been apparently acting on it, militarily, politically, legally, socially, and economically, for decades.  How can it not be when this problem has not been eradicated for generations?  Therefor it is not the act itself of a certain general here, certain muslims there, certain christians here, of certain ideology, of technology or of tactics.

    The french and the israelis have been under governments of different ideologies from one term to another.  They have had encounters of corruption at certain times by certain persons. They have been thru war for years, starting only with meager resources, to engage formidable enemies and consistently repelled them.  But their development remains coherent and with a certain distinctive character identified with, and binding among themselves from one term to another, for generations.

    What is the difference between they and us?  If we identify the difference, we will be able to identify the underlying cause.  We will be able to identify the deviation from the wholesome direction of development to a pathological direction of development.  It is in the development.  If it is in the development, we have to trace that underlying cause thru the history of our nation.

  • ringo guillen

    kung alam nyo lang mr president ang sakit at hinagpis sa puso ng mga kaanak at mga kasamahang marines ang nangyari,lalo na sa mga buhay na nasugatan…WE SALUTE YOU SOLDIERS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    filipinos, we are all noble people..God is Love ang batas sa langit lahat tayo ay magkakapatid sa diyos at nag mamahalan.. dito sa lupa God is Love na rin bukas ng umaga sa puso ng ating mga presidente at mga mamamayan..sakrifisyo ng marines at abu sayaf sa liwanag ng araw ng buhay mabatid ng pamunuan sa liwanag ng diyos ay wala ng kagulohan…soon Glorious Republic of the Philippines and Global Peace..
    God is Love…filipinos , we are all noble peopkle..

    • Anonymous

      mahalin mo kapwa mo. wag mo na ipasa sa isang makapangyarihang nilalang na kahit na katiting wala tayong nalalaman at kung tutu-usin wala ring kinalaman at walang magagawa sa ating sitwasyon. tayo lang ang may capabilidad na makagawa ng solusyon at wala ng iba.

      • Anonymous

        Filipinos, we are all noble people. sec.2 art.11 of our const. the philippines renounces war as an instrument of our national policy..so we must work for the redemption of our marines and our abu sayyaf…to fulfill our constitution. what i heard from our past presidents , all out “war” against npa,abu sayyaf etc..the term “war” is unconstitutional , for this proper time, the proper term is “glorious military process”..the soldier must pray for their safety, not to kill their brother-enemy as likewise killing theirselves..this present millinnium is to give life and to be alive.. unlike the past to kill and to die and be a hero but adds more crimes of sacrifices… my friends tayo lang Filipino ang makagawa nito..tayong mga tunay na Filipinos, we are all noble people..all religions are all specific parts of God is Love is Great Allah Akbar…ang lahat na Tao ay Mahal ng Diyos…

  • Anonymous

    Lack of (PPE)Military equipment..
    Blame this corrupt Generals
    *lieutenant general LIGOT and members of his family had at least P740 million deposited in various dollar and  bank accounts from 2001 to 2005.
    *Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia at least Php303 million
    Former Armed Forces chiefs of staff Narciso Abaya, Dionisio Santiago, Generoso Senga, Hermogenes Esperon, and Alexander Yano,chiefs of staff – Angelo Reyes, Diomedio Villanueva, and Roy Cimatu
    and MANY MORE..

  • Anonymous

    kung abu sayaf lang hindi kaya e di lalu na ang china.magisisip ang ating mga elected kuno leaders at baka magalit ang china sa sona ni pinoy e isang minuto lang naglaland na ang premier ng china sa malacanang

  • Anonymous

    Mr. President, being noisy in the media does not help the situation. I do not know how you will mapped this problem up. i am starting to feel you cannot do anything about this. Just how many times our soldiers have been decapitated by the bandits and yet the government did not respond with a hardcore action against these bandits. It is really time to bring on the fighter planes that we have. Just drop the bombs.

    • Don Dee

      Drop them where? Give us the coordinates and I’m sure the AFP will do just that! How many bombs? How many bandits. Exact location. Oh what, you don’t know? That’s the problem man. You don’t know.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y74B6RY5N37I5JG2KAFGKGFPFA F**kinMO

    Don’t you understand people you can’t finished abu sayaf group until you finish MILF. They are muslim extremist brothers.

  • http://twitter.com/boymatiao isko daya

    I and my family extends our condolences to the bereaved families of the dead soldiers. What you did was something every Pilipino should be proud of.

    “Yes we got one big loss but still we see this as a strategic victory.
    We were able to drive them away. Now, they are scattered,” he said. Right but the best victory is to see the corpses of the terrorists. As long as they are alive, they will continue with their barbaric acts and criminality.

    Like before, there must be local bigwigs who are supporting these murderers. They could be politicians, drug lords who needs the Abu Sayyaf protection, and businessmen who don’t want competition in their area.

    Somehow, somewhere, the military intelligence failed thus putting our soldiers in the disadvantage.

    Noynoy, the President, has now his attention caught by the terrorists and rebels who continue to mock the government with their raids, crimes and atrocities. Pray that he will immediately do something right for the soldiers and the bereaved families.

  • Anonymous

    Some people think they had all the answers that they shouldn’t have done this and should have done that. You have to go out there in the battlefield with these brave soldiers and find out yourself and see if those shouldn’t haves and should haves are executed with precision and to the fullest. Make sure you still keep your sanity and composure.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Steffen/100001137426171 Bill Steffen

      WELL  SAID !!!!

  • http://www-blogjosemig200905com.blogspot.com/ Jose Miguel Garcia

    To continue my last comment, it is the underlying cause that we need to cut out from our present development that have become pathological.  It is in the deviation from the organic development of our nation where we can trace the underlying cause.

    In the 1600s to the 1800s there was a developmental intercourse of events and people including the natural character of our founding fathers of that time that developed the conception of Filipinas.  This developed into a revolution that drove us to a separation from the womb of Madre España and be born as a Filipino Nation in 1898.  From revolutionary, we became a republican nation.  

    We inherited the organic national developmental code from the founding fathers of our nation. This unwritten code was the factor inherent in us, in: producing a national character and identity that binds us, as a nation; driving the direction of our development; and providing coherence and continiuity of development thru generations.

    Carrying that unwritten code within us, as a nation, we developed a system of politics, defense, judiciary, economy, and education.  Being an infant nation, we struggled to be united, to adapt to the situation, and to control our resources and the direction of our development.  

    But shortly thereafter of the same year, the very foreign north americans invaded our nation.  It was a proving moment for us by how we would have responded to an overwhelming stress.  With our infant systems including our defense system, and without any aid from any other nation, we mounted a fierce defense force to engage the most powerful nation in the world, the aggressor forces of the north americans.  It was our first encounter with a foreign aggressor force as a filipno nation.  We lost in many battles but we also defeated them in a number of documented battles like Balangiga, Mabitac, Pulang Lupa, etc.  So potent were our defenses that the powerful north americans were not able to break the whole of such defenses for years. They had to resort to massive kidnappings, hostage-takings, and extermination of the civilians among us for which those of the defense forces among us were forced to give in to their demand for us to surrender.

    Down south, the north americans tampered with the development of that area of our nation, with their Bates Agreement of 1899.  It established a kind of national development that mutated into one of disintegrating development of one part of the nation from the development of the other parts of the nation.  It was a masterful divide and rule stroke of the enemy forces to disintegrate the whole of our national defense system.  It has a profound consequence to our national development including national security, today.  

    It was under the aforementioned circumstances that weakened our physical external defenses. 700,000 to 1,000,000 of us filipinos died in that now inactivated Filipino-North American War.  

    As a result, the north americans took over without resistance from us, control of our resources and development of our systems including our political, defense, economic and education.  These resulted to our organic national developmental code within our systems, being cut off from us.  They replaced it with a developmental code they synthesized which directed our development towards functioning to sustain the growth of the north american nation.

    At their initial penetration of our defense system, they took brother filipinos into the Philippine Constabulary, their auxilliary corps to engage brother filipinos of the filipino defense force.  Gradually, their auxilliary corps, Philippine Constabulary later transformed into the Armed Forces of the Philippines.  Later, more soldiers among us either died or surrendered that we were cut off from our organic filipino defense forces- our original defense system.

    In the 1900s, we were gradually shifting our defense front towards the other invaders, the chinese who were overrunning our economic bases.  We gradually shifted our mode of defense towards the developmental mode.  The north americans blocked our resistance against the chinese overruning of our economic bases.  This further weakened our economy enough to render us filipinos perpetually economically dependent.  This resulted to our having become perpetually impotent in defending our nation against foreign occupation.

    This has become the characteristics of the soldiers among us: fierce and potent against brother filipinos who happen to be criminals, and even against brother filipinos resisting the puppets of the north americans; but impotent against foreign invasion and control.  

    This was how our defense force, an external defense force was replaced by an auxilliary armed corps of the north americans in the Philippines.  It has been castrated to perpetually remain and not grow beyond counterinsurgency capability.  As a result, our nation has perpetually remained impotent in defending ourselves against foreign control.  For decades, we have never been able to be independent.

    And so it was, that their having replaced our organic national developmental code with their own synthesized developmental code, has directed our development for generations to be orderly, legally, and democratically effective for the development of the United States of America.

    Before we proceed with this review of our development, let us observe the relationship of these events to our present situation.

    • http://twitter.com/tomahawkmd DR

      Your point being?

  • Anonymous

    Abu sayaff and other Muslim extremists will stay for good unless the military will change heart. We all know that during the previous administrations (from marcos to Cory to Ramos, Erap and Gloria), the military (the generals) are the major supporters of these rebel groups. Evidences have been discovered that the majority of the armaments of these groups came from the military, in short the Phil. military supplied their arms. In very short analysis, the generals are the major supporters of these groups because of wangwang culture. 

    There came an instance that the Abu Sayaf was cornered by the military in Patikul (not sure of the place as it happened long ago) and yet these bandits escaped because rumors said that the general ordered their escape. Simple arithmetic, if they were captured, the business of arms supplies of the generals would be cut for good. Pity are those simple soldiers who are caught in the middle of the war because of the whims of their superiors and the wangwang culture. We are wasting so much government funds in this war when there is a solution. Find the wangwang generals and let them be beheaded by these rascals

  • Anonymous

    …walang human-human sa giyera…just like we did in Berlin…kung gusto nyu manalo sa giyera, wag kayu bibili ng second hand helicopter, baril na gawa sa danao, vest na kahit sumpit na munggo eh tatagos, inflatable boat na de-sagwan….yung mga ganun ba…. 

  • Anonymous

    Kung mayron lang kayong modernize na kagamitan like helicopters and  jet fighters, sandali lang ang mga abusayaf na ito. Dapat pulbusin na ang mg yan tulad ng ginawa ni erap para di na makabalik pa sa lungga nila ng mga salot ng lipunan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FW73EDU2C24GWDORHGZGLG7M5A rrey

    anak nang inting ,umabot ng 4 hour ang putukan,walang air support sa mga marines,bugok  tactics ang kaalaman ng AFP magaling lang sa pangungurakot,

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FW73EDU2C24GWDORHGZGLG7M5A rrey

    ang yayabang kasi ng mga politicians natin, anjan ang US Army handang pulbusin ang mga yan ,tinatangihan pa.

    • Anonymous

      pano makkapagrespond ang mga yan eh nakapatong sa babae nila yung mga deciding officers like generals kaya patay na ang mga kawawa nating sundalo kasi tska lang sila decide pag nakaraos na sila ika nga dont disturb. there was a great general who said i will lead you to war, i am the first person to step on the war zone and am the last to leave the place. that is a leader but for our senior officers and general, they say, you will go ahead and i will stay beneath my other woman’s uhummm!!!! LOL!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s time for this administration to acquire at least one fighter jet or even a drone that can scramble anytime and drop bomb with pin-point accuracy on camps like this once the ground troops or scouts have zeroed-in on their geographic positions (by GPS).  The ground troops dont not need to engage the well-entrenched enemies.  Malungkot to hear casualties like this on the side of our troops.  But at least our navy already acquired one ship, the next will be one fighter plane that will be based in Zamboanga. With reduced corruption in the government this can be achieved.

  • Anonymous

    Our deepest sympathies to the victims’ families and strongly condemn this heinous & inhuman acts of the Abu Sayaff! I hope PNoy/AFP will take these murders “personally” & decisively crush these evil terrorists asap!

  • Anonymous

    For me this is just a diversion of what’s really going on on the Political issues right now. To divert the peoples attetion from the big anumalies being investigated.. ER Switches, Plunder, Ampatuans and many others.

    It is very much pity to sacrifice the lives of our good soldiers in the name of COVER_UP!

    Cut the head of the Snake and the rest of the body dies!!!!!

  • shane oy

    Kill them all! bakit di kaya mga ampatuan ang patayin ng mga ito. 
    May demands na naman mga yan. naga inarte pressure sa gobyerno para pagbigyan ang kahilingan ng isang grupo. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UM2KR4ET2HJXBNDZ4QAV2Z6PEM Herbert

    same thing happened in july 2007 14 marines killed and 10 beheaded. they were searching for the kidnapped priest. then they were ambushed. dun lumabas yung mga mortar na hindi pumuputok. corrupt kasi AFP sobra they rather lose men than their money. kaya there is no sense in being a soldier nowadays. ni modern attack chopper wala.

    bakit hindi isabak yung mga topnotcher ng PMA dun sa basilan kung talagang magaling sila. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QSBNZB3TEKHJE5A74STZTTUHC4 ed0408

    The soldiers should use attack helicopters to fight this kind of tactic. The abu sayyaf will be setting targets. I hope it’s not the same as the second hand helicopter purchase as brand new again. Or our pilots and gunners will be the setting targets.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001312438657 Neil Armstrong

    bakit di pa kasi ubusin ang mga bandido na yan. sabihin nating 250 katao ang lakas nila e di padal tayo ng 100 libo sundalo para once and for all mawala na mga yan sa ibabaw ng mundo. subalit batid ko na hindi talaga gustong tuluyang malipol ang mga grupong yan sa kadahilanang pinagkikitaan din ng sarili nating militar ang mga grupong iyan kasama na ang mga rebeldeng NPA. kawawa lang ang mga walang malay na  mababang rankong militar na nasa frontlines at sila ang nagbubuwis ng kanilang mga buhay kapalit ng mga kasakiman ng mga heneral at mga buwayang pulitiko.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a big  casualties from the sides of the government. I do not know how it happen but if you are searching enemies stronghold, you should put alot extra effort to be ready in the battle and cautious at all times. If I were the military, I will not go out there  if dont’ have  all the tools needed to defeat the enemy. If possible if they have nuclear weapon to destroy the whole area of the Abu Sayyaf that will be much better .

  • Anonymous

    Mga abu sayaf tulad din ng ibang moro, MNLF, MILF, pagkatapos ng enkwentro tatakbo at matatago sa mga barrio barrio sa bundok na suportado sila. Titira sila sa mga pamilyang moro magpapangap tagaruon sila. Kaya hindi mahanap ng militar. Ganito din ang mga taktika ng mga muslim sa ibang bansa tulad ng Afghanistan at Iraq. Ang ginagawa ng mga Amerikano tuwing may enkwentro nagpapasabog sila ng invisible dye galing sa helicopter o eroplano, parang nagspray ng insecticide. Karamihan ng mga rebelde nalalagyan sa buhok at balat ng dye. Pagkatapos ng enkwentro mag house to house sa malalapit  na barangay ang mga Americano may gamit na  aparato na makakadetect ng invisible dye. Pag may nakita silang tao na may dye sa katawan arestado. Dapat humingi ng ganitong gamit ang AFP sa US laban sa mga moro.

    • Anonymous

      tama ang mga haka-haka mo, kaibigan, nagtatago sila sa mga symphatizers & supporters sa mga lugar nila( katulad ng mga CPP/NPAs ) ito ay naikwento nang isang cebuano sa radyo na naging hostage nila pero naka-escapo! ang sulosyon dito, isama mo ang mga symphatizers & supporters sa laban, and conduct a no-man’s-land operation in their “lairs” and wipe out all including animals & people, and burned everything to ground so nothing to return back! ginawa ito ng mga “ilaga” headed by mr toothpick few years back sa south cotabato  at naging payapa ang lugar dahil takbuhan ang mga barbarians na ito! i was there and i saw it with my own eyes! the government is the authority and can punish evildoers with its “sword”, the NT Scriptures said!

  • http://www-blogjosemig200905com.blogspot.com/ Jose Miguel Garcia

    By around 1945, they have fully established their synthesized developmental code in our systems of politics, defense, economy, mass communication and education.  They have secured a people from among us, infected with alienation from our nation, and worshipping and dependent on the north american invaders.  We have mutated to become orderly, legally and democratically functioning to either utilize our resources and direct our development or leave them in the hands of foreign invaders, all for the beneficial growth of the benevolent north americans.

    Effectively, this has rendered us unable to have control of our resources and direction of development of our systems to have any significant benefit for us.  

    An example is the direction of development of our defense system.  The Abu Sayyaf situation is just the result of the CIA creation of religious fighters from muslim regions including Mindanao to fight a proxy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s.  This is the cause of why many lives of filipino soldiers among us have been lost to fighting the Abu Sayyaf terrorists.

    We, the whole filipino people, including the civilians, the soldiers, the muslims, and the christians among us, are one nation.  Our nation is the victim.  They, the north americans, have been the underlying cause of our impotency to heal our chronic pathological development including our security status.  

    Now that we have identified the underlying cause, let us move to reverse this national disease process. But let us disseminate this information to our people.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Steffen/100001137426171 Bill Steffen


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UOVXHRXWDYPTBKNF5YTIAPVUKM Lee Soleil

    Deep sympathies to the victims, i think military should use air mobility & support to cut off retreating abu sayaf before they can merge to populace or use the same tactics use in iraq and afghanistan using dye to identify them. We need more helicopters to battle this kind of bandits in the mountains.

  • http://twitter.com/Joe_The_Kano Joe Kano

    Leave it to a senseless kano-hater like Garcia to blame the kanos for terrorists who are chopping people’s heads off, and even for the Soviets invading Afghanistan in the 1980s. It’s probably also Uncle Kano’s fault that Garcia can’t get it up.
    Just say ‘thank you’ for helping to evacuate the wounded and search for the killers.

    • http://www-blogjosemig200905com.blogspot.com/ Jose Miguel Garcia

      Hi Joe!  I just want to thank you for your having volunteered to exhibit yourself either: as a living proof to validate this report on us filipinos having contracted an Alienation Infection and Defilipinization Syndrome transmitted by the north americans manifested by your being worshipping dependent on them; or as a normal north american trying to defend his country. Either of these, you have demonstrated that despite their immoral invasion and taking over control of our own resources and direction of development which have been rendering our systems including our defenses dysfunctional for us, you can still react this way.

      • http://twitter.com/Joe_The_Kano Joe Kano

        Hi Jose. It might make you feel like an intellectual to blame the kanos for everything, but it just doesn’t make any sense.

      • http://twitter.com/Joe_The_Kano Joe Kano

        Hi Jose. It might make you feel like an intellectual to blame the kanos for everything, but it just doesn’t make any sense. Have a nice day. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Natural Born Citizen

    Muslims are evil..this is a truth.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_76MAEASN45OI2GZQQQPPTMPNS4 Rico

      Another narrow-minded bigot who know nothing but sow hatred among the hearts of many. 

  • Natural Born Citizen

    Looking at the photo of the wounded Marine..God Bless Him…the medical equipment is American. The Philippines should request direct intervention of US forces. This includes Rangers, B-52’s, F-16’s, Drones and Nukes. Slaughter the Abu Sayyaf.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ETNUG6HPDQOSLORHMP6IHT4XDU ricky

    The marines should do the same by beheading and mutilating any caught Abu Sayaff member (dead or alive). The marines should also behead or mutilate any non-Abu Sayaff member sympathizer or anyone has to do with this terror group. Not all muslims are bad, and some are even against these terrorists. But for this kind of war, the marines should return the favor to the enemy. Some marines are muslims themselves. I think they know the pleasure of beheading an enemy. This is war, and war has has no rules. Marines should behead, mutilate, decapitate, burn or bury them alive — all enemies.  

  • http://joboni96.myopenid.com/ joboni96

    condolences to the family of the fallen marines
    the clouds of war has to be swept aside
    to get to the bottom cause of this
    and provide effective solutions

    the government better stop immediately
    all luho expenses
    to provide adequate support
    to all our soldiers
    specially the benefits
    of the fallen marines

    to weaken the abu sayaf
    by providing solutions
    to their valid demands

    the rest
    will have to depend on a
    military solution

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001312438657 Neil Armstrong

    we can’t apply the saying ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ ‘coz if we do that what differs us to these ruthless savages?  there’s a fine thin line between what is human rights when it comes to the military but when these bandits do all the banditry and savagery no one dare say about human rights. my one-cent-view.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AIPSCQM2TZQUMQ5GEIMWMWDFL4 Edward Solilap

    There’s no doubt the marines were tough and good fighters but they have no back-ups and good resources. The spokewoman said that the enemy were on the advantage position why they didn’t ask for Helecopter gunship to come in first and they can do the mopping operation afterward. The AFP must upgrades thier tools otherwise all these messed will come again and again a never ending failure of the military to stabilize the region into a peaceful place to live. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=592794619 Ritche Awit

      I agree. The firefight occurred when it was still dark. I think those marines didn’t know they stumbled on a camp which is why they were outnumbered. Also most of our helicopters are not all-weather types (night/darkness is considered as a weather condition) so it may have been difficult to request air support. Add to that the among the first to fall was the platoon leader. My condolences to the families of the bereaved.

  • Anonymous

    ito un sinabi ni p-noy nung SONA…..
    “Ang sa Pilipinas ay sa Pilipinas; kapag tumapak ka sa
    Recto Bank, para ka na ring tumapak sa Recto Avenue”…..

    Ang yabang kung magsalita!!……e,hindi mo nga matiyak ang seguridad sa Mindanao,na sarili mong bansa
    laban sa mga Abu Sayyaf na kapwa nating pilipino..e,un pa kayang
    pinag-aagawang spratly island laban sa China..

    • Gewalt Barrage

      Sa lahat ng presidente si Aquino lang ang nagmodernize sa sandatahang lakas.  Nagsisimula pa lang si Aquino, ang maganda sa kanya, may plano siya para sa sandatahang lakas natin.  Walang may gusto ng nangyari.  Si Aquino ay presidente, hindi siya pwede magmicro-manage.

  • Anonymous

    Too much war on Gloria election fraud occupied this administration while the real war was going on in Mindanao.

  • http://twitter.com/mariav816 Maria Vaerewyck

    My sincerest condolence to the families of the fallen and wounded marines. May you find comfort and love from people and friends who sympathize with your familes. May you find comfort and solace in the love of GOD / ALLAH or Our Creator.

  • Anonymous

    Very poor intelligence. If they have knew that it was an Abu Sayyaf Camp, they are not supposed to be there as “sitting ducks”. They should’ve bomb it first before the team will get in. Casualities could’ve been avoided on the Marines’ side….

  • Anonymous

    Tsk.tsk.tsk…Very poor intelligence….About time to improve. Our guys are considered “sitting ducks”.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IPP5YYIWBIDJY6TBQCTQSTPO3Q Anonymous

    Aquino is mad! & afterwards he go thinking where he can get his future dating partner……typical presidents…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DI46QIKHF5EO6MT5WCP4ZPBZW4 joseph b

    My condolence and gratitude goes to the marine heroes who died and still willing to die in fighting, may God bless your soul.

  • Anonymous

    A condolence and  my sympathy to those soldiers to fight for freedom, but let me emphasized  the incidents this must be bear in mind of all high rank officers if you are about in war operation it should be no body knows specially in Muslims town 2ndly Muslims soldier should not trusted in the operation like this, have you notice that whenever high profile operation of the Military there should always casualties, if you try to think 5AM nobody knows the movement of Marines i believed they are on train this way why they been anticipated because of the informants that the Military did not look in to it.
    and also equipments of military should be upgrade ill- fitted operation military equipment may result of more casualties in the future including navay support must be modernized as well.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5R7FDH6I73P4IOHMOLQGDWOW7E n

    I salute these brave soldiers. A really bad ASG behead-to-scare-them strategy, truly barbaric. Never will a real hero lose his honor in beheading. Nandyan na ‘yang problema na ‘yan dati pa, obviously walang enough push, goal at pure will para tapusin ang problema with negotiations for MILF or all-out-war para sa ASG. How do you expect investments to pour into our beloved Mindanao when you have this barbaric people running their beheading show. This issue in Mindanao is truly caused by poverty, rooted from corruption. Even LGU’s are not for their own people as shown by recent events, the killings and this. It might be better to get rid of non-performing LGU’s and be managed directly either in Visayas or Luzon. The best strategy is fast development in Mindanao even with this thing happening. Imagine throngs of people, buildings, vehicles coming in to change the place for the good. We can never wait for negotiations, they might fail. People are visual anyway, they need to see developments, need jobs and food.. The negotiations are almost always only beneficial to leaders. The common people needs job for their food first. Come on Mindanao, we are one for development. The good must win.

  • OFW Franklin

    this should be our rallying point if the government can get rid of Abu bandit in a small island of Basilan. It will be a victory to the Philippines. The whole nation should pay the price in order to achieve the peace and stability she wanted. The military should flex his muscles to exercise proven and unproven tactics to flush out the enemy of the state. Do not let the sacrifice of these Marines go in vain. Let the victory of the soldiers be cherries by eliminating those bandit who sow fear in Southern Philippines. It is time to draw a line and say enough for this. We want peace in Southern Philippines now.   

  • http://twitter.com/boymatiao isko daya

    I and my family extends our condolences to the bereaved families of the
    dead soldiers. What you did was something every Pilipino should be proud

    “Yes we got one big loss but still we see this as a strategic victory.
    were able to drive them away. Now, they are scattered,” he said. Right
    but the best victory is to see the corpses of the terrorists. As long as
    they are alive, they will continue with their barbaric acts and

    Like before, there must be local bigwigs who are
    supporting these murderers. They could be politicians, drug lords who
    needs the Abu Sayyaf protection, and businessmen who don’t want
    competition in their area.

    Somehow, somewhere, the military intelligence failed thus putting our soldiers in the disadvantage.

    the President, has now his attention caught by the terrorists and
    rebels who continue to mock the government with their raids, crimes and
    atrocities. Pray that he will immediately do something right for the
    soldiers and the bereaved families.

  • Anonymous

    How could these people do such brutal and barbaric act? Even the harmless Jehovah’s Witnesses were beheaded for what? 
    In a scenario like this, it is too tempting to have a viable air power or even a mobile artillery unit. I hope that the front line Marines will be armed with guns with scopes and each of them with battlefield phones.
    We cannot have a negotiated peace unless they are dealt upon, eliminate these terrorists, these hostage for ransom criminals. I would recommend that any Abu Sayaf captured dead or alive will be put in a room with a squeling pig just to make them feel how inhumane they were. 

    In the history of the world, all barbaric people were defeated ultimately.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MUKAV2WCIWKIXNPJWKPWHAWA3A gabriel

    kulang sa info yun lang yun….ang bobo!!bakit ka mag deploy ng 30marines na alam mo pala may disadvantage..OMG!!! “its thier camp kaya may disadvantage sa position”,alam mo pla camp yun ilan ba inexpect mo na rebelde don?abu sayaf po sila sir!!ano ba inaasahan nyo ipaghanda sila ng almusal sa kampo ng rebelde?ganon lng yun tang ina!!!!kahit ilang medalya pa isabit nyo sa namatay at nasugatan…nag mindanao din ako alam ko buhay nyo!! auf mag deploy ng marines kulang sa briefing,,walang kwentang organisasyon!!!buti pa c general may lifevest!!san nmn kaya nya gagamitin yun sa ofc nya?walang nabago sa systema its 20yrs ago…..from better to  worst!!

  • Anonymous

    to the writers, please tame down words associated with our president. please don’t use the word “mad” outright…

    • Anonymous

      o tingnan mo itong renato dangal kung magsalita akala mo may dangal.bakit pinagbabawalan mo ang mga tao dito they just want to express their opinions.ikaw ba pinagbawalan ng mga pro pandak na huwag ninyong kutyain si pandak dahil presidente siya.common get a life and be real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this issue brings out the fact that PHILIPPINES WAS NEVER IN PEACE. Issues were just circumnavigated not solved. the government was in denial for a very long time while the other forces are getting more organized, stronger and confident. I hope the government will now stand up. Military are meant to be on guard because it is their purpose. It will always be like that if we want real peace. We need discipline and will power for each constituent. The society needs also to be castigated now for being so lazy, unattached and negligent. Media should be in the forefront of instilling backbone to the society not very gay shows!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001023552195 Abram Ullah

    bilang isang pinoy, nakikiramay ako sa mga nasawing sundalo. dakila kayo. bakit lagi nlang nasasawi ang ating mga sundalo pagna-papalaban? wala bang mga planong rescue mula sa airforce, marines at army sa loob ng 30mins o1hr na paglalaban? wala ba tayong mga helicopter landing team mula sa zamboanga base? sa nakikita ko prang inaasa nlang sa tapang ng ating mga sundalo ang maka-paglingkod sa bayan. sana umaasa ako na magkaroon ng pagaaral sa strategy nang military at nang ating pamahalaan. pls, help our soldiers save thier lives.

  • Anonymous

    While the latest beheading and mutilation had added to the pains of the military, Guzman said they found solace in that “the Philippine Navy and the Marines have achieved strategic victory in its fight against the Abu Sayyaf Group in Sulu.”
    “Yes we got one big loss but still we see this as a strategic victory. We were able to drive them away. Now, they are scattered,” he said.

    BS……i’ve seen these statements a lot of times or whenever the casualties are higher in their fight against ASG. Yet, ASG continue to inflict heavy casualties and even had the time to behead dead soldiers………I would like to see more senior officers to be foot soldiers in their operations in the island of sulu.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KV4CVF5EPHFKJ766VIEZ4HNNUY G

    How sad!! I never heard a word from the human right groups!!!! My heart goes out to the families of our fallen Heroes…..
    Because of the high corruption in the Military, soldiers in the battle ground are suffering. They are not given proper equipment, gear and allowances..My suggestion to this problem: reactivate “ilaga” and deploy them in troubled areas. You will see Abu Sayyaff on it knees…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SE6ZSHEN5BQGNWSDJY6DCKAGRI Bee

     nakalimutan yata ng mga superiors nila na INFORMATION is POWER. , alam pala nilang kampo yun at nasa disadvantage and mga kawawang underpaid marines eh sinugod pa nila …mas pagpapayaman kasi itinuturo sa PMA ( Philippine Millionaires Academy )….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KV4CVF5EPHFKJ766VIEZ4HNNUY G

    You want a quick solution to this problem? Smoke them out….
    Evacuate all civilians and animals from the island.
    Ariel spray insecticide the whole area for a week.

  • Anonymous

    alam n pala n kampo ng asg yun bat ndi p hinulugan ng bomba..nagsakripisyo p ng maraming buhay…ndi malultas ang problema s asg kung ganyan palagi…ano b ginagawa ng mga air force jan?

  • Anonymous

    What happened to this battle was the very first reason why the US Marines, US Army and other infantry groups have their own air power. The US Marines has a lot of gunships to support the ground troops. The ground operations must be in coordination with the air power.

    If there is no air power, even if the enemy with a world-war2 automatic rifles can still annihilate the attacking soldiers when if they are in the advantage positions. The famous US Marine Sniper CARLOS HATCHCOCK, with his M14 rifle killed 15 Vietnamese troops , all with AK47.

    In the case of US troops, when they are pinned down and about to be butchered by the enemy, the leader will just say to the radio BROKEN ARROW to bomb the whole place including them just to equalize the situation. If the situation is still under control, the troops should be able to give the exact coordinates of the enemy positions for aerial bombing.

    • Nico Montinola

      What are you blabbering about? PH military has no more gunships of attack planes so lack fire support. Apparently “they stumbled on an Abu Sayyaf enclave” so they didn’t know the exact location. If they did, they would have been able to plan the assault better. Instead they attacked with 30 Marines against 70 enemy in their prepared defensive position. It is standard military doctrine that an attacking force against a defensive position must outnumber them by at least 5-to-1 or use superior firepower to gain an advantage. But the PH Marines obviously screwed up doing a Banzai attack against superior numbers.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you, delpillar. I would just like to add that in four hours of fighting, where are the support troops? I believe that patrol and even search and destroy operations are very difficult and that is the reason why support troops are always following them or at least at red alert for rapid deployment so as to avoid anhilation of those conducting the operation. There seems to be lack of coordination during this operation. Just asking and thinking out loud angrily for those poor brave soldiers.

  • Abdullah Jamahari

    kulang payan saginawa niniyo sa amin kalaniyo malilimutan banamin ang pangbabastos ninyo sa amin
    mga muslim sa mindanao, ang ginawa niniyo sa Pata island ng Sulu ano bayon hindi ba mahigit dalawang
    libo ang pinatay ninyon sibiliyan buti nalang nadampot ni late mayor lincoln T pag hindi uubosin niniyo patayin ang mga sibiyan duon, kala niniyo makakalimutan ba namin ang pang ri rape niniyo sa mga kaba baihan namin kahit 60 yrs old na ri rape ng mga hayop ninyong sundalo pag katay ang parusa sakanila kulang pa yon. wag na kayong mag yabang saan ba na tudas si general bautista . kahit mag padala pa
    kayo ng 26 bat. ng sundalo sa sulu gaya ni marcos tityakin namin na lalong sasakit ang ulo ninyo,hanggat hindi mag babago ang attitude ninyo toward muslim in mindanao na kala niyo parang kayo lang ang tao sa pilipinas ang paningin ninyo lahat ng muslim terrorista, sundalo ng pilipinas at malacanyang ang nangungu nahan sagulo sa mindanao sundalo ang nangingidnap, sinuba ang pumugot ng ulo ni bong canizares kundi eagent ng sundalo patapos pagbibin tangangan nila ang mga tagaduon.

    • Anonymous

      With due respect to Muslims but, I don’t think the ASG is fighting for what is righteous, they are just plain bandits and terrorists.

  • Anonymous

    how to draw abu sayaf from their lair? ask the marines to roast pork and make sure the smell spread. abu sayaf will be mad and will be out to get them…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UWISP2YXGDQ7K2SIX2GI37B2EI Darwin

    easy for us to shed tears and say sorry. but the reality is, they died… painfully and unnecessarily. those in the command center overseeing the operation should be investigated. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HBCBYRMP3QVDRGHWIKIJELINTA Im103mike

    Not being born in the Philippines, I do however visit because my dad and my wife are from Bulacan and Samar respectiviely. We will not go to any place south of the Visayas for fear of Muslim extremists. I fault Islam for Abu Sayaf and the ‘moderate’ Muslims for not shutting the them and their violence down. Mindanao, especially but even the rest of the Philippines suffers from lack of Tourism not because of government corruption or poverty or lack of infrastructure but because of the perception of insurgent NPA and Muslim terrorist. That fact that they exist somewhere on the Islands, somewhere in the country, frightens many foreigners and their money away. What a shame too, because there are so many wonderful people and places in the Southern Philippines to see but Islam prevents it. That is not to say that the Muslims should be killed, only that they must stop their extreme beliefs and practice peace and tolerance. As far as land disputes and who owned what when, their is no reason why they (Muslims) have to have their own country, province or region. They should just live and get along with everyone else. I know this is impossible in my lifetime but Filipinos should never stop trying to get the Muslims to integrate into modern, peaceful society.

    M. Salvador

    • Anonymous

      M. Salvador i agree with you. They should live and get along with everyone else. I think all youve said are correct but me i give a suggestion on how to improve our lives in Mindanao.. Education.. Jobs.. willingness to change for the best. Its not an overnight solution but starts with the young kids. It maybe slow process but long term solution.

  • Anonymous

    Is Pnoy in yellow?

  • Anonymous

    There is a biblical saying: “An eye for an eye…” The military should do the same to those Abu Sayyaf members who beheaded two of the marines who were killed during an encounter in Sulu. Once they are caught, the soldiers must behead them, too. Gaya nung mga ginagawa ng mga Hilaga Group during those years.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DE7NNFPC6GUWXCEI43IZLSUWFE Lowell

    the Philippine Gov’t should review the presence of U.S. Military personnel in Mindanao. Intelligence report indicate that U.S. Gov’t is supplying weapons to this bandits and even MILF. the purpose is not to eliminate this Muslim Rebels but to simply control and contained them so conflict will continue to exist to justify U.S. Gov’t presence in that region. 
    We all knew that U.S. GOV’T LOVE’S CONFLICT & WAR.

    • Anonymous

      lowell yan nanaman yung mga kaisipang malayo sa katotohanan , kung sa america ay kusumido na ang mga kano sa mag inutil na mga extrimist na ito,gagawa pa kaya sila nyan , yan ang hirap sa atin eh tinutulungan na nga tayo ng kano papasukann pa ng ganyan, lumapit ka na lang sa china baka meron silang alam kung papano mareresolva itong ganitong kalokohan ng mga MILF at ASG na ito, mga sinaunang kaisipan pa yan, patay na sina che guevarra at mao tse tung. kundi punta ka sa venezuela at ganyan din kaisipan ni hugo chavez kontra kuno sa kano, tapos yung oil nya nasa america binebenta , sino ngayon ang lumalabas na mapagsmantala….at hindi lahat ng lider ng america pweding pumayag sa ganyan, meron lang talaga mga sira ulo gaya nitong nakaraang bush na war freak

  • Anonymous

    It seems that we have many experts here saying “things that should have done if you just asked me’ kind of thing. My sympathy goes to the families of our Fallen Heroes who died with Honor and with that we will be forever in debt of gratitude.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IKVLH6GGGT6FUGPKBZEB5NNMUQ World Citizen

    Okay I don’t know weather the logistics of this would work but why not evacuate all civilians out of that area and bomb the Abu sayyaf into oblivion?  I know it’s dense jungle but use some of those heat seeking missiles or something.

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