Thrice-a-day playing of national anthem in malls, public places proposed


MANILA, Philippines — If shopping malls can play Christmas songs all day long, they should have no problem playing the national anthem three times a day.

Bacolod Rep. Anthony Golez made this statement as he filed a bill mandating commercial establishments and government offices to play the “Lupang Hinirang” in the mornings, at noon and in the afternoons every day, in order to help strengthen Filipinos’ national pride.

In his explanatory note to the measure, Golez states that people lead fast-paced lives nowadays and need to be reminded about the value of patriotism through the daily playing of the national anthem.

He said the “Lupang Hinirang” has always been the “great symbol of the pride and honor that Filipinos have for their country.”

Hearing the national anthem played in government offices, shopping malls and other commercial centers would rekindle the national pride of Filipinos, especially those who have been working abroad but have returned to the country for a vacation, Golez said.

“If Christmas songs and advertisements are played in public places, it will not be a burden for malls and commercial centers to require them to play the ‘Lupang Hinirang’ three times a day,” he added.

Under Golez’s bill, known as the “Strengthening National Pride Act,” the “Lupang Hinirang” would be played in the Office of the President, the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court three times a day at 10 a.m., 1 p.m and 4 p.m every day.

Shopping malls and commercial centers would also be required to play the national anthem within their corridors and hallways during operating hours every day, at the same time.

The President would also be tasked to designate which other government offices would have to play the national anthem in their premises thrice a day, considering the transactions the public has with these offices.

The bill states that the national anthem should be played “loudly and clearly,” and persons in government offices, shopping malls and commercial centers must stand still and stop what they are doing when the song is playing.

They are also encouraged to sing along while the “Lupang Hinirang” is playing.

Under the bill, those who fail to stop and stand still while the anthem is playing would be punished with a one month imprisonment and a P1,000 fine.

On the other hand, malls and commercial centers that defy the order would be fined P25,000 for every time they fail to play the national anthem. The heads of government offices who fail to implement it would be charged with serious neglect and removed from public office with forfeiture of retirement and separation benefits.

Golez’s bill is pending with the House committee on basic education and culture.

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  • mike

     ok sana kaso penalty parang kumunista and dating.

  • joshmale2004


  • filipinaskoh

    Too much!

    It is not how often you play the National Anthem but the accolade that goes with it that brings patriotism. When I was in grade school, I could still remember that national anthem is played at 7:00 am at flag raising ceremony, it is done simultaneously on all schools and government offices. EVERYONE STOPS – including vehicles. Now it is no longer done! The National anthem is being played and nobody cares, they just go on with what they are doing. 

    It is TOO MUCH to do such in malls ( so much more for 3 TIMES a day), they cannot simply stop what they are doing- you know the BUSIEST PEOPLE are those in the mall- they never stop moving, talking, walking and EATING.

    It is LUDICROUS!

  • joshmale2004

    The 8 Senior Justices won’t even attend the SC flag ceremonies. And this is only once a week. How much more with three times a day.


      How did this J-Mail guy gathered the most Likes of 10 counts when his thoughs got nothing for laughs. The post even ended with question, a Dork way of exit. Three times a day listening a martial tune will make sexy promo girls dancing like crazy.

      • joshmale2004

        Sorry for you and I really pity you my friend for not even getting 1 like at least on all your comments. Show who is more sensible person in making comments. Anyway that 1 like in your reply to me was done by no other than me. Para hindi ka naman mag mukhang KSP.

  • $37644997

    It’s like a broken record that repeats the music by itself and the “DJ” himself is scratchy.

  • Faisal salman


  • Noel

    golez utak mo pang checks, wla na kayong na isip

    • pangitbudhiko

      I know, this golez should be required to sing the national anthem 3 times a day where ever he is, if he is really seriuos in his proposals and if he can do IT, siguro kapalit nuon  ay kakantahin na lang ang national anthem pagumpisa ng magbukas ang mga malls

      • nakatutok

        SERIUOS”????? serious po…serious na ang kondisyon mo tatang…

      • pangitbudhiko

        putangina mo nabuhay ka, dapat sa iyo naputokan ng mg paputok diyan, hangang ngayon walka ka paring binatbathindut ka parin

      • pangitbudhiko

        hindut ka wala ka talagang binatbat. Kaputaputahang ka ng ina mo. take this to a french speaking person, “”vous etes un imbecile stupide rien mieux pour faire, mais essayer seulement de vous faire regarder entellgent”””

  • Marshall

    ito ba yung alipores niGloria Buwaya na tomorotot kay Koko ?

  • Mosrael

    One month imprisonment and a 1k fine? This bill doesn’t promote nationalism but fascism.

    If he wants to strengthen national pride, he can do so by resigning from office. I am ashamed to have people like him running the Philippines.

  • PAZ

    Lupang Hinirang sa Mall? at 3 times a day pa? Hindi sa ganyan nakikilala ang pagiging Makabayan. Para na ring sinabi na kailangan ang Lupang Hinirang sa mga public market.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Duon mo muna ipatugtog na kahit buong araw sa bahay mo golez ang national anthem at i-rekomenda mo din sa ate mo si glora at mga katulad mo mga alagad niya, o kaya naman sa lahat ng politiko ng bansa para magising naman ang pagka patriotiko niyo hindi hindi pagka politiko!

  • PAZ

    Maganda rin yan kasi kung may holdaper o robbers pag patakas na sila nananakbo tapos biglang tumgtog yung National Anthem syempre titigil sila habang dala dala yung ninakaw. Dyan sila mahuhuli may multa pa. Okey rin lalo na at maraming nakawan sa malls. Nakooooo Golez!

  • $37644997

    If the national anthem happens to be  a christmas melody,I wouldn’t mine listening few times a day.Sorry but it sounded more like a martial law melody.


    Ang nagugutom na Filipino ay aaliwin ng ‘Lupang Hinirang’ , Yeheyyyyy….. ang gaying…gaying… AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH  ………

  • dd

    How can it promote nationalism if you have to force people by fining and jailing them.  If this becomes law, it will just antagonize me and i’m going to hate the national anthem every time I hear it play. Government, stop legislating peoples private lives.

  • denzel_alfonso


  • boybakal

    This is good, music or with lyrics of Bayang Magiliw.
    At the same time, why not recite too….Panatang Makabayan.

    On the other hand, is this the guy who took Sen. Pimentel’s wife as a I read and heard.
    His loyalty to the country is better than loyalty to his wife.

  • jay

    trial…I-play muna ng 1 year sa loob ng bahay mo  at opisina mo congressman.

    • ricomambo

      magandang idea yan, kabayan, kelangan sa opisina nya mismo eh 24/7 ang tugtog na yan.

    • Pedro Mateo

      Agree ko dyan at doon muna sa kanyang distrito, umpisa sa Bacolod City. . 

  • jajabeltran

    Mag can 2 tan na lang kayo ni Jewel. SARRRRAAAAAP!!!!!

  • opinyonlangpo

    Golez should discuss this with justice Carpio and the other justices. Golez would probably get a snappy lecture and a kick at the butt.

  • mamer2

    He should “think” before filing bills in Congress.
    The National Anthem should only be played at the Beginning and at the End of the day and also at the Beginning of a major gathering.
    Three or more times inside the Malls is a reflection of lack or inability to propose meaningful ideas.

  • picker_blend

    wala ka na bang maisip?

  • roulers

    How can somebody be really stupid?

  • blainz

    Why not five times a day? Accompanied by prayers on a mat pointing to Mecca Manila. Followed by Panatang Makabayan and miscellaneous ululations.

    Gotta give Golez credit though; while other congressmen are often absent, he’s simply absent-minded.

  • labcu

    ordinary people can propose better alternative bills to uplift the living condition of the filipino people and not unnecessary bills like this that are being funded by millions but not commensurate with the benefit derived from it. the national pride is already embodied in the heart and soul of the Filipinos it is inherent, it is personal wherever we are in the world each one is proud to say I AM A FILIPINO!

  • Isaganilla Gella


  • mangtom

    blainzCollapseWhy not five times a day? Accompanied by prayers on a mat pointing to Mecca Manila. Followed by Panatang Makabayan and miscellaneous ululations.Gotta give Golez credit though; while other congressmen are often absent, he’s simply absent-minded.Response: blainz-you made my day!!!

  • John_Galt_II

    May toyo itong animal na tongressman na to!

  • ricomambo

    mr congressman, put your mind into gear before you put your mouth into action. the nation needs bills that would produce tangible results.

  • lucidlynx

    The national pride of Filipinos can only be raised if we get rid of stupid politicians like Anthony Golez. There are more important legislations to enact than this singing of the national anthem.
    Legislation like safeguards for the public against erring insurance companies, making PRC officials accountable on anomalies in the national board exams, come up with criteria for party-list accreditation, anti-epal bill for to guard against politicians like Golez…

  • Barak_O

    ayaw ni koko nyan

    ang pambansang awit kasi ay pinalitan na ng

    bakit ngayon ka lang

  • anu12345

    ” Bacolod Rep. Anthony Golez made this statement as he filed a bill mandating commercial establishments and government
    offices to play the “Lupang Hinirang” in the mornings, at noon and in
    the afternoons every day, in order to help strengthen Filipinos’
    national pride.”

    I don’t think so.

  • mangtom

    The Bacolod voters should recall Golez and send him to Mandaluyong ASAP before his mental condition further deteriorates. Early diagnosis and intervention could save their congressman for further psychological damage. 

    Now, let’s have all lawmakers pass a psychological test beginning of the year and every year after that. Let’s bring some sanity to our legislature. 

    Go-less should Go-more. May kulang- sa Ilocano- adda kurkurang na-ha-ha-ha. Ano ba sa Visayan yan? Bu-ang, di ba? Siguro victimized ng aswang. Kumain ka ng bawang-anti-aswang yata yan.

  • markotres

    Kalokohan,….ang mga govt. employee araw- araw o  tuwing umaga may flag ceremony at kumakanta ng national anthem ,nakalagay pa sa dibdib ang palad,pag pumasok na sa kanilang kuarto or opisina ang pinang uusapan na kung gaano ang madedelihensya sa mga eligal…Iyong ibang empleyado hindi kumilos kung walang padulas….Mga kumag kayo,buwaya, Ngayon gusto pang 3 times na ipatugtog para huminto ang mga tao sa kanilang pag galaw kahit sa mga pribadong establisemento???.Wala ka na bang maisip na maipanukalang batas???Mga inutil kayo ..

  • Filipinoflash

    wala ng ibang magawa ang clown na ito. 

  • Pedro Mateo

    Kahit sampung beses mo pa pinatugtog yan Lupang Hinirang ay walang mangyayari. . Cong. Golez, gumising ka. .hubog ka guro ay,  linte gid ya. . .kahuluya ka man Cong. . . 

  • Pedro Mateo

    Dagdagan natin ng action. . Gangnam style. .  .  . ho ho  HO HO. . . ERrry X-mas Cong. . bwa. . 

  • boybakal

    Golez said the “Lupang Hinirang” has always been the “GREAT SYMBOL OF THE PRIDE and HONOR that Filipinos have for their country.”….

    I agree, especially during Pacquiao boxing match.
    I was so proud whenever Lupang Hinirang is always sung in his so many fights in the US particularly Las Vegas.
    I am always teary eyed….there was pride and love of country when you hear that Bayang Magiliw.

    But when Pacquiao was knocked out and slept without pillow in the ring….I don’t want to hear that Bayang Magiliw again in Vegas….as if Tulog na naman ang kasunod.

  • pedronimo

    Cong. Golez’s proposal is patriotic in deed. Unfortunately our malls are the noisiest in the world. Never mind the hustle and bustle of shoppers, it is the added live concerts coming from giant speakers that turn off one’s taste for music. The music from electric guitars and drums is irritating to say the least. Nowl, how could a Pinoy sincerely feel the lyrics of our national anthem in chaotic place like our malls? Let the Sys, the Gocongweis, and the Ayalas sit on the front rows so they can experience what hell is all about.

  • jean

    What kind of Tea-baggery is this!? No wonder why PH is still stuck in barriotic ages, since ultranationalists would love this pathetic excuse for a bill. Sure, the anthem is to be respected, but do PH really have to go too far up to the point that we alienate other cultures because of this sick sense of “nationalism” Golez has to offer?

  • Boyet Aquino Of Calamba Laguna

    Meaning three times a day naming sasabihin ang ” MAMATAY NG DAHIL SA IYO”  PARA SA MGA HAYOP NA MGA IYAN??? 

    Gawin nyo yan sa mga office ng mga pulitikong iyan, dahil dun nangyayari ang mga paglalapastangan against our country and not in the malls.

    Play it 10 times a day at DPWH, GSIS, SSS, 100 x a day at PAGCOR offices, mayors office and 1000 x a day sa BIR, BOC. wag sa kung saan pumupunta and mga law abiding citizens.

    bigyan din ng mga ipod and mga kotong cops para iparinig sa kanila NON STOP 24/7.

  • Makoy Marquez

    Hindi sulit ang mamatay para sa bayan na ito.

  • jonas c

    amf! ok na naman siguro ang isa! its not the song that will strengthen our national pride! think of(better do) something that we can be proud of! ahhaha may masabi lang sir? 

  • karaangtawo

    This is stupid legislation. 

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • disqusted0fu

    with how the Aquino administration is kowtowing to the US, we might as well play the Star Spangled Banner!

  • Adriano Alvarez

    I seriously think that it’s about time we CHANGE our connotation about HAVING National PRIDE.
    Pride is the cause of making people do things which would eventually destroy them. IT clouds the mind of sane & sensible people. Being Proud is NOT GOOD. Humility is the opposite of it.
    Pride did not come from God – it came from EVIL. And IT was what kept the Egyptian Pharoah pursue the fleeing Israel from bondage.
    I think that Concentrating MORE on LOVE of Country is not only the RIGHT Course of Action but the proper terminology that we should be using. Because LOVE came from the Creator – NOT Pride.

  • Nicval Ybnar

    I wondered if even foreign tourists should also stop and sing the anthem or just respect it while the anthem is being played… I hope even the foreign tourists would have a deep sense of nationalism even though they were from other countries… And yet, if this bill was passed, I do hope that even foreign tourists would also appreciate our national culture and identity and to say to themselves that they would come back to the Philippines everytime they hear our national anthem… And I hope that even our national anthem could be heard by foreign tourists when they visit our country, and this Lupang Hinirang would provide the means that he or she is still visiting or staying in the Philippines.

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