Law bans hit list of gov’t enemies

Rights groups urge swift enforcement



The military is now prohibited from issuing a hit list—officially called “order of battle”—with the enactment of a law against enforced disappearances, Malacañang said on Saturday.

Order of battle is a list of people security forces say are “enemies of the state” to make them “legitimate targets as combatants,” including those not formally charged with crimes.

People on the military’s hit list are open to assassinations, abductions, harassment and intimidation.

Those who have disappeared are known as desaparecidos—the disappeared—a term first used in Latin America to refer to the critics of the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet who were seized by state security forces and never seen again.

Local security forces have used the order of battle to justify the seizure and detention of critics of the government, mostly activists suspected of being members of the communist New People’s Army or of front organizations belonging to the communist movement in the Philippines.

The new desaparecidos law “rejects [the] use of an order of battle or any similar document to exempt” state agents from the prohibition or “justify” the detention of enemies or critics of the government, President Aquino’s deputy spokesperson, Abigail Valte, said in a radio interview.

The President signed the Anti-Enforced Disappearance Act late Friday, hours after attending the 77th founding anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The new law, the first major human rights legislation under Mr. Aquino’s nearly three-year-old administration, imposes up to life imprisonment for state agents convicted of being involved in enforced disappearances.

Its enactment has made the Philippines the first country in Asia to treat enforced disappearance as an offense distinct from ordinary kidnapping.

US-based nongovernment organization Human Rights Watch challenged Mr. Aquino to “move quickly to enforce it.”

“Effective enforcement of this new law by the Philippine government will deter enforced disappearances and address the deep-seated problem of impunity for human-rights abusers,” Brad Adams, the group’s director for Asia, said in a statement.


According to the human rights group Karapatan, more than 1,000 political activists and suspected supporters have disappeared since the 1972-1986 dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, including more than 200 under Mr. Aquino’s predecessor, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Karapatan has documented 12 cases of enforced disappearance since 2010 under Mr. Aquino.

The desaparecidos law defines an enforced disappearance as the abduction or “any form of deprivation of liberty” of a person by state officials or their agents who subsequently conceal the person’s fate or whereabouts.

Human rights groups have reported that such people have been kept in a network of “safe houses” where they are tortured and sometimes killed, their bodies buried in unknown graves or dumped in remote areas. They say this was extensively practiced during the Marcos regime.

The law against enforced disappearance prohibits secret detention centers and safe houses and authorizes the government to conduct “regular, unannounced … inspections of all places of detention and confinement.”

The law cannot be suspended even during wartime and does not permit amnesty for those convicted. Superior officers of those found responsible are to be equally penalized.


Reporting requirement

According to Valte, the law requires public officials and private citizens to report forced disappearances, and state agencies to investigate cases and report their findings.

It also requires the regular updating of the lists of people being held in state detention centers.

The number of attacks against political opponents of the government has risen alongside the growth of the 43-year-old communist insurgency and the decades-long Moro rebellion in Mindanao, which appears close to a political solution following a preliminary peace accord by the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front signed in October.

Mr. Aquino, son of prodemocracy icons, has pledged to take steps to prosecute violators of human rights during the previous administration and prevent new ones. Rights groups, however, say violations have continued under his administration.

The groups have urged Mr. Aquino to prosecute violators of human rights during the Arroyo administration, particularly retired Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan, who has gone into hiding after being ordered by a court to stand trial for the enforced disappearance of University of the Philippines students Karen Empeño and Sherlyn Cadapan in 2006.

Palparan is also believed to have knowledge of the enforced disappearance of left-leaning agriculturist Jonas Joseph Burgos, son of the late journalist Jose Burgos, in 2007.

Rights groups have also urged the Aquino administration to give priority to the passage of a bill pending in Congress to compensate thousands of victims of human rights abuses, including enforced disappearance, during the Marcos dictatorship. With reports from AFP, AP

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  • joerizal

    Ang tanong ay bakit nag-o-operate ang military sa mga areas na walang giyera or martial law? Ang order of battle ay gamit sa kung may war conditions. Kailangan yun kung military ang nag-takeover pero kung hindi, pulis at NBI ang may jurisdiction sa lugar at dito ginagamit ang warrant. Ang gulo talaga nitong batas na ini-introduce ni Lagman.

  • Adel Caringal Reyes

    bawal ang post ng MOST WANTED?

    • ricardo

      di ba yung mga most wanted eh yung mga may arrest warrant na?

  • bilango71

    Should not GMA be accused of tolerating Palparan’s activities? 

    • johndcross1

      Include GMA as a co-conspirator of Palparan for tolerating his activities.

  • ikesbox

    Whoa! Another law that will gather dust in the shelves. We can’t even enforce laws against kotong cops, jueteng lords, and hulidaps. How about a law against PNoy persecuting his political enemies. 

  • zeroko

    Hit list or no hit list. It takes only one call from the high and mighty, may they be a government official or a Chinese businessman, you are dead! Look what they are doing to our indigenous people who are opposing the destruction of their ancestral homes. NO PUBLIC CONSULTATION WHAT SO EVER, THESE CHINESE MINING FIRMS JUST MAKES THEIR CLAIM AND USES THE PNP AND MILITARY TO KILL THEM. 

    This is what we get allowing another race, particularly the Chinese to take over our country. These Chinese is all over the country stealing our miniral wealth. And what has our Filipino-Chinese government done to protect our environment and indigenous people? NADA!

    • niceguy60


  • Tommy

    Is there a similar law prohibiting the NPA or MILF from abducting, torturing and executing soldiers and suspected informants? 

    • alinman

      It is called KIDNAPPING so yes.

  • w4d

    The Philippines do not have reports of shooters like that of the Sandy Hook or the Colorado tragedy, but we definitely have plenty of unreported and unsolved murders in our backyard. Time to check ourself before castigating others, right?

  • Commentator

    I think the military should only be used for war and not for police matter. That is why we have this abuses in the past because of overuse of military mostly the army in the maintenance of peace and order of the community.

    • boldyak

      enemy of the states like NPA’s should be dealt by the military…it is a rebel group. police has the obligation for the maintenance of peace and order, not the military…

  • Mattino2011

    Kasi ung isa na “forced disappear ” ang sarili…Si Palparan..

  • Your_King

    So as this article reaffirms…this is the first major human rights legislation under Mr. Aquino’s nearly three-year-old administration. That about says it all for how slow Aquino’s administration moves and indicates how Aquino ignores problems that the Philippines has.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Yes pero the military will still issue concealed list para legally lusot pa rin sila. Hanggat wala pa napaparusahan at yung si berdugo ay hindi pa nahuhuli at mananatili sa papel lang maganda ito!

  • johndcross1

    This is a victory for those who lost a love one!  But we have to continue to find the whereabouts of the desaperados & to prosecute those who are responsible for these heinous crimes.  Congress must expedite the passage of the compensation law for those who suffered human rights abuses during the Marcos regime & up to now.  The Armed Forces of the Phil. & Phil. National Police must undergo rigid training on human rights!

    To those who suffered, organize yourselves & find Palparan. There is a big reward for his capture. This is your chance for revenge against that aaaasssshole!

    • Rosauro

      Desaparecidos. Ti la ibagbagam!

    • boldyak

      yeah, we are still looking for cousins who were abducted by NPA’s and forced them to be NPA bandits, while forcing their mother to provide sacks of rice for his son’s food only to know later that his son died a long time ago while continuing to provide sacks of rice…yeah…we really have to have human rights…

  • Rosauro

    Rebels have hit list. The military will then say their own checklist! That would not be a problem.

  • delpillar

    so what you gonna do with the enemy of the state Mr. President? babysit them and give them food shelter and clothing?

    Ang hirap sa inyo puro kayo pahirap sa mga police at military natin. Puro allegation lang at nipoposasan nyo ang mga brave and patriotic nating mga sundalo and police.

    Buti pa ang mga sundalo at police ay pedeng maging Presidente at Congressmen or Senators.

    Pero kayong mga senador, congressmen, at presidente hindi nyo kayang maging sundalo at police.
    Baka palaging basa ng ihi ang salawal at brief nyo kapag nasa palaging remote areas. And then from that remote areas ay pauwi na sa familia using public transportation alone and you never know kung titirahin ka ng sparrow unit na ang nagreport sa presence mo ay mga poste ng NPA, some poste are students at mga miembro ng progressibong grupo na miembro na nakatira nasa kabayanan.

    • boldyak

      nasa malaknyang na nga ang iba, hindi ba?

    • zeroko

      E ano naman ang ginagawa ng military sa remote area? Is that not “asking for trouble?” Look what they have done to that U.P. Professor who was just gathering medicinal herbs in Mindanao. Without any agitation or anything else, bullets from the military starts swinging in their ear until some of the bullets hit the professor and his companions mortally. The professor was still alive when the CAPGU and the military approach him. He identified himself and beg to spare his life. Just the same, the military dealt him the final blow and shot him at point blank. 

      Luckily, one of his companion who pretend to be dead was able to survive to tell the story. PUtangina! What kind of military do we have? That murder does not belong to the 21st centrury! Only in the Philippines! And our Filipino-Chinese government does not punish the military who was responsible for the murder!

  • padrefaura

    as if masusunod ito. mahirap patunayan ang criminal involvement sa nawawalang tao. 
    all the military guys have to do is make a better disguise and be careful with the evidence they leave. 

    this law is nothing but a piece of paper. 

    • zeroko

      I am an Independent Mayor Candidate here in Q.C. And I just came from the group of “Anak Pawis.” A high ranking officer of the “Anak Pwis” narrate to me that the PNP in civilian cloths went to his place seeking him at 1:30 iam. Luckily, the organization was aware that sooner or later, because of their eccentric  ideas, our Chinese government will step in to liquidate the members. I talk to the would-be victim this morning December 23, 2012.

      I told him that the move of the PNP which is under Bistek here in Q.C. is illegal for the following reason:

      1. It is prohibited to apprehend anyone without “Arrest Warrant.”
      2. If what he said is true that the apprehending team were wearing civilian cloth, then that is illegal. “PNP ka, mag-aarest ka na hindi naka uniform and without name plate? He he he. Para bang SS ni Hitler, basta ka na lang dadamputin. 
      3. And the apprehending team went to the place at !:30 am.! Hw hw hw. Ano ito, Martial law? Napaka bobo naman ng PNP kung hindi nila alam ang batas! This happen here in Q.C.
      4. The law states that no one should be apprehended after 3:00 pm so that the suspect can still post a bail. No apprehension after 3 pm Friday afternoon until Monday..
      5, Mga bugok talaga ang PNP under Bistek. They think they are high and mighty without accountability. Buti na ilabas na ito baka akala nila pwede silang gumawa ng kabulastugan. Ano ang PNP sa Q.C., private army ni Bistek?
      6. Tandaan ninyo, Bistek who controls Q.C. PNP is very much involve here. Hindi siya pwedeng maghugas kamay………….. 

      • padrefaura

        hindi ko alam kung anong buong kwento mo. pero eto lang masasabi ko.

        1. allowed ang warrantless arrest under the law. nasa rules of court yan.
        2. walang batas na nagbabawal ng arrest sa isang plainclothes policeman.
        3. walang batas na nagbabawal ng pag aresto ng 130am especially kung covered ito ng warrantless arrest.
        4. walang batas na nagbabawal ang pag aresto after 3pm.

  • Mario Tungol Eufemio

    The only know the victims of alleged military forces. How about the victims of the insurgent forces who do not follow the rules of geneva convention and are really afraid to complain for fear of reprisals.  Thousand of these victims were also among the insurgents who were summarily executed and massacred i and buried in countless killing fields in the country

  • dxdaistar

    ang may karapatan lang kasi ang mga kalaban ng gobyerno. ang mga sundalo at pulis pag na-ambush o na-kidnap na hindi na makikita ay mga walang karapatan?

  • Mario Tungol Eufemio

    Lets face it. We owe it to the military who sacrificed their lives to fight a dirty war against the insurgents and many of them really sacrificed their lives.Anyway the real victims here were all Filipinos. Lets us remember the past and learn from it and face the future with positive injunction.Lets practice our obligation for the betterment of our people and help build a country were everybody can live peacefully. Let’s start the change we want, and it must start from us.

    • delpillar

       tama po ito.

       Matakot tayong lahat kapag walang sundalo at pulis ng magtatrabaho ngayon.

  • 100345roselia

     Abnoy you can sign as many “desaparecido laws” you want but the fact remains – up to now –
    you have not yet solved who masterminded the murder of your father.  For your info, he is a well -known figure in the business community – still alive – enjoying the fruits of his illegally acquired farmers’ coco levy funds. 

    • batangsulpok

      Kaya nga noong panahon ni Cory ay ibinasura ang imbestigasyon sa assasination ni Ninoy dahil hindi naman mga Marcos ang may kagagawan kundi kamag-anak nila.

  • ever green

    sabi ng isang sundalo dito sa Isabela….pag rebelde ang napatay namin….Human rights violations agad kami…….pag sundalo naman ang napatay ng rebelde…ALL RIGHT lang daw……hay naku!!!

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    “People on the military’s hit list are open to assassinations, abductions, harassment and intimidation.”

    saan kaya pinulot ng writer ang idea na ito? PAGING INQUIRER!!!! GANITO NA BA KABOB0B0 ANG MGA WRITER NYO?

    in the philippines, kahit na ilagay pa ang pangalan mo sa libo libong order of battle, pag pinatay inabduct, hinarass, or inintimidate ka ng kahit sino pa, sundalo, pulis, o sibilyan man, makakasuhan pa rin ang gagawa nun!

    ang mga ipinapatay ni palparan ay puro nasa order of battle lahat.  e bakit nakasuhan pa rin sya?

  • alikabok357

    In other countries, they seek, arrest and jail, or even execute enemies of the state.  Bin Laden was hunted down wherever he was.  Dito sa atin “baby” sila ng gobyerno.  What are we to do with the enemies of the state Mr President? Will this be true also for the most wanted criminal list or for CPP/NPA/NDF personalities only. Medyo duda na ako sa mga batas na lumalabas ngayon na ang tinatarget ay mga sundalo at kapulisan para itali ang kanilang mga kamay at paa upang  walang magawa sa kalaban ng gobyerno.  Almost everyone is blaming the military and police for disappearances of certain persons; but come to think of it, are they not victims of the NPA self purge and might be somewhere in the NPA killing fields?  The NPAs are known for killing their own. Ang sistema ngayon basta hindi makita, kinuha ng militar at pulis (kahit hindi) sama na sa mga “forced disappearances” kasi baka magkaroon ng compensation. 

    • INQ_reader

      How effective was US in curbing what they termed as “terrorist”? Last I heard, americans were more fearful of retaliation when Bin Laden was murdered by americans.

      • Guest

        0.0000000% effective.

      • INQ_reader

        Exactly my point. Thanks.

  • virgoyap

    So gone is the era where the enemy of the state is labelled: WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE.  This were the times of Tim Holt and Lone Ranger.

  • Banana Na

    complicated ang issue nito, not all military sa bansa is bad, but maybe some of them being use by politician to silent their critics…military officer and soldiers have the right to defend this country from the enemy of the ststes, kagaya ng mga insurgents na pumapatay sila ng mga sundalo at pulis,at kasalina ang CAFGU…ang insurgent naman when they attack our military in civilian clothes,pag-na patay ng military nito ay human rigts abuses kaagad ang matatanggap ng militarysa CHR….dapat ang dito na walang military chief or commander officer na nagpapa-gamit sa mga politician…the LAW must specify it kung ano ang laman g LAW nito at ang mga rules niya,,,,i hope PNOY, pinag-aralan talaga niya ito bago niya e-sign to become a LAW sa bansa…he should get some advises sa local at singapore military kung ano ang pananaw nila sa LAW nito….

    • joshmale2004

      There is A Rule of Engagement that our military has to follow. When our military engage or shoot or summarily kidnap and execute instead of arresting an unarmed enemy of the state, this is already not covered by the rules of Engagement and against the Geneva convention. A criminal liability ensues for the involved military afterwards.

      • delpillar

        please give the specific chapter and paragraph/artcle of the rules and engagement ang the geneva conventions stating as such.

        3 days ago, sa Quezon Province, two unarmed CAFGUS were shot dead while doing farming.

      • joshmale2004

        Better consult a lawyer. I am aware of these matter but not an expert to give advice.

      • boldyak

        and therefore this law is not required because there is a Rule of Engagement which the military should follow…

      • joshmale2004

        You are missing the point. Rule of engagement is not a Law. It is a code of conduct being followed by member countries in supplement to the Geneva Condition agreed upon by countries after World War II. So, straighten your mind. THE AED Law is very different from the Rule of Engagement.

      • boldyak

        the military has a rule of engagement, they should follow it and therefore this newly ratified law is not required…that’s my point, i am not saying that the rule of engagement is a law…and my mind is already straight…lol

      • kalikasanipagtanggol

         “the military has a rule of engagement, they should follow it”

        Ang problema sinusunod ba? sa panahon pa lang ni pnoy may mahigit sampu na ang mga dinudukot at hindi pa lumilitaw! sino ang makikinabang kapag nawala ang mga nag-iingay laban sa gobyerno? ang mga nag-iingay ba na nabawasan na nga makikinabang pa? o ang gobyerno at ang mga nagpapatupad ng mga polisiya nito?

      • ALDEA

        Tell that to those in the Southern Mindanao… puro kayo ngaw-ngaw… protection lang iyan sa mga nahuhuling NPA or CPP agents ng mga militar… bitawan lang iyon baril dahil nasukol na unarmed na kahit naliligo pa ng gun powder… sa mga aggresibiong aktibista, lumaban na lang kayo ng parehas tulad ng karamihan, magbanat kayo ng buto at mag-aral, wala ng libre ngayon.. katamaran kasi umiiral sa inyo. Gusto ninyo everything will be serve by the government… wala kayong pinag-iba sa Abu-Sayyaf… duon hindi pwede ang ganyan batas, kung hindi uuwing walang mga ulo ang kasundaluhan natin…

      • joshmale2004

        So? Bakit sa akin ka nagagalit. Andyan na yan bago pa ako nag comment. Nag comment lang ako to invite awareness on the issue, It does not necessarily mean pabor ako sa tinatawag na Rules of engagement na yan. Relax ka lang iha.

      • Banana Na

        yes, they the military should follow the rule ng military law at civilian government law…

  • basilionisisa

    this Anti-Enforced Disappearance Act is good in principle but enforcing it is not that easy. i hope there was extensive research and consultation before it was signed. it is laudable as far as Human Rights of civilians is concerned.

    But how about the Military? will they be prosecuted for following the orders of their commanders who may find sufficient grounds to pursue a civilian who may be a secret enemy of the state? I hope there is an equivalent Law for the Military to protect their Rights as well.

    And what about the Security of the State? Isn’t the security of the country compromised by this Law? Extreme CARE must be observed in implementing this Law.

    • joshmale2004

      You question is already answered by the AED Act. The police or military subordinates who will report immediately the abductions ordered by superiors will not be included in the prosecution and will be protected as state witnesses.

  • kilawon(the return)

    meanwhile the AMPATUAN !??????

  • wjb95

    I’m not an expert in law but I think this is one-sided. How about the order of battle of the enemy and enforced disappearances of government agents? Clearly, the “enemy” had slowly crept up on our back…Next law, abolish the AFP & PNP? This is not impossible, after all, their aim is to overthrow the government…

  • $20926843

    This provision of the law on the ban of issuance of Order of Battle is a useless one.  The one who inserted this provision is stupid like the inutile and autistic president in malacanang. The military authorities will just change the name of the list to an innocent sounding phrase , like PHP which means, Persons Hindering Progress, thus circumventing the law…..

  • wjb95

    I’m not an expert in law but I think this is one-sided. How about the order of battle of the enemy and enforced disappearances of government agents? Clearly, the “enemy” had slowly crept up on our back…Next law, abolish the AFP & PNP? This is not impossible, after all, their aim is to overthrow the government…

  • NoyAbnoy

    Bakit si PNOY, may hitlist laban sa mga elected government officials na hindi LP?
    Dahan dahan na niyang tinatanggal ang mga ito sa pwesto, para siguradong manalo ang kanyang partido.
    Sira ulo talaga itong si PNOY.
    Gag0 na presidente.

    • shallabhe Escupolo

      cguro ka kusa ka ni ate glo…pweee…kaw ang abnormal bwessittt ka

  • Pers


  • boldyak

    Does the law also prohibit NPA to have the same list?…another success of the communist’s fronts…

  • kilabot

    hit list obsolescence. 
    it is useful when wars are fought against fascism, nazism, communism, terrorism;  
    but the final war is against perversion; 
    there is no enemy of the state because the state itself is the sponsor of perversion; 
    it will be ordinary normal people vs the state; 
    that will be the world reign of the great pervert; 
    current events are going to that direction right now; 
    the straight path to perversion. 

  • boldyak

    now we have an AFP who is not allowed to know who their enemies are?….hahahaha…i would like to know who authored this law…i think i already have the idea who they are but i would like to confirm it…and we have a president who always say yes to foreign intities…as if only the international community only knows what is good for the Philippines…kawawa na talaga ang Pinas….

  • boldyak

    “Rights groups have also urged the Aquino administration to give priority to the passage of a bill pending in Congress to compensate thousands of victims of human rights abuses, including enforced disappearance, during the Marcos dictatorship. “…in orther newspapers, this paragraph starts with…” The Aquino Government is being pushed to pass the bill…….”so many are pushing hahaha this government…haha

    • beerhunters


  • Palparan

    Hawak na ni Joma Sison ang bayag ni Abnoy… well, ito naman talaga ang gusto ni Abnoy

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


      They hold each others balls, and when they are felling frisky… they kiss each other’s


    Anak ng… ano ito pro-criminals, pro-communist, pro-terrorist, pro-drug lords…. CHR is getting too much… lobbying to make these outlaws mingles with law abiding society… WTF!!! REMOVE those left-wings appointee… or better more totally remove this commission and put back death penalty to those who committed heinous crimes in our society…

  • Pio Gante

    so, anong gagawin niyo kung tunaw na ang taong hinahanap niyo? walang mangyayari sa batas na yan dahil mas magiging maingat ang mga operators at isa mali ang pagkaka-intindi ng siraulong komunistang may akda ang batas dahil mali ang pagkaka-intindi ng bulok na utak niya sa ibig sabihin ng ob.

    talagang ‘Ober d Bakod’

  • beerhunters

    Ban the burning and destruction of capital heavy equipments e.g. power shovels, front wheel loaders, bulldozers, heavy equipments

  • beerhunters

    mabuhay ang pambansang sandatahang pakikibaka!! ibagsak ang naghaharing uri, burukrata kapitalismo, KUNO!!!!

  • beerhunters


  • ConstructiveMediaCritics



    • beerhunters


      • To_Be_Continued


    • beerhunters


      • To_Be_Continued

        what? Hahaha…!

  • ApoNiLolo

    “The military is now prohibited from issuing a hit list”

    But it didn’t say they can’t make one. Right? >: D

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       nor the ‘enemies of the state’ say it will be reciprocated…

  • beerhunters


    • boldyak

      at mga gustong magharing communists..

  • vir_a

    The rebels can have their hit list or order of battle while the military cannot. May be the military can just memorize their hit list instead of printing it on hard copies.

    • ArmchairGeek

      Tama ka dyan. Kaya nga longest running insurgency ang CPP-NPA. Expect that they will be there for far longer. Dapat nasa Guiness Book of world records na to. I feel bad for our soldiers. Kung internal threats hindi nila ma-handle, eh paano pa kaya yung external threats?

  • matanglawin X

    A self- serving law with NO check-and-balance.

  • kilawon(the return)

     only good on papers and trying to impress human rights agencies is laughable!… can you trust a government that is considered on of the most corrupt countries in the world and biggest human rights violator? tsk

  • beerhunters


    • AlexanderAmproz

      Mining companies are corruptions fruits, destroying the country for few Trapos shameful advantages.

      • boldyak

        and therefore justifying NPA’s actions?….shall we burn down the government buildings because there is corruption in these buildings?…wtf

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Every single Mining or logging activities started by Ancestor Domain Land grabbing and natives mass murders, followed by heavy pollutions, rivers and seas destructions throwing local populations into an hopeless starvation.

        When murderous for the population, 
        what else did you suggest when none law are honestly applied. 
        May I remember you that peaceful opponent’s immediately killed with “Democratic” horribles  tortures?

        Mining never brought any advantages for the locals and the country, except for Trapos hidden wealth.

        Most of the Mining sites have been ethnics cleansing places, in short chain saws mass murders places.

        Did you enjoy That ?

        Tell me who had initiated Terrors ?

      • boldyak

        and then your people continued the terror…nice job…

      • AlexanderAmproz

        I don’t have any peoples, I am only a world citizen observing what is going on around, Philippines is interesting, VERY RICH, on the way to be totally destroyed  by blind thirsty killers crooks. What is choking and not acceptable, it’s paid by innocent small children’s who didn’t ask to be borne, but the Clergy and elites did it for them, without to take any responsibilities, only interested by a disgusting selfishness, money and macho obsessions. With unfairness Philippines style, I feel to vomit, sorry, but it’s the result of a Christian education in-existing in this Colony.

  • PhoenixPoliticalParty

    This is a step in the right direction.   That the President signed it into Law only hours after celebration of the founding of the Armed Forces is a good political move.   It sends a message to the public in general that civilian rule prevails over the military.

  • Aturni

    Mabuti pa nga ang mga rebelde na nagbalik loob sa gobyerno, binibigyan ng bahay at kabuhayan pero ang mga sundalo natin pagnag-retire, wala ng kabuhayan, pinapalayas pa sa kanilang tirahan… MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES…

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Only da Philippines Communism is an obsession,
    a Trapos looters obsession supported by the Clergy,

    used as a pretext by the Generals for syphoning AFP budget for their own arrogances,
    traitorously organizing rebellions to served their personal interests detrimentals to the country

    Vatican never said a wrong word against Italy Parliament President,
    Giorgio Napolitano, a Communist, among the most appreciated European Politician.
    In fact in every European Parliament there are few Communists.
    You like it or not, but this is democracy. A moderne way to run a country with fairness,
    an unknown notion in the Philippines, a Bastards Democracy !

    The President P-Noy is a lonely Democrat in a country run by criminals Trapos Gang’s…

    A repulsing Feudal Plutocracy abusively named Democracy for personal greed and abuses purposes, starving the all country as spoliation’s result

    Arroyo’s, Enrile, Cojuangco’s, Licio Tan, Consunji, is the best successful criminals examples, all of them stollen US Dollars Billionaires, thank’s of Killings !

    Amazing Philippines !

    • boldyak

      Vatican is not under tyhe italian government….vatican is an independent state and they have no right to intervene in other states affair…Communist party in some of those countries are legal parties. in philippines communists don’t want their party to be legalized… you know why?…people will not vote for them. Communist will never be in power in Philippines by legalizing their party…they will lose…

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Giorgio Napolitano is not only Italy President since six(6) Years, but a charming man unanimously respected, warm welcomed by the Pope in the Vatican, a peanuts country much smaller than Mactan Island.

        May I remember you that the Vatican has strong ties with Rome since over 1500 Years, Roman Empire and Italy Government location…

        At the Feudal time they had similar connections with the Europeans Governments as the Philippines have today, a serious backwardness with terrible consequences, 50% of the population starving, below poverty level, with an industry of children’s funerals processions to favor the filthy rich.

        This is happening in a food basket stollen by the elites.
        A Philippines Democracy ?

        Philippines is driven by greed and abuse culture initiated by the Colonial Clergy, ignoring that is a sin, a Cardinal one !

        No polite comments existing for your post, but driven by ignorance as it could be considered an insult to Democracy.

      • boldyak

        then legalize your party and let us see if people really like your programs of gvernment…we are not ignorant of waht your people are doing in Philippines…how many of my relatives have been killed by your people, they were forced join your armed groups and a ration was forcefully taken from their family supposedly for their son’s food allowance only to know that their sons died a long time ago while still being forced to give food for your bull_shit armed groups…now you tell me i am ignorant…

      • AlexanderAmproz

        I am against communism, but a realistic democrat, every tendencies have to be around the table to find agreement accepted by all, so many successful countries doing it !
        In the Philippines, an attitude like yours is the roots of the existing civil wars(NPA and Muslims).
        What a Pity !
        FV Ramos understood it, after few weeks in Malacagnan, Peace at once with Malaysia, NPA and Moro.

        Erap I will corner every single Muslim, movie macho style !
        Arroyo, all war out to the communist(Palparan), Bush is my friend !
        a added invented war to terrorism for Generals bonuses !
        what is that for a bunch of selfish corrupt idiotic.

      • boldyak

        agreement around table….there is no problem with that, but to ask for power sharing?….kiss my arshh…now communists when cornered is saying they are socialist, democrats, where did i see a communist say he is a communist and yet the words that are coming form their mouth are significantly communist…really i am ignorant…lol

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Have a look in any EC countries, all of them have communists parti and government members, never read or hear such insane comment as in RP. In Italy, since six Years the President it’s a Major communist figure, never hear or read any wrong words.
        According to you, what is Democracy ?
        It’s very far from the smelly RP Feudal colonial Plutocracy.
        To be ignorant isn’t a sin, it’s just a lack of informations and knowledges, no crime about it.
        What is not really smart is to “believe” to know, without grounded knowledges.
        I have no shame saying my English is really bad, or I did mistakes, Always ready to change my point of view with new informations.

        Only da Philippines so many stubborn thank’s a very sad past, mostly run by a Feudal System, with fake teachings, text books and religions. The population is drown in ignorance since Magellan. Don’t blame me it’s not my fault.

      • frudo

        communism a fairy tale only? give me just one real communist country,

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Communism is basically rubbish, 

        but Democracy need it for societal dialogue and help to found compromise. A democracy isn’t left or right, it’s concerning everybody, even if one win the elections, he has to take care of the looser’s opinion as the democratic society concerning all, compromise are a necessity to take everybody together, nobody has to stay on the side walk, everybody should have access to a decent life. For my own I have rich and poor friends, some are intellectual or finance Elites, any kind of social level, countries, religions, any opinions. No need to agree to be friend, but a mutual respect is needed.Countries doing this are Northern Europe, Baltic’s countries, Germany, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, those are the most successful, there is also  Italy, France, GB, Spain, Portugal and some others. The most achieved, Switzerland practicing it since maybe one thousand years in some places.Democracy need education, on that topic the Philippines has a problem with fake text books and fake Christian teaching. In case you are interested by this subject, look on Wikipedia.In the Philippines its very sad to see peoples killing each other while destroying the country and the Nature, life support.The only AFP enemies are Pinoy’s, this is insane and instigated by the Trapos, Haciendieros, Clergy, and US, divide to rule, look at the result, a plain disaster. One day the enemies could be the Chinese’s, too late to understand, one blow will be enough to wash up the AFP paper  Macho’s.

  • Wilgz Sabado

    ok naman ang law na ito, advantage nga sa military ito. para malaman ng lahat na walang tinatago ang militar at professional na ang pamamalakad

  • Todd

    This passage is good. Kill someone because they have a different opinion. That’s fascism. Sounds like Pilipinas was some kind of Nazi Germany state. 

    • AlexanderAmproz

      In fact it’s a Plutocratic Feudalism,
      fascism is already a much more civilized developed concept.

  • Albert Einstien

    govt POLICIES are apparently  becoming  REDder….the color is written on the walls..& china is already at panatag a boat ride away to manila……BEWARE….they can paint the town RED….


    Now we expect communists from other countries and live here; no more order of battle. Joma can now come home. You are no longer in the hit list – you are no longer a communist. So ang galing ng Malacanang – in the name of transparency.  We might as well remove NICA, the ISAFP, all intelligence and security units and communities. Maka save pa tayo ng pera, ano?

    • batangsulpok

      Mahirap mangyari na alisin ang mga ahensiyang yan dahil malaking pera ang mawawala lalo na at walang audit ang intillegence funds kaya maraming opisyal ang yumayamand, sa halip ibigay sa mga informants ay may pambili sila ng mga mansion, mga sasakyan at properties na pag nabuko ay sasabihing inheritance.

  • ArmchairGeek

    Sana tingnan din ng Karapatan ang human rights ng mga sundalo. O ng mga civilian na nadedahado at nagiging collateral damage tuwing nag-raraid ang NPA at sinusunog ang mga cell towers, pabrika, o mga business establishments na kinikikilan nila ng buwis.

  • truthvslies

    What’s next in line. Abolish the AFP & PNP ?

  • Josemakabayan

    A very commendable law signed by the President. Now all we have to do is to wait and see if its going to be forcefully enforced by the state and its instrumentalities ????

  • shots_fired

    Minsan kasi nadadamay ang mga inosente at minsan ginagamit ng iba para abusuhin o mang abuso ng tao. so hindi sa law ang batayan kung magiging maganda ba ito o hindi, kundi sa mga tao na nagpapatupad nito.

  • opinyonlangpo

    It is still in the hands of those who wanted to exact justice for their fallen comrades or maybe fallen pride. They don’t have to report everything they do, it is called covert action or reaction whatever. If I guess it right, this law will not have a meaning to them.

    • delpillar

      Yung mga official members ng  intelligence Unitor operatives ng 8th I.D. (Catbalogan, Samar) at 9th I.D. (Pili, Cam. Sur), in the past decades, kapag binaril ng sparrow unit whil on non-military activities like sa sabungan, pamamlengke or sa famila nila, within one month, 2 hanggang apat na poste ng NPA, either studyante, labor union leader or left-wing progressive group leader ang bubulagta rin. Hindi necessary disappearance (binabari din) pero kapag disappearance ang ginawa nila sa military intelligence officer, ay ganun din daw ang gagawin ng military.

      BUT THIS IS LEGAL under GENEVA CONVENTIONS, like what the KGB and CIA done in the past years and decades..

      One article of the Geneva Conventions is that, ALL OPPOSING FORCES SHOULD HAVE  OFFICIAL UNIFORMS and must be worn at all times during the conflict. THOSE TROOPS caught wearing the uniform of the OPPONENTS, or wearing civilian clothes can be punishable by death.

      SINO ang madalas mag-raid ng mga government buildings, hndi lang military but pati prison buildings, police, and municipyo wearing GOVERNMENT POILICE and MILITARY UNIFORMS? SINO ANG NAGTATAGO SA PALDA NG MGA CIVILIAN?

      Sa isang bayan noon somewhere in the southern luzon or Visayas during the peak of NPA strength of about 25,000 fighters nationwide, ay parang ibon na lang binabaril at sinasalvage ang mga kawawang police. Ang ginawa ng mga police ay ginawa rin na ang katumbas ay dalawa o tatlong NPA ang patay or salvage din. So sino ang sumigaw na tama na… di ba NPA. The only tactics NPA knew is ambuscade and sowing terrors.

      Kahit saang laban (other than ambuscades) ay palaging panalo most of the time ang military. Lalo na kapag ginamitan ng Scout Rangers at Philippine Marines. Ang gagawin ng mga NPA ay aalamin ang mga platoon leader at mga squad leader ng military at police units na active sa anti-insurgency operations. TITIRAHIN NILA ang mga leader na ito hindi sa battlefield kundi sa bayan or sa bahay na kinatitirahan ng mga SUndalo. The Military does not need to resort to LIQUIDATION and SALVAGING because they are winning almost every battle. IT IS THE NPA DOING IT FIRST and MOST OF THE TIME, di lang napapabilita. I experienced one close family friend before na broadcaster na pinatay ng NPA dahil broacasting the evil of the NPA na mali naman daw. CRIME against Humanity daw yun.

      In the late 1990’s, there was a general order of the Philippine Army that new recruitment of new privates should be coming from the same region. Dahil the same region na, madaling malaman ng NPA kung sino at saaan nakatira ang active na mga military NCO then aabangan nila sa pag-uwi sa provincia/bayan to be liquidated. May mga HITLIST ang NPA lalo na yung mga newly-recruited members nila as a form of BINYAGAN or FIRST TRAINING of KILLING.

  • JaDee P

    This is a good move Mr. President! I know he is using his brains now. By simply ‘separating and dis-owning’ the so-called hit list rule from the government agencies, the gov’t will not be liable anymore of the so-called ‘missing persons’. It’s one way of coming out clean! But I like the idea. These human-rights faggots will not hit the government anymore if someone is missing from the NPA or MILF or other groups…weeeeee

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