Detained Arroyo pushes tax breaks for firms hiring ex-convicts


Former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. AP PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines — Detained former President and Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo wants to make it easier for former inmates to turn over a new leaf by becoming gainfully employed when they return to the outside world.

Arroyo has co-authored a bill with her son Camarines Sur Rep. Diosdado Arroyo that seeks to encourage private establishments to hire former prisoners. In doing so, it would be easier for freed inmates to find and keep jobs in order to ease their return to mainstream society, they said.

The Arroyos’ House Bill 6716, which was referred to the House labor and employment committee earlier this month, seeks to provide tax incentives to the establishments that would hire erstwhile prisoners.

These establishments would be entitled to a tax credit on their gross income, equivalent to 15 percent of the total amount paid for the salaries and wages of the former prisoners.

The Arroyos said freed inmates should not be hindered from starting a new life because of their past.

“Given that life inside prison is more than enough punishment for their trespasses against society, it is unfair, once they are out of prison, if they are unjustly denied of a decent source of livelihood brought about by the stigma of their delinquent past,” they said in their explanatory note to the measure.

According to them, people who have gotten out of prison are raring to start a new life, but based on statistics, they have a slimmer chance of being employed.

“Most, if not all employers, are reluctant to hire former prisoners because of their criminal past. This makes it extra difficult for former prisoners to reform and reintegrate into society,” they said.

They also said they filed the bill to make employment more accessible to the former prisoners so that they could enjoy their newfound freedom and make their life after incarceration worthwhile.

Under the bill, a Committee on Employment Opportunities for Former Prisoners would also be established, and would be tasked with drafting the provisions for the training and employment of the inmates.

The committee would be under the Department of Justice and should be chaired by holders of a masteral or doctoral degree in business or public administration, or a lawyer with one year experience in penology management.

The bill also states that an initial amount of P100 million should be allocated for the program’s implementation for the first year.

The former President herself is detained at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center because of her non-bailable plunder charge stemming from the alleged misuse of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office funds. Her case is still being heard in the Sandiganbayan.

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  • opinyonlangpo

    The tax break is not worth it. I tried but most are incorrigible and so many were again back in prison, they will try to fit into the mainstream society but not for long. While most are not fit for the business community, they are well suited to be hired as goons for politicians or trained as frontline for assault squad in the army.

  • jumpah

    oh yes little girl you can be my househelp after your pardon of plunder hehehe

    • Observer_din

      lugi ka don sir, baka dayain ka sa trabaho tapos magso-sorry lang.. hehehe

      • jumpah

         Thanks of your advice , merry x mas oh before i forget if you need a PAJERO just click me hehehehe

      • Observer_din

        sayang naman, di ako bishop. hehehe

    • otire

      kawatan wag na lang.

      • jumpah

         oo nga pala hehehe

  • calipso_2100

    Preparing for her future.

    • Observer_din

      maski naman makalaya siya di na puwede kasi overage na, senior citizen na, hehehe

      • Noel

        Wala pa naman siya 70.  May mga labanderang mas matanda pa.

  • pcosmachine

    Mukhang may balak si Gloria na mamasukan bilang labandera.

  • Noel

    She’s pleasing the prisoners because soon she would join then after which becomes an ex-convict.

  • Dynamic

    How can a person be – a paid politician and a prisoner at the same time?Tax break is when you are more than willing to pay what is called squandered from the entire society.An ease for the government itself.”If you take out your neckbrace you will sound better”.

  • Malic of arabia

    To ordinary and hardened criminals,Yes.To GMA,no. No amount of justification is required for the resources they have stolen and the anomalies she made during her term.Di rin siya pwedeng mag kasambahay kasi required ang NBI clearance.maging taga ani ng tubo sa Hacienda Luisita pwede pa,if ok kay Pnoy.

  • Kaloy

    Ano naman ito? Preparation para may nakalaang trabaho after the possible imprisonment of the Arroyos?  Hindi pa nga nakakaahon ang taumbayan sa ginawa ni Gloria sa Supreme Court.

    Sino ang papatol sa proposal na ito? It’s not the savings in taxes that’s important here,  it’s the perceived risks peaceful employess will be exposed, stupids.

    Considering the  millions of unemployed filipinos here, this plan is a BIG NO NO!i

    There are better alternatives that the Government can plan for persons releashed from imprisonment::
    !1. A doable livelihood program like mini, small scale businesses through TESDA training and low interest loan  as currently offered to SME’s.
    2.Skill traing through Testda nad enploy them as OFWs.
    3. Employ them as sakristans in churches to keep our parish priests busy to assist in restoring good values in them.
    4. Scholarships for those with pi[otential to finish BS degrees and become professionals..

    I thought Gloria is PHD economist?. It’s not all money stupids.


    FOR mall greeters and dishwashers, yes.

    • mamer2

      ….and garbage collectors…, street cleaners…, laundry helper…, pencil-salesmen…, ambulance-chasers…, fire-truck followers…, etc.

      • UrHONOR

        LOL!  Yes-na-yes!!!

  • boybakal

    Detained Arroyo pushes TAX BREAK for firms hiring EX  CONVICTS.

    This is good news indeed.
    At least this bill would give second chance to the ex convicts and to those still inside the jail.
    That there is life after Prison.
    And who would be the best author of this Bill than GMA still languishing in jail….a bill for her KAKOSA.

    The only thing I can foresee in this Tax Break is Jail Break…as prisoners thought tax break means jail break.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Good news for the Ampatuan’s

      Bad news for some Police General’s used to hire secretly at night the best inmate’s as triggerman’s

  • EC

    This bill is good if the country has labor shortage but what we have now is labor surplus and it will remain so in the foreseeable future so there is really no need to enact such a law. The Arroyos just want to appear to be doing something useful.

  • Simoun Magaalahas

    Nonsense president….

  • Beguine

    This law proposal must be called Love Your Own Kind.

    Since she’s a prisoner and anticipating her entire family will be
    prisoners, too, sooner or later, this is a kind of preparation.
    Who will take the bite? Only other prisoners!

    GMA must be losing her marbles. Going crazy, yes indeed.

    She’s about ready now to rot in prison, she has finally realized.
    But then, again, she and Mike they’ve stolen tons of money, and
    can be expected to use it to their evil advantage.

    Vicious circle!  

    • mamer2

      When she becomes an “ex-con”…,
      she would not be needing any job.
      She’d be doing the hiring.

  • basilionisisa

    see? being INSIDE is doing her good… she doesn’t need any TRO, who says she’s not doing a thing? she can still suggest good things for businesses (and her colleagues inside)… hehe!

  • JEO

    This is a funny bill from incompetent official! The better way is the bill to provide self development program for convicts or programs that can minimize crimes. This Nonsense bill is beyond our comprehension and beyond our present system can swallow.

    This is pure incompetency.. If our leaders are all like this? Leave your country for good!

  • Luthmar

    Tax breaks?  Depends what kind of work and income ex-convicts will earn.  Does GMA really think that a company would hire an ex convict for higher bracket salaries?  If that is the case, yes “tax breaks” will be effective.   But, salaries below the minimum or minimum is tax exempt
    anyway.  So what’s the use of these “tax breaks” Bill.  I am not impressed by the move of mother and son.    Better introduce a more meaningful Bill.

    Happy New Year.

  • JV Velarde

    The penal system in the country should first be fix before any law such as this is passed.

    Statistics would say that majority of those in prison never admitted their violation of the law. 

    Those pardoned are guiltless, take Erap for example, why pardon him when he never even admitted his mistakes despite the guilty verdict thrown to him by the Sandiganbayan.
    Romeo Jalosjos, a convicted rapist, pardoned by Gloria again, he too never admitted the rape charge.

    It’s things like these that mess the penal system in the country & that has to be fix soon.

  • CrocLolong

    napakadaming Mga HINDI convict di makakkuha ngtrabaho UNAHIN muna mga to bagomga convict

    • joshmale2004

      Good suggestion.

  • AllinLawisFair

    This is what we call, “Laying the groundwork.”  

    As an economist by training, she looks far beyond and “long term.” She feels that she would be imprisoned for the humongous crimes she did and she intends to make the most of it. 

    Tuso talaga.

  • jr_06498

    GMA want to make easier for ex convict to pay their income taxes? Of course that is what she want because she is one of them,  And for sure most of her bodyguard are ex convict too. And beside no one in the Philippines believe on her, except ex convict.

    • joshmale2004

      You misunderstood the Bill. The tax incentive is for the Companies who hire these ex convicts and not the ex convicts themselves.

      • hopelovefaith

        the bottom line is–arroyo  is still the beneficiary of this bill.  this bill is an effort on her part to prepare for her future in the eventuality that she and her cohorts will be convicted. 

      • joshmale2004

        Correct. I was just trying to correct jr’s misimpression on who will be given tax incentive.

  • mamer2

    She should have improved the conditions in our prisons, while she was in ‘power’.
    Our prison conditions are in the bottom half, of the penal conditions of the world.

  • boybakal

    This is a good bill.
    Let’s give prisoners second chance.
    The bill is for ex convicts who mastered his or her craft or where he is imprisoned for.

    Like a murderer, his expertise is to kill.
    Then he should be employed as Taga katay ng Baboy.
    Like an ex con rapist…he will be the caretaker for all animals, like chicken.
    In case he will do it again, it is on animals.
    I don’t think animal activists will like this.
    Like Akyat Bahay, he wil be best suited for tuba or coconut gatherer…his specialty is to climb.
    An ex con accountant who stole from the bank…he will be employed as jueteng accountant or taga bilang na lang ng barya ng jueteng or taga compute ng lastilyas.
    So on and so forth.

    The aim of the bill is not for them to restore their previous jobs, but job related jus to move on.

    • jumpah

      How about an ex- con plunderer to be , for ex: the former little girl pres.? what kind of job we can give to her? I can recommend her as Red Cross secretary kasi MAPAG BIGAY hehehe

      • Ding

        Mapagbigay sa sarili at sa mga kawatan?   Kaya tuloy hindi natin maialis na ang mga nagtatanggol sa mga kawatan ay mga kawatan din, hindi kaya?

  • hosay

    Miss Arroyo, please file a bill penalizing company for imposing age limit in hiring requirement.

    • pilipino

      You have problems with age limit? Depende po siguro yan sa uri ng trabaho. I mean, like me I am into construction business and I don’t think it will be advisable for me to hire welders and roof installers who are in their fifties or even late forties because they might not last long under the heat of the sun, wala yatang welder o roof installer na nakapayong.

      Or what if one is in the hospitality business like the hotels, you can’t hire ladies in their late forties to man the front desk but they will be ok in housekeeping, just to emphasize that it depends on the kind, the nature and the demands of the job.

      But it seems this is not the concern of GMA because she had 9 years in Office but never lifted a finger on this.

      I think it’s more of preparing for her unavoidable eventuality of becoming an ex-con, but who would care to employ excons like Erap and (potentially) Madam Congresswoman?

  • chingnarciso

    Ilang taon na ang neck brace ni Pandak. Hindi pa ba magaling ang kanyang leeg?Hindi ba siya nakakatihan? Oh my brown ass,ang galing naman ang mga doctor ni maliit.

    • pilipino

      Baka nag-ambisyong tumangkad like the women in Africa, they place several neck rings to stretch their neck like a goose.

  • hopelovefaith

    this woman is taunting us.  this bill is for her self preservation since she knows  eventually she will be an ex-plunderer.

    hindi ninyo ba nahahalata.  pinakikita niya sa ating kayang-kaya niyang gamitin ang legislative functions to suit her convenience.

  • joshmale2004

    How about a bill to provide tax free bounty for any body who can point where the laundered money of GMA and his cohorts are being kept or deposited. Include also any one who can pinpoint properties acquired thru dummies of these people.

  • WAJ

    Does she have anything better idea than this? Why not a bill that said ” I am returning all the money that I illegally acquired from the (people) government, to help the poor, build schools, home for the homeless, etc, etc,”.  And at the end of the bill, she should make a note there, like “F” Mike and the rest of our allies, I am finally resting my case”.  

  • disqusted0fu

    Arroyo’s still working even while she is ill and detained. there are some government officials who barely work even with all the power and the freedom. check out the palace and you might see some over there.

    • joshmale2004

      So, what is your petition?

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Former  Pres. Arroyo , corruption and many 


    1. NBN ZTE Scandal

    2. Millions of bribe money to Congressmen and Governors 

    (October 2007)

    3. Cheating in 2004 Elections (HELLO GARCI)

    4. Joc Joc Bolante Case (Fertilizer Scam, P728 Million)

    5. JOSE PIDAL Bank Account (Unexplained Wealth, P200 


    6. NANI PEREZ Power Plant Deal ($2 Million)

    7. Use of Road User’s Tax for Campaigning

    8. Billion Peso Macapagal Boulevard (Overprice of P532 


    9. Juetengate? (Illegal Numbers game kickbacks)

    10. Extra Judicial Killings

    11. Arroyo Moneys in Germany (Exposed by Senator Cayetano)

    12. General GARCIA and Other Military Men

    13. Billion Peso Poll Automation contract to(Mega Pacific) 

    (P1.3 Billion)

    14. Northrail Project($503 Million)

    15.  Maguindanao Results of 2007 Elections (ZUBIRI, BEDOL)

    16.  NAIA-3

    17.  Venable Contract (Norberto Gonzales)

    18.  Swine Scam (Exposed by? Atty. Harry Roque

    19. GLORIA Arroyo son hidden assets in united states



    22.  C-5 road controversy — Senator Manuel Villar

    23.P550-million worth of funds from the Overseas Workers’ 

    Welfare Administration (OWWA).

    24. P780-million LWUA funds-PROSPERO PICHAY

    25. BISHOPS’s SUV-Gloria Birthday gift

    26. Arroyo linked in P325M lotto intelligence fund

    27. Arroyo got P200M in kickbacks from govt projects-Zaldy 


    28. P200.41 billion or $4.6 billion in Malampaya royalties 

    from 2002 to May this year.



    30. 600,Thousand metric tons of Rotten rice imported from 

    India.Kishore Hemlani, an Indian trader allegedly close to 

    Arroyo, reportedly bagged the P9.5 billion contract for 

    the rice importation. 

    31. DATO ARROYO wife bought the condo unit for $570,000, 

         70-square-meter one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit (Unit 

    No. 533) at the luxury high-rise, full-service Gramercy 

    Towers located at 1177 California St. in upscale downtown 


    32.- P50-million bribe to FG for the president’s veto of 

    two franchise bills

    33. The additional funding led to a 41-percent spike in  

    advertising expenses, from P76.129 million in 2008 to 

    P107.420 million in 2009, which went mostly to ads for 

    Arroyo’s achievements.

    34. The report said the PIA received from the Department 

    of Budget and Management a notice of cash allocations 

    amounting to P344.789 million, even though only P222.488 
    million was appropriated for it under the national budget.

    35.- Denial of pork barrel funds to Malacanang’s political 


    36.- Praises for Jovito Palparan, alleged mastermind of 

    extra judicial killings of militants

    37.- Removal of govt bodyguards for former pres and Arroyo 

     critic, Cory Aquino

    38.- Appointment of manicurist as a member of the board of 


    39. Appointment of gardener as deputy of the Luneta Park  



    Chief Justice

          200+ other illegal midnight appointments//

    • ztefertilizerscam9

      51.Jose Miguel Arroyo owned helicopters’
      all Robinson R44 Raven Is with Series Nos. 1370 to 1374
      A total of $1,423,025 was paid to Lionair for the five 


      52.Pagcor ‘pabaon’ to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo: P345M

      53.The godmother’s ties to the Pinedas(Jueteng lord)

      54. Glorietta 2 and Batasan bombings

          The Glorietta 2 bombing happened during the height of 

      the bribery case which took place in Malacañang.

      55. Misuse of Balikatan funds Navy Lt. Nancy Gadian 

      revealed an alleged malversation of funds in 2007

      56. Solon: Charge Gloria Arroyo for taking P98-M from 

      PNoy’s social fund


          Former Armed Forces chiefs of staff Narciso Abaya, 

      Dionisio Santiago, Generoso Senga, Hermogenes Esperon, and 

      Alexander Yano,chiefs of staff – Angelo Reyes, Diomedio  

      Villanueva, and Roy Cimatu and MANY MORE..

      58.Colmenares: GMA had P488 billion in ‘pork.

      59. P1 BILLION down the drain in Arroyo-era jatropha 

      project—DOST chief 
      60.Fishers push plunder rap vs Arroyo in purchase of ice machines( overpriced at P455 million in 2009.)
      61.$225-million overprice of Metro Rail Transit Corp. (MRTC), 
      62.Successor sues Pichay over P2.3-B fund mess
      63.Noli De Castro P6.6 billion pesos Pag-ibig Fund scam.
      64.Arroyo execs pocket P15-B from bridge scam

    • ztefertilizerscam9

      41.- MIKEY ARROYO’s undeclared properties in California

      42.- Pardon of controversial convicted criminals like 

      Ninoy’s murderers

      43.- EO 464; requiring Cabinet members to seek 

      presidential clearance before testifying in Congress 


      44.- Promise (on Rizal Day) to not run for the presidency 

      in 2004

      45.- “Vote Buying” by giving away Philhealth cards

      46.- Taxpayers’ money for her giant billboards and and 

      PCSO tv campaign ads

      47- Appointment of Ben Abalos, a staunch GMA ally, as 

      COMELEC chair

      48.- Mikey Arroyo’s importation of 32 thoroughbred horses 

      from Australia worth P384 million.

      49.Former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo used 2 choppers 16 

      times, son Mikey 69

      50.PNoy: PAGCOR spent P1 BILLION on coffee

  • ztefertilizerscam9


    Jose Miguel Arroyo owned helicopters 

    five helicopters—all Robinson R44 Raven 
    with Series Nos. 1370 to 1374
    A total of $1,423,025 was paid to Lionair 

    GlorIa bribed to Mitsubishop and Safari
     Butuan City Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, who received a Mitsubishi Montero, Bontoc-Lagawe Bishop Rodolfo Beltran (Nissan Pathfinder), Abra Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian (Mitsubishi Strada), Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace), Basilan Bishop Martin Jumoad (Mitsubishi Strada), Zamboanga Archbishop Romulo Valles (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace); and Nueva Segovia Archbishop Ernesto Salgado (Isuzu Crosswind).

    Gloria Macapal-Arroyo spent a whopping P2.85 billion for foreign trips she made during her nine years in office.

    Ex Fake President Gloria Arroyo’s $20,000 worth of dinner @ Le Cirque, New York, USA


    FG in $20, 000 hotel suite!
    During Manny Pacquiao’s match with Erick Morales in Las Vegas, the First Gentleman LOLONG ARROYO allegedly stayed in a $20, 000-a-night suite at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Who is the Mastermind?(LOLONG)

    Japanese billionaire Kazuo Okada’s Universal Entertainment (Universal) had paid as much as $30 million to a former Pagcor consultant in 2010 received by Rodolfo Soriano, a former Pagcor consultant and purported Genuino bagman.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Fifty million pesos (P50,000,000.00) or more is a PLUNDER
    Sec. 2. Definition of the Crime of Plunder; Penalties. – Any public officer who, by himself or in connivance with members of his family, relatives by affinity or consanguinity, business associates, subordinates or other persons, amasses, accumulates or acquires ill-gotten wealth through a combination or series of overt criminal acts as described in Section 1 (d) hereof in the aggregate amount or total value of at least Fifty million pesos (P50,000,000.00) shall be guilty of the crime of plunder and shall be punished by reclusion perpetua to death.  Any person who participated with the said public officer in the commission of an offense contributing to the crime of plunder shall likewise be punished for such offense.  In the imposition of penalties, the degree of participation and the attendance of mitigating and extenuating circumstances, as provided by the Revised Penal Code, shall be considered by the court.  The court shall declare any and all ill-gotten wealth and their interests and other incomes and assets including the properties and shares of stocks derived from the deposit or investment thereof forfeited in favor of the State.  [As Amended by Section 12, Republic Act No. 7659 (The Death Penalty Law)]  (Click here for old provision of Section 2, of Republic Act No. 7080).

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    DATO ARROYO wife bought the condo unit for $570,000, 
         70-square-meter one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit (Unit 
    No. 533) at the luxury high-rise, full-service Gramercy 
    Towers located at 1177 California St. in upscale downtown 

    MIKEY from P50 thousand SALN to Millions of money
    Undeclared U.S. Properties and subsequent tax evasion charges
    In August 2009, VERA Files, a group of veteran Filipino journalists, reported that Arroyo “has failed to declare in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN) for the last two years a $1.32 million or P63.7 million beachfront property in the San Francisco Bay Area inCalifornia, which he bought and then transferred to his wife Angela in 2006.” The house is located in Beach Park Blvd in Foster City in San Mateo County.

    • Kaloy

       Eh bakit kaya hanggang ngayon nakakalaya pa ang mga gunggong na magkapatid na ito?

      Ang tagal ng alam ng Taumbayan yang mga kawat ng dalawng ito.

      • ztefertilizerscam9

        Paano mo mapakulong noong nakaupo si Merceditas Gutierrez at Renato Corona puro kasabwat ng mga kawattang  Arroyo.

  • anton kinuton

    pinaghahandaan ang sarili, uuuuyyy..

  • joshmale2004

    How about passing a Bill which will give 10% of the recovered ill gotten wealth for any citizen who can recover or pinpoint the whereabouts of any ill gotten wealth acquired by GMA and all other corrupt politicians.

  • Rj Nieto


    ex-PGMA will need that.

  • Angel Divera

    Hirap nga mag hanap trabaho ang not convicted, yung convicted pa kaya. She’s just looking for sympathy from her inmates and future inmates.

    KAKUSA Partylist yata yan.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    I am ready to hire her after her jail term, 
    2000- Pesos/month, 5 months contract as a basura collector,
    ready to build a fortune on Smokey Mountain.

    Hopefully it will be money saving in case she die in jail.
    She deserved a Gaddafi style death, a rubbish one !

  • filipinaskoh

    Tita Glo, anong EK-EK na naman ba ito, ha?

    Ang daming unemployed sa bansa. Ung ngang highschool graduate hindi makasingit sa trabaho kasi ang hanap ay at least na ka one or two years sa college para makapagtrabaho kang saleslady/man or merchandiser.  

    Just think of it!  ex-convict na ang kaso multiple robbery- hire mo syang bank teller, hindi kaya’t parang suicide na rin sa bangko iyon. Ung kaso na heinous crime, multiple rape w/ murder- hire mo syang sales man kasama mga sales lady, palagay ko magre-resign lahat ng sales lady at wala na ring papasok na lady customer. 

    ACCEPT THE FACT pag ex-convict talagang mahirap makapasok ng trabaho.


    I think that is much better than what you are proposing.

    • pilipino

      Baka dadami ang gustong maging ex-convict para may libreng puhunan sa gobyerno. It won’t work, it will just promote the mendicant mentality among our people – that the government is obliged to feed them.

  • joerizal

    Hindi na ma-a-avail ni GMA yang proposal niya kasi death sentence ang ipapataw sa kanya.

  • imongredneck

    There has been precedent on this already. Erap a convicted plunderer and a former inmate was completely restored to the mainstream, to the point of running for an elected office. So, why not?

  • agustin

    the prisoners will be a big problem to the management of the company. most ex convict will always be unruly. better let DWSD give them the 4P’s.

    • pilipino

      I am against promoting mendicancy. Rather, set-up a TESDA technical training school inside the Bilibid Prison and require the inmates to train whichever vocation they like and pass the strict trade test so they will have something to build on when they are finally free.

      My business always needs welders, roof installers, plumbers, building electricians, masons and tile-setters, etc. I wouldn’t care if they are ex-cons or not so long as they can deliver the quality of work that I strictly require from my people.

      Everybody had been a felon at one time or another, like the Fat Guy for example, and many others are white-collar felons like those who evade paying taxes!

      Pag si Gloria nag-apply sa akin bilang taga-balat at tagahiwa ng bawang at sibuyas sa catering business ko tatanggapin ko siya, ibibili ko pa siya ng tungtungan para abot niya ang kitchen table at nang di na siya mahirapan. Di mo na kailangan ng batas na yan Madam Glo, tatanggapin kita.

      • Labandera1

        haha i like your comment, and that’s true…..

      • agustin

         Training them in TESDA is a skill training. but their brain characteristic will never change and if one is a criminal there is a tendency that he will fight and kill a co-employee or his foreman/ supervisor for an infraction.

      • pilipino

        If he is mentally sick, then that’s another story. But if the ex-con is paid well and the working environment is decent I think that will drive up his morale so that he will want to shake off his past.

        Pero pag nagloko siya, e para saan pa yung baril ng mga guwardiya ko.

        Example, pag ginawa kung cashier si GMA at tinangay nya ang pera pati yung kaha ko e siguradong aabutin siya ng de-sabog.

      • agustin


      • pilipino

        Madam Glo, ikaw ba yan? Please care to read again my other comments to see if I indeed favored this Bill. And also try to see the context of my comment which is a reply comment to another one posted above. Then you will know what is really in my mind, which I think is what you mean with “YOUR MIND STATUS”.

  • LegalJustice

    I think  she was referring to former Pres. Joseph Estrada who was convicted plunderer.

  • Antonio

    she’s just trying to tell her constituents that she is still capable of doing her job while in hospital arrest… papansin ika nga… if she is convicted she could avail of the law that she is co-authoring.

  • Mabuhay

    She is preparing herself just in case she is convicted, ensuring that she can still apply for a job despite her criminal records. Wise girl; she thinks in advance……

  • Filipinoflash

    puro basura na lang ang nasa isip ni GMA ngayon. Yung mga bills pawang mga selfserving…Months ago she filed a bill were a medical parole will be given to prisoners who are so ill… Gusto nya pag magkasakit siya, ma grant siya ng medical parole…ngayon gusto naman niya, ma hire siya after mag serve ng sentence niya.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Attention prospective employers.  The crook is laying out the foundation for you guys rolling out your carpet when she comes  knockin’ on your door.  Whatever you do my advice is, please do not assign the crook to the cashier job!

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