One of most wanted NPA leaders captured


Combines military and police operations led to the arrest Tuesday of an alleged leader of the communist New People’s Army (NPA) who had a P5.25-million bounty on his head.

A statement from the Philippine Army said suspected communist rebel leader Filemon Mendrez was arrested at around 10 a.m. in Barangay (village) Tubod, Manjuyod town, in Negros Oriental.

The military said Mendrez, alias “Tatay” and “Edon,” was the leader of the armed group of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) in Negros.

The military recently turned over a total of P22 million in reward money to 10 informants who led the military to ranking communist leaders and Abu Sayyaf terrorist leaders.

According to the Army statement, Mendrez used to head the Front Committee 2 in Central Visayas and was the deputy head of the Central Visayas Revolutionary Party Committee of the CPP.

The military said Mendrez was arrested on a warrant issued by a court for rebellion and robbery in band.

No bail was recommended for Mendrez, the military said.

The Army said Mendrez was one of the communist leaders named on the reward list jointly released by the Department of the Interior and Local Government and the Department of National Defense last month.

The government is offering a total of P467 million for the arrest of 235 wanted leaders of the CPP, NPA, and the National Democratic Front (NDF), the umbrella organization of the communist movement in the Philippines.

Public disclosure

The National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) recently sent a letter to Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas asking them to make the list public.

“We believe it is essential that there should be clear, verifiable and valid criteria for the inclusion of anyone [on] the list, and the same should have been publicly disclosed to ensure that only those who are validly charged and are with pending judicial warrants of arrest are included therein,” said NUPL secretary general Edre Olalia in the letter dated Dec. 11, a copy of which was obtained by the Inquirer.

“Otherwise, we think that the list is arbitrary and will only serve as another institutionalized tool to vilify the names of those included, especially those who are not actually and validly charged in the courts. It is simply anathema to basic rules of fairness,” Olalia said.

The military identified Mendrez as one of the most wanted persons in Central Visayas.

Maj. Gen. Jose Mabanta Jr., commander of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division, said that law enforcement operations continue despite a suspension of military operations and a 27-day ceasefire declared by both the government and the NDF.

“This is part of your security forces’ [way] of protecting communities, government and private establishments. The arrest will certainly give a better opportunity for us in Central Visayas to celebrate the holidays more peacefully,” Mabanta said.


People fed up

Maj. Harold Cabunoc, Army spokesperson, expressed gratitude to the people who gave the military “reliable information” about Mendrez.

“The people are fed up [with] the abuses committed by the NPA rebels. By helping the government forces arrest these wanted persons, we will see the gradual demise of the communist insurgency,” Cabunoc said.

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  • mr

    Wag nang ikulong yan, isalvage na lang mga leader na nahuhuli, tignan mo umiiyak kaagad makakaliwang lyers nila dahil human right abuse daw na meron patong sa ulo nila na reward para mahuli. Kaya kung ako mga sundalo, kunan muna ng mga impormasyon by water boarding at torture bago isalvage mukong na yan. Mga salot mga tulisang NPA at Kumonista na yan na kakampi ng China.

  • Noel

    First sentence palang wrong grammar na: “Combines” military action? Di ba dapat “combined”? Paki-check nga po, kayo pa naman ang leading newspaper in the country. Nakakahiya…

    • tata_boy

      pasensiya ka na kabayan, iyan ang hirap sa mga taong pa-inglis-inglis pa baluktot naman.

      • Fernando

        tata_boy, maraming ganyan sa atin.

    • pangitbudhiko

      so, what kung mali ang grammar, naiintindihan mo if not,  somethings wrong somewhere

      • Loggnat

         Nothing wrong with mistakes in grammar and spelling except when you are getting paid to report and write articles in an English newspaper. It is your bread and butter and/or your livelihood so it better be correct, accurate, and flawless or you could find yourself looking for another job. :).

      • Fernando

        If you can  not use a language the way it should be, do not use it!!! Otherwise you are murdering the language and it is a shame. You are SHOWING YOUR IGNORANCE. In doing so, you might just twist the meanings of what you intend to say.
        Ang payo ko gamitin mo ang wikang alam na alam mo. Huwag ka ng magkunwari   na marunong ka pagkatapos ay magtatago ka na hindi ka naman native speaker of the language to cover your mistakes. That is ignoramos.

      • nakatutok

        pathetic alibi…..ang maling grammar becomes the NORM!!!

      • pangitbudhiko

        putangina mo nabuhay ka, dapat sa iyo naputokan ng mg paputok diyan, hangang ngayon walka ka paring binatbathindut ka parin

      • pangitbudhiko

        ang galing ng english comprehension mo, ngayon ang tanong maginhawa ba naman ang buhay mo. sa palagay ko ay hindi, sa dahilang nakikita sa iyong mga post dito sa forum na ito ay nagpupunta ka sa “Internet Cafe” para maka pagpost. at kailangan pumasada muna ang asawa  mo bago ka makapagpost dito, ano ibig sabihin nuon, talagang walang parin binatbat

    • shots_fired

      Tayong mga pinoy hindi tayo americano mga pinoy tayo at kung meron mang magkamali sa english natural lang yun kasi Pinoy tayo at hindi americano. Yung iba nga na non english speakers pag paenglsihin mo di naman tama madaming mali pero natural lang yan kasi di naman natin to lingwahe, pero tayong mga pinoy makaita lang na maling spelling or pronunciation, kalaban na ng buong bansa. 

      • JakeR8

        I can certainly understand what you are trying to say but unfortunately, if you are  a journalist or represents a newspaper, it is a BASIC expectation to at least check your work before going to print to make sure there are no mistakes in your article…  

      • zom

        wala ata proofreader ang inquirer hahahahaha

      • Fernando

        You are right JakeR8! But look at what you posted: “if you are a journalist or REPRESENTS a newspaper,”  Your subject of the verb REPRESENT is YOU so it should be REPRESENT not REPRESENTS. 

        Like you said, you should “at least check your work before going to print”.  Did you do this?

      • MindfulofToday

        The Philippine official languages are Filipino and English. Better check up the constitution before you talk. Our country is an English speaking one. And you might want to listen to what JakeR8 said, that’s exactly to the point!

      • shots_fired

        americans are english speaking people and english is their official language yet you will not see sarcasms and critics from them.

      • Loggnat

        Wrong!!! sarcasm and critics are prevalent in any language and any country. Some are just constructive criticism to a reporter and a writer in an English newspaper which is his/her bread and butter. If he/she does not or cannot take criticism, he/she can change job. In my opinion.

      • ferdinand

        Please read the constitution. The Philippine official languages are Filipino only (composed of of major regional languages, Ilocano, Tagalog, Kapampangan, Pangasinense, Bicol, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Bisaya). Hindi po kasama ang English dun.

      • MindfulofToday

        It’s Filipino (Tagalog) and English, stop forcing your answer~ The 1987 constitution states that~ (-___-)

      • holydonkeyballs

        Eh di magtagalog sana kung alam na hindi masyadong mahusay magingles? Anyway, sa akin, mukhang namali lang ng pindot s akeyboard ang sumulat nito.

      • shots_fired

        natatawa na ako kasi ang topic about NPA tapos nasa language na tayo hahaha mga pinoy talaga

    • zom

      hahaha yan nga agad una kong napuna xD

    • mr

      Bobo mo rin no, ang layo ng topic mo. Magaling ka ba sa English?

  • Fred

    Yes, why don’t the government publish the list of 235 wanted leaders of CPP, NPA, CPP and the corresponding 467 million reward money? Kung may kasamang photo ay mas mainam.

    Sa dami ng walang trabaho ngayon, heto ang isang paraan para kumita >>> ang maghanap ng mga wanted.

    • mr

      Bawal na raw dahil di na pwede ang Order of Bottle este Battle pala dahil sa bagong law ni makakaliwang Abnoy na Anti-Enforced Disappearance Act. Saka galit mga makakaliwang lyers nila dahil violation daw ng human right ng mga mamamatay taong NPA.

  • Peter L

    Communism and its armed struggle can only eliminated when the present democratic system will rid all the evils of politics such as corruption, moral decadence, favoritism, vengeance, divide and rule, persecution of political enemies, uneven distribution of wealth, greed, etc. By not uprooting the social ills, an alternative form of government or ideology is always welcome. Cutting off the branches and leaves without cutting the main root is futile and will continually haunt our country! God save the Philippines.

    • dudes

      Yung pinaglalaban ninyu na mapaalis si Marcos matagal na napalayas kung eliminate ang present democratic system ay hinde manyayari yan dahil democratic government po tayu uneven distribution of wealth ay hinde nangyayari dahil hinaharang po nyu karamihan sa mga probinsya andoon kayu napakahirap dahil ayaw ninyung umasenso ang mga tao

    • zeroko

      I’m an independent Mayor Candidate here in Q.C. and corruption   is an Institution here in Q.C. Only in Q.C. will you see a Mayor who receives P15,700 a month as basic salary donate a P143,000,000.00 Chinese Vans to all the Barangays in Q.C. with his big face plastered on each side of the Van to signify that he was the one who donated the vehicles.although the truth is the money came from the TAX PAYERS   

      They would not even furnish me the list of local Civic Organization and the list of Senior Citizens Officers and their address  whereby these two office is under the Mayor. In short, these two offices is part of his political machinery but are paid or subsidized by TAX PAYERS. 

      I’m fighting against a corrupt institution alone. No political party, no vice Mayor, no nothing. I’m like aiming for the moon, but I;m not undoubted nor carry any apprehension.

      Just think why on earth did the Belmonte and Bistek group spent hundreds of millions of pesos in the May 2010 election considering that a Mayor’s salary was just P15,700 a month in 2011 and prior years? He he heh. You can pick it up from that end..

      • shots_fired

        EPAL ang mga taong ganyan, sa taas ng gusto nilang akyatin
        pag bumagsak yan di na yan makakabawi pa.

  • zeroko

    See, I told you so. The military are being use as puppet of the Chinese Hacinderos in Negros. What was to be a tenant-Landlord conflict has ended up branding the Sakadas as Communist. Remember, Chinese are pruned or resort to name calling. They are very good at that. When ever a Filipino is in conflict with our Filipino-Chinese government, no matter how legitimate it is, these Chinese will brand you as NPA and summarily kill you. We are not a Democratic country. We are Chinese Dominated Country wherein the culture of corruption is in impunity.

    Do you see any Chinese in the government who steals billions of pesos thrown into the prison? What happen to these UnderSecretaries of Gloria. Arthur Yap of Department of Agriculture is now a Congressman. Same with Syjuco of TESDA who was accused of jacking up one TESDA item 1,400% and now he too is a Congressman. Palparan the Butcher, also a Congressman. Who says we are in a democratic country? Wasn’t Senator “Money” Villar accuse of double entry, and the one who borrowed 3 billion pesos from a government bank using his collateral bank which is about to go bankrupt? Was he not the one who the going rate of his subdivision was only 1,000 pesos and he charge the government P40,000 per square meter for the right of way. Is it not true that he purposely divert the C-5 extension so it will pass to his 5 subdivisions so that his Subdivision will appreciate a thousand fold? He he he. 

    And you are hunting a TENANT which you brand as Communist?  Our military is use as an INSTRUMENT OF OPPRESSION BY THE LANDED HACIENDA OWNERS IN NEGROS. And many of these Hacienda owners of Negros are Congressmen. Is fighting for his right now a crime under our Chinese government rule?

  • johndcross1

    They are just using communism as a front of their illegal activities.  Communism is long dead & has been rejected by a lot of nations.  This so-called CPP, NPA’s, NDF, etc. are just AN ORGANIZED GANG OF THIEVES & MURDERERS.

    • mr

      natumbok mo chong, sana si arao ay maliwanagan kasi brown out ang utak nya, in short walang liwanag kundi puro dilim ang laman.

  • arao_liwanag

    This is just made up, Mendrez was never in the military radar or OB. So, every time they Military wants to make money, they arrest anyone and branded them as one of the most wanted carrying several millions of reward money and take the money.  After all, who will challenge them? No one, because they all partake in the loot, except the enlisted men. Brilliant move. that’s where they excel.

    • ramelatilano

      ha ha ha galing mo brad sana mahuli ka rin dahil isa ka rin sa kanila….ha ha ha alam na nila kung saan ka…

    • holydonkeyballs


    • Pons Corpuz

       Dude, I think incomplete yong statement mo. Di ba you should connect all of these stuff to US imperialism? and to the semi-feudal and semi-colonial Philippine economy?

  • dudes

    Sa lahat nang mga makakaliwa magbalik loob na kayu sa pamahalaan walang silbi ang pinaglalaban ninyu mas lalo ninyung pinahihirapan ang taong bayan isipin niyu na magpasko at bagong taon wala kayu sa mga taong minamahal nyo tapos yung namumuno niyu nagpakasarap sa ibang bansa niloloko lang kayu noon hehehe…..

  • arao_liwanag

    Lahat ng pro government at pro military ay anti Filipino, at karamihan ay magnanakaw, at manloloko.tulad ni dudes, jonhdcross, mr at mga katulad na tao. mabuhay kayo ng malawig kayo ang nagtutulak sa bayan magrebelde.

    • MULEN

      Lahat ng pro government at pro military ay anti Filipino? Eh talagang utak retarded itong taong ito. Premise pa lang maling mali na, ginawa pang sweeping generalization. 

      • Pons Corpuz

         Agree. He’s a perfect retard. hahaha

      • mr

        Anong retard, di tao yan kasi walang utak tao kundi chonggo

    • mr

      Ungas, bat di ba gumagawa ng kabalbalan mga NPA, bat di nila tugisin o isalvage mga tiwaling politiko, mga illegal loggers, drug pushers, at pulis patola sa kanilang nasasakopan. Bat mga mahihirap na magsasaka at mga mangangalakal lang ang kanilang kinakaltasan ng kanilang buwis o kaya tinulusan?


    BUKOD sa wheel chairs, ang mabenta ngayon sa Divisoria ay ITIM na MASKARA.  Tuwang-tuwa ang mga Kapangpangan sa oangyayaring ito! :)

  • shots_fired

    Sira ulong mga NPA walang ginawang mabuti ang mga yan, Kurakot na nga ang Government meron pa tong mga GOnGOng na mga magnanakaw na ito, bitayin yan!

  • Lapu Lapu

    Good news!

    Keep up the bounty.

  • del pillar

    Good job, but it would be more praising if the entire organization is crumpled upon!

  • KandieSweetie2k2

    ANG SABI NG GOBYERNO: Bumaba kayong mga NPA ngayong kapaskuhan, may holiday ceasefire tayo..para maksama ninyo mga kapamilya ninyo.

    Tapos huhulihin lang pala kapag nakababa na.


    • mr

      wow, makakaliwa ka siguro no, okay lang yan total mga kriminal naman mga NPA, at wala nang pinaglalaban mga yan, kundi magtulisan lang.

      • KandieSweetie2k2

        Do you equate justice with being cunning in applying the law? How can you build trust towards the government if you implement truce and deceit at the same time? I am NOT pro NPA, I am pro-justice to ALL. At Kabayan– do you justify the act by its end? Wow–ikaw ang WOW to the nth level.

      • East_Crusader

        Many lives were lost cause by their actions, where is that fu*king justice your talking about???? ceasefire does not justify anything when u have an arrest warrant, is this how you equate justice..can’t imagine how twisted you are…

      • zom

        This moron has a similar brainwaves with the people in CHR :))

      • rayingga

         ano ka ba naman naipaliwanag na nga hirit ka pa ng hirit

      • arao_liwanag

        matapang ka lang sa dakdak maGsundalo ka at magvolunteer sa LABAN. supot.

      • rayingga

        Ikaw saan ka matapang ? sa kabobohan

      • mr

         baka ikaw ang supot, natuli ako sa pamamagitan ng pukpok (old style) kaya mas matapang ako sa yo gunggong. Sa pagsusundalo natapos ko na yan, eh ikaw baka sa parlor ka lang nagtrabaho at chumuchupa lang ng itits ginawa mo bakla at walang bayag

    • herald dreamer

      Every Christmas the government offers a covenant for ceasefire
      and unity but the CPP/NPA/NDF this year declines the offer. Now one among them were arrested they
      will shout otherwise? How about those previous violations of the CPP/NPA/NDF on
      the previous ceasefire agreement those caused lives of military, police and worst
      civilians? Who are traitors and cheaters anyway?

      • mr

        Pati nga mga sundalo na tumutulong sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo inaambush nila, samantalang sila di man lang makatulong sa mga biktima.

    • Pons Corpuz

       Ceasefire does not include hunting criminals..

    • Jampri Azum

      kabayan, kung nag basa ka, may dati ng “warrant of arrest” yan 5million reward, bago ka mag sabi ng ceasefire, not include sa may warant of arrest ano sila siniswerti. magnanakaw na killer pa, ano gusto mo libre sila gumala sa publico..dapat nya bitayin na.. dag2 pa yan pakainin sa prisohan…

      • mr

        Tama ka chong. Di na binubuhay mga taong ganyan.

    • peacelover

      law enforcement is different from ceasefire, may warrant of arrest nga, di ka ba marunong umintindi…  enforcing the law shall be done 24 hours….

    • rayingga

       alamin mo muna ang kung ano ang nasa loob ng kasunduan bago ka magsalita ( bugok )

  • Ai

    What NPA?

    • mr

      No permanent address

  • KarlosRegaza


    Top NPAs are in the halls of congress! They are clad in barong and fancy dresses. With huge pork barrel and body guards from the government. 

    This news is the funniest news for 2012!


    • mr

      Nasa cabinet din Abnoy karamihan sa kanila

    • PAZ

      Tama ka. Nakaka pork na sila.

  • opinyonlangpo

    What are they fighting for anyway? Its more like a lost cause.

  • arao_liwanag

    Mga commentator na alipuris ni Noynoy at miltar, ano ngayon ang gagawin nyo? Kasama kayo sa pagkaduwag laban sa China, Matapang lang kayo sa pagaresto sa walang kalaban laban.

    • mr

      Wow, wala na palang kalaban laban mga NPA pag nahuhuli. Ano pala dapat, hulihin silang lumalaban. Sila nga umaambush at di lumalaban ng patas kung talagang matapang sila.

    • zeroko

      Hindi lalaban si PNoy sa mga Chinese na nag occupy ng ating Scarborough Shoal, bagkus, inurong pa niya ang kaisa isang Coast Guard Cutter natin na barko dahil si PNoy ay Chinese din. Besides, he is fast tracking in selling all our lands and corporation to the Chinese and then activate the CHA-CHA so that the ownership by the Chinese on our land and corporation is legalize.

      PNoy is a TRAITOR. Before he became President, he pledge in front of Luneta Grand Stand that he will protect our Constitution and National Sovereignty. He he he. Chinese kasi. He is a liar.

      • Hendot2012

        Hehe eh di si Joma Sison itapat nyo sa China tutal bayani xa at matapang kasama ng NPA, pag natalo nila China sila na mamuno sa Pilipinas!

      • rayingga

         you and your kind ang traitor ng bansang ito…. move

    • rayingga

       shut your big F…… mouth

  • fox

    “Combines military and police operations”…  nag bakasyon si editor…

  • zeroko

    Sabi ng mga “Officers and  Gentlemen”, ceasefire daw. He he he. Kaya lang, manghuhuli pala sila. E, bakit hndi ninyo sinabi agad?. Sana, nakapagtago ang wanted na NPA. Malabu kayong kausap. You do not abide by your words. Traitor!

    Si Tadeo of Bacalod. He is an activist by fighting for the landless farmers, particularly the Sacadas. He has ALL THE RIGHTS to protest because of the slow or stagnant situation of the CARP. 

    Now he is branded as Communist and landed in Jail. He he he. Dapat, ang mga nasa matataas na pwesto ng ating gobyerno na binastos at ninakawan ng mga Filipino-Chinese officials ang nasa preso, hindi yuong pinaglalaban ang karapatan ng mga landless Filipino Farmers.

    • Hendot2012

      Dapat nga pinapatay na yang mga NPA na yan eh, mga salot sa bayan, kung gus2 nila ng Kumunistang bansa mag migrate na sila sa North Korea d sila welcome d2 sa Pinas dagdag problema lang mga yan!

      • mr

         Ubosin lahat ng salot sa lipunan, wala na silang human rights kasi di naman sila human kundi mga kangaroo.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      “The military said Mendrez was arrested on a warrant issued by a court for rebellion and robbery in band.”

      Di kaya, tulisan na nagtatago sa ilalim ng palda ng armadong pakikibaka si Mendrez?

      Mahirap naman kung lahat ng magnanakaw ay sasama sa armadong pakikibaka eh, abswelto na sila dahil may ceasefire? diba? If that is the case, let all criminals join in the club. And would letting these criminals flaunt themselves in the face of the law diminish their culpability to those people they robbed simply because the rebellion aspect’s status quo is questioned.

      Otherwise, mga tulisan lang talaga ang mga kasapi nang mga armadong pakikibaka, at nagtatago lamang sila sa palda ng idelohiya.

    • mr

       wow ganda pangalan mo chong (go) siguro wala rin laman ulo mo.

    • PAZ

      Totoo na may mga nasa gobyerno na maitim ang budhi. Mga mapagsamantala,pero yung ibang NPA ay nage death penalty. Ang napapatay nila karamihan ay sibilyan na walang kalaban laban. Minsan makita mo sa balita , buong pamilya minasaker ng NPA. Sana walang extra judicial killing.

  • jeetkaido

    Sana i-publish ang mga pangalan ng mga tuilsang mga NPA na ito at reward bawat ulo sa TV, news at internet araw araw.  Mga walang hanap buhay dyan, nakatulong kana sa bayan, kumita ka pa. O kaya mag double crossan na kayo dyan mga NPA total pabagsak na kayo at wala naman talaga kayong silbi sa bayan. Istorbo lang kayo sa mga taong gustong mabuhay ng tahimik.

  • PAZ

    Nasaan si Etta Rosales? kasi pag may nahuhuling NPA ay ipinaglalaban ni Etta. sasabihin ni Etta,” PALAYAIN! AGAINTS HUMAN RIGHTS YAN”! E NASA ADMINISTRASYONG AQUINO NA SI ETTA. Pag sundalo nakapatay ng rebelde sabi ni Etta, “ikulong yan! ,againts human rights yan”! O, ayan Etta may ipaglalaban ka na naman!

    • mr

       Kaya nga eta dahil pagbalikbaliktarin mo man pangalan mabaho pa rin at kampi pa rin sa mga tulisang CPP-NPA-NDF

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