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Corona confident he’ll be cleared in tax case



Renato C. Corona. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Ousted Chief Justice Renato Corona is confident the Department of Justice (DOJ) will throw out the P150-million tax evasion case against him, his daughter and son-in-law after the panel handling their case had completed its preliminary investigation on Friday.

Speaking to reporters after appearing at the DOJ for the last hearing of the tax evasion case filed against his family by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Corona described the complaint against him as “an endless series of double counting of accounts.”

“That kind of complaint by the BIR is for propaganda. It is not for a court of law,” Corona said, but did not elaborate on what he meant.

He left immediately with his wife Cristina.

Corona was at the DOJ to submit and subscribe his rejoinder affidavit to the BIR’s complaint at a closed-door hearing held at the DOJ executive lounge.

Senior Assistant State Prosecutor Roseann Balauag told reporters the panel will now submit for resolution Corona’s tax evasion cases and that it expects to issue a resolution next month.

Balauag said she has to ask other panel members whether they will have to issue a joint resolution of the cases of Corona, his daughter Carla Corona-Castillo and son-in-law Constantino Castillo III.

She said Corona made good his promise to attend yesterday’s hearing after he was absent last Tuesday, the original schedule of the hearing, because he had the flu.

The BIR said Corona should pay the government P120.5 million in taxes, inclusive of surcharges and interests covering 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010.

Based on the BIR findings, Corona allegedly undervalued three of his properties by P17.30 million, failed to declare two properties valued at P12.75 million and underdeclared the value of his cash asset in his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALNs) from 2003 to 2010, with the cash underdeclaration reaching P134.44 million in 2010.

On the other hand, Corona’s daughter is being sued in connection with a tax liability amounting to P9.93 million, and her husband, for a tax liability of P20.24 million.

Last May, Corona was ousted from his office after a Senate impeachment court found him guilty of failing to declare in his SALN that he had around P200 million in peso and dollar accounts.

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  • pcosmachine

    Last May, Ex Thief Justice was confident he would not be impeached in the Senate.

    Today, he is still confident that his tax evasion case with the BIR will be cleared.


  • Hey_Dudes

    Until you can confidently face the Filipino people and show them how you made your wealth on a supreme court chief justice salary, until when you can readily face the people and confront them with incontrovertible proof you did not massaged your wealth using the authority and influence of your office, you will never be confident of anything.  No crooks ever does and the same is true with your benefactress whom you tried  so hard to help flee the country.  Shame on you.

  • doublecross

    ‘yan ang napala ng isang MAGNANAKAW…..!

  • miiron

    i hope they’ll all be jailed!

  • doublecross

    DREAM on corona….MAKULONG KA NA.

  • Loggnat

    If he get’s lucky and got off with tax evasion, there is still a possible money laundering charge that Corona might be charge if evidence are enough to do so. The AMLC will be the prime source of the possible evidence thru a close and microscopic scrutiny of his overseas monetary transactions.


    120.5 million pesos!  Pusang iro’, saan naman sisisirin ni Atong ang ganyang halaga?  Pwera lang kung marami pa siyang na-isubi sa kung saan pa….Switzerland?  Bahamas? Portugal? San Francisco?

    • demonYOU

       TSUPAeng maaga ka nagising pero ayos yang banat mo kay corona….ano nakarami ka ba kagabi?

  • sopingac

    This is more for propaganda than anything else. They projected Corona as a man who amassed wealth through illegal means and all they could do is file tax evasion charges.

    Where are the corruption charges which could have been more appropriate?

    • regd

      Coming.. The guy thinks he is smart so we gotta kill him softly.

  • Ommm

    Corona was also confident  he could  swindle from the people of the Philippines and not get caught… he was confident his secret bank accounts could not be revealed…he was also confident his impeachment had no chance of success….

    What can you say…. he’s a confident guy.

  • zahraff

    This TAX EVASION CASE against CORONA is a very sure tight case which CORONA will not be able to explain how he got those MILLIONS (in pesos and U.S Dollars) considering his salary and even allowances from the time he became a GOVERNMENT employee up to the time CORONA became a MIDNIGHT APPOINTEE as chief justice of the Supreme Court. The numbers will never add up (kahit paikot-ikotin mo ang pagbibilang ng pera). In Filipino parlance – ITAGA MO SA BATO ang kasong ito – siguradong TODAS NA NAMAN the second time around itong si CORONA. No amount of big time, PRO-BONO smart lawyers will be able to MANIPULATE or ALTER BIR DOCUMENTS that are computerized especially when you are dealing with numbers. 

  • $37644997

    I am also confident to the best of my sensitive ability through which my basics of knowledge are dependent on that this person is leading his way to walled of bars of incarceration.The liar and the lie are well exposed.

  • regd

    Yeah, right. It’s true this time around. NOT!

  • $15469930

    Dapat deretso Ito sa mufti lupa bilibid prison para maturuan ng leksyon.

  • simondj

    Matthwe 17:24-27 After Jesus and his disciples arrived in Capernaum, the collectors of tax came to Peter and asked, “Doesn’t your teacher pay tax?” “Yes, he does,” he replied.
    When Peter came into the house, Jesus was the first to speak. “What do you think, Simon?” he asked. “From whom do the kings of the earth collect duty and taxes—from their own sons or from others?”
    “From others,” Peter answered.
    “Then the sons are exempt,” Jesus said to him. “But so that we may not offend them, go to the lake and throw out your net. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours.”

    • VeryDisgusted2

      Is Corona a king?

      Jesus taught we should pay taxes – Mark 12:17, Matthew 17:24-27.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZF4OTGY4BREFE42RXP7FZJKFY Ding

        dahil siguro sa corona….mayro’n ding virus,

  • johndcross1

    Mr. Corona your tax evasion case is quiet similar with that of Al Capone.  He was not charged of the various murders he committed but was convicted of tax evasion.  After several years in prison he was placed on house arrest because he was suffering from syphellis.

    The fact you undervalued your three properties and failed to declare two properties are proof enough of your guilt!  I wonder if there were Pro-bono Accountants to help you in preparing your defense?

  • VeryDisgusted2

    What is basis of his confidence? Unless he will bribe BIR, DOJ or the judge. But the bribery in this case will be very obvious right away since the judgement will be based on figures and not on any subjective matter.

  • Beguine

    Renato Corona had already gone through a similar trial at
    his Senate impeachment case, and he was found resoundingly
    guilty and kicked out as Chief Justice immediately afterward.

    This is a mere legally initiated follow up on his evil deeds, and we
    do realize it’s going to be a slow and tedious process.

    He and co-accused should pay the heavy fines, and even more important, go
    to prison, that’s what we all have come to expect, and anything
    less will be a big disappointment and miscarriage of justice.

  • otoling

    Atay ng sinungaling si Corona.  Ako, papapano ko papaniwalaan ang sinasabi niya eh since the impeachment trial puro kabulastugan ang mga sinabi niya. 

    Sinabi na nga ni Justice Conchita na he is  a”certified liar”.

  • mabyrik

    I admire Corona’s self-confidence. He was so full of confidence before and during his impeachment. Perhaps, the reason why he was so confident in his trial was because of the blessings and the prayers bestowed by the bishops for his acquittal. Now he learned that because of the bishops’ prayers and blessing, he was convicted. 
    No lawyer admits his case is weak and corona is one of them. The same confidence he exhibited during the trial and look where his confidence brought. Let him dream. It’s free.   

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Thief Justice Renato Corona has withdrawn a total of P36.2 million from three accounts at Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) on Dec. 12, 2011, the day he was impeached by the House of Representatives
    The three accounts he was referring to were 089-121023848 (opened on June 29, 2011 with an initial deposit of P17 million); 089-12101593 (opened on Dec. 22, 2009 with an initial deposit of P8,500,000 and ending balance of P12,580,316.56 as of Dec. 31, 2010) and 089-121021681 (opened on Sept 1, 2007 with an initial deposit of P7,090,099.45). All three accounts were closed on Dec. 12, 2011

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    FORMER FAKE SC THIEF Justice’s ’19-0′ votes for Former President Arroyo
    1.EO 464
    18.PROCLAMATION 1017

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    First, UST requires a dissertation. Dissertation writing takes all of 15 units spread out in four
    courses.Second, only students who complete their doctorate degrees in five years are qualified to graduate with honors: “A student who has overstayed beyond the residency limit…will also be disqualified to graduate with honors.”Corona does not have a dissertation. Neither did he fulfill the five-year residency requirement.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    “His wife, Maria Cristina Roco Corona, was appointed by Fake President President Arroyo to the Board of John Hay Management Corporation. (She later became president and COO.) She was one of those who signed a paid newspaper advertisement supporting President Arroyo in early 2008 who was then besieged with allegations that she approved an overpriced national broadband deal knowing that the project was tainted by bribery.”
    These acts allegedly are the reasons why Corona, in 19 major cases against the Arroyo admin, voted for it. Among the 19 were: the grant of territory to Moro separatists, the Hello Garci tapes, and the ZTE scam (for which Mrs. Corona advertised support for the for the Fake President Arrovo)

  • ztefertilizerscam9

     Corona Saln 
     2002 P14.9 million; 
     2003 P7 million
     2004 P7 million
     2005 P8 million
     2006 P9 million
     2007 11 million
     2008 P12 million
     2009 P14 million
     2010 P22.9 million
    College Degree without honors. Masters Degree without thesis. Doctoral degree without dissertation. SALN without acquisition cost.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    AMLC report details interesting dollar movements in Corona accounts

    Corona remitted US$350,000 abroad amid Xmas rush
    One transaction: a withdrawal of US$135,359.01 from his Philippine Savings Bank Dollar Account No. 0141024292 was made on December 12, 2011 – the very day of CJ Corona’s impeachment.
    Another transaction: a US$350,000 remittance (or money sent from the Philippines to overseas) which CJ Corona made on December 22, 2011 or just three days before Christmas last year.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Fifty million pesos (P50,000,000.00) or more is a PLUNDER
    Sec. 2. Definition of the Crime of Plunder; Penalties. – Any public officer who, by himself or in connivance with members of his family, relatives by affinity or consanguinity, business associates, subordinates or other persons, amasses, accumulates or acquires ill-gotten wealth through a combination or series of overt criminal acts as described in Section 1 (d) hereof in the aggregate amount or total value of at least Fifty million pesos (P50,000,000.00) shall be guilty of the crime of plunder and shall be punished by reclusion perpetua to death.  Any person who participated with the said public officer in the commission of an offense contributing to the crime of plunder shall likewise be punished for such offense.  In the imposition of penalties, the degree of participation and the attendance of mitigating and extenuating circumstances, as provided by the Revised Penal Code, shall be considered by the court.  The court shall declare any and all ill-gotten wealth and their interests and other incomes and assets including the properties and shares of stocks derived from the deposit or investment thereof forfeited in favor of the State.  [As Amended by Section 12, Republic Act No. 7659 (The Death Penalty Law)]  (Click here for old provision of Section 2, of Republic Act No. 7080)

  • wakats

    After the tax evasion case, corona may be charged of plunder in relation/addition to ill-gotten/unexplained wealth, for amassing a fortune during his incumbency that is manifestly out of proportion to his salary and to his other lawful income.

    Corona could have evaded all these legal woes had he resigned before the impeachment trial began like merceditas guttierez.

    Many worry whether his fragile heart could withstand all these troubles. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZF4OTGY4BREFE42RXP7FZJKFY Ding

      another ICU-bound refugee?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYYFBINDMTZHM6TDHPB667452M agustin

    If not for Corona, Hda luisita would not have been given to the farmers of the hacienda.he was ousted by Noy AB because of this cause. SALN was the lucky punch of this regime in knocking out Corona. the same a lucky punch that knockout pacman.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZF4OTGY4BREFE42RXP7FZJKFY Ding

      Sumingit ka na naman…kung tatameme ka lang, at huwag kontrahin ang anumang ikagaganda ng bayan, aba, eh, malaking tulong na ‘yon…bakit ba hindi mo magawa ;yon?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SYG36KOOLRY47VA3ICPJJ5CQTQ ADD

    Matigas din ang mukha nun Pamilyang Kawatan. Mahiya kayo, pinanggogodtime nyo pera ng mahihirap.

  • rinom

    akala ni CORONA renato hari siya dahil nakadikit siya kay GMA noon. ang hindi niya alam eh pansamantala lang iyon, sapagkat Diyos naman talaga ang pinakamakapangyarihan sa lahat

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