Palace hopes UNA not urging Cebu gov to defy suspension order


MANILA, Philippines — Malacañang aired the hope on Sunday that former President Joseph Estrada, Vice President Jejomar Binay and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile would not encourage suspended Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia to dig in more, and instead convince her to respect the rule of law.

Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said it would be prudent for all government officials to “adhere strictly to the rule of law’’ given the already tense situation in the Cebu provincial government arising from Garcia’s defiance of a six-month suspension order on an administrative complaint.

“I hope not,’’ he said in a text message when asked if Garcia’s suspension would lead to a showdown between the administration Liberal Party and the opposition United Nationalist Alliance. “There is a judicial process that is in play now after Garcia petitioned for TRO with the CA.’’

Meantime, all parties, especially government officials, “must adhere strictly to the rule of law so as not to aggravate the already tense situation,’’ added the most senior political adviser to President Aquino.

Estrada, Binay and Enrile — the three top leaders of the UNA — took some by surprise when they flew to Garcia’s succor Sunday morning as she questioned the suspension order enforced by Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II, Binay’s political nemesis.

The suspension had to do with grave abuse of authority and stemmed from the complaint of usurpation of authority filed by then Vice Gov. Greg Sanchez in 2010. Sanchez died of cancer a year later.

Garcia, a member of the politically entrenched Garcia clan, had petitioned the Court of Appeals to stop the Department of the Interior and Local Government from implementing the order, and decided to hole up in her office at the provincial capitol pending the outcome of the case.

Abad also hoped that the act of Estrada, Binay and Enrile to be by Garcia’s side did not encourage her to defy the government, and instead appealed to her to “respect the rule of law.’’

“Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and Binay are responsible public officials who should be the first to uphold the rule of law. That may be an appeal they can present to Governor Garcia to ease the tension there,’’ he said.

“I am certain that the last thing they would want to do is encourage or tolerate mob rule,’’ he added.

Citing reports, Secretary Edwin Lacierda, presidential spokesperson, said that Enrile himself has spoken about “following the rule of law.’’

“And so certainly it’s laudable that we, as responsible government officials, would encourage each other to follow the rule of law. I don’t think they were there to further divide the government. If true, certainly we welcome the statement of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile to encourage Governor Gwen Garcia to follow the rule of law,’’ Lacierda said over government-run dzRB.

After all the case was investigated before a final decision was issued by the Office of the President, Lacierda said. “This is what the LP has been explaining to the UNA: politics has nothing to do with this. It went through a process, and that process should be respected. There is a presumption of regularity in the action of the Office of the President,’’ he said.

Lacierda said LP members themselves were not spared administrative complaints and eventually, administrative sanctions.

“We saw that in (the case of) the LP governor who manhandled a radio personality…We saw that when we filed a case against [Pagadian City] Mayor Sammy Co who is also a Liberal Party member,’’ he said. Co was involved in an investment scam.

Lacierda clarified that Garcia was under suspension, not merely preventive suspension, and should respect the rule of law, while waiting for the CA resolution on her petition.

Lacierda also said that local surveys in Cebu showed wide support for her suspension.

“We certainly encourage Governor Garcia to follow the rule of law. We’ve been monitoring the situation in Cebu and, based on what we have heard, the suspension has popular support among the people of Cebu based on the local survey. And, we certainly would encourage Governor Garcia to follow the process,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, acting Gov. Agnes Magpales has taken the “necessary steps’’ to ensure that the business of governing Cebu would not be hampered by the standoff, Lacierda said.

“So we would certainly encourage Governor Garcia to follow the rule of law. She has filed a complaint or a petition before the Court of Appeals and, until such time that it will be acted by the Court of Appeals, we would encourage Governor Garcia to follow the legal processes. We have not done that except as to say that we encourage her to follow the rule of law,’’ he said.

Lacierda said they would leave it to the DILG the handling of the Cebu situation should Garcia continue to hole up in her office in the capitol.

“Even as she is holed up in the Cebu provincial capital, if I’m not mistaken, like I said the business of governance is ongoing. Acting Governor Magpale’s orders are being honored by the provincial government. Her valid orders are being executed by the province of Cebu and its different agencies,’’ he said.

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  • sugbu

    Pinoy Administration is equally detestable…better to just shut the **** up !!!

    • pete

      The law of karma is finally catching up on Gwen Garcia. Her defiance of a legal order is detestable and reprehensible. It’s about time she gets the boot. She’s an embarrassment to the Cebuano community.

      • doncleo

         Abusadong corrupt!!!

      • Constantine

        Mana sya sa Tatay niya at ang corrupt na nag head ng GSIS na kapatid nya si winston Garcia. Mga corrupt na pamilya! Nakakahiya!

    • Pert Cabatana

      your use of the name sugbu is a major disservice to the province, as dishonorable as the arrogance and defiance exhibited by the discredited Gwen Garcia and clan.

      • sugbu

        My moral principles knows no compromise…How’s yours…30 rupees ? Either of them were despicable !!!

      • Pert Cabatana

        I have the courage to use my real name and picture. You don’t have that courage.

      • sugbu

        Option were there for us to avail…What if I am going to divulge myself…Pert Bay.with your proud should have known that there are things irreconcilable and if you’re cognizant with that…ituloy mo na lang ang pagbuhat ng sariling bangko !!!
        By the way Pert…you should have stand your ground on RH,pay back what you’ve learned from Church run Universities you owed,what your nutshell and braggaddocio ego have now

      • Pert Cabatana

        following your suggestion, I say: look at the number of likes that I have. You don’t have them.

      • sugbu

        When you find yourself on the side of the majority,it is time to pause and reflect…Mark Twain

      • Pert Cabatana

        following your suggestion: I pause and reflect. Loser.

      • sugbu

        You wont find a better loser….

      • Pert Cabatana

        very good. now you see the light.

      • sugbu

        better than(you) having a distorted view of reality

      • Pert Cabatana

        you don’t make any sense at all: not all students and faculty members of catholic schools support the catholic stand.

      • ed_nique

        cge lng bay, moabot ang panahon ma-ila ra kung kinsa ka. makita unya nato unsa ka ka-isog

      • sugbu

        Bay, ayaw hadloka ang hadlok na daan….mao ra man seguro na imo nahibaw an !!!isog lang kung naa hinagiban !!! kapag ra man gihapon ka !!!

    • Constantine

      Nobody likes your comment! Meaning people are really up in arms against UNA and the Garcia’s of Cebu!

      • sugbu

        Who cares……?

      • Paliwaweng

        you sound like Garcia.. no wonder..

      • sugbu my lips.

  • rolandtr

    We have a term in Cebuano on what is happening to Gwen Garcia. GIGABAAN NA NA SIYA! And I am so sure all of her victims in the past are smiling and amused at her antics. This is actually the least of her transgressions.

  • oraman

    UNA… hindi papalag ka PNoy yan kunwari lang na opposition yan…so Gwen nag-iisa ka na..LOL

  • boldyak


    • opinyonlangpo

      Nice interpretation of the law. Its like suggesting of killing all complainants thus getting any case dismissed in the process.

    • Constantine

      Why? Does it mean that when the complainant has died, the accused is suddenly absolved even if found guilty? Where did you get your logic? 

      • Danny Larona

         Even if Found Guilty? Pagsure dha..

  • Pers


  • wawa2172

    A dosed of your own medicine. Abad should simply understand that LP is not the only politcal party in existence. It has stamped its power in almost all corner of the country and even accepting turncoats to its skirt just to become the premier political party in the country. Gwen and Sanchez quarrel then is pure politics same with GMA and Noy. PNoy however detest the Garcia’s because of the later closeness to GMA. Of course we know that Winston is the most unpopular member of the Garcia family whose GSIS stint was full of controversies. The old patriarch Pablo is now with NUP and allied with the President. If PNoy and Abad wants to be respected they should stop parading themselves in defense of party mates. Padaca’s bail was paid for by the PNoy himself. Mar Roxas, Abad and top LP officials even accompanied Grace payment of bail and getting out of the court. They overstepped their power even more with PNoy appointing Grace as comelec commissioner now the she is invoking immunity of being charge in court. If Binay, Enrile and Erap do support Garcia its because of politics the way LP does. I would want to see Abad, Roxas and Noy of LP vs Enrile, Erap and Binay in Gangsnam Style dance contest. I know the country and the people would laugh at them just like the political parties they represent. I would suggest Abad to shut up since gawain rin naman nila ito sa LP. If he using Mayor Co as an example about LP’s concern against its “scalawag” member, its just because the Ponzi scam in Pagadian victimized 1 billion pesos of hard earned money. Sure LP will lose in Pagadian, isipin mo kapartido nang Presidente ang dumugas sa mga tao. Ilan pa kayang katulad ni Mayor Co sa LP. What about the Koko Rasuman case? Di ba kapartido rin nang LP ang mga nasa likod nito. Sorry..napahaba tuloy ang post ko..senya ba taong stress ako sa mga palusot nang mga politician natin. Siyanga pa is Abad a cabinet member or political adviser? Di ba bawal ito, conflict of interest, he is with the executive branch and not with the LGU. Dapat ayusin nya ang additional bonus nang government Jani Tor alang pang noche buena.

    • XY ZEE

      LP members not being favored?
      How about Recom Echiverri and the perceived non-action on his pending cases?
      Enough of the bullsh_t Mr. Abad and tell it like it really is. 

  • Benjamin

    binalaan ni Binay ang gobyerno na maghinay-hinay..Si Erap ngising aso na akala mo hinde nasentensyahan sa napakabigat na kaso ng pandarambong…Si Enrile astang sigurado syang ang suporta ng mamamayan ay nasa kanila at walang naaalala sa lahat ng mga anomalya at kabuktutan na ginawa sa nakalipas na panahon..mistulang  nagbabanta sa Presidente na kami ang makakalaban mo kapag itinuloy mo ang pagkanti sa aming mga alagad…Ginoong Pangulo  nasa likod mo ang sambayanan..ituloy mo ang paglilinis sa mga bulok na opisyal na matagal namayagpag at nagpasasa sa kapangyarihan…Call mo ang kanilang paghahamon…

    • Palku Kha

      isama din sa paglinis ang mga KKK na gumagawa din ng anomalya!

    • Paliwaweng

      Tama Mr. President, we are behind you. These trapos are on the height of their delusions, bistado na sila ng silent majority, na nagpatalsik kay Erap.

  • sl1

    This is only shows how power hungry are our politicians are…bulls eye na away pa ring bumaba sa puwesto at marami pang alibi! The gov’t should enforce the law to show that violation of the law will not be tolerated who ever they . Iron fist should be used if she does not follow the lawful order! It is about time to stop this style of our politician when ever they are suspended for illegal acts.

  • Faisal salman

    Estradas,,Enriles..Binays,,The three pillars of  political dynasties and Corruptions in action…

    • carlos_premacio

      while Aquino and Roxas are the twin pillars of oligarchs, hacienderos and collaborators in the Philippines. 

  • charles

    Same feathers flock together…Gov. Garcia is definitely in good company, in the bossom of Binay, Gov. Espino, Erap Estrada, Enrile, and the rest of the guys who plundered our country over the years…

    • Constantine

      You are right. Gwen is in good company. Erap, Binay and Enrile are as corrupt as you can imagine! Good riddance!

      • carlos_premacio

        Watch the next election, Cebu will be a BInay country. No to Liberal’s elite and oligarchic Roxas. 

  • Palku Kha

    Lacierda,nagpalusot ka!wag mong ipareha ang kaso ni Garcia sa iba.yong unang kinasuhan ninyo mga kapartido ninyo.kahit anong gawin ninyo,susunod sa inyo yan!si Garcia di ninyo kapartido,sinususpended.ang tawag dyan,POWER GRAB.anong  pinagsasabi mo na may popular support sa mga cebuano ang suspension.tsismis lang yan.ako taga Cebu di ko alam yan.ang alam ko,dismayado ang mga cebuano sa pinagagawa ninyo.anong nangyari sa election protest ni Saguilayan laban kay Maliksi sa Imus,Cavite.nanalo si Saguilayan.pero hanggang ngayon nakaupo pa rin si Maliksi dahil taga LP siya.mga sakim kayo sa kapangyarihan.puro pamulitika ang nasa isip ninyo!

    • Marshall

      nagpuputok butse mo sa kaso sa Cavite..pero sabi mo taga Cebu ka,,kayong mga alipores ng Maligno talagang iba ang kaangasan,,kung hinde pa idinikit ng amo mong Maligno ang pangalan nya kay Noynoy sa basurahan yan pupulutin ..ngayon nakuha pang magyabang at magbanta..

  • ed0408

    Read the comments and you’ll see how many are for or against the Garcias. Are the Cebuanos expressing their sentiments?

    • Constantine

      Yap 8 out of 10 comments are against the corrupt Garcia family of Cebu! And those who like the comments of those against the Garcia’s in Cebu arre so enormous. Mukhang galit na talaga ang mga tao sa tatlong hari ng kadiliman (Enrile, Binay and Erap) at sa pamilya Garcia ng Cebu! Tumpak!

  • Constantine

    Yap 8 out of 10 comments are against the corrupt Garcia family of Cebu! And those who like the comments of those against the Garcia’s in Cebu are so enormous. Mukhang galit na talaga ang mga tao sa tatlong hari ng kadiliman (Enrile, Binay and Erap) at sa pamilya Garcia ng Cebu! Tumpak!

    • Pert Cabatana

      By supporting Garcia, UNA seals its loss in Cebu

      • carlos_premacio

        Cebuanos are intelligent voters. Suspending the Governor based on a 2 year old complaint of a dead complainant? How about the graft case of Commissioner Grace Padaca, why is it that Malacanang is protecting her from the order of the Sandiganbayan?

    • padrefaura

      tigilan nyo nga ang panloloko. 
      karamihan sa mga poster na pro-pnoy dito mga bayaran. 

      nabigyan na ba kayo ng xmas bonus ni bossing Pnoy nyo?

      • bagombong

         saan mo naman nakuha yan…kay GMA or Garcia..ulol..

      • Faisal salman

        isa ka pang anak ng Maligno…

      • Paliwaweng

        bro, siguro ikaw ang bayaran. Malamang, maganda pa sa ‘future’ mo ang sahod ko dito sa ibang bansa. 
        Shame on  you..

      • padrefaura

        naks, OFW ka pala. yan ba ang sabi sa iyo ng amo mo na press release mo dito para di halata na bayaran ka?

        at kung tunay na nasa ibang bansa ka, syatap ka dapat. iniwan mo na ang pilipinas kaya wag ka na makialam sa pamamalakad dito. deserter ka pala.

        Mahiya ka sa sarili mo. TRAYDOR KA SA BAYAN!!!

      • Paliwaweng

        hahahaha, distorted nga pagiisip mo. Kung di dahil sa aming mga OFW, matagal ng lugmok ang bansa natin at malamang baka scavenger ka na ngayon.
        Mag research ka para di nagiging kamangmangan ang nasa isip mo at nang matuto kang tumanaw ng utang na loob.

        Tignan mo ang sarili kung hindi pagtatraydor sa bayan ang ginagawa mo.

        Halos lahat ng mga bansa sa daigdig, hangang hanga sa mga repormang pinapatupad ng ating pangulo, at ikaw bilang Pilipino, sa halip na tumulong, puro paninira ang ginagawa.
        Kasama ka sa mga talangkang patuloy na nagsisilbing kalawang sa pagunlad. Ano ang naging kontribusyon mong masasabi sa pagangat sa kahirapan ng bayan?
        Suriin mo sarili mong pagiisip at malalaman mong IKAW ANG TOTOONG TRAYDOR NG BANSA NATIN!!

  • stephenmj

    “Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II, Binay’s political nemesis(?)” But didn’t beat Binay beat Roxas for the vice presidency? It is Binay who is Roxas’ nemesis, as in Batman is the Joker’s nemesis.

  • Pert Cabatana

    if you really have the moral courage to say what you’re saying, I challenge you to use your real name and picture as I do.

  • Marshall

    kinantot ng lolo mo ang nanay mo ikaw ang lumabas kaya ganyan ang pag-uugali mo ..isang dimonyo..

  • LucianoChing

    The Garcias of Cebu run out of luck during the last presidential election where during their division of their house,one group supported Gibo, the other,M.Villar..both lost,hence they are in a situation such as now…On the other hand,both Gov. Garcia and DILG are invoking the rule of law.It is like the question of the chicken and the egg not knowing which came out first..
    My personal opinion is that DILG should not have serve the suspension order at this point in time.Wait after the elections…DILG can’t suspend her anymore,but DILG has all the time to work for her imprisonment if equipped with strong evidence re: the usurpationof authority charge.
    Or the usurpation of authority doesn’t warrant a jail sentence,hence the risky suspension order which to many,including Estrada,Binay and JPE,smell political harassment…just like the present case of Gov.Espino of Pangasinan….Right move at the wrong time is suspected on the part of the powers that be.

  • Kaloy

    We should destroy all known dynasties in the Philippines if we want a clean cheat free election starting in the 2013 election.

    If we we will alow The Carcia’s clan to have their way in Cebu, then we are creating another Ampatuan clan. who got all the pamperous treatment during the Arroyo administration.

    Get rid of unwanted, undesirable and abusive  political dynasties in the Philippines.

  • Filipinoflash

    Gwen Garcia, kapalmuks. Ibagsak! 

  • catmanjohn

    Estrada, Enrile, and Binay must have something very serious to hide if they encourage Garcia to cling on to her powers, which the Nation will not recognize. Let the truth be exposed and bring these charlatans to light.

  • Filipinoflash

    Garcias – the grandstanding, pa cute, abusive political clan.

  • bagombong

    ganito talaga ang mga politikong akala nila sa kanila ang Cebu, ilang dekada na kayang hawak ng mga Garcia kaya ayaw nilang maalis sa kanila ang power, mga suwapang…dyan kasi sila naging milyonaryo mahirap ng mapunta sa iba…

  • aeromig

    blame it to Sec Laila De Lima who defies and ignored the TRO issued  by SC. Sya ang nagpauso ng di pagsunod sa rule of law.

    • carlos_premacio

      and also of PNoy protecting Commissioner Grace Padaca from being arrested for graft and corruption by the Sandiganbayan. Garcia is suspended by an administrative body while Padaca is ordered to be arrested by the court. Liberal?

  • bagombong

     F U C K you rin..

  • Raymond Capuno

    Baboy na Tao ito, ang BAHO ng hininga

  • Faisal salman


  • blainz

    Binay’s wife is indicted for graft, Erap is a convicted plunderer, and Enrile is the architect of Martial Law. How much respect do these three hold for the rule of law? Little to none.

    Are Cebuanos being fooled by all this lip service? I hope not.

    Since Gwen intends to stay in her office, the police can start welding prison bars on the windows and doors. Then the kapit tuko can hold on to bars as long as she likes.

    • PowerToThePeople11

      Hoy, kilala ka na, gag0!

      Kabit ka ng mandurugas sa Greece na may-ari ng paaralan.

      Ilan na ba ang nagoyo ninyo?


      • blainz

        Hello there, jadejones2012.  Nice puppet account.

        “Mandurugas”?   You’re the only one cheating here, and you’re not fooling me.

  • carlos_premacio

    Pnoy’s grandfather was a collaborator during World War II victimizing thousands of Filipinos, Cory massacred farmers in Mendiola and hundreds of peasants and farmers in Hacienda Luisita worked like slaves under the Cojuanco and Aquino Family. Clean hands?

  • Rene

    “if i go down you’ll go down with me” sayeth miss gwendy to the ” three kings” referring sa pandaraya ginawa nila sa cebu noong mga nagdaang eleksyon…bakit nagkandarapa pumunta yung “3 hari” sa cebu? para pigilan si miss  gwendy na huwag silang idawit ano man ang mangyari? blackmailed ba din si manoy juan?

  • Paliwaweng

    Pabayaang manulsol sila Enrile, Binay at Estrada. At pag nagpasulsol si Gwen Garcia, doon nila masusukat ang magiging reaksyon ng taong-bayan.

    Minsan, tulad sa isang chess game. May mga lumalabas na ‘brilliant move’ o ‘discovered check’. And that may encourage their political rivals to maneuver and gain more advantage.

  • carlos_premacio

    Cebu is now an opposition province. Wrong move Mr. Roxas. 

    • maniniyot kho

      Hindi naman seguro, baka lalong nakasama ang pagsuporta nila Binay, Erap, at Enrile. Hula ko lang ito….

      • carlos_premacio

        Seguradong Erap/Binay country ang Cebu. We don’t like Manila dictating us. Without a clear explanation, we understand this us a persecution of Manila that unify the Cebuanos. Tan-awon ta sa eleksyon.

      • maniniyot kho

        Ang baba naman ng tingin mo sa kapwa mo cebuano, papano magiging Erap/Binay  ang Cebu isang dating presidente si Erap na napatunayang  magnanakaw at nakulong, tapos susuportahan pa ng mga Cebuano? Mukhang naagkakamali ka yata… tingin ko lang.

      • carlos_premacio

        Makikita ‘yan sa susunod na eleksyon.

    • kulittwit

      Wrong. Cebuanos know what is right and wrong. they will not tolerate corruption. Cebu overwhelmingly voted for PNoy and Roxas.

      • carlos_premacio

        Cebuanos will not tolerate also the oligarchic attitude of Aquino and Roxas which are remnants of their collaborator father and grandfather respectively during the second world war.

  • Paliwaweng

    read the law, a complainant may be dead, but not the case against the respondent; on some cases, and Garcia’s is one.

  • Noel

    The Three Kings appearance in Cebu was very significant.  But they should be reminded that they’re supporting a crook.

    • Marshall

      coz they are crook themselves..sino,pa ba ang magsasamasama kundi ang magkakakulay…

  • Lloyd

    Lacierda sorry to say but you are not one of the responsible government officials

  • Luthmar

    TV Patrol showed Estrada telling Garcia to “stand her ground.”  Something to this efffect.  It
    means, do not obey the law.   Is that dumb advice or what? 

  • Benjamin

     Ibalik si Erap sa kulungan..irevoke ang pardon sa kanya ng pekeng presidente tutal naniniwala naman si Estrada na huwad na presidente si Pandakekok so may basehan ang pagpapawalang bisa ng pardon sa Plunderer na ito….

  • Love God

    A brief insight of the state of Cebu province.

    They brag Cebu province as the richest. How many of you know the reality?
    They made the Cebu provincial government as an investment or business establishment. They are suppose to be service oriented.

    Come and see for yourself the SAD situation of the health care system. Look at the condition of the major province run VSMMC. There is no xray machine, no MRI, no CT scan, No ultra sound and other much needed medical equipments. There is no hospitals in the north of south of Cebu provinces. All emergencies had to be taken to the city all the way and thru the bottle neck traffic and once you reach its already late. This is the sad situation of a RICH province.

    If a poor patient admitted at VSMMC, he/ she have to be taken to a private hospital for any of the above tests. The poor end up dying coz they can’t afford those tests.

    Instead of buying under-water property or investing in other real properties, they should have upgraded the hospital facilities if ONLY they had concern for the poor.

    In investments schemes, there is always corruption. You get big money there but if you spend the tax money for the welfare of the poor you get less in your pocket. 

    Say, if the Court issue a TRO next week, what will happen to the other serious corruption charges the visayas Ombudsman filed against the governor and others? Another suspension order may soon follow especially for tampering of evidence charge and giving contract to reclaim the underwater property without going thru the provincial board or a bidding process. Also the over spending of CICC scandal. They run the government affairs like their family business. 

    Vice Gov. Sanchez was persecuted when he withdrew support after the corruption charges were filed. His office was deprived of all functions and he was humiliated to the maximum before his death. That is why he ask his kids to pursue the case that lead to this suspension.

    Anyone who abuse their power and authority will suffer the consequences of their actions, better known as the law of Karma. 

    We need leaders who got a passion for service and a heart for the poor. Leaders who will listen to the cry of the people and help. We need righteous Leaders who will obey the rule of law and fight to eradicate the evil of corruption from our society.

    God bless you all, have a peaceful Christmas!

    • Kid

      Then vice gov Sanchez (may his soul rest in peace) wouldn’t be the right man for the governorship.  He cannot even ran his own family.  Do you know how they got the Lacto business?  Maybe you want to know how one of his daughters worked for a big seaweed company, used that company funds to know more about the industry and all, even was supported financially to study in Europe to help that big company’s production and R&D, then resigned after her study in Europe and used what she learned to run Lacto Pafi which their family claimed is the business ex-vice gov started from scratch. Again, I respect the dear ex-gov, but you know how corruption even starts in one’s own life.

  • Fred

    O, alam na ninyo kung sino ang hindi ninyo iboboto.
    Support anti-dynasty movement!

  • EdgarEdgar

    Let’s get one thing straight. The UNA stalwarts are in Cebu not because of Guv Gwen. They are there to make sure that vote-rich Cebu will not be under LP. They would have gone there all the same had it been somebody else who is being similarly persecuted by DILG Sec Mar Roxas in pursuit of his own political ambitions. In short, Guv Gwen will be the next collateral damage if UNA’s hold on Cebu does not hold. UNA and it’s senatorial allies’ only have themselves to blame for their miscalculation in convicting Corona thereby strengthening the hand of LP. The charges that convicted Corona would have convicted the other associate justices based entirely on the findings Commission on Audit Chair Grace Pulido-Tan as reported by PCIJ,org in “Gods of Faura”. But past is past, and JPE is just beginning to realize how fleeting his newfound popularity is. Jack Enrile’s ratings is largely contingent on his father’s ratings. Erap’s own chances against Alfredo Lim are not looking good based on his own recent internal surveys. Noynoy’s ratings are also one point shy of Binay’s. Chiz and Loren, who are both topping the charts, have their own higher aspirations and have no reason to play second fiddle to Binay. The three old men of UNA flew all the way to Cebu, with twinkies and all, early in the morning two days shy of Christmas because they’re scrambling. If they don’t scramble, they will soon find their support base eroded. After erosion, a landslide might follow burying them for good.

    Meanwhile, my little girl is on the ringside savoring every moment as they slug it out. For she knows UNA will not succeed without uniting all oppositions.

    We love you GMA & Guv Gwen!

  • jeray

    Lahat ng nag away sa baba mga bopol. Wla sa kanila ang dapat umupo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EOJ

    I thought Gwen is a decent lady, I am terribly mistaken. She is just an ordinary trapo who would cling to power no matter what. Even stay at her office during Christmas?! So shallow.

  • Eric Mayol

    I would just like to cite some specific points:
    1) People should know and understand clearly that the tension being created in the Cebu Capitol building is caused by Gwen herself, due to her shameless refusal to vacate her post;
    2) She is no longer the governor. So it is political wrong to still call her governor Gwen Garcia. She should be rightfully called ex-governor Gwen Garcia, or to be more precise, suspended governor Gwen Garcia;
    3) She always says: ‘in behalf of the Cebuanos . . .” I beg to disagree. Not all Cebuanos are in agreement with her actuation, thus she cannot say she is representing the Cebuanos as a whole;
    4) If she says the suspension is ‘abuse of power’, she should know. That is what she has been doing for a long time already.
    5) This is just the beginning of her pay-time. A lot of other corruption cases are still to come.

  • Kid

    To all non-Cebuanos and to those who hate Gwen.  Please don’t malign her since she is still the voted Governor of Cebu.  Her term as mandated by the constitution will end after the elections.  The Mayols were a clan that was powerful in Mandaue circa 60’s.  Not now.  To her credit, Cebu became a powerhouse under her term.  Just like in the term of Lito Osmena. Corrupt is not a good word to use here, the issue is sensitive, and it also pre-judges her.  For the record, the stats of mr. Mayol and the Palace is wrong. Plenty of Cebuanos, in fact majority of Cebuanos support her.  Try to ask your officemates.  In our office only one person doesn’t like her.  We are like 200 head count… Those who hate her comes from the ever Liberal/Socialist party.  And this my friend, on what’s happening now, is a classic case of witch-hunting.  I’d rather see Tomas Osmena answer some questions so that Cebuanos can understand his politicking early, the lands they “grabbed” (started with his lolo, the president), and other “fire” solutions to eradicate “squatters”.

    • LegalJustice

      She need to follow the rule of law  – for nobody is above the law.

      And I don’t think 100% of Cebuano is supporting her at all.

      She is not a good example for the young generation of today.

      The grave abused of authority to former Vice Governor Sanchez is what is the reason why she was suspended.

      Maybe she was thinking since Vice-Gov Sanchez already passed away this will be forgotten and she can get away with it.

      The Government should check her hidden wealth for sure they will find something and same with the family.

      I am from Lahug – Cebu City.

      • Kid

        Dura lex et lex, your honor.  But still that doesn’t remove her certain rights.  Am I right?  Not discounting you are from Cebu, and I am for sure that 100% Cebuanos are not for her (Tomas is not for her.)  Again, let justice have her time so as to prosecute the guilty. But as for now, we know not.  Gov. Gwen is still appealing DILG’s ruling isn’t she.  So, don’t call her names as early as now or there will be legal injustice.

      • LegalJustice

        A defiance  and refusing to follow the rule of law and plus she is a former government official now – no explanation is needed she can be put behind bars with no exception.

        Capitol is not her personal property there is a process that need to be followed and there is venue that she can file an appeal and she can go home and let the government employee do there work properly.

        Nobody is above the law period – no if and but.

    • Ding

      So, what’s keeping her to follow the rule of law that she herself must uphold?

    • Marshall

      so be it,she is not corrupt..she”s just Super the Max….

  • LegalJustice

    5th Day:

    The Three Musketeers arrived but its seems the UNA leaders  did not give a good advice to Former Gov Garcia they condone  the defiance of Ex-Gov Garcia.

    She is putting Cebu City as Hostage – Not all Cebuanos is supporting her.

    The Government should inforce the rule of law or else nobody will ever listen to you.

    Its already the 5th day its now time to inforce the rule of law with out compromise.

    Send her a final warning a memorumdum to vacate the place in a day or two in Capitol where she is staying and to remind her that Capitol is not her personal property.

    However if she still refuse to follow the rule of law then its now time to send the SWAT Team and tear gas the vicinity if she try to threatened the law inforcer and put them in danger then she need to be maimed and flew her to Manila and put behind bars in Camp Crame.

    The UNA Leaders: Binay, Estrada and Enrile can visit her.

    • Kid

      This, my friend, is the reaction of lawless rulers: teargas and all.  They are reserved for criminals in extreme situations.  Be level headed and concentrate on something else productive.

      • LegalJustice

        She is a government official she should follow the rule of law – no but nor if.

        With her arrogancy, proud and an abusive public official she need to be forced out in the Capitol since she already given a memorumdum plus this is a Government property and she has no right to stay there for she is an ex-gov.

        If she still refuse to follow the rule of law and its been 5 days then she need to be forced out in Capitol tear gas the  vicinity and however if she put the law inforcer in danger then she need to be maimed and flew her to Manila and put her behind bars in Camp Crame.

    • Ding

      Kung convicted si Estrada ng plunder, bakit suportado pa rin siya ng Vice President at ng Senate President?  Di ba nakakahiya ‘yan?

    • mapicchu

       the most effective way is to cut-off all electricity and water…no need for SWAT team…

  • Samuel Bilibit

    The arrogance of the Garcia Clan is more evident now. She is KAPIT-TUKO to her office. Her days are numbered. Cebuanos should reject and repudiate arrogant,proud and abusive public officials. lets eject and throw out all Garcias and liberate CEBU from these political maniacs !

  • Ding

    “Acting Gov Magpale’s orders are honored by the provincial government.  Her valid orders are being executed by the province of Cebu and its different agencies”.  So be it, let the suspended governor hole herself up in her office pending outcome of her petition with the Court of Appeals,  Let her stay there even during the holidays, anyway, government offices do not conduct normal businesses of these days, so long as the place is properly secured and not allowing anyone to get in and out on these closed days, and all the days she is holed up on her own choice, to prevent the situation into getting worse. Tingnan kung sino and hindi makatagal.

  • louie

    where can you see a VP and a Senate president supporting such defiance? its irresponsible of them. trapo at its finest.

  • Guest

    No doubt in the next congress, LP and Mar Roxas will change the leadership in the Senate and they will put up Drilon as next SP.

    • Guest

      Kaya hihintayin na lang ni Roxas at ng LP ang 16th Congress
      in July 2013 para isagawa ang plano. Pero yan ay kung makakuha sila ng bilang.

    • Guest

      Dapat lang! Kung si Drilon ang next Senate President, eeew babuyin lang
      nun ang Senado!


    • Guest

      Let’s stop talking of LP. Walang kwenta naman ang partido na yan lalo na
      kung si Mar Roxas ang namumuno. Pwe!

  • Guest

    Kahit sa next Congress, Enrile will keep his posts. Lalo pang dadami ang
    allies ni Enrile because maraming mae-elect ng UNA senators.


    • Guest

      But don’t be too complacent, kapag ginusto kasi Sec. Roxas at ng LP,
      they would do everything to oust Enrile.

      • rrubyo

        Ngayon pa nga pa lang inooperate na ni Sec. Roxas si Chiz, yung mga
        banat sa social media, si Mar ang brains nun. Pati mga mapanirang text messages
        kay Chiz, siya rin may gawa nun.

  • Coo_laM

    Eto ang nakakatakot, baka No. 1 and No. 2 pa sa Cebu ang Pangasinan sina
    Jamby Madrigal at Jun Magsaysay. Pag ganyan, dinaya ng LP.

  • Guest

    Akala ko ba hindi miyembro ng LP itong si Sec. Edwin Lacierda. Pero
    panay ang depensa sa LP at sa among niyang si Sec. Mar Roxas.

  • Guest

    Nag-conspire si Sec. Roxas at Sec. Almendras para i-suspend si Gov. Garcia. Yan ang katotohanan dahil sistes ni Almendars si Cebu incumbent vice governor Agnes Magpale.

    • Guest

      Alam’nyo mananalo lang ang LP senatorial candidates kung mandadaya ang
      LP sa 2013 elections. Ganoon yun.

    • Guest

      Very weak ang mga senatorial candidates ng LP kaya walang kapaka-pagasa
      ang mga yan sa 2013 elections.

  • Guest

    Guest candidates like Chiz and Loren di na dapat sumama sa kampanya ng
    LP. Kaya naman nilang magsolo.

  • snethgy8068

    Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte has a sideline today. She
    is now the official spokesperson of Liberal Party (LP).

    • Guest

      Ah ok..kaya pala nanaba sina Valte, Lacierda at Carandang dahil laging
      busod kay Sec. Mar Roxas.

  • Gooble_pook

    Sa administration coalition, ang mga posibleng lang naman na manalo ay mga kandidato ng Nationalista Party at mga guest candidates like Chiz and Loren.

  • aqinkanauy

    Kahit naman ang kampo ng LP at ni Sec. Mar Roxas tuloy pa rin ang upak
    ng mga yan sa kanilang mga kalaban. Walang pinipiling araw at oras.

  • Guest

    Wala kayo sa LP senators. Nagpa-party sa Senate media, pero todo-tipid
    ang ginawa kaya hindi happy ang lahat. Sila lang ang happy.


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