AFP: What order of battle?


What hit list?

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Sunday flatly denied allegations that it was maintaining an order of battle (OB)  or a hit list of personalities considered as enemies of the state.

“In the Armed Forces, we do not practice keeping a hit list or even an order of battle,” AFP spokesperson Col. Arnulfo Burgos Jr. said in an interview over radio DzBB.

“What we have is a list of persons wanted by law, those who have warrants for their arrest. That list is given to us by the PNP (Philippine National Police),” he said.

The military is only assisting local police in law enforcement operations, he said, adding that arrested fugitives are usually turned over to the nearest police unit.

“Although there is an ongoing ceasefire (with communist rebels), the AFP is still doing checkpoint operations because that does not prohibit us from fulfilling our mandate to the people,” Burgos said.

Malacañang has reminded the military that maintaining an order of battle is now outlawed with the enactment of the Anti-Enforced Disappearance Act, which President Aquino signed into law a few hours after he spoke at the 77th anniversary of the AFP last Friday.

Respect for human rights and humanitarian law, Burgos said, is at the heart of the AFP’s new antiinsurgency project called IPSP (Internal Peace and Security Plan) Bayanihan.

“In all aspect of our military and security operations, first and foremost is upholding the law and promoting international humanitarian laws. We also promote respect for human rights in all levels of commands,” he said.

Human rights offices

According to Burgos, the AFP had established a human rights office not only in its general headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo, but also in all its unified command headquarters nationwide.

“If there are violations of our soldiers, the public may help us by reporting it to us. We will cooperate with the authorities and make sure the unit concerned will make the personnel available for investigation,” he said.

In the radio interview, Sen. Panfilo Lacson said that as a former PNP chief, he had encountered an order of battle of state enemies.

He said he once ran into such list which contained the name of a government official that intelligence reports linked to crimes like drugs and kidnapping.

“You would be surprised and wonder why the names of some personalities are there,” he said in Filipino in an interview over dzBB Sunday.

Pressed to explain, Lacson said he volunteered the observation “as a general description.”

“Sometimes, I would read an OB and tell myself, ‘Why, I had no clue this guy would be doing this or that!’ Because there are instances no one would have an inkling that a government official listed there would be involved in drugs and kidnapping.”


Strictly confidential

Lacson said that after recovering from his initial shock, he would go through the “accompanying summaries and information” and would realize that the person’s inclusion in the OB “made sense.”

He said an OB’s contents were not supposed to be released to media. “It is like telegraphing the punches of the military and the Philippine National Police,” he said.

The senator said that putting together an order of battle involved the intelligence networks of the military, the PNP and the National Bureau of Investigation.

He said there had been cases where names were included based on errors in intelligence reporting. “The intelligence community can commit mistakes,” he said.

Lacson said the main purpose of an OB was to “guide” the military and the police in identifying the personalities who deserved to be “covered by more intelligence efforts.”

“The OB gives a focus since there would be dossiers that provide material pertaining to the activities and venues of the modus operandi of certain people,” he noted.

Trouble starts when the OB is abused or when protocol is not followed, he said, particularly by “overeager law enforcement units or personalities.”

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  • kalikasanipagtanggol


  • arao_liwanag

    Bulaan kayo numero uno. Mahiya ka burgos pinalamon ka ng kasinungalingan.

    • batangpaslit

      ganda ng ID ah….araw na, maliwanag pa. kaya, makikita ang lahat

  • noyab

    nas OB ba si Dacer and Corbito?….very well said, like you Ping, an  “overeager law enforcement units or personalities.”

    • batangpaslit

      piercing categorical question

  • jeray

    Kaya napatay si ninoy dahil sa OB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • batangpaslit

      Tumpak….pero may clearance ‘yon sa nakakataas.

      Kung sino ang mastermind sa pagpatay kay Pres Kennedy, at ang nagpapatay kay Dr Luther King, Jr., is the same mastermind behind the assasination of Ninoy Aquino.

      The same group are behind the destruction of the Twin Tower in New York. paano ma attributte kay Bin Laden ang destruction ng dalawang tore, eh, the former do not have the resources to direct such operation?
      The planes used as “missile” are equipped with sophisticated technology. How could the boys of Bin Laden be proficient enough in flying the train when they do not have the ample training—when real pilots of those planes took months to be trained?

      Dalawang tower ang natamaan ng eroplano, pero, tatlong tower ang bumagsak?
      Bakit ang eroplanon bumagsak sa Pentagon eh, ang sira sa Pentagon hindi kasing laki ng eroplanong bumagsak?
      Tapos, walang pasaherong nakita sa site kung tutuong hijacked commercial plane ang bumagsak sa Pentagon.

      Paanong masunog kaagad ang mga bakal sa tower eh gasolina lang ang laman ng eroplano? Ang bahay nga na yari ng kahoy, takes a while to burn? Bakit ang tower, eh, makakapal na bakal ang reinforcement natunaw na lamang na parang papel?
      Tapos ang passpport ng isang “terrorist”, which material is a mere security paper nakita sa Ground Zero, buo! Pero ang bakal, sunog?
      Ray, it is tragic to tell—we the ordinary citizens of the land is being lied to from the beginning.

      • Jane Deasis Villena

        hahaha,  nagdedeliryo ka na ata;  it was clear as the sun that those were Bin laden’s men who guided the planes into the tower.  They trained to fly the plane before doing it.  Bin laden clearly proclaimed that it was his planned and they even celebrated after that.  You sure have a wild imagination hehehe.  You sleep first to get over with it

        The twin towers burned for hours before it collapsed. Because of the searing heat the steels that supported the foundations of the building weakened thus caused the collapsed.

  • Pedro Mateo

    “What Hit List?”
    Col. Burgos, Sir, mag-isip ka nga bago magsalita. . Alam na ng boung bayan yan, kahit hindi nag-aaral, mula pa noong Martial Law hanggang ngayon. . Estoryahee kami Sir, anong pinakain dyan sa GHQ, pansit, yan ang tulog-tulog sa pansitan. . 

    Ang mabuti sa hit list kung may kaibigan ka sa loob ng militar dahil sasabihan ka “Pare nasa OB kana, mabuti pa sibat kana o magpalamig ka muna. . 

    • batangpaslit

      you’re very courageous to stand up for truth

  • Commentator

    Maybe AFP should have a battle plans in case of war from other countries. I doubt that they have.

    • batangpaslit

      Good question.
      Bro, why not enroll with National Defense College and make your idea as your Masteral Thesis? Pagka graduate mo, LtCol ka pa sa reservists.

      Nang active pa ako sa aking mga lakad sa bayang tinubuan, familiar ako sa arsenal inventory. Dati, ang war doctrine ng Pilipinas ay to have enough supply of ammo to last for a three month firefighting, until foreign aid from allied forces arrives.
      Ngayon daw, wala nang three months na pondong bala. Kung ano lang daw ang nakita monag bala na dala-dala sa katawan ng sundalo, ‘yon lang ang bala nag Armed Forces.
      Pero, kuwidaw, ang kawatan sa procurement ay kaliwa’t kanan in millions of dollars pa.

  • batangpaslit

    Col Arnulfo Burgos must be removed immediately from his post as spokesperson of the Armed Forces.
    Bakit mahilig mag sinunaling ang mga spokespersons ng kalakaran ng ating gobyerno?
    Even the spokesperson in Malacanang Palace are fond of telling lies.
    What benefit do these liars derived for themselves. How could our bowed tear filled land rise from crass poverty and morass systemic corruption when government functionaries entrusted to communicate truth to the Filipino people are a bunch of liars?
    I come from a politico-military family. Everytime someone was shot and killed, I would confront some kins in the police organization or military service at bakit nila tinumba ang mama.
    The explanation they gave is cold and plain, “Pangalan nila nasa Order of Battle”.
    Tapos itong ranking Army Officer have the temerity to lie? He thought he appears to be smart for his inane comment.

    Fire Burgos—-his name is an embarrassment to the namesake of the national hero, Father Burgos.
    Dapat ang naging apelyedo nia ay, BUGOS.

    Lt Col Arnulfo Burgos is a bogus spokesperson.

    • Summerspice

       They should also fire the person who is telling Burgos what to say in the media.Im sure he is getting instructions from his superiors.

      • batangpaslit

        You are right, Bro. Dapat malinis ang kalakaran sa gobyerno hindi lang ang corruption and bribery pati ang pagsinungaling sa taong bayan.
        My isa akong naka sagutan na opisyal sa Armed Forces. Sabi nia dapat daw patayin ang lahat ng Komunista dahil hindi naniwala sa Dios.
        Sagot ko naman, wala rin kayong kinaiba sa mga Komunista na hindi naniwala sa Dios dahil ang patakaran at pamamaraan ninyo ay hindi rin maka Dios.

      • Jane Deasis Villena

        If the communists are killing the military then they should kill them also  Killing and dying is normal in war and the military is always at war with all kinds of rebels in the country because they are there to guard and protect our sovereignty

      • batangpaslit

        Kabayan, I concur with your point. It is inevitable that if your profession is soldiery and you are in a firefight, you have the legal and moral ground to use your weapons to protect you and the nation that you sworn to protect.
        If I am the troop commander and we are fired upon and I have a soldier that refuses to utilize his gun to neutralize the enemy, I will have him court martialed for cowardice.

        What I disagree with is the raping of women under their custody, and the torture of those that they arrested.

        Another issue is kotong. Why do you think the produce from the farm to the market is getting expensive?
        Nangotong na nga itong NPA, tapos mangotong pa ang mga sundalo who are manning the checkpoints, are issues I am raising here.
        Pangongotong is a form of robbery—abuse and misuse of their authority is an ungodly act.

      • Jane Deasis Villena

        These practices of corruption should not be tolerated in the military and especially in the present government.  If you know of any in the military practicing the things u just mentioned u should report them to the proper authorities

    • Loggnat

       What is your proof that there is still an “Order of Battle” list? Maybe they already changed its name to something like “Persons of Interest” list. Then he can honestly say the military has no ‘Order of Battle” list. Whatever the name of the list is, it is just a piece of paper with names written on it. What is important is the action (legal or illegal) the military will do with the individuals in the list and what kind of justification were provided in how and why the individual was included in that list.

      • batangpaslit

        Tanggol, either you are an Intelligence Officer in the Armed Forces, or in overt uniform, I am not sure. What I am sure of, is: may alam ikaw tungkol sa bureaucracy or establishment.

        Names may change from OB to PI. But such change does not diminish the fact that there is such a list of that nature. Different form, but, the same content. Different style, but the same substance.

        Kabayan, hindi mo masabi that it is just a piece of paper with name written on it.
        That list is fatal if it is in the hands of abusive person who is trained how to use lethal weapon and are legally authorized to carry such weapon.

        When I was younger, I was in the OB of a Warlord. Twelve of us were listed to be liquidated. I was listed number three. Numbers one, two, and number four were already killed. When I learned that I was in the top 6 to be assasinated, hindi na ako naki usap na ma downgrade as “Persons of Interest” ang aking pangalan. Naki pag ratratan na rin ako.

        I fully concur with your concluding sentence. But, that is not my point of contention.
        What I detest, is, as Diamond Digger pointed out—the Spokesperson lied.
        Lt Col Burgos could have said “…in deference to blah and blah, I could neither deny nor confirm it”.
        Or, he admitted it and explained that “there are now corrective measures being done to preclude abuses blah blah blah”.
        Ang nakakabanas kasi bakit kailangan pang magsinungaling sa madlang tao?

      • Jane Deasis Villena

        nakiparatratan ka na rin;  in other words you are aready armed and fighting against the military.  That means u are either a muslim rebel or Npa.  No wonder why u are so much against the military.  NPAs are the pest of the society.  They are waging a fourty year old war and there no sign that they will win.  They are waging a hopeless battle and struggle.  It will do good for them and for the country if they will just surrender their arms and go back to their families and loved ones and live a peaceful life

    • diamond_digger

       We seem to share things in common, Batangpaslit! The ‘Daang Matuwid” society that Pres. Aquino has initiated and wanted
      to perpetuate should have no place in it for a spokesman (of the
      Filipino people) Armed Forces who callously lie to his teeth of the
      presence and practice of having an Order of Battle of perceived enemies
      of the state. Calling on Sen. Rodolfo Biazon to come out and refute the
      denial of Col. Burgos. When ‘Pong Biazon would come out and back up the
      declaration of Ping Lacson, these ‘liar’ spokesman should then be sacked
      as he has shown that he is not about to follow and walk through the
      ‘daang matuwid.’

      • batangpaslit

        Thanks much, Bro, for sharing the same stand. If Filipinos could only take a stand to renounce lies and stop fooling the Filipino people; and those in the position of leadership be it elective or appointive positons could conduct the governance uprightly—I am convinced the old homeland could move forward and will enjoy the prosperity of the land in our lifetime.

        If the funds that were squandered by some members of the Armed Forces, is utilized to train and develop highly motivated Armed Forces: properly equipped, getting decent pay—perhaps we will see less abusive soldiers.

        Regarding your thoughts, well, Bro if you have access to Gen Biazon, why not sound it off? You can show him the readers’ feedback how vehement the reactions are concerning the glaring lie of the incumbent AFP Spokesperson.

    • Jane Deasis Villena

      The spokesman is just doing his job.  In the military its always obey first before u complain

      • batangpaslit

        Bro, alam mo debatable ang doctrine na ‘yan, eh, kaya ang daming nalagas na mga sundalo natin kasi kahit mali ang instructions, sinusundo, “obey first…”.

        Ang punto ko lang naman ay, puede namang mag sabi ng “No Comment”, or, say, “I neither deny, nor confirm”.

        Or, be upfront about it. Aminin kung meron nga. What is wrong with truth telling?
        We could never correct a wrong if we keeping telling lies the Filipino people.
        Kaya nagka buhol-buhol ang buhay natin kasi puro kasinungalingan ang sinasabi sa tao. Gabi’t araw, ang Filipino niloloko.

        We need a lot of cleansing in the bureaucracy. All government agencies, both the civilian offices, government corporations, and the military establishment must be truthful to the people that they sworn to serve and protect.
        We have to start somewhere to be honest and be forthright with the constituency,
        the Filipino people.

      • Jane Deasis Villena

        our soldiers are dying almost daily just so that we may live in peace.  They need our moral support more than any other.  Denial is the order of the day even with the present administration so nothing can be done about it

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Who is ready to give on once of trust to the AFP and one gramme to the officers and Generals ?

    As in this country fear is a teaching base from the Clergy teachings and the macho’s elites with private Armies, ad on that the population was twice horribly victimized by two
    ” Holocaustic Liberations” the first was when they bought the country from the Spanish,

    40% of the population was exterminated ! WW II wasn’t better.

    Then for the AFP, they listen violences and power, they are crawling in front the US or Chinese’s as they have bigger guns.

    P-Noy has no other choices to listen the US, as the US need the AFP in case they want war by procuration against China, similar of what happen with Vietnam…, canon-flesh and country destructions.

    Philippines is a powder Barrel, the population should stick and trust the President, the only way to avoid a military coup organized by the Marcoses, Trapos and company

  • Rosauro

    The AFP can always change the name of the document. It could be Friends List instead of Order of Battle. Why make the work of the soldiers hard for them?

    • diamond_digger

       You are right, Rosauro. It won’t surprise us when this ‘lying’ spokesman would tell the people that there is no OB that means Order of Battle because what they have is Order ng Bibingka.

  • JK1000

    Nothing wrong with OB as long as they’re targetting enemies of the states like Coup plotters,Communist Insurgents,Muslim terror groups,Jueteng lords, War lords, corrupt politicians, Most wanted criminals etc. The media only put a little spice on it to sell their stories. Nothing to worry if you’re not one of them .

    • arao_liwanag

      You should be included because you are inciting to commit murder. Ikaw ang una na dapat balatan.

      • Jane Deasis Villena

        if the enemy is killing u,  u should be killing them also and if the enemy has the OB then the military should have it also

  • diamond_digger

    The ‘Daang Matuwid” society that Pres. Aquino has initiated and wanted to perpetuate should have no place in it for a spokesman (of the Filipino people) Armed Forces who callously lie to his teeth of the presence and practice of having an Order of Battle of perceived enemies of the state. Calling on Sen. Rodolfo Biazon to come out and refute the denial of Col. Burgos. When ‘Pong Biazon would come out and back up the declaration of Ping Lacson, these ‘liar’ spokesman should then be sacked as he has shown that he is not about to follow and walk through the ‘daang matuwid.’

  • Jane Deasis Villena

    It should be tit for tat;  if the rebels and enemies of the state has the order of battle then the military should have it also.  OB has been the standard operation of all the militaries of the world though not openly Its just a pity that Pnoy outlawed it

    • delpillar

      Tama to.

      Generally kapag na-checkpoint ka ng NPA sa kalzada or national highway, kahit hindi ka kasama sa HIT LIST NILA, patay ka pa rin. Salvage or torture before salvage lalo na kapag na-identify ka na squad leader or platoon leader ng active anti-insurgency operations ng military. Whether may baril ka o hindi PATAY ka sa NPA.

      About a decades or two decades ago, may isang retired colonel na nachckpoint ng military-clad (full-uniform) na mga NPA sa Maharlika Highway sa Quezon Province. Nung tinatanong si retried Col, sumagot sya at sinabihan ang mga fake-military maging magalang sa pananalita lalo na sa kanya kasi retired colonel sya. Aba, nagsaludo ang mga sundalo-kuno at humingi ng tawad for being matigas na pananalita din sabay bunot ng baril at binaril kaagad sa tyan. Nagmakaawa yung retired colonel na hwag ng isa;vage sya at itapon na lang ang katawan sa madaling makita ng taao. Yun lang ang sinunod ng NPA. Tinapomn ang kanyang katawan a few hundred meters aong the national road.

      Kahit saang laban (other than ambuscades) ay palaging panalo most of the time ang military. Lalo na kapag ginamitan ng Scout Rangers at Philippine Marines. Ang gagawin ng mga NPA ay aalamin ang mga platoon leader at mga squad leader ng military at police units na active sa anti-insurgency operations. TITIRAHIN NILA ang mga leader na ito hindi sa battlefield kundi sa bayan or sa bahay na kinatitirahan ng mga SUndalo. The Military does not need to resort to LIQUIDATION and SALVAGING because they are winning almost every battle. IT IS THE NPA DOING IT FIRST and MOST OF THE TIME, di lang napapabilita. I experienced one close family friend before na broadcaster na pinatay ng NPA dahil broacasting the evil of the NPA na mali naman daw. CRIME against Humanity daw yun.

      In the late 1990’s, there was a general order of the Philippine Army that new recruitment of new privates should be coming from the same region. Dahil the same region na, madaling malaman ng NPA kung sino at saaan nakatira ang active na mga military NCO then aabangan nila sa pag-uwi sa provincia/bayan to be liquidated. May mga HITLIST ang NPA lalo na yung mga newly-recruited members nila as a form of BINYAGAN or FIRST TRAINING of KILLING.

  • delpillar

    THIS IS LEGAL under GENEVA CONVENTIONS, like what the KGB and CIA done in the past years and decades..

    One article of the Geneva Conventions is that, ALL OPPOSING FORCES SHOULD HAVE  OFFICIAL UNIFORMS and must be worn at all times during the conflict. THOSE TROOPS caught wearing the uniform of the OPPONENTS, or wearing civilian clothes can be punishable by death.

    EVEN THE VIET-CONGS wore UNIFORMS in their fight against the most superior French and US Forces during the first and 2nd Indo-China War, to honor the GENEVA CONVENTIONS.

    SINO ang madalas mag-raid ng mga government buildings, hndi lang military but pati prison buildings, police, and municipyo wearing GOVERNMENT POILICE and MILITARY UNIFORMS? SINO ANG NAGTATAGO SA PALDA NG MGA CIVILIAN?

    Sa isang bayan noon somewhere in the southern luzon or Visayas during the peak of NPA strength of about 25,000 fighters nationwide, ay parang ibon na lang binabaril at sinasalvage ang mga kawawang police. Ang ginawa ng mga police ay ginawa rin na ang katumbas ay dalawa o tatlong NPA ang patay or salvage din. So sino ang sumigaw na tama na… di ba NPA. The only tactics NPA knew is ambuscade and sowing terrors.

    Kahit saang laban (other than ambuscades) ay palaging panalo most of the time ang military. Lalo na kapag ginamitan ng Scout Rangers at Philippine Marines. Ang gagawin ng mga NPA ay aalamin ang mga platoon leader at mga squad leader ng military at police units na active sa anti-insurgency operations. TITIRAHIN NILA ang mga leader na ito hindi sa battlefield kundi sa bayan or sa bahay na kinatitirahan ng mga SUndalo. The Military does not need to resort to LIQUIDATION and SALVAGING because they are winning almost every battle

    • Jane Deasis Villena

      You are perfectly right bro;  these communists are the ones committing crimes against humanity.  The military should be given a free hand to deal with all the rebels so that our land will live in peace.  They should do everything and apply every kinds of techniques to neutralize the enemies of the state especially the communists

  • basilionisisa

    This is mind-opening, thanks for this information.

    I need not say it, but I believe the majority of Filipinos support the military in the performance of their duties. To the AFP, please continue following protocols and you don’t have to worry about this new Anti-Enforced Disappearance Act. Erase the technical term OB (Order of Battle) from your vocabulary, make it a habit to say WL (Wanted List), and you will be all right.

    Thank you for protecting us from faceless, lawless elements of our society. Your patriotism is not wasted! Mabuhay kayo!

  • nti_boohaya

    What’s in the name nga naman kung OB, hit list, o HVT (high value taget) list yan.  The problem I see is the selective application of whatever forces those in power have.  I don’t know if big time drug dealers, illegal loggers, irresponsible miners, smugglers, jueteng lords, corupt politicians and less than honest government workers are considered enemies of the state and therefore on that whatever list.  Kung mga kayang kaya lang nila gaya ng mga watak watak na NPA, mga iba pang mga insugents at small-time drug syndicates o kfrs, o mga kalaban sa politika e nagmumukhang mga taga AFP o PNP ay mga protector ng mga nabanngit ko.  Hindi naman siguro lahat ng mga operatives o mga pinuno nila ay very selective pero kung si Lacson mismo ang nagsasabi na may mga kabaro pa niyang pulitiko na nasa OB bilang shabu businessman at walang nangyayari sa kanya ay maling mali na yan…..

  • disqusted0fu

    OB or no OB, we all know that there are enemies of the state. what’s for sure though is that there are no kkks in that list as they can get away in just about anything that they do.

  • Mabuhay

    tell to the marines……

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