Governor Garcia digs in, to spend Christmas inside office




CEBU CITY—Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia and her family are preparing to spend Christmas inside her office at the Capitol where she has been staying since Wednesday following the implementation of the Malacañang order that suspended her for six months.

She told reporters that she had to remain at the Capitol because the Court of Appeals had not issued a temporary restraining order (TRO), which they expected to be issued on Friday.

“Well, I said, I will stay here, so I am still here,” said Garcia.

Garcia filed a petition for review with a prayer for a TRO to stop the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) from implementing her suspension order for grave abuse of authority.

The suspension stemmed from the complaint of usurpation of authority filed by then Vice Gov. Greg Sanchez in 2010. Sanchez died of cancer a year later.

Garcia will be accompanied by her family and allies who have been keeping her company while she is holed up at her office.

House Deputy Speaker Pablo Garcia said that if his daughter opted to stay at the Capitol, they would be with her. “Of course, I am saddened and this was handed down during Christmas time,” said the elder Garcia.

“As a father and for the rest of the family, we have to support our daughter,” he added.

Acting Gov. Agnes Magpale, however, said she was concerned about the rising cost of water and power at the governor’s office.

She said she might charge them for electric and water bills since they had agreed to be frugal in spending government funds because contrary to the claims of Garcia, the province was not economically strong although it had a lot of assets.

“We are exercising super maximum tolerance,” she said. “We should have charged them with rental, electricity and use of air-conditioning.”

Representative Garcia, however, said his daughter still had a right to have an office being the governor of Cebu.

“Only her functions were suspended but she is still entitled to an office,” he said.

The Garcia family has been with the governor since the order was issued on Wednesday.

Among those who accompanied Garcia were her mother, retired Judge Esperanza Garcia and two brothers— Dumanjug Mayor Nelson Garcia and Barili Vice Mayor Marlon Garcia.

There was  no sign that Garcia was packing up as her belongings were  intact.

Security guards were seen guarding her office round the clock.

Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, the president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, visited Garcia at 8 p.m. on Friday. The two had a close-door meeting for an hour.

Palma declined to disclose what they talked about because he promised Garcia that their conversation would remain confidential.

“My request is that we will all pray for a peaceful resolution of all of this because it affects our province,” Palma told reporters before boarding his car.

“There are many issues that we talked about … which [we] prayed would be resolved in a peaceful manner and that everything will be resolved for the good of our people,” he added.

The operation of provincial government’s TV channel, Sugbo TV, and its monthly publication, Sugbo News, was shut down at 5 p.m. on Friday on orders of Magpale pending review of its programs. With a report from Jhunnex Napallacan, Inquirer Visayas

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    Hey Garcia, how about a concert with star singers and snacks for all on Christmas eve. Make a festival for Cebuanos before your days is over. Who knows maybe they all become too enjoyed to stay with you forever more ……

  • Barangkuag

    Ahh..this family. They think they own the province. No shame at all!!! 

    • batangpaslit

      they own na nga eh, diba? sino ang congressman? sino ang mayor? sino ang vice mayor?
      sino ang pinalitan nila bilang governor, congressman, and mayor?
      diba sila-sila lang
      nag rotate lang sa dalawang pamilya: Osmena, Garcia, nay tatlo, pag isama ang Durano

  • Hey_Dudes

    Nice going Gwendolyn  how does it feel being the star of the show?  Only thing is, the youths are watching and what you are doing is not a good role model to them.  Ano yan – matira ang matibay?  As for this hypocrite bishop, sure you can and must keep whatever you discussed with Gwendolyn confidential.  Do not be like that JBC psychiatrist recently fired for not holding confidential matters confidential.

    • batangpaslit

      baka ang nature ng usapan ay “confession” kaya confidential

  • ofwme2807

    kapal muks ng buong Garcia family, almost everyone in the family is in politics, kulang na lang pati mga katulong drivers gardeners nila nasa position na rin…ang titindi nyo mga Garcias lalo na itong matandang Garcia…hindi habambuhay nasa puwesto kyo…bring down this Garcia dynasty in Cebu…kapal mukha nyo..

  • ofwme2807

    karma will now slowly destroy this Garcia dynasty in Cebu na pinayaman ng husto at binigyan ng pwesto at inappoint lahat ng kamag-anak ni pandak mother plunderer GMA bilang ganti sa massive fraud sa 2004 elections kaya nga may kasong election saboteur itong si pandak na malamang dyn na mabubulok sa VMMC…matandang Pablo Garcia kapatid na congressmen at mga mayors pweeehh hindi pa ba busog ang Garcia clan sa nakaw na yaman at ill-gotten wealth nyo ang Diyos ay di natutulog….

  • batangpaslit

    pervasive pala ang kapangyarihan ng Garcia Clan—-mula ama, anak, kapatid, pinsan.
    parang ang lugar ng Cebu ay nahahati lamang sa dalaang pamilya: Garcia, at Osmena.
    ilang milyon ang population ng Cebu?
    tapos, ang ruling class ay limited lamang sa dalawang pamilya or tatlo, pag isama ang
    mga Durano

  • turbogirl9


  • OleSapra aka ARGUS


    ANA: “Ano ang ibig sabihin ng English word na dynasty, alam mo ba? Naguguluhan kasi ako sa tigas-ng-ulo ni Gov Gwendolyn eh.”

    LISA: “Any sequence of powerful leaders of the same family. ‘Gaya nga ng nangyayaring KATIGASAN-NG-ULO ng gobernador, nagmana sa katigasan din ng ulo ng kanyang ama na isang member ng house of representaTHIEVES !!!”

    CION: “Wala sanang problema kung magkakasunod na uupo sa iisang puesto, pero ang kaso ng angkan ng Garcia, eh sabay-sabay silang nanunungkulan bilang tongressman, gobernador, mayor, etc. Onli enda pilipins !!!”

  • Peter L

    The political enemies must be destroyed at all costs. The General and the his henchmen will do anything to prevent the opposition to prepare for the next election. The present dispensation will invent a lot of “crimes” to accuse them and remove them from office while their own men who are as guilty as their opponents are being tolerated. Such is the curse of politics in our country and no man yet has governed righteously including the present president. He is like the kings of Israel and Judah who reigned and did what they think was right in their own eyes. After six years another one sit as president and the vicious cycle starts all over again. God save the Philippines!

  • maniniyot kho

    Hindi kaya nanginig at namutla sa takot ang Garcia dynasty, ng sabihin ni Arcbishop Palma ng CBCP tungkol sa pag PRAY sa kanila…dahil sariwa pa ang pag PRAY ng CBCP kontra sa RHbill pero hindi tumalab. Mahiya naman po kayo kung inaakala nyong sa inyo nang tirahan ang opisina ng gobyerno. Tama lang na pabayaran sa kanila ang mga kunsumo. KAPAL TALAGA…

  • Antonio

    CLING TO POWER TO THE VERY END!!! never mind what our laws are…  i’m not surprise, they are the typical TRAPO of this country

  • Pedro

    A  SWAT  team  should  be able to solve this  problem  swiftly  and with minimum casualties ! This  drama  should end now, it makes  the government look WEAK  in the  eyes of the people and that is  NOT acceptable . . It diminishes the momentum of effectiveness of  President Noynoy’s governance. He has the support  of majority of the Filipino people so  I think  there will be no problem  here if the SWAT  team  acts  now !! YES SIR ! NOW NA !!

  • whreyxk

    Do you think you are above the law m-fucker

    • efffyoufools

      funny. so many efffin paid retards posting retarded comments here. had aquino acted according to the local gov’t code, garcia will have no choice but to abide by the order, right?  but aquino was in violation of the section 66 of the local gov’t code that gave him only 30 days to decide after the investigation but instead decided to suspend garcia 474 days after and had the order served when she wasn’t in the office to acknowledge receipt of the order which even a law student would agree that the order was ineffective because it wasn’t acknowledged by the respondent. aquino is a m-fucker who always bends the law that says NO to his sinister agenda.

      • Jerry_SeinfeId

        Alim A – your IP address is recorded. One request and you are nothing but history m-fucker!

      • Akho_Si

         Yes, you are right about Section 66, the timing is indeed highly suspicious, given the rules in the Local Government Code. The merits of the case, i hope, will not be set aside for this technicality, because if you happened to read the full text of the OP decision, the decision arrived at is anchored on tenable grounds.

        As to receipt of decisions, the law and the courts are well aware of respondents hiding just to avoid acknowledging proof of service. That is why the law and the rules of court have that “substituted proof of service” to remedy this scenario: by leaving copies at residence duly received by some person of suitable age residing there; and leaving copies at the person’s office duly received by some competent persons there. The decision could also be posted in the premises, and it could also be sent in registered mail with return card.

        All those procedures to remedy situation where those who are cunning enough, that unfortunately by advice of their lawyers, will do everything to avoid receiving the decision personally, thus resulting to jurisdictional issues that, by money or whatever, a corrupt court will always be ready to grab as an opportunity to be able issue TRO or adverse decision.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    How come such a stubborn family can run Government offices and decide a country fate ?

    When this kind of macho becoming lawmakers it should be worrisome

    To lead a Gang is something for Trapos, a Capitol it has to be something else.

    A Plutocracy style don’t fit to a suposed Moderne Democracy,

    Feudal time is over since too long for that,

    Don’t be surprised to observe a Backward country, as it is run by back-warders obstinately

    glued with arrogance to their privileges, its smell fishy…

  • pol tan

    Another example of a politico not following the law. Kung suspended ka, umalis ka sa opisina mo tsaka ka mag file ng TRO, hindi yung ayaw sumunod sa lawful order. At paano naman nila nalaman na mag iisue ng TRO ang Court of Appeals by Friday? Ganun lang ba ang CA? Pag nag file issue agad? O baka naman may pampadulas na yan

  • catmanjohn

    Garcia must have something terrible to hide. The degree of desperation and adversity shows that this is probable. One could hardly believe that Robrero’s death was an accident, after all there was a survivor, and what about Ecleo? why has he not been apprehended? 

  • Opel

    staying in the office after being suspended is more of a political statement. although she physically occupies the governor’s office, she can no longer perform official function, NGAs, Banks and other governmental agencies recognizes and will transact only with the acting vice governor. Nonetheless,It will also be a source of bragging rights should she able to obtain a TRO against malacanang from the court. its the election period, money will flow and miracles can be bought.

  • Mabuhay

    Cge lamunin mo ang opisina mo na parang cake…..grabe sa takaw sa power ang babaeng ito…..sinapian ni GMA at FG…and Mikey….and Datu Arroyo….

  • Spy to

    Hejeje abnoy will ended up nothing!

  • johndcross1

    “Usurpation of authority”?  What is that?  Will someone explain this to us?  It must be very serious to merit a suspension.

  • Luthmar

    Stop the electric supply in the governor’s office.  The family will be spending some days
    there.  They will consume lots of electricity because air condition will be non stop.  They will
    cook there, watch a lot of tv and God knows what else.  Stop also the water supply.  This is the
    most important thing so they won’t be able to take a bath or shower.  They will not be able to use
    the toilet.

    A governor who does not know how to obey the law.  What a good example. 

    • efffyoufools

      a president who didn’t even win in the election does not obey any law. what a good example to retarded like you.

      • Observer_din

        sinong president yun? I assume si Gloria yun? hehehe

      • Luthmar

        The only president I know who did not win the election and did not obey the rule of law was GMA.   Get your facts straight before you open your mouth,  PEA BRAIN.

    • Don Dee

      Really good tactics. I hope the DILG reads this. Start cordoning off the capitol. Stop people from coming in until these people get out.

    • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

      Bazooka d capitol also and all of the above.

  • LegalJustice

    4th Day:

    If the person refuses to follow the rule of law the only remedy is to send the SWAT Team tear gas the vicinity and arrest the culprit and flew her in Manila and put her behind bars in Camp Crame.

    If DILG don’t do anything and keep prolonging the situation and no action – nobody will ever follow them in the near future.

    DILG need to inforce the rule of law – if you don’t she will do this again and again.
    This Gov Garcia is already telling them point blank stating: “Over my dead body ! ”

    That translate I am the law.

    She is putting the whole Cebu City as Hostage here.

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Kahit nagsisinungaling hindi pa din nalulukot ang mukha, BOTOX ba ito Gwen?
    Cling to POWER hard as you can, nevermind the LAW.. you’re above it anyway.
    Dang gurl !!!

  • kipbuts

    I am a taxpayer and concern on how this suspended official and her family defy the rule of law.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    What an indecent Plutocratic circus 

    Did she know to do anything outside flagrant abuse of power attitudes ?

  • $15469930

    Pakapalan ng mukha ang labanan ngayon…..grabe na…. Malayong malayo tayo sa Japan pagdating sa integridad .

    • Observer_din

      kung kagaya tayo ng mga Japanese sir malamang di na natin kailangan ng RH bill, kasi siguradong kokonti ang tao sa pilipinas, ang daming pulitiko nyan pag nag HARAKIRI lahat mahina na 10 million ang mababawas sa populasyon ng pilipinas.. hehehe

  • Mita

    Cebuanos, it’s your time to shine. Be an exemplary model for the rest of the country by showing that you will not tolerate nor vote for politicians like Garcia who defy the law and propagate political dynasties.  Onward to a more politically mature and progressive Cebu!

    • taz

      u cant tell cebuanos what to do. whe know the person and we know she’s different from any other politicians you know in your place. Dun ka magsalita sa manila, marami buwaya dun.

      • Mita

        And you can’t tell me what I can or cannot do.   Yes, she’s different because other politicians respect the law and she doesn’t.   If you admire such behavior, then you deserve to go down with her.

      • Rene

        nganu man imuha ang cebu? naginusara ka lang bitaw sigig kahol dinhi sa pagdepensa sa tigulang mong idolo…gisolo man nimo bay ang bayad sa inyuha da…kurakot pud diay ka bay uy…

  • blainz

    She’s not going to accomplish anything staying there but serve as an example of impunity to other government officials. Should be arrested already.

    Perhaps if Mar Roxas puts up a large “FREE BOTOX FACIAL TREATMENT” sign outside the Cebu Capitol Gwen will come out running.

    • catmanjohn

      No amount of Botox will cure the face of corruption. Hers is not the only one that exudes such ugliness of corruption, as we see in so many politicians there. Good idea though.

  • Noel

    If it happens in China or more radical countries, the Police and soldiers would storm the building and shoot the defiant government official.  By the way, is Gwen Garcia taking shower or bath inside the building?  Most are just simple CRs or toilets.  

    • Observer_din

      babae kasi sir, alam naman natin pag babae tapos sumigaw ng foul yan madami kaagad makikisimpatiya jan, tapos dinalaw pa ni bishop.. baka iniiwasan lang na maging masyadong maingay/magulo ang sitwasyon para kahit papano merry xmas pa din.

  • batangsulpok

    Ganyan naman ang mga pulitiko sa Pilipinas, pag tinanggal o na-suspend, sasabihin ay pulitika at madaling utuin ang mga kababayan natin na mag-barricade pa sa capitol kaya mga CEBUANO, magising naman kayo, harap-harapan na ang pangloloko, nagpapaloko pa rin kayo.

    • taz

      We give sympathy to GOV. GWEN GARCIA dahil marami cya nagawa. sabihin mo yan sa mga politikong nagpapakapal lang pwet sa office nila.

      • Rene

        sino sino kayo? ikaw, si ikaw at si ikaw? kasi parang ikaw lang dito ang kumakahol para sa idolo mo dung uy…

  • PAZ

    Tinaasan ni Magpale ang Christmas bonus ngmga employee, pera ang pain para sya sundin ng mga empleyado. Hahaha pain sa mamamayan pera din ng mamamayan. Ang mga pulitiko nga naman. GARAPALAN!! kumampi kayo sa akin eto eto ang bonus nyo dinagdagan ko pa. hahaha.

  • PAZ

    Agaw agawan sa pwesto halos magpatayan na. Malaki talaga pera sa pulitika. Ina Presidente anak Presidente apo magiging Presidente pa rin. BILYON ang pera dyan kaya halos magpatayan na. yung isa ayaw umalis, yung isa tulo laway na maka pwesto, hahaha . CROCODILE ROCK!

    • Rene

      kagaya ng idolo mong si gwendy, tamang tama yang sinabi mo para sa idolo mo..

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    If burning the house to kill a rat is not an option, then just smoke the rat out.  Or, send in the cats.

    • Observer_din

      kaso sir dahil malaki yung rat baka takot din ang mga cats.. tapos dumalaw pa si bishops.. hehehe

      • George Vincent Mascardo

        Send in the lions then. hehe

  • PAZ

    Ipinasara ni Magpale ang Sugbo tv at news , aba! ano yan Martial Law? hahaha mas masahol itong isang to. Tulo laway na maka pwesto. Mapera talaga sa pulitika. Halos magpatayan na. Kawawang Pilipinas!

  • leodegardompruna

    Let the rule of law and due process prevail not power, selfishness and greed. The powers that be claim that the Governor should respect the law- but in the first place are they? God bless the Philippines.

    • taz

      The term “Rule of LAW” has been abused for so many politicians. You should at least give exemptions to good leaders who are victims of conspiracy. Magpale has terrible character, her political ambitions are way out of hand. Matanda na cya at walang nagawa sa Cebu. Ni hindi na nga nya kayang mag horse backriding para mai promote ang mga lugar na may maraming kabayo. :-) Peace mam kahit matanda ka na nererespeto ko ang pagiging matanda mo at un lang wala ka kasing achivements.

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    Power hungry. They’ll do anything to hold on to power. Consequent to that, if they don’t have power, they’re nothing. If they can’t see their botoxed faces in the mirror, they’re nothing. If they can’t charge the batteries on their cellphones, I pad, laptap, etc., they’re nothing. If they can’t watch tv,  if they’re sweating all over, they’re nothing. Eureka! That’s the solution to this problem. Make them powerless, literally and figuratively.
    Turn the power off.  The water supply too, for good measure. Coming out of that office smelling and looking like rats, let’s see if their one million supporters, who supposedly gave one million votes to GMA, will still stick to them this time.

    • taz

      Sa dami ng nagawang mabuti ni GOV. GWEN GARCIA sa cebu. Yan pa ang naisip ni MAGPALE para maagaw niya ang pwesto ni GWEN? how desperate….

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    bigyan niyo ng deadline, kong ayaw lumabas paulanin niyo ng tear gas ang ungas na Governor…

    • taz

      they can’t bring a good leader down. maghintay lang kau marami pa pwede mangyari. maaring mapaalis si gwen sa pwesto niya ngaun pero SA DAraTING NA ELEKSYON MANGANGAMOTE SI MAGPALE SA BOTO NIYA. ambisyosang matanda.

      • Raymond Capuno

        Syempre marami pera si madam pamudmud sa election alams na kung saan galing laging handa yan parati si madam pero will see.

  • Guest

    Binay and Roxas are both trapos. At matalino na botante ngayon, pipili
    sila ng iba, and other choice is Chiz Escdero.

    • Marshall


    • Observer_din

      pre naman, pakinggan mo lang magsalita si Chiz na mahilig sa rhyming alam mo nang nambobola lang,  kaya naman siya dumidikit ke Heart malamang dahil gagamitin nya lang sa politics yun..

  • tonyoks

    Political dynasty at its best….

    now you know how it looks….

  • edm365f31

    blatant disregard of the law by this politicians should not be tolerated; they feel that they have the sole right to be sit in that position.  arogante they should be forcibly thrown out of the office.  deputy  of the house even supporting this move.  

  • Marshall

    Magkano kaya iniabot ni Gwen kulubot kay Baklitang Palma ?

    • Observer_din

      Sir, madami na naman ang sasama ang loob, nadadamay na naman sina bishops, pero nakapagtataka nga ano? they are everywhere basta pagdating ng politics, sana kumandidato sila para malaman natin kung talagang desirable sila para sa mga tao.. hehehe

      • taz

        They support gwen because she deserves it. Who would support magpale? Magtanong kau sa mga cebuanos before u judge gwen.

      • Raymond Capuno

        Sus daghang gusto na ma suspend cxa oi para makalearn bah

    • taz

      Hahaha!!! chismax sa mga kulobot ang utak. patunayan muna bago mag post ng mga kasinungalingan.

  • Yesmie Asahib

    sana po sumunod na lang muna tayu sa ipinaguutos ng batas, para mas maging mapayapa ang lahat..kaya minsan hindi tayu magkaroon ng katiwasayan ay dahil sa kapit tuko natin sa pwesto at kapangyarihan..

  • prodigalson60

    if the garcias are taking legal remedies then what’s the use of staying in her office physically? she is not functioning as a governor any more, para saan pa ang pagpupumilit nyang tumira sa opisina na para sa governor? di ko talaga maintindihan! ibakante mo yan para sa acting governor at hintayin yong outcome ng legal remedies nyo! why not take all her personal belongings and go home to spend christmas peacefully. the capitol building is for the use of official function! there is no more logic insisting on staying there. the difference is only where her physical presence is! she is just making a lot of inconveniences to everybody! creating tension, disturb the normal function of the building, additional burden to the police force not to mention the huge expenses it cause to incure! all of these because of the non sense doing of a spolied brat na kinukonsente ng non the less her parents who are suppose to be over mature in politics and veteran lawyers! let us be at least logical and practical man lang as peaceful law abiding citizens. nakakasuka na ang pagka OA mo gwen.

    • chingnarciso

      can I add some of your comments? Plus the  Capitol building is own by the people, not hers to use for this non sense drama.If she is a true leader, she needs to follow the higher authority and show the people that she is worthy to be a leader,and fight her legal dilemma to the court of law..By the way I am not from Cebu,I’m just expressing my though only..Nabasa ko lang sa internet ito.

  • NoWorryBHappy

    “ As a father and for the rest of the family, we have to support our daughter,” he added. 

    Ito ang masama sa pulitika sa Pilipinas. Kadalasan, ang mga miyembro pa ng pamilya ang
    nag-uudyok para gumawa ng katiwalian. Kaya mas mabuti nang iboto ang mga taong walang
    asawa’t anak para walang masamang impluwensiya’t mga alinta.
    “Only her functions were suspended but she is still entitled to an office,” he said.
    How could that be ? Entitled to an office of what position ?
    Talaga namang nagiging matalinong mangmang ang ating mga pulitiko lalo na kung
    pawala na ang kapangyarihan para makakurakot. Kahi’t ano nang kababalaghan ang pwedeng ihayag.

    • Observer_din

      akala kasi nila sila na me-ari ng Cebu kaya ng paaalisin na di nila matanggap, hehehe

      • taz

        True leaders who give true service to their fellowmen should not step down from their office.. baka langawin ang opisina niya at aso lang pala pinalit sa pwesto niya.

  • Mike Henry French

    See? That’s how Mar Roxas works…dirty politics…Ask the people of Panay…he’s so gay and dirty just like Aquino…

    • Observer_din

      hilig mo naman sa chismis, san mo nalaman na gay and dirty sina Mar and PNOY? napagkukuwentuhan nyo ba within your circle? O madalas mo sila makita sa GAY BARS? kung wala ka proof malamang CHISMAX lang yan, baka ma-churvah ka lang ATEH.. heheheh 

      • taz

        Di natin alam baka nga?!! hahhahaha!! dami na nila sa malakanyang ah.. They’re so gay in the palace… mmmm :-)

    • AlexanderAmproz

      What a discriminating comment, not ashamed to be so primitive with your Judgment ?

  • Faisal salman

    Hwag nang paabutin ng pasko ito..Gen. Purisima dapat na ninyong ipakita kung sino tunay na Boss..

    • Observer_din

      tama, bitbitin palabas pag ayaw umalis.

      • taz

        dapat paalisin ang POWER GRABBER na matandang si Magpale. Kapal muks.. wala nang nagawa sa posisyon niya nang agaw pa ng pwesto porket kapatid siya ni Cabinet secretary Almendras? Abusar kay duol sa luwag? Pwe!

      • Observer_din

        sorry i know nothing about cebu politics, but my point is we just have to follow the law, and my perccption is that Garcias of Cebu are political dynasties.

  • Nelson

    Politicians acting as being above the law is normal in PHL banana republic. Marcos was the mother of all these despicable politicians. Gwen Garcia is just emulating that in her own pathetic way. What is really scary is that Binay, the touted next president, did it too. Boo Pilipinas!!! you may have survived the Mayan doomsday, but a careless choice of your next president may hasten your apocalypse.     

    • Observer_din

      PRO-MAR ka sir ? hehehe

  • Melanio Calayeg

    This has not been the first time that happen in the Philippines…..Gwen Garcia will be booted out in the Capitol either peacefully or forcefully….If I were you Madam Governor just leave the Capitol peacefully for the sake of Political stability in your province. And mount a good strategy in your reelection bid. In this way you are the underdog and maximize to gain as many votes as you can to retain your office…What’s the used of fighting it out in the open court for the remaining 5 months in your term…It’s not worth dying for Madam Governor…..

    • Observer_din

      worth dying ke Gov yung position na yun, kasi para sa mga Garcia sila na ang me-ari ng Cebu.

  • Chi2 Garupa

    Gov Garcia is correct in staying at Cebu Capitol as the noynoying order to boot her out is coming too late for the offense supposedly  committed in 2010. It a clear political harassment

    • Observer_din

      baka kaya naman natagalan dahil me mga proseso pang isinunod? sanay kasi kayo ke GLORIA na parang mafia style, hehehe

    • scorpio15

       Political Harassment na naman. Patunayan sa Husgado kung talagang walang kasalanan. Hindi yong Kapit Tuko sa Puesto.

  • katutubongfilipino

    thats Phil politics kung paano kumapit to stay in power do or die nakakahiya kayo sobra na paps ng mga mukha ninyo


    kapit tuko… tsk tsk mga TRAPO talaga.

    • taz

      Sila ang trapong sobrang daming NAGAWA sa CEBU.

    • Vladimir

      kapit-uten… tsk tsk mga BAKLA talaga…

    • Pio Gante

      rox, hahaha

  • sam_aquino


    • Vladimir

      kapit-uten ka naman!

      • sam_aquino

        taenamo, vladimir, bayaran ka siguro, no???

        magkano na kinita mo sa 18 comments mo, hinayupak ka???

  • ofwme2807

    matandang GRO at matronang Gwen kapal muks mo ang tindi mo corruption at its worst…yang Garcia family ng Cebu ang isa sa rason kaya dapat ipasa na ang Constituionally mandated anti-dynasty bill sa pulitika….Cebu is not owned by Garcia et al …Cebu is for the Cebuanos and all Filipinos…the Garcia’s reign in Cebu is beginning to crumble…ibagsak ang buong angkan at dynasty ng mga Garcia sa Cebu at bawiin ang mga nakaw na yaman sa kanila…

  • Boyet Aquino Of Calamba Laguna

    She needs a LOOOOOONG time to clean up her mess so not to leave evidence against her!!!

    • Vladimir

      and you need a LONG UTEN to suck! Bading!

  • Boyet Aquino Of Calamba Laguna

    Better still cut off the water line till they smell like what they really are…PIGS.

    • Vladimir

      and you are a BAB*Y messing up its ODOR in Laguna!

    • mapicchu

      not only water but electricity also=no tv, no aircon, kaya nya? can she make her family suffer thru the holidays with her? sobra namang selfish yon of her. d bale papunta na mga UNA, binay and enrile…mag igib cila at paypayan c mam

  • sugbu

    Most of us are on dilemma ….I don’t want to lend my support to the Administration’s seemingly abused of authority, nor condone notorious corrupt politicians !!!! Since RH Bill wrangling…Bahala na kayo sa buhay ninyo !!!!

  • denzel_alfonso


  • kilabot

    this lady gov has more balls than noykapon and marina combined; 
    dynastic all of them, though; 
    lawbreakers all of them too; 
    may the best lawbreaker prevail; 
    dam n the law.

  • taz

    Garcia’s has contributed so much on cebu’s progress. Countless projects, activities and tourism growth has expanded. Unlike other politicians puro salita lang puro putik lumalabas sa bunganga! CEBU <3's GWEN!!! Kung di kayo taga cebu wag na kau mag comment kasi di ninyo alam ang totoo sa bias media lang kayo nakatutok.

    • Marshall

      dapat pwersahin na daklutin sa buhok at kaladkarin palabas ng kapitolyo..ihagis sa loob ng isang closed van  at hayaang mang-agaw ng baril para manahimik na..tutal yun naman ang wish nya…over my dead body sabi nya..granted ang wish nya kaya happy na everybody happy..

  • taz

    I mean MATANDANG Aso.. di na kayang tumahol.. naglalaway nalang.

  • Klepto

    She will have sex too in the Capitol.

  • prodigalson60

    “Representative Garcia, however, said his daughter still had a right to have an office being the governor of cebu.” Palagay natin tama sya, but there is no such thing as governor’s bedroom in the capitol. Why not hold office during office hour only or palagay natin kung may overtimed work?
    “Only her functions are suspended…” so now you honor the suspension order? “…but she is still entitled to an office” so then we will call it OSG, as in Office of the Suspended Governor! Then we’ll put this notice: “No official transaction accepted. This office is not functional” ganun??? IT’S MORE FUN IN CEBU! let’s call this as Political Tourism” to replace the Suroy Suroy Sa Sugbo kasi hindi na sya maka suroy suroy! Ohhh dba? let’s always have something positive!

  • manangjuana

    She should gracefully accept the suspension order, without noise nor grandstanding.  People of Cebu will appreciate her even more if she does this.  Then continue her fight in the proper court.

  • litoO

    ang lakas ng kapit….di na nahiya

  • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

    Yan pala si Gwendolyn Garcia, parang regular sa Belo Clinic.

  • Nelson

    Gwen is a reflection of the selfishness and arrogance of the Garcias in Cebu.

    I’m glad Vice President Binay changed his mind about having Gwen in his senatorial ticket. A suspended governor as a UNA’s senatorial candidate would pull down the “good” image of the UNA that is made up of “honest” and “honorable” people like Jojo Binay (Makati City plunderer and warlord), Erap Estrada, a former president impeached because of corruption husband of many women,, Enrile, the architect and administrator of the martial law and warlord of Cagayan.

    It’s good Sen. Pimentel disassociated himself with the 3 UNA clowns!

  • Marshall

    parang malapit na sa state of decomposition ang balat sa mukha at leeg nito  ah….

  • PhoenixPoliticalParty

    Here’s what I think.  

    The President should step in.  Suspend the DILG implementation order for a month, and do it publicly.  In the same order,  he calls for Ms. Garcia to report to Malacanang say on January 6, when the festivities are over.  She can then explain to the President in person why she should not be suspended for six months.

    This way, everybody can spend Christmas and New Year in peace.  The DILG shall have no reason to complain,  or get offended,  because it is their boss giving the order, and it is not actually reversing it yet,  only suspending the effectivity date.

  • Pert Cabatana

    See: the Garcia family thinks that the Cebu Capitol building is their family property and that the province is their dynastic territory.

  • LegalJustice

    DILG should give her a final warning send her a memorumdum in the Capitol where she is staying that she has a day or 2 to vacate the place or else she will be forced out for she is putting Cebu City as Hostage here.

    If she still refuse and  won’t follow the rule of law then send the SWAT Team and tear gas the vicinity and if she put the law inforcer in danger then she need to be maimed and then flew her to Manila and put her behind bars in Camp Crame so her UNA Leaders : VP Binay, JPE and JE can visit her.

    DILG should act now instead of pro-longing the situation let the rule of law rules – action is needed here or else they will never listen to anyone – you need to inforce the law – no but or if.

    She is already telling you: ” Over my dead body ! ” that translate she is above the law.

    Plus VP Binay is not doing anything it seems he is condoning what Gov Garcia is doing – its like de javu.

  • AllinLawisFair

    Cut off electricity, communication lines, water connection and  let no one get in, only out. Allow only medicine when needed. 

    • mapicchu

       ang wheelchair kaya allowed din? Lol..

      • AllinLawisFair

        Owwww, kapag ilang araw nang hindi umiinom at hindi kumakain, syempre manghihina yun, justified na ang wheelchair.

  • josefe38

    @AllinLawisFair ” Cut off electricity, communication lines, water connection and  let no one get in, only out. Allow only medicine when needed. “. Oo nga bakit di ginawa yan, napadaling gawin di ba, ang tanong bakit di ginawa? Ibig sabihin nyan di kasing tanga mo si Roxas, alam nya anong maging dulot nyan pag gagawin. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sabihin ko sa yo anong mangyari, Lalong ilalampaso ang mga kandidato ng LP sa Cebu pag gagawin yan. Di ka kasi taga Cebu kaya di mo alam ang kabu-uhang larawan. 

  • binatangtagabukid

    d parin nila kayang gawin ginawa ni erap kay dick gordon noon….

  • ofwme2807

    gusto pa munang ubusin at withdraw-hin lahat ng legal na pondo ng Provincial Government ng Cebu at ang mga nakaw na yaman na nasa bangko ng mga Garcias bago bumaba at linisin lahat ng mga damning evidences against her and whole Garcia clan…at yung mga papeles at documentos para sa plano at preparations nilang mandaya sa 2013 elections at mga documents ng vote buying, vote rigging, voters’ lists galing sa Comelec at yung mga barangay captains gusto ring itago muna…dapat dyan sa mga Garcias ng Cebu ay gaya ng nangyayari sa mga Ampatuans…kasuhan at ikulong lahat yan…malinaw na defiance at usurpation of authority idagdag sa kaso pati anomalies sa Cebu Convention Center at overpriced lampposts under her watch…

  • LegalJustice

    Per ABS – CBN News :

    Vice President Jejomar Binay, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and former President Joseph Estrada arrived via chartered plane at around 11 a.m. in Cebu and went directly to the provincial capitol where Garcia has been holed up for the fourth day now.

    Let us wait and see: What good advice will these UNA Leaders tell UNA Governor Garcia ?

    I just hope they will not let her go astray more –  not to follow the rule of law ?

    • indiosbravos2002

      Make sure pagnilusob ng military kasama sila Erap, Binay at Enrile dyan. Para pagnagkagulo at nagkabarilan. Menos 4 na problema ng bansa.

    • Marshall

      malamang magkaroon ng sex orgy sa capiltolyo..foursome ang mga haligi ng korapsyon sa Pilipinas…

      • fair play

         tama ka kung alam lang nila ang extent of corrution ng mga haligi

    • Pers


    • AlexanderAmproz

      A Pity the plane didn’t crash !

      • catmanjohn

        …Like the one Robrero took. Didn’t it fly out of Cebu?

  • LegalJustice

    During former President Joseph Estrada time he was given time to vacate Malacanang Palace or else the troops of batallon will force him out.

    Its good he follow his senses and follow the rule of law.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Parang si Corona lang ito. Kapit tuko sa posisyon.

  • Drachir Metal

    She should be forcibly removed kasi other people will follow her! Meron tayong batas na dapat sundin.

  • feargo

    obey the law.

  • Taiko_Kauna

    Pnoy, lagyan mo ipin ang order mo. BTW, where is winston? Is he not corrupt too?

  • Fred

    The Garcia’s own Cebu??
    Support Anti-Dynasty Movement.
    We will see the effects in 2013 and 2016.
    Your days are numbered!

    • buttones

      Well Fred, this situation of ‘ownership’ is not limited to Cebu as you well know- there is not a Province in the country that is not still living under feudal rule. This ’ownership’ has been handed down from generation to generation- some say it is a ’divine’ right, God given, in the same way a CJ is appointed. As regards a proper Law regarding anti-dynastical rule, well it’s a bit like the world coming to an end on 21st Dec 2012.. It ’aint gonna happen!

  • boldyak

    MAR_shall rule….

  • boi skater

    This is politics, Philippine style. No respect for the
    process or law and totally without any shame. The Garcias are a prime example
    of a political dynasty where power and money are all concentrated in one family,
    generation after generation. Our Constitution says that this is illegal but
    these people don’t care what the Constitution says so long as they can have
    power and money. They should toss in a canister of tear gas in her office and smoke her out.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Tear gas niyo na ang mga U L O L…

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    Pakapalan na lang talaga ng HIYA!!!….na minana pa sa mga MARCOS, ESTRADA, at ARROYO!!!!….at ngayon ay mga MAGSAYSAY at GARCIA!!!!

  • tayawa

    Moronic behaviour of the likes of Gwen Garcia’s can only happen under a weak leadership such as under Pnoy and Mar Roxas. Wanton disregard of the law especially by politicians will recurr under their watch. The governor should be forcibly driven out. The people will know that any blood spilt in the process will be on her account. It is about time we stand firm on crazed politicians.

    • motorcyclemama

      I think the leadership is not weak. The leadership is only giving much tolerance on Gwen’s insubordination. When all talks fail, force will prevail.

  • Pers


  • sugbu

    I already forewarned UNA (sometimes when she attempted to be a senator)..Not to take this wicked lady in….a lot of us were just along the sideline,silent and hoping this day will come and lo’ right before our eyes.

  • gwenbalili

     ayaw ba kamo lumayas sa kapitolyo? simple lang yan.. get the advice of
    winnie codilla kung pano nya pilalayas si gwen sa ormoc.. epektib
    masyado yon

  • malek_abdul

    Gwen Garcia- Governor,  Pablo Garcia – Congressman, Nelson Garcia – Mayor,  Marlon Garcia – Vice Mayor – WOW a typical Political Dynasty! 

    • Pert Cabatana

      and she’s in UNA company: Binay dynasty, Estrada dynasty, Enrile mini-dynasty.

  • Opel

    once suspended you are not entitled to the use of government office. thats public property not a personal crib. with the number of people camping with her, mag aamoy public toilet yan opisina. 

    • cute79

      ginagamit ang mga uto-utong tao, pakainin lang yan ng lugaw mga yan makipagptayin na yan para ky gov.pinoy nga naman!


    Pag mayaman at politiko, pwede silang mag violate o labanan ang utos. Ganun din yung mga nasa posisyon at nasa poder. Walang kaiba. Kawawa kababayan natin dahil namamanipula lamang sila.

  • santamaria_63

    Get out of the Capitol mga corrupt ( Garcia’s). Where is Winston & Byron? Please help this difficult moment of your beloved sister? Baka kayo ang isusunod! Masakit ba ang katotohan na may bad karma? The Cebuano knows who is Gwen in real. She’s corrupt, violator of the law, as if she is above the law. Iba talaga ang meaning nang family of bar topnotchers ngayon ” family of bar corrupters na! Oh, common kawawang first lady governor of Cebu baka makulong ka habang buhay kasi may Balili at CICC ka pa!

  • Bobby Espedilla

    Dapat patunayan ng gobyerno ni P-noy na no one above the law.

  • dikoy321

    Turn the water, garbage & electricity services OFF !

    Save funds for indigent Cebu residents to have a NOCHE BUENA !

    CORRUPT Officials like the Garcia family must be reminded that P-Noy was elected NOT only by Garcia supporters but the entire Filipino nation !

    No ONE is above the Law, even Gwen’s mom knows this !

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • buttones

    Looking at the photo- you look tired Gwen, time to give it up…. The game you played has been lost…..

  • sl1

    Instead of advising the governor to follow the order, her family is encouraging her to do illegal thing which the support she is getting  are self serving cause most of them are relatives. I honestly believed that the governor is corrupt and the order must be enforce with force. They must be given ultimatum to comply any consequences that my occur after the dead line will be on her for disobeying the lawful order.

    • cute79

      takot yan mga yan ,kapag wala na sya sa office nya baka mahalungkat ang mga ebidensya laban sa kanya at wala na syang power kasi nga suspended bka kulungan ang bagsak nya.kung wala syang tinatagong kababalaghan bakit di sya nlng muna magpahinga dahil kahit maghapon pa maghanap ng ebidensya ang kalaban wala parin silang mahahanap kasi nga wala syang ginawa masama or korapsyon.bakit kelangan pa idadamay mga pobreng mamamayan uto uto db?

    • AlexanderAmproz

      She is the family “protection” in case she fall, the necklace is broken,
      all the precious beds will roll lost, Winston, Byron, Pablo and company risking to be shamefully naked as Botox is only used for the faces.
      Ate Glue is waiting for them for gambling games,
      hopefully only looser’s will be allowed to play.

  • Ricgwapo

    Very good prior comments have been raised such as UNA’s defiance of orders, i.e. Binay and now Gwen, political dynasty,etc.

    It is good that the government is exercising maximum tolerance, at least during the Yuletide season but this should not go one for a long time since defiance such as this would mean we have a weak political system.

    Perhaps after Christmas, the full force of the law should be applied.

    Btw, the mayor (a member of the Liberal Party) of a city in Zamboanga that is being investigated due to alleged involvement in the scam should also be suspended while investigation is going on.

    I am not sure if the defiance of Gwen would amount to treason.

    Let us not be soft with those politicians who thought that they are the law.

    Enough of this arrogance and disrespect for the law of this country.

  • cute79

    baka may tinatago si gov kaya takot umalis muna for 6months baka kasi mahalungkat ang ebidensya laban sa kanya.kaya patigasan kasi pag wala ng power wala na rin syang mgwa.patayin lahat ng magnanakw pulitiko!

  • Noel

    she should be in jail

  • KenKhoy

    ngayon ko lang alam ang daming kamag-anak nila sa politica, may congressmen at mayors…..ciguro may dugo talaga silang public servant……totoo kaya 

  • opinyonlangpo

    Ok. Lets hope she will have a merry Christmas with her family in the office. A priest should volunteer to have Christmas mass in the governor’s office. A sign board at the office should also be replaced with “Suspended Governor’s Hideout” since it is no longer an office, and a large “No Entry” is also appropriate. Its more fun in the Philippines.

  • Global1st

    she and her family may not agree…let the process take its course….usual politics in the Philippines…always in denial.

  • athenapallas

    dapat i-shoot-to-ki l na lang ang mga kapit-tukong politician na katulad nitong si Garcia. bakit ayaw umalis nito sa position? mauubusan na ng pam-botox at pampa-tangos ng ilong nya? nawili na sila sa power at bottomless kurakot sa kaban ng bayan. politicians like her desrve to be mocked and ridiculed. sasabihin trial by publicity daw? eh paanong hindi ka ita-trial by publicity eh ayaw mo ngang bumitaw sa posisyon mo eh ang dami mo palang dapat sagutin sa korapsyon charges. Philippine politicos! 

  • mamamia

    Ilipat ang opisina sa spratly island , problem solved

  • Barak_O

    kaladkarin palabas ng opisina

    dahil pangit ang kanyang ilong

  • josefe38

    Sa usaping ito maraming ang nag mukhang tanga di lang ang mga nagsasabing kaladkarin palabas dahil pangit ang kanyang ilog, pati si Mar Roxas  nag mukhang na ring tanga o nagtanga-tangahan. Noong isang araw ang auntie ni Abnoy na si Tingting Cojuanco personal na bumisita ni Gov. Garcia at sinabi pa ni Tingting na naka-usap nya si Balsy, kapatid ni Abnoy, na bibisita sya ni Gov. Garcia. Ang di alam ng karamihan na kaibigan ni Balsy si Gov. Garcia. 

    Mas pipili-in ko na isiping nag tanga-tangahan lang si Mar Roxas dahil di naman siguro sya talagang tanga, sa kasong ito just to accomodate the Osmenas na kalabang mortal ng mga Garcia. Di kasi matanggap ng mga Osmena na sa ilang dekadang pamamayagpag nila sa political scene sa CEbu buburahin ito ng mga Garcia. Kaya naghanap talaga ito ng paraan para magupo nila ang poder ng mga Garcia. 

    Para magmukhang di hiya-hiya at sampal sa pamahalaang Abnoy ang pagmamatigas ni Gov. Garcia abangan nyo na pagmalapit na maglabas ng TRO ang CA, dyan magparamdam ng katigasan at uutusan ang mga pulis. SA MADALING SALITA , NALUKO ANG LAHAT, ha ha ha ha.

  • Andrei Mendoza

    literal na “kapit tuko”

    taena talaga mga politiko sa atin, mala-tuko na mga hunyango pa!

  • Jojo

    papanong madidisiplina ang mga pulitiko satin maging mga taga simbahan kinuskunsinti nila ang mga ugali ng mga hinayupak na yan. ang gobyerno natin walang political will para pilitin na ipagtabuyan papalabas ang mga pulitiko pag sila na nasuspinde. masahol pa sila sa TUKO!

  • LegalJustice

    5th Day:

    The Government should inforce the rule of law – no compromise or nobody will follow you.

    Now the 3 Musketeers: VP Binay, Estrada, Enrile arrived and condoning the action of Gov Garcia its like to continue the defiance these 3 UNA Leaders is giving a BAD EXAMPLE.

    I hope President Aquino won’t compromised the rule of law or else nobody will ever listen.

    Then the Philippines will be a LAWLESS LAND.

    VP Binay he will talk to the President and let see what President Aquino will say.

    • wawa2172

      If UNA have 3 musketeers in Binay, Estrada and Enrile how would you call the triumvirate of Roxas, Abad and Noy? 3 Stooges? Just kidding. There is no significant difference between UNA and LP as far as protecting their party mates are concerned. If UNA has Gwen then LP has Padaca. Gwen is accused of abused of authority by the executive while Padaca is charged at Sandigan for corruption. The Philippines is already a Lawless Land where political favor weigh than righteousness. President Aquino won’t compromised the rule of law? He did already by paying the bail of Padaca and appointing her as comelec commissioner where she can invoke immunity to charges. Just do an in depth research on UNA and LP and I would tell you the findings will be obvious..walang pinag kaiba ang dalawang partido kahit sa anong bagay.

      • jr18496

        wow !! you are a die hard supporter of a womanizer, corrupt , ex-convict former President. and also a known Condo Thief in Makati!!! No wonder the Philippines is F#$K up!!!

      • wawa2172

         You mean to say I am a fan of the 3 kings and 3 stooges? Let it be, at least I know how to F#$K at hindi ako bakla. I guess your analysis about my post is too low, you need a review. What I said is that the 3 Kings and the 3 stooges are the same. No significant difference..they are all what you described F#$K up!!! Peace brother, Merry Xmas to all for lifetime peaceful purposes.

  • LegalJustice

    I believe this person is corrupt that is why she is defiant not to leave the Capitol. 

     I think she got off guard to be suspended  for she was not able to do what she need to do.

    Now the Bank of the Capitol is now under the control of Acting Gov Magpale.

    The Government should check there hidden wealth  and including the whole family of Ex-Gov Garcia.

  • George

    ……Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, visited Garcia at 8 p.m. on Friday. The two had a close-door meeting for an hour. ……

    si Lord hindi nga pinakinggan ang prayer ng mga tanga for Pakyaw to win, si gwen pa.,

  • almostcad

    Wow!! Talk about desperation. Only in the Philippines.

  • Faisal salman

    three musketeers ? Baka tatlong itlog na bugok na bulok pa……

  • J


  • virgoyap

    What is she up to? Who is truly in charge? Just how long will she be able to stay in her “palace”? I think it’s what they call “a stubborn resistance.”

  • jr18496

    People of Cebu , don’t vote for this corrupt Woman and the people who are showing support for her. Use your brain if you have any!!

  • kulittwit

    Kapit tuko sa pwesto?! Tatak trapo. Sige dyan ka mag pasko sa kapitolyo at i kadena mo sarili mo dyan sa upuan mo !hahaha!

  • josefe38

    The words of the season are FOLLOW THE RULE OF LAW, but who didn’t follow the rule of law in the first place?

    Under  Local Government Code, which states that the Office of the President must release a decision 30 days after an investigation. the investigation into Gov. Garcia’s case ended on Aug. 31, 2011. But the decision came out ONLY last Dec. 17, or 474 days after.Under Administrative Order 23, upon transmittal of the records of her case from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), the Office of the President must decide on it within 30 days.The records were transmitted from the office of the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo last July 26, 2012. But again, a decision came out only on Dec. 17, or 144 days later.  So if you know your law and rights, would you follow illegal order??? Over my dead body!!!

  • maxbrowsing

    ung mga korap like gwen, erap, etc en latest is corona e di yan aamin kahit makulong what do you expect with those corrupt politician but just to stick with their corrupted ideas and the end user which is the pipol of the philippines will undoubtedly suffer until these kind of selfish politician who dont even think that their duties is not their pocket but to serve the pipol of the philippines for the better…

  • PatalsikinsiGwen PahawaGwen

    Please step down Gwen. The credit should have been, Philippine Government through local Provincial Government not your name if ever there are accomplishments. Cebuanos did not elect you to stick your name on every media. You should know that and for God’s sake you are putting yourself and your allies in bad light. Ang imong anak naghariharian sa Capitol nagtraffic enforcer. Ang iyang kauban atong panahona nanapak ug police. Ang imong igsoon giingnan ang police nga ipaddress ang inyong amahan ug Sir, Honorable unya gipaemphasize pa gyud ang dako-dako sa congresso. Ikaw nag-over-my-dead-body paka. Ang imong anak nga babaye, nag wonder siya nganong wala siya pasudla. Hala nag-assume siguro siya nga kaila na lang niya ang tanang tao. Pangayuan ug ID naghilas-hilas na kay anak kuno nimo. Ako dako ko ug respeto ni Mayor Duke hilabi na sa iyang amahan, pero ayaw intawon apil-apila siya. Mayor Duke, padaplin ha kay basin maangin ka sa gubot, ayaw intawon ug apil-apil kay madaot ang imong record. Busa Madame Gwen palihug ug pahawa sa pwesto una ang tawo sa Cebu maoy magpapahawa nimo. Ako mismo nakasubay sa imong gibuhat kang Greg Sanchez, gubaon nga CICC, lamp post, suroy-suroy nga walay merit, Barili properties, Sugbo TV nga puro lang nawong nimo ang gipasibya ug uban pa. Please lang.

  • dante

    You will be humbled by your arrogance.

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